Why “The Hillywood” show is better than Twilight and New Moon combined

Dear Catherine Hardwicke & Chris Weitz,

We love you Chris only– you know that, but…. well, you got outdone. By some amateurs with one camera. And a budget much smaller than you had.

Seriously, did you see the acting? It’s better than in both your movies combined. Hilly (aka Bella) brought us TEARS- real, actual tears.

And did you SEE the character of Jacob? Were we actually applauding Taylor Lautner for gaining weight and putting on muscle? This guy (aka Kyle Dayton- who I have since google stalked for many hours) seems to have a naturally amazing body and quite possibly a hotter face than Taylor Lautner. OR maybe it’s just because he’s probably older than 17 that I think that. Either way- WIN ALL AROUND!

Remember how I mentioned how I like the Bella that is with Jacob? I said how I love Bella with Edward because obviously they’re meant to be, but I kinda wish Bella could be split in two and be with Jake too? Well, the Hillywood girls have BAD BELLA aka Bella with Jake DOWN!! The leather pants? The rockstar attitude? The dark make-up? It was hot. I have a major crush on Hilly Hindi

And did you notice FUTURE Bella & Edward? They weren’t Anne-of-Green Gables fail. They were hot, attractive, and the dress was gorgeous- just like they should have been in New Moon. I am now convinced Bella can be attractive as a vampire. Before… not so much.

The Sparkles!?!- They RULED IT. While Chris you did a MUCH better job than Catherine, it turns out it wasn’t THAT difficult… all the Hillywood people did was use SPARKLY make-up. Duh! Even I could’ve told you that! And Jasper’s wig? While it’s totally still atrocious it was much less so than in New Moon! I think you need to contact those girls about their wig hook-up before Breaking Dawn starts shooting.

There is so much that is SPOT ON! The Tweed! The Grandpa shoes! The Purple (purple’s cool) on the bed!  Hilly rocks the attitude Bella should’ve had! Edward LEFT her! Cut down that Edward/Bella tree girl!

Everyone knows I’ve never been impressed with the chemistry between Edward & Bella from the movie. It has nothing to do with Robsten- I thought that from my first viewing. But in THIS parody? The chemisty between THEIR Edward & Bella? Aka Jacob Jost & Hilly Hindi? I’m ‘shipping Josttly or Hillcob or Jacly now. HARDCORE.

If you’re still not convinced at how much we loved this parody, read Moon’s reaction after the jump!

UC: OMG. You MUST watch the Hillywood parody. IT’s AMAZING.
Moon: OKAY!
UC: its amazing they can so all this. like look at the props. and the sparkles. Okay I’ll shut up while you watch
: WAIT how did they get that truck and stuff?! wow making out. dang the room and the bedding
: I know- the making out is SPOT on
: apparently ANYONE can remake twilight. wow shes sexin it up. DUDE this is so beyond spot on, how do they do this??
: i have NOOOO idea
: like how’d they get access too all that crap? i mean, do they have a lot of money? did they just ask? OH god underthewater scene. and now the slow-mo run as vamps- it’s the EXACT WARDROBE. But better!
: OMG dakota. the CHAIRS. like what the f*ck!
: holy shit. HAHAHA alice’s little outfit. the jasper piano scene. PORSCHE?! WTF!? WAIT, the italy scene outside? where are they??
: i have NOOOO idea. probably some big church in cali! Chris weitz went ALL THE WAY to Italy when all he had to do was go to a mega church outside of san diego
: right give Breaking Dawn to these girls and they’ll make it in Reseda for like 400 bucks. Oh- the Cullens as a band. i love it. OMG she has the kstew dress from the VMAS!
: that girl is hot….
: Oh my word they write shoot and edit the whole thing themselves….. I’m kinda blown away.

That’s right Chris & Catherine, we’re both blown away. I’m not sure we’ve said that before with regards to the Twilight saga……..yikes!


Did you miss The Hillywood Show’s parody of Twilight last year?

Maybe we loved The New Moon one so much b/c it used our fav. Katy Perry song. Have you heard the acoustic version? It’s so good you can almost forget the nasty guy she’s currently sleeping with

What did you think of The Hillywood show parody?

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131 Responses

  1. I so work-cheated to watch this… utter brilliancy! They got everything spot on, the moves, the looks, the props, the decor, everything! How do they do this? Amaaaazing!

  2. hahaha! I vote music video mash up for Breaking Dawn! That was so awesome. Too bad Bella doesnt really kick that much ass! I loved the band part at the end. And the Voluttori bopping their heads to the beat of the music. So funny!

  3. I’m sorry but I do not agree.
    That’s NOT a parody.
    It’s fecking amazing enough to be taken seriously.
    Also, that is my favey fave KPez song too. Goooorgeous.


  4. This video as funny. I was impressed with the props. The truck, the purple bedding , Kstews Dresses. I watched the whole thing going
    Where ARE they? Wow, how did they do that? Did they make the clothes?

    The dance routine was awesome, leather pants, bad ass attitude.


  5. They forgot the airbrushed abs in Volterra – but I can forgive that for the ridunkulous amount of effort that must have gone in to that!

    So much win – loved Carlisle rocking on rhythm guitar in the Cullen band like a chick in a Robert Palmer vid

    Love me some Kristen but that girl seriously rocked

  6. OMG, I had to keep reminding myself that that wasn’t actually KStew! This was amazing! Summit definately needs to keep these guys in the running to do Breaking Dawn, they would totally rock it out. I cracked up during the band scene, and I absolutely rolled on the floor when Edward stuck his tounge out at Jack right at the end! Priceless!!!

  7. First, this PSA: Eat your heart out AmanDUH!!! that’s how it’s done!

    Now that that’s out of the way…. OH MY GOD! I disagree on the budget. The red robes alone must have set them back a pretty penny not to mention the location scout person. Summit needs to hire their wardrobe and wig person.

    Tramp stamp, leather-wearing, Britney-choreogrphed, P!nk/Avril mash-up Bella is so much more interesting to watch. Some day that chicknis going to be promoting a real movie when she becomes a bonified movie star and they’re going to show this to try to embarras her (a la Ellen zygote Rob). Half way throught I had the thought (oh, too bad it is almost over) only to find out it wasn’t even halfway through. This thing was loooong. (twss).

    Lastly, while the character that played Jacob was mildly hot, while watching him I got the same feeling I got that time in middle school when my mom bought me sneakers with five stripes…. I kept trying to see them as four stripe Addidas, but i just couldn’t see it. same with this dude… He did however remind me of one of the cavemen from MADD TV. spot. on. Edward, on the other hand was spot on, oddly enough.

    At the end there it felt like a RUNAWAYS/NEW MOON mash up. For a split second I thought, when did Dakota have time to do this?

    Now, what the hell was Cougwick talking about with the “not enough money” excuse?

    • Haha, I thought that was Dakota for a second, too!

    • Oh teehee…five stripe Jacob…The loyalty is strong in this one 🙂 …poor poor Edward… I loved the smokey eye though…teehee

    • Hiya! I was an extra and just so you know… red capes were provided by the extras themselves 😉

    • Totally agree with your comments – they are awesome! Btw, they did all the location scouting by themselves & most of the costumes were donated by Jim Henson who does Twilight Conventions with them. They do practically everything else by themselves and work their butts off to pay for it all (in other words, they’re not millionaires!). All this just makes the real deal seem so much more pathetic really!

  8. Why did I not watch this when I saw it the other day?!?!? That was epic. Standing ovation for The Hillywood Show.

  9. That was amazing. Even the wigs were better! Of course, the wigs you can find in a dollar store around Halloween are better than the wigs in Twilight and New Moon…

    UC: Chris weitz went ALL THE WAY to Italy when all he had to do was go to a mega church outside of san diego
    Moon: right give Breaking Dawn to these girls and they’ll make it in Reseda for like 400 bucks.

    Hahahaha! Oh, how I’ve missed you, UC and Moon!

    • Oh my god!!! That UC statement is the funniest thing ever… I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. I wanted to reference it, but m. iPhone apparently doesn’t feel like cutting and pasting today and I was too lazy to retype it. 😉

  10. Oh I forgot to mention the tears; Hillywood Break Up Scene srsly almost made me tear up!

  11. Ok…. Confession time.

    I never watch anything that is over 4 minutes. I have the attention span of a flea. But I just watched that. And that was amazing. And that Jacob was HAWT (sorry twinsie).

    And I wanna be Bad Bella (reminded me of Wide Awake, just a bit). And the dancing Volturi was awesome. And I should really stop beginning sentences with “and”.

    The only thing that could have made it better was if they used Robert Pattinson instead of that Edward. That’s it.

    I just love it. So very, very much.

    PS “almost forget the nasty guy she’s currently sleeping with” re: Katy Perry. Umm… I think they are the MOST adorable celebrity couple. I squeeed when I found out they were together. I don’t squee.

    The end.

  12. I love it. Hillywood to the hilt. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  13. Moon asked all the questions I had. How DO they do it? They had everything down, the costumes, the truck, the scenery, everything. That has to take some serious money. Do they just do this for the fun of it??

    Really amazing. Every scene was perfect, right down to Edward’s shoe hitting the step as he’s about to reveal himself. I’m totally impressed.

  14. I met the cast of “The Hillywood Show” at the Twilight convention in NJ last summer (including Mom Hindi who’s totally cool). They were raising money to make this video – they have no other source of funding – just contributions from fans and doing convention appearances. We all need to support them as much as we can so they can continue to make fantastic videos like this one!

  15. Damn working for a company that blocks videos! I’m clearly missing out today. Oh well, guess I have to work instead. And I have something to look forward to at home tonight.

    • Don’t worry Ang…the video’s are great fun to watch and really well done, but OFTLOE, the guy that plays “Edward” ruined it for me…nuf said!

  16. Just so’s ya know… Jasper’s not wearing a wig in the parody! That’s Drew’s REAL hair. :p

  17. The sparkle-effect proves that sometimes less is more. No need to add crazy special effects and chime bells, just go to Nordstrom and buy Laura Mercier glitter powder. And I want those leather pants, but I need to look like Hilly to wear them and I don’t…so I’ll just sit back, eat a bon bon and hate on Hilly.

  18. That was awesome! The only disappointment I had was that Edward didn’t have a wonky left nip.

    • Actually, I think they had it down better in this version: my impression from the books is that Edward’s chest is smooth and hairless. Who ever saw a marble statue with body hair??? (Maybe they’ll make Rob shave his chest for Breaking Dawn? Then we can compare notes on the two versions!)

      • I totally agree on that one. Poor Rob is just so hairy. There’s that promotion poster where Edward is holding Bella and his forearm looks like a gorilla’s. Sigh.

        • Hmmm. . . . I guess I’m in the minority. I like a hairy chest. Body hair on men doesn’t bother me, it just makes them seem more “manly”. Unless it’s on their back *shudder*.

          • You’re not alone, I don’t mind chest hair either. :-).

            The back hair, well yeah that’s a whole another story.

          • You’re not alone. But my book Edward was hairless. I’m not sure why they didn’t just say, “Ok, we’re waxing you for this shot.” Wasn’t in the contract? Who knows.

          • Maybe after the eyebrow waxing he couldn’t take any more?

          • My Book Edward was hairless, too, TS. Well, his chest at least, I didn’t really consider the rest of his body hair. Regardless, the hair interferes with the sparkling, and nothing should interfere with a vampire’s sparkle.

    • YES! I was totally hoping they’d do the weird nipple! Which I still don’t understand. Is that like an RPattz birthmark, or did KStew bite him in a fit of gnarly passion between scenes? Someone enlighten me!!!!

      • I think it was CGI fail, but I could be wrong.

      • I read over on TwilightHeaded.com that the wonky nipple was CGI on purpose. I believe it was supposed to be a vampire bite. Edward was supposed to be hunting Victoria while he was gone but they didn’t cover any of that in the movie.

        I like to think DILF put it in to make sure people were paying attention to bare-chested vamps and not just an underage wolf 😉

  19. I am so gonna get thumbsdown for this….(remember I cry easily)…yes I thought that the parody was remarkable b/c of the props/outfits/music/scenery etc., but…but..plz don’t mess with “my Edward”…this guy is butt oogly…and poor Jacob…there are just some things you can’t do no matter how well you do it (twss) and in this case, especially since it really looks as though there was SO MUCH effort into getting everything right EXCEPT for a gorgeous Edward…
    going into hiding now…. 🙂

    • Oh, but you know how hard it is to be as gorgeous as Edward! (Even Rob has a hard time sometimes making it work…)
      I love this guy’s version of Edward, he sure had the smouldering down to perfection, anyway! 🙂

    • It’s not possible for them to have a better Edward than the one we already have, right? 🙂

      • TRUTH!
        If the Hillywood crew has an “in” with Summit (how else would they get all that matching stuff?!) then their mole should work it in to Rob’s contract that he has to appear in the Eclipse parody. He already has to do all those Summit appearances anyway and this is REAL acting… and lip synching! Who doesn’t love that?!

      • @Ang..so true..so true…will email you later, need to explain how things like this get messed up in my head….(hugs)

    • Hi MS, don’t cry!

      We all know no one’s gonna top Rob as Edward. :-). Rob gave life to such a wonderful and epic character and we love him for that.

      But the parody is awesome :-).

      • I so Totally agree the parody is fantastic…I loved it..really I did..I just always associate anything Twilight with “my Edward” …just so you knows..I mostly think that Rob struggles with getting it right too….back into hiding ….

        • MS don’t hide, unless of course you’re hiding away in some cave w/ Edward, in which case, that would be perfect. Stuck maybe in an island somewhere with no one else but him. Sigh.

          PS did u know I started reading Twilight again? For like the Idontevenknowhowmanytimes.

          • SB I am so glad your reading Twilight again..I know it’s the only one I have been able to read (although I am trying w/o much success to read New Moon) so I know it sounds weird to say that Twilight is my favorite..of course I am only basing it on what I “hear” about the other books and what I watch of New Moon…I just love feeling the way I do EVERYTIME I am reading Twilight… I WISH I was hiding in a cave (scratch that) on a beach somewhere warm with Edward…le sigh…


    I just watched it again because I’m putting off getting ready for work it is that awesome. And I noticed things I missed the first time around like how well the lyrics match what’s going on in the story. The LaPush Beach, the freaking painting at the Cullen house, the movie theatre steps, and the credits.

    OMG the credits… Hearing Damage awsesomeness aside. I didn’t realize that Bella was the writer, director and editor. It almost made me feel like Kstew has been slacking a bit. Give that chick and her sister some kind of award. They need to do this for real, because if the Wayans brothers can make a gazillion dollars spoofing films, so can they.

    Now, is it weird that I wanna see “the making of” this more than I want to see New Moon’s?

  21. Wow, how do they do al this! The fake Yigal Azrouel dress!
    I swear I didn’t google that *crosses fingers behind her back*.

    The little dance routine at Volterra! I wish this movie came out and I was twelve.

  22. You ladies are AWESOME.

    This is getting mentioned on HillyFans.Com… Be prepared.

  23. I have been so caught up with crazy relatives, sick kids and that nasty little thing called work and I haven’t been able to comment in forever, but OMG!!!! I know this is supposed to be a parody, but hot dayum there were some good scenes in there! THE TRAMP STAMP cracks me up! ‘Cause that’s what a gal does…not that I know from experience or anything.

    • You were missed Sassy! Hope everyone is well again and your back for good !! 🙂

      • Even when I don’t have time to comment, the love is still there!!!

        Hope you had a good holiday season – missed you all, too.

  24. Apparently they actually filmed this in Forks and La Push!

    They wrote a statement to the Twilight Lexicon that says so!
    Here: http://www.twilightlexicon.com/2010/01/04/hillywood-the-new-moon-parody/

    It is such a “parody.” They did such an amazing job!!

  25. I am stunned. Stunned. Words cannot describe just how stunned I am! Blanche Deveroux Stunned.
    That’s how stunned I am.
    *stands up, golf clap*

    Way to go, awesome, amazing, magnifico….
    I mean, WTF? Could this be anymore perfect?

    I think my fave is the Volturi and Bella dance montage.
    Bella (Hilly) is fierce!


    • I love the dance part too; that was my fave part of the twilight one as well.
      Overall, stunned is a good word to describe my emotions. Bravo ladies (and men, i guess)!

    • “Blanche Deveroux Stunned.”
      This cracks me up! Gawd, I love the posters here!

  26. I met Hilly, Hannah, Jacob, and Drew last year at a convention in Minnesota. Not only are they amazing and able to make videos like this, but they are so incredibly NICE! They appreciate their fans so much and love interacting with everyone. During the weekend they went on stage and did little skits in character to introduce the stars.

    We got to take pictures with them, and any money that was spent at their booth in the vendors area went straight to making the parody. They don’t keep any of the money for themselves. Also, they use their own money from their jobs to fund their videos.

    They’re really, truly awesome people and I can’t wait to meet them again!

    Aaand… I agree with everything you say! This parody, made on a budget of not very much was definitely better than the movies 😀

  27. I loved how she turned into KStew at the end. The her Katy Perry song should really have been used in the movie…Brilliant! I will now be stalking Hilly Hindi 🙂

  28. So incredibly talented. Wish I could do all that. And they’re still so young!

  29. OMG this was so GOOD! The amount of work these guys must have put in is just amazing, and just look at all the talent bustin’ the seams of this video! The dance routine! The costumes! The carefully selected locations! The camera work!

    I just came back from watching New Moon for the fourth time, and I am inclined to think that this version was slightly better – Bella is so cool, Jacob is just plain smokin’ and even if I also missed the airbrushed abs of Edward, this Edward is a smouldering real improvement on the stiff white makeup version in NM. (Sorry, Rob, not your fault…) I hope they take Hilly aboard as advisor on Breaking Dawn! 🙂

  30. That was….well it was what everyone else has already said.

    Now if only “Jasper” had done to his guitar what he did to the baseball bat in Twilight…..hahaha, j/k. It was frickin’ AWESOMESAUCE!!!

  31. That was just . . . . mmm. Summit better be glad that 1) this Edward is no Robert Pattinson and 2) Hilly Hindi hasn’t gotten her hands on the Breaking Dawn screenplay.

  32. As much as I liked this one, I have to admit Hilly has a KStew complex. I didn’t realize it until she tore off the Birthday Dress and was wearing KStew’s MTV Movie Awards dress where she dropped her award like a drunken fool. Only a complete KStew fangirl would emulate that moment.

    • “Only a complete KStew fangirl ”

      Hmm… Takes one to know one?

      I had no idea where the red dress was from until you mentioned it…


  33. These girls are ROCK STARS. I met them (and FauxEdward and FauxJasper) at a TwiTour event last summer. They’re so incredibly nice and supah talented. It’s nice to see them getting recognized. =)

    Oh, and if you go to their main website, they have other spoofs. Like for “The Dark Knight” and “Sweeney Todd.” And, yes, all of them are that good.

    (Ok, I admit it, I’m a Hillywood fan. 😉

  34. That was so awesome!!! I also love the rockstar attitude, darn, love those tight leather pants and vest. If Bella did that in the movie, Edward would burst!!! 🙂 Hot!

    It’s so good and it seems so professionally done, everything was perfect.

    Oh the cutting down of the tree(E and B)! LOL. That’s so great! You go girl!

    The guy who plays Jacob…oh my goodness. Don’t hate but I think I actually like this guy better than Taylor, and you’re right he’s prolly older and therefore I won’t feel like a perv!

  35. This (these, I watched the Twilight one too) were amazing.

    Summit should headhunt whoever on their team has the aesthetic nous & sheer go-get-em to get all the costumes/props etc right. That’s no mean feat. I even wonder if they know someone with access to the real stuff….wardrobe?…that’s a shiny new car, wardrobe…

    Also AmanDUH…look, learn & stop. Sorry to be harsh, but your time is best spent on other things.

    And who knew there were so many beautiful brown boys in the world, some of them even legal?

  36. It took over an hour to download the 2 vids but it was well worth it… i passed over looking at it when i saw appear on another site, silly me. I loved it. I even sent the link to my hubby! Totally entertaining and utterly impressive!

    Thanks Ladies, that was def worth mentioning on LTT.

    And “Hello” to all my LTT gal-pals who notice my lil comment… hugs!

    • Hi Ambushed!

      I noticed. Muah! 😀

      • thank you for noticing!!!

        i had a 3day weekend off but woke up Friday w/ a pinched nerve in my bach and i’ve been suffering with it ever since… even took yesterday off and am leaving work an hour early today… sniffle-sniffle… i did get caught up w/ my LTT reading today though.


    • yay ambushed! was wondering where you were hiding!

      • aww! thanks! in answer to you also please read my above comment to fang… and thanks for remembering me! (i read your latest post on your NYC trip, cute, and SO true!) but i havent’ been “trying to hide” i’ve been stuck in the bed, and not in a good way… *pout* i am SICK of my back hurting like this… pinched nerve is no fun…


  37. I am so impressed. I mean, the sprakles! It doesn’t have to be so hard.

  38. So apparently I suck at life and missed the Twilight parody last year. That was amazing!

    And the Porsche in New Moon?!? Very impressive 🙂 These girls are talented and I’m beyond blown away by these 2 videos!

    Can we petition Summit to let the Hindi girls direct Breaking Dawn?? Then maybe we could just have an awesome dance break scene instead of that awkward birth scene!

  39. That was total win.

    Super duper.

  40. That was so good! Where did they get the props? Or the money? I want to know!

  41. Tuesday and MountainLion:

    The video was amazing, but where was Charlie?! I mean, the other Charlie made it in.

  42. This was great! I love the Cullens as Bella’s back-up band, and I think Hilly’s underwater scene is better than NM’s. Also love love love the Volturri dance scene (the head bopping!) and did you SEE how high Hilly can kick her leg up? Dayum!

    Did this remind anyone else of “Grease” just a little? Bella pulls a Sandy!

  43. I don’t know if I love it that much. I mean they’re borrowing from Chris and Cathy’s (& a slew of other people) ideas so I give them HUGE props on copying that accurately. The Bella Hilly sister looks a little prima donna-ish. I don’t know…she doesn’t appeal to me in anyway though I do love their interpretation of “wild” Bella, and the Jake tat was awesome.

    And for God’s sake that guy is NOT better than Taycob! Blasphemy! His body or skin looks like it’s been sculpted out of silly puddy. Ick. It’s like saying this Edward is hotter than Rob…um, no way, no how.

  44. I have been trying to go to their website all afternoon and cannot get on!! I do believe that because of all the publicity on LTT and other sites that their site has crashed!

  45. Insiders, just because I have what I have.

    -I was in as an extra.
    -Extras don’t get paid by Hillywood, and if chosen from different states, have to fund their own way to get to location.
    -John Henson…amazing collector of props and costumes (mostly costumes) and major designer, helped with costuming this parody!
    -Shooting locations…ranged all over the country! Mostly kept to within a certain area of where the girls live…but they went as far as Florida.
    -Speaking Florida…part of the Volterra scene was shot in Florida, part in California…with about 50ish extras total (25 in each place)
    -Hannah and Hillary (the sisters behind this), have been at it for a few years now!
    -Funding…almost all comes from what’s donated at conventions and other events the girls (and guys) do…through pictures they sell and autograph, t-shirts, dvd’s and even bracelets. Also, I’ve been working on stuff for them lately for selling so merch may be expanding.
    -They have 24 tours to do this year alone…not including if anyone outside of Creation asks for them to come.
    -Hannah’s the director, and has amazing creativity.
    -The girls are pretty tiny, but if you’re in the line of Hillary, aka Bella, ‘s fists…you better get out of the way or you’ll have a bruise.
    -They all worked under a MAJOR time frame to get this parody done, where as Twilight, they had a bit more time and no real pressure.
    -The girls are both dancers, which is why there’s a small dance number.
    -Hillary is the great worker of mashups song-wise for parodies.
    -They can’t always fit every single thing they want in when constricting themselves to about 10 1/2 – 11 minutes. It is a parody after all…doesn’t mean everything needs to be inclusive.
    -That being said…notice no Victoria, Laurent, Harry, Full wolf pack? Not enough time.
    -Ever wonder what it’s like being behind the scenes for just one of these shoots? You can watch it on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBGBmHhQUTg&feature=player_embedded Made by Cassie who was an extra in Death Valley (for part of Volterra)
    -Shooting for the half of Volterra that was in Death Valley? All in all it was a total of a 12 1/2 hour day, just over half of that day, shooting, spotting perfect locations, getting the right angles, and making Jacob sparkle like Edward.
    -The girls’ oma makes a lot of their costumes and does a lot of handiwork.
    -Their dad, awesome behind the scenes help…as well as mom. They’re both just as passionate about what their daughters are doing!
    -Jacob and Drew (i.e. Edward and Jasper), two of the nicest guys in the world. I’ve yet to meet Kyle (i.e. Jacob).
    -Hannah and Hillary (i.e. Alice and Bella), two of the most amazing girls I’ve met. They’re sweet, funny, tiny (yes, I said tiny), and just all around fabulous.

    If you want to catch them on tour this year…check out the Official Twilight Convention…and if you want to watch more, check out the official website http://www.TheHillywoodShow.com or the official YouTube http://www.youtube.com/JckSparrow

    You know you want to!

    • Thanks for all the awesome details.

      Extras don’t really get much pay for any films, even full blown blockbusters (like Twilight). And you definitely have to fund your own transport to and fro the shoot. I’m always happy if payment comes in the form of craft services (or better yet, catering), especially when you speak of the 12 hour death valley days.

      Where in Florida was it shot?

      • I’m not sure of the EXACT location since I wasn’t there, but it was during the time of the Hillywood Fall Ball.

        We did luck out too on set for Death Valley…Robert (the girls’ dad) brought food and water for after the shoot, and the night before we were taken out to dinner to go over the ins and outs, yes’ and no’s of set.

  46. was having a crap day and now i feel great. loved it and am sooo excited i get to meet them when i go to the twilight convention.

  47. This video was so win and then some! I need a stronger word than just “win” – how about conquest?

    I waited all day to watch this video, but well worth it! What an amazing job they did. It’s way more than a parody. Forget Hollywood, Summit should hire Hillywood for Breaking Dawn!

    And yes, the irony. Summit hired George Lucas’ guys for the sparkly virtual effect when, in fact, the ‘effect’ turns out much better on camera when you, ah, simply apply sparkly makeup to the actor’s face.

  48. hillywood FTW!! Someone hand this girl the book and have her make Breaking Dawn. I will donate money to the film budget. These people are AWESOME!!!

  49. OMG Hillywood Show in LTT! I love them, I was actually a hillyfan before I became a LTTer and I’ve watched all their videos. You should check them out, seriously. The Dark Night parody is incredible, and the Sweeny Todd Episodes are amazing.
    The girls have been doing this for a while and they work so hard to pay for all the props and stuff, and the final result looks sooo good its almost like they were pros.
    Oh, and Hilly and Jacob (Bella and Edward) are dating 🙂

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