Return to Monday Funnies: Bella & The Beast and some teen boy humor

Dear LTT-ers,

Since it’s most folks first Monday back from the Holidays I thought we could all use a good laugh and since there’s pretty much nothing new in the Twilight world let’s have a few laughs shall we…

Bella and the Beast – Someone mashed up Beauty and the Beast and Twilight and it pretty much kills. Too bad they didn’t make Mrs. Potts as Alice.

Way to jump on the Twi train a bit late but still… Guermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show takes a turn as everyone’s favorite Vampire.

This totally appealed to the 13yr old boy inside me. YOUR MOM!

Follow the jump for more laughs

Give them a cell phone and Twitter and this is a pretty darn accurate picture

Headed out on their double date with Quil and Clair…

So how is it? Are you hanging in there and laughing while you answer all those emails? Have you made your resolutions yet? Speaking of Emmyloowhoo is hosting “The Biggest Loser” over at the Forum. Are you wanting to shed a couple pounds, get in shape, get up earlier, clean out the garage, make new resolutions and stick with them? Well this is the place to join in, make some friends, be accountable and make those resolutions a reality. Learn more over in the Biggest Loser Forum topic and say hi to Emmy she is good times… trust me I know!!

Here’s a sneak peek at one of their motivational posters…

Um, yea I definitely think I’ll be headed over there right now…

Happy Monday!

PS Watched a funny video? Have a funny Twilight comic or image? Send it in!

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87 Responses

  1. Your mom’s chest hair… gigglesnort! I knew there was a 14-year old girl inside me (she likes Twilight and is in love with Edward), but whaddayaknow, there’s a 12-year old boy too who snorted at the chest hair joke!

  2. Lawl. I love the chest hair one, I think I saw it on Twitter once. Gotta watch those vids tomorrow when Internet works haha

    Don’t forget: 5 weeks from Thursday Tay is 18.

    • Amma need a countdown widget for that.

    • A few questions…

      *Tequila Thomas…what did u do with Edward? You know that boy cant stand his liquor (omg how funny would a drunk Edward be? *furiously writes FF*)

      *Edward as Gaston? teehee…I love that song in Beauty and the Beast…Just imagine Emmett and Jasper singing the “Gaston” song to him before he goes out on a date with Bella…oh PRICELESS!!!

      “Every guy here’d love to be you, Gaston
      Even when taking your lumps ”
      “I use antlers in all of my decorating!”

      *Esme has chest hair? lol (LOVE the expression on his face) and yes I am 12 and I probably have a boy brain…

      Morning everybody!
      The hamster starts summer school in College today…not amused…at all…

      • Now how the hell did my comment become a reply? so sorry!!! Its 2 am and I’m grumpy!

      • Thanks illegal – the image of a drunk Edward will make me smile all day. *giggle*

        Happy first day of summer school!

        • Morning ladies! Happy 1st day of summer school ILWL..I would gladly go to school if it would make summer!! 🙂

          • I don’t know about that, MidCyn. I mean, I would like it to be a bit warmer, but I don’t know if I’d want to go to school for it!

          • @Ang..If you lived here AND you had all this snow AND it was like 12 degree’s AND you were stuck in the house..YOU WOULD go back to school if it would make it summer..TRUST

          • OK, I’ll give you that one. It was only about 20 degrees here this morning…but no snow. 🙂

          • @ Ang and MidCyn, Thanks! I had a meh day…woke up late, forgot my glasses so had to squint to see the “brush strokes” the lecturer was talking about and STILL couldnt see them….But I love learning about art history though…feel like I’ll be able to appreciate Twi-porn a little bit better after this…U know like composition and angle…I’m doing a visual analysis of the Tay pic already…I love college…sigh. muah!

          • illegal – I am so glad to hear that your college classes help you better appreciate Twi-porn. That tuition is money well spent!

          • @illegalwolflover: So glad you had a good day!!! I am so jealous…I loved my art classes and I miss painting so much. I think I may make that a New Years try and get out the paints and at least try…ok..maybe not…but at least I am thinking about it…see you’ve inspired me…I will have to send you a couple of pics that I have painted before my accident..they aren’t great…but they made me happy when I was painting them… 🙂 and that is all that matters right?

          • @ Ang…dont tell my parents that…they will NOT be amused…they weren’t amused the first time when I took a course in human sexuality and offered to do a family slide show for them as a bonding ritual… A slideshow of twi-porn will only result in me living in a cardboard box in the garden with a few magazines and Edward/Jacob cut outs (cause theyre crucial to my presentation) see why I’m the nut-job of the family? lol

            @Cyn..I would LOVE to see them and I’m sure they are AMAZING! …I draw fascinating stick figures on my calender and doodle hearts and Illegalutner forever on my notes…not really but u get the point. I’m as artistic as a mongoose with a stick and I’m sure the mongoose is still better than me LOL. Back to the point..u should paint again…some things like heart, humour and talent cant be taken away…and u’ve got loads of that…cant wait to squee over them!!!! muah!

          • @illegalwolflover…awww..thanks ILWL..for being so kind..but like I said they are not that good, I just enjoyed painting especially murals but now I can’t “see” them in my head and so its like not having a vision..that is why I am afraid of trying…but who knows maybe if I just try sketching..I don’t know…but you keep me posted on your progress and it will inspire me to try…deal?

          • MidCyn – Maybe you’ll “see” a different vision for painting now. Illegal’s right (about many things) – you’re talent is still there!

            Illegal – Living in a carboard box in the garden – you crack me up! As long as you get to keep some Twi-porn with you, I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.

          • Hello!!! Did u not hear my mongoose with a stick comment? I dont paint but I’m glad to scan my doodles..but that all depends on what u send me…I have a feeling that I will be very ashamed of my cave drawings…doesnt matter…as long as they make u laugh…I will gladly play court jester…. 🙂

            @ Ang Yeah I’ll have to start eating the cut outs to survive…cardboard cannibalism is not looked at well back home or anywhere really…teehee

          • @Illegalwolflover…ok I kept up my end of the bargain..check your email…no laughing now..I told you that I painted because I enjoyed it not that it was good…Now you have to send me what your working on…and don’t worry about living in a cardboard box…I told you lots of times that I always have room for you! xo

          • And I bet MidCyn would buy you hot pockets so you don’t have to eat the cardboard cut outs.

            I have an early morning and a long day at work tomorrow, so I’m headed to bed shortly. So glad to chat with you two again tonight! muah!

          • @Ang & ILWL…Hell with the hotpockets…I would cook real food for you..but I will wear plaid when I cook! No cardboard cutouts don’t forget your room will be one Tay dream come true!!
            Ang know you have to get to sleep…but will miss you…love our late night chats…”see ya tomorrow”

      • summer school? its January!!!!

      • Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Edward
        Looking so down in the dumps
        Every guy here’d love to be you, Edward
        Even when taking your lumps
        There’s no man in Forks as admired as you
        You’re everyone’s favorite guy
        Everyone’s awed and inspired by you
        And it’s not very hard to see why….

        No one’s slick as Edward,
        No one’s quick as Edward,
        No one’s hair’s as incredibly high as Edward,
        For there’s no man in town half as manly
        Perfect, a pure paragon
        You can ask any Mike or Eric Yorkie
        And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on…TEAM EDWARD!

        • I love you. That is all.

        • Aw, we’re forgetting the best lines!

          When I was a child I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large.
          And now as a man I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly the size of a barge!

  3. OH MY GOD!! That BB trailer is all sort of awesome with a wolf scratch and sniff. All I ask is that the C-DUBS sees this.

    You are having a bad day when animated characters act rings around you… cause the animated Bella sure showed me heartbreak and I think I saw a tear… did I? Not to mention…. THAT’s how you kiss your mythical creature boyfriend that you haven’t seen in months.

    As for the wolves, methinks I spot an angry grew Paulex…. And Felix and Aro and and…. This is just too freaking awesome. I have to watch it again.

    “18 by Feb. 11? I think we can handle that.” Hellz yeah we can!

  4. That Beauty and the Beast mash up is brilliant!!

  5. I love those pics they are great.

  6. That mash up just made my morning. And now I will have B&tB songs in my head all day. “Little town (Forks), it’s a quiet village. Every day like the one before (until Bella moves in and discovers both the vampires and werewolves)…” Bon Jour!

  7. watch hillywood show’s parody of new moon. It’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ha! Love the Braveheart one. It’s scary because it’s true.

    So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions (AKA Potential BS List) is to accept Robsten. Yes, I thought I was Idon’tgiveacrapsten until I saw them wrist holding. Time to accept…. wah…

    • Have faith…these things never last in RL (I wish it wasn’t so, but especially with celebs)…isn’t that why we all love Bella/Edward’s story! It does last and for eternity no less…for me, even tho I am happily married, its not perfect..who’s is? So when I read/watch Twilight I allow myself to fall and fall hard for that Perfect One that can never be..
      This may sound silly, but its stories such as Twilight that remind me how lucky I am, that I have found someone and that real love takes a lot of work/sacrifice/determination and commitment to help it survive throughout the years and that even though hubs is no Edward..sigh…cause there are NO Edwards.. heavy sigh… we were meant for each other and I am blessed… 🙂

  9. Loving the Twilight Fans poster!

    Thanks for the funnies. I have nothing productive or clever to add to the conversation, however, as I am 1/2 asleep, groggy, and it appears a large supergiant sugared-up Dunkin Donuts coffee is not enough this morning after vacay. *yawn and groan.*

  10. Bonjour! Monday morning hilarity!! Thanks for that much needed lift to get back into my normal schedule….I missed all the funny here for the last couple of weeks…

    Will you be adding the countdown to Feb 11th to the bottom of every post now?

  11. What a funny way to spend my first day back at work after 2 weeks off! Thanks for the laughs! 🙂

    I love the braveheart pic the best. Someone should make more funny posters like this for me to laugh at. I am not creative enough to do it myself. 🙂

  12. Belle as Bella, very clever, very clever! My kid world and twi world are colliding once again!

  13. I definately needed that laugh to get me going today! (wishing I had an extra week off)
    The “your mom’s chesthair” and the wolf with the stroller! LMAO!

  14. Oh, a million thank-yous, ladies, for providing access to that wonderful Twilight-meets-Beauty & the Beast trailer! Just the thing to make me smile on a horrible Monday morning!

    Thankfully, the editor was a clever crafter. In the beginning, I cringed at the thought of Edward as Gaston. Perhaps the guy is available for Breaking Dawn? I’d much prefer a Disney birthing scene, with a happy stork dropping in to deliver a li’l swaddled Renestupidnamemee.

    • I’m hoping for a SM style fade to black during the delivery…of course then we miss Edward licking the bite marks. Hmmm? I’m going to stay with the fade to black wish. Better to keep the visual I have in my head instead of seeing it interpreted on screen (possibly not as good as the scene in my head).

      • WHAT? What’s that you say?? Edward licking the bite marks? What the hale?
        Ok is it normal that comment did not repulse me as it should or that the thoughts racing through my head at this moment are too raunchy to post???

        • I know, right? It should be repulsive…and yet, it is not.

          • Ang when does this happen? Do I want to know?? Forget that question of course I want to know…inquiring minds and all that..ahh yeah..that’s the reason…

          • MidCyn – I’ll e-mail you the deets!

          • Not repulsive at all….it’s hot and it turns me on.

          • @SouthernBelle…hey you..glad to see you here!!
            Hawt for sure..however, I am trying to digest what Ang just emailed me about Breaking Dawn…whoa…I am not so sure about the whole thing…but yah that Edward licking thing…well let me put it this way…I had to turn down the thermostat for like an hour!

          • Sorry MidCyn! Just concentrate on the licking. 🙂

          • MS yes hi there my sweets! How are you?

            Nice of Ang to send you preliminaries 🙂

          • @SouthernBelle…yah Ang sent me this really cool break down of Breaking Dawn that I actually understood..kinda wish I didn’t and I saved it so I can refer back to it!! Luvs you Ang…
            How was your holiday? SB? Been missing you!!! Happy New year! Drop me an email and lets catch up…xoxo

      • at least we know KStew has the birthing squealingscreaming down, right?

        God I can’t wait for the eclipse trailer.

  15. StotheP


    Bwahh hahahahahahahahaha *snort*

    • “Renestupidnamemee.” for the win!

      So glad to be back to the “normal” LTT/LTR/LNM/WTF..etc
      Missed the regular UC/Moon dailies…I think we should cancel all future holidays so that we can stay on track…I NEED my NORMAL UC/MOON in my daily life!!! Ok maybe that’s not fair.. I know they need some time off.. how about on their birthdays??
      Also, what the hale??: “and since there’s pretty much nothing new in the Twilight world” There HAS to be something going on?? There is ALWAYS something going on in the Twilight world! It is afterall OUR lets dig deep and find out whatsup!!! 🙂

      • Hey, Cyn! I finally sent you that email. Lemme know if you didn’t get it again.


        • Hey JodieO…just checked and no email…Its this computer..I will be switching to the new one tomorrow….so may be offline for a bit but after that…It should be all good..I miss hearing from you!! Hope your holidays were great and your New Years?

          • You didn’t change your email address recently did you? Glad your new computer is finally here, though!

          • @JodieO No I haven’t changed my email but I have been having alot of trouble getting my email..but will be switching over to the new new computer and sending the new old one back…did you get all that? I think I confused myself!
            Anyway, several people have told me they have sent emails and I am not getting them so I assume its the computer…sorry, hope to have all this done soon..miss your emails!

  16. Total droolfest over that pic of Taylor and the bike…

  17. Yay for teen boys! Uh…I mean…uh…that didn’t sound so good…

  18. These videos are hilarious! They did a great job on the Bella and the Beast one, it’s so fitting :-).

    Love the Guillermo one…lol. So funny!

    LOL Jacob and Nessie….what the heck is that?

  19. LOVE the Beauty and the Beast.

    Perfect. Great way to start off a Monday! 🙂

    Love to all,
    Ash xoxox

  20. That Beauty & the Beast mash up was phenomenal. Phenomenal. Makes me want to fire up the ole VHS and watch that 90 minute masterpiece in technicolor.

    On a new year’s resolution note, I am continuing my quest to be cast as Kate in Breaking Dawn. I’ve started a blog chronicling my adventures, aka actventures. So if you’re interested in following along, the addy is I am still adding a few retroactive posts, then we will be up-to-date with the films that I’m submitting my resume for today. Would love to see you on there, feel free to comment!

    As part of my quest for Kate, I’ll be rockin’ some muscle gain efforts (maybe not full on baggies o’ patties style), so expect to see me on that Biggest Loser forum too (yeah, I’m finally gonna sign up for the forum, this is a huge deal (said like the ‘huge’ in “huge wolves”)).


  21. I love Guillermo!! He is hilarious!!!
    And the rest… just hahahahhahahah…. just hahahhahahahah

    Love you girls for making me laugh!

  22. OFTLOE…They just showed a great trailer on Showtime for the premiere of Twilight on JANUARY 23!!! My heart did flip flops…seeing HIM on the big screen is almost too much for this weak one to take……I know what your thinkin…”she watches it every night” but please keep in mind it’s always on the lil computer screen….but…OFTLOE…on the big T.V. (that still isn’t big enough) twss….is a whole different experience…better start coming up with a list of excuses as to why there are “fingerprints, lipgloss” all over the TV screen…ok that is definately NOT NORMAL even for here….Facepalm X 2!!

    • Robward looks sooooooooooo good on the big screen! I’ve only seen Twilight on DVD at home and I am sure it’s not the same. Seeing Rob larger than life on screen in New Moon was so much for me!!!! Good thing I saw it alone!

  23. OFTLOE…they are doing it again…different trailer..oh the cafe scene when HE walks in..I can’t take it..OMELE..he is freaking gorgeous life size….breathe…just breathe..don’t let it stop..please make it stop..and to think hubs wanted to cut Showtime to save some money…no freaking way…Jan. 23 8pm….the countdown has begun….

    • I’m so pumped for you…Twilight on a big tv (versus your computer screen) is going to be all kinds of exciting! Don’t get too close to the screen though. We want you to enjoy it…but not thud on the floor from it!

      • Thanks for the reminder Ang..(almost wish I had taken out the TV Christmas Night, would have been the only way to get an even larger one) oh well…it will have to do!!! Ang, he is sooooooo freakin gorgeous life size…I can’t explain it but it looks like a whole different movie to me..and the way they keep showing different long trailers on Showtime makes me want to record them (ok I did) keep the date Jan.23 @8P!!!…something to look forward to in this long cold month of winter!!
        Thanks for the awesome/kinda scarey breakdown of Breaking Dawn…so many questions/not so sure I want answers to….no wonder Twi-daughter said she thought someone other than SM wrote it…curious…..

        • I didn’t see Twilight in a theater, only dvd. Sad, I know. But when I watched the dvd at a friends house with a HUGE tv and surround sound…let’s just say Edward was a different experience than on my small tv at home. You’ll love it!

          Oh, and Breaking Dawn e-mail was literally just the highlights. There is A LOT I didn’t tell you about! It’s a really, really long book.

          • Ang..I was just in awe at what little you told me…I saved it to refer to when I need to…excellent job at explaining things but I am not sure I like the whole theme of it tho..besides how can a vampire get a human pregnant??? Also, wouldn’t Carlise be able to help her through the pregnancy? I am so confused?

          • There are definitely some issue in Breaking Dawn for me…the biggest being why in the world didn’t Dr. Cullen think that maybe, just maybe Edward had the ability to impregnate Bella?

            But the whole thing is supposedly unprecedented since vampires don’t typically mate for life with humans. They didn’t know what to expect. And Carlisle did help Bella through the pregnancy…it’s just that because it wasn’t a normal pregnancy there were a lot of unknowns.

            Don’t worry that it’s confusing to you. Like I said earlier, I’ve read it three times and I still have trouble wrapping my brain around some of it!

          • @IAng…Ok I won’t stress about it, but it does make me very curious especially what you said about Rosalie and I can’t grasp why Edward wouldn’t turn her BEFORE the birth so that she wouldn’t die? I guess there are too many unknowns for me to understand…but it sounds so different than the way SM wrote Twilight? Why would she get gross in the last book?? Especially if the series is supposedly for teens???


  24. […] Return to Monday Funnies: Bella & The Beast and some teen boy humor Dear LTT-ers, Since it’s most folks first Monday back from the Holidays I thought we could all use a good laugh […] […]

  25. Oh gosh! I honestly think the Bella and the Beast trailer kind of looks like it could make a better movie! It was that spot on! But really I think it was just Belle…cuz lets be honest, cartoons can act better than Kristen Stewart

    • Of course you have your right to your opinion, but I have to disagree…KStew is young and has done a pretty good job trying to bring Bella to life on the big screen, not an easy task, what with everyone expectations. I watched several of her movies yesterday and she was excellent in all of them. I really think it is the director that makes the actor not the other way around. I think we all forget how young she is and in Twilight there was a very low budget and not so great director…in New Moon she gave a much better performance…I predict that she will continue to grow and perfect her will be interesting to see her in the movie she filmed between New Moon and Eclipse. Just a thought…

  26. Ooohhh…love the “your mom’s chest hair” one

    Makes me want to pop in the Mean Girls dvd right now!

  27. This is probably off topic, but there was a show on the other day that Piers Morgan was presenting about Las Vegas or something, and in the advert for it he says, “Green is good!”
    You know it’s gone too far when everyday happenings remind you of a fictional story..
    This happens to me several times a day :).
    But the obsession is also helpful in education, nobody in my biology class knew how many chromosomal pairs we have, Dr. Carlisle Cullen helped me out on that one ;).

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