The Best of Twilight in 2009! Part 2

Dear LTT-ers and Twihards,

Yesterday, we started our Best of Twilight in 2009 list cause well, who doesn’t love those end-of-the year lists? I know I do. Were you worried we’d miss some of your best of 2009’s in the Twi-dom? Well, have no fear cause we’re back to finish out the list…

Review 10-6 in our countdown of the Best of Twilight in 2009…

10. Oscars
09. Britpack
08. HB/Vanity fair
07. Vancouver
06. Remember Me

Now let's really make every Twilight fan faint as if shirtless Tay wasn't enough

05. MTV Music Video Awards – May 31st 2009 will live in infamy for many reasons. Not only were we treated to the very first mini trailer for New Moon in which we got to see Jacob with his shirt off, Jacob looking hot and Jacob fursploding for the very first time then we got to see Kristen pull a Bella and drop her award on the ground but Rob and Kristen won best kiss. And oh how the fandom died a little inside when they faked us all out with their cockblock of a kiss. Of course this spiraled out of control and took the whole “are they or aren’t they”/Robsten vs Nonsten speculation to  meteoric levels. Oh and UC and Moon got the honor of live blogging the event for almost 50,000 folks with our fave blogger pals New Moon Movie, Twicrack Addict and Lauren’s Bite.

So I was like grrrrrrrl just wait till he takes off that cream colored sweater to reveal that sleeveless button up... HMMM MMMM

04. Stephenie Meyer mentions LTTThe day Stephenie Meyer wrote her blog recounting her summer vacation will remain one of the best days in all of LTT history and one of the best moments of 2009 (and maybe in my life). Hidden amidst stories of her summer reading list and music she was currently listening to was a short blip about websites she had recently found where she cryptically mentioned adding “LTT” to her “stalk list” and thanked us for the “laugh lines.” At that moment we knew Stephenie “got it.” She got that we loved her stories, her characters and HER but that we also loved all funny little things too. Our work and time and obsession was worth it because the author of the books we were so in love with had apparently read us AND liked us enough to mention us on her site and add us to some sort of “stalk list.” Which I can only imagine is magically stored some place between the phone number for Robert Pattinson and the finished manuscript for Midnight Sun along with the outlines for post Breaking Dawn saga additions and the Alice and Jasper backstory. *crosses fingers and adds this to my prayer request list*

What will make the top three best of Twilight 2009 list? Follow the cut to see!

RT, @, <<>>, tiny url, I HATE YOU, all useful terms when using twitter

03. Twitter – What’s the quickest way to make an enemy and meet your BFF? Get a Twitter account. This was THE place for any Twilight fan with an internet or mobile web connection to be for the latest news, gossip, sightings and “Cullen smiles.” Late to the game but welcomed with opened arms and a tutorial was @twilight: The official Twilight twitter account was born only 10+ months AFTER the original movie released. Twitter was also where David Slade (and his fan-damn-tastic set photos), the “fakers,” and the holy trinity of dilfs (Billy, Gil and Peter) found a home. This was also the place that made it easy for haters to trash talk you on a public forum without ever having to say anything to your face. Twitter was like returning to Junior High all over again but we loved every minute of it and loved our 5000+ followers, our bitchin’ blogger friends and were we figured out it might be smart to carry a shank with us to Britpack concerts in the future. Are you following us?!

Yup, who knew?!

02. Taylor Lautner – I’m just gonna say it: 2009 was the year of the werewolf. Sorry Rob but 2009 was the year we found out Taylor Lautner would reprise his role as Jacob Black and go from that dorky kid with like 3 lines in Twilight and one of the worst wigs in cinematic history to become a hot piece of man meat that was a force to be reckoned with. New Moon was the story of Jacob and Bella and Taylor showed us what Team Jacob was really all about while making us forget about the vampire guy. Oh and because we contemplated the idea of moving to a state where the legal age of consent was 17 and thus we would not have to fear the ever watchful eye of Chris Hansen earns Taylor Lautner the number 2 spot. Because of his tender young age, in 2009, we were also introduced to his traveling companion and father: Big Daddy. Big Daddy became one of LTT’s favorite “characters” and remains one of the people Moon and UC most want to meet.

November 20, where were you?!

01. New Moon – Really, could the number one thing on the Best of Twilight 2009 list be ANYTHING but New Moon? New Moon gave us Jorts. New Moon gave us Chris Weitz (our dilf divine). New Moon gave us the Wolfpack. New Moon gave us “Let’s Do This!” New Moon gave us FacePunch! New Moon gave us Shirtless Edward. New Moon gave us Shirtless Jacob. New Moon gave us pretty much everything we had every dared to ask for in the film adaptation of the saddest, most bittersweet, loveliest, teariest, sweetest, most Jacob-iest book of the saga and we couldn’t have asked for a better moment in 2009.

So we’ve reached the end? Did your “best of” match our “best of?” What did we miss? Besides Buttcrack Santa and Yorkie and the copstache? What do you think will be the best of 2010?

Counting down the days…

PS If you tweet and want to be nice and show your appreciation tweet @twilight and tell them @letter2twilight is one of the the top fan sites of 2009! #NewYearsCountdown (ya know, if you want to and things…)

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

116 Responses

  1. Well i love the list, but i do think LTT should be there… but of course if you (Bunny&Noreen) wrote it in the “Top of” list it would be a bit like tooting your own horn… are you above tooting you own horn? Then i’ll toot it for you for jorts sake! LTT is THE BOMB! (yeah, i said it)

  2. Thank you, UC and Moon, for a great year in blogging! You ladies are hilarious! I really enjoy starting my mornings with great chuckles. I certainly remember Stephenie’s shout out to LTT, which is what sent me to your world in the first place. Keep up the great work.

    • awwww really?! i always wondered if people came over from that

      • Now that you mention it, that’s how I found this site, too! How did I forget that?

      • It’s how I found the site too, but I didn’t start really reading it until a little later. Fate was in order though, because I wouldn’t have known to make TeamSeth my handle that first visit.

  3. I havent commented in awhile because I’ve been out of town BUT I loved the countdown post!!!

    P.S. did anyone get any good Twilight-y Christmas gifts? I got a New Moon keychain.

    • Aww, neat. are you going to actually put your keys on it? or is it a “keep-sake”? oh, i am still checking your blog regularly. it’s so cute, love it. i hope you had a good trip and visit; take care and stay well! 😀

      My friend actually got me a New Moon umbrella… even though this one was a fake present.. The actual one was the pre-order of the New Moon DVD!!!

    • I got a Rob calendar (totally gorgeous, obviously), that I have to hide:(

    • i gots the rob calendar and the soundtrack on vinyl and some embarassing “journals” with the books on them! HAHAHAA time to return some stuff…

      • soundtrack on VINYL!? That’s just… wow… ::jealousy fursploding::

      • I got a reversable ‘Team Edward/Team Jacob’ handbag type thing. I have dubbed it my ‘Bag O’Shame’ and I have filled it with the 3 books on Robert Pattinson that I will never read and the ‘Robsessed’ DVD that I will never watch…

    • ::waves:: Hey Griffs! Glad you’re home safe. I’m home safe, too, despite the ridiculousness of it all.

      I got some AMAZING twi-gifts from my AMAZING sister! The New Moon score for one, which is so good. And I discovered [on my flight to LAX that was never supposed to happen] that Alexandre Desplat was the composer for Julie & Julia as well. That dude is on fire this year. Put him as #11 on the list.

      I also got from my boyfriend a 6-pack of New Moon trading cards!!!!! I was so praying for the Charlies, but no. Just Paulex and too much Edward.

      My fave twi-gift however, came from Buttcrack Santa himself. I got a little bottle of Absolut!!!!! 😀

      Photos to come.

    • I got an Edward barbie…

    • Oooh.

      I got Twilight Scene-It. Mostly because I told Mr. Fang that is what I wanted.

      I don’t pussyfoot around when it comes to gifts. 😀

  4. Great list. The new moon is out and shining as we bring in the new year. New Moon all the way. When does a New Moon become an old moon?

    • this “New Moon” is one that will take a LONG time to fade… i’m sure… a lot of us will have some worn out dvds… but it’s likely not to become an “old moon” for a LONG while… wait, do i see and Eclipse on the rise?

      • I have to admit that IF Eclipse has that damn leghitch I am waiting for (David Slade it better have one! I dare you!!!) I will most likely forget about New Moon just like that… Does that make me a bad fan??

    • oh bobby you’re back!

    • It will become an old moon when I see a leg hitch. And four seconds of Demetri and Felix on screen. swoon. 5 second pause. swoon again.

      Also, the 31st is a blue moon! Screw champagne, Imma drink Blue Moon all night!

  5. “What’s the quickest way to make an enemy and meet your BFF? Get a Twitter account.”

    ^This is the truest thing ever written.

    Hi BFFS! Hi people I can’t stand! I’ve got you all on the twits. 😀

    Umm… I liked your list. I would totally make a top ten list but it would be filled with Skype-isms that really have nothing to do with Twilight at all. Things like “huga” or different types of lady… stuff or things about transvestite beauty queens or info on my little Mafia. Don’t want to be all inside jokey cause that’s no fun… or it is and I’m being nice(ish) today.

    Well, I’m rambling. Again. Moon & UC, I totally tweeted @twilight yesterday, that y’all were the best there ever was. Because it’s totally true.

    *sings* You the fucking best, you the fucking best. *bows*

    I’m sure they will be showing up on your doorstep with a big check. And maybe some balloons? That sounds fabulous. Just remember the little people.

    Muah to all!

  6. Comic Con was at the top of my list. I remember shutting my office door and telling my boss that I had some “personal matters to attend to” and that “important things were happening”. He was not happy to find out that he lost an entire day of productivity to a shirtless teenager and a scruffy Brit in a plaid shirt.

  7. Hey you really mentioned Buttcrack Santa and Daddy Lautner!! Me happy now….
    And yes Twitter seems to be a great platform for lots of people to bitch about/hate others and never having to say that to their face because honestly lots of them wouldn’t be able to do so…

  8. awwwww I love remembering the past year!!!!!! and seriously.. i can die happy.. stephenie meyer read us (at least once.) goal for 2010? Meet Big Daddy. DUH

    • What price do I get if I manage to chase him down and hand him over to you?!? HAHAHA

      • Probably 2 to 10. But why the hell would you hand him over? That’s just crazytalk.

        Sorry, homeboys, but I’m not chasing the Rob, and if he comes (ahem) willingly, I’m not sharing. Anything but pictures, that is. Ya know, just to confirm the “v neck.”

        This is AFTER he dedicates “When a Man Loves a Woman” to me and we slowdance under a strobe light. I bet he’s he’s a great dancer . . . in bed.

        • You probably misunderstood me… I wouln’t hand over Rob either… But I would hand over Daddy L….

          • Yah, I read “chase him down” and my mind substituted “chase Rob down.” Probably because I can’t imagine needing to chase Big Daddy. Not much room to run in McDonald’s.

          • *slow spins the Pizz*

            You ever the get the feeling that the legwarmers aren’t enough?

            I’m itching to bust the glass!

        • Damnit. I always am referencing shirts when I say V-neck. You probably think that I think that Charlie Bewley is cut because I always talk about how much I love that he has v-necks. But no. I don’t think he’s cut, nor do I think he has a v neck (aka abercrombie muscle). Sigh. I’m sure his heart and veins [and liver since he apparently cut the boozin’ out of his life after a series of unfortunate events. Yeah, yeah, I finally started watching/reading interviews. So sue me! Actually please don’t, i’m so broke already I can’t afford the attorney] are in fine order since he loves to run, but I can’t imagine him rockin’ the meat patties…

    • the list of people to meet goes as such:

      stephenie meyer, big daddy, buttcrack santa

      • I may or may not be able to arrange smth with stephenie… some close friends of the family live in Phoenix… (even though you probably don’t need my help)
        Big Daddy can be attracted with File-O-Fish…
        And give Buttcrack Santa some “little bottles” and he’s in it… simple isn’t it?

        • Ooh! Ooh!

          *jumps up and down*

          My grandma lives in WA kinda sorta near Forks…

          MAYBE my connections could let us all meet the Cullens!

          That would fantabulous.

          And then I could be a real… vampire.

          Dammit. I need that sarcastic font….

          • It’s okay… Your comment kinda reminded me of that interview where a girl asked Rob if he seriously feels like biting people when they ask him if he’s a real vampire… and he just goes like: “Yeah!” HAHAHAHAH

          • There is a need for a sarcastic font! That would get me out of a lot of trouble…

          • @Shleeeigh I fear the sarcastic font would not help my “get out of trouble” cause.

            @fangster I live where they shot Twilight: The Original. If you come visit, I can arrange something of a biting expedition/visit to your relatives.

          • @fangster Just don’t bring your kid, we don’t want the Volturi after us for making a toddler vamp. On second thought, then I could use my amazing powers [aka feminine wiles] to convince Demetri that he’s not gay, he’s European and he needs a female mate to hang out with. If he’s not game than I’ll just stick with Felix, because I know he likes to go snowboarding.

      • Baby, I’m workin’ on Waylon! The woman who played Cora lives here (in portland) and I had lunch with a guy who knows her. That’s like 2 degrees (ok, maybe 3) separation from Buttcrack Santa. Which is 4 degrees for you. And I deliver on promises. So, you just hold on tight, spidermonkey.

    • Meet Big Daddy, marry Big Daddy, become Taycob’s stepmom? What’s wrong with this picture?

  9. I guess I will lure him to you with a File-O-Fish… shouldn’t be that difficult…

  10. I can’t think of anymore Twilight “best of”s…I can only think of Rob stuff – “we are the rob”, “respect the rob”, etc…it’s all about the drama with me.

    So keeping with the Twilight-theme of the post, I’m just gonna kiss butt like the rest of the girls this morning and say LTT/LTR belongs on the list. Yeah, yeah, I know you started in 2008 but I didn’t find y’all UNTIL ’09…technicalities.

  11. I just tweeted @Twilight! As if any other site could come close to the awesomeness found within these hallowed . . . digital? walls.

    I, too, am up to all sorts of internet tomfoolery these days, but the skypage? The Twitter? The random trolling for porn (Rob Pattinson jellybean naked pics . . . whaaaa?)? All roads have led directly from LTT. You guys are my homebase . . . which just makes me think of homeboys. You guys are my homeboys. 😉

    Ohhhh. I missed out on all the cattiness in Jr. High. Sounds like fun! But I’ll say it to the @FACE! BRING IT!

    *snickers* I should control myself. Happy dance, but I’m no ballerina.

    • *pirouettes in* *tap dancees across room*

      *falls on ass*

      *notices methhead in corner*

      *sprays James with pepper spray*

      Tweed jellybeans for all!!! Except you.
      Give me a plane ticket. I’ll say it. Out loud.


      *Gets bitten by James*

      That’s kinda hawt.

      *lets Robward suck on my arm*

      Says “Fuck it. Imma be a vamp.”

      *bitchslaps Edward*

      *becomes vampy here and now*

    • all roads lead to us?! hahaha this road must be a dead end!

      • I was led to LTR/LTT through “the Tuck.” I’m sorry…and it was so worth it!!! Love hanging at LTR/LTT.

        • I may or may not have been relead/fell in love with LTT because of the snail. So, I think you were much luckier than I.

          • TS, I don’t know about the snail, so do tell.

          • You’ll regret asking that. But let me go find the link.

          • Here is the snail. It is the actual snail, guys, so DO NOT CLICK if you want to avoid. You have been warned.

          • Effing a, TS. That was not nearly enough of a warning.


          • W T F?

            That is one experience that I could have lived without.

            I will now stare at “The Tuck” for at least three hours to rid myself of that image.

          • I’m so so so sorry. I thought you already knew what the snail was! I thought we knew! Except for poor cougar, shit, mountain lion.

          • I also thumbs downed myself as a further warning.

          • OMG, that WAS shocking, TS. I AM much luckier than you. The Tuck is so much easier to take. So how the eff did THAT bring you to LTT/LTR?

            p.s. sorry I asked, everyone…

      • No!!! Not road to a dead end… More like oneway-ticket to Robsession!!!

      • Just like all pipes lead to the ocean!

        And it’s totes a dead end with no cul-de-sac, because I’m never turning around. I used to live on a dead end road that just faded into a sink hole. By the sink hole was a house, the meth lab house we called it. That makes me think of meth Edward in Rio. Which makes me think of LTT. You see what we mean?

        • Def see what you mean and completely relate.

          I can see how a meth lab house would lead to Edward in Rio. Love that scene and your comment.

          • haha, I made an amazing favellas reference on the day that meth came up, but no one saw it.

    • “You guys are my homeboys.” 😀

    • “found within these hallowed . . . digital? walls.”

      Makes me think of harry potter. Which makes me think of Snape, which makes me think of Marcus, which makes me think of Demetri/Charlie Bewley, which makes me think of trolling for random charlie porn everyday as if it’s a job (it is, Tuesday, it is! You’re my compelling factor), which makes me think of LTT since I only troll to help out LTT (and eventually collect enough info to write a sufficiently detailed Charlie Bewley Appreciation Sunday post, though nothing will ever top my Happy Birthday, David Slade post, er nothing that I write that is. Basically every entry tops that post)

      I love you, S-Pizz. You make everything funnier than it already was.

  12. New Moon also brought us, “They’re not bears!!”. And the f*cking fantastic strut across the high school parking lot.

    I was so proud of you and UC, when Stephenie mentioned your blog on her website!!! That was the best day!!

    I still remember the first post that I read here. It was the letter that you wrote to Xavier, explaining all of the shannigans that was happening on the set, that he needed to be aware of. I was crying laughing at work that day. You had me that day, and every day since.

    Love you ladies!!

    I also will always remember Thanksgiving weekend, because that’s when I “made it”. One of my letters to you was used in a post. **tearing up**

    Thanks to the Forum, for “showing” me what fan fiction was about. My life has definitely changed, because of that.

  13. TMZ and DaxHolt antagonization over the Pattz, AHHH! Let’s Do This and BRING IT! #Coo & #goo; And the LOD Pyramid Schemes and late night Drunk Tweets, getting sued on Twitter, becoming a Dramatic Reading Expert, Hating Lemon Parties, throwing gang signs, and meeting Brookie, Marta, UC, Calliope, Veddersgirl, KrazyKidd, PhyllmeUp, JBell, SassySmart, GarnetGurl, PangeforPrez, Pinky, BandMum, Too_Far_Gone, Tiffanized, and even DanySPike from Chile, in Real Life; Meeting Lula, Moon, Myria, Mkenna, Mrs K, VixB, Lili, Stagey, Lauren, Mrs. P, and Freya on camera; comparing HotAlex, finding Lula and continuing our purity power, and my eternal love for all things DrunkRob and TrueBloods’s HotEric. Those were my major acompilishments involving LTT this year.

    • Wow your list is pretty long Janetrigs… but it sounds great.. Happy you managed to archive so many things this year!!

    • I AM BRAGGING! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      You bitches better meet some people.

      • actually I’d love to but I live straight over the big pond and therefore it’s rather difficult…
        Even though living in Europe has advantages too… Maybe I should go to London tomorrow… and well… visit relatives or smth…. hahahhahaha

          • The robsessed part of me says: “Go for it!!” and the boring, reasonable part of me says: “Don’t!!!”
            Honestly I am one of those girls that just robsess in the hidden and never do it in public…
            I’m pretty sure that even if I ever got to meet him I wouldn’T be able to say anything.. (and thats a rather rare occasion…)
            Maybe it’s just not meant to be this year… *sigh*

  14. “…Which I can only imagine is magically stored some place between the phone number for Robert Pattinson and the finished manuscript for Midnight Sun along with the outlines for post Breaking Dawn saga additions and the Alice and Jasper backstory.”


  15. Going to see New Moon today for the first time since I got my copy of the soundtrack. I hadn’t listened to it, but I got a weird sense of deja vu when I realized that I could recognize most of the songs even though I’d only seen the movie twice (don’t hurt me!). I love what a big subconscious influence music has.

    • It’s intense. You’re going to notice that most of the songs come into play before E peaces her out. I have a twilosophy thought about this:

      Many of the songs are incorporated as music being played on the radio (Monsters in opening driving scene, Editors in car post The Vote, bonus track on boom box in Jake’s garage, Satellite Heart in car after birthday nom nom nomin’). After Edward leaves, Bella doesn’t listen to music. So, they’re able to move through about half of the soundtrack before the movie really kicks off into the spiral of mope. I think it’s done on purpose to give a silence to the rest of the film.
      When the soundtrack plays again it’s often when Bella is trying to see Edward (except OKGO song–in garage sequence w/ jake, Muse song–in truck after charlie threatens to send her to Jax, and Done All Wrong–wolfpack at emily’s home): Friends is when she’s going towards David Slade biker, Thom Yorke when she’s going to go cliffdiving, Grizzly Bear is when she’s seeing E after cliffdiving. Hm, I guess it’s an even spread there.

      Well anyway, I think use of the soundtrack is in direct correlation to the presence of Edward. Thoughts?

      • I’d been thinking that before, and you’ve reinforced that. I noticed that a lot of the songs are rather mopey and/or tense, not what you would associate with her relationship with Jake.

        I did see that most of the songs were in the first bit (and I hadn’t even read your comment yet!). I appreciate your insight. 🙂

  16. Im not gonna lie…

    your Number 1 & 2 would
    most def be switched in my case…

    I loved me some New Moon
    but Taycob was my WIN for 2009


  17. Moon, I’m so glad when you photoshopped on those words to your Best of Icon, you rendered Cougwicke virtually invisible. Thank you.

  18. Love the lists – yesterday’s and today’s….if there was an “11” I think “the strut” from New Moon would have to be included. Also have to mention that the shout out SM gave you on her site, was what helped me to find you girls and LTT/LTR – yet another thing to thank Stephenie Meyer for! Happy New Year to everyone!

  19. Me heading off to sleep.. Have fun girls!!


  20. Something really exciting just happened! I found a photo of Daniel Cudmore not in his contacts (Yes, i know he wears contacts because he mentions it in an interview when asked if the colored contacts bothered him. Some call it stalking, I call it commitment. Stalking would mean I drive up to Vancouver and sit outside his window at night, which I don’t do, just to clarify.)

    Tuesday, special delivery for when you finally come back from your vacation hiatus:
    I think I might have a thing for his security in this photo, what with those aviators and fanny pack (er, hip pack, for all you Englanders). He’s only missing a copstache…which of course brings us to this sexy man who is also donning some security of his own.

  21. I’m not commenting. I’m busy pretending I have a life and don’t need my daily fix of twisnark.

  22. I still think Rob should be #1.. I mean, we got GQ and Vanity Fair! and I’m still not over Vanity Fair yet!!… Watching those two combined is not for the faint of heart!

  23. As I was rereading breaking down last night, When Edward asked to speak to Jacob outside, after he comes to visit for the first time after the honeymoon, Jacob jumps up and says “Let’s do this!” ready for the fight with Edward!

    It has to be in breaking dawn too!!

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