The best of Twilight in 2009! Part 1

Dear LTT-ers and Twi-hards,

2009 has been a crazy year to say the least. We saw a movie about teenage vampires blow away box office records. We saw a boy become a movement and show us what Team Jacob was really all about. We saw a fandom divide down the middle over the “are they, or aren’t they” relationship of two costars. And we saw our beloved little saga explode into a cultural phenomenon. Since it’s the end of the year and everyone’s creating bes-of lists we’ve decided to create our own Best of Twilight in 2009 list…

Worth the dead blackberry

10. The Oscars – Sure Robert Pattinson was asked to present and sure he showed up and sat behind crazy Mickey Rourke and next to girl-crush Tina Fet but I think what makes this a memorable 2009 moment was that he wore the ef out of that dolce tux and that night we racked up our highest number of comments ever with almost 900 responses from you yahoos. This was also the night my blackberry died from comment overload. Word to the wise when a big event such as Rob being at the Oscars happens, turn OFF the comment alerts on your mobile phone.

Hey, you guys got a shirt I can borrow?

09. The Britpack – More often than not a Britpack concert will be the desired meet up spot of not only LTT gals but of Twilight fans in general. Trying to find a Twilight fan at a Sam/Bobby/Marcus show is like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that you’ll EVER hear any of them actually performing their “Twilight” song live at one of these shows, but they’re pretty talented musicians, they play shows at bars with alcohol and they’re pretty easy on the eyes, so why not? These men and their music spawned fan sites, a pyramid scheme street team and a manbang movement.

I got an idea, let's break Twitter and then I'll choke you out

08. Harpers Bazaar/ Vanity Fair Photoshoots – AKA the day of Twitter overload and back to back breaking it down segments between UC and Moon. Between the Cape Cod-esque deliciousness of the Vanity Fair spread and the Hefty bag couture of the Harper’s shoot there was weeks and weeks worth of blog fodder to work with. Not only did we slather ourselves in clarified butter and dream of threesomes at Gayhead but we debated (again) the validity of Robsten, created their fake engagement photo and started a sitcom just for them and stoners everywhere.

OMG I totally hope someone sees us, I mean doesn't see us!

07. Vancouver – 2nd only to a Britpack concert for a fan meet up was the lovely city of Vancouver. These poor Canadians didn’t know what they were in for when production of New Moon (and eventually Eclipse) was moved to their fair city. Paparazzi mobs, roid-raging teen wolves roaming the street and questionable musicians suddenly making tour stops. Vancouver was the site of much debauchery and monumental moments such as: Taytay’s doomed love affair with a Disney princess, KStew and Oregano’s one last failed attempt at faking their relationship and my favorite: Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed’s chronic addiction to “accidentally” being photographed drinking smoothies and wearing work out clothes with hoods so that they appeared to be simultaneously “one of the people” but “trying to escape the paparazzi.” Good try gals, you ALMOST had us fooled. Next time don’t keep the paparazzi number on speed dial.

Respect Staten Island fangirls!!

06. Remember Me – Not only was this the first movie Rob shot after Twilight but it was arguably (past and present) the most photographed movie set ever. Every day we were inundated with gabillions of new photos from the set which caused us to ruminate on what this film could be about, whether Emilie de Ravin was tappin’ dat azzzzzz and why Rob punching someone was hot but probably the most memorable moment from Rob’s time in New York City over summer 2009 that is still talked about to this day would have to be cabgate and those crazy pyscho lunatic girls. Oh em gee, Rob got “hit by a cab” and “attacked” by some fangirls from Long Island? What should we do? I know! Freak out on Twitter and start a Respect Campaign. Duh.

Stay tuned for the rest of our countdown this week and we look back at 2009 and make resolutions for 2010!

Goodbye 2009!

What will we include on the rest of our countdown? Has ANYTHING happened in the Twi world since like November? Are you dying like we are?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

71 Responses

  1. Did you know about my sick obsession with end of the year countdowns, or is this just a happy coincidence? I know this isn’t Thanksgiving, but I’d just like to say that I am thankful for Vanity Fair (and GQ) for getting me through the year.

    Also, I’ve seen the preview for Remember Me… perhaps, more than once… but I’m still not entirely sure what it’s about. All I know is that non-ashtrays are a tease, and I’m okay with that.

    (I might be MIA for the next week, so have a lovely New Year girls (and bobbygee) of LTT! I’ll catch up in 2010!)

    • Tuesday, let’s be honest. Does it really matter what RM is about? Because really, as long as the non-ashtray scene from the trailer is in the movie, imma lovin’ it!

      PS – Have fun on your trip!

    • Enjoy MIA. I’m finally out of FL (and stuck in TX…then through LAX, HEY MOON!!!! ::waves::)

      Haha! Cutest thing just happened: Sitting in a waiting area at random, and now it’s boarding a flight to Mexico City. So they ran the announcement in English, then Spanish and this little kid, probably 2, after the message (which concluded with a “Gracias”) said really loud, “De nada!” SO CUTE.

      Okay, anyway. Rock those tan lines, girl. I posted some Charlies below (obv). Hopefully your flights aren’t delayed like mine…

    • seriously i LOVE a good end of the year count down!

  2. ok Girls either you can read my thoughts or we just think the same… Just yesterday night at 1 am I was thinking somethink alike… HAHAHA
    Even though your countdown is better than mine so far… Can’t wait to compare the other points of it

  3. as always, your photo captions are win. my fave? “I got an idea, let’s break Twitter and then I’ll choke you out.”

  4. “Freak out on Twitter and start a Respect Campaign. Duh”


    Enough said!

    I love you guys! thank you for making me so happy all 2009!!!

  5. I keep thinking about how sucky 2009 has been for me.

    Then I see how great 2009 has been for Twilight or music or movies or anything really and feel bad for hating it.

    I’m quite glad things are simmering down in this crazy ass twiworld. When I decided to read these vampy books, I did not sign up for obsession.

    I really don’t know how this all happened…

    But I am glad I met you locas.

    This applies to y’all (Yes, I googled it):

    Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars- points of light and reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty.

    Not to that extreme but kinda. Ya know?

    • “When I decided to read these vampy books, I did not sign up for obsession.”

      I am soooo with you there. Don’t know how it happened…just did. And I’m kinda glad. 🙂

    • We know. All too well, we know.


      And I concur about this obsession. Now I have that line from Moulin Rouge in my head “Thank you curing me of this ridiculous obsession with LTTlove!”

      • TS – [side point: i love that movie, makes me cry]

        Hi-ya! going back to PNW? i wish you safe travels… i started a e-mail to you a week ago and have added to it a bit and saved the draft and now i feel like it is totally out-dated and must be scrapped… i will start anew.

        Take care!

        to all – {HI!!!! to all the rest of ya’ll!}

        p.s. i would like to add that in the top 10 Best Of 2009 Twi-related topics, other than the wonderful release of New Moon itself, the fact that LTT is always a hit and is never a miss brings a fab-u level of class to a world that could easily (and has) trip off the deep end. Inn the world of Twi, LTT is def @ the top!

    • awwwww i lurves that edward quote!

    • Awwww, Fangerella, I love this!

      “A” for effort, babe. No “like a drug” for you – you went all out!

      I hope your 2010 brings you nothing but joy and completion. You are brilliant and beautiful and oh, shit, I think I just turned this into LetterstoGangbanker.

      Eh. It happens.

      • Awwww…

        Letterstogangbanker? Only if I can start a letterstopizzle or letterstotwinsie or letterstoletterstotwilight or lettersto…. ALL the rest of you! And don’t start whining that I didn’t write all the rest out… I’m looking at you, TS! 😉

        Muah! You are beautiful too. And 2010 best be bringing me completion or I shall be cutting someone.

        PS. I really needed an A in something right now. Love you more for that.

    • Mine hasn’t been that great either… but life sucks.. (at least sometimes…)
      And you wrote down what lots of us must have thought at some point: “When I decided to read these vampy books, I did not sign up for obsession.”

      Hope 2010 will be better for you fangbanger!!

    • I feel the same way….thanks I know I am crazy :-).

      Let’s all hope for a better 2010~

  6. Awesome sauce. Loveee it.

  7. I think we all need to take a moment and remember the fateful day (August 6th to be exact) in LA when Moon took “the picture”..I have to say I was in LA at the same time and had a freak out FG moment when I drove by Chateau Marmont and saw Robsten looking out there window…now if only I had gone to the concert. Regret #1 from the year 2009!

    • hahahaa i dont know if that would go in my personal best of list maybe my personal best of drama list. lordy…

  8. As a Vancouverite I would have put ‘Vancouver’ a little higher up on the list (seeing how the film(s) affected our city and my own little stalking-on-the-side thingy – which affected my marriage, but I digress…)

    I know you need lotsa room for ‘Robsten’ in the top 5!

  9. ❤ you! Mean it!

  10. Er, you have comment alerts to your PHONE? You’re insane, you know. Or suicidal. I mean, what were you thinking?! UC thought she was going to end up in some FBI room like some lame TV show.

    Love the yahoos Charlie shout out 😉 We gonna talk about boys ::insert Bella breathing here::?

    The Brit Pack is a band? Really? I always thought Twi-hards just made them famous by proxy and gave them a play-on-words 80s throwback name.

    That respect campaign was HILAR. Some LTT-ers may or may not have left respectfully sarcastic comments on that blog entry. But don’t look at me because I didn’t write it under my handle.

    ps-Tuesday (and all Bew-hards (teehee)), it’s a new look. That is all.

  11. Hope Big Daddy gets a shout out. RESPECT!

  12. Sigh…the Oscar smile is when I first fell in love with Rob…Cant wait for part 2….
    The hamster is pissed cause she has a morning shift at work. dammit dammit dammit…
    Morning everybody!

    • Aww…

      Hamster is on the wheel.

      I watched the Oscars last year but this was when Twilight was “stupid” and “idiotic”. I don’t remember Rob. At all. This is a sin, I know.

      I knew so little.

    • IWL – Oscar night is also known as “the night I fell for Rob.” I had NO knowledge of Twilight other than seeing commercials on tv for the movie. You’d have to be living under a rock to not see SOMETHING about it then. When Rob walked out on stage to present his award, I was like “damn, is that the vampire guy?” The rest is history. Oh, and the Oscars was on my birthday. Rob was my present. 🙂

      • Can you believe I missed him that night? Uggh. I was not into Rob yet that time. I was completely oblivious.

  13. Loving the list ladies! I don’t have the . . . . self-discipline? motivation? inspiration? to create a personal best-of list (and I’m pretty sure I would run out of ideas after “didn’t run out of gas this year,” but I know one thing would be in the running for #1 – finding LTT/LTR and many, many new friends.

    Here’s to a 2010 filled with Robsten (*ducks tomatoes*), leg-hitches, and maybe even a couple of Moon/UC Vanity Fair breakdowns.

    • I think you’re looking for the word “strength”, as in “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore create a personal best-of list.”

      But not running out of gas is def. a good one.

    • truer words have never been written StotheP!!

    • Let’s not forgot that a certain ridiculously buff kid (who is NOT a bear) turns 18 in 2010. Just sayin.

      • MichaelSheenisaDILF, (That is really awkward for me to write btw), I thought you said “Who is NOT a BEARD.”

        I was confused and then I started wondering if TSwift was a gay man. And then I thought Yorkie is not ridiculously buff, is he? And then I read it again and understood your true meaning.

        So many thoughts, so little time.

      • I thought I was alone in this . . . . Michael Sheen IS a DILF!

        So glad to know we carry the light together . . .

  14. Moon, I left a comment a long time ago…like 9am ET. It had 2 links in it, but did not show up. I thought, “Hm, maybe they’ll have to approve it cuz it has links.” But then it never showed up. Was it a wordpress fail? I thought it was a decent comment, too. Sad. So sad.

    • that has happened to me before. i was frustrated…
      does mean we’re in good company or that we are occasionally outcast? Hmmm… did you try more than once?

      Sorry bout dat. But it’s nice to “hear” from you! 😀 -hug-

      • I didn’t try more than once, because then it’ll just double/triple/quadruple post. Not sure why I’m writing this now since it’s like 12:36ET… FINALLY HOME!

  15. ehem Moonie, i think your best moments were a bit Rob-centric, no? 🙂

  16. Dood. Where’s BobbyGee?

  17. Jorts!

  18. Who else here loves being referred to as a “yahoos?”

  19. i think the holding wrist fiasco is definately up there as my most traumatising twilight moment! half i’m devestated how the hell did she get him.
    half i secretly hope it’s true ryan gosling rachel mcadms style

    i think the oscars should be higher than 10 though, the eye sex alone could be number 1

  20. Well Moon you lost me slathering yourselves with clarified butter and dreamed of threesomes! LOL. Wow!

    Now I need me some ghee and slather myself….Rob are you coming?

  21. Wow – what a year – thanks to Moon & US for enabling the wonder of it all 🙂

    It’s 5:07pm my husband is in work and I am in my pajamas watching Twilight.

    It’s been about 4 months and I wondering at all the questions I have like:
    – It was actually Alice who twisted off James’ head so why didn’t Victoria go after Jasper?
    – Why does Carlisle say to Edward “Son, remember who you are” to stop him killing James and then he’s all like – Alice – get on it

    And I had forgotten how BAD the stuttering/hospital bed scene was – it’s killing me.

    I think I need New Moon on DVD to distract me

    • I am just Normal enough to have had these same thoughts. Here’s my take:
      1. Victoria doesn’t know that Edward wasn’t the one who killed James. The only non-Cullen witness was James. And he’s not talking!
      2. I’ve wondered about this every time I hear it. I wonder…could it be that he came upon Edward attacking James like a mad animal and he knew the others would do it in a quick, humane way? I mean, Edward did actually bite a chunck out of James and spit it out. He did seem to be “forgetting who he was” there.

      • Ah ha

        Ang – thank you for answering my questions! You are definitely right about #1.
        #2 – is twisting off a head more humane than nibbling a neck 🙂 but like this concept.

  22. MidnightCyn – Are you lurking out there? Just checking? I hope you have a merry merry! I sent you an e-mail about my unwanted Christmas adventures…it was wayyyyyy too much like a scene out of the movie Christmas Vacation.

  23. I saw the Oscars, but that was when i though Twilight was stupid. haha.

    oh, i saw some pictures of the New Moon deleted scenes on Perez today. did anyone see them?

    • WHAT AHHHH!!!! going. ive been away for too long!

    • Those are both in the “New Moon Illustrated Movie Guide” (that I may or may not have poured over yesterday). Just in case you wanted to peruse them further. There is also pictures from that weird dream scene where Bella’s bed is in the woods that (thank God) didn’t make it into the movie. What is it with directors and dream sequences (*cough*cathy and the underwater dream*cough*)?

  24. […] we started our Best of Twilight in 2009 list cause well, who doesn’t love those end-of-the year lists? I know I do. Were you worried […]

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