Merry Christmas from LTT and the Twilight gang!

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Dear Twilight and our awesome LTT readers,

What are you doing online?! It’s Christmas! Instead of writing a letter for today we decided to “send” you a Christmas card to help spread the joy. Enjoy today and we’ll see you back here next week.  We’ll be featuring some fun posts this weekend with the help of our great gals in the forum so check back when you’re stuffed on leftovers and need a little break from your creepy uncle Rob and pestering aunt Edna.

Merry Christmas!!
Moon and UC

PS Don’t miss out on our LTR Christmas Card!

Our internet game is still ridiculous (and our Kung Fu is STILL strong): The Forum, LTR, Twitter

17 Responses

  1. Well Christmas is practically over for me … but I hope you all have a fabulous day!
    Mwah! xox

  2. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  3. Merry Christmas girls!!!

  4. Happy Christmas, Everyone! I had a dream about LTT last night… that’s normal?

  5. Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Belated Happy Chanukah! Belated Happy Solstice celebration, and for my fellow atheists, Happy Friday! Best wished to all. I puffy heart you – I couldn’t have made it through’09 without you all.

  6. Merry Christmas! Oh, and I love where Moon and UC are in this picture. I always thought it was sad that Esme was sitting alone on the ground…uh, I mean Elizabeth. Yeah, my lines of reality aren’t blurred or anything.

  7. happy holidays, uc and moon! this site is the gift that just keeps on giving.

  8. Happy Ho-lidays everyho!
    Thanks for the awesomeness that was 2009.
    Can’t wait for the fantasticalness that will be 2010. 🙂

  9. Merry Christmas Moon and UC! Thank you for the great reads (and laughs)! Hope 2010 brings you both nothing but the best in life and love!

  10. Merry Christmas UC & Moon! Merry Christmas Edward…I mean EVERYONE..hoping you all have a Blessed Day and that you all eat so many goodies that you can do nothing but spend the next few days here at LTT! Thanks for being the best friends ever and my 2nd family…throwing you all Christmas smooches and Cullen hugs…cause they are the best!
    Luvs you!

  11. Merry Christmas to Moon & UC – yep, we are all still *checking in* on Christmas Day 🙂


  12. As I celebrate Jewmas, it is ok that I am here.

    Amazing xmas card! ((hugs))

  13. Checking in between family parties and eating. Merry Christmas UC+Moon and everyone! Thank you for your hard work and hoping you’re enjoying a day of feasting and relaxing with “Uncle” Rob.

  14. Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂

  15. Merry Christmas Everyone!
    May your holiday be filled with extra love and happiness!

  16. Merry Christmas to all! I can’t believe how this year is practically over, where was I? Oh right, I was on LTR and LTT.

    Enjoy your friends, families and loved-ones this season.

  17. Merry Boxing Day girls!!! A shirtless Ed/Jake/assorted Wolf Pack/Assorted Cullens and Twi Girls (for all the fake lesbians out there) to all of you! You guys are the best christmas gift ever! muah and Twi-Chris-cookies!

    UC and Moon…u guys are GORGEOUSE!!! So sad that u arent under Rob….I mean sitting under him..i mean…oh lord…u know what I mean…sigh…
    The hamster luffs u!

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