A healthy debate: Kristen Stewart’s Acting

Throughout this letter I’m going to use something called sarcasm. Unfamiliar? Read this. Many people hate Kristen Stewart because they are sadface that she is (apparently) with Robert Pattinson. I am one of them. I cannot judge Kristen Stewart fairly without thinking of her with Robert Pattinson. She does a commercial for cat litter and surrounds herself with 18 little white kittens? I hate it because all I can think about is how she gets to do Rob Pattinson after she gets to play with all those adorable kittens. In Adventureland she does a sex scene with a douche-bag married to a Woody Allen darling? She is an automatic awful fake movie sexer because she’s having the real sex with Rob Pattinson. Remember, Read this if you have any questions.

Dear Twilosophy Debate Class 101,

Today we’re going to have a healthy debate. Any questions?

Why are you opening THIS can of worms when we have had peace on LTT for awhile and Robsteners/Nonsteners/Swiftners/Non-Swiftnerers (Wait a second- WHO could be a Non-Swiftnerer? Seriously? Have you seen these two? So freakin’ adorable) have been getting along?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic and when I think of stuff I like to share it with the LTT community. Also KStew411 tweeted this amazing video and I really needed a reason to post it

The beginning

Kristen and I had a rocky beginning. First of all she kissed Adam Brody in In the Land of Women, and that’s when I knew I would hate her for eternity. Plus that movie sucked and that pains me to say because I heart Adam Brody something fierce. I remember being very underwhelmed by all the performances in that movie, not just Kristen’s.  I’ll have to break it out again to decide for sure what I think of her specifically, but I’d rather die than do that. So let’s just leave it at that.


Bitch! Seriously, I'll facepunch you so hard....

And then came Twilight. I walked away consumed with the desire to FACE PUNCH her except I didn’t know it was that desire since FACE PUNCH doesn’t get referenced until New Moon. “SHE gets to DO Rob Pattinson!?” I thought. (Except I didn’t think that since I didn’t think they were DOING it then since I was underwhelmed by their on-screen chemistry and knew nothing of the off screen rumors.) I was confused. I thought her casting was SPOT ON for the character of Bella. But her portrayal of Bella….? Well, it took me awhile to put it into words, but let’s just leave it at- I wasn’t so crazy about it. (Refer to the above video for many of the reasons why)

New Moon

I feared a Twilight repeat. I did. So much of that movie hinged on Kristen’s ability to make us believe in her pain. I came away from that midnight showing really happy with what I saw! I believed her! I felt her loss. I even shed a tear or two even though I knew that Edward would eventually come back and then they’d have some awesome make-out scenes complete with an EPIC Leg Hitch (Don’t do it and DIE, David Slade) and would eventually skinny-dip in the ocean after which they’d do it in probably the most talked about fade-to-black scene ever written, finally resulting in the birth of a half-human, half-vampire genius-child who would be imprinted upon by a werewolf. I cried even though I knew that would happen. (Actually, that’s probably why I cried. Couldn’t he just STAY and give her amazing birthday sex?) Also I didn’t cry until Lykke Li’s “Possibility” came on because I feel emotions through music. Plus, Kristen had my FAVORITE line in all of New Moon. Listen for it here in this clip, courtesy of Brookelockart’s pirated copy of the movie:

Click for awesomeness

So… why the sudden change of heart towards Kristen? Were my expectations SO low for the movie that surpassing them wasn’t that hard to do (That’s actually possible) Did she REALLY step it up a notch this movie? Was Chris Weitz a better director for her? Clearly I just forgot that she was banging Rob with his absence. Instead I thought about flowers, kittens and Swiftner. Or maybe Stewner- yes… that’s right! While watching the movie I invented, in my mind, a real relationship between Kristen & Taylor. She makes him homemade protein shakes while he improves his pectoral muscles. It’s a beautiful relationship. And an obvious one. How else would she know that Taylor carries around little baggies of meat patties? You know, I bet Kristen even bags Tay’s meat patties for him in NAME-BRAND baggies. She loves him that much. Best of all Rob is single & Taylor Swift writes an amazing break-up song that brings me to tears until the end when a wolf is mauled to death by a bear (because afterall, Kristen let us in on a little secret- “They’re Not Bears“)

I heart blonde Kristen

I heart blonde Kristen

My 4th Time

Something was different after my 4th viewing. Maybe it was because it was the first time EVER I didn’t polish off a entire popcorn by myself. I was too stuffed from dinner. And I’m never too stuffed for popcorn. All I know is that I came home after my 4th viewing of New Moon and drafted a letter for LTT that has the following brilliantly penned sentence:

kristen’s acting is starting to bother me

Before you run your mouth and tell me it’s probably because that was the night Taylor was on SNL and blew that kiss to Taylor Swift that had me all worried about the state of Stewner’s relationship…. well, you’re right.. it was that night, but that’s not the reason I started that post. There was just something that struck me on my 4th viewing that I didn’t realize on viewings 1-3. I think the newness of the movie is finally wearing off and I’m seeing things with normal person (aka non-Twilight-crazy person) eyes for the first time. I don’t think Bella would get all boo-hooey, weepy… and I don’t think Kristen should have. I think her staring blankly off into the distance… at nothing… was spot-on. I think it’s when Edward is telling her he’s leaving her that I have an issue. Her face is literally… expressionless. There is just a minute change, even when she realizes fully what he is telling her. I think the depth of that realization is lost and nowhere to be found in her expression….. I think Chris Weitz should’ve pulled her aside and said, “Kristen? I know last night you packed 300 baggies of meat patties for Taylor. What if after all your hard work and dedication to the beautifulness of your relationship, he left you? What if he left because instead of using Ziplock baggies you chose Glad baggies because you had a coupon? Think about that during this scene.” I think it could’ve made all the difference….

I'm gonna facepunch the big giant panda


You know what’s awesome about Blockbuster closing 960 stores in the US? I get to by lots of movies for under $5.00. I bought Adventureland this weekend and watched it while I wrapped presents. It was….okay.  A nice little coming of age story. Had some funny parts. Not the first time that’s been done.. and it won’t be the last. My favorite coming of age movie is still Gardenstate. Yes, after all these years. Zach Braff like, made, The Shins.

Kristen was….. the same character she always is! I discussed it with my husband, who has seen more of her movies than I have and likes her better than I do because he doesn’t care that she is banging Rob, obviously, said to me, “So what if she’s playing the same character? It’s what her character NEEDS. She doesn’t need to be any different than that. No one faults Owen Wilson or Will Ferrell for playing the same characters over and over again. It’s what they do.” He’s probably right. I remember once someone said, “I f*cking hate Kristen Stewart. She’s like the female Michael Cera” which cracked me up. Obviously her argument was that Michael Cera plays the same guy every time. I think it’s a valid argument…. Kristen has played characters that mostly (not always) require her to act one way…. I think seeing her in The Runaways will be very telling. Stay tuned for part 2 of the debate!

Currently “Into the Wild” is staring at me from on top of the DVD stack. I haven’t watched it yet. I have no idea why. Is it a movie about Bears? Or….say it Kristen

In conclusion

In conclusion….. I don’t have one. That wasn’t the point of this letter. That’s where the “healthy debate” comes in. I laid out some options- hate Kristen because she kisses the boys we all want to kiss, love her because Stewner has beautifulness, hate her performance in Twilight, love her performance in New Moon then take it back 4 views later, talk about if They Are or ARE NOT bears in Into the Wild, Speculate about Kristen and Michael Cera being the new hot Hollywood couple? Whatever…. the options are endless…… I will end with this: Kristen DID kick it up a notch for New Moon. Seriously. I don’t know if there was a blinking or stuttering that seemed out of place even ONCE. However…….. Brookelockart, my provider of black-market New Moon clips from her pirated copy, did remind me that the movie DOES end on famous Kristen Stewart heavy breathing. Don’t believe me?

Click for awesomeness

Told ya.
Stewner Lives,

Ready, Set….DEBATE!

Rules of the Debate: Keep your TammyO-isms at home. If you, like me, only judge Kristen as someone who is banging Rob when you are not, make sure you let people know so that TammyO and her lynch mob can discount everything you say.

We’re E-bffs with some major KStew lovers. Here are two of the biggest and who have the LTT stamp of approval: @CalliopeBlabs @KStew411. But seriously, they’ll FACEPUNCH you if you’re mean to the Stew. Seriously. Once KStew411 “shunned” Moon & I’m pretty sure Calliope spit in my pizza last time we had lunch and she thought I wasn’t looking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous (and our Kung Fu is STILL strong): The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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  1. I love the girl.
    New Moon really got me. Bellward break up scene? Sad. Lykke Li playing and the months rolling by? I FELT it.
    It only increased by already building girl crush.
    I don’t tend to see movies just because someone I like is in them (with the exception of Rob and Twilight). Saw Adventureland and really liked it but not planning on going out and seeking here other films.
    I just love her fashion sense … haha

    • I agree. I just like her. I don’t think she’s always the strongest actress, but I think she has talent that will develop over time.

      In RL she seems intelligent and thoughtful. She reads great books.

      She’s cool.

      • I agree with the good choice of books. I was impressed that she reads Bukowski, and he’s one of my favorite authors. Can’t wait for Runaways to see if she indeed, redeems herself and acts a totally different way minus the stuttering and blinking!

    • thats my bad day video… having a bad day watch kstews school of acting. get me every time.

      and yes she gets to boink rob. HATE HER GUTS.

      love her as a blond. like love love.

      no son BLOND osos!

    • I am not a Kristen Stewart hater b/c she bangs Rob, however, I have mixed feelings about her roles. I liked her in Speak and The Cake Eaters. I did not like her portrayal of Bella in Twilight, I expected her to do better. I did think she was better in New Moon, but I agree with the lack of emotion in her face during the break-up scene. I often watch movies b/c specific actors are in them, so I will probably continue to watch her movies. I think she is slowly developing her acting muscles. Even though she has been in many movies, she is still very young. Acting is like any career, you continually grow and get better at what you do. She seems like an intelligent girl and passionate about her career. I expect, as long as she continues to work with good directors and actors, she will develop into a strong character actress.

  2. Stewner is my worst nightmare.

  3. I like the Stew. I agree that she has a very particular acting style, that won’t fit for every type of character. But I definitily like her as Bella. She comes across very natural to me. We do act awkward irl all the time. I feel that in most movies you always get to see these thought-out dialogues and ‘perfect’ emotions. Sometimes people just don’t act the way they feel or don’t show any emotions or say awkward stuff. She makes it look more real to me.

    • Well said.
      And loving the new av!

    • Alice – I agree!

      As a KStew-BAMF card carrying member, I love her, she’s badass, the girl’s got spunk (possibly Rob’s – boo!).

      It’s true like her outside of her acting, and I’ve never seen her in anything but Twilight, but, I remember initialling thinking she was great as Bella, and in fact, the first time I saw Twilight, she was the only thing I wasn’t 100% disappointed with (only about 50% in her case: see hospital bed stuttering).

      In short, I agree with Alice, her acting style is very natural, she doesn’t overplay anything, it’s subtle, but sometimes subtlety misses.

      • “the girl’s got spunk (possibly Rob’s – boo!).” <– Hahahaha! ❤ you, Shleeigh!

      • As a charter member of the BAMF club, I admire her for giving the finger to the Hollywood crap/gossip machine and keeping her personal life to herself, although I’m writhing with jealousy at the same time, BUT I’m mystified when people (including Rob!) say she’s a great actress. She does play the same character over and over from what I’ve seen. Maybe that’s OK if the character fits the acting style, but really, that’s not what makes great acting–it should be the other way around.

        • I think that sometimes cast/crew members compliment actors based on their work ethic and dedication to the character and project more than precise acting skills. Since it’s performance art, acting is so subjective. It’s about taste and expectation, especially in adaptations.

          I remember watching the director’s commentary for P&P (yeah, I know I always reference P&P), and he kept complimenting Kiera’s skills as an actor. During the ball at Netherfield scene he mentioned how she would just sit by herself in complete focus between shoots.

    • I hadn’t recognized your avatar at first, and I was thinking “yeah, this person is writing down what I’m thinking SPOT ON!”

      Should’ve known it was you. This is why we are bloggy friends, obvi.

    • I kind of agree with you. I mean, Jack Nicholson and Denzel Washington are the same in every role and they are considered to be the shiznit. Why is KStew getting flack for doing the same thing?

  4. No son Osos!

  5. Um.. yeah, I’m with you, UC. I pretty much judge her as someone who’s banging Rob. And I figure my best coping mechanism is to completely ignore her. I just refuse to give her any importance. That’s all. A girl’s gotta cope somehow.

    That being said, I don’t have a problem with her acting in New Moon, she’s alright. But I do have major issues with Rob’s acting in New Moon. Can you believe that the more I see the movie, the more I want to Face Punch him?! And not because of him walking out on Bella, but because of his annoying mumbling and barely hearing that he’s speaking in his scenes. I just get this urge to grab him by the collar of his tweed suit and say (among other things): What was that? Did you say something? Speak up, dude! Your Edward freaking Cullen, you’re supposed to be eloquent and outspoken.
    Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a Mullsten debate, but like I said, I don’t know who you’re all talking about. So I directed my frustration towards Rob. Something’s gotta give.

    • I agree! Edward in the break-up scene just plain irks it! Everytime I watch my pirated versi— err, everytime I go to the theatre to watch it I get so aggravated at him! But less we digress…

    • i know….. i know…… sigh….. Robear… what are we gonna do with you…?

    • Yeah – the mumbling bothers me too, but I try to focus on the pretty…

    • Agree totally on the Rob thing…I know SM has said before that she and Rob disagree on how to play him, but damn it Rob, she wrote the MF’er, you may want to at least give her a listen. Edward is way too depressing as played by Rob.

      I’m cool with KStew in this one too. I’ve seen her in a couple of other things and she does seem to play a lot of the same type of characters. I will caveat my reviews with saying the only type of acting I can call out as bad or good is on the extremes…Meryl Streep on the good side, porn actors on the bad. Everyone else just falls in the middle and “bad acting” can often be influenced by crappy directors and bad screenwriting (hello, Melissa re: Twilight). So I say all that to say, I think she did the best she could with what she was given.

      • I’ll probably get crap for this but, oh well. I think the difference between Rob in TW and Rob in NM was the director. Cougar Cathy fought hard with Rob to get him to portray a “happier” Edward and I think, in the end, she influenced him enough that we got a good mix of what the Cougar wanted and what Rob wanted.

        My feeling is that in NM, Chris figured the actors already knew their characters and he let them do what they wanted. I heard Rob say he intentionally played Edward very “reserved”. I think he needed someone to disagree with him.

        • You have a good point there. His bad performance was most likely the result of giving him free reins. A mistake. He’s a young actor, not quite ready for total freedom.
          I guess that’s also my little problem with NM. As much as we all know Cathy is wacko, she did have that energy that she poured into the movie. That’s why I find Twilight much more charming and spontaneous. They figured half of stuff on the spot, whilst NM was perfectly planned and safe. No risks.

          • That is so well put. I like TW better than NM. When I say that people think I’m crazy. But I liked the “Indie” feel that TW had. Sure it was cheesy at times, but so are the books. I like the way you put it. It had a certain charm that the big budget, highly polished films (New Moon) do not.

    • Oh Rob! As it pains me to say, I agree, His acting was horrifying.

      Example A: The Shakespeare reciting in the biology classroom. I’ve seen highschool students deliver the monologue better. And it’s sad, because it could have totally been swoon worthy.

      • I’m totally with you on that. Why couldn’t he have let the British accent out and stunned the class with his eloquence?

    • Robert’s acting was FRIGHTNING.
      Kristen plays the same person ALWAYS, but at least that person is semi-cool.
      At the end of the movie I wanted her to end up with Jacob, if only because his was the only one doing any acting.
      The both seem very one-dimensional right now, but I’ll give Robert a second (and third, and fourth) chance, outside the Twilightverse.
      But if Kristen breathes heavily or blinks one more time I WILL facepunch HER.

    • Thank you! Someone finally said what i was thinking!
      Rob’s acting wasn’t very good in New Moon!

      ‘grab him by the collar of his tweed suit and say (among other things): What was that? Did you say something? Speak up, dude! ‘

      And i wondered about his eye contact, he barely looked at Kristen, he looked off to the side.
      Isn’t Edward meant to be infatuated with her and can’t keep his eyes off her?

  6. ive seen into the wild (it was long and preachy).
    kristen only has a small (almost non-existent) role as the underage gypsy town country singer that douchy emile hersh almost but doesnt bang. yer.
    she basically does the exact same scene from twilight where she is sitting on the bed after e+b first kiss going “yeh i wish i could say the same”.
    i really like her in the twilight movies though, i shudder to think what would have happened if someone like mandy moore was cast as bella. juat thinking of mandy moore makes me love kstew even more.

  7. At first I couldn’t stand the girl…her acting was just “eh” in my opinion. She struck me as having this “I don’t give a crap” attitude. But after she stepped it up a bit for New Moon, I decided she’s getting better…and I decided I LOVE the “I don’t give a f*ck what you think of me” attitude – b/c the girl DOES pull it off! And if she really, truly, is banging Rob, more power to her.

    She does look better as a blonde, though.

  8. I’m going to refrain from commenting on KStew, because I don’t really know what I think. Sometimes I love her and sometimes I really do want to facepuch her.

    I will say that you should definitely watch Into the Wild though. I loved it. She plays a pretty small part, so even if you end up hating her in it you can still enjoy the movie. Emile Hirsch is great in it.

    • Ya, read my comment below, I feel the same way as you. ❤

      • yes UC! go watch into the wild! there are NO BEARS in it. and emile hirsche really gives us an awesome portrayal of his character. i think he was even nominated for an oscar for that. and u won’t even have to worry about the stew. all her scenes combined just take up less than 10 minutes of the movie..

  9. I can not in anyway write a comment to this post without being in some way rude or mean or degrading towards K.Stew.

    So… with that said, I will try to keep my hatred at bay to say one thing: I DESPISE HER PORTRAYAL OF BELLA. The looks are there, but she doesn’t have Bella’s fire, her sarcasm, her… compassion!

    /end very very very censored rant

    • Haha, I don’t despise her. I did, for the most part, like her in New Moon. I think she fits the character of Bella. Kind of awkward and fairly comfortable with herself. The desire to facepunch her usually comes when Rob enters the picture. Or in a scene of really intense, unwarranted stuttering.

    • Bella doesnt “try” to be anything.. she just is. And i think Kristen’s portrayal of Bella makes her look like shes trying all the time. PLUS, while i get Kristen is this “strong independent woman”, Bella isnt always. She has weak moments – just like all us do… and sometimes shes lets Edward boss her around and he lets her boss him around. But the way Kristen and Rob play it..its like BELLA is the BOSS – and that just seems very unauthentic to me.

    • I agree 100%…the Bella I read was more fun, easy going, and made me smile…KStew does not do that, at least not intentionally as Bella.
      That being said, I tend to like her outside the Saga (She grew on me as Bella in New Moon, but I believe is because depressed Bella is more like KStew’s personality). The Cake Eaters was a really nice movie, and she did a good job with that role.
      I like and respect her, of curse I want to face-punch her when I see the Paris picture, but it only last a moment, because then I see Rob’s smile and I have to give it to her…”as long as he is happy”…

  10. Wow. @Kstew411 needs to calm the fuc* DOWN. i read the whole b!tchfight (for a lack of words) yesterday and she preactically called you a twihard, robsexual , bitterharpy. NICE.

    -Bahaha. “healthy debate”. I think the key is she’s still getting better.
    -Just consider the improvement from twilight to New Moon. Of course, a lot of that could be direction #IWantADoOver
    -I agree with Calli. There are…other reasons…a lot of people complain about KStew in Twilight/New Moon.
    -All right, unedited un PC response.
    -New Moon was one of the WORST REVIEWED MOVIES OF THE YEAR
    -Critics hated it so much, it’s like they wanted to set it on fire. They HATED it.
    -Yet every single critic, no matter how bad their review was, cited Kristen’s performance as the ONLY redeeming factor.
    -And many people also count her on the list of people being snubbed for awards this year, with Adventureland.(this is me: SERIOUSLY?)
    -Kristen is the emerging actress of her generation–the industry loves her. The critics love her.
    -And twihard and Robsexuals can suck it–he’s with HER, not them, and that’s not changing soon. (this is me again: Wow, so just so you know, if u don’t like her you are a twihard and robsexual)
    -So if they want to hate her, make fun of her, fine. That’s their bitter harpy choice.
    -But don’t act like it’s because of her ACTING. It’s because of her BOYFRIEND. Just be honest about why you hate.
    -My consigliore is right! Kristen is winning a bunch of these popularity polls lately too. Regular people like her, too.
    -just not bitter harpies. And they know why they’re bitter. It has nothing to do with her acting.

    am sorry but lmao. so Kristen is perfect, she is obviously a Saoirse Ronan and if you don’t like her it’s because she is with Robert Pattinson right? RIGHT.

    • actually she wasn’t being mean to us…. i asked her opinion… she gave a VERY PC one- i said “wow, what a PC answer” so she gave me a non-PC answer! we’re e-friends….!

    • Okay, what makes someone a robsexual? Is this one of those “it’s not a lifestyle choice, I was born this way, [bella]” kind of things?

  11. I think the problem is that she’s good at portraying angst/sadnesss/depression but not so good when it comes to love/happiness. That’s why she was better in NM.

    I was bothered in Twilight because she never smiled or really acted like she was into Rob/Edward, even when she was falling in love. She always just looked like she had a bad taco for lunch.

    • YES!! By the end of Twilight, I was not at all convinced that Bella was in love with Edward. And I only thought that Edward maybe kind of liked Bella.

    • ooh… good point.. she does depressing/angsty best…. i like it!

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. She does pain and suffering well. Happy and in love, not so much. Even in New Moon, she barely cracks a smile, when Edward struts towards her in the parking lot.
      That being said, I do think that she does a better job in New Moon, and you can tell that she is “in the moment”.
      I am worried about her for Eclipse, because there are some intense happy moments that she needs to pull off. She better “bring it” to the seduction scene, or else.
      Some days I am fine with knowing that she has Him, because I really hope that she makes Him happy. Other days I just hate her.
      I do think that she is a decent actress for the most part, and will only get better with time.
      Seeing Rob in Remember Me with someone else will be a nice change.

      • Wow!! Don’t I sound “healthy”???

      • but i imagined bella in the books as someone more uhmm.. cheerful (?). this is mainly why i still don’t think kstew was the perfect choice for bella.. just sayin’. when i read the books again, i’m pretty sure i won’t picture kstew as bella..

        • I don’t really picture Kristen as Bella when I read the books, either. (I may or may not picture MYSELF as Bella 🙂 )

          • I think that’s how SMeyer wrote it tho. She was writing it as it was herself, so you therefore read it as it is yourself. I think that’s why alot of us love it deep down inside. Myself included.

    • bad taco = big win

  12. Momma always said if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all….but…I cannot get behind the movement that KStew is a great actress. I think she’s good enough but without Twilight, there wouldn’t be much buzz about her. I don’t badmouth her all the time. Her mouth-breathing over every scene is what killed me in Twilight. New Moon was a vast improvement.

    If she’s doing Rob, more power to her. I just hope she doesn’t hyperventilate during any important ‘scenes’ if she tries to employee any acting techniques to smooth over awkward moments…like when Rob yells out my name instead of hers.

  13. Who cares who she is banging. Maybe she is banging herself. Who knows? that might be fun. To you want to talk about a bang how the snow storm on the east coast. That banged everyone. How about a bang that goes clank. Like what happened to Man U on Saturday. Maybe Rob is a scouser? Eh. Now that would be fun. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  14. I thought KStew did better in New Moon than Twilight BUT I also think she plays her same character in Into the Wild and in Jumper (even though she’s in two seconds and half of that is only the back of her head). “The female Michael Cera” – – bwahahaha! I never thought of that before.

  15. Kristen is my Caucasian female version of Blair Underwood – they both can act, but their range is from 0-0. They portray the same character in every role. Now, that was hard to type and admit publicly because I LOVE me some Blair Underwood (mmm, mmm, mmm) but, I know its the truth.

    Am I’m upset that she is banging, teabagging, giving stache to Rob – nope. They can boink forever for all I’ll care or care not. So this little tidbit of info doesn’t have any value when it comes to my view of her acting abilities.

    I’ve seen many of her films prior to Twilight and I’m never impressed/moved by her performance and I wasn’t moved in any either of the Twilight films. I was more moved by the running of the wolves, cliff diving, and Taylor jumping through the window with a “Hey!” and a head nod then anything she did. Well in moved, I mean thigh rubbing moved, but I think you get my point.

    I just get bothered when folks talk about what a wonderful actress she is and how great her performances are. I don’t know how great it is when it’s the same one over and over again. Let’s just call her acting repertoire one collective performance – her acting range moves as much as Nicole Kidsmans’ forehead.

    Now I’m stoked about “The Runaways” mostly because I think Kristen’s natural mannerisms are similar to Joan in the since that Joan has the ability to fidget quite a bit. But, I’m praying to all higher powers that she does not screw up this performance. If she does you will see me ugly cry all up in the theater. I’ll have a little bit of a nervous breakdown because I love Joan. I would be Joan’s real lesbian girlfriend, I would stop eating meat (figuratively and literally – I kid, I kid), I would do whatever this woman asked of me. Joan (along with Lita Ford) are my musical icons. They make me want to be a better musician.

    • I love Joan Jett. I saw her a couple years ago and she’s still effing awesome. But, I hate biopics, especially biopics of people who are still alive. Someone told me after seeing the Runaways trailer that Kristen and Dakota looked like two girls playing dress up, and I fear that I’m going to agree.

      • I understand your dislike about biopics. I find that they go on forever without a plot line, because hey it’s people’s lives and people’s lives don’t have a rising action, climax, falling action, and a nice little wrap up at the end, you know what I’m saying. That’s my beef with biopics.

        With that said, I’m kinda excited for the Runaways. Dakota looks like she owns that sh*t, whereas KStew looks like she can hold her own, but will stumble a bit.

        (She bit her lips in the freakin’ trailer, that’s not a good sign of things to come. Everytime she bites her lips i’m thrown back into reality and I’m like, “There goes Kstew again, trying to act.”)

    • I also get annoyed when people throw in the whole thing about Sean Penn saying that she’s a great actress. So what?! Sure, Sean’s a decent actor, but that dude has serious issues. Like, I’m gonna take anything that he says seriously.

      That’s all I’m saying…I swear. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to rag on Kstew anymore.

      • Whoa, Sean Penn is an amazing actor. He always makes sure that his character makes the growth shift that’s required of a successful plot.

  16. you must watch into the wild =) the first time i saw it i thought it was long, boring and odd, but i’ve seen it twice more and i actually love it now.

    i think k-stew has a predilection towards the same character because she obviously does not want to play some perky, bubbly cheerleader type. i don’t know; i like her, as a general rule, despite how she may come off in press or whatever. i’ve yet to be blown away by one of her films although as many have stated, new moon was an improvement for her.

    • being a real actress means you can portray ANY role given you. be it the sad/emo-ish type to the cheerful one. so if kstew can’t pull off a perky, bubbly cheerleader type, then i believe she doesn’t fit her job description. this is why only certain actors and actresses (like meryl streep, sean penn, johnny depp, and heck, even reese witherspoon) will be remembered in the future. kstew? i bet 20 or 30 years from now, when people look back on her career, all they can say is that she was that awkward girl from twilight. well, unless she proves me wrong..

    • Ohhhh…I’d love to see her play a bubbly cheerleader type, if only to prove that she CAN act out of character!

  17. I try not to judge Kristen based on interviews or what spices she is banging. I feel sorry for her for all the media attention during filming and the release of Twilight and New Moon. I don’t really care if she and Rob are bumping uglies.

    That said, because she is an actor, I feel like I can at least critique her acting and speculate as to why I’m not terribly impressed with her ability. I did like her in Into the Wild, and that is the only film of hers I’ve seen other than Twilight. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I didn’t like her portrayal of Bella. She wasn’t the Bella that I knew from the books. It’s been said above, and I totally agree, she didn’t capture any of Bella’s happier emotions. I didn’t believe that she was in love with Edward. I thought in New Moon that she had a bit more on-screen chemistry with Taylor’s Jacob. I thought she looked adequately morose during the “months” scene, and I actually think she (and Rob) handled the breakup scene better than I expected.

    I think maybe that she just tries too hard and over-thinks it. I think that in all her 19 years, she just lacks certain life experiences to draw from when she’s acting, so she guesses. She decides what anguish or love is going to look like and she goes for it. Which is admirable, I guess, I just don’t always buy it. I think some of the nervous ticks she adds (exhaling, hair-combing) are her way of making a character seem more realistic (I do the hair comb thing myself), but sometimes it’s too calculated and as a viewer I don’t feel the emotion associated with the act.

    Okay, I’m done now. *Jumps off soap box.*

    • AMEN! u said it, ms. tuesdaymidnight..

      i especially agree with u on these:

      “She wasn’t the Bella that I knew from the books.”

      “..she didn’t capture any of Bella’s happier emotions.”

      “I think maybe that she just tries too hard and over-thinks it.”

  18. I will repeat the same thing I said on twitter last night.

    As I don’t want the Stew busting in my office telling me how to do my job, I will not publicly judge her in her profession.

    I will admit that I used to hate her. It was due to the supposed effing. I now understand that there is NOTHING I can do about this. And even if I could, I wouldn’t. I have my own man.

    Plus she’s really and truly gorgeous.

    • while its totally true i dont want her coming in and telling how how to do my job… my job isnt entertaining people. My job isnt meant for people to see and thus judge.

      its like..if you cant act – then you cant act. if you cant sing then you cant sing… doesnt mean you NEVER EVER do those things.

      i guess bottomline is… whatever her “job” is i feel her performance is always leaving me not quite satisfied… and while i do think her intentions are good, maybe playing someone that is a true challenge would be better. she doesnt want to play the cheerleader bc thats not her? GOOD shes not supposed to be playing herself – thats why its called acting.

  19. Dear Summit,
    I, of course, do not own a pirated copy of New Moon. A friend of a friend sent me those clips.

    If you don’t believe me, you can check my bank account. I have seen New Moon in the theatres *cough* 6 times *cough*.

    Keeping it honest and real,

  20. I have no particular feelings toward the Stew. I just never realized what a champion exhaler she was. I could learn something.

    But when I saw this, the caption was the only thing I could think of…


  21. i love the stew because she’s a bamf and i have a girlcrush on her. her performances have moved me on occasion, but the hype is ridiculous. her acting is overrated – but it seems to me that there aren’t a lot of other fresh female faces in hollywood right now that have both a modicum of talent and a personality, and that’s why the industry peeps (critcs particularly) are falling all over her.

    • Yay EG!!! We agree.

      The girl is bad ass at 19 can you imagine what she’ll be like in 10 years. If we’re honest, she made a man 6 years her senior cross an ocean for her after watching 10 mins of her in ITW. Her acting may not be great yet… But it’s good enough for now.

      As for her personality, I was initially put off by the sourliness… But after watching the neutered version of KStew for weeks during the NM promo, I was missing the ‘don’t Fu€k with me’ Kstew. Specially in Spain when the weirdo dude showed her Robert panties and asked if she would wear them. I was praying for the bitch face… But no… She just smiled and said no.

      And for those people who mind her playing the same character… Two word: Julia effing Roberts ( ok, so that was three words, but you know what I’m saying … Most successful female actress of all times Oscar included)

      • I ADOOOORE Julia Roberts. But she cannot be compared to KStew with regards to playing the same character.

        Julia Roberts evokes different, very varied emotions from her acting. I, for one, laughed at her jokes in America’s Sweetheart, and cried…more like bawled…with her in My Bestfriend’s Wedding. I understood why “she” runaway from “her weddings,” and ached for her in Stepmom and My BF’s Wedding and Mona Lisa Smile and Erin Brokovich……

        Oh well you get my meaning. Hehehe.

  22. I wish I could see a difference between how she acts in everyday and her acting. It’s called a one-trick pony. I’m tempted to watch more of her stuff to see if I can actually find a difference somewhere but I haven’t yet.

    • I saw her in “Speak” and thought she was fine, but I didn’t sense that the character was that diff from Bella, etc…,but it still worked… at least for me.

  23. The probability that KStew is knocking Converses with Rob doesn’t have any bearing on my opinion of her acting not just because I try to always be impartial but also because I’m not into Rob. You gals can have him.

    That being said, I don’t think she’s a terrible actress, but her performance as Bella does leave me unimpressed. I don’t think it’s all her fault though. I think the movies leave out a lot of the qualities that make Bella the kind of sweet soul that Edward fell for. The movies don’t really showcase Bella’s compassionate nature in the way that she cares for her father or the way she immediately regrets saying or doing something that hurts someone’s feelings. On screen Bella has the arduous task of falling in love, being mortally terrified, having her hearbroken, etc. In the window of only a few hours. So I understand that KStew is already at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to conveying a well rounded character. Nonetheless, I do feel like she could be more expressive. True love is joyful, and I don’t see much joy in Bella. On the flip side, I wouldn’t mind some tears either. One of Bella’s attributes is that she cries when she gets angry or embarassed. And, let’s face it, if Edward Cullen dumped you, you’d cry, damn it. I don’t mean snotty, shoulder-heaving sobs that make you look like a wasp’s nest landed on your face, but just a few trickles of tears would have suited me fine.

    I guess the bottom line for me is that all I get from KStew’s portrayal of Bella is a lot of angsty middle ground when there are plenty of opportunities for emotions on both ends of the spectrum.

    • Great assessment of the difficulties of bringing a beloved character to the screen. Bella is also such a personal protagonist to most people who have read the books. It’s told in first person, so most people project some of their own qualities to the character.

      With that said, I do believe that Stewie did so much better in New Moon than Twilight. I do not know if this was due to her acting or the director.

    • i saw the movie three times.. am i the only one who observed that kristen actually cried during the forest scene? look closely. she actually had tears (well, a streak more like) before she fell on the forest floor.. before that scene where we all get dizzy.

      • I can’t recall, does Bella actually cry in the books while Edward is breaking up with her? She definitely had streaks of tears running down her face in the movie before she fell.

      • It is entirely possible that you’re right, in which case I stand corrected about the crying. I’ve only seen it once and I had crap seats at that.

  24. I never considered myself a Kristen Stewart “fan” however I am surprised by the number of movies I have seen her in! I see a lot of movies…and the girl has done quite a bit of work in her 19 years! I generally like her performances and already believed her to be talented before Twilight. I was a little disappointed by her version of Bella in Twilight, but I also think so many of my Twilight concerns weren’t because of her. And I definitely thought she brought it in New Moon.

  25. You gals (and bobbygee) are bringing it today!

  26. Yes, I want me some Hot Rob. No, that does not mean my view of acting is skewed.

    Here’s the thing. KStew can be really gorgeous in photo shoots.

    There we go. That is pretty much my take on her. I dislike her acting choices and the way she never becomes a character. I used to do theatre. I have friends in theatre. One of the first rules learned? BECOME the character because otherwise, people KNOW you’re acting and it SHOWS. For me, that’s what’s wrong with KStew’s acting. I don’t believe it.

    I will go ahead and say she impressed me more in NEW MOON than anything else, but like others have said, I think it’s because it’s the role she most knows how to portray – the depressed chick. I believed her more when she was away from Edward than when she saved him in Italy.

  27. she’s growning on me, kinda like fungus.

  28. I’ve gotta say I think she is over rated but the thing I like about her is that I think she knows she is. I do think she did depression well in NM and for all the hype of her being “amazing” in Into the Wild” I don’t get it. She sings she walks around in short shorts and her underwear and that makes her a great vunerable actress? Hell I’ll video myself walking around in my underwear WHILE singing right now. Is that all it takes to get the title best actress of our generation? Dudes I can even cry on command. Like hard! All in all I’m not saying she sucks because I see glimmers of potintial but I’m saying she isn’t “the best actress of our generation” At least not yet. Hello natalie portman!? Friggin epic actress. One of my favs and even anna kendrick!I would give both of those ladies props even if they were doing Rob Pattinson,

    • And whose generation? Who is deciding this anyway? Natalie Portman and KStew are not from the same generation in my opinion. I think the separation mark is in the middle of the two of their ages.

  29. I like her personality off-stage/not acting. I think she doesn’t really give a shit about what we think of her. I respect that.

    However, I think I can count on one hand the scenes from New Moon that I said, “OK, KStew. I believe you.” I loved her in the scene when Jacob broke up with her. I also loved her in the “Possibility” scene, maybe even without that song. But really… I pictured Bella more emotional. More…. animated and enthusiastic.

    Twilight aside, I loved her in Into the Wild. But in Adventureland, she was “dead” again. I understand that maybe that was the character she was portraying, but there was nothing. I felt nothing for Em, which made me sad because that was yet another movie I dragged my bf to with hopes of him accepting my fanaticism. I think he was just hoping to see KStew naked. No such luck for either of us.

    Oh haaaai, Monday morning ramble!

  30. I’m thinking it’s all about the direction she’s given. Crazy Cathi Cougar had her huffing and puffing and stuttering like crazy and the Weitzmaster got her to tone it down a bit and I liked her in New Moon.

    I think she’s kind of interesting with her ” i don’t care” thing, I think she actually does care quite a lot – and we should remember she’s only 19.

    I’m liking this debate and think that bobbygee is winning so far

  31. I don’t hate her but I don’t love her. I take issues with her surly demeanor and (what seems like) her total unappreciative attitude toward everything she has going for her right now. But that’s all real Kristen and this is supposed to be about her acting, right?

    I finally saw Adventureland this weekend and it was like Bella was working in an amusement park. A sluttier, boozier, smokinger Bella, but Bella nonetheless. It drove me crazy. She kept doing her trademark lip bite, the open-mouthed stare, the obsessive hair touching, etc. There was even a bit where she stuttered that reminded of the hospital scene. “But.. what.. you.. but…” Bleh.

    I think she did step it up in New Moon, but I still don’t love her. I don’t know that I ever will. And it has absolutely nothing to do with her relationship (or non-relationship?) with Rob. Honestly, and this will probably incite more anger than any of my KStew bashing… Rob’s not doing it much for me lately. I think I’m over him. *insert fade to black paired with KStew gasp*

    P.S. UC, I meant to tell you that when I saw NM they played the Youth In Revolt trailer. I love Michael Cera and I don’t care if he plays the same character over and over because he’s nerdy and adorable and i love him. The end.

    • Rob’s not doing it much for me lately. I think I’m over him. *insert fade to black paired with KStew gasp*

      That’s a huge step, Heyyyy. I’m here to support you through it if need be.

  32. I love me some KStew and that blonde photo of her is gorgeous!

    But anyways, had to point out that I did the exact same thing Friday night, swear to God, true story:

    “I get to by lots of movies for under $5.00. I bought Adventureland this weekend and watched it while I wrapped presents”

    I ran to get my dad his $4.99 copy of “Appaloosa” and “Mall Cop” and left with “Adventureland” for me, “Away we Go” & “I Love You Man” (for my sister) and “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” for my mom because she loves her some Matthew McConahey like I love me some Rob! She knows what it’s like to have an “acute fondness”. I even asked if they had any “Twilight” stuff. They had an Edward pillow. I left him there though. He was all by himself and I….left him.

    • I bought Twilight via the Blockbuster sale. I got it and Quantum of Solace for $10 each. And When Harry Met Sally for $5 🙂

    • I found the cure for that. I watched Twilight and presto! My Rob battery was instantly recharged. That is metaphorically speaking of course, cause using real batteries would just be wrong…. I gotta go!

  33. Oh by the way I just rewatched In the Land of Women for the first time since I saw it on valentines day like three years ago in the cinema. My date and I agreed back then that is wasn’t the actors fault that movie was poorly written with horrible story development. KStew gets a pass on that one. Also go check out some of her intrrviews from promoting into the wild. You will like her a lot more as a person and will see what rob sees in her. I’m totally back and forth with this chick. That is all

    • I concur wholeheartedly. I saw Land of Women on tv and was just confused. Why did KStew’s character hate her mom so much? What the heck did Adam Brody think about anything that was going on? Why do the hot girls always end up with the not as hot but nicer guys after persuing the hot assholes forever? What’s with hot guys always being assholes? Who actually painted the artwork that Kstew’s character was supposed to paint? Do 17 year olds really think that having sexual exploration with your male BFF being known to their mothers is that big of a deal that they carry it with them through high school?

  34. I don’t NOT like her but I don’t actually like her…

    I don’t like the idea of folks BOOing her at premiers and crap cause she’s banging Rob, that’s silly and she still the heroine of the story.

    But I don’t like her acting. She’s very one dimensional…maybe it’s because in acting you feed off of your own experiences (or those of folks you have connected yourself with or studied for a role)…she doesn’t REALLY seem to have any truly angsty experience. She was with Oregano for HOW long?? And then went straight to Rob…didn’t seem to suffer much.

    I personally thought, as much as it is made fun of, her scene in the hospital in Twilight was more how she should have responded in New Moon. If Edward is leaving you, you freak out, grab him and make him DRAG your ass off him.

    Just my opinion.

  35. Zach Braff made the Shins.


    And Kristen isn’t the best, but she isn’t the worst, either. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have … KStew’s acting.

  36. okay, I appreciate the stew so much more than I did. The surliness used to make me hate. However, that part doesn’t bother me as much any more.

    So I saw the clip from the Yellow handkerchief over the weekend and I just kept thinking it’s Bella with a southern accent!

    Perhaps The Runaways will be the real test to her acting ability.

  37. I was a Stew H8er.

    I really hated her in Twilight. Though I did think they had great chemistry.

    I actually love her now. I think that watching her grow as a person over the past year through interviews and such and her performance in New Moon made me appreciate her so much more. I know, I was shocked too. I guess I’m a convert. *shrugs*

    Oh – and got my lobotome writing pad! Now I can write about my Robsten love (or hate) all over it! Thanks girls!!

    • You mirror my sentiments exactly. In the beginning I really couldn’t get with her too cool for school attitude (literally, she was home schooled). But watching her grow over the last year I’ve learned to empathatize. I shutter at the thought of having my 17-19 years documented and analyzed the way hers have been.

      Artistically speaking, it’s no secret that she filmed Twilight w/o having read the book. So, clearly she was going by the Cougar’s directions and the result is (well you heard the DVD comentary). I think she nailed it in NM and I’m sorry she doesn’t get the credit. In the conversation on wether it’s Robs movie or Taylor’s they seem to overlook the person who is acting her ass off in every scene. If you watch the scene by the truck when Charlie is trying to send her to FL… You will see glimpses of great things to come. She is good around good actors hence her scenes with Charlie, Billy and now Jacob are awesome. With Rob is a hit or miss because Rob still seems to be apologizing for doing this role.

      STEWNER LIVES…. or at least I want it to (sorry IWL)…. And it has nothing to do with Rob. I’m not sure why I want it to but here are some possibilities:

      -I think Taylor could use a little corrupting and Stew is just the girl who can do it. (Deep down I think she could ready him for me or IWL whichever is closer at the time…lol). I don’t want him to smoke in real life… But how awesome would it be to see him in a role where his all tatted up and taking a long drag?

      -I like the image of Kstew (tea)bagging his meat paddies.

      -I wanna see a Rob and Taylor awkwardfest.

      -I wanna see the world tabloids go ape sh!t for the next ten years. (not really)

      -the bottom line is…. I just want Taylor to get some and KStew is nothing if not expressive with her body.

      • “She is good around good actors hence her scenes with Charlie, Billy and now Jacob are awesome.” Totes agree. One of Bella’s expressions in the cafeteria while making date to see Face Punch, she actually grimaces just like Charlie. Anybody else notice?

        “With Rob is a hit or miss because Rob still seems to be apologizing for doing this role.” That is so right-on! He does seem to be apologizing and btw while watching How to Be, I did notice quite a bit of stuttering from Art. Just sayin’

        • Lol I haven’t seen how to be…but Now I want to.

          I meant Aro not Billy as he and Charlie are the same. 😉

          As for Rob he forgets (or doesn’t know) that Edward is seductive. The thing is that Rob is, so why does he turn it off to play Edward? I should need to take my GQ mag into the theatre to complete his character’s portrayal. (not that I did that lol)

          • Rob needs you, Xylem. You are so right! Why DOES he turn IT off to play Edward?

          • Not Billy Black? Because you know, he had SO many scenes with her in NM.

            Aro…sigh. Happiness.

          • Mountainlion, I love you for this:

            mountainlion says:
            December 21, 2009 at 2:43 pm
            Rob needs you, Xylem. You are so right! Why DOES he turn IT off to play Edward?

      • With Rob is a hit or miss because Rob still seems to be apologizing for doing this role.


      • -I like the image of Kstew (tea)bagging his meat paddies.

        XYLEM! Don’t you ever say I’m gross again.

        • lol TS

          fist off, I never said you were gross. I simply said you were very very graphically creative with your ff narrative.

          Secondly, I was going with the assumption that Tay may prefer his meat paddies chamomille flavored… What were you talking about? *sheepish grin*

      • XY!!!!! HOW COULD YOU? (sorry caps was on….on PURPOSE!!!!) teehee Yes…I’d love to see him tatted up and smoking (tatt on neck would be great Tay kthanxbai) but with KStew? I LOVE her…but its like imagining him with Nikki (gack!)…If I want him to be corrupted I would like U or Chim to do that for me lol…and then send him over for cuddles…with his BFF…(with whom he shares the benefits)

        *Huffs and storms through bamboo grove*
        *whispers* I still love u though…wanna cookie?

        • Awww cookie… It was all to make Tay better for me you. I had the best of intentions. Promise. I think the stew could be good for him, educationally speaking of course. Because of her he can take me you out for sushi now. She’s teaching him to eat new things. You gotta think about the big picture… Imagine the possibilities. As for Nikki, vapid-vamp does not count.

          Btw…. You slay me with ” (sorry caps was on….on PURPOSE!!!!) “. Way funny!

          • Careful Xy… ur lust is showing…teehee….dont want me to go all NInja Panda on ya huh? LOL
            I know this is gonna sound weird but to me the Stew looks grungy (ifyouknowhatimean) and Tay is soooo…erm…clean…(re. profesional, academic, non-pevy analysis of RS photoshoot) I just dont see them together apart from a BFF/Bro/Sis relationship….even though I must admit their on-screen Chemistry is Uh-mayzing!

      • You took the words right outta my mouth!

  38. I won’t pretend to be an expert on anything that has to do with the cinematic world. In fact, some might say that I have poor taste, given that some of my favorite movies include lines such as “Sh*&%er was full!” and “I feel the need…the need for speed!”
    Having said that, I’m going to weigh in on the Anti-Stew side of this debate. No, it’s not because she is (allegedly) banging the Patz. If she is, she is…it would be blasphemy if that man WASN’T getting laid (and I just don’t have time right now so thanks, K, for taking care of my light work *fistbump*)
    Having only seen Kristen in the Twi movies, my opinion is that she does breath, grunt, stutter, and blink. A LOT. When I first saw Twilight, I was stunned that they had found someone who was so beautiful from some angles, and so…mousy…from other angles. In fact, I defended her at first, saying that all the blinking and stuttering was obviously meant to relay all of the internal dialouge that happened in the books. However, after watching Twilight for the embarassing-eth time, I began to wonder if KStew may have had a little Botox. Her facial expressions DON’T change. And is it me, or does she maybe have some sinus issues? Who, besides Darth Vader, breathes THAT loudly?
    In short: Kstew, please look in a mirror and practice your smiley face, your mad face, you sad face, and your heartbroken face. (Hint: they should all look different) Also, get yourself some Claritin and maybe some Visine.
    Baby steps, dear. Baby steps.

    • No its not only you darling – that about her facial expression struck me too. she reminds me of nichol kidman’s botoxed face yet she is only 19. that said she seems to be under the impresion that indifference equals brilliance. so she tries hard to imitate herself in every film and this backfires with those who are no fans of her off stage character.

    • Poochimama: “Sh*&%er was full!”

      One of my favorites as well!

    • “Who, besides Darth Vader, breathes THAT loudly?”

      ::falls over from laughing so hard::


      Thank you for providing today’s SW reference. One a day!

    • Look! I got my first ever thumbs down! Hee hee!

  39. I wish KStew could have a bit more passion when she’s with Edward on screen. Although I’m a Don’t give a Crapsten, it’s really difficult sometimes to believe, judging from their lack of on-screen chemistry, that she and Rob are actually romantically linked in real life.

    On the other hand I find her sassiness and dedication to her craft – rather than her dedication to being a glittery, ditzy overtanned Hollywood starlet with her own made in China Walmart fashion line unlike most other girls her age in Hollywood – refreshing. Is she the best actress in the world? Of course not. Does she have the potential to improve? Yes. Did I like her in Twilight? I was underwhelmend. New Moon? I thought she *was* Bella in New Moon and totally agreed with her portrayal of Bella. If she’s going to be typecast in movies…well, they all are for a while at least, cuz that’s what happens to actors who are linked to overwhelmingly successful franchises like Twilight. I am interested in where her career goes, but no matter what, I do think she was a good choice for Bella.

    • Their off-screen chemistry is lots lots better.
      And their on-screen chemistry in Twilight was better than in NM, though not perfect cause of Hardwicke’s sucky job at developing their characters’ relationship

      You know what they say, real life couples don’t sizzle on screen, the sexual tension is gone once you cross that bridge lol. How many real life couples have had little to no chemistry on screen? Many.

      • That’s why I don’t date people I work with. That and all the other reasons that make dating coworkers a really horrible idea.

    • So who gave me the thumbs down? My comment was neither overly positive nor overly negative….how in the world did my ambiguity offend anyone?!!!!

  40. I love KStew..but not because of her acting. Her acting always seems the same to me, no matter what role she plays. IMO she is a teen version of J. Aniston – wanting and trying to act out of typecast, but still portraying the same in each role whether she’s an indie film hippie or a big box office angsty teen in love w/a vampire. But I gotta give the girl props for trying and seeking roles that are out-of-the-box.

    I do love her though for her fashion sense and risks, her don’t give a crap attitude and that she isn’t a teen hoochie in h-wood. Most importantly though, I really, really love her for her empathy toward all of us…because let me tell you if I was doing Rob, I’d be shouting it from rooftops, wearing t-shirts w/the message and quite possibly even making out with him on the red carpet and anywhere else in public and then turning to all the paps and on-lookers and shouting “Take that all you biotches! I got him and you don’t”. So see, she really does care for the Twilight fans…

  41. Well, I seen several movies that Kstew has been in and she acts the same in all of them.

    Adventureland she banging Ryan Reynolds (Hellooo?) It was hard to see the timewrap of the 80’s but I was all like “meh”

    “Land of women” was Meh but so was Meg Ryan.(WTF?)

    I saw “Panic Room” and saw “bella” with that haircut.

    In Twilight couldn’t she be happier? Edward is the love of her life, right? Aren’t the emotions over the moon, shout from roof tops, and starrry eyed when you’re in lurve? Sometimes even a dance sequence?
    (its cougars fault)

    In New Moon she got the depressing part okay, but why no tears? She was sad and mopey. I didnt feel her devastation and that he had left her a shell of herself with a big hole.
    If Edward left me…. I would cry and grab his leg “please dont go”

    Im not seeing how she is the “greatest actress of her generation”

    On Regis and Kelly she talked about how “she does movies that nobody sees……Really! Nobody sees them” I thought it was a funny comment on her career choices.
    The interviews this time around she seems more relaxed and had fun with the inane-ness of the questions. “Kristen, so do you prefer Jacob or Edward?”

    Though now, honestly, when I see her movies and theres a long pause in the dialog. I think……..”line?”

    Damn Rifftrax!!

  42. Though opinions clearly differ, I loved KStew in Into the Wild. She wás her character, however small the part was. And maybe it’s true that she plays the same character over and over again, but then again, you gotta hand it to her that she manages to choose movie after movie in which she can basically be herself. Choosing which movies to do is probably an art in itself. I’m curious about The Runaways and that movie in which she plays a stripper – there is some scope to “broaden” her characters, I think.

  43. Kstew is the Jennifer Anniston of emo indie drama. She plays the same characters over and over…..that is not acting…..that is showing up on a movie set and being yourself on film. sorry.

    That being said I thought she was good in New Moon….minus all the sighing and weird hair fondling….maybe because New Moon is a pretty emo part of the saga. I think Chris Weitz was the savior of that film….Praise baby Jesus in the Manger. 🙂 She also was BEAUTIFUL in New Moon which was a step up from Twilight….how they made that girl so ugly I will never know.

    AND I have not hate for the girl because she is bangin’ Robbie…..at least he is not bangin’ a Playboy bunny or Paris Hilton!! I think she might actually be a smart person, which just shows once again how amazing Mr. Pattinson is! 🙂

    Flame away TammyO….Flame away!

    obird 🙂

    • I agree, she is BEAUTIFUL in New Moon. There are several times that I think…wow, that’s more like the Bella in my head.

      • I think she looks so amazing in the R&J scene in the class room…..the face, the makeup, the hair, the clothes….all right on! Def. closer to the Bella in my mind also! 🙂

    • “how they made that girl so ugly I will never know. ”

      And I’d just like to say that after I see Twilight I start doing that exhale thing, curl up my lip, and fondle my hair ALL THE TIME. And I hate her for making me do that.

  44. I’m not some actor or anything, but I did do drama in high school and college. And one thing I might mention to you is that what Kristen does is hard. She sorta takes a role, fashions and sorta smooths it out and works it over until it doesn’t sound like she’s reading lines anymore or is “acting.”

    Prime example: the scene in Adventureland where she’s telling Jesse Eisenberg’s character about the irony that her dad went to synagogue to help heal his wife-only to end up having an affair. These lines, if put in the wrong hands, could have turned this into an “acting” moment. Would have played it for sympathy. But watch “Em’s” delivery—pitch perfect really, given the movie and the scene and the character. She tells Jesse something really personal from a reserved person’s pov–she tells it in an evasive, I’m-too-jaded for this way that’s much more heartbreaking and funny and in-character than if she had played it for sympathy.

    People need to remember that up until now, she’s played teen characters. Often in ensemble movies. When you have ensembles, the “teen girl” role will be of a very particular tone. Is it she’s playing the same role, or is it she’s been playing the “teen girl” in movies for the most part?

    I think the latter. And I think twihard and robfangirl lovelies need to try to figure out a little harder why so many of her professional elders like Sean Penn and Jodie Foster and Robert Deniro(all of whom have said some impressive things about her talent in a recent LA Times article I saw) or director Barry Levinson and Bruce Dern,etc. have such a high regard for her.

    The thing that slightly annoys me is that while people are so hard on Kristen, they practically jizz all over themselves with robert and his acting. And while Robert I think is going to be a big star, his acting is still very “green”, and not as fully developed by any means. He shows potential and raw talent, but when I hear people talk about “How To Be” and ‘”Little Ashes” and people act like the acting is great, it really damns them in their subsequent trashing of kristen.

    • You make some very interesting points, and I totally agree Rob’s acting is still very “green”. He has said as much himself, and that he was happy to land a role where he could learn the ropes from a more experienced actress whom he respected. Although I still have to say she’s got certain mannerisms and mode of delivery that are the same in film after film, and that’s not a sign of great acting.

      • I think she’s still learning too in a lot of ways. But Jodie Foster mentioned something that I thought was a very good observation. She said Kristen is very intelligent in her performances, and uses an amount of restraint with her emotion that many her age don’t know how to gauge well. She said she found a realistic center in her performances.

        And I think that speaks to your concern in some ways, while showing that Kristen is doing something more interesting than people give her credit for at the same time. That maybe how she’s makes something realistic is still limited in terms of her age and experience. But at the same time, there’s a process there that someone like Jodie Foster is seeing, and hopefully that will mature with more acting experience and life experience.

  45. Well i think Kristen shows great potential but still has a lot to grow within her craft, I’ve seen a lot of her movies and i see a lot of potential, the only problem is that there isnt that much diversity in the personality of the character she plays..almost all of the time she plays the part of an angsty,misunderstood girl.
    in some movies like Panic Room,Catch that kid(i know its weird) Speak, The Cake eaters,Adventureland and Fierce people i think the character have come across as real characters and she played them really well.
    but in general i find her problem to be that she hasn’t yet gone out of her comfort zone for any character, i mean when i see her as Kristen i just see a lot of the traits of the characters she’s played, so for me is like she always plays a slightly different version of herself in the characters she chooses.
    I think she has great pontential of being a good actress, but in order to do so i think she needs to experiment and go out of her comfort zone and play different characters, she needs to show range in the craft, you cant just be a one trick pony, and so far she hasn’t showed that much diversity.
    Now Twilight i think has been some of her worst work to date, i mean i just get second hand embarassment when i see her in that movie, i mean honestly the acting was just horrific!
    in New Moon she redeemed herself somewhat, and her performance was way better and she did a good job in transmitting sadness, and as someone else said i think that had to do a lot with the direction, cause lets be honest as much as we may like the Twilight saga, this story is one of the cheesiest ever.
    Im really looking foward to seeing her performances in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys, ive read both scripts and i find that it will be interesting to see how she portrays both characters, they still stay somewhat relative to the roles she’s played. in WTTR she this lost,stripper/hooker girl i think this is will be the raunchiest character she’s played up to day, and in The Runaways she’s playing Joan Jett a hard job cause you’re portraying a Real character, take into account she is a supporting role in The Runaways, the main character is Dakota Fanning as Cherrie Currie, so the thing will be seeing id Kristen steals the spotlight from Dakota, and again in the character on the script you see personality similarities with some of her past characters, but Joan Jett is a badass so it will be interesting to see how Kristen protrays her.
    Well in conclusion, i think she has great potential to be a really good actress, but she still has a lot of growth to do, and needs to diversify in her character choices.

    • Agreed. That plus she had not read any of the books during Twilight…. After the first comic con she got the message and did her homework.

  46. I just watched Into the Wild for the second time yesterday, so this is fresh in my mind.

    Sorry to disappoint you but … same character.

    There is even a clip where she is on the bed, asking Emile Hirsch’s character to do her. And it’s EXACTLY the same as the kissing scene in Twilight after Edward blows himself off of Bella.

    She is, however, good in The Cake Eaters.

  47. i actually don’t know what to say. like u, i was underwhelmed by her performance on twilight but also thought she was better on new moon. i still am not convinced that she’s the perfect girl to play bella though. when i watched new moon, i kept on being distracted by her lip-biting thing. it seriously annoyed me and i don’t know why. take a look see..

  48. The Katy Perry thing this week illustrates my theory of stew hate. Robfangirls were orgasming all over blogs about it, saying crap like “she’s a REAL woman!” They do this with Emilie De Ravin too. “OMGGGG–now that’s REAL chemistry!”

    These observations lead me to believe:

    1) Fangirls aren’t really girls. They are like married broads who hate that Robert is with a 19 year old, almost four years his junior. Thus all the weird “woman” thngs. And the Emilie automatic love.

    2) Fancougars hate that Kristen doesn’t have big tatties. Most likely because they have bigger jugs than her, but forget to factor in she’s a size 1 while they are a size 16. Thus the Katy love, older and bigger jugs.

    3) Fancougars hate she acts 19. She doesn’t try to act mature. She’s awkward.

    I’m not a teen, and I’m a size 12, and I’m not a huge Stewie fan. But I think fan”girls” are just being weird about her. Grown woman cutting her body dow constantly on blogs like a different forest and robsessed(where older demographics congregate) saying she has no right being a stripper for instance is classic.

    I’m not a huge fan, but Kristen is 19, has sun kissed boobs, and the perkiest bootie in the business. Of course Robert’s gonna hit that. lol

  49. one more thing-I think Stewie’s acting is still developing.

    But do the same fangirls ripping her skills look at Robert with that same lens?

    Cause God bless him, he’s gorgeous and charismatic and just charming as can be. But his earlier films are really bad. I mean, I bought them so I could stare at him, but there’s a reason he tried to dismiss Little Ashes in GQ. I would just love to see an honest review of Robert’s acting in New Moon. Just one. His lack of emoting was a much bigger turn off for me personally than Kristen’s capable but by no means excellent performance.

    • Rob gets away with it because he’s gorgeous and and we all know how much of a great personality he has off camera, but on camera I think KStew out shines him every time, especially in New Moon. Tay tay also brung it in that movie and I wanted to squeeze him to death for impressing me so much. Of the Holy Trinity, Rob made me the most disappointed acting wise.

      (Rob, I still love you though.)

  50. I did not cry during the break up scene, but when the music started and they should the months rolling by…I teared up and the Lykke Li song just resonates with me. I particulary loved Bella at school, sitting at the Cullen’s table staring out the window. It was sad and I felt their absence. I also thought Kristen totally nailed it during the talk with Charlie when he says that Edward is not coming back and she says, “I know”. I believed her in the moment as Bella, it was just so good. Also, Kristen does cry a bit when Alice comes back. I really liked that part too.

    Twilight never made me feel they were in love, just that Bella wanted to lick Edwards face in biology. NM doesn’t really make me feel it either, but the music choice helps a lot.

    • Tracyface, I feel like the short scene of Bella sitting at the Cullen’s lunch table alone was the best portrayal of her loneliness from the book. Every other thing that Stew did to portray the anguish fell flat for me. A friend and I went to see New Moon yesterday for the third time (finally) and afterward we had a discussion about how her ‘hole punched in my chest’ scenes were not at all the level we feel she could have portrayed that hurt. And then she goes all over the top crazy when acting out the nightmare screams. WTH? I go so back and forth with her in the Twi series. Overall, I can’t picture a different Bella than KStew. Maybe because I have watched so much I have brainwashed myself into thinking this is the best Bella. But as soon as read one of the books again, I know that I picture things entirely different than KStew. I’m excited to see her do something else (Runaways) since all of her other roles I have seen were either brief roles or when she was very young. Still need to see Adventureland. I’m sure she will stutter and lipbite me into boredom…

      • I totally agree with you about the scene when she is sitting at the table by herself. She almost looks hopeful that they are going to return, which is why it really hits you hard.
        I watched Adventureland, and I really liked it. Probably mostly because I thought the soundtrack was good. I though KStew played the same Bella character, but it worked in the movie.

      • Thanks SingleStrand for being the first person on here to address me & respond to me personally. It means a lot to me that someone took the time to read what I said and respond! I too did not like her scream/grunt in her nightmares. That came across as severe cramping not night terrors, but since I have had neither I shouldn’t talk I guess. I also did not get that she felt a “hole” in her chest, until she specifically mentioned it in her email to Alice. I do like the emails to Alice though they do outline the story and brings in a nice touch of using lines from the book in her email.

        • Girl, we have the same thoughts! I loved the emails to Alice narration. All of the friends I have seen it with do NOT at all. But I really felt like those voice overs were the only time I felt a connection to her hurt and anguish. This most recent time I went to the movie yesterday, the only part I teared up at was the two times she is ’emailing’ Alice. Something about her tone and words, I really like that they found a way to work in some direct book quotes. There are several Eclipse and BD quotes that I am going to be Hulk-pissed about if they leave them out of the movies!
          I will look for you on here each day Tracyface! I’m usually over on LTR hanging with Robgirl86, mountainlion, and SouthernBelle. Come join us!

    • My tear up starts when Edward kisses her on the head and squeezes his eyes so tightly. It’s just so sad, it’s basically the only time he shows emotion in the whole film. Then when she walks through the woods “edward. edward.” Oh man, I lose it. And then we get the window scene with the musical crescendo into the screams, and poor charlie getting up off the couch (while watch college football in Feb…WTH) and her sitting there in her purple hoodie staring with her unopened gatorade and salad. Man. I need a tissue now.

      • Team Seth,
        Your description was better than the movie. I almost just teared up now. WTH!

      • Quote from TeamSeth: (while watch college football in Feb…WTH)

        Worse than there still being Spring Training after the first Mariners game of the season in Twilight.

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