Taylor Lautner Appreciation Sunday

IllegalWolfLover has never hid the fact that she’s a MAJOR, MAJOR Taylor Lautner fan! She does it again with a great letter for Taylor Lautner Appreciation Sunday!

Dear Taylor Lautner,

It’s me again. Surprised? (No, please take your finger off the speed dial to Dateline, it’s not that kind of letter…it will be after February, but that’s another story altogether)

I read on Ace Showbiz that you wanted to be considered a serious actor rather than a piece of meat and that you don’t want to take your shirt off ever again. I totally agree. We should look at you the same way we do Rob, as a well-rounded actor, singer and athlete (ok so maybe Rob doesn’t do that…). So in order to respect your wishes, I will hereby only look at you with your clothes on (this also may change in February). In keeping with my oath and also to spread the love of Taylor Re-clothed, I decided to share from my personal stash of Taycob Porn  random pics I found on the internet of you in all your clothed glory.

We appreciate you trying hard to be hobo-Tay and failing…miserably

We appreciate you being part of the holy threesome…

We appreciate the shout-out to Edward….way to rock the pea-coat…

(Now if only Rob would return the favour )

We appreciate you making the sour-puss smile….(urgh..snake skin)

We appreciate how you can make us believe we’re right there with you… even though it’s wrong and we’re all going to hell….

We appreciate your dedication to the role…

We appreciate you holding your own next to his holy hotness…

And finally

We appreciate that you clean up nice…REEEAAL NIICE!!!

Oh and before I forget

We appreciate you for giving us the wonder that is Big Daddy…(or vice versa…)

I think I defeated my purpose of appreciating you in the right way, but at least we didn’t ask you take your shirt off….

p.s.  stop talking about your body altogether…every time a reporter asks you about it…whistle, walk away, say “have mercy”, do the “cut-it-out” sign or make Rob take his shirt off…instant dodge! And never under any circumstance say things like “I did it for the fans”, “it’s cold in Vancouver when you’ve got no clothes on” or “I hope you guys like it”.

What? You already said that? Well then….good luck keeping your shirt buddy…

Wondering why there are cops at my door,
Me (Illegalwolflover)

Look at us! We can appreciate Taylor even when he has his shirt ON!

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous (and our Kung Fu is STILL strong): The Forum, LTR, Twitter

46 Responses

  1. Ohhh Illegal. Gosh I heart you and your hilariousness.

  2. Illegalwolflover- thanks for the Sunday morning pick-me-up! I have soooo many things to say about this, most I can’t/won’t say until February. Why is time moving so slowly?!

    Sooo…..next Sunday are you going to give us an all shirtless Taylor day? I think that is called for. Right?

  3. And that’s why I’m Team Jacob… sigh.

    But I have 2 questions:
    a) No pics with the wig? I ❤ the long haired look
    b) What do you think Big Daddy looked like at 17? I have some niggling fears….

    But Bless you all for making this natural wonder appear in an almost appropriate manner, I'm almost not ashamed of myself. For once.

  4. We should look at you the same way we do Rob, as a well-rounded actor, singer and athlete (ok so maybe Rob doesn’t do that…).

    Rob the Athlete …

    Sorry Rob.

  5. So I hear Tay wants to go into action movies… so by respected actor, he means Arnie-respected? *cricket chirps*

    Sorry Tay, I loved you in New Moon, so I shouldn’t me mean to you. You look good in a hat, I’ll give you that; And yes, you fail miserably at the hobo look, but hon, be glad. There’s only so many guys who can be endearing with their shirts buttoned wrong.

  6. i love you, illegal. that is all.

  7. Can we have an IWL Appreciation Day?? Cause I love you, IWL!!! Muah!

    First of all, nice job with the Full House references (Image of Taytay doing the Uncle Joey “cut it out” cracked me up). Second, thank you for the Big Daddy shout out. (Where is he anyway?) Third, the bed picture? (Tuesday bites back a squee.)

    I think you’re completely right that he needs to stop answering questions about his body. He got huge, yes. It’s impressive, but reporters could ask other questions. I guarantee that he will take off his shirt again if he continues pursuing an acting career into adulthood. (Uh, love scenes??)

    I love how we’re all up in arms about these boys being objectified. Now, if only we could get teenage girls to stop being objectified… (I’m sure there were sex kitten pics of KStew when she was 17 or just-turned-18. Is this really that different?)

    • Toosday! Now why did you have to bring up his future love scenes? Its bad enuff that I was slain by the Swiftner hair grabbage make out in “Valentine’s Day”…sigh FML…I still love u though…more than ever…muah!

  8. IWL, you are my hero for writing a beautiful letter to an underage boy that does not incriminates you or us. I’m so proud that I’m nearly speechless.

  9. *tears up*

    My twinsie. I’m so proud!

    Love the letter. Love that you still appreciate the Rob. Love you. Love EVERYTHING!

    Muah times a million.

  10. He’s a bit like chocolate you know it is bad for you but it tastes so darn good (or so I’ve heard).


    Sinfully Delicious x

  11. Perfect way to start a Sunday morning, IWL; great letter! Although no surprise it was a great letter, already being familiar your comments.

    I have to say it was a major ego boost too. I was starting to feel dirty and bad about myself, constantly lusting after an “Almost”-18-year old. But after viewing such a spread of refreshingly wholesome pictures of him, I feel much, much better about my Adoration of the Taylor.

    P.S. had not seen that picture of the Trinity before — major *drool*.

  12. Don’t you also want to apprecate how well he rides a tiny little motorcycle?

  13. I, too, have a folder of Taycob pictures… that’s Normal.
    That picture of the Threesome is now my desktop background (my brothers keep giving me angry looks).
    Oh god…. please don’t let Taylor become Big Daddy Lautner! And it could very well happen… he’s getting into the habit of eating too much unhealthy food in an attempt to gain weight, and when he’s middle-aged and his metabolism slows down things could turn bad.
    Sleeping picture of Jake: I cried.

  14. Aw, IWL, yay! 🙂 Soooo good. It’s all been said.

  15. I could expect these kind of respectful Taycob porn funnies only from you Illegal!

  16. Yes, he is probably the only guy that could make me take my eyes off Rob – appreciation time!! 🙂 Good luck with the being regarded as a serious actor and not a piece of meat, though, you got off to a really rotten start there, dude… 😦

    On the other hand, look at the bright side: you get to be appreciated – both with and without your shirt – by a bunch of women with really good taste in men (meaning us on LTT/LTR of course)! Keep away from the other WEIRD and objectifying fan girls and stick with us who love the REAL you.
    Ahum. In February, of course. Not before.

  17. thank you a million times. i was having a crappy morning and i came on here and BAM(i picture emeril) i’m in my happy place. sigh. how many more days before he’s 18 and chris hansen does not scope my computer anymore? i think 51 but who’s counting. floating off in my jacob bubble. thanks.

  18. It’s official: I appreciate Tyler more without his shirt.

  19. Letter = WIN
    IWL i love you and your funniness!
    i always look forward to your comments cuz
    they w/out a doubt, always crack me up

    so, i thank you for giving me the time to
    & swoon all in one post!!!

  20. Thanks u guys! (and Thanks UC for being an enabler! <3) *hands out cookies*
    I wrote this before New Moon…hence the lack of little motorbikes and the more decent (aka wearing a white tee and cavorting in the waves..errr…transparent…ok maybe not that decent) RS pics…teehee…
    So if ur'e reading this Tay…(and i know u are cause ur'e a hip young thing with an under-used twitter account)a few things..I'm not in my 40's…i dont ask pople to sign my undies and I may or may not be related to the hot girl whose gonna be ur BFF in June (Yeah I'm an Alice like that)
    Morning everybody! Happy cookie!

  21. IWL!!

    Way to class up the joint! Beautiful post, beautiful pics.

    Have mercy indeed!


  22. It’s official……this is my FAVORITE post ever. Thanks IWL. 🙂

    That peacoat picture gets me every time. *sigh*

  23. Kwop Kilawtley ladies!! We were pretty close, no?

    • IKR?So close… Apparently it means “Stay with me forever”. Kinda preferred the meaning in my head lol but its still THUD-errific…wtf Bella wtf….

      • IWL: firstly, I love you.

        Secondly, what was the meaning in your head? (was it ‘hey woman, you’re making my jorts tight’?)

        • awww Beaker I love u too! ❤

          Mine was "I wanna do this with Illegal not you" but I think I like yours better…but that depends…is the woman making his jorts tight me? or Kristen? Cause as hot as she is…Im not willing to share…
          errr…wait what? BFF? yes! BFF….forget i said any of that.. 😀

          • I’m convinced that you would indeed make his jorts tight. So tight he might have to take them off 😉

            Anyone else’s arse cheeks ache today from the extreme butt-clenching nature of yesterday’s post about Amanduh? I think I may also have some form of Traumatic-Post Stress Disorder…

          • I watched the videos after a cry-fest last night….I think my brain automatically bleached itself cause all i remember is weird head banging and lots of colours…also the flat singing….dammit! brain hasnt done such a good job after all…

            OMG the toy steering wheel….bahahahahaha…the lengths that she will go to…the distance in her eyes….(random REM there)

  24. I loved this…. slowly but surely becoming Team Jacob!!!

  25. awwww, why were you crying? cheer up, think of your happy place- now think of your happy place naked on feb12th.

  26. “So in order to respect your wishes, I will hereby only look at you with your clothes on (this also may change in February).”

    Illegal, as ur Alpha and dearest Taycob fiend friend, Imma do everything in my power to make sure you break this oath. =D

  27. I nealy jumped on Taylor in London on 11 November.

    TOTALLY legal here 🙂

    Nearly!………(Rob distracted me, no change there then)


  28. […] family xmas letter. tay is sad she wont make it this yr UC: i just saw that Moon: oh we did a tay laut appreciate sunday in dec UC: yeah… they were TOTES on in Dec. is that when it fell apart? Or was December a […]

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