Time for a Newsdump: Everything NOT Twilight related aka Kellan shows us his Calvins!

Yo, it's about that time to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme. I'm gonna get mine so get yours, I wanna see sweat comin' out ya pores!

Dear LTT-ers

I was just lamenting (yes it was quite sorrowful) on Twitter that there was simply NO news about Twilight out right now and that makes things awfully boring… but then I started researching and there’s TONS of non-Twilight specific news that our favorite friends are in… so let’s get to it!

  • The trailer for “The Runaways” comes out and I can’t help but think two things-  ONE: they look like little girls playing dress up and TWO: I hope Dakota gets to punch someone

Che-Che-Che-Cherry BOMB!!!

Wait, this isn't the Maxim cover shoot!

  • This is the prom dress you see on the rack at Goodwill and think, dude that would be perfect for my prom scene in “Can’t Buy Me Love” Halloween Costume (just right for doing the African Anteater dance in!)

Follow the cut for more news, less catfish, more abage for the cabbage and one special tatt00

No catfish here!

  • Jackson sheds his usual “catfish” look and actually looks cute in promo stills from his new movie Dread. PS WHO releases a “trailer” for a film and call it “In Production Now?” Amateur hour!

Want to be only mildly to not at all scared? Watch the trailer for Dread

(this guy coulda been Edward!)

HA! Caught ya lookin'!

  • Just when we thought we’d be able to stop worrying about Chris Hansen waiting for us in our kitchen with a plate of cookies and iced tea these new pictures of BooBoo Stewart come out. Daaaaayyyuuummm. Time to invest in a chain lock and some anti-Hansen spray. Wanna feel like a creep sandwich? Check out the rest


  • Nikki Reed has a tattoo. Placing bets on what it says… options: phone numbers of LA area paparazzo’s, a quote about best friends stabbing you in the front, or the address to the free VD clinic on Santa Monica. Anyone?
  • Rob looks SO happy to be supporting a Charity during this Holiday Season! Way to remember the “reason for the season!”

So that’s that… what was the best news? Kellan showing us his Calvins in the future? BooBoo creepin’ you out? Remembering how awesome “the Kramer” was

Hello Daddy, hello Mom I’m ya che-che-che-che-cherry bomb!

Thanks to all the news sources, google reader, tipsters, all the people linked back to!

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

145 Responses

  1. Now. Ladies. I. Want. A. Serious. Word.


    Time to be adults & look away. Unless you’re under 18.

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, but honestly.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.
      Too. Young.

    • He looks like my nephew. I feel dirty looking @ his pic.

      But those abs…

    • True that my friend!

      Ick to the ick ick… shudder!

      • So… after I posted that comment I did the creep sandwich thing and had a look… and yep, I just vom’d a little in my mouth.

        Are these pics real? His head looks kinda tiny and superimposed. GOD, shut-up I don’t even care it’s tooooo wrong to be analysing this child’s abs!

        • Yeah, those photos are going to give many a paedophile wrist ache…

          • As wrong as you are for saying that, I certainly laughed. OUT LOUD!!

            ps. and gave you a thumbs up

        • Agreed.

          I’m not sure that such a cute little child should have a torso that looks like that. Disturbing.

          He’s so cute. Please button the shirt.

          • He’s so cute and he has a face of a little girl. Add the disturbing torso and everything is just wrong.

    • I clicked the link, I mean for my name’s sake. I was immediately in regret mode. Though, he did do the obligatory plaid shot. Can’t be in the Twilight Saga unless you look decent in plaid.

    • I agree. It’s fun to joke about Taycob but he IS more or less old enough to oogle. 17, 18, whatever, there’s not a huge difference so I don’t feel too creepy. (It also helps that I’m “only” 7 years older than him… is that a good excuse?!)

      Booboo, on the other hand, looks like my middle school-aged cousin. Ugh. Gross. And where are his parents? Because I think that photo is just a little too much and I would never let my teenage son just hang around do a topless photo shoot. How old is he, 12? 13? Definitely did NOT want to click on that link.

    • I agree waayyyy to young and young looking…definately for the under 16 crowd. Unlike Taylor who will be LEGAL in how many days????

    • i called it a creep sammy for a reason!! there are younger girls though who can enjoy him. equal opportunity!

  2. I would slap a man in his 40’s for ogling a girl that young.

    Wouldn’t you?

    • Now, here is what I don’t understand. How is that not on the border of child pornography?

      And yes, I would bust some dudes balls for oogling a girl that young.

      • I think it’s over the border of kiddie porn, & is in some ways worse as it has a spurious air of respectablity. All the little teeny boppers would love him anyway, with clothes on, as he’s got such a cute face.

        I’m fed up of the rampant sexualisation of children for profit. I know that lads like him & Taylor (who is at least nearly 2 years over the age of consent in the UK) probably have well notched bedposts, but real adults protect children from precocious sexuality, not exploit it.

        And tonight, on ‘Pimp My Child’…Boo boo…Hello, Mum? Dad?

        Don’t we cover booboo’s with plasters/band aids? Can’t we do that here? Superimpose a virtual one from his waistband to his arm pits?

        • I’m fed up with the rampant exploitation and overuse of the “of twilight fame” tag line to sell everything……as seen in above trailer for Dread “Jackson Rathbone of Twilight Fame”…people puleeez. If your movie is good then let it sell itself. If you’ve got to use the Twilight tie-in to sell it then you shouldn’t have made it in the first place.

  3. Is it just me having an auditory hallucination or does the guy’s voice at the end of the Runaway trailer sound just like Rob with his American accent voice in Remember me?

  4. On Feb 11, 2010 I’ll be writing a letter to Chris Hansen myself, letting him know that he has nothing to worry about when it comes to me and Boo Boo. That kid does NOTHING for me (thank god because I can only handle impure thoughts about one 17 year old in my lifetime). Now, Taylor on the other hand……………..probably shouldn’t say any more, it’s not Feb yet.

  5. BooBoo reminds me of my little brother THANK THE LORD! However I can appreciate (in a completey non-pervy way of course) his efforts at the gym…At that age I looked like a pineapple…not anything like Tay Tay or Boo Boo….and no, I didnt have a cute nickname either…or a role in a popular franchise…or a deal with Chris Hansen to be involved in a perve bust of International proportions…
    But seriously, someone get that kid a Disney girl to date cause (as cute as it is) he spends an awkwardly ridiculous amount of time with his sister…
    If Kellan poses for CK with a bible(yes blasphemy!?) I just might be inspired to go back to church again…with the pic hidden in my hymnal of course…and dirty thoughts hidden in my heart…..
    Hey, since I’m going to hell….

    Meh! Cookie!
    Morning everybody!

    • In my mind BooBoo is like 12, maybe 14 cause that’s what he looks like. I’m fine keeping it that way.

      I already cyberstalk a 23 year-old man and have come dangerously close to drooling over “Jailbait Jake”

      Ya gotta draw the line somewhere to keep your integrity.

      • It’s just wrong to parade him like that…but hey 11 year olds need to get their kicks from somewhere….

      • Seriously AJ, nobody here has any integrity left. *j/k

        • Maybe its just a dream, but I am hanging on to it like Edward Cullen hangs on to his concept of purity.

        • Heyyyyy!…I have integ… 😀 nope cant even say it with a straight face…If I did, Hansen wouldnt have a dodgy black van parked outside my apartment for the past few months…and a 3 ring binder with every single comment, tweet and skype chat I have ever made…
          FML…Just realised what a creepazoid I’ve become…I mean seriously, “Illegalwolflover” as a name? WTF? Not purple Illegal not purple at all…I. am. so. ashamed.
          *curles up into ball and cries*

      • “I already cyberstalk a 23 year-old man” – I thought the same thing…this is where I draw the line. Active cyberstalking, uh, I mean, occasional interest in a 23-year-old is enough.

        But I also agree with Abs, our integrity went out the window a long time ago.

    • dirty thoughts hidden in my heart! HAHAHA amazing!

  6. Ok, Moon? You’re doing it again. I swear you have a webcam set up somewhere in my house. I was totally doing the African Anteater dance the other day. True story.

    Look, I was seriously sleep deprived, OK?

  7. Great six pack abs but when he gets older like the rest of his abs are going south. they will turn into a twelve pack and then a keg. It is called gravity. We have this our body goes south. Age is great aint it. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  8. Chris Hansen doesn’t have to worry about me, that’s for sure. So if anyone needs some anti-Hansen spray, I’ll hook a sista up. I’ve got some left over from years ago. On second thought, that’s anti-HANSON spray. Maybe it’ll work.

    • I heart you.

    • Is it me or did all the boys of Hanson look like Claire Danes back in the day?

      • I’m not sure whether to feel bad for Hanson, or Claire Danes.

      • Now you’ve inspired me to listen to the Romeo&Juliet soundtrack.

        • I loved THAT movie. And Brokedown Palace….and My So-Called Life…yeah, I had a breif flinguini with Claire Danes.

          • I loved My So-Called Life. I only recently realized Jared Leto was the cute bad boy in that. Have you see Claire Danes recently? I was shocked, her face looked so different, bony, somehow . . .
            Sorry for the random pointless comment.

          • Old One – no comment that evokes the memory of Jordan Catalano is pointless!

          • Mmmm….Jordan Catalano.

          • Jordan Catalano. OMG. Remember the scene in the pilot where he’s just sitting in that chair watching TV and she comes in … I totally lived that moment at a cast party in the 9th grade. It was epic. *sigh* High School. So great. So Shitty.

          • As usual Old One=Wise One (are you getting sick of me saying that yet?). I totes didn’t realize until like a year ago that JC was Jared Leto. Now that is a face that has changed….ok, maybe not the face…..let’s just say Jared Leto scares the bejezus out of me….Jordan not so much.

            oh, and there’s no such thing as a random pointless comment on LTT…..ok, there IS…but we all do it so it’s Normal (and accepted).

          • Absolutely Vic, you are such a flatterer, you make me blush like Bella every time you say that, tee hee. Really I’m not that wise, I just have been around too long and have a lot of useless information rattling around in my bat cave of a brain. It tickles me that someone thinks those dust bunnies and hairballs I dredge up are pearls of wisdom. You’re sweet.

          • Well it’s true; every time I read a comment you’ve made I’m thinking “yep, that’s smart…she should change her name to The Wise One”…..I also want to say that I’m also usually thinking that I agree with eveything you comment, but then that sounds like I’m a conceited biotch calling myself wise since I agree with you….ooops, I guess I just said it.

  9. Okay, can I just say how FREAKING AWESOME it was that Moon quoted “Good Vibrations”? Ahhh, memories…

  10. Just when I think I can’t love you ladies any more than I do, you go and reference Good Vibrations AND my favorite 80’s movie (because, really, who doesn’t want to ride off into the sunset on a lawnmower?) in one post.
    You are my life now 😉

  11. BooBoo?

    No. If you lust after him and you are over the age of 15, Imma have to never speak to you again. K?

  12. *hangs head low in shame*

    i looked at those pics of BooBoo and instantly fell out.

    he is WWWAAAAAAAYYY too young for those pics. i feel like a mom saying that and i don’t even have kids.
    BayBay TAYTAY and BooBoo are just too young. I will check in again when they both become legal.

    as for nikki’s tat, what the hell is it? for some reason, it looks like a tire track (pit track?).

    kellan – in some drawers?? how ’bout kellan without some drawers?? i’d like to see those pics.

  13. So much goodness in one post, where do I start?

    1) Kellan. I am “kinda” excited about this. Marky Mark is my first celebrity crush. I sort of like Donnie when NKOTB was super hot but then Mark came out in his CK’s and his Good Vibrations and that started my 20 year love affair. So letting Kellan take over is gonna be tough. So I am going to need LOTS of pictures to ease into the transition.

    2) I feel bad for Nikki…don’t know why, just do.

    3) When he is clothed BooBoo looks EXACTLY how I pictured Seth while reading the books. That boyish, happy, innocent look. That is actually the only casting (besides Buttcrack Santa) that I think Summitt has done right!

    Ok, that’s it. I got nothing else.

    • ‘2) I feel bad for Nikki…don’t know why, just do.’

      She looks kind of trashy, and I suspect she is actually very pretty.

    • He does look like Seth, doesn’t he?! Great casting.

      I just wanna say, and it’s been expressed before, but in light of today’s post I think it needs to be reiterated:
      I’m into the character Seth because he’s so great and happy and just the best character in the whole saga. NOT BOOBOO RADLEY!

      I also have a thing for Seth Morgan (SM’s brother).

      • He’s my favorite character too…for basically the same reasons. He’s the honest voice through the whole thing.

        And you said Seth Morgan, I read Tracy Morgan. And was confused.

    • Feeling bad for Nikki? That’s normal.

    • by “kinda” you mean “completely”, right?

    • i feel for nikki too… i mean shes probably a nice girl sometimes and just has a bf with some serious baggage (HELLO PARIS HILTON!)

  14. OK, Can’t Buy Me Love reference? Really? I effing love you for that. It was in my VHS player on repeat one summer of my tweens. I wanted to be Cindi Mancini something bad with here suede, fringed suit, her convertable rabbit and her ability to change a guy from a geek to a king for a grand.

    And NReeds tatt is actually a self-promotional billboard: Why pay $100,000 for Beyonce to come to your next Bar/Bat Mitzvah when you can get me to show up for $4999?

    Lastly, BooBoo. I think his parents need to stop getting advice from Billy Ray because all I can think when I see him is: He’s a baby and looking at that pic make me feel dirty. And not in a good way.

  15. That picture of Boo Boo is totally inappropriate, espcially the way he is pulling on his jeans. If a girl that young posed in a similar way there would be total outrage. Why aren’t his parents stepping in to prevent it? FAIL on their part.

    Kellen, however, can come practice modeling his under pantalones for me in my bedroom anytime!

  16. Okay, I apologize, I haven’t read all of this post. I couldn’t concentrate after the picture of Marky Mark. Kellan’s easy on the eyes, sure, but he will never, ever, hold a candle to Marky Mark. Truth.

    P.S.- Would that make the rest of the cast the Funky Bunch?

    P.P.S.- If you’re reading this, Mark Wahlberg, I love you.

    P.P.P.S.- I’m not crazy, I know that Mark Wahlberg isn’t reading this. I still love him… even if he does talk to animals.

    • “Hey goat! I like your beard! I had a beard like that in Four Brothers! We should do a movie together, call my agent. Say hi to your mother for me!” (little did he know that there WOULD be a movie Men Who Stare At Goats.)
      “Hey chicken! Some people want to eat you, but I just wanna talk to you.”

      ppps-Wahlberg reads everything with his name in it. Let’s not lie. Next season he’s totes doing Dancing with the Stars, and he’ll win based on the Boogie Nights prosthetic alone. ::swoon::

    • Seriously, you better step off!! Mark is MY man!!! Even if he DOES have three nipples, it’s ALLLLL good.

      *blows kiss* I love you Mark!

      • I was about ready to write a response involving my willingness to resort to violent measures to get a piece of Marky Mark. Then, I realized how funny it was that my psycho-fangirling side doesn’t come out for any of the Twilight cast (even my appreciation for Billy isn’t THAT crazy), but does for a man who brought us the lyrical stylings of “Come on, come on, feel it, feel it, feel the vibration.”

      • Three nipples. Wow. I’d forgotten alllll about that.

  17. No #Enlighten? No Bewley love? Seriously? Ken Kabatoff and Affolter Entertainment and Rob Daly… nothing? Ok, fine, just don’t tell Charlie–or things are going to get very ugly.

    And what about these Christmas-time tidings of good news and great joy from my hometown Twilight actors?

    Or the fact that the Cullen house is for sale and “the real estate agent tells us the studio’s done with it.” Wait, where are the Cullens going to live in BD then? Or have the wedding? A plantation home like they are supposed to in the books? Or are they just not going to make BD? (that would seriously hinder my plan to play Kate in BD…)

    There’s so much news!!!

    -BooBoo Radley is suddenly like buff? I don’t get it, he’s like 16. Maybe if I’d spent more time with him, like a good TeamSeth-er, it wouldn’t seem so drastic.
    -I love Emilie de Ravin and that film’s trailer. Which wasn’t shown in the theater last night when me and my boyfriend went to see NM! (He liked it a lot, btw) “I guess it was just here to tease me.” bahahaha. FTW Will Fetters and Jenny Lumet!
    -The tatt’s of a clap clinic number, but in Compton (don’t ask, you don’t want to know); she got it at High Voltage Tattoo (the tatt, not the clap). You can see her in Episode #19 of LA Ink as an example of previous work (just a photo in one of their examples books).
    -I Dread amateur hour. Why does Jackson need to make a pitch trailer anyway? Did all the producers find out that he’s in 100 Monkeys?

    Morning everybody! Time for cup #2 of Yorkshire tea.

    • Before I saw the movie trailer I thought “meh, that movie looks dumb” after the trailer I thought cool I’ll see that.

      • Really, I thought the opposite. I was interested….and I still am, but I thougth that trailer was super weak.

    • What is this Enlighten you speak of? The pic said behind the scenes – A new movie? or just out running with Charlie? I know it’s winter and all, but I really wish he would run without his shirt on…and that someone would take pictures..so I could ogle them.

      • Some movie or something like a movie(?) that bewley’s working on (up in vancouver). Or was working on…since he’s in LA now. it might be in post now. i think that the theme is something about a guy who gets addicted to ecstacy, but… that could be entirely another movie all together. Not really sure. I’m a bad fangirl I suppose. he has a lot of fansites, they might have a better grasp. I just follow the production studio so that I can get into movies up there to get experience to put on my resume to get an agent to get an audition for Breaking Dawn.

      • Also, it may or may not have been a shot of him doing a Nike commercial? Who knows. one day he was talking up nike. Which I’m fine with since it’s in Portland and the bigger they get the more jobs they’ll have open and then they can hire me. They have rad benefits.

      • Also, I have this weird feeling that he doesn’t even look that great shirtless. It’s just a hunch.

        • I hope that’s not the case. He seems to be big into sports and very active, so I’d think he’d look nice. No Kellan perhaps, but that’s ok!

          • That’s true. He played rugby all growing up. And he’s a pretty avid snowboarder. Plus he LOVES running. I’m sure he has amazing thighs/quads… but I dunno about the pecs.

    • I love you and your contribution to my porn collection. 😉

  18. Ah! Marky Mark. I almost forgot about him now that Mark Wahlberg is all serious and cool now. Way to make a girl feel old today Moon! Thanks!

    Srsly, where are BooBoo’s parents. He is a child and should not be posing with his shirt off!

    • the weird thing is i think his MOM is taking those pics. if you look at the rest of the pics it looks like theyre in his backyard. weird.

    • the weird thing is i think his MOM is taking those pics. if you look at the rest it looks like theyre in his backyard and his twitter is his moms i believe… so weird.

      • that my friends is NOT Normal. It’s not even normal little “n”.

      • Nothing like living vicariously through your kids! Ha! I think Bob Boo’s mom and the crazy mom that wrote the love song to Rob should get together and we could have a new fun filled reality show.

  19. Seriously think that BooBoo could turn into the guy version of Miley Cyrus. BooBoo, where are your parents?? And button up your shirt, little boy!!

  20. I love how we have all become a bunch of fussy old biddies over Booboo. Though I do agree, where are his parents? I am such a prude I could not even click to the creep sandwich photos…..

  21. Love you, love Can’t Buy Me Love reference. Funnnn

  22. I’m not a big Marky Mark fan. Kellan is way better looking, but in all honesty, I’ve only somewhat recently come to appreciate him.

    Excited for The Runaways. I too hope to see Dakota hit someone…that would be awesome. I’m feeling very big-sister-protector about seeing her in what looks to be some sort of skimpy lingerie inspired outfit onstage in that clip. If I had ever had a sister, I would totes want her to be like Dakota.

    I did not click on the BooBoo pics. I’m pretty sure the kid is only 15. Too creepy.

    And I too feel bad for Nikki Reed. Not because her fake-lesbian partner left her, but because she didn’t love herself enough to aspire to something greater than Paris Hilton’s cast-offs. That’s truly sad.

  23. Oh, and also very excited that the catfish is gone. I love me some Jackson and I’m a bit sad that he seems to have faded from the limelight recently. Is he busy playing with his fellow monkeys?
    Hopefully there will be lots of Jasper love when Eclipse comes out.

    • FOR REALLLZZZZZZZZZZ i was so thinking the same thing recently. his agent needs to freaking pull his star outta the gutter

  24. I’m feeling the feeling bad for Nikki Reed vibe. I don’t know what it is either..but just something makes me feel bad for her. Wonder if we’ll ever get the real story of the maybe/maybe not Rob-Nikki-Kristen love/lust triangle?

    • This is a subject that occupies a corner of my thoughts, a small corner, but a very spiky and annoying corner. I’ve googled it, looking at the gossip threads from last spring, pondering the timelines, dissecting the cryptic statements of the Triangle themselves and the media . . . . this subject is not dead. In my brain anyway it’s undead.

  25. Yep, according to IMDB Boo Boo was born in Jan. 1994. That makes him only a few months older than my baby brother. I’m officially safe from Chris Hansen on this one.

    As for the other… I’ll have you know that TSwift is only five days older than me!

    • oops, by “only” I mean that she is soo much older and Taylor should really be with me. (If IWL doesn’t mind)

      • Aaaawww KitKat..U asking me for permission? 🙂
        As long as he gets to be my BFF (therefore staking a legitimate claim on him) u can totes date him…However If he chooses to expand Illegalautner to include “benefits” I will not apologise…or say no…U understand right? lol
        Muah! muah!

  26. Ok seriously guys…Boo Boo is the same age as Taylor was when he shot Twilight..and none of you had a problem with takin peeks at him haha !

    • i was not peeking at that point, actually. but those down thumbs aren’t from me. it just seems too soon. it creeps me out.

    • Ur totally right TL…*hides face in shame* I peeked at him then and part of the minority who did apart from the 12 year olds of course.Fully clothed though cause I couldnt stop cringing at his shirtlesness until the “awakening”…
      No thumbs down here…just shame…for myself…LOL

  27. lol…
    ill give booboo A for effort
    but no… he is a baby!!
    shame on the mama for letting him do that!
    he will never be Taycob


  28. Ahh yes… Boo Boo is 15… and if i was 15 years YOUNGER i’d be “aww, what a mini-hunk” but i will just have to appreciate the effort he put in to get that way for the role. Seth will be great if they keep his character like it is in the books. A-dor-a-ble. (but NOT in a lusty sorta’ way)

    the pictures (gack- i know… i looked…) remind me of Dante Basco who played Rufio in Hook in 1991. I was 11 at the time and it was appropriate for me to think he was cute…

    but was all must grow up, yes… thankfully so has my taste “in hot guys” (now relativly age appropriate)… but of course i was that girl who liked Partrick Dempsey back when he was wearing a ratty cowboy hat and riding a lawnmower in his great movie…. so…

    (sorry i got off topic there….) But i sure got a kick out of today’s post! Thank you!

    has anybody seen all the write-ups about all the upcoming movies Taylor is scheduled to be in?!? Woah. He’s gonna be in for more than 15 minutes of fame for sure! Yeah!

    (and i really wanna see the Runaways… i wonder if it’ll come to NC or if i’ll hafta wait for the DVD?

    Have a lovely weekend ladies!!!
    *passes out yummy cookies*

    • Yay! Tay’s gonna be in oodles of movies! Yay! Wait, that means more co-stars, more rumours and more frozen yougurt…I best be making my moves soon to be his rumoured girlfriend I mean BFF BFF BFF….

      I have no shame… 😦
      *trots off to a corner to nibble on cookie*

      ❤ ya Ambushed!

      • I love how you always use words like “trot” and “nibble” to discribe your actions…it makes me picture you as a noble horse or a sly fox (ok, fine, i picture a wolf……..’sept wolves scare me and you don’t so……whatever.)

        • aaaawww…I always picture myself as a small rodent…since I have the attention span of a squirrel and the brain/heart of a hamster…
          U picture a wolf? eating a cookie? Is it possible to love u even more? *checks hamster heart* YUP!!!!
          ❤ ya! 😀

  29. Does anyone else’s gay-dar start pinging around Kellan Lutz? The obsession with working out and sculpting his body, the fact that he lives with a bunch of other guys? Has he ever been seen with a girlfriend or even a date? He may not even realize it himself–he seems to have been raised in a pretty conservative farm-boy kind of way–I’m watching as this develops.

    • Isnt he rumoured to be dating Anna-lynne Mc’Cord (sp)? There have been pics of them making out…but who knows? *shrug* since making out seems to be as normal as a handshake…lol

  30. One more thing- who is going to email the Quileute Nation for a translation on Jacob’s line? According to EW and Chris Weitz, he says “Kwop kilawtley.”

    Sorry, I know today isn’t about Twilight news, but I had to ask.

    • someone did and they also answered on their FB page (yes the quiluetes have an fb page) that they didnt know WTF he was saying! HAHAHA

  31. […] Time for a Newsdump: Everything NOT Twilight related aka Kellan shows us his Calvins! Dear LTT-ers I was just lamenting (yes it was quite sorrowful) on Twitter that there was simply NO news about Twilight […] […]

  32. “I hope Dakota gets to punch someone?” Anyone in particular, Moon? Hilar.

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