Taylor Lautner on SNL… what shall we say…

Wait, I think I see a funny skit over there...

Dear Taylor,

Now you know I love ya something fierce (most days) and think of you and Taylor Swift as my own personal Disney Prince and Princess but when the nicest thing I can say about SNL is that you really can rock a wig… that’s probably not good. Now, before I get more than my daily share of hate mail I gotta say there were a couple shining moments in your episode of SNL…

  • Your opening monologue! Showing the VMA clip where you just stood there doing nothing while Kanye trampled all over your sweeties moment was all kinds of hilarious

Vodpod videos no longer available.
round house kick…

  • Those pre-roll photos they show of the host before the skit. Those were HOT sauce and should be added to some museum for creepy women older than you to enjoy

Oh hey hey heeeeey!

  • The wigs. How is it that you can pull off a blond wig, a floppy McDonalds arches mid 90s wig, an emo wig and a freaking crimped and braided teenage girl wig? Does it worry you any that compared to most other teenage boys you look pretty natural in  long girly hair? And most importantly does it worry you that a TV show has access to better wigs than a movie with a multi-million dollar budget has?

Nice rack!

See what else was win, what sucked and what certain red head country star made a cameo after the cut

  • Seth Meyer being his smirky awesome self while Fred Armisen made us laugh, for reasons unknown, with his ridiculous Native American comedian schtick. Yea, other people had shining moments in your episode that need to be talked about
  • The Team Jacob vs Team Edward skit was pretty much like taking a video of the everyday crap that goes on between Twilight fans on Twitter. Only they’re more like middle aged and not in junior high
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sadly, you didn’t take my advice about playing Rob in a skit or have Big Daddy on for a McDonald’s themed skit NOR did you throw your hosting weight around and fire Bon Jovi and hire Taylor Swift to come back only 3 weeks later to be your musical guest. BUUUTTTT it was cute… and you blew a kiss to Reba and though there was NO digital short (WTF?!) you did have a laugh at Team Jacob/Team Edward’s expense and I thank you for that but you should have taken it a step further. Since you’re so into wigs, you should have donned a KStew mullet wig and showed her how to work it while being sullen or even do a skit where you’re the leader of an improv band called 100 Shmonkey’s and Bill Hader and Kristen Wig are just confused concert go-ers who stumbled into the wrong venue and wonder why the band’s singing about cotton candy and a whale’s va-jay-jay. Now THAT would have been SNL gold.


Love ya but seriously, think about the whole looks better in woman’s wigs thing,

PS Oh and Bon Jovi? Seriously? FAIL! That was some fail music booking on SNL’s part. You might want to not book a musical act whose hayday was during the same decade the host was born. Just a thought…

So did you see Taylor on SNL?! What did you think? Best skit, worst skit? Laughed when he talked about “squeezing a ball?” Cause I did!

Thanks New Moon Movie.org for the SNL images!

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  1. Good Monday Morning!

    • You just had to sneak in and be first, didn’t you…

      • Sorry, I just have been up all night and wanted to say good morning! it always takes me forever to read the topic of the day and don’t get to comment til much later… now back to reading Moon’s take on SNL…..I personally thought SNL was a fail….ducks….but TL’s smile was worth the time.

    • And yes, good monday morning! 😀

    • Morning! I may or may not have taken a photo just for you this weekend! As soon as I hook my camera up to my computer I’ll send it off to you!

  2. I woke up at 7am and jumped right on youtube, and luckily the skits were uploaded! WOOHOO! Thx many to the Taylor fan who uploaded it immeadiately after airing!

    My favorite line was “Well that guy who played him should win an Oscar or something…” omg, you could totally hear it in his voice that he was holding back a laugh. The football faces were great also – I wish I could have screen capped them for a few avatars!


  3. I actually quite like it!
    Some of the skits were kinda boring after a few monotonous repeats of the same joke. I was like “Um, didn’t we already do this 10 seconds ago?”
    But I LOVED seeing him be funny!
    Wolf Boy defs pulled off the funny.


  4. Psssst! Am at work. Will comment later. Or rather repost the comment I made on another frickin page….

    Lots of good bits I thought…though I’ve only seen what they have on youtube.

    Seriously, the word ‘honey’ was worth it all. Makes highly inappropriate growling noise…

  5. “You might want to not book a musical act whose hayday was during the same decade the host was born. Just a thought…”

    Killed it.

    And the wig thing – ARE YOU WATCHING SUMMIT??!

  6. He tried, bless his heart.

    I think that, like with Sucklight, the material was sub-par. He did what he could with it, and for that I give him props.

    And we now know why Bon Jovi didn’t perform at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert. Ahem.

    • Nicely said. And I agree…although I was trying to cheer the youngin on. SNL can suck and can be less suck, and rarely amazeballs. This was of the suck vareity, and i don’t blame the Tay Tay.

    • I totes agree the material sucked, but Tay did well with what he had to work with. The Team Edward vs. Team Jacob was quite funny.

      Honestly, the only reason I watch SNL anymore is if I am interested in whomever is guest hosting. For the most part, it is just not funny anymore.

      Tay can work his stick, though, that’s for sure! aaaannnnddd…. we all say together…..

      And BON FREAKING JOVI? Yuck. Bring back Phoenix, KOL, The Features, even freaking Limp Bizkit would have been more current. I’m pretty sure Tay wasn’t even born when BonJ was popular. Wow did they suck. Maybe they were hoping to reel in Tay’s demographic and make a come-back? Fail.

    • the writers must have checked out for hanukkah

  7. well i stayed up when i hubby went to bed… cutting ZZzzzz… but i was sorry for Taylor when he had to “round-house” 2 times to get head off the dummy. he prob felt like a dummy, but he totally hot… the montage was a Talor-palouza of cuteness tho… Mmmm… but a lot of the skits lacked…umm, Humor. oh-well. it was still worth it to see him. BUT Bon J… well he SUCKED! OMG! i tried to listen to it but 8 seconds in i put the tv on mute… (for both songs)

    i wonder if Kristen &/or Rob will ever be on… THAT will be hot… or Ashley!

    • i think i’m done w/ actively commenting. period. *sigh* i will go back to being a loyal reader. (occasional thought dropper)

      it’s been real, real purple (b/c purple is cool, after all)

      toodles, i’ve been ambushed out

      • I gave you a thumbs down. And I will change it into a thumbs up if you stop saying that.

      • Confused.

        • No hon, don’t be confused. I am just observationally redundant up here and not “tribally bonded” (read: tweeting, facebooked or tattooed) w/ anyone.
          I get a real kick out of following this blog b/c UC & Moon are hilarious and following the posts of several of the commenters (like yourself, illegal, StothePizzle, Fang, etc.) is so cute… I will be a continued follower and occasional word vomit commenter but not as “invested” as before.
          I have begun to do this a few times but I keep allowing myself to get drawn back into streams of commenting… I value my job so I’m gonna chill… I’ll be like Ghostward – still exists (by reading) but appearing only fleetingly. To quote George from You’ve Got Mail “as far as I’m concerned the internet is just another way of being rejected by a woman”… ha-ha…
          TS, you have my e-mail addy… so I’ll still be checking on ya! (p.s. you sister’s blog is cute, I read all the posts)

          now i will just only occasionally Ambush this blog… if i’m still allowed -wink,wink-

          • I’ll tattoo with u anytime…”observationally redundant?” pffft…NEVER!!! i just got the fact that u said u werent gonna be around period…rather than just this post..shows how “observational” i am…
            please dont leave Ambushed…I’ll miss u and be sad and wreck havoc in a bamboo grove somewhere…

            Let’s be redundant together…pwetty pwease???
            dont make me start a “ambush the ambushed and make her stay” petition… *puppy eyes in ur car window*

          • u r so sweet *offers box of cookies delivered by a kitten* i won’t be completely gone just more inactive. (ahem, YOU, missy, are never redundant and are ALways sharp as a tack) *nuzzle*

          • yeah…I’m as sharp as tack alright…one where the point is covered in Tay-pe…(see? dumb) I hardly see u make epic posts anymore (oh wait …i’m hardly on anymore…maybe thats why)…how much more inactive can u get?
            *munches cookies and cuddles kitten to stop from crying* try and make atleast one comment a day k? even just to say “LOL” or “Rob is hot” or “TWSS”. I’ll add an innuendo everyday to see if you’ll take the bait.. Raspberry chocolate froyo? muah!

          • I’ll bond with you, ambushed. BOND! I always wanted a tattoo…

            Do you twitter? I am annoyingly lame and whiny on there. I’ll totes follow you. *touches fingertips to screen* Don’t leave me!


    • noooooes! come back, ambushed! we need to talk about the awesomeness that will NEVER happen, like Rob hosting SNL and doing a skit as Jimmy Fallon pretending to be Rob and BOTHERED!

      • That would be SO hilarious, only I don’t want to see Rob on SNL after seeing Taylor, because most of it was so lame and embarrassing, I don’t think he should subject himself to that. He should do the BOTHERED! skit on a Jimmy Fallon show, though. Rob and Jimmy both in the tree at the same time! Have to say Taylor did really really well with what they gave him. Now we know he does have comedic timing as well as the abbage.

        • Old One,
          Agree with EVERYTHING you said. I don’t want Rob to subject himself to all of those embarrsing things. I think he’d implode. Yes to Rob on Jimmy Fallon.

      • that.would.be.epic.

  8. I loved the Team Jacob vs Team Edward skit!! “Notebooks are for notes, not kissing” LOL

    My co-worker told me it is too early in the morning to be laughing so loud!

    • That was my facebook status and NO ONE got it! arrrgh. haha.

    • I thought that that skit in particular was really funny. I could almost picture the rest of the cast in my head (particularly Rob) watching that skit, and laughing so hard at Taylor when he made out with a pic of Edward.

      And the skit on the frozen yoghurt shop was funny, but I think that was due mostly to Kenan Thompson’s “Loooooooooovvveeee”. Lol.

      Although, I did laugh at the “I like to squeeze a ball, HARD” part, 😛

  9. I really shouldnt be allowed to comment on this cause the lovey-dovey-he’s-gonna-be-my-BFF word vomit is threatening to spill out.

    I thought he was awesome! (Just cause I’m biased and he did kick ass literally and fuguratively) I like to think he made a few shout outs to me with the show choir, NZ, COOKIES!!! and his heart belonging to someone else…I’ll say it again Reba=Anagram for bear= panda= sad= me!!!

    high points
    * Sinter clause…come down my chimney. Mikash talks just like me…I’m totes the Fez of the group…
    *The Clarke Kent hair in the preggo skit
    *The bo stick…THUD
    *Blue ball…LMAO…he’s here with his mamma?
    * and last but not least….THE THRUSTING!!!! That’ll keep me talking for a 1000 recesses…

    Hey hey good morning…ding dong whhhaaaaat?
    Happy cookie trying to find a hot baking tray 🙂
    p.s. Roblor Lives!!!!

    • I heart you, Fez.

    • Reba=Anagram for bear= panda= sad= me!!!

      HAHA, anyone shouting out to an anagram is the coolest person EVAR.

    • Cookie!!!

      Just wanna to say, you are at risk of a Tay-level sugar coma. DO NOT watch those vids more than 5x per day. 😉

      • Awww XY!!! Crumbs…does that mean I get to watch it another 3 times before u yell at me? lol muah!

        • btw, I met a guy via twitter whose profile says something about loving cookies. His bg image is a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. I thought of you immediately. And about eating cookies. mmmm and now that’s on my mind again.

    • I LOVED IT!!!

      Yes, I did, and not just because Taylor once again showed what a commsumate professional he is (seriously, that kid doesn’t know how to do anything half-way…. *mind veers to a very pervy place*…fade to black) Oh yeah, I was saying why I loved it.

      I loved it because of:
      – The conversation(s) he and Rob will have after seeing him kiss his pic. I saw wanna be a fly on the wall.

      – The converstions (read makeout sessions) he already had with TSwift as a result of him sort-of taking up for a cardboard honor…… Awww

      – All the gender bender roles he’s gonna be offered after this! (Too Wong Foo part Duex?)

      – Taylor is nothing if not a business man (with illegal muscles). This was his international audition tape for IDOCOMEDYACTIONDRAMAOLDERWOMEN… oops!

      -I love how he might have set Reba/Taylor up for a felony… “friends with benefits”?. Somewhere Hansen said to himself “oh, really?”

      -But mostly, I loved it because despite the writing and wigs and excessive gender bending none of us can deny that a star was born on Saturday. Sure, sure (see what I did there?) he’s already big in Twi-World… But when you rock SNL you are big in the whole world. Taycob… You can kiss my folder (read face, lips, shoulder… Ok, I’ll stop) anytime.

      • WOW! Now THAT was the Talut of SNL reviews…I feel like such a Rob…or a fangirl…maybe i should add a few squees and “OMJ I loveeeeee him..he soooo cuteeeeeee” in mine (gack) …muah!

      • The minute he said “With Benefits”, I shot up from the couch. Literally. Hubby was asleep so no witnesses, thank god. *Hansen alert* Is it wrong that it made me smirk just a little?

        He’s alls growds up.

      • So true… we can say whatever we want about the material, but Tay-Tay went ALL the way. He didn’t hold back, and he obviously never said no when they asked him “Do you mind wearing a wig?”.
        And that, my friends, is a true professional.

        P.S.: Completely unrelated, but I managed to create a new Twilight fan and I unearthed a Unicorn! ( I say that ‘cuz I believe that they are born that way, but they don’t know what they are yet, :P).

    • Bwahaha! Definitely some shout-outs!

      The thrusting was worth it all, although I have to say the sparkly vests made me wish Rob really would do SNL . . . but methinks this would never happen, and maybe it never should happen. Oh, well, if I wanna see weird Rob I can always watch How to Be again, or finally watch Little Ashes (will not happen), or maybe just watch 50% of his interviews.

      I ❤ you, "Reba." That is all.

    • I’m freakishly busy right now and too bumblingly (so not a word) incoherent to say anything other than this: The Thrusting FTW!

      I ❤ u.

      P.S.- Roblor!!!

  10. Like I said before, good not to have expectations 🙂
    That said, I did enjoy his opening monologue. Did anyone else notice how he tried to kick Kanye’s head off twice, and had to resort to punching it off?

  11. I’ve only seen a few of the skits on youtube but think Taylor did a pretty good job. Kinda loved the Team Edward/Team Jacob skit. “Those abs aren’t real. They’re CGI, like the wolves”.

    Hope Summit is taking notes of what a GOOD wig should look like.

  12. you know, snl in general has been struggling for the funny for a while. some of the skits were meh and the lack of a digital short was sad, (oh and bon jovi sucks, sorry stothep) but i thought taylor was funny in almost every scene. and A for effort, for sure. i thought he rocked it harder than many hosts i’ve seen that have been performing a lot longer, so props to him (of course, i’m partial)

    oh, and i love “reba”!
    (this applies both to illegal, and keenan, if by some strange coincidence he is readilng LTT).
    phil? what are you doing?

  13. After watching Taylor, it definitely confirmed to me that I wouldn’t want to see Rob on SNL. The pup did alright but I just didn’t find any of the material funny. It was painful in places and I am not blaming Tay for that, just the writers. But at least he had the balls to do this, so kudos to him for that.


  14. I STILL haven’t watched it all. The monologue was funny. Although I do feel slightly creepy watching that before 8 am on a Monday morning…

    Umm… I heart Bon Jovi.

    *sings to Pizzle*

    It’s my life
    It’s now or never
    I ain’t gonna live forever
    I just want to live while I’m alive

    *winks at camera*

    Have no idea what I’m talking about? Me either.


    • Awwww. Thank you for that. I make no apologies, people. Sometimes when you fall in love at eight, it’s forever.

      *sings back*

      I wanna layyyyy you down in a fort of Hot Pockets
      ‘Cause toniiiiight I sleep on a bed of plaid.
      And I wanna be just as close as some airport wrist-holding
      Lay you dooooown . . . in a fort of Hot Pockets.

      • Aww… A parody for the gangbanker.


      • Umm… You probably need to join Illegalcakes. You can take my spot as singer while IWL plays the tambourine. I’ll be like that one guy in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. You know, the one that just dances on the stage? Yeah, that’s me.

        PS. I’d like to point out that Moon also thought Bon Jovi was FAIL. Love ya anyway.

      • Spizzle…stay strong…The panda is beside u in ur love for Bon Jovi…and u totes have to join Illegalcakes…u can be the person doing a power slide on all of the merch…we need a power slide…muah!

  15. don’t be hating on JBJ and crew … i thought they were pretty good given their advanced age =P

    taylor definitely tried … which was nice. some of the skits were better than others, but i don’t necessarily think that was his fault. personally i feel like SNL has never been as funny in recent years as it was 10 or 20 years ago, but it was somewhat amusing =) taylor was definitely committed and that’s all he could do with what they gave him. he looked adorable, for sure =)

    and those pictures, yum!

    • The bar was set so high in the 80s. It’s impossible to compete with honestly. Plus there’s been a change in the improv and sketch comedy scene w/ the introduction of technology. So, not all the talent wants to go to SNL.

      • yep. The Old One once again = The Wise One when (s)he said above that Tay Tay did a good job with what he was given, but seriously, with the exception of a few shining moments, SNL hasn’t been GOOD good like consistantly good since the mid 90’s.

  16. I totes agree with you, there were some good parts, but a lot was lacking. I missed the first 15 mins and had to watch the next day.

    Srsly those wigs were 10x better than his Jacob wig. THAT is something to laugh at!
    Have to say the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward skit was the funniest part. I could not handle it because it’s soo what happens! And he almost lost it when talking about his own abs HAHA

  17. Ya, it kinda sucked. But it was worth it for the drag part.

  18. It was funny. Love the team Edward. The eagles rock. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  19. I didn’t see it. Sounds like I didn’t miss too much.

    Ah well.

    Happy Monday.

  20. The boy is a pro-he was a great host, no sign of nerves, just totally professional. He was more natural and relaxed than many others who’ve hosted.I was hoping he’d play Rob or at least spoof Twilight, but oh well.

    My real dream is to see Rob host-Taylor was totally professional, but Rob would be hilarious, if not second-hand embarrassing.

  21. i know i will burn in hell but i missed SNL. i fell asleep on the couch waiting for it to come on. i know i am lame:( hey i worked all day though.

  22. I wasn’t really impressed by the episode, but I haven’t been impressed or had many knee-slapper guffaws at SNL for some time. I do however, love when “Reba” makes an appearance.

    The skit and still don’t why, that did have me giggling was the football face shots. I did get some slight amusement from the Team Edward/Team Jacob skit. Especially, when he started making out with the notebook – “because notebooks are for notes, not kissing.”

    The wigs are better on SNL because they use them all the damn time and I’m sure, very sure, someone from their make-up team comes up to Harlem to get an opinion on what works and what doesn’t. I don’t understand why Tyra Banks hasn’t stalked her way onto a Twilight set and made some suggestions or just inserted herself as the wig maven of the series by this point.

  23. Favorite quote of the night: “Notebooks are for notes, not for kissing.” Hilar. Truth.

  24. By not having Taylor as “The Situation” on a skit about Jersey Shore, SNL is dead to me. And I am a loooong time fan. My brothers taught me to sing King Tut before I could sing the ABCs.

    That being said, I think he did great with the crap material he was given. And the Team Edward/Team Jacob sketch was actually legit funny. (Also, not a fan of Jenny Slate, but for some reason, her doorbell sketch was so stupid funny that I was cracking up.)

    I give him a lot of credit for doing SNL and being such a good sport with the ridiculousness.

    P.S. I had such high hopes when he showed the clip of him doing nothing at the VMAs….I was like, “dude, this is a guy who can make fun of himself, should be a great evening.” Ah well…it wasn’t but not for lack of trying.

    • Is Jenny Slate her name? It’s something like that. I call her “F-word Girl”

    • I couldn’t decide if I liked that doorbell skit. A few of the bells made me laugh – especially the “animals” one that went “ding dong. woof. bears.” Stupid funny is a good way to describe it.

  25. A lot of people were giving Taylor a hard time about his performance (and by a lot of people I probably really mean like 3 people on Twitter, but whatever), but I think he did really well with what he was given. Fact is that SNL hasn’t been really funny in a long time. You can only do so much with sub-par skits/writing…

    That said, squeezing the ball in that froyo skit was hilarious. And I died when he made out with a picture of Robward on his binder.

  26. I fail because I didn’t even know Tay ws hosting until after it had already started and I wasn’t home to record. But I was out with several awesome LTT ladies, so it was a total WIN!!!

  27. SNL is such a crapshoot these days. You never know if it will be funny or not. Taylor did great with what he had to work with. “If those abs were real then that boy deserves an Oscar!” was the best line all night.

  28. I thought Taylor was very funny and did a great job throughout the show. I think that there are some major issues with the SNL writers (issues=not funny) but I really thought he did well considering the material he was given. The highlights were definitely:
    – The entire opening monologue – and hey, please don’t criticize Tay for not being able to kick the head off! he was just a little nervous, cut the boy some slack 😉
    – The Team Edward/Jacob skit; I’m very glad they got one Twilighty-themed skit in there! Although I do agree those types of arguments tend to involve middle-aged women rather than middle school girls, but that may have been too difficult for the SNL viewing “masses” to believe… Loved his pink t-shirt and yes the wig rocked
    – For some reason I liked the skit of Taylor and one of the new SNL girls being awkward teens in a mall. Is it just me? I knew several weird people in high school that acted just like Tay did in the skit, so I was cracking up. Especially when he started squeezing the ball.
    – Anyone else find it funny when he was playing the future dad? I imagine that put Chris Hansen on edge.

  29. I watched and cringed the entire time; not b/c of Taylor but the poor content – SNL needs to bring back Tina Fey as a writer, maybe she could help that mess.

    And did anyone notice that Taylor’s monologue outfit looked eerily similar to Rob’s outfit at the Hot Topic event in LA and the next day press events? Someone has a style crush…just sayin’.

    • Yes, I saw the plaid and thought the same!

      • Me too. Although it is kinda weird that plaid is becoming a “fashion statement” nowadays, especially since when Rob came out with it at first they said his style was “hobo chic” (WTF?! they obviously have to make up a new “fashion” current to not say “he looks like slept in the corner of that Starbucks over there”).

        • When I saw what Tay was wearing for the monologue, I thought he was gonna make fun of Rob’s clothes for sure.

  30. Oh, I still haven’t watched it, but thanks for these comments, I’ll know what to look for!!

  31. I thought Taylor did a good job! 🙂 I loved the dating sketch w/ the ball and the necklace. And the door bell sketch I had to watch twice on YouTube just because the “Ding Dong Woof BEAR” cracked me up!

    – Amber

  32. Just a side note here…..my hubby had an “aha!” moment this weekend. He’s been really trying to figure out and comprehend my small (yeah, right) obsession with all things Twlight and Taycob. So, yesterday we were talking about it and a light bulb went off over his head. He said, “so you ladies are drawn to Twilight like some guys are drawn to WOW” (World Of Warcraft, or Warcrack as most people think of it).

    So proud of him. He gets it now. Yes, he gets it.

  33. I’m happy to know I wasn’t the only one who found SNL un-funny. No offense to Taylor really. The funniest guy in the world can’t rock non-funny skits.

    And I have a confession to make. I like Bon Jovi…have liked them since back in the day. And watching SNL this week made me feel very old because the musical guest was more entertaining to me than the hot young popular host!

  34. Moon,
    I hope Lorne Michaels calls you today to ask if you want a writing gig on SNL. ALL of your ideas are so much better than anything they brought.

    Good luck with your new writing career…so not kidding.


  35. Hmm what can I say…I think I went into it without a lot of expectations so I wasn’t disappointed. LOVED the monologue, although it would have been great if he had been able to roundhouse Kanye’s head off the first time. I actually really like the show choir sketch, but for some reason the audience didn’t seem to find it funny. Taylor looked so WEIRD with blond hair! And the “yaaaahhhh!” I died. Obviously the Team Edward/Jacob was a highlight and probably the best skit of the show. So many good one-liners. I loved “but I do think that Bella is a whiny do-nothing who does not deserve either one of them.” And you know that had to be so creepy for him to watch her stroking that picture of him on the notebook.

    All in all I thought it was a very safe show. Not much dirtiness ( I wonder if they had some kind of orders from Summit), but he did great with what he had to work with. I hope he’ll get to host again someday in the future when he’s older and not so connected to the Twilight fanbase! I still want to see Rob host. Guess I’m just a masochist in that way, but I just think it would be freakin funny. Also, I think there are some Twilight fans on that writing staff. That debate skit had too much of the “in-depth” arguments that Twilight fans have for them to have just seen the movie. And Muse next week? Hell yes!

    • Glad to see someone else saw that awkwardness. What would it be like to stand next to someone who is stroking a photo of you? Taylor handled it like a pro. The Team Edward/Jacob sketch was my fave for so many reasons!

  36. I haven’t watched SNL since the 80’s and I was just shocked that it was an hour and a half long. With those lame ass writers they need to chop that down to an half hour.

    I love me some Taylor. Lord knows I do. Even though they gave him absolute crap he worked it, probably fully aware that it was crap. A true professional.

    Just out of curiousity, does anyone think that maybe the content was hindered because of his age and perhaps some intervention from Summit? I mean I’m not one of those ‘Summit is the devil’ types, but maybe they had a long list of ‘Don’ts” that the writers couldn’t touch as far as Twilight was concerned. I also thought that maybe the Native American comedian sketch may have been for him, but he was advised not to touch it for PC reasons. IDK…I was just grasping at straws trying to figure out why SNL sucks so bad because I KNOW it wasn’t Taylor 🙂

    • I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the Native American sketch was not done by Tay…I actually thought it was a bit offensive and not very funny…but thats cause I had to study Native American representation at College…and that kinda breaks ur heart…

      “A true professional” TRUTH!

  37. Even if Summit did have something to do with it (which I doubt). Good writing is good writing not matter what restrictions there are. Plus, when you’re creative, you always find clever ways around that. Taylor was such a good sport though.

  38. Le sigh. I’m not going to go into the travesty that is Bon Jovi music post-1989. I love you them without reason, but sometimes they make it really hard.

    Taylor gets an A for effort for SNL. He did the best he could with what he had to work with. The football faces had me cringeing in 2-hand embarrassment, and he owned every ridiculous wig they put him in.

    Sure, there wasn’t enough of Taylor or enough of the funny overall, but the Team Edward/Jacob skit made my li’l Twiheart squee with laughter. I love when twitardedness gets a shout-out, too.

    Dear SNL: Please scan these comments and take note. Perhaps hire some of us to freelance. I would have given . . . a LOT . . . to hear Taylor screaming about living in a van down by the river.

    • Hear! Hear!

    • Matt Foley. AWESOME.

      I also would have been happy with a little “Hanz and Franz” pumping YOU up or even a little “you may pet my (100) monkey”

      • This skit from the past also just popped in to my head. And I thougth it was worth a post in tribute to two souls lost too early.
        (sorry about the quality. It was the only one I could find)

  39. Oops. Was a tired moron and used my real name in my last post. What ev.
    I’ve been catching up on the last season of Criminal Minds (Yay netflix!) and got the wonderful surprise of Jackson guest starring! Did you guys already know about that?
    He did a wonderful job! But it also makes me wonder if Jackson will always been typecast as the dude with “Crazy Eyes” 🙂

    • Yeah, his whole Amanda look sort of freaked me out when I saw it! Another Twilight star who looks too comfortable in drag…just saying.

  40. what did you guys think of his return shout-out to Swifty in his monologue? I mean, I thought they were probably together but then he says “no I can’t do it, my heart belongs to another (Reba) and blows her the kiss and wink. Also I think he said something about him and “Reba” being friends with benefits..do you think that was his way of saying he’s not really with Swifty or was he saying he is, it’s so confusing that they don’t just come out and say whether they are dating or not. I saw that he flew to Nashville yesterday and checked into a hotel there but whether he went to her b’day party or not who knows, since she and her people have kept very quiet on all that.

  41. I so agree about the wigs! That was the first thing I thought. They need those guys to do the last film.

  42. O HAI!

    Not gonna lie. I almost passed out when he started TWIRLING that sword thing around and doing all of his martial arts moves.

    Thought I was going to pass out.


    xoxox Ash

  43. I didn’t see it. I was too busy watching Marcus Foster (who by the way looks like a little Haley Joel Osmet when he sings) and then going to the gay bar to have Veddersgirl smack my ass.

    It was a totally winning night!

    • That’s WAY better than my night when a hot blonde attack hugged my boyfriend and I just laughed.

      I wish a lesbian had smacked my ass. But I did hear a good band and ran into enough people I knew to feel extrordinarily popular.

  44. I died when i read this moon

    “the writers must have checked out for hanukkah”

    So true !!!

    I thought it was enjoyably bad…Just like Twilight…And even though I cant stand him (im the only one that wont be eating cookies with Chris Hansen) he did a good job with what he was given !

    Ok Ok I admit that his pelvic thrusts as Mikosh were a lil enticing..pass the cookies please !


  45. I was chewing my fingers the whole time. Then, the round house kick. I almost died.

    It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible.

    Did anyone else have Chris Hansen knocking on their door when he was doing that skit w/ Kristin Wiig where he and his wife were having a baby. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Taylor…and him impregnating a woman. me in particular. but anywhoodle…..sigh.

  46. Thank you for the blue SNL Taylor pic, Moon. That is officially my fave Tay pic, and has been my background for the past 24 hours. I finally found a use for the windows 7 feature “look at background through all windows.” Homework getting me down? Oh, hello Taylor!

  47. Totally off topic but I really needed this boost today, so imma gonna share:
    Showtime just announced TWILIGHT will be shown starting Jan. 23rd!!!! Ok I know what your thinking…you have watched the DVD every day/night since it came out so what is all the excitement….well…I was just about to CANCEL Showtime AND my TV is much bigger …..oh wait….IS IT BIG ENOUGH??? HMMM how NORMAL is it to want to by an EVEN BIGGER BIG SCREEN JUST TO WATCH EDWARD….I MEAN ROB….NO…NO….I MEAN TWILIGHT…HOW BIG IS BIG ENOUGH?? (yes thats what she said)…I never saw it at the movie theater and NM just didn’t give me what I needed….(sorry ILWL..but TL is yours anyway) ***scratches head***how to justify buying HUGE TV when 1: Don’t have any money 2: We have a perfectly good 46′ ??? **still thinking****AHHHH HUH!!Tell the hubs that I WANT him to have a GREAT TV in the garage so if he has to work on a Sunday, I want to MAKE SURE he gets to see his Nascar races??? Return all the family xmas presents and buy the biggest TV for those VERY SPECIAL times when they are all home so we can share loving, quality time while watching their favorite movies, complete with the whole theater experience??? Or go the pity route?? “I don’t go out and if I HAVE to be stuck in the living room, shouldn’t I at least get the most enjoyment I can get??? Or better yet…my eyes are getting so much worse I NEED a BIGGER TV…??? Or more believable…”OME I don’t remember ordering that HUGE TV..!!” Hmmmm…this is a tough one…but TOTALLY NORMAL RIGHT???

    • NORMAL….does that mean we cant watch New Moon on ur tv? I promise i wont squee too hard…lol
      *fingers, toes and eyes crossed for new tv*

    • I vote for the last excuse!

    • MidCyn – I recently watched Twilight on a friend’s tv – 56 inches with surround sound. Unfreakingbelievable! Now, on my little 20-something inch tv, it looks so sad. So, yes, wanting the biggest tv possible is completely NORMAL!

      • Now thats what I’m talking about!!! After watching all the time on the computer..I can’t even imagine on the “big” screen!!

        • Made me think of years ago when the Titanic with Leo C. came out at the theaters and a friend of mine belonged to the Academy that votes for the Oscars and she brought the unreleased uncut movie to the house and we had one of those huge montrous 56″ TV’s that took up half a room and packed it with all the kids from my three girls classes and had a huge crowd and party…it was such a blast!!! Oh so glad I have my “old” memories still!!! Thanks for reminding Ang of how things used to be….

  48. I feel bad for Taylor…it was just all so bad. Well, SNL’s humor isn’t the best in the first place, but some of the time they get it right. I’d rather watch Mad TV.
    Imagine KStewie hosting….that would be a disaster bigger than Twilight (the movie)

  49. I thought Taylor did good. I hadn’t watched an episode of SNL for a really long time. I just think they stopped being funny for a while. But I thought Taylor brought the fun. The team Edward/team Jacob skit was the best. And the football one was pretty good along with Mikash (sp??).

    I actually thought most were pretty good. I’m easily amused though, so that’s not really saying much…

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