Taylor on Saturday Night Live!

Dear Taylor-

Tonight you’re going to be hosting Saturday Night Live and if I’m honest I’m beyond excited for you and for me! I may have even double checked the DVR like uh… 5 times or so just to make sure I’ll have it recorded for all of eternity or until my DVR blows up from recording too many episodes of Top Chef and Jersey Shore (It’s “The Situation,” yall!). I’m kinda of an SNL connoisseur  so can I suggest a few things?

You kind HAVE TO do a skit where you impersonate Rob! I mean seriously, who else could do it? Put on a wig of crazy sex hair, a flannel and have some girl in a black mullet wig tell you what to do, brood a bunch and it’s gold I tell ya!

Make fun of yourself and the jorts! You HAVE to do a wolfpack skit or at the very least something about teen wolf! Only one of the best movie of the 80s by Micheal J Fox that didn’t have to do with time travel.

Opening Monologue?! Well, I mean Taylor Swift set the bar pretty hight… you either gonna have to give her a shout out or do your best impression of Taylor doing Taylor Swift doing Shakira… whew I’m just tired thinking about it…

I have BIG hopes for your Taylor… you will rock this cause no one can do worse than January Jones did this season on SNL. So bring it and bring it HARD (that’s what she said!) Cause I’ll be watching!!!!!!!

Break a leg!

What skits do you hope Taylor does on SNL tonight? An “Oh Really?” or perhaps a “Target” with Kristen Wig? Let’s all cross our fingers Big Daddy makes it in because this SNL will (hopefully) be full of videos and videos worth of blog content!

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40 Responses

  1. Wooo! I am so excited that something SNL (My FAV show before it turned suck) AND Twilight is happening on my birthday! There is seriously no better way to celebrate…. except for maybe Rob making an appearance on SNL. Which won’t happen. But hey, I can dream, right?

    – Jamie

  2. Cannot wait to see what wolfboy comes up with. Better be good, Tay!

  3. Will be funny to see what Taylor (and the SNL writers) come up with.
    Hopefully clips will be on youtube so those of us not in the US can watch.

  4. I really hope he does well, but I feel like I shouldn’t have too many expectations..
    He’s always so serious in interviews! I want more than anything for him to prove me wrong. He’s really going to have to bring it to outdo TSwift!

  5. Good to know moon appreciates (laughs at) “the situation” just as much as I do.

  6. Oh yeah, he has to do a Rob impersonation and I want (need!) to see those abs….please!! Now all I have to do is try and occupy myself for the next few hours…I don’t know if I can concentrate enough to accomplish anything!

  7. I’ve checked my DVR 6 times already cause………that’s normal! Can’t wait. Hope he does a great job.

  8. Hey are any of you gals going to be chatting or having some form of “virtual” get together/party during SNL (not sure what to call it)? Would love to be involved if you don’t mind me joining… plz tweet me @operarose . Or if there are no plans and I am thereby volunteering myself to be the organizer of the group viewing/chatting during SNL, please tweet me. You are my life now…at least the only people who will “get” SNL tonight like me! I can’t imagine my fiance, sleeping through the thing, will be much fun…

  9. OMG you don’t even know how excited I am about this. I’m a huge SNL fan; even as bad as it’s been the last few years, I’ve still hung on for some reason, because every now and then there will be a gem of a sketch stuck in the middle of all the crap. I clearly remember the night I saw Jizz in My Pants LIVE before it became so huge (that’swhatshesaid!) and I was like this is GOLD! So yeah…I’m a little apprehensive about Taylor, I’m not sold on his sense of humor yet, but I’m hoping he will surprise us all! And like you said, nobody can do worse than January “which camera” Jones, so as long as he does every skit shirtless, it’s smooth sailing! I would still love to see Rob host…I would sit through ALL the cringe-worthiness just to see his hot self for 90 minutes! But I guess this is the next best thing. Good luck, Tay!

    • Wouldn’t that be awesome if Rob and Kristen made surprise guest appearnces tonight? Just for like one skit?? I can hope….lol

  10. Dear BFF,

    As a sign of our impending and inevitablely awesome BFF-dom in 2010 I think we should start off right. All I ask is for a sign…like your other BFF Swifty did for u.
    (thats right…..BFF….pics or it didnt happen) I’m thinkin something small and not too flashy…like saying “Illegal” (cause you KNOW that word is going to come up) and raising an eyebrow while saying it…like when u said “pyjamas” in that interview that i did NOT watch on repeat for 2 hours. Cause that would just be too creepy for our BFF-dom to handle….I wont see it tonight and I will be chagrined over that fact..but i will live vicariously through someone watching it a million miles away…

    and if ur’e thinking that i might be in denial about my feelings for that wolfboy in twilight….well I’m not gonna talk about that…in my monologue..la la la ha ha ha…
    excited cookie!
    morning everybody!!!!

  11. omg i hope for the target lady skit! that is my favorite they ever do. and he should also make fun of some of the ummm “more enthusiastic” fans. i can’t wait to see it.

  12. I wish Tracy Morgan was still on SNL because Tay would be hilarious on “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet.”

  13. I remember when SNL did the funny take off on The Exorcist. Thisa hoot. Richard Pryor place the preist. This was a classic. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  14. I have a little obsession with snl. I have literally watched the show pretty much every Saturday since I was 7. Yes even as a child my parents allowed me to watch it and I have no idea why. I’m pretty sure there will be at least one sketch where he will be shirtless and in jorts it’s too obvious. It has to happen. There will be a cougar sketch too I’m really nervous for him. I’d that weird?

  15. Gonna miss SNL tonight. A travesty, I know. But my boyfriend is finally arriving in town, and I haven’t seen him for… 6 weeks. So, we’re going to go out dancing and eat veggie dogs 🙂 Sorry, Taylor.

    • Veggie…dogs…Taylor…all in the same thought. Cullens…wolves…Jacob. Does that strike anyone else as funny? Likely, it’s just me. 🙂

      • I find it more funny/kinda weird after six weeks they are going out at all!! Is it just me or what??
        HAVE A BLAST TS…..Know how much you been missing him….

        • I agree with Cyn!!! You havent seen your boyfriend (shall we call him “Bob”) in 6 weeks and all your gonna do it eat veggie dogs??? Maybe thats code for something we dont know about…… yeah that must be it.

  16. Moon, you nailed it again. I can’t wait to see Tay-Tay tonight.

    Poor January Jones. 2nd hand embarressment for her, which I don’t expect to feel for Taylor.

    Expect all the usual vamp/wearwolf sp? jokes and lots of ab action.

    Bring it, Tay-Tay!!!

  17. Moon~

    You nailed it again. I can’t wait to see Tay-Tay tonight.

    Poor January Jones. 2nd hand embarressment for her, which I don’t expect to feel for Taylor.

    Expect all the usual vamp/wearwolf sp? jokes and lots of ab action.

    Bring it, Tay-Tay!!!

  18. My thoughts..YES I DO HAVE THEM SOMETIMES…is that Taylor is going to Rock SNL…in eye candy alone..also cause he JUST KNOWS ILWL WILL BE WATCHING…however me thinks that b/c of his age and FCC rules he won’t be able to “let it all go” as he might like to…and I am SURE his contract with Summit is pretty detailed about his appearances…but just that smile is so worth waiting for….

    Hope to see you guys HERE after/during the show..or if your going to be on Twitter make sure you let Stareide know ok..
    Happy Saturday!!

    • aaaaawww….Cyn…I wont be seeing him tonight but I havent told him that…so keep it on the downlow aite? dont want him to think I’ve abandoned him in his time of need….bahahaha! yeah my head has officially hit the keyboard faaaar too many times…I’ll beon twitter moping over my predicament…keep me updated…muah!

      p.s. The smile is TOTES worth waiting for….not to mention the eyes, laugh, adam’s apple, and the bitten nails (oh Jebus Weitz puh-lease let there be a and shot) ok…i sound like a weirdo…stopping now…LOL

  19. We want Big Daddy! (Or at least a McDonald’s FOF cameo!)
    *crosses fingers*

  20. Skit Time With Taycob!

    1. In Jorts, no shirt, with tat on arm climbing into window using a nearby tree and totally missing in the final leap only to be left hanging off the window ledge. Maybe girl inside will look out, see nothing, and close the window on his fingers.

    2. Half fur-slpoding wolf action- so he ends up half guy- half wolf. Maybe spitting a little fur out of his mouth at the end while tatters of clothing rain around him. Maybe he could sing the “Dick in a Box” song but make it a “Wolf in a Box” variation.

    3. Every so often, during the show, he takes a baggie of meat out of his pocket and eats it. Followed by finding cold squishy sweet potatoes somewhere else on his person.

    4. Taycob should dress up like a girl- maybe the other Tay! It would be so opposite of his muscled up self and hilar! I wonder if he’s comfy enough with himself to go there. (and sing!)

    C’mon Taylor, show us what you’re made of as an actor. We know you can do it!

    • Post SNL thoughts:

      Imo, your ideas were a lot better than what SNL actually produced.

      I felt a little bad for Tay-tay, but think he did very well with what he was given to work with.

      Am now convinced, Rob will NEVER do SNL.

  21. Oh my goodness! A Rob skit would make my life. My LIFE!!

  22. i thought he was OK. It wasnt really amazing, but it didnt suck either.

    my fav part? the team jacob vs. team edward skit.
    “if those abs are real, then that… that DUDE Jacob deserves an Oscar!”

    “Woo, i wanna bake cookies on your stomach!”
    dont we all?? XD

  23. I saw the monologue & the classroom sketch on youtube. I thought our boy done pretty good in these…

    It was worth seeing for:
    a) the homage to all those martial arts videos of him as a nipper, & especially that hysterical break dance move…the stick twirling is amazing & yet…all I can think of is cheerleaders
    b) him missing kicking Kanye’s head off
    c) the single word *honey*
    d) him defending Edward’s behaviour in NM
    e) kissing Edward’s photo

    & of course the backflip, & Jacobesque crouch…I’m a happy (& yet sad) old lady.

  24. TayTay, you didn’t disappoint us! Your opening act was funny and you were one very good looking Marianna.

  25. […] you didn’t take my advice about playing Rob in a skit or have Big Daddy on for a McDonald’s themed skit NOR did you […]

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