Breaking down my Twilight memories

Dear Twilight,

Wow… you have really changed my life. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting this week since it’s our anniversary week, and I’ve been thinking back to a year ago at the start of it all. Moon & I are extremely bummed that we can’t locate that very first chat we had on 12/8/08 when we decided to start the blogs, but in my searching for that first conversation, I’ve come across a gem. Way back on 11/25/2008, Moon was going through her first read of the Twilight saga, and I was SO excited to finally have a friend to discuss the series with! I laughed re-reading this conversation, realizing how far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed and yet, how little has really changed! I’m gonna stop talking about it and instead, I’m gonna break down one of the first conversations Moon & I ever had about Twilight… vanity fair style!

My “Break down” is italicized between the lines of conversation and it’s green. Green is (what?) GOOD

Someday will cover our faces with that ribbon...

Losing Moon’s virginity

UC: oh miss Moon HI! did you read my blog yet? My review on Twilight the movie? because I forgot you didn’t finish book 3… *spoiler alert*
Book 3? Really UC? No one calls it that. It’s Eclipse
Moon: Thats where I just clicked on! About to read it!
UC: NOOO Stop! Until you finish the series…. I don’t want to give it away!!!
Moon: But I’m halfway through Eclipse? Don’t read it?
UC: Don’t- just because I give away my favorite part!! A part you’ll love
It involves the guy who runs around in jorts warming up the heart-breaker in a tent while the cold one looks on!
Moon: Oh man! I can’t wait. I didn’t read any last nite because I wanted to save it for the plane tonight!!
What? Moon? Is that you? The one who has been tempted to read my blog posts before they post in the morning and has been known to sneak in fanfic at opportune times- like during work or while at church? You WAITED for Eclipse!?
UC: oh yay! Good Idea
You sound 12, UC, saying “Yay” like that. Plus that’s not a good idea
UC: I forgot how good Eclipse was! I think I might read the last 1/2 again before I start Breaking Dawn 🙂 I’m such a loser/really awesome
The phrase you’re looking for is “That’s Normal”
Moon: TOTALLY awesome.
Welcome to the 80s
Moon: yea I’m LOVING Eclipse- might be favorite
It stays your favorite
Moon: Then I’ll probably get Breaking Dawn this week sometime
You’ll try, but every store will be out of it. So you’ll look hopelessly for a week

The one where we prophecize

UC: How long will you be at home with your parents? Until Sunday?
Moon: Monday I come back- decided to make a vacay out of it
UC: nice!!
Moon: stalk stephenie meyer
UC: Oh yay! She lives there, I forgot!
Oh UC… next thing you’ll tell me you don’t know Rob Pattinson’s middle name.
Moon: It’s so sad but I’m so hoping for some odd reason I see her
That hope never dies
Moon: I’ve regressed to age 14 and I’m ok with it
That’s (still) Normal
UC: haha I would want to see her too! And I know what you mean I’m seriously going crazy. I’m only listening to the soundtrack and I keep repeating songs
You’ll do that for another 6 months. You’ll never play that Perry Ferrell song you thought you’d learn to like ever again
Moon: Dude the soundtrack is killing me
Dude- Just wait until New Moon’s soundtrack. You’ll wanna kill yourself
UC: So my review of the movie is VERY similar to yours (I didn’t read yours until after I wrote mine) Except.. I added my opinions of seeing it a 2nd time which was PERFECT because I loved it even more
Moon: yea I’m thinking I need to see it again away from little girls
UC: Yes. it was SO different
Moon: I think I’ll be able to focus on it and not wonder what’s next and stop worrying about the cheesy special FX and enjoy
You won’t stop worrying about the cheesy FX because they don’t stop being cheesy
UC: right- I def. wasn’t focused first time around. [My husband] Mr. Choice didn’t think it was cheesy at all (the diamonds)
The what? Diamonds? Do you mean the sparkles? Oh UC….
UC: he said if it was anything more, he thinks it would’ve been cheesy.
He’s wrong. It was cheesy
UC: I could’ve used some more sparkle myself. Spoiler alert for my review. He LOVED it
Moon: Every dude or person who didn’t read the books really liked it
Is every ‘dude or person” you know a family member of Catherine Hardwicke? [side note: this was during the phase when Moon called every guy a dude]
UC: I know!
Moon: so I think it’s just the diehards who are trying to reconcile the whole thing to whatever they imagined
UC: He said it’s a shame it’s the teen demographic because it’s not going to get the credit and attention it deserves for being a really kick-a movie
Hahahaha UC print that out and remind Mr. Choice DAILY that he once said that. He won’t believe you….
Moon: EXACTLY! So many people are like that’s a YA novel. I’m like SO WHAT?!
Preach it
Moon: If they got a different director and some kick ass CGI/FX this could contend with the summer blockbusters- it’s supernatural
Preeeacch it!
UC: and the actors were soo good!
Uh… who do you mean? Jessica and Mike? And sometimes Rob?
Moon: It could be put it in there with Batman and stuff
Uh, what?

The one where we mention “him” (and her…)

That Pattison guy & Hayley

UC: I think the whole Cullen fam was spot-on. I wasn’t sure at first, but I am quite obsessed with Rob Pattison now
There it is Ladies & Gentlemen. UC becomes obsessed with Rob Pattison
Moon: I really thought the actors were good too and felt like they were being held back
One too many pina coladas at happy hour for Hardi
UC: Did you see his “sexiest man” pic from PEOPLE?
You mean the one under my pillow?
Moon: Rob IS Edward
Moon is sold. and Yes. He really does has that rico suave thing going on that Edward has down pat. It’s all the hot pockets and not showering…
UC: I KNOW- completely
Moon: the actors totally worked for me. and I had to remind myself that the first book isn’t about everyone else and that we’ll get to see more of them later I totally loved Jasper, Alice and can’t wait to see what they do with Jacob cause HELLO next movie is like ALL him
UC: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh. I hate that. I will be sad. 😦
You get over it. There are jorts to count
UC: Love rob’s voice btw
Moon: It’s totes good. and the smile!!! oh man. Him and Haley on that artist to artist thing on myspace was GREAT!
We called Haley from Paramore by her first name back then…
Moon: he actually seemed really normal and not all awkward
UC: I know! I hear he’s so awkward, but he seemed great…
Moon: He is awkward in like half the other interviews i’d seen. Oh- and you know who else? ESPECIALLY Kristen Stewart
What? You used to think Kristen Stewart was AWKWARD? Oh wait… nothing has changed there…
UC: I haven’t spent too much time watching interviews yet- I need to. I started today but then got too distracted.


UC: Sigh…this iron and wine song makes me want to cry
It’s got that that whole “it’s playing during a scene you’ll replay in your mind over and over again and instead of see the awkward girl you’ll replace your face” thing about it…
Moon: oh man. It’s SO great . The chick who used to do all the music for the OC did twilight. I was like OF COURSE when I saw her name
UC: I LOVE her! Plus there were 3 ppl who have been on the OC.. so I’m wondering if the casting director was the same!
Moon: Wasn’t James the guy who killed Marissa? and I think one of the girls was on there….
UC: and Rosalie was Sadie, who dated Ryan, and then Jasper was on it- but I can’t remember him
We’re so cute. James? Rosalie? Jasper? Awww we don’t know their real names!

I thought Chris Hansen first found us because of Taylor, but it may have been this pic of Jackson when he was 14...

Moon: OHHHH yea!! I knew Jasper looked familiar
UC: when was he on? His name was Justin IMDB said… I can’t remember…
Did anyone at one point in the show have a really bad wig? That was probably him…
Moon: I’m looking it up! PS his hair is TERRIBLE in the movie
HA! Just you wait. It’s possible for it to get worse….
UC: I know! He’s so cute in real life
Moon: right!! oh man he was on in the last season. This will be hard
You wish you had a twitter account with 5,000 followers to ask, huh?
UC: I know.. and I JUST watched that
Moon: OHHH he was in school with Katelin?!
I had a”OC orgasm” apparently
UC: The awkward guy from the ice cream shop!!!
Moon: Here he is!
UC: oh no. you’re right. I remember him. That was season 3
Moon: “Katelin’s DRUG DEALING boyfriend!”
UC: he dealt drugs?
Moon: thats what it says in the episode summary
Jackson!? What does Kellan’s mom think? Are you not allowed to go to church with him?
UC: he was older.. she went to a frat party and stole $$
Moon: omg how cute is he…

The one where we already criticize her…

UC: Now I’m going through all 159 twilight photos on imdb
Only 159? That’s it? That’s barely Normal
Moon: wow I gotta get off the imdb pics HAHAHAHA
UC: you too huh!
Moon: wow we should have been teenagers together
Yeah, we know, we know. Why don’t you start a blog?
UC: I know! I wrote that on your blog today
Moon: Dude can we talk kristen stwearts HAIR?!
UC: YES! I want it!! It’s so pretty. SHE’s so pretty!
Moon: I think it’s atrocious
UC: Really!?
Moon: in real life
UC: in the movie? Oh!! I love it in the movie
Moon: Yes in the movie her hair is great
UC: Because I have curly ass awful hair and hers is silky smooth! What pic of her is bad?
Oh this could take awhile….
Moon: Which shall I choose…

UC: Ew so gross. She totally looked drugged up. I don’t think she cares
This is where we prove we don’t say these things about Kristen to be cool or different… we’ve always thought them…Also that 2nd picture is really good compared to some pictures to come….
Moon: I saw her on letterman and was WAY unimpressed. Yea I think it’s a combination of being 18 and thinking you’re really cool and since you’re an actor you shouldn’t care
UC: You think she’s faking it? I haven’t seen interviews. I just thought she didn’t care….
Moon: COME ON. You get to make out with a hot dude and remake an outrageously popular book. You can act HAPPY
UC: Seriously, and I think it’s lame she didn’t read all the books
Moon: I KNOW!!
UC: you’re going to MAKE all the books into movies. READ THEM
Moon: I read that and I was like WAIT how can you portray a character and not know what happens?! How do you act?! Don’t you need ‘motivation’?
Uh, have you seen Rob Pattinson? He’s motivation enough
UC: I know! Rob even read “Midnight Sun,” Stephanie’s draft of Twilight from Edward’s perspective. Come on girl!!
UC: Wtf is Lance Bass doing at the Twilight premiere? I want to be there
Next year..
Moon: I can’t wait to read Midnight Sun

Rob, uh, PattiNson

UC: So did you see Rob’s pic in people?
Moon: YES!!
Moon: the hot men thing? or whatever?
UC: My heart is fluttering!!! Taylor/Jacob is cute- and he will be a heartthrob for New Moon and Eclipse
Moon: right!! I cant wait to see what they do with him. He needs to buff up a lot. And grow
I’m now convinced the cast broke into my computer and read this conversation.
Moon: He’s like really 16. Weird…
UC: I know! I hate his long hair. But short it’s cute (and it’s short/mid-length after becoming a dog, right?)
Moon: well right when he becomes werewolf it’s shaved which could be hot
This is the day Chris Hansen’s stalker alerts he has set up across the interwebs went off and we were written in his book of “Ladies I’ll need to visit in the future”
UC: okay I need to stop obsessing and get back to work although I want to die and not do that
Don’t worry. Soon you’ll start a blog and not work for 367 days…
Moon: Right. I need to do some work. but I don’t want to. I want to look at pictures
UC: haha me tooooooo!!!!! Okay. I wish you lived closer. DAMNIT
Moon: Right. We could have geeked out together
You will… just you wait…

Bonus Feature

And as a little bonus… On 12/8/2008, after our first post on LTT and our first post on LTR, I broke the news to my husband…

Mr. Choice: wayd
that’s my cute husband’s speak for “what are you doing.” It’s pronounced “Wade”
UC: ummmm I started a hobby with Moon. I will tell you about it at home:)
He always complained I didn’t have any hobbies…
Mr. Choice: oh boy…did you leave work yet?
UC: no.. I got here late. I’ll leave in 15-20
Didn’t you hear me? I started a hobby. That means I didn’t work all day. In fact from here on out, I’m no longer going to work
Mr. Choice: No hurry…I haven’t started cleaning yet
UC: Hunny!!!!! What have you been doing? One of your many hobbies?
Mr. Choice: yes
UC: I have a hobby now!!!
Mr. Choice: I’m afraid to ask
UC: I’m so excited about it, so don’t hate k?
Mr. Choice: Is it a hobby that’s going to better you or waste your time?
UC: Umm… it will take advantage of time I already waste. Plus it will give me something to lighten my spirits with laughter and look forward to doing! AND using my creative writing skills!!! Maybe it’s not what YOU’D write about.. but……:)
Mr. Choice: hmmm? k We’ll talk about it..
UC: No. It’s decided. Loves!
And I never looked back….


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  1. Oh Geeze Girls!

    Ya’ll rock. (i happen to LOVE the conversations)
    Ya’ll are such a hoot & you had some pictures i hadn’t seen yet… awesome!

    and again, Happy Anniversary (Week)!!!

    • OH! and i love how your hubby was all we’ll talk about it and you were all: UC: No. It’s decided. Loves!
      And I never looked back…

      Aww… and did you watch the movie Julie & Julia yet? i watched it last night and thought of you two the whole time. & i even talked to my hubby about you…

      • Hehe, when I decided to audition for the part of Kate (er, go on that journey to try and get to audition for the part), I was so worried to tell my SO. He was like, “That sounds great. Maybe you’ll make money and then we can travel all the time.” Haha. Great.

        • I might be missing something. Are you really going to audition for the role of Kate or are you alluding to something else? Because that would rock if you really tried to audition.

          • I’m really going to try to audition. It’s really in motion already. I get my headshots back on Saturday and I have a dress rehearsal for a movie I’m in as an extra Saturday morning. it’s all coming together… The goal is to be in enough stuff to get an agent by June, before I leave for South Africa. I’m pitching a column idea that will chronicle my journey from zero experience to the booking of Kate (whether it be me or not…most likely not, I don’t have an unrealistic outlook here). Anyway, if I can get this column, I will let everyone here know the link and such things. I’m counting on you guys to be my fanbase!!!! I won’t forget the “little people” who are really the big people at the end of the day. (you see my media training coming out already…)

          • I’m totally Team TeamSeth! 🙂

          • TEAMSETH!!!

          • what movie are you an extra in? i wanna know where/when to look! tellmetellmetellme!!!

          • It’s called Vengeance. It’s really lo/no budget, so no clue if it’ll go anywhere.

      • no! i haven’t seen it. why did you think of us!?

        • it’s a true story. (once you see it you’ll understand why i thought of you) b/c she (Julie) has an interest/passion for something (in her case food/Julia’s cooking) and she feels like something is missing in her life… so she starts a blog. she intends it to be for one year and she writes about her aspiration/intention to cook all the receipies in Julia’s book, keeping a log on thte blog… it’s funny and cute and she has problems in her life… some people support her and some vary but she does keeps it up even when “real life” gets in the way. totally cute and funny and it gave me a little window into what your lives might be like in maintaining this blog. she get SO thrilled when people start to comment and when she gets followers that aren’t her mother. you should see it. i got it on NetFlix but i think i wanna buy it now. Enjoy!

          • oh! and she got interviewed in the NY Times b/c of it and that led to a book and then the movie… you two gals might “feel” the parallels more fully than i can id, but it’s really good. Nora Ephron did it, like You’ve Got Mail. if i hadn’t dropped it in the mail i’d watch it again today.
            i hope you like it… Amy Adams is in it like in Junebug (which i watched after one of you said it was one of you fav movies)

          • @ambushed, Things are in motion. Maybe not the NYTimes yet, but, things are in motion.

          • @TS i know, i’m sure. (sure,sure) ( i read their news interview) when they make the movie of the LTT gal i want to play one of the roles. i am quite the actress… i quite invested. perhaps the the Kate role doesn’t work out for you then we can double-team… even if it turns out to be just a Lifetime Special! Yay! (i say “yay” too, no worries)

          • @ambushed, or the Kate role WILL work out for me, and I’ll be able to shoot LTT: The Movie between parts 1 and 2. Imma be honest though, I’ve been seriously thinking about how to adapt this blog to film… I don’t know how easy it will be w/out getting the Twi cast involved. But you know, if we all combine our minds, I’m sure we can come up with a solution. So, all you peeps w/ real name/face avatars, CHANGE THEM NOW!

    • OMG this post cracks me up so hard. we’re SOOO innocent. these are the convos i imagine twi virgins to be having all around the world.

  2. Oh Lord.
    That was awesome.
    I kinda OC-gasm’d when I found out all 3 were in it (I knew who NReed was, just didn’t recognise her in Twi at all) and all 3 were in 1 epi together! I totally watched it the day I got home from the holiday I was on.
    And those baubles are SO freakin’ cool!!


  3. UC – I’m jealous that your husband knows about your Rob/Twilight obsession. I haven’t let mine watch the first movie yet. I was watching it last night trying to picture myself explaining the books to my husband.

    Basically Edward is a sparkly, mind-reading 108 year old virgin vampire and Bella has the sweetest smelling blood he’s ever come across.

    That was as far as I got before I realized I was FIRST-hand embarassed and could never explain this to my husband.
    I’m so glad you and Moon run this website and I can come here and meet with other Rob/Twilight lovers and we can feed each other’s addiction and assure each other that “That’s Normal!”

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    • I too am waaay first hand embarassed to confess just how out of control my twi/rob spiral is. Every time I am seen to be reading SM I just trot out a line about how it’s another book sweetheart…of course I’m not re Reading the same books over and over DUHH!!

      • It’s either Showtime or Cinemax that is starting to advertise that, in January, they will start playing the Twilight movie. And when they start showing it, they will show it over and over and over. I’m afraid there will be no avoiding it at that point. My husband has already said, “Hey, we’ll have to watch that.” Oh crap! He’s going to think I’m crazy.

        I have the same problem with the books. My husband hasn’t said anything yet, but he notices I’m reading them more than once. It doesn’t help that my oldest son blurted out, “Haven’t you read that book , like 12 times!” Kids can be annoying.

        • I know exactly what you mean – except my husband knows that my mind works in mysterious ways:-)

        • Toooldforthis & Goodgirlgoneplain~
          I ❤ that your oldest kid outed you on the books. I don't have any kids, but my DH is fully aware and quite frightened at this stage of my Rob/Twi obession.

          Regretted taking DH to see NM…he didn't get it at all.

          so glad you guys are here!


          • I don’t think my husband would get NM either. If you hadn’t read the books first, you would wonder what was all the fuss about over this Edward guy.

    • My bf knows. It’s not a good thing. He humors me, but I’ve had many first-hand embarrassing moments when something reminds me of Rob and/or Twilight and my eyes light up in that “twilight” kind of way and he notices. I can’t help it!

      • My hubby FINALLY caught on when New Moon was coming out. I was able to hide it till then. Was way too much stuff on tv and the internet for it to be ignored. Our DVR was/is filled with Taylor on Jay Leno, Taylor on Conan, Taylor on etc, etc. Then there were the E! News specials, MTV specials, Spike Awards, even the Fashion Police of the New Moon premiere. And let’s not forget all the magazines. He didn’t catch on before because I started all this in March after the Twilight DVD came out and I had just finished all the books so he just thought I was reading as usual. Guess he didn’t realize I was reading the same books 2 or 3 times. Now that he knows he teases me a bit (“there’s your boyfriend Taylor, you perv!”) but asks a TON of questions because he would never read the books but seems slightly interested. He did go with me to see New Moon the second time and his responses were (followed by my inner thoughts):
        1. “Jesus! That guy’s ripped! Did you see his back?!?” (Yes honey, I know all about Jacob, no need to point it out to me. Trust. I’m paying close attention.)
        2. “The part with the hot red head and the wolves was cool but why didn’t the wolf jump in the water after her?” (Sweetie, her name is Victoria and it’s a treaty thing.)
        3. “I could care less about the vampire but I like the story about the werewolves, tell me more about them” (Did my hubby just say what I thought he said?!? Yes, yes, yes!!!!)

        • Lol, I had a similar experience, but with my brother. He was all nice and big-bothery when he went with me to my 2nd viewing of New Moon. He was all mumbly (stupid co-dependent girl, etc, etc) until Taylor took his shirt off in that infamous scene. He gasped (yes, GASPED, he’s gay, btw), and started paying attention from there on. Ever since, he asks Twi-related questions, actually seeming interested in an answer. And, he can’t bother me anymore, cuz I will remind him of the “Gasp”, tee-hee.

          Still, I haven’t forgiven him for saying “put some clothes on, ugly”(when Rob took his shirt off) and “When are the wolves coming back?” (from the moment they went to Italy).

        • REsponse to 2.

          Not a treaty thing. Cullens weren’t back yet, so treaty was irrelevant. It’s actually that the wolves can’t swim well (like a doggy paddle), whereas vampires don’t have to breathe, so they’re pretty good swimmers. In the book Jacob explains to Bella that vampires have the advantge in the water. Basically if they went in, they’d be too vulnerable and she would kill them.

          • Thanks for the correction TS, going back and reading what I wrote I see that that’s what I get for thinking ahead of myself. I was trying to type a few examples of questions he asked and accidentally combined them (he asked about Alice and Jacob = not happy to see each other) (oops!). It’s hard to hide “not working” as working, mistakes will be made! 🙂

          • They will be made. It’s purple…

          • Aaaand, the Twi-dork of the day award goes to . . .. TeamSeth!

          • Hear, hear!!! Lol.

            Yeah, true, it was because they’re great swimmers. If I remember correctly, “like sharks” was used once to describe their swimming technique by Jacob. Another great example is in the story of the Third Wife (turning over a boat? Eek…)

    • My hubster* just saw me on My iPhone (he doesn’t know again)checking out yesterdays robporn and said that bloke looks like a muppet. And not in a jealous way either.

      * soon to be ex.

    • My hubby has a vague awareness of my obsession, but the most embarrassing moment was when I went home early to watch Rob on Ellen, and hubby comes in, and says “oh, hi, you’re home early,” and starts telling me about something, and I’m all, “that’s interesting, dear” and staring past him at the TV–oh no, Rob is about to go on, must pretend to listen to hubby–but Rob is about to SPEAK, help, shut up. Hubby gets a clue and looks at TV–“Oh, so that’s why you’re home early, that’s that Twilight guy.” So busted…

      • I really wanted to go to the NewMoon premiere, and I wanted tickets for that and the Twilight showing just before it. I decided to ask my husband for that as my bday present. I was trying to think of how to explain it to him. Everytime I would get to the part in my mind of me saying “the first movie is at 9pm and the second part starts at midnight” I would just start laughing uncontrollably, trying to imagine his face. Me? Staying up and out til 2 in the morning to watch a movie? Ridiculous. I can barely stay awake for the monologues after the 10pm news.

        But finally, I drummed up my courage one day in the car, thinking we could go on and get the tickets in advance. After all that, his only response was, “Do I have to go with you?” “No, one of my gf will go” “Cool! Sounds like a plan”.

        Of course, then the next two weeks were spent with him teasing me, saying there’s no way I could stay awake that late, how will I go to work the next day, etc.

        But, I did it! Made it all the way through! The kind of cool part is that when I went back to see it for the 2nd time, I kept thinking, I must have been more sleepy than I thought, I don’t remember any of this part! LOL

        • Totes agree, Marjorie. Same happened to me. Saw NM at midnight, then saw it again and realized I’d missed some stuff. It was completely worth it to be out-of-my-mind tired at work all day after NM.

          Thanks for sharing.

      • my husband wondered why I had on the DVR: Ellen, Oprah, Ellen (again), Latenight and every other show that had a Twi-nterview before the movie came out! I watched them whenever he was in the shower…he knows but he pretends he doesnt. He is more happy when he swallows the lie.

      • Oh, so busted “Old One.” My husband calls HHH “that Twilight guy,” too which is fine, just DON’T get in my effing way when Rob is around….I’m a bad wife, huh?

        • We’ll be in the Bad Wives Club together. I’m very happy that Rob’s name and the whole Rob phenomenon is not on hubby’s radar, and try to keep it that way. That’s normal.

  4. Loved reading these convos and your ‘break down’ UC. You girls rock.
    Guess I’ll be saying it all week, Happy Anniversary.

  5. “You get over it. There are jorts to count” hahahaha
    Ohh I loved reading this! I used to swoon over Robert PattERson for the first month.

    Mr. Choice: hmmm? k We’ll talk about it..
    UC: No. It’s decided. Loves!

    makes us women proud!

    • YES.. there was def a Patterson phase!!!!

      • I think we all had that phase. Sometimes I still slip up.

        I watched my first full length Rob interview today!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the whole time I kept trying to decide if the interview guy was gay or not. Plus he started to ask the important questions (i.e. “Who were your besties on set?” and then he asked it, realized what he’d just asked, backstepped, and then said this question instead, “I mean, I guess you’re just hanging out with everyone so much. You probably all gelled, right?” UGH. Just let the kid w/ the media training mumble his way through, Interviewer-With-Anchor-Tatt-On-His-Outer-Wrist!

        Anyway, the top moment was that one of the audience questions came from a guy named Pip in Norwich. Teehee. Someone’s RL name is Pip!

      • And I didn’t correct Alice during that entire month. I was tyring to be nice, and all that. Until one day I just exploded and yelled “It’s PattINson, okay? Pat-tin-son!!”
        Good times.

    • haha during thanksgiving one of my male cousins was asking us what the big deal with this “Robert PatteRson” was. I was like “um, it’s PattiNson. Get it right.”

      Ohhh goodness…

    • JORTS!! I almost forgot- I went (finally) for the second time after work to see NM. I yelled out “JORTS” several times. some people gave me dirty looks but I dont care. I also laughed at several inapprop times thinking about things people had posted here. LTT love!!!!

    • I had a “guy that played Cedric Diggory” phase.

  6. It’s so nice from you to share your first breaking down with us!

  7. i loved to read this backstory. it’s nice to know the origins of your local superheroes. you guys rock. and way to tell your husband “no. it’s decided” how dare he think he was gonna get some input! also, i think someone may have been just a tiny bit unicornish. i saw a little horn peeking out through the lines in that convo……

    • I saw it too…just nudging its way through (heh).

      EG, it IS nice to know the origins of our superheroes. VAMPIRE VOLVO AWAY!

    • Yes… these stories of your local (as in interwebs local) heroines are great. Specially when you can read how the opinions did or didn’t change, and how some of the lexicon came to be, 😛

  8. Mr. Choice: Is it a hobby that’s going to better you or waste your time?
    UC: Umm… it will take advantage of time I already waste.

    Bahahaha! Best answer evah.


  9. UC, this was so great! And I’m so glad you throw us a DVD Extra there at the end!

    And OMG OMG OMG, my cubey (not the mean one) just sent me this video interview about Eclipse today.

    MINUTE 1:09 MINUTE 1:09. Our dreams are all coming true…

    • It’s hard to believe we only have six months left of antici… pation. I love Tay’s excitement over the tent scene. (Though, he seems to be in roblor denial….) Other than the leg hitch, that’s one scene that could make or break it for me.

      • Nice use of the “pregnant pause” there. Nearly as good as S-pizzle’s use last night…

        It could make or break it. Hopefully Tay’s kissing skills will live up to our antici…..pation.

        My cubey also sent me this. Maybe Ben Barnes will play Garrett? ::sends up a prayer:: ‘Cuz I’d be totally okay with that. He’s even a Real Madrid fan. So we’d have something to talk about on set. All we need to do is have someone photoshop in the red contacts, and we’re good to go. And we’ll finally see a suit on the red carpet made by someone other than Calvin Klein.

        This sounds like a great casting idea to me… ::calls up Lana Veenker::

        • Oh my, he’s pretty. Definitely Garrett-worthy. I support this casting suggestion 100%.

        • “antici…..pation”

          This is exactly the reason why I love LTT.

          • Olivier Martinez as in “Faithless?” That was so sexy, not Rob sexy, but still sexy.

        • me likey. yum.

        • Greatest idea ever!!
          Although I’m a bit worried that my brain might shut down with all that pretty on screen at the same time.

          • I think my essence of being might shut down if I’m cast as Kate and actually get to be pinned down by him and make out with him. Because when they interview me later and are all, “Who was your first on screen kiss?” “Ben Barnes” “What was that like?” “um…amazeballs. Er, *shitshit*, it was fine. He’s cute, so it was a little nervewrecking, but, it’s not like I haven’t kissed cute guys before… like my boyfriend for instance. *shitshit*. Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh, my recent role as Kate and how I got into acting and Summit Summit blah blah blah.”

    • The 3 of them are PHYSICALLY together in Eclipse”

      Oh Tay-Tay, I know some people who would pay GOOD money for that!

    • OMG! OMG! OMG! Thanks for sharing TS! I think I just squeeled like a lil’ girl quiefly in my office when Taylor said the “tent scene”!

      It’s my favorite book & I’m hoping it will be my favorite movie!

      • My favorite book and favorite scene in the enitre series as well. So, if they pull that scene off in the movie like I’m praying they do…………………I’ll be a vey happy camper!

    • Thanks for that link–the expression on Taylor’s face when he says the tent scene is the best scene in the entire franchise–he doesn’t smirk often, but that’s totallly a sexy smirk he busts out there!

  10. The conversations are priceless. maybe we can see them with Peyton manning and master card. Great pics. Yep they both looked drugegd or three sheets into the wind. I love Xmas bobble. I love the balding big guy in the back. You rock.

  11. How much do I love that you two were so ‘normal’ even then? A Lot!
    I even see twss opps that you pass up and don’t call out. And the convo with the hubs? ❤

  12. “Moon: well right when he becomes werewolf it’s shaved which could be hot
    This is the day Chris Hansen’s stalker alerts he has set up across the interwebs went off and we were written in his book of “Ladies I’ll need to visit in the future”

    Bwahahahaha! Mr. Hansen has a twitter….I’m pretty sure we’re all in his little binder of “Women with Twilight Transgressions.”

    Oooh….transgresssions. How very Tiger Woods.

  13. I’ve been loving the reminiscing the past couple days. I’m so happy you decided to pursue said “hobby” because you were coffee-spittingly funny from the get go… so innocent sounding.

    P.S. – A+ for the Riiiiiiiico Suaaaave reference.

  14. It’s feels like we went back in time or something! How crazy is that! Just thinking about all the break downs, the letters to so many people, the jokes, the laughs! It’s all to be made one year later!!

    Love you ladies!! I love this site!!

  15. Amazing. You two are terrific.

    I really have nothing else to add to this awesome.

    PS. I’m taking the 06 off of my name. It is a must for me.

  16. ‘Jackson!? What does Kellan’s mom think? Are you not allowed to go to church with him?’

    YES!!!! Hahahaha!

  17. I just bit my lip to bleeding over Robert PATTISON. I had to comment to get it out of my system. Am going back now to finish reading the rest of the post.

    PS: I still say yay. I just e-mailed ‘yay!’ to Alice. I am 12. And a foreigner – worst combo!

  18. “It will take advantage of time I already waste.” Love it. And really, it’s much better than spending time on anything else, as far as my husband is concerned.He wouldn’t be reaping the benefits that he is now if I spent my Rob/Twi-time working, cleaning or watching daytime tv.

  19. Love the post, love the blog, love you both! 🙂

  20. Pattison. I’m so glad you outed yourself on that one. Most of us did it, but few of us recorded it for future humiliation.

    Mr. Choice was rightly hesitant about your new hobby. I’m I love the way you just steamrolled right over his concerns. If he’d talked you out of it, I’d have an hour or so of free time a day that I wouldn’t know what to do with.

    • It was really tough for me at first. The pharmacy I use on a regular basis is named PattERson Pharmacy. So I referred to him as Robert Patterson for awhile.

      Now that my obsession is in full swing, I have the opposite problem. I have to be careful not to tell my doctor to call in my prescription to Pattinson Pharmacy!

  21. Those conversations are HILAR!!! Flashbacks are always good… I mean Jebus Weitz pwns the flashbacks lol

    They reminded me of the time I first saw promos for Twilight on ET….I thought “That guy” who smashed Joe Dirt through the floorboards was HAWT…and the girl who looked like she was about to throw up and give birth at the same time was disturbing….sigh…I never knew It would come to this….

    Also, watching Zygote Tay with my brother will ALWAYS be one of the biggest mistakes in my life..cause if I knew that in a few years I’ll be crushing over that “under-aged, over-developed wolf” I would have run over that Sharkboy DVD with an ’86 Rabbit…FML…brain bleached cookie…

    Morning everybody!!! The hamster wants a Christmas bauble….lol

    • Hahahahaha! “That guy who smashed Joe Dirt through the floorboards” and “the girl who looked like she was about to throw up and give birth at the same time.” You crack me up!! Not to mention, it’s funny because it’s true. 🙂

  22. I loved this convo between y’all two. It’s so new and Twilight innocent. Best part is y’all probably had no idea that the innocence of this little conversation would turn to dumpsters, fake lesbians, rob porn, jorts, etc. And I’m so very happy that it did!

  23. Poor Mr. Choice. Never knew what he was in for… At least reading Twilight ignights some serious passion (for me, at least. Normal?). I’m not sure men realize the benefits may, in fact outway the costs. Just sayin’.

  24. Awesome! I love this! it’s just like I’m getting to know you better – I was kind of late to find LTT/LTR..

    I esspecially love this part:

    Moon: EXACTLY! So many people are like that’s a YA novel. I’m like SO WHAT?!
    Preach it
    Moon: If they got a different director and some kick ass CGI/FX this could contend with the summer blockbusters- it’s supernatural
    Preeeacch it!

    UC your preach it comment made me laugh hard and loud!

    And this:

    UC: He said it’s a shame it’s the teen demographic because it’s not going to get the credit and attention it deserves for being a really kick-a movie
    Hahahaha UC print that out and remind Mr. Choice DAILY that he once said that. He won’t believe you….

    Priceless!! 🙂

  25. I love the IM’s and the comments. On my Ornament, I want Charlie with the quote “Always Am”

  26. UC, your hair is really curly? Why does that one thing of all the awesome you just posted confound me?

    And if I win can I have a Moon and UC ornament? I don’t really want anything Twilight on my tree, I have standards and only the best gets hung.

  27. Why is green good? I’m still a bit new here…

    • Green is good because Mr. Molina says so. And purple is cool.

    • Aw, and I used that line on you yesterday. Sorry, beaker, I didn’t realize!!!

      In that scene when they’re getting on the bus to go to the greenhouse field trip, Mr. Molina says, “We gotta go, we gotta go! What is green? Good! Green is good!”

      Purple is cool (as Katie points out), cuz in the scene when Bella arrives at Charlie’s for the first time he’s showing her the room and says, “The lady at the store pick [the bedding] out. You like purple, don’t you?” and Bella replies, “Purple’s cool.”

  28. Thanks for not “talking about it” with your husband, and just flat out telling him that this is the way it’s going to be. Anything for Rob Pattison.

  29. I am glad you use your time at work for all this bloggy goodness so that I can read them at work and avoid doing actual work.

  30. Love the conversation with the hubby. Mine dont go quite like that. This was our most recent after he caught me perusing ROBSESSED (i told him it’s not just a rob site, but all of twilight related stuff):

    Mr: This is NOT NORMAL!! You honestly have an EMOTIONAL attachment to these CHARACTERS!!
    (no, I have an all out STALKER-LIKE OBSESSION with ROB-again, he doesnt need to know that).

    Me: I know you think it’s not normal, but it is in that ALL WOMEN of ALL AGES from around the world feel like this!!!

    Mr: Just because somethings NORMAL doesnt mean its RIGHT. Just because its NORMAL that most men look at porn, it doenst mean its RIGHT. This is like porn for you!! How would you feel about me spending hours/day watching porn? (as long as it means i can keep watching robporn, go for it….b/c i’m an addict…..or not an addikt ,like alice)

    Me: I dont spend HOURS each day (yes I do-but he doesnt need to know that!!). FINE! Do you want me to stop following the blog? You have football that brings you pleasure, this gives me a little pleasure (I can name a lot of other “stuff” that’d also give me pleasure!) Just let me have my little twilight (Rob) fantasy land. It takes me back in time to my youth with fun memories of new love and first kisses and stuff.

    Mr: and do those memories affect our relationship now? Do they make you sad because you want that again and now your married and i dont give that anymore?

    Me: No, well, maybe, I dont know. (YES!!!).

    Mr: Do you fantasize about your perfect VAMPIRE while we’re having sex?

    Me: No. (YES!!- hello??? Arent you wondering why I actually WANT sex all the time again after all these years?? And not just sex, but HOT sex??? DUHHH!!)

    Mr: well, I’m not going to ask you to stop following that blog. You know your own heart. I trust you to do what you think is right. And if you dont think it’s negatively affecting our marriage, then you do what you want.

    Me: SWEET!!

    (The funny thin is that this is his impression when I’m TOTALLY EDITING my feelings/comments about rob and twilight throughout my daily life! HE HAS NO CLUE TO THE EXTENT OF IT!! Thank goodness he doesnt actually know about LTT/LTR or my secret folder of robporn photos I have stored on my computer)

    • Just make sure to keep that folder locked and name it something more cryptic like “FTP_Proto0928” or “msOS09.exe” so he doesn’t think to look there… I mean, what?

      And what’s he complaining about anyway? If the sex is hot and you’re in good spirits, he should be writing a Dear LTT/LTR thank you letter!

      • It took me forever to convince Mr. Fursploded that this was good for our sex life. I had to start editing myself and pretending like I was getting over my Rob crush. What he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him.

        • I like the cute word “crush” you use : ) Yeah, it ‘s a “crush”….like a cute little puppy. we know better my friend! Crush is not the word that comes to my mind when i think of Rob Pattison/Patterson.

          • Unless it’s in the context of:
            And he crushed my body underneath his pressing his lovemuscle against my groin as he whispered, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.”

      • thats what i think!! He should be offering gladness to Rob! and your right about the folder name!!

    • oh-my, oh-dear… *pats hand consolingly*

    • Usualnurse,
      Niiicceeee (with thumb up, Bella style). You killed me. This EXACTLY what’s happening in my home.


  31. Meeeeemmmmmrrrrieees!! *Sung like Barbra* I love how you took an old convo and added new comments cuz I totes do that too!! And Bonus Feature FTW!!!

  32. I’m so glad you ladies are around to remind me that I’m NORMAL!

    And its great Mr. Choice supports you in this important endeavor. I’m also blessed with a pretty supportive SO — in fact, he recently decided to humor my obsession (since I’m re-reading the series for the fourth…I think…time) and is having me read it out loud to him while he plays Mario Bros on the Wii…good compromise, right??!! I was disappointed because he seemed to be Team Jacob after New Moon, but after Jacob’s antics in Eclipse, I think he switched over to the *right* team!

    (he still rolls his eyes over my persistent reading of fanfic and told me I should just start writing my own…)

  33. ::Face paw:: Two moments for you to enjoy all the second hand embarrassment over:

    Driving to work today, I may or may not have run a red light (it was yellow when i went through it!) and as I was deciding to stop or not I said (out loud) in Jared’s voice, “Too late now!”

    I just intended to write in a work IM that my sister is obessessed with Christmas songs. Instead I wrote “My sister is robsessed with Christmas songs.” True story.

    • I just wrote a friend to say I couldn’t get together until after the Christmas push. Do you have any idea how much I wanted to put “la” before push? My non twi/rob friends are getting pretty boring.

  34. you guys are so funny! i’m glad you started all this, so now i can take advantage of my wasted time!

  35. I never told anyone about my “first time” at LTT..ok Twi-daughter, but just a tiny bit…it was “my secret place” …then when I started spending so much ..ok all the time..on LTT..I had to tell the hubs something afterall I had used up every excuse I could come up with…AND I really messed up with the whole cockblock incident…so here is kinda how it went shortly after I stopped lurking and started actually commenting on LTT:
    Hubs: “Soo WHAT are you really doing on that computer all day?”
    Me: “Talking to some friends…”
    Hubs: “You don’t TALK to friends anymore….”
    Me: “These are “special friends”…they “get me” and treat me like I am normal”
    Hubs: “Alright, seriously, WHAT are you doing?”
    Me: “No honest, its a “website” where we talk about all kinds of things that we love, we laugh and (very softly said) discuss Twilight”
    Hubs: ” Yeah ok, right…”
    Me: No, its true, they have helped me understand the book, the movie and they are like my bestest friends”
    Hubs: “You have best friends that you’ve never met and only talk to on the computer?”
    Me: “Yes, they are so funny, clever and and they really understand me”
    Hubs: “I have lived with you for 31 yrs and I don’t understand you, who the hell are these people?”
    Me: “Never mind, all you need to know is that I am “learning so much and I can be myself!”
    Hubs: “And they still talk to you?”..(such a sense of humor..not)
    Me: “Don’t you have some work you need to do???”
    Hubs: “As a matter of fact I do, and its on REAL cars that belong to REAL people”
    Me: “This is why I sleep with Blanket Rob everynight”

    • You. Are. The best.

    • Me: “This is why I sleep with Blanket Rob everynight”

      I love it!!

      My EX boyfriend tried to tell me that his sparklepeen was better than HHH…which is why he is an EX boyfriend. We have to keep these men in check!

      • “My EX boyfriend tried to tell me that his sparklepeen was better than HHH…which is why he is an EX boyfriend”
        PRICELESS!!! I luvs u Sassy!!!

    • *cheek kiss* *Taylor-force hug*

    • MidCyn – Love this! Hubs can’t understand us, but that’s ok. He’s not Normal, like we all are.

      • true…and I sooo love my Blanket Rob.. oh yeah…love the hubs too…but HE just doesn’t get it….oh wait THAT could be the problem….(face palm)
        Miss our late nights…we have GOT to start chatting again…
        trillion ❤

        Be back later…

        • On top of the fridge? Under the couch? Perhaps one of the dogs got a hold of them?

          I thought you were using the post-its on your computer?!

        • MidCyn – You didn’t tell me where the presents are! Ask the bird. She knows everything, right? 🙂

          Miss chatting with you too! Hopefully I’ll get back into the late night swing of things soon.

          • Ang Don’t start me with THAT bird today…she is lucky that she is not big enough to make a dinner out of her……cause we would definately be eating parrot..
            WHAT A DAY!! Thinking of cancelling xmas! I really need to vent..hope its ok…
            Seriously, I can’t find any of the presents I am not even sure I have bought…tried to decorate the xmas tree’s…BIG mistake….this is the first year EVER that I have had a fake tree…b/c I developed an allergy to pine..yup..last year I broke out in hives sooo bad and didn’t know why until I realized that it was only when I touched or went close to the tree… I am putting on the unbreakable (so I thought) ornaments on the main tree (b/c of the animals) and sure enough I drop one which smashes into a trillion peices, and I am standing in the middle of the mess, barefoot. Carefully I scoot the dogs out of the room and go to find the dustpan which I can’t and grab the vacuum, rush in to clean and whack the hose into the tree and yup, knock it I of course starting yelling to no one..and Maxie starts screeching at the top of lungs NO NO NO NO..and won’t stop…I give her a couple of peanuts to shut her up and she then starts meowing, yes meowing which gets all the dogs running and barking…I try to get the tree put up and yell at dogs/bird and plug in the tree to see if I damaged the lights forgetting that I have the vacuum pulled into the same outlet and proceed to trip the breaker and all the power goes out including the garage where the hubs is working.(The wiring in an 1820’s house is tricky to say the least) He runs in..see’s the mess, tells me I shouldn’t be doing this stuff in the first place..I start blubbering about how I wrecked the tree (bird now screaming “Damn it ” over and over) How I can’t find the xmas presents and he is like, “Why didn’t you just buy everyone one of those damn blankets you seem love so much, you wouldn’t have lost those” whereas I throw an ornament at him and storm off into my living/bedroom pulling “the blanket I love soooo much” over my head.
            Merry friggin christmas…..
            (Thanks for letting me vent) ❤

          • Reply to MidCyn: You need to write a book about this life you lead. OMG.

    • Yeah, I don’t have a Rob or Tay “crush”, so the boyfriend isn’t too concerned. he likes that I have LTT to wastespend all my time at. And he has no clue about my Dan, Bewley, Billy, and now Michael Sheen porninterests. If only he knew. Though he looks a lot like Sheen, and they’re similar ages…

      Speaking of, where the heck is michaelsheenisadilf? I hope she wasn’t a wham-bam-thank you Moon/UC 2 weeker. Such a waste. If you’re out there, girl, I’m listening to this Welsh band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and it makes me think of Sheen (and Ryan Giggs) since he’s Welsh. Normal. If I ever meet him I’ll have to toast him and say, “Iechyd da!” And he’ll think I’m cool.

  36. Yep I do need to get up earlier in the morning to read these posts because it is a great way to start the day…

    …but now I don’t want to leave for work. =/

    Maybe that is why I always waited until after work to read them… le sigh.

  37. Haha! I love reading old conversations like that! That reminds me a lot of how I was when I first got into Twilight. The only people I had to talk about it with were a girl from work and my sister. It’s funny remembering how I could feel myself becoming obsessed, but trying to play it cool when talking to somebody else about it because I didn’t want to show my level of obsession. I’m pretty sure I called Rob “the guy who plays Edward” a few times, knowing full well that I knew his first and last name, age, hometown, etc. Normal, right? I also love how I’m older than both of them, but I’m the only one who’s managed to remain obsessed while they’ve moved on with RL. Oh well, I’m happy in my Twi-bubble!

  38. After I read the first book, I spent about 3 weeks trying to find someone else to read it as well so I could have someone to talk to. That was a little depressing. I finally got my sister hooked.

  39. See, there is an advantage to living miles away from each other … your conversation is in IM for all posterity. My bff and I had a breaking down conversation in the parking lot of our church after the ladies Christmas ornament exchange. I know we squealed and talked about wanting to get in Rob’s pants, but the particulars are lost to the azaleas and the visitor parking spaces.

    • Good point! Sometimes I wish I had a quick-quotes quill like Rita Skeeter so it could transcribe some of my conversations. (Wow, nerd of the day award to me?) I’m not terribly witty, but I have my moments. It’d be nice to have proof.

    • I may or may not have had inappropiate Robversations with my BFF at church as well. Normal.

    • Um, you live in the south don’t you?! Azaelas for the win. And your point is so well made. Griffs and I broke it down briefly in the movie theater parking lot. Then we started having reading parties at her house, which consisted of just 2 people reading the saga, Fresca, and her super cute dog. ::tear:: Memories! Then she admitted that she was almost into it as much as HP, and that she was reading websites about it. And I laughed/smiled and thought, “Wow, I’m not going to do that.”

      And then…

      The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where I stood. It was wit and joy that held me here now. LTT.

  40. Ummmm (or should I go with stephenie meyer’s “Urrn”), Can you two have an anniversary every week so that more things can be broken down VF style? I’d really appreciate it.

  41. Ladies, I am speechless. Loved the post. And am going to steal “wayd” since that is what I ask my hubby every time he calls me.

  42. UC: I<3 you, hard.

    Can I please relate my own hobby story w/ my DH?

    Notes with DH re: hobby

    KML: I got a hobby just like you wanted…
    DH: that’s great, what is it?
    KML: You’ll see…and it’ll be great because we are going to have the best sex of our lives and BTW I’ll see you in 2011 or beyond because I’m crazy out of my mind over a 23 year old guy who plays a vampire in a movie called Twilight.

    This is normal, right?

    *sparkle out*

  43. Totes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the VF Breakdown – so glad you archived it and pulled it out of the vault to share it with us! The anniversary week just keeps giving, and giving, and giving…..all I can say is one word….”Yay!”

  44. And look, my little Avatar guy looks like he’s saying “yay!” too!

  45. “Umm… it will take advantage of time I already waste.” hiLARIOUS! great retrospective on your first falling into TwiLove!

  46. Oh hey, I wanted to add…so I’m from Alabama, and I’m not sure if you guys were aware, but Taylor is legal here too! So I’m just sayin…ya know if Chris Hansen figures out the whole Georgia thing and follows you guys down there, you can always come over here to throw him off!

    *goes to stare some more at Taylor’s abs without guilt ’cause she can*

    • BTW, Tay-Tay will be on SNL on 12/12.

      • I know, I’m so excited! Only thing is, I have to DVR it because I will be in New Orleans watching one Mr. Bobby Long play!

        • Elise~

          I’m jealous.

          1. I’m from New Orleans and miss home
          2. Bobby Long? Have the lust of your life? I don’t know you, is it okay that I said “lust of your life?”

          Have a poboy and some gumbo for me.

          • Haha! Next to Rob, he probably is the lust of my life! Sorry you miss home so much :(…but I will definitely have a poboy and some gumbo for you; I do love me some cajun cookin!

    • Hey! Where in AL? I’m from Montgomery. I’ve tried to tell UC and Moon that our precious Tay is legal is most southern states, so they should just come down south anytime the feel the need! 🙂

  47. I love the conversation with Mr. Choice. And after reading Tuesday’s replies I hope you can say this hobby has helped you and others for the better!

  48. That convo was fantastic. As are those ornaments. If there was one that said “They’re not bears!” it would be on my Christmas tree right now.

  49. OOOO I want my whole tree done in twi-balls 🙂 Mine would say “Where far out thou Edwaaaard” !

  50. Thanks so much for sharing the backstory! I’ve read this blog daily for months, but am mostly too chicken to post. Have to post today though, because I accidently outed myself from the twi-closet at work and it’s just all your fault. First, when I read “Preach it” I responded Amen! Out loud, garnering way too many glances. Then I finished reading and started on the comments and could no longer contain the laughter. Snorted Diet Coke up my nose (acid in the sinuses, not yay) and then started whining about that and dribbling DC onto my desk top. So coworkers come running to help and totally bust me for LTT. The weird thing is they all just kind of shrugged about it, like “eh, sounds about right for her”. I really thought I was better at keeping my freak flag folded – though I am still in the HP and Trekker closet…
    Anyway, it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t give up my morning LTT fix for anything!
    OK, maybe wads of cash, but I’d still find a way to cheat! Thank you for being you and for sharing it!! UC & Moon and all of you!

    • LTT/LTR really need to come with a warning:


      The amount of times I’ve nearly choked!

    • Wave that flag, girl. Wave it proud! PREEACH!

      • Imma try…it’s like a map now anyway, I can’t seem to refold it so it’ll lie flat. I gave it a little wave and found out one of the coworkers saw the first movie, so baby steps…

    • Love your face! What a great story!

      • It got better, if better = more embarassing… My nose was pretty irritated and I kept sneezing, and well, I ended up sneezing so hard I farted, and then all I could do was howl like a hyena. I had a buyer in my office and I just couldn’t explain the hysterics. It’s no bread hugging story, but the funniest thing to happen to me in quite a while….

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