Become friends with UC & Moon: See Rob. And other stuff…

Oh hai there 8 pack, only 63 days until your birthday too. Take that Chris Hansen!)

Yep- you’re seeing this right. This is our second post of the day AGAIN! (See the first here) We asked a few of our readers turned real-life friends to talk about what LTT/LTR means to them. Today is Chelsea’s turn!

Dear Bunny & Noreen (aka I won’t give away your real names),

Congratulations on making it to the one year mark! A Happy Birthday of sorts.

I wish I could say that I was one of your OG’s (Old Girls, the ones who have been a part of it since the start) but as things are, I joined on pretty close to the start. I don’t know when or how I came across your lovely blog, but I know it was pretty early on. I used to do some stuff for Will over at NewMoonMovie, and I remember seeing you mentioned on his site, I also think I stumbled upon you one day with StumbleUpon, (or ADD for the interwebs as I like to call it.) But I digress.

Bet I can make that Kitty Meow

The important thing is, I found you. Angles sang. The clouds parted and the snark began to flow. Suddenly, LTT and LTR became a part of my everyday routine. I had to check it each day to see what new pearl of sarcasm had been dropped. Finally! People who thought about the same weird things in the books! Who also found the same things ridonkulously cheesy in the film as I did!

And the Friendship begins!

Thanks to Bunny and Noreen, I’ve made a ton of new friends too. And not just the invisible kind! The first time I met up with anyone from LTT/LTR was at a Sam Bradley show up in LA. It was myself, my friend Lauren, Vicky, Aja, and Noreen herself. Zomg I was so excited to meet ½ of the awesomeness behind LTT & LTR! (Cause you two are totes Awesome) Sam was fun, we laughed at all of the girls there *cough Goth Maria VonTrapp cough*, spotted Decoy Rob, and I asked Sam Bradley out and totes scared him away.  (Moon’s story from that night)

From then on things just got worse. I went to ComicCon with Moon and the other girls in July. I may have bitten her when Rob walked on stage because I was so excited.

LA LAdies at Midnight

I laughed so hard putting those little red ribbons on everyone!

Through Moon I met Ashley, who is totes my BFF now. I also got to be a part of the fabulous #LALadies gathering this November for the New Moon Premiere. (Insert pic of us at theater in front of the eclipse poster, cause I don’t have that one either) These women, whom I knew only from Twitter and the Forum, are now my friends. People I count on and look forward to talking to, even if it is just a quick “Hi!” on twitter. Carter, Lili, Val, Kristy, Jess, Jena, Phyllis, Jen, Darja, Moon, UC, Cynthia, Emily, and anyone I may have left out! You are all my friends, whether you like it or not!

Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob have become a pretty big part of my life, not just the blog, but everything and everyone that surrounds it. I see these girls almost every weekend now. We have sleepovers. We do stuff that isn’t Twi-related at all…but not often. We made friends with the paparazzi who may or may not tell us where Rob is staying so we can casually have brunch at his hotel in hopes of running into him.

So yeah, Bunny & Noreen, UC & Moon, thank you for all that you do in the name of Letters to Twilight. Here’s to making the next year even better!

Let’s Do This!


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Thanks, Chels! We love you and are so glad our crazy little blog brought you into our life! And I (UC) am so glad I finally got to hug you in person this past November! I still think those other shoes looked better with that dress though.. 🙂 jk jk jk XO

Don’t forget this is our 2nd-post of the day! I know, we’re crazytimes this week. Read the first one below (or here if you like to click) Don’t miss it. There’s a Giveaway (yes, another!) Let’s say it together: “They’re NOT Bears!”

34 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I loved hearing about the expanded RL friendships made through LTT/LTR!

  2. Completely off the subject (I’m sorry) but I can’t figure something out….I joined and selected an avatar but it has yet to show up on here. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  3. Srsly! You guys are killing my online xmas shopping efforts! So glad you all get to brunch stalk HHH, when the Hale is he back in London. Sad panda & Sparkles.

  4. So great! I love hearing how Twilight has brought so many people together. I know I’m excited to round up friends for all the hysteria that will surround Eclipse.

  5. aww… this is SO sweet. and, dare i say it, (yes i shall) beautiful. *le sigh*

    *sniffle* as i turn my back to the computer in sad jealousy…

    • I honestly tried to keep the weepy mushy stuff out of it. But really, I freaking love these women.

      Thank you for you beautiful comment…Ah crap, there goes my mascara. I love you too Ambushed, feel the love!

  6. I may love love love Chels! She makes cakes, and works at a #coo place, and will live chat with you all night, and sends you videos, and, well she’s just great.

    Cute Letter Chelsea!

    LET’s DO THIS and I kinda like the idea of bears rather than wolves (They’re not Wolves)

  7. Eclipse is my Favorite book. I’m hoping to get more people together for it when it comes out than I got for New Moon. Just me and the soon to be sister in law at the midnight show. Oh well.

  8. Such an awesome story Chelsea!

    Are you the one from the thing where y’all dressed up as Rose, Alice and Victoria? You were Rose-with-a-great-rack right?

    I’m almost as excited to met you as I was to meet @Janetrigs…almost. 🙂

    • Chelsea totes has a fabulous rack! First thing I said to her was god you’re gorgeous but I was really staring at her tata’s in that tight new moon shirt!
      So glad to have met you all!
      Remember Chels, I’m a good Christian woman but I still love men and penis.

      • I love you!

      • Ha ha! And it was like, first thing in the morning too! I was still in my PJ’s & had birds nest hair!

        And I think our only conversation in person, also that morning, was about how much we liked penises…penoose….peni….whatever, the business end of the man muscle!

        I forgot to add you to the list but I’m pretty sure you know it. I love you too Robzirra!

    • Yup, Rose-with-a-great-rack was me. Crap, I should have put that in the letter too! Oh well!

      I’m looking forward to June more than I’m looking forward to Christmas. Seriously.

      Can’t wait to meet you SS!!!!

  9. It’s so great you guys got to meet each other in RL. I hope that happens to me someday ^^

    And this is so great, two posts in one day!!!

  10. I knew Chelsea and I would be besties when, within the first 5 minutes of meeting each other, she grabbed my boobs and I grinded on her hip.

  11. Yay for 2 posts AGAIN!!!! (y’all are going to spoil us!)
    It’s so fun hearing about how your “fanbase” has grown and how you’ve made “real” friends because of this blog. I hope I can meet you lovely ladies one day (although I don’t know when/where/how since I’m unemployed and living in Alabama…blah)!
    Hope you’re having many TGIFridays cocktails in honor of yourselves! 🙂

  12. Dear Chelsea,
    I look forward to the day when we meet and make out, because I promised. Plus I’m totally a boob girl and well, you are totally packing.

    I’m so glad our relationship went the next level with our phone chat the other night!

    You are awesome and I’m glad that I got to know your through our Friday night chats (shout out to Janetrigs! holla girl!)

    Much love,
    brooke (ps, just totally almost signed my real name)

  13. Love this post Chelsea! Must feel good to get all the shout outs to your rack, too! All of this content is making me a little dizzy, but THAT’S NORMAL!!

  14. Awesome letter, Chelsea 😀

  15. AW Chels!!!! I can’t wait to meet you for some eclipse lovin! XOXO!

  16. Awww, sweet, but I fail, isn’t anyone in SE FloridDA?!!!

  17. I freaking LOVE your face. Amongst many other things. Your sparkling personality, the fact that I live vicariously through your boobs, that we both like Twilight and think it’s “normal” to do the crazy-ass things that we do, and that you’re one of my closest friends in LIFE even though we met just this year.

    What would we do without Twilight?
    The fact is—“YOU (all) ARE MY LIFE NOW.”
    (Quoting my Edward ringtone.)

    Ash (Blonde Alice)

    • I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!!!!

      I love that we only met like 6 months ago, but like Anne of Green Gables said, we are kindred spirits! Old friends just meeting each other, or something like that.

      I think we are each others enablers when it comes to doing crazy shit in Hollywood. Like, it’s a drug that we are both trying to quit (not trying very hard, are we?) and also each others dealers. Ha ha ha!

      “Best sleep ever!”
      Love your guts

  18. Me loves the letter! I went back to read that Sam Bradley post and lolled over the “Goth Maria VonTrapp”.

  19. Totes gonna go find that pic of you as Rosalie so I can check out your rack. Truth.

  20. I wish that I had RL Twi-friends. I only have 1. And she’s not as obsessed as I… since I have only come out of the closet very recently, I hope that by June I’ll be at the theatre at midnight waiting (im)patiently with more than just myself!!

    Chels, you’re lucky to have made such great friends! Congrats!

  21. Awww, sweet letter, Chelsea! Glad I got to meet you and hug you!

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