What LTT has meant to me: From the mouths of our ‘fanbase’

2nd- post of the day alert! We asked a select few people to write a few words about what LTT/LTR has meant to them over the past year. Today we hear from two of our first 3 commenters! Staring with Christa- who we still lovingly refer to as “our fanbase” (anyone know what that is from!?)

Dear UC and Themoonisdown,

I can’t thank you enough for the last year. I’ve been laughing with you ever since I found you a year ago. Real Life has been calling lately and I haven’t been around as much, but I sneak back whenever I can to catch up on my TwiLOLz. You really are the best!

I wanted to write something funny and really hit one out of the park for you, but I find myself feeling a bit sentimental as I write this, so I’m going to tell you what I love about you. How do I love LTT? Let me count the ways.
  1. I love that when I am down, all I have to do is go to LTT or LTR for a laugh. You have never let me down.
  2. I love that when I found you I thought, “These girls are a riot. I hope they keep writing.” Not only have you kept it up, but I have gotten to watch your site grow beyond my wildest expectations.
  3. I love that after a year you’re still posting all things Twilight and keeping it fresh. That’s talent!
  4. I love that you’re so dang funny. You may think this is the same as #1 but it’s not. Lots of people make me laugh on a daily basis. You’re particular brand of humor is special. It’s witty, intelligent, and snarky, yet you will stoop to just plain silly when it’s called for. I dig that.
  5. I love that you are bringing people together online and in real life.
  6. I love that you not only have fun contests but that the fake prizes are often better than winning a real prize. I’ve caught myself thinking, “Oh man, I wish I had that fake prize.”
  7. I love that you work so well together, trade off writing for both sites, and often give two different perspectives.
  8. I love you for creating a venue where “sicknast”, “lamespice”, “AmanDUH”, and “Unicorns” can be used without explanation.
  9. I love that you go to crazy Twilight events and post about your experiences, so that I don’t have to.
  10. I love that we can count on you to Break It Down Vanity Fair Style.
I was going to stop at 10 but I think I’ll turn it up to 11.
11.   Most of all I love that we can give you our crazy and you tell us That’s Normal.

Your #1 Fan ‘86 Rabbit

And from VickyB
, who found us soon after Christa did. We have both been blessed to meet Vicky many times in real life and can call her a real-life friend!!

Pocket Edward welcomes UC to San Diego

This is how I met VickyB for the first time!


I was honored to receive an email inviting me to share what you mean to me on your special day. I can’t believe it’s been a year. A whole year of my life…and Rob’s. You have done so many things for me I don’t know where to start. You’ve taught me how to laugh (at myself and others) again. You’ve taught me that it is indeed completely #normal to play with dolls. I think my first letter was of my paper Rob doll (that was before I realized they sold actual dolls…like REAL dolls). You have made it possible for me to meet some amazing people *coughnotrobcough* but I know this one will take time.

Being a part of this little family, because seriously, I love two (Moon and UC) more than the sisters I never had, means so much to me. Without it I would actually have to do work…at work and we know how much that blows. I have come to fully appreciate the plaid. When I wore it the first time back in 1991, ugh, I didn’t fully appreciate it’s awesomeness. Now? I do. It’s hard to put this all into words. So I think I will close with a simple Haiku:

Before there was you
I knew not of the sex hair
Now I have come close

Love always and Happy effin’ Birthday LTR/LTT,


This is our 2nd post of the day- Yes. We’re serious. Like Tweed. Read the first post here

54 Responses

  1. Awesome letters guys. And it is so true. This is the place where we can come and not only appreciate the love and craziness that is Twilight (and still get a “That’s NORMAL”), but where we can see little jewels like Pattinson Pants, AmanDUH and the likes, which we would have never (or at least I wouldn’t have) seen in any other way.

    Thanks for putting a big Cullen smile on me every single day.

    Greetings from Costa Rica (lemme know if you ever come here, or if you’ll be anywhere near PA on mid-Jan. to early Feb., ^^).



    • Um, you’re in Costa Rica? That’s amazing. Please note that I explained the Aro Italian line on the previous post’s comments because I felt douchey for sending you back in time to dig through and find it.

      • Wow, o.O

        Thanks for the thoroughly complete answer TS ^^ (and for the Eric Yorkie reference for that matter, :P).

        Thanks for not making me go back through a week of comments, although I know I should have done it myself.

        Btw, have you ever been in Costa Rica?

        And I’m from Costa Rica, not only at, hehe. I’m only going to the States to visit some family for a bit.

        • From CR?! You’re a real life tico?! (or is it tica for you?)

          Anyway, yes, I’ve been to Costa a couple times. Once in 2001 and another time in 2007. So, I’ve done the touristy bits (La Fortuna, Arenal, Quepos, Manuel Antonio park etc.) but also I did volunteer work up in Los Campos. Where are you from? Let me guess… San Jose 😉 (i’m yet to meet someone online who isn’t from there).

          Podemos hablar en espanol si quieres! 🙂 Tienes Twitter? Soy @goteamseth (I don’t have the shorthand commands for the accents on my laptop…)

          You’re welcome for the info and the Yorkie reference 😉

          • I love you for speaking spanish!!
            have you been here in mexico?

          • Not yet…

          • Yup, RL life (and that would be tica, hehehe).

            And yes… San Jose. Cuesta mucho no encontrar a alguien que lea de esto y no sea de SJ.

            I really don’t have Twitter (had it once, but never really found the fun in it I guess.).

            I do really love that you do speak Spanish! Most people don’t even bother to learn another language.

            Let me know if you ever do come back here, 😛

  2. Dear Vicky,
    You are awesome and I am very glad that this site led me to you. MWAH!


    • Aww!! This site has been amazing in helping us all make new friends. I have been so lucky to meet alot of them. Next I will meet you!!! In 7 short mos. we will be TOGETHER…not together together…just together and we can see the Sex Hair up close and personal and squee like fangirls (on the inside) and ….gah. It is going to be amazing!!!

  3. DITTO. Thanks again for bringing the funny AND for giving us a platform* to share our own NORMAL with new friends all over the world.

    *Not unlike a stepping stool at a photoshoot, giving us the lift we need to, um, not appear too ridiculous.

    • It was a little ridiculous, but then we both read Chimi’s FF, so nothing is ridiculous anymore in comparison.

      • you think that was ridic, you should have seen her on skype last night. lol again just thinking about it.

  4. 🙂

  5. Fantastic letters! I love that haiku…
    My new phrase for the day: I knew not of the sex hair.
    Hahaha 🙂
    Much love again to UC and Moon for their anniversary week! You gals rock my socks off!

    • Yes!!! I’m 5th to comment!!! (sorry, this is a BIG deal to me as I usually get lost in the comment shuffle…psyched to be near the top!) 🙂

    • Thanks, vickyb for that haiku–I’m promoting a new poetry form–the Twi-ku! Check out Juliejuliejulie’s Twi-kus in her Twilight 25 fanfiction (I don’t want to copy them here in case that’s a no-no):


      I want to see more of these! The possibilities are endless.

      • Twi-ku. That’s awesomesauce.
        And I whole heartedly agree with #8. I love you for creating a venue where “siknast”, “lamespice”, “AmanDUH”, and “Unicorns” can be used without explanation. And now Twi-ku.

      • Twi-ku…I love it!!! thanks for that link.

  6. “I love that you go to crazy Twilight events and post about your experiences, so that I don’t have to.”

    I love you most for this…well, until Eclipse and then I will do it myself. From the bar. Down the road.

  7. Hurray for second posts!!
    Are we having a week-long celebration?

  8. “Before there was you
    I knew not of the sex hair
    Now I have come close”

    I feel like I am in a Paris listening to Emile Flostre lecture about empathicalism.*

    *name that movie

  9. These letters are great. I’m feeling bummed that I didn’t discover this site sooner to make my own Twilight interwebz friends. I missed out on all the love!

    • There’s still time.

      • True, we still have another movie or two with which to bond! There are more lives still to be changed!

        • There is always time for Twi Friends!! You all must join the fun. We had such a blast in LA during the New Moon premiere but all the fun in the forum and on twitter leading up to that has been just as fun. We need to have an LTR/LTT charter in every city in every state. We must. No one should be alone in this. My real life friends look at me like I am crazy when I say “sicknast” or “lamespice” bc duh…they are lamespice!!

          • yeah. I have started using weird words from here…

            But they’re not weird!! No no, don’t get me wrong!

            PEOPLE find it weird. I don’t even comment on here much. Compared to others.That would be weird.


            I mean, what?

            And I doubt that where I come from, there would be any other LTT/LTR representitives.

            still, what?

            I should shut up now. But I can’t! my fingers just keep a-typing!!


    • but Luludee you ARE friends with all of us here. No love missed. hugs.

    • I agree with TheOldOne and absoluteyvic! I’m new too and slowly getting my feet wet in the Twilight/LTT/LTR ocean. 🙂

  10. Bahahah! I love being surprised with two posts in one day. Let’s set the sights higher though… How about a post for every hour? Exciting idea, huh??

  11. YEAHHH!!! Love you two ladies!

    86 Rabbit and Vixb RULE!

  12. Great job fans! And so amazing that you guys were able to speak your love for the LTT back in the day! I’ve been reading for almost a year and only recently started commenting. I just wasn’t ready until now to bring our relationship to a new level, you know?

    Love the shout out to how LTT has created a whole new vocabulary! Unfortunately, now I can accurately describe my husband’s feelings as “second-hand embarrassment” when it comes to me and Twilight. Le sigh.

  13. Yeah Christa! She’s your “Mel”

    “that’s not a fanbase, that’s just a woman”

    I too am elated over the double postings today!
    Thanks for the freebies ladies!


  14. Here’s a go at a Twi-ku for Taylor:

    Helpless little cub
    All awash in cougar love
    Advice: wear a shirt

  15. two more great letters. I just freakin’ love you people so much!!!

  16. Two fantastic letters that share my sentiments exactly. 🙂 I, too, am forever grateful for “that’s normal.”

    • Me too 🙂

      Is it normal that i can’t remember what the word: obsessed is in my own language?

      Is it normal that I use words like Unicorn, Fake Lesbians and Jorts in real life – and nobody understands it (cause I live in Denmark), but I still find myself giggling?

  17. I’ve said it all week long…
    but this walk down memory lane is good times. Precious, tender, holy memories.

    And I may or may not want to French VickyB FULL on the mouth. ‘Cause she sends me treats in the mail. Awesome.

    • Hee Hee!! You are awesome!! I guess we should add to our list that LTR/LTT has enabled me to embrace my non sexual lesbian feelings for all of my new friends. Check your mail soon!!!

  18. Yay! Double postingzis!
    Early Christmas present!
    I feel slightly elated now.
    *giggles loudly exasperatedly*


  19. for wolfcub fans..now you can own a sweatshirt he touched with his own hands..and signed it too!


  20. Did I mention I love you ladies?

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