One Year. It’s been a long time coming! Celebrate our year in the Twilight fandom!

Oh hello outtake of Moon & UC in a disney forest!

Dear UnintendedChoice (I used your full fake name cause I’m serious. I’m also wearing a pair of Tweed jorts),

A year ago today (trust me, I counted) we started this “secret blog” which now a year later isn’t such a secret anymore, not to the thousands of visitors we get or the hundreds of commenters who comment on every post and not even to most people in my real life now. In fact more often than not I’m now introduced to people I don’t know with “Hi X, this is Moon* she runs a “famous” Twilight blog!” Uh, well, wham, bam, thank you ma’m. Not such a secret anymore I dare say!

Remember our very first layout EVER?!

People ask me why I don’t talk more about the blogs in my real life and it would be easy to say it’s embarrassing I write a blog every day about Twilight and Rob but truthfully I can’t be embarrassed anymore about a blog that’s become part of the fandom in a real and lasting way. I can’t be embarrassed that people have met their soul mates and friends and long lost bff’s because we write about Twilight. I can’t be embarrassed that things we’ve created: words, phrases, characters, fake names have become part of the lexicon of the Twilight/Rob fandom.  And I definitely can’t be embarrassed that because I write this blog I have found a new lease on life and created a deep and lasting friendship with one of the most wonderful people God ever created. You are a God send UC. Baby Jesus and Rob himself created you just for me in their plaid heaven in the sky.

May the source be with you!

Some people know a little bit of my back story that led up to creating this with you but for those who don’t I worked for an entertainment company for multiple years and worked my way up through the ranks to a position that had all the responsibility of a middle woman and none of the perks of an upper level executive. I regularly contemplated crashing my german made car into the free way underpass on the way to work every morning. Every Sunday night (or really just any day ending in Y) I would wake up with panic attacks that would leave me paralyzed in my bed. I would come home from work and go straight to bed at 7Pm until I had to get up and do it all again the next day. To say all of these things were unhealthy would be an understatement.

And then I found Twilight (cue choir of Angels) or rather it found me.

Follow the cut to read the rest and to see some special shout outs, music, and hear the story of our first post!

The beginning of the end!

One of my sweet sweet coworkers loaned me her copy of Twilight saying I needed to read this. “Just give it a 100 pages,” she said “and then tell me what you think.” I went home that night got right under the covers and started reading I didnt stop till the next morning when I had to go back to work and couldn’t wait to talk to my coworker. And from here you probably know the rest of the story, I scoured the interwebs like a good addict looking for news and pictures and videos and gossip, OH MY. Anything I could get my hands on. Then I started seeing mysterious FB updates with Twilight code language from my old pal UC and since I had NO one besides my (poor poor) coworker to talk to I replied with an equally cryptic message and well the rest is as they say “history.” You and I bonded, we laughed, we made fun of, we watched that damn Vanity Fair video together and broke it down which would later become one of our infamous trademarks. And then one day we decided to write it all down. And Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob were born.

Kellan, our original inspiration and accountability partner!

As we were both sitting at work probably bored and looking for any excuse to waste time and talk about Twilight we joked about creating a funny Twilight blog where we wrote letters. I can remember it so clearly, it was morning we were chatting and nature called (TMI!) and while I was heeding that call the idea for the very first letter to Kellan came to me. I ran like Robsten at Hotel Cafe back to my desk to tell you and to type it out and hit that sacred “publish” button for the very first time.

Now as I’m writing this letter a year and over

  • 781 posts
  • 131,227 (approved) comments
  • 114 categories
  • 5,548 tags
  • 5,387 Twitter followers
  • 2 blogs
  • countless Friends, concerts, trips, lunches, jokes, saga rereads, tears, DVD watches, trips to the movies, phone calls, texts, IM’s

and a partridge in a pear tree later we have arrived at our anniversary and through all the tough times, the mean comments, the misunderstandings, the writers block, when I wanted to quit, the one constant was YOU.

One year = Perseverance!

I really have no words to say other than to tell you thank you for sticking it out with me. For having my back when I do “controversial” stuff, for sharing Cullen smiles with me, for inspiring me and making me want to write better and funnier. Without you and Twilight I would probably be in bed right now or driving under the overpass still. There’s no one else I could do this with.

To another year of fabulous friendship and side splitting blogs,

PS It’s a celebration! Feel free to share what you want to celebrate in the comments!

Letters Within Letters!

To our dear Readers,
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention YOU in this anniversary post. You are the reason we continue to blog, you are the reason we are still here a year later. We just bullshit and write stuff down and hope someone reads it and can relate. It’s YOU who decided to stick around and see what nonsense we’d say next. Everytime I sit down to write a post, when I have writer’s block, when I want to go shag Rob instead I think about you all. It’s incredibly humbling and empowering to know people out there read the crap we have to say and sometimes even like it! You continue to amaze and humble me every day with your love, your wit, your snark and your friendship. Thank you all!

To another great year!

To our Forum Mods past and present!
We could seriously NOT do this without you. I’ve never understood the phrase “it takes a village” more than I do after running these blogs and the forum for a year. You’re always there to lend a hand, start a new topic, create some Rob porn, check stuff out, kill spammers or write songs with me (Kristin!) or even on our very luckiest days you create a blog FOR US!!! We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with!

You help make the world go round!

PS Seriously, forums mods and forum regulars created an anniversary blog just for UC and Me! We can’t believe it, it rocks pretty hard. You should visit and comment!

To our super special bitchin’ blogger friends,
You’re always there to commiserate with us! Because you yourselves run SUPER HUGE POPULAR blogs and sites you understand the drama and the politics and the fun of owning one of these things. Thank you for always lending a listening ear, good advice and many laughs! Please NEVER quit! We need you!

What would a celebration be without some tunes?

the turtles – so happy together

the zombies – this will be our year (one of my fave songs and videos EVER)

mandy moore (covering rihanna) – umbrella

and a giveaway?

Remember how we love the Bite Me Edward Notepads? Well, we’re giving one away to celebrate our anniversary! We have one for LTT and one for LTR! All you have to do is comment. We’ll use some random winner generator thinger to pick a random winner! Make sure your email address you use to comment is correct because we’ll email you to get your address!

Still looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for friends? Buy these Bite Me Edward Notepads. They are AMAZING. Seriously, I just lost mine and I’m a major sad panda right now. Actually scratch the give-away idea, I’m gonna keep one for myself (kidding… sorta)

Holiday Shop on Lobotome Now!

*friends in my real life do not call me Moon. Well, most don’t!*

Our ONE YEAR our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

324 Responses

  1. Congrats you guys!!!

    I seldom comment, but I can tell you that I come here every single day to enjoy what you have said and to laugh (or cry) with it. There’s no other place else where I can enjoy and actually feel understanding for my love for Twilight! (I actually felt kinda lonely when I saw New Moon for the 1st time, mumbled “Jorts!” and the friend I was sitting next to obviously didn’t get it).

    And keep up the good work!


  2. Happy Anniversary!!! May all your leg hitch fantasies and Isle Emse dreams come true!

  3. Happy anniversary! I’ve just gotta say how much I love you blogs! Checking my blog reader for new LTT and LTR posts is the first thing I do every morning when I wake up. A great way to start the morning! THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you for creating this blog and for making me laugh every day. You’re the first sight I check out every morning while I’m having my coffee.
    You’ve also caused me much chagrin because I’m using phrases like “second-hand embarassed” and “fake lesbian” on other web sites only to discover no one knows what I’m talking about. You have truly created your own little world and I love being a part of it!

    (p.s. – I want the “Twi-dork” of the day award for using the word chagrin)

  5. Happy Anniversary (for real this time) you two!
    When I stop and think about how much life would be without Twilight – quieter, saner and much more “normal” – I can’t help but think of how much it would lack without you gals! Because of you I know I’m not alone; because of you I know that it’s okay to laugh and make fun of this thing that’s taken over my life.
    Because of you girls and others like you, I’ve met some wonderfully intelligent and snarky friends and my life is much improved – if not a bit more zany.
    So thank you. And keep rockin!

  6. All my love to you for creating a place that now requires me to invest some of my 401K in Botox beause of the awesome laugh lines.

    Champy dreams and jerky wishes to you for another wonderful year ahead of you.

    Sparkle OUT!

  7. Happy Anniversary girlies!!! You ladies are awesome and you make me a very unproductive housewife, which is awesome!!

    “Everytime I sit down to write a post, when I have writer’s block, when I want to go shag Rob instead I think about you all.”

    You seriously think of us when you want to shag Rob!! Now that is what I call love!

  8. Again, now that I’ve read the post and comments (up-to-time), Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for the laugh lines, ladies. And for bringing me to all these inglorious people. I love reading comments, and now it’s to the point that when I come in at 9 EST and start reading and there’s about 65 comments (the first one usually Jayde, which makes me smile) I think, “Oh good, not too many comments to go through yet.” SIXTY-FIVE!!!!!!! I love comments (as you may or may not have noticed) and do actually read all the comments (from everyone) everyday. Even when they’re all saying the same thing about Tay’s hair in the rain scene or how amazeballz that Hearing Damage scene was. Hopefully I don’t constitute 100,000 of those comments. ::face paw::

    Also, thank you for the networking and the work. Who knew that this little huge and amazing Twilight blog would lead me to writing gigs and acting work (booked my first gig yesterday!!!!). Blog on, gals, blog on.


    ps-Imma read LTR today too, just because.
    pps-speaking of secrets “umbrella” was me and my boyfriend’s favorite song that we were too embarrassed to tell anyone about.
    ppps-thank you for letting everyone know that I’m not a pedo who likes BooBoo Stewart (unaffectionately known to me as BooBoo Radley)
    pppps-Star Wars reference FTW. Me and IWL make it a point to throw in a SW reference per day, so today you carry the torch (esp. with that shot of you two in the Endor forest…can we say Oxbow Park? oh em gee…2nd hand embarrassment right there).

    • teehee. bold tag close fail. was supposed to end at “Anniversary!” I even proofread. Sigh.

    • GIG?! what gig? awesome! if you don’t wanna ‘splain here, please e-mail me! i hope all keeps going well! that’s awesome… (i wish i had regular internet at home… *pout* so i could do better about e-mailing… forgive?) and i officially thank you for mentioning Star Wars. it’s a personal love of mine.

      • It’s a personal love of mine too (see comment to tuesday about how me and my boyfriend got together 2 days ago post? Maybe 3?).

        I’ll email you. I can’t personal email at work, so we’ll just have to do it as if you’re in Thailand and we have a crazy time difference.

        • you so fuuuuuunny. i remember reading that you said he had a killer action fig collection (but it was like 5 days ago) … hook-line-sinker for ya!
          i’m sorry that you have a BFF that doesn’t know Star Wars is a movie. She must live a sheltered life… but the story makes for a “meet cute”!

          yeah… i feel a world away already anyway! whenever is fine.

          e-hug to you! ❤

      • I’ve got a bad good feeling about this…

    • oh my god. just noticed the strikeout fail too. ugh. So strike out was supposed to end at “in” of “inglorious”. FAIL FAIL FAIL. ::pouts::

      Oh well, I’m on page 2 so less people should notice.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!

  10. My name is Xylem and I am a LTT/LTR-oholic. It all started so innocently with a taste of my first post “Why BD Shouldn’t Be a Movie” by the time I got thr fake picture of real Taycob fake Renesme and fake Quill, I was a gonner. I lurked for months on end to witness the brilliant wit and snark of women from across the globe with UC and Moon leading the discussion of why we are NORMAL!

    Moons description of how she felt about her job sounds very familar to me. And yet, (at the risk of sounding like a Robbins deciples at a Xanax all you can swallow buffet) I felt hope after I finished the saga for the first time. So of couse I doubled and trippled my hope dose until, the little Billy inside of me let me know that this was not normal behavior. (by Billy, I mean common sense…I am not a hermophrodite, Gah!)

    Back to my LTT/LTR obsession…. No, I don’t want to be cured. I just want it to go on, and on. Because I am so glad to live in a world where grown intelligent women can fangirl about a series that makes us giggle at so much including ourselves. No where else in the fandom will I (or SM) read the expression ” Rob and baby Jesus made you in their plaid heaven just for me”. Awwww!


  11. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading you since early June and just recently had the courage to start commenting. My obsession with all things Twilight started when my aunt bought me the book for Christmas last year. She had no idea, she just bought it for me because she knew I liked vampire books. I remember actually questioning WHY IN THE WORLD she would buy me a “teen” book (I’m in my early 30’s). So I put it aside until March of this year when I was cleaning out my bookcases and donating a lot of the books I’d already read. I came across it and thought I’d read it that week and then give it away as well. Turns out I read it in two days and then went out and bought the other three books and read them all in a week. I too remember staying up till 1 or 2am and then having to work the next day. My co-workers didn’t know what to think. I thought I was the only one out there and was SO GLAD to find you guys. You looked at the series the same way as I did and it was so nice to see someone writing out my thoughts (good and bad) on a daily basis! Here’s two many more years!

  12. Happy Anniversary ladies!

    You both have me in tears now, thanks for that.. 😛

    Thanks again for the laughs, and the snark and pointing me in the direction of the most awesome people on the planet.

  13. I have been lucky enough to be reading LTT and LTR since you were only two weeks old (it tooks months before I came out of lurkdom). I even used to use my real name to comment…until I told too many RL people about this blog and they started to lurk too. I share lots of (creepy) stuff about myself on here; things like lusting after a hot 17 year old or the fact that I wish that my husband had a real sparklepeen. You can see the need for the anonimity. ANYWHO, this is the only place that this behavior is considered “normal” and I love you guys for creating it. It’s so much fun to be a part of (no matter how little) of this blog.

    Congrats and big smooches!


  14. Just wanted to stop in after reading that epic blog and say Congratulations and THANKS for being you. I’ve connected with a ton of great people through this blog and hope I continue to do so. Hope you enjoyed your present 😀


    This is awesome UC and MOON! Even though I haven’t been reading you from the very very beginning, it has been a long time. I love reading your letters everyday. Thank YOU for the laughs and understanding that’s normal =)


  16. Happy Anniversary Moon & UC!! It would be impossible to find the right words to express my sincere thanks for the difference you have made in my life. First you took the time to read my letter, then scared the shitz out of me when you asked if you could share it here at LTT (where I had been secretly lurking) and then without warning THERE it was for all to see. Until then, I had been like Rob, hiding behind dumpsters hoping that no one would ever discover that I was no longer the person I used to be. I was terrified at how I would be perceived by people I had secretly admired for their humor, creativity and honesty. Who could have imagined that total strangers would welcome me into “their world” with kindness, generousity and unconditional acceptance! Certainly not me! The tears I shed that day and several days since were no longer in sadness but in joy! The happiness in having friends again. a place to “visit” everyday and the freedom to be myself as I am now without fear, was something that I thought was lost forever. What is funny to me is that the letter I wrote to those that created and brought to life the world of Twilight was just a simple message to those that had inspired me. Even though I doubt SM or any of cast/crew ever saw it, it no longer mattered because it brought me here. HERE is where I continued to find strength, courage and my sense of humor. HERE is where I was meant to be, so that I could learn new words like cockblock, sparklepeen and so much more. Where I discovered that the world DOES revolve around Rob (ok Taylor too) and the importance and comfort of owning a “Blanket Rob”! That there are times when Depends, spillless coffee mugs and waterproof sheets are actually required prior to reading this blog. That there are friends that WILL stay up with you half the night writing obsurd “fake news reports” just to keep you company and never seem to get aggravated when asked to answer the same question over and over. Where I have come to realize that I care more for some of the people here than I do some of my RL friends that “don’t get the new me” and don’t want to even try. That I can “go somewhere” everyday without leaving my house and have just as much fun as I used to have, if not more. So thank you UC and Moon for the gifts you keep on giving. For the time you take to share your craziness with all of us and giving us our feel good moments of the day!
    Happy Anniversary and many many more! Luvs you both!

  17. Happy Anniversary, ladies. Thanks for keeping us laughing.

  18. Special shout out to those who made the LTT/LTR Anniversary blog possible. It was hilarious.

  19. I love you guys.

    This blog feels like home. One of the only places in the fandom where everything I feel about Twilight is normal.


  20. Super congratulations! This is my first post (i will share an anniversary with you guys next year!) and couldn’t be happier that you guys are in our lives! Your daily blogs are PRICELESS and make me smile every day! UC and Moon are worthy of every great thing that comes your way (hopefully some Rob will be part of that). Again happy birthday, feliz cumpleanos, joyeaux anniversaire, tanti auguri, Parabems (that is all I know!)
    Much love!


    At LTT/LTR I sometimes I feel as uncomfortable as Edward sitting in the backseat of Charlie’s cruiser on Bella’s graduation day, but it’s worth it. I’m learning so much!

    Thanks for enlightening me about so many things!

    Thanks so much for what you do! I don’t know how you hold down jobs and handle this blog. I’m seriously impressed.

  22. I think I said it all so well over at LTR, so I’ll refer you ladies there. I can’t believe you’ve made it so far. Know that I’ll continue to be your bitchy blogger friend and will always support you all.

    Much love ladies!! Keep the laughs coming!

  23. I love you guys! I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning. It just gets better and better!

  24. Congratulations on your first anniversary! Thanks for contributing your unique twist to the Twilight fandom. Keep writing!

  25. I’ve already expressed my undying love for you ladies on numerous occasions.

    Happy Anniversary! May the next year be filled with the same passion of newlyweds.


    BTW, i was not around for the original layout… haha love it.

  26. Happy Happy Birthday, UC and Moon!

    I almost misted up a bit reading your post today. I don’t even know if I can properly express in text just how thankful I am for LTT. Twilight is my escape from a really difficult time (divorce, single-parenthood and total uprooting of my life) and my heart was bursting with the need to share my love for the saga in a way that my 32 year old mind could comprehend.

    I was so very happy when I stumbled across your blog in April and realized that I could say that Rob’s head is abnormally large without having my virtual ass handed to me on a limited-edition, hand-painted Isle Esme serving platter from Ebay.

    I also love the fact that despite the crazy amount of comments that you ladies receive you still take the time out to Welcome and encourage new commentors. I really cannot express how much that small act can mean to someone like me who felt like such a complete outsider in the Twi-World as well as the real one. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Twilight experience.

    *sheds lone wolfy tear*


  27. Happy Birthday LTT/LTR! Thank you girls so much for all of your hard work on this blog! You have brightened my days with your intelligence, sophistication, and wit, and of course, for just “getting” Twilight. I can comiserate with the career “blahs” – sometimes your blog is the only thing that makes my week days tolerable. I want to wish you the best in both your virtual and private lives for another year and beyond. Thanks again! xo

  28. It’s your birthday…..? You should ask for something……c’mon Stephanie Meyer please leave a little note – we would all love you all the more, without you there would be no Twilight series and without the Twilight series there would be no LTT and LTR.

    I would say my 2009 has been directly improved by at least 4% due to LTT/LTR. My work days are about 15% improved after I log on each morning.

    Love you guys, keep it up!

  29. My name is Xylem and I am a LTT/LTR-oholic. It all started so innocently with a taste of my first post “Why BD Shouldn’t Be a Movie” by the time I got thr fake picture of real Taycob fake Renesme and fake Quill, I was a gonner. I lurked for months on end to witness the brilliant wit and snark of women from across the globe with UC and Moon leading the discussion of why we are NORMAL!

    Moons description of how she felt about her job sounds very familar to me. And yet, (at the risk of sounding like a Robbins deciples at a Xanax all you can swallow buffet) I felt hope after I finished the saga for the first time. So of couse I doubled and trippled my hope dose until, the little Billy inside of me let me know that this was not normal behavior. (by Billy, I mean common sense…I am not a hermophrodite, Gah!)

    In short, thanks for the safe haven. You are the fire station door of Twi to my the Twi-fan inside of me. (again, just a figure of speech, Gah!)

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY UC AND MOON!!! THANKS FOR THE GIFTS OF TS, EG, IWL, FB, SC and SP. You and Skype are my life now

    ps… I may or may not have double posted…please forgive if I did. Love the party hats btw, Taycob looks specially furdelecious in his. Brings out his aaaadddddaaammmmsssss aaaapppppppplllllllleeeeeeee. 

    • You may have. Except that you did directly shout-out me in the former. And you’re right, skype has taken over. I still want to buy one of your pieces of artwork. Just sayin’ ….

      • ding! ding! ding! You have said the magic words. Let’s do THIS!

        I officially embarrassed now that I’ve seen these multiple posts…. I learned two words: “newer posts” Gah!

  30. I love love love days like this. Love fests are so my thing. You guys are amazing. I’m so proud of you both and I am so incredibly privileged to be part of this amazing community!

    XOXO!! Kristin

  31. Dear Moon, Thanks for not making me cry again. Once in a morning is enough.

    You guys should be totally,obnoxiously proud of LTR/LTT- the most hysterical (and sometimes touching) blogs in the fandom.Thank you for the laughter, the tears, the snorted tea, the wonderful community that you guys have provided for all the NORMAL fans. Thank you for the mental image of a plaid Heaven.

    Happy Anniversary! Rob if you’re reading, comment!! Make UC’s and Moon’s (and my) day! Love you guys!

  32. UC & Moon,

    Happy Anniversary! I just realized I have been reading your blog every day for 10 months. The first thing I do in the morning is check LTT & LTR b/c I need to start every day with a Cullen smile. Thanks for the laughs!

  33. Happy A! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh and giving even more fun Twi stuff to talk about with my BFF! We’ll toast to you girlies when we break out the adult beverages tonight…

  34. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary..Haaappy Anniversary…Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary…..

    I love you guys, this is seriously one of the first things I do in the morning and it brightens my whole day. Where else can you read comments from the world famous PPL and talk about “Amazing Dumpster Adventures with Rob the Super Hobo”? No where else I think. You spin me right round girls, right round:)

  35. Happy Anniversary UC & Moon!

    I love your blogs, comments, humor, pictures, videos, etc & I want to say a big THANK YOU for making me feel normal!

    Also a sparkle out to my cuz for emailing me your great website/blog!

    Have a sparklesperm of a day!

  36. Happy Anniversary!

    I’m about to celebrate my 1 year with my hubby, so I know how special this is for you two!
    Thank you for being brave enough to put your ideas and thoughts out there for us to read. I keep thinking that I want to start a blog, but I’m just not that interesting enough (or witty enough, really) to get any followers. So while I contemplate my own space, thank you for giving me a place to come and get my Twi-hit for the day (I’m addicted to the sarcasm/insider knowledge here…srsly).
    I guess I also have to thanks Lauren’sBite, again, because if she hadn’t gone on hiatus, my friends would have never pointed me here and I would have taken a lot longer to discover this little corner of the Twiverse that has become HUGE (and maybe even it’s own little Twiverse in and of itself).
    So thanks, ladies, for bringing us honest commentary on our favorite book series along with snarky gossip about our favorite movie stars from our favorite book series!


  37. I already said happy birthday on LTR, but whatevs. Happy birthday!!!

    And Mandy Moore singing Umbrella? LOVE!

  38. Happy Anniversary Moon & UC!!!

    My real life, I am completly Twisolated. There are no others of my kind around. I need you guys like Rob needs his plaid, and heini’s, and smokes. You make me laugh, smile, snort, an snot every day. Thank you Moom & UC and all the other awesome “ladies” on here.

    Smooches and full-booby-hugs all around!!

  39. So I’ve been reading these blogs since sometime around the beginning of summer (I can’t remember the exact date), and for some reason have never commented! So it seems fitting on your one-year anniversary that I come out of lurkdom and pop my comment cherry! Anyway just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the wonderful hilarity day after day.

    My Twilight story is pretty average…my sister had read the books and drug me to the movie last fall and I made fun of her the whole time. Until Robward entered that cafeteria. I was totally done at that point! I devoured the books that Christmas and it was all downhill from there. Like you, Moon, I spent countless hours online finding as much info, news, pictures, video, whatever as I could. I felt like such a junkie, constantly chasing that fix. For a couple of months I spent my time on those “typical” Twi-sites. You know the ones: “zomg I <3333 Rob, Twilight is the greatest literary work evarrrrrr!!#%!#" and etc. I thought that those were the ONLY kinds of communities out there and was so embarrassed that I had fallen into something so childish. I thought there was something WRONG with me! And then there was the fateful day I found LTT/LTR. I read several of the blogs that first day and laughed SO much! I realized there were others out there who were like me! I realized I was NORMAL. It is such a relief to know that there are people like me who can love this whole thing so much while at the same time being able to laugh at it and all its ridiculousness. I sometimes view Twilight and everything that comes with it like a significant other: you love it unconditionally with all its flaws, beyond reason or comprehension. And being able to recognize those flaws and STILL love it just shows true love! Anyway, sorry for rambling. I love these blogs so much, and you wouldn't believe how many times I've had a random thought, frustration, epiphany about Twilight/Rob and have come here and seen somebody (whether in a blog itself or in the comments) express the exact same sentiment! It's so refreshing.

    Congrats, ladies, on your anniversary, and I hope you're around for several more, because otherwise I might go insane!

  40. i jus wanna say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! again! said it on twitter and facebook n now here! i reckon all the twilight cast should say happy anniversary then it would be the best anniversary any1 could have!

  41. So is this a birthday or an anniversary? Not that it matters, it’s a PAR-TAY! Where’s the little bottles? Heck, where’s the BIG bottles?

    I found Twi-heaven by way of Google images who brought me to the ‘anal joke comic strip’ which, in turn, led me to Mecca. *sigh* And now I can never be productive at work again.

    Even SM knows the awesomeness that is you ladies. *praying that she reads/comments today*

    Love you. :*

    • OMG! Anal joke comic strip for me too!!!! I think, I don’t remember actually. But I saw it within the first day of lurkdom (which lasted all of 1 day before I debuted, yeah, I’m easy. Whatevs).

      I even read about LTT on Stephenie’s site (while I was stalking her little brother Seth, and you guys thought my name was all about the Twilight character, puh-leeze) and didn’t go visit (for some months). For shame.

    • I found LTT/LTR that day, too! How bizarre
      Although I believe that also happened to be the day Stephenie posted about LTT on her website?
      We’re all weird. We get here by way of anal comic strip.

  42. Aw, you guys are the sweetest! I thank my lucky charms every day that I found you guys a few months ago. You make me feel “normal.” Now only if you could convince my husband of that…

    Any chance you guys are going to start a Letters to Taylor site? I mean, after he turns 18, of course. Because I am NOT currently ogling his ridiculous body. I’m waiting until it’s legal outside of Georgia. I had to close my eyes for half of New Moon.

    Mucho LOVE and respect!!!

      • I love you! Keep it coming!

          • Oh crap, sorry, that was just supposed to be a link. Sorry everyone. If you don’t like Michael Sheen nor cars you will probably be bored to tears by that. My bad. I did it all for you Michaelsheenisadilf

          • Aw, thank you! I’m so happy I’m cackling like Aro when Jane’s
            powers didn’t work on Bella. Seriously, how awesome was Sheen
            in that Volturi scene? Best. Cackle. Ever.

          • I’m going to thank you, because I like both Sheen AND cars. Plus his shirt matches his eyes. His eyes are just… so…. beautiful. If you asked me what my favorite gemstone was, I’d say emerald. If you asked me next week when I see NM again with my unicornboyfriend, I’d say ruby. swoon. It’s normal that those red contacts turn me on? That’s normal right? Because oh em gee…I can’t even contain myself when Felix does his stare down at Rob or when Demetri says “Nice fishing Heidi” and we have the split second of smirk meets gorgeous eyes before cutting back to Heidi.

          • @ TS – umm i thought your bf was in the PNW and your unicorn was in FL… oh-dear…

          • “The girl comes with us.” Um, YEAH, I’ll come with you!!!

          • Oh my. I could watch that all day. My cubeys were like, “What are you giggling at?!” and I’m like, “SHHH!” I’m crying from laughing. He’s so funny (said in the Jessica Stanley way).

            So, wait, his right hand has a ring, but not his left… I know he’s got a daughter, but, the ring finger, empty… ???

            And how amazing was that Little Britain reference? Sigh. I officially added Sheen to my list.

          • @ambushed, yeah, but my boyfriend is a little bit of a unicorn. he really wants to see NM.

            @Sheen=DILF, That’s my favorite phrase. It plays out in my fantasies all the time. Bewley/Cudmore sammy!!!!

          • I think I like him not in costume the most. Those eyes. Those eyes!

          • I heart you so hard for that video! I watched it all…what a dork.

            Michael Sheen is the shiz.

  43. I already congratulated you girls via a variety of applications.

    So I’m just gonna say some other things.

    * You could do the PETA add
    * The fat and ugly ones are gonna conquer the world
    * My comments are lame today.

    But I love you all!

  44. Congrats you guys!! Wow – a whole year *snap* flies by just like that!! I love you for always bringing on the funny, for always having your own perspective on things, and (selfishly I’ll admit) for making me laugh every day. We’re all equally glad that you chicks got together and shared your collective awesomeness with us!

    Here’s to another year, and another, and then after that…uh we’ll all figure out something – lol…

    : )

    • and another year… because BD won’t open when HP7: 1&2 does…which is so Nov 2010 and June 2011. We’re talking Nov 2011 and June 2012 if they rock the two parter BD. (I pray for this anyway, so that I can have enough time to build my resume and get an agent and really audition for Kate and not have some big star from Hollywood swoop in and play her… a la dakota fanning)

  45. Also, I think both of your posts today confirm that you are real fake lesbians.

  46. Happy 1st anniversary Moon & UC! I wis you many more letters and funny tweets to come.
    I will open a bottle of Heineken and cheers to your health. I love you girls so much. Thanks for making me laugh all the way from Holland!

  47. Your little blog helped me out of the darkness I felt after finishing BD! You guys and your sick sense of humor saved me from the sadness & I love you for it. As Renee Zellweger famously once said, “You complete me.”

    Thank you

  48. THANK YOU for the letters. I love them all!

  49. […] the Birth – iversary of my all time favorite blog and pretty much the only reason I am here, Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob! If you are not reading their blogs, what the hell?! And if you are, be sure to […]

  50. Moon, I did all my sappy sappying over on LTR already and now I”m all sapped out (and really need to wash the kitten tears off my face). But I will stand and clap and blow you butterfly kisses on the wind cuz you are da bomb (now go read what I wrote you and UC over on LTR).


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