New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 2

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The wolf's outta the bag

Dear LTT-ers and anyone every having to do with New Moon,

Today we continue on with beating a dead horse aka our reviews of New Moon and this is my part two since I was so long winded the first time around. Wednesday, I started this review by posting what I call the hits and misses of the movie so let’s continue down that path…


Alrighty smile for the camera, say: "cheee-we'retotallyoblivious towhatsreallygoingoninthistown-eeese"

The Humans
Once again the humans are really the highlight of the film. Just like in Twilight they bring the funny and the sense of reality. They act like high school students, make stupid (read: awesome) jokes and generally remind us that not everyone is an undercover sensitive, brooding monster. If I had to give props to give one human though I think it would have to be Billy Burke as Charlie, famous ladies man. This time around we actually feel the bond between him and Bella which isn’t cut short with stutter-y phrasing or bad awkward moments. He plays the Dad figure well and you actually feel for him as he tries to comfort Bella. I also noticed in the dream sequence when Bella remembers the Werewolf/Vampire story the person laying on the forest floor is not her but is Charlie (at least I think!) if so, it just further illustrates that she really doesn’t want him to get hurt because of her crazy monster secret life. Awwwww… can’t wait till I see if again to really see if it was Charlie.


Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning Like a whirlpool it never ends And it's You girl makin' it spin

UC talked about it and I will to, I’m sure it was used as some sort of visual tool to disorient us but I think it worked all TOO WELL. Everytime she trips and falls in the forest I think “here we go again” and get a good grip in my chair because we’re about to take a trip on New Moon the ride now at Universal Studios. Let me off! Let me off! Bellaaaaa, BellAH… Get me off this crazy thing… called love (anyone? anyone?!)


Excuse me, what did you just say?

Chemistry between Bella & Jacob
One of my favorite scenes between them is the “break up” scene after Jacob has turned and Bella, tired of getting the dismissal from Billy, goes to find out why he’s been missing. They emote, they stare into each other eyes, they tug at my heart strings, they make me cry. Taylor has probably the best set of puppy dog eyes ever and uses them to kill us every time. How can Bella be immune to THAT?! They really do portray two people who are great friends torn apart by great odds who try to overcome them. I think it’s probably why I lean so heavily in favor of Team Jacob in this movie. There’s really nothing like a true best friend.

Seriously let’s finish this thing up after the cut


Bella Swan, phone home

Is that you Gran? Nope, it’s you Bella! With a completely different face, eyes, body and height. But it’s you, trust us we’re vampires. I mean… bloggers?


The score
Thank God Jacob’s theme is not just another version of “dead native American” music like most movies with native Americans feature. UC wasn’t a huge fan but I think I love it pretty hardcore. I finally got to pay attention enough to hear when Jacob and Edwards themes blended at the end (last video). Also anytime Jacob’s theme plays I grab for a tissue. Seriously, someone call Chris Hansen. I have tendencies.

(someone hand me a tissue)

While New Moon definitely has it’s faults it’s mostly nitpick-y stuff that really doesn’t change how much I love this movie. I try to explain to “civilians” what makes New Moon so great and I fail every time. How can you explain what you’ve waited a year for? How can you explain the awesome-ness of all the little details. How do I explain FacePunch? You can’t, that’s how. You just gotta trust that the movie will work it’s magic on even the hardest of hearts and if it doesn’t? Well, there’s always those abs and the “2-wheeled death machines” to help win them over.

Two thumbs WAY up!


PS I figured out who is to blame for those wigs! Just wait Stacey Butterworth, your day (and letter) is coming!

So did we thoroughly kill any and all enjoyment out of New Moon with these reviews? This is a blog-o-cracy speak your minds!

Oh Lion & Lamb I can’t wait till the DVD comes out and you screencap every second of the movie. Thanks for all the pretty!

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  1. I heart Charlie so bad.
    That is all.

    Love, me xo

    • Me too.

      • I 3rd that!

        Also random question, why did Bella not break her hand when she punched Paul?

        • That was my initial thought, too, but I think it’s actually a slap.

        • She only breaks her hand in Eclipse, that’s why.

          • notanaddiktbella- you get the TwiNerd award of the day for knowing *that* shizz!

          • Really? Doesn’t everyone knows *that*. Maybe I’m just a twi-nerd too.

            Not to belittle notanadktbella and her awesomeness, but I think twi-nerd should be reserved for knowing things like Waylon Forge’s last name or what color the Swan house kitchen cabinets are supposed to be. That’s like hardcore. The hand break scene is pretty drawn out and even has a bastard line by Charlie to Jake about kissing her.

            That said, I ❤ you notanadktbella, and I know you are a real twi-nerd, even if this comment didn't portray your full capacities.

          • yellow! do i win?

          • nope, it’s FADED yellow, lol. The sad part is the one-too-many-times mentioned linoleum floor… Thinking about that, they really upgraded the house on NM. Flat screen TV, decent couches, seemingly decent internet connection and she even has a Mac! Guess Charlie got a raise… (probably due to his copstache…)

  2. Great review!

    However, I am offended that you would say that “Taylor has probably the best set of puppy dog eyes ever” when this title obviously belongs to me.

    PS Is the horse dead yet?


  3. I could leave a comment gushing about how awesome Billy Burke is and how much I adore his copstache, making this day no different from any other. But, I think I can get a handle on my Charlie love long enough to sit down and have some plaid… er, I mean, to mention that I thought the other humans really brought it as well. I was a little disappointed at getting so little of Billy Black, though Harry Clearwater’s kung fu helped fill the void. Mike and Jessica were awesome. Period. Really two of the acting highlights in the movie were their respective movie/post-movie scenes.

    As for the gran scene? I thought it was a little confusing the way it was filmed, though, I suppose that was on purpose to make it feel more like a dream. So, all I’m going to say about that is “Bella Swan, phone home” FTW! ❤ you, Moon.

    • “sit down and have some plaid” 🙂 Someone’s been watching rifftrax (which were awesom, btw)

    • All I could think of when I saw the Gran scene in theaters was ET holding up his finger and saying “ooooouch.”

      • Hahahaha, I don’t understand the compulsion in movies to only hold up one finger toward your potential reflection… unless they’re all just doing E.T. homages? If I wasn’t sure that I was looking into a reflection, I would do something more obvious, like scratch my armpit or something.

      • Lol, I totally thought that too.
        While Gran totally didn’t look like Bella at all, I really appreciated that this scene was included in the movie and so I liked it.

        And speaking of movie dejavu, another blog I read pointed out an uncanny resemblance between wolf-Sam and G’mork from The Neverending Story.
        I can’t find a picture of Sam when he first appears, growling at Laurent, but here’s a pic of G’mork for shits and giggles.

        • AH – you just scared the crap out of me and I couldn’t get the window of the G’mork pic to close. I’m scarred for life.

          • A warning should come with that pic! It is actually kinda scary.
            I also loved that the wolves looked kinda small on the trailer as opposed to the book description, but they look HUGE in the “Meadow” scene.

  4. Yay!!! Another post with Taycob love!

    Thanks for bringing up the Gran fiasco. She looked nothing like Bella and also, because she looked very creepy, I expected her to do somthing macabre any minute…. Like turn into a demon.

    And I don’t know why but that scene also bad a “wax-on wax-off”
    feel to it.

  5. It IS Charlie on the floor in that dream…

    Taycob’s chocolate brown puppy dog eyes (apart from Fang’s of course) THUD!!!!

    Morning everybody!
    Quiet, Un-ranting and therefore more loveable cookie

  6. Passion.

    Passion + ate = passionate, but unfortunately, today, someone “ate” my “passion”.

    I’m not feeling “blogish” lately… but i love the post Moon.

    I had/have major passion for the movie. I do, in fact, love it. I love it so much that my love totally covers over the “ehh” parts… the Bible says “love covers over a multitude of sins”, so Chris, if we were grading on a curve vs. Twilight #1 = PASS. If it was pass/fail, New Moon = PASS! Either way, my love for the depiction you gave of the story (and the music too) basically covers over the things i felt that were missing (b/c i understand movies have to cut stuff out). ahem, Eclipse better give me some evidence of Bella/Edward passion and some more Jacob heartbreak… (i love Jacobs puppy-eyes too, Moon)

    *blows kiss to Chris from hand* *waves to David*

    My passion has been eaten… mope-mope-mope… not to mention that i was meant to go see NM 2 more times but my “partners in crime” bailed on me… i think i will “hit it” by myself one more time to get a well-rounded 3 and wait (im)patiently for the DVD…

    * le sigh* – morning all… *le sigh*

    • *burp* Sowwy, I eated yor pashun. Om nom nom.

      I AGREE with everything you just sighed.

      Also, I need to see it a third time, too, and I’m guessing it will have to be alone. I can do this.

    • just two people “get me” huh? i see how it is… uh-huh.

      ambushed gets no love…

    • i totes agree…

      my music knowlege isnt all there
      so i thought they did a great job

      some stuff was cheese but…
      i liked cheesy it makes for a better sandwich

  7. The first time I watched NM, the opening scene with Gran was distracting. I found my mind wandering to disturbing places. If Edward never changed Bella, would they still make out like they did in the parking lot, or in front of her house? Would Edward still moan and groan when he’s getting all hot & heavy with that 80 year old woman?
    I was pre-occupied for the first 10 mintues of the movie pondering such disgusting things.

    Thanks Chris Weitz and Stephenie Meyer!

    • I giggled through the part at the end of the dream where Edward is looking lovingly at GranBella–filming that scene must have been a real turn on for Rob. It probably killed that old lady.

      • When he kissed her hand, I turned to my friend and said, “Why didn’t he plant a big wet one right on her lips?” (Do you think Rob giggled a lot during that scene, or do you think he worked really hard to get it done in one take?)

      • Haha it was prolly the first time granny turned on her faucet in many years. 😀

        • OMG…”turned on her faucet”, that was too funny!! I just spit on my monitor, at that comment…

          I remember thinking at the opening scene with Gran, that if someone had not read the book, they would not have understood what was going on. I don’t think that it was clear enough, that the old lady was supposed to be Bella.

        • I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

        • Sick.nast. Hilarious, though. I’m betting he tried to get it in one take.

      • I feel for the old lady in this. Chris’ directions were like: “in this scene you play the creepy and gross version of Bella that will never be, because it would just be too gross…..What?….makeup? Oh, nah, you don’t need any, just as you are will do”… ACTION!

      • I hope the actress who played GranBella copped a feel on her way out.

  8. This is unrelated to the actual movie, but I couldn’t help but notice how sexy/slutty Bella looks on the cover of the CD for the NM score.

    She is definitely workin’ that Wal-Mart tank top.
    I bet if she had dressed like this before Edward left, he might have thought twice about leaving!

    • Haha, I thought the same thing about the tank top.

      I really dislike how Rob looks on the album cover though. Is it just me?

      • No, I hated most of the promotional pics with Rob for this movie. He looks like a 30 year old used car salesman (no offense to any used car salesmen out there). It’s that damn tweed!

    • Hahahaha! Gotta love airbrushed cleavage and a wind machine. And if that’s not airbrushed… well then, way to go KStew!

  9. The humans were awesome

  10. Charlie FTW!

  11. DUDE! Has NO ONE said where the quote was from?!?
    So I married an Ax Murderer! Mike Myers at his best… before all the other shite 🙂

    – Jamie

    • to what quote are you refering?

      (that was my ex’s fav movie)

    • Betty, Judy, Josie and those hot pussycats; They make me horny; Saturday-morny; Girls of cartooins; Will leave you in ruins… I recited the whole thing in my head after reading the quote.

      My kids head is like an orange on a toothpick. I live this movie every day.

  12. Man, I love how emotive music is – I didn’t once feel the need to cry during New Moon (not a criticism, I’m just cold and dead inside) – but when I listen to the stand alone score pieces they are really poignant, I do feel like they help to connect me to the emotions Bella’s feeling.

  13. I’m with you on everything except fot Gran. I thought that part was great. It would have been too much cheese to have KStew all in “old person” make up. I remember thinking how she had the same eyes as Bella, even thought they were creepy brown.

    The thing that disturbs me the most about that scene was Edward’s outfit/monstrosity that he is wearing. I know it’s Bella’s POV and she’s all impressed with his antiquity, but SERIOUSLY!!!

    I’ve only been once (couldn’t find another excuse to see it again due to the super locked Twi closet that I’m in) that I didn’t notice the overlapping of the score. I can’t wait to get the stupid DVD that I’m willing to empty out my kids college funds for. Really.

    • Seriously, if it was my dream sequence and in my POV Edward would not have been in a knee length tweed coat. He would have been shirtless.

      • Since we’re dreaming, let’s just go with pantsless, too. And while we’re at it let’s ditch the granny and change “meadow” to “Isle Esme.”

    • I love the grannie scene too. I feel like it could have easily been left out, but CW was trying to keep with the book as much as possible.

      Totes agree on the DVD comment. I am locked in the twi-closet with ya!

  14. Ok I need some help … I get very confused during that dream sequence where Bella’s figuring out the wolves. What is that white animal thing? I haven’t seen the movie in the past week so I’m not remembering exactly but I’m pretty sure I thought it was a sheep. Help?

    And Moon, I love you for ending with “quil-clout-lay” or whatever. =D

  15. Remind me never to take you (Moon) or UC to a carnival. You’d both pass out as we walked by the Tilt-a-Whirl!

    I am also in love with this score. It gives the movie the feel of an old classic love story/melodrama. Every time I really feel the music is after Edward has left, there is a long shot of Bella walking through the woods at twilight and the music surges. It catches me each time.

    • My motion-sickness prone children both got nauseous during the opening Volterra scene, the “months” scene and the “fall down in the woods” scene. The second time we saw it they knew to keep their eyes closed.

  16. Crying Gaysian. That is all.

    • How could I forget about that??? Ugh. What perfection.

      Oh, and Edward reciting poetry was a HIT for me. My boyfriend nearly scoffed so hard he had an aneurism, but I swooned.

      • All I want in life is a guy that can recite me Shakespeare… and whose favourite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray… and who will sit and listen to Sigur Ros with me in silence… and who looks exactly like Rob. That’s not much to ask!!

      • I really wanted Rob to do the Shakespeare with his own fabulous accent, and look like he meant it. Instead he sounded flat and bored. That could have been so much more, that even Mike Newton would be crying along with the Gaysian.

      • Yeah, I thought Edward redciting that was cool, too, and didn’t understand why Roger Ebert would say:
        “Romeo and Juliet! The very play Edward was reciting narcissistically and contemptuously in an opening scene”
        I didn’t think Robward came off like that AT ALL.

    • I totally forgot about that!!

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gawd, so good.

  17. WARNING long post ahead…but could be my last because
    I know I am probably going to get booted out of LTT (LNM) for this. Working on it now….but thought I would prepare you for it and say Good Morning while your all still “talking” to me..

    • Mornin’ hon, feeling better? can’t wait to read the “really long one”… toodles!

    • MIdCyn – I will ALWAYS still talk to you. Well, unless you say you hate me…that would make me all kinds of sad. 😦

      Work is kicking my butt today, but I will definitely come back to see your long post. Hope you are feeling better today!

      • Aww Ang.. I could NEVER hate you EVER. I sooo HEART u. Still working on the post..I am not sure I should try and do it all in one or break it up…but after I post, I may be banned so I think I will “go for it”
        Don’t work to hard! ❤

        @ Ambushed..remember I warned u its gonna be wants me to come in today…too sick to get up dressed etc., so just hangin in.. thanks for asking… ❤ xo
        Ok back to the epic post..before the hubs gets

        • Mwah. Miss you! Go to the doctor in your pajamas if you have to! Get better soon so you can come back and play with us.

  18. I am going to take a much more myopic approach to this. There were some small details that were just beautifully done and I want to acknoldge them:

    HIT: Victoria… Everything she did. The clothes, the hair, the dive… The flying. It may have had something to do with mw feeling sorry for all her off screen disapointment, but I wanted her to win in this. Bryce better bring it, she has a big wig to fill.

    HIT: Voulturi Painting… CreepstIcally delicious. Down to the music…. It would have been intersting to see them in more timeless attire instead of the Armani Catalogue page 94 getup. But I get this cd was into suits… Still grumbling about Edwards suit. I swear, if she puts any tweed on Jacob for Eclipse to show his suffering… I am going to lose it in that theatre. I don’t care if they are tweed short…keep them the Hale off of him.

    Hit: Edward’s look in Italy. I am proud of Rob for making that happen. His suffering, if not smeliness, emoted through the screen. All joking aside, didn’t he look like he could have an extreme case of halitosis during that reunion scene? Just saying.

    Hit & Miss: Although it was a poor choice of wardrobe, I think it’s was a genius concept to keep Edward in the same clothes from the b-bay party for the whole movie. It’s too bad I had to read about it to notice it, though. I shouldn’t have to read a manual to get that since it should have been a visual cue to his state of mind. Lastly, Rob, next time they are choosing your wardrobe STFU, because tweed is not sexy.

    HIT: Jacob’s posture before and after becoming a wolf (read the reason for my existance). Little things like the flexing of his hands and alert shifty eyes just really added up to sell me on the fact that he was a genetically changed person. Lastly, when he grabs his hair at the nape and punches/slams the truck door because he is so mad that Bella is just powerful… And also very hot. (troubling I know).

    Miss: More than 50% of the hair… What the Hale… There are no decent hair stylists in Vancouver, Gah!

    HIT: “Hearing Damage” which for me might as well be effing “brain” damage, cause I can’t get that song out of my head. Technically, I paid 15 bucks for that song cause it’s the only one I love on the soundtrack. It my new ‘supermassive black hole’

    -end rant

    • Agree about ‘Hearing Damage’ Thom Yorke – as if I didn’t worship at your alter already, I do so more fervently now!

      • I ❤ u… So we are just gonna have to share the alter. * Xylem pats spot on bench (read throne) next to her*

    • ” Lastly, when he grabs his hair at the nape and punches/slams the truck door because he is so mad that Bella is just powerful… And also very hot. (troubling I know).”


      • I’ll just say: “¿qiuen es este taeelor? Yo no hablo inglés” and presto… I’ll be out of there faster that Taycob can put on his Jorts! (ok, seriously, why did just think that?)

    • “I think it was a genious concept to keep Edward in the same clothes from the b-day party for the whole movie”…
      How did I not notice that either?!
      And I loved Victoria too. Her hair was amazing; I kept thinking that Pantene should use the Hearing Damage clip from the movie in a comercial to sell their “Pro-V Ice Shine Ultra Curl” shampoo and conditioner line.

      • “I think it’s was a genius concept to keep Edward in the same clothes from the b-bay party for the whole movie. It’s too bad I had to read about it to notice it, though.”

        I had no idea, either! Thanks for pointing this out. I guess I’ll have to go back for round three this weekend.

    • One of these days, Chris Hansen is going to lure a bunch of us into a large kitchen with the promise of jorts and that’s when we’ll see the pitcher of iced tea and the stack of transcripts from damning comments left on LTT. Watch out, IWL. Watch out.

      • He will totally print them out and put them in three-ring binders color-coded by username. And IWL’s will be one of those bigass 5″ binders, and will have certain pages flagged. Busted.

        • IWL’s binder will have very incriminating pics and video clips! With a copy of her flight plan to show that she intended to act on ALL her perviness!!!

          • You guys hating on Illegal while she is away?

            Tsk. tsk

          • Hate? Never – only love for my favorite cookie monster. I will rip that binder from Hansen’s tea-stained, finger-pointing hands and clutch it to my chest while screaming, “It’s mine! I’m IllegalWL! I’m in love with an illegal wolf! The shame! The lust! The absssssssss . . . oh, the abs. Take me away.”

          • Forseuth!!! hate on IWL?? Never, ever, eva! I just know that Hansen ever catches her, I’ll be locked up right along with her in solidarity… But also cause she’s the pest Tay-porn dealer around.

          • No, simply pointing out what I point out to her daily on Twitter. @ChrisHansen does exist…and he’s watching. Besides, we all know that if it ever really came down to it, we’d all drink the iced tea and do the whole Spartacus scene for IWL. “I’m IWL.” “NO! I’m IWL!” and then Xylem could chime in with a “Forsooth! I’m IWL!”

          • Sparkle,StotheP,Fang,Xylem
            U will never know how much I love you…Ok u might when I turn up with fluffy Twi-porn binders for each of you…and later when BFF TAy and I decide to “figure out” the intense sexual tension that threatens to overshadow the amazing BFF-ness…you will all get a copy of the vid…(with blurry me cause we dont want to be distracted by the homely girl bahahahaha)

            aaaand its comments like that before February, that gets me a big red post-it on my folder..but you know what? STFU Hansen..he’ll be legal by the time I get there..and i just wanna be BFF’s with him…yeah…for now…

            I ❤ u guys so much imma call u "loca" and try to pash u in the kitchen…after whispering in Quileute of course..

    • Mmmm. I owe SM a big ‘ol thank you for introducing me to Muse. They own my Jeep stereo.

      • I know, right!. How can she love Muse and not watch rated R movies. So odd. But I do li
        love me some muse. I misunderstood her thanks to them in the novels as them being her “muse”. Didn’t get that was their name ’til Twilight.

      • SM’s musical choices are so intriguing–she’s so indie. People try to put her in this box of what they think Mormons should be like, yet she confounds us all.

      • Same here. Love Muse and owe SM big thanks, too.

    • There better be no effing tworts!!!!! DAMN STRAIGHT!

    • @Xylem “grabs his hair at the nape of his neck” yeah erm..that is all…Imma need a minute to get that effhawt image out of my head…or permenantly tattoo it onto my brain…

    • i agree with you about everything but the tweed. i like it. it’s like the naughty librarian look, for men.

  19. “I also noticed in the dream sequence when Bella remembers the Werewolf/Vampire story the person laying on the forest floor is not her but is Charlie (at least I think!)”

    Really?!?! I thought it was Bella, but I would like it so much more if it was Charlie. And that would make more sense. I wonder if I yell at the theater to pause it I can take a closer look. By now everyone in the theater has seen it more than once (or twice… or three times…). Hmm…

    But yes, Charlie. Sweet, sexy, DILF. Sigh. I could count the ways I love him and his Mustache Ride, but I’ll save that for now.

    Moon, your sign off was perfect.

  20. I obviously did not pay enough attention to the score. I am now even more in love with Chris Weitz for calling on Alexandre Desplat.

    • I also didn’t pay attention to the score while watching the movie (I’ve seen it two times). However I’m streaming the soundtrack right now and I must admit that during The Meadow (one of Desplat’s) I have the goosebumps! It’s beautiful!

    • Sigh. The score the score the score. I love the score, on its own. It’s just off in the movie though. But I love Desplat’s eerie, surreal, and fantastical style. His music takes me away to another world. So helpful when writing my novel…

  21. Charlie: He is full of awesom! I loved every moment of him in Twilight and he so did not disappoint in NM. He makes me want to have a daddy complex so I can get some copstach action.

    Gran – did anyone notice the size of her rack? I mean really? Is Bella dilusional that between now and official adulthood she’s going to have a growth spurt in just that area? They could’ve done a wee bit better job on casting that. No disrespect meant to grans, though. May she RIP.

    • “Gran – did anyone notice the size of her rack? I mean really? Is Bella dilusional that between now and official adulthood she’s going to have a growth spurt in just that area?”

      You get the LOL and WTF awards for the day for putting the image of a large 90 year old rack in my head. And also, Ewww!

    • two things to mention re: “the rack of an older lady” issue.

      1) [here comes an awful mental image] the older lady breast roll up… yeah… they do that… when a breast hangs down to the belly and must be rolled up to be in the bra… *shudder*

      2) “Is Bella dilusional that between now and official adulthood she’s going to have a growth spurt in just that area” – answer: No. i was a small/flat gal til i was close to 20 and now i’m a D. and no i’m not fat and i’m not on hormones… it can happen. Bella May Blossom!

  22. MOON-so i married an axe murderer!!! GREAT MOVIE!!

  23. I can’t even add anything here except little snarky comments here and there. I barely remember the movie. I haven’t seen it since opening night and now I’m thinking Hubby Hubberson is going to be really peeved that we’re spending our first night out in a month at the movies watching New Moon as I try to baptize him into the holy church of the unicorn.

  24. The humans, as always, were awesome.

    • Now that you say that… I am thinking that part of the failure of Breaking Dawn is the lack of humans and therefore contast.

  25. In that picture of the humans…did they not send Jessica the memo that purple is cool?

    And Billy Burke is…just…why I am willing to spend $10 to go see it again.

  26. O.K. I agree the Humans definitely lighten mood.

    Hit: Erik crying while watching Romeo and Juliet in class.
    Hit: Jessica’s rambling about what zombies mean in society as a whole.
    Hit: Mike cowering from Jake, white as a ghost.

    And don’t get me started about Charlie, loved every scene he was in.

    I think that this movie will convert a lot of people. My hairdresser’s wife saw the movie, and really liked it. She definitely thought it was better than the first one. She is now finally interested in reading the books, because of New Moon. Can’t wait to hear what she thinks…

  27. “I didn’t once feel the need to cry during New Moon (not a criticism, I’m just cold and dead inside)”

    it’s like we were separated at birth. I tried to make myself feel sad enough to cry over the loss of Ed, but then Jake came on the screen and it was like “what was his name again, Edwin? Edgar? ugh, forget it… Want more pizza Jake?”

    Surprisingly, I found some extra moisture around my eyes when wolf Jake gives Bella the ultimate puppy eyes at the end. I was like… WTF…I can’t cry over CGI.

    • I was surprised I didn’t cry over anything in New Moon. I cry over Pedigree commercials and practically go into hysterics over Pixar movies, ya know, the ones with pretend monsters and talking fish? People getting angsty and heartbroken though? Meh.

  28. I was confused by the Gran the first time too. Maybe I just expected it to be more mirror-like, as in same clothes, etc. But it was just a dream, and dreams are weird, so I excused it, I guess.

  29. I’m with you on the hits. But most of your misses didn’t bother me so much. I didn’t get dizzy except for when Jacob came on screen but that was for an entirely different reason. Bella’s dream about Gran didn’t bother me. I thought it was Bella’s dream so she was imagining her own Gran as herself. Therefore, the Gran actress didn’t really need to be portraying Old Bella, just Gran.

    Since the post on Wednesday I’ve been trying to think of my own list of hits and misses (more hits than misses for sure) and basically these are the highlights I came up with:

    – Edward *ducks*… as mentioned before he didn’t convince me he’s in love with Bella. He was too emo, to dark, too depressing. Too much of a Debbie Downer. I know he had to be that way after the infamousPapercut Incident, but please show some love for Bella when she comes and rescues you from a tragic Romeo and Juliet scenario!
    – And yes, Edward’s wardrobe.
    – The score. I was hoping for something entirely more magical, but this was once again just sort of generic, unmemorable movie music. I don’t have the least clue as to what Jacob and Edward’s themes are. My dream Twilight composer would be someone like Rachel Portman (Chocolat).
    – Eric
    – Alice – she seemed freaked out, distant the whole time. She was Bella’s friend in the book and I would have liked that to have been developed a bit more.

    – JacobJacobJacob/Talyor
    – Edward’s charcoal grey Volvo (am I the only one who thought it was better / more masculine and well-suited for him than the Twilight movie Volvo? I am a nerd and love Volvos in general, though.)
    – The CGI wolves… more awesome than I had dared to hope
    – The scene with Bella/Carlisle in his office, and the moving picture a la Harry Potter. I’d spend some quality time in Carlisle’s office any day…
    – The breakup scene btwn Edward and Bella, I thought Kirsten owned it
    – Kirsten, in general
    – The months passing
    – Jessica “Movie night with Bell-uh”
    – All of the dream sequences
    – Charlie’s relationship with Bella
    – Bella/Jacob scenes in the garage
    – Jacob’s t-shirts (as mentioned in yesterday’s LTT post)
    – Face Punch
    – The scene right after Face Punch
    – The Jacob/Bella breakup, more heart-wrenching than the Ed/Bella breakup IMO…
    – The almost kiss before Edward interrupts them…
    – Am I the only one who liked Rob’s robe? It was very The Continental of him. Freaky yet hot in a really creepy way.
    – Jane and her little smirk when Edward says he’s not scared – so creepy/fantastic
    – The elevator
    – The blonde Volturi (sorry, officially worst fan, not sure which one he is.)
    – The voting scene. This was the first time I really saw the Cullens in the movie as warm, loving, accepting towards Bella.

    – La tua cantante – not sure if the use of this phrase was cool or lame

    Sorry for the super-long post!

    • OK, so I’m ammending my comments. My score of the, eh, score has moved to “on the fence” as I’ve spent some quality time so far today listening to it while I work. (Thanks for including it in the post!) I do enjoy Edward’s theme and can recognize it now. Jacob’s theme is slightly less memorable. But there are some good moments in the score and I believe it is better than the Twilight original. Although, just a touch of the theme from the first movie may have been nice for some continuity.

    • -The vote scene… definitely! I feel like Carlisle however has been warm to Bella since the beginning (even in Twilight). In some ways I imagine PFach being just as nice. I mean, he rode by on his motorcycle before the premiere day just to say hi to the twihardcores camping out. That’s so awesome.

      High five for Rachel Portman. That score was so tantalizing.

      The score itself though, as you have begun to notice in your addendum, is actually quite nice. It just doesn’t work with the film. Which is a major fail. But… oh well. Anything is better than “waaaaaa(r) naaaaaaaa(r)”

  30. When you talk about humans in the movie, you are forgetting one of my favorites! Harry Clearwater! I mean really, he was awesome! RIP Harry!

  31. The humans were my favorite part. Charlie for his awesomely awkward Dad-ishness, Yorkie for his sobbing gaysian-ness, Newton for his marshmallow-ness, and Jessica for her all around awesomeness. I honestly think she had the funniest lines in the movie. Well, the ones that were intentionally funny, at least…

  32. I have nothing to add but will say….I both appreciate your points & UC’s re: score. Sometimes it annoyed me and seems too cheesy and just bad, and sometimes I dig it.

    PS Let’s do this (It doesn’t get old).

  33. I have to totes disagree about the score. *scary dark ominous music* overload.

    And I think I’ve officially decided after 4 viewings of the movie the worst part that I cringe at every single time is when Bella orders the pizza in the garage, tosses a slice to Jacob, and i turns into a wrench. That was a little too Disney for me. Gag.

    • Agreed about the pizza toss/wrench morph. What??!!

    • I liked the wrench throwing scene the first time I saw it. I thought it was hot. Someone here (I think Xylem) mentioned it before and I couldn’t wait to see it again on my second viewing. It was still hot, but what bothered me was that it was clearly a stunt person that caught the wrench. Fake-Jacob-wrench-catcher never turns around, even when he moves on to lug a tire or whatever he does not turn around until the scene cuts. His hair also looks slightly different. I guess they brought it the professional to keep Taylor from getting knocked upside the head with a wrench. That would have been funny as hell, though 🙂

    • NM Jacob Wrench Toss=Twilight Jasper and Bat Swing ❤

  34. I loved the score too. Such a relief after Twilight. I still want to hunt down the person who thought it was a great idea to signal ‘danger’ with electric guitars when the bad vamps approach in the baseball scene.

  35. I did get dizzy during the woods scene the first couple times, but I do appreciate the symbolism of Bella’s downward spiral, so I deal.

  36. These reviews are only making me want to go back and see New Moon for a fourth time. I swore that three would be my limit until the DVD came out. I might have to go downtown and hunt down Hussle Man for a bootleg copy.

  37. Score
    I loved Carter Burwell’s score so much more.

    Bella and Jacob’s chemistry
    Has anyone else noticed that Kristen Stewart seems to have chemistry with everyone she performs with? What is it with her? I’m open to ideas. See “Adventureland,” “Speak,” “Into the Wild,” to name a few.

    “civilians.” LMAO!!

    • I agree, Kmountainlion. She can make it work with just about anyone she’s cast with. Where she may fail in other ares, she certainly makes up for in generating an almost desperate heat. It baffles the mind.

    • I didn’t listen to the soundtrack ahead of time, except they wouldn’t stop playing “Meet Me on the Equinox” on the radio for months (and I didn’t hear it in the movie–was it in the credits?), so nothing stood out for me music-wise at all. I may have to concentrate on just that next time I see it. However Twilight’s soundtrack really stood out and each bit enhanced its scene, even the first time I saw it, so I’m with you, Kmountainlion.

    • As I posted yesterday…. I thought the said “Hooka” instead of “Looka” which fits KStew much-much better!

  38. I did not like the fact that Edward barely makes eye contact with Bella during the break up scene and I don’t think he does when she rescues him. That is part of the reason I did not feel the heat between them.

    I loved when she said that it’s gross to date him since he is 109, and he smirks (sigh).

  39. Well, reading what everyone has to say leads me to only one conclusion: NM will be the movie that keeps on giving. There is so much more to disect and love about this film. The possibilities are endless…

  40. Love the “So I Married an Axe Murderer” reference!
    You girls are amazing!

  41. Did you like the Burger King sack in the waiting outside the movie theater scene? So I went to Burger King today to see what kind of stuff they were doing with New Moon. I walked in Door Edward rather than Door Jacob, of course! (and probably looked like a moron for taking 20 seconds to walk in a door)
    I guess I looked tween enough b/c the lady gave me the coupon book after I ordered! BK Lady- you made this 28 year old very happy today!!!

    • Ha! I was going to comment about that too. I just saw NM for my 3rd time as well and saw the BK bag for the first time. My boyfriend and I noticed it at the exact same moment, looked at each other and then got the giggles.

    • I noticed that terrible BK product placement too! And do you like how to bag turns in differnt directions so you can read the BK logo on it when the camera angle changes?

  42. I didn’t like the score much at all – it sorta sounded (especially that last youtube you posted) like a Lifetime movie score. I preferred the lullaby from Twilight.

    I know that Edward is supposed to be an angst-ridden character, and I love him for it, but I think it would have been better if you’d see him a tad more at ease and (gasp!) happy pre-headwoundpapercut. Then his agony/dispair afterward would have been more at contrast with the before. I love Rob, but he played the birthday party scene so dry. When Emmett says “That’s hot” he gets nary a response other than a sigh from Edward.

    The only other thing I can think of that you didn’t mention is the size of Emily’s muffins. LOL. Those muffins were the biggest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Do they make muffin pans that big? This is what I think of during movies.

  43. Ok I have spent hours on my post and now it is not showing up?? WTH..

    • WHAT?! oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i’ve been waitingggggggggg!!!!!!

      *gasp-for-air* okay, maybe it’ll show up after a delay… that’s happened to me before. i had an attachment or something and it took like an hour to show up.

      no worries. we’ll hafta give it a bit…

      *que Jeoparody theme music*

  44. Sorry if this comes up as a double post, other one didn’t show.
    Remember you were warned this was going to be long.

    Please understand that at first I was SO thrilled with actually achieving my goal of making it to the theater, it may have tainted my opinion of the movie itself. Also remember that I have NOT read the book and that has me viewing the movie from a different, distorted perspective.
    With that said, I did not like New Moon. (ducks) and I did not like the soundtrack except for a couple of songs for the following reasons:
    The Dream Sequence: Why did Bella dream of the Voluturi? She is not like Alice and cannot see the future and Edward doesn’t mention them until later in the movie during the classroom scene?
    The hallway in the school: What ever happened to the vamps “fitting in” with the humans, Alice’s jump and the comment from Bella to Jasper in front of other students “about the mood control thing?” The package
    Alice gives to Bella bugged me cause its obviously a dress and its in way too small of a box.
    The classroom scene: Waste of time, although cute with the “human” reactions, I didn’t like the message “I” as a parent thought it sent out regarding the suicide thing and how easy it is for humans to kill themselves over love. I thought it was boring and could have been done much better and shorter.
    The party: I hated the moving picture thing. Dumb. Took away from what could have been more dialogue btw Edward/Bella. The party itself was STIFF to say the least. Pivotal part that was flat and rushed. Also, Alice could take holding her hand on Bella’s gushing leg in Twilight, but NOT a paper cut or gash on the arm?
    Carlisle and Bella during stitch up, almost too cozy, like Bella is hitting on him (can you blame her?) as there is more emotion in that scene btw them then there is in some Edward/Bella moments.
    Breakup: I wanted this to make me sob. I did shed a tear, a single one. I wanted to SOB. FAIL. They are like two actors reciting lines, broken up and no flow. Especially the lines where Eddie tells her to be careful, placed totally in the wrong place. Should have been at the end not the middle.
    The Window: I am dizzy enough without the help from the movie, but it bothered me more that the director didn’t take the time to put the same effort into this as he did in the scenes w/ Jacob while fixing the motorcycles. Like changing her clothes/makeup to make her look more lost/thin/sickly as the months pass.
    Mike? (Really needs to stop hanging out with Daddy Lautner at Mickey D’s! Saying the protein thing..WTH Another “lil botttles” moment I could have done without.
    Could they NOT come up with a better movie title than Face Punch? Why no comments when Bella says “Guns, adrenaline, that’s my thing” Bella? Really?
    Jessica’s lines after the movie. Didn’t make sense to me, didn’t like them, with the exception of the shopping line. That sounds like something a teen would say.
    So many of the scene’s jump around, like they cut out something, then said the heck with it and pieced together what was left.
    The Dive: This confuses me (I know what your thinking) but it is a Hit & Miss. Bella at one point hit’s the rock wall and looks like it knocks her out and THEN she “see’s” Ghostward. If she is unconscious she would not be seeing anything. The time for her to see him would be before she slams against the rocks, right?
    Alice’s return: Left me wanting more, rushed and broken up.
    Jacob sticking his head in the window on Alice’s side..NOT…neither seemed repulsed as they should have been so close to each other and would have been much more emotional if he was on Bella’s side.
    The Volutri: Bella missed on this big time. The love of her life is being brutally beaten and she just looks like she is watching a boxing match. Not until the end does she offer some real emotion to save him. Then the rest feels rushed through minus the passion. This is where the movie really let me down. I waited and waited for the emotion and passion of the reunion throughout the whole movie to grab my heart. Major letdown. Especially when Bella’s “saves” Edward=Fail
    After they leave Italy again no passion=Fail
    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…steals this movie. He is so good as “the dad” unlike the insecure Dad in Twilight, in NM he is a cool, caring, funny Dad that I adore.
    Kristen’s performance in the woods after the breakup, she played that so well! She knew that there was no point in yelling for Eddie, he can hear a pin drop from across the forest, she knew he was gone like lightning and would not be found so her wandering about was out of sheer devastation and loss.
    Window scene: One of the only songs perfectly placed and I did cry during this whole thing. Kristen nailed this too.
    The emails to Alice. For someone that has not read the book, it fills in the gaps and “says” so much ! A real win for me. Who hasn’t written an email just to vent? Perfection!
    All the scene’s with Jacob. I cannot say enough about Taylor. He really “made” this movie worth watching. He held me with every frame he was in. (Its ok ILWL I am NOT changing teams or hitting on YOUR guy)
    The chemistry btw Bella & Jacob was a win BUT really made the LACK of chemistry btw Bella & Edward all the more noticeable.
    Ghostward was a definite WIN!
    CGI was also incredible!
    Much better, believable dialogue, especially Emmett, Alice and of course Charlie!
    The Dive: Aside for some of the misses, I love this scene! I love the effect of Ghostward and how the wave of Bella’s hand dissipates Edward.
    Fight scene’s were incredible and done so well.
    Dakota Fanning FTW
    Special effects!
    The two times that Wolf Jacob eye reflects Bella definite WIN!
    The last scene. Fade to black, leaves me wanting more because all in all New Moon itself left me wanting.

    So I guess what I am saying is that I am not really a fan of New Moon. It just doesn’t punch it up enough after Twilight even with all (and there are so many) flaws, Twilight grabs you and keeps you. Can’t even imagine what CW would have given us if he had made that movie! NM to me is boring and lacks the passion and emotion I was looking for, needing, after the impact of Twilight which has provided months and months of comments/jokes/sarcasm! I thought the blog would explode after NM came out, but I don‘t think it has (my opinion only). I don’t know if it is because everyone loved it so much that it hasn’t evoked or provoked everyone to comment profusely or that it just didn’t provide enough material.
    Going into hiding now… 🙂

    • it spammed you your first time. WEIRD

      • I was spammed! I don’t know what to say!
        Hey UC are you sure you just didn’t boot me for my comment or cause your still pissed that Windows 7 have “sticky notes” ?

    • See?! it worked!!!

      now imma go and read…….

    • Don’t go into hiding! I need someone like you to bitch about the movie with. I’m glad you had the courage to say this. I watched NM the first time and left the theater feeling really sad. It was better the second time around, but after reading about how everyone loved this movie, I was afraid there was something wrong with me. There were parts that I liked. But I felt crazy because I still like Twilight better. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell, but come on, so are the books. I still love them.
      I think the biggest part of the problem for me is the lack of passion in NM. It had a big budget feel to it, whereas Twilight had the more intimate, Indie feel. I liked that. I think it suits the books better. Plus the chemistry between Rob and Kristen was better in Twilight. I wanted to feel the love between E/B in NM and I just didn’t. There were too many missing scenes between E/B both in the beginning and at the end. It seems like every Jacob/Bella part from the book made it into the movie. They really focused on that. I understand this movie needed to focus on their friendship, but there were some vital (IMO) scenes between E/B that were left out that would have made their relationship seem stronger.

      So don’t worry. Like I said, you are not alone in your feelings.
      “You’ve got a friend!”

      • THANK YOU..I thought for sure I would be banished forever! I couldn’t bare that…
        I love meeting new friends!

        • I was afraid you were going to confess that you didn’t like Rob and thought he was ugly. Then we would have to throw down! 🙂

          • Wow! I got bagged by the hubs and had “to rest” so just now came back on and Holy shitz..gonna take me respond…
            Toooldforthis (btw never) There need be NO throw down..Rob is forever in a special place (no not there) in my heart! LOL

      • I went in to the movie with my expectations already managed, and just went with an open mind to enjoy the parts that were good and laugh at the parts that were not. But I have to say the biggest, most disappointing flaw even with managed expectations, was that E/B did not bring the passion. By the end, you’re going, “So, umm, what’s your problem with Jacob? Because he’s totally hot and he’s totally there for you. You’d rather go with that grumpy, pouting, stinky-tweed-wearing dead guy?? . . . Ohhkaaay”

    • Hey Cyn, I loved reading ur review….even though NM didnt meet ur expectations…Havent been on LTT as much as I should…and u are owed a very long e-mail.

      You can switch teams if u want…or hop the fence now and again…Wolf girl doesnt mind at all…lol
      Glad that you liked Taycob…again…you can hit on him…Im sure he’ll be flattered as HALE to have someone like u pay him some attention… 😀

      I hope we can still watch NM together though…missed ya! ❤

      • @ IWL – hey cookie *hands a cupcake* i’ve missed you. my hubby was watchinh LoTR the other night and he said “i wanna move to where this is filmed” and i told him about you and that you live in NZ… it’s beautiful there…


        • *nom noms on muffin* Thanks ambushed!…big comment days makes Hamster’s nose bleed….I missed you too…sniff!

          You told ur hubby about me? I hope u left out the Hansen and Taycob parts…oh wait…thats all im comprised of…Tay-lust and Hansen-fear… 😀
          NZ is also awesome cause Rob and Hugh are coming! (twss) Maybe that can be ur excuse to come visit me before I visit u….lol ❤

      • Hey ILWL..Have been so missing u and YES you owe me a really long email! Course I have been among the missing also..but my day is not complete without ILWL in it!
        Don’t worry tho…not switching teams..we know who HE belongs to..and you deserve his love!
        As far as expectations, that is the thing. I didn’t have any. I went in there blind and came out on a high because I actually got to see it in the theater only discover that after that was gone from memory viewing the movie left me flat…ok I was flat before the movie but it didn’t help. The more I watch it the less I like it and find myself just watching certain segments..unlike Twilight that I still hang on every quirky funny stupid thing…
        Of course I would watch NM with you regardless..I would go anywhere with you…
        Please be here more…I miss you.
        Puppy smooches.

      Well… uhh… woah Cydi… I am amazed.

      First of all *insert scream* I’m impressed that you got yourself to go! Major achievement!
      2nd point: wow. Talk about detail retention. My-my-my… now I must say that I actually do completely see where you are coming from.

      And with that being said, there is a LOT to be mentally inserted after you’ve read the book. A whole LOT was “left out” or compressed.

      Re: your misses – I thought that about the vamps fitting in when Alice jumped over the rail, a bit too obv, & the dress box was too small… the Romeo quote scene was way more powerful in the book b/c they were @ her home on the couch (intimate) and way more romantic. And the suicide part wasn’t as heartless in the book. The painting: an attempt to include background info that should have been in Twilight in the 1st place, and was just for “our” benefit. And Alice ran out, not b/c of the blood, but b/c of she had to go be w/ Jasper, her love, who was mortified. The intimate Carlisle/Bella scene was better in the book but I’m glad they at least included it in the movie. It was supposed to convey a LOT about Edward’s thinking by being “raised” by Carlisle. AND OH! I KNOW! THE BREAK-UP SCENE! I fully expected to SOB! But, alas, no tear. I felt heart-wrenched, but not enough of the conversation from the book to make me weep. W/ the window scene I would have liked it better if they had changed her clothes as the months passed (like in the garage). But I did like the spinning… like her days were just and endless cycle of loss… I could feel it. Yeah, Mike had uhh, puffed up a bit, ehh? “needs to stop hanging out with Daddy Lautner at Mickey D’s!” – classic! ROFL! And yeah “Face Punch” was a dumb title; should’ve stuck w/ the “Crosshairs” title from the book. And I think Jessica’s lines suited her tendency to ramble… and regarding the cliff dive, well in the book she was “hearing” his voice, not seeing apparitions so that scene could’ve been way different in many ways… like how she was supposed to think she saw fire on the water above her (Victoria’s hair, but she didn’t realize it til later)… oh-well… and I missed the intimacy between her and Alice in that reunion (where’s the love?). And the powerful emotions were lacking all over the place w/ the Volturi, no elation at being at Edward’s side and no “I fear for your pain” when he’s getting a beat-down… passion was lacking, for sure… esp w/ the return trip (passionate – someone must’ve “ate” her “passion” too) and the “missing” scene of him staying w/ her the night of their return… no intimate bond shown to be rekindled… I agree w/ all your “Hits” – FTW! (*sigh* Jacob)YEAH! *fist-bump* But OHHHHH! The fade to black scene was a Miss, to me… the book version was heart-melting… where’s the ring that she refuses to wear? Where’s the mental dialogue of her mulling it over but thinking that she doesn’t want to be “one of those teens”?!?!?! Grrrrr… I just wish you could’ve read the book and all kinds of stuff would’ve been mentally inserted… start now and repete in prep for the DVD… it’ll be better, trust me.

      No need to go into hiding…
      Whew… okay. I’ll stop now. *muah*
      (that has GOT to be my longest post ever, it’s all for you Cyn!)

      • Where’s the ring? Why it’s in Eclipse.

        • @ TS

          *i stick my tongue out in your general direction*

          ha-ha, okay “oops” on the ring bit, i got ahead of myself there. but there was a lot more “end” in the end of the book. “marry me in 3 yrs” “2” “1” “go to college 1st” “arugh! i will not be twenty!” etc… but i also loved how Jacob screwed her over w/ Charlie (drop the inuendo) about the motor bikes by turning her in… grounded! HA & Grrrrr! but i guess they wanted his end in the movie to be on a heart-breaking moment… *sniff-sniff*

          (thanks for reading all that though!) 😉

      • I feel so special…such a long response from Ambushed!!! you made my day!!!
        First of all *insert scream* I’m impressed that you got yourself to go! Major achievement! I must be honest, my unicorn son tricked me into it…so I cannot accept the achivement award. 😦 BUT I AM SO PROUD I RAISED A TW-DAUGHTER AND A UNICORN!
        “2nd point: wow. Talk about detail retention. My-my-my” Sorry to disappoint. The reason it too me soooo long to write my review was cause I had to watch, pause, coment etc., so I cannot acceot compliment when it is undeserved.
        A HUGMONGOUS thank you for you filling me in on SO MUCH from the book…makes much more sense as you explained it so well.
        BTW I need to clarify..the end was a MISS for me not a hit..that is what I was trying to convey anyway that it left me wanting…like the whole movie. Sorry I put it in the wrong place.
        AND a HUGE thanks for not hating on me! I thought every one was going to get thumbsdowntodeath/banished and thrown Kstew stares forever..
        Loves ya Ang…and seriously thanks for the info on the book really helps to know all that. Will try and print your comment for future reference to insert while viewing the movie.

        • bad..didn’t realize I wrote Ang instead of Amb..too much typing/readin today..way out of practice..plz forgive!
          THANK YOU AMB!! I ❤ you for the book details!!

          • MidCyn – but you love me too, right? I was away from the computer for a very long time. Reading your epic post now. Will probably send you an epic e-mail afterward. 🙂 You know, I’m very protective of Edward so I will have to give you ALL my thoughts to justify why you cannot switch teams…back off illegal. Only kidding! I kid because I love.


    • #1: I’m really glad you went to see the movie even if it let you down a little.

      You have some really valid points. Even though I find the humans necessary and hilarious, I wish they would have taken some of the effort that they put into their characters and made it come through with Edward and Bella. I’m not a big Ed and Bells supporter, but I agree that they’ve gotten the shaft as far as character development goes. In all fairness, I don’t think that’s completely Chris or Melissa’s fault. They don’t have much to work with.

      Great review, Midnight_Cyn!

      • I also agree about Jacob and the car thing, but I think he needed to be on that side so that he could turn off the ignition on the car. At least I think that’s why….

      • Thanks Pinky! As I said before, just going to the movie in the theater (especially with favoirite son, ok he is the only son but he is a Unicorn too) was such a high that I stayed up all that night so I wouldn’t lose the feeling!
        I too find the humans very important characters which aside from Charilie, thought they deserved much better lines. Yes Jessica goes on a rant, but it is a stupid rant…what relative is this day and age has leprosy? Then to switch gears and sound intelligent ranting on commercialism? It just doesn’t work and we all know “Like, I can so carry on a good rant, Right?” said in my best attempt at Jessica’s voice.
        Yes I agree CW didn’t give us the best representation of the visual version of “Do you not understand the depth of my love” between Bella/Edward.

    • I heart you for saying all of this!! It is nice to hear a fresh perspective from someone who has not read the book. At this point I am way to biased to do anything but love the movie. Thank you for keeping it real!

      • I am glad that you love the movie..I love and respect all that do. This was totally my perspective and as I said I haven’t read the book so my comment was based solely on the movie.

    • Midnight-Cyn~
      You are awesome!

      Strongly agree. I liked Twilight movie so much more, but NM is growing on me and I really want to like it because it’s all I’ve got…I don’t mean it’s the only thing I’ve got in my whole life, just that I had such high expectations about the whole thing and in the end just didn’t feel “moved,” the way I did/do after Twilight…after about 15 viewings. *embarrassment*

      This isn’t rocket science but my current theory is that if you see Twilight without reading the books you’ll be satisfied, but if you read the books first, you’ll be very let down…same goes for New Moon (the movie.)

      • Kmountainlion ( luv the name btw)
        You said it. I was not all.
        I would have to disagree a bit though because I HAD to read and watch Twilight for mons. so that my brain could “get it”. Yes the book was so much better than the movie, but the FEELING I get everytime I watch Twilight even with all the flaws is what I wanted to get from NM. NOT…As a matter of fact I watched them both back to back last night and again it was like the difference btw day and night. Twilight fills me up and New Moon drains it out of me. For shame, CW, for stealing the chemistry btw Bella/Edward. Especially when we know he can “bring it on” as he did with the Bella/Jacob scenes. He just threw it away in the ghostwind…

    • @MidCyn, DAY-UM, girl! You’s a bitch, I LIKE IT! (that’s a quote from Juno, I don’t think you’re a bitch…duh.)

      You are so spot on with these comments. And I feel like I can finally see some of the critics POVs.

      I think when you read the book your opinions will change a little bit. It follows the book quite closely, so you’ll be able to follow along pretty well.

      The dream sequence that opens the film is how C-Dubs (or Rosenberg perhaps) chose to incorporate the quote and the prologue into the movie. The quote is that line from Romeo & Juliet that KStew reads. Then you turn the page and it’s the prologue, which is basically of her running towards Edward and feeling like she can’t run fast enough and that her human weakness is going to be the reason he dies. Then chapter one is the dream about Gran. So… your comment made me all kinds of excited to see it from another point of view. hooray.

      Agree on the Face Punch. I looked it up, Crosshairs is not a movie. It is the name of a production company, but Facepunch is the name of video game production company. What’s the difference?

      I’m glad you dig the effects, too! 🙂

      HEART YOU.

      • Heart you right back.
        Crosshairs would have at least sounded more realistic. Face punch, especially the way Bella says it, makes it sound like even she is having a hard time not laughing when she says the name.
        I am soon going to begin the major undertaking of my reading/watching and note taking…so I will try and remember to do another review when I have all the facts in place. I just haven’t felt well enough to start the process, and believe me it is a process. LOL.. Will keep you posted
        Hugs! Hope all is well and drop me an email ok?

    • Hi Cyn! I always like to read your comments because you are so honest and don’t hold back. I think LTT is definitely a place where you can express you opinions without feeling like we are going to hate on you (I mean we let TammyO speak her piece, didn’t we? Well sorta….). I agree with some of the things you are saying. I still feel like NM is light years ahead of Twilight as a whole movie, but I felt like you hit the nail on the head with your comments about Bella/Edward chemistry versus Bella/Jacob chemistry. I’ve ALWAYS been Team Edward, but this movie made me want Taycob to end up with her. Why is that? Because they were more believable! I believe I read/heard something SM said to the effect of Rob thinks Edward is more depressed than she thinks he is. SM put a LOT more emotion into Edward in this book than some of the others because this was the hardest thing he ever had to do and then they get reunited in the end. I mean come on?!?!? That is a BIG deal to have all of that happen with THE one for you, the one you love, the one you can’t live without. I felt like Rob failed us a tad by being TOO depressed in some of the scenes. As I’ve said before, I thought Taylor nailed it, Charlie was great, and Dakota and Michael stole the show with all their creepy goodness. Thanks for your honest opinions and don’t be afraid to share! What would we have to discuss if we all thought the same way??? 🙂

      • I so agree! In Twilight you just knew/felt that Bella and Edward were meant for each other regardless of the cost, her life. That is why I think it was so special to everyone! I think all of us at one time or another have fallen in love with the wrong person and would have given anything to make it work. Twilight protrayed that struggle so well and their love was tangible throughout the movie.
        In New Moon, it was so easy to lose sight of Bella/Edward love story because it just didn’t play in this movie. There was no reason to want to root for them and instead of creating this whole scenario of why Bella is so torn, CW tries to convince us we want to see Bella/Jacob together because the magic was so apparent. I really think he failed to portray how strong Bella/Edward love was/is (except in the beginning) and he needed to “remind us” periodically throughout the movie, of the strength of their love even though Edward was gone. Instead he left us with Edward is gone, she is sad but Jacob will make her all better. Thus we couldn’t “feel” that struggle and started to enjoy her with Jacob.. To me, this is the greatest FAIL.
        Hope that makes sense.

    • Hey Lady! I haven’t had a chance to read through it all (crazy work day), but for the bit I DID read I gotta say you have way more retention of the details than I do and I’ve seen it three times.

      Are you fakin’ the brain damage???

      Ok, kidding. =) It’s ok if you don’t like the movie. We’ll still love you!

      • Hey JodieO..missed you so much..drop me an email when you can! If you read my other comments you will see that I am cheating. I watched NM during my post and that is why its took so long to comment. I have to say the more I watch it, the less I like it except for a few great parts…I admit to skimming over quite a bit. Now I am about to start the book..squeal..and watching the look for a new post some mons. down the road…I may have a different perspective after I get the whole picture…although Ambushed already gave me some great details, and has inspired me to want to start reading sooner..
        puppy smooches..misses you…xoxox

        • WHAT?! Cheating?! Thumbs down! Thumbs down!

          Nah, you’re still good. I’m glad you are starting to read the book. Most people (other than me) don’t like New Moon, but you gotta trudge through it before you can get to Eclipse. =)

          I have a suspicion that the reason so many people are liking this movie is because it’s not nearly as embarrassing as Twilight. Once all the movies are done New Moon will probably go back to being one of the least popular. So it’s fine if you don’t like it. =)

          Miss you, too! Take care of yourself!

  45. idk what to say so..

    time to go watch.. for the hundreth time..

  46. Dear Moon,
    I’m sorry it took me till my work day was almost over to read this post. I love it. Even though we disagree about The Score. Which is odd. We never disagree. However, I love this. And you.


  47. So…sitting here listening to the score makes me want to cry…

    is it the PMS talking?

    I think my heart just fell out. This is the music from when she says “It’s always BEEN HIM” *GAH* Heart fell out.

    Touche, Alexander Desplat.

  48. Yes, that was Charlie you saw in the dream. I thought that was very powerful. And agreed with the miss on Gran. The only thing I can think of is that she is really picturing her Gran because that is who she thinks it is rather than an older version of herself? And you now have my eternal allegiance for using a reference from “So I Married An Axe-Murderer.”. All I can say is… “being electrocuted”. And just for the record, everyone in the theatre laughed loud and long when Jacob whispered quil-clout-lay to Bella. It ruined the moment. C-dub should have vetoed that big time.

  49. Thank you Moon for loving the score! I keep reading all kinds of hate out there for it and I thought it was great too, perhaps even more so because I barely remember one from Twilight.

  50. Slightly off topic, but has anyone seen the new GAP ads for plaid/flannel? Do you think they’re cashing in on the Robsten craze? Are YOU wearing plaid this holiday season?

    • Love that the plaid is back yet again thanks to RPatz & totally digging it for the holidays!

    • Not wearing plaid…it is a trend that is “in” right now and will be “out” tomorrow. Plus I give my hubby a hard time about his plaid because he looks like a lumberjack and I DEFINITELY don’t want to look like the “lumberjack’s wife.” Ick.
      Also, I ❤ your name! Micheal Sheen is the shiz 🙂

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