New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 1

The claw is in the details

Dear New Moon, LTT-ers and anyone ever in the world involved with this,

After seeing New Moon for the third time (obviously I’m not a true fan as my viewing number is not in the teens at this point) I think I can safely start to review the film with a discerning eye. I’m finally past the freak out/totally in awe/blinded by the abs stage and ready to give this a whirl and put my thoughts on virtual paper.

I think the key phrase for New Moon is: “The devil’s in the details” and Chris Weitz must have made a deal with the devil, like Rob did, because he nails it. From the very first shot of Bella waking up next to the tattered copy of Romeo and Juliet with the cover that looks an awful lot like Voltera, I knew we were in for a great ride courtesy of someone who “got it.”

While on the whole I think New Moon is light years ahead of Twilight in terms of the overall product and as my brother (in the industry and knows a thing or two) says Twilight looks like “student film” where they cut a lot of corners by being lazy instead of creative whereas New Moon is actually a total product with a vision and a pay off. New Moon is definitely not without it’s faults, and you know us here at LTT we love a good fumble (Buttcrack Santa, Spider Monkey?) so…

Let’s examine some of the hits and misses of New Moon the movie…

This scene kills me EVERY time

Jacob/Taylor Lautner
This guy actually showed up and ACTED! He had emotions, they were complex and interesting. He emoted with his face and body and didn’t rely solely on blinking, stuttering or squinting to show how much pain you’re feeling to even be near your “la tua cantante.” Did I really just use that phrase? Apparently so. Just imagine it said in Aro/Micheal Sheen’s creepo voice. Not only did he emote well he made the audience laugh. Of the three times I’ve seen it men in the audience seem to react the best to Jacob, laughing at his jokes and generally just relating. My favorite line of his? “Don’t get me upset, this will get very ugly!” Bra-freakin-vo Taylor Lautner! Big Daddy, take this kid out for a McRib but hurry they’re only back for a limited time!

Let's see who can run the slowest and dazzle the mostest!! AND GO!

Future Bella as a vampire/Edward sequence
The slow-mo running, the khaki Anne of Avonlea outfits, the SLOW MOTION running?! Cheese with a capitol C. I get the reason behind the slow-mo which is better than Cathi’s half assed special effects way of making them run super fast but all 3 times I’ve seen it (yes, including opening night) people laughed.

More hits and misses more biker gangs more LSD trips more awesomeness after the cut!


Teeny tiny director on a motocycle

David Slade as the creepy biker in Port Angeles
It was so nice of him to fill in when the original actor who was playing the biker dude got sick. Good way to bond with your actors David! Also, it’s a wonder Charlie lets Bella go to Port Angeles at all at this point the crime rate is so high what with drunk frat dudes trying to rape high school girls lost in an alley way or the Hell’s Angels trying to recruit said high school girls to be their biker mama’s. They might as well rename that place Port Compton.


Pass me some of whatever you guys are having! WHOOOO!

Bella drowning in the ocean
What was supposed to be a really sad poignant moment ends up more like an Acid trip at a Grateful Dead weekend in the 60s with arguably the worst sync in the movie using Grizzly Bear’s Slow Life. Ugh. 2 out of 3 times the audience laughed and I gotta agree with them. The music kills the scene. What a missed opportunity.

tag you're it!

Fight/Chase scene through the woods between Wolfpack and Victory to Thom Yorke
Probably my favorite scene of the movie next to “the breakup (bella and jacob).” Hands down the best sync of the movie placing Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage over the scene. SO GOOD. Like ridiculously good. It was like watching serendipity happen only it was totally planned. Chris Weitz and the editor and music crew created a piece of art with this sequence. Who says fight/chase scenes need to be set to up beat, in your face rock music? The mid tempo, almost trance like quality of Hearing Damage was a revelation when paired with super speedy wolves slowed down to half time while the blackbird overhead flies at an even slower pace. All the while Victoria and the wolfpack are playing a

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky!

game of cat n mouse with that back and forth feeling only enhanced by the music. It’s the little details like that that show me Chris Weitz didn’t treat this like just another cheesy teen franchise movie. That he made purposeful, artistic decisions to not only tell a better story but to appeal to those outside the so-called Twi-teen demographic. For this sequence alone I gotta give it up again to Cee Dubs. I may be coming off like a fangirl but it’s not without merit. I don’t just give out my love and affection freely like Kellan at a TwiCon event.

(I wish someone had already ripped this scene onto Youtube… sadly they have not…)

When I sat down to write this I thought I could wrap it all together in one little post but this is already so I’m gonna break up the rest of my hits and misses review to my next LTT post! Stay tuned! Don’t touch that dial!

All the wrong I’ve done will be undone in song,

So whaddya think? Were your hits and missed the same as mine? Or did you like the Anne of Avonlea montage? Don’t care for Taylor’s performance in NM or did you switch teams?! Let’s talk about it here, then take all our other daily convo’s over to the forum!

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  1. I effing LOVE the forest montage with Vicky! Song is perfection and I love the mixed use of fast and slow motion to show how fast she is. Probably my favourite scene of the film. Loved the months. To me it felt sadder than the break up. You really felt it. (I hope that coding worked …)
    Alice’s vision sucked. First time whole
    cinema was in hysterics, second time it was the thing most laughed at.
    Hit: Charlie. ‘Nuff said.
    (I think Billy Burke may now be tied with PFach as my fave DILF …)
    KStew. Love that bitch. She is ahmayzing.
    Tay totally brought it, you’re defs right, Moon.
    Oh and anyone else love the way Kristen’s voice sounded different when she was all “you cut your hair? And got a tattoo?!”

    Okay, enough from me. Get ne started on NM and I could talk for daaaaaays.


    • Ugh. If I was on Twitter right now I would say #CodingFail.

    • I agree 100% with pretty much everything you just said! Mr. Ladies man Charlie was Awesome, the Bella/Jacob break up scene and the hearing damage scene were my absolute favorite! Alice’s vision sucked.

      Reading this post is making me want to see the movie again (I’ve only seen it 2x which is totally fail but I hate going to the movies alone and most of my friends are guys and therefore refuse to see it.)!

      • We should go together….I have the exact same problem!
        the 1st time was with my best friend, and the 2nd one was with my sisters (which I pretty much bribe them to go)…and no one wants to go with me again…:(
        Do you live in Fl?

        • I don’t I live in DE… 😦 yea I went the first time at midnight with my best friend and the second time I went with my mom and my brothers girlfriend (on a side note my brother and his friend decided to come last minute and I swear his friend is a closet twilight fan and I was totally calling him on it! So much fun). I can’t get anyone else to go either… We should meet halfway lol!

      • It’s not so bad going alone! I just had to see it again (third time) and went alone to a movie for the first time ever. Course it was 11am on a Tuesday……….

    • Yes! Charlie was epic win.

    • I def. liked how her voice was different there. and how cold she looked. That whole scene I was feeling bad for Taylor…brrrrz. (and wondering where that thunder was coming from…I think I’ve hear thunder twice in the PacNW…yet it seems to happen a lot in Forks)

      I also liked how she sounded different when Jacob’s throwing rocks at her window. “You scared me. What the hell are you doing here?”

      • i think i read somewhere that she said she was sick during the entire filming of new moon so her voice sounded huskier than it really is. even she noticed it.

    • “Oh and anyone else love the way Kristen’s voice sounded different when she was all “you cut your hair? And got a tattoo?!””

      Both times I’ve seen this and she said that line I had to add “and your wearing JORTS!” Always makes me giggle.

      • Hahahaha – good one! Now I have to go see the movie one more time – just for that “and you’re wearing jorts” – part;-)

        (thanks for giving me an excuse for going again:-))

    • oh my God! u recognized kristen’s voice in that scene too?? i dunno.. i thought she sounded more.. endearing (?) in that scene.. like, for a split second, she actually became bella in the book.. and not the awkward lip-licking girl from the movie.

      • me too me too!! she actually came off normal and ACTED in the scene!!! probably why it’s my other fave scene! good on her!

    • My fav scene was the one with Taycob walking in the rain, too when Bella confronts him. I thought Kristen was AWEsome in that scene ( I felt it) and Taylor was great throughout. Loved her voice, too! YEP!
      Second fav is the chase scene with Victoria – I absolutely loved the music with the scene. It was the second time I even noticed the music in the movie (the first time I saw the movie). The first was the months scene. I had not heard the soundtrack before watching the movie – guess I’m a bad fangirl!

      Ummm… did anyone think (and it pains me to say it) Edward came off as kind of wussy in the fight scene? I left the theater thinking and saying “he got his butt kicked!”

      Almost forgot to say – I loved the scene where Ed came walking over to Bella in slow mo – my heart stopped I think.

      • Of course he came off as a wussy, he was fighting Felix. Felix is all kinds of bad ass.

        • He could of looked a little tough instead of ending it with Felix about to tear his head off. I dunno… Even Jacob looked like he could take Edward at the end. I’m sure in Eclipse they will remedy this – of course he doesn’t end up battling with the newborn vampires does he? cuz he’s up in the tent with Jacob keeping Bella warm. Think they could add a leg hitch in here? That would be awesome – leg hitch with Robward in his bedroom then Taycob in the tent.

      • Oh yes, the slow mo’…totally killed me… and that smile at the end of the strut……….*sigh*
        Also, the Italy reunion scene was epic….too bad I didn’t start crying but I kept sighing, esp when he says ‘you’re everything to me.’…..and then the background score starts playing as they kissed..just …perfect….

    • Yup,you pretty much pointed out all the hits…and yes I too noticed how different Kristen’s voice sounded in that ‘break-up scene’…….
      Loved the ‘Hearing Damage’ and ‘Possibility’ scenes…
      Btw, has anyone noticed how Kristen kept staring at Taylor’s chest when he came to her bedroom, also during her break-up scene with Jacob?
      Oh, I have to mention the score..a lot of people slammed it but I thought the score was all kinds of brilliant…specially the tracks ‘New Moon’, ‘Full Moon’, ‘You’re Alive’ and ‘Marry Me, Bella.’………
      Charlie….total win! Famous ladies man….
      Another favourite scene of mine was the one at Emily’s kitchen, they also play my favourite song from the soundtrack

      A few of the bad parts were, Edward’s lipstick, Edward’s corny lines (you gave me everything by breathing, it is my JOB to protect and of course Alice’s awful vision….

      Thanks Moon, for ending the post with the line “all the wrong I’ve done will be undone in song.”……….

  2. “BIG Daddy take this kid out for a McRib but hurry they’re only back for a limited time!”.

    Hilarious!!! That has to taste better than meet paddies and sweet potatoes.

  3. On the first viewing, I liked the cheesetastic future vision of Edward and Bella. On subsequent viewings the audience laughed and I just felt second-hand embarrassed.

    So I may or may not be going to see NM again to night with UC and Calliope. This may or may not be my 6th viewing.

    Tonight, we shall count plaid.

    Let’s do this!

    • Personally, I thought the vision scene was cute. I did catch the snickers on subsequent viewings (6 times in first five days LOL) but I still thought it was cute. I think since Bella always had her Anne of Green Gables fantasy when thinking of her and Edward, it was appropriate. Plus I saw it and just thought they looked carefree, which was cool.

    • LOL – I had the same experience with the Alice’s vision. First time, I was kinda into it….and the crowd was quiet. Second time, everyone laughed……and I felt ashamed for liking it. hahaha!

  4. I didn’t know David Slade was the biker! That’s one creepy tiny director. Cool!

    And I must respectfully disagree with the drowning scene… I loved the music there. Scoring it could’ve turned out so cheesy, and now the song reflects how peaceful Bella is with dying alongside her imaginary Edward, like in the book (I may or may not have read the chapter, um, yesterday.)

    • Ohhhh I forgot to add before: I would like the drowning scene better if they had NOT made Robward look like he was in water too. His floating hair made me
      cringe and laugh.

      • Yes, I had the exact same thought. He’s a vision, his hair shouldn’t be flowing…

      • ya ur right! the rob floating scene reminded me of cedric diggory swimming.. and then i remembered rob actually had to learn how to swim for that movie.. which got me thinking.. if i were ever to drown, rob would not make for a good lifeguard. just sayin.

    • he isn’t really. she’s just teasing. and i like the drowning too. the music wasn’t as perfect as it was other places in the film (yay hearing damage!) but it looked great, and the song didn’t bother me at all. and so what if people laugh at the vision? maybe he intended it to be a bit funny? it seemed that way to me. i thought it broke up the tension of that part in an interesting way. maybe that’s just me (and fang)!

      • “maybe that’s just me (and fang)!”

        …and Dude, I Fursploded!

      • I agree – maybe Weitz intended it to be almost tongue-in-cheek? A nod toward how close to over-the-top this series is with emotion?

        That’s not to say I think he did it just for laughs. Perhaps it was intended, though, to be slightly surreal, trending toward absurd.

        Regardless of what his vision was, I like it in a cheesy way and think it is evolving into one of those “classic” moments that we love to make fun of but wouldn’t change a bit.

        • I hope someone asks Weitz about that vision scene in the future: “Chris, was this scene intended to be cheesy?” LOL. He’ll be embarrassed just like the yellow pants incident.

      • Fang agrees w/ egregious, fursplode & S Pizzle.


      • I am with you on that too – the synching of the music did seem a bit odd, but I didn’t totally hate this scene. On my first viewing I turned to my bf and said, “this is the part where we all get high…” but on my 2nd viewing I didn’t find it so bad in the sense that at least he made it a sort of surreal/artsy experience rather than your stock drowning scene (dramatic music a la John Williams); even if it did feel a touch awkward overall.

    • I, too, like the drowning scene. With Jake’s hand coming in from the left, Bella’s attention on Edward to the right, and how her hand drags through Edward, dissipating him. So poignant!

      • Loved that too. It’s one of my fave parts of the movie, actually!

      • Me three. I thought it conveyed Bella’s peacefulness that she felt dying alongside “Edward.” I like the lyric that plays over it: “Even though you’re the only one I see…” It sounds like a 50’s or 60’s love song and I thought it worked kind of like ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ did in Twilight. That was actually one of my favorite parts of the movie.

      • I think that effect with her hand and the line of the music really made the scene!

    • That biker didn’t look like a frat boy-he had thinning hair! He looked like a middle-aged man. I wish they didn’t have Bella get on the bike-that scene was so lame. And they were polite frat boys, too-no “show us your tits” or sexual innuendo-just a polite “wanna ride, baby” or something like that.

      And I loved the drowning scene too. I thought the music was perfect, and nobody laughed any of the times that I saw it.

      • I think she meant the frat boys from Twilight.

      • Don’t diss on Slade! That’s like dissing on me.

        They’re not supposed to be frat boys anyway. That’s something Cougwicke added. They’re supposed to be older men. And not all frat guys are gang rapists.

        More importantly, what kind of motorcycle was he riding? 😉

    • I’m pretty sure Moon was kidding about the biker thing… I’m pretty sure..

      • i wish it was Slade. But it doesn’t really look like him at all in the face. Not that I’ve ever been up close and personal with the man, but…

        • i can’t believe people actually thought that guy was david slade.. 0_o

          • regarding the soundtrack, i’m not gonna hate.. i love it.. but then, i actually didn’t like where they placed the song “done all wrong”.. that was when bella went to emily’s house for the muffins. or should i say the MUFFINS.. i kinda thought the song sounded too sombre for the scene and that, perhaps, they could have used happier music.. i mean, bronson being all giddy while “done all wrong” plays in the background?? fail.

          • I think the song worked there, because it reflects Bella’s point of view. She’s wondering if all fairytales are true and what to believe at this point. The song has a sort of resignation to it, that I thought was fitting for the moment. And it sounded kind of tribalish at the moment where Sam kisses Emily, which fits, since they’re Native Americans.

    • I hated the underwater scene. It was the most disappointing moment of the film for me b/c I was really looking forward to it. The effects were fine. I liked the way it was shot, pretty much. But with that music, all I could think of was Titanic and “Jack, I’ll never let go,” and Leo falling down though the water while KW blinks and chatters and then starts screaming and waving for help.
      I LOLd. And I hated myself for it b/c that should not have been a laughing part!!

    • I love the music there too. But you knew that ;).

    • I also must disagree re: the drowning scene. I loved everything about it. I like that Edward looks like he’s in the water too. The point is that his vision is there with her, so why wouldn’t he be wet too? And I love the Grizzly Bear track. I didn’t listen to the soundtrack at all before seeing the movie so I had no opinion on where or how any of the songs should be used, but Slow Life seems an appropriate title of a song during that scene, as everything sort of slows down for her in that moment.

    • i LIKE the drowning scene (that sounds so wrong to say!) i just dont like the music they chose to go with it. but i like that you all GOT IT cause it seems a lot of people didnt.

    • I have to agree with notanaddiktbella on this one. I thought that the drowning scene was wonderful and original, unexpected (well, not really since I’d seen it in the trailer a mil times but you know what I mean)

      I also like the music there and thought it went quite well.

    • Yes – I liked the drowning scene + music choice. I actually wish it would have gone a little longer…her underwater with imaginary Edward. Damn Jacob saving her so quickly…..make the acid trip last longer!

    • I don’t think that is David Slade, aka director-of-Eclipse-do-us-proud-give-us-some-hot-leg-pulling-on-the-bed-and-a-hot-tent-scene-David-Slade.
      Check out his profile on IMDB

  5. I kind of liked the underwater scene!

    Favorite scenes:
    – movie theater: Mike Welch owned this scene.
    – after break-up scene with Bella staring out the window
    – Volturi fight scene. Yes Rob/Edward looked like hell, but he was supposed to. And come on, after Edward dumped Bella so harshly, wasn’t it just a little satisfying to watch him get the sh** beat out of him?

    Least Favorite:
    – Little House on the Prairie starring Edward and Bella as Charles and Carolyn Ingalls
    – Make-up kiss between Bella/Edward. Needed to be longer and more passionate
    – Garage scene with Bella, Jacob, Emby & Quil. The acting was so forced it made me cringe.

    • Mike Welch was great in the movie theater scene. He can play sick like nobody’s business.

      • Yes! My dh went with me once and he hated the whole movie but he loved that scene! “That dude is awesome!” he said. “‘Oh, she’s buying it.’ So funny!”

    • “Little House on the Prairie starring Edward and Bella as Charles and Carolyn Ingalls”

    • The garage scene made me laugh instead of cringe. It produced such gems as:
      “Hello, I’m Quil Ataera.”
      “So you guys have girlfriends? That’s awesome!”
      and, my personal fave,
      “OOH! BURN!!!”

      Welch did own it. Especially while looking sick (high five make up dept). I love his line, “So, are you even old enough to see this movie, I mean, without adult supervision?”

      • I couldn’t stop giggling at “That dude is wierd.” Something about the way he delivered that line. It was perfect!

      • I looooved that line “You guys have girlfriends? That’s awesome!” That made me laugh so hard….perfect Bella sarcasm.

    • Lots of thumbs up for this. One of my fave take-aways from this movie is a newfound appreciation for the Welch. He played his part to perfection. So funny . . . I loved the humans a lot in this movie.

    • Argh, the wolfboys in general disappointed me, apart from Taylor, Alex and Chaske that is. The acting in Emily’s cottage was just very cringeworthy.

    • the garage scene makes me laugh, SO teen boys! i heart the nerdy wolf i wish he had worn his glasses though!

    • Mike Welch was in the movie theater scene? Huh?!

      Sorry, I was WAY TOO DISTRACTED by Jacob to notice anyone else.

      All I recall is:
      – “She’s buying for me”
      – calling whatshisname a “marshmallow”
      – and of course, the major swoon-worthy, “I know what he did to you and I would NEVER do that…”

  6. Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about film. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Twilight reminded me of a bad music video the way it was filmed. New Moon, on the other hand, actually felt like a movie… a blockbuster movie, but a movie nonetheless.

    I definitely agree with your hits and misses, especially Port Compton… cause the boys in the hood are always hard, you come talkin’ that trash and we’ll pull your car… wait, what?

    HIT: The Break-up Scene. I was actually impressed by the acting of KStew and Rob in this scene.

    MISS: The ending. Lame. Plus, they missed a few very important pieces of conversation that were important in the book. (Bella’s epiphany?)

    HIT: The fight scene with the Volturi. I groaned at first, but then there was a blur of red and Edward was on the ground with his face cracking, and my inner action movie fan was impressed.

    MISS: The way Bella found out about Jake being a wolf. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it.

    HIT: The wolfpack. Period.

    MISS: The scene at the birthday party where Edward was showing Bella the painting of the Volturi. When the figures in the painting starting moving Hogwarts-style, I began to cringe. I may have said (out loud), “He’s not going to… aw, he is.”

    I’ve only seen the movie once, so I’m going to defer to those who’ve had repeat viewings now. I’ve said too much already.

    • This should go without saying at this point, but:

      HIT: Charlie. Sigh… maybe instead of a Twilight TV series, they could give Billy Burke a spin off. He could move to Port Angeles and beat up the bad guys.

    • I’m actually glad they skipped the epiphany scene. Without being in Bella’s head to hear her nagging doubts all of Twilight and when Edward returns it’d be like beating a dead horse. I could see myself yelling at the screen, “Of course he loves you! Isn’t that these movies are about?”

      • Yeah, I guess a lot of my problems with New Moon actually started in Twilight. I loved the months scene in NM, but there just wasn’t enough self-loathing for me, I guess. Haha.

        I thought they should also have had the conversation about his soul, though. Especially since Bella and Carlisle talked about it. However, I’m still not sure what Edward whispered to Bella when she pushed him out of the sunlight, because if they got it right, that would be a step in the right direction.

        • He whispered to her? See, I wouldn’t know that. You know why? Because my only NM viewing experience ended with a few high school boys deciding to set off the emergency exit alarms right as Bella was running through the fountain. You know when it finally got turned off? Towards the end of the Edward/Felix fight. The theater assured us that the “young me” were talked to. Talked to? Really?

          • What!?! That’s horrible! Did they at least give you free tickets? Stupid teenagers…

        • I think he says something about heaven before he opens his eyes. I THINK.

        • He whispered “heaven.” Shorter, but like in the book. That was his way of saying he thought he must have died and made it to heaven because him and Bella were there together.

          One of my favorite words he uttered in the movie. 🙂

          • Ah, okay. If he does say “Heaven” then that’s a start in making up for it. I just wish they would have continued with the conversation, because if you hadn’t read the books, you might not have made the connection between that and the conversation Bella had with Carlisle. Ang, this will all be reiterated in the email I’m composing to you in my head. 🙂

          • Send me that email too, tuesday! I have some thoughts on the matter and I’d like to discuss them…

          • @TS Is your email goteamseth at gmail? Or did I make that up?

          • It is!!!! I know, I know. Who would ever guess that? And my twitter is goteamseth as well.

            😉 THANK YOU!

        • I think he says “amazing’..I could be wrong, though…as I’ve seen it only once…

      • I’m glad they skipped the epiphany scene, too. That was my least fave part of NM. Which sounds silly, but I just hate Bella from the point when she stops screaming in the Volterra office lobby until they step into the house for The Vote. (Well, actually, I hate Bella from the aforementioned point until … she grins at Jane during Breaking Dawn. KStew better get that damn grin right!). Edward loves you, duh. Let’s move on to something exciting. (Oh no, is it another one of those days for me…?)

        I did feel that the kissing scenes were all fails. Except the almost kiss btwn Jake and Bella … that was a super WIN. But the E&B ones were too close up for me to feel any passion. Pornos aren’t all close-ups for a reason, C-Dubs… people like lower back grasping and hair pulling!

        Can’t wait for Slade’s make-out treatment … hopefully he didn’t give the direction, “What’d you say? You know what, nevermind.” but rather, “I’ll be whoever you want me to be, babe.”

        • Something tells me you’re Team Jacob 🙂
          I have to agree with you on the kissing (although I am a major Team Edward supporter). Not enough passion. The kiss in Twilight was way better. Lots of hair pulling, grasping at each other bodies, throwing down on the bed. Yeah, this movie could have used some of that.

        • Agree about the close-ups. B&E could just have done the entire movie in their PJ pants, we wouldn’t have noticed.

        • I don’t like any of the kissing scenes either. They just don’t play up enough the fact that Edward is a vampire for me. He’s supposed to be hard and immovable. Rob wincing before he goes for it just doesn’t cut it.

          On the other hand, I totally wanted Bella to kiss Jake. I was whispering “Do it! Do it!” in my head when they were in the truck. And I AM Team (Book) Edward… mostly.

          Maybe I just had self-esteem problems as a teenager, but one of the things I connected with Bella on was the fact that she felt inadequate to Edward. Had she not had the epiphany in New Moon, then I don’t think I would have been able to continue with her self-loathing in subsequent books, because she wouldn’t be growing as a character.

          On the other hand, I’m not convinced that movie Bella really loves movie Edward, so the epiphany may have felt weird.

          • On the other hand, I’m not convinced that movie Bella really loves movie Edward,

            ME NEITHER!

          • Me third. 😦 I want them to love each other, it’s just… I don’t see it.

            Further solidifying my Team Jacob status, as K and Tay are great together.

        • Agreed, I hope R and K got/get some major coaching on on-screen snogging before Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn come along. Can someone please tell me how they passed their summer in a palatial pad together yet still have no chemistry on screen?

          • Yeah, I just don’t get it. The wrist-holding pic from Munich (or wherever) was the closest I’ve seen to them having chemistry. Maybe they make a cute hipster couple, I don’t know, I don’t get it. But, it just does not translate on screen. The impact of the movie for people who haven’t read the books just can’t be there. Why is Edward killing himself? Why is she so despondent? Do they even like each other? Sorry, I’m ranting. 🙂

    • I love LTT. Where else can I go where both Little House on the Prairie and NWA are referenced?

    • i actually thought it was okay that they left out the “epiphany” scene ’cause it’s totally better written on the book. i mean, i probably would have had major 2nd hand emb. moments if they actually attempted to explain that epiphany on screen. would have been totally weird.

      (insert kstew here)
      bella: “oh ya.. maybe i kept on seeing u because, deep inside, i knew you still loved me”


    • I definitely agree with your hits and misses, especially Port Compton… cause the boys in the hood are always hard, you come talkin’ that trash and we’ll pull your car… wait, what?

      HHAHAHA you rule

  7. You’ve let me down, Moon…jumping on the “frolicking hate” bandwagon. Come on! You’re missing the point!

    I ‘ve stated my case regarding this. Read:

    I’ve seen NM (in the theater) 3 times now…and no one laughed during that scene. Apparently we rednecks found it charming. Imagine that!

    I hated the underwater scene, but not because of the music. It was perfect placement, in my opinion.

    What was terrible was the horrible CGI…faux Edward hanging around in the water, all but asking, “How you doin?'” The music didn’t kill that scene, but rather SAVED it. (For me.) That song is haunting…raw…and very trippy. Kinda how I’d assume drowning would feel…especially if the love of your life was the final vision flashing before your eyes. (Goofy as that vision was)

    Again, no one laughed in Virginia (saw it twice there) or Tennessee (once).

    The measure of good song placement for me is how I felt about a tune before seeing a film and after. I hated the Grizzly Bear song until I saw it in New Moon. Now I actually dig it. It’s a balm that soothes the wound left by that utter cheesiness.

    There ain’t no good guys…there ain’t no bad guys…there’s only you and me and we just disagree…woooooo-ooooooooo…..whoa-whoa…”
    (Sing it, Billy Dean! No one will get that but you & me.)

    • p.s. I said, out loud, the first time I saw the biker dude, “Hey, it’s David Slade!” But before someone gets too excited…no, that wasn’t him.

      Biker dude was much taller.

    • Dude I’m the same; wasn’t too fond of the Grizzly song but totally dig it now. Only song I cannot like whatsoever is No Sound But The Wind. Hate.

    • I’ve tried Lula. Really. The 3rd time I went to see NM this past weekend (alone, again), I still couldn’t help but giggle at the slow-mo future Bella sequence. I wish they made it less cheesy cuz it could have been a great glimpse. Ah well. Maybe it’s my stuck up Northeastern ways. 😉

    • people cracked up at the frolicking scene during my viewings. I shall pay close attention tonight when I see it again with Calliope & Brookelockart.
      They didn’t laugh at cheesy Rob floating part, but I feel sick every time I see that… I don’t’ know if it’s the music placement for me either though…. I think maybe…. I get seasick?

      • Seasick? You’re just eating too many junior mints by that point in the film… listen to Demetri and “save some for me.”

        • is it just me that enjoyed that scene slightly? i was like :O when it closed in on bella’s sparkly skin and golden eyes!

    • i dont really care for the grizzly bear song either way i just think it didnt help the scene out in any way and im sure it was supposed to invoke peaceful beautiful run-in-the-meadow type feelings (while shes drowning) but it makes people laugh and that ruins it for me. i think good song placement is when a song enhances the scene and helps tell instead of get in the way of the story and sadly this song got in the way of people getting the mood of what it was supposed to be about.

  8. I got goosebumps watching the” Anne of Avonlea” montage like literally I was stunned that they would actually put that in there .. not the way I imagined the blue dress to be but I WAS SHOCKED … I don’t know why but by then a whole row of guys actually left the theatre for some reason(bored possiably) and my sister and her crazy friend were throwing popcorn at me .. It was the worst experience I had as far as watching a movie ..but THAT STOOD out to me I don’t know why since I was hardly paying any attention ..maybe because It was related to AHEM breaking Freaking Dawn ..

  9. Totally agree! I was so proud of Taylor and what a good ACTING job he did. I hope he gets more praise that instead of focusing on his stupendous and illegal mucles.
    And I totally thought the drowning scene music was awkwardly place too!

    My only complaints were I thought the explainations of everyone’s motivations were a tad rushed. Edward was gone for months! They could have spent a little more time there. Also the transitions between scenes were abrupt. I totally wouldn’t have minded an extra 15 minutes to the movie for these areas to be polished up! Perhaps an extended version for the DVD, Chris??

    • I thought that the explainations of everyone’s motivations were a tad rushed in the books themselves.

    • “Illegal muscles”


    • i totes agree on run time! they could have thrown in an extra 10-15 and ironed out some stuff! *crossing fingers for dvd*

    • I concur. I had to sit through longer movies than this for other peoples fandom – why couldn’t we get a little longer in our seats to feel some romance?

  10. HIT:
    -Taylor Lautner : the guy is cute and hot and he was convincing in his role
    -Billy Burke: great comedic performance
    -Bronson Pelletier: why haven’t I noticed him before? really good looking
    -wolves were great and just like I imagined them reading the books
    -fight between Laurent and wolves

    – the Volturi – they didn’t look dangerous or regal, just strange
    – they put too much make up on Rob, he looked too old
    – future Bella as a vampire scene – so untasteful

    Team Jacob, Team Taylor Lautner!

    • Oh yes, I forgot mention that on my misses. Rob looked WAY too old.

      • Dude, agreed. He looked way too old, and depending on the scene he looked like a meth addict or that he got into Rosalie’s make-up drawer. The severe under eye circles and the lovely frosted red lips were a TOTAL miss.

    • jellybeanrainbow!!! hello lady!

      and yes rob looked at least 40

  11. I’ll get to my hit/miss later. But first I want to say: You know when you had a serving of a really good dessert like say, chocolate cake and you wanna go back for seconds but you know you shouldn’t, but your taste buds really wanna re-live the experience? Then your friend, whom you don’t know very well (or at all) but whom you’ll adore in a second, offers you the icing of her chocolate cake and you accept and you realized it was just what you needed… Cause it hit the spot?


    I predict it will only be online another ten mins before it’s yanked… So please everbody download it so I can get it from you later. ;). I wish IPhone could download.

    • i downloaded it for you. are you on twitter? you can send me your email there if you want me to try to send it to you. hope mp4 format is okay, that’s all i could get.

    • Xylem, I adore you. I loved that when it got to the Kung-Fu master and Copstache being chased by Vicky scenes everything came together so well with the music.

      • TS aka Kate! ( I have a feeling you are the method type so I’ll do what I can to help you get into character early. Would it help if I speak to you as Garrett? “Come here, you woman!” that sound Garrett-ish, to me anyway.)

        I love that kung fu part too. And also, the part when Bella runs into the kitchen to tell Charlie and Harry about the bear….er wolves she just saw. It is the only time Kstew looked and sounded like a genuine kid. Which is weird… ’cause she is a kid. I’ll recreated for you:

        Child-Bella: “DAD! Those aren’t BEARS! They are Wolves! Big wolves!”

        Famous-Ladies Man-Charlie: “What?! How do you know?”

        Child-like-Bella: “I saw them in the woods! They were after…… ……. something”

        -end scene!

        wow that was hard… My eyelids hurt from all that blinking!

        • I’m still laughing from “method actor” part. Then the rest. Whew.

          Anyway… that scene redition was pretty spot on. I kind of get turned on by the way the word KStew says “wolves”. Which is helpful since she says it and then immediately I see Billy Burke…

          You left out this part though:

          Charlie: Bella! What were you doing in the effing woods?! You deliberately disobeyed me. And worse! You put Nala in danger.

          Harry: Are you sure they were wolves?

          Bella: Duh, Mr. Myagi! I just said that.

          Harry: But are you sure that you’re sure?

          Charlie: Harry? What are you getting at?

          Bella: Don’t make me go all wax on wax off on your ass, Clearwater!

          Charlie: Bella, language! Harry, what the hell are you getting at?

          Bella: Are we gonna go huntin’, dad? Let’s do this!!!!

          • Bwahhaaaahaaa!!!!

            I knew it! You are totally anbidextrious! Method AND IMPROV!!! So much talent… So litlle time. 🙂

  12. Still trying to work out what Jacob says just before the nearly-kiss in the kitchen – sure it was sposed to be some sort of Quileute declaration of love but he sounded more like Jambi the genie from Peewee’s Playhouse

  13. I practically agree with all your HIT/MISS Moon. I did like the drowning scene, though as a commenter stated above, it would have been better if it didn’t look like Edward was in the water too.

  14. I think I’m one of the few that LOVED the frolocking in the woods scene. Sure the clothing was a bit odd but other than that I liked the idea of it.

    I also loved how they did the months passing, it translated so much better in the movie than it did in the book.

  15. I’ve only seen it once so far, but I have to agree with most of what everyone else has said.
    – Taylor rocked it. Period.
    – Charlie was amazing
    – the Wolfpack… even with the jorts
    – Bella’s months of nothingness. I love that Chris included it, and I loved that he put the scene to Possibility, one of my fave songs on the soundtrack 🙂
    – less stuttering/blinking/lip-biting!

    – as if this needs to be repeated, but Alice’s vision; the entire theater was pretty much in hysterics
    – “You’re my only reason to stay alive.. if that’s what I am” — cheese.
    – Rob’s makeup in the Volturi scenes

    That said, I cannot WAIT to see it again. Chris did us proud.

  16. Hit: Any scene with Billy Burke. He rocks my world.

    Miss: Bella’s “searching” for Edward after he leaves her in the forest. I was anticipating running blindly, stumbling, screaming his name, etc. not walking (a slow amble if you will) and practically whispering “Edward, Edward”.

    Hit: Edward and Felix’s fight at Volturi HQ. (Even though it wasn’t in the book)

    And did anyone else notice it didn’t seem to be raining that much? Except for when Bella confronts Jacob the first time post-transformation, no other rainy scenes stand out to me. And I also deduct half a point from my favorite Superman, the Weitz, for his spinning camera shot of Bella laying down in the woods. It made me so dizzy during the midnight show I almost … well, I had to close my eyes.

    • “Hit: Any scene with Billy Burke. He rocks my world.” 😀

    • Seriously, when she “tripped” and fell then curled up, I felt cheated. I wanted to see her completely emotionally and physically exhausted after running into the woods screaming with tears running down her face and collapsing because she couldn’t stand anymore. When she just randomly tripped and then stayed down I was completely disconnected from her emotions.

      • I actually like that…the trip. To me, it was sooo Bella. I also thought that it did show her kind of emotionally and physically exhausted; otherwise she would have gotten up and kept going after the fall. Instead, she just gave into it and was down for the count!

        • Definitely. She falls then thinks about getting up and then instead she moves her dirty hand to her face (god, her hand was so dirty..she must have fallen hard and deep).

          Plus I just cried whenever she kept calling out “Edward” as if he was close enough to hear her, not like she was searching for him, but as if she couldn’t let herself believe he was gone.

          • “Plus I just cried whenever she kept calling out “Edward” as if he was close enough to hear her, not like she was searching for him, but as if she couldn’t let herself believe he was gone.”

            Oh TS – so true! God, I want to see the movie again…like right now!

            Also thought the dirty hand was a nice touch…added to my belief that not only did she fall hard but that she had been wandering in the woods for a long time.

        • I felt that was so Bella too, her tripping because she was so clumsy. I think the intent was to show she had been walking for some time because it was already dark when she tripped and fell. I felt so sad during that scene, that was a very bad breakup!

    • I respectfully disagree. I really loved Bella searching for Edward. The confused, desparate tone of her voice and how it dwindled as time passed . . . the long side shots and the darkening forest . . . I thought it was very poignant. Also a good lead-up as explanation of why she would just stay curled up on the forest floor – as Ang says below, she was emotionally and mentally drained and literally lost without him.

    • I don’t like how during the break-up scene Bella says: “Please…..don’t.”
      The way she says “don’t” just sounds really strange and forced…it’s almost not believable.

  17. I agree with what everyone else has posted, so will just add what hasn’t been said.

    -Jessica’s rant after the movie. Anna had me in hysterics.

    -During the breakup scene in the woods, Edward and Bella’s exchange:
    B: “I’m coming”
    E: “I don’t want you to come”
    I shouldn’t have been laughing during that scene.

    • Anna is incredible! Is anyone else looking forward to seeing her in Up in the Air?

      • ME ME ME! She’s too talented to be smooshed into such a lame role. She does, however, own ever scene she’s in.

    • Hahahaha! I laughed too! Internally, of course, because the friends would not have gotten it.

    • Hahahaha, when Edward said “I don’t want you to come,” I may or may not have loudly said “That’s what she said.” There’s a reason why the woman behind me in the theater kept kicking my chair…

      • tuesday…Hmmm. I may or may not be kind of glad now that you weren’t available to see NM with me that first time. 🙂

        • my thoughts exactly.

          • Oh, I should say that it was only in retaliation, because the women behind me were talking, loudly, during the beginning of the movie because they had seen it before. Didn’t seem fair that they got to choose to be obnoxious when they wanted to and then got mad at me for one snarky comment. It’s probably because I heard the woman sniffling behind me and I interrupted it.

          • tuesday…OK, I might forgive you for that. I’ll consider going out in public with you now.

            I chose my theater wisely (didn’t mean for that to sound like James, but it kind of did) the first time. No crazy fangirls. The second time…lots of teenagers and LOTS of noise! Very sad that the second viewing was with my Unicorn in Training and he was kind of turned off by the fangirls.

          • @Ang, “I chose my theater wisely” BAHAHAH! It totes did sound like James. Twilight: The Original tear.

          • @TS – I know, right? Who thought we’d be sad and nostalgic for Twilight: The Original so quickly?

      • I wish I could thumbs up more than once!!!!

    • I was hoping someone would post that they also lost it during that “I’m coming” bit. Me and my group of mature 20-something ladies could not pull it together after that. I’d blame it on the lateness of the midnight showing… except when I took my husband to see it last Monday afternoon we both looked at each other and snickered after those lines.

  18. Ok, I liked the underwater scene. Call me crazy, but I thought the underwater scene accompanied with “Slow Life” was amazing. I’ve still only seen it once though, so maybe I’m still in that honeymoon stage where CDub and Co. can do no wrong.

  19. Bad Fan #1 here – I’ve only seen it once. I don’t know if I even deserve comment space on LTT. . .

    New Moon is definitely better than Twilight, as far as quality. It took me months to re-watch Twilight after the initial viewing. Major – 2nd hand embarrassment. I was happy with most of the film, except for the breakup seen between Edward and Bella. I cannot pinpoint my disappointment, but I did not feel as angsty and/or sad afterwards. I had my hankie already to go, but no tears. My opinion – CW rushed the build-up to “The End.” The book describes Bella’s anticipation about an impending change. I think this is an intricate part of SM’s writing style – her ability to make the reader experience the same emotions as the characters. Bottom line – did not feel same emotions, which disappointed me. I was ready to use that hankie.

    Plus, I was hoping CW used Lykke-Li’s song, Possiblity, for the drowning scene. It’s so creepy and sad.

    • Yes! That’s what I’ve been saying. Their relationship was not built up enough in the beginning to really feel her pain when he left. Why did they leave out the part where he gives her the cd with his piano music and how he stayed the night to take care of her after the birthday party?

      • Yes! I have been saying this! The CD and staying with her that night should not have been cut! That is my biggest gripe with the whole movie. I love that she made him promise not to spend money on a gift and he still gave her something so sweet and romantic. It’s was so “Edward” of him to do that. Ugh. Listen to me. I sound disgusting.

  20. Hit-
    The elevator scene. Just like in the real world, 5 vampires and one human stand awkwardly silent not making eye contact while (Italian) Elevator muzak plays.

    It manages to make the elaborate way of going down a manhole and underground tunnels that I couldn’t visualize when I read the book, not missed.

    Say what you want about the crappy make up and contact lenses in “Twilight”, but what happened to the beautiful golden brown eyes Edward had in the first movie?
    Now all the Cullens have creepy bright yellow alien eyes. They do not look human at all!

    When Edward was reciting “Romeo & Juliet” I should have been swooning with the rest of the girls in his class. But he looked like a freaky bug.

    Not to mention the red irritated rims of his eyes. He looks lie vampire with allergies and he forgot to take his Claritin. The pollen count must be high this time of year in Forks.

    • Definite “miss” on the contacts. Way over done. They never would have been able to fit in the human world.

    • Def. miss on the contacts. But I knew that before going in. I think Emmett and Carlisle were the only Cullens that managed to pull them off w/out looking too freaky.

      I LOVED that elevator scene. Can you just imagine being a Volturi w/ such a delicious piece of food hanging out in that close space with you and fighting the urge to bite… with the musak. Loved it. I love the Volturi.

    • I giggled at the elevator scene. I thought that was the intent. Nobody else laughed though, so maybe not. To me, it was like someone should have been saying “Awk….ward.”

    • LOL!! A freaky bug. Yes, exactly!

    • Yes, yes, yes!! Why oh why did they take away our beautiful bouffant-ed 17 yr old Edward and replace him with a Granddad who shops at Men’s Wearhouse, wears Revlon Fire and Ice Lipstick and has eyes like a Visitor???? I missed that damn customized pea-coat the whole movie, even if Rob did hate it.

  21. I’m glad you said it about the Grizzly Bear underwater scene. I really like that song. I really like that scene (IN THE BOOK). I really disliked how it all went down in the movie. My two main issues with the scene:
    1) Victoria swimming at her and then disappearing. I was worried she’d catch her and kill her, but then she just disappeared.
    2) When Ghostward appears and they’re just floating with awkward arms (it almost looks like he’s waiting to catch her). Very much like their legs in Hardi’s meadow scene.

    Speaking of, did they do some sort of reshoot for the meadow scene in NM? Their legs’ placement looks different (more natural…less like corpses etc.) from that of Twilight’s.

  22. Aaaah! How dare work/real life come between me and LTT!!

    All I will say is that the Hearing Damage scene was totally AH-MAZ-ING. I loved every second of it.

  23. wow I’m late today! Thanks for the Tay Love Moon…That pic kills me everytime…

    Obscure (I hope) Hits
    *Taycob’s eyes when Bella says they can run away together…Gah! Watch Jacob emote…same goes for his fingernails….mmmmm

    *Aro and Charlie…PERIOD

    *Sam and Emily’s scene…can I get an aaaawwwwwww? the encounter was just as I imagined…

    *The wolf pack…cause I’m ridiculously biased…Bronsen hyper-twin Pelletier pwns me and Paulex’s cheesy “sorry”? THUD

    *Edward’s slo-mo walk to “Monsters” sigh…can that 3-spot-parking boy work the wind machine or what?Ditto with the Armageddon wolf pack walk…

    *Garage montage…work that plaid baby…and OK GO rocks my socks…

    *Taycob saying “Hell” It might be the only time we hear him talk dirty ladies…put that sucker on repeat…


    *Not enough Wolf Pack.sigh…

    *Didnt get to see the ’86 Rabbit except once in the garage…Might as well see it’s condition since I intend going to hell in that thing…

    *Edward’s elbow (as luscious as it is) blocking most of the reunion kiss…

    *Cockblocking Bella…I know its not meant to happen in NM but dayum when he’s all up in her face…sigh…do it…DO IT!!!!!!

    Hit a cookie and Miss a cookie

    Morning everybody!!!!
    Hamster is tired…

    • I obviously need to see the movie again (twice is not enough)…I thought it was Edward’s shoulder that was the star of the reunion kiss scene.

      • I only saw it twice too…YAY! (ok maybe not yay) the second time around I didnt feel the reunion kiss at all cause I was staring at his shoulder…I mean its a nice shoulder…mesmerising…

        • It was weird, right? I was the same way….couldn’t concentrate on the kiss because I just kept thinking “I should be seeing their faces now…not random body parts.” Of course, it is a nice shoulder.

    • Your witty ways used to confound. But now that I know about your FL fettish it all makes sense.

      During the runaway conversation, that tear in Jacob’s eye (or cgi manip of) is beautiful and eluded me until my second viewing. It was like my very own Easter egg Taycob hid just for me.

      • Are u talking about the wolf tear? cause that was cool too! I originally meant in the bedroom when he says ” I would if I could” and he’s tearing up…Good God I wanna hug him so badly and tell him its all gonna be ok…
        Keep the fetishes on the DL aite? dont wanna draw any more attention to myself…bahahahahaha

    • GAH! stoopid sleep deprivation…I totes meant shoulder…NOT elbow….FMC

    • One detail that no one mentions, but I thought was done especially well:
      E&B in the parking lot before class when they’re all super close to each other. It’s just how Stephenie describes it in the books. Like she has problems pulling away from him, shown when he says, “We have to go to class.” Just so well done by the actors.

      • TS – I really liked that too! It was well acted. The same idea is the reason why the slo-mo walk of Edward before that didn’t feel cheesy to me. I kind of imagine that as how Bella “sees” him in the book. And KStew’s expression in that moment backs that up. Then the follow up when they are close and he’s the one that pulls away is really perfect. You can see the discomfort that we know from the book too.

    • Yes! I can’t believe I missed Edward’s entrance on my HITs. Very nice.

      I’m with you on the not enough Wolfpack. Maybe they can guest star on the Charlie cop show spinoff I’m starting.

  24. So, I have to agree with you, Moonie. You got most of my hits and misses. Though I agree w/Lula about the underwater scene. It was a bit cheese w/Edward just hanging there, but the song helped make it better for me. I like the song better now.

    And the Wolf/Victoria chase scene? LOVE. IT. Jane Trigs was just mentioning on Twitter how she loves that song and we all jumped on board with that thought. Thom Yorke is a GEN-IUS. The song fits so well and makes that scene 1 of my faves in the whole movie. Each time I saw NM after the first time, I was so excited to see it and didn’t want it to end.

    I love how they showed the vamp speed better this time around: Laurent, Victoria and then in the Volturi scene. I liked the fight sequence more b/c of it.

    Oh, another miss? (not sure if this will be in future NM reviews of yours) The score in some scenes. Anyone think the music when Bella gets thrown at the Bday party is a bit cheese? Every time I watch it I cringe a little.

    And that’s all I can think of for now.

  25. On Alice’s vision:

    This is a kind stretch, but I’m wondering if it’s supposed to be lame/unbelievable to us. I mean, the vision she’s having isn’t even of a real event. It’s implied in the book that she’s created it on the spot. That or she’s drawing from the original vision she had back in Midnight Sun. At said point, it should be Alice and Bella laughing with each other. Either way, I hope they burned those outfits along with Jacob’s wig. There’s already been enough movie versions of Anne of Green Gables.

    • Maybe if it had been Alice and Bella as Anne and Diana the scene would have been less laughable…. no, wait, that would have made it more laughable, but at least closer to the book.

      That said, I like Rob’s linen vest/pants combo. He needs to wear light colors more often.

  26. There were def some misses in the movie, but I don’t care too much really. New Moon didn’t make me squirm in my seat and didn’t make me feel like I had to defend ridiculous lines and characters to friends who didn’t read the book…I didn’t want them to think I honestly read a book with Buttcrack Santa as a character.

    With New Moon I am honestly not embarassed to say, “yeah, I read the books and enjoyed them alot.” The movie captures at it’s best the essence of the saga.

    • This is my overall review as well. I don’t really want to nit-pick the misses, which for me there aren’t many really anyway. They mostly consist of funny ways in which lines were said.
      For example: when Bella and Alice are racing toward Voltura and Bella tells Alice “you gotta hurry up”, the way she’s sitting in the car and the way she says it, totally looks like she really has to pee and they’re trying to get to a restroom before she looses her shit. (pun intended)

      ~Favorite Acted Scenes~

      -Loved the Bella/Jacob “break-up” scene, I think it’s great. The were probably freezing to death, which I’m sure really added to the emotional part of the scene. It is win for me.

      -“Movie Night with Bella”

      -I liked a lot of Bella/Kristen’s facial expressions, oddly? Blank stare during the months, blank stare at Mike when he asks her out, strange shocked expression when wolves appear, slightly annoyed but too numb to care when Charlie wants her to move to Florida. She became my Bella in this movie.

      -Taylor’s portrayal of Jacob – Amazing.

      My only real misses are the kissing scenes. They weren’t passionate enough, although the one in the bedroom at the end, I thought was really sweet.

  27. Who else thought this line was hot:
    Forse. Ma il vostro è uno o l’altro.

    Oh, Michael Sheen, thank you for your delivery.

    • what does he say there? i mean, i don’t speak italian….

      • It means, “Dude, why haven’t you hit that yet?” Er something…

      • “Dammit ! who said he can have my cloak?” seriously TS what does it mean?

      • Where’s our Italians at?

        I don’t either. And that was misquoted anyway (should be “Forse, ma il vostro uno l’altro.”).
        Direct translation:
        Perhaps, but yours is one or the other
        I think it would really be:
        Perhaps, but it is one or the other. (meaning he has to kill one of them–which doesn’t make sense; if edward dies, then it doesn’t solve her knowing about vampires)

        Then he says, “This is a sadness. If only it was your intention to give her immortality.” I love how Bella’s expression to that line is, “I know, right? I totes agree with you, Aro. He’s such a douche about that.”

        I also thought (on first viewing even), and I’m not even kidding, that when Aro is right up in her face and coos out, “Isabella” that she was going say to him (with that indignant expression she was wearing), “It’s ‘Bella’.”

  28. I agree with you… for most of it. But I still am not convinced about Taylor… I guess the moments when he is being nice, he’s ok, but the moments were he is supposed to look really mad, ready to lose control, he totally DID NOT. He is the most untreatening werewolf EVER.

    So sweet Jacob was really sweet. Mad jacob was also sweet. Jack ass Jacob was also sweet… See, that’s just not right!

    There’s also HIS VOICE. It is just me that thinks Taylor Lauter voice is annoying? At what age boys voice becomes more strong? Cause he sounded like my 12 year old cousin. That’s just not hot.. It’s actually very distracting and wrong.

    • Taylor’s voice made me cringe at times. When he was “threatening” Alice? Yeah…. not so intimidating…

    • Ummm yes I agree *ducks the rotten veggies being thrown*.
      I thought his acting was ‘uneven’ there were parts where he rocked it, and then parts where it was totes 2nd hand embarrassment. I LOL during the “don’t make me angry part” and the whispering of sweet words before Edwards call.
      I think I felt more for him when he was in his wolf form. That is sad.

  29. Because I live in Georgia I can say this…

    Taylor Lautner (more Jacob, though) makes me want to do REALLY bad things.

    He made the movie for me…after the Charlie parts and the Emmett looking like a 4 year old who can’t wait for you to open his present parts.

  30. Am I the only one that during the scene where Jacob and Bella are talking at the beach after she finds out that he’s a wolf, because of how ridiculous it was that you were at a vampire/werewolf movie? I heart it more than anything, but it’s just so…something.

    • haha i know exactly what you mean! whenever the word ‘vampire’ or ‘werewolf’ is mentioned in the film i just have to take a step back and think, “what the hell am i doing with my life?!” but it’s just too good to dislike :’). at least i’m not the only one!

  31. Good job, Moon!

    “Hands down the best sync of the movie placing Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage over the scene. SO GOOD.”

    There were many scenes that I loved, but the chase scene featuring Victoria was awe-inspiring. It would not have been nearly as beautiful without Thom Yorke’s song. I’m so thrilled about the one scene. Even my bf said, “Yeah, that part was ok,” which was more positive than I ever could have expected from him.

    How about that slow-motion Edward entrance? I know the theater laughed when that happened, and I did as well, but that was so win. I could watch that scene all day. And Kristen did a great job with her “dazzled” face in that scene. Ugh. Panty melter.

  32. HIT:
    Black Crow in slow mo- almost crapped my pants it was so amazing.
    Bella in chair looking like a crazy cat woman.
    Newton’s sarcasm and the “Dude’s weird” comment.
    SOOOO getting the sexual tension between Jacob and Bella building and building until the kitchen scene.
    Bella’s reaction to Jacob after she found out it was Edward on the phone.
    Kristen’s eyebrow waxing.
    Edward walking up to school in slow mo- holy crap Rob looked amazing with that smirk on his face. And Bella’s reaction was priceless.

    Other misses have been named but my main miss was:

    Edward without his shirt.
    …before you go crazy, hear me out- his body was TAN while his face was WHITE. WTH?! It was driving me nuts that entire scene. I kept thinking, “Really, CW? REALLY? They didn’t provide you with enough money to cover his whole body, only his face? REALLY?”

  33. Everything has pretty much been covered, but here’s a go:

    HIT: Taylor Lautner. I swear I shivered a but just typing his name. He did a beautiful job. I found myself missing his character when he wasn’t around. By my third viewing of NM I was pretty much dozing off by the time Bella and Alice made their way to Italy.

    MISS: Bella’s character. This cannot be blamed on CW or the fillm people in general, they work with what they’re given. I have to give it to KStew she makes Bella tolerable for me and has given her some gumption. All the guys I know who have seen the film love the action (Jacob, Wolves etc.) but detest the character of Bella. I had to promise a potential Bella mauling to get a guy friend to even consider seeing Eclipse.

    HIT: Hearing Damage and Months scene. I thought the scenes and the accompanying songs were pretty perfect. I’m especially happy because these scenes were so kick ass that my Big Sis is officially hooked and snuck off with my books last night.

    MISS: Edward. Yeah, I know I’m Team Jacob through and through so ya’ll can just ignore me here. But Robward looked old and grumpy as hell. Honestly, I found him to be old and grumpy in the books, but it was only intensified on-screen. I wish Rob would take the character and tweak it a bit. Loosen up.

    • My comment was so long, but I had to add that I LOVED the movie scene with Mike and Taylor. Bit HIT.

      Another miss for me is at the end where Bella says something like ‘ You hurt each other, you hurt me’. It makes me roll my eyes EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And I’m sure I must have muttered ‘Bitch,please’ during my second viewing. I’m sure that line is in the book somewhere and I probably said the same thing when I read it.

  34. A friend sent this to pester me about my love for all things Twilight. I think it was meant to be insulting, but it’s hilarious. Thought I’d share another New Moon review!

  35. Loved that brief “Virgin” Airlines scene.

    Loved every scene between Bella and Charlie. Bella doing homework while Charlie watches sports on flatscreen. Sweet.

    Cliff diving where sky becomes the ocean…fabulous.

    Loved the Volturi artwork where the characters move within the painting.

    Loved cracks in Edward’s face when he’s being thrashed around by the Volturi.

    Hated the vampire makeup, and clothes, except for the shirt Edward wears in first scene. I should have melted when Edward recited Shakespeare but was too distracted…

    Camera in wrong position during all kissing scenes.

    Wish the film had lasted longer. I want more.

    NM keeps growing on me.

    • “Camera in wrong position during all kissing scenes.”

      YES! I couldn’t agree more! That drove me nuts!
      The end kiss between E & B, you coudn’t even see their lips or their faces and that made me sadface!

      Loved E’s moan during the truck kiss though! HOT!

  36. I’m enjoying the photo captions, LOL!

    I’ve seen it three times in the theater. I want to go more. But after viewing it I think that Chris Weitz is a genius and if he doesn’t come back for Breaking Dawn I may have to set something on fire. Ahem…

    But I loved the film, I didn’t think I’d utter the words “better than Twilight” but I did. But they are different films, but this one definately had “blockbuster” behind it where as “Twilight” was more indie. This one definately had a bigger budget behind it. I thought it was spot on with the book besides a few minor changes like the whole Romeo and Juliet discussion was in a classroom instead of Bella’s livingroom. I felt the ending was a bit rushed with the “Edward apologizing” and was really missing a lot of the “little things” inbetween Italy and how they got home. I would have liked to have seen Edward carry Bella to bed and have an interaction with Charlie (I don’t know why but I love the end of one of the chapters where Bella says the last thing she remembers before hitting the pillow is Edward’s cold hands prying her fingers from his shirt….That has always had an effect on me and stayed with me, I would have loved to have seen that played out on screen, and the moments with E & B while waiting to leave the Voturi’s headquarters). But I understand that it’s a film, things need to be stripped for time so I forgave that.
    I am not Team Jacob, I’m Team Edward, so I really thought I was going to have a hard time with this one, really missing Edward, but the story is so gripping and cinematically beautiful and moves so fast that just when you start to miss the Cullens they appear again, so I really thought the speed of the film was fantastic and it kept me interested throughout. The wolf boys didn’t do much for me besides Taylor’s yummy abs and Paul Meraz. But I thought Taylor’s performance was fantastic and believable and I really thought that Kristen carried the film. She plays depression well and I really felt for her character and ached for her as well. I thought she was fantastic! Another thing that surprised me was the break up scene didn’t even make me emotional it’s what happened after that did. Her screams in the middle of the night and Charlie running into her, THAT’s what made my tears flow. Rob was fantastic, very brooding and it broke my heart to watch him sulk into the woods after exchanging “I love you” with Bella. He really brings Edward to life and I can’t imagine anyone but him in the role. Excellent!
    I liked the music better in Twilight but I thought that the “Possibility” song was perfect and I also thought that “Hearing Damage” was brilliantly placed with Rachelle.

  37. What’s up with the lack of Edward love? haha. And i never really got why everyone laughed at Alice’s vision, I thought it was extremely cool how we got to see Bella as a vamp. I didn’t find it cheesy at all. hm. I mean i just can’t think of any other way that they could have potrayed that without not showing us at all. now chris weitz has set the stage for breaking dawn in how bella’s gonna look. I think that’s totally awesome.

  38. “Miss: Bella drowning in the ocean. What was supposed to be a really sad poignant moment ends up more like an Acid trip at a Grateful Dead weekend in the 60s with arguably the worst sync in the movie using Grizzly Bear’s Slow Life.”

    THANK YOU!!!! This was the biggest miss of the movie for me…it’s my favorite song from the soundtrack, and the scene is supposed to be so haunting. But together…no. Didn’t the early release footage have eerie underwater-muffled instrumental music playing for that sequence? It would have been much more effective to keep it that way.

  39. P.S. Also forgot to add, Michael Sheen = BRILLANCE!
    Can’t wait to see what he does with the remainder of his character! LOVED him!

  40. I have yet to see New Moon. I’m alittle ashamed of myself 😦
    Planning on going tonight. The reason I haven’t yet is because I can’t seem to drag anyone to go with me! I’m pretty “closeted” about my twi/Rob obsession, so even asking my lil sis (who thinks the books are lame…. but is still Team Jacob) won’t go. My mom is convinced its a teen movie and won’t join me. Any suggestions? Should I just grin and bare it and go as a single?

    – Jamie

    • yes! go alone… if you go with someone who doesn’t get it… it won’t be as good! Buy yourself the BIGGEST TUB OF POPCORN (mmm) and a diet coke and enjoy yourself!

    • Go solo! I love going to the movies alone sometimes because then who ever I’m with won’t lean in and say stupid comments like “Edward is SOOO ugly!” like my friend said to me when I went to see the movie again. I told her to shut up and I wasn’t nice about it either 🙂

    • I agree. Go by yourself. Going with people who aren’t familiar or don’t care about the saga sucks. They ask questions through the whole movie.

      • Ok, I’m gonna do this week! lol.
        That’s a really good point re: sitting through other peoples comments. Every movie I’ve ever gone to with my mom causes her to fall asleep, wake up during the credits and say “It was just like the Wizard of Oz.” It would have been interesting to watch try to compare New Moon 😛
        Thanks for all the replies!
        I’ll comment once I’ve seen it! 😀

        – Jamie

        • Sounds good! And remember, the only reason people go with people to see movies is so that they have someone to talk to about it afterwards.

          Well, *waves* here we are!!!! 🙂

    • I went alone and it was great. Wish I could go with you, Jamie.

    • Definitely go alone. I was blessed the first time with someone who didn’t get “it” but got that I was super into it, so she just let it ride and squeed along with me. Plus it was the midnight, so you know, everyone there “gets it” (except those bastards on their phone 2 rows up during the entire final scene! SIRIUSLY!)

      The next time wasn’t so good. The people with me laughed in the scene when Charlie gets up from the couch. That’s NOT funny. ugh.

      The next time was the best. I went with people but there weren’t 4 seats together, so I got to sit alone.

      Definitely go alone.

  41. Hi everyone, this is my first post!

    LOVED New Moon, only seen it twice but plan to see it many more times 🙂

    Ok – the only thing that bugged me that hasn’t been mentioned before: During the fight with the Volturi, how does Alice get grabbed around the neck so quickly? In Eclipse, remember they describe her fighting style and no one can even touch her – she sees them coming and always moves out of the way at the last minute. Is Felix (or Demetri…cant remeber) such a bad ass that her talent doesn’t even work on him?

    • yay for a first comment!

    • No, Demetri (Felix is the super huge guy) isn’t that much of a bad ass. (though he doesn’t have a bad ass…). Basically they know that they’re at the mercy of Aro at that point. So there’s no point in Alice fighting him off since all the 50 other vamps in the room will just immediately kill her (and then Edward and Bella).

    • Good point, Obsessed. I never even thought of that.

  42. Moon,
    love it. love that everything you see/watch is effected by music.

    and i agree with you, of course. cuz we have never disagreed on anything. except on what we’d do to the DILF… I wouldn’t go that far

  43. Actually all your hits and misses are exactly the same as mine. I hated Alice’s vision of Bella as a Vampire, I think less is more could have been applied to that scene and they could have just shown her skin sparkling or her eye color. It would have been enough for the audience to know she wasn’t human anymore. (I have a theory that this scene was an Edward pre-vamp teenage fantasy of frolicking in the forest with a girl he got to finally play out lol! gone horribly wrong)

    The Grizzly Bears song… (although a great band) the sudden cue in of the track totally ruined that scene for me. During the break up scene fortunately they cut of the sad drunk people singing out of key (ie Bon Iver track) and let Desplat’s score work it’s magic there and it WORKED. They should have done the same for the cliff dive. Lyrics ruin emotions for me sometimes. Visually I thought the scene worked well, I wish it was just a little longer… it did drag out in the book and when I read that scene it was the most emotional for me because she just wanted to give up I didn’t get that feeling in the movie because it seemed so brief she hits her head and then starts sinking …but I know realistically they had to pull her out quick.

    Victoria’s chase sequence was Brilliant. The special effects, the black bird shot from a birds eye view, the music, it was a perfect. I can’t say any more than you have.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of your thoughts on new moon! (sorry I just practically wrote a novel here :))

  44. ” It’s the little details like that that show me Chris Weitz didn’t treat this like just another cheesy teen franchise movie. That he made purposeful, artistic decisions to not only tell a better story but to appeal to those outside the so-called Twi-teen demographic.”

    So perfectly put Moon.

  45. Hit: Jessica and her leprosy rant, grannie at the beginning (everyone loves a grannie), Taylor’s abs, Demitri and his beat down of Edward, and many, many more.

    Miss: No mixed tape! I mean really, mixed tape = true love in my book. ( I mean CD for those who are too young to know about mixed tapes)

  46. I agree with you on all of these but one…and I haven’t read all of the comments yet, so maybe someone said this already but when I saw the cheesy future Bella and Edward scene I actually thought of it as a little joke on Alice’s part. Bella comments in the book that Aro doesn’t realize that Alice’s visions are subjective and Alice herself says that Edward wont believe her if she tells him in his mind that Bella’s okay because she can control her visions. So…I thought of it as a joke. Alice gave Aro what he wanted to see (Bella as a vampire) with a little flare of her own with the clothing and stuff. I didn’t see it as a really version of Bella and Edward. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I took it 🙂

    • It is funny that you said that you thought Alice’s vision was a joke, because that is the first thing that my hubby asked, when we were walking out of the theater. I remember saying to him, when that specific scene was playing, “You have got to be kidding me?!?!” He thought that Alice was playing a trick on Aros. So lame…

      I plan on seeing it again this Sunday, by myself.

    • joke or not, i guess i’m the only one that like the future Bella & Edward moment.. Knowing how Rob feels about filming running scenes, i thought he did quiet well and mighty adorable. I thought Kristen looked gorgeous with the contacts and when she sparkled, i mean yes i did have to stifle a laugh or snort during that scene, but there was something about it that totally made me go ‘Awwwwwwww”…

  47. These hits and misses are totally the same as mine. I loved Taylor (although I still do bat for Team Edward…). I loved the wolves. I loved the music.
    However, I laughed a little with the water scene. Edward’s hair was weird. Since he was upside-down and all. The whole scene reminded me of that scene in Across the Universe where they are all high and floating around neked in the water. Only Ed and Bella weren’t neked. Or high.

  48. Okay, so I haven’t read all the way down the comments, because I should really be working right now. Someone may have mentioned this (or I could be alone here), but I HATED the way they did Bella’s voiceovers as returned emails to Alice. Hated it.

    • tuesday…I don’t think anyone has said this, but it was in my mind! I hated it at first, but I’ve warmed to the idea. I understand why they used that technique to get the “thoughts” in. What I found annoying is the way she started every thought with “Alice…” Yeah, I get it. It’s an e-mail message.

      Oh, and I wanted to address something else you said above. I HAVE to get off LTT and do some work, so I didn’t want to look for it again. You commented that you aren’t convinced of movie Bella and movie Edward’s love. I’ve thought a lot about that. I accept it and probably “see” more than is there because I know them and their thoughts so well from the books. But for someone who doesn’t know all the motivation, I’m not sure the love is there. And that makes me sad! I think the ending of NM could have been better if more time was spent on how/why B&E came back together.

    • tuesday, I thumbs downed you. I was happy with the way they chose to express all the internal thoughts of the book in the film. I also thought it was a smart way to show that she’s actually friends with Alice seperate from Edward, and that this is happening in 2009 so people email.
      Plus, what’s more depressing than emailing someone a long, sad, embarrassing email only to have it sent back as undeliverable? It’s like the Internet is saying, “You’re so pathetic, I’m not even going to deliver this. Just give up.”

      • Thank you for explaining the thumbs down. I always feel forlorn when I get them, but your explanation makes sense. I guess I don’t have a better way of expressing her internal monologue… you know, what she should have done when she started getting all the returned emails was start a letterstoalice blog. I think what it comes down to is that I tend not to like voiceovers in general.

        Okay, crap, need to get back to work… more to come.

        • Yes, a letters to alice blog would’ve worked out well. Shit, with how many readers this site gets, I bet there’s already one out there!

  49. I actually liked the underwater scene. The music was a little creepy, though.
    Everything else, I completely agree with…

    Does anyone remember where The Killers song was placed in the movie? That is the one song, that I don’t remember hearing.

  50. I agree 90%… the only thing I disagree with it that I loved the drowning scene and the music. I can listen to NM soundtrack over and over, not like the teenish Twilight S.T.

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