Moon is so thankful – Happy Thanksgiving to the Twilight fandom!

Dear Twilight and LTT/LTR-ers

About 3 things I was absolutely positive: First I was a vampire blogger with the best co-blogger around. Second, there was part of us — and I didn’t know how snarky that part might be — that thirsted to blog about Rob and twilight every day for a year. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably thankful for  you all!

Thankful for their magic-ness (you can't even make this stuff up!)

Today in the states we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day we take off to sit back and remember all that we have to be thankful for. Of couse I could make a list a mile long that includes stuff like Stephenie Meyer (duh), the holy trinity, big daddy, buttcrack santa, jorts, little bottles, “you’re alive!” “animal attacks,” Cullen smiles, twi moms, Cee Dubs and his orange pants, the wietz’ genius, and this great community we have right here at LTT/LTR but you know that already. So we’re taking today to remember our family, friends, and all our blessings and that just happens to include you all and the Twilight world!

You don’t have to live in the states to participate for the rest of the week/end we will be featuring letters and tweets of thanks on LTT and LTR as UC and I take a mini break to refuel and reflect. If you’d like to tell us what you’re thankful for email us a letter, a sentence, a thought or tweet us your thanks!

I hope whether you’re near or far (wherever you are) that you know today we’re thankful for YOU and appreciate all our readers and now friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for? Take a second to share with us in the comments! Don’t live in the states? Do you have a holiday similar to thanksgiving?

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71 Responses

  1. […] I can’t love a Red Coat); and for your strong, lickable jaw. And- wow- I just read a draft of Moon’s post for LTT today which is completely sappy & sweet and now I feel like a perv, so I’ll end by saying […]

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Or as Phoebe Buffay would say: Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day! haha
    Hope you all have a fab day!

  3. I’m thankful I have somewhere to come everyday where people ‘get me’ – thusly I do not feel so alone in the world. It’s a priceless feeling. /sap

    • Ditto! If I didn’t have this place I would literally have nowhere to be silly with about Twi. My RL friends don’t get it.
      They just think I’m sad and crazy and give me weird looks. Le sigh.

  4. I am thankful for so much. feel like I won the life lotto. It is nice to take stock and feel blessed right.
    Now I saw NM last night for the first time and I am still truely deeply madly. It was fantastic. I didn’t cry but that may change when I get to see it in Eng nxt week. I feel like all has pretty much been said here over the last week so I will just say a few things,
    have not turned team jacob however he was excellent. BUT In the touchy feely bike scene they should have used a hand model as his finger nails are bitten down to the quick and was total turn off. IWG – you could always get him to wear gloves…
    AND the ultimate moment was totally ruined by twi virgin mary mother superior on my left firing non stop questions at me and when Edward was just about to step into the light and Bella was running and I have read it 1000 times I knew what happened but my heart was racing, I was drooling (had to look away from left nipple though) neighbour on my right snorts in disgust and says “ewwwwwwwwww disgusting look at his hairy armpit”
    HELLO she is german. German women don’t shave their legs, pits or nether regions but she was offended by robs manliness. I am not going to Eclipse with any more virgins or haters!
    I am thankful for you guys for laughs, hilarity in a sometimes mad world and very thankful for moon and uc for putting so much time effort etc and making this place as awesome as it is
    ..takes hat off, prostrates herself before you both”


    • ooops meant to say IWL not illegal wolf girl. sorry bout that illegal. alzeheimers kicking in there!

      • bahahahaha…lover…girl…either way….Its the thought that counts… 😀
        I love his bitten-down nails cause biting my nails is my dirty little stress/boredom relief habit….Xylem unwittingly wrote a steamy FF intro for me based on that…yeah it’s wierd….

        Yay!!! u finally saw NM…I wish we could watch it when u get to NZ….

  5. Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I’m going out of town, so I’ll not be around for a few days.

    I’m thankful that everyone here shares my sometimes comedic, acute fondness for this whole Twi-phenomenon.

    I’m also thankful for Billy Burke. Just because.

  6. happy thanksgiving all, i’m so glad you’re here!

  7. Feliz Dias de las Gracias!!! | Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

    I am thankful to have daily access and contact with likeminded Twi-fans who are not twelve years old, who can spell, and can see the lunacy of our behavior and rebel in the fun of it. I am specially thankful for UC and Moon for creating the safe environment that is our daily Twilight play pen.

    Con mucho carinño, Mwah!

    • “I am thankful to have daily access and contact with likeminded Twi-fans who are not twelve years old” – well said! Me too!

  8. I am thankful for Bunny and Noreen.
    I am thankful for my Twi-Hoes.
    I am thankful that in ten minutes I will be consuming caffine.
    And I am thankful that somewhere in LA today, there will be a very drunk Rob. Good times.

  9. I’m thankful for:

    An online community that makes me feel “normal.”

    Twitter conversations that can start with me having a freaking panic attack and end with wolfboy porn.

    Weird, online words like jorts and fursplode that have crept into my real life vocabulary.

    Heck, I’m even thankful for possible ballet dancers.

    *MUAH* times a million to you all!

    Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  10. I’m Canadian and thus already celebrated Thanksgiving, but I’ll play along anyway.
    I’m thankful for you guys and this awesome little community! No matter how bad my day starts off, reading your posts always makes me laugh 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Happy thanksgiving! (the very first time i’ve ever said that! A thankgiving virgin here!)

      I’m from Nothern Europe and we don’t have thanksgiving, but I’ll give it a try: Besides my very happy life, and all the twilight related stuff – I’m thankful for..

      Well Jess actually said it: “I’m thankful for you guys and this awesome little community! No matter how bad my day starts off, reading your posts always makes me laugh:)”

      – so am I 🙂

    • Where I live, we dont celebrate Thanksgiving, or anything fun 😦

      oh wait, we have Christmas.


  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I don’t live in the U.S. but am American. So unfortunately at work today. I am thankful I have LTT to read + help get me through another work day!

    Many non-Americans don’t *get* what the deal is with Thanksgiving. Here in Canada, Canadians celebrate a Thanksgiving Monday in early October. The problem is, the holiday is just not a big deal in Canada and celebrating is optional. It doesn’t seem to have the sentimental value to most Canadians as it does to Americans. In the U.S., Americans HAVE to celebrate and HAVE to stuff themselves with, erm, stuffed turkey on this one Thursday of the year. (Christmas turkeys are optional). I think a British columnist on the BBC explained it best here:

    Anyways, as soon as I get home from work I’m making a turkey and dressing and sweet potatoes. ’cause again, it’s mandatory, or something. You can take the American out of the U.S. but you can’t take the Thanksgiving out of the American. (Or something lame like that.)

    • Operarose, I’m in Canada (and a Canadian for that matter) and I”d be happy to celebrate any time with you…I’d be happy to join you and stuff myself with Rob, erm, I mean turkey any day of any month. I like Rob. And turkey. And Rob. And sweet potaters. And Rob. And stuffing.

      And Rob.

  12. I’m thankful for everything (especially UC & Moon right now, for letting me escape the boredom that is my job every day). Except for pineapples. Hate those.

  13. I’m thankful for LTT for sure (community and bloggers). And for having some form of work. And for the internet, otherwise how could I effectively fangirl? And for the best Thanksgiving movie ever, Pieces of April.

    Happy Turkey day!!

    • @TS. Happy Thanksgiving!!! May your turkey taste of Billy Zane!

    • TS – I love Pieces of April! Another Thanksgiving movie I am thankful for is Home for the Holidays. Holly Hunter stars..directed by Jodie Foster.

  14. I am thankful to live in a blessed country by God our father. I am blessed to be free. I am thankful to God for all our freedoms. I will defend our freedoms til death.

  15. We dont have Thanksgiving in NZ….sob but I’m thankful for a few things…

    I’m thankful that Miley Cyrus hates Twilight…because we dont need another slutty teen macking on our men and ahem..boys. (Btw Miley..Jay-Z? really? Its “99 problems but a b**** aint one” not Justin Beaberhead’s rap name ala
    Da pimp-o-matic gangsta name generator)

    I’m thankful for Taytor Tot…and for all those who fuel my obsession sibling-like fondness for this creature…Maybe next Thanksgiving, ull be thanking me for that amazing time in June…

    I’m eternally thankful for UC and Moon cause they give me a little plot of grass in which to play with my friends on LTT. I ❤ u as much as Chandler hates Thanksgiving (yeah..Friends is my only reference point for this holiday…that I remember…sorry)

    I'm thankful for my LTT/Gmail/Twitter "besties" (lol)…u guys are just a million different kind of awesome…My life is far from boring with you….

    I'm thankful for everyone who puts up with my insanity in Twi-world and RL. U guys are better off for having known me…TRUST….

    Finally I'm thankful that next year I'll be able to say "thanks" to all of u in person…and also to show Tay the best Summer of his life…cause he deserves it..and cause the Swift cant throw grapes to save her soul….lol

    Thankful Cookie

    Happy Turkey morning everyone!

    p.s. Big Daddy…thanks for the invite…but I think the Swift is threatened by me…maybe next year? defs.

    • @illegal – Next year, let’s officially change Thanksgiving to June so it will coincide with your visit. I’ll get right on that!

    • I am thankful that if I am ever caught by Chris Hanson, I’ll have in good company…’cause I am a big snitch!

      I am thankful for “I’m thankful for Taytor Tot…and for all those who fuel my obsession sibling-like fondness for this creature…Maybe next Thanksgiving, ull be thanking me for that amazing time in June…” statements like this.

      I am thankful that February 11 is less than 2 months away… And that soon I’ll be able to tell Taylor what I really think.

  16. I am thankful for the Twilight commentary DVD, which taught me that Rob and Kristen take Twilight about as seriously as I do.

    • Too funny!

      But Also so sad that Cougwicke has to sit there and listen to them talk abou just how ugly her baby is. Reminds me of the time in middle I wore purple legwarmers thinking I was finally cool… Only to have the cool kids make fun of me. *Sad Panda Face*

  17. Thankful that there is a place to escape to outside of my mundane little existence, where silly fantasies are shared; where the ridiculousness of obsessing over a poorly written book series, mediocre movies, and surreally beautiful actors is celebrated with both joy and snark; where we can giggle and let our imaginations run wild like little girls; thanks to you, UC and Moon!

  18. As a non-teen fan who mildly obsesses, I am thankful to have found a place where other like minded women (and some unicorns) meet up and just have fun, laughing and loving on all things Twi. Each one of y’all makes me feel normal and for that I am especially grateful. Thanks to UC and Moon for starting this rad community.

    So what am I thankful on this special day? Aside for the blessings of a roof over my head, delicious food to serve my loving family? I will share just a bit….
    1) UC & Moon for shoving, I mean gently guiding me out of my self imposed isolation when they published my letter of Thanks to the cast/crew/writer of Twilight…
    2) The unbelievable kindness and love of total strangers from the very first moment I tried to post a comment.
    3) The friends (like family now) that I have come to love without ever even having met them…but WILL!
    4) My greatly increased vocabulary, that I still don’t understand most of the time but laugh at it anyway and sometimes USE w/o realizing it in the most inappropriate times!
    5) The very important fact that no matter how bad my day is, its better after I come HERE.
    6) That you never let me give up, no matter what… J
    7) Its “okay” to do crazy things like spend half the night writing “Breaking News” with my twi-journalist friends. Send letters to P & G begging them to make our “pretend” Edward/Jacob tissues a reality, Obsess over a fictional character and have it all seem NORMAL!
    8) For FINALLY seeing NEW MOON…yup I saw it…sort of…allowing the “devil” on my shoulder for this one time only, to win over the “angel” ! OH SO WORTH IT!
    9) Most importantly to me, that I have found acceptance and welcome here and that is something I never expected or anticipated but am more thankful than I can ever tell you.
    10) So, A very special THANK YOU to UC & Moon for starting it all! For continuing to provide us with a daily dose of laughter, sarcasm, insight into their unique perspective on all things Twilight! You have created a home, community and a kinship that will last long after the inevitable “fade to black” occurs!

    A Very Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to all!
    P.S. Am I the ONLY one that made mini hot pocket appetizers and New Moon pie for dessert….?
    P.S.S. Avery special shout out to Ang,, JodieO, ILWL, TeamSeth, Tues., Sassy, SB, oh forget it! Too many to mention..You know I love you all…

    • @MidCyn – Heart you so much!!!!

      Oh, and I’m coming to you house now. I MUST have mini hot pocket appetizers. And I want to make sure I get there before Rob eats them all!

      • Too late and Eddie were very busy the whole night….I mean Rob and I were busy eating the mini-hot pockets..then I ummmm helped him make sure he showered thoroughly…every single inch of him..smells sooo good now…oh yes I am Thankful…thankful also that there is not a plaid anything in this house (or any roaming reporters lurking lol)….Could it be that I am just delirious from no sleep..?? Nah..I am going with it was all real…(just for today anyway) It is afte rall Thanksgiving!

    • “5) The very important fact that no matter how bad my day is, its better after I come HERE.”

      TRUTH! Happy Thanksgiving to you Midnight_Cyn! x

    • aaaawwww…we ❤ ya Cyn…Its like ur a constant in LTT…If I dont see u in the day is not complete…like those dark days of puter-lessness…*shudder*…never again….

      @ Ang…the trifecta MUST unite…the fate of the world depends on it…also Robward and Taycob will be sad pandas if we dont….lol
      I love my rationalising… 🙂

      • The fate of the world indeed! I mean, really, if Robward and Taycob turn into sad pandas and WE are to blame…how would we live with ourselves?

    • I think this was the best list of things to be thankful for. thanks MidCyn!
      Who did a list about stuff to be thankful for Taylor? *looks around confused* only me ?!

    • Thanks for the shout out, MidCyn!

      I’m so glad you are here 🙂

      Also, OH EM GEE!!! YOU SAW NEW MOON!!!!????!!!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving LTT/LTR!
    I am thankful for UC and Moon, for allowing my inner 14 year old to come out and play every single day online. Without you girls, I would still be petting my Vanity Fair whilst in my closet, rocking back and forth, muttering something about “my precious.” (I’m totally kidding…OK, not really.)
    I’m thankful for IWL, who makes me think about getting a Wolfpack card, even though I’m totes Team Sparklepeen. I’m VERY thankful for a community that understands what sparklepeen is and why its so fabulous.
    I’m thankful that everyday I can log on to the interwebs and laugh until I cry – which makes the rest of my mundane life just a little more bearable.
    I’m thankful for McDonald’s and the Filet O’Fish for making Big Daddy what he is today.
    Most of all, I’m thankful for wrist-holding, weave-glue-showing, hand-on-the-back-of-the-motorcycle photos of KStew and RPatz that make me believe that maybe, just maybe, they aren’t lying when they deny the existence of RobSten. A girl can dream, right?
    Thank you, UC and Moon, for letting me know, everyday, that “That’s Normal.”

    • I’m thankful that I am able to sway you poochie…by even just a teeny tiny degree…towards the wonder and charisma that are the jorted ones…. 😀

      Yes I too am thankful for sparklepeen…and for the disco ball xmas decor that comes in packs of two where I work…lol 😉

      muah! ❤

  21. Is it normal that I can not will not stop listening to “Possibility”?

  22. I am thankful for my health, my family and generally BEING ALIVE right now which is awesome – especially considering the December issue of Vanity Fair came out here today, and I am blushing right now from meeting Rob’s serious bedroom eyes on the cover. (Help!) 🙂
    And New Moon came out!! Finally!! And I get to watch it as many times as I like!!

    And of course I am deeply thankful that I can come here and find wisdom, laughs, and companionship with Twilikeminded women who are just as normal as I am (sic) – and to UC and Moon for making it possible!!

    Have a good Thanksgiving over there! I hope Rob gets to spend it with someone who gives him good food and warm hugs. (If not, I am here for you, Rob, don’t worry. We will NOT be having tofurkey. Seriously.)

  23. I’m off to bed. Have my holiday tomorrow.

    I am thankful for LTT/LTR, the girls I’ve met here, the whole twilight experience and ummm for everyone I love and am loved by.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

    Lots of love,

  24. I am thankful for sunshine, lollipops and hot men with their shirts off.

    I am thankul for snark, sarcasm, a new definition of normal, and YOU!

    Try not to explode, ladies (and unicorns) – happy Thanksgiving to you!

  25. Said it over on LTR earlier today (although I think I was “edited” out) and I’ll say it here again: I’m thankful for Kismet. “Nuff said.

    Now I’m off to blissfully wander through The Morning After high that’s I’ve been in all day. …. I FINALLY saw NM last night. it was like awesomesauce to go with the turkey and stuffing.

    P.S. I’m also thankful for Ang! *winks an insider wink at Ang! 😉

    • Missed you, Beaker!!! 😀

      • Fangy, you don’t even know how much I missed you all too. I’ve literally spent seven hours, fourty minutes today catching up on everthing I missed here and over at LTR during my self-imposed exile. So good to be back 😀

        (and now I have like twenty minutes to cram 8 hours woth of work in to before I leave for the day……and go see NM again 😀

    • abs-awwww shucks….you’re making me blush!

  26. I am thankful for family, friends, and the world Stephenie created because without her, we wouldn’t have been brought together like this. I’m also thankful to my personal friends who pointed out LTT when LaurensBite went on hiatus because I’m pretty sure it would have taken me a while to find y’all on my own. Thanks for the honesty, love, snarkiness, and general fun you provide for us through your posts each day! Much love to everyone here! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! 🙂

  27. IWL, yes? no?

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