What’s a DILF? Chris Weitz knows!

Dear Chris Weitz,

There’s probably more we want to tell you than any letter here could ever contain about how much we love you for New Moon and finally giving the fandom a film version worthy of the saga. While watching New Moon Thursday night it all finally clicked into place that there was one HUGE difference between the Twilight movie and New Moon movie and that is YOU! Yes, you!

Our pal Jen from MyRobPattinson was lucky enough to get to be on the red carpet as the stars walked by. She got to see Kellan and Taylor and Kristen and those volturi dudes and some wolves and that guy named Rob but most importantly she got to see YOU and ask you a few of the most important questions in the world… you know stuff like what was with those orange pants at the London premiere and if you knew what a “DILF” was and since you directed the American Pie series which pretty much originated the term “MILF” I think you do! And here’s your answer……….

Oh you shudder to think! HA!

Hearts your face,

Video: Thanks Jen!! Visit her site: My Robert Pattinson

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113 Responses

  1. Haha!
    Bless him, he’s so sweet!
    Cute little vid 🙂

  2. Re: DILF- He’d probably want to put it to film…”can we reshoot that?”

  3. I am so glad to finally be able to fangirl with everyone. It killed me to stay away. In honor of all the hawtness that was Jacob (ohmygod did you see the effing steam in the rain???!!) I am officially changing my name. Not a big stretch, though. I was always Team Jacob and on Feb11 I’ll be Team Taylor too!

    • IllegalWolfLover, how you liking the steam, grrrl?!

      • Teehee…steam…mmmmmm
        *gigles uncontrollably and fans herself *
        Erm….Are u gonna write a fanfic for that moment for me too? bahahahaha…
        ❤ ya Xylem….muah!

  4. Oh, my favorite DILF in the world… How much do I love you!!! (btw, who raises a two year old that can say ‘godfwck’?)

  5. After seeing the film twice now, he’s definitely a DILF. I’m seeing it again tonight, and then I will start fasting and praying that he is asked and accepts the job for BD. DILF, indeed.

  6. Actually I didn’t know what a dilf is until I googled it… lmao

    • In our case, it is “director” we’d like…
      But since he is dad too, we’ll do him double. What? That’s Normal!

      • HAHAHA
        we should get that on google dictionary…
        When I googled it I found following definitions:
        1. Dad I’d like to f***
        2. Dad I’d like to find

        and I think just for us there should be a 3rd definition:
        3. Director I’d like to f***

  7. He truly is DILF in my eyes. The first words out of my mouth when the credits started rolling on New Moon were “Suck it, Hardwick! The DILF is in town!”

  8. Umm…. He’s still not a DILF for me. I don’t think that I will ever be able to use that term comfortably.

    He is my new hero. I publicly professed my love to him on facebook last night. They probably think I’m cheating on Mr. Fang with some dude named Mr. Weitz.


    • What if you replace the F with Fang or Fondle? Why does fondle suddendly sound dirtier than the original word?

    • hehe. As long as mr. fang knows…

      Yeah, the only DILF for me is Burke. And I’m honestly not fangirling on him in that way as much anymore. Sure I think he’s hot, but his wife is so hot that it’s hard to imagine him cheating on her with me (even if she’s there or cool with it). It just seems…wrong. That sort of ruins the fangirl in that way essence of it, right? After all, is he really a famous ladies man? No…

      Maybe Burke and I can just hang out. A bunch of us are going to the beach. He should come, have fun.

  9. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am all set to beliiiieeve it! And I still think Moon should go see Chris Weitz and talk him out of that silly notion of his to give up directing. He’s still got one in him. We know it. And it is BD!!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait…

    • Hehe. I’m excited for you to go see it MariaCecilia.

      I fear that Chris is going to stick to his guns and only do one more film…for now. It’s disappointing though, and not just for the Twilight saga, just in general.
      I really respect his work. The movie was dripping in Chris Weitz heart and hard work. That can take a lot of out someone to do that over and over again. I can see why he wants to retire early. Though, I think he’s going to realize a few years into improving his surfing, working on his Spanish, and living in Italy, that he really, really misses directing. There’s just a certain creative energy that you get from directing, or really any creation of a massive piece of art, that isn’t replaceable. He’ll want to have that back.

      I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the Director’s Commentary on the DVD. I only want C-Dubs to do it.

      I am excited for David Slade though. Maybe we should do a Remember David Slade post…

  10. Chris Weitz is a total DILF! Saw it last night and LOVED it!! Except for the part where the sound decided to go to half volume for part of the movie…that sucked! But what I loved the most was not walking out feeling like I had vertigo from all the camera spinning!

  11. As fans, I think he needs our support. After reading all those crappy reviews from yesterday (some which made me cringe and broke my heart) I hope he knows how much we LOVE him and want him to direct BD. He’s the only guy that I can think of that can pull that off.

    But, with that said, we need to see what happens with Eclipse.

  12. Oh, he totally knows what a DILF is. “Shudder to think”? Very coy, Chris. Very coy.

  13. We need a LTCGP = Letters to Chris Golden Pants, where we can constantly bombard him (and Summit) with blog posts over the next few months convincing him to do BD. He’s the only person for the job.

    Also I love every one of you; the comments section on yesterday’s post was so great. A lot of people who I know loved the movie, but none of them are as Normal as we all are so I can only gush to a certain extent in “real life”. So thank you for being there and your awesome gushy comments!

    Time to go see NM again!

    • you’re welcome operarose. And thank you as well. It was really like I was sharing it with everyone here even though they weren’t with me. I put effort into my shirt for it to be really funny/clever, and honestly, only people on the blog get it. (I mean, it’s a purple plaid shirt over a slutty walmart cami that says “purple’s cool” on it and a screenshot of billy burke from the first scene he’s in.). So, I can only share it here 😀

    • I loved yesterday’s post too, my friends who aren’t into Twilight have been asking me how I liked it and I just have to contain all the squee and excitement because they just don’t get it!!!! But I was able to share yesterday on LTT and it was great.

      On the plus side, I have talked my sister into reading the books, so I’m getting her the full “intro to Twilight” gift set for Christmas. All the books, a copy of the movie (only so she can see for herself how much better the New Moon movie is, I mean I can’t deny her buttcrack Santa) and some Rob and Taylor porn.

    • NEW RULES: You can only see NM up to 3 times until EVERYONE on LNM has seen it at least once…!!!
      Ok so TOTALLY kidding…but it should be a rule, I’m thinkin! 🙂

  14. You cats aren’t talking about the movie \. It must be really bad. Is it stinkville? http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  15. LMFAO i am such a tard. gawd. the things i did on that red carpet to get people to look my way or interact – guess there aint no shame in the game, except for there kinda is. LOL!

    • Nah you’re great! You took one for the team. You have my deepest respect, for I could just enjoy it from the comfort of my sofa.

    • Just be greatful I WASN’T there with ya…you would have been ALL KINDS of FIRST hand embarrassed…TRUTH!!! Let’s put it this way…Security would have definately been involved if RP had been within smelling distance of me…

  16. Love the Edi moment there at the end…

  17. Its like Moon can read my mind…I was duped yesterday bv a girl who i thought was NORMAL…like us..I mean she was fangirling all over the place at the film…and then yesterday when i pointed at a pic of the Holy trinity and the DILF in Paris, she goes “who is that?”

    “WHO IS THAT!!!!??????” WTF????? Went on a HE-UGE rant about Cougewicke and Chris’s DILF-ness and she just said…”you know their names?…I actually LOVED Twilight as a movie….it was just as good”

    WTF?????? Went on a HE-UGE rant about all the cheesetastic inconsistencies and she asked me to calm down…then laughed at the fact that I knew the real names of the wolf pack…..angry cookie

    I have resorted to calling the C-Dub Jebus Weitz cause he’s my new personal saviour, and my mother WILL know if i use the Lord’s actual name in vain from a million miles away…and YES he IS a DILF! suck on that ab-NORMAL person I’m reconsidering as a friend…*pout*
    Morning everyone…im late. sleep debt finally came to collect…..and took my cat…LOL

    • LOL!!!

      IWL you’ll be happy to know that in my theatre (which was totes Team Jake broke into applause after chicka bow wow shirt removal scene)… They were like Edwin who?

      I was so happy to log in yesterday and see all the (way over due) Taycob love.

      I am going back for a second helping of jorts with a side order of hawt!

      • Xylem that is so awesome….my theatre had appreciative groans and a few wolf howls…I just resorted to “mmmmmm-ing” cause if i did give way to my baser instincts (read-lick the screen) i would have been kicked out faster than you can say “iswearsirimonly17and thereforelegal”

        I know its late but i hope u have lots of fun…think of me during any Taycob scene…as a tree, raindrop… anything…thats all i ask…i will do the same for you next week…..lol ❤

    • Pssh… fangirl friend is definitely ab-normal, because knowing the names of the wolfpack is totally normal.

  18. Just working on my post for today. Make sure to check in later!!!

  19. Ah – Jen asking those questions gave me total 2nd-hand embarrassment!!!!! I give her all the props for having the balls but I was cringing throughout the whole vid. Maybe I’m not normal….lol

  20. Big ups to Jen for asking and saying what we were all thinking! If you guys aren’t familiar with her site you should check it out.

    I seriously seriously totally heart Chris Weitz. Yeah some of the reviews I have read have been kinda meh, which is why I have stopped reading them and I hope CW stops, too. Hey movie reviewers, the books are silly, WE GET IT. But did CW take that story material and capture and honor the imagination of the reader? He is down with the kids, and the ladies y’all. He totally did that and with such an amazing level of creativity that the results are above and beyond what I thought possible.

    I don’t go to the movies very often but I will see this film a few times and definitely get a copy of the DVD when it is released. And C-Dubs will always hold a special place in my heart for rocking NM. Can’t rave enough. 🙂

  21. Afternoon everyone…just wanted to say that if I am gone or don’t answer emails its because of computer fail..YUP..that’s right..so Dell is sending me another one..big frickin deal..but it will take 7-10 days…and this one just keeps freezing and I don’t ever know if it is going to start up again…
    Hope all are having a New Moon giddy happy weekend!! 🙂

    • Oh no! That’s terrible! Doesn’t Dell know how much we need you to be here playing with us?! Wave some smoking incense over your computer area to wash away the curse. We’ll miss you!

      • Hey JodieO ..how you doin girl?? I am hoping that I can pop on and off…its just that the thing keeps freezin….so I never know if its going to boot up again…so keep your fingers crossed…and hope it hangs in there until the new new one gets here….hugs xoxo

        • Other than an hour spent planning bulbs in the garden I’ve spent the day trying to design a knitting pattern. Who knew it would be so dang frustrating to draw out a simple border?? GRR! Other than that I’m good. =)

          How YOU doin’??

          • *waves at JodieO* U knit and make kniting patterns? I am in awe….I knit too..just squares and scarves though…and i NEVER finish :(…my nanna who taught me passed away before we graduated to sleeves and baby bootees :(I think she’s happier without me squirming over how to hold the needles right and humming LOUDLY over her singing hymns. LOL
            Hope the knitting venture goes well….the New Moon Logo perhaps?

          • @IWL Awwwh, I bet your nana loved teaching you how to knit no matter how squirmy you were. =) I don’t knit well. I can’t do sweaters or anything because I’d never finish it either. I do mittens and hats and scarves and that’s pretty much the best of my ability. =) I’m trying to get into doing some color work so I’m trying to figure out a fair isle pattern, but I didn’t want the same old snowflakes and stuff. I’ve got some cool skull and crossbones going on, but working out the border is maddening!

          • OK mittens and hats are WAY beyond my skill and brain level…so ure still cooler…. 😀

            My nanna believed that my mother had given birth to a heathen…if u dont believe me…listen to Amazing Grace and any N’sync song mashed up together bahahaha…thats what our Knitting training was like…

            I miss her though…even though she decided that cartoon hour was when we needed to say the rosary…my bro and i were always pissed….
            she did teach me embroidery though and I rock at that…useless, outdated talent but still….:)
            Hope the knitting goes well…Im sure you’ll figure it all out…cause ur cool like that…i mean u figured out a way for us to communicate with Cyn…and I’ve got mad love for u for that…LOL

          • No shame in knowing “useless outdated talents”. That just means you are much cooler than everyone else! 🙂 (yes, I knit, embroider and crochet as well…)

          • Gasp! there are others??? yay!
            Kit Kat..knitting and crocheting have always been cool…dont see embroidery around that much though…U know those dresses and sari’s thats been blinged out with sequins and pearls and stuff? yeah i can totes do that….very proud of that talent…

          • Any kind of handiwork is a dying art. =) Knitting and crocheting have only just begun to regain some popularity. I wish I had the patience for things like needlepoint and tatting and lace making.

            I think I’ve finally finished the pattern. It will be a band around my hat. Any thoughts?

          • JodieO that is too cute!!! and its Green!!!! Green is always good…wait i dont know if ure doing in green…either way…I love it…u so talented….

          • Thanks! It will be green. I’m making it to match these gloves I made a little while ago. I found bamboo/angora yarn for sale a few weeks ago and bought a whole bunch of it so I could treat myself to luxury fibers. Sadly, angora was not meant to be used heavly and the palms of the gloves are starting to felt themselves. Ahh well. They are still totally soft and comfy. =)

          • @JodieO & ILWL…I used to crochet…..does that count????
            ILWL..looking for what you were talking about right now…eyes pressed to computer screen…. 🙂

          • @MidCyn It sure does! All the cool kids crochet!

          • @JodieO…CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THOSE BULBS IN!!! So Proud of you girlfriend!!!

          • @JodieO..aww thanks..”.want to be down with the kids ya know” used to make tons of mittens to donate to shelters…last year spent all of November doing xmas cards for soliders overseas…gonna try and do the same this year but writing has gotten worse so may not get to as many….

    • Hey Cyn!!!
      just wanna flip the bird at ur stupid puter so get out of the way…*flips bird and it executes a double twist before doing a perfect landing. judges award bird a 10* LOL
      Im replying to ur email now…dont be mad…Fiance did what ur hubs did and forced me to sleep before i could get on it last night…I’d be mad at him…but i havent slept in days….
      Hope ur doing ok…missed u….
      muah! *offers kitkat*

  22. I have to say it. I’m about dying of second hand embarrassment. Dude, who does that?! Agreed Krystle. A-greed.

  23. Just finished my post for today… I don’t know why but I feel like it kinda sucks.
    Go, see it and tell me what you think



    • Hey doll, I don’t know how long you’ve been a blogger, but as a self proclaimed blogotard that’s been doing this for years, I hope you got UC and Moon’s permission to promote like that. You kinda snagged their idea, too, lady. These chicks have put in a lot of work (i.e. updating everyday. Do you know how hard that is?!). Respect. That’s all I’m saying. Just call me the blog volturi.

    • @Sparklecakes: Thanks for finding the words that I couldn’t do with the proper politeness..

      @Bleriana:.nothing against you personally, its just that we all adore/admire/love UC & MOON for their TIRELESS DEDICATION to this site that is now more like “a Twi-related family”! In an Edward sort of way “I feel very protective” of them. Also, if you’ve spent alot of time here, then you already know it’s addictive! Its “like your own personal brand of heroin” and it is because of how hard they work at keeping us entertained enlightened and always in hysterics…so as Sparklecakes so aptly put it, Respect…maybe shoot UC & MOON an email and see how they feel about it??? Just a thought… 🙂

  24. Alright, I’m at a coffeeshop and apparently it’s poetry night. (bleh). So i’m on google chat with IllegalWolfLover and she triple veggie dog dared me to go up and do an Ode to Billy Burke poem. I wrote it on the fly, and totes read it straight pan with the great “poetry night” pauses. I didn’t even giggle when I said “O Burke, my Burke” Here it is, be 2nd hand embarrassed with me.:


    It’s called, Flat Screen

    There’s a possibility.
    There’s a possibility.
    And he runs into the room.
    I’m screaming.

    Tell me, tell me.
    You love me,

    I see colors — purple and green
    opposites attract,
    as we’ve already seen.

    I’m searching, for nothing.
    I’m falling, to the forest floor.
    Carry me, from the damp moss.
    Carry me, O famous ladies man.

    Records are blaring.
    A hole in my chest.
    Gambling, games, LSD
    A punch to the … face.
    This is it.

    O Burke, my Burke.
    Tell me, promise me.
    There’s a possibility
    You’ll stay.

    • Bahahahaha…I LOVE being an enabler…wish we had webcam so i could have given u the slow clap of Billy love…
      UR EFFING AWESOME!!!! (sorry about the language) i just cant stop smiling….and squeeeing….wish i was there….sigh….2010 baby 2010….
      If anybody else wants to be influenced to do nutty things by a girl living millions of miles away from ya…ill be here all week…lol

    • that’s deep, dude. i feel like i should be wearing a beret.

    • That was the cat’s pajamas and 90 other old timey amazing phrases. Seriously. Printing it out to frame and hang above a copstache shrine. Genious.

      • Thank you, thank you. Just like Illegal, I’ll be here all week.


        OMG, it was soooooo embarrassing to do that. I mean, not really because no one knew me and no one knew what the hell I was referencing, but I knew. And I knew that illegal knew. Anyway, it had to be done. What a lousy poem. Haha. Hopefully Billy does NOT read this post and that comment. It was a joke, Billy!!! Heh, my boyfriend is really excited to get the poem. He asked if it would give away anything in New Moon…I’m like, “Uh…not unless you were planning to notice the movie poster in the background for the movie Gambling, Games, LSD.” teehee.

    • Amazing. You’re my new hero.

      • unfortunately, as I was seeing NM for the third time today ::face palm:: I realized that the tagline to Face … Punch is actually Let’s Do This! Which I wish I had remembered (and not written This Is It”) nuts. Also, the other movie poster I was referencing is actually Gambling Goods and LSD. Not Gambling Games. Grrr.

        I love this movie.

  25. Awwww beautiful TS…
    here at LNM…nothing but “crickets”

  26. ROFLMAO….NO SHITZ…Don’t worry I’ll be ur Twi-sis and take u in anytime u feel the need!!!

  27. If Cougars aren’t welcome here..I have to go..ILWL..your still safe.. 🙂 besides, Edward really loves him some cougars….that is why Taycob loves you! 🙂

  28. Personally, I think you’re a spinster if you…

    a)Have 2+ cats
    b)knit and/or do crochet (haha crochet…)
    c) live on your lonesomeness
    d)own c-dub worthy tweed
    e) listen to Dorris Day. Who the Hale is Dorris Day? I dunno. Just sounds spinster-esque.
    f) Have national Geographics from the 70’s.

    Admittedly, I personally apply to a,b and f. Don’t ask.

    Haha. Yes, if in doubt about future marriedness, tie the not with a cousin. Siblings would be just weird.

  29. How could I EVER DOUBT Taycob’s love for you?…why I even read about it in a Breaking news report recently!! TRUTH!!

  30. i just saw the movie and i totally agree with the general concensus: chris weitz is our savior (and a DILF, of course). we should bow before him (even if he’s wearing the ugly mustard pants).

  31. Oh my, please, I’m begging you – PLEASE write a detailed, play by play analysis of New Moon. I’m dying for your hilarious commentary.

    Oh how I loved it. Even the laughable parts.

    Chris Weitz, marry me?

  32. Okay…I think I finally got my avatar to change…here’s the test 🙂

    ps-I totally saw Twilight again tonight drinking Vampire cabernet sauvignon. So fun!

  33. ARGH I saw IT yesterday… I literally cried 6 times anddd yeah this comment is gonna be epicly long.
    I am seriously considering turning Team Jacob now… when he leans in the car to beg Bella to stay, I cried so bad! Argh it really did break my heart. And I’m not ashamed to admit that those two almost kisses.. I really did want to happen badly.
    Okay Jacob squee over, Edward walking over to Bella in the parking lot? HOT DAMN THAT WAS SEXY.
    Their first kiss in the parking lot really does rival the Twilight kiss, that was pretty damn sexy..
    I loved every second of it, particularly “what a marshmallow” and “things could get ugly” 😉 property of Jacob Black naturally.
    Jasper in the school scene, HELLO! I thought his wig was awful but he was looking fiiiiiiiiiine.
    I’ve just realised this comment mostly consists of how sexy the male cast are so I’ll just continue in that way.
    Cameron Bright.. nuff said.
    The Wolf Pack were smokin’, and I may have a soft spot for Embry :’). And not to finish on a downer but was it just me that thought Jared’s (Bronson Pelletier’s) six pack was lacking a bit? 😦

  34. There should be a day dedicated to Chris Weitz for taking Hardwickes’ awkward, stuttering, blue tinted Twilight from its grave. Resurrecting it and giving me a movie worth spending money to go see three times in the movie theater. Now don’t get me wrong Twilight satisfied my fangirl need but only for so long until I realized how poorly it really was done and how embarrassed I was to show it to other people. Especially non-twilight readers who think my obsession with a fictional character is rather unhealthy. But now I have New Moon it was love from the opening credits. So much better in so many ways it was exciting and had some action it was long without being long. When Twilight ended I said “Was that it?” Confused because it didn’t live up to my expectations and then when New Moon ended I said “Is that it!?!?” because I didn’t want to move from my read embroidered movie seat. I was about to threaten to make my feet stick to the ground with my left over soda and demand they play Eclipse right then and there. Thank you Chris Weitz, David Slade has a lot to live up to since you rained on and crushed Hardwicke’s parade!

  35. […] editor which should be boring as crap unless Chris mentions his mustard colored pants and his knowledge of what a DILF means. Then there’s a 6 part documentary that is 60 minutes long on the making of New Moon. That […]

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