I saw New Moon and I LOVED it….

I know many of you haven’t seen the movie yet. GO GO GO GOOOOOOOO what are you waiting for!? Of course you know I’m writing about it today, but don’t worry- I’ll warn you before there are spoilers


Did someone bring YOU a goodie bag with knock-off Ray bans inside?

Dear New Moon,

A story to sum up the night: After remaining in our seats until the last credit rolled, singing along to every word of “Meet me on the Equinox,” occasionally letting out a yelp, a squee or an expletive and holding hands with friends and strangers around us, our group of (just) 18 gals ventured into the concession area of the theater continuing with our yelps, squees and expletives along the way. As we gathered around for a group photo in front of the Eclipse poster we decided what that moment needed was a group hug. Hugs were passed around, more squees were heard and then it hit us- just a hug will not suffice. What we needed was a New Moon huddle. So we gathered together, we all put our arms in the middle and on the count of 3 we raised our hands in the air and yelled: JORTS!

It’s 3:46am and I could go on and on about the movie I just saw. But it’s 3:46am and I really want to go to sleep, so I’ll just share a few thoughts. The first being that it’s amazing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, forget the bad reviews, forget any preconceived notions you have based on the badly made last movie (Twilight) and just go. Lower your expectations. Clear your mind of anything you hope to see and just go enjoy the great portrayal of a really great book.

I have a confession, though.  With all that talk I shoved down your throats about managing expectations and ACCEPTING IT NOW that the movie very well may suck, I still hung on to a few expectations myself. Thankfully, Chris Weitz reads my mind (and therefore may now have access to my body) and BROUGHT it with New Moon. After the jump here are a few of my expectations that were met ABOVE and BEYOND! *Spoiler Alert* (see ending for *end of spoiler alert*)

  • Placement of the Bon Iver song: I wasn’t sure where this one would end up. I was hoping for something pretty depressing. But putting it right before Edward leaves? Brilliant. Definitely sticks out in my mind. Bunny & Noreen give this move TWO Thumbs up
  • I wanted to feel loss: I wanted to remember what it was like the first time I read that part in New Moon. I wanted to cry. And I did. I felt sad. I felt loss. I felt Edward’s distance. I felt Bella’s pain.
  • I want the names of the months: I did. I wanted them so badly, but I was resigned that we were NOT going to get them. Because how can you do that in a movie? But it’s Chris Weitz, my future 2nd husband, and he made it happen. And adding in Lykke Li? OMG. I just fangirled all over again thinking about how awful and brilliant that part was. I hurt. I LITERALLY hurt.
  • I didn’t want to miss Rob: And I didn’t (neither did Moon) because this movie was all about the Tay-Tay show.
  • I didn’t want the Tay-Tay show to suck: And I was really worried. You can’t put too much faith in a kid who once starred in Shark Boy and spent the rest of his childhood weaning his dad off the “Super Size” at Micky D’s to carry a movie.  But he did it. I don’t know how. And we have a long time to explore it, but dannnggg, Taylor
  • I wanted Kristen to earn all that acting praise that often surrounds her: And she did. I am definitely on Team Kristen as Bella. She rocked it. And looked gorgeous while rocking it.
  • I wanted the chemistry between Jake & Bella to make me consider switching teams: And I did. I’m still considering it. They were adddddorrrrabbbllleee together. MUCH more than just brother & sister. He was so doting. She was so needing of his doting. She led him on. He wanted her bad, and every time they almost kissed I yelled, “DO IT” really loud in my head and whispered it quietly in Moon’s ear while squeezing her hand. That scene in her bedroom when she touches his abs!? AHH- let’s fangirl together in remembrance of that hottness. I wanted him to push her down on top of that purple comforter and say, “Let’s not wait 80 more days until I’m legal. Let’s do this NOW.”
  • I wanted to love Robward when he returned: And I did. I feel like I’ve seen the scene where he’s shirtless 1,000 times but RIGHT after she runs into him and they close those big doors behind them, THERE? THAT ROB? OMG. Hottest Rob I’ve seen next to the one I saw in person on Ellen this week. I died on the inside. And then I wanted to offer him a werther’s original when he was back in the forest in his full-on tweed.

*End of Spoiler Alert* It’s official- I completely know why Twilight sucked. Let me break it down. New Moon has the same actors as Twilight, but this time they’re good. New Moon has the same screen writer as Twilight but this time it’s good. New Moon had the same catering company as Twilight (oh wait, that doesn’t matter) It’s like that “one of these things is not like the other” show on Sesame Street. ONE thing is very different in this movie. ONE THING. And that thing is named Catherine Hardwicke. She is NO WHERE to be seen in this movie and as a result the movie is AMAAZZZZINGGGGGG.

So Chris Weitz, Marry Me:


Please preface any spoiler comments with *Spoiler* when you write!

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  1. P.S. When Edward left Forks, I pulled a Heineken out of my purse (chilled in a gelpack thingie for wine) and toasted to Rob and all of The Normal. By the end my bladder was ready to burst so I hightailed it out of there and missed the end credits. Next time!

    • Don’tQuestionMe, You are my hero. HERO.

      • Haha! This fine community inspires me to sneak booze into theaters. And it was totally worth the busting bladder to do it.

        There was a person in my theater channeling Count Von Count and wearing a cape. At that point, I wished I had brought in a 2nd Heine to help ease the burning 2nd hand embarrassment flooding my brain.

        • Yeah, he might have needed a little bottle and full blown unicorn horn. Maybe he went into the wrong theater? Isn’t that movie Vampire’s Assistant out?

    • OMG – LOVE you for this

  2. Can I just go off topic for a sec? I want to try and explain something and I hope it comes out right….
    First I definately don’t want to sound like a jealous/wallowing/bitch in my comments so I just want to clarify that I am thrilled you all got to go to the movie, I really am and I never had expected to be able to go so I have been trying to figure out why I have been feeingl the way I do and it occurred to me that:
    1) I feel as tho I have let YOU all down by not finding a way to go when all of you try to give me the courage to try…and I failed.
    2)Until LTT (LNM) I didn’t have the friends/like family I have found here and when you where all going it was really weird, like I was the only “sister” that was staying home..even tho I know others have to wait to..but that is how it felt.
    3)Having gotten to know and love you all I so WANTED to share the experience with you….

    So I am sorry if I sound like a wallowing jealous person, that is not how I am feeling at all..just wanted to be able to come here and say “You were right, I did it, thanks for giving me the strength to pull it off” for that I am sorry! 😦

    • Hey sweetheart you are LTT. We don’t care if you don’t even change you underwear. You know what you can handle and what you are able to do and we totally support you whatever you do. None of us can ever beging to imagine what it must be like every day for you, and yet you make me laugh until I am retching. Honey, please grab those edward tissues, blow your honker and stop it right now. You are a fantastic woman, an inspiration to us and bloody hilarious. So you have to wait a few mths to see it – who cares,
      loves and hugs and someone out there must know how to obtain an illegal copy…..

    • midnight_cyn,
      Girl, you be who you gotta be. No judging here. 🙂

      do you know anyone who downloads movies from the net? My friend’s husband does it all the time and although I know it is not something you want to advertise that you do, I know that New Moon is out there. I wonder if someone could download you a contraband copy for your personal viewing pleasure? Just a thought. Don’t hate me for suggesting it please.

      • Yeah you will still go and buy a proper copy when it comes out so it doesn’t REALLY count….

      • look so not trying to stalk you but checked out your blog for some unknown reason, are you in korb germany? weird I am just out of stuttgart too. perhaps we’ll see each other at the movies on wed.

        • I am talking to Danielle here, not you cyn so please don’t get confused. I get totally confused with whom I am replying to half the time!!!

          • I so was getting confused..lol…but nothing new there!! 🙂

          • I was confused, Ish. heh.

            @MidCyn, again, we gotta coordinate this video clip I took for you. OMG. I wish I could’ve sent it already. I love you so much. @–>——- times a million. We know you’re not jealous/wallowy…don’t worry!

            Remember, me and IWL are gonna get you through the book. Someone is going to get you a legal in GA copy of the movie by like tomorrow or Monday and you’re going to be totes in the know. And totes rockin’ the LNM. Any NM questions you got (on the book and movie when you get it) just fire my way (email if you want). You know I’m more than happy to help.

            ps-Orlando vacation…will get on that Saturday.

          • @midcyn, also, I’ll never be disappointed in you. Except about smoking! QUIT QUIT QUIT SMOKING! (hey, twi-daughter said it was okay to yell at you about it).

            But seriously, I haven’t forgotten that email you sent detailing why you couldn’t go. You know I support you either way. I also will contend that last night would’ve been way too much stimuli for you. Remember, it’s still in theaters 🙂

          • @TeamSeth…aww smooches..totes run out of Edward tissues these past few days…I REALLY tried…I mean really really…the HUBS even offered to take me and help me out with some of the physical stuff…(you know what I am talkin bout right?) I just couldn’t…I was so afraid of running into someone or panic attack or getting so confused I would have to leave especially if like everyone started screaming…such a friggin loser…you all had such faith in me….I just didn’t want you all thinking I was not happy for all of you cause I WAS so bustin thinking of u all last night…

          • @TeamSeth…can you tell me what:*The Lykke Li scene is?? I haven’t seen these words before have I?? There have been several comments about it? Tell me the leaving Bella scene was as good as everyone had hoped it would be??

          • @MidCyn, I did it below where you ask again 🙂

      • Thanks so much…I wouldn’t want anyone to get into trouble on my account…as much as I want to see it and believe me I do! 😉

  3. I have to say that the movie left me with the same feeling as the first time I read the book. I kept wanting to skip ahead to when Edward comes back.

    What the being said, I thought the pacing was too quick. I wanted to take a breath. And I wanted to feel the tension building when she was rushing to save Edward. And the pages and pages of Bella worried that Edward wasn’t go to stay when she did.

    But… Taylor did rock it as Jacob. And the effects were amazing. And it stayed truer to the book than I thought it would. Kudos to Chris Weitz. I think the movie, like the book, needs a second viewing. Anyone else going again tonight? Ha ha.

    • I agree with you about the Edward Volterra thing. I didn’t like that he immediately was spilling his lie and how he was awful w/out her etc. etc. That should’ve come after they got back. She should’ve been facing death by Aro without knowing that Edward really did love her.

    • i agree with you about the pacing being quick. It all felt rushed to me once Bella and Alice left. To be honest the entire movie was over so fast my head was spinning. i’m not sure if that is a good thing or not.
      Going to see it again tonight!!!

  4. Yep! it was Ahhh-may-Zing…just forkin’ amazing! How soon can I ditch these kids I care for & drag anyone I know (or don’t know) with me to the theatre? I knew as soon as Edward actually sparkled instead of twinkling like a fairy, that New Moon was a thousand times better than Twilight. And I thought I loved Twilight, even with it’s flaws, but now it seems like the emabarrassing nerdy cousin your mom makes you hang out with.

  5. I have these 4 things to say about New Moon:
    1. It rocked so hard and Chris Weitz is god because the scenes were just BEAUTIFUL.
    2. I don’t think non-twi hards will like it as a much.
    3. Taylor was AMAZING as Jacob. He made Jacob strong yet vulnerable. Believable. Hot.
    4. While I totaly believed Jacob, the Bella-Edward scenes were so lacking. The pivotal reunion scene? didn’t do it for me. Jacob and Bella’s two almost kisses totally did though.

    Having said all that, I am off to see it again in a couple of hours. Yes. Tha’t twice in less than 16 hours. And I don’t care, because New Moon was made for fans like me. All hail the DILF that made New Moon rock!!!

  6. *spoiler*

    I already commented here and there. I still need to say this tho:

    LOVED the movie!

    Little things I loved that were all thanks to Chris:
    *The Lykke Li scene.
    *Jacob in the warehouse
    *Mike in the movies
    *Emmett’s older woman comment
    *The kiss and make-up scene IN Volterra. Makes more sense in a way.
    *The mirror scene.
    *The little Wolfpack boys were irritant-> which I wanted them to be
    *The jasper close-ups and the special effects during the papercut scenes.

    What I missed:
    *The ending. The location and atmosphere of the proposal. I was hoping to get that romantic prom-scene feeling there. I mean it was the end of the movie, surely the audiance needs to start loving Edward again.
    *The movie still doesn’t show that Edward stays with Bella during the night (mostly Cathy’s fault tho)
    *Book-Edwards personality
    *The fact that Bella finds out Edward removed all the pictures (or did I miss that?)

    • Can you please tell me what the: *The Lykke Li scene??? is?
      I don’t think I have ever heard the words before now..course I could have.. 🙂 (scratches head)

      • @MidCyn, after Edward leaves at the beginning, Bella goes into super depression. In the book SM portrays Bella’s depression through doing pages with just the words October (turn page) November (turn page) December. In the movie, C-Dubs does this by doing a weather changing sequence with Bella staring out the window in her bedroom into nothingness. The song “Possibility” by Lykke Li (on the soundtrack) is played during this scene. It’s haunting and perfect. Listen to the lyrics.

        • Sorry TS…totally f&%*ed today…didn’t remember already asking…
          OMELE. (Oh My Ever Loving Edward)…That sounds sooooo awesome..
          I still can’t get the Napster thing to play the soundtrack…yah like everything sucks…can’t even freaking listen to the soundtrack…I am thinkin I am NM cursed! LOL
          Thanks..so wanna give you my phone number so you can just read to me everday from the book and then tell me every miniscule (sp? word?) part of the movie…ok that is so not normal!!!

    • I agree with you on the ending. I thought that my movie theater had screwed up the film.

      I’ve been struggling with it all day. Finding other meaning in it etc. Can’t yet. I mean, have thought of things for it to mean. But nothing’s convincing. Sigh.

      I didn’t think it fit with the movie. The movie flowed and moved and had an integrated pace and then BAM. And it took him like 80 minutes to say “marry me.” then cut to “Um what?” bella expression for 2 seconds and BAM. Awkward. Plus BAM to black (which made me think of SM’s fade to blacks hehe) and not BAM to “Directed by Chris Weitz” which I think would’ve been better so you weren’t all, “Did my theater just eff up the final reels of the most important movie of my life?”

      • OKAY. Eating my words.

        I saw it again. Braced for the ending.

        I LOVED the ending. The piercing silence and blackness and you’re like OMG, What?! And it’s just…just perfect.


    • *spoiler*
      I kinda liked the ending b/c it leaves you hanging for more. When she takes that breath i was like :O
      I did miss the atmosphere of the proposal as well. I mean did they need to do that in the woods.
      It did show Edward looking at the picture but that’s all I caught. I didn’t where she was missing them.

      • Yeah I’m wondering if it will be “re-done” in Eclipse. Like I wonder if this was kind of the initial laying out of Edward’s demand so to speak. And then he’ll do the real proposal again, with the ring, in Eclipse.

        • Oh yeah, that’s definitely happening – this was a way to leave it on a kind of cliff hanger – but he’ll propse again in Eclipse fo’sho.

        • Um, how can he NOT propose? The proposal goes down during THE LEG HITCH SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. okay where can i get myself a rob goodie bag? haha. but really i totally agree with everything you said about the movie and chris is amazing, love what he did with it all.

    ps. it was great to meet you yesterday! i’ll definitely have to join the midnight madness for the eclipse party in june. 🙂

  8. Amen UC! I totes agreed with everything you said, except the switching teams part (Taybait will never do it for me). I was probably the most shocked by Kristen’s performance. She was SO much better in this movie, she totally carried the film. new Moon was 1 millions time better than Twilight and I have to agree it must be because of Chris Weitz. I loved it so much I just wanted them to start the movie over so I could watch it again.

    One of my fave scenes?
    Our first look at Edward as he slow mo walks in the school parking lot like a straight up player!

    I also LOVED Jessica’s monologue after the movie with Bella.

    I also loved this line, “Famous ladies man.”

  9. The scene when Jacob is pleading with Bella to stay, leaning in the car over Alice. LOVED Alice’s expressions – very funny!

  10. Hi never commented before but I cant help it now! I want to join the excitement with you all!

    Was anyone else totally freaking out the whole movie even though you already knew what was going to happen?
    I stopped breathing after “Marry me.” My heart was pounding and my hands were still shaking as we left the theater!
    Loved Jake’s and Mike’s ready hands in the movie theater scene (all the small things from the book that could have been cut out in the but were included made me so happy!)
    Jasper’s “Happy… never mind” hahhaha!
    I kind of miss Victoria’s wild hair from twilight, it looked too styled here.
    Was it just me or did Laurent sound weird/different?

  11. wow, guess I’ll finally come out of lurkedom to say…now i can´t wait to see the movie!!!
    I´m reading this blog for almost half a year now and never outed myself, ….and i have no idea why i decided to comment today.
    whatever…i guess what i´m trying to say is….hello and I love your blog! 🙂

  12. Alright, second response (after reading and responding to all 200 other comments..half of which are mine…::face palm::):

    1) Where’s Gil? Oh yeah, he had that cameo. Yeah, sad panda on that. I even said out loud, “Oh good, Gil’s actually in it!” heh
    2) I was happy to have instant gratifcation on wtf the volterra slutty shirted bella running through the ferns scene was. phew. That was my first personal (non-audience) squee. (soon made inconsequential by my loud Charlie “YAAAAY!” Um, yeah, I was the only person who squeed for him.)
    3) the title sequence=all kinds of brilliant. I literally said out loud, “Oh my god. This movie is already better than Twilight.” And I teared up a little.
    4) One of the best LTT gems I spotted: Who wears short jorts? Chaske wears short jorts!
    7) Sirius Uley hiding in the bushes in the forest scene
    5) The Meadow song during “proposal”=EPIC WIN
    6) My fave song by the Editors happening when they’ve just decided her fate “Our blood is cold and we’re alone, love. But I’m alone with you.” Tres parfait!

  13. Since so many people are thinking about switching teams I started a new blog…


  14. *spoiler*
    LMAO @ this and totally had the same thoughts UC!!!!
    “I wanted him to push her down on top of that purple comforter and say, “Let’s not wait 80 more days until I’m legal. Let’s do this NOW.”

  15. Finally getting Rob fix….Ellen coming on next…heard its great…YES I AM DESPERATE..I ADMIT IT…I AM PATHETIC AND I AM NOT NORMAL!

    Oh Twi-daughter just called and said that b/c I couldn’t go to NM she didn’t go as hard as it was (yes thats what she said) for her..she just couldn’t..(damn wish I wasn’t out of Eddie tissues) so she said she would wait til the DVD came out and we would watch together…Have I said how much I love my kids lately???

    • *hands over Edward tissues* I hope ur feeling better…sniff…when we chat in the night, maybe u can tell me how to use the ICQ chat and we’ll start the reading….i think Ang and TS would want to join in…so it’ll be awesome…im sorry that u couldnt go and if i lived there u we could have gone together..i told u that a long time ago that if ANYONE said anything mean about you that i would kick some butt…and still will…i feel awful for squeeing and gloating..and I KNEW u hadnt seen it…mea culpa..i swear i will be better next time….<3
      yup im awake..still a bit sleepy though…thanks to TS…bahahaha she's been talkng smack about me keeping her up till 4 am…

      • ILWL you have been so awesome NOT talking about NM b4 every one saw it…so you go girl and squee & gloat all you want…..OME he is back on TV…THUD…looking for my very used paper bag … hyperventilating again and the heart is weak from rapid pitter-pattinson……

    • Awwh! Twidaughter is so sweet!

      And you are not pathetic. I was also desperate for Rob to show up on Ellen. He was so frakkin cute I couldn’t even take it.

      I don’t know if you saw my question earlier. Do you still have the same email address? I sent you some email earlier.

      Hope Ellen and Rob brightened your day!

      • Hey JodieO..how are ya sweetie! Yes my email is the same will check for your email! Hope you are having a great day..Rob was so cute wasn’t he!! Did I tell you or did you tell me that the holy trinity and death cab is on Jimmy Kimmell tonight???
        Luv ya lots! xo

    • Cyndi! Your daughter is a treasure beyond measure!!!!!!!!!!!! Super hugs to Twi-Daughter! ::wipes tears::

  16. Omg guys great post I agree 100%, but to be fair I rarely disagree with y’all! I loveeeed this movie! it was Amazeballs


    Especially: “I wanted Kristen to earn all that acting praise that often surrounds her: And she did. I am definitely on Team Kristen as Bella. She rocked it. And looked gorgeous while rocking it. ”


    My favorite little scene in this movie was right before Laurent is about to kill Bella, and she just closes her eyes and says, “Edward, I love you.” In so many ways it just captures everything about how set their love is, even if I actually did feel for Jacob in this movie.

  18. SPOILER – maybe? Not sure what I’m typing yet:

    What a day, what a glorious day.

    Still officially “sick” from work – sick my ass

    – Alarm woke me at 8:56am; enough time to pee and then hop back into bed to watch Rob on Ellen
    – 11:30 showing of New Moon
    – Quick stop into Borders on the way home to pick up Vanity Fair, New Moon soundtrack (currently repeating between Hearing Damage and Possibility)
    – Now home with a glass of wine and catching up on LTT

    LOVED the movie, LOVE Chris W right now.

    In agreement with most – Eric crying, Jessica’s verbal diarrhea, Mike pretty funny too. Seriously – face…punch?

    Oh the months, beautifully done. Chris HAS to come back for Breaking Dawn because that sh*ts going to need some spectacular direction. I’m guessing that Steph is loving Chris too right now. He just gets it right? Cathi Cougar was just trying too hard to be down with the kids.

    Bad stuff – what’s with Jasper? Jackson is phwoar hot and they made him look like a poodle. Rosalie looked daft. A little bit too much constipated Edward. But all the humor made up for it. LOVE Charlie.

    Trying to figure out when I can go again – when’s the DVD out?

    • I’m really sick – like sick in the head – just convinced somewhat friend to go see movie tomorrow and she hasn’t read a single book or even seen the Cathi film – that’s terrible isn’t it.

      Can I also take this opportunity to say that I am pissed at Summit for the whole Rachelle thing – she is just Victoria – I’m sure BDH will be fine but Rachelle MADE that role. I don’t blame her for not doing publicity. Wow – I need to get off my soap box – but seriously – bad summit

    • Charlie’s the best. Swoon.

      Um, by the way, did you catch the tag line for Face Punch on the movie poster? Probably not, I didn’t catch it until the second time I saw it. This is it.

  19. i love it tooooooooo!

    i see already twice!

    it´s was aweeeesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    jake, bella, edward..perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yeah:
    What was the song she shuts off in jake’s garage?
    please if anyone knows the name please tell us, xoxo!

    cheers from mexico!

  20. haha i know the name, i´ts the bonus on the new moon soundtrack, all i believe in! cheers girls!


  21. FINALLY got napster to play Possibility…I am sobbing and I haven’t even seen the movie…but so fits my mood …What other songs are good off soundtrack?? OME I LOVE THIS SONG..man mean red eyes again today…frighten small children is a “possbility”…

  22. OMG. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGHT WORDS IN MY VOCABULARY TO DESCRIBE HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS. But i have been talking about it all day. got to bed at 4am and am going to see it again in a little over 4 hours and then again on Sunday.

    Team Seth & illegal: sorry i didn’t get to read all your comments or comment back, but i’ll be be back online on Monday. (i’m at the library using the net b/c i took the day of work)

    ❤ uhh, yeah. i was totally ambushed by New Moon!

  23. Why are you guys so freakin awesome? I agree with your whole list up there. The acting has improved and it did not disappoint. WOW!!!

    I saw the movie twice last night-a special preview at 9 p.m. and the official at 12:05 a.m. and I still want to see it again and again.

  24. Not to mention I cried and bawled like a baby. Taylor/Jacob made me cry.

  25. Rob/Edward too and Kristen/Bella a little. (Made me cry).

  26. This movie killed me. And it was good. I died in bliss. I will love you forever, Chris Weitz.

  27. I just loved everything about New Moon except:


    *My sister asking me questions all through the movie ( I told that Heffa to read the books)

    *Edward strutting across the parking lot with the wind machine on blast. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he turned around, started shaking his rump and singing ‘uh oh uh oh uh nononono’

    *That running through the field crap was embarrassing. Everyone laughed. EVERYONE!

    Things that I loved:

    *Taylor. Taylor. Taylor. I was Team Jacob before and I was so very worried that he would get up on the screen and make a fool of himself and make me embarrassed for the team, but OMG he is more in danger of being stalked now than ever were before. Watch. Your. Back.
    * The humans were great.
    *Loved the ‘Hearing Damage’ scene
    * Kristen did great, but I still can’t stand Bella. She is too ridiculous to live.
    * Did I mention how much I loved Taylor? His walk. His smile. How he uses his eyes. That friggin’ kitchen scene…he was about to tear that ish up before the phone rang. If it were me, the phone would have kept on ringing. Edward would be all on voicemail like, ‘Hello. Is anybody there? It’s me Edward. ‘

    • “It’s me, Edward.” pause “Yeah, Edward Cullen.” hahaha

      sorry your sister talked the whole time! how annoying.

      • I would have been really pissed if I didn’t know for a fact that I planned on using my kid’s Christmas money to see it again ever chance I got.

        • haha! there were these two guys 3 rows up from me talking at slightly below normal level during the final 15 minutes. It was ridiculous.

    • Edward on voicemail…Pinky I ❤ u…
      I would have done the same…and then pulled the phone out of the wall…in erm…passion…ifyouknowwhatimean…lol

      • …and used the cord for bondage (I am so going to hell for that).

        I ❤ you too, Illegal. I feel so corny, but it's a proud day for Team Jacob. I'm glad that people are starting to see what I could see from the books all along. Jacob is not a monster….well not a bad one at least 🙂

        • haha you girls!

          Seriously though, I did make it clear that I really like Jacob, right? That’s why NM is my favorite book, because I find Edward to be so annoying. I think that Jake pre-wolf is so wonderful and then post-Bella guessing his wolfness is so wonderful too. That in btwn where he’s ignoring her for like 2-3 weeks is super annoying. But in Eclipse, I don’t know, he and Edward are equally annoying. I just didn’t like Eclipse. I’m gonna try to read it again with a more open mind 🙂 And have another thought in mind during that tent scene…

          • @Pinky…SQUEEEEEE….I know right? Im so excited that he’s getting the attention that he deserves…but sad that most of it is about his body…which is awesome but there’s so much more…..cant wait for Eclipse….

            @TS…uve always been a Jacob enabler and we love you for that..Muah! Edward IS whiney LOL but still…everything works out…hmmm what will u be thinking about in the tent scene…? inquiring minds must know…

            erm..you two…first the seduction and now bondage? u KNOW ur totes making my day right? <3's and muah's….

  28. Is anyone reading this far down?

    I FINALLY saw it – I love it – but I have the same gripes as everyone else.

    Alices vision, cheestastic! Edwards entrance, more *sigh and eyes roll* than *swoon* and the JortsPack when they were cliff dicing – that shizz looked bad. WHY ANOTHER JIZZ IN MY PANTS MOMENT? WHY??!! BUT it does give us something to take the piss out of for the next 222 days! (That’s right, I’m on Eclipse countdown!)

    I’m off to see it again tomorrow! Woop!

    • Shleeeeigh! Of course I’m reading this far down. As if I have a life. (i do actually, but I only slept 3 hours last night so I thought…why not take it easy friday night)

      Anyway, no one else mentioned the cliff diving did they? Seriously awkward CGI with Sam there. I felt so anyway. It was as if they were trying to imply he was going to become a wolf at any moment. Chaske also has a weirdly proportioned face to body.

      Um, and what did you LOVE?

      • Hmmm, love?!
        Love Jacob and Bella’s banter/relationship as a whole, I totally understood how much she needed him, but couldn’t give him what he wanted – it was heartbreaking all on it’s own.
        Loved that I had to remind myself Taytay was 17 quite a lot of the time.
        Loved Paul giving Bella a cheeky grin and saying “sorry.”
        Loved the dynamic between Mike and Jacob at the cinema.
        Loved that I didn’t miss Edward ONCE the entire time he was gone, unlike when I read the book.
        Loved the “shut up,” and Alices subsequent grin.
        Loved Charlie being the caring father – he really is amazing in this movie.
        Loved everything Jasper/Emmett said.
        Loved Rosalie apologising to Edward and Bella.
        “Marry me.” – swooned so hard I nearly melted off my seat.



    i absolutely loved how chris did the months and the music AH it all broke my hearttt! i’m so glad kstew was able to pull this off i’m actually proud her! and everyone looked so GORGEOUS and i loved the little comedic reliefs and JACOB ahhh taylor played him soo amazingly well! and i loved how i HATED bella when she left him to go save edward JUST like i did in the book. and the proposal at the end oh man i was so upset when the movie finished now i’m soo pressed for eclipse to come out!! HOLY SHEESH i could go on about this movie forever and ever.

    …it kind of makes me wish chris weitz could go back and use his mad skills to remake twilight lol

  30. Still haven’t seen it, probably not gonna for awhile, but I don’t mind the spoilers. I haven’t read all the comments, but I have noticed an awful of Charlie-related squees. This makes me very happy.

    Go Team Copstache!

  31. […] I saw New Moon and I LOVED it…. « Letters to Twilight […]

  32. Loved. this movie. I went to a midnight showing that had TWENTY theaters showing it.
    ****Did you notice*****
    Alice and Bella flew “Virgin American” to Italy LOL

    Charlie was watching college football in February? WTF?

    Edward was wearing the same clothing in Italy that he wore at the Birthday Party.

    What I loved:
    Opening credits – I actually thought at this point “Twilight…what could have been if they would have had a larger budget than a Pauly Shore movie.”

    The Romeo and Juliet references, especially in the opening sequence. The class room scene – a little cheese? Who gives a crap? Edward is quoting Shakespeare. Deal.

    The. months. scene. by. Bella’s. window. CW, I think I love you.

    The idea of “e-mailing” Alice to give voice to Bella’s despair was genius.

    The screaming nightmares. Kristen, you rocked it.

    Yes, I liked Jacob, Taylor did great, but still Team Edward here. I choose Edward. It’s always been Edward. Sorry.

    Hearing Damage montage – showing Victoria running fasting than the crow – cool.

    Underwater scene with Edward. No freaking words.


    My favorite part – I know this sounds totally emo, but….when Bella asked them to take her life instead of Edward’s. sniff.

    Not so crazy about:

    That odd forest running scene with those weird clothes. WTF? I mean, everyone laughed. Hard to defend that one.

    Edward’s eyes should have been black in Italy. Can’t believe Steph allowed that one to slip by.

    Seen it twice, and will see it many more times.

    • katiekat

      you nailed it like C-Dubz – love your observations – so true and normal

    • On my second viewing I noticed he had super bruises under his eyes…but still bright yellow eyes. Definitely not right.

      I LOVE that you noticed he was wearing the same clothes.

      Any football in February is odd…hello, hockey season! But I want to five finger discount his flat screen, it was so huge!

      And I immediately noticed they flew Virgin America. hahaha. As if we didn’t know she was being cock blocked by Edward in every possible form…including that phone call.

      Did you notice the drums in both the Blacks’ and Em’s houses? Quiluete tradition to give away your drum!

  33. thanks! 🙂 I cracked up hard at that comment.

    Where in SA are you? Me and the boyfriend are planning to go for the World Cup.

    • That’s exactly how I felt, frightenedflips! Which is why we have round of 16 tickets to Green Point stadium! 🙂

      Um…we’re still looking for places to stay….just putting that out there.

      Do you mind to email me and I can ask you all sorts of things about CT? 🙂 It’s goteamseth@gmail.com

  34. SPOILER! Maybe?

    Just got home from watching THE MOVIE! I can’t even explain anything right now bc I am near death. I got my heart ripped out, stomped on, kissed by the Taycob, ripped out by the Taycob, put back together, ripped out, and then repaired by the Robward.

    I am emotionally insane. Mr. Fang is asking me all sorts of questions about the books and I am on a crazy Twi-high.

    But I am commenting for Miss Team Seth bc she is actually on twitter and this never happens.

    PS. The ending would have been much more epic if the Robward had said, “Marry me, Angel” Seriously. 😉

    • 🙂 Thanks, fang!

      I’m so excited for you. That’s how I felt. Dizzy. High. Giddier than I’d been ALL day. Which is impressive.

      It was an emotional ride, wasn’t it?!


      Yeah, it would’ve been more epic if when Charlie grounds Bella for life he then walks downstairs to have me comfort him on the couch while the Penguins/Canucks game is on the flat screen. We’d kiss heavily between periods. Oh my god. I love Charlie.

    • At the showing I went to there was a girl wearing a homemade t-shirt that said “Fang Banger.” It reminded me of your comment name!

    • Gee Fang…did you by any chance enjoy the movie??? Just wunderin??? LMAO…. ❤

      • Yay you’re back on! I figured out how to get you that video clip! So, once it’s all ready to go I’ll send it to you. It may take a while to download. I’ve never used the program I’m using before, but it was free so…

        Anyway, it’s worth the wait, and like Jacob says (in NM), “I’ve got loads of time.”

        Photos email is on the way!

      • @MidCyn, I sent you an email that I think you’re gonna like….. 😀 SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!

        • TS…I so heart you, you have NO IDEA how much I need this tonight cant wait to see what you sent.. zillions of hugs for all the effort!!!

          • I can’t wait for your response.

          • @TEAMSETH…just got your email with the link…IT WON”T FRIGGIN PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL I CAN SEE IS SUMMIT!! THEN IT FREEZES…I AM GOING TO SCREAM…SHIT AT THAT ANGLE YOU COULD HAVE TAPED THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!

          • UGH. How friggin annoying.

            I will try another method.

          • WAIT! I have an idea MidCyn!

            If you open up the link I sent and then you scroll down a little on that page, it should give you the option to download the video. So just download it. Maybe that will work? It could also be that your internet is going slowly?

            Try the Edward video…it’s shorter…

          • @TeamSeth…sorry it took so long…my whole computer froze and I had to reboot..brand frunking computer and so far all I have had is trouble with it…seriously…ready to jump off a cliff!!! Will try again now that I restarted..be back soon or I jumped….

          • @TeamSeth; IT SO WORKED…I SO LOVES YOU!!!! You are adorable..just like I pictured you…you so totes could be my daughter…you look so much like my oldest…shitz that outfit is great…and yes I cried when you said “I love you Cyndi” so felt like I was there with you for that..THANK YOU SO MUCH…MORE THAN YOU KNOW…xoxoxox
            BTW Had to cover my face so as not to wake up anyone when I squeeled (word?) at the start….so wish we could REALLY go to see it together!!! Think of the fun and us ohh and awww and laughing/crying together….oh man cant even stand thinking about it!!
            I, 4789098000000000000 heart you!!!

          • 🙂

  35. I want to go see it again this weekend, but I will have to wait until Wednesday. I can’t stop thinking about this at all. I just loved the movie. Well done indeed.

  36. I love Charlie and Carlise so much too.

  37. Now Jacob said something in his native tongue when he was going for the kiss again, was it “I love you”?

  38. No one has mentioned this, and I should save it for tomorrow’s posting since not too too many people are coming back here tonight, but, how sad was it that Bella kept saying “Edward.” “Edward.” as she tried to follow him into the forest? I cried so hard there.

    • Me too! To me, that was heart-wrenching.

    • I know it’s late and you all are probably on your 10th showing by now, and Imma let you finish, but can I just say one more thing (and forgive me if someone has already said this, too many comments to read, I may have missed it….)


      Cathy decided that this scene wasn’t important enough to give much more than a passing camera scan in Twilight, but Chris felt our pain and loss that it had been eliminated and more or less gave it to us the best he could in NM. The meadow was shown, and exactly as I imagined it, and Chris somehow managed to incorporate a morph the horribly shot Cathy meadow scene into a beautifully shot “real” meadow scene. Amazing that he not only delieved on New Moon but threw us a few things to make up for Twilight to boot!

      Anyone else feel like burning their Twilight DVD like Carlisle burnt Bella’s bloody cloth now that we have a decent representation of at least one of the books?

      D’you think Chris would remake Twilight for us? Maybe he can do it in a form of Midnight Sun. All Edward and Chris, all the time. For two hours.

      So many possibilities here.

      • Sorry I thought I was posting a brand-new string!

        Late. WIne. Twilight afterglow. So many excuses can be used here.

      • The only thing Cougarwicke should be thanked for is casting Rob and Taylor…even though Rob’s audition sounds really sleazy and porn-like…on her bed…*shudder* I would have scrubbed myself raw and cried in the shower after that…Thank God Taylor was far too young…i hope…*gulp*

        • You are right. I happened to think that in particular I am glad she cast the trio, all three are really perfect.

      • “All Edward and Chris, all the time. For two hours.”

        I think that’s the hottest 10 words I have EVER READ.

  39. Spoiler…

    I absolutely loved it. I am so pleased with what Chris did. Overall, a much better production than Twilight.

    My theater had it showing on 4 screens, my theater was packed, and there was a massive line for the next showing.

    I loved MOST of the performances. I’ve always been 100% Team Edward, by Taylor? Taylor and Kristen’s performance made me FINALLY understand why Jake was even in her heart at all.

    Kristen carried this movie. She rocked it. I’ve always been a fan and I feel like she finally got to shine.

    Michael Sheen as Aro? Probably, hands down, the best casting in the whole series.

    Rob, Rob, Rob. I’m probably going to get slammed for this. I should preface that I am firmly in Team Rob. Love him as Edward. LOVE HIM. Did not love him in this movie. WAY too angsty. I read an interview where Stephenie said that she and Rob disagree on Edward’s personality, that Rob thinks Edward is way more depressed than he really is. And that’s how he played Edward. And it was too much. I’m hoping he lightens it up for Eclipe. I also thought he looked more like Edward in Twilight and looked like Rob in New Moon.

    Overall, I was so so pleased. THANK YOU CHRIS! Screw the critics. You made a movie for the fans and this fan is so grateful. THANK YOU!

  40. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: I had dreams of an older man in yellow pants… anyone else? http://wp.me/pogYm-1FP

  41. “It’s official- I completely know why Twilight sucked. Let me break it down. New Moon has the same actors as Twilight, but this time they’re good. New Moon has the same screen writer as Twilight but this time it’s good. New Moon had the same catering company as Twilight (oh wait, that doesn’t matter) It’s like that “one of these things is not like the other” show on Sesame Street. ONE thing is very different in this movie. ONE THING. And that thing is named Catherine Hardwicke. She is NO WHERE to be seen in this movie and as a result the movie is AMAAZZZZINGGGGGG.”


  42. Everyone missing Ang as much as me ALL DAY…has gone into exile until she see’s NM…send her tons of emails to keep her happy until she can return to LNM…..

    And where the hell is ILWL????

  43. Jimmy Kimmel Live played the Taylor at age 12 dancing clip. I was so second hand embarrassed because I’d already seen it here…

    ps, KStew is rockin’ this interview. Did anyone else see her nudge Taylor when he hadn’t said anything yet and then Taylor jumped right in to give the next answer. It was like she’s finally got both boys under control and herself (except her posture. sigh.)

    pps-illegal, taylor said, “The hardest part is putting something in my mouth every two hours.” And KStew went ::face palm::

    ppps-this is my FIRST live tv show interview w/ the cast or crew. SO exciting. okay, it’s back on.

    • “The hardest part is putting something in my mouth every two hours.” you know its coming TS…Thats not what he said last night…in my brain…bahahahhaha

      I need to watch this…sounds very very green….

    • Plus, they let the audience members ask questions (um, that one Troy/Trey/T name guy was SO creepy. I felt really creeped out for KStew…in the words of Mike Newton, that dude’s weird.*) during the second third segment and one of the girls asked Taylor if she could have his shirt. Now forgetting Rob’s expressive nod of agreement when Jimmy was like, “Why can’t guys ask that of a girl?” WHAT THE FUCK?! On national live TV you’re going to ask an underage guy for his dress shirt that probably costs more than you earn in 3 weeks? (the girl was youngish…20?) Anyway. I was so disgusted. As was the cast and host. Actually the cast just rolled their eyes and Taylor pulled a Taylor Swift at the VMAs face.
      Does this happen a lot on these TV show appearances?

      If I was allowed to ask Taylor a question and get a straight answer from him and not his PR person (aka Big Daddy), I’d ask him either something insightful about his career…like, “What steps did you take in order to reach the heightened mental and emotional maturity level necessary to play your character to its fullest potential?” OR something fun like, “Which Red Wings player is your favorite? Also, I hate Detroit. Go Penguins.” That’s normal right?

      I’d never heard Rob talk before tonight except on the extras from Twilight. He sounds a lot like my friend from Manchester, just certain ways he slurs words together. I don’t think he’s from Manchester though (yeah, I don’t even KNOW this much…so don’t think I’m trying to get up on your RPatz).

      Wow, this is cute. I’m like breakin’ it down by myself VF style for the first live tv interview show I’ve seen with the cast.

      Not gonna lie, I was expecting Noreen or Bunny to be in the audience for Jimmy Kimmel and just bust out with a question of ridiculous nature for them while doing a LTT name drop. Teehee.


      • Aaaawww ur breaking it down like a pro…

        Crazy shirt lady??? Ohnoshedidnt! are u serious? im so 2nd and 3rd hand emabarrased for her..eeek…had to shake myself to get rid of the heebie-jeebies…

        We should totes interview them, just cause we’d rock at the tweed and fun questions. I’d love to ask them if they could switch characters who would they be? and which song from the soundtrack they can most relate to…just cause I’m a music ho…

        Need to watch this….grrrr…watch Taylor on Jimmy Fallon… they race little bikes… HI-LA-RIOUS!!!

        • @TeamSeth and ILWL…
          TS…Check out my response way above about the video’s! I had Jimmy on pause btw…your videos were much more important…I so LOVED THEM and THE PIcS!!!!
          ILWL..got your email and wrote you back…
          OOOHH they are singing Meet Me on the equinox….I am pretending I am at the movie theater..
          Loved the interviews except for creepy guy/nasty pervert girl and Kstew’s posture…drove me crazy…otherwize…loved it!!

          • @Cyn…u saw it too? *pouts*….I wanna see creepy girl and yell at her…dammit! Is Rob being funny? Just saw “Remember Me” Trailer that Ang sent and I’m in love….

          • I saw that trailer the second time I saw NM (dif. theater). He was so good in it! And I LOVE Emile de Ravin. She’s on Lost. It was super exciting.

          • Sarcastic Ashtray/bowl Rob? serious hard-on….

        • I like Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel. They’re both really funny. I used to watch them with my mom 🙂

  44. LOVED NEW MOON!!!! Beat the teenies in and got great seats!! Edward was right in front of me!
    Just great!!

  45. Shitz..just got bagged…hubs came out and shook his blasted finger at me and said “Shut it down, shut it down NOW and go to sleep, and I will be back out to check”
    Guess I have to call it a night ladies…
    TS…my heartfelt thanks for the vids/pics..means oodles to me…truth.
    ILWL..catch up with you tomorrow…have a KK for me will ya, mine are all gone…lol…

  46. Dear Chris,

    I saw your movie. You now own me…all of me.

    Forever Yours,

  47. OMG! I saw it in the cinema yesterday. i was nearly not goin to be allowed in ! i felt like cryin, then i did and it was AMAZING! I might go see it later on AGAIN!!!! It was quite frannkly the BEST! What you say about Catherine Hardwicke is SO true! And TAYLOR !!! he was SOOOO AMAZING!

  48. I loved that I felt the same things in the movie as I did during the book – even down to thinking Edward and Bella are too sickly cute together at the start – perfect!

  49. Ok, so I’m in Oz and saw the midnight screening (after my cinema started it 25 minutes late and didn’t tell us why – grrr face!) But I’ve just come back from my 2nd screening (2 days later) so…


    Ok, was my cinema the only one where people laughed in the break up scene when Bella says “I want to come” and Edward says “I don’t want you to come, Bella”. Maybe it’s just my suburb that’s dirty minded 😛

    I was totally Team Edward (even to the point of skipping over the Jacob parts when I re-read NM) but now I am totally Team Edward – unless Jacob is shirtless (which is about half of the movie, lol)

    I loved the humans, esp Charlie, Mike and Jessica. I loved Harry (so sad!)

    I loved Emmett and the whole “dating an older woman thing” and wish I could get a bear hug like Bella did in the vote.

    I did not like Rosalie’s wig, or Jasper’s for that matter… And his accent just doesn’t sit right with me, not sure why…

    Oh, and totally not NM related, but I only noticed the other day when I watched Twilight before the midnight screening that the nurse in the hospital is referred to by Carlisle as Jackie, which just made me think of PFach’s show, and made me wonder if it was on when Twilight was being filmed?

    I think I’ve written enough for now, but I’m sure I’ll think of more later, lol. 😛

  50. I was SO happy with the movie! It fulfilled all my hopes and expectations! I as you was SO happy that the months were included. It was one of the best things about the book – So effective! Would have liked the little speech afterwards (Time passes even when it seems impossible etc.) to be included as well.
    But I can’t listen to the soundtrack and the Lykke Li song now, without crying 😀

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