From the mouths of Babes – out with the Twilight and in with the New Moon

Dear Twilight-

This week in LA has been redonkulous from the premiere to seeing New Moon TONIGHT we’ve done it all and talked A LOT (a.lot.) of Twilight in between. On the heels of our very successful dramatic reading of EW we decided to turn on the cameras again but this time ask YOU all what you’ll miss most about Twilight since obviously we’ll never ever talk about it again and what you’re most looking forward to seeing in New Moon and here’s what some of the ladies out here in LA had to say…

What will YOU miss about Twilight? And what are you most looking forward to in New Moon? Let’s discuss and also we’re in the official LESS THAN 12 hours till New Moon countdown (I can’t believe I can finally say that!) Let’s remember to manage our expectations!!


PS Seriously, it’s like TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trying to contain the fangirl within)

PPS UC and I are making our official bets on opening box office weekend totals (domestic only) for New Moon. Reminder Twilight’s opening weekend was 69.7 million. Whoever loses will have to write an obsessive love letter to a person in the fandom of your choosing. The blogger who’s the closest without going over will be the person with dumb luck coolest blogger to ever blog and has bragging rights till Eclipse and we do this all over again…

Vote for who the loser will write to:

Moon’s official bet: 140,120,808
UC’s official bet: 94, 783,000.14

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter

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  2. Just watched the video. SO FRICKING FUNNY.

    The jorts rinse and repeat at the end was FTW.

    And UC’s singing…wow. Just wow.

    Also, do you guys film into a mirror? Because your words are always mirror images. Which makes me wonder what you REALLY look like.

    Also, how are we supposed to post our premiere pictures? ‘cuz i didn’t make this shirt for me…

  3. Also, and how twilight zone is this, my daily tear away calendar is of national parks (thanks, griffs, best gift EVER! Get me it again this year :)) and tomorrow, the 20th is OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK. No kidding. It’s like they knew. Le sigh.

    Can’t wait to see the board tomorrow!! Loves & Hugs!! Be safe and ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Cyndi! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m gonna figure out how to do twitter photos of me in my shirt, but I don’t think you twitter anymore, so I’ll just email you them.

      Also, I may or may not try to sneak a video of the movie onto my phone for you. Just the tip! I’ll do a Charlie an Edward part, I promise. If I do it. I may be too wrapped up you know.

      • Thanks TS…seriously ENJOY..wish I was with ya..but I will be in thought…do me a favor and blow my Eddie a lil kiss will ya!! BTW be VERY careful the next few days on Twitter, email etc…really nasty virus about to be set loose…straight from Dell the email it will say something about a Hallmark Card or Holiday Card …guarenteed to eat your hard drive if you open it….wouldn’t want anything to prevent anyone from getting to LTT or is it LNM now..sniff sniff teardrops…hugs

        • Thanks for the heads up! How does Dell know a virus is about to be set loose? Are they setting it loose to make more money?

          • No I asked b/c I was on the phone with them for most of the afternoon …new computer froze up…and I had gotten an email warning me about it so I asked Dell and he confirmed it….so its the real deal….

  5. Ang & ILWL …knock knock..anyone home??? Wanna play twilight trivia on the empty board tonight???

    • yup yup…as usual…lets play!!! i was a meanie on the comments today…should feel shame…

      • You were a meanie?

        • yeah…kinda ranted on the brand new Taycob lovers (u know for the body…) its under my what ill miss about twilight comment…*hangs head in shame*

          • Yeah…that’s lame. They shouldn’t jump on board like that. It’s sort of like when people are all band wagoning the Billy Burke movement that tuesday and I have going on… oh, wait, that was you… (JOKING!!!!! I LOVE THAT BILLY GETS MORE LOVE!!!! It means I get to see more hot photos of him that someone else found.)

          • OI!!! thats mean…lol

            first i NEVER hated on him…if u remember when i said i’d hump his leg u sounded so shocked…i liked him then but i backed off and drew the treaty lines so that u wouldnt be mad at me…

            secondly I dont like him just for his body…hes an awesome actor (which i appreciate even more on a huge screen) and he’s hilarious…oodles of personality…and then hot to trot…

            and finally D) I didnt feel like i belonged since i didnt have the whole movie experience u and Tuesday had…but after seeing both movies i thought i was ready to profess and see if i will be let in..

            hands over Billy badge and jumps off supposed “wagon” to die upon the spiky rocks

            LOL rant-worthy and melodramatic enough? Im such a laugh moron…
            Love ya TS!!!! should i be getting out my street chalk for the treaty lines? or for a copstache rendering? lol

          • @illegal, teehee. It better be the mustache. Also, I’m going to email you when I get home from the movie. OR if you want to email after it’s 11 my time (so…5 your time?) with your thoughts etc. feel free. Then you can just let it all out 😀 And I will have to sleep, you know how that goes, but I can get on to email you [back]. squee.

            Okay, going to blow dry my hair. By the way…my shirt is so so so amazing. I managed to work in both “Sit down. Have some plaid.” and “Purple’s cool.” And I can go from HOT to FLANNEL in 2 seconds with my plaid shirt 😀 I can’t wait to send you photos. (and you midcyn too)


            I keep coughing. LIke horrible. But I’m putting off taking my next couch medicine dose until closer to the movie. I’d rather cough now than when Bella’s running in her slutty shirt through the ferns. I’m also considering getting “the little bottles” since I won’t have time to do it tomorrow. OMG. This must be how Bella feels when Edward leans in close to her. Forgetting to breathe, losing perspective on up and down, spinning, loving, lusting, wanting, passion, anxiety, happiness, zeal, super fast pulse.

            So tell me you hear my heart stop. You’re the only one who knows.
            Tell me when you feel me falling. There’s a possibility it wouldn’t show.


      • You COULDN’T be mean even if you tried to…I wuv yu xo

        • u havent read the post….i know it..:(
          I can be mean like puppy-killing mean…but then ill apologise and cry….and the insulted has to give me a hug and make ME feel better LOL….
          I wuv ya too!!!

  6. Okay, I’m about to do my shirt. I just finished cutting out the second charlie that’s going on there (yeah, I couldn’t decide between the two pictures…and then I thought, “Why choose?”) I’m putting a tribute to LTT on there ‘cuz I love you girls and I probably wouldn’t be making a shirt otherwise.

    Anyway…I’m wearing my shirt to work tomorrow. My shirt, btw, is a black walmart cami (only $3!!!), so I will be wearing it UNDERNEATH another shirt. Don’t worry. I’m not that girl.

    I’m so so so excited. 4.5 hours.

  7. Ok I want to play! How do you all cross out stuff and make words darker etc., Hey don’t judge I am bored and sad puppy tonight!

    • ok just wanted to try it before telling ya…
      to cross out put words in between

      to bold put words between

      why are u a sad puppy? *wags tail and whimpers*

    • MidCyn u still there??? I need a hug…the sad cookie dough is being rolled out….sniff

      • I am here..was on the phone…I AM SO HUGGING YOU….reroll the dough and put smiley faces on…..I am teardrops big time tonight..all day actually (said shamefully)..

  8. Aw, three sad sad puppies all alone on an empty blog tonight 😦

    I’m going to go work out until my thighs burn so hard I can pretend that that’s why I’m crying (instead of the actual reason I’m crying…which of course is because all the other LTTers are off enjoying effing amazeballs brills shiz and I’m stuck at home working out….that and there’s also the fact that I will now have to avoid this blog like the plague for the next few days 😦 yeah Midnight, I’m a sad sad puppy too)

    • awww, I’m back too. For like 2.25 hours. Or well, like 2. I’m about to hyperventilate. Sigh….this is like killing the layover in the airport when you’re waiting to fly to see your family for the first time in 4 months. Except there’s no 2 for 1 at chili’s! Grr.

      • just realised i said puppy-killing mean in the presence of puppies….i am evil and i dod not mean it…i repeat…did not mean it…
        me sad puppy cause keeping all the excitement in is killing me….but i will cause i dont want to get stoned to death…
        Dont cry Abs…i dont get to see it again till next week…and Taycob’s starting to look a little ghostwardly…sniff…..

        • boo figgin’ hoo, you don’t get to see it AGAIN until next week. Nope sorry, no sympathy from me here. Nor empathy for that matter.

          • I expected sympathy for keeping my inner fangirl quiet for the past three days…*pout*
            If u have noticed i have said absolutely NOTHING since ive seen it…do u know how hard that shiz is? NOTHING!!!! and u guys are the only ppl i can talk to…didnt mean to gloat about seeing it again..mea culpa…didnt mean to…

            sad cookie ❤ 's ya…

          • Ok, you’re right. I was hasty in my comment earlier. I do appreciate you keeping your “muzzle” shut. It does take some serious self-discipline. So thanks. I’m just feeling pooey cuz I can’t go see it tonight. BUT…small solice, as I’m working out Ellen is on t.v. and they keep showing previews for tomorrow’s RP episode. sweet 😀

          • Lets hug it out Abs…we’re both disadvantaged…im sorry about the pooey feeling…its not too long now…think about ppl in Sri Lanka who most probably wont see it at all…(yeah they didnt show Twilight…)

            RP on Ellen? I have to wait like a week for that…urgh…stupid slow NZ….

            Muah! fwends?

          • of course we’re friends silly wolf lover! you make baked goods AND you’re from (or just living in) NZ. those are my two favourite things in the whole planet!!! Well, after Robward of course 😀

          • “after Robward of course”…LOL I am honoured and i wouldnt have it any other way….. 😀

  9. @illegal, via licorice comment: I was showering (to kill time because I can’t sit still otherwise) and I thought that I might send you the dvd for christmas lol, but I’d have to get your address and all that and I was going to do it as a surprise, but I sort of just ruined that. Anyway…

    Um, they do red and black licorice here..they have ones that are sweeter called Twizzlers. I personally hate licorice (and black jelly beans) and hate twizzlers.

    • aaaaawwww TS ur making me cry and squee at the same time and its making me sound like a demented weasel…

      I cant wait to see ur sounds tres fab!!!
      Ill wait till u get home and hear your thoughts first cause it’ll spark off my recollections…(trying hard to remember everything at once makes Ralphie’s brain hurt…)

      I want to add a million !!!!!’s to this post…thats how friking excited i am….squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I hope u have ooooooodles of fun…and spare a thought for me when u see Jacob…substitute Bella for me @ least once…it’ll make a sad little wolf lover very happy…LOL just kidding….

      Love and BIG EMETT HUGS!!!!
      again squeeee!!!!!!! im gonna be bouncing my knee in excitement just like Tay till I hear from ya….

      p.s. we have strawberry flavoured licorice here and apple and mango and blackcurrant….the black stuff just tastes like medicine…

  10. Alright…I’m off gals. You like my fake twitter blow by blow that I’m giving here 😉 Almost as cool as Jayde’s sneaking out to the b-room during Twilight to say “55 minutes!” hahaha That made me smile so much.

    And illegal, OF COURSE I’ll think of you. Imma think of you like maybe the whole movie. And MidCyn, I figured out what clip to get you. One that you won’t be able to experience any other way if you don’t go this weekend. I love you so much and wish you could go and so I’m going to get you this clip. It’s a surprise what it will be precisely though.

    MUAH! So much squee, I cannot contain any longer. Hope I can drive in a straight line to the theater. Oh, and speaking of, I’m going with a 17 year old, so I’m not going to be able to get the little bottles for tonight 😦 I’m staying with her and her mom, so it’d be really rude and unclassy for me to do that.

    Okay, see you on the other side (okay, well some of you, the rest I will see by next Sunday at the latest)

  11. Anyone around…computer fail….yup…but for now I am back…its almost THAT time for all our LNMers to indulge..I am so happy pattinson for them and hope they all have the “time of their lives” sang that part…

  12. >B/

  13. /

  14. Obviously I don’t know how to use the BOLD or strikeout correctly…loser….
    1st hand embarrassed: Friend calls for oldest daughter who is at work…we talk and she is gasping all excited about just coming from the movies and I am like lashing into her for being sooooo mean to me (she knows I don’t go out and my love of all things Twilight) I ramble on about my crying jag…how all my friends are going tonight ..yadda yadda for like forty mins. and she says “Wow, I thought I was the only Michael Jackson fan still out there” Ahhh yup…New Moon doesn’t go to where she lives (and we used to) til much much later…so so sad, said I, I am…. 😦

  15. Testing


    • Hey! I’m here! I thought it would safe to come back now that all the lucky folks are at the midnight showings.

      @illegal…went to sad cookie today.. Totes not sad!

      @absolutelyvlc – never got your e-mail. did I type mine wrong. possible. i regularly make a typing fail. 😦

      @MidCyn…I’m with ya at least no NM until Sunday!

      • So glad I am not alone anymore Ang!!! In 3 mins. THEY are all going to be in New Moon heaven…ahhhh….I wonder where ILWL is??? How can she abandon us…??? Teardrops…again….

      • IWL…ilegal…cookie…where are you?????

        We miss you!

        • im here im here…sorry i fell asleep…..

          • wake up!!!!!!!

            It’s a little late for me, but I’m still here. Sad because I can’t see New Moon until Sunday…and sad becaue I have to go to work tomorrow and Saturday. I guess I’m a sad cookie tonight. 😦

          • evening girls! hope ull are still around…like the calm before the storm…….missed u guys too….id never abandon u guys….brain needed sleep….dazed cookie…teehee

          • Well its about time Ms. ILWL..we have been here all by our lonesomes…we were missing on you big time!!! Hope you had sweet Tay dreams!!! Tried the cross out and bold…its a no go! Shitz Jimmy Kimmel just showed preview of NM and then at the end inserted Sarah Palin trying to shoot one of the wolves..and YES I THINK IT WAS TAY… me another reason to really dislike her……tee hee…did you read my first hand embarrassment comment above??? Did you see computer FAIL already on this new one??? I say what the hale??Right???

          • so what time is it where you are illegal? it’s about 11:30 pm here. It’s so cool that we are so far away and yet…so close. le sigh.

          • ok imma send u both a cullen smile to get u out of these funks..exclusive pics of my New moon outfit and the pocket boys…no spoilers I swear….just hilarity and awkwardness…

          • @Illegalwolflover…OH just what we NEED!! You go girl…do send!!! I will be happy to wear a Cullen Smile tonight!! ❤ you

  17. Its even later here…12:24 a.m….whoa feels like Ghostward here tonight doesn’t it?? I mean you can really “feel” it…ah yup that’s what she said….

    • @ Ang its 6.30 pm here…so im in for a long long night…especially since TS is gonna squee at me when she comes home….lol…sometimes i wonder if i should just live on American time…lol fIance wold NOT be amused…HA!

      @MidCyn…its nice and gloomy here and totes the moment for Ghostward…but is a bit chilly so il take a Taycob to keep me warm…jus realised how hot it is in Sri Lanka…Taycob might not survive and i will die os het stroke after one of our ahem…encounters…LOL perve perve perve…

    • Love the Cullen smile and Ghostward…two of my favorite things…right behind you two!!!

      • Just sent the mail…I thought the concept for the outfit was good…but the model was a FAIL…LOL…I really missed u guys…especially during Twilight when i snickered at everything…and got wierd looks…

        had a Robward dream last night…lots of talking wih “Let me sign” playing in the backgound….u grls are influencing my dreams now…and everybody…Taycob falls in love with Illegal after hearing her sing Owl city at American idol….

        Im nuts…(but id love to be on American Idol sniff)

  18. ILWL…YOU ARE FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!! Love love love the pics!!! The one with the two mens and popcorn is a full out laugh fest….still laughing…(so glad you left me in your pocket, wouldn’t want to mess up the great pics) Seriously your exactly how I pictured you…what a smile!!!

    • I agree! You look great! I’ve only seen a piece of your face from your avatar…and the glamour shot on your blog that truly does not do you justice. 🙂

      Love the dates! BTW, I bought a pocket edward tonight on amazon. Went with the Twilight version. Decided I wanted to have the original.

      And don’t worry…Taycob is used to having to fight with Edward for his ladies affections. But in your story, he will imprint with you. hmmm, that means Edward will be available. Excuse me while I book a flight to NZ.

      • Though after seeing your Edward, I’m wondering if I made the right choice. Pea coat…tweed? Pea coat…tweed? Tough call.

      • To late Ang I got the last seat on the first plane to NZ….haha

      • @Ang…yay for the pocket Edward…fiance bought these ones for me as a post-exam gift and said he’ll buy Twilight Edward and topless Jacob (when he comes out) for my birthday day…Its times like that when i consider actually saying no to Tay….NOT…teehee im so mean…

        I cant wait to bring the whole gang over for Eclipse…
        *dances around apartment*
        now to convince my parents to let me go walkabout in America…*turns on puppy eyes*

        • Ang…peacoat…I love him in that… unfair that Edward has options…I want a jorted Jacob…not the Barbie version that makes him look like my hyper-twin Bronson…

          Flights to NZ…bahaha…dont worry im bringing the boys over…they can have fiance’s ticket…bahahahaha…

          • Oh, I just had a visual of you on an airplane with little J and E sitting next to you in a seat. I hope that can play nice and share. And when you get here Tweed E can visit with Peacoat E.

        • Tell your parents to call me and I will explain to them that I will be a very strict chaperone!!! I will make sure you are well cared for, fed and have some goooood coffeee!!!!!

          • Can I come too???? I’ve always wanted to visit Maine.

          • my parents can deny me nothing…perks of being the only girl and the favourite of both father AND mother means that a few pouts and baby talk gets me what i want…tee hee i feel sorry for my brothers…its like no one loves them…lol

          • @Ang…that was a given!!! I have a huge house with lots of rooms…its very old tho..1820 and we are still restoring, but you will be ooooh soooo comfy here with the special guest rooms set up w/Tay for ILWL and Rob for you…I get Eddie….oh the fun we could have….great food, best coffee seriously my Hubs makes the BEST coffee in the world…

          • House built in the 1820s! Mine was built in 1925 and I thought IT was old! Cool!

    • Hahahahaha…ur not in the pic cause u were getting ur hair done…and why are the boys looking a the popcorn? cause u fell into the buttery goodness…LOL

      I’m exactly how u pictured? hahaha i always think i look like “I’m a little teapot short and stout” yeah i was called a teapot for most of my life hahahaha
      I wish i had the Tay teeth porn…then with the squinty eyes we’ll be perfect…

      • LMAO…teapot??? Not!! Hey I was always called giraffe and I ended up being only 5’3″…so the joke was on them!! Ahh and stay away from the Robward dreams…ok..u can alittle as long as you were only talking…hopefully you were telling him he was meant for me!!!Did you read my post earlier about listening to the vid that Ang sent me of Rob singing Let Me Sign and the earth literally shook…yup it did…we had an earthquake..truth…and we NEVER have earthquakes..I take it as “A sign” of my Eddie’s love….ok losing it cause have headache and tired from sniffling/crying eyeballs….

        • ok why have u been crying???

          dont worry about the dream…whenever i have a dream about him we’re just talking or eye-effing…nothing more…earthquakes are normal with that man…he rocks my world too….lol

          • eye-effing – I shared that term with my unicorn in training Sunday. He thought it was funny. At the end (the prom gazebo scene) he said: “oh, they are eye-effing there, right?”

          • Oops..didn’t mean to say that…its not worth talking about, I’ll get over it…I always do…sorry for the slipup…its all good! 🙂 see I am smiling!!!

          • MidCyn- You don’t have to edit with us! But stop crying! 🙂

          • Cyn….u can tell us anything no matter how small or silly you might think it is….

            Ang…i wish i had someone to eye-eff in RL…nope… fiance just makes me laugh….

          • @Ang & ILWL…really nothing worth talking about…I will get over it…and this is not the place to bring sad faces..only happy pattinson smiles…..

  19. Jimmy Kimmel is having RB/TL/KS/DeathCab on tomorrow night..setting DVR right now!!!

    • Just watched the video on today’s post. Yes, I’m behind….youtube is blocked at work. Anyhoo, the girl almost at the end is wearing my purple plaid shirt!!!!

  20. ILWL when are you getting married? My son is getting married in Sept 2010..the first of the 4….I am going to need cartons of Edward tissues!!!

    • July 2nd 2011…ive changed my mind on the colour scheme a million times…i think fiance is going to die from indecision before anything else….
      9 whole years before we tie the knot…i think my parents will be relieved that we’re finally married…so no Edward tissues there….yeah my parents are total crack ups….

  21. Ladies,
    I have to go to bed! Have to be up in 5 hours to get ready for work. Yuck.

    I won’t be on LTT tomorrow… Too much New Moon talk. 😦 Will see you both in e-mail though!

  22. I think my kids would say the same but I guarantee that your parents will cry especially if your their only girl…its the opposite here,,3 girls, 1 boy..he is my first born..sniffle..

    • Darn…the only MidnightCyn male child and he’s taken. 🙂

      Have a good evening. See you both tomorrow!

    • Im the middle child…hence the attention-seeking OTT personality….i feel sory for my parents for having to put up with me my whole life…lol

      u must be so excited about the wedding….squee!!!

  23. Good night Ang…sweet Pattinson Dreams..will email you tomorrow..hey do either of you have web cams? If not we should set up ICQ so we can live chat…
    Will email you for sure tommorow…I am not going to be on LNM tomorrow either….
    hugs and smooches

    • im gonna be all alone tom? no Hot Holy trinity twi-journalists? ill keep in touch with both of you through e-mail…

  24. Think I will call it a night too..goodnight ILWL…sweet Tay dreams…look for emails tomorrow….
    hugs and smooches!

  25. I would stay up with you ILWL…really I would but definately getting a migrane and I have to close my eyes…although I know sleep is far far away….love ya..”talk” to you tomorrow…we can figure out the whole chat thing..I wish my calling plan covered NZ…I would soooo call you and you could let me be first hand embarrassed with my unique languange…tee you have a web cam???

    • I totes understand…dont worry!!! have a good sleep…i do have webcam!!! this is gonna be fun!!!!
      good night…happy Robward dreams…i hope u feel better….

  26. MUAH right back at ya…xoxox


    Sorry, I just had to shout it somewhere b/c it’s after 3 in the morning and I went alone and nobody is awake. I have not one complaint, except that Chris Weitz is already married, b/c I would blow him behind a dumpster right this second.


    • Girl, you’re not alone.

      I can’t wait either.

      But I said to myself I’d wait until UC and Moon give the carte blanche to talk about it on the blog. So….see you soon!!!!!!!!!!

      😀 SQUEE.

  28. […] the Cougar gets a love letter Posted on November 25, 2009 by unintendedchoice Moon & I bet on what New Moon would make domestically its first weekend. I guessed low hoping I’d win by default because Moon guessed […]

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