From the mouths of Babes – out with the Twilight and in with the New Moon

Dear Twilight-

This week in LA has been redonkulous from the premiere to seeing New Moon TONIGHT we’ve done it all and talked A LOT (a.lot.) of Twilight in between. On the heels of our very successful dramatic reading of EW we decided to turn on the cameras again but this time ask YOU all what you’ll miss most about Twilight since obviously we’ll never ever talk about it again and what you’re most looking forward to seeing in New Moon and here’s what some of the ladies out here in LA had to say…

What will YOU miss about Twilight? And what are you most looking forward to in New Moon? Let’s discuss and also we’re in the official LESS THAN 12 hours till New Moon countdown (I can’t believe I can finally say that!) Let’s remember to manage our expectations!!


PS Seriously, it’s like TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trying to contain the fangirl within)

PPS UC and I are making our official bets on opening box office weekend totals (domestic only) for New Moon. Reminder Twilight’s opening weekend was 69.7 million. Whoever loses will have to write an obsessive love letter to a person in the fandom of your choosing. The blogger who’s the closest without going over will be the person with dumb luck coolest blogger to ever blog and has bragging rights till Eclipse and we do this all over again…

Vote for who the loser will write to:

Moon’s official bet: 140,120,808
UC’s official bet: 94, 783,000.14

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter

389 Responses

  1. Today is the Day…
    Tonight is the night…

    • if i’m not in line early,
      there’ll be a big fight!

    • I HAVE to tell you guys about my New Moon night 😀
      It was A-MAZING!

      First of, I win two tickets to the pre-premiere (is that what it is called?) to watch it Thursday 19th of November (today, yes.) in the biggest cinema in scandinavia. (I’m Danish – just so you know :))
      THEN we all get these lovely goodie-bags with BIG posters of Jacob and Edward. *Sigh*.

      THEN there was this special contest where I won (again) and I won 6 free tickets to New Moon (I am soooo gonna watch it again) I won the book New Moon and I won the soundtrack to the movie. I also won a bunch of DVDs. I was so lucky tonight!

      And the guy who plays Jared was there to present the film.

      And NOW I come to the film. New Moon. Oh My God.
      There are no words to explain. I mean, sure, there were a couple of things I would change but it was WAY good. It was fantastic. And I’m sorry to say it – SO much better than Twilight.

      Lautner just looks AMAZING. I keep forgetting he’s only 17. Rob was also VERY mouthwatering 😉 (as Laurent would say)

      It was all just … As I said.. There are no words.
      I won’t comment any details as I don’t want to post any Spoilers. I guess I just wanted to say: be exited to watch this movie. I so so so so wanna watch it again.

      If you got this far – thank you for reading 😀 haha.
      I know you’ll all enjoy this. Have a great New Moon night – just like I did 🙂

  2. You. Will. Love. It.

    All I’m sayin’.

    I’m so excited that you guys are seeing it and I will finally have people who “get it” to fangirl with!!
    Thank GOD Bella and Alice from Not An Addikt got it earlier too, so I have been fangirling with them but we need more people! haha

    Anyone nervous?
    I was.
    And I don’t think I will miss anything about Twilight.
    Oh! Yes I will. Baseball and watching Jaspy throw his bat around (*gigglesnort*). HAWT!
    And pea coat and Rayban Robward.

    Seriously guys, I’m so excited for you al!!


    • Sigh… I’ll miss Jasper and his bat, too… and his real hair.

      • OMeffinG…Jasper and that bat sent me up in the head. There is something seriously sexalicious about a man that can take a phallic symbol and make it do flips 🙂

      • You’re right, he looks terrible in that wig and make-up. Real-life Jackson is soooo much better!

    • Jayde, I’m sooo sooo sooo excited. I was doodling werewolves on my Billy Burke notebook in my meeting this morning. And whenever the cute guy caught me staring at him I kept thinking of Edward and Bella eye effing in the meadow. That’s normal, right?

    • I got butterflies in my tummy all evening. When I went to pick up Bella_NaA I was standing in the parking lot, watching her walk over and already started jumping and fangirling. I kid you not. We pinched arms, we exchanged “Ohh Chris!” looks and frowned a few times, of course. It was GOOD.
      I’m glad we had you to share our thoughts! XXX

    • OK, I’m ready to start fangirling with you! I HATE having to be alone in my obsession, I didn’t even hear any fangirl squee at the cinema, just some GUY said “c’mon bite her at last” during the final scene.
      I was really nervous, like being excited all day and started to cry when I saw the opening picture of Summit Entertainment 😛
      What I miss about Twilight… baseball scene, small jokes that you start to notice only after you watched it for the 5-th time and the sense of novelty to all of this.
      I think everyone will love New Moon and I’m going to see it at least two times more, but I can say that for now I’m a bit disappointed about that abrupt ending.

    • I will also miss Jasper’s bat skillz and his not-as-bad-as-we-thought hair.

      Other than that, I’m pretty sure I will miss nothing and might even go so far as to pretend the mess movie never even happened.

      11 hours and counting for me.

  3. God I’m so excited!!

    Ok so I will miss how new twilight was. Before seeing it for the first time I only saw the trailers that were out, but I’ve seen so many clips of New Moon that it won’t feel as new.

    I’m most looking forward to shirtless wolf pack and Rob in New Moon!! Seriously though the Volturi scene is probably what I’m most excited to see.

  4. I see it tonight with Cinders and her glass slipper!

    I’m going to miss the stupid shiny volvo, the peacoat jacket (RIP) and Edward’s shiny red ears.


  5. I’m going to miss Buttcrack Santa.

    You know that CW has way too much street cred (and pride ) to add in ridiculous characters like that.

    Oh Catherine, how we will miss your crackhead ways!

  6. Methinks I will definately miss the non hype-non expectations. I had no idea what twilight was when I went to watch it, and had no idea it was this world wide madness (good madness though) and so I am going into new moon (6 more sleeps for me you lucky little goats – boitches seemed too mean to write) hoping not to be disappointed, or feeling slightly like New moon just Premature Ej well you know xx
    Enjoy xxxxxxxxx

  7. Seriously though… YEA! oh my goodness, oh my goodness… when i woke up this morning my hubby just looked at the grin that’s stuck on my face and said “yeah, i know. you’re excited. you weren’t even this excited for our wedding.” (which is NOT true.) But i held my tickets w/ delight before putting them back on the fridge so i don’t lose them before tonight!

    Is it safe to say i’m looking forward to this evening? as Napoleon Dynamite says: “Heck-yes-i-am!”

    Bring on the JORTS baby!!! 😀

    • well that would def get them an oscar if the jort pack suddenly did some nap dynamite dancing…. Cathy would have slipped it in somewhere bet!

    • I’m not sure if I was this excited for my wedding.

      OK, I’m kidding. Mostly.


    • In your fridge! Good call. Mine are safely tucked into my purse. ::remembers to breathe:: I’m so chuffed for tonight.

      • ON the fridge since a few days after they were available on Fandango. Yup. Right next to my tix for Phantom of the Opra (for next Saturday).

        Did ya like my lil poem at the top?

        • LOVED IT!

          Also, Phantom? So jealous.

        • I did. I sat for a while trying to rhyme back with the last line ending in ambushed by twilight but nothing came 🙂

        • thank-you, thank-you *takes a bow*

          i know, life after this week will be bit dimmer…

        • You are going to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA?

          I hate you.

          I almost cried at a band concert I went to the other day because they played the song.

          • yea.. sorry. don’t be a hater…

            it’s my 3rd time.
            1st time was w/ my ex and my parents
            2nd @ Her Majisty’s Theater in London
            now w/ Hubby


    • Aw, that’s so cute. What a cute hubby.
      When you said you put them on the fridge I was suddenly reminded when Midnight Cyn lost a chicken. THat was funny. But she probably doens’t remember it 😦 and that’s not funny.

      • I haven’t heard that one either, come on refresh us please sounds hil

        • Midnight was going on and on all day about how she totally lost an entire chicken. She looked everywhere. Like everywhere. No luck. We all tried to help her find it throughout the day (I mean, as best we could over the internet, right) and she was going mental trying to find this frikin whole chicken. Anyway, long story short, dinnertime came ’round and she was gently reminded by her family that they had already eaten the chicken the night before.

          I don’t do the story justice of course (just call me Cougwicke) but it was a riot when we all found out.

          • Thanks that so made my evening. You remember last week how I lost my car key? well had to order new one and as mike the mechanic was there to reprogram new 200€ keys my little 2 year old walked up to him and handed him the lost key! he had hidden it and I laughed so loud the ´mechanic man thought I was totally mental, so I’m feeling the pain of looking looking. Well at least ‘I hadn’t actually eaten the key…..

          • @ish, HAHAHA! Of course. That’s like when you have a pet ferret. They hide everything under your mattress.

  8. By the way, well done all you strange ladies braving 40000000000 viewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to make you feel uncomfortable or anything…

  9. You guys are gonna love it! Can’t wait to fangirl out with all of you. i’m still brimming with excitement, and going again on Friday, just sayin’.

    PS: You are gonna want to hunt down Chris Weitz to give him two big smooches on each cheeck. Trust me, you will.

  10. I have to admit that I was going to wait to see it when there was a showing during the day with no school girls to ruin it by screaming…then I realized that maybe I wanted to scream, too! So now I am braving the five million other fans to see it. Gah!….what it wrong with us?!

    However, I think I will miss the blinking Bella. It looks like from all of the tv spots there isn’t that much blinking. She must have gotten used to the contacts. Bummer.

    Did anyone see Kristin on Regis and Kelly? They showed the birthday scene and cut it just before Jasper attacked. Edward was looking at Jasper with this crazy “oh, shit” look…and the audience LAUGHED. I am a little worried…

    • I’m seeing it at midnight with all the screaming fangirls but then I’ll be going back tomorrow during school hours to see it without. If ever there was a need for a sick day… 🙂

    • I’m with you about the screaming girls. I am waiting until Monday night to see it, hoping that there will be less screaming then. I am going to have to stay off of the internet for the weekend to avoid spoilers. IT IS GOING TO KILL ME, but I am waiting….
      I have stopped watching any “leaked” scenes like the kissing scene. I have only “heard” the kissing scene. You can hear it on the Twigasm website and one of the posts from Random Acts of Rob. It sounds amazing. Rob moaning, grunting, kissing, breathing heavy. OME

      I am going to miss Jasper with the bat, Edward playing the piano, and hanging out in trees.

      I noticed the laughing after watching the clip from Regis/Kelly with Kristen, also. I think that Regis said something funny, and that’s what people were laughing at.
      Although, Jasper’s hair looks so stupid, that it could make people laugh, who don’t know about Twilight.

      Rob was so funny on the Today this morning!! His responses to Matt’s “rumors/tabloids” questions, were priceless. I hope that Kristen and he realize that if they both continue to avoid answering the obvious question, people will continue to ask, until they get an answer. Get over yourselves, and just come out with it!!

  11. It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!! Get me Rob so I can open up my present……

  12. I’m not seeing it tonight. Am I the only one?

    I can’t stand the thought of:

    1) 100 crazy tweenies in the same building
    2) Being out past 11:00 pm (I need my sleep!)
    3) Behaving like one of the crazy tweenies because I am delirious from lack of sleep.

    Terrifying. Almost as terrifying as UC’s (??) singing.

    I’ll see it tomorrow at 7 pm. That is crazy enough.

    Do I need to leave this site tomorrow to avoid crazy, crazy fangirl comments? I bet I do. 😦

    PS. I will miss the cafeteria entrance the mostest. It is my fav. The only thing I don’t like about that part is that Jessica says “weird” twice, almost in a row.

    • I’m not seeing it tonight either, unless by some miracle I get get my non-unicorn friend to go with me. Otherwise, I’m probably not going to see it until NEXT weekend. But, I don’t care if I get spoilers! Give me spoilers people!

      • tuesday…I’m planning to buy tix ahead of time for me and my friend Sunday. Probably afternoon because has to set up a babysitter. If you want to join us, send me an e-mail!

        • Oooh, I might take you up on that. I just sent you a long rambling email. I closed the email by saying that I should go to work, but immediately I went back to LTT. Haha.

          • HA! I am doing the same thing. Told myself I was not going to spend time here today because I have so much work to do. But here I am.

          • I promised myself the same thing. No LTT today, TS, too risky. But I’m good at spotting the Spoilers right away. It’s like any lonog post that opens with “Oh my god it was so amazing” SKIP!

          • I’m on the verge of being fired. Serious. No, not really. But I really gotta get some work done. Yet here I am. AGAIN. UC/Moon you two are like my own personal….blah, forget it. That’s one line I’m not gonna miss. In fact, I’m not going to miss anything. Cuz any time I feel like I might be lonely for a little Cougwicke Twi I’ll just pop the dvd in and watch it. I may just have worn the dvd down at the Blue Foundation Eyes on Fire haunting-my-brain Edward clip. I love that. Thank you Moon for your bootifull rendition above (or was that UC? I can’t keep you two straight). There’s other parts too, but I won’t bore you all with it.

            TeamSeth I’m counting on you to warn me of any spoilers until next Wednesday. I’ve decided I can’t stay away (I don’t have the strength….*groan**eyeroll**waaa waaa waaaah*) from LTT/R that long. So I may just have to skip the comments sections and just read what UC et Le Lune offer up each day. Unless they spill the beans. Then Imma Have To Cut A Bitch~!!

          • BEAKER

          • pointless post intended for Ish’s pleasure simply so Ish can see Beaker again.
            You’re welcome.

          • @abs, uh, if we’re talking about it on saturday, imma gonna have to be talkin’ about it too. Part of the reason that I am going tonight.

            Anyway, I’ll try my best.

          • Ok Ok. I’ll just hide under the self-pity pillow with Midnight……maybe I should just bail on all my clients and go this weekend. I’m sure I could find a theatre SOMEWHERE that isn’t sold out.

      • Next weekend?! Tuesday!!!

        • My best RL Twi-friend lives in Nashville, and I’m going to her house for Thanksgiving. I think she’s waiting for me to see it… so I’d kind of feel bad for cheating on her. What’s the Twi-etiquette here?

          • Cheat, but don’t tell your Twi-friend in Nashville. Kind of like when Bella runs to the rez fast enough that Alice can’t see it and react. She knows eventually she’ll be found out, but she HAS to go see Jacob!

          • Be like Bella and cheat. Then be like Edward and lie.

        • TS haven’t read all the comments..are you going tonight???

    • @fang – I’m not seeing it until probably Sunday. I am going to miss LTT, but I don’t think I can come here! I don’t mind “spoilers” so much since of course I know the story. But I don’t want to read impressions of the movie until I’ve seen it myself.

    • I’m not seeing it until tomorrow night either. I am ok with waiting. I stayed up last night to watch Rob on Letterman and barely made it to work on time this morning. I would STRUGGLE if I tried to watch the movie tonight (event though I DID try to get tickets but the Fandango Gods refused to sell them to me, they clearly know me better than I know myself).

    • I am with you on that for pretty much the same reasons. Also seeing it tomorrow night at 7 instead. Looking forward to putting the workweek behind me tomorrow night, and kicking back to watch the show!
      I don’t mind spoilers though (hello, we all read the book…)

      • I just realized how ridiculous my anti-spoiler stance sounds.

        Of course, I read the book but I will not properly react to a movie that I have seen or read about through comments or reviews.

        • No, it’s understandable. Sometimes movies highlight something different or do something surprising/unexpected. I’d rather be surprised by that in the theater than read about it online then totally be bored by it when watching it. So I hear ya.

    • I am sick as a dog and still going tonight. I just love midnight showings. It’s just like this really great feeling of ridiculousness. And you don’t feel stupid wearing your shirt because, well, everyone else is wearing one.
      I’m guessing it won’t too tweeny, okay, I’m sure it will. Whatever. At least it’s rated PG-13. For one use of the word “fuck” and partial nudity and “adult themes” (OH ADULT THEMES!!!!) (btw, I made that up)

      • Feel better!

        The tweens have parents.

        These parents would rather the child see full on porn than listen to the emo cries of a fangirl denied her midnight showing of the manchild’s abs.

        Remember this, TS.

    • @fang- Only 100 tweenies? Are you from a small town? The movie theatre I’m going to is showing it on 16 screens. There will be hundreds and hundreds of tweenies and for this reason, I’m sneaking in the flask.

    • I’ve never attended a midnight showing before, but it’s like I . . .can’t . . NOT watch it tonight.

      Pretty sure it’s my id. Must ask Freud about this . . .

    • i am the best singer on the plant earth

    • I’m holding out at least a week, maybe more. Not at Thanksgiving Friday, either, maybe the next week, during school hours. I need to have absolute uninterrupted concentration so I can absorb every detail–the hair, the skin, the physique, the voice–Oops I mean every detail of the movie–cinematography, screenplay, etc., of course!

  13. I thought the numbers would be higher. But is the movie any good or is it a stinker? I need to know. Did the fklick stink the joint out or was it top notch.

    • I agree. I think the numbers will be higher, too. Never under-estimate the power of Twi-crazies, myself included.

    • The presale weekend tickets reported today was 85M…so they will certainly go higher.

      • Are you serious?!! Pre-sale only? Incredible

        • Man, I remember the day me and the SO were all like “sigh, I guess we’d better watch this Twilight thing just to see what all the fuss is about”. That was the day everything changed.

    • I am guessing somewhere around double last year’s opening weekend… 140 or 150M.

      Most of us are still waiting to find out if the movie is a stinker or not, too.

    • I read a Variety article where those “experts” are predicting $85 opening weekend but a very rapid drop-off to yield ~10% total increase over Twilight.

      Some downers were predicting it would be out of theaters before Christmas. The uppers think it will do 50% higher than Twilight.

      My local multiplex has sold out 3 theatres (including 2 seats to me and my long-suffering husband) for the midnight show. Last year they only sold out 1.

      I’m also going to the 9pm showing of Twilight, as I came late to the party and never saw in on the big screen. Worth $5 and 1/2 a vacation day, for sure.

      • Being a Twihard, it’s difficult to really get a perspective on how much of the real world is really interested in this movie and the rest of the Twilight universe. How big of an audience does it really have, once all the Twi-people have seen it once or twice or thrice? The whole press tour they seemed desperate to get the message across to a bigger (read, male) audience, about more Action, less Fruity Vampires. And I see a split–those who are going to follow Rob wherever he goes (Remember Me, anyone?), and those who are in it for the SMeyer book universe. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out!

        • Just read 2 movie reviews – male, non-fan but respected critics – who basically panned the movie as being only a play to the faithful. Harshest was the well-respected Boston Globe reviewer; he gave Twilight 3 (out of 4) stars and New Moon only 2. I’m slightly worried – not so much that I won’t enjoy the movie, but that the ticket take won’t be high enough for Summit to pull the trigger on Breaking Dawn. Of course that is what they are waiting to see: will we keep up our passion for the series or is it fading? Ultimately, it’s all about the $$$.

  14. The screaming was not too bad at the early screening yesterday.

    Jamie CB whipped us into a frenzy and yeah, we screamed when Rob first came on screen, but generally we were fairly good.

    Actually, we screamed alot but then everyone went “ssssshhh” and everyone went quiet.

    We are so British!

    Best line? The last sentence of the movie, spoken by Edward 🙂


  15. P.S. Loved seeing the LTT ladies in the vid 🙂

    I will miss Edward and Bella visit the Cullens from just before “not the moats” to just after “it does it my world”

    I am looking forward to hearing those last 3 words uttered by Edward again.

  16. saw it today. MI GAWD it is so good. like ACTUALLY good. not like twilight where we all just like it because of sentimental + hilarity value, but actuallly good in its own awesomeness.
    ive been a firm (ahem) taycob hater, no amount of pics of jorts or abs has changed me these past few months, but seeing him today in new moon… im a little bit of a convert.. THAT is how good this movie is.

    • I am sorry but lost complete control and may have to put cat now in full body cast. (see yesterday’s pet lovers postings if confused:-)

      • Ah Ish – thanks for the morning smile.

      • poor kitty =^..^=

      • I laughed so hard at “the cat exchange” yesterday at work that I had to leave LTT. Then, when I tried to read it to my husband last night, I laughed so hard I cried, and then I couldn’t even make sounds come out I was laughing so hard. You ladies are amazing…after all was calm, I explained to my husband that sometimes the comments are funnier than the posts…but that’s why I love it here. You ladies make my day.

    • Loved him too! He’s really intense and romantic, this guy is a good actor!

  17. I have to wait another day and 5 hours, then I will be there with you.

    I will miss all the crappy things about Twilight, I will forever look on them fondly as the things that gave me so many laughs over the past year. *wipes tear*

    I am hereby excusing myself from LTT for a WHOLE DAY so I can adequately ‘manage my expectations’ tomorrow.

    See you all on Saturday, post New Moon *fangirl squeeeeee*!

    PS: My lovely friend just got back from Florida and purchased the New Moon Edward pillowcase for me! Now I get to sleep on his face. Win.

  18. I was getting a little overwhelmed trying to figure out setting the tivo to record reg & kelly and ellen so I though “bugger that” and phoned in sick for two days. I am now happily ensconced on the sofa waiting for Rob to walk out on regis and kelly. When that finishes I’ll be watching Letterman from last night.

    I just bought my ticket for the 1pm showing tomorrow – I’ll be wearing a hat and sunglasses as:
    a) I’m meant to be home sick
    b) I’ll be alone and that’s a bit sad

    I was going to go at 10am but I want to watch ellen

    Calling in sick then you have a very responsible job to watch daytime tv and a new moon matinee – that’s normal right?

    • You are officially my hero. Totally normal.

    • Mmmm Rob looking delicious on reg and kelly, I think kelly is fangirling a little bit. Oh no, kelly pretending not to know anything and asking how he auditioned. Do they not brief them? How could they not know about the bed audition with Cathi Cougar?

      My dogs are barking are drowning out Rob. I just told them if they didn’t shut up I’d put them down. Good job I don’t have kids.

      • squeeze them. It seems to have worked a few times in the past…

        • nice. I’ve now been inspired by UC & Moon’s video to properly mourn the passing of Twilight. So I’ve thrown it in the DVD, cracked open a bottle of champagne and I’m sitting here talking along “You’re Aliiiiiiive”

          Probably not good idea to start drinking so early. Last time I skived off work to watch twilight, husband came home to find me drunkenly bashing out clair de lune on the piano

          • Where do you live and what kind of Hot Pockets would you like me to bring?

            I want in on this party.

          • I don’t live there but I’m going to the movie theatre in Methuen, MA – anyone else up for skipping work tomorrow at 11:30am

          • You can play clair de lune? That’s so awesome. I can play the radio and that’s it.

          • @ TS: girl, you can also play the cd player and the tape player and the dvd player and the old school record player and VHS player. do cut your’self too short! hee-hee…

          • sorry… i meant “DON’T”… i bee sew ful offf typoes, huhh?

          • @ambushed, sew fool! teehee

            Thanks for reminding me…I also play the record player! But not the 8-track.

          • oops…you already said that. I’m blaming it on my over excitement and the fact that I have to keep hitting alt + tab.

          • no-no, the 8-track is just too “played out”… HAHAHA!


    • I wish I were that brave!!!

      Instead I am here at work, doing hardly anything save for reading LTT, and my mom is actually giving me real-time updates/summaries of Regis and Kelly … LOL

      She said “He’s 50% better [less awkward in the interview] than before the first movie…which isn’t saying much”

      haha… I know she loves it.

    • absolutely normal. i am at work today but i took tomorrow off… i wanna be able to sleep in and then “maybe” go see it again on Friday… ahem… shhhh… so what if i took a “personal day” from work. so sue me! 😉

    • You know you can just skip over to Robsessed and watch all the videos, without commercials? Or Youtube. But staying home and obsessing is a lot more fun, I know!

      • Staying home – good
        Staying home drunk – better

        Got a nice buzz going on now – Twilight much better with wine

  19. just watched your video – seriously, I’m in love. Moon & UC – I need you to both be my fake lesbian 1st and 2nd wives a la Big Love style.

    I think that the best part was UC with the wig – or was that Moon? Either way – you are too fuckin funny.

  20. Just … just…. tonight!

  21. omg i am died, i love love love you guys singing in that video. you are too cute! i’m so excited right now – nothing can rain on this parade! i don’t think i’ll miss anyhing about twilight. everything i liked about it will still be there for new moon. i’m ready to move on. bring it!

  22. I won’t see the movie until tomorrow night and I’m ok with that.

    What will I miss about Twilight?





    Yep, I’m coming up with bupkis.

    • Sassy please tell me you will at least miss that very first look as Edward walks thru the door into the Cafe!!?? Or that pained look on his face as he cradles Bella in the bed…hot flashes…sorry..

  23. I have been trying to be happy for all of thrilled that UC & Moonie are together and having a blast. I have tried to think that I CAN wait, that I can share in YOUR joy at seeing the movie and then thrill to your comments…but….but..I can no longer deny that I am more than depressed..I cry for no reason, I fake smile at your delight..I needed tissues when Rob was on Regis & Kelly..(even tho he REALLY REALLY needs a stylist..I look more put together…YEAH it was that bad..until he spoke of course & smiled) so I am 1st hand embarrassed to say that I am wallowing in self pity….please forgive me…. 😦

    • @MidCyn – *hugs* Don’t be sad! MOST of us are NOT together like UC and Moonie, basking in the glory of New Moon opening night. 🙂

      Love your comment about the stylist. True, I look more together when I wake up than Rob does sometimes on national tv! But that’s part of his charm.

      • Thanks Ang.. 🙂 for the smile needed so badly today!! Yes that is definately part of his charm…but seriously..he looked really rough this a.m..had to totally focus on face, hair… get my point..there is that moment tho where even a dirty tee shirt is not charming…I would much prefer bare chest any day to what looked like a shirt that WAS white and washed instead with dark colored…

        • he does have pretty great hands. I noticed that in the piano playing scene in twilight. le sigh. i’m going to miss a lot in twilight, but more on that later.

          • boy. that is the TRUTH!!! i love his hands. i even made that exact comment to my hubby two days ago… and i watched “How to Be” last night and loved watching his hands… le sigh, for sure. (that movie was… uhhh… dry. i’ll go w/ dry. typical dryness for a Brittish “about nothing” inde type-thing) i enjoyed all the extras about as muchas the film itself. lot’s of Rob behind the sceen stuff…

            but anyway, back to the hands… i can imagine kissing, ahem, all ten of those fingers… *swoon*

        • Think of it this way…when we are doing him behind the dumpster we don’t have to worry about getting his tee dirty. 🙂 Just kidding. I know what you mean. I didn’t see him on Regis and Kelly, but I have seen him wear a ratty tee with a suit jacket recently, and it’s not a good look. He should save those shirts to wear with plaid.

          • Seriously HAD to be bad for me not to swoon which is what I normally do anytime I see him….HEY did I mention that I was (thanks to you) listening to Let Me Sign for the 300000000 time and no SHITZ…the earth moved!!! TRUTH..we had a 2.0 earthquake…lmao…it was just TOO good NOT to share especially on such a pouty day….if you don’t believe me ask JODIEO she lives in Maine too and she would have heard about it on the news…

          • MidCyn – OME – I KNEW Rob’s singing could make the earth move! Now it has happened. haha – glad it only moved a little though.

    • Hey, Cyn! This must be a hard day for you. I’m sorry! If I could whisk you away and give you my sister’s ticket I would so do it.

      I had a thought, though… (no, not just the one… )

      Why don’t you ditch LTT and move on over to LTR? There’s a whole lot less New Moon talk and a whole lot more Rob talk. All of us read and comment over there so we’d be there with you and you can join us in the self-pity every time Moon talks about seeing Rob in person.

      • JodieO! I don’t read LTR 😥

        • I guess you’d better get on the ball! ;P

          • 😥 Just because I don’t particularly love Rob doesn’t mean I’m not on the ball!

          • I know, I know. =) But if Cyndi had to move over there so she would feel better would you come visit her?

          • of course. nothing could keep me from cyndi.

          • @TeamSeth..I SO ❤ you for that!
            @JODIEO…I hope you and your sis have the BESTEST time tonight!!! I will be with you in a "ghostward" kind of way…take it all in for me…yes that what she said…..smooches!

      • Hey JodieO..good afternoon! Great thought but I haven’t gone to LTR …I have a hard enough time here…and with this freakin computer I am lucky to be able to stay here..anywhere you touch ..yes that is what I said….it does something..screens disapear, font changes…I am just going to call it a day…wallow in self pity and put a pillow over my head for a week or two or three..!

        • Awwh, don’t do that just when we got you back! If you want to avoid the New Moon mania then email me or twitter me! And don’t forget to watch Ellen tomorrow!

      • i don’t do LTR eihter… i guess i’m on my own “ball”… *sniff*

        • I’m here pick me pick me. I’m not even in a freaking english spealking country so you ladies, plus one man, are a gift from the gods. I can finally get to be a bit saucy without a whole lot of germans looking at me as if I am Ish the potty mouth. Germans don’t do smut and it has been killing me for years

          • Wait, germans don’t do smut? What the hell was up with the german guy I uh, went out with for a few times?

          • If Germans don’t do smut the WTF is Gunther’s Anatomy all about? Ok, maybe that’s not smut, it’s just WEIRD!!!!!

        • We are on the ball together ambushed!! 🙂

  24. Hubs is bangin’ into work tonight so that I can go fan girl out with a bunch of tweens and way post-menopausal women (ahem…mom). I’m lucky to have married a full on enabler…..unless this is going to be used to collect on favors he’ll assume he’s owed for being so amazing. New Moon midnight viewing guilt-favors are not fantastic for me.

    • Haha! “a full-on enabler!”

      The Man has agreed to re-watch the movie with me Sunday. I don’t know if he has a secret plot that involves these guilt-favors of which you speak or if he simply would rather submit to the movie instead of having to listen to me repeatedly walk him through every scene.

      • It’s like Hubs doesn’t care that I’ll go into every mundane yet intriguing detail of NM. The man still refuses to participate. This is awkward for me and I am starting to question our marriage as I got him to see Brokeback Mountain with no problem. Perhaps if I mention the tent scene in Eclipse…
        Just so we’re clear. My husband:
        1. Vampires and Wolves? Meh.
        2. Gay cowboys? Where?!?!

        • @spark

          I just snorted. Out loud. In a library. Full of people.

          People stared.

        • ROFL!!!! omg…

        • The Man has always been a Teen Wolf fan, so that helps.

          • um, you realize what you just said…right? I think that Hansen has more than one problem on his hands with your man.

          • Oh, good gravy! I didn’t even realize how that would read! Just a minute, I’m laughing too hard . . .

            Whew. That’s “Teen Wolf,” starring Michael J. Fox, not Little Daddy Lautner. I couldn’t even get The Man to watch Brokeback Mountain with me!

          • The Man has always been a teen wolf fan? Hi, Mr. StotheP, Chris Hansen…Dateline NBC. Sit down, have some iced tea. That’s amazing.

        • Ok….I guess to be fair we did see Brokeback at the indie cinema where they have a bar and fantastic movie snackage. I suppose it was soothing to be downing bottle after bottle of Corona while watching Heath and Jake do the dir-tay in a tent. The beer was probably a selling point for him. Ok, I just hope it was a selling point. If Heath Ledger getting it in the ass was a selling point, I’m seriously going to be very upset. Probably not as upset as if he were a teen wolf fan though. Just sayin’ S-Pizzle.

  25. I am seeing the movie tonight…in 14 hours, yep I am counting them down. And I’m not sure how I will manage to get work done today or keep my fondness under wraps. I may just come out tonight…all loud and proud and crazy.

    And oh, yeah. I will miss the armadillo from biology class.

  26. Now that was an EPIC video post.

    UC, Calli and I fully expect to take part of one at some point, but I’m totally rocking shades.

    Loved it ladies!!

  27. Didn’t watch the video yet.

    I’m going to miss Twilight a lot. Not gonna lie. I mean, I’ll still watch it, so I can only miss it so much but…
    I’m going to miss:
    -Buttcrack Santa (RIP Waylon Forge!)
    -the “biology project” line
    -How sad charlie looks when Bella is leaving, “That’s you dad, that’s not me!” OMG SO SAD
    -when the James do that rad jump at the Gresham Mill during the first “animal attack” (HILARIOUS)
    -the line “animal attack” and that knowing glance btwn Carlisle and Edward
    -Seeing shots of the Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls
    -Knowing I can visit all the places it was filmed in the course of 1 day
    -that slutty make out scene on the bed…
    -pepper spray

    I won’t miss:
    -that waitress…um, no offense to the actress, but that waitress was supposed to be hot
    -bad/cheap VFX
    -knowing that real people had to climb that tree and feeling anxious that they might fall to their deaths at any time
    -blinking (I have faith in KStew!)
    -that they used a fan to send Bella’s scent to Edward…um, hello, it’s effing COLD.
    -Edward looking constipated in the car ride back from Port Angeles

    In NM I cannot wait for:
    -more jorts jokes
    -all the Hulk jokes we can make about Jacob’s “Don’t get me angry” line
    -all the innuendos we can figure out about roller blades
    -Sam Uley
    -jacob losing that awful wig
    -finding out what scene that slutty Volturi shirted Bella running through the ferns is… I’m DYING to know
    -the score
    -seeing how C-Dubs handles the months October through December


    • “that waitress…um, no offense to the actress, but that waitress was supposed to be hot”

      Hilarious! literally LOL in my cubical at work and my cube neighbors think I’m a weird-o.

      I will miss:

      Good lines such as:
      “Oh my gosh. What is going on? My Dad is still here.”
      “It does not matter” (who wrote this? what is wrong with the word “doesn’t”? it sounds so much more natural!)

      Not miss: (I hope)
      *blinking* !!!!!
      hair tucking

    • OMG I never thought about the fan!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Did you come up with that yourself or be honest did you get that from mr wiki knobhead pedia?

      Also thought the waitress hideous. Sorry but surely there were enough cheap beautiful girls out there who would have died for that part – perhaps she was black mailing cath

      • Um, surely everyone here could’ve played the waiterss part.

        Anyway, I thought of it myself. I’m purple, okay.(Remember, I don’t read anything Twi unless it’s here or linked to from here. I didn’t know there was a twi-pedia until yesterday.)

        • I also wondered about the fan, too. It was such a cheap shot. So obvious. Good riddance, Cougar Cathy.

          I can’t WAIT to make Jacob/Hulk jokes. Every time I see the previews on TV I cringe when I hear him say “Don’t get me angry.” Hmm… maybe I don’t need to see it at all, I can make fun of it plenty from what I’ve seen so far!

    • I agree with just about everything, and then some!

      I’m hoping not to miss anything from Twilight, but instead to gain another dozen inside jokes, somewhat-obscure references, and maybe – just maybe – another random weird character? Not really expecting it from Weitz, but hope is a thing with feathers, right?

    • @TS – confession: that comment/review that you just made was wonderful and covered all “my bases”, but i must tell you (here’s the actual confession) when i had rad the whole thing i ACTUALLY had heart flutters of anticipation… so here’s my homage to illegalwolflover, i officially have a hamster heart.

      will i make til tonight?
      will my heart survive?
      will i be able to walk out of the theater unassisted?
      will i need a LOT of tissues or just a few?

      le *flutter* sigh

      • Well I’m glad I got to all four bases in one go. I’m just that good I guess. Effective eye-effing… 😉 Marriage proposal yesterday, fourth base today. SCORE.

      • my lil hamster heart was very evident before NM…had a panic attack, heart started beating so fast it hurt like hale…struggled to breathe…nurse-in-training friend was like..”do we need to take u to the hospital?” sad very sad…
        I think ill use ur lyrics for my cover ambushed! they are Hilar!

  28. Are we really never gonna talk about Twilight? Ever? *sob*…even though it was mostly a two hour joke there are some winning moments…(insert any Jacob scene here) and of course the baseball scene…meeting the family, alice an jasper holding hands, Charlie and copstache, Jacob and uniform, Jacob being hit by a door, Billy the miracle man, the TRIMBLE who i tremble for….its just a two hour train wreck that i watch and say…”oh look thats when that man got decapitated…look at her face, she never saw it coming…that is so hilarious…”

    I’ll miss Twilight…*sob* but i think it’ll be enriched by New Moon like “Oh look there’s the ambulance, oooooh that fireman is hot…is he wearing jorts? yeah it is pretty hot around here”….

    Morning everybody! Is everyone excited? Does Rob make u squee? Is Hansen a total babe? I take it as a yes….LOL

    p.s. new guy at work today..looks like he’s from the jorts pack…(a minor character of course)…name? Alex! bahahahahaha…had to resist the urge to tell him how many WIN’s he just is….
    happy cookies cause self-imposed silence on NM will be ending soon….<3

    • hahaha ALEX! priceless. Glad you’re here illegal.

      • aaawww…it makes me squee that someone cares…LOL…
        “How u likin’ the Hyperventilation Arizona?”
        Im still allowed to abuse that after New Moon right?
        If not I’ll just have to go meet the Volturi or Hansen…either way im dead…

        • I meant..”hey arizona…how likin’ the hyperventilation girl?” total brain FAIL!!!! give me time….

          • you’re totes allowed to abuse that. And it made me giggle hard. My brain is failing today too. And my work buddy didn’t warn me that a guy was behind me while I was complaining about a mutual supervisor. UGH. Thanks a lot. It’s not a huge deal though.

    • A million thumbs up for “Charlie and the copstache”. Sigh…

      And, “the TRIMBLE who i tremble for”? Priceless. We have to keep talking about Twilight so Solomon can live on!

      • Totes agree on the Solomon. That’s why I hit the crap out of that poll. I filled in Solomon’s circle like 150 times… (TWSS!)

    • Totes forgot to mention what am i waiting for in New Moon (even though ive seen it)

      im waiting for the millions of people who are gonna want to be Team Taycob after this…just so i can say…”errrr no…cause unless u liked him before the “awakening” with his untucked uniform and scruffy tie, swizzle stick(or whatever he munches at the beach) and My Little Pony hair, ur just a jumper on the ab-licious bandwagon and that is not green or purple”

      “Oh Illegal u were so right…why didnt i see….”YEAH I KNOW!!!! dont think ive forgotten the Taycob hate(not from the peeps i love though…cause they enable as well as diss…muah!) so step away from the jailbait…

      LOL wow…i can be such a Leah sometimes…The excitement is making me antsy and my mood swings giving me whiplash… defensive cookie….

      • Love, Love, Love You. I sooo can’t wait for Jacob to get his props. I’m so nervous for him. I might be kind of crushed if Taylor sucks, but my allegiance will never waiver.

        • @ Pinky…Love ya too!!! I was just tellin @TS that i was such a meanie today….

          I could tell you about his performance but that’ll be a spoiler and im saving myself till almost everyone sees it…and then we can hold hands and gush…. 😀

          That boy could act as a dead leaf on the road and i’ll still love him….go Team scruffy uniform!!!

          • licorice is what he was eating.

            Now I’m thinking of that closing scene with his untucked uniform and how cougwicke in the commentary was all, “Oh, we had to shoot this in LA because we didn’t think to put it in before.” Um, really, coug? Cuz I totally have been to the View Point Inn, and that is exactly what their parking lot and building looks like!!!!! (by the way, they have the archway that says monte carlo up still)

          • licorice? Its red so it had to be strawberry.. I hate normal licorice….Bleh! (ah Tay I knew u’d give me a sign that we were meant to be….)
            I really need to buy the DVD…just for the commentary…how many hours to go TS?

  29. 1:20-1:29 … LMAO.. my fav

    In twelve hours, I will be witnessing the last ten minutes or so of new moon.. That is so sad.. I feel like it’s come and gone already.. 😦
    PSYCHEEE.. I am sooo pumped.. the bf is not though, he is still trying to get out of coming, but that is not happening in this lifetime..

    Oh, and I’m not sure who I think is right about the box office numbers.. I’m thinking its in between, 94 seems kinda low, but 140 seems too high.. blah.. either way, its a shit ton of money..

  30. @illegal, hey girl, I forgot that I can’t even access my personal email at work. So…anything you send me I won’t get until tonight. Heh. so…i’ll just use my discretion. Can’t wait for you to wake up!

    • I’m up!!! 5 am!!!! past my sleep threshold…was worried when i saw u…but i know u can take care of yourself (yeah yeah thanks mom…) and now …
      Oh Em Gee…It was so a…
      Bahahahahha…hope ur feeling better…

  31. I am looking forward to Eric Yorkie having some more sweet lines, and I am going to be scouring the background for Vitamin R!!!!!! (it better be there)

  32. Ya’ll lets get this party stared, right?
    Ya’ll get the party started quickly…right.

    Crazy party excited. I voted for Sam cause he could use a letter from ya’ll. But Catty would be more entertaining.

  33. Ahem. Before I read the rest of the comments, I feel I should tell Moon/UC that if they don’t want me to repeatedly vote, they’re going to have to tell me OR stop me. Until then, I’m abusing this system like nobody’s business . . .

  34. I’m gonna miss all the awkward silences that weren’t really silent because of all the rustling and moving and sighs and breathing and… wait a minute. I won’t miss that a bit!!
    Gonna miss the halo and shotgun though…. defs.

    Looking forward to: JACOB. ..and i’m kinda interested to see what they do with Victoria since Rachelle talked a lot about her 2 weeks of solo shooting with all the wirework and such. And since it wasn’t in the books. Oh and the bed in the forest… gotta know about that. 🙂

    • Hmm, the bed in the forest. I’m hoping that’s not part of the dream sequence. She better just have dreams like in the book. That’s what was so good about it. I loved that dream. It made the book for me. It was so haunting. Sigh. I’m a little worried now. 11.5 hours.

      • See what interested me about those still shots we all saw was Edward in his white dress shirt and skinny tie hanging around the neck. See, I’m not an Edward fan and def not an RPattz fan (don’t shoot), but those shots of him in that scene, well…. they just about did it for me. Or maybe it was just him on the bed…. that works too. 😉

        • Le sigh. I’m not an RPattz fan much either. I think I like him in plaid though*.

          I kind of thought those stills were like Vanity Fair take 2, but then C-Dubs and the crew were there, so…

          *not really


      Dammit. How am I going to wait until tomorrow?

  35. OMG I am so jealous… It comes out on 26th of November! Well but I’m going to see it on 22nd so just a couple of days for me to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. UC I love the 14 cents. 😉

  37. I.. what? no..I can’t.. you, I mean I will miss…the the the stuttering.
    Why isn’t the world decorated with Black crepe paper and twinkle lights???
    Will I ever feel this excited again in my life??
    Will I ever stop asking questions??
    Thank you UC and Moon for the fun journey with Twilight. I read your blogs everyday and seriously, you totes made the days fly by. Will you start a new blog called Letters to New Moon???? Please????

  38. Thank goodness there are 2 more movies (hopefully) coming out. I was starting to feel almost depressed that in 14 hours it will be over!

    Forum shout-out: There’s a spoilers thread on there for everyone who’s watched the movie to go discuss! Can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions!

    Tomorrow, when I’m reading LTT … I will have seen New Moon. *dead*

  39. I really dont think i’ve been excited for anything else…

    We’ve been planning for months
    and its Tonight!!

    I’m only gonna get 2.45 hours of sleep then its work

    I’m soooo looking forward to
    the entire movie pretty much… but mostly
    half naked Jacob & the jort pack


    Not looking forward to crazy screamin teeny-boppers

    I might have to smack a hoe…

  40. Oh goody!! Long Live The Twi Universe!!

    • This comment made me think of the line “Oh joy, bella’s back.” that non-existent character Lauren says.

  41. Hæ! We will all be looking forward to the jorts….jorts….jorts…..jorts….
    By the way! Very nice drunk singing of the meadow theme 😀

    • By the way the æ is a danish letter – It’s instead of ae….That’s how smart we are… we just stuck them together.
      We also have the letter å which is aa and ø which is oe….

  42. I already know what I missed about Twilight. I gotta tell ya, the movie is quite different. I’m torn. I think I prefer Twilight. Don’t hate! I know it sucks, but it’s still ‘twilight’. I’ll always love it.
    It’s mostly because I prefer the romance in book-Twilight compared to the drama in book-New Moon. Anyway, Chris did really great, it’s really funny at times and I loved the movie!

    P.S. Pay attention to Robwards nipple in Volterra.

  43. Has anyone heard reviews yet? Like professional, credible reviews?

    Hubs said he read some that weren’t good. Not sure where he found them.

    Or has anyone seen the movie with a guy? Did he like it? I’m talking non-unicorns here. Or closet ones.

    Hubs and I are going tonight and I don’t want him to spoil it for me. Anyone?

  44. Siriusly (TS?). I’m taking off my “Robsten 4-eva” Snuggie just long enough to ask what the crap is wrong with the Cougwicke?

    Can someone not put a muzzle on the woman?,8599,1940543,00.html

    As much as I love to giggle about Rob & Kirsten actually having a relationship (guess what I votedvotedvoted for above?), I am beyond sick of the million-dollar question. At this point, I would pass up the opportunity to actually catch them in flagrante with my camera in hand if it meant that I didn’t have to see that embarrassed/irritated/forced polite look on their faces again!

    For shame, Cathy. For shame. I just lost the last ounce of respect you hadn’t already spider-monkeyed out of me.

    P.S. I think someone might need to explain to me how the forum works. I realize this is pretty off-topic.

    • Kris.Ten. Before someone eviscerates me. I’m looking at YOU, TammyO.

      The Cougwicke is a fame whore of Spencer & Heidi level. She is on par with the Octomomma. Jon Gosselin is ashamed at her verbal diarrhea.


      Also, “Siriusly” makes me want to cry. RIP my first book crush. 😦

    • ooommmmmgggg I just read that article. GROSS!

      I cannot believe she said her bed has “a lot of good vibes” ew ew ew

    • I still sleep on it every night. It’s been the beginning of several cool films. There are a lot of good vibes on it.


      And why the call out on Siriusly? Just because I think Gary Oldman is hot? Or were you wondering if you spelled “Seriously” wrong?

      • Haha. No. I ken spall fin, think yuo. It was a shout-out ’cause you said the other day that my “sirusly” reminded you of Sirius.

        Um, Gary Oldman IS hot. Ish.

        I felt for you with the HP spoiler. Good thing I haven’t read ANY of them – I still will read them as soon as I finish my 12-step fanfic program.

    • “This is the first love of so many little girls I have met. The first time they ever had a crush. Edward will always be their first love. They are going to be 80-year-old women in the future that will remember Rob, love Edward Cullen, and remember Twilight. That’s kind of awesome”

      Thats just effing cheesy AND insulting….eff u rastafarian cougar lady…

  45. Ummm guys..question…since I am still viewing Twilight everynight..can I still comment about it??? Or am I going to get booted???
    About the fan….It may have been cold OUTSIDE but in the classroom it would have had heat on and they were using the fan to move it around..I’m thinkin?
    The Restraunt thing: Way too soon for Eddie to be following her in the first place, to tell her his secret about mind reading and then HELLO could they NOT have been MORE creative about What people were thinking about?? Perfect spot for some great lines…??
    Hospital scene: PLZ how hard is it to make SURE the freaking tubes are in the right place btw shots and what should have been a pivitol scene is cut way too short and wastes too much time w/Mom..
    So much more but I love love the movie and alas will be watching everyday until NM is on DVD…..

    • no-no-NO, dear-heart! of COURSE you can keep talking about Twilight the movie… this is a saga of continuation.

      Twi-rant, twi-love, etc.
      Now we’ll just get to add Twi/Moon-rant & Twi/Moon-love!

      feel free, doll. feel free.

    • @MC, HELLO could they NOT have been MORE creative about What people were thinking about??

      SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!! That bothered me.

      And on the most recent viewing, the tubes bugged the crap out of me.

      • Except the “cats”. I still contend that that part is Oscar worthy!*

        *not really. in fact i hate it more than the “you’d better hold on tight spider monkey” line….if this was the best line Rob could pick how bad could the other choices she gave him have been?

    • I think te casting of the waitress had something to do with a well-timed bitch stare and threats of leaking the the Cougar/Rob hotel room shenanigans…

      im such a meanie today its not even funny….
      *waves @MidCyn* I missed u….(i know its just been a day but u know….)

  46. It’s down to the final hours and I can’t wait. I’ve printed my ticket, set aside a pair of earplugs and made room for a Heine in my purse. It’s gonna be good times.

  47. I just took the People magazine online Twi-hard quiz. Um, 10/10. Yeah… that’s normal, right? And I was like, “This is so easy!” Or, do you just know too much about Twilight…. ::face palm::

    • take that hand off that face! (let us remember our skin dear, just joking there…)

      nawmp. completely NORmal… after all, what’s supposed to be “normal”?!?! Meh, i say “own it’. liek wearing a big hat… you may thing you look silly but if you “own it” i.e. “work it” or “work w/ it” others will think you are normal and wonder if THEY are the weird ones… MUAH.

      you are a Twi-fan. own it baby! and work that Billy Burk tee!

      (umm… i don’t know if you’ve noticed, i’m a bit giddy today… wonder why…)

      (did you notice the addition lines to my poem at the opening?) i think i’m starting to spew… isn’t that what dorky chicks do in movies? sing out loud and start rhyming and stuff? maybe i need a tranq… nevermind!

      i’m too excited!

      7 1/2 hours! ARUGH!

      • Did you notice that everyone is giddy today! And the gals who have seen it are about burst.

        I will own it.

        Someone who is going to see it with me tomorrow from work just made fun of me 😦

        • That’s it! I’m GIDDY! I have been up since 4:30 a.m. (psh. Not to get in line. To tell The Man bye.). I think I’m running on adrenaline and Dr. Pepper. Midnight still seems so far off . . .

          • OH MY GOD.

            That just totes reminded me of the West Side Story song…”Today the minutes seemed like hours, the hours go so slowly, and still the sky is liiiiight! Oh moon grow bright and make this endless daaaay endless niiight! TONIIIIIIGHT!!”

            Sigh, I’m all over the star-crossed lovers westside story today…wonder why?

            PS-GRIFFS!!!!!!!!! TEAR!!!!!!!!!! WISH WE COULD SING THIS TOGETHER AND BUG Mr. Griffs

        • ME SO SORRY!

  48. Keep your expectations high…New Moon converted a twi-virgin last night. I went with 3 friends to a pre-screening. One is my twi-partner in crime, the other 2 have never read the books, but watched Twilight in preparation. One kept leaning over and asking questions like, “Do they all sparkle?”. She called and asked to borrow the books today.
    So…I think Chris Weitz is more than a DILF…he is a GILF..the G stands for Genius…or whatever better descriptor you can come up with.

  49. where was I during this interview? the bathroom!?



  50. I think I’m going to have to start my self-imposed LTT/Twi-News moratorium now instead of later. Just read something in a comment here that combined with something I read on a local news site earlier today makes me sorry I saw it. I didn’t have a New Moon Purity Ring, but I’m putting one on now!

    @MidCyn (and others who can control themselves telling me about New Moon until I see it this weekend) – Please e-mail me! 🙂

    • Where? The three of us can retreat to email asylum until we’ve seen it.

      • This is how addicted I am to LTT…I came back even though I said I wouldn’t. But I’m glad because I saw your message! Just sent you a PM on the Forum.

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