New Moon Premiere – UC and Moon see cast, crew and Dick!

Dear New Moon,

We came (ahem), we sorta saw, we maybe conquered!

Since we didn’t camp out like the faithful Twihard fans we knew it would be a crap shoot showing up to the premiere in Westwood with a gaggle of girls, but UC needed to at least get a glimpse of Rob to make sure this last year wasn’t just a crazy psycho dream and these people that we talk about every day actually existed and since this we be my um.. forth time seeing Rob I was more than happe to give it a go! So we hauled booty over to where the entire fandom seemed to be converging. On our way we heard both KOL’s Sex on Fire and Miley Cyrus’ Party In the USA and knew it was an omen for good things ahead. Once we parked and headed towards the madness we saw Mr. Kaleb Nation aka The Twilight Guy headed in search of more glitter paint or maybe it was a restroom but we flagged him down and finally met someone we had been Twitter stalking for the last month. Another omen.

After that we pushed our way up to the barricade and ended up right across the street from the theater and the end of platform where the radio DJ guy was interviewing everyone as they showed up. We were also conveniently located next to at least two sets of crazy protesters. Why they thought the NM premiere was the optimal place for their protest posters and high pitched screaming, I’ll never know.

So here’s pretty much what happened…

We showed up to the premiere…

Look who was happy to see us!

Ok… ok… just kidding! I mean they were happy to see us they just didn’t know it.

Some lovely gal took our picture… right as a news van drove by and cut out the theater in the back ground! Thanks.

We were surrounded by crazy, loud, cool, and some totally awful fans…

obviously Rosalie Cullen got lost and ended up near the theater with her red wig

Robsten lives… in this 12yr olds heart

Follow the cut for a TON of pictures and video and crazy protesters and hot Rob and us!

For some reason this woman decided to show up and annoy the HALE out of every person in a 3 block vicinity of her chimpanzee scream. Everyone yelled at her to STFU but she wouldn’t so being the good bloggers that we are we gave her what she wanted: ATTENTION!

Now I’m all for ending the war in Iraq and bringing home troops but let’s choose the correct forum to talk about this in, NOT the NM premiere were you scream bloody murder every 5 seconds. Sadly, she wouldn’t scream on camera for us so we decided to make her famous instead.

Finally the stars began to arrive

Gil Birmingham arrives with his lucious locks and what first appears to be a gold lame dinner jacket under those whacky lights. We later find out it’s just a leather jacket with some horses on it. HIGH FASHUN!

Kellan, ever the Twilover that he is showed us some love by coming over to hear us scream his name sign autographs and show us love. Too bad we couldn’t do a prom pose picture, that stupid barricade and a couple twihards were in my way

Jackson making us all weep over his gross mid 90s wanna-be grunge black dyed hair, pilgrims pride look while Ashley SHUTS IT DOWN in a KILLER read dress (arguably the best of the night) and a proper weave. Oh and Kellan looked good as always

Rob showed up and I would post the video but that would be wasting everyone’s time as it’s mostly a shot of the backs of the peoples heads in front of me since everyone surged forward as if moving a millimeter would get them closer to his holy presence. PUH-LEASE you’d be closer if you sniffed a dry bottle of Heineken.

WTF?! This isn’t the liquor store! Who are all these people?

Heh, heh! Gotcha! I totes knew we were at the premiere all along

Rob then made us love him even more when asked by the radio DJ/premiere host/interviewer guy (techinical name) what he wanted to say to the people who had been camping out for days and he said “You are all insane!” Oh Rob, we love you more and more each day.

Taylor showed up and it was much the same but Team Jacob was in full effect and started a crowd chat just for him…

Sadly, Big Daddy was nowhere to be found. We were heart broken. He must have been next door at McDee’s picking up a couple filet-o-fishes to go since fried cod goes better with a movie than a bucket of popcorn does. #TRUTH

Movie Premiere Ken and Barbie show up… I mean Taylor doing his best Madmen impression while KStew did her best hair styling victim in a wind tunnel look…

Near the end of the evening we noticed another set of protesters…

Awhile back we tweeted about receiving an email from a people’s communist party and how Communism related to Twilight and well what do you know, they decided to show up to the premiere too! Too bad they weren’t being loud and annoying we could have made them web-lebrities too!

Some other stuff happened… they all went inside. The Britpack was there, Tom Stu got detained at the door but finally let in, most of the stars stopped to talk to a couple specially abled folks near the entrance with Rob taking a good amount of time to pose for picture and talk with them! All together now: AWWWWWWWWW!

Tweeting is for winners… and everyone we knew! Ubertwitter/twitterberry and every other twitter client was FAIL! We overloaded the circuits with our brand of hilarity

Camera batteries are dead, phones are dead, our feet are dead, we need a diet coke get us OUTTA HERE!

Oh hey there Jared Followill from Kings of Leon with Ashley Greene! Go on with your bad self!

We cruised next door to grab something to eat and drink cause we were famished and as it turns out the restaurant had a great view of all the limos pulling up to take the stars from the premiere to the after party. So we ended up getting to see Nikki Reed (by herself), Ashley Greene and posse including date Jared Followill (yes, THAT Jared Followill, Kings of Leon Jared FOllowill. Lucky biotch!), Stephenie Meyer (whom UC and I missed be a nano second. She was the one person I wanted to see above all), and Rob who ran out by himself. As we walked next door to meet up with some of our posse who should talk out but none other than Dick and Clare Pattinson and family! They might seriously have been one of the highlights of our night. But I would have jumped a barricade to meet Big Daddy though, NO LIE!

SOMEDAY!!! we will meet this woman... SOMEDAY!

After that we were tuckered out but not before making a few loops at the after party to see if it was worth trying to crash. We heard there were real live caged Wolves in there so instead of sticking around to see who would get mauled (Hint: Dakota’s little sister) we sped off in search of high speed interwebs and a cozy bed with an Edward pillow.

Bottom line: No Buttcrack Santa, no Cathy Hardwicke and no Solomon Trimble bum rushing the barricades. FAIL. But we had an amazing night seeing the world premiere red carpet event for New Moon, being with our awesome sauce readers, meeting up with fellow bloggers, hearing first hand accounts of the movie from Jen at MyRobPattinson (her videos are amazing! Get ready!), and generally just soaking it all in.

We’ll keep you updated here as we get more stuff uploaded, linked, figured out but for now it’s almost 4 am and I’m a tired Moon so I’ll leave you with this for now!

Meant 2 Bee 😉

PS don’t miss UC’s letter to Rob about losing her virginity! For serious.

Want more rad pics from the event? Head to Socialite Life. That’s where that amazeballs Mike/Justin pic came from

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter

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  1. Awwww, so jealous!!
    I’m just glad it was daytime here in Oz so I could read everyone’s Tweets/see all the pics/blog about it all!
    Sounds like awesome fun! LOVE Kristen’s dress.
    And Dakota’s! Tres gorgeous!

    24 hours and 54 minutes!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!


  2. you know im not really a big fan of kristen stewart as bella but even i have to admit she looks pretty amazing here, and ashley greene looks gorgeous as usual =]

  3. So not only did you see ROB and the entire twi-crew in the flesh but you saw JARED FOLLOWILL AS WELL?! By far my favourite Followill due to the thrusty bass action he pulls at the beginning of Crawl (sexiest song evah)! I’m so pleased Ashley Greene is getting the recognition she deserves from someone worthy of giving it to her (that what she said).

    Glad you had a good night ladies, I’m not even jealous today, I’m just happy for you!

  4. okay. i just wanna say thank you… so… THANK YOU!!!
    you two gals were sweet enough to “bring” us a little 1st hand account of something that most of us would NEVER get to experience. i actually do appreciate it. (spelling errors and all… hee-hee) that was so neat. i am giddy for you and aren’t you glad you didn’t camp out? b/c Rob didn’t call you crazy. HA! you ARE normal! Yea! 😀

    again, thanks! ❤ x 1,000,000

  5. Lucky lucky lucky you. Hope you had a ball (that’s what she said) I am really really sorry but it must be said WTF was Stephenie Meyer wearing? I know beat me whip me stone me (please) but come on she is so pretty normally, what was she thinking.
    Why why why are you not actually writing more about the film I am salivating

  6. I can’t tell you how proud I am that I read a blog run by women who show up, planless, right before the premiere instead of getting stinky in a tarp tent four days in advance. The only way it would have been a better story is if you had gotten arrested for jumping the barrier to have a flannel intervention with Rob and Kristen.

    • Thank you for saying that. The girls seem to have a healthy balance of admiration and irreverance for the whole thing…even while in eye of the New Moon storm. Bravo

    • Totally agreed.

    • In hindsight, I have to believe that I would not have camped out for four days even if I had the chance. For one, WHY would I waste all that Calitime on a sidewalk w/people whose attitudes and hygiene were no doubt deteriorating neck and neck? For dos, my sister lives nearbyish and would indeed have pulled some kind of shameful intervention before allowing me to be at one with the Rob Mob. And finallly, it would have crushed a tiny part of my soul had Rob looked in my general direction and uttered the word ‘insane.’

      I am crazy FOR you, Rob. Not CRAZY. No matter how much I drool.

    • Well said. For sures a healthy balance between admiration and irreverance. That’s what makes you all so wonderful. You appreciate and take the piss out of it all at the same time. Makes me feel like I”m not a dorky tween fangirl. (Just a slightly less dorky liger fanwoman maybe?)

  7. Sounds like such a great time! You gals are my heroes today for staying up late to let us common folk in on your recap! WIN!

  8. “You are all insane!” If it were humanly possible to love Rob even more that I did before, then I do now.

    Thanks ladies for this wonderful first-hand account!

    I can’t waaaait until tomorrow night when I get to see the movie! I haven’t had this tingly feeling ever since I was a kid excited about Christmas morning.

  9. Mike Newton looks like a scary politician – Is he wearing make up?

  10. Sounds like a blast!

    I am disappointed that you didn’t like Jackson’s black hair. Me thinks it is HAWT! Sister-wife agrees, I know. Jackson & Jamie Campbell Bower have been cooking french toast all night.

    KStew showed up in my junior prom dress! How I loved it. It probably looks better on her but I shall not dwell on that.

    I had to give up the live feed because
    1) It kept crashing. Patience is not my virtue.
    2) Anya chick was annoying and I wanted to slap her.
    3) RL people issues.

    Mainly 1 & 2 though. I got to hear it all on twitter which is actually, probably more amusing than watching it.

    Thanks twitter friends!!!

    • I agree about Jackson’s hair, Fang! Most of my first crushes took place in the early 90s, so I have a special place in my heart for the Kobain/Vedder shag!

      • I’ve always thought that I was born a few years too late.

        Early 90’s music and fashion (or not) is my fave.

        • Well, I’m older enough (questionable phrasing, that) than you that I wish there was a photo shoot with our Twiguys wherein they sported big hair, half-shirts, and ripped jeans.

          Pour some sugar on me, indeed.

          • I think I may have just vomitted. A little bit. In my mouth.

          • what did they actually sing there
            “take the bottle break it up”? My mum thought they sung “take the bible break it up” and so was banned from the house:-)
            I was more of a poison fan anyway –

          • Ah, look what the cat dragged in…Ish is here (see what I did there?)

          • Def Leppard references?! You’re a veritable database of ridiculous popculture. I’m going to tell everyone we’re related. That’s how much I love your stinkin’ face.

    • I know!! that anya was awful all the time, the stupid questions, the stupid hair, the stupid outfit but mostly the stupid voice!!! OMG how did she get to be in the soundtrack?? They should hire UC and Moon to interview next year.

    • yeah, you didn’t miss much. it was fun tweeting with you guys last night. for those of you that weren’t there, this wrongness happened as a result. you’re welcome.

    • Anya cracked me up with all of her retarded hitting on the guys. Awkward sauce when she got caught saying Taylor’s ass was hot right when he came up on stage behind her! And the everlasting plugging of her song on the soundtrack, good times. As it was the only way I got to see the red carpet, I’ll take it, but she was for sure more entertaining than the usual slick ass, boring as hell commentators they usually have on the red carpet.

      Thanks for the play by play UC and Moon, I was following you guys on Twitter as I watched, it was interwebs magic! I’m so in hate with you guys cuz I’m jealous, but two more days til I get to see the New Moon midnight premiere in suburbia!!!!

    • The live feed was awesome ONLY cause of twitter friends…and of course the breakdown afterwards…
      Am officially deleting Anya from iPod and recording a cover…(bathroom has exellent accoustics!)

      Am in the depths of despair cause of livefeed…its like coming off a sugar rush…and of course skinny tie porn (call ma tay, i know things to do with that skinny tie that the swift can only dream of)
      Wish i was going to the movie with u guys…
      no idea how i will get through buttcrack santa if noone else gets the joke….

      even grey Suit, tight shirt, teeth porn, hot baskets of butt Tay could only make me smile for a minute (sob) what do i do?

      • Oh, my god IWL, here you are…. I couldn’t find you. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!!! Spoiler alert everyone, Taycob is His Holy Hotness part Deux
        You can fast forward to 4:15 for the OMG part.

        • Thanks Xylem ur such a doll…his laugh…THUD
          and when he takes off his jacket DOUBLE THUD

          I slipped off my twi-prude ring to watch the clip…i was depressed…like Bella only sluttier….(i hope oher twi-prudes understand it was that or a whole tub of ice cream)
          Im not gonna comment in detail about the clip but HOT DAYUM! Fueled a whole load of dirty dreams that one….think i need some air…

          Taylor Lautner – singlehandedly responsible for sunshine, rainbows and instant multiple twi-gasms….get yours today…available in leather, suits, plaid and now in a convenient 8 pack….LOL

          Love ya Xylem….another smile…another bit of hope…i knew there was a reason i came here…

          • “i was depressed…like Bella only sluttier” WIN!!!

            I am with you, girl. That clip was so worth a hiatus from the twi-prude ring. It will most certainly hold me over since I won’t be able to watch the movie until my fellow Twi-Friend arrives from NY on Friday.

            That Lautner kid is….

          • was that a twi-prude down thumbing me? or a taycob hater? OH EM GEE? Chris Hansen? *whispers* is that you? i swear i wasnt lookig at his ass while he threw the ball…i swear…

          • HA HA im only slutty cause i would have totes tapped Jacob when Edward left…and then kept on tapping…justsayin…

            people dont like us Xylem…sniff…haters be hatin’…w cant ALWAYS talk about Rob…thats what LTR is for…oooh listen to me stirring up a shit storm…Go team Everybody!

            I agree with u on that Lautner kid..fml…FML indeed

          • I lost my twiprude ring earlier.

            I am so ashamed.


            *sings* Whips and chains, handcuffs. Smack that little booty up with my belt.

            From holding the v-card to dominatrix in 3.2 seconds.

          • im just waiting for all the pool boy goodness…wet jorts anyone? that pic…sigh….im gonna think about it while i watch…guess who made bella’s bday cake??? yeah thats right….from scratch…rawr….

        • This was great! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I’ve taped every talk show this week and last that someone from New Moon has been on! Dakota Fanning, Tay Tay and KStew!!! Also Rob is on Friday!!

    • Ditto!! Jackson was smoldering, as usual. Loving the hair, especially with his green eyes. ::drool::

  11. Great experience, super envying you right now.

    When I read your tweet that you saw Mum & DadPattz, I was hoping you’d met her & got to ask if she’s read your letters to her & to Rob!

  12. I think Mr. Fursploded might divorce me after he witnessed the crazy last night. I had 4 different websites up and I was trying to follow all the tweets like a maniac. I had MTV on in the background trying to watch that (sucky) love bites show at the same time (no DVR) and then later, Taylor on Jay Leno (adorable). There were screams from the computer from the twi hards and screams from me everytime the live feed froze up….and more screams from me about the stupidity and famewhorishness that is Anya Marina (seriously, I will never buy one of her albums after listening to her for 3 hours last night). I hate what Twilight Saga premiers turn me into. And by hate, I mean love. This is the best week of the year.

    • woah. that was… umm. i’ll just call it overwhelming but entertaining. you might wanna take it easy today though… rest up… hold off on the coffee… i’m sure you need to recoup after all that! 😉 when i read that i felt like i was right there w/ you… that was great… “And by hate, I mean love” = ❤

    • P’raps Mr. Fursploded and Mr. totheP could form a support group. My Man watched about 1/3 of Twilight Love Bites with me last night before scornfully declaring it complete shit. I had to agree it was hard to watch Cougwicke sell out Robsten, and the entire show was so recycled I felt “green” just watching it.

      Best week ever. Truth.

    • SO is seriously thinking of divorse as I made a wee joke about joining the mile high club if the Robster is on my flight to NZ and he was not amused and got all antsy and insecure. come on it’s just a game…

  13. Ashley’s dress = EPIC WIN!

    I am so glad that i somehow got up early today so I could follow all the live tweets. Congrats to UC for popping her Rob cherry! Wish I was there too…

  14. I read almost every day – don’t comment much – but wanted to say “congrats” on being featured in an article on!!! I just about died when I saw 2 familiar names pop out in the article! 🙂

    • Seriously? Where can we see it?


        it really a neat article. the part about UC & Moon is in the latter 3rd of the article. well worth reading… i didn’t know they did this interview! did they mention this on the blog?

        it’s cool! (& sweet)

        • That’s awesome! I feel ridiculously proud, like my kid just made the honor roll or something.

          • Me, too! EXCEPT, when they mentioned how many people read the blog, and then you factor in how many additional readers the article will draw, and I considered how many times I post on here – instant paranoia!

            *nervous laugh*

            If you are reading this right now and think you know what the S and the P stand for, I assure you, you are WRONG. It’s not me. It’s Sarah Polley.

          • Damm thought you were sarah Palin there for a bit

          • Hah! Hadn’t even thought of her! Maybe that’s why she wouldn’t say what magazines or books she read – all she reads are the Twilight saga, Teen Bop, and OK!

          • GOOD LAWD!

            How effing embarrassing. I just “got” your name.

            S to the P.

            I am going to go back to bed.

          • Don’t worry Fangbanger, it took me a while too. I was all “WTF is a stothe?

          • okay, because I never got her name. I always read it as Sloth.

          • pardon my density, but i still don’t know the reference. s to the huh?

          • Le sigh. Namefail. Read as “S” to the “P.”

            Explanation? *takes deep breath*

            StotheP. As in “H to the izzo. V to the izzay.”
            One of Jay-Z’s most popular songs, “H.O.V.A.”
            No, I don’t listen to Jay-Z, although he’s a lovely boy and I’m sure his momma is proud of him for doing so well with the music stuff.

            BUT, once upon a time I heard the refrain and it just stuck with me. I am a white girl stuck in BFE who knows bupkiss about rap. I’m neither a gangsta nor a badass, but I do read Emancipation Proclamation and Clipped Wings & Inked Armor, so the potential is always there.

            The S and the P are some of my initials. Thank me that it’s not StothePizzo.

            C’mon, ya’ll, get ya damn hands up.

          • Briliant! Just brilliant.

            As a gangsta rap lova (see what I did there?), you definitely have potential.

            We are just dense and read to literally.

            PS. I heart Jay-Z’s new song “Empire State of Mind” Gangsta rap is ingrained in my DNA.

            PPS. CW&IA Makes you kick ass. Promise.

          • @StotheP: okay lemme clarify. i totally got the “to the” gangsta ref (i went through an, ahem, “wiggity-wiggty-wack” time period in the mid 90s)… that wasn’t what i meant. i just wanted to make sure that the S and the P weren’t refering to something specific that i wasn’t getting. i had previously thought that it had a possible reference to your name… wasn’t sure. (but your reply was a hoot!) 😀

          • @TeamSeth I always read “sloth” too. At first I thought she was making a statement about being a relative latecomer to LTT/R, and then I shook the cottonballrobLSDtrip that was (is) my brain and re-read. And from now on StotheP you shall be my StothePizzoooooooo 😀 I love it.


      if my link doesn’t work, go to and down to the entertainment section.

    • I was so excited, too! They hit all the hot spots – UC & Moon, AngstGoddess003 (who outted her real self, poor thing), and the Office and The Submissive/Dominant fanfics. It was as if someone asked me what an article about twilight online should be about. Congrats UC & Moon!

    • “That doesn’t mean we don’t love it and don’t go all fan-girl crazy over it.”

      Um, FTW.

      UC/Moon…we need to after that thing we’re doing. You know what I’m talking about. Ps-400,000 visitors? omfg.

      • Holy shit! I might have to stop being so BLATANT about who I am.

      • to get after* geez. morning.

        also, how amazingly lame am I pop culturely that I didn’t even know anything was going on last night? Just the premiere, and that’s only ‘cuz of this blog. haha. So when I say I don’t watch and read anything at all, you can rest assured that it’s true.

        ps-did they put that thing on MTV…the audition tape?

  15. looks like it was a huge blast all the way around. Who was the lady squeezed into the dress. Kinda wild. Was the movie good? or did it stink big time. I have ta know.

  16. Sounds like a blast and I am super jelous. BTW does anyone else notice how see through KStews dress is? I believe I see a little bit of leg in there!!!!

    • Griffs, as long as it’s not a little bit of Britney Spears coochie shot, I’m cool. (Or Sarah Crouch…er, what, takin’ it private joke style) HEART YOU!!!!!!!

      We’ll have to call each other Friday after your viewing. I’m seeing it again on Friday. I may or may not be intoxicated.
      I’m super excited about our mutual bonding. It’ll be like we’re drawing fireworks for 4th of July. Or having a Twilight reading party. Like the old days. ::tear::

      • Deff will call on Friday…soooooooo excited!!!!!!!! Twilight reading parties were fun….ah the good old days. Also fun- when we first started reading Twilight and we wrote each other emails at work that were highly analytical insights to Twilight. lol (should I be first-hand embarressed??)

    • Hmmmm. I think I know who you are now. Welcome, friend.

      P.S. It’s the red pill. Take with two sparklepeens and call us in the morning.

  17. You girls did this the classy way all the way……so proud to be living 2nd hand through you 2 awesome girls…feel the lurve, I’m soooo fake lesbien right now it hurts…in a good way ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. Well done ladies. If only Her Holiness could have met the dual causes of her laugh lines… next time gals!

    Exactly 24 hours from right now… I’m excited. You’d swear I was 14 (if only).

  19. Oh Ashley, how I fake lesbian love you, let me count the ways…

    1. Chace Crawford kissy face pic
    2. Jackson kissy face pic
    3. Jared Followill date (hopefully a kissy face pic will surface)

    The girl knows what she is doing!

  20. “You’d be closer if you sniffed a dry bottle of Heineken”. BEST SENTENCE OF THE DAY!

    • I’m in love with “WTF?! This isn’t the liquor store! Who are all these people?” and photo acompaniment. I just about peed my pants. UC&Moon, you gurlz are BRILLBALLS!!!

      • I just realized my Beaker avatar looks a lot like Rob in the WTF? This isn’t the liquor store! shot….or is that the other way around?

  21. I am so fah-reaking jealous! How fun!!!

    Also? SM needs Oprah’s stylist. That dress and lipstick weren’t doing her any favors and she is a hugely successful woman. No need to be looking like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman at a funeral.

    • Please don’t stake me, but I think the shade of red lipstick is so wrong it makes her look slightly prototu….no, I can’t say it. Nevermind.

      • yeah but maybe she has a game plan. Perhaps she dressed like that on purpose so everyone would avoid her as opposed to accosting her about midnight sun!

        • Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart. Ish is smart.

          • Ish is smart, but her brutal honesty hurts.

            @saritapagita, “No need to be looking like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman at a funeral.” FTW!!!!

  22. Just realized that my demonic computer speakers are working at the moment.

    Did you guys wear ear plugs? I think I just suffered permanent damage from the video.

    PS I can’t get chimpanzee lady video to work. Is it just me or is it effed up?

    • I get a message saying something about it being private.

      No chimpanzee lady, but thanks for the “monkey man” video!

    • I can’t watch it either. It says it’s a private video and you have to accept the posters friend request to view it. 😦 boo, UC & Moon don’t want me as their friend 😦

      (I KNEW they think I’m NOT normal!)

      • Um yeah, I just want you to comment a hundred times a day, just so I can giggle at Beaker. Seriously. It’s making my life over here.

  23. I watch some online live feed with that Anya chick (whose voice was oddly irritating for someone who wants to sing for a living). Looks like her role there was to tell everyone she sings on the soundtrack.

    Anywho, they got a chance to interview him and his Oscarlicious self and in the process created the most awkward moment of the night by having this lovely girl (who was also wearing Bella’s bithday dress) tell Robward how his character in NM got her through the recent and untimely dath of her best friend and grand dad.

    Rob was mortified… Being true classy (Drumk) Rob, he said the right thing, gave the girl a hug and got the Hale out of there. I cringed the whole time.

    • untimely dath? Is that like pissing away?

      • I shouldn’t be laughing this hard because its related to that girl’s tragedy. 🙂

        I meant to type death… but I iPhone typing skills sucketh. I am glad I misspelled it now since it caused you to make me laugh. Serendipitous misspeling… ahhh

    • Word, I was so 2nd hand embarrassed there during that segment with Courtney that I had to pause the live feed. But Rob was a true gentleman there, for realz, I have to give Clare and Dick some credit for raising a great person. He could have been an ass about that whole situation, but he was really great.

  24. I love you whores more than I love my luggage.

    PS. I thought UC was the taller of the two of you…no?

  25. Sounds so fun and I´m soo jelous, would have loved to be there. Or at least seen it happen live…For the sake of my husbands view of my sanity it was however a good thing that it aired at 3 am here and I had a business meeting to get up to in the korning… But now I´m in the office, suit on and meeting over, watching all the clips from last night and dreaming of losing that Rob virginity.

    • We all dream of that, Cecpet!

      • I don’t.

        • Did you see the pics of BB from the premiere?

          JK. Like the ROUSs, I don’t think they exist.

          • rodents of unusual size? i don’t think they exist either… ha-ha.. i love that you just did a shout-out to Princess Bride. it’s one of my all time fav movies (the book was good too)…

            “you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means”… “hello… you killed my father, prepare to die”… i can go all day…

            “stop that rhyming now i mean it!” “anybody wanna peanut?”

          • but there ARE pictures of BB at the opening… go to the sociallite life web site.

          • “Wuv. Twue Wuv.”

            “Mawwiage is a dweem wifin a dweem.”

            “I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

            Yo, Bella, I know you’re working your thang with the stuters and the blinks and all, but Princess Buttercup was the most passive, indecisive heroine of all time. OF ALL TIME!

          • S-Pizzle, that was so freaking WIN that I’m congratulating myself just for reading it. Princess Bride and ROUS’s! Amaze-hawt.

          • this is how messed up LTT?/R has made me: true story…this morning…on the radio…they said something completely unrelated that just sounded like ROUSes, and my brain immediately jumped to that pic of (hot) Keifer and StothePizzo’s comment about ROUSes the other day. Thank you all for infesting my brain like the fleas Bella got from Jacob!

          • I’m luvin’ ya Stothe (still calling you Stothe)

          • Okay, stothe, I might start calling you stothePizzle. For good measure.

            At my old waitressing job, we had this pizza that had some sweet onion drizzle on top. It was super good w/ the drizzle but most people think since it looks weird it must taste weird etc. So, we’d always ask rather than have a remake. Anyway, 9/10 times we ended up writing “Nizzle on the Drizzle” on the ticket. hehe.

          • Awww.

            1. I have seen the BB premiere porn and it is good.
            2. Alvc – thank you, thank you, for the flea comment. It gets lonely here on Isle Jacobhatin’.
            3. Call me whatever you wish, just call me.
            “Call ME! I’ll arriiiiiiive call me, call me any, anytime, call me!”
            4. TS – I’d take some drizzle fo shizzle.

            And I’m spent.

          • I lamespiced myself with a thumbsdown for an empty post. How the hell did I do that? I dont’ even know. I was attempting to applaud StothePizzo for her moving soliloquy but I was big time fail 😦

          • Stothe and Avlc…
            “fleas”? really?
            and i thought we were friends…
            Im seriously gonna have a cry now…my day cannot get any worse….
            sad cookie sends sad hugs…

          • The fleas were only from Jacob, IWL! You know Taylor’s clean as a whistle!

          • Don’t be sadsies IWL – just picture those fleas in a flea circus. Everyone loves a flea circus.

            In my flea circus though they are doing stuff like riding teeny tiny motorbikes and jumping off little cliffs while adrenaline-induced imaginary Edward stomps on those damn fleas mwaaahahahahhaha.

          • Stothe and Avlc

            Taylor…soooooo cleeeaaannnn…..shower….aftershave….sooooo censoring myself right now….
            Flea circus…little motorbikes…tiny cliffs….
            *upper lip quivers*

            U made me smile u little Jacob-haters and I love u for that…..for reals….
            Things are starting to look up…

          • I love the Blondie reference. I super duper love Blondie. When I reread what I wrote it was funny how it broke it down.

            I watched E’s red carpet thing for NM tonight and Taylor said his ideal first date would be to go watch a hockey game. I said, “Well, he is a Michigan boy.” hehe. I heart hockey.

  26. Ashley makes me sick (good sick). No one person should be that absolutely perfect. And who the heck is her stylist? Gotta love that person too. *sigh*

    I think I may have just (fake) come out of the closet. Damn girl…

  27. That picture of Rob CRACKS ME UP. It totally screams “O RLY?!” to me.

    There’s a reason this is the only Twilight blog I read, ladies. I love that you showed up hoping for the best the day of the premiere instead of marinating in yours and others’ filth for 4 days. You’re my people. Have a blast out there!

  28. did anybody else notice that in the picture of Rob, where his eyes are WIDE open (didn’t know they could open that much) w/ the caption re: the licquor store, that he looks like the oldest son (actor Chad Allen, when he was young) on Dr. Quinn Med. Woman? that was weird… to me…

    • What’s with all the Dr. Quinn references today?

      • wellllllll….. sheesh. it was just my observation… that popped into my head when i saw that picture.

        • No no, someone else had a dr. quinn reference earlier. Or was that also you?

          Okay, I’m sick today. I want a get out of foot in mouth free pass.

          • oh, yeah..i saw that comment up there. no worries… i think i’m on edge… you know… count-down and all that… you are not alone in the lack of NM opening night coverage… i didn’t see anything either… plus when i got the hub was grilling and i forgot about the tv… even though i had “wanted” to Taylor on Jay last night.

            Are you really sick?! i’m so sorry! *hands bowl of soup* need Charlie Swan tissue? i had some made up especially for you… did you see the B.B. pictures i refered to you?

            hope things improve… no foot in mouth, socks taste bad.

          • hey ambushed I was reading this comment and had a coughing fit and then started reading again right at the part that went, “Are you really sick?” hahaha!

            I checked out the BB pics mmmm and I thought I replied to it, but who knows if it went through…you know what with 400,000 hits a day (I’m guessing like 100,000 are from me…how 2nd hand embarrassing)

            Um, just saw a commercial for “party cardis” at Old Navy. Why didn’t they make those sooner so I could actually wear a cute sweater to work?

            Anyway…I’m gonna shower and call it a night I think (after reading through all the reply comments teehee).

    • i guess no one else saw the same thing i saw… *pout*

      • Well. I haven’t watched that Dr. Quinn show since I was probably eight and forced to watch it at my grandmas.

        I don’t really remember anything about it except it wasn’t cartoons. 😉

  29. SO awesome and hey, thanks for staying up to blog about it 🙂 For those of us that can’t be there, we love you for it!

  30. I’ve met SMeyer! She was cool… I stood there and words attempted to spill out of my mouth, but all I got was “H-h-h-h-i. Erm… ah… hmm, thanks” Yeah… FAILface. She was nice and now I have autographed copies of Twilight and The Host… 😀 So I made a fool outta myself but that’s NORMAL (I guess… isn’t it?).

  31. I have a disproportionate brain to mouth filter ratio…so stop reading now if you are sensitive (you have been warned.)

    Ashley finally got it right. Kristen has lovely skin. Kellan is in the right industry (or maybe politics), Jackson needs a stylist yesterday, Taylor takes instruction well, and there aren’t words in the english language available to articulate how pretty Rob is or how I dig his soul.

    The vast majority of Twi fans scare me, make me feel better about myself (IYKWIS), and need prayer. You girls and my peeps round these parts, and Twitter make this fandom bearable. If it weren’t for this blog, plus a few select others, and the ‘normal’ chicks out there…I would have gauged my own eyes out by now.

    And this… vvvvvvvv is why I love you both Moon!

    ‘PUH-LEASE you’d be closer if you sniffed a dry bottle of Heineken.’

    • A to the MEN!

      All those other crazies (including the people in my real life who were constantly updating their facebooks with twilight flair and quizzes and made me want to scoop my brain out) were what kept me from reading the books and seeing the movie in the first place. Had I not stumbled across LTT and you lovely ladies, I may never have had the pleasure of the finer parts of this fandom. Viva la NORMAL.

  32. aww looks like you guys had fun. i can’t beleive that there were protesters. oh well. i am going to have to stay off your blog and off of the for the next couple of weeks since we aren’t going to go see the movie until the first part of december. this makes me sad.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your fun experience 🙂

    Glad you had fun xoxo

  34. Good lord, that crap was crazy. I am at a loss for words. Major props to y’all for going to experience it, and still keeping your dignity amongst all the wackadoos. I’m so happy I didn’t get home from my meeting to see a pic of UC and Moon on twitter holding a sign up that read “Hey, Ashley – I’ll be your fake lesbian”….although, that may have been pretty funny.

    • Haha!

      ‘holding a sign up that read “Hey, Ashley – I’ll be your fake lesbian”’

      We would have been exponentially 2nd-hand embarrassed!

  35. Don’t hate you today. Proud of your review….miss you and all the other gals. ((HUGS))

  36. Ment to bee.


  37. For serious I want to be reincarnated in my next life as Ashley….

  38. Love that funny Rob pic. LOVE IT.

    No Billy Burke? 😥 One day…

    I know I didn’t make it this year…but of course I’ll be there for BD, since I’ll be in it as Kate. Obv. And I’ll rock that red carpet like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll wear one of my old prom dresses 😉

    Hopefully it’ll rain that night, so everyone can ask, “How you likin’ the rain, girl?” Just sayin’

    • Any thoughts on your Garrett?

      • Le Sigh. I’ll have to go reread his description from Breaking Dawn.

        I’m thinking maybe I can get the guy who plays Sawyer in Lost. Swoon. BUT, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have David Anders (when he has long hair in Alias). But, he’s all blonde and not the appropraite height.

        Do you think Bear Gryls would do it? ::falls over laughing:: My mother met him at some church seminar! Him and his entire family…including their Manny (male nanny).

        I’m still thinking. Rugged, dark haired, 5 o’clock shadow. That’s my type to the maximum, so I’m just gonna have to rack my brain. All I can come up with is Billy Burke ::blush:: Any suggestions?

      • John Stamos. Start sending the petitions now!

        • STAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ahh, Uncle Jessie… me-likie!

          • WHAT?! I just threw up all over my desk. Forget coffee spewing.

            No no no no no no. He’s way too old, first off. And no no no no. My childhood revolved around Full House. I cannot take him from Jessie and his twin sons.

          • I’d suggest Keanu, but then I’d have to hate you.

            Tom Sturridge! Not at all what I picture for the character, but you could totes hook me up w/a double-date w/Rob.

            *remembers The Man at home*

            Er, or, maybe Sam Worthington? Delish and something like I picture Garrett. Also, Ryan Kwanten’s cool. Like purple.

          • TS is such a hater.

            Yet, she loves the slightly old Charlie/Billy.

            Can Stamos not be an “older” vampy?

            This is my dream. I started it and I will finish it. 😉

          • He’d be playing Garrett. Garrett is supposed to be like 25.

          • @ TS oh my GRACEOUS! i absolutely actually laughed out loud (at work) when i read your comment there! oh geeze, that’s comedy girl! i’m still giggling…

          • @TS Oh shize. I didn’t even know what that was in reference to.

            OK. Stamos just needs to be a vampy. Garrett could be played by the marvelous Jensen Ackles. He is HOTT!

          • I’m ashamed, i had to google who Garrett is. I thought that’s who he was, but I had to google to be sure (interesting note: I got all the way to the “w” in “Garrett Twilight” before it came up with any twi-related suggestions. Typically I type in something, like say “R” and it instantly comes up with Rob is Fucking Hawt dot come…oops another Freudian slip, I meant dot com anyway……)

            Am I the only one that pictured Gerard Butler in my head while reading Garrett’s parts?

          • Holy crap, TomStu?! Can we have that kind of sexual tension between Garrett and Edward?! I mean, wouldn’t that take away from the main storyline with Bella?

        • So, I looked up Garrett. He’s described as:
          “a tall rangy vampire with eager ruby eyes and long sandy hair he kept tied back in a leather thong (thong, teehee)–and it was apparent immediately that he was an adventurer.

          I think Josh Holloway might be the one… Though he’s 40, but I can still deal with that.

  39. Soooo I was looking through premiere pictures, and the time has officially come for letterstocharliebewley!

  40. kristen was so beautifull . Ashley, nikki, elisabeth as well.
    But what was that with christian serrato dress and her, i love her so much and here she look like a prostitute or a slut in hip hop music video. Usually she’s so fashion forward and apropriate. SM looks just awfull, to much make up and the wrong one.

    I’m going to see the movie tomorow. The reviews are bad butyou never know maybe is not as kitch and cliche as they’re making it sounds. I really hope they ‘re wrong.

    The only thing positive they’re saying is that the acting saved the movie.

    • Don’t say the reviews are bad! That’s not what it’s about!!!

      I wish I could read them…but my purity ring is still steadfastly on.

      • ‘Don’t say the reviews are bad! That’s not what it’s about!!!’

        I had to stifle (at work) a hearty laugh at the absurd truth of this statement. Whereas other movies may win or lose based on their quality, this series is carried so far by fanlove. NM could not suck hard enough to keep us away from Eclipse. Especially with a different director at the helm.

        I don’t give too much credence to reviewers. I have yet to find one I consistently agree with.

        • I concur with your bit about reviewers. I don’t actually read or follow any reviews. I feel like I’ll always see something they mised. Plus they never watch the movie more than once. You can’t really take in a movie until at least a day or two later. And I can’t focus on everything the first time I see a movie because I’m such a story-driven and dialogue person.


  41. My opinion on the whole Jackson thing was at least he wasn’t wearing that God-awful hat. But I had a thing for Jordan Catalano, so his hair wasn’t disappointing.

    • OOOOOMMMMGGGG! YOU JUST MENTIONED Jordan Catalano! SQUEEEEEE! i loved My So-called Life! i super heart you for that reference! (remember how everyone on the show had to say his WHOLE name every time?!)

      sad to say how happy that reference made me… 😉

  42. LUCKY! [napoleon voice]

    looks like you had a blast!
    thanks for doing it for us…
    MUST have been super hard work

    cupcake w/ sprinkles as you payment ok?

  43. Dang it, I know this is the New Moon installment, but it might as well freaking Eclipse because it sure is eclipsing all my other responsibilities. I might be homeless by the time Breaking Dawn gets here.

    Speaking of homeless… I’ve come to the conclusion that I might be overdoing it in the lusting for Rob department. On Saturday I was walking out of Whole Foods when I spotted a somewhat hobolicious looking twenty-something scruffy dude (plaid: check| beannie: check| stubble: check | abused jeans: check | blue eyes: check) based on those Rob qualifications I decided he reminded me of Rob. Then I noticed he was waving at me. My first thought was, “crap, he saw me giving him the Rob inspection, how first-hand embarrassing” So I turn to listen to what he is saying by removing my headphones (what? is normal to be listening to Rob while I shop for groceries) and then it hit me all at once, ONE: this IS NOT Rob and TWO: he is asking me for CHANGE… So I freaked out and got the Hale out of there! I even forgot to give him the change. How did this happen to me?

    • Were you in Poughkeepsie by chance?

      • Nope, Silver Spring, Maryland.

        • Oh. I was making a reference to homelessward in a fanfic.

          Vague is my middle name.

          • Xylem – you are cracking me the Hale up. What, were you gonna let him haul you off in a shopping cart? Don’t worry – THAT’S NORMAL!

            Fang – I was right there with you, don’t worry. I was expecting to read something about FauxHoboRob playing a carboard piano.

            You up for a road trip to Silver Spring? I feel like performing a holiday miracle.

          • *grabs keys* *runs to car*

            Wait. Where is Poughkeepsie? Is it NY?

            That’s a long way. You gonna drive? I get sleepy. And annoyed.

          • Know this, Fang: I ALWAYS drive. ACCEPT it.

            Psh. Poughkeepsie is . . .NE of me, I think. I have GPS.

            Call the sitter. I’ll be there in ten.

    • HA! This used to happen to me BEFORE Rob. I’d see a vaguely young, scruffy looking dude, do the ‘heeeelloo, you’re totally my type’ double take, and that’s when I notice the can of super strong beer and the fact they were a tramp.

  44. I had the worst night ever. Moon promised me Big Daddy… and didn’t deliver. I told her I’m not leaving LA without seeing Big Daddy… that means I will continue to hog her covers on the bed for the rest of my life if we don’t see him soon…

    🙂 (Thanks for all the sweet comments saying we represented the non-embarrassing fans…. thanks. we try)

  45. Thank you for bringing us this hilarious account of the evening and being NORMAL. Oh, and for having good fashions (I could not BELIEVE what some fans were wearing!).

  46. So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves without crying or screeching. From one unpsycho fan that’s not down with wearing an “I want to be a stupid lamb!” tee to another, you guys are amazing. Here’s hoping I get to the Eclipse premiere just to experience that brand of crazy.

  47. P.S. I think my husband might hate me a little….he did not appreciate me Tweeting and the constant pic surfing while I was at our oldest’s preschool parents meeting last night. Also did not help that I was having silent seizure laughter issues when I began thinking up lyrics about running over Anya “did you hear my song? Please give me validation” Marina to the tune of Satellite Heart.

  48. Slightly off topic but I need help!! Some of my New Moon midnight viewing peeps want to make shirts! I’m already feeling second-hand embarrassed. What should I do??

    • being seen with people in shirts is almost as bad as just giving in to the embarrassment and wearing one. might as well go for it!

    • i would say… go-for-it! you are obviously a lil bit of an over-the-top-fan (like me) to go to a minight movie anyway. i’ve been told that “regular fans” go at “regular” times… whatever babe! DO IT! embrace it! be PROUD! if i had one i’m pretty sure i’d wear it… and remember: it will be dark. 😉

    • Um, I’m making a shirt. What are you trying to say here?

      Mine is a walmart cami with a giant iron on pic of charlie and say “Sit down. Have some plaid.” I’m wearing it underneath my purple plaid button up.

      I think you should do the dual plaid and undershirt action, that way you can always button up the plaid shirt to hide your shame.

    • Get the Edward pillowcase and wear it over your head.

    • Thanks for all the advice everyone! Time to make a Twilight shirt!

  49. I enjoyed meeting you Noreen. The fish tacos were excellent!

  50. Michael Welch is the new George Hamilton. Discuss.

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