Rereading New Moon Chapters 3-6

newmooncoverDear LTT-ers,

I wrote last week about rereading New Moon to “prepare myself” to the premiere THIS WEEK (crazy we can say that now) and last time I wrote about Carlisle’s icicle hands but this time I think I wanna talk a little bit about fate.

After I finally made it through that wretched “The End” chapter, cried (yup, again) at “the months” and made it through “Waking Up” chapter we finally make it to “The Cheater” aka Bella wants to be Evil Knievel. I was anxious to get through it because I knew the next chapter was “Friends” and Jacob finally comes back into the picture to rescue us from this emo-fest we’ve been in for the last 4 chapters but I was struck by a simple sentence Stephenie wrote right as Bella sees the motorcycles in the Markses yard. She writes:

“Sometimes, kismet happens.”

And of course I got to thinking about kismet and how it plays out in not only the books but my life outside of the books. So if we believe Merriam-Webster and their slutty cousin than Kismet means “fate or destiny” that this was meant to happen. Edward leaving Bella had to be part of the master plan, she needed to do some growing on her own apart from their all-encompassing relationship. And without Edward leaving Bella wouldn’t have turned into a reclusive hermet girl making Charlie yell at her to go out and see friends and Bella wouldn’t have been out driving aimlessly if he hadn’t. Bella finding those bikes was meant to be because it leads her to Jacob and rekindling their friendship that ultimately helps bring her out of the pits of depression and eventually becomes a more rounded, better equipped person for when Edward finally shows back up at the end of the story.

Then me being me I took it a step further thinking about kismet in my own life, it was kismet that my coworker lent me her Twilight book which I become addicted to which led me to seek out other people who had been reading them which led me to see a Facebook status post UC had written around the same time which made us strike up a Twilight conversation. And well if it wasn’t kismet that made us start Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob than truly I don’t know what is because without these blogs tons of people who never knew each other people would never have met otherwise. It still blows my mind to think about all the people that not only UC and I have met but all the people around the world who have met each other because one day we decided, or perhaps it was fated that we start these blogs.

So yes, I really do believe that sometimes kismet happens. What about you?


PS Speaking of people we’ve met because of these blogs, today a bunch of you are flying into LA for a week of New Moon mania and I can’t wait to see all your faces and hug your necks and say a little thanks for kismet

Take the jump so we can get a little business outta the way……

FIRST: Will you be in LA next week? Wanna meet us? Email us because we’re doing something somewhere at sometime Tuesday night :)

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THIRD: Alex’s Lemonade stand is actually giving away a NEW MOON SCREENING FOR 50 people! from now until Monday. Win this. And invite me. I’ll bring cupcakes. Read details here

FOURTH: Cathy the Cougar opened her big mouth for a second and instead of taking a big gulp of a TGIFriday’s margarita special, she outted Robsten. And THEN told MTV she’d let them have the Rob & K audition tape. So Monday (the 16th) starting at 10pm EST on MTV, there will be TWO New Moon specials… and at some point the audition tape we have all dreamed about (and replaced Kristen Stewart’s face with our own) will be shown!

FIFTH: Wanna win New Moon tickets? is giving them away. Read about it here

Whew, I think we got all the business done!

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  1. First of all: awwww!
    I kinda get what you mean. I hated Twi before (I know!) and thought it sounded stupid and crap and then I saw the trailer. Which (along with the fact that Rob was in it) led to me seeing the film and then reading the books and finding all these amazing online Twi people.
    Which I love. Cos you all get me.
    Second of all, Cougar Cath is a bitch!!
    That is sooooo not her call to out them.
    I mean, it’s obvi anyway but it’s not up to her to confirm it.
    Clearly she is still trying to cling to her Twi threads like she has been all year.


  2. I get to be the first one to post. It was fated 😛

    But on a serious note, maybe you’re right Moon. Because if I hadnt been aimlessly wandering in the bookstore for something to read a year and a half ago then the last copy of a certain vampire romance novel (that I wouldnt even have looked twice at) in the store would have been purchased by someone else and I wouldnt have known of its existence till a badly made movie based on it would come out (that I definitely wouldnt have gone to watch had I not read the amazing book) and I would never have discovered LTT/LTR, something that I have been looking forward to daily for months

  3. I get to be the first one to post. It was kismet 😛

    But on a serious note, maybe you’re right Moon. Because if I hadnt been aimlessly wandering in the bookstore for something to read a year and a half ago then the last copy of a certain vampire romance novel (that I wouldnt even have looked twice at) in the store would have been purchased by someone else and I wouldnt have known of its existence till a badly made movie based on it would come out (that I definitely wouldnt have gone to watch had I not read the amazing book) and I would never have discovered LTT/LTR, something that I have been looking forward to daily for months

  4. sorry for that double post :S

    I totally agree with you Jayde, Cathy was wayyyy out of line. Whether they want to come out or not is Robsten’s choice. She shouldnt have done that her Twi connection is history. The faster she accepts it the better.
    But I am looking forward to the tape though. That’s Normal?

  5. Thank God for kismet…If it wasnt for my pervy wanderings after seeing that the nerdy kid i liked in Twilight had suddenly ahem “blossomed” (u guys gave us a timeline and it was awesome) I read the entire blog in two days…used up 75% of my broadband connection for the month (it had only just renewed itself…fiance was not pleased cause we’re poor college students) and fallen in love with everything Twilight and i mean everything beyond the books….its been a crazy ride…

    *In less than a month i was outed, accepted, befriended and Twitted….
    *I constantly talk about u, make insider jokes that only i get, shared many an iced tea with the Hansen(we’re fast becoming BFF’s) and u may or may not have sparked a fantasy that involves the Trimble, Newton and an alleyway near the premier….NOT! (Unless Taycob is into that kind of shiz) and yes u guys have made me comfortable enought to type crazy scenarios like that one….
    *have lost millions of hours of sleep in order to keep up and have met some of the most amazing people…who help keep me anchored in good old “Normal-ville”, even when i start doubting my own sanity (like posessing Twi-porn and talking to a 17 yr old who doesnt even know i exist…but will after Hansen gets this into post-production)

    I know im not funny (but rambling as always) but thanks guys for making me the happiest ive been in 3 long years….Its like finally coming home *sniff*
    Kismet and kisses to all of you,
    A Twi perve redeemed by love,

    • I ❤ you, Illegal!!!!

      Make sure you watch out for that windowless Eddie van that Hansen rides around (and may or may not turn into a giant monster, alien robot)!

      Muah times a million. 😀

    • Awww… I heart you times a million!

      You are always hilarious! I promise.

      Also, please watch out for that windowless Eddie van that Hansen drives around in. It may or may not turn into a gigantic alien robot. Please be on high alert. I worry for your safety! 😉

      PS. I really hope that I’m not “that girl” double posting but I risk it out of my love for the one & only IllegalWL. “D

      • First the dream catcher and now this? give me a minute….
        *wakes fiance and gives back engagement ring*
        U know i heart u just as much (or even more… ;))
        I’ve double posted before…and i’d do it again in a heartbeat for u… 😀

        P.s.Tranforma-Henson? Ive seen that van…i consider myself warned….*burns Lautner Leggings* last time i’m wearing that to College…

  6. Yes, I guess it must be fate that I happened to be bitten by Twilight at a point in my life when I needed it most…and found this awesome site when I was getting lonely in my closet.. 🙂

    Right now I’m giddy with all the New Moon craziness going around and trying hard not to hold my breath until I get to see the movie, because then I would be, like, dead by now, you know?

    Don’t really see how Cathy CAN out Robsten, though? I mean, her opinion is as good or bad as the next person’s, unless she gives us PROOF, right? And proof would be Rob and Kristen moving in together and snoggling in public. Until I see that, I’m withholding my opinion!

    Can’t really blame Cathy for hanging on to the Twilight train by her (bitten) fingernails, can you? Who wouldn’t give an arm and a leg to stay on it once you boarded?

  7. Cathy is a snibitch. I don’t really know what that means but I like it.

    I just woke up from having dreams that I was shot at. Reading Poughkeepsie until 2 am = bad idea. Also, watching GOF while sleeping, had me thinking that Voldemort shot me. Catholic Jasper showed up and kept shoving rosaries into my hands. Rosalie kept yelling that she was gonna “Cut a bitch”.

    What the hell? First Twi related dream and it involves me being shot? Is that kismet?

    I hope not. 😦

    • she’s just jealous cause she knows ur usurping her in BD with the rest of the look-alikes…lol
      catholic Jasper? sigh…and i thought bible study Kellan was hot….ill never see church the same way again…

      • I think that I didn’t clarify. Rose was saying “Cut a bitch” in reference to cutting Voldy.

        She is my hero. And my doppelganger. Ha!


        • U know me…in my prejudiced mind Rosalie hates all of us…dream or no dream…
          I keep forgetting that u DO like her…
          Mea Culpa
          *offers caramel pecan cookie of resolved misunderstanding* (Its becoming a thing wit me now…mmmm baked goods)

          • *munches cookie*


            Am I the only Rosalie lover? Sad.

          • NO! I actually love Rose. She is such a bitch and I can totes identify with her.

            Go Team Rose!

            This team appears to be only a small group of less than 5, hardly a team.

            Go Posse Rose!

          • and i am another indentified one of the 5 rosalie fans!
            she is bad asssssssss.

          • @illegal – I was just talking with someone about this yesterday…I do not like Rosalie! To me, she’s the only character with no redeeming qualities that I can see. So, consider my dislike of her my contribution to supporting wolfpack love.

          • @Ang…yay!!! I love i when Jacob makes Blonde jokes at her….I guess i just never got her…I thought id like her when shes all protecting nessie but then when she goes nuts i was like WTF? but i will be nice….cause im errrm….nice

          • @Ang and Illegal, YES! Rosalie is such a bitch. Her backstory doesn’t even make me feel bad for her. Her whole reasoning about not wanting Bella to become a vampire is because she wants Bella to have the opportunity to have kids. Well guess what sweetheart, you only decided to have kids the very night that you walked home unescorted and were gang beaten and left for dead by your fiance and his friends. Looks like you weren’t ever going to get the chance to have kids, either, but it had NOTHING to do with you become a vampire. Ugh. Did SM not realize that that made basically zero sense at all?

            “I wish someone had voted no for me.” Er, what? When you were lying there on the pavement dying? Ugh. She’s so effing ridiculous.

            Okay, I’m trying to calm down. I’m all like Paul right now, starting to quiver…….it’s like there’s an earthquake underneath my bed I’m makin’ it shake so much. Okay, that sounded bad. I was just referencing the scene in NM when Jake and Alice are in the same room and Bella realizes that Edward’s going to die.

          • Good lawd. I have started some sort of shitstorm against Rosie.


            I just like her. She gets what she wants and when. Maybe I am a tad bit like her? Don’t know. Mr. Fang would say yes.

            Also, fanfic Rosalies rock my socks off.

        • Doppelganger! hahaha

          Also, I think snibitch may mean “snitch bitch” ‘cuz she snitched on Robsten (or whatevs); it also makes reference to your HP dream.

  8. thanks for being here, guys – it’s been really fun and we still have a ways to go! can’t make it to L.A. this time, but for Eclipse? it’s on! (hubs is coming too- he volunteered last night!
    shame on the coug. for not minding her business and coming off as so desperate for attention. (doesn’t mean i won’t watch the tape though) but Cathy, please go back to dreadlocking your hair/sipping your ‘rita and MOVE ON please. we’re over you; we only have eyes for Chris now.

    • Okay, but some of us have eyes for Slade. Not in a bedroom eyes sense, mind you.

      • sure sure TS…”not in a bedroom eyes sense” my ass…we all know you’d tap that man in a heartbeat…especially if he’s directing BD and offers u the part of Kate….

        • Tap him on the shoulder!

          Yes, if he offers me the role of Kate then there’s no question about the lengths I would go for him. Or the shortnesses, since you know, he’s a little bit um, small. HEART YOU, DAVID!

  9. Please remember to take a lot of pictures of your Tuesday night together 🙂

    Some of us are in Denmark and (for obvious reasons) are not gonna make it. But with your pictures it will feel like we were there 😀

    Have a lot of fun for us!


  10. Will everyone dress up in rob attire? This should be fun.

    • Hola!

      The “normal” ones will wear their Rob attire under something, inside out, and/or to bed. If they want to be Twilight themed at the movie or premiere, they will probably wear plaid. Or a shirt that says an obscure line like “Purple’s cool” or “Whoa, what is going on?”

      • I’m contemplating an undershirt with the “Jacob Black – I’d hit that….with a Volvo” shirt that UC (or was it Moon?) made…..but I’m worried about copyright infringement. 😀

        • Oh shit! Don’t let illegal read this!

          @fang, I’m wearing purple plaid. But I’ve decided to wear this image ironed on to my wal-mart cami. So my plaid shirt will be unbuttoned. OR I will quite possibly put up this image on my shirt.

          ps-is the wheelchair clipart with the words “I’m still dancin’!” underneath it be too politically incorrect?

          • “Too late now” (I ❤ hyper twin u…)
            I choose to ignore it…LOL..Its not like I'm gonna wear a "I'd La Push Edward off a cliff" tee…cause i love Edward…but to each their own…

            Their skanky -ass own…bahahahaha I'm just kidding..i dont mean those things at all…except my Edward and Bronson love of course…..

            absolutelyvic…U know i ❤ u..I'm ur bakery goods dealer…pssst wanna brownie?
            please dont be mad…

          • @TS

            Lovely. I thought the first image was Billy shoving something up his nose. Scared me for a minute.

            Also, the wheelchair clipart is a slippery slope. Perhaps, you could pull it off if you are in a wheelchair. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

          • If you come up with a pic of PFach and Kellan in a hobo butt lock, I am gonna need to see that

          • I think that slope’s more than slippery. I was not planning to do that actually…

            @illegal, you’d la push him teehee.

            Also, after further searching, I realized that I’d have to do this image. Who can say no to a twilight premium playing card?!

          • I saw said trading cards at fye last night! I knew it would be a matter of time for them to make those. It all started when I was in the 5th grade with thos Garbage Pail Kids.

          • Oh TeamSeth I love your purple plaid idea! I wish I could make tshirts with you like we did for movies past….

            (PS this is TeamSeth’s sister!) 🙂

          • thanks Griffs! I’m doing the iron on TONIGHT! 😀

      • That’s such a great idea! I was wondering what to wear that wouldn’t out myself too much. Plaid + Walmart cami here I come.

  11. Hey everyone!

    Yesterday I read on MTV that when Cathy the Cougar casted Rob he had his hair dyed black. So will this be “creepy uncle Rob” on the audition tape? Do I really want to see that version of him kissing me…ahem, Kristen? Oh god, please let there be another Rob-version with black hair apart from that creepy uncle!

    I will keep on hoping until we get proof tomorrow!

  12. Awwww, sweetsies 😀
    Kismet, Fate, or Coinkydink (is it Normal that I think of The Sparklepeen when I say that last word?) it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that it IS. I don’t know ANY of you in RL (which makes me sad, IWL can I have some baked goods please?), but I look forward to spending whatever time I can each day in the virutal community we have here where you all “get” it.
    My RL friends don’t. Well, not with anything twi-related anyway. I think even maybe my “Sponsor”* doesn’t get it anymore. EIther that or she’s just too 1st and 2nd hand embarrassed to admit it. All I know is when I’m away too long I start to miss you all and your wonderful jokes and insights and general greatness 😀
    I trust that every time I click on my two favourite bookmarks I’m going to end up with a smile on my face and a warming in the cockles of my heart (another word that gets me thinking of The Sparklepeen) 😀
    I know that I’m old enough to know better than to own a Pocket Edward, decerning enough to know that watching a movie that really sucked big donkey balls over and over is slightly insane, and mature enough to not get a special thrill from jaw porn (finger porn, hair porn, lip porn, and any Rob-porn in general). But I also know that all of you don’t give a crap about all these things, and that you too are “in on the joke” rather than ready to commit me. I think if Kismet/Fate/Sparkledink hadn’t intervened and led me to you, I quite easily may be in an white padded cell by now.
    UC, Moon, I know I”m not the only one that feels this way: Be proud of what you’ve done and all the wonderful things that have come of it. Remember what I said; clearly that time on VF was not “wasted time”.

    *Sponsor – no, not as in AA sponsor, I mean it in the name given to a friend that introduced you to the Twi-world sense. You know, the one you send the 3a.m. “WTF!!!! Jacob imprinted on Renesselschmay!!!???” text message to the first time you read the books.

    • *offers sugar cookies of comfort and possible meetings during Eclipse 2010: Illegal’s Great American Twi-venture* lol

      • I am all up for Great American Twi-ventures. And I would love some Triple chocolate chunk to comfort my sadness that I will not be seeing any of you for the “big day”

        However, I do have a couple of peeps who are not quite as, um, fond, as myself of all things twi who are going with me for said event.

        They have read the books, Tivo the press junket stuff and have all already re-read new moon in preparation for the day, but I feel none of them have the depth of love for Twi that I do.

        Perhaps they feel the same about me?

        Either way, LTT and LTR are like comfy pj’s and cozy hot chocolate on a blustry winter evening for me, and I thank the Twi-gods for bringing us together.

        Kismet, indeed.


        • Double Chocolate chunk of “there there it’ll all be alright”…

          • Thank you.
            *Chews cookie thoughtfully*
            I knew I could count on you.
            *wipes nose on sleeve*

          • OMG. When is Illegal Goes West happening? Talk about a hamster heart…

            Cannot wait. Hopefully I’ll be back in PDX by then so I can give you the Twi tour before we roll up to say hey to Lapushbaby in seattle. And obviously visit Billy’s hometown by the border before going to Vancouver for the real party.

          • @TS Im gonna try and make it for Eclipse…cause then i’ll still be single (engagements are easily broken) and ready to mingle…I’m gonna have to go ALL over the country to meet all u guys…I’ll be a sad cookie if i dont..Gonna have to set up a fund…and find someone who’ll need a kidney…

            Ur totes my tour guide…gonna wear my “If copstaches and Halos are wrong, i dont wanna be right” tee…

        • I think that they probably think that about you. What they don’t realize is that you don’t need to watch all of that because you get all of your Twi-news right here. Where else are you gonna go?

      • HALES YEAH!!!! I’m so there IWL. SO there!

        (incidentally I’ll be -hopefully fingers crossed-in NZ in March 2011 for a friend’s wedding we could do a Great Southern Hemisphere Twi-venture) 😀

        <3's for the sugar cookies. Here's a sparkledink for you; I made sugar cookies for my Twilight screening party at my house the other night. 😛

    • “All I know is when I’m away too long I start to miss you all and your wonderful jokes and insights and general greatness”

      Awww! So true!!!!

    • @absolutelyvlc – I LOVE your sponsor comment. Lately I’ve been feeling like my sponsor doesn’t quite get it either. We used to talk Twi a lot more. Now, I come here “deep discussions” and me and my sponsor just hit the highlights. And sometimes, when I’m sharing insights with her from LTT, she kind of has that 2nd hand embarrassed look in her eyes.

      • gasp. She does not! How rude. She should be the one second hand embarrassed. I mean, what could be more embarrassing as a sponsor than not being in touch with twilosophy?

      • Will you be my new Sponsor? You already helped me through the Snot Avatar debacle of ’09!

  13. Aww, super Cullen smile at this post! As a long time lurker that really just started posting here a few weeks ago, I would just like to thank Ms. Moon and UC for embracing kismet and molding this site out of awesomesauce and sprinkles. Now I know that I have fellow “normals” in Ohio and have had the chance to discuss Trimble fanfic and other such delights with people like @teamseth, @illegal, @fang, @StotheP, @egregious, @Kendall and @Tuesday. I big puffy pink heart you chicks! Hugs to each of you for making me feel like part of the gang. Here’s to bake sales, the Eclipse premiere, and the wheelchair convoy for Team Billy!

    • Go Team Billy!

      I am telling you Sparklecakes, it feels good to be out. You have a place to call safe here. Is it wrong that I keep LTT and LTR sort of a secret? I really don’t tell my Twi friends about it. I wonder sometimes if they would by chance come to either site, and think “this is what she does with her time?”
      Even tho I know I am normal, what if they didn’t find it normal?

      *shudders at thoughts*

    • We should totes publicise Tremble for Trimble on the convoy…I’ll make the banner….*types Topless Trimble on google images* Imma try something looks like this…

      watcha think? wecan add a wolf on the cliff for symbolism and cheese factor…
      p.s. google search brought up alot of Tay pics…ok Trimble…if u think ill like that sort of thing *right click and save*

      • LMAO!

        And that pic is creeptastic. If you squint, you can see an image of a wolf already on the cliff. Once it gets all blurry, it appears

        • Holy eyesight batman! LOL we need to make it more pronounced….howling maybe…or just staring like a dirty pervert…in an eddie van…
          (need sleep…dont wanna do an exam today..)

        • That’s a tree. And the blob below it is a bush…so maybe it’s Leah. ZING

          Also, doesn’t the “Bella” look a little more like Natalie Portman than KStew?

          • Defs Natalie look a like.

            I don’t think you are squinting hard enuf TS. Your eyelids should quiver and your eyes water. You will see him

          • You were right, lovemesomecullens, I was able to see him this time. He’s not howling though. He’s crouched down looking over the water…just like in epilogue scene in Eclipse…

        • @Fang, You wanna be Bella in Tremble for Trimble? I thought we’d just play ourselves in the FF. You can have Paul and Emmett (just like in BD) but u might have to negotiate with Sparkle over that cause she’s deciding between him and Sam…let Bella have her cape, sock wearing, FTW shouting Solomon…ur too awesome to play her….

          • I heart you. I do not want to be Bella. Blinking that much hurts my eyes. I also like contractions too much.

            I want to be Fangy/Angel/Rosalie. Whichever works best for the scenario.

            Solomon wears socks & a cape? Shouts FTW? No. I’ll stick w/ my Emmett.

            Is Sparklecakes/peen really trying to creep in on my Paulex?

            Seriously, Sparkle I don’t wanna “cut a bitch.” 😉

          • That dream was crazy, fang.

            Okay, so really, I don’t read any FF, so I’m not sure where to start in writing this… suggestions?

      • That pic is creeptastic.

        That chick kinda looks like a skinny version of me. Eww.

        I do not want to be included in a naked vampire beach sex painting thankyouverymuch.

    • sparklecakes, you’ve only been posting a few weeks? Seriously? Huh. I guess that’s true. I thought you were one of the BrookeLockhart/Janetrigs clique originally…but I guess not? (they never talk to me 😦 but you do, so…)

      I always loved your cranberry vodka avatar though, quite clever. I’m changing my avatar soon. I’m going to put up 2 and let you guys decide (a la illegal’s name change come feb 12, which will be 11 for us since she’s all in NZ).

      I can’t wait for Trimble’s Trembles to get started. I may spearhead the effort just by getting The Meadow chapter out there (which is just a way of saying I’ll start in the middle and then we can work about it…there’s not actually going to be a meadow scene. Well I guess there could be, if he’s still sam. hmm, what happens when Edi and Trimble are put in the same symmetrical meadow? H-O-T. One way ticket to Club Creep, please!)

      Also, I’ve started a letter campaign to UC&Moon called: Miscellaneous Crew: A Series of Thank Yous. So far I’ve featured Ryan Steacy (crew safety; armorer) and Chanda Venable (PA). Hopefully once I cover everyone in NM they will post the collection somewhere and link to it for everyone to read.

      • teamseth,
        I know your post was several months ago, but may I ask about your letter campaign? what was its purpose? I haven’t really had a chance to look at this site to see what it’s all about.
        sorry, a friend saw my name and wanted me to ask…
        thanks muchly!

        • Hi Chanda!
          How funny you would ever see this! Anyway, this blog (Letters to Twilight) is more or less a fun blog that discusses (for better and for worse) all things Twilight. However, I felt that there was a serious lack of mention of much of crew, who, let’s face it, are the ones putting in the most hours. My boyfriend is a TV producer so I always feel bad that the crew doesn’t get as much credit.
          Anyway, the format of the blog is to write letters to someone or something (For instance, an entry in February may have begun with, “Dear Summit, please release an Eclipse trailer.”) as if you are actually writing them/it. Mostly the girls who run the blog (UnintendedChoice & TheMoonIsDown) update the blog entries, but they do occasionally post letters that readers have emailed them. So, I decided to start writing letters to each person listed on IMDB as part of the miscellaneous crew. I only got as far as you and Ryan Steacy though, then I abandoned the project.
          I’m glad you saw this though (or your friend told you) and hope you’re doing well and movin’ on up the Production career chain 🙂 Also, a personal note, I am an actress up in PacNW hoping to land a little role in Breaking Dawn, so if you have any pull and want to help me out, that’d be awesome. Or, if there’s any PA or AP positions open for BD, please keep my boyfriend in mind. 🙂 I’m on twitter @lorenagay and I linked to my blog if you click on “TeamSeth” above.

          • i think that it sooo amazing that you wanted the crew to get more recognition. sometimes it seems that people think that films are magically hatched. but, i know that is part of the appeal…
            i love what i do. i always wanted to be involved with the entertainment industry, to offer people that escape from reality that everyone so desperately needs. but, i can honestly say, i am far too shy to ever want to be on the other side of the camera, to have it gaze on me so intently.
            i know that everyone must pay their dues, unless they have been linked to this field since birth. i have not. i am perfectly happy slowly climbing the rungs of this ladder… but, i am taking steps to improve my position. i start courses for my master’s degree in entertainment business next month, through one of the top 5 entertainment schools in the u.s. i’m excited! i love school, learning everything i can, so, if this career path doesn’t work out, i may just be a professional student.
            one thing that i love about being involved with the twilight saga is definitely the fans. they are amazingly loyal. and, while i still find it strange to get emails from random people, or have people come up to me on location, both younger and older, i think it’s cool that they are so passionate.
            anyways, sorry for this rambling… i’ll keep an ear open for any casting needs!

    • Aww… I ❤ you too, Sparklecakes (also known as sparklepeen when it is near my bedtime).

      Excuse me while I go clear the fallen leaves from my gutter of a mind. 😀

  14. Moon,

    Someone once said that they could tell who was writing the blog based on the tone. I’ve also reached that point. You two have distinctly different voices and writing styles. And, not naming names, but one of you is a better speller (and I never count typos as misspellings).

    When I came across that line, I actually laughed out loud (in the middle of the B&N cafe sippin’ on my House blend Starbucks coffee mixed with 1/8 whole milk…yeah, I’m not able to rock the soft part of of slender yet soft despite all my attempts…another lost dream of becoming Bella) causing my boyfriend to not look up from his copy of The Lost Guide to Final Cut Pro or Paste magazine (it varies, but I knew you’d like the Paste throw out, Moon). For Christmas one year, my mom gave me these really neat earrings from a store named Kismet. I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I did know that my mom said, “If you don’t like them, I’ll keep them.” priceless moment. That’s the main reason why I laughed.

    I also giggled at SM’s use of a “Dawson’s Creek word”, which she likes to do from time to time, much to the reader’s chagrin. One per two chapters generally.

    I’m excited for you to get to Friends. The part before Jacob turns wolfy has always been my favorite part of the book. When my sister told me she (like so many others before her) had skipped the whole werewolf segment, I was a little disappointed in her. It’s kind of the best part of the book, people. At least it’s the most real part. Though there was a crap ton of Jake/Bella hand holding. But I do love the line in the movie theater where Jake’s like, “If it doesn’t bug you and you don’t want anyone else to do it, then that’s good enough for me.”

    THANK GOD for kismet and Renesmee. Otherwise wolfboy would be all settling for slopping seconds. Ugh.

    • Ahh, yes, much to the reader’s chagrin

    • THANK GOD for kismet and Renesmee. Otherwise wolfboy would be all settling for slopping seconds…

      or ME…! I aint sloppy….not much anyway…i’m a messy eater though…

      ramble ramble ramble….

      • A messy eater? TWSS! (I hate that phrase, but nothing else fit there.)

        I love that I wrote “slopping” even when i called out one of the blog’s authors for spelling errors. Heh. Of course, that’s not a spelling error…just the wrong word entirely.

    • Hey way to call me out like that! I did skip it, so mad!!!! But I went back and read it again (and again) and now its all good!

  15. Am actually watching twilight right now on tv in the uk tonight! Only the second time, as I almost cried at how bad it was the first time, but it seems not sooo bad second time. God I hope NM is all it’s cracked up to be! Just struck by the thought of how much worse if rob wasn’t in it…doesn’t bear thinking about. Omg just heard the infamous “animal attack” teehe he.

  16. Since I ALMOST NEVER comment on the actual topic, let me start by saying that I love that line – sometimes, kismet happens. Love the idea and all that it means in context of that moment in Bella’s life and in my RL! I don’t even remember what brought me to LTT, but I’m so glad I ended up here.

    New Moon is almost here!

  17. I am also re-reading. Loved this post…great analysis…fuck I sound like a lawyer.

  18. I’m on Phase 3 of Operation Unicorn tonight. Phase 1 was sending a link of the New Moon trailer to a guy friend about a month ago. When he suggested “it looked interesting” and he “might” want to see it with me, I moved on to Phase 2…suggesting he might want to see Twilight first. Well, tonight, I’m going to his house for us to watch the dvd of Twilight! I’m taking beer. Any other suggestions?

  19. Totally off topic (but then when have i ever been on?)
    just finished exam…Twilight question was about adolescent sexuality…ROFLMAO!

    Had to physically stop myself from using the words “intense eye-effing”, “Robward”, “cock blocker” and “leg-hitch”…for example

    “in the meadow scene, even though they do not touch each other, the tension is maintained by (intense eye-effing) the soaring music and close ups of their faces…”
    cute guy sitting next to me thought that i was nuts for smiling so much…
    end useless post…thanks for listening…fiance didnt get the joke…

    • Not a useless post! Totes agree – tension mounts maintained…dare I even say mounts…soaring music and close ups (which of course means the same as eye-effing). Lots of good eye-effing in Twilight.

      • “Lots of good eye-effing” LOL i almost said that…i mean is there any better way to say it?

        LTT is gonna be the death of me one day…shame though…the guy was cute….like a Cam/Jasper mash up…i must have had ink smudged on my face (i do that alot) cause he kept staring at me…and then when the doofus smiles started he knew he was in the presence of a crazy….even the supervisors looked at me funny….

        • Maybe he was staring at you because he was hoping for some eye effing.

          Yeah, LTT might be the death of me too. But what a way to go! I’m off for my date with a potential unicorn! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  20. I do believe in fate because I tried to avoid reading Twilight and then one day I bought it at Target and I was hooked. I read them all, and drove my stalker cousin crazy with how I talked about it. Then I got sad, cause I am single and could not take my Edward passion out on anyone. One night I decided to go out having realized that there are no men coming to the door. That night I ran into an old boyfriend who I hadn’t seen in 17 years. He has always been the one that got away from me….twice. We went on a date and that night my ex, my sons father told me he wanted to try to be together after 8 years. It’s a lot to think about, but none of it would have happened if I hadn’t finally read Twilight.

  21. Someone should really start a Twilight personals site. “Find your Twi-soul mate.” ‘Cause in my RL NOBODY “gets it”. I, too, have lost faith in my “sponsor”. My poor hubs humors me, but even he would not “get” the snark and awesomeness of LTT.

    I need a RL Twibuddy!! Puh-leeze! I live in Johnson City, TN near Bristol, 2 hours from Knoxville. Anybody close? I’d love you forever…

  22. I love Merriman’s slutty cousin!

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