New Moon music and major props to Chris Weitz


I wish I had on my yellow pants

Dear Chris Weitz,

A few weeks back Moon had her chance to gush over you and THEN got to meet you and shake your hand at the Billboard music event. We’ve been sharing with the world (aka the followers on twitter) daily what a DILF we think you are and then in true LTT fashion, because nothing is sacred to us, we totes went and made fun of your horrible, awful, your “wife probably called you the minute the first picture leaked and demanded you remove them”, yellow pants. We feel bad. Because in watching all the interviews with you this week, and seeing you tweet about your “yellow pants committing suicide,” we feel like you may be aware of LTT and may have “heard” us poke fun of the awfulness of the pants.  We’re not sorry we said it, cause those pants deserve to burn, but we want to reassure you that you’re still our favy Twi DILF.

A few weeks back, when Moon was off somewhere crafting yet another plan to do yet another Twilight/Rob related thing to make everyone jealous, Calliope and I got to talking about the New Moon Soundtrack you and…. well, you’ll see

“I’m loving it”

Calliope: are you loving soundtrack?
: lovingI’m on my first listen right now!
: samies
: i may have switched to bon iver being my fav. i mean.. lykke li = amazing. but it’s bon iver. and i love him but then the grizzly bear…jeez..and this is what I’ve decided. (i shall tell Chris Weitz in a letter soon) New Moon LOOKS amazing; New Moon SOUNDS amazing; New Moon is a GREAT story, so as long as the acting is AMAZING, the movie will be AWESOME- it all falls on their acting and well….we’ll see
: yep. i think Kristen will be much more believable as Bella here. I think Weitz was the proper director for her… Hardi was too all over the place
: I hope! and Rob better not suck it (cuz sometimes he does) Hardi is crazy balls
: the puppy’s acting is also up for consideration
: Yes.. the puppy better lower his voice. Dude.. WTF is this Lupe Fiasco bonus track on the soundtrack? Omg… I’m dying. I will stop it and never listen again
: if rob’s acting sucks I’m blaming it on the apparition effect
UC: let’s just blame anything wrong with it on Hardi

Marry Me

UC: Seriously.. did you see that picture of Chris Weitz in the studio that @twilight tweeted? He has adorable sticking out ears! I would marry him if I weren’t already married. I’d walk right up to the studio where he’s been working day and night and say.. hey Chris marry me. I’d wear something slutty..
: oh. mae. gawd. listening to that lupe song now.
: TURN IT OFF- I will delete it from my iTunes, I mean it. I skipped over the opera too- i can’t handle it after indie amazingness
: Okay, I skipped to “the Meadow.” OMG i heart Weitz. I want to send him a gift basket to thank him for what he’s done with new moon, but not a cheesy fruit gift basket…like a serious thoughtful gift basket
: yes! let’s ponder this What would it include?
: An inspirational quote book (Because he’s sensitive and would totally get it)
: perhaps a mix tape too.. of poetry- all the things we’d need, just in case he decided to take me up on my offer to ‘thank him’
: when I was in B&N yesterday possibly scanning the racks for one of the bazillion twi-gang covers I know I’m gonna buy, I saw a journal with “stay calm and carry on” on it… and I LEGIT wanted to buy it for him. I’d Etsy him a dartboard with the studio heads responsible for Golden Compass (plus one with Nicole Kidman’s face on it because her excessive use of Botox had to have had something to do with why it tanked, as well.)
: Perhaps we could also use a Rachelle pillow? Since he was the last to use her?

We talk football (seriously) after the jump!

Chris Weitz Foot ball

UC & Moon (and sometimes Calliope): Helping to....


Calliope: Doesn’t that pic of him in the studio almost look like he is posing for his senior varsity football pic?  Because he looks like he always wanted to play football but never got around to it
: he was too busy listening to indie music
: too busy trying to get girls to eat pie’s with him while he videotaped
: planning to one day insert perfect songs in a movie that will not tank. He should’ve listened to more Lupe Fiasco. Then he would’ve gotten on the football team
: BAHAHA yep the lack of Lupe was totes a cockblock for the Weitz


UC: Chris is gonna blow us away. I know it. Again.. acting better live up to it. I know Justin Chon’s got it in the bag
: omg he’s perfected the “guy you date in high school who ends up being gay thus making you question your worth as a woman” thing down pat

chris weitz football and helmet

...make Chris Weitz

UC: Seriously…. I blame Harid haha! Not Hagrid from Harry Potter. I mean “Hardi” from “Happy hour at Applebees Monday thru Friday”
I really don’t get it. it’s like fine. hire someone gay to play a boyfriend of a teenaged girl… but make sure he can play it not gay you know?
: right.. weren’t any other Asian actors available?
Calliope: I mean because you know there is some teenaged girl sitting in the audience who as been wondering for a few months now why her boyfriend won’t go near her downstairs ever and noticing some not so straight tendencies in him… like wearing business casual to high school and she’s thinking “maybe he’s gay” but then she sees twilight/new moon and sees yorkie and is like “well, look at that yorkie is just like my boyf but i KNOW he’s not gay because he dates angela and he’s not gay in the books even though his name is ben in the books” and she continues to live the lie
: It’s like Gay BFF Rob that we posted a few week back! Oh no! Are we feeding the lie? That girl reads that and thinks “Oh, if Rob wears a sequined vest, it’s not odd that my boyfriend does too” She sees Rob as a creepy uncle & thinks that her boyfriend’s high, soft-pitched girly voice is also appropriate.”If Rob and Eric Yorkie do it, then it must be okay”

NFL Team Jacob vs Team Edward

...dreams come true

Uh.. okay maybe there were some tangents there, Chris… but all in all, we’re glad you didn’t make the team and decided to become a director instead. At least now you can wear your yellow pants to cool red carpet events in Europe! If you HAD been a star on the high school football team, you would instead be wearing your yellow pants while sitting on the couch balancing a cheese steak on your gut and opening a can of Bud light while watching guys like you on TV!

Can’t wait to see your & Eric Yorkie’s work!


Dear Calliope- I love you (are you following her on twitter yet? She’s a blast and 1/2) @calliopeBlabs
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  1. Love the soundtrack. Love what I’ve seen so far. Love the excellent use of photoshop in this post. Love Chris Weitz – DILF-y goodness.

  2. its such a ‘dad’ pose.
    im surprised you didnt comment on kristen’s expression on the screen in the background, she’s all like “oh yeah, right there…”

  3. Dear Chris,

    Ever since i saw the epic pic of u as a varsity football player, Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” has been playing in my head and believe me that scrawny blonde boy has nothing on you and your DILF-ness…a few lyrics that especially spoke to me (cause i’m serial procrastinator in RL and therefore never make lists)

    “Walking the streets with you and your worn-out jeans”
    Totes imagining u as a wolf-pack member right now and mmmmmm… I Likey…again props for the Jorts…

    “Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what your’e looking for has been here the whole time”
    Yeah like casting moi as Tia…I can rock the Cleopatra eyeliner like nobody’s business…

    “Think I know where you belong”
    Yes in the directing chair for BD and in UC and Moon’s pants. (and resulting pics in a secret folder on my comp….)
    Totally imagining music video with me in the studio in my red satin quilt prom dress (dont be jealous..i know its everyone’s dream dress) holding a little paper that says “I Love You” and in small print “until Taycob sees the light”

    ..Will u be wearing those smexxxy pants for the prom? i bet they feel real naaaiiicccce…like ferrets and sunshine….

    You wear Orange pants…I wear sneakers….
    You belong with me…

    p.s. I always think “The Fixer” by PearlJam is such a Jacob song…but its as awkward as Lupe Fiasco in that compilation….
    p.p.s. Taylor Swift, u seem to some up a lot with me…its only cause I ❤ u and we should be BFF's (before i totes steal ur (alleged) man that is)…We'll be the next Paris and Nicole…call me…la la la ha ha ha…
    Morning everybody!
    Musical cookie…

    • Okay, I have a serious question and for some reason I think you know the answer. We all know what jorts are. But is there a term for cutoff sweatpants?

      I’m still a little bitter that there are no sweatpants in NM. Why, you ask? Because sweatpants leave a lot less to the imagination… if you catch my drift.

      Me = Perv.

      • Shweats? Sworts? LOL

        There ARE sweatpants in the movie…i think Quil rocks a pair of Nike ones..
        here ya go….

        enjoy pervalicious….ill get the popcorn ❤

        • I love that you had a pic so quickly! Awesome. Those shorts are definitely in the shweats family… *mind wanders over to the gutter*

          Incidentally, doesn’t Bella’s body language look way too passive for someone about to be attacked by a wolf?

          • I agree…if in character* I would be backing away…if not in character my hands will not hang at my sides like dead fish….touch those abs…TOUCH IT!!!!
            Angry Paulex….le sigh

            * i lied even in character id touch him….all of them…perve perve perve….

          • Haha! I was thinking the same thing! I’d touch him too… I might even attack first…

          • Bella does look pretty passive. Though she’s all up in his face and about to punch him (but not BREAK HER HAND!!!! UGH, inconsistencies before we even watch the darn movie), and she doesn’t know he’s a wolf. And you know she has nothing to live for, so she’s probably not really concerned about that side of things.

            I like how only Chaske is rockin’ the jorts. Paul is in navy khakis and Jared’s in those sexy cargo shorts on his way to his World of Warcraft LAN party (He plays a Worgen, obviously). By the way, it’s Embry in the Nike shorts, not Quil. Quil doesn’t phase in New Moon, but rather Eclipse.

          • @TS sorry sorry…it was 4 a.m. blasphemy…i know…

        • Ok, now you have me thinking of the “Schwetty Balls” skit on SNL. Tangent much?

      • Sworts? Maybe?
        I agree about the sweat pants…after all, that IS what the book says 😉
        I think if you go see the movie in Georgia, Taycob wears sworts. The rest of us have to wait for Eclipse, when he’s legal.

        • Hahahaha! A special Georgia edition of NM! That is a fabulous idea.

        • Somone smuggle a camera into that one and send it to NZ stat! 😀

          Is there an age limit poochi? Dont want to share a theatre with people who can legally date him…. 😦

          • IWL – whatcha gonna change your moniker to on Feb 11?

          • ARGH! Just had a thought. IWL, can keep her name if she is in lurve with Booboo!


          • Bahahahaha fiance asked the same thing…I dont know …i like feeling pervy and i love my reputation round these parts….
            Ill start a poll in February…:)

          • @Fang..BooBoo is cute but totes bro material for now…BD might make me change my mind…and regain Illegal status again…

            SethBoo does not inspire the feelings of lust that Taycob does with one smouldering look….sigh…

          • SethBoo is just pinching cheeks (face) material. It’s like if you imprinted and you just have to be his big sister and protector right now.

          • @ Beth the 6 yr gap between the Tay and me is bad enough…adding another 2 years for Boo Boo…almost a decade?


          • Well, don’t feel bad. My husband is almost 6 years younger. Truth. It works out sometimes (don’t tell your fiance). That’s normal, right? Right?

          • That is awesomesauce! Fiance knows that the moment Taylor breathes in my general direction, he will be dumped like a hot potato…Ive made him a survival kit….he knows the extent of the addiction and is 2nd hand embarrassed…lol

        • LMAO!

    • “Like ferretts and sunshine”
      I just have to say, I completely agree with the Taylor Swift stuff. She so has a place in the New Moon timeline now. I am not even (lying thru my teeth) jealous that she is gettin the 108.9 degree wolfpeen.

      I think we should replace Lupe on the soundtrack with anything by Taylor Swift. How about White Horse?

      You know, when Bella jumps off the cliffs because she is an idiot? Well, the song I could hear is “it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around”….

      • “I am not even (lying thru my teeth) jealous that she is gettin the 108.9 degree wolfpeen”

        I love the fact that character and actor have officially become one…will research these facts and post evidence on LTT… 😉

        Taylor Swift is awesome…(just friends just friends just friends) and “White Horse” is just….perfect….

        • Well, you know as well as I do when she is bangin’ Taytor Tot, she is sometimes imagining him as a red hot rusty (and lusty) wolf. I know I would be.

          Hell, she’s a teenage girl, you know she has read the books!

          And I still stand by by theory that when Edward left her, Bella totes should have gotten a ‘revenge f*%k’ with Jacob.

          It would have just been more realistic. LOL.

          Damn SMeyer and her morals!

          • Hallelujah! Revenge F$%^ FTW…hot, dirty, enthusiatic(u know it) Jacob sex all the way!!!!

            disturbing visual with the wolf thoughts but i “get it”dont worry…

            p.s.”When” she is banging him? U mean i saved myself for nothing? He’ll have more experience i guess…make it all worthwhile in the end…sigh

          • Well, if you were Taylor S, would you be able to contain yourself? Maybe they played “just the tip” and all is still sacred?

          • God I love that question…i might write an FF on that scenario….freaky friday switches our bodies and sexy time ensues….one of us might not survive the night and considering his physicality im betting its me…what a way to go…

            would like to 🙂 at fantasy but is coming off a 😦 cause im not normal….

          • TSwift is too innocent for me to imagine having done the act. And Taylor still exudes Sharkboy to me some of the time. I’ll never get that video of him dancing Mousekateer style out of my head. Gag.

            Illegal, I don’t think you need to change your name as long as you act on your desires now. Once you commit a crime, you’ve always done something illegal. Though the only crime you could commit with Taylor is not getting photos to send us!!!

          • *hides camera*
            Are u saying Im not a Lay-dy?
            I’m totes not…photoshoots will pale in comparison to what i have planned for us….they’ll beg for mercy and ask to be put out of their misery when THOSE pics come out…

          • @illegal, just because a lady never tells don’t mean she never shows her friends the naughty pics.

      • “You know, when Bella jumps off the cliffs because she is an idiot?” you make me haha. 😛

  4. I’m amazed Chris’s wife let him out in public in those yellow pants. But then, I’m amazed whoever is in charge of Kristen’s image let her out in London in that fu*8*ing awful green apparition – or is she taking fashion tips from Rob now?

    So glad the yelow pants committed suicide before they got teamed up with Rob’s red velvet jacket – just sew a number on it’s back and you have instant Rupert The Bear as footballer outfit.

  5. i didn’t get that song in my download! i bet it’s from the trip to Port Angeles where Bella hates music and can only listen to rap and Jessica’s all like, “you LISTEN to this?”

    i’m glad the yellow pants will not be making another appearance because he’s fab, but those trousers need to die in a fire.

  6. The football helmet is cool. Joe Harnell invited me many times to the studio to which him score the Incrediable Hulk TV series. This was so cool to watch. Joe would sit at the panio. The panio was in the middle of the room. He was surrounded by his orchestra.

  7. ”If Rob and Eric Yorkie do it, then it must be okay” (twss)
    This sentence is giving me the worst mental pictures ever. Anybody have some brain bleach?

    Seriously, I wish I could hook somebody around here up with Mr. Weitz (JANET WEISS!) because you guys love him more than Rob. I swear ’tis true. I don’t get it either.

    PS I just realized he directed American Pie. Seriously?!?! How did I not know this? I don’t pay attention obviously.

    • Well, don’t pick me! I defs have high hopes for Chris Weitz, but I don’t love him more that Rob.

      I feel sure we all already love him waaayyy more than Cougar Cathy, but fo sho not more than Rob!

    • If you’ve ever hear Michael Sheen described him as both wolf and vampire youwould totally change your mind about him. He is hot!

  8. I want to die right along with those yellow pants. I printed some fanfic yesterday and left it on my desk during lunch break. I pray that my boss has an appreciation for Tattwards twitching peen.

    • Oh Gawd! Did the boss see it? Or are you off work today and can’t go fetch it?

      You need to break into that office Blue Streak style!

      I recommend using the pizza delivery guy disguise with the billy bob teeth before crashing through the sky light.

      • I agree with you, Fang. Bust in, get that shizz! Office reputation is at stake. This could mean for serious implications…

        • Definitely break in on this one. Yipes. Finding a job now is super impossible…

          You could always use the “Whoa, what is going on? I definitely didn’t print this, it was on my desk when I got back from lunch.”

          • TS, you win the most movie line references of the year award.

            That “Whoa, what is going on?” line annoys the shite out of me. She totally doesn’t sound concerned. I think it should be, “What the eff’s going on?” or if you want to use the same language, “Whoa, what’s going on?”

            No one speaks perfect language when they see millions of police cars circling a joint. CONTRACTIONS, FTW!

          • I especially love the part when they go over the fact that he’s a vampire and she’s not using contractions. I don’t care what Rosenberg wrote or Cougwicke said, talk like a human, KStew. Use your discretion as an actor! She’s like “I am not scared.” “I am here. I trust you.”

            Also, I love how Rob looks like he needs to take a dump or something when he’s driving her back from Pt Angeles. His eyes are so weird in that scene.

          • I’m glad you notice, fang. I try to work a reference into each one of my comments. Heh.

      • I hope she didn’t see it, but she looked a little weird when I saw her again. I’m trying to come up with a convincing lie.

        • 😦 Good luck, Pinky! It should work out fine though…it’s not like it was visual porn…someone would have to take your files and actually sit down and read them.

        • dont’ worry, she’s probably just trying to figure out how to tell you she wrote it. THat’s “weird” look she has…it’s cuz she’s trying to guage whether or not you liked her writing style.

  9. OMG that’s exactly what I thought when I read about the shweats.

  10. Baw chicka bow bow…

    As if I couldn’t love this guy anymore. I’ve yet to watch any of the American Pies movies all the way through, but now that I know that according to IMdB Chris is credited with:

    Chris Weitz … Male Voice in Porn Film (voice) (uncredited)

    Yeah, you read that right…. On my way to Netflix right the flock now. To be a fly on the wall an listen to Rob and Chris talk about this durin one of their bromance fests…Sigh

  11. As I’ve mentioned before….LOOOVE the soundtrack. There are all kinds of real world applications for the lyrics, too. For example, I’ve been dealing with a crisis at work for the last week and a stomach virus has been tearing through our house (literally) and all that’s been running through my head is:
    “Situations are critical”

  12. Dear Calliope,
    I love you for your “Ben” comment! can’t wait to see New Moon with you and Janetrigs!


  13. Photoshop WIN!

    I don’t have the Lupe Fiasco bonus track. I bought the cheap version off Amazon. When I checked it out on iTunes I saw it had bonus tracks and I was hardcore bummed that i didn’t have them. And then I listened to them and was really ok with not having them…

    Good story, HB.

  14. This is such a Saturday post. Easy to put up, but still refreshing. So, now I’m going to comment with an extremely long analytical response that’s not actually funny at all.

    His pants look a dark khaki in that photo…am I missing something? I don’t watch interviews or any pop culture related, so, you know, I guess I missed out on them. As long as they’re not cargo…

    What you said about acting making or breaking it is definitely spot on. And I agree that Rob can have major *miss* days. What’s interesting is in the only interviews I’ve read, most of the other actors in the film don’t compliment Rob on a “great job” or being a “great guy” or anything. When asked about working with Rob, they seem dodge the question. What does that say?

    Anyway, I was watching Twilight last night (yeah, I finally bought it. I went to rent it at Blockbuster and it was 2 for $20 for their $14.99 DVDs. So I got it and Quantum of Solace [mmm…daniel craig, which is Weitz-related due to Golden Compass, just sayin’…]) and really paying attention to the cinematography, score, and KStew’s acting. I have to say, the acting was really a weak point, but the camera work definitely contributed to the acting being weak. Let me explain.

    When I was watching Pride&Prejudice the other day with the commentary on, director Joe Wright was talking about the first proposal scene btwn Darcy and Lizzy. He said that he chose to shoot it with a handheld so that the actors could just carry the scene themselves and really take control. The close up, hand held focus really gives an intimate feel to the emotions of the characters/actors. What a strong idea, Joe! Why? Because Kiera and Matt are stellar actors.

    In Twilight Cougwicke also decided to employ the handheld technique…in almost every Edward/Bella stare at one another awkwardly shot. And, well, basically every shot. This is a major fail on her part. KStew and Rob couldn’t carry a scene. Plus, the overuse of the technique gave the film an amateur feeling. Discussing with my sister today, she said, “Yeah, I really hated how much parts of it felt like they were shooting a documentary.” Now, besides the fact that documentaries usually have a tripod camera during the interviews, I get what she’s saying. Too many head held close ups, poor use of lighting, and poor CGI to make up for the poor use of lighting. Though I was likin’ the CGI rain (remember when they used to have to use rain machines…) Bottom line: If you want to use handheld, make sure your actors can carry the scene and make sure you use it sparingly.

    That said, I’m curious to see how Weitz handles the camera work. In Golden Compass it’s just like this epic tale, so he uses epic shots. Granted like 90% of that movie is CGI (or at least it feels that way), but he does it Peter Jackson LOTR style where it’s just these great wide angles or jagged noir angles or sweeping helicopter/crane shots. Hopefully he leaves that behind until Volterra (where it should be all Citizen Kane-like with that giant table at the end or even Mary Poppins when the dad gets fired from the bank, er low angles is what I want to say), because Volterra just has such simultaneous grandeur and oppressiveness to it.

    The bulk of NM though is very emotional, as we know. To convey that he’ll have to make use of close-ups and distance shots. I particularly like that shot from the trailer of her staring at the black Volvo with V.O. “The absence of him is everywhere I look. It’s like a huge hole has been punched in my chest.” It shows him from a distance. So it’s like there’s a disconnect from her and the world. It’s just so smart. And the bird’s-eye-view of her fetal on the forest floor is great too. It makes her look even weaker because the viewer is looking down on her directly, which is like “most vulnerable/debased/devalued” position. And that huge wide angle of the beach when Jacob saves her is great because it just shows how tiny she really is in the world, even though she just did this huge thing in her life. It’s such a good foreshadow of what’s to come with the real life or death situation of Volterra and it helps reinforce the fact that Jake’s her protector now.

    Also, I think I figured out why it’s a black Volvo (or a potential reason, which could be totally flawed. If he has a silver Volvo at the beginning, then it’s all good. But if he has a black Volvo, then my idea is a fail). Basically I think that his black Volvo signifies that he’s not there. The Volvo is black, like a gaping hole, like darkness, like emo eyeliner, like Bella’s world once he leaves. Thoughts?

    • Wow! That was amazing. I have never thought that much about any movie my entire life.

      Good points. The Volvo being black would be a beautiful symbol of her loss.

      Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that this movie is going to make me cry?

      • Um, the trailer made me cry, so I know the movie will.

        You really haven’t ever thought about a movie that much? Man, you realize that directors, even Cougwicke, put so much work into them.

        Though, in the Cougwicke commentary, she said more than once that they “got it on the first take.” That’s great, but do like 5 more at least…just in case you “got it” then, but realize later that you actually “missed it.” That’s called good directing…thanks.

        • I know they work hard and all that but I just usually watch and move on. Never take the time to really appreciate the camera angles or anything.

          Good movies make me cry, laugh or feel empowered. Or they can be really lame and I will still love them because they have distracted me for two hours. They just have to hold my attention. That is my only requirement.

          It’s all win-win. 😀

        • The cast complements Rob all the time in interviews.(In fact, they’ve used the term “really good guy”) I can’t recall a specific acting complement, athough I did see a recent comment somewhere about how he switches so easily between Edward and Rob. Having seen ALL of Rob’s interviews – and the expressions he makes in them and in photos, his dorky laugh and general goofiness – I think he’s a brilliant actor – he couldn’t be less cool in real life yet manages to play super cool Edward!

          As far as the “one takes”, she was limited on time and budget. $30 million and 38 days I think? (Someone please correct me if I have that wrong..)

          • Fair enough on the Rob bit. Like I said, I don’t actually watch the interviews. I’ve read only 2-3.

            Eh, I still think you should do at least two takes. I mean the only thing that takes a long time is the lighting.

          • @Team Seth – yeah, from everything I read, they were dealing with crazy weather and location issues and would run out of time (having to buid platforms for the crew because of slippery tree roots and stuff). So I don’t think she didn’t want to do more takes, just that they were pressed on different days to move on.

    • Where the hale are u when i need a Film and Television study buddy…? ill never see the trailers the same again….

      “a well thought out and written piece A+”

      • just holler at me, illegal. I studied film at uni as part of my English program. (yeah, didn’t make sense to me either).

        • Thats exactly what I’m doing…It fits really well with the literature but not many ppl do it…
          do doo do do do doooo (x-files)….co-inky-dink much?

          • 🙂 Or just awesomeness.

            So, yeah, let me know. I graduated with highest honors…golden onion and all.

  15. That ended up being about 6 times longer than I thought it was going to be…

    • Yeah, I fell asleep halfway through the first read. Just kidding! I’m not going to debate the starts and their acting. I’m too grouchy from work this week to try and defend my Rob/Edward love. 😦

      However, I do agree that the camera work was weak and expect it to be better in New Moon from what I have seen.

      Also, I have a theory about the volvo. I think it’s more about product placement and the “whatdrivesedward” campaign volvo has going right now. New Moon has a bigger budget and is more commercial than Twilight was. I think it’s very possible that volvo was allowed to “place” the vehicle they wanted in the movie for $$ reasons so they could advertise the vehicle they wanted in the ad campaign. But I like your darkness/gaping hole image.

    • Oops – meant to say “stars” not “starts.”

    • See Mr. Weitz in the yellow pants.

      Also, you need to change your twitter password. You are spamming everyone!

      • thanks for the heads up on twitter. I don’t really do twitter. I may just quit the account.

        • Okay, I’m all PW reset 🙂

          Also, I figured out what happened. Someone sent me a spam message URL dwarf whatever, and then I clicked on it. Was confused ‘cuz it went to nothing and then it just started spamming everyone 😥

          Sorry guys! If you clicked on the link “I” twittered you, you should reset your PW too.

        • noooooo! quitters never win! don’t leave me! *clutches leg*

          • I didn’t quit! Don’t fret!

            Though I would say that people who quit smoking do win… *nudge*Cyndi*nudge*

      • OMFG. Are those VELVET?!

        Plus, does anyone know what that red flower was about? Everyone had it on that day when ManU played Chelsea.

        • Its for the poppy month…Im not sure if it happens in the States but war heroes are remembered by wearing a poppy in November….It may be a more European and Asian thing…

        • The poppy is all about remembering those who list their lives in service to their country. It’s the symbol for the royal British legion a charity helping servicemen and women. There is always 2min silence at 11am 11th November every year. It’s a poppy because that is what mostly grows now on the battlefields of northern Europe.

          • Aha. Thanks! We do Memorial Day for that, which is in late May. Then Veterans Day for everyone who was in the military…that’s on 11/11 as well.

            Also, I love your name Goodgirlgoneplaid! So clever!

          • No probs.

        • You may also want to wiki the poem “Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae for more insight to the reasoning behind the poppy.
          I normally wouldn’t post something quite that dorky (or would I?), but after that comment you made about the camera angels/ cinematography I think “evidentally TeamSeth is an edjookated lady” (see if you can place THAT reference!) and so you might appreciate it. It’s a really stirring poem that gets me every time. By the way, we call it Rememberance Day in N.America. It’s kinda like your ANZAC day (wait, are YOU the Kiwi, or is that IllegalWolfLover? I can’t remember). Except it’s on 11/11at the11th hour to commemorate the “official” end of WWI with the signing by the Armistice. Generally speaking we wear the poppy pin on our lapels through the entire month of November.

          I just wanted to say that your cinematography comment was really well thought out and put to “paper” and thank you for sharing it.
          Ok, I’m done sucking your sparklepeen now. That is all.

          • Hm, I’m an American, not a Kiwi. But you know, I can relocate, that’s cool. Illegal is kiwi/Sri Lankan and then there’s one other kiwi (i think) lurking about.

            Anyway, Rememberance Day? What? I’ve never heard of that. Only Memorial Day, which is the last Monday is May. Are you rockin’ the Canada citizenship? Veteran’s Day is on 11/11, but it’s actually to celebrate living veterans?

            I read the poem. I’m guessing you are Canadian since he was in the Canadian Army. It was really good. Loved the imagery and the use of life and death through growth. I like that he uses a French rondeau because it gives the abrupt ending, which is powerful.
            I especially like this line:
            We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
            Because the poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, yet the author’s love of his friend (he watched his friend die in battle, which inspired the poem) keeps him from following that concept, because the poppy can also symbolize resurrection.
            One interesting tidbit, which is going to bring this back to Twilight, is that the giant field they have to cross in Wizard of Oz to get to Emerald City is a field of yellow poppies. So there’s a great danger in crossing due to the poppies encouragement of eternal sleep. The relation to Twilight is that the Good Witch is played by Billie Burke. (yeah, I went there).

            Anyway, your comment was not dorky at all. Commemorating those who fought for our countries and our freedoms is never dorky.

            Also, I wish you’d kept going on my sparklepeen with this website. You’re such a tease…such an Edward!

            ps-didn’t place the quote

          • TeamSeth, I like you.

            (P.S. “evidently Mr. Ringo’s and educated man” is from Tombstone – Val Kilmer palying Doc Holiday)

      • Also, I’m diggin’ KStew’s skirt and those pumps! HOT.

        And I’m a little tired of taylor’s tried and true Calvin Klein. Shake it up Tay…wear a blazer but not a full suit…

        • It does seem like Taylor doesn’t “go” with the rest of the crew in recent pics. Not that they have to match…but it would be nice to see him dress down slightly. I do not advise the velvet pants for him though. That’s a look only CW can pull off.

          • @Ang, I’m not sure C-Dubs can pull them off… I’d love to pull them off of him though 😉

          • @TS – when you do pull them off…send pictures.

          • Sure thing. His stature doesn’t look very promising though. I’m not sure we’d notice a difference in him if he were to wear jorts or shweats.

        • He switched it up in Brazil….

          Gotta keep from fursploding when i see that hardcore neck and soft core teeth porn…

          • That neck actually resembles his action figure!!!!!!!!!!

          • OMG! IllegalWL, you just made me realize that I had the KStew hair back in 9th grade when I was growing my hair out from the Kelly Osbourne cut.

            Eww. Off to wallow in self-pity… errr… I mean entertain a bowling alley full of 4, 5, & 6 year old soccer players.

          • Have fun Fang…<3 Im sure u rocked it harder than KStew….

  16. OH! In my Twilight viewing last night I noticed 2 things that I didn’t notice before from the scene at the diner when Charlie asks Bella if she’s interested in any other yahoos in town.

    a) She has this amazingly cute sweater on. Anyone know where I can get one?
    b) When she sits down she says, “Sorry I’m late. Biology project.”

    Yeah, I’d be happy to be “working a project” with my biology partner. H-O-T.

    Also, everyone can be proud of me. I thought that after they started dating, Rob’s sexiness level increased dramatically.

    • I did however hate that when he walks away from the “It’s the florescents” line he’s got this hunch over slouch going on. Ugh, posture, Edward, posture!

    • TS – I never caught her saying “biology project” – score! And I am proud of you for the realization of increased sexiness level. You just made me happy today. 🙂

      • @Ang, haha, glad I could contribute your day’s sunshine.

        I may even go look at the VF photos. Probably not, but you know, whatever. I think I’ll just default to Billy.

        Btw, I CRIED in the scene when she peaces Billy out for Phoenix. When they’re in the kitchen and it cuts back to his close-up and he’s so sad looking I was just like reaching out to the TV going, “Billy, no! I love you! No, it’s okay, I’m coming to hold you. It’s going to be okay.” Then (and this really solidifies my love of Burke) in the exterior shot when she hops into the truck and the camera is all from James’ POV in the forest, Billy’s still standing there in the doorway with his arms folded the same way, just staring out, defeated. It was soooo sad.

        And, did anyone else notice that Edward is RIGHT inside Bella’s bedroom doorway the first time she opens the door to pack her stuff? I was like, “What?! Rewind, pause. Oh wow. But he’s totally visible to Billy…?”

        • I think that Billy/Charlie is a shit dad for letting his daughter take off to freaking Phoenix in the middle of the night.

          Who the eff does that?

          Yes, I see Mr. Edward hiding out every time. It’s cute.

          • he is a shit dad. but don’t blame Billy, blame SM.

            Plus he’s only been parenting for a few months when she pulls this stunt.

          • I totally get it about Billy…. I developed a thing for him the second time I watched it during the Bella-is-going-to-prom-with-maybe-abusive-boyfriend scene… At least that’s what his face looks like and the reason he asks about the pepper spray.

            Anywho, the way he’s standing there in those jeans in all his copstashdeliciousness is beyond description really. During normal circumstances I would have crushed on him during the first viewing, but it took a couple of hours of Twilight viewing to rid my mind of the plasma lovin’ flatt butt, couch potato book version of Charlie.

          • @Xylem (and all other Billy lovers), Here’s what you’re talking about right here…. Those Levis and flannel with the Hanes heather grey undershirt. And his SMILE! awww. My fave look of his is when Edward goes, “You’re perfect.” and he rolls his eyes and thinks, “Excuse me one moment, I just vomited in my mouth a little.”

            He’s definitely rockin’ the “please don’t go out with my daughter because you’re a douche and she cost us 150,000 in medical bills because of you and your douchey-ness.” look. Still got that pepper spray?

            “Forks ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

        • @TS – I’ve always seen Edward inside Bella’s bedroom, but I don’t think he’s in Charlie’s line of sight. I think that’s why he’s pressed against the wall there. I think Charlie can only see what is straight inside the doorway.

          I think the scene where Bella leaves for Phoenix is so sad! Actually, I think Billy nails all his scenes. Love him as Charlie. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in the next installments!

          • It is sad. I cried the first time I saw it too. Before I realized what a stud BBurke is. Swoon.

            This was my first time watching since my major Burke crush development. I was just glued to him the whole time. Whenever the camera went back to Bella I was all, “No! Go back to Billy!” and listening to his voice and memorizing the wrinkles around his eyes and relishing every partial smile he gives (he never actually fully smiles in it, you know) and pretending that he was talking to me in a non-fatherly way when he tells Bella that she looks beautiful before the prom.
            “And TS, you look beautiful.” Um, dazzled.

            tuesday, where the hale are you?!

          • TS – Have you seen the movie Untracealbe? OK movie…great BB action!

          • *Untraceable*

          • No, I’ve seen screen shots of Billy in it whenever I search google images for Billy porn. Does that count? 😉

          • Only counts a little…he’s better in motion!

          • @Ang, yeah he is! mmmm

        • The fact that bad-ass Vitamin R-gun-cocking-Billy is so powerless at that moment breaks my heart…The fact that you know he’s replaying Renee leaving him in his head cause Bella has chosen her exact words…oh God….*sobs in a corner*

          Sometimes you just wanna cut a biatch…

          • That’s actually why I can forgive him (as a parent) for not going after Bella. He was absolutely broken by her saying what she did. But she had too to that to protect him. yes…sobs.

        • TS it’s like you and I were totes on the same wavelength yesterday (I didn’t get to post my “Yesterday’s Thoughts” until today though). I had a Twi. screening party at my house Fri night in prep for NM next week, and I noticed all these things for the first time too. Except the “biology project” line…but that gives me an excuse to watch it again (yeah, right. like I need one….would you believe that after all the peeps left and I cleaned up and showered etc. I watched it again…yeah, at 3 in the a.m. Just me and the cat. Waiting for the Hubs to come home from his guys’ night. But I’m not 1st hand embarrassed toadmit that – I know you all know it’s Normal. And besides which, the peeps I had over just don’t “get it” like you fine ladies do. I think the only time they weren’t all blabbing about how bad it was and making fun of Rob’s (beautiful) face was during the “I just wanna try one thing” scene. Any bitch talking through that scene would have had some serious knocks courtesey of yours truly. Just kidding. But I may just have kicked them out of my house. Again, just kidding. maybe.)

          P.S. I liked the slouch in the “it’s the florescents” scene – it went with the “eyes closed walking away” body language of wanting to hide his “monsterousness” from her.

          • Response to your ps- Gee, I never thought of it that way before! (referencing Brady Bunch movie there). I think you’re onto something with that.

            And yeah, you gotta throw ’em out for talking in that scene. Ugh. I love when they show a clip of it in the credits. It’s so much more sultry there. HOT. Apparently SM made them tone it down. Geez, SM, you’re worse than Edward!

          • sparklepeen blocker!

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Chris Weitz looks uber-cute in those pants? sad cookie…
    Seriously, its not the best outfit but neither was Rob’s sequinned denim jacket and Taylor’s popped collar…but it works for me…somehow….
    erm what?

    • Of course it works for you. Taylor could be dressed in ANYTHING and it would work for you.

      That said, C-dubs does look cute in the pants. Once you get over the the fact that you can’t see because they’re so bright.

      In general, I don’t think he’s hot though…just cute. And not that cute really.

      • Why do feel like i’ve caught the sarky end of u today? or is it just the sleep deprivation thats stopping me from feeling the love?
        ❤ u either way…incase uve fur-gotten…yeah added some wolf bonding back there….

        • @illegal, I’m not being snarky…I’m just keepin’ it real.

          About three things I’m certain:
          Jacob is a werewolf.
          A part of you, and I’m not sure how big that part is, would happily take 7 years in prison without bail and be permanently banned from entry into the United States in order to have a sexual encounter with Taylor.
          You are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Taylor.

          • LOL…I’ll tone down the love…i swear….:D

            I hate the popped collar…i mean thats the kind of cheese that puts the Dairy Industry out of business….

            I meant sarcastic(sarky)…not mean (snarky)…sarcasm i can handle..mean-ness just breaks little hamster hearts and i KNOW u wont do that….

          • TS has to keep it real. She’s down with the kids.

    • @illegal – I think he looks cute in those pants too…though I always think he looks cute. Cute…as in “I so want us to be friends that hang out and talk about the emotion in New Moon” not cute as in…”I want to do you behind a dumpster.”

      • @Ang Yes! exactamundo…there are times when the dumpster is inevitable (scarf and stripey socks) and then there’s funny pants Chris…who u take to Mickey dees and share a filt-o-fish with…..before getting wasted and throwing water balloons at people from the rooftop….I ❤ both versions.

        • @illegal…you know, the striped socks made me want to dumpster dive too. Guess all version of CW are pretty good. 🙂

  18. okay, gals, i’m gonna head off until later. I got to run some errands and such things. But I’ll come back to read some more of the action later. Hopefully MidCyn will be up and posting by then… she said she was gonna be here this weekend, right?

  19. Just came back from that Twilight event in Munich. I am totally exhausted but so happy even though we got to see rob for only about 15 minutes….
    I think I’m gonna write a application to you girls to write a review on said event…

    • AWESOME! Very excited to hear your report Bleriana! And 15 minutes is still 15 minutes more than any of us have had.

  20. MidnightCyn – RU out there today? btw – I e-mailed you the “breaking news” story you, me and Illegalwolflover wrote last week.


    • Where is MidCyn??? I was so worried that she was gonna do a ghostward with us….come back….

      • I’m starting to think we’ll have to do something dangerous to make her appear to us. And cliff diving is soooo not my scene.

        sniff. sniff.

        • Maybe we could threaten to set fire to Blanket Rob (blasphemy! fie! a plague upon my house!) i’m desperate….and we aint got no cliffs round here….

          • I’m assuming I’m talking to no one here because that last statement surely left you struck by lightening! Set fire to Blanket Rob? Have you gone mad lady?

            Did you ever find a schweddy balls video from SNL? It’s quite funny.

          • no ive been banned till i finish my exams…sniff…
            will do so tom..
            God loves his little hamster and he knows i jest cause my love for Rob, blanket or otherwise is pure…and a little perverted….but he “gets it”….lol

  21. Gotta say I’m holding off on listening to the soundtrack until after the movie. Music has such a profound effect on the movie that it could totally change everything for me. Even more than the acting. The acting could be Oscar Gold but if the soundtrack is shite then fowgedabowdid!
    The opposite is also true. Script/actiing=shiz but Sndtrak=win, I’m willing to forgive the shizzy.

    • Wow, you gotta let me know where you found the NM chastity belt, because I’m rockin’ the purity ring, but you just kicked it up a notch.

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