Waiting in line for New Moon premiere? Get your helpful tips here!


4 days of hell start here

Dear LTTers,

Yesterday morning we were told a super big secret that 13 people were already in line for the New Moon premiere. Then the news leaked on Twitter and suddenly it wasn’t a secret anymore. Did you just panic because you have plans tonight and didn’t set aside time to glue your eyes to your laptop while you watch a live stream of the red carpet? Don’t worry you still have a few days. Yes, that’s right, because the premiere isn’t tonight, but it’s Monday night. Yep. Those who got in line yesterday are there 4 days in advance. Those who will get in line today will be there 3 days early. Tomorrow… 2 days. Sunday 1 day… etc.

It turns out that the first group of people are line are the gals from Twifans.com and Cullenboysanonymous.com. Okay, they both run Twilight fansites, I get why they want to be up close and personal on the red carpet. They want to get first-hand accounts and interviews and videos for their readers. That’s really nice. I can hear your questions now, “UC- aren’t you changing your flight and flying out tonight instead of waiting until Sunday so that you and Moon can get in line and be sure to get us an exclusive interview with Solomon Trimble (who I bet is the 3rd person in line behind Twifans & CBA) and catch the action when Cathy Hardi tries to sneak past security and onto the red carpet?” Uh, no. We’re not going to be doing that. We love you and all, and while a one-on-one with Solomon would be great and we could potential make our dream come true if we see HIM on the red carpet (our dream being a UC & Moon sandwich with Big Daddy Lautner in the middle), we value sleep in a comfy bed and protection from crazy Twihards & tweens more than spending 4 days in the hot sun then cold nights on a deflating air mattress while suffering from the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that we’d get because we’d have to hold our pee for four days all the while one person stays awake to protect us from the non-rob hobos that roam the streets of Westwood, CA.


Cardboard cut out of Jacob. Check. Cranberry Juice. Check

So while we’re not going to be there many people are. I’d venture to say that by tonight, there will be a good 100-200 people in line. 45 of them will be Solomon Trimble’s closest friends and family, but they still count. And since the 4 day waiters (Hey Kim & Allison!) probably got bored 5 minutes after their tent was set up and their coffee was gone (regretting that Venti cafe latte now, huh?), I’ve compiled a list entitled “Things to do while we wait for a opportunity to see Kristen Stewart’s bare breasts in a new sexy dress and cross our fingers that Rob may or may not look our way for 2.5 milliseconds 4 days from now on the New Moon premiere red carpet” to help ease the boredom a bit:

  • Play the FanFiction game: Someone reads out loud from a famous fic like The Office or Wide Awake and you take turns acting out scenes with cardboard Edward. Since there is a New Moon Cardboard Ed & a Twi version, it’ll be like he changed clothes (unlike you who is stuck in the same thing for four days).
  • Transcribe New Moon by hand into a leather-bound notebook as a gift to Rob since it’s his favorite book. Get Solomon to sign it.
  • Knit something for Rob in hopes that it will be better than anything Kristen has knit for him
  • Comb the dictionary for every word you believe could be used to describe Rob
  • Paint your nails so that each finger has a detailed picture of a cast member- Edward-Bella-Jacob-Alice-Charlie-The Wolves- The Cullens-the Humans-The Volturi- The bad Vamps- 10!
  • Reorganize your entire Itunes library into Rob or New Moon appropriate categories. “Songs that make me think of Rob.” “Songs that make me hate Kristen.” “Songs that make me wish Solomon Trimble was in the 2nd movie” OR “Songs that make me wish Solmon Trimble would move ahead of me in line and hit on the girl over there.” You could also change all the genres around. Examples: Instead of “Rock” it could be “Songs I wanna eff Rob to.” Instead of “Indie ballads” it could be “Songs I played the day I finally believed that Rob was actually dating Kristen.” Instead of “Garage band music” it could be “Bands that are horrible but still better than 100 monkeys”

After the jump, check out what people on Twitter said THEY would add to the list!

@Laxplays play eye spy with my little eye something beginning with D (dumpster), something with T (thrift stores)

@myRobPattinson I’d write “bite me” on the foreheads of every sleeping person, in permanent red sharpie

@_dharv start taking bets on whose BO would be the worst come premiere day: mine, some other loser in line, or Rob’s.

@MsYuppieScum Gather everyone around the dumpster to sing “We are the Rob” for YouTube purposes.

@twetiffany ask someone to bring me a mirror so I could get a good look at the loser I had become.

@Laxplays play a counting game on the number of *real fans* that r in line with us totally normal LTR/LTT gals

@myRobPattinson 1. TwitPic every chick in line for yall to make funny captions & post on LTR. 2. Replicate the Pattinson Pants.

@IllegalWL yell “OH EM GEE is that Rob?” whenever any1 in plaid walks by & I mean anyone….see hw much collateral damage points i get

@anonymous I would make fun of Twilight Moms and count the number of Twilight fanny packs I see

@antisocialangel I wouldn’t wait. I would bribe Big Daddy Lautner to hold my spot with some McDonalds Monopoly playing pieces

@Janetrigs If I were waiting I would drink non-stop until my liver pickled

So there you have it 30+ people in line at the time I am writing this (Thursday night).  Now you won’t get bored! And hey… if you accomplish everything on this list and are STILL looking for something to do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do Solomon Trimble. I know he might seem charming on day three at 4 am when you can barely see straight from the exhaustion of no sleep (every time you try someone yells “OH EM GEE, is that ROB?”) the pain of your full bladder and imminent UTI and the overwhelming scent of the girl next to you, but the Cullens aren’t the only ones who “don’t come here” when Solomon is around, ifyouknowwhatimean


A couple points of discussion today: If you could be in LA right now, would you wait 3 or 4 days in line for the premiere? Have you ever done something like this before? What did YOU do to pass the time? If you have not waited & would not wait for any of the Twilight premieres, is there anything you WOULD wait in line for days for? There’s one thing and one thing only I’d wait for. And that’s sex with Rob. And even then I’m pretty sure I’d get out of line the first sign I have to pee. I refuse to get a UTI. Did you click on the link above? One of the symptoms is “Painful sexual intercourse.” That’s not Normal.

The Forum is normal. So is LTR and Twitter where we play fun games like the one I posted about today!

Also @Calliopeblabs is our hero seriously. Thanks girl. For sharing pizza w/ me yesterday AND for helping with this post XO

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  1. Yay! Finally… The tips that I’ve been waiting for. Awesome post, as always.

  2. Oh dear…

  3. WTF is solomon Grundy born on monday?

  4. Why do I have an urge to track down Solomon Trimble now? Maybe he and CH have teamed up to crash the premiere. What they should do is find Daddy Lautner (bribe him with some Mickey D’s) and then have him plow through the line, following close behind in his wake. It’s what I do at concerts. Make friends with large, scary-looking men.

    I’ve never sat in line waiting for something for multiple days before, and I definitely wouldn’t do it for NM, but I could do it. Easy. I’d bring my fanfic binders* and read fanfic for three days until I was so hot and bothered that I would attack at the first sign of a shock of messy bronze hair… or of Billy… hell, at that point even Solomon Trimble might start looking good.

    *I don’t have fanfic binders. I do have fanfics saved as docs on my computer, because that’s normal.

    • “Make friends with large, scary-looking men”
      Admit it…u do it to hear Edward’s velvet voice in your head….
      “No Tuesday…he’s eyeing your burger…lie…beg…run”


    • Oh and Solomon Trimble over Chaske”Barry White” Spencer?…Blasphemy!!! LOL
      I’d wait in line for him to say “fart”…i bet he could make that word sound like something u shout during the naked mambo…

      • I just wanted to mention Solomon Trimble for the billionth time this post. I don’t discriminate in my fanfic-inducded lust… I’d probably jump anything dressed in jorts.

    • HA!

      I don’t have fanfic binders, either – I save them on my flash and then delete after reading. Kind of a secret agent fanfic thing. Or a “geez, what if someone found all this on here – especially THAT one!” kind of thing.

      Word on the hot and bothered, though. Twilight Fanfic: rejuvenating sex lives one Fillintheblankward at a time.

      • When I first read that I read, “I save them on my flesh.”. I was thinking, so if I ever meet someone with CW&IA tatted all over her arms, that’s StotheP.

        • YES. Ask me about the piercings.

          I ❤ you. Cracking me up in the morning is NOT an easy thing to do!

          • That’s like Abadan walking advertisement: “YES. Ask me about my piercings.” -and which ones are Tattward approved. Ifyouknowwhatimsayin

          • For serious, I hate my itouch. It automatically corrects everything it believes I spelled incorrectly. That was supposed to say “a bad” not Abadan. What the hell is that?!

          • So funny. I was confused, but figured it was just some brand I’d never heard of!

          • I thought it was a city in Yemen.

          • um, jk, it’s a city in Iran. I was so close!

    • this is the ONLY way to do concerts! or the twi tour.

  5. It’s like we are twins! Sex with Rob (Make that ‘screaming’ sex with Rob) is the only thing I’d stand in line for. That man and his liquid sex ways are going to be the end of me.

  6. I would not wait in line for 4 days.
    Dedicated? Yes. But it’s also crazy.
    Defs not for me.


    • I agree. I would however spend hours at my computer waiting waiting for the latest LTT post. Oh hello I do actually. Feel like bum has fused onto chair, kids no longer fed, washed or clothed, and if someone doesn’t tell be who solomon be nible solomon be quick is I am going to run out of nursery rhymes

      • yeah i didn’t know who it was either. i looked on Wiki. it’s the guy who plays Sam Uley. (sorry all you wolf girls out there. i can’tremember all their “real-life” names…)

        • How many wolf girls ARE out there? I’m curious…I feel like i’m the only gay in the village….

          • I’ve gotta admit, while I like the vamps, I turned into a wolf girl. There’s just something about a pack of hot men in jorts that makes me swoon. We’re gay together….fill in your own Nikki/KStew ref here.

          • OMG I love little britain It is almost more than I can take and therefore has me! bittay makes me cringe every time (unsure of spelling)

          • I’m a wolf girl. I know who Solomon Trimble is. I laugh everytime I hear his name (I don’t know why) and I’m glad he didn’t make it into the wolfpack. I’ve watched the wolfpack interview at least five times because they are some damned cool cats. I want to hang with them.

          • hooray!!!! for the jorted ones….
            “we’ll be watching” LOL
            @Sparkle…*fills in “im your Nikki” in blank space*

            @ish me too! i love being a Laaaydyyyy…but the computer says no….sad cookie

            @pinky ditto! I ❤ that vid so much it hurts…

          • I just read in the comment sections of EW that they booed Taylor at the London premiere. If that’s true that makes me sad for him. I’m sorry, but aside from the ladies on this blog, about 70% of Twi-fans are a complete embarrassment. Standing in line for four days with people that would boo a nice kid for trying to do his job to please their ungrateful asses, would be a true test of patience. Sorry for the rant, but that just made me mad.

          • @Pinky….seriously? thtz just sad….sniff!

          • here! *raises hand* you’re not the only gay in the villiage! p.s. love little britain!

        • let me qualify that: in Twilight. he was in Twilight and is now played by Chaske Spencer. Okay. i cleared myself up. 😉

        • It’s a shame you replied as was just about to type …
          .which little solomon went to market,

        • Solomon Trimble plays “friend of Jacob” in the beach scene in Twilight. I don’t think its meant to be Sam at that point, probably Quil or Embry actually.

          Chaske Spencer plays Sam Uley in New Moon.

          • Wiki said it was supposed to be Sam. That’s why i said that. But also in the book he’s the one who said “the Cullens don’t come here” and that character is supposed to be Sam b/c he is the oldest.

            i thought i had clarified…

          • You’re rockin’ it today, ambushed.

          • Rockin’ it?! me? that must be sarcasm. nah. hit in the head w/ a rock, maybe.

          • i just “thumbdowned” myself… le sigh…

            my afternoon has gone downhill… (still raining here, btw…)

            “how u likin’ the rain, girl?”

            “not at all. i don’t really like any cold, wet thing…” yeah, that’s me……. again… 😦

  7. I would not wait in line for four days. For anything. For serious. Not even Justin Timberlake.

    I haven’t ever gone to an actual premiere before, but I would like to. But Twihards scare me bad, so I don’t know if I’d want to go to a twimere. Oh hell, sure I would. And I’d find a way to not be in line for four days and still manage to get up close and personal with the sex hair.

    • Mmmm. Sex hair. Just wanna touch it. Muss it up more than it already is.

      I wouldn’t wait for ONE day. I’m truly hoping that the line at my theater starts, like, one hour before. I’m going to be a li’l too sauced to stand in line that long, and it will probably be cold. And tweenfested.

      • My extra curriculars for the premiere involve a little less legality…so I hope there aren’t too many people I have to fight past to get three seats together as I will be “preparing” in the car.

        And the tweens so don’t want to mess with me. I can’t catch a charge over a teen vampire movie. How would I explain that to my future grandchildren?

        • Dear Dr. Freud,

          Why is it you think that we feel the need to alter our levels of sobriety to attend this New Moon premiere?

          Are we merely enhancing our moods, though our current levels of excitement have reached ridiculously astronomical heights?

          Are we attempting to counteract the irritation we anticipate experiencing when tween girls who should be home in bed are instead shrieking and clutching the Edward action figures WE wanted but couldn’t find on the shelves?

          Are we using a coping mechanism by which we hope to lessen the shame, degradation, and guilt that creep up from the dark corners of our post-adolescent souls and threaten to taint our enjoyment of this PG-13 movie?

          What’s that you say? It’s just innocent fun? Really? You think?

          That’s what I thought you’d say.

          • Dear StotheP,

            You suffer from Sparklepeen envy. Obviously.

            That is all.

            Dr. Freud

          • So what’s the cure? Take two sparklepeens and blog about it in the morning?

            My cheeks are Bella-red right now, justso’syaknow.

          • The act of taking two sparklepeens sounds unbelievable pornoriffic. Just sayin’.

          • StotheP,

            I am atlering my sobriety so that I will have the power to not bust a crazy fangirl in the face if she (or he, I suppose some fanboys may come out as well) should attempt to get a commerative cup before me. And also so that should any one attempt to squee (out loud mind you, I will be a squealing little girl but no one will know) around me, I will be able to laugh instead of cry.

            And it is innocent fun.

          • Stothe, I think that depends on where you take those sparklepeens, if you get what I’m sayin’…

            Also, I’m bringing in little bottles to represent Waylon Forge and his alter ego. Plus the kids love ’em…and you know that I’m down with the kids. Really, everything extraneous I’m doing for this is for you guys here. I love you all so much. I can’t believe I started here over 2 months ago… The week of Cyndi’s post I think, which was 8/27. :’) And then I made friends here. Aw shit. No lloras, TS, no lloras!

            Anyway, my purple plaid shirt has pockets on the breasts, perfect for sneaking in hot pockets (pepperoni and green pepper), little bottles of gin and mccallans 12 year, 8 oz. bottles of tonics for my gin, a noise maker for whenever Caius is on screen (like they do at Purim!), a dog whistle because I know the wolves are gonna jump out of the screen all The Ring style, and my CIA-issued video recorder so I can get a copy of NM for Cyndi. If anyone asks what’s in my pockets, I’ll just KStew glare and say “Excuse me? Why are you staring at my breasts?” Then what can they say?

          • ROFL TS! love that! i wanna get a new flannel now… the one i have is one that i’ve had packed since it was cool before… in the 90’s. yeah.

            but i love the pockets idea!

          • TS, you take them orally.

            Don’t reject me! *sits up on the couch*

            A thousand <3s for ANYONE who gets my obscure li'l reference.

        • infinite thumbs up to you. i will be in that car with you in spirit. try not to catch a case!

  8. Additional items to consider packing:

    1. Fabreeze
    2. Halitosis preventing gum
    3. A can of bitch-be-gone (for anyone who tries to stand between you and Rob).
    4. Caaaandy (Rob’s version)
    5. A bottle of muscle milk (to lure Taylor)
    6. A bottle of Hinni (to lure Rob)
    7. A Bible (to lure Kellan)

  9. The FanFic Game! Totes what I do every Friday night anyway…

  10. Illegalwolflover….rabble rouser and bane of sleep deprived Twi-hards all over the world…
    bahahahahhahahaha….I’m so eeeeevilll…

    Some other things that I would do…(cause its becoming my thing to do…and if i dont ill combust)

    *Carry a board around with the “wrist holding” pics and the words “U dont have a chance in Hale fangirl”

    *Carry a before and after pic of Tay and Daddy Lautner in order to deter newly-converted Team Jacob lovers or a Chris Hansen pic that says “Staring at Jailbait kills kittens and makes angels cry”

    *Start a “Resurrect Buttcrack Santa” petition…present it to the DILF (in case he’s doing BD) accompanied by little bottles dressed as santas…he can share them with Rob…(I’m thinking BCS can be part of the Volturi…the festive one…that makes u feel drunk nd attracted to Rosalie against ur will)

    *Play chinese whispers and see which ones show up in the magazines the next day…”psssstttt…Chris Weitz is meeting Uc &Moon for a threesome after the premier…pass it on”

    *collective sigh as fans realise that i wont be there for the premier*

    Happy cookie…

    p.s. Jacob cut-out looks like someone’s put a black bar over his eyes…Its pointless…We can recognise that bod from space…Did Hansen put them up to this?

    Morning everyone!

    • “Carry a board around with the “wrist holding” pics and the words “U dont have a chance in Hale fangirl.” This is so, so evil. I LOVE it!

    • Oh how we love you girl

    • le sigh… ❤ you. *hands cupcake, w/ sprinkles*

      i wish i had your wit girl! *hands extra Jacob tissues for stuffing in bra*


    • lol “we can recognize that bod from space” TRUTH. good morning!

    • *stuffs bra and eats muffin* I ❤ u guys so much…for putting up with the word vomit and randomness…
      Happy cookies for all…

    • I’m doing those things outside of my own theater in no-name Ohio where, BTW, tickets aren’t even close to being sold out! UNREAL.

    • Epic win post! I need a Rob-deterrant poster board, though!

      Maybe some scratch-n-sniff plaid? A blown-up pic of The Tuck? A montage of KStew’s bitch faces?

      I love him with Stewie so of course I would only be carrying that board on her behalf. Good luck with that Taylor thing, though . . . *cough*Swiftner*cough . . .

      P.S. Flipped out on you yesterday, huh? Sometimes I lose control of my wolf-loathing reflex. And then I misread comments. And then I embarrass myself. Mea culpa.

      • Read: “collage” not “montage”

      • Collage of Drunk, grandma shirt, bow wearing Rob…and the teen modelling pics…and of course “The Tuck” no captions necessary with that kind of eye-rape…(dont get me wrong i love Rob…its all to make the crazies go away and for u to have ur chance)

        Swiftner…..sigh…pineapple girl can dream right? I mean i can sing, i love his dad and can probaby get an awkward laugh out of him…but will that ever be enough? LOL..funny a taylor swify song describes my predicament exactly….damn u…*shakes fist*

        about yesterday,,,,lol
        *offers blueberry cupcake of reconciliation*
        meet u near the treaty line at 8? ❤

    • “chinese whisper?” we always called it “telephone” over here! love name changes!!

      and i would SOOO believe that threesom rumor 🙂

    • @illegal, “(I’m thinking BCS can be part of the Volturi…the festive one…that makes u feel drunk nd attracted to Rosalie against ur will)”

      That’s just cruel! I hate Rosalie.

      • Im in a cruel mood today…. 😦
        Thats why BCS is in the Volturi…i mean seriously…torture my effing brains out and make me numb…bt attraction to Rosalie? he’s like their effing trump card…
        “No Butt crack Santa…please…not her…must…resist…fake…lesbian…tendencies”(insert pig slaughter Bella scream here)
        I must have BCS in BD…evil…or more evil….

  11. OME!!! I love the re-enact Fan Fic idea! Someone should seriously make a fanfic trivia game…hmmmm….

  12. I only did that long waiting once and NEVER again. The queen and her family were comming to our town and I wanted a good spot. Me and my friend woke up at 04:00. But it was worth it. I shake hands with one of the hot royals. (they came by at 13.30 or so)

    Why do I have the feeling that you two have VIP passes? (courtesy of Stephenie M bc she is a fan of your blogs)
    I FUCKING hope so!

    Please leghitch Rob for me if you have a chance.

    Will Stepehnie surprise us at Oprah telling us she almost finished Midnight Sun?

    • Please dear God let it be so. I shall eat all my greens for the rest of my life (and all my sparklypeens too for that matter)

      • mwahahahahahaa you are HILAR

        • thank you, made my day. Always feel so inadequate and (blink blink) (blush -which she never quite managed-blush) try hard funny with illegal, TS, dude Ifursploded, Cyndi etc doing their stuff. They are the real definition of HILAR and I pass on the mwahahahahahahahaa to them!!!

          • inadequate? pffffftttt….ur hilarious…..million thumbs up!!!

          • We’re hilar? What a compliment! *tear*

            I got my sister to start lurking here…she’s leaning Team Jacob, illegal 😉 Hey sis!!!! (I’d say her name, but I’m not sure what her avatar will be once she starts posting).

      • (sing to the tune of Spiderman theme song)

        “Sparkle peen, sparkle peen. Shiny vam-pi-re sparkle peen. Does he *POOF* out gli-tter? Look o-o-out, here comes the sparkle peen.”

        uh-huh. in.my.head. thx illegal!

        • Yay! I’ll die happy when they cover that on Glee…starring the LTT girls of course….

          • ohh-oooh-oooh! Pick me – Pick me! i’ve got it down pat! i even practiced the jazz-hands!

            YESSSSSSSS! 😀

            “sparkle peen, sparkle peen, shiny vam-pi…” WHAAAAAAT?! oops… sorry. i’ll just hum to myself.

          • it’ll be their highest rating show of all time,,,OF ALL TIME!

          • I’ve created a monster….
            Its alive ALLLLIIIIVEEEEE!!!!

            (pick either original mad scientist voice or the Newton…either way)

            We need to make a compilation…and also something for the holidays….
            (sung to the tune of silver bells) dont forget the tambourine….and a one and a two…
            sparklepeen….(aah aaah aahhh)
            sparklepeen…(aah aah aaahh)
            its cold as ice…what a pity….

          • Where do you get this?!? “You better watch out, it’s really ice cold, and it’s attached to some guy that’s 100 years old, Sparklepeen is coming to town.”

          • I have millions of them up my sleeve and i could go on all night (twss)…maybe i should twitter one per day…lol

            Yours are so friggin awesome…i mean even cooler than friking sharks with friking laser beams on their heads…. ❤

          • sparklecakes you win. sparklepeen is coming…..to town. hands down I give up. unbeatable!

          • You guys are killing me! Can I get in on the caroling?

            Think “Here Comes Santa Claus”

            Here comes sparklepeen,
            Here comes sparklepeen,
            Right down the sparklepeen “lane” (ahem)

            Sparklecakes: Were you in my HEAD or my HOUSE last night? I totally rewatched Puck from Glee performing “Sweet Caroline.” Digging the idea of a Mohawkpeen . . .

          • Sparklecakes, I totally picked your song, too. Oopsie. I blame sparklepeen on the brain.

          • SpCk, ignore that last comment. Different songs. Sparklepeen still affecting thought processes.

            Not to mention that it’s Friday, my busiest day of the week, and I’m multitasking, because damnit, payroll and a/p and several other things are NOT to interfere w/LTT!

        • Nooooo! Quit singing it! My husband caught me singing that and laughing hartily to myself last night while I was doing dishes!!! Catchy sparklepeen tunes leave a lot of explaining to do. I would, however, consider an offer from Alex should she want @illegal and I to contribute our respective songs to the next soundtrack.

          • I just got another one not half as funny but easier if you haven’t watched sesame st

            ready for it sung to dancing queen

            you are my sparklepeen, ice cold weeen,
            keeping me nice and keen

          • How about (sung to the tune of sweet Caroline)
            “shiny, sparklepeen.
            It is really freaking cold
            glittery vampire ween,
            can’t believe you’re 107 years old”

          • why is it cold?
            why is it so damn sparkly?
            does it ever go down?

            paaaaaants….touching paaaaants….reaching out….touching meeeeee touching youuuuu…….

            im gonna get kicked out for that….but i couldnt resist adding to your glory…..

        • didn’t we have this post yesterday? 😉

  13. I’d bring a bunch of pillows and lawn chairs and board games, and one really crazy friend. Then I’d say “i’ll be back in a minute” and I’d take off for 3 days and come back when it’s time for the show.

  14. Songs I want to eff Rob to…HAHAHAHAHA.

  15. nope. uh-uh. no. i HATE waiting in line more than anything. (except perhaps high-pitched screaming. and going without showers.)

  16. Song..
    This one dedicated to Edward..
    As if Ed is singin it for Bella.. jacobz for sure is in the Reason 😉
    Without You @

  17. make it a tailgate party. Lots of burgers, dogs, steaks, chicken, and chips. Drink lots of soda. Pig out and have a good old time. The cut out dude is cool. It’s getting cool in LA Lower Alabama. Have fun and enjoy. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  18. I wouldn’t wait in line for anything unless those crazy ass Mayans/radicals were right and 2012 will be the end of the world. I would probably stand in line for food if that was the only way I would be getting food. Also, if the food was just for me and I alone would starve without it, I would probably just starve. I am not patient. At all. But if the little darling’s life depended on it, I would stand in that crazy ass line.

    I think that I will stick with my original plan and bribe Big Daddy Lautner, even in an end of the world scenario.

    PS. Good lawd. You’d think I have been watching crazy end of the world movies. I haven’t exept that one where the kids are holding white rabbits at the end. That is the scariest part of the entire movie: children and white rabbits on a weird planet.

    PPS. I don’t even want to go early to the movie I am seeing in town. It is at 7 o’clock on a Friday. I keep making deals with Mr. Fang that he will go brave the crazies and put coats over seats for us. Maybe Big Daddy will be available for that too?

    Dear Big Daddy,

    I have Pennsylvania Avenue with your name on it!

    Call me. ❤

  19. Yea, I can’t do a 4 day wait in line… but fun things to do in line:

    -re-inact all 4 of the books (or fanfics) with edward, bella, and jacob dolls (record it and post on youtube)
    -Hand write your own fanfic staring you and Rob and give it to him at the premier
    -Scream everytime someone walks by who looks like anyone from the cast
    -I know this was was already mentioned but it needs to be said again, drink Heavily!

  20. I’ve never stood in line for such things before… and thankfully we snouty Europeans are civilised about these kinds of things. *cough* Thát, and we have pre-booked seats. Alias, today I just found out I got an upgrade from the front row seats. Yay! Be gone, sore neck.

    • Pre-booked seats? Yet ANOTHER reason to move to Europe, as if I needed one!

      I am determined that my movie experience will not suck. Even if I sit in the middle of a tween herd, if I sit in the first row, if I can’t hear half the movie – I will have a good time. And not just ’cause I’m innebriated. I am going to enjoy it because I’ve never been to a midnight showing before, and I know I’ll be to watch it the next day or soon thereafter, so I’m not going to flip out about the noise or drama.

  21. The irony of waiting in line for 4 days to see Rob (because honestly, do we give a flip about anyone else?) is that he will see you after you’ve been waiting in line for four days. Unless he gets off on that sort of patience and obedience [see: Mr. Grey in Secretary] he is not going to be impressed by your pit stains and pee bucket.

  22. I would totes get out of line at the first sign when I need the restroom. The thought of having to wait will definitely make want to go more b/c my bladder haa a mine of it own like that.
    I never been to LA or a premiere but if I were to go, as much as I love Rob and Twilight, I wouldn’t spend my 4 days waiting in line. I got shit to do, shit to see. I mean how else am I gonna “run into” Rob at a bar if I’m stuck in a line for 4 days??? Just saying. And if that makes any less of a fan, well tough luxk. I rather hang out w/ you ladies instead.
    But if I were to ever get in the Rob line (already am,b btw) I would need to get a portable dvd so I can watch the Twilight dvd and play the Twilight drinking game JAG mentioned a few months back. Only way to make it in that line is to be drunk.

  23. My two silliest girlfriends and I waited for two hours inside the local AMC/Loews for the Twilight midnight screening last year. We sat on the carpeted hallway floor, drank a gigantic diet coke & ate twizzlers and made fun of ourselves for even being there. Luckily, you can take a pee break very easily when you are waiting inside a movie theater. Also, for the first time in any of our lives, we took advantage of the free refill on soda policy – so that was upside.

    I don’t think I could wait for 4 hours, let alone 4 days, for anything, unless I had an iron clad guarantee that I would get my waiting’s worth. So, in this case, I would wait for 4 days for sex with Rob, of course. But it would have to be Wallbanger or The Office level sex. No quick wham bam thank you ma’am, now I have to go f**k the next person in line. I have my standards.

    I am now going to rename all of my iTunes playlists with your awesome suggestions! Especially “bands that suck but are better than 100 Monkeys!”

    One last point – UC – did Solomon Trimble run over your cat? You are directing some serious venom toward that man today! I almost feel bad for him. First, not rehired for New Moon, now, your punching bag. Poor Solomon. Maybe you can make it up to him while you are all waiting on line together on Sunday night.

    • i get on kicks… earlier this week it was Michael Welch.. today it was Solomon.

      I don’t know why. It’s a problem I have, I think…. I need help… do you know a good therapist? I need to work out why I have such rage towards Solomon & Michael… is it because I secretly want them both? At the same time…?

  24. “it would have to be Wallbanger or The Office level sex.”

    A girl has got to have standards! LOL!

  25. I literally can’t think of a single thing that I would wait 4 days in line for. Even if there was a line to do Rob, and it was guaranteed that he would love my grungy stanky ass no matter what (guess that’s really not THAT much of a stretch – heyoo!), I still don’t think I’d do it. Aside from me being disgusting, I’m in a LINE to DO someone. Sloppy 47th’s.

  26. 🙂

    • Oh Em Gee!!!! (This is even better than Rob so Im gonna yell it) ITS MIDCYN!!!!!
      Ure HERE!!!! we missed u!!!!!
      *breathes into paper bag*

      • lol…it’s me…trying to get my feet wet…took forever to “get” here….I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! Feeiing alittle “lost” so trying to read up.. HOW CAN I POSSIBLY THANK U ALL FOR YOUR MSG.S ESPECIALLY JODIEO WHO I UNDERSTAND GOT IT ALL TOGETHER (BTW We have gotta talk..WHAT did u tell my daughter??) FEELS LIKE i HAVE BEEN GONE FOR MONS. ! ❤ So good to be "home"!!

    • Midnight_Cyn’s back again, Midnight’s back tell a friend, Midnight’s back, Midnight’s back, Midnight’s back….

      Missed you! 😀

    • MidCyn! We all miss you so much! And here, I thought I would stay away today so I could get some work done. 🙂 How are you? How’s Blanket Rob?

      @illegal – pass me that paper bag!

      • Aww you guys alreay have me crying!

        • I hope they are tears of joy! What a cool surprise for us to hear from you!

          Oh, and sorry if your twi-daughter knows our “influence” too well now. teehee

        • dont cry Cyn…unless its a cry of anguish saying

          “Edward…why? why did u leave Bella”


          “Taycob…why? why? isnt she good enough? I mean look at her!!!”
          Cant stop smiling since i saw ya…Muah!!!!

    • Yippee! How’s the puter hunt going? are you on the loaner or did you get a permenant “fix”?

      Oh! and don’t forget to go to to http://www.vf.com for the rest of picts of Rob, if you haven’t looked already!

      psssttt, Cyn, i hope you don’t mind but i used some of your Edward tissues the other day and i’ve given some Jacob one to illegal!

      YOU WERE MISSED!!! 😀

      • Sorry, I am using my daughter’s computer and I hit the wrong button and well ..I just got back here..lol…ok let me try and answer some questions asked:
        I found a computer but it won’t be here until at least the 24th of Nov. 😦 but the good thing is that it will have some features on it that will make it easier for me to use/see..
        I have my daughter’s computer for the weekend/ and her puppy! She has a photo shoot..(Funny story..she worked a double yesterday and arrived very early this a.m. and I was like…HI hon.grabbed her pup)yelled WHERE IS YOUR COMPUTER??? “Don’t worry Mom its in the car” ) Anyway, am going to drill her about what info she gained from you all…btw already changed my password on Twitter ..tee hee..she says she entered my Regis/Kelly contest?? I didn’t win so not sure..
        I have not been doing anything…anything at all..I cannot tell you how much I missed being here…could never find the words….
        What have I missed? Tons I am sure!! Fill me in…
        Glad to see your sharing Edward/Jacob tissues ..its only right!
        Blanket Rob has been some comfort but definately not enough..as “you are my life now” and it was like the world stood still for how ever many days its been…seems like mons. to me…
        OH…big news…I tried starting New Moon..yup..not much progress but I was desperate…and I confess Twilight was run non stop at night which depending on the day/night made me either happy or sad…
        OH and Hair lady friend came and permed my hair…yesterday..I think…daughter said dye it red and I AM Victoria…WIN!!!
        After reading some of the comments..I WOULD WAIT IN LINE FOREVER TO MEET ANY OF YOU IN RL!!!
        P.S. Plz excuse typo’s, different keyboard than mine.
        Lastly…I love you all!!!

        • OH forgot to tell you that woke up this morning and walked by mirror and forgot about the new hair…scared the shitz out of myself….yup I am back!!!

          • Well of course you were scared. Victoria is scary!

            zillion thumbs up. still screaming with mad laughter

          • @Ang and illegal….explain Breaking news???

          • MidCyn – OK, you might not remember this. 🙂 Last weekend, on the last night you had a borrowed computer, I posted some videos of Rob to cheer you up. You wrote a HILARIOUS pretend news story about a “Maine woman who dropped dead from watching hot Rob videos.” Then, me, you and illegal all posted A LOT of “breaking news” posts following yours. We were typing fast, not thinking, and it was very late at night. (at least for me and you) By the end of our “story” you had illegal running off with Taylor and you and I were on Isle Esme with Rob…maybe Edward. Illegal has compiled all the posts we made in order. It’s quite funny.

            I sent my e-mail address to you in a message from JodieO. E-mail me and I’ll send it to you!

          • @ANG…we REALLY did that??? OME….plz send to me! I can’t even imagine where we would go with that! I have to read…hope you and I were gettin busy with Edward not Rob..cause that would be like cheating on the hubs..can’t cheat with a fictional character or can you?? What the hell I sleep with Blanket Rob every night!!! OH hell yes I do!!! I can’t say it enough I MISSED YOU!!!

          • @MidCyn – yes, we really did that! And YOU started it! I will send to you if I can figure out your e-mail address!

            I think we were with Rob…but we can edit it so that you can have Edward. I’ll take Rob!

          • @Ang…OME…sharing is good…you can have Rob and I’ll be very happy with Edward thank you very much..he sparkles ya know…see if your Rob can pull that off…and in about 40 years we’ll see who gotta the better of the deal…I’m thinkin me…cause Eddie will still be lookin fine….gonna have to figure out a way to warm up his..umm..hands..ya that’s what I’m thinking…or better yet..maybe I’ll get him to turn me..oh shitz..I’m already old…oh well most parts still work…thats all that is important right…right????

          • MidCyn – Sharing IS good. We play so well together.

        • Awwh, I was having a good time twittering with your daughter! Tell her I said hi and thanks again! We have missed you, too! I hope the list of various tv appearances will help fill the void when your daughter takes her computer back. ;P You’ll have a good time babysitting your grandpuppy, though!

          • You are awesome Jodie…really thank you for all that you have done..(.but I AM going to drill daughter when she wakes up! ) I have been so busy trying to read everything and make notes and all the comments here..my head is spinning well its always spinning…but more so today…I feel like I have SO much to catch up on!! Have I said yet…I am soooo missing all things Robward…

          • Forgot to mention hubs came in shortly after daughter arrived and I of course was already reading email msgs…trying to find LTT and says ” Boy your really happy “she’s” (daughter) is home, good to see you smiling again!” Ohh yeah that is why I was smiling..uh huh…lol..(do love seeing daughter) really happy to have daughter”s computer….also now 5 dogs in the house & 1 loud bird! gonna be a GREAT weekend! Oh should I get carried away with comments….just tell me…want to get in as much as I can (yup that’s what she said..hey I remembered that or I just read it) while I have the computer!!! OHHH just want to give you all a Huge Robward (& Jacob for illegal) hug!!!

          • You are welcome. And don’t worry. I didn’t really tell your daughter anything bad. I did slip and ask if she was there the day I taught you the word cockblock, but that’s it. I promise!

          • @JodieO…Oh no you didn’t!!! You really told her that story!! OK YOU fess up…I want details.. she is gonna be up soon and I want to know what she knows…cause she sure as hale won’t tell me…good thing I luv ya so…. 🙂

          • @MidCyn – Yeah.. sorry! She said something like she’d heard a lot about me and I said that you would probably tell her that I was some kind of pervert because I teach you all kinds of dirty words. But I said that I don’t teach you dirty words, I just explain the words other people teach you, and then yes, I told the cockblock story. Then I thought maybe that wasn’t the sort of thing a daughter wants to know about her mom and I clammed up. ;P Or maybe she does want to know.. she seemed a little shocked! *snicker*

          • @JodieO She would be SHOCKED to say the least..In RL I am so different…I don’t swear and while they were young I was/am tough on them, as in never lettting them say words like SHUT UP, I HATE YOU etc., they were considered as bad as swears….so she would definately be shocked that I would even be discussing a word like cockblock…it will be interesting to see if she says anything to me…I highly doubt it. I think the night that it came on TV my oldest daughter (who lives here) was home when I yelled out something when I heard the word and ran out of the room…there was silence when I came back in and neither she nor the hubs said or asked …I think the hubs just was like “What the heck just happened?” But I can’t remember exactly…thank Gawd….OK YOU now what did she tell YOU???

          • HAHAHA! She told me you were always strict about swearing and stuff. I told her my mom was too, but it obviously didn’t work. ;P

            All she told me was that you smoke too much and that you are too skinny! So I’m ordering you a pizza with extra meat and a cheesecake and some Nicorette! Be ready to answer the door!

          • @JodieO ….first of all..ok was gonna fib…I do smoke way too much….working on that…2nd been on a diet for my son’s wedding in Sept…so.. just cheese plz..don’t eat meat…no nicorette..tried that….fail….unless Eddie’s delivering..I’ll take whatever he’s got…..yup..I will 🙂

    • WOOT WOOT, Cyndi’s back. Hi there 😀

      • YAYYYYYYY!

      • HI there! so glad to be back…trying like crazy to read everything….soooo much has been happening here….Is Moon going to see UC or the other way around??? Either way can I come too?? Can we ALL go together?? I can’t even imagine the two of them actually in the same place…makes me think of the grinches heart growing so big it busts! Have no idea where that came from….are YOU ALL sure your glad I’m back..tee hee (wait that migh not sound right…forget the grinch part..not anything to do with that..just the heart thing when they see each other…like if I were to “bump into Roward” ya know!

        • Cyndi!!!! *Waves frantically*

          You’re alive!!!! Trying to do my best Mike Newton impersonation!

          How ru? We missed you here! Did you get your computer?

          Big hugs!

          • Hey SB…so good to be back at least for a bit….haven’t had such a happy day since I left…how have you been? Great I hope..missed you bunches…have you been keepin these girls in line!!!??? xo

          • @MS hey there girlfriend! I’ve been okay, been busy saving tons and tons of pictures of Rob while he’s on his European tour. Have you seen the pics of him and Kristen? LOL. Now maybe I should not even tell you (too late) because it might break your heart. It don’t bother me (much) since I’m a idontgiveacrapsten.

            Been busy with family stuff, you know, boring real life stuff. Life of a wife and a mother :-). Gonna put up my Christmas tree tomorrow. I know, I know, early eh, but I love Christmas and we are Christmas people! So yeah tree tomorrow! 🙂

            Miss you too! Just for you I may visit twitter. What’s your user name? Thanks.

          • @ Southernbelle
            I love xmas too..I am all for putting up the tree…you go girl..course I am tempted to hang lil Eddie’s all over with of course glitter sprinkles …to keep in the spirit..not sure I can pull that off tho…might still try..lol.
            My twitter name is the same as here Midnight_Cyn…would love to see you on Twitter….Just got some good news..email from Computer company saying now that my computer may arrive as early as the 18th hurray!!!! Don’t know if I can stand even one more day with out LTT and my friends…Hope all is well with you and yours, missed ya lots…xoxo

          • @MS -thanks for info on Twitter. I have an account, I just never use it. The last time I used it was for comic-con. LOL.
            Well I have a suggestion, why not have a Twilight/New Moon Christmas tree? Don’t they sell Twilight ornaments yet? I’m sort of crafty so I will prolly make one, glass ball with Rob’s face in it!! Haha! Yeah so have a Twilight tree and a regular tree for the normal people :-). There’s this place here in downtown Louisville where they make these glass ball and basically anything glass. It’s so cool, there’s always a lot of people watching while they work. I bet they’d take a special order, maybe they can insert Rob’s face inside the glass! However, I don’t have the nerve to ask them. 😛 Maybe I can ask hubby to do it. Gosh it will feel like asking him to get me pads or tampons. LOL.

            I’m gonna look for u on Twitter 🙂

          • @MS – ok I went on twitter, I asked to be able to follow you. You have to accept me then 🙂


        • yay!! we missed you!

    • CYNDI!!!!!!!!!! so good to see you today!!!!

      • HEY MOON..how are you…? SO JEALOUS and HAPPY to hear that you and UC are going to be together again!!! I don’t know who is visiting who but I know how much fun your going to have…nothing like BFF’s being together again…wish I could shrink into pocket size to “be there” with you guys..wishing you the best time ever…and if you run into Rob..take one for the team and give him a smooch for me will ya!! Or at least give him a copy of my letter…tee hee…seriously I hope you two have the best time ever!!! xxo P.S. If I find a way to shrink myself please make sure I am in the same pocket at Pocket Rob..would really appreciate that! Hugs..

  27. No, I would not sleep out for four days. It would take all the joy out of it knowing that if I did see Rob, I’d be dirty, smelly, sore and irritable. I am not a camp out kind of girl. I did it once, for tickets to see a band,and I’ll never do it again. Not even for Rob. Ok, I’d probably do it for a chance to do Rob. But that’s it.

  28. I waited in line for over an hour and a half last weekend to see 100 monkeys at an all ages show. Swear to God.
    After that, 4 days/nights in the sun/cold, peeing in a bottle and taking a whore bath with baby wipes with nothing more than the promise of seeing The Chosen One in person (giving me the rare opportunity to proclaim that “he looks skinnier in person”) seems like a reasonable thing for me to do.

    **shakes head and wonders what has become of me and what will happen to make me realize what a loser I truly am**

    • Nothing in that description sounds unreasonable to me. Not a loser…that’s normal.

    • Sigh. You’ve guilted me into the truth.

      I MIGHT wait in line four days. IF I had awesome friends by my side, IF there was a clean restroom nearby, and IF I would definitely get to see him, and not through the waving hands of tweens and behind the stoic faces of bodyguards.

      You’ve made me realize I just don’t know if I could pass up the opportunity to tell . . . someone . . . myself, in the mirror every morning, maybe . . . that I SAW the sex hair in person. And it was pretty.

  29. I would totally wait in line. I’ve never done anything effing crazy before and this seems like the perfect reason to go all mayor of crazy town! Some other helpful tips for passing time:
    1. Begin writing Solomon Trimble fanfic. Hello?! Untapped market!
    2. Set decoy red carpet lined with fillet o’ fish, hopefully leading Big Daddy directly to you.
    3. Practice showing Rob your exact plans for the dumpster dive you’d like to do before/during/after premier on one of the cardboard Edwards. You know, whichever he prefers.

    Oh, and I’m on Twitter now. Sparklecakes. Stalk me. I’m probably already stalking you….

    • Big Daddy totally deserves his own red carpet. I’m sure McDonald’s would gladly be the sponsor.

    • Solomon undid his long my little pony hair and Bella gasped,,,”ur..ur…ur…”she paused to bite her lip and blink rapidy for his sheer presence was ovewhelming her. “ur kinda beautiful…” she said,and if i cant have the hottest wolf in the pack i might as well bonk the Alpha she thought, her face chagrined(?). Take that Jacob, im with a REAL legal man now….

      yes, i mixed up RL names…i meant it that way…almost on my 2nd chapter…fingers crossed u guys….LOL
      Yes i do procrastinate here.,,, 😉

      • @sparkle….see what u make me do?
        wanna write one together? 🙂

        • I’m so in. “Tremble for Trimble” here we come. (that’s what she said?)

          • HA! HAHA!! HAHAHA!!! I would ONLY read that to support you guys and leave some amazing reviews! Don’t forget the doggy-style, bone, and sit-up-and-beg references!

          • “Tremble for Trimble” FTW…maybe we should write the entire FF on twitter?

            @StotheP who the frack down thumbed u? *shakes fist at invisible down thumber-er* u read my mind…just writing the “training session” ifyaknowwhatimean…

            Have i been inspired to write an Illegal/Taycob pairing? yes yes i have… *blushes*

          • Tremble for Trimble! Totes brillz.

            I’ll throw in for a chapter if you want. Seth has to be in there some where because Leah is the only female wolf and we’ll need some fish fry. Plus you know, Sue is all hittin’ on Billy Burke…

            Whatevs, count me in (if i’m allowed)

          • yay!!! guest writer TS!!! will u be writing fluff or a lemon? or a fluffy lemon mousse? Sparkle and i are deciding if we call him Solomon, Trimble or Friend of Jacob…who knew the intricacies of the humble FF?

          • I did it! I accidentally thumb downed StotheP!! Stupid iTouch. Aside from the stupid Abadan mishap earlier, I also sent a random e-mail to a PR company I work with that simply stated “double fisted air hump.” I’m having an amazing day over here.

          • And TS, you’re obvs in. Group fanfic is the only way to go. Ahh, the untamed lemony goodness that is Solomon Trimble. We’ll start a whole fad…darkmon, submon, tattmon…. and that all totally sounds Jamaican.

          • Et tu, Sparklecakes?

            I’m glad I scrolled down to read your comment after I saw the down thumbs. I was just about to walk farther into the forest like a zombie until I tripped on a root and fetaled out. I hope you would have left a note, but hey, here’s a thought, why don’t you just COME BACK??

            Meh. Thanks for letting me know so I won’t be emo all weekend. For that, I give you a double-fisted air hump.

            ❤ you more 'n Alice!

          • Well, I think we can call him Jacob’s friend in the first chapters, then Sam in half of chapter 4 and the other half he becomes just Solomon. Then we’ll have to do a whole chapter of Bibical references. Then we’ll take like a 2 month break from publishing anything. Then we’ll come back with him starting to phase and unable to contain his trembling. And then we’ll find out how Emily really got those scars… bow-chikah-wow-wow (said Newton flagging style obv).

            I don’t get the lemony fluff mousse stuff? 😦

          • Totes should have left the thumbs down and then erased all comments like I was never here. “it will be as if I never existed.” do you have a Sam uley fill in handy?

          • @TS…Lemony fluffy mousse = cute sex? like swiftner cute…

            @Sparkle sorry for saying frack and shaking fist at u…i take it all back and offer the choc chip cookie of regret…its good I promise…like Trimble in a cape…

            btw “double fisted air hump” ROFLMAO

      • @Illegalwolflover….HOW ARE YOU??? During my absence had you converted to Team Edward, just for fun..made lil stories.(.HEY DON”T JUDGE I WAS BORED AND TRYING TO KEEP THINGS IN MY HEAD) so I wrote lil storylines were we had deep discussions about Eddie and Jacob..I always won btw..!!
        Can you explain Breaking News???
        Is your avatar different?

        • @ MidCyn….hey!!! I just woke up..so im a sleepy cookie right now…I missed u while u were away…U know im a little Team Edward on the inside…How can anyone not love that man? especially when he takes care of ya the way he does…sniff! *hugs blanket Rob*

          U made lil stories? u always won? I’m uber competitive but if i lose to anyone it might as well be you… 😀

          Yeah…i flipped between a few Taylor, Taycob avatars and then TS said that she misses my pineapple face (yeah ive decided that im a pineapple and i hate Tay just a teeny bit for being that hawt at the age of 17 whereas i used to and still do look like a spiky, shapeless tropical fruit)

          Breaking news? u me and Ang went a bit overboard with Twi-related fictional news reports. we all managed to be killed by either hotness or excessive sex and then suddenly we were alive, i had a fake pregnancy, Tay Tay was accused of perjury and Rob was reported to have “the best sex of his life” with u and Ang on Isle Esme…I cant wait for u to read it in order…
          I missed u…u make a sleepy hamster very very happy when ur around…Muah!!!

          • Hey sleepyhead…you better take another look..that’s no pineapple face…more like a sweet peach! Why do you think Taylor would love you so!!!
            Ang was filling me in on some of the “breaking news” so embarrassed…can’t believe we did that …and now throw in ur description and I am having hot flashes which is ok cause like I am freezing..no Eddie isn’t here..its just cold…btw are you sure we made it a fake pregnancy….cause if I were writing it, I definately would have said pregnant for sure…then the age thing wouldn’t matter…you’d have to get married..his Mom would make sure….ohhhh we could do a whole wedding breaking news…hope ur gonna be up late now that you’ve had a nap..lol..and I am gonna be burning the keys off this computer til daughter breaks hands holding onto it….Muah right back…I should gather notes of “our chats” they are pretty funny…or embarrassing depending on how you look at it..You could consider me “nuts” for writing stories w/someone that wasn’t here, or you could just laugh at the words “you said in response” illegal is in there, JodieO and TS even random comments from UC & Moon…only way I could keep myself amused and not lose names..so it was kinda fun and silly and pathetic all at the same time…such a loser! 🙂

          • loser? nuts? I have NEVER thought that way about u and never will…(me on the other hand totes different story bahahahahahaha)
            I couldnt stop talking about u after that night just cause i was so worried about u….fiance knows ur name which is a miracle cause he doesnt know my friend’s names….yay!
            ill be online for a few hours…then i have work…ill be back later but maybe too late for us to chat…but ill hang around just in case…
            There was a rumour that it was fake…that it was all due to too many muffins rather than werewolf spawn and to get me a lighter sentence…
            Meh doesnt matter…by the end we apparently never came out of the bedroom…not bad for two Disney-loving virgins…LOL
            p.s. Im Always there…cause i’m creepy like that….so dont worry about talking/fighting and pairing me up with Jacob…
            I still cant believe ur back…its like ghostward…im so scared that ur just a dream…

          • @illegalwolflover Oh I can’t wait to read the Breaking News thing…trying to remember where your at..I know your far away..tear drop..and its warm, cause I wanted to come visit…shitz…anyway…I am worried that I am NOT really here…that I just think I am..ok…just confused myself…lol…but I have a computer for the whole weekend!!! Its weird tho cause its so different than mine was..keep hitting the wrong keys and her touch pad doesn’t work right so I keep erasing things..but as long as I can be here…that is all that matters! What time do you get off work?

          • Im in NZ hun…dont worry…sometimes i’d like to forget where i live and pretend im back home in Sri Lanka where beaches are’nt composed of pebbles and grey sand…lol
            ill be online for another 1 and a half hours then ill be back after 5 hours…
            The whole weekend??? awesomesauce!!!! oodles of chatting then…

          • MidCyn and illegal – I left out some of the hotter details in our breaking news story.

            I’m having a work issue. So I’ll probably not be around. But lots of chatting this weekend! Yippee!

            Oh, and we should at least “try” to cover some of UC and Moon’s topic they post. 🙂

          • @Ang..sorry your having work problems…wish I could help in some way..I will always be there for you (pint size on your shoulder) wishing you nothing but good things…will look for you this weekend..and yes catch me up on all the good stuff…and it sounds like we have to go over any new Breaking News..tee hee..sending you my email now….smooches…

        • @illegalwolfloverThat’s right NZ and its summer there right? I would want to visit you even if it was winter cause your there and NZ is on my bucket list. Would love to see Sri Lanka too…bet its beautiful…I really think we should get a LTT convention together….adding to my bucket list….whoa better not die soon list is getting long!!! Did you see that I started trying to read New Moon??? Not much success, but I was desperate…I have so missed our late night conv. and I hope we can chat as much as we can fit in during the next two days…want to hear what you have been doing etc., Will look for you later…gonna send ang my email so hopefully I can get Breaking News and read it before we chat again…actually almost afraid too..lol…smooches…and dont work too hard!!!

          • Hey Im back…hope u see this at some point…
            Its so awesome that u tried reading New Moon…ull love my Jacob a little bit more (i hope) or ull hate him forever(gasp)…Ive missed our chats too…more than u can imagine….Today has been an awesome day cause ur back and everything feels right again…(sorry for the sap) Have fun with the Breaking News…we shoud do pics and captions…i cant wait!!!
            Love ya Muah!

          • @illegalwolflover..missed you here…was waiting for you on the other page! BTW Love the sap cause I feel the same way..all is right again in my world!! Didn’t get the Breaking News yet from Ang…but sounds like she is having a tough day :(…can’t wait to see it tho…love ya right back…but u know that!!

          • @MIdCyn…im still here if u need to talk…<3's…

  30. Yeah.. I’m not the girl who would wait in line sweating/freezing for days, for anything or anyone on this planet. Too proud for that. Especially when the prize is standing in fenced area like cattle. I would never give KStew the satisfaction of seeing me like that. Yeah, in my mind I have a whole different scenario for our face off.
    But I am the girl who would come by with some drinks and snacks and watch from across the street and make fun of everyone in that line. Then I would go home and wait for a brilliant LTT post about the event. That’s enough for me.

    • “I would never give KStew the satisfaction of seeing me like that.”

      Word. It’s hard to have a bitchface stare off when your sandwiched between Trimble and ‘Bite Me’ -face girl in a cloud of heinous funk.

  31. Awesome post and no…aside from saving the life of a loved one I would not stand in line for anything for four days. I still have some pride. Just a smidge. Just enough to be self righteous about people that stand in line for four days 🙂

  32. I’d do it. Just to say I did something crazy. ‘Cause yeah, in general I am not crazy – ever.

    However, I would request that all LTTers join me in shifts (so that no one has to use the bucket and everyone could go home for showers).

    And in other good-news-that-no-antiTwilight-person-would-get-the-enormity-of, our local sports bar (in Johnson City, TN in case anyone is near there. pleasepleaseplease) is having a New Moon premiere party on the 20th. Yay!! A SPORTS bar even! I know, right?

    • A sports bar New Moon premiere party, like purple, is good.

      You’re going, right?

      • OH, geez. Purple is cool and green is good and the party is amazing.

        I am so fail today. Why can’t I quit work and stay home to read fanfic and chat on LTT?

        • It’s okay, Stothe. We know you’re vouched for as being awesome even when you misquote that most overquoted line from the movie that changed our lives.

          • Thanks . . . I think [searches archives for sarcasm primer}.

          • 😉 I love that I used to think your name was SlotheP (like sloth or sleuth) It still cracks me up. awww…we’ve bonded in the past two days I feel.

  33. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by johncenna: Waiting in line for New Moon premiere? Get your helpful tips here … http://bit.ly/2lGdzp

  34. Tried to ask Harvey at #TMZ to send over some cameras and the like…..we shall see. WOuldn’t be on the show, but maybe a post or somethin.

    This is CRAZY by the way

  35. 4 days?! I’m just trying to figure out how to occupy my time while waiting in line for an hour before I see the movie. I can’t imagine finding stuff to do for 4 days. (Also, my plan includes taking some Mad Libs. If I feel like it, I may fill it in with Twilight words.)

  36. My only major line-standing adventure was proudly being the 15th person to get a wristband for the Harry Potter 7th book at Barnes and Noble. I was REALLY sick (not contagious, mind you, just an attack of my own personal disease there is no name for) and my dad had to drive me (and yes, I am a grown woman with children) and he was very cool about it, just shook his head and kept asking me why I couldn’t wait until the next day. I told him I needed to stay up until 4 am reading it!!! More head shaking. He’s a great dad.

  37. The only way I’d do it is if the only people in line were all of you here and over at LTR. Cuz with all of us it would make 4 days seem like nothing!! Only, we’d have to rent a port-a-potty or smth cuz there’s no way with all of us together we wouldn’t have at least one “oops, peed my pants laughing” incident.

    • That’s so true! I peed my pants yesterday ‘cuz of fang’s KFC girl story. (I didn’t actually, btw, but it was close.)

      The line would be like 100 people long of LTTers, then trimble. But we’d be like the Brazilian tour groups at Disney where one or two people wait in line and then call the rest of their group when they’re about to get on the ride, so like 30 people there for their 16th bday (yeah, they don’t do the quincieras in brazil) are chattering away in portuguese and cutting everyone else. That’d be us. But in English (well, except for our brazilian girls, and all our awesome belgians and mexicans and frenchies etc.). And we wouldn’t be able to understand illegal at all because you know she’s gotta hella crazy accent all Sri Lankan-NZer and trying at a GA accent to fool Hansen.

      Also, I think our “camera crew” (i.e. whoever owns a video camera and a mic and a boom and one of those white sheets for lighting…er, too much?) would show up to do interviews with the rest of the line…as if we weren’t part of the line. LTTers are too good for the line, despite being in the line. That’s what LTT’s all about, right? We’re 2nd hand embarrassment promoters, not first hand…

  38. Uh, by the way, just curious: why oh why the link to UTI? You may just be more demented that originally surmised.

  39. I have waited in line, but never overnight. But good luck to those that do, I hope they get the goods.

    You LTT/LTR girls will have a BRILLIANT time even if you don’t get within a mile of the red carpet or the Ellen Show. The important thing is you will all be together, having a right laugh 🙂

    Me? I would prob wait from about 1pm to 7pm, in the London drizzle, with an annoying teen droning on about how they “might” make “Eclipse” and threatening to “boo” Kristen IF, and only IF, I got the chance to get within touching distance of Robert and have a chat with the DILF.

    Wait!! What?

    Still dazzled 🙂


    • The teen isn’t mine by the way, just a very annoying random chick who stood next to me, with very sharp elbows and not a bloody clue about the books of the films.

      But it was SO worth it.


  40. I would NEVER EVER stand in line for 4 days. I would rather bludgeon myself to death with my own severed arm then wait among thousands of crazies just to see Rob for 10 seconds. no offense to those waiting in line, but for real I get claustrophobic waiting in line at target during holiday season… like to the point that I tap my foot, and huff and puff like a huge biotch at the customers around me. (that happened yesterday btw) I wouldn’t be able to stand the screaming.

  41. There is nothing I would stand in line for…not even the opportunity to lick Sprinkles cupcake icing off of Rob’s body.

    Seriously, though. That is insane. It reminds me of those crazy store rushes they used to have years ago over Cabbage Patch Kids. Those people were nuts and didn’t have any problem taking anyone out to get what they wanted. Be safe, wackadoos!

    • I’m sorry . . . huh? I couldn’t read anything after ‘lick Sprinkles cupcake icing off of Rob’s body.’

      Pretty sure that’s a food group.

      • OME!!! How have I survived w/o this place!!!

        I have decided that if I were going I would dye my new hair red and dress like Victoria, rent a limo and a couple of cute bodyguards then brazenly (sp? word?) head for the front of the line and be like “Excuse me, like don’t you know who I am? Let me thru before I lose it having to sign any more effing autographs for these ridiculous fans!” Course it would have to VERY dark to pull it off!

      • Yeah, who I’m a kidding…that does sound kinda hot. Okay, maybe I would stand in line for that.

    • that Cabbage Patch Kids rage was really something. i remember. i also remember that my dad won one for me from Kmart in a drawing in like 1984 and before he could get out of the crazy mob in the store people were offering him hundreds of dollars for it! i still have it. Zeick Archibald, yup. and I’ll love my dad forever for it.

  42. UC..did you really say “UnintendedChoice says she misses you so much she’s considering exchanging her “Bite Me” notepad for post-it’s in your honor” !!! I AM honored (seeing me bowing) ahhh but I did notice u said “considering” but gonna let it slide…cause I luv ya so! Plus you are officially of the shitz list for dissing my post-its….I know, I know….your thinking “Wow finally!” xox

  43. I’ve never done anything remotely near that crazy, but if I were with a group of LTT/LTR peeps (with a hotel room down the street for naps and showers) I have a feeling that the time would pass very quickly. Especially if we implemented all the ideas mentioned above. That’s Normal.

  44. I’ve been reading some fan accounts and I found a list of things you might want to NOT do, you know, to avoid 2nd hand embarrassing everyone in a 10 mile radius:
    Don’t call him flippy to his face. Dude. Weird. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die for the girl that did that.

    Don’t have him autograph your print outs of “the tuck” or zygote rob. Again, with the weirdness. The cringe I got off of that craziness was enough to tear neck muscles. *shudders*

  45. I would never wait 4 days! I’d go really early Monday morning. The only thing I’ve ever waited in a longass line for was NBA playoff tickets and that was probably a 9 hour wait. And tme does go by pretty fast beause you’re talking to people and are excited. I would never wait overnight though 😦 bathroom? safety? hygiene? 3 things I’m not willing to budge on, not even for Rob.

  46. Okay, I’m unrelatedly posting before my computer battery runs out and B&N is too ridiculously lame to have outlets (ugh, Florida sucks.)

    I bought my purple plaid shirt today. From H&M, so don’t you other bitches copy me! Anyway, it’s pretty awesome. It sort of resembles the sexy breast shirt that bella wears when she busts through the ferns in Italy (?), except it’s plaid and it’s purple…

    So, I’m still getting together my undershirt iron-on idea. I’m looking at going with a simple white walmart cami that says “Purple’s cool.” in twilight font. Understated, right? OR I’m going to put a huge photo of Billy Burke on there. I’m really leaning towards the second option. But then there’s the should I do a Vitamin R tribute? Should I do Charlie Billy Burke or just hot Billy Burke? Should I use the phrase “Who wants a mustache ride?” on there? Should I just write, “I’m down with the kids.” and no photo? Should I have a clipart image of a wheelchair on there and have it say “I’m still dancin'” ? It’s soooo difficult. I’m so concerned.

    Anyway, Hot Topic’s selection sucks. I actually went in today AND I helped a girl pick out the best Team Jacob shirt “for her friend” (she was doing a good job of it…she was even “on the phone” going through the different designs and colors…right, we know it was just for you, babe. No shame.) But I was proud to have made it in. It was a big moment for me. I even saw the pins and considered purchasing. I even saw BLANKET ROB!

    Anyway, I’m definitely bring some little bottles with me in my purse and getting an inside and an out side photo. I’m going to get as many fan pics as possible to represent the hot hot heat of FL. THAT SAID…UC&Moon, could you please help us all out and make available a red ribbon starter kit (a la Kayne West starter kit) so we can all cover our eyes when we post our premiere pics? That’d be great 🙂

    I so much can’t wait.

  47. I can’t believe that people are in line for this. Why don’t they just do like the other crazies and camp outside Rob’s place for an autograph? /shrug.

    I’m glad you guys are representing by not being there. As the DYLF said, “It’s about the absence of someone.” (or whatever he said. I don’t have enough battery to go back to that entry and find the direct quote).

    UTIs SUCK. Make sure it’s straight up cran and not that sugary shit! Just sayin’.

    I super love you guys.

    • Hey TS…missed you muchly…your in FLORIDA??? How the hale did that happen..You got to look at Blanket Rob…gorgeous isn’t he…so warm and cozy…are you going to THE MOVIE there? How are you doing? Drop me an email…I will have a computer for the weekend..catch me up ok!!! xox

    • TS – You caught me. That was me in Hot Topic. I hit my head last night and woke up on Team Jacob. Or, a thousand nots.

      Iron-on suggestions:

      Can of Ranier and “WWCD?”

      Purple circle, green square – underneath, the words “cool” and “good”

      Pic of BB’s head as Charlie – “PCILF”

      I’d go with the photo of Billy Burke. Simple. Understated. Classic.

      So not waiting in line, but would consider it under the right circumstances. However, ‘camp outside Rob’s place for an autograph’?

      Pray tell, where IS this Hot Pocket fort of which you speak?

      Super massive love you back.

      • “a thousand nots” hehe

        Maybe I’ll do the Vitamin R and have it say “Take two sparklepeens and call me in the morning. –Dr. Freud”

        The BBurke issue is, WHICH ONE! So many to pick from…

        The fort is…well, it’s the house that they used as the Swan residence. The one that UC/Moon wouldn’t give us the address to because she’s a jerk.

        Purple circle, green square – underneath, the words “cool” and “good” And an orange (gotta keep up the secondary colors theme) equalateral triangle that has Billy Burke on top and me and Pollyanna on the two bottom points…

  48. MidCyn! I totes wrote you this huge response and then hit “submit” but forgot to put my name/email info and of course it deleted 😦

    Shorter response: I took a contract job at my old company back in Orlando, so I’m here for 2 months. So we’re the same time zone now and I post at like 8am!
    I’ll send you an email with life updates.

    • OH TS..hope your doing ok…must have been hard to make that change…but on the bright side…same time zone, warm weather…can I come visit!!!! I am freezing here…missed you so much! Will check email for full report! Get some sun for me will ya…hey did you see I had my hair permed…gonna dye it red..dress up like Victoria..rent a limo/get couple studly guys and avoid the whole long wait line thing…and go to the front.. said with an attitude “Don’t u know who I am? Let me through before these crazy fans attack me” and saunter on in..no waiting, lines or prep needed…course it will have to be the midnight showing…so that its really really dark…plus can get away with the whole looking like I am drunk thing…I would be a famous star after all, and it would be expected…

  49. If I was in LA right now, I still won’t wait for 3 or 4 days. More power to those who can but I don’t roll like that! If I was to see Rob, I wanted it to be a random encounter and I want to look and smell good :-). I’m not sure if there’s something I would wait in line for days for. I’ve never done it before. I don’t even go shopping on Black Friday!

    Sex with Rob….well hmm, I guess I have to think about that! If I would wait in line I better be the only one there! I know that is quite an oxymoron!

  50. alright all you Twi-chicks, i’m gone til Monday.

    if anyone will misssss meeeeeee, that is.
    i am allllllllll laging today.

    le sigh… off to get rained on and try to slid off the road driving home….


    • cya ambushed we’ll miss u…
      *offers weekend Black Forest cupcake*

      • OH no You will be gone…then I will be gone…sniff..sniff…misses you already!!! Come back Ambushed…..reaches for Edward tissue!!!

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