Rereading New Moon – Chapters 1-3

newmooncoverDear LTT-ers,

To prepare for the November 20th release of New Moon I begin rereading the book this week to refresh my memory on the details and such. I mean it’s been since like summer when I read New Moon last and it was time to reach for one of my favorite books in the saga! It’s funny, if you asked my this time last year what was the order of my favorite Twilight books, I definitely wouldn’t have listed New Moon near the top but as with all relationships your tastes and ideas grow and mature with time like some fine Vampire wine (no, seriously there really is Vampire wine. Hot Topic is pissed they didn’t think of it first).

Currently, I’ve read chapters 1-3 (yea super far, I know!) but I’m currently in the chapter “The End” can you blame me?! I HATE this chapter. Stupid Edward… stupid Bella for not chasing his dumb ass. Stupid me for talking to characters in a book.


Here let me examine you with my mouth...

Last night I read chapter 2 “Stitches” aka “Happy Birthday, Jasper’s hungry!” wherein the well meaning Cullen’s throw an ungrateful Bella a birthday party. Even if you hate attention, really what can you complain about? Your boyfriends awesome family LOVES you, throws you an amazing little bash at their “palatial pad” in the forest, buy you gifts, have a cake and multiple plates (even when they don’t eat food) and all for Bella to be surly about. I seriously, don’t GET it. But anyway, we have the infamous papercut moment, Jasper nom nom nom-ing on Bella and then we come to the scene where Carlisle stitches Bella up and gives her some much needed back story on the Volturi and about his decision to change Edward. While he’s stitching her up, Bella comments about how blood doesn’t bother him and how he helps so many people by being a doctor which got me to thinking…. Sure Carlisle may be able to resist the scent of blood after all these years, but patients would most certainly notice his ICE COLD hands! Think about it, when Bella touches Edward’s hand in the car in Twilight it’s one of the major deciding points for her that he’s a Vampire (besides that super helpful book she bought in the Port Angeles bookstore) AND while he’s stitching her up she even notes how cold his hands are. Now imagine if it’s time for your favorite yearly check up and the doctor used his ice cold hands (even IN gloves) to examine you? Now tell me you wouldn’t wonder why was using icicles to check for a hernia and swollen glands?


Dr. McIcy hands at your service!

And now on to the god awful, gut wrenching “The End” chapter.

Somebody hold me!

So are you rereading New Moon to get your in the mood? Or are you refraining in hopes to enjoy it even more and not nit pick? Anyone had a doctor with ice cold hands? Was it Carlisle?

PS tomorrow I’ll be seeing a pre screening of Rob’s movie Remember Me!!! You know the one that’s not due out till next March? Yup, I’ll be seeing it and reporting back here on what I thought, watch our Twitter for details too! (Spoiler free details). I guess I finally know wtf that movie’s about after all!

PPS My good pal Katelin aka the rad girl who let me borrow her copy of Twilight over a year ago attended the press junket in LA this weekend. Read her account of meeting, well, um EVERYONE at her blog: Goregous Footsteps and thank her because without her insistance we wouldn’t all be reading this crap every day! 😉

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  1. I have always wondered the same thing about Carlislw myself. Hmm.
    New Moon is actually my favourite.
    Why? I don’t know. Considering when I first read it back in Feb I hated it coa of stupid Jacob.
    But now I love Jacob. And the book. Aww.


  2. Girl, i thought ALL Dr.s had cold hands…

    it’s been my experience… several times. (it’s already cold, for germs, in the offices…) 😦

    and yes… i am holding off so as not to nit-pick the movie to pieces. i AM, however, re-re-re-reading Twilight so i can be all ready for the epic to continue 😀

    • I’m not reading “New Moon” but I have to read “Twilight” for my adolescent fiction exam next week…no…I’m serious…I dont know what’s worse…so here’s a list (u knew it was coming)

      * Deciphering “Do I dazzle you?” and white sleeveless shirts….erm…Jazz-hands Gayward?

      *The fact that my favourite book is under “adolescent fiction” when i stopped being an adolescent quite a few years ago?

      *Trying hard NOT to mention the importance of Butt-crack Santa as a corruptive influence (little bottles) and possible perve…

      *Trying hard not to mention sparklepeen, Legal in Georgia, Pattinson Pants, Dilfs and fake lesbians….

      *Attempting to reign in fantasies of Taycob being my exam supervisor
      “Does me being half-naked reading over your shoulder to make sure you’re not cheating bother you?” gulp…no…

      *Going completely off topic and book and writing a strong arguement on why i should play Tia in BD? (I’ve got the colour down pat…erm…I’ll think of the rest during my exam)

      happily worried cookie…. 😀

      • Just ‘cuz BC Santa is Irish doesn’t mean he’s a perve!

        Please play Tia while I play Kate!

        • u totes make the perfect Kate…Billy and Taylor wont know what hit ’em….
          I wasnt referring his Irishness…just the creepy santa-ness…I love BC Santa…he makes the movie worthwhile…

          • I know you weren’t. I just wanted to pretend you were nationalist (or whatever they call it).

          • LOL
            adding that to my list of IWL characteristics


          • Hmmm. Well, if we’re gonna go calling ourselves names . . .

            Am I a necrophiliac? ‘Cause the only person from the book I want in my sleeping bag is the sparkly, dead-for-eighty-odd years tweed wearer.

            Hey, you know what they say: Cold hands, warm heart.

            Although, in this case, it would still probably be ‘cold hands, cold, dead heart.’

          • Who cares if his hand,heart,feet,other parts are cold….he’s hard-as!

            (am I gonna be kicked off LTT for this comment?)

      • *The fact that my favourite book is under “adolescent fiction” when i stopped being an adolescent quite a few years ago?

        –> Could be worse. I was looking for The Hunger Games in London last week and all the bookshop assistants kept referring me to ‘the children’s section’. Great. You know, like ‘it’s the middle of the semester’ – great.

        • i KNOW! the same thing happened to me with that book! i may have built up a little Twi-pride for the public, but it doesn’t carry over too well to other fiction… i wanna read Catching Fire too.

        • Hahaha…i keep feeling like an adolescent in that class anyway cause everyone is like “Eff Twilight” and i have no one to share BC santa with….

          • yikes, that’s way harsh! maybe if you brought little bottles with you to class to share, w/ an explanation of the relevance, they’d lighten up! 😉

          • I agree w/ambushed about the little bottles, but let me just say that certain explanations only tend to increase people’s idea that you maybe are kind of Twicrazy.

            For example, DON’T attempt to explain the alternate meaning of unicorn. I have twice been burned by withering glares when this phenomenon has been discussed. EXCUSE ME for knowing, people!

          • Stothe, my unicorn thought it was great term.

          • Bless him! Unfortunately for me, there’s an entire office of men that I’ve never met in Oceanside, CA that think I am absolutely nutters.

        • I loved The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I bought them at Wal Mart, though, and NOBODY at Wal mart has any right to judge me. Please see below:

          • OMG! fursploded! when i looked at that pic… well, first i made a verbally unkind noise and then i began to feel a bit sick… but i really couldn’t help but laugh! (thx 4 sharing, really! can’t wait to pass it along…)

            WOAH! yick 😛

        • I tried so hard my dear to show that you’re my every dream,
          Yet you’re afraid each thing I do is just some evil scheme,
          A memory from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart,
          Why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold, cold heart?

          Another love before my time made your heart sad and blue,
          And so my heart is paying now for things I didn’t do,
          In anger unkind words are said, that make the teardrops start,
          Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart

          You’ll never know how much it hurts to see you sit and cry,
          You know you need and want my love, but you’re afraid to try,
          Why do you run and hide from lies, to try it just ain’t smart,
          Why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold, cold heart?

          There was a time when I believed that you belonged to me,
          But now I know your heart is shackled to a memory,
          The more I learn to care for you, the more we drift apart,
          Why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold, cold heart?
          -Hank Williams, Sr.

          Perhaps what SMeyer was listening to when she wrote NM?

          Cause we all know she is a classic country music fan.
          Islands in the Stream for Twilight,
          Cold, Cold Heart for New Moon

          • OMG! my dad used to sing that song when i was a little girl… :’) thx for the memories!

      • but if i hadda choose i must say “* Deciphering “Do I dazzle you?” and white sleeveless shirts….erm…Jazz-hands Gayward?” really speaks to me… HAHAHA!

        Jazz-hands! that gets me every time! reminds me of the Happy Hands Club in Nap.Din. Too funny! 😀

        • I love jazz jands…such a broadway baby…
          my random image generator just brought up the visual…especially with that adorkable smooshy-eye smile…ROFLMAO
          Oh Rob….

          • Do you watch Glee?

            Last night, with “Defying Gravity” from Wicked – I was died.

          • I love Glee!!!! Its totes my life with better looking ppl…

            choir freak and choreographer ? check
            crush on sporty boy? check
            bit of a nerd? double check

            they;ve just started showing it here i ❤ wicked so bad…."defying gravity" and " im not that girl" le sigh….

          • Idina Menzel is my dream fake lesbian life partner.

            This is my confession: After pining for years to see Wicked, I finally got the chance in 2007. I . . . cried . . . almost the whole time.

            How pathetic am I?

          • u saw it???? if i didnt love u so much i would hate u…pathetic? i think want u to be MY fake lesbian partner…. 😉

          • O, I saw it, alright. Every second is etched into my brain. Don’t hate me for it . . . just never miss the chance to see it for yourself.

            Seriously, it was a bucket lister for me. And the fact that my man took me to see it, and wasn’t snarky, and just looked away instead of pointing out the fact that I was crying at ALL the parts, instead of just the sad ones? I will live off that win for the rest of my life.

          • Big double thumbs up for Glee!

          • Seeing Wicked in April of this year is on the top ten of the best days of my life. Seriously. If you ever get the chance to go, DO. NOT. MISS. IT.

          • @stothep

            I can never hate u…Wicked and Glee have bound us in ways unimaginable….
            Dont make me sing INXS to ya….

      • I’m impressed. There’s no way I would have self-control not to mention the sparklepeen.

        • yeah its gonna be playing in my head all day
          sing it with me (to the tune of spiderman)

          *breaks out handy-dandy tambourine*

          “sparklepeen…sparklepeen…shiny vampire sparklepeen”

          • OH MY GOODNESS! THAT’S THE BETS THING I’VE HEARD ALLLLLL WEEK! Imma simg it to my hubby when i get home!

            Thank you illegal! MUAH! 😀

          • Cry-snorting with laughter so loudly over your new Billboard topping mega hit that I’m fearing the manager of Panera kicking me out. I also almost entered my username as Sparklepeen instead of Sparklecakes. This made me laugh more.

          • OMG!! Thank you very much, illegal! My lil bro has his whole room spiderman-themed, and I´m just gonna die of laugh when I cross the hall hahahaha best song ever!!

          • IWL I read this comment early this morning and I’ve been walking around all day singing “sparkle peen, sparkle peen, shiny vamipire sparklepeen, oh em gee see the size, can you see, behind that fly, lookout, here cums the sparkle peeeeeeen” . Thank you.

          • Spiderman+Tambourine+Sparklepeen=WIN

      • “Jazz-hands Gayward”

        HAHAHAHA so true soooo true. i hate that sleeveless shirt AND the cream colored sweater. UGH.

    • sorry Ambushed…didnt mean my post to be a reply…stupid tiny keyboard and goldfish brain….
      😦 chocolate cupcake of apology?

      • no worries… i got an absolute kick out of it anyway, especially the one… well… i laughed at ALL of them… can’t pick a fav point! ROFL *in my head b/c i’m @ work*
        @ least then i got to feel like i was inadvertently included… *waves sheepishly to illegal & TS*

        (thanks for the cupcake though! 😀 YUM!)


        • *waves back enthusiastically* We haven’t chatted in a bit, ambushed. I’m on your time zone now. 🙂

          • aww… sniff… *dabs eye w/ Edward tissue* *hands Cyndi back blanket-Rob*

            thanks! 😀 yeah i’ve been thinking about that myself! i’ll droop you a e-mail! East Coast Yea!

        • “inadvertently included”? Blasmephy!!!! ur ALWAYS included…whether u like it or not…. 🙂
          ❤ confetti for u…Muah!

  3. I disagree. I have yet to be examined by a doctor who has warmy toasty human hands. They must have to hand over proper blood circulation when agreeing to the hippocratic oath!

  4. Hey, Everyone! Cyndi’s Twi-Daughter has agreed to print up some letters from us and bring them to Cyndi tomorrow. I thought maybe that would help her remember us while she’s without her computer. If you’d like to send her a message please PM (Private Message) it to me (JodieO) on the forum, or if you’d rather just put it here in the comments as a reply to this comment.

    Thanks, Everyone!

    • Hi Cyndi we are all missing you so much and cannot wiat until you get a new computer. You are so funny it has to be a gifting and cannot wait to see a book published one day under the psudonym Midnight Cyn!!! It will be a best seller!!!
      take care feel the love and come back soon xxx

    • PS I’d love it if you could get these to me by 3PM EST so I can be sure to get them to Twi-Daughter in time. Thanks!

    • Yes Cyndi, you really are missed *sniff,sniff*… i hope you are still doing well in the absence LTT. 😉
      Don’t forget us! We haven’t forgotten you!

      [and when you get on a computer be sure to to (VanityFair) b/c they had more pictures from the photo-shoot w/ Rob (different pictures) 😀 ]

      Take good care of yourself! (i hope you are still trying to make plans to go see NewMoon in the theatre, it’ll be worth over-coming the fear of being in a crowd for 2 1/2 hours!) 😉

    • Hey Cyndi,
      we all miss u and cant wait for u to come back and entertain us with ur witty, insightful posts….
      and as a bonus, Ang and I are waiting for u to add to our Breaking news….we’re gonna do pics and captions and everything…
      Love to blanket Rob….I know he misses me as much as i miss u…
      Lots of love,hugs and cups of coffee

      • I sent a PM to JodieO last night…but I have to add here:

        The “Breaking News” story written by sleep-derived illegalwolflover, MidnightCyn and Ang on the night before your computer loss is incredible! We can’t wait to get your input on finishing it up. Punchy from lack of sleep must have had our journalist juices flowing!
        Love you lots – can’t wait to have you back on LTT!

    • Cyndi! We’ve been missing you! This must be how Bella felt when Edward left – we’re just going to go through the motions until you get back.

      We may not fit onto sticky notes, but cut us out and tape us to a cardboard Edward – can’t wait to “see” you around here again!

      • “We may not fit onto sticky notes, but cut us out and tape us to a cardboard Edward ”
        AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! That teared me up, Sothe, and Aunt Flo isn’t even in town!

    • Midnight Cyn we miss you!!! (bummer, i was just typing up a “Thinking of You” note and my computer crashed…..apparently so did my brain cuz I forget all the perfect words I was gunna say. Anyway, we’re taking care of your heart, you left it with us. Hurry back soon.

      (Note to JodieO – maybe you can print a bunch of our avatars too so MC has a visual to go with the words. Just an idea.)

    • Cyndi! I miss you tons. Today I’m hatin’ on Edward, but I still love you and your blanket Rob. I can’t wait for your big return and your snazzy new computer 🙂

      I hope you can make it to New Moon in theatres, but no worries if you can’t (nudge, nudge, Twi-daughter…you better drive her there and give the KStew glare to anyone who tries to look at her funny!).

      Imma make my shirt that says, “TeamSeth” on the front and “MidnightCyn FTW” on the back. And I’m going to bring my purple plaid shirt i’m buying tomorrow in case it’s cold in the theater.

      Miss you a ton. See you soon!


  5. I always wondered that about Carlisle, too. I remember when I was a kid and didn’t want to go to school, I would take the lampshade off the lamp beside my bed and sit next to it to warm up my forehead. Maybe he has a lot of heat lamps in his office. Or, maybe he keeps Hot Hands hand warmers in his gloves.

    I really hope there’s an ob-gyn in Forks, though, because even with hand warmers… well, the speculum is bad enough.

    Also, I decided yesterday that I’m going to re-read New Moon, so I can purposefully nitpick the movie… because I’m kind of an ass… and I’m okay with that.

    • I thought that he did warm his hands up on heat lamps.

      Maybe that was in a fanfic? I don’t know. My imaginary worlds are getting all mixed up.

      • I think you’re right, and it was in the books. Of course, my imaginary worlds are all mixed up as well. Not to mention that I have my own version of a Twi-world in my head that ties up all the loose ends that SM didn’t think of… um, that’s normal?

      • O, exactly! I keep mixing up Edwards now . . . and the original had ENOUGH of a split personality already!

        Helpful mnemonic device: Original Edward Cullen (OEC) = Only Existing Cockblocker (OEC).

    • I was thinking he used hand warmers too… Also someone needs to invent a self warming speculum.

  6. I started reading new moon a few weeks ago and flaming well got hooked again and just finished BD. I guess my fav book is eclipse and def most fav chapter of any book written is fire and ice. I am also expecting to be disappointed with movie so had no qualms about reading nm again just before movie, and will no doubt start reading it again after coming home from cinema!!!

    • I’m a big fan of Fire and Ice too. Edward’s fiancee in a sleeping bag with a figuratively and literally hot guy who is in love with her, and he can read the guy’s mind as he thinks filthy thoughts. It’s about as close to fan fic as we get with Stephenie Meyer.

      • HA! So true! Unless we find out one of these days that she’s moonlighting in fanfic so she doesn’t have to fade to black!

      • what is this? a fanfic? i don’t do those, but this got my attention!

      • Nah, just the chapter name, Tobias. Otherwise known as “The One Where the Wolf Needs His Ass Kicked” and “The One Where Edward Needs to Grow a Pair.”

        • Tobias? Where’s Heyyy???

          • hahaha
            shout out to Mr. Tobias Funke the-never-nude himself…

            via TS and Heyyy (i LOVE Ar.Dev.)

        • oh. duh. i feel dumb now. i knew that. i thought you were talking about a fanfic from ed’s perspective of the tent scenes. who knows where i got that

          • I think there is one! I think Edward gets pissed about Bella and Jake. I have no idea why I haven’t read that one . . .

      • I totally agree with you on that. This too is my favorite chapter of the whole saga and did not think it was possible to improve on it until I came across Edward’s Eclipse by Vixen1836. She does a pretty good jobs with the chapters that she tackles, but what she accomplishes with Fire and Ice is genius. I wouldn’t be surprise is SM herself wrote this… it’s that good. We get to know what Jacob and Edward, Seth and the whole pack are thinking, but not sharing out loud during the tent scene. I’ve reread it along with Eclipse each time since I discovered.

        • Thankk you I have just printed it out and will enjoy with nice BIG coffee. How do you all find these things? I got burnt after reading the office – much prefer english office with David brent!!!!! so too much of a nerdy prudy pants (without pictures of the Robster on them and slightly skinnier legs) who relies on you fine ladies to bring me the good stuff. thanks a billion xxx


  7. Aw, I saw this and thought I was gonna be first post!

    Anyways, hilarious post as always — keep it up. Icy hands fade away when you look into GORGEOUS Dr Cullen’s face – work on me anytime! 🙂

  8. I stared rereading nov 9. I am now at the chapter where Bella encounters the rastaman and the wolves.
    I must say that I didn’t expect to cry AGAIN about the breakup chapter. I am planning to put a big box of kleenex Aloe vera tissues in my handmade New Moonpurse when I go to watch the movie.

    Yesterday I was telling DH that he needs to stay home next friday to watch the kids bc I am going to watch New moon. He turns around (thank God the kids were already sleeping) and drops his pants and show me his ass and says: “you can watch this moon too”.
    Do I have a normal DH?
    Le sigh……

    • It was either Moon or UC in a post recently that pondered how many of our SO’s would be showing us their “New Moons.” Mr Furspoded has done it twice so far. As for being normal, though….this is normal for our household, but that’s not saying much.

  9. JodieO – what’s CYNDI? Just wondering

  10. Ack. I could go on all day about this. I didn’t buy New Moon, I didn’t believe for a single second that Edward was leaving because he didn’t love Bella, I thought she was stupid for believing him, OBVIOUSLY he’s just doing it for her own good because he loves her THAT MUCH. I read the non-Edward parts just waiting for him to show up again.

    I understand that I am a victim of my own Team Edward obsession. I never gave Jacob a chance. So here’s my plan, I read NM about a year ago, I’m not going to reread it before the movie, I’ve forgotten most of the Jacob parts in the book (forgotten because I never paid attention in the first place) so I am going to let Taycob have his moment now! I’m think I’m going to enjoy the movie better this way!

    I’m still Team Edward though, obvs.

    • Yay for considering Team Taycob!
      We ❤ u…. (Jacob and i that is,,,Taylor? errr…mumblerestrainingordermumble)

    • ‘forgotten because I never paid attention in the first place’

      LOVE. IT. Me, too!

      I’ll be gritting my teeth and remembering that there are no wolves on Isle Esme.

      ‘I read the non-Edward parts just waiting for him to show up again’

      I know, right? The whole time she kept hearing him in her head, I was convinced that he had found some way to tap into her mind and actually communicate with her. Or that he was suddenly standing behind her, ’cause he’d been watching her the whole time since he “left.” What a disappointing douche he turned out to be. For half a second when I realized he was really gone, I loved him a bit less.

      • “The whole time she kept hearing him in her head, I was convinced that he had found some way to tap into her mind and actually communicate with her.”

        OH MY GOD, ME TO. No one has EVER mentioned that before and I thought I was the only one.

        I think I speed read New Moon waaaay too fast and didn’t pay attention at all – I’m pretty sure it is worth another read now!

        • TOTALLY!!! Me too. I was convinced it was some sort of vampire mind trick thingie tied in with Eddie’s “ming” reading ability and Bella’s empathy thing and that he was really there. I think I threw the book across the room when I found out it really was just a figment of Bella’s imagination. But I calmed myself by reminding myself that he had to come back cuz really, there were two more books to get through. There’s no way Steph’d exclude our fabulous Edward out of the rest of the series….so I kept reading, and then I fell back in love with Edward when he decided to kill himself….I mean, not that I condone suicide, but because it reaffirmed his love for Bella even though he wasn’t there for her……it meant he wasn’t off boinking some hot vampiress and was all “out of sight out of mind” about Bella.

          I think I’m a dork.

          • but what about his love for his family? he’s so selfish.

          • Yes, he is, TS. But just think how intolerable he’d be to live with for eternity, if he’d lost her. Not an excuse for suicide, but at least an argument for a lobotomy.

    • So true! you preach it from the heart baby. After edward left I flicked through the book until the page where she met up again and put a paperclip onto the page so I would know how many more chapters to suffer through until they met up again. NOW THATS SAD! but seriously, are there fans (Was VERY tempted to write fannies I need hlp) who totally believed it was all over then for eddy and blinky?

  11. I read read the book last night. I couldnt bear to part with my copy as my firend has asked to borrow it so she can reread the book before next week

    • I feel you. My BFF asked to borrow the whole saga AGAIN last week. WTF? I was like, “buy them yourself, beeotch!” Just kidding….sort of. I told her she could have them again after I was done with New Moon and made a note to self to buy them for her bday and Christmas. Twilight….the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Tell her to do what I do and go read it in the bookstore. If she’s too embarrassed to BUY it, then surely going to the YA section 40 times (10 per book) she’ll be either overly embarrassed and have to buy it just to avoid going back to the bookstore, OR she’ll just work up a tolerance. I’m too broke for option 1. 😥

        • I checked out the audiobooks at la biblioteca a put them in my ipod. Free, baby!

          • Dude, I do that all the time! Good to know I’m not the only thief.

          • HTF did you come up with your psudynom? It still cracks me up and I have read it 1000 times! I think I have a crush on your name. I keep looking for ways to slip it into conversation and it doesn’t quite translate into german well.

    • this is exactly the reason i have a “loaner” set. one set to lend out to help spread the virus/addiction and one so i’ll always have a copy on hand.


  12. I finished rereading NM at a combination of my friend B&N and Powell’s bookstores. It was great! I love NM. I really love it between the part where she gets the motorcycles from the kid (as if he wasn’t going to tell his mom, there’s like population 3,120 in Forks, plus Victoria…if she counts. And those 2 hikers passing through who saw the giant the “bear”) and when Jake quits taling to her. And then when he sneaks clumsily into her room until she sees Edward again. I particularily hate Edward in this book, that’s right I said it. He’s such a jerk moron and then she’s all *swoon, he’s back, even if he doesn’t love me. I have low caffiene tolerance that he scolds me about as if he were my dad…which is fine because BBurke is hotter than RPatz anyway, swoon again* GAG.

    Also, I’d like to reply to this part of the post:
    “besides that super helpful book she bought in the Port Angeles bookstore”
    Moon, you mean the Beaver Legends book, right? 😉

    and this part of the post:
    “all for Bella to be surly about. I seriously, don’t GET it”
    Um, yeah. Does Bella ever get it until the closing part of BD when she shoves her shield up for Edward to read? (Totes cried at that part. What a great ending).

    ps Moon, Don’t read that final line of the epilogue. Cheesiest line ever. Just stop reading at the last chapter. The epilogue is just not worth it.

    See you next on January 18th! 😉

    • friendly*

    • talking*

      Did I mention I was up really late? Fang’s totally gonna rail on me for my typos. And I’m an editor by profession. Let me get my Yorkshire tea for the day first, Fang!

      • Jeez. I’m mean to one crazy ass french girl and everyone thinks I’m the Grammar Nazi…

        Fangy is sad (and uses parentheses very badly). 😦

        BTW, Did you say that Billy Burke is hotter than HHH? Perhaps, Mr. Burke is hotter when he is clean and Rob has been wallowing in his hot pocket fort for days upon end with the mulleted one BUT no one is hotter than Roberto in VF or GQ. NO ONE!

        I have now met my crazy quota for the day. YAY!

        • That’s right girl, NO ONE! Not even the copstache.

        • @fangbanger…sorry I think I started your reputation as the Grammar Nazi. It was just my own typing insecurities. (Hangs head in shame.)

          I went to bed last night and missed the Twitter conversation you and illegal had. Social networking sites like that are blocked for me at work…and since I spend at least 10 hours a day here (yuck…this is why I so need my Twi-world) I don’t think I could keep up with Twitter too!

        • It’s okay, Fang – if they only knew the high I got from wielding a red pen. My friends used to call my the Grammar Goddess. But that was just what they said to my face – I’m sure behind my back it was a lot worse!


          No way in HALE is BB even CLOSE to the hotness of RP!

          TS – we see the light, and it sparkles and it is good. Reeeeaallll good.

          • Ugh. How can you like that LEECH?

          • Surely you jest.

            Exhibit A: Every time (okay, sometimes) when I see Charlie, I think, “Who wants a mustache ride?” I don’t like facial hair. Unless it is accompanied by tweed and touched by long fingers and adorning the face of a particular piece of British mancandy.

            Exhibit B: Despite the overprotectiveness and the split personalities, E is uhmazing. He’s hypnotized by her. CHANGED by his love for her, and vampires don’t change (sure, sure). That level of total devotion is so enticing and intoxicating. Unless it comes from Eric Yorkie. Then it’s just repellant.

            Exhibit C: How can I like that leech? Because, apparently, I have no Daddy issues. Ahem.

            Wow. Please still love me after that low blow.

          • Daddy issues?

            I’m temporarily mad at you.

          • Okay, I’m done being mad.

            Exhibit A: I don’t think Charlie is attractive at all. I think BBurke is smoking hot, and he doesn’t have facial hair.

            Exhibit B: Agreed on the Yorkie bit. Ew. To quote bella in NM, “But most of the time [persistence] is just annoying.”; Um, vampires do change…didn’t you read the books?; Yeah, Edward’s great. Bella’s the real issue. I wish all the books were from E’s POV. Then you know that he’s at least aware of how creepy and overbearing he is.

            Exhibit C: Again, I don’t like Charlie, but rather Billy. Also, you didn’t answer my rhetorical question. Moreover, at least I don’t have stockholm syndrome issues (yeah, she’s totally bound to him, don’t act like you don’t agree). Hrmph. ::sticks out tongue::

            Surly I jest! 🙂

          • Ooooooo, woman. It’s already been BROUGHTEN.

            1. Concession: Twilight would have been MUCH better written from Edward’s point of view.

            2. Admission: Being Team Edward is a lot harder than just dealing with his caffeineblocking. Anyone want to talk about him all but FORBIDDING her to go to La Push? No? Good. Neither do I.

            3. Aggression: Two words. Pollyanna. Rose.

          • Um, Pollyanna Rose is maybe the hottest MILF ever. Have you not read all my early on posts about how to appreciate BBurke we gotta appreciate how smoking hot the lovely Mrs. Pollyanna Rose is? (I say it “the lovely” because once PJ Harvey was playing and I asked the barista who is was and he said, “The lovely Miss Paula Jean Harvey.” Which i found to be hilarious.)

          • Stothe, you’ve inspired me to make my NM premiere tee read: My Twi-Threesome Is Billy Burke and the lovely Mrs. Pollyanna Rose. On the back it will have a giant iron on colored pic of the three of us photoshopped together in a questionable position.

          • Le sigh. No, I guess your raptures about Pollyanna were Pre-StotheP. Curses. Really thought I could foil you with that one.

            I’m already anxiously awaiting the pic of your shirt. I would suggest a lewd position, but I don’t know any of the names. Kinky sex fail.

          • Stothe, it’s going to be so kinky that we’ll have to create a name for it. Something like the Team Billy Rose. I think that’ll do.

          • Exhibit A, B and the rest of it “Unless it comes form Eric Yorkie. Then it’s just repellant”

            stotheP that was the funniest thing I have read in ages. Kids thought I had gone mad with nose snorting! x

        • Can someone please tell me wtf HHH means? I know, I’ve waited too long to ask now and it’s awkward, but I need to know, dammit.

          • Second!

          • His Holy Hotness. 😀

          • Thank you for saying what the rest of us couldn’t.

            I knew it was Rob, but all I could think was Hot Hot Heat.

            It must be a LTR thing.

          • TS, I questioned you the other day, but I don’t think you noticed it . . .

            I’m confident of your love for BB, but I’m getting mixed signals about my boy – where DO you stand on the RP?

            Do I need to follow Illegal’s lead and draw some treaty lines?

          • Stothe, we’re on like Donkey Kong today!

            Hot Hot Heat is a band.

            On RPatz I stand here: Vanity Fair photos=mmm (oh wait, no, I haven’t actually ever looked at them except the ones someone posted for me specifically yesterday…and i always like a dock photo, but that’s a long and inappropriate story); can’t wait for Little Ashes dvd…because I love those artists and particularly love Spanish artists in general; the only rob fantasy I’ve ever had is of me running into him on the corner of Memphis and 53rd (ten cents Canadian for getting the reference!) and him asking me to run lines with him and then having C-Dubs do a screen test with me for the role of Kate in BD Parts I & II (truth!); I thought he looked awful in Twilight; didn’t think he was cute as Cedric; have never looked him up on IMDB; have never watched an interview with him (or KStew for that matter)…

            …I guess you could say that I’m just not that into him. Some days I just need more thumbs up to feel like I’m part of the cool club, so I post positive things about RPatz.

            On Edward I vary. Some days, like today, I just hate him. On other days, examples of which I can’t think of right now, I’m a fan of Edward. I’m always Team Edward though, but not because I like him, I just like him and Bella together. They both like Debussy, I mean, come on. Oh wait, Bella doesn’t really know it except for her fave song, Clair de Lune (which is great), but it gives them that bond 😉 (I’m so laughing ‘cuz high schoolers are all into the idea that common musical taste=true love forever…at least I know fang felt that way in 10th grade right before that KFC slut showed up!)

            Take Away Message: Keep your glittering hot pocket, I don’t want him.

          • Ahem. I, lmy friend, own the hot pocket. However, there is occasionally some sparkly residue.

            (retching noises heard OS)

            Psh. Everyone understands that common musical tastes only signal eternal compatibility if the shared songs are obscure and epically emotional. See: NIN “Closer to God” and Boyz II Men “I Swear.”

            You don’t owe me ten cents Canadian. I Googled. It’s a . . . song?

            Lemme know how that Little Ashes thing turns out. My purity ring for THAT particular movie will be around long after my metaphorical cinematic hoo-ha dries up and is smoked in a peace pipe down at La Push.

            The Tuck . . . (retches on shoes now)

          • I thought that “Smoked in a peace pipe in La Push” was FTW, but then I read your “crispy or regular” comment and had to cede FTW status to that one.

            Anyway, it’s a song, yes. But I meant what band…
            It’s memphis & 53rd by Minus the Bear

            “We sat on the corner of memphis and 53rd.
            As they filled the tank, we had a drink.
            She whispered ‘Let’s get moving.'”

            They’re worth a listen…

          • I’ll def take you up on that one. I’m learning to expand my musical horizons. Loving the NM soundtrack, but it should come with a Prozac prescription.

          • Hot Hot Heat!!!! FTW
            my official NM fangirl song…

            “so goodnight…goodnight…ur embarassing me…ur embarassing u….so goodnight goodnight….”

            “Let me in” and “Middle of Nowhere”…le sigh….
            *adds “music whore to IWL list*

    • Oh wow, the caffeine part pissed me off, too. Hmm… Edward does scold Bella a lot like a father figure, which I used to just attribute to the fact that Edward is over a century old. But, if a vampire is “frozen” into their personality, then how could he develop fatherly maturity? Maybe he was always over-bearing? Or maybe I should take the “frozen” personality loosely?

      • Well, his personality changes when he falls in love. but honestly, I just hate how Edward is like that. And so does jacob. Jacob is just such a better character. man, I’m like hardcore team jacob today. When jacob gets all pissy in eclipse though, i hate him. I hate everyone in Eclipse. Except Victoria…she’s so clever.

        And are we supposed to feel bad for Rosalie? She’s such a biatch. Good thing she’s played by nikki reed, that’s all I’m sayin’.

        • Jacob and i ❤ u too…even though ur private hate against NZ s threatening to tear us apart….

          "But they will never tear us apart…i…i was standing…you were there…two worlds collided…"
          INXS rules!!!!
          wow random much?

          • Don’t ask me what you know is true, don’t have to tell you, I love your precious heart…

            I love INXS.

            And you, too.

          • Love you long time. INXS rox my sox.

          • um, exactly what I started singing too. DUH. And then I thought of Donnie Darko. Which made me think of Jenna malone. Which made me think of Pride & Prejudice. Which made me think of Mr. Darcy. Which made me have a panty creamer.

            And quite frankly Illegal, i think my hate would force you to leave NZ and come here to the south (aka Georgia). Or in lyrics “Let’s get together yeah yeah yeah. Two is twice as great as one! Let’s get together yeah yeah yeah. We’ll be having lots of fun. And you can always count on me. That we will always be, together!”

          • TS, i just have to tell you that growing up the original Parent Trap was my all-time fav movie! watched a million times… and i still love it!

            “Let’s get together right away, we’ll be having twice the fu-un. And you can always count on me. A grusome twosome we will be. Together! Oh-oh-oh-oh…” don’t get me started… that’s the first movie i think i say along w/ it while it was playing… well, that and Annie… 😉

          • A million thumbs up for the Parent Trap references.

          • TS, illegal, and StotheP….FML. I can’t keep up with you ladies today. I’m all out of witty remarks. I am enjoying the free entertainment though.

          • @Sparkle…sometimes i wonder if i keep up with myself…I always think WTF was i thinking?
            (see “Spiderman/sparklepeen song” )
            ur always witty….im still singing the “we know where youre sleeping and we’re all going to Georgia hey hey hey” song….
            pre-ordered it on iTunes…lol

        • Haha, agreed. On all counts! Though, I have to add Seth to the short list of characters who didn’t annoy me in Eclipse.

      • the personalities aren’t really frozen… how else could they all become better persons and become “vegan” vamps… plus people react and respond b/c of experience so he would naturally have a lot more experience, than her, to draw from… he’s had a lot of time to think too… you know he’s very pensive. 😉 how can he help but to respond in ways that are protective on behalf of someone who he has come to realize is so very accident prone? Jacob became the way, remember?

        • I think they become vegan b/c their personalities are moral before they’re changed.

          I also think that edward is a little too overprotective and fatherly. It’d be like one of us dating Taylor.

        • Yeah, as I was typing my comment, I had a similar thought to TS’s. They can become veg vamps because they were moral to begin with. I mean, Edward thinks he can read minds as a vampire because he was good at reading people as a human.

          At the same time, you’re right, they HAVE to be able to develop somewhat. I mean, Carlisle was able to learn the self-control in order to be a doctor. Plus, what’s the point of an eternity of free time to think if you can’t put any of those thoughts into your actions? Sigh… I have so many questions to ask Stephenie.

          I do understand the over-protectiveness of both Jacob and Edward, especially due to the fact that they are both fairly indestructible mythological creatures and Bella’s a weak human. But still, the caffeine comment on Edward’s part annoyed me. Let the girl have a Coke! She loves you and is afraid you’re going to leave her again if she falls asleep!

          • Geez, tuesday? Over-analyze much?

          • Not overanalyzing……well, maybe. But I thougth the same things so at least you’re not alone in your overanalyzing. peace.

          • True. That.

            Mebbe it’s just ’cause I heart coffee so much, but, seriously, dood, back off her caffeine.

            Afraid it will keep her from sleeping?
            She’s woken up screaming every night for the past several months. Ask me why.

            Afraid it will make her jittery?
            She’s stuttered and blinked ever since you’ve known her. Kind of her thing.

            Afraid it will stunt her growth?
            Erm, I’m pretty sure the vampire venom will take care of that.

            Need another argument? Jacob wouldn’t just ALLOW her the caffeine, he’d POUR it for her.

          • @Stothe, Jacob totes wouldn’t. He’d let her make her own decisions about what’s best for her instead of trying to parent her and make decisions for her. Plus, it’s not a situation of whether or not she should have the caffiene. It’s a question of whether or not Edward should scold her for drinking it. It’s not his place, ESPECIALLY not after he totally dumped her in the woods like a jackass. (Um, illegal, you totes love me today, don’t you. I’m seriously getting all my Edward anger out.)

            @tuesday, “Plus, what’s the point of an eternity of free time to think if you can’t put any of those thoughts into your actions?” Obviously the only purposes of vampires is human population control and stopping the spread of blood bourne illnesses. 😉

          • Excellent points, TeamSeth (known today as TeamWTF?LeaveEdwardAlone).

            I just meant that J would provide the caffeination much the same as he fixed her bike and showed her the cliff.

            Yes, Edward should back the eff off after all the damage he’d already done to her. Truly, I’d like to write an entire chapter’s worth of outtakes wherein Bella makes him pay for leaving her.

            Key scenes: Making out with Jacob (yes, just for this one reason, I would let her mack on the dog). Leaving the window closed (watching as he presses his nose to the glass). Standing at the treaty line flipping him the bird. Flirting with Emmett and Jasper (tres immature, but hey, isn’t he treating her like a child, anyway?). Stealing the keys to his Volvo and letting Mike Newton drive it.

          • StotheP gets one million up thumbs from me (twss).

            Key scenes sound like a replaying of my early high school years before Mr. Fangy showed up and was perfect and nice and didn’t leave me for a girl who resembled KFC.

            Oooops. Was that mean?

          • @Stothe, “Standing at the treaty line flipping him the bird. ” hahahaha!!!
            She’s all, “I’m Switzerland.” pause, “NOT!” flicks him off (but the two finger, british style).

            @fang, you so would do that in HS. Also, KFC? As in the colonel?

          • @TeamSeth I am ashamed to admit this but the poor, skanky girl had one arm that looked like fried chicken. Don’t know why. She was a biiotch though.

            Gave it up to my 18 year old bf when I was 14 and wouldn’t do it. True love waits and all that jazz. I seemed to forget that idea with Mr. Fangy though.

            Eff her and her chickeny arm. She was younger than me so she must have been 13 and sleeping with my 18 year old, pot smoking boyfriend. I realized immediately after that that 18 year olds shouldn’t date 14 year olds and definitely shouldn’t eff 13 year olds. Life lesson learned.

            Ahhh. The memories. 😀

          • I don’t even know where to start, so I’m just going to say this: I love you all. Unconditionally and irrevocably.

          • @fang, I just peed a little bit in my pants from laughing.

          • Good lawd, TS. Should I get you a diaper?

            It is funny, though. Wasn’t then. I wrote him a letter that everyone in the school somehow ended up reading (he dropped out) that said that I hope he gets herpes. True story.

          • Wow, Fang. Sounds like you dodged a bullet!

            So, original or extra crispy?

          • @StotheP

            Extra crispy! 😀

          • “Jacob wouldn’t just ALLOW her the caffeine, he’d POUR it for her”

            Is it wrong that this turns me on a little bit?
            I’m hypersensitive to caffeine and fiance’s a bit of an Edward with that….
            Le sigh….pour it baby….

    • i so agree with you about Edward in this book – I was so mad at him! did you just say beaver legends? did i hear that right?

    • Did no one get my Jan 18th reference? Hopefully I got the date right…maybe it was the 19th. Gulp. When I was making Cyndi’s Guide to New Moon I did a timeline and I’m pretty sure that’s the day she wakes up… ::looks around anxiously::

    • i believe it was SLAPPING BEAVER! hahaha

      and for realz she never gets it till the end. Oh bella.

  13. I tried to re-read New Moon back in September, thinking I would take is slow (twss) but ended up blowing through it in about 2 days. So I am now reading Dark Side of the Moon (the fanfic, New Moon through Edward’s eyes) as a primer. Because I love fanfic. Because I can’t wait for one week. Because I am sitting at work with nothing to do an no one’s going to fire me for reading angsty T rated fanfic.

    • Is that fanfic good? I might pop my fanfic cherry with that one!

      • “pop my fanfic cherry “… funny 🙂 … but not me. cherry’s in tact… i’m proud to be a FF virgin *stacks FF abstinence ring on top of NM coverage abstinence ring* -le sigh-

        • I’m so afraid for you. I can only manage one purity ring at a time, and it’s for NM.

          I picture you cracking one day and just having an orgy with fanfic until you are surrounded with three-ring binders and wondering what took you so long.

          Try it. Just. The. Tip. (Wide Awake, AngstGoddess003)

    • I was just going to recommend reading that story, instead of New Moon, because it is such a great read. I just finished reading The Vote. The author really does a great job will following New Moon completely.

      You can find the story on

      I don’t know if I would “pop my cherry” with that story,though. I would read Let your light shine & A Life Extraordinary by Lolashoes. If you want something funny to read, Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm is amazing.

      • Aah! I’m at work and just got sucked in a fanfic vortex and spent 15minutes having a quick read before someone came over to my desk to rudely pull me out of it!

      • I’m totally backing you up on Edward Wallbanger. It’s hilarious. It doesn’t interfere with the original saga at all, because Edward and Bella’s personality is completely different and so is the story.

        P.S. the afghan in the last chapter made me laugh out loud

  14. Yeah, im re-readin it too.
    i think that i’ll be nit-picking though, and thats not what i want to do. I reckon it is gonna be AMAZING. Chris “the dilf” is gonna be A LOT better than that crazy catherine. Damn it. now i am all excited, cos it is 8 DAYS!!!!! I live in england tho, so does that mean our midnight showin will be like, earlier than midnight in the USA? and does anyone else find it unfair that like New Zealand gets to see it on the 19th???

    • Yes, we all hate the NZers on this blog. It’s secretly so, but I know that you would never, ever tell anyone.

      • aaaawww thanks u guys…

        *happy smile falters, hugs cat and cries in a corner*

        • illegal, nobody should be hatin’ on you… (i don’t) count it as a priviledge!

          *hands a Jacob tissue*
          *offers a hug*

          • Thanks TS u always know how to make me smile…*hugs back and uses Jacob tissues to stuff bra*
            It might be the only way i’ll pass that exam….and also flash the wolf without Hensen knowing….

          • Thats supposed to say *hugs back ambushed*
            ok …so officially time to sleep

          • you so silly *hands 2nd Jacob tissue for other side of bra* but did you notice you put the comment to TS instad of ambushed? sniff-sniff… *looks anxiously for another cupcake*

          • Ambushed you get cupcakes from me anytime *holds out double fudge one*…i was being a sarky with TS…the rest was meant for u…im typing in the dark and its 3 am…fiance not amused…

          • @illegal, you know that you are my life now.

            Also, in nerdy news, my unicorn (who also plays WoW) says that WoW (world of warcraft) is introducing werewolves as characters!!!!!!!!!

            He said there’s already Team Jacob guilds forming!!


          • OMG illegal! what the frack?! girl – gotosleep! :O

            😀 all is forgiven -thanks for the dble fudge one! i feel sooooo special!

            nite-nite, sleep tight don’t let the vampires bite! sweet dreams!

          • @ TS
            SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! omg omg omg…oh what the warrants a OMJ!!!! Hamster heart is gonna give out one of these days…
            lolz at the one in the dress….I think ill stick to being a boy wolf…

            @ ambushed…ive crossed the sleepy threshold…ill have a nap during the day cause im off work…yay!
            vampires bite? lol….my cat nibbles my ear sometimes…does that count?

      • Oi steady what about kiwis that are forced to live in germany becuase they fell in love with a man who wears socks and sandles, eats gone off cabbage, has rosy red cheeks, says ja about 800 times a day on average and has yet to find a sense of humour? do you hate us too? we are punished enough, we have to watch new moon dubbed over
        “auf die gneifen steifen haufen”

        actually my husband is none of the above. he’s actually quite hip, rad, marvelous, fantastic, grand for a germy, although he is far from being a unicorn xx

  15. Hmm. Not going to reread New Moon because that book annoyed the shit out of me the first time and second, third (you get the idea).

    In fact, I haven’t read any Twilighty books in about two months. GASP! I know, bad fangirl.

    They drive me crazy now because I just want to nitpick them to death. Cannot read them for pleasure.

    I do read fanfics now. Anybody reading CW&IA? I almost cried last night. Seriously.

    • Oh, Fang. Ohhhhhhh, Fang. How do I ❤ thee? Let me count the ways.

      1. I, too, cannot stand the books sometimes now. Maybe that's blasphemous, but, hey, I can't help it. The last time I tried to read them all the way through, I skipped so much I just eventually skimmed to the end.

      2. You had me at 'CW&IA.' Gah. Sad face. We REALLY need to have an in-depth discussion about fic, soon. Lemme know if you're down with this kid, and I'll give you my email.

      • I tried CW&IA and I just couldn’t get past the nipple piercing stuff. What am I missing?

        • Oh, wow, if you couldn’t get past the NIPPLE piercing, then it’s good you stopped!

          I’m not so much into the piercings and tattoos, but as far as the story, I’m a sucker for the heavy angst.

          • ADORE Clipped Wings…..I’ve got about 10 fanfic recs. I’ve turned into an FF beast.

  16. That picture is a throw back to the 1900’s It is really cool. One question is it good crap or bad crap? You know there is a difference. To whom? Only God knows.

  17. Other than this blog, I’ve been avoiding all Twi-related stuff (books, Twi movie, YouTube fanvids), just like those pre-wedding brides who hope that their blissfully wedded bonk will be that much more special. That way, when I see Twilight and New Moon (in 6 days and 1 minute… a little behind New Zealand but not much) it will be like I’m a born again Twi virgin.

    As to the cold Carslisle internal exam… well, that’d just chill you to the core wouldn’t it. Just like a refrigerated cucumber!

  18. I’m planning to reread both Twilight and New Moon before the movie comes out in Belgium next Wednessday (why are you all wasting your hating energies on New Zealanders if you can hate Belgians who get to see it on the 18th?) Anyways, as usual I’m a little behind schedule, because I also thought I might as well reread Twilight in Spanish (you know, s/o goes “You reading that again?” and then I go “No, I’m just training my Spanish, that’s all.”) I’ve only gotten to Port Angeles in Twilight so far. My point being, I’m never going to finish in time unless I (a) stop working (b) stop sleeping. Tough choice.

    • Tough choice? No. It’s like Bella’s decision btwn E and J. No comparison.

      I’m hatin’ on Belgians now too. Which is hard, because I love your beer and chocolate a lot.

    • How many fricken’ languages do you speak, woman?

      • Whahahaha, you DON’T wanna know! (I think it’s six by now). If I’m ever travelling around the world, I’m taking her with me.

        • I’m seriously so impressed! That’s amazing. Smart women are hot.

          • Well we all get taught 4 at high school, but she gets full credit for the remaining 2. (and her four are way better than my four too).

            You know, that’s exactly what’s keeping me addicted. If the interwebs where full of freakish PP-ish fangirls, I would have abandoned the fandom months ago. But reading all the hilarious Letters and comments from the intelligent and gorgeous ladies on here, it’s just a group I really WANT to be part off. It’s almost like a secret society. All we need is Tiffany key pendants and a BS oath.

          • And obviously I will not get my pendant if I don’t learn how to spell…

  19. (I posted an hour ago but got some problems posting)

    stared rereading nov 9. I am now at the chapter where Bella encounters the rastaman and the wolves.
    I must say that I didn’t expect to cry AGAIN about the breakup chapter. I am planning to put a big box of kleenex Aloe vera tissues in my handmade New Moonpurse when I go to watch the movie.

    Yesterday I was telling DH that he needs to stay home next friday to watch the kids bc I am going to watch New moon. He turns around (thank God the kids were already sleeping) and drops his pants and show me his ass and says: “you can watch this moon too”.
    Do I have a normal DH?
    Le sigh……

    • Totally normal DH! Thankfully, my DH hasn’t put two-and-two together, with the whole mooning thing. I am sure I have that to look forward to.

      I just finished rereading NM last night. I too cried my eyes out reading “The End.” I knew exactly what was going to happen, but here came the tears. I will have to bring a mega box of kleenax for both my friend and Pocket Edward ~ I am sure that part of the story will be tough for him to live through again;oP

      Plus, was it just me or did anyone else think it childish of Edward to expect Bella to come running after him in the woods. She was catatonic and in shock, dumb ass. This didn’t bother me the first time around. Edward definitely lost a few points. But still very Team Edward. . .

      • Edward is an idiot. he should’ve just known not to leave her. If he knew her well at all, he would’ve understood what was actually best for her. SM just wanted the plot device to “test” their relationship ::rolls eyes::

        I cried too. In the B&N cafe. My boyfriend comforted me.

      • I thought it was odd of him to have left a note for Charlie to find her. I also HATED HATED HATED that he took her things. I know he wanted it to really be like he never existed but to quote cher from Clueless, “That was way harsh.”

        I also despise how when he does come back he tells her he can’t believe she let him go that easy. WTF?

        • yeah! All like “Oh, i thought you really loved me and had self esteem. But it’s cool, it’s better that you don’t.” ugh.

    • BTW I don’t own any newmoonpurse LMAO

      • No need to justify it to us. 😉

        Incidentally, I saw a chick with a Team Edward tote bag the other day. I almost went up and talked to her… but I was too embarrassed… 2nd hand and 1st hand.

      • No need to justify. . . I do own a Pocket Edward and I do plan on taking him with me. Whether or not he will make it out of my purse, that’s another story. My only Twi-Friend is planning on purchasing some Twi-Attire for next Thursday. Yikes, 2nd Hand Embarrassment.

    • I responded to you above…

  20. To be fair, these vamps are sans circulation right? Well a corpse is only as cold as the environment. WIthout any circulation to heat you up, the human body will only be as cold as the room temperature.
    So long as Dr. Cullen stays out of the morgue, he’ll keep an average temperature of somewhere between say 68 to 72. (This is the average temperature of human doctors too, it’s true, look it up.) He could hang out in the cafeteria and take a long time choosing which pre-made sandwich he wants that are kept under the warming lights.

    (Clearly Edward was shoving his hands in snow drifts, holding slushies a lot, and/or being emo and crying in walk in freezers throughout the series. They weren’t magically colder, he was just pulling a prank on Bella to make her “think” they were.)

    • Wow! This girl did her homework.

      Good explanation! 😀

    • I don’t know. It’s described as colder than that. I think that since they are vampires we can lend a suspension of disbelief to the fact that their venom is colder than room temperature. That said, it is also described as cold, hard marble. That also said, feeling cold is only the fact that your body heat is trying to warm up whatever it is that your are touching. Thus, if you’re cold, you’re actually just losing heat (which is why Bells should be rockin’ the C-Dubs beanie the whole movie). So, he’s only as cold as Bella is hot… gah. chemistry.

      • Whoa, that just blew my mind. If Edward really loved Bella and was watching out for her health and well-being, he would have told her to wear a hat.

    • Hmmmm, very interesting theory. And it was cold in Port Angeles that night -that’s why Bella had the heat on in the car. So maybe Edward was still cold from the outside temp ….since he has no circulation to heat his body up like Bella does the heat from the car hadn’t warmed him up as much as it did her.

      I really have too much time on my hands (she says as the work piles up on her desk. Oh well).

    • That’s like in one of those Buffy episodes, the Initiative find Spike because his heat signature is the same as the ambient temperature – i.e. the same temp as the room.

      If he suddenly walked into a freezer, his signature would register as warmer than the environment (but still not red, yellow and white like a normal human) because it takes time to cool down. Like food!

      Mmmmm food.

      God I am such a nerd.

  21. The cold hands thing ALWAYS bothered me about Carlisle being a doctor. But maybe he’s just supposed to be so dreamy that you don’t notice?

    I’ve only read New Moon once. I was originally planning to read it again before the movie, but I’m afraid it’ll make the movie suck more because I’ll be picking the tiniest details apart… My friend also has my copy of NM and has for several months. I don’t understand these crazies who don’t just devour the books! Maybe she has a life or something…

  22. I talk to book characters too. I was totally pep-talking Bella when Edward left-who the hell would just stand there and let him walk away?? I would’ve been hanging onto his ankle ,begging, while he dragged me along behind him.

    You’re so lucky that you’re going to see Remember Me!! I couldn’t help myself-I read the script and am dying to see it. Three months seems like such a long time. I’m really curious how much it’s been changed from the script I read. Enjoy.

    • I read that script too. I don’t like thinking about it….

    • I haven’t read that script. You think I should read it or wait for the movie? Hell, I’m probably gonna read it anyway sooner or later (when I’m running out of fanfic and the New Moon madness is over). Plus I want to read what Moon has to say about it.

      • The ending has quite a twist-I’d recommend waiting. Although the script that’s out there is not the final script, so who knows what changes have been made.

  23. I don’t know, I go to the doctor for things like fever, pulled muscles, and sore throats so to feel something cold is actually nice and helps alleviate the pain. Maybe that’s why all the patients love Dr. Cullen – not too mention he is hot.

    I love New Moon – it’s my favorite in the series. But I’m a glutton for punishment and love to feel like crap. I’ve been known to watch Step Mom, When a Man Loves a Women and Dying Young more than a few times.

  24. I can’t read that book anymore. It hurts my soul and I throw it across the room and cuss both Eddie and Bella like a dog every time. I’ve even caught myself cussing the NM trailers. Even though I know how it all turns out, I still get up in a twist. I’m fairly sure I’m going to end up being escorted out of the theater because I’m yelling profanities at Ed for being such a heartless bastard and Bella for being a doormat.

  25. WAIT! What? Eff New Moon. You get to see Remember Me? WHAT? OH MY GOD! I am soooooo green with envy right now. I’m the freak who has actually read the screenplay and I am salivating to see this movie!!! I know you said that you would give a spoiler free report, but could you please type up a spoiler full report and email it to those who ask? Pretty, pretty, pretty please? I want to be you, Moon. That is all.

  26. Guys… after Edward leaves Bella… and she’s so broken-hearted…. Do you think she reads FanFic to pass the time?

  27. Now that I have calmed down from my little rant, I can properly comment on New Moon. I just finished reading it about a month ago for the 3rd time. I love it more and more every time I read it. I am one of the crazies who skipped the middle part without Edward the first time. I love Jacob in New Moon…not so much in Eclipse. Even though I love New Moon, I still want to rip Edward a sparkly new one when he leaves. Effing bastard.

    • Me, too, Dude. I love NM more and more every time I read it. The first time I hated Jacob, just wanted Edward back and could focus on nothing else. The next time I read it, I started appreciating Jacob and really read all of Bella’s hurt and pain…it was so raw. BUT now, while I’m reading it, I’m beginning to hate Bella. She is so freakin’ selfish that I want to scream (I thought it was really only in Eclipse; I was wrong). I can’t help but feel pity for the little dog, Jacob.

    • That’s what I’m saying! Jacob is super great in NM. Eclipse not so much. I wish she’d leaned up and kissed him when he drove her home that night. he would’ve been too lust-driven to notice that nasty blood-sucker scent and SM would finally rectify that her initials are S&M.
      Er, what? Hey Illegal, I’m not really into jacob…I mean, I’m really not. I’m just saying that I wish Bella would’ve actually used Jacob all the way, if you know what I’m sayin’. That’s my motto, if you’re already doing a bad thing, what’s it matter if you take it to the next degree?

      • Mmmm. Baby did a bad, bad thing. . . . you ever prayed with all your heart and soul just to watch her walk away?

        Oh, I’m having a femoment.

      • I know….u dont have to explain…wolfy mind reading remember?
        I always think…do it DO IT…tap that wolf ass during that scene…and then she doesnt…so i put the book down and put myself in her place….
        “If the ’86 Rabbit is rockin’ dont come a knockin'”

        • UM, AMAZING. I’m glad you’re awake again.

          This is today’s win comment for me. Crying with laughter about “If the ‘86 Rabbit is rockin’ dont come a knockin’”

          Also, I wasn’t phased at the time…yeah. It’s cool.

          Today I used the following phrases casually:
          Sure, sure
          Purple’s cool (i try to that at least once a day now)
          How you likin’ the rain, girl? (did that in mike voice, and got a bunch of confused looks)
          I don’t like cold, wet things.
          Green is what? Good!

          Last night, at the Minus the Bear concert, the guys in front of me were talking about their friend saying, “Look at John, he’s about to snap.” and I said, “Don’t let him phase!” Then immediately regretted it. Thankfully they didn’t hear.

          • “dont let him phase” hahahahaha
            Im serious about the car though…and Bella’s an awful screamer….Its ear rape cause of his super hearing….

            Great…my Random Image Generator just turned itself on…
            Oh Lordy…
            Jacob and lil’ old pineapple steaming up the windows
            bow chika wow wow…

        • ARRRRRG! NOOOOOOOO! I DO have to explain!

          No way in HALE was I having a femoment for Bella and Jacob! Ug! PUKE!

          *scrubs brain* *sticks finger down throat* *pulls hair*

          I was thinking about Chris Isaac!

          Eff me for being so obscure! You thought I’d step across the treaty line? I’m no Seth!

          “If the Volvo is thumping, teenage vampires are dry-humping.”

          • Hahahaha….dont worry Stothep…i was referring to knowing what TS was talking about…. 😀

            I know u dont step over lines…(I keep getting referred to over these lines…bahahahahaha)

            Chris Issac obscure? the world we live in sigh….

  28. I hate you and your LA life. Well I don’t HATE you, Moonie, but once again you have me sitting here all green with envy!
    I can’t read New Moon again because I die a little everytime I have to go through him leaving…and then I go through all the stages of grief. and then I get angry and by the time he comes back, I just want to do him again. (Edward)….ugh. So emotional. lol (I’ve read it twice, I paid better attention to the middle the second time though 🙂

  29. Here is my routine when it comes to LTT/R…I read the post then go down and read all the comments before I comment.

    I have been reading for 45 minutes this morning!! You are some wordy bitches this morning…which I love but DAYUM!!!

    I am not re-reading New Moon. I don’t really care if it is close or not, after the cabinets in the Twilight weren’t yellow I lost all hope.

    And I think you don’t notice Carlisle’s cold hands cause he ‘dazzles’ you. Truth.

    • Here here!! I usually open it first thing I get in to work in the morning and jump back on off and on during the day when it’s not busy (of course – eyeroll-). But when I signed in this morning I was like “169 comments already??!! Holy craptoads!!”….then I settled in with a cup of caffeine (whether EC likes it or not humpf) and proceeded to ignore my work and read all the hillarity and insightful comments you’ve all posted. 😀

    • Wow, when I was in Portland I’d open it up to 79 comments on a slow day. Today in FL I opened it up to 7!

      “after the cabinets in the Twilight weren’t yellow I lost all hope.” 😉 FTW

      You are some wordy bitches this morning…which I love but DAYUM!!!
      You talkin’ about me?

  30. I will be re-reading NM. Need to start that today! I’ve been putting it off because I know what it will do to me, but oh well. I must remember what color pants Edward is supposed to be wearing in Volterra.

  31. As long as my lady doctor warms her hands up I’m good.

    I started re-reading New Moon the other day. I boo-hooed my way through chapter three like an insane person. DAMN YOU EDWARD! We had company coming over, and I lit’rally had to splash water on my face and apply some make-up so it wouldn’t look like Ryan beat my ass before they got there.

  32. I am rereading New Moon, starting TODAY. I had already planned to, so great minds that think alike and all that…….

    It always was my favorite book, all that angst….tho I have to agree, even the very first time I read it, I could not figure out why Bella was such a pill about her b-day. I know she didn’t want to be older than Edward, but seriously girl, use those manners and fake it!!! Psshhh.

    • Seriously! Didn’t she raise her mother or something? Isn’t she supposed to be mature? Ugh.

      Jasper didn’t attack ‘cuz of some stinkin’ paper cut. He attacked because she was being more of a bitch than Rosalie.

      • Yeah this has been discussed/argued/ranted about before (in a prev. twilosophy i think) – that she seems to mistakenly equate being able to keep house and realise that her mother’s a bit of a flake with ‘maturity’.

        Which is not the case, duh. Mature people generally don’t hook up with guys who are extremely dangerous, and tell them so repeatedly. Mature people consider options, are gracious when given compliments and gifts, and admit to themselves that you can’t be in love with two people at once and make it work.

        Unless your SM, and have the magic of mythical creatures and fantastic contrivances at your disposal.

        IRL (i.e. without the whole vamp/wolf stuff) it would have ended in tears for at least one of them.

        Oh, and no Renesmee, because what idiot has sex without a rubber? I don’t care if he’s a vampire, the incubus is a *known* phenomenon, plus wet patch and leakage? Gross!
        (and I just took you all there with me, teeheehee)

      • “Jasper didn’t attack ‘cuz of some stinkin’ paper cut. He attacked because she was being more of a bitch than Rosalie.”


  33. What I’m trying to figure out is how the heck am I going to manage to see this movie when it comes out!

    My friends will absolutely NOT go with me (and honestly, I’d be too embarassed to ask), my boyfriend will break up with me, I’m sure, if I drag him, and do I dare brave the teen-ridden theatre alone? I don’t know if I can handle my own loserness…

    I USED to be cool, what the heck happened?
    And, more importantly, how the HALE am I going to see this movie and retain my self-respect?

    • I’ve lost all self-respect since I read Twilight. I’m going to the midnight screening alone and I’m not even embarrassed. I give up….I have no shame anymore. That’s Normal.

      • dude, looks like I”m going to the midnight show all by my lonesomoe too!!!! Now that someone else has admitted as much I’m not embarrassed either.
        See what sharing on here does. It’s like therapy…only less expensive 😀

        Totes love your handle by the way. Been meaning to say that for a while.

        • Thanks! I call everyone “dude” in real life, so it seemed fitting. That, and I have nowhere in real life to use the word “fursploded.”

          • What IS fursploded?

            And who wants to go see the midnight showing with me? Anyone, anyone? South Beach? I’ll buy the popcorn!

          • fursploded is what happens when the quiluetes phase into werewolves…and it’s hilarious sounding.

            sorry, i’m in O-town and can’t even go to it myself 😥 Damn work.

  34. I had a doc in the past that had really cold hands. The clean and cold (air conditioned) environment in the hospital could be an excuse for his cold hands haha.

    Since moon thought about this while reading, it just brings me back to a topic that Stephenie still has to explain… How the HALE does Edward not kill her when she has her period! Maybe she had her period on that first day she walked into Biology class… Thats why she smelled so GOOOOOOOD (Gosh that sounds sick….)

    • Her explanation about the period thing is so lame, that menstrual blood is “dead” blood and has no appeal. Right.

      I prefer the fanfics where it , um DOES have appeal.

      • really? she offered an explanation? is that real? seriously?

        • really. I wondered about it after I read the books.

          It’s in the Twilight Lexicon, correspondence with SM, toward the end of the second question.

          • I think I just threw up a li’l in my mouth. Had wondered about this, but had no idea it had been answered.

          • Seriously… the dead blood thing is a little weird… Something I have never heard of before.
            But I guess shes right, Edward would be to much of a gentleman to mention it, and Bella too shy to ask

            BUT!!!!! It would have been funny if Bella just mentioned it in her thoughts somwhere in the books. . Could have covered a few pages worth of discussion and reflection LOL!!!!

            This is probably the most awkward topic concerning the whole vampire thing…

            Heres a sick joke I once heard – hope I dont get banned or anything lol
            Q: Whats the highest form of grossness…
            A: Vampires sucking on tampons at the dump site


          • Eww, cupcake. Down thumb for mental image!


            Now, I feel bad.

          • We ALL wondered, Stothe P.
            Thanks Dazzled. That was a great read. I’m thinking (hoping) SM and her publishers have changed their minds about Midnight Sun since that interview.

  35. I started rereading New Moon a couple of weeks ago. I would probably already be done with it if I didn’t have so much other crap to do. Seriously, school is getting in the way.

    Anyways, New Moon is one of my favorites. I can’t even really tell you why. It just is. I have different feelings and emotions going through me everytime I read it. Cause the first time I was just waiting for Edward to show his face again. And the second time, I fell for Jake a little bit. It was weird. Then Edward came back and those feelings left. And this time I’m back to wanting Edward to show his face again. Although I still do love Jake.

  36. I just started re-re-reading New Moon this week. My first time through I ran through it after I skipped ahead to find where the Hale Edward comes back. The second time I read New Moon I skipped Jacob all together and only read the parts with Edward. After seeing all the previews and having my friends tell me that Jacob isn’t so bad, I decided to read the book again and pay attention to the details. So far it is good, Jacob is ok. Yeah he helps Bella get better, and there are details I missed the first time (and second time too) that are semi important. For example, I never realized that Bella had met Leah Clearwater before or that one of Jacob’s buddies had super short hair indicating that he was in the pack already. Anyway, I wanted to refresh my New Moon memory before the big day!!!!!!!!!

  37. the only thing ive ever wondered is what the hell happens when Bella’s on the rag?? unless shes on the shot and doesn’t get her period anymore, a usefull tidbit of info that s. meyer left out apparently…

  38. I am so re-reading New Moon before next week. I, like a few of you, pretty much skimmed through all parts unrelated to Edward. I’m thinking this time I’ll give it the genuine once over. I’d still really like to know what the hell she was doing during the months of Oct. thru Jan. Was she laying in bed, wrapped up in her purple comforter shell of depression with Dashboard’s “the places you have come to fear the most” on repeat? Was she trying to start her own YouTube series, “Late night angst and lip biting with Stutter McBlinky?”

    • Ya know what? Nevermind. It’s clear now that she was purchasing all things Edward related off of Etsy to complete the creepy candle lit shrine she was creating. Much like the one @Tuesday has for the copstache.

    • more importantly, how is Chris Dilf Weitz and his team gunna portray those empty pages on the big screen? I can’t wait to find out!

  39. I’ve been meaning to re-read it, but now that you’ve posted this, I feel compelled to do so. I sure hope Bella is a smidgen less whiney this time around.

  40. Drive-by post…

    “Jasper nom nom nom-ing on Bella”

    Made me snort from laughing. I don’t know why.

  41. All my doctors have had cold, cold hand too, so I just kind of accepted it. I aactually really related to Bella about her birthday. Even as a teenager, I always used to hope that everyone would just forget my birthday a la 16 Candles. I always hated the attention and people sin Yes, I know that’s not normal, but it happens, so. I get Bella here. I’m actually a huge clutz too (I’ve given myself a black eye twice) so I just rreally get Bella here.ging the Happy Birthday song to me has been known to make me cry.

  42. NEW MOON CRISIS! I just sat through a horribly painful meeting where it was said to me…”So, you can be here the night of the 21st to take care of that, right?” I had just gotten it worked out with my Twi-friend to see New Moon that night. She even got a babysitter scheduled. And I have no ability to NOT do this thing for work. It took all my power to not let my inner 3-year-old scream – “NO! It’s not fair!”

    Extreme sadness here. Empty pages with nothing but the month printed on it sadness.

    • Damn, that really sucks. I would be in tears right now. But it will all work out.

      I gave your employers the thumbs down. Parasites!

    • That freaking sucks, Ang. I feel like I’m talking to myself when I say Ang.

      I threw a fit at work about whiteout yesterday. I would hate to see me if someone said I couldn’t go see New Moon. The boss is going with me though so I don’t think it will be a problem.

      Another down thumb to your employer!

      • Fang…almost Ang…that made me laugh because I just pictured the people sitting around the table with me in that meeting actually sitting in a theater watching New Moon. Not gonna happen! 🙂

        I’m typically very flexible about work. I kind of have to be. But why, oh why, does my job have to impact the ONE thing I’m been counting down the days to for months!

        • Oooh. Didn’t think of the Fang almost Ang thing. My real name is Angel. Some people shorten it to Ang.

          My boss is cool. She is the only person, apart from family, that realizes my Twi obsession & love of Mr. Pattinson (as she calls him) and she’s only seen the movie once.

          Can you go another night? I’m sad for you. 😦

          • Oh, I think I knew your name is Angel and forgot. Yeah, mine is Angie…not a real mystery from Ang!

            I am very blessed in the Twi-friend world. I have my one obsessed friend who turned me on to the saga. She’s like me – Team Edward all the way and very much into HHH like us. 🙂 I also have 3 other people who have expressed an interest in seeing it with me. But I’m not going to subject them to the opening weekend fangirl experience…partly because 2 of them are guys. ha!

            So, yes, we’re going to try for Sunday if she can get a babysitter lined up. I’ll be tired from working all night, but it won’t matter! Of course, it could make me more fragile during the break up scene.

    • ANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Aw, I’m sorry!!! Though, if you’re willing to brave a midnight showing…

  43. Wow, is it hard to post today or am I just doing this wrong…Hmmm, well I can see this one, so that’s a good sign.
    New Moon is my favorite so I started re-reading it in preparation, but I stopped. Ikm afraid my expectaions for the movie are too high anyway and I don’t want to be anymore disappointed than I have too. My hope is that at least a few scenes will capture the emotion properly so I’ll be able to ignore the details they get wrong.

  44. cupcakechannel and dazzledtodeath,
    The main difference between menstrual blood and blood that flows through our veins and arteries is that menstrual blood has more stem cells and stem cells are live cells. But if they are removed from the body they die. So maybe what SM said makes sense in a weird way.

    But then dont vamps sometimes drink blood from animals that have been dead for days if they are desperate for it?

    I am thinking out loud here…

  45. i was going to re-re-re-re-read NM
    but something came over me…
    So there it sits on my bookshelf where it will stay…

    Thankfully, there is no meed or a babysitter
    My “kid” will be thrown outside for the night

  46. I reread New Moon a couple weeks ago. That was after I reread Twilight. So great once you are experienced in it!
    I think my doctor always has cold hands when I go in for a check-up. Pretty sure she isn’t Carlisle though. Vampire, maybe…
    I’m going to the Mall tour near me today and I’m meeting Kellan!! =D I’m soo excited. I’ve never gotten an autograph from a celebrity before, I can’t wait!!!

    ps Please provide a little spoiler as to what Remember Me is about. It’s killing me not knowing!!!

  47. i’m currently halfway through ‘twilight’ and ‘new moon’ is next up, hopefully i can get it done before i go see it again, haha.

    and can’t wait to hear how ‘remember me’ is since i have no idea what that movie is supposed to be about besides rob wearing ray bans again.

    pps. thanks for the shout out 🙂

    • OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      you should write inside that copy of twi how’s all read it!! the list would be LONG!

  48. The reason why there’s ‘multiple plates’ is because Alice foresaw a smash cake fight.

  49. Re-reading and suprisingly not re-loving. I read Chapters 1-3 and skipped all the way to “The Meadow” because that’s where shizz really starts to go down…is it wrong that re-reading the second addition to the series does not dazzle me anymore? I’m starting to worry about myself. =( That makes me sad. Maybe I should get completely intoxicated by alcohol or some sort of solid powder pill and then that may enhance the effects the book once did (staying up to 6am, devouring a box of cereal due to angst, skipping all meals to read, and severe emotional problems, while I impatiently wait for Edward to come back in the the book). How do I rekindle my love for the Moon that is New?

  50. i finished my pre-movie re-read a couple of weeks ago and i feel good about that. i’m tempted to try some fanfic but i don’t want my mental ideas of the characters to get warped. it’s bad enough i’m going to be laughing at LTT in-jokes the whole time anyway.

    my doctor never touches me except with the stethoscope and doesn’t make me get undressed. he’s probably a vampire. too bad he does not look even remotely as good as PFach!

    • @egreg, “it’s bad enough i’m going to be laughing at LTT in-jokes the whole time anyway.”

      OH NO! I hadn’t even thought of that…despite the fact that my outfit is entirely LTT-driven.

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