New Moon: Are you ready for us?


Noreen & Bunny: Reunited

Dear New Moon,

It’s almost time. I can’t believe it. This time next week I’ll be writing to you from the comfort of Moon’s bed. That’s right, I, UnintendedChoice aka Bunny aka my real, real name, will be arriving in Los Angeles in just a mere 4 days to spend SIX blessed days with my friend Moon. We have a FULL itinerary and don’t worry, it revolves completely around you. Here are a few things we have planned:

  • Bon fire on the beach– but not your traditional fire in a hole while you sit around and tell scary stories. No. We’re decorating this beach like a reservation and all going to wear traditional Quileute costumes- No Vamps Allowed! Moon is whipping up her replica of Harry Clearwater’s famous fish fry & we’re gonna fry up anything we can find. Seaweed? Check. Marshmellows? Check. Little baby minnos that I accidentally step on when I go feel the temperature of the water? Check. We plan to invite the Wolfpack to join us and know we can get them to come with the promise of “Hot lesbians on a beach.” (We’ll just leave out the fake part)
  • Hijack various food trucks around LA and retro fit them with stalking capabilities. We’ll then lure Rob in with Korean tacos and kidnap him. What happens next is all just private, intimate details. Fine. We’ll squeal. Go to and pick your favorite story. That’s what we’ll be doing. Don’t worry if you all pick different favorites. We’ll get to them all. That’s right. We’re going to act out every single Twilight fanfiction available. Plus, we’re throwing in a bonus 7th Heaven FanFic marathon. Have you always wondered whatever happened to Mary? Wonder no more. Rob & I are going to show you.. with our bodies…
  • Bunny_Noreen_French_maids

    Bunny & Noreen: Just poor maids at Chateau Marmont

    Hang out at Chateau Marmont for as long as it takes to find Rob & Kristen and then sneak up on them (posed as maids of course) in attempt to catch them mid-kiss on camera. Cuz that shizz is gonna make someone rich. And selling pics of those crazy kids getting into cabs doesn’t pay people. And we have a reputation to uphold. We have fish fry to make, matching fake lesbian La Perla lingerie to buy and the salary we get as fake lesbian fake french maids at the Chateau Marmont is not making anyone rich. So we’re determined that we’ll be the ones to sell that coveted picture (plus it would make a really great Christmas present for Calliope our resident Robsten-shipper). Rob & Kristen- I hear there’s a bonus if we catch you with tongue (seriously- I saw a sign in my local Post Office that said “Wanted. Without or without Tongue: Picture of Robsten kissing. With Tongue $10,000 Bonus”, so… can you help some poor french maids out?  S’il vous plait?

  • Glamour Shots– We’ve asked a photographer friend to take our “Glamour Shots” for whenever Steph Meyer e-mails us and asks for our picture to put in HER header
Big Gulp

Uh oh. Big Daddy Lautner has some competition...

  • Not first on the priority list, but we’re willing to ‘take one for the team’ if it means getting close to the REAL stars. Yes- That means we might have to shack up, one night, with the likes of Eric Yorkie (I do a mean impression of a feminine guy), Marty the 100 Monkey’s Bananager or, gulp, Big Daddy Lautner. We have plenty of vodka ready, just in case we have to choose any of those 3 options- we actually have it disguised IN Big Gulp cups- ya know, to entice Big Daddy (don’t worry, his will be the REAL thing.. ours will just be filled to the brim with 72 ounces of straight grey goose) You can do anything for the team when you have alcohol poisoning!
  • Show up to the premiere theater to interview fans who have been waiting in line for 4 days with questions like “What do you say to the fans who think they are the most dedicated but haven’t been standing in line for the past 4 days, stinking up the entire area around them?” and encouragement like, “Okay, now show us your best impression of Bella- go ahead- grab that mildly retarded looking guy over there- yes. Now be Bella & Retarded Edward. You might win…. a prize!” (Or an entire post dedicated to you as the 2nd hand embarrassing mascot of the year)
  • Hold a Bible Study (on a Wednesday, of course) with Kellan. We’ll invite Nikki Reed over to pray about her situation with Paris Latsis. What situation? Just the one where she’s dating him and the inevitable health problems that are soon to show up down south. We’ll gather for a laying of hands. And Kellan will probably get confused and inappropriately touch us (not that we’ll complain…)

Can’t wait to see you!


What did I miss!? (besides actually watching New Moon!)

So maybe I exaggerated some of the things on our itinerary, but they are somewhat true. We are going to hit up some Korean taco trucks, we are having a BBQ on the beach. We WILL show up to the premiere to have some laughs and I wouldn’t be surprised if, from time to time, I crave a diet coke in one of those Big Gulp cups. Does ANY of that sound appealing to you? Are YOU going to be in LA or do you live close by? A big group of LTT/LTR gals is getting together for lots of good times. E-mail us if you want to know what’s going down!

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  1. Hey Everyone! I spoke to Cyndi’s Twi-daughter yesterday and wanted to pass along a message. She said that Cyndi told her that a new computer has been ordered, but it’s going to take about 2 weeks. She misses us all very much.

    Twi-Daughter is going to try to loan her mom her computer again so Cyndi can stop in to visit in the meantime.

    Twi=Daughter also told me that her mom has been so much happier since she started hanging out with us and thanked us for being such good friends to her.

    Let’s all cross our fingers and send some good computer mojo Cyndi’s way!

  2. Well, well, well… Bunny, you and Noreen sure have a busy week ahead… take lots of naps… grab some RedBull!

    Party ON! (can’t wait to “read” of the exploits!)

  3. Sounds tres fab.
    You should do all of that.
    Seriously, I cannot believe how close we are!
    In 7 days and 47 minutes I will be watching New Moon.


  4. Lucky you. I will have to watch it in german with horrid german voices until I get home to watch it properly.

    • my french ex said that the voice dub for Arnold in terminator was so beautiful that his whole life was ruined when he saw the movie in English.

      I would love to see it in german. HILARIOUS. We should do a multi-language dvd exchange. My computer’s set up for your region because I super heart BBC4 and get dvds of the mighty boosh 😀

      • Had impure thoughts today about edward speaking french!!! Imagine it. If only I knew how to say “There is one thing I would like to try….” in french OMG I think I might go to night classes. German is too abrupt and germans always sound like they are pissed off when they are talking it’s just the melody of the language. An eddie murphey film dubbed over is equivalent to ear rape

      • holy shit team seth, you love the boosh too? how did i not know this? i knew there was a reason i liked you….:)

        • how can you not like boosh?! I have a picture of me and my friends in Leeds watching the DVD (the pic is just of the tv screen with them on it) and put it as my facebook photo forever. 🙂 yay.

          • amazing. most people still don’t know them i think (at least here). but they are my very very favorite! and it makes me happy to know that someone here might recognize my avatar. it’s comin’ at you like a powerful moss.

  5. I’m more excited about reading The Adventures of Moon & UC in La La Land than I am of actually seeing New Moon myself. Movies have been known to disappoint me *cough* Twilight *cough*, but you gals never have.

  6. Color me all sorts of jealous with a splash of envy! I’ll be in Ohio. I’ll be the lone 27 yr. old in the middle of a billion tweens smushed into my local theater insisting that they stop skrieking every time a shirtless male appears. Totally miss living in San Diego at this time with all the beach bonfire/fish fry talk. This is a definite sad panda kind of moment.

    • Aw, this is totally a moot point because I live in the South now, but if I still lived in Indiana, I would have driven over the border to see it with you!

      • Duuuuude, I’m from Indiana. Hubs is from the Nap town ‘burbs. I’m from “Michiana.”. So, there’s your fun fact for the day. I sound so horridly bitter over having to see it by myself. I just reread my post and thought, man, go take a Prozac or something, Whiney McBaby. Meh.

        • Yay! Fellow Hoosier! I’m from NE Indiana myself… hmm, I don’t think we have a nickname for my area. For the record, I don’t think your post sounded whiny, just thinking about being surrounded by shrieking teens kind of makes me want some Paxil.

          • I’m now going at 9pm on the 19th (if there’s still tix. yeah I totes haven’t bought tix yet). I’m going with my hot fake lesbian friend and her 13 yo daughter (who “gets it”).

            I’m having serious thoughts about hot topic. i’m so scared though. but it’s like, “I don’t live here. i can do wha tI want!” Maybe i’ll just look around. do they have an online store? they must.

          • girl i went right in the crazy store and bought me a 4-pack of pins. (to wear on my red flannel shirt, of course) 😉

          • I went with Cafepress & my Twikindred spirit did, too. We decided to just embrace the embarrassment and, in true tween fashion (pun intended) are surprising each other with our shirt choices. I highly doubt either of us will show up with a vampire or wolf on our boobs, but I think the only thing more mortifying would be if we have chosen the SAME shirt! And it’s quite possible!

          • 4-pack of pins? Safety pins?

          • Nooooo…. silly TS! i bought a 4-pack of NM pins that have Edwards face on 2, the crest on 1 & him & Bella on the other. cute! one is on my casual purse (i’m rockin the twi-pride) my hubby has the crest one on his computer bag… i’ll wear the others to the movie… on my flannel, of course! 😀

          • ambushed! what?! they make those?! They call them “badges” in England. For some reason that means so do I…

          • Also, I looked at the hot topic shirts. LAMENESS! I went to Cafepress too. I only liked the Forks brewing co. and the space heater wolf ones. I guess I’m just gonna have to make mine… I made some badass wine and beer labels, so maybe I’ll iron on that a la Forks brewing co. shirt 🙂


          • I did a “Recreational Cliff Diving Assocation- “cause La Push doesnt have a mall” tee….but im channeling Alice for the movie with plaid…dont want more people calling the crazy house on me…. 🙂

          • Alice = Plaid? What the eff was i thinking? The dress is very Alice-like but the plaid is Rob…ALL Rob…(and a little bit Tay cause he thinks Rob’s style is “stepped up a whole ‘nother notch”)

    • aw no way, where in ohio? i’m in akron, and i know we have at least one other ohioan on here; you shouldn’t have to go by yourself, sparklecakes!

      • Shut your mouths! You and Kendall are in Ohio?!? I’m near Sandusky….yeah, that’s right, the arm pit of America. I end up going to Cleveland a lot. I love me some West Market bargains. Well, that and the Great Lakes Brewery…hello!

    • Where in OH? I’m here too.

      • Sandusky area!!!

        • I’m in Columbus. And me and egregiousgirl are meeting up to go see B. Long tomorrow night – here in C-bus. Interested in doing things last minute?? And you are always welcome to join me and my friends on Thursday night for the movie or **ducking my head in shame** I’m going back on Friday afternoon so we can go together then, if you’re interested.

          • I wish I could!!! I was looking at going to his show and couldn’t get my sister to agree to it so I backed off. Had I only known that fellow Twitards from this blog would be in attendance. We’ll most def. have to do something here!

          • oh you should come to bobby long too!

    • Sad w/ you. Am I delusional to hope that parents won’t let their young teens go to the midnight showing?

      • Extremely. You know these twi-moms are so bonding with their daughters over their mutual lustful abandon over all things Edward. Screaming tweens with their mamas await us, Beth! Tally ho!

      • Yep, delusional. My teenage sister says that most kids are skipping school on Friday. They’re going to the midnight screening and then back-to-back-to-back on Friday. WTF, parents?

        • And we wonder why the educational systems in America are so far behind the rest of the world.

          • Do we actually wonder why? I thought we all knew why but no one wanted to put money towards doing anything about it.

      • Beth, I have two words for you:

        Patz Pantz.

    • I know the feeling, I am in the Wash DC area and I am so green with envy to know that somewhere on this planet there will be a group of adult women celebrating all things Twilight in the light of day while I figure out how to brive and drag another adult with me into a sea of hormonally spastic tweens. Ugh!

  7. Well girls, that is going to be a fun week ! Don’t forget to spot PPL (Our dear Pattinson Pants Lady) at the Premiere ! 😉

    I live in France, so no premiere for me, BUT i get to see the movie in 7 days ! Yay !

    • omg i totally didnt even think about the possibility of her being her but i think it’s a HUGE possbility!! maybe we’ll finally get our interview!

  8. Also, and totally unrelated, does 7-11 still have the Slurp and Gulp? They don’t have 7-11s in these parts… and I would kill for a Slurp and Gulp. If it came down to it, I’d even fight Daddy Lautner for one… see how I did that? Tying my random question back in to Twilight.

    • @Tuesday Yes, they still have the holy mecca that is 7-11 and gulps and slurpees. I’ve even seen a Dr Pepper slurpee a few times. It was like spotting a unicorn-so rare.

      • Oh, Kendall, you’ve made me very happy. There’s nothing like sipping a cherry Slurpee that is surrounded in sea of Cherry Coke. But, a Dr. Pepper Slurpee!? Wow… that just sounds heavenly.

    • Is a Gulp just a giant coke (fountain drink)?

      And I have no idea was a Slurp is…please explain.

      • A Gulp is just a giant cup of the fountain drink of your choice, and a Slurpee is just a sweet, frozen carbonated drink. They come in different flavors and the flavors change. (My favorite was the limited edition Code Red Mountain Dew.) The Slurp and Gulp is a combination of the two. They make a special cup with two compartments, and with two straws you can drink both at the same time… this is a terrible description… but, trust, if you like cold, sugary things, it’s amazing.

    • tuesday, rewind, you live in memphis, right? they don’t have 7-11s there? they have them in copenhagen even, and not there? that’s depressing. i’ll drink a slurpee and pour some on the pavement for you, my homie.

      • We used to have 7-11s in Memphis. They changed ownership. I think they are all Circle K’s now.

        I know you didn’t ask me, but I’ve lived here longer than tuesday! 🙂

        • There used to be 7-11s here?!? Aw, whatever frozen drink they have at Circle Ks is not even comparable to a Slurpee. I asked my students about 7-11s this morning and they told me the closest one was in St. Louis. I used to live in Philadelphia and got spoiled… there was a 7-11 right next to my subway stop… I could get a Slurpee whenever I wanted… a tasty, tasty Slurpee…*gets in car and drives to St. Louis*

          • tuesday – Your students are probably too young to remember the 7-11! There was one about halfway between my school and house when I was a kid. I had many a Slurpee as an afterschool snack!

            St. Louis road trip!

        • Circle K? that’s too bad….

          • Strange things are afoot at the Circle K . . .

          • OMG – I can’t believe I forgot about the strange things are afoot like. epic fail on my part.

          • Oh, and epic fail on my typing too. I meant to say “strange things are afoot line.” I don’t want fangbanger calling me out on typos.

          • Nah, I think Fang only calls out typos when they are indicators of potential psychoses.

            You’re good.


          • stothep – Is the fact that I heard “you’re good” in Mike Newton’s voice before I read your next line an indicator of potential psychoses? Or is that normal?

          • ‘Round here? NORMAL.

            Music update: Bought NM soundtrack last Friday. You people should have warned me! I’ve been so emo all weekend you’d think I’ve been watching a Party of Five marathon . . .

            Love every second of it, though.

          • StotheP is correct. I only point out the crazy people for their typos.

            I probably have the most typos on this site. 😀

            Does that make me hypocritical?


          • @Fang….You could have told me you’ve hung up your grammar Nazi Madonna cone-bra. I’ve been typing my posts on Word and spell-checking them all day (It’s showing red squigglies under “cone-bra” and “squigglies”…i hope you understand that no other words express what I’m feeling right now)

            Isn’t there a crazy lurking in ALL of us? think about it…
            *Twilight Zone plays in the background*

          • Ok. I just want the “Madonna cone-bra.” I think Mr. Fang would ❤ that.

            Yes, there is a crazy person in us all. Mine goes by fangbanger06, FangBanger, Fang, Fangy and my fav., Angel. 😉

          • @StotheP – Love the NM soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it on my mp3 player when walking outside. I have to make myself look pleasant so people don’t think I’m depressed! And OMG – do I ever need a Party of 5 marathon! That combined with NM might push me over the edge.

          • @fangbanger – whew! Glad to know I’m not on the crazy people typo list!


            @illegal – crazy here. party of one.

          • Nothing says crazy more than adopting a name that hints at both Beastiality And Paedophilia in order to express my love for a boy who doesnt even know i exist… 😦
            Oh and I’m also a Cookie Monster…. 😀

          • @illegal…OK, we’ll sit together. Crazy, party of two.

          • Umm excuse me illegal & Ang but real craziness is dressing up as a vampy for Halloween and making your darling love be a fangbanger. True story. I even bought “real” fangs for myself.


            I want to sit at your table!!!

          • @fang – Consider yourself at the table! Yippee. Crazy, party of three!

          • Join in!!! *calls for another menu*
            Erm…i went in jorts and wolf ears/tail remember? totes looked like the wolf that had a few extra muffins at Emily’s.Made fiance go as Edward but ended up looking like a Jaspward…. shame….

          • YAY! I am included. I give up thumbs for inclusion. I was just saying on twitter that I am the freaking up thumb fairy on here giving anonymous up thumbs to people…

            Do either of you twitter? If so, I must follow. It is an even bigger time waster than LTT.

          • I want to Twitter but just like my dreams of starting a blog, im afraid that no one cares about wat i have to say…i’m not the most fascinating person on the planet….lol

            (that was all code for i have no idea how the hale Twitter works…i’m down with the kids…i should know this…but i dont…sad cookie)

          • @illegal You are tons more fascinating than me and I have 75 people stalking me. It’s a great life, JOIN!!!

          • ok…i’m starting an account right now…i think i’m gonna puke….should i go as Illegalwolflover? what if Tay sees it? what if he calls in the Hansen? my inner crazy knows no bounds,,,,

          • illegal. You should def. be illegalwolflover. You can ALWAYS change it later if you get the desire (and/or Mr. Hansen decides to “follow” you).

            I’m @antisocialangel should you desire to be annoyed by me.


            PS. No puking!

          • um, that interchange was amazing.

            i just got back from a minus the bear show with this random guy i met at my cousin’s bbq. odd. anyway, great show…..AND THEY WERE WEARING FLANNEL.

            That decided it for me, I’m wearing flannel to the premiere. Plus the temps are dropping here in the sunshine state (hey hey, Ida!)

            illegal, follow me too! I’m goteamseth

  9. *sniff*

    Everyone else gets to have a fantastical time. I wish I could fly to Lala land but I would be all sorts of awkward anyway.

    “inevitable health problems that are soon to show up down south” <— This issue can only be cured with some old fashioned snake handling. So, please in the name of HHH give Ms. Reed a poisonous rattlesnake. 😀

    PS Korean tacos exist? Gross.

    • i think it sounds gross too.. but it’s the reason that Moon (the “real” Moon) joined twitter. B/c you HAVE to follow this korean taco truck on twitter to find out where it’s gonna be next. it’s all sorts of famous in the hipster hoods in LA (maybe the d-bag hoods too, i dunno..)

      • Hipsters and their love of freakishly weird foods.


        What happened to the days of eating a normal chicken taco and still being cool*?

        *I know that cool isn’t the “cool” thing to say anymore but I don’t really know what is. Is it hip? Rad? Keen? Marvelous? Dandy?

        Why yes, I did look “cool” up on I can’t come up with this assortment of awesomeness on my own.

        • I know what you mean. My eng is at a standstill. left nz at 20 so I will be saying cool and wicked and choice until I am 95. What does one say now days? Fantickleme? fantesticles? that was like so totally Cullen dude?

      • I neither cool or a hipster, and I would eat a korean taco in an LA minute, that sounds awesome!! We have an airstream trailer in Seattle you have to check the website to see where they are going to be…..they sell something called ‘bacon jam’. No lie. Huge following!

      • You know who I heard about korean taco guy from? My mother. How on earth did she know?! She lives in the middle of no where!

    • are you call me a hipster?! i resemble that remark!

      and korean tacos are the shit! seriously it sounds so weird but once it’s in your mouth you knew it was meant to be (THATS SOOOO what she said)

      your mom probably knows about it cause they have been everywhere (newsweek, the tv stations) theyre the reason for the whole surgance in “fancy” taco trucks! i swear.

      • good to know! i don’t watch tv/news/anything but LTT and my NM soundtrack. 😀

        You resemble that remark? 😉 I’m so using that from now on.

  10. You named the Chateau Marmont for R and K sightings, but I think your overlooking another place to catch them in the “act”…hit the Goodwill.

  11. Boo. I’m jealous – I don’t get to partake in the LA fun and I don’t even get tickets to the London event today! I KNOW Rob is mere minutes away from me but it doesn’t matter, it’s like that time a photo appeared of him in a pub I used to go to all the time. So close, yet so far!

    Is it wrong that I’m totally psyched for when he comes and films Bel Ami here in Feb? Is it wrong that I know that at all?

    Nope. That’s normal.

  12. You are in my neck of the woods. LA-Lower Alabama. It will be chillty. 60-68 or so. You gotta eat some Brasilian food. Cochina is the best and Pon de queo(Cheese Bread). It is located on Venice Blvd. Brasilian Mercado. Great food. Lowery’s and Carls Jr. My wife loves Carls Jr. The best burgers in the world. I love the guy with the big slurpie. I love it. On Venice Blvd West LA best Tacos in the world.

    • Psh….it’s all about the In-n-Out bobbygee. Trust.

    • Sup, bobbygee! I’m in Northern Alabama. Can’t tell if you’re being serious about your location, since in AL, we don’t have Carls Jr.s, we have Hardees. I would know. Thickburgers are the love of my life.

      • I love that the new Hardees commercials recognized and admitted the fact that Hardees went the way of disgusting and needed a face lift.

        My mom’s first job was at Hardees.

    • alright- we’ll go to venice blvd for the best tacos. Hear that Moon? for BobbyGee!

    • Okay, I’m not Brazilian or anything, but I have been to Brazil, eaten the local cuisine, and know a few words of Portuguese, and thus happen to know that in Brazil the cheese bread is called/spelled Pao de Queijo not Pon de queo.

      Therefore it does sound more likely you are from Northern Alabama.

      Or, you’re rob with a Blackberry in the French L’Armee de Salut (Salvation Army) posting this message, trying to impress us with your knowledge of the cheese bread that Krrsten brought back for you in her flannel pocket from Brazil…

    • Bobbygee you live in LA? I’m not too far up the road in Monkeytown! (aka Montgomery for all you non-Alabamians). Or is the Gump now considered part of LA? Lol

  13. Im so jealous. I cant go to LA or visit London to partake in the fun with you guys.

    How to even explain to the SO – is another matter all together. He suspects theres something going on, sinces he’s see me on this site laughing my ass off – many times. Its not like I could leave a note and take off with Alice for three days.

    Cant wait to read about your adventures next week. I will be at the midnight showing here in Florida next Thursday.

  14. I have never hated being on the east coast more than right now! UC – can you pack me in your suitcase, please?

    I really can’t wait to hear about your week together, though. I guess vicarious will have to suffice. Have fun (said w/ just a touch of bitterness, but mostly sincerity).

  15. I just realized that I don’t actually have ANY plans to see the movie. None.

    I should probably get on that.

    • Seriously, you should. I finally got around to purchasing my ticket for the midnight screening last week and I have to drive 45 mins to get to the theater b/c the 6 theaters (who are showing New Moon on every screen) closest to me were sold out. Whew!

  16. “What do you say to the fans who think they are the most dedicated but haven’t been standing in line for the past 4 days, stinking up the entire area around them?”

    THANK YOU for saying this! I’ve always wondered why no one ever brings up the stink factor abou these wait-addicts who stand in line for days and days for an event. Poor Kristen and Rob will be hit by a wall of halitosis at the premier.

  17. I need that bible study! Whoever invented the Atlantic ocean deserves to be punched.

  18. What you girls are planning sounds so much fun! I wish I could be there. I don’t even know when I’m gonna get to see the movie. I’m desperately trying to find a babysitter.

    I’m so excited to read about UC and Moon’s adventures! You could call it: UC and Moon’s Adventure to New Moon!

    • UC and Moon’s EXCELLENT Adventure.

      Just add So-crates and Abe Lincoln and we have an EPIC film through time!

    • UC & Moon’s Excellent Adventure to New Moon. LOVE IT

    • I’ve got the babysitter prob too. Except I had a OCD moment last week and bought 2 midnight tickets already. Hubs says he will go with me b/c the 3rd trailer “looks pretty good” so I’m reeling him in kicking and screaming.

      But who wants to come sit at my house for 2 to 3 hours (cause I’m debating on how early to get there) while my 5 and 6 year olds sleep? Anyone? Ugh!

      • Me too. I need someone to watch my 26 month old daughter during the day though so that will involve more as far as taking care of her, no one is taking the bite yet. 😦 I can’t go at night b/c my hubby works nights and he wants to come w/ me.

        • Aw, sweet. Mine is willing to come, but I’m sure he’ll complain the whole time and expect major brownie points just because he is there. Men!

          I even put a sitter request on Facebook. I’m desperate. 😉


      (im like 45 minutes away from there)

  19. I know you’re not surprised but, I hate you again today. Green with envy. However, I get to have my #Eastcoastladies-a-thon with Brookie and Calliope so there, there, there!!!

    PS I am way excited about the Glamour Shots

  20. I’m in AL, but I’m thinking about driving to LA. Driving by myself in a car for two days straight to go to a city I’ve never been to before, to act like a Twihard lunatic with chicks that I’ve never met before in RL, all because I’ve become obsessed with vampires, werewolves, and a smelly 23 year old man, and just b/c I don’t watch NM by myself surrounded by sqeeling 13 year olds and their horny mamas. That’s Normal.

    Do I win the run-on sentance award of the day?

  21. My jealousy knows no bounds. Have a good time. I will be sneaking into a theater across town with my fingers crossed that no one I know will be there to recognize me.

  22. I don’t even have a date yet for when I’m going to see New Moon! I need to get on that (that’s what she said).

    You’re all a bunch of jerks for partying it up on the West Coast. East Coast is soooooo much cooler, duh. I mean, you can’t have beach parties, or spot the Twi celebs or whatever but… yeah. Cooler cause I said so?

    • We can’t have beach parties? What, are you in jersey or something? Just have a shore party…

      • I actually am in Jersey… *suspicious eyebrow raise* you know too much.

        But I meant more that we can’t have beach parties right now. November 20th beach party sounds less appealing in NJ than in CA.

        • Heyyy, don’t be ridiculous. Shore party in Nov is so much more like an authentic La Push experience than beach in LA.

  23. Totally off topic, but not. Where I am (Eastern Standard time) they are showing the movie at 10pm on Thursday the 19th – and of course I bought my tickets a long time ago.

    If my math is correct (and it may not be), that’s 7pm Pacific time. Said movie is approx 2.5 hours long. I’ll be out of the theatre at approx 9:30pm Pacific Time.

    Will you all still be standing in line waiting for it to start at midnight on the 19th? I could tweet my first impression if you are.

    Or, is my math wrong?

    • I actually saw 10pm advertised at my local theater, too.
      But is that New Moon or a Twilight showing before New Moon? I just assumed it was Twilight before New Moon at midnight but I could be wrong.
      I didn’t think they were allowed to play the movie before midnight but maybe if it ends at midnight that counts?
      Hmm… if this is the case I am so there at 10pm.

    • Um, not standing, rather lying down on my sleeping mat that I’ll have had set up for a few days.

      But actually I’m not going to be in Port angeles, unfortunately (I was hoping to go with 2 guys that like me and I don’t like either of them and maybe get the 24 hour flu later…), so I’ll be eastern too. Um, wait, 10pm?! squee. I’ll have to check in my city.

    • Are you sure it’s New Moon at 10 PM? Where I am on the East Coast they are showing a Twilight double feature with Twilight at 10:00 and New Moon at 12:00.

      • I searched everywhere and it only says “Advanced Preview” no mention of Twilight being played first. I tried calling my local theatre and go the lowdown on birthday parties, but no human voice. I think I’m going to have to stop by there after work and get the real scoop. I’m going with a friend and hubby is staying home with the kids. Imagine his surprise if I didn’t show up until 3 in the morning! I’ll get the “real deal” and let you know. Stranger things have happened in this town.

        P.S. So glad I posted…you ladies are just the most smartest peoples I know!

  24. This sounds like so much fun….sniff, sniff….ECLIPSE people. I’ll be there for Eclipse. In the meantime…I don’t know, maybe I’ll go cry about it 😦
    KIDDING. I’ve already cried. I’m already cried out. Have a blast my friends 🙂

  25. Way jealous. WAY.

    I did get my midnight NM tix on Monday, my bff is totally up for lining up early and observing the crowd, luckily. She loves Twilight, the movie, but not so much the books, she is my friend who won’t read Midnight Sun because she ‘doesn’t like reading stuff online’. Sigh.

  26. Okay, before I forget after readingk/replying to all comments:

    I FOUND A UNICORN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was like, “Every time you talk about where you’re from I think of that movie…Twilight.” pause. “Was it filmed there?”
    I perked up and thought to myself Did he just say ‘that movie’ in the way that I do when asked about it? Yeah, I caught that, huh. Totes caught that. I replied, “Yeah, they filmed most of the movie there actually.”
    “Oh wow, I didn’t know.”
    “Yeah, I’ve been to a few of the places.” Lowered my voice, “I’m sort of into Twilight.”
    “I’ve only seen the movie, but I loved it.” he then quickly added, as if to make up for the shameful fact he’d not read the books, “I got the New Moon soundtrack though!”
    We continued a bit. I took it slow. You know, I followed Heyyybrother’s tips on taking it slow. I told him I’d be seeing NM at the theater that serves beer (and not just in the little bottles you sneak in.) He told me that he gets a lot of crap for having not read the book (um, what?! Amazing.)

    AND THEN, the big moment arrived. I asked if he was going to see NM and he replied (and i direct quote):
    “I don’t know.” Worried frown. “I don’t really like Jacob.” (this guy is completely straight by the way)
    “You’re Team Edward?”
    “Yeah.” He said and I blinked. He continued, “Do you think there’ll be any Edward in New Moon?”
    “Oh, definitely! You know they have to please the masses with some Rob”

    Can you believe that happened today? Can you?!

    • @TS – A real unicorn? And he’s Team Edward too? You’re in Florida now, right? I’m packing my bags now and am on the way!

      • Yeah, I’m in FL. he’s real alright. I saw him’s silver. Should I go for eternal life or just keep the blood drinking to myself? Oops, that’s HP1! 😉

        But, how thrilling was that? he told me that a girl he dated made fun of him for repressing his man crushes. So, now he has too many. He’s straight. It’s unbelieveable. And not like Eric Yorkie straight, like Mike Newton straight. le sigh. I never knew how good it could be to find a unicorn. I even told him that we call his kind unicorns. he thought it was great! now I call him “twi-buddy” and he rolls his eyes. For shame. ALSO, he thinks KStew is unattractive. That’s right! So, I think I should send him in the PETA ad…

        • So cool! btw, did you see my post to you last night about my new purple plaid shirt? Made me think of you. 🙂 I’ll pack it when I come to stalk your unicorn. If he’s into Edward…maybe he won’t mind when I watch him sleep.

          • Um, NO! You got a purple plaid shirt? Are you coming to see NM with me in FL and getting me a purple plaid shirt too?! Green is good, too. So excited.

            It’s hard for me to go on now-a-days ‘cuz i’m sharing a computer w/ the family i’m staying with until they figure out the wifi password.

          • TS – I totes bought the purple one because of you and your experience with the girl at the coffee place awhile back wearing purple plaid! I was leaning toward the blue one, and then I thought…no, purple’s cool. Had to go with purple.

          • You really do have to. And that girl’s had a little blue in it and strip of red. I’m sure yours has a few other colors to offset the purple. sigh.

            I’m so envious.

          • @TS – I forgot to share part 2 of the plaid shirt story. After I purchased the shirt, I went to the book store to buy the new Vanity Fair. I know you aren’t into it, but I had to have it. I was trying to contain any signs of my fangirl excitement and was doing a good job. Then I get to the register and the dude at the counter was wearing a plaid shirt. I couldn’t supress the smile. Then I was embarrassed that he’d think I was being giddy in public over a magazine….Hanging head in shame.

          • I’m totes jealous of all of u who can pull off purple plaid without looking like Violet Beauregarde….
            sad cookie

          • @illegal – No one said I would look good in it! But really, how could anyone not look cool in purple?

          • The one time i wore purple (cause purple’s cool…of course…) i was told that i look horrid in it…never worn it since…I prefer painting my walls with it cause i dont want it out of my life…

            Its a pathetic reaction but I was 13, hyper-sensitive and highly impressionable…especially with a non-descript skin colour…am i olive? am i dark? tan? russet?
            stupid magazines….

          • @illegal – Perhaps you just needed a different shade of purple. No matter what…keep it in your life.

          • I think its just that purple’s cool…its too cool for me…like prom-Queen-Head-cheerleader-dating -the -captain-of the- football- team kind of cool.I cant keep up 🙂 now green…green is good….

          • @illegal, I’m more of a green gal myself. I have this olive skin tone, which is a fail because i’m pale so i just look yellow. It’s combined with my mother’s paleness and my dad’s oliveness. But they’re both white. Ugh. Anyway, you should say you are russet in color (yeah, I caught that).

            @Ang, I’m glad to hear you know me well enough to know I’m not into Vanity Fair and Rob photoshoots.

            @both of you, I went to see The Antlers and Minus the Bear tonight and there was a HUGE line to get in. The guys behind us had purple Ralph Lauren tshirts on (stupidest idea ever) and my “friend” (the person I went with is a better way to describe) was talking to them about their color choice. And I did it, as always with a straight face (I can do one a day now!), “No man, I dig it. Purple’s cool.” THEN the hot guitarist for minus the bear had on flannel (short sleeve) and so did like 76% of the audience including the tall guy in front of me who kept raising his arms, but he smelled really good. I almost told him that he smelled good, but then the concert picked up momentum.

            Anyway. wow, I’m so energetic right now!

        • Oh, and “not like Eric Yorkie straight, like Mike Newton straight. ”


        • I wish I could give you a billion thumbs up!

        • Update! I sent him the PETA ad. I said, “You know the girl who played Angela?” “yeah, the asian girl?” “Yes, the ‘asian’ girl. Here’s another photo of her.” Him, “HOLY SHIT.” hahaha. Then he explained how he didn’t think Edward was hot in Harry Potter (he said as that “Cedric guy? Was his name Cedric? Cedric Diggory?” AS IF he didn’t know.) but that he was in Twilight. He also said, and we know this is a lie, that the people who had read Twi before seeing the movie didn’t like movie Edward.

    • Win, win, win!

    • Oh wow! A Team Edward unicorn? That’s like, the rarest of the rare. You should take a picture of this creature before he pops out of existence…

    • congrats!

  27. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all morning. Finally realized why. UC, please get off the plane to this song. 😀

  28. Hey Chris Weitz… if you read this blog… (and all the cool kids do!!!!) Please make an honest attempt to find our friends Moon and UC next week at the premire.. you so need to invite them in as your special guests, and yes they will wear the french maid outfits for you to the premire.. anything to please the DILF….just ask nicelyt…. they’ve pretty much laid out where they will be when.. you’ve got people, send them out to find these two… you would be making LTT readers extremely happy and will become the DILF.. 4eva!!

    Love you two.. have a great time!!!! Behave badly beause well behaved women rarely make history, and make sure Chris doesn’t sit you next to Big Daddy… if so.. let him have the arm rest.. just a suggestion 🙂

  29. Argghh West Coast sounds so fun! Never been out that way.

    But hey anyone in the Philly area — check the forum for a NM watching meet up! Would love to meet some of the folks who make me laugh my head off every day!

  30. I have never been sadder to not be joining people I don’t actually know for their potentially lame but probably hilarious plans!

    I am going at midnight on thurs w/ 2 gfs and cardboard Edward. We may go to twilight first – or maybe just take Eddie out for dinner & drinks at the cheesecake factory at our mall

    • if you are seriously taking a cardboard cut out please please please post a photo. I wish I was hip, rad, keen, marvelous, dandy enough to come up with that idea!!!

  31. WEEELLL. Could I possibly be representing the Lone Star state all by my onesy?

    I’m going next Thursday @ midnight with my fake lesbian Twikindred spirit. We intend to get the drink on across the parking lot @ Chili’s so’s we can handle the tweengasm sure to ruin our experience. I actually have an extra ticket and am hoping to use it as a buffer from the madness OR just maybe I’ll buy a Pocket Edward to sit next to.

    • A drink? Chili’s is 2 for 1 every night on select beers and margaritas. Why don’t you buy 2 drinks and enjoy all four….

      • Haha. ‘Scuse. By “the drink,” I meant a continuous flow of alcoholic beverage sufficient to dull the 1st-hand embarrassment from any unplanned squeeing yet not so copious that I faceplant in Bella homage while flippy-running across the parking lot to get in line.

        • I am going fully sober to my first showing (because I’m going with my friend who doesn’t drink and her daughter who is 13…and her daughter thinks I’m the most amazing person ever and wishes I was her mom, even though it’s physically impossible for that to have happened.).

          The next 20 showings…. what a great idea Chili’s is… I’m glad I have this blog to remind me of such things. I’m probably going to see it sober again once the tweens have died down so that I can fully enjoy it squee-free.

  32. Ladies and unicorns, don’t forget, the 50% off on all outerwear sale is going on at Old Navy. Gap realized that the Summit fans were more in the Old Navy price range.

    So, please get serious about buying your SO or yourself this coat!

  33. Im so excited. but i live in England, is it true there will be no new moon premiere here??? And I cant fly over to LA cos my mum would NEVER let me, and its my little brothers bday. 😦

    I am so depressed cos i missed the New Moon tour date at battersea too. 😦 Depression.

  34. I kind of want to go interview fans…while wearing my american apparel shirt that has the Robsten, Nonsten, I don’t give a crapsten check boxes on it. (All empty, just in case rob shows up, he can check my box.) Plus the model for that shirt is the super slutty girl from American Apparel. Which makes it much more worth wearing.
    In other news, I’m going to make a TeamSeth shirt I think…with MidnightCyn For the Win on the back.

  35. Oh, the run time is 130 minutes. Which is not 2.5 hours, but with previews (yawn, what could they possibly show that’s exciting?) it’ll be 2.3 hours. Plus afterwards you’ll have to treat your “war wounds” from the twimoms.

  36. I WISH I was gonna be in la! Ugh I know ppl that will and I’m def jealousssss

  37. I can’t wait to see all of you!!! 4 days!!!

  38. I am so freakin’ bummed that I cannot be in LA! I love lesbian BBQ’s!

    Have a great time and please drink some tequila for me!

  39. The headshots!!! FTW

    Even though i would much rather go for the movie with you guys, there have been significant improvements in the quality of the “meh Twilight people”
    One who is a die-hard Twi-prude saw Jacob transform for the first time spoke gibberish for fifteen minutes. I just made out the words “Jake…no…run…woosh…boom”. WOndered if i sound the same way…yes yes i do
    another professed their love for Taycob, had an impromptu squee session at work and told me that its gonna be so much fun going for the movie with me…noone has EVER been excited to go for a movie with me and i have a feeling that she’s gonna be disappointed….
    6 days to go….

    • 😀

      Sigh. I’m so excited. I also can’t believe I found a unicorn. And he’s all team edward. so hilarious. Even the men stay away from your boys 😉
      He also didn’t know that Taylor was 17…uh, hello?! I said, “Legal in Georgia” and he said, “Just a quick drive away…”

      • Why doesnt he like Jacob? sniff sniff…:D for the unicorn…here’s to more discoveries… ❤

        "your boys" hahahahahahaha…public acceptance makes it legal right?
        my pics back up…i did it just for u….why u want to look at a pineapple face when u can see "LEGAL IN GEORGIA" i have no idea…but i have an acute fondness for u and i can refuse u nothing…

      • @TS did u try the recipe yet? did it suck? is that why u didnt reply?
        i’m so needy….lol

        • recipe? I never got it…did I? Did I? ::looks:: THERE IT IS. Um….i haven’t tried it yet. I had to leave Portland for 2 months. My cooking buddy is there, not here. So… give me some time! Maybe January. 😥 I am excited though.

  40. I’m going to Auburn, AL to see it at midnight with my college gals. I had to buy my advance ticket by myself, so there was a little embarrassment when the sniveling, 12 year old behind the counter said yes, we are selling advanced new moon tickets…how many do you need? And then acted like I was beneath him when I shuddered with excitement as he slide my ticket under the window (yes, I did shake a little and happy dance back to my car when I left the window). Next stop on my list, Nordstrom in Atlanta this weekend to pick up my Cullen zip jacket and necklace!!! Cannot wait!!!

  41. We should SO have viewing parties for Eclipse. East coast/west coast/Midwest/southwest. I need friends that understand the twi-obsession!

  42. Hooray for LA BBQs!!

    I wanna come :]

    I’m excited!!!

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