Cashing in on the Twilight/New Moon connection for a “good cause?”

Dear Twilight cast members-

Good on you guys for lending your celebrity to a good cause! It you’re going to be chased around by paparazzi and idolized by folks all over the world you might as well give a voice to a great cause. And you are! Witness the latest in go gooders…


Angie got back!

Dear Christian,

What a classy homage to the horror that is the fur trade industry while gently alluring to the fact that you’re in Twilight. The forest, the mist, the Twilight font and what else says vampire and dead furry animals than blood splatters all over the PETA ad?

Too bad you play a human.


PS nice booty lady!


Doin' it for the kids!

Dear Kristen,

You make it harder and harder for me to keep up this facade of not liking you when you go and make an appearance at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk during the middle of a busy press tour for New Moon when you could have been taking a nap or eating cheetos.

Can you break out the mullet or act surly again, please?


Follow the jump to see Taylor work it for a good cause…


Sure, sure

Dear Taylor,

Could you flex harder next time you’re doing an ad for the American Library Association? They need to up their number of check outs.

Looking for my library card,

So what do you have to say? Any charities you volunteer for? What charities should Twilight cast members be representing?

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Tuesday with Rob at LTR
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  1. I’m LOVING Kristen at the moment – she’s relaxed in all her interviews, genuinely seems quite chirpy and happy AND she’s doing good with charities. She’s a keeper!

    GOOD GAWD Christian, I’m thinking about becoming a fake lesbian with you after that ad.

    Rob’s charity should the ‘Ashleigh Needs a Man Foundation’ – he can be president and pimp me out to the entire Brit Pack (especially TomStu and Bobby Long) and himself, of course.

  2. That is one booty to die for on Christian Serratos…

    I wonder what Rob’s charity would be. Something with recycling, I think.

  3. I thought that Petaaaah is doing something about donating blood.

    The only charity that I know of that Rob did was that kiss bidding at Cannes.

    I am looking forward to the comments of this post. It’s going to be HILAR again!

  4. I’m thinking that he should do something for Goodwill or Salvation Army. Maybe, Water conservation? You know, since he doesn’t seem to wash his clothes as often as most people do. I don’t believe the rumors that he doesn’t bath.

  5. Rob should start his own charity. Helping women re-discover (or discover for the first time) orgasms.

    It’s apparently a huge problem. Look at any women’s magazine cover and it’s all about how to have better sex and finding the elusive “O”.

    I think this is something Rob could really get behind (or in front, or from the side . . . )

    • I love that. So ridic those mags.

    • Oh. My. God. I love this idea.

      BTW, He may or may have not already started with me. 

    • The o not the problem but if you ask me the g spot is as mythical as meyer finishing midnight sun!

    • Ok, I’m sorry but it needs to be said. The man looks like he’d be a really creepy lay. He does have flippy hands and he’s so giggly. I bet he keeps his socks on and shouts weird stuff at climax. Not that I’d refuse him; he’s still gorge and his personality is adorbs and I dig the intensity. I’m just saying the only thing he’d probably help anyone discover is how awkward their first time was. Go ahead, scream profanities at me. I still love all of you.

      • Don’t forget he’s british so he’d be into kinky stuff. whips and chains and daddys been a naughty boy again…..

        • Sadly that doesn’t deter me…..apparently socks are a deal breaker but bring on the naughty boy routine. I don’t even have a legitimate excuse for that.

          • Shucks, don’t get married then socks, holey undies and the only tying up done is when accidently caught up in daughters skipping rope left in your bed

          • I am married! That’s why I need Rob to NOT wear socks!! lol

      • Hey, don’t kill the fantasy! 🙂
        You have to look at the bright side of things. Sure he has flippy hands, but he has really long fingers. Mmmm . . . long fingers!

      • HHAHAHAHA “The man looks like he’d be a really creepy lay”

        OMG!!! you cracked me up cause it’s SOO true

  6. Christian is hot. And teeny tiny. But she has “back.” And good for her.

    I’ve never maintained a facade. I love Kristen. Just let go, Moon….let it go and return the love. ‘Cause you know she’d love you. I’ve always said it of her.

    p.s. I know for a fact that UC could recreate that naked-in-the-woods pic. In fact, I need a new picture for my phone. Ahem. xoxo

  7. I would say that Rob could get involved with a charity to help the homeless, but I’m afraid he would wind up stealing their clothes!

  8. See, I’ve BEEN saying that Kristen is awesome! No reason to keep up the facade of not liking her anymore. I know you love her on the inside. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it today…the girl’s a badass. And speaking of badasses…DAMN, Christian! Her booty got it goin’ on.

    I agree w/ naaBella above – Rob should do some sort of recycling charity gig. Can you imagine the amount of used dirty plaid shirts that are going into landfills that he could talk people into recycling?

    Seriously, though, it would be great to see Rob attach himself to a legitimate charity like St. Jude. I hope he realizes what good he could potentially do with a following like his. Even though it’s not his responsibility to do it, it would be totally awesome if he did. Mr. Fursploded and I give (in small amounts) to several charities every month and we always wish we could make a bigger impact. If I had the kind of celebrity that the Twilight cast has, that’s exactly what I would use it for.

    • I sort of feel like it is celebs responsiblilty to do the expensive charities (donation wise) or to be spokespersons for others (and donate). Why else are they celebs and making tons of money? Some of us are unemployed and broke…esp. right now. We are our own charities!

      • I definitely agree with you. There’s a sort of social responsibility attached with fame and privilege. Even if it’s just silent donations.

  9. Dear Rob,

    If you are not banging Christian, I am not sure that I can love you anymore. Seriously, man.

    ❤ Me.

    PS. Get rid of that fug green jacket

  10. It back..I am back to disturb everyone. Cheetos are great. It cold but good. The full moon will be out soon. Totally Flamengusita.

  11. Did Kristen show up to the JDRF event unannounced?

  12. To my fellow LTTers, I know the Rob letter is supposed to be on the other site. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

    I am fairly certain that my boyfriend is in love with KStew. I came home at lunch yesterday (his day off) and he was watching Adventureland. 0_o

    KStew is warming my cold, decrepit heart. I do not want to love her but charity work?!?!?

    When is her naked PETA ad coming out?

  13. UC &Moon (cause they’re celebrities and u know it) for ” The society against the defamation of primates in movies about Vampires” spider monkeys and Man/monkey hybrids vote YES!

    Robert Pattinson for “The ‘imagination can take you anywhere…even behind a dumpster’ foundation”

    Taylor Lautner for “The society against the sexualisation of illegally ripped boys” (I’m blacklisted n that one)

    Mike Newton for the”Under-appreciated stereotypical white boys fund” and “the what’s so effing great about glitter association”

    I could go on aaaallll day (thatswhatshesaid)

    aaaawww Taylor…u remind me of my kindergarten books where the pics of little kiddies reading would look JUST like you…plain old awkward. However the smirk on your face (swoon) may mean a few things

    *You have sneaked in a dirty mag/FF that carries on with the almost kiss…

    * U finally received my risque “Miley Cyrus-esque” photos that i sent after a few bottles of wine and a Truth or Dare session that went horribly horribly wrong…The “I dont think ur ready for this jelly” caption amuses you…

    *You’ve been reading the stuff I’ve been writing here and you’re planning on reading it to Swifty.. and then laugh behind my back…..two sets of perfect teeth glinting in the sun….

    Honestly though…the tee was a bit too much…u dont believe that those 13 year olds in love with you will flock to the library and grab Pride and Predj cause ur holding a book and (le gasp!) clothed right? Do a Kellan, dirty it up…and I was born to be a librarian….

    i dont know why my posts end up being so long…I’m repressed…feel like doing a Christian and running naked in a forest…god i need sleep….

    • I’m probably in love with you, illegal. 😉

    • “the what’s so effing great about glitter association” – that was coffee-spittingly good. ❤ you and your posts!

    • Funny as hell. I was all set to profess my undying love and ask for your hand, but fangbanger beat me to the punch 😦

      • Dont worry..there’s oodles of me to go around…(see “Tay’s not ready for this jelly” joke) profess away…with ur mom’s antique diamond ring of course…but ill take a dream catcher too…whatever fits ur budget… ❤

        • I once had this brazilian guy I met at homecoming and started dating for a short week give me a dream catcher. “So you’ll always dream of me.” It was like when was into that Sri Lankan guy and then he wanted to use her as a wife replacement. Creepy.

          ps-illegal. HILARIOUS post. Did I not see this sooner? Must have still been asleep.

          • i think i came online as soon as u left….sniff…i missed u…. 😦

          • sniff. it’s okay. I’m all different timezone now. I never realized that you have the luxury of being awake during all hours of LTT relevance. Lucky. My work is sort of strict about things. So, today with the uh, nude photo, I was sort of worried a lot (now I’m at home) about people seeing it. Sigh… I can only comment for so much. It’s depressing. There’s like 5 people crammed into my cube. Awful.

          • I miss the first wave of responses cause im in the land of nod…i was only on the whole time today cause i didnt sleep…and its the only time i get to chat with lil bro…
            5 people in a cube? thats some crazy circus shiz right there… 😦

    • Seriously buying you a dream catcher. Brill.

    • What charity is Nikki involved with? Poser Lesbians Unite (for women who aren’t opposed to experimenting as long as it’s in front of large groups of men who will buy them alcohol the rest of the night). Oh! Suddenly it’s all clear to me. They aren’t fake lesbians….they’re just sorority girls!

      • Tyra calls them “Barsexuals” lol

        hmmm…”Save the bitchface?’

        “The society for procuring alcohol for under-aged, over-developed wolf boys”? ( if anyone liquors up Tay…it’s me lol)

        “Save a yacht..ride a Latsis”?

      • Sparklecakes, I was reading your post and like, “Wait a second, aren’t those just sorority girls?” Then I got to the end. Priceless.

        • And this is why we’re different, yet the same……profound, right? Go ahead, drink that one up. I’m full of deep thoughts today. I’m practically the second coming of Jack Handy.

  14. Its weird to see Christian actually has an ass. Did you see how scary skinny she looked in Twilight when they were trying on dresses!

    • Yes, the protruding hip bones worried me. She looks like she probably just has a slight build, but that booty picture made me feel better. That came out weird, but you know what I mean… that’s a healthy booty!

    • It’s called Photoshop.

    • I’m sticking up for the skinny bitches. They have curves too; they’re just smaller.

    • seriously she was a bag of bones in TWI. also on the bench when she tells bella she asked out yorkie

      • she reminded me so much of my best friend from high school, her arm movements when she says “I took control!” and it looks like her arms are made of spaghetti.

      • Yes! When I saw her bones, I thought ok maybe she is just built that way, cause I know girls that skinny that cant help it.
        But Seriously, Christian has definately picked up some weight – and I mean in a healthy way. You can see it when you compare resent photos of her, with how she looked in Twilight.
        I think she was pretty in Twilight, but she really looks good now.

  15. OMG – Christian has got it going on, and on, and on! Kristen is totally growing on me! Her interviews are coherent and actually fun to listen to! Ok, just my 2 cents.

  16. Is that Sugar Ray Leonard holding the giant scissors with KStew??

  17. Do you mean to tell me that that naked woman is angela from twilight? And I thought I knew everything

  18. Your post is all kind of WIN!

    I was going to recommend Taylor for the “missing and exploited children” cause after this movie is released he is gonna need to double his security.

    Rob, of course could do a pre- AA foundation with the slogan. Before it TOTALLY happens to you”

  19. You guys! Michael Welch has got a hold of the Breast Cancer Awareness. Can he get some love?

  20. daayummmmm angela…. I think Ben’s gonna say yes when you ask him ask.. I just have this feeling..

  21. I think that Rob needs to do something like Leo DiCaprio. If you go to his website you will see there are two sides to it. One with info on him and the other with global eco awareness info. Recycling, water consumption, saving monkeys…

    And Christian, DAYUM GINA!!!!

  22. Yes a hole of sadness that the bums lost but on Thursday October 29 my computer took a dump. It died. The motherboard was fried due to a surge. Yes I am back.

  23. Loved this, love charity work. Kellan with kids, BFF Ashley with puppies is what I envision.
    Christian is HOT, but we knew that.
    Not sure what the HHH would do…nothing with cancer, seeing as how he smokes like a chimney (says the girl who searches for ciggys when stuck home drinking wine). Anyhow, OUT

  24. They need to get active with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. And come hang out in Memphis for a while.

  25. Rob doing work in the US for English as a Second Language programs…I would love to hear little non-english speaking children running around screaming “I want a cheesebuh-gah”!

  26. Wow, Kstew gets stage freight: “I’m new to JDRF, But I’d like to introduce you to someone who is not….”……… waiting……….waiting……Oh, she forgot to introduce the person who is not. Oops. This reminds me of the time my BF and I were emcees at a friend’s wedding and the dear old BF had the task of introducing the wedding party and Mr. & Mrs. And after introducing the entire wedding party he said “LET’S EAT!” and sat down, ….yeah, he forgot to introduce the newly married couple. They waited patiently outside while I ran to the mic from the back of the room and introduced them. It was total fail.

  27. I hopped that very low fence that divides the Teams over to Team Edward following the VF pictures, but now I am hopping it back to Team Jacob after seeing the ALA poster. A handsome, well-built werewolf reading a Twilight book? That’s all I need in life!!! (That and two one-way tix to Georgia).

  28. How is it that gay Eric Yorkie ends up with that boo-tay? How again?

    I thought Rob was doing the ad campaign for vaginal dryness, maybe he could start his own charity for that, I hear it’s a huge problem.

  29. OMG look at the clouds over tays left shoulder. does that look like anything special to anyone or am I just a freak show?

  30. ahem.. i actually don´t like christian at all. in vancouver she was totally out posing for the paparazzi every chance she could in the most bawring I-am-sexy-girl-outfits, like short skirt AND low cut top and on top of that ivana trump-hair. she is trying to hard. same goes for ashley who on the other hand does look amazing, but – seriously – maxim?! e-w. and all of the other photoshoots she has done (alone or with others..). I must say i am Team Kristen all the way, she is so much cooler. and she does seem much more relaxed now.

    • If I was as hot as Christian or Ashley, you probably wouldn’t be able to keep me in a pair of skinny jeans and a flannel. You can’t get me in those now but….

      Just saying.

  31. Can we start up a charity for “get HeyyyBrother’s sex life back on track” and have Rob “not just be the founder, but a member”? Please and thank you.

    (I have no shame)

  32. hey everyone,this is my first time posting on this board. i don’t know why you hate Kristen so much on this board, oh sorry i do. But is just funny that every other members of this cast can have flaw and you just go by it but when it comes to Kristen everything is pick apart. Is jus so unfair but life is unfair you will tell me but i just find it curious from rob’s fan in particular is almost funny that you are so determinated to hate on the girl.
    And people wonder why women are treated so badly in the media is becaus we women we created our own graves.

    • I don’t think anyone hates Kristin. We roast because we love. Try to take 99.9% of what is said on this blog as a joke. We also chat about doing Rob behind dumpsters. That’s a joke….(looks away uncomfortably).

      • We all know the dumpster thing is NOT a joke!! 😉

        Pauleta – I refer you to the first 5 words of my comment, the first on this post!

      • Oh, I hate Kristin. She’s beautiful, gets paid millions of dollars, wears Chanel jewelry AND has fabulous shoes. Damn teenager…chasing her dream and doing what she loves. Meh.

        But, I also spread my hate around. I hate Christian for having a hot bod, Kellan for wearing those little newsboy hats, Taylor for his pretty white smile and Rob for not dating me.

      • But she is the only one everyone spend hour on this site making fun of and i come here a lot this is the first time i post here. I like twilight but i’m ashamed to say it because twilighters are a bizare community. Which is a shamed.

        • Sadly, I think we’re the least bizarre. And we hate on anyone who gets to make out with Rob. Didn’t you see that we hate on Nikki…and I secretly hate on the guy he makes out with in Little Ashes. Just sayin’.

          To be fair though, Kristen isn’t that stellar of an actor. We hate on Miley Cyrus too. Thank god, otherwise I’d quit coming here…and LTT is like my own personal brand of heroin. (Almost wrote heroine, heh)

          “And people wonder why women are treated so badly in the media is becaus we women we created our own graves.”
          I disagree. I think it’s because the execs at most TV stations are men. They know sex sells. If you actually look closely at the media, you’ll see that men are exploited almost as much as women. It’s just legal for men to go shirtless, so it’s less “nasty” to oogle them (as opposed to boobs hanging out of a shirt). Why the paparazzi photographs female celebs getting in and out of cars, god knows. That’s just nasty. It’s just as hard to get out of a car in a short skirt and heels without flashing as it is to snap your bodysuit when you’ve had one too many zimas. Just sayin’

          • “I secretly hate on the guy he makes out with in Little Ashes”

            Yeah, me too. Thanks for coming out on that fact so I’d feel better about my secret hate. 🙂

          • No problem. I do actually like guys making out with guys (in the way that men like girls making out with girls), just not when one of them has a Dali mustache on.

          • Again…me too. 🙂 I’ll bet we have similar tastes in movies.

          • I must see Little Ashes so I can hate on this guy, too! Though, I also dig boys making out with boys. I’m glad you both do, too, I feel like less of freak here in my little LTT home.

          • validation for me enjoying a little man on man. Let’s form a really creepy club!

          • Oh lordy i was just telling fiance that i dont mind a little hugh and rob pash in unbound captives….he looked at me like i just told him i was having Taylor’s baby…

            *fills out creepy club form*

          • O my, Hugh and rob pash?! I keep seeing Brokeback playing in Comanche in my head now. Thanks for that, team player.

          • Anytime comrade…we uber-crazies have to stick together…xxoo

          • I love the creepy club!

            If there is a Rob/Hugh Brokeback moment in Unbound Captives I will come unglued!

          • Wow, I had no idea I would trigger all of that! I need to start getting home from work on time so I can be in the loop (had to drive an hour and back out to the middle of no where to trade my mom’s car for my dad’s giant Tundra. Free “rental” cars while I’m here though yay! I really want to get one of those “Real trucks drive trucks” bumperstickers and put it on a magnet and put the magnet on my dad’s truck. hahahaha. I’m so not a “truck” girl. Wow, that had more meaning to it than intended…)

            But back to club creep, which is like an alternative and edgy club med, right? I’m so excited about this! Maybe you all can join the D&D game I’m starting online with illegal and tuesday… er, what? Sigh. Okay, I’m confused about one of the questions on the Club Creep application. Does anyone else go to American Apparel’s website as their “porn” site for the day, or was the “What websites do you “enjoy”?” question not asking that? Thanks! 🙂

          • @TeamSeth – I was about to get off the computer when I saw your post here. Hope you are still on. I HAD to tell you this. Guess what I bought tonight…a plaid shirt that contains the color purple! I thought of you and the girl you saw at the coffee shop a week or so ago when I saw it in the store. Had to have it.

          • *Club Tropicana drinks are freeeeee*
            whenever someone says Club i have to think of that song…
            American Apparel? I just stated that watching Scotty on “Brothers and Sisters” makes me happier than a fat kid with cake…..
            *hides cake and wipes mouth*
            D&D creep style…woot! im so excited about this my little hamster heart is gonna give out soon…lol

      • I’d just like to state, for the record, that my love for Billy Burke and his copstache is also not a joke… to me, anyway.

        • @tuesday – You go girl! Own that love!

        • um, OBVIOUSLY.

          Had you said it was, I would have requested that UC and Moon block you from LTT, because I would be blocking you from my life, and we all know that LTT is my life now. Where else am I gonna go?

          You’re my Burke girl, Tuesday. You shouldn’t even need to clarify that it wasn’t a joke. Just the fact that you had to makes me feel like this.

    • We are bound by law to diss anyone who gets to snog the Robster, but it’s all in good fun. most of us here have a wee thing for her….

    • I just want to know why haters have all the typos.

      Peace, love and chicken grease, baby.

    • I don’t hate, Kristen. I just think she complains too much. In her youth I think she equates her complaints as a sign of intelligence, when in fact it only showcases how much she has yet to learn.

      • Where does she complain, i see rob complaining about the paps, the obsessive fans and everyone find it normal but when journalists ask the same question to kristen she is not supposed to say that paps are annoying and that some fan are just nuts

    • pauleta- im pretty sure we make fun of everyone here! check around, read old posts. listen to us dog rob. im sure kristen has a larger majority of the posts where we poke at her but she makes it easy for us and people who take themselves too seriously should lighten up. which she has been doing, kudos to her.

      and after all this is all meant for some laughs not as some sort of serious discussion.

  33. I think that Kristen is uncomfortable being in the spotlight, as stupid as that is considering the career she chose. She’s uncomfortable with all the screaming etc and so she seems aloof and uncaring when in fact she’s insecure and doesn’t feel like she deserves it.

    I’m divided on whether or not she deserves it.

    I don’t think she’s a particularly gifted actress and I’m a little put off by the whole..”I didn’t know that it would be this big and I’m uncomfortable with the attention.” crap. You signed up to be an actress….did you want all your movies to be crap and get no press? Being noticed is inevitable if you are successful.

    Put on your big girl panties, see that you’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime here and enjoy it. If you can’t do that, pick a new career.

    Sorry for the rant…couldn’t help myself. I go from loving to hating to loving in mere seconds.

    • Totes agree. ALL THE WAY.

    • I’m sorry but not everyone do movie for fame or wanting to be a celebrity. The last time i look in my dictionnary being an actress only means playing in a movie. It’s just now everyone is used to people wanting to be a celebrity that when you have an actress just wanting to do only her job description people start saying she’s insecure, a n ungrateful bitch. I’m sorry but you pay to go to the movie. Once you see the movie you paid for, you have consume the product you paid for. Their job description is not to entertain the fans outside the movie. And by the way they own fan nothing more than their performance in amovie.

      • Let me put it like this…and this is exactly what I told my 7 year old this morning about her 4 year old sister.

        Sometimes, you have to give them what they want, because they’ll lose interest. The more you hide, the more they want you. If you’re refusing to give interviews and hiding out, then the media is going to chase after you. If you give a nice interview and talk about the movie a litle bit then people will leave you alone. I’m not commenting on fans, just the press.

        If KStew was in it for the “craft” she’d only be doing Indie films and plays etc. Plenty of craft there without the fame. And don’t tell me that she didn’t know when she filmed the movie that it would be this big…the book was already a blockbuster, that’s why they made the movie. Duh! Perhaps her advisor’s weren’t around that day?

        And, I would put money on the fact that it was written into her contract that she had to do press junkets and interviews to promote the movies. You think she’s just volunteering her time here? No way, it’s all part of the paycheck.

        • The thing is they signed for the movie in early 2007, Then twilight wasn’t as huge as it’s today. And most people who doesn’t go to some section of book store didn’t know about twilight. she is not the only one in cast who was suprised by twilight sucess.
          Also even when most actor play in a big movie the movie fan are not as obsessive about their evey move as twilight fans are. Is not her fault is twilignters are obsessive.
          Kristen do press junket willingly. The only think she as is to separate her personnal life from the movie she ‘s promoting. that is not a lot to ask. She wants to promote amovie not her personnal life. I don’t get what is so hard to gasp about that.

          • Nothing hard to grasp. Personally, I don’t care about her personal life…I care about what is happening in Twilight and New Moon. Take a look back at the Twilight stuff…even the Good morning America promo her and Rob did before the movie was released. She was really uncomfortable and like she wanted to get out of there. The crowd for that interview was colossel, and the movie wasn’t released.

            Regardless, I have my opinion and you’re allowed to have yours. Can we agree to disagree please, my fingers are getting tired.

    • it’s a thin line between love and hate danielle… i feel ya!

  34. And indie movie are not crap movie. For instance here in France, Kristen were a respected actress before twilight because we love indie movie over blockbuster.
    Not because a movie have all the press attention means that is a good movie for example transformer, men in black and i can go on

    • I think they were referring to the trailer hun, not the movie…they actually said “but the movie will hopefully be good”
      Take everything with a grain of salt 🙂 its all in good fun…most of us love Stewster…

      ( 😦 I thought Transformers and Men in Black were awesome… but then i’m a tomboy and possibly have low standards…lol)

      • Illegal, I love you once again.

        I heart Men in Black and Transformers, too.

        Here is your dream catcher…

        Hope you like it!

        • I hearted(?) Transformers so hard i cried at the second one cause i thought the big guy had gone for good (he reminds me of Sam) I dont deal with death good.

          *squeeeeees at dream ctche, sticks Taycob pic on the back an hangs it over the bed*

          It’s just perfect…le sigh..

          I ❤ u a kazillion times over!!!! U the best Fang!!!!!!
          Muah!!!!! (this is not coffee-induced i swear)

        • I hearted(?) Transformers so hard i cried at the second one cause i thought the big guy had gone for good (he reminds me of Sam) I dont deal with death good.

          *squeeeeees at dream catcher, sticks Taycob pic on the back and hangs it over the bed*

          It’s just perfect…le sigh..

          I ❤ u a kazillion times over!!!! U the best Fang!!!!!!
          Muah!!!!! (this is not coffee-induced i swear)

      • @Illegal – “possibly have low standards” – no way! If you have low standards what does that say about all of us that you love? We are proof of your excellent taste.

        • Oh Ang…u know i meant “low standards” when it comes to movies…u guys class up my life…for reals…



          • Wow – calling me classy AND making reference to a Cameron Crowe movie. No, illegalwolflover, it is YOU who complete me.

          • LOL…its like we’re meant to be…im off for my exam…will be back in a few hours…hopefully i wont be greeted by crickets….cause that would make me a sad cookie….
            here’s to 1 1/2 hours of frantic writing and the rest imagining things that make me smile and make the examiners think im cheating….lol

        • Yeah! Transformers rocks!

      • she said quote” do you want all your movie to be crap” meaning since she has done in the past mostly indie, that indie movies are crap.
        By the way i’m a tomboy to, i even used to play in a professionnal soccer team in paris, but i don’t like thos movie becaus they have no storyline. But that’s just my taste.

    • Oooh. I have a perfect example of block buster movie crap.


      I ❤ you all for our shared love of crap.

      Who wants to go watch Men in Black, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Twilight with me?

      I love all these movies, regardless of the critics. I rock like that. 😉

      • ooh ooh me! me!
        Dont forget TMNT, Scary Movie and Titanic (I’ve never watched it)

        • Hey illegal, My ma told me that the Robsta was going to nz. Is this true or was she just teasing me – she does that a lot (blink blink stutter) I am going home to nz for chrissy and NEED TO KNOW IS THIS TRUE? What if I see him at the airport, what if we get done together for smuggling me-an apple and the robster clothes that have 2 years worth of filth on them, what if I am eating a mince pie when he walks past me and I dribble it all down my breastivities….
          good luck for your exam I think I read you have one soon!!!

          • i LOVE that you just put “my breastivities”… OMG i am SO gonna use that… (thank you) 😀

          • yeah they announced it on the radio…its for Unbound Captives…Squeed so hard Fiance almost hit someone…then realised its not Taylor and calmed down…then realised it was someone who touched Taylor and squeed again…(rinse and repeat) Then realised that he wont be coming to Auckland unless theyre planning on ridng the horses through the red light district….
            Apparently its either end of the year or beginning of next year…
            when are u coming? we should totes meet up and plan stalker-dom….

          • Exam went ok i guess thanks for the wishes…saw Jorts with nice legs underneath…Luck didnt last…guy who sat in front of me had chicken ones…and acne…its like i attract jorts to me…2nd exam in a week near a jorted guy…

            please lord when i get to america…let my jort magnetism pull in all the right ones…I can send pics incase uve forgotten ur wonderful creations….

          • perhaps I’ll be rewarded for having to buy new car key and the robster will come to napier….. yeah righto
            I flying home dec 01 and staying until mid april. Want my kids to go to real schools for a while and need to go fishing, eat mince pies and watch men in – no not jorts but…….stubbies!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah bring it on.
            lets so meet up I am tired of being a closet twivert

        • @illegal

          Go watch Titanic now.

          I don’t care what people say about it but when the boat sinks and the mom holding the baby is in the water, I cry every single time. Forget Jack.

          That is probably a spoiler but I think it’s kinda obvious that the boat sinks by now.

          • Thanks for the spoiler Fang….*shows Ti-prude ring on other hand and stamps foot petulantly*

            i want to watch it but ill cry and i dont want to cry alone…cat understands…others do not…. 😦

          • Ooops, illegal.

            Since we are engaged now with the dream catcher I presented to you, I will come hold your hand while you cry. I’m nice like that…

            PS. I have a twi-prude ring too! Awesomesauce. 😀

          • oh illegal! Don’t watch titantic alone. You don’t deal well with death in movies…it’s a really rotten one too (for your sadness level).

            Stephenie was really looking out for you when she couldn’t bear to part with any of her main characters, wasn’t she?

          • She was! cause u know if she had to kill someone off it would have been Jake…nope nope no sad cookies today….

            Maybe we can watch it at the LTT convention….when im with more people i tend to voice-over movies that affect me so that the experience doesnt traumatise me…(A walk to remember slayed me a thousand times over and i promised myself NEVER AGAIN)
            Needless to say “Psycho” will never feel the same way again…Friends were NOT amused..yeah im that kind of girl…..

          • @Fang im sorry for the outburst…
            *offers chocolate cupcake of regret*

      • I’m in but draw the line at pearl harbour, too much chin cleavage

    • id rather watch an indie movie than a blockbuster any day. doesnt mean you still dont have to beat the streets to get it seen. people dont just make movies to make them and go along their merry way. they make movies because they have a story to tell and want people to see it. as many as they can. thats the basis behind the movie industry and that means doing press, talking to people about it, trying to get fans. there are INDIE actors/actresses/movie makers who would KILL for this kind of exposure. so i dont buy the “i just want to be an actress” nonsense. if that’s the truth than move to middle america and act in community theater. dont audition for films and have an agent.

      • Actress like jodie foster, meryl streep, and a lot other don’t have to deal with the craziness of fans. And for god sake don’t tell me is come with the territory because it doesn’t.
        Acting in a movie doesn’t mean you have to share your life with the fan it just mean you play a character in a movie and you promote the movie to press juncket, tv appearance…

        • Are you kidding? Yes they do. Meryl Streep doesn’t have to deal with fans? I’ll bet she has a different opinion on the matter.

          Let it also be said that Kristen DOESN’T share her personal life with the press. And neither does Rob. Just because it’s in the press doesn’t mean they ever said it or did…even if it’s a photograph.

          Hollywood in America and in France is perceived differently.

          Let me ask you this, what type and quality of movie do you think Amelie is?

          • I didn’t say she doesn’t have to deal withe fans. You have to agree that some twilight fans are nuts. I don’t jnow if you have ever comeacross of somevideo on youtube of bunch of fans camping in front of her house at night for autograph. I’m sorry but that’s normal. And is not part of her job. I don’t understand why is acceptable that just because they are celebrity they don’t have to feel that some situation are not ok.

            I know very well that hollywood is not France but we have paparazzi here as well as crazy fans. All i said was that this actors don’t leave like they in a fishing ball the way the twilight cast are in. Do you see photo of meryll streep in front of her house? no
            Do paparazzi camp in front of her house ?No
            Do crazi fan follow her every move on twiter , stawlking her to her movie set everyday?

        • I don’t want to get in the middle of this discussion, because I try not to take this too seriously. I just wanted to point out that some nut (John Hinckley, Jr.) tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster back in 1981. If that’s not a crazy fan, then I don’t know what is.

          • I was going to point that out but you beat me to it tm!

            Jodie was, oh my god, 19 at the time. And as far as I know (which, to be honest, isn’t based on first hand experience as I wasn’t born in 1981) Jodie Foster never acted like the attention wasn’t all warranted.
            KStew’s been better recently, but I have to admit I completely agree with some previous assessments of her behaviour as, frankly, immature.

            BTW no one takes pap photos of meryl streep because while she’s a beautiful woman and an excellent actress, she’s old. And doesn’t have a huuuuuge movie out right now.

        • Oh, and I would fangirl way harder over Meryl Streep than I would Kristen Stewart. Seriously, Meryl, you’ve been warned. 🙂

          • Oh god yes!!! “The winner takes it all” made me cry and fall in love with her ALL over again….
            Oh Meryl…

          • @illegal – LOVED Meryl’s performance of Winner Takes it All! I’ve seen the live show of that twice and got weepy both times in that song. Didn’t really expect to in the movie. But yep, Meryl’s performance got me!

          • @Ang (ur in it Tuesday and i think ull like it)
            Journalism,Jerry Macguire AND ABBA? Its like we were separated at birth…and Twilight has brought us back together….Oprah will be aaaalllll over this shiz right here…and then the Twilight men surprise us and we go into the ugly cry…..
            Rob and Taylor propose….Charlie offers a threesome with Tuesday and TeamSeth….Kristen gives into her true lesbian calling and the wolfpack phase…back…
            bow chicka wow wow…..

            sorry i havent slept in two days…but u guys knew that…cause we’re synchronaaaised….*hangs head in shame*

          • @illegal – we were totes separated at birth! Can’t wait for our Oprah show. It will be so moving. And then we’ll have to write about it and add it to our story we created the other night! hahaha

          • An Oprah show? Will there be an “Ah ha!” moment during it?

            On NPR today they said that some company tried to trademark the phrase “Ah ha moments” and Oprah was like, “Um, no.” They apparently solved things amicably. Thank god, if not then it would’ve been the big splash of the year and gotten in the way of the Oprah episode where I get to meet not only billy burke, but also tuesday!!! SOOOO exciting.

          • There will be A-ha’s all right….just not the calm and composed kind….
            *picks up mind from gutter, gives it a quick shine*

            yup i totes went there….lol

  35. Friendly librarian (and long-time creepo lurker) here to let you all know that there’s an American Library Association poster of Rob and Kristen, too, but it’s from Twilight:

    Aren’t these posters just super awkward?

    Also, as a teen librarian, I feel the need to say that Taylor does not strike me as the type of boy who spends much time in libraries. I mean, it warms the cockles of my heart to see him supporting literacy (thanks for warming my cockles, Taylor), but I’m curious how much he actually reads for fun. The way he talks, he’s read nothing but New Moon over and over again for the last year. Is that sweet? I can’t decide.

    • hahhaa “friendly librarian” seriously if taylor comes into your library for a quiet place to reread NM for the 100th time (thats normal tay!) get pictures!

    • I wish it would have been Eclipse they were reading. Then I could have totally made a joke about how Edward’s smiling while pointing out the leg hitch scene to Bella. Maybe here it’s supposed to be all, “Remember that? I so wanted to kill you right then!” Memories….

  36. Obviously the vamps should do a “give blood” campaign.

    Certainly that has already been mentioned in the comments, but I have birthday cupcakes to make for my soon-to-be-five-year-old, so I didn’t have time to read them all.

    • Yay for cupcakes! I have a soon-to-be five year old too!

      • The smell of chocolate is in the air. mmmmmm…..

        Come join us on the Forum in the TwiMilf topic!! Lots of twishiz with a little bit of kids thrown in.

  37. I’m like the queen of off topic, but check out this video:

    A few points: Kristen is SMILING! I know, I’m shocked too. Going along with some of people’s earlier thoughts, she seems so much more gracious. I love new Kristen.

    Imagine the gonads on that chick that asked Rob for a kiss and check out his expression as he turns away from her. Priceless.

    At the very end, watch all the people around the crazy ass fangirls, especially the black haired one plugging her ears. F*cking hilarious.

    • Fursploded, I totally thought that said the “queen of HOT topic.”

      I was concerned.

      Watched the video without sound. Looks really odd.

      The way he looks after kissing that chick (who I really hate for some reason) is SO fml.

      Poor black haired girl. She should have slapped those crazies.

    • Ok….2nd hand embarrassed to the extreme over brazen chick who asked for a kiss. Applaud the cajones, but seriously….get ahold of yourself, damn it!

      • I know. That kiss was 2nd hand embarrassment at its best…er…worst. And girls like those at the end are why I can’t come out of the Twi closet. I would be that girl standing next to them…except I would have slapped them.

      • Whateves… I was proud of her. She was so civilized about it. I could never ask (not even when I dreamed of him), but I applaud her for being bold enough to ask and congratulate her on getting him to do it.

        On his part, in the day of Avian Flu…. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, ROB?!

      • Yeah, whatever… I was proud of her. She was so civilized about it. I could never ask (not even when I dreamed of him), but I applaud her for being bold enough to ask and congratulate her on getting him to do it.

        On his part, in the day of Avian Flu…. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, ROB?!

  38. By the way….my, that’s a lovely french ditty they sing at the end. I don’t even want to know the words to it. I bet it’s something creepy like, “We know where you’re sleeping and we’re moving to Georgia, Taylor. Hey hey. You can put your baby in my armpit Robert.” Weird. No gold stars for that.

    • ‘You can put your baby in my armpit Robert’


    • Hopefully Pauleta will translate for us 🙂

      • there is really not much to translate, but i did it below your post.

        Rob was on national news here in france on TF1 which is the first tv channel. The interview was short less than 10 min. But it was great.

    • Sparkle FTW!

      Someone needs to record that….Hey Hey Hey…
      *pastes big golden star sticky on Sparkle*
      U deserve it….

  39. Team seth
    here is the tranlation

    Q: At what can you no resist? what are your temptation

    Robert: I’m pretty good at resisting at almost any form of temtation to be honnest. I have very very few interest . i’m kind of a stoic.

    Q: Really not alright alright, laught, (like she doesn’t by it) i’m going to try to believe this

    Taylor: the biggest temptation for me on set would definately have to be craft service. which was alot of junk food not good for his jacob diet.

    kristen: in my opinion as much as they always try to control themselve, as much as they relationship is stran , if they were really denying themselve something, they would take themselve out of a situation completely. they wouldn’t be with each other. They ‘re willing to do literaly anything no matter how badly it hurt to stay together. so is asexualise movie but in a different way.

    • I think that she meant for you to translate what the crazy girls at the end of the video that I posted are singing.

      • okay i didn’t catch that
        this girl are juste fan girling about twilight

        Twilight is soooooooooo greattttttttttttttttttttt
        Scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
        and they begin to sing:
        twilight heh heh heh.. and now for new moon, a love for
        kristen, robert, taylor and the litle animal thing at the end.
        it was strange.

  40. […] Cashing in on the Twilight/New Moon connection for a “good cause?” Dear Twilight cast members- Good on you guys for lending your celebrity to a good cause! It you’re going to be […] […]

  41. Oh, dear, oh, dear. I’ve been somewhat AWOL for a few days – mostly just lurking to get my fix.

    Can I just say that you guys are sirusly making me lose my shit? I won’t go into detail ’cause I’m a lady like that, but . . . wow, um, g-spots. Interesting . . . debates. And FTultimateW? Pattman. Jackinson. WhateveryouwanttocallitaslongasitHAPPENS.

    Fangbanger: TYPOS. HAERT YUO.

    • missed you stotheP!

      I misread your comment in these ways:
      “sirusly” as “siriusly” as in sirius black
      “lose my shit” as “lose my shirt” as in totes relevant to this post!


      ps-where on earth is Cyndi?!

      • She’s currently computer-less right now…it’ll be a few days before she’ll be back…she was really worried about it…and I’m really worried about her….

      • TS! Loved your comments on this post! Spot-on as usual, and effing hilar.

        Methinks you have made more than one Roblusty comment? Is there something we need to talk about? Are you abandoning the man behind the ‘stache, leaving him to be ravaged by illegal’s wiles?

        Or have I just been unaware this whole time of a secondary crush?

        Either way, dood, the line for Pattinson is WAY longer than for Burke. Means you don’t get to ride as many times. Woe.

        Cyndi! Cyyyyyyndiiiiiii! Steeeeellllaaaa!

  42. OME!! i know this has nothing to do with the post but it’s ROBSTEN HOLDING HANDS!!!


    okay.. i need to calm down..

  44. YES IT IS! (if you’re screaming it in your head, it’s totes acceptable to type in all caps)

    I have to go quick and find a paper sack to breathe into, so let me just make a quick list:

    1. Rooooooobbbbbssssttttteeeennnnn. Like, 4-eva. ‘Cause it’s middle school, haters, and holding hands? ALMOST MARRIED.

    2. I feel pretty bad for them, because I’m sure they’ve worked hard not to have any PDAs, and these photos seem intrusive. Poor Robby. Poor Stewie. Comfort one another. Don’t let us pull you apart.

    3. Although it’s a very loud 85%, I am still only 85% Robsten. The rest is 14% Don’tgiveacrapsten, and then there’s that 1% Nonsten that only gets to talk when somebody’s had a little too much reality to drink. I feel compelled to share this breakdown just in case anyone’s tracking all my Robsten comments. Because I don’t think anyone has ever told me I’m NORMAL about this.

  45. Wowwwww Rob & Kristen holding hands :’) I am 100% Team Kristen so I am argggghhhhhwowhappy about those pictures! How cuuuute are they? :’)

  46. i was just really so excited. i had to make a video! I AM A DORK. OFFICALLY. BUT A ROBSTEN DORK?? that’s normal, i guess!!

  47. hahah this is what pfach posted on his twitter!

    “peterfacinelli – Co-stars caught holding hands. Guess this picture proves everything.”

    • why did someone not dig my passing on of what pfach said? 😦
      i’m hoping that thumbs down suffers from a mild case of sarcasm.

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