(Un)Motivated by Twilight Round 2

Dear everyone who is so freakin’ glad it’s Friday,

I had an EPIC post planned for today. Seriously. You would have laughed till you cried, cried till you laughed and when you finally caught your breath, you would’ve told everyone you know that “UnintendedChoice is my hero- I wanna be like her when I grow up.” Yes. It was that good. But alas, yesterday (the day on which I planned to pen this EPIC post) I woke up with cramps, everything made me cry because of those cramps so I would run to the bathroom at work to have some alone time with my tears. And then in the middle of watching myself sob in the mirror, I’d start to laugh. Because I saw 2 colorful strings hanging outside of pants and trailing behind me. Yes. They were the decorative strings from the bathing suit bottoms I was wearing as underwear and walked around with hanging outside of my jeans for 1/2 the day. And after my laughter, I started to cry again because knowing I was wearing my bathing suit as underwear meant I had to spend my entire weekend doing 6 weeks worth of laundry.

Yeah, my week was like that over and over every day. So I knew the EPIC post would have to wait. So what do I talk about? Should I mention the hilarious tidbit of news 1,000 people emailed us about Buttcrack Santa? Nah. I’ll make you wait for that. How bout I swoon over Jashley’s new photoshoot where they’re kissing? Hmm. I’m gonna keep that for myself.  Did Kristen say anything recently to offend the lesbian community? Probably but… I need to laugh. You need to laugh. So I reached into my treasure chest and was motivated to post a second-round of Motivational Posters because they are just what this Friday needs!




teamwordwolfpacki love jorts
Who’s Laughing now?*
i am, i am laughing
i wear white gloves when I sing that song
Thanks to Illegalwolflover & Rebecca for the amazing posters!
See (Un)Motivated by Twilight Round 1 here

You know you wanna:


*That was for you, Moon. You’re welcome.

134 Responses

  1. Beautiful, even in laziness, UC.

    I’m feeling you on the cramps and random acts of stupid emotion, too. Thus why I’m at home at midnight on a Friday – I didn’t think the boys at the bar would appreciate my fury/sadness mood swings much!

    My favourite – Dedication. Word!

    Also, just watched “The Boat That Rocked” on cable – I believe this movie will be known as “Pirate Radio” when it finally gets released in an independent cinema near YOU. All I have to say is – Brilliant.
    Actually I have something else to say – TomStu = Yummy!

  2. Sweet Jesus, did I need these!

    No words can describe what a SUCKY week I have had at work here. Yesterday I had a massive arguement with two people, and today I have got my boss on my back, I’m drowning in a sea of recession addled hell and my entire job is slowly falling apart.

    These posters helped though!

    (Except for the Nikki Reed one which just made me a bit more angry on the inside.)

    Here’s to weekends and sharing in our collective work related pain. x

  3. I know random emotion well.
    And bikini strings? I’m sorry hon but that is frigging hilar.
    Live the motivational pics. Très fab.


  4. Rebecca…ur posters are HILARIOUS…not to mention hawt…think i’ll be printing out the Wolfpack /jorts one…im just an honorary member (in my own twisted mind) but I’m also very friendly and helpful…. 😀

    • I’ve been outed! I can only take credit for the ‘dedication’ one. I figured all the rest were from you. :o)
      The wig one was effing hilarious – I needed that after working until midnight last night!

      • my bad *blushes* i had no idea it was you Sassy….

        me so bad with RL…I just needed to shout out cause it made me snort last night…and i havent snorted in a long time…. 🙂

      • I think ill actually be able to convince FFF (fitness-freak fiance) to put up the dedication one…

        (read in whiny voice)
        ” but honey i neeeeeeeed the motivation…what? what’s that? stop licking Paulex? but he’s calorie-free”

        sad sad sad…

      • I say “outed” as if I used an email account other than my RL one. Can we all say MO-RON?

  5. For the record…..the poodle wig would not stop me in the slightest.

    I know it comes off.

  6. Is it in very poor taste if I did an SM chuckle at the bathing suit mental image? Sorry, UC…BTDT (well, w/out the strings hanging out). Couldv’e been worse, could’ve been other strings (though I’m not sure that’s scientifically possible).

    Great posters! I had been working on one to send you guys but I feel all defeated now. Back to the drawing board…

    Hope the cramps be gone soon.

  7. BWAHAHAHA!!!! :DI love how ‘inspirational’ this posters are my FAVE though would have to be FanFiction!!! #becausei’manFFh00r HOLLA!!! VixB, Fluffers, I<3Spunk, SassyK, vedders, TxLiLi, and all my other FF h00rs out there!!! Jane Trigs one day you too shall cross over to the dark side!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! LMFAO 😉

  8. It seems to be the consensus, but I really needed these too. Especially the “Dedication” one. In all seriousness (who knew I had it in me?) that one might actually motivate me to lace up my running shoes.

    Also, Rob needs to get his hand away from his face and his thumb out of his mouth in that pic… because it kinda makes me want to forsake Billy and force Rob to act out a few [read: all] chapters of The Office with me… because apparently I’m a hand whore.

    Even though this point may not be “epic,” UC, you’re still my hero, and if I have to grow up, I wanna be like you. 🙂

    • I love this Rob pic – it’s combines jaw porn, hand porn and lip porn all into one inspirational poster! I’m inspired.

      • A big yee haw to you Ang!!!!

      • You think if I search for “Rob hand porn” in google images I’ll get all the pictures of him where his hands are in focus? Because I’m in for a long night of combing through all the pictures of Rob on the internet for hand porn… I mean… uh… I would never do that…

        • I would never do that either…I’m sure my computer running slower these days has NOTHING to do with my ever growing folder of Rob porn…I mean, research.

    • Hale no, I ain’t lacing up no running shoes. Although, I did feel fairly hypocritical about making fun of the ab paint ’cause we all know it wouldn’t deter…

      • Haha, nope, not a deterrent… not when the full package comes with that jaw and those hands… but I’m pretty sure if I knew Rob, I’d mock him for it.

    • I, as a Billy-from-afar-admirer and treaty-line-protector have to say….

      “Forsake Billy?” Blasphemy Tuesday…TeamSeth better not read this…..”

      *gets off high horse and onto Robporn*

      • In my defense, I did say “kinda”… *scrolls up to look at pic again*… yeah, um, let’s just hope Billy understands. I’m totally willing be shared.

        • u know i’m just kidding… 😀
          I’m all for sharing….
          Billy might cock his gun (thatswhatshesaid) but he’ll be ok at the end of the day….like he is with Bella…

  9. these are just what i needed right now. i’m feeling your pain, too; uc.
    faves = wigs (wouldn’t stop me either), and dedication. when i get a basement home gym, that one’s getting printed big and going up, because even if i wanted to paint some abs on, there ain’t enough paint in the world.

  10. OMG, Wigs = WIN!!!

    UC, did you know that you are my hero? You (and moon) are everything in a twi fan I would like to be. I can fly higher than Kstew after a doobie cause ltt is effing hilar.

  11. OMG I heart these….quickly using the right click button on my mouse.

    UC maybe we could all put a rota together and start doing your laundry for you as a thank you for all that you do for us 🙂


  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you – sweet Jesus, thank you!!!! I SO needed these today!
    My fav has got to be ——-drumroll please————-the pic of Rob/Fan Fiction – I can just imagine putting my finger in his mouth and….um……nevermind.
    Thanks again!!!! Love you girls!

  13. I’m so happy that the age of consent is 16 here. I might be dirty ol’ lady to drool over Lautner pics, but it has been 100% legal from the beginning 😀

  14. Ok. Seriously that Pattinson pants lady looks like a client at my work. She would SO be a crazy stalker too.


    Feel better, Bunny. I like the name Bunny because I have called Mr. Fang, Bunny, on occasion to piss him off.

    Mr. Fang & Bunny remind me of Bunnicula.

    And that is where my brain is. Putting stupid things together to come up with other stupid things to distract me from the real world. Which is getting better but on Tuesday, I cried for 2 hours because I don’t get to graduate in May but have to wait until next December. Boo. Yesterday, I cried in class because we were talking about infant mortality rates.
    Too much crying.

    HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVES! Guess where I’ll be in two weeks???? 😉

    • I love guessing games!!

      I guess you are going to be in Canada!

    • Don’t cry 😦 but those are good reasons to cry if you’re gonna… crying b/c of the “attitude” your husband gave you over instant messanger is not really a good reason to cry.. (don’t tell him i said that)

      Um… France?

    • Now I get it. I didn’t see that she was wearing rob pants. Thats bad, but what was with the human changing room behind her? could you walk in and snog Rob for 5 bucks?

    • Ok. I was excited about going to see New Moon but that seems lame in comparison to Canada & France.


      Bunny darling, boys are stupid. Never forget that. We have all the rights to cry at them whether it is a mean IM comment or their desire to eat at Taco Bell.


      • It’s okay Fang, I knew where you were going with that. I may or may not have about three countdowns going so that I don’t ‘forget’ about my midnight tickets…

  15. I’m with you! Need to laugh. Need to stop hurting. Need to perfect my Baywatch run cause THAT was funny.

  16. Can I be Rob’s thumb? I mean, think about it….you’d be attached to him all day and you’d get a chance at being sucked on! 😉

  17. That Rob pic…oh my. See, that is what his hair can look like even when he’s clean and bathed. Dammit, Rob, grow your hair out.

  18. WIGS!! omg, priceless.

    Since I read your blog every day, obvs we are having the exact same cycle because I was cramping (tho I cried all day Tuesday) all day yesterday AND I had to sit thru a 3.5 meeting for my job that was required, despite being completely unrelated to my job. Ugh.

    So, TGIF indeed.


    • erm, that’s 3.5 HOUR LONG meeting. Cramps stole my brain.

      • Besides us all being on the same cycle now, reading LTT every day also makes us Edward-like (mind reading). I totes read “hour long” into your original post even though it wasn’t there!

  19. I realize the Pattinson Pants lady is the focal point of that picture – and rightfully so – but what’s with the person in the big red house/tent next to her? It’s causing me a little fear as well.

  20. Guys.. I’m gonna cry.. Where is BobbyGee?

    • OME I was just thinking that! He hasn’t been here in a while….and after you added him to your to your FAQs. Ungrateful swine.

    • Should you post a link to his blog and we can all go over there and make random remarks?

    • I think he’s mourning the Phils.

    • I asked this question yesterday. I miss him. Maybe his wife got jealous he was spending time on the LTT site after seeing some of the hot pics of Ashley that post here time to time and grounded him from the computer. Or maybe Fangbanger is really correct and he is on the press tour. ha.ha.ha.

      • FANG IS RIGHT!!!! Robbygee is too busy for us…


        • i saw him commenting on another site a few days ago…
          Is he…*sob*…leaving us in the forest for our own good?
          do we lean on other unicorns for comfort?
          would we have to streak across a football field and jump into his arms and bring him back?

          • On another site? Can we please sing the lyrics to Satellite Heart:

            Don’t you know it’s wrong?
            Can’t you get it right?
            Out of mind
            And out of sight.

            I hear you’re living outta state
            Running in a whole new scene.
            You know I haven’t slept in weeks.
            You’re the only thing I see.


            We should all post on his site asking him to come back to LTT. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com. His last post was on November 4th about ManU’s game against CSKA (which was disasterously lucky).

            BobbyGee for president!

          • *sings along with tambourine*

            “Im, A Satellite Heart
            Lost In The Dark.
            Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start,
            But I’ll Be True To You”

            i dont know how to tell you this TS but…erm…he gets around…*hands over tissue*…there..there…

          • Wow…thanks for the song.

          • Breakin out the tambourine! WIN

          • It’s the only instrument i can play 😦
            and it has a campfire vibe….considering we’ve been abandoned in the forest….lol

            and a one and a two …”Kumbaya my Rob…Kumbayaaaa….”

    • Or maybe the mention of cramps scared him away. I know my husband makes a very hasty retreat when that word (or any related word) is uttered.

  21. Oh thank you UC! I needed that so badly this morning. Spouse issues, work issues, familly issues…WIGS! Why is it that everytime I read your blog I spit Spirte through my nose? You would think I would learn not to drink while I read, but alas….not so far.

  22. Sorry about the cramps! Hope you’re better today.

    I love the Wig one!!! Hahaha, that wig is hideous :-). Why couldn’t they get a better one?

    Oh Robbbbbbbbbbbb!!!! So hot! Beautiful face, beautiful hands…long, nimble fingers, oh my goodness, I have to behave now!

  23. Love the posters. I wish I had video skills, because I’ve got ridiculous ideas about the Twilight cast for something akin to “real Men of genius” ads.

  24. OH UC… you so remind me of myself… if it wasn’t for “the cramps” you could have gone commando, but the colorful strings hanging out of your pants…bathing suit bottoms cause your out of clean underwear… CLASSIC… I’m pretty sure I love you more… and who knew that was even possible!

    By the way.. the “FANFIC” poster.. WIN!! Loved it..

    Hope the cramps are better, no more crying in the bathroom.. go out and have a liquid lunch.. that’s what I do when I have cramps…doesn’t make them go away, but I sure don’t give a crap about them after!

  25. Cure for cramps: cupcakes. Seriously. Pref. red velvet with a ridiculous amount of cream cheese icing. It’s like your uterus feels it and is all, you know what? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t cramp up on you like that. It’s just been a bad week- ya know, forget it. Let’s just have some snackage and move on amicably. (totes just had a coversation as a uterus)

    • “totes just had a coversation as a uterus” – omg!

    • Can I give you a million thumbs up?? My uterus loves red velvet cupcakes, too. That might be the strangest sentence I’ve ever written.

      • I love that your uterus and my uterus could enjoy cupcakes together while we could probably enjoy witty banter and a screening of New Moon. I’m sorry, but BFFs much?! (totally one upped you on the weirdness scale)

  26. “Fan Fiction cause somewhere Rob’s imagining YOU… doing THAT over THERE…”
    Yes, yes, yes.. I imagine HIM… doing THAT over HERE with ME…

  27. I’m in the same cramps boat and this soooo made my day! And the Rob pic, OMG!! Also just like a lot of people on here, the wig so definitely wouldn’t stop me.

    “you would’ve told everyone you know that ‘UnintendedChoice is my hero- I wanna be like her when I grow up.'”
    Yea I already do that! UC you totally rule cuz you make me laugh Every day!

  28. Are we all having our periods around the same time now? LMAO!

    • We’re all in sync. They say that happens to people that hang out a lot together 😉

      • Is this a good thing? LOL! Yeah I remember my mom and I and my sister used to be on our periods at the same time!! We were all so ornery! Drove my dad crazy, poor guy. Felt bad for my little brother too. It was estrogen hell for Dad and little bro!

    • Not me! I don’t get it unless I take pills. And I”m too lazy to take pills.

  29. Love the Taylor Swift poster.. As well as the FanFic of course..

  30. PURE GOLD.

    love you!

  31. I looked up the Jashley photoshoot and sweet baby Jesus, I think I’m in love with both of them.

  32. Great Posters with powerful messages.

    Can I ask what the hale is that red tent thing behind The Lady of the Pants? Is that wear she changes superman style?

    • Mild mannered Joanne Paulson transforms into mega hero 2nd hand embarrassment in large red tent. Film at 11. Watch your 6 Rob. Watch your 6.
      OMG, what if she’s using them as bait? What if she’s trying to fish for the cheesy “I can see myself in your pants” line?

      What if she’s not a super hero? What if she’s the bad guy? <—couldn't resist

      • High five. And Lady of the Pants…fabulous. I’m not sure how no one is looking at her. I know it’s LA and all, but really, I’d be staring her down with the KStew glare.

  33. talking about sucky mondays!! Of course i was late for school, (which means i woke up late which means i´m wearing the first clean clothes i found very ala rob and no make-up!!) forgot my usb with my presentation for today, then when it was time for coffee break, i drop my entire cup full of coffee all over my bff’s jeans and ruin my new shoes and it was just 9am! and when i finally thought this day couldn’t get worse and still was apologising to my bff i saw my crush in front of my nose and almost hit him cause i was helping my bff to clean her jeans so i wasn´t paying attention while i was walking, he gave me the weirdest look, and all i thought is… If a dog comes and pee on me this will be like best.ending.of.week.ever!
    (as always sorry for my english! I´m still learning, and you guys are helping a lot!)

    • ok, this day is so horrible, that i just said MONDAY!! Confusing a friday with a monday, what´s next?!!

      • Your english is great! Can that be the silver lining? I’m sorry about your day 😦

        I’m sure your crush didn’t really care. Guys just don’t really care about those things, promise.

        • aww thanks a lot TS!
          and seriously i´m learning a lot of
          expressions that i´m sure you won´t learn
          in any school.

          • What, like “cockblocker”? 😉

            I majored in Spanish in college and lived in Spain for a bit…so if you wanna be my Spanish-speaking pen pal I’m totally down with that 🙂

  34. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: Feeling crampy? Have you cried over absolutely NOTHING this week? Get MOTIVATED http://wp.me/pogYm-1zn plus, IT’s FRIDAY!…

  35. Unrelated to post:

    I was at Toys R Us today with my boyfriend who had to get a gift for his 3 year old niece’s birthday. He got her this super cute triceratops that roars and moves its head (she’s a big dinosaur fan and watches Land Before Time on repeat all day). Anyway, I had to do it, I had to go see this mysterious New Moon boutique…

    I looked around to no avail. Finally I broke down and asked someone. He wasn’t phased; there must be a lot of us. He led me to this tiny shelving island. I mean, seriously, Target has a better selection. Hot Topic has a way better selection. There weren’t ANY Jacob action figures. I mean, what?! They sell wampa and tauntaun action figures and jabba the hut smokin’ a hookah. But no Jacob shirtless action figures?! WHAT?!

    Not only that, there wasn’t a boutique at all. Just this tiny shelf. I was so disappointed. They do sell metal lunch boxes though, which I think is pretty cool.

    • “super cute triceratops that roars and moves its head”

      That is the awesomest toy ever!

      My little darling got a “Kota” from “Santa” for Christmas last year. 😀

      • 🙂 I looked up the Kota…that’s pretty intense.

        The BF got her a “baby kota” if you will. 😉

        So many smileys…I had a 13% beer tonight. teehee.

  36. Awww, sorry for the crap week all you LTT devotees. It’s most certainly a global phenomenon. Ditto on the crying at work this week… major embarrassment.

    Only thing keeping me going… only ELEVEN days until I see Twi & NM here in Oz. 🙂

    Loved your motivation UC and would totally be your mum and do your washing if could,


    • Hey, where have you been NWH? Maybe you’re a LTRer and I just don’t do LTR. Anyway, glad to see you again, even though you also cried at work.

      My week managed to be okay…normal really. Trying to cheer up my boyfriend who’s just pathetically depressed and trying not to fit in in our new city by choice (ugh. It’s worrisome for a month and just annoying after 5 months).

      ps-you lucky dog for getting to see it in 11 days.

  37. Thanks TeamSeth,

    Guilty of lurking lately. Life takes over. YKWIM.

    Keep wondering what is to be appropriate Twi-etiquette when us Aussies will likely see New Moon several days ahead of you all (it’ll be 6:01am Wed 18 Nov in California when we see it here at 12:01am 19 Nov).

    What to say? Nothing me thinks, but it’ll be tough.


  38. Someone needs to write a Swiftner fanfic., either based on twilight theme or based on their real lives, would be entertaining reading either way

  39. Taylor Swift.. for parole in 2049… just like us!!
    haha.. she’s 19, he’s 17 (but legal in GA).
    Hey, arent they doing a movie together?

    they r So cute!!
    give us a kissy love..

    ps. our’s aren’t painted on was pretty funny too!!

  40. I’m so glad to see that my “amazing” motivational poster made the cut this time. I’m not bitter…

    These were awesome though! I LOVE the fanfic one.

  41. Gotta say the TSwift one is my fav =]

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