Where’s Daniel “Big Daddy” Lautner?


Have you seen this man?

Dear Taylor,

Where the HALE is your dad?! Every time a new photo of you comes out of you at an airport or running around town I hold my breath as I scroll through each image just waiting to see Bid Daddy’s face among them. Preferably off to the side, holding a to-go box wearing an XXXL polo shirt and some dad pants but alas he’s no where to be found. He’s been missing in action for weeks, maybe even a month since we last saw the man we’ve all come to know and love and refer to affectionately as Big Daddy.


Hmmmm filet o fish

Where could be be? Did he get stuck in Rob’s old hotel room jail cell? Was Summit jealous of the coverage Big Daddy was getting from paps so they threw him in the same cell Rob was in for almost a month? Is Big Daddy jealous of Taylor Swift and all the face time she’s been getting with YOU? I mean, you took her to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and didn’t take Big Daddy? That’s blasphemy! They serve red meat there! I would be hurt too. I’ve even started searching every McDonald’s in the Los Angeles area looking for a cuddly dad in a corner self soothing with a Filet-o-Fish while you’re out on the town with the other half of Swiftner, but he’s no where to be found! It’s as if he never existed! Tell him to stop taking Edward’s words so literally. I can’t take this anymore!

And now you’re off gallivanting through foreign countries with KStew with NO parental guidance? Is Big Daddy sitting at home in his easy chair when the newscaster says “It’s 10PM do you know when your children are?” and NOT KNOW where you are?! I shudder to think.

I’m worried Taylor! Please tell me Daniel “Big Daddy” Lautner is ok.

It’s 10PM do you know where your Big Daddy is?

Oh and Dear Kristen,

Nice outfits! No, I’m serious, I swear!


Thank god for press tours! Oh and wanna share shoes?

❤ sometimes,

What say you? is Big Daddy MIA? Where is he? And do you heart or hate KStew’s look in Mexico?

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180 Responses

  1. Love KStew’s power suit; not loving the sexpenders/brown shoes/3 quarter jeans combo. Sexpenders would look better if she loosened them a little and untucked the T a bit. And got some full-length jeans.

    God, I feel my inner Trinny/Susannah thriving!

    Jayde xox

  2. So I loved the hefty bag dress but the suspenders w/ highwater jeans? No.

    Doesn’t she have money to pay people to dress her? Seriously, there is no excuse.

    I predict that Tay had to get legally emancipated from Big Daddy. He was spending TayTay’s fortune on Filet o’ Fish and large orders of fries.

  3. I think Big Daddy still tags along with Taytay, but Brazil and Mexico are just a tad too hot for him to move away too far from the airco machine. So he’s probably stuck in his hotel room. And some poor hotel bell boy is now running around in Mexico City carrying gigantic orders of Filet-o-Fish, poor kid.

  4. While I couldn’t get away with wearing a muscle tank/blazer combo with magical tap shoes and suspenders, she can. You know why? Because she’s the Stew. I’m just Sparklecakes. I could never win at the “put together a press junket ensemble with the first 5 things you pull out of your closet” game.

    • That sounds like a game that Tim Gunn would come up with!

      • Truth! “Make it work!”

      • Yes! He’d come around, “I’m not sure about how the suspenders are going to lay Kristen. what your doing with the jacket?” “Oh, um, uh, I was going to put it over the suspenders to cover up them pushing down on my boobs, since I’m not wearing a bra, I don’t um, keep them in my closet. Well, actually I don’t have them, um, at all anymore.” “Good, good. Just watch the length of the jean roll. Remember, you can alter the materials however you want. Jorts are in season.”

    • Amen! I’d be paralyzed with indecision! Would never have the balls to go without a stylist!

      Magical tap shoes! Love your face.

  5. I would ❤ both outfits if she wore them with some killer heels instead of Bobby Long's cast off grandpa shoes.

    And I totally ❤ that skinny girls get muffin tops, too. It's what I love most about Mexico KStew.

    • The muffin top is what I loved about Runaway-filming KStew, because who (other than Mick Jagger) could wear leather pants without getting a muffin top?

      But, what I love most about muffin top KStew is that she reminds me of those girls I went to high school with who were really skinny. Not athletic/svelte/proportionate/naturally skinny, but the not-quite-filled-out skinny. And, no one else in their family was skinny, so when you run into them in your hometown years later in the grocery store you can snicker behind their backs that they’re finally curvy and can’t wear the same slutty clothes they wore in high school. But then you kind of feel sorry for them (but secretly not), because they never had to develop a personality because they were cute and skinny and had everything handed to them, and now they’re just really boring…

      Wait, what?

      • I, for one, understand what you are talking about.

        I saw one of those unnaturally skinny people from high school the other day who is now much larger than me. I laughed (out loud) and had to pretend that I heard something funny…

        Oops. Poor, personality lacking wenches. 😉

        • Mwa ha ha! I love it!

        • *Sniff*

          Some former skinny girl/ now fat girl down thumbed me.

          WAIT!!! Are you the one I laughed at? Down thumb for YES!

          I mourn for your lack of personality. 😉

          • Way to own the thumbs down! I think it HAD to be her, because she didn’t give me a thumbs down and I’m way spiteful.

        • @ fang, hahaha! In college i ran into a guy I’d had a mild crush on in high school…mild because before it could develop he was all, “You’re not pretty enough.” (not a direct quote). When I saw him, he was so fat! I mean, not Big Daddy, but double and a half chin anyway. And he said, “Hey! You look so great!” and I, having some tact (you know how us LTT girls are classy) said, “Thanks.” and then smiled and walked away adding, “You don’t.” in my head. It was so wonderful.

      • In The defense of the under-developed skinny girl we did not all wear slutty clothes! I covered up my sad sad chesticles and my knobby knees until I got the freshman 15 in college! I heard the snickers in my home town!! Mom, you were ruthless…

        • I meant no offense! (Okay, fine, I meant offense to one or two specific girls I went to high school with.) I got teased for being flat-chested… but I showed them… oh, wait, no I didn’t. STILL flat-chested.

        • TOO FUNNY! Chesticles . . .your mother . . . such win.

      • i went to school with hot girls who had awesome personalities, they were intelligent, talented, and (un)fortunately my friends so i couldnt hate them…yeah my self -esteem is still self-medicating to get over that tragedy….
        I was the slightly chubby joker of the group…yeah “funny” was the only thing going for me at that age…sniff….

        • Aw… *hug* It’s just not right for high schools girls to have looks, smarts AND charm. Inadequacy is supposed to be part of growing up. I was always the “smart girl,” and the only reason the popular kids talked to me was to get answers from me.

          • Thanks for understanding…*hug back*

            i was the kid who didnt give a crapner but still managed to be a B student…I still am…much to the dissappointment of my mother…lol

            I’d think u were a riot in Highschool…i mean ur posts are hilarious…ur one of those hot girls in disguise… i just know it….. 🙂

          • It’s just not right? What about Dakota Fanning?

            I mean, I think I was cute and smart, and I was charming enough to skip 2 periods a day and still manage to get A’s and no attendance issues. And I was in an engineering program…major nerd! I used to play Dungeons & Dragons*. But then I also did cheerleading for a semester and quit because it was stupid and I joined water polo, which is much cooler. My history teacher told me to run for student government and I told her that I didn’t want to waste my time, because even if I won, which I wouldn’t because not enough people liked me 😦 , I’d be doing what? Managing the crappy student budget to do homecoming events? No thanks. I think my direct line was, “How is that relevant to real politics? I don’t even want to go into real politics.” and she said, “Well, I think you’d be good at it.” and I wish i could’ve pulled out the line from Harold & Kumar, “Just because you’re hung like a horse doesn’t mean you have to do porn.” HA! Respond to that Ms. Tenth Grade History Teacher!

            *okay, fine, I still play. I’m a gnome rogue name Myli (NOT Miley!!!) who specializes in melee combat with daggers. Yeah, what? Go on, poke fun! It’s all about the story telling.

          • Your a rogue gnome?

            Seriously. That is amazing. The things I learn on LTT…

          • You’re a rogue gnome?

            Seriously. That is amazing. The things I learn on LTT…

          • Thanks IWL!! I think I’m a riot… many people do not. I think I’m okay with that. 🙂

            And TS, I’m so jealous that you play D&D. My friends would never let me play with them because I was a girl. You’d think that semi-nerdy teenage boys would be stoked to have a girl WANT to hang out with them, but they would never let me join. So, all my dreams of 10-sided dice were shattered and I still don’t know how to play… I even failed at being a nerd!!

          • Okay, fang, you got me. I used to play DnD, but I don’t play now. No one to play with really. It’s not that I don’t want to play. I’m just lazy in looking for a game. I’m sure I could find one out here if I tried hard enough. But I always play a gnome rogue (even when I was playing World of Warcraft in college! Though I also had an Orc Warlock named Defect…he was super awesome, his demon pet was named Quiznik!). I like the smallness of gnomes and I think that their size is a believable way to make them good rogues. I get really…anxious when I play video games and RPGs. I’m always worried my character is going to die or really screw up. So, I basically can only get to an intermediate level and then I have to quit because it gets too intense. I think this is sort of like Illegal’s issues with death (even in movies…HUGS ILLEGAL! I understand!!!). Who knows. Okay, but now you guys know I’m a super nerd.

          • Awww! Tuesday!!!! 😥

            My friend does coding and runs an online game. Well, he used to. I could see if he still does and learn how to run it…we could a LTT DnD game. I mean, really, how cool is that? Everyone would be playing as an Undead! hahahaha.

            If you tell me your address I’ll send you a D20 (they play with D20s, not D10s…I mean, both. But the primary dice is the D20) **hugs**

          • @tuesday, or you could just choose from these for xmas 😉

          • Hugs TS!!!

            I’m in charge of strategy when my brothers play Video games…so im involved but more like traffic cop than concerned family member…D&D…sigh…i only wish i had the time…

          • @illegal, but for serious, we could participate only once a month on online DnD! You could make 1 night a month, right? Do it for Taylor! Or Jorts Alex (he’s hot, too!) 🙂 Do it for tuesday, she really wants to play… I’ll DM! That’s the most time consuming part! It’ll be an amazingly int’l DnD game that I can write an article about for Bust magazine. “Fully Clad Dragon Slayers: The Int’l DnD Girls You Don’t Wanna Mess With (they got Hansen and the PeaceCorps on their side)” (not sure where the Peace Corps bit came from…my boyfriend and I are facing the reality that we’re not going to have work at all come January, so we’re considering the Peace Corps. Might not save money, but at least you won’t be spending it! But to go together we have to be married. Keep this in mind single ladies! If he’s interested in the Peace Corps, you can bet that he’ll put a ring on it. Which you might wanna take off before heading to Uzbekistan to fix water pipes, just sayin’)

          • TS if ur serious…i just might…(and yes to Paulex..he is hot..but i only roll with the Alpha…no wait…i can make an exception) once a month is totes do-able….

            i need to brush up on my D&D though….im so out of it, its not even funny…..

            btw Hansen on our side??? last time i checked he was putting up cease and desist posters of me outside the Lautner residence….

          • @TS I seriously used to get nervous when playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.

            Games just stress me the eff out. If I “die” once, I want to quit immediately.

            PS. I just read that D&D have the dice with ten sides. When I was little I would steal my babysitter’s boyfriends dice. They were so pretty!

          • So, DnD does use D10s (which I said). They use: D4, D6, D8, D12, D20 and two D10 (to make a D100). But the main dice you use during play is the D20. 🙂

            I’ll talk to my friend Illegal. I can’t do it this coming 2 months ‘cuz of my contract work. BUT, we can do it in 2010? We’ll have to get tuesday on board.

          • Ur on! D&D 2010…woot!!! itll give me time to brush up on D&D before i have an epic fail… lol

          • Ooh, ooh! I’m so in! I’m going to need these two months to figure out how it all works, since I’m a n00b (or whatever the term for a D&D virgin is).

            Also, I think I need d20 earrings.

    • she should have kept those black ones from the HB shoot. them bitches was FIERCE. and yeah, the muffin top warms my heart, too.

    • muffin tops?! too many nachos in mexico and mexican beer

      • that’s how we do it, moon. When are you and uc going to please us coming to mexico?? You could even find your personal tequila tomas, and i´d train a nachoman to welcome you with a ´how you likin the nachos girls?´

  6. Is it wrong that I would totally go for Kristen over Taylor in all the vids from SA??! Major girlcrush material

  7. where is Daddy Lautner?

    * he’s at celebrity fat camp with K-fed cause he’s sick of the “your daddy so fat” jokes
    * hes planning thanksgiving with the Swift family…they want turkey…he wants fish…its gonna be a loooong night….
    * he’s around….we just cant see him cause he’s gone all Ninja stealth on our asses…and wearing black is very slimming (Trinny and Sussanah APPROVE!)

    aawww Daddy Lautner..u know i love ya…we’re practically family u and i…come back to us…we can talk this over…there’s a Mickey Dees around the corner and im buying…watchu say? oh and dont forget to bring that lil scamp with u…a growing boy’s gotta eat…


    • Mega Win!!!! Maybe the families Swiftner can compromise and either mold a turkey out of fillet o’ fish or just stuff the turkey with them. Kind of like a Big Daddy version of Turducken.

      • Yes! First deep fry the turkey, then stuff with filet o’fish… what should we call it? Filet o’fishkey?

        • Deep frying! I like where your heads at. How about Turfilletcon? Big Daddy looks like he loves him some bacon, so we should probably wrap the turkey in bacon before deep frying. I mean, maybe we can even get Harry Clearwater’s fish fry recipe involved somehow with the holiday being so close to the movie release and all.

          • Bril.

          • My heart just exploded.

          • Nothing is more awesome than watching turkey deep fryers catch on fire… Sorry just had to post it.

          • Bacon! Of course, I think you’ve got it! I think Big Daddy would be okay with subbing the filet o’fish for Harry Clearwater’s famous fish fry… you know, to class up the turfilletcon.

            And, @fFang – Thanks for the vid. It felt like a little piece of home.

    • Your daddy’s so fat, when he was in school, he sat next to EVERYBODY. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

    • haha scamp. I vow to bring that word into the everday vocab henceforth!

    • I think your theories about his whereabouts are pretty solid. Celebrity fat camp probably being the one.
      But.. um.. I would think twice before offering to buy him a meal if I were you.. There could be some major budget issues.
      But then again, Big Daddy’s worth it!

  8. *cry* poor “big daddy”. maybe tyler didn’t want to purchase two seats on the plane for big daddy. you know one for him and one for his filet-o-fish of course

    and i would have to say i hate kstews look. what is she doing with her life?

  9. ack. kstew looks like urkle with her suspenders and her short pants that are pulled up to her belly button. i am surprised i don’t see a camel toe.

  10. I think I missed him more than Rob… (I can hear the shouts of “blasphemer!” and “burn her!” already)

  11. So, what would you actually DO if you saw Big Daddy?

    • First, hand him a wet nap. You know he’s got barbecue sauce on some part of his face.

    • I’d give him my monopoly win for a free McD’s sandwich. Then I’d ask him if he had an agent. I mean, no one has tapped into this guy’s food network potential.

    • I would run…yes…run…by him…toss a Filet O’ Fish at him with illegalwolflovers name, phone# written and the msg. “SHE is the one for your son” on the inside wrapper and keep running…very fast…

      • “SHE is the one for your son”

        bahahahahaha…..ah Cyn….ur a sweetheart…i would have never thought of that….
        i officially recruit u as my PR…. 🙂

    • I’d ask to meet Mrs. Lautner…I have to know if Tay got the looks from her…. 🙂

      • that’s what I’M saying! 😀

        • Seriously has ANYONE seen her? I’d google but that would just be creepy…

          • Totally ok with being creepy. I mean, why wouldn’t I google Taylor Lautner and his mom for a close personal friend such as illegalwolflover? This is normal. This is normal. This is normal.

          • Sparklecakes i LOVE U!!!.u just made my day….
            I think she’ll like me…i love my sweat pants too…

            i would make a comment about him being adopted but i wont cause Tay is already keeping tabs on my comments ——————————>
            and i need to be invited for Turkey Day….
            and before i forget…it is normal
            again I ❤ u so much….mwah

          • Let it be known that Señor Cuervo did give me the added shove to hit search on the google tool bar and that I have been peering out my windows for Dateline. I can’t believe I googled a child and his mother!!! Chris Hansen: “He’s not 18. That’s illegal. You can google it.”

          • Wouldnt u be safe cause there was a parent present in the picture? I mean its not like you googled naked Tay right? RIGHT?

            I can give u international asylum in NZ….if u did….and im not judging…

            Just got back from a theology paper…what u did kept me smiling the whole time…..(supervisors thought i was a bit nuts) I even mentioned Twilight in an answer for good measure…. 😀

  12. I know where Big Daddy is. The McRib is making limited time appearances across the country, and he is touring around to all of them.

  13. KStew looks like she’s wearing Edward’s brown wig-tips from New Moon in that suspenders outfit.

  14. When I first opened the page I thought Kristen was wearing jorts in the suspender picture. I thought for sure she’d been reading LTT and was paying homage. Turns out she was just dressed as Huckleberry Finn for Halloween.

  15. UGH, I had such a brilliant comment to make this morning but LTT crashed my Black Berry…so I am hoping that no one else said this yet.

    Dear Kristen,
    Glad you are owning it while in Mexico, however your suspender jeans combo is one bloated fupa tummy (from the drinking and the munchies) away from me making a comment about your camel toe. Oh, the shoes are fug.


  16. I like the grandpa shoes. I’m like that.


  17. I must be having vision issues this morning; is that Al Gore and Felicity Huffman sitting in front of Tay and Big Daddy in picture two? Does anyone else NOT see a muffing top/camel toe/other offending body part in the Huckleberry get-up? Which by the way I don’t think is so awful, I mean for a 19 year old. ‘Sept those heinous shoes. Outfit would totally rock with the HB heels. =^..^=meow!
    Oh, and is it just me, or does anyone else see a teeny tiny happy face to the right of the header? Moonsey, are you criptically signalling someone?
    StotheP – LOVE me some Keef. Brill. And a “fupa” is a fat upper =^..^= area.

    • Thx. How did I go 29-going-on-23 years without knowing that? And how can I sanitize my brain now?

      Power to the Keifer.

  18. First I died over Moon’s post. Then I died over the comments.
    Now I’m dying cuz of cramps, but it’s nothing that a fish-o-filet won’t cure in t minus 9 minutes when McDonalds switches to its lunch menu


    • ahh, so fish-o-filet has the power of mood enhancement as well resurection, ehh “Bunny”? let me know how it goes w/ the cramps… might satisfy a craving i didn’t know i had!

  19. ‘self soothing with a Filet-o-Fish’

    You’re good! [points finger and shakes head – ignores Jessica]

  20. I dig KStew’s shoes, the girl has impecable taste in shoes! But I would never wear the ones she has on, yet somehow they work on her!

  21. Gawd, I feel like lately I’m totally on the KStew for prom queen committee. But for some sick reason, I can’t stop. I loved her outfits. Maybe the oxfords weren’t the best choice for the cropped pants, but I think it still works. I like that she experiments with her style and you just never know what you are going to get with her – it’s never cookie cutter.

    And no idea where Big Daddy is, but more importantly…where is BobbyGee???

  22. I gotta say, I get a kick out of Kstew in these pictures. She really could give a shit and it’s very clear. It kind of makes me like her more that she isn’t posing or dressing for photo ops. Apparently, I enjoy my Kstew when Rob is not with her!

  23. It’s 10pm. Do you know where your Big Daddy is?

    Big Daddy where are you? You are missed! I just want to find him and give him a hug. I am off to McD’s to leave a trail of McBurger, McNuggets, and McFish to bring him home!

    Stewie is going so Indigo Girl! I am thinking no to the “fake” lesbian and just go with lesbian.

    And please Stewie, just pull your hair back in a pony and wait till it is all grown out! Thanks!

  24. I know you will all find this hard to believe but I don’t have anything to say on this subject!! Oh wait, maybe I do, ..being skinny is overrated…YUP…especially at my ummm…older than you all’s age….I was on a diet for…shitz..I don’t remember when I started…but after my sons announcement of engagement I took a gander at the bod…..I took a look…dared a second one…and yelled DIET into the mirror…and I was off….many mons. later I have achieved my goal…wait hold the applause….I look like shitz…I now have one and a 1/4 tiny boobs that somehow still reach my bellybutton…hanging skin that came out of nowhere and landed in places that it NEVER should have….so I say “WHAT THE HALE” all this work and for WHAT? I look like a person that has been hit by a steam roller and then stood up…and everything..yes everything went south….AND…(I guess I did have something to say afterall lol) the worst part, yeah it gets worse, I have now lost too much weight! All my life I was teased for being fat and now I am getting yelled at for being too skinny…and nothing I own fits..except of course for all my Twi-tee’s that I ordered in Jrs. sizes..and Blanket Rob fits around me just soooo right!!! Where is the justice? So I say eat and live on…I only wish McD’s delivered!! I am done now…..

    • Well now you get to eat all the New Moon chocolates your TwiDaughter brings home for you. Now that you’ve gotta fatten up some!

      But please, share your diet secrets. OTHER THAN cigarettes. 😉

      • Hey JodieO..New Moon chocolates? Are ya serious…?
        Actually I hardly eat any candy…but I could probably “suffer” thru just for NM….
        I don’t have any diet secrets…I have a hard time cooking…so it became really easy to eat Healthy Choice meals…they are good and easy for me because I don’t have to “think” about what to eat..Open the freezer, grab one, throw in oven, eat….that is all I ate during my whole diet… I never cheated once…and it worked….too well…tee hee..plus always take a Vitamin.
        It came off slowly because I cannot excercise..and thus the “flapper skin”.

        • I can only take Flintstones Vitamins. If I try to take grown-up vitamins I throw them right back up. My body does not want to be healthy and thin at all. That’s why it craves cheese 45 times a day.

      • Saw some New Moon Halloween conversation hearts on clearance at Kroger yesterday. $2. I almost bought them. Then I realized how much I hate the taste of conversations hearts and how lame I would be when other ppl realize that the only thing ‘New Moon’ about the candy is the outer wrapper.

        *major fangirl fail narrowly avoided* whew!

    • I seriously nearly wet my pants laughing. you are hillarious. After 4 kids I have to roll my boobs up to fit them in my bra now. so I hear you doll. go now and eat a big pastry and if in an eng country do me a favour and eat some fish and chips!!!

      • OH I so ❤ you Ish….I also have 4 kids…5 if you count the hubs..lol…funny how you mention the pastry…hubs walked in with a DD apple something…said "EAT" and walked out….luvs him lots….but did ditch the apple thing…BTW I am not in Eng country…but am in Maine and my Fav…seriously…Fish & chips!!!

    • Cyndi!!! Hello!!!! See I told you I’d be back!

      You’re seriously cracking me up!

  25. OH yah forgot…Moon…ya know I love ya…but me thinks you are working on something really EPIC and threw us this mini (maxi) topic to keep us all busy till you hit us with something MAJOR….???

  26. While I’m deeply concerned about the Big Daddy … I’m also concerned about another LTT regular ….

    Where’s bobbygee been at?!

  27. I was just thinking (yep, I think about this shizz pretty much all day) do y’all think Big Daddy will switch to Burger King now? So he can get the Team Jacob crown?

    • I just checked on that and I’m thinking yes. The BK Big Fish is twice as big and has 300 more calories, not to mention you know Team BK wants an endorsement from him so they’re offering specially made Team Big Daddy crowns. Why be Team Jacob when that offer’s on the table?

      • “Sick of the glampires and A&F wolves? pick a REAL man instead…Team Big Daddy…cause u know HE would have kicked Kanye’s ass…”

  28. Look’s like Kristen is stealing the “I wear grandpa shoes, so you MUST take me seriously” vibe from Robward. Next thing you know, she’ll be wearing tweed!
    But she DID have her hair done…
    You clean up nice, girl!

  29. Hate All the times, cause its what I do.


  30. I just want to know
    how something like Big Daddy
    could produce enough
    FiNE sperm to create Taylor…?!

    Any Ideas??

  31. MidCyn! HEY-HEY-HEY! *waves frantically* 😀



    i hope you get to this post from me… check out this link to the Vanity Fair article on Rob. on pages 4 & 5 there are pictures that i know you’ll like. (he’s got a ciggy) and *gasp* he’s drinking, for a change, Corona!


    the article is really good too! 🙂 (well it IS!)

    • Looks at screen..frantically waving back…I see you…. oh you HAVE no idea how much I needed this today…hope the puter holds up while I go there…
      (been looking at puters all day..arghhh) so I really need me some Rob…as usual you came thru….will be back (hopefully) after I look/stare/ogle/adore/droolover the pics…and maybe if I am able to after all that Rob, try to read the article…I may not recover if they are as good as I think they are going to be…oh thought…wonder what brand he smokes…may have to change mine…gotta go look…THANKS (smooches)

      • Yea! aww, shucks, your welcome… twern’t notin’… (you put “smooches”! SOOOO cute!) i’m glad you saw my post w/ the link… the article was good b/c it covered, like, everything… “Rob Fame – before, during & after” Plus a couple of those pictures i hadn’t seen before. i hope the puter holds out for you to view… i thought of YOU as SOON as i saw the picture and i HAD to let you know.

    • i admit it! i looked it up to see the pictures okay?!

      like those guys who get Payboy and say it’s “just for the articles”… ahem…

      well the article on Rob was good too… (but the picts were lovely!)

      • *gasp* see i’m trying to get off the computer and i put “PAYboy” not “PLAYboy”…. sheesh… *mumbles – stupid fingers*


  32. g-nite ladies! (hope you enjoied the Vanity Fair stuff Cyn!) 😉

    i’m signing off…

    *sniffle* missed TeamSeth… 😦

    see ya’ll 2moro! 😀

  33. KStews stylists must have borrowed her bong before they dressed her..

    The suspenders and shoes are too much to take.. *cringe*

  34. OK I am really frustrated…spent almost all day looking for a computer and I am more confused than ever! The only and I mean only bright spot in my afternoon thanks to Ambushed for her kick ass idea to turn the sun on brightly (in snowed here today thus the reference) and send me to Roberland and just take it all in….I even spent a couple of hours and actually READ the article…those pics…OME…I almost needed oxygen…for real…so still no decision on the computer and this one had the balls to crash 4 times while gawking at Rob…oh cruel world….

    • Computers suck.

      You’re snowed in???? Yuck

      • No not snowed in just enough to remind me summer is over…..:( I am just so frustrated all the computers sound/look the same…and I used to be quite the computer expert…that was before…now I am like dah???

    • 4 times? thats awful…just when u think u can finally see him…..ive been there….stupid computers….

      hope the (real) sun shines there soon…its looking a lot like summer here 🙂
      which means lots of pasty chicken legged guy bust out their short shorts 😦

      • @illegal

        I ❤ your happy face followed by the sad face. 😉 <— Wink face.

        • *hugs Fang*

          Believe me…thats exactly what my face looked like when he sat next to me during the exam….*shudder* Twilight has ruined my expectations of the male form…

          wink face back… 😉

      • What are you trying to do to me??? Kick me when I am down…you had to mention that its alot like summer there didn’t ya…good thing I luv ya…. 🙂 although I did laugh at the mental pic of the chicken legs…
        Be careful what you say…I could pack my bags real quick ya know…..

        • Good lawd.

          The circle of pasty white legs has come full circle. We were discussing this in the comments on LTR earlier.

          Some want to see Rob’s legs. I seem to be in the minority and want nothing to do with it.

          Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

          😉 <– Wink face at all. But especially MidCyn for her computer fail & illegal for her test taking distractions in the form of chicken legs….

          • i think ill join u in that little boat..if he had drool-worthy legs, we would have seen in him in jorts a loooong time ago…and i dont mean in the photoshopped way either… lol

            i have a theory that if a guy can pull off scary skinny jeans…chances are his legs are nothing to write home about….it may be cause i associate with rugby players…feel free to disagree….

          • I’m with both of you on this. There were stills of him in shorts during the filming of Remember Me… and let me put it this way, those pictures did not go in my Rob porn folder.

          • why leg porn when u have jaw porn i always say….


            we have Tay Tay for the legs…

  35. aw Cyn…i didnt mean to…thats why i told u about mr. chicken legs…to counter the happiness….lol

    u know ur ALWAYS welcome here….I’ll be the happiest girl in the world….so its not really a threat…hahaha

  36. You can only say that cause your safely far away in NZ…(don’t know how to do wink face)
    Your always welcome here too….course the only white legs you’ll see here are on the snowmen out if front of my house pretty soon…ohh wait…I think we got enough snow so that my giraffe has white legs….if it wasn’t so dark out I would look….
    @Fang…I am with you…rather not see Rob’s legs…he looks so gorgeous in the pics I saw (sigh) I like to just imagine mentally what he looks like w/o clothes…..

    • p.s. Imagine mentally was all I could come up with…looking for the right word…fantasize was what I was trying to say… 🙂

      • is it wierd that i cant imagine any hot guy in the buff? it just freaks me out…i mean i can imagine the sexy V (i have no idea what that muscle is called) and then it fast forwards to the thighs….sexy boxers are fine but beyond that….am i wierd?

        • you’re a little weird. But it’s better than the opposite. I used to be able to picture EVERY guy I saw naked. ::shudders:: Even Big Daddy Lautner wouldn’t be immune. Basically I turned vampire and was able to learn to control my “talent”. 😉

          • Your not weird…I actually don’t allow myself to picture guys in the buff..to me the chest and butt are the best features and I only like the chest bared….fine jeans are great for viewing the butt …ok I AM weird…

          • Daddy Lautner naked…so many comments…so little time and gag reflex….lol

          • There’s so many levels of wierd i think we all cancel each other out…therefore we are all normal….
            take that grumpy Logic teacher of 2003….

        • @illegal & MidCyn

          Good. I have found two more who want nothing to do with these Robward chicken legs. I ❤ you both.

          @illegal You can't imagine a hawt guy naked because there is nothing hawt about the middle part. I mean, eck. I just don't like to look at naked people. Maybe I am insane.

          I am having epic fail at keeping my eyelids propped up, so Goodnight!!!

  37. Goodnight everyone..I am going back to figure out how much RAM I need fun huh….luv and hugs….BTW can’t believe your all going to go to sleep and leave me here alone!

  38. I’ll be up for a while cause its only 6 pm here…u have a friend and an ear in case u need it… 🙂

    • Awww and your the best company to have around ya know….I wish it was only 6pm here then I could go see if my giraffe has white skinny legs…teee hee…you know I was thinking you should take some pics of all the beauty there in NZ and post them for us to enjoy thru our long freezing winter!!! BTW NZ is on my bucket list…
      Just had the shitz scared out of me…the phone rang and its almost 12:30 here and as a Mom the heart stops for that sec or two to your sure everyone is ok..was Twi-daughter trying to figure out her health benefits for work…lol..she had lost track of the time…got the heart restarted tho…so I am still here!

      • midnight phone call..my mom says the same thing…when she bothers to wake up and answer that is… 🙂

        i love taking photos will def do that…im trying to find a way that i can show u my halloween pic so dont freak out if i dont reply for a teeny tiny while…lol

      • ok im showing u this cause no one really appreciates my wit…

  39. You should send me your email and we can exchange pics…or do you have facebook??

  40. I LOVE YOUR EMAIL…I would expect nothing less from you… I will save it and send you some pics of my 4 kiddo’s and of this ole house! Plus some snow if you would like to see it!!

    • yes please….ill send my halloween pics…theyre 1st and 2nd hand embarrasing but i dont mind cause i know u wont laugh…not too hard anyway…lol

  41. I would love to see them! I bet they are great…..I think the puter is about to fail again…fan is running non stop so if I disapear you’ll know why….Will write you tonight or first thing in the a.m.
    I want you to know how much I enjoy being friends with you…I wish we lived closer cause I think it would be great to hang out and talk about Twi-stuff/Rob/Tay over some hot coffee! You make me smile everyday! Just wanted you to know that before the computer crashes cause I just know one of these days its not going to turn back on…lol…

    • Cyn ure gonna make me cry…i wish i lived there too…u make me laugh everyday and i hope and pray that we can have the hot coffee someday….and i love love LOVE being ur friend…ill see u in the a.m. in case it crashes …that comp better treat u right or imma give it a piece of my mind….

      Biiiiiiiiig hug and smooch… 🙂

  42. Look I bet big daddy has a REALLY nice personality…

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