The rest of the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference and my thoughts!


Worst picture of Death Cab ever. Billboard Cover fail!

Dear LTT-ers and music nerds,

I shared with you last week that I attended the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference and gave you all the dirty details on my brief encounter with my favorite man ever, Chris Weitz, but what else happened? I also sat in on the “Anatomy of a Soundtrack: Twilight, New Moon” panel and though I didn’t get any one-on-one time with soundtrack Music Supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas I did take copious amounts of notes, 15ish pages  in fact, so how about I break it down a bit for you? (My snark in italics for your enjoyment)

Anatomy of a Soundtrack: Twilight, New Moon

  • Making the Twilight soundtracks were easier because Stephenie is an author that already had a clear vision and sound for her books from what she provided and talked about on her website. Music is a centerpiece to her stories. They wanted the soundtrack to be a musical manifestation of the movie and Stephenie’s story
  • Chris had a clear point of view about the music he wanted in New Moon: somber
    (and appropriate for denim cut-offs and sleep number beds)
  • alexpat

    Alexandra hard at work creating the soundtrack aka reading Domward Fanfic

    Chop Shop/Alexandra began working on New Moon last December and were approached by countless bands and managers who wanted to be on the soundtrack. They picked artists who wanted to be part of the team , provide solely exclusive material and weren’t afraid to talk about the movie. It was all about cohesion and the artists they ended up choosing, in their minds, could all play a festival bill together.
    (a festival of wrist slashing music! my favorite! bandaids not included)

  • New Moon is the first movie Alex has worked on that was a sequel
  • They had what Alex called an “embarrassment of riches” when it came to options and artists to choose from for the NM Soundtrack. So many more than they could include. Almost 20 cd’s worth of material
  • Chris invited 6-7 potentials artists into the cutting room to show them cuts of the movie, spend time with the artists talking about tone and feeling from the scenes and what he was looking for musically. He took the time because he wanted the right songs. That is why everything fits so well according to Alexandra, the Atlantic VP and Paul Katz (Summit)

Read more about the Soundtrack panel including info on Remember Me AND stuff about Rob and his Music as well as more tid bits from Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat’s panel after the cut!


Oh hai fuzzy head that is Alexandra Patsavas, I may love you (this was before I moved seats)

  • The panel mentioned Remember Me and the musical direction it was taking. More independent style artists like this soundtrack
    (dude, WHAT is this movie about?! I asked and they didn’t know either)
  • The Lykke Li track was written for a “heart breaking scene.” The trio wouldn’t give any other spoilers away about it
    (my guess? the Buttcrack Santa tribute montage scene)
  • Demographic for Twilight started as 17 and under but has now become something much bigger to include, moms and grandmas and they’ve even geared some of this marketing to more of a male oriented audience
    (um HELLO! what about US?! I’m pretty sure the 20-35 range is what you really want!! super lucrative!)
  • When asked about why there wasn’t a Rob Pattinson track on this soundtrack Alexandra said that “Rob is proud of his music and as the star of the movie he wanted to be protective of that aspect of his life and opted out this time around.” They called him private and “reserved.” But insisted they would ask him again for “the 3rd and 4th movie” (they said FORTH!!)
  • The bottom line on why the chose the songs they chose: “It just worked”

My handy dandy info sheet with Christ Weitz head shot eye candy!

And now some more from the Chris Weitz/Alexandre Desplat panel on the New Moon Score… I mean this is what you were really waiting for, right? More Chris and his man-bag and striped socks glory! Sexy.

Composer and Director

  • Chris used his “house on fire” metaphor again to describe him and Alexandre. Hmmm, time for a new idiom Chris? (maybe we’re slicker than dear guts on a door knob?)
  • On what drew Chris to NM: He likes to try different films and loved adapting fantasy novels to film. His attempts at the last adaptation (Golden Compass) “were foiled by the process.” Summit wanted to be faithful to the story and he appreciated that. Also he has a mortgage!
    (and more striped socks to buy)
  • alexdesplatscarf

    Hi Frenchman in a scarf who looks a lot like Adrien Brody and fake types on a keyboard in pictures

    The score is performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

  • Chris at one point says the story is about “a girl torn between her love for her vampire boyfriend and her friendship with a werewolf”
  • When Alexandre played Chris a certain part of the score Chris told him to to go for it that “this is a score that you can be unembarrassed about being romantic because it’s a story told through the eyes of a 19 year old girl.” (oopsies Chris, Bella is 18! Don’t worry Unicorns are allowed some slips)

So this is the rest of the low down from these two awesome panels at the Billboard Film and TV music conference. There was so much to take in from these panels but mostly I took away that there was a lot of time, thought and revrence put into making both the soundtrack and the score and that the story and fans were at the forefront of their though process behind creating these.

And the beat goes on!

Did you learn anything interesting about the music from this? Anything you want to see happen especially regarding the integration of music into the movie? Do you love Alexandre and his scarf?

Want to read the first part of my Billboard Film and TV Music Conference coverage? I talked to Chris Weitz himself!! Uh yea! Go now!

A huge thanks and billion hugs to Will and for making this happen! Go read his amazing blogs now!

Pictures: Me and Google images

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  1. What can I say? Everything sounds so amazing and they all sound so incredibly dedicated to the whole entire process of the film which makes me love them even more and makes me that much more excited for the film. 15 days!!


    • Yes!

      When reading similar interviews, I always get the feeling that everyone is subtly acknowledging that there is an abundance of, shall we say, melodrama. However, it is usually referred to as the passion of youth and first love and such, and seems to be taken very seriously. I’m appreciative of this perspective because, as I’m sure David Slade is aware, the Twi should not be mocked unless you are not getting paid for it (i.e., LTT).

      (Hopefully) we’ve all been there. The feelings ARE that intense, the pain IS that strong. The vampire IS that hot. The wolf IS that annoying.

      So it’s nice that while we are connecting with the story in such a visceral way, the powers that be are taking it seriously and trying to create a respectully representative work that conveys the emotions in a credible way. Excepting the spider monkey, natch.

      • they are DEFS taking it seriously. their pocket books depend on it! 😉

        there was also a little tongue in cheek on some of it but thats deserved

  2. i’m really glad that you included this extra info… i was wondering what else happened (posted about it last week).

    that’s awesome…

    but, uhh… “no” to the scarf. eww. looks like the ones my mom wore in the 70’s. but of course he may be “retro-gay”… styles may be influenced by france but they can keep that one.

  3. Alexandre Desplat and Adrien Brody must be related… the resemblance is striking!

    They picked artists who wanted to be part of the team , provide solely exclusive material and WEREN’T AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE. I love that that was a criterion! 🙂

  4. I think the “embarassment of riches” apply to the wardrobe…i mean first the stripy socks (I had a Bella style pain-orgasm over those…mmmmm…pig slaughter) and now the scarf??? ur spoiling us Moon!!!

    sexy DILFs aside, its amazing how much goes into making a soundtrack…its a dream of mine to work in music…I’ve already put the soundtrack in the scenes in my head and it’ll be cool to see if they play out that way…
    Thanks for giving us an in-depth look…socks and scarves included….

    p.s. just realised Alexandre would not look out of place in a Tim Burton movie….in a good way that is…

    • After watching all the clips that have come out, I have been surprized to see where they have used certain songs….not at all where I thought they would go.

      • They really play the songs in the clips? is it different in a good way or bad way? 🙂
        I cant watch the clips anymore….got a liiiitle too emotionally invested in the Jacob clip and i had to go cold turkey…

        fiddles with purity ring 😦

        • Yes, they play the songs in the clips. As far as I know, they are the completed clips. It’s not bad or good different, just different than I would have expected. Not at all dissapointing. No worries! Keep your purity ring on; it’s only a couple of weeks away now. 🙂

        • @illegal, keep fiddlin’. I support the Twiprude effort with pride.

          Anyway, I’d rather not know where the songs go. Back in 1992 when I got the Aladdin soundtrack on cassette before the movie was released–you know, the version where they still had the line “Where they cut off your hand if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric, but hey it’s home.”–I would listen to it all the time and try to imagine what the scenes would be like. It was such an enjoyable experience to imagine. That way, when the songs actually fit into the movie, you are rewarded (and can sing along!)

          Try some from column A, try all of column B! I’m in the mood to help you, dude. You ain’t ever had a friend like me!

          • I will add that growing up with Disney World, I was actually unimpress with the geysers at Yellowstone when we went on family vacation there when I was 12. Recently I went with my boyfriend on the drive out here, and it was just phenomenal. So gorgeous. As another tourist aptly observed, “It’s as if we’re on an alien planet.”

          • Stop thief! Vandal! Outrage! Scandal!

            Let’s not be too hasty!

            Still I think he’s rather tasty!

            I can’t take a hint – gotta face the facts – otherwise we’d get along!


            Aaaand something about a nom de plume.

            I’m kinda maybe sort of still in love with Aladdin.

          • Aladdin is a hotty!

          • Amendment: ‘I CAN take a hint – gotta face the facts . . .’

          • And I finally googled the lyrics and I still kind of messed them up, but hey, my tape wore out in 1993.

          • @DIF…thanks…somehow just knowing that keeps me strong…. 🙂 its like sniffing the cupcake wrapper…

            @TS…I have fond memories of Aladdin…it was my first solo in a performance and he is officially my 2nd Disney crush….(prince eric first, simba third)…

            so….how ’bout a little more baklavaaaaaaa?

  5. “Hi Frenchman in a scarf who looks a lot like Adrien Brody and fake types on a keyboard in pictures”
    Hahaha. He also looks an awful lot like Roberto Benigni, you know, the La vita e bella director/actor. That movie still makes me cry everytime. Ow and there is Bella in that title, Twi-references just irrevocably worm their way into my comments somehow.

  6. Interesting.

    This music-y stuff is way over my head. Still haven’t listened to the soundtrack to New Moon.

    But “maybe we’re slicker than dear guts on a door knob?” is sicknast. Just thought you should know…


    • I second that.

      Wanna know something crazy? Don’t tell anyone . . .

      I haven’t even listened to the soundtrack for Twilight. I mean, like, listen to the CD or buy it or anything.

      But I HAVE bought multiple CDs of Muse! Does it count at all that I’ve listened to them so much I have words, song order, etc. burned into my nervous system?

      Thanks, SM, for awakening my long-dormant love of music. Srusly, I used to drive with the radio off.

      • I haven’t listened to the Twilight soundtrack either!

        We must be soulmates.

        I love music but I do not love trying to find it or download it or buy it. I just want to hear it coming out of the radio on my long drives. 😀

        • Yup, yup. I’m not down with the kids. I live in – argh – a predominantly country market. I have a moral imperative against watching 90% of MTV programming. My rural interwebz access is still dial-up, and trickles through the phone line with the speed of planetary crust formation. I try not to take my laptop to work too often to download stuff because it draws attention to the “slacker” aura I work hard at avoiding while I’m ‘chatting online with hot babes all day’ (yeah, YOU GUYS). The last concert I went to was Bon Jovi for my birthday in March 2003 (had sex with him on stage).

          All this to say, tell me what’s good, ’cause I won’t find it on my own.

          • and Kip says “you’re just jealous b/c i’ve been chatting online w/ babes all day” (Nap. TNT quote of the day)

        • I haven’t listened to it either. After hearing what was in the movie, I knew there was no need. NM on the other hand…swoon. I also never listen to the radio. I also never download music. Something happened when Napster went the way of the dinosaurs and I just…quit downloading. I like to own physical CDs. This isn’t to say I don’t burn other people’s music and listen to it. My friend aptly puts it, “I’ll make you more money by stealing your music but going to your shows and buying your tshirts. Which do you prefer?”

          Also, this line “maybe we’re slicker than dear guts on a door knob?” is pretty funny to me because she spells dear not like the animal (deer), which I don’t think is on purpose, but if it is, it adds this extra creepiness to it.

          • Yay, someone else that still likes to own actual CD’s! I thought I was the last!
            After Napster I did the Audiogalaxy thing for awhile, but it too was soon dismantled. I haven’t downloaded music since either.

            Does anyone know if they are going to release the score to the movie? I’d be more interested in that than the soundtrack, personally.

          • @Luludee, I would prefer the score as well. it’s being released on Nov 24th according to Amazon

    • Fangbanger and StotheP – What?! I only judge because I love. 🙂 You are missing out! There are some great artists and songs on that soundtrack. A certain hot mumbler, for one.

      • I know, I know. I am fail. I do actually have issues with music, though. I’m trying. I feel like I’m in some kind of recovery program and I’m on the third step: Follow Positive Reviews.

      • Ok. I do admit that I have listened to the hott mumbler song on the Twilight soundtrack. That is the only one though.

        I don’t really care enough to buy it or steal it. I haven’t bought a CD since Sum 41 in 8th grade or something. That is lame.

        You guys can kick me off for not being cool. 😦

        • OMG! Sum 41! I LOVED THEM! Tear. My 10th grade days when I went skanking and crowd surfing at Less Than Jake and MXPX shows!!!! tear.

          • ::blush:: I double “teared” in that post unintentionally.

          • Storming through the party like my name was El ninio
            When I’m hangin out drinking in the back of an El camino
            As a kid, I was a skid and no one knew me by name.
            I trashed my own house party cause no body came.

            This was my anthem. “Throw your damn hands up.”

            PS I don’t know where that last bit came from but it seemed to fit. Random song lyrics floating through my brain…

        • Well, since you’ve listened to the hot mumbler you can stay! 🙂

    • I agree. I think “slick as cow slobber” is MUCH more appropriate.

  7. If Alexandre Desplat’s “The Meadow” is any indication of how the rest of the score will go down (that’s what she said), then I’m sayin’ he nailed it (that’s what she said). Although, I heard somewhere (here, perhaps) that Jacob’s theme is accented by an electric guitar and I thought that the electric guitar part when Bella walks into the Biology room was total fail. Cheestastic. The Twilight score could have been worse, but I’m glad they got someone besides Carter Burwell, ’cause it could have been much, much better.

    • that was from my last post and it could be an electric guitar used CORRECTLY and not terrilble like the twilight guitar. it sounded like the “electrict guitar” button i used to push on my casio keyboard. gross.

      • So true, Moon! That’s exactly what it sounded like. It was like a synthetic guitar sound. Yuck!

  8. I love that scarf, I want that scarf, I NEED that scarf… Sans Brody-like frenchman of course.

    So, now I really need CW to direct BD… Specially if there are going to be two movies. So awesome.

    Music people, More Rob please?

  9. And when are you girls going to give in and read the screenplay for ‘Remember Me?’ It’s so good! I’m so glad that questions were asked regarding the movie’s soundtrack. Independent style artists sound perfect for it.

    • where is it to read?

      • If you email Moon and UC, they’ll tell you that it’s everywhere online. Let them know you want to read it and they might know where to find it. 🙂

    • I have a Remember Me purity ring instead of New Moon! I want to go into that movie only knowing the basics.

      • (i want to see it but i don’t even know “the basics”.)

        • I guess the “basics” I know are very basic. Just that it’s about a couple (Rob and Emilie) who are at the beginning of their relationship when “family issues” related to deaths cause problems for them. He is dealing with the suicide of his brother and she witnessed the murder of her mother when she was young. So, I’m assuming the deaths are not related, but maybe Rob’s character dealing with the loss stirs up memories for her? That’s all I know. Heavy drama…lots of Rob. That’s enough for me.

          • Your basics are a little off. But yes, it does go around issues related to deaths.

          • sassysmart – I read about this quite a long time ago so I probably have the facts confused. Tell me what’s wrong. I don’t want to read the script, but I do want to know the basic story!

          • That’s it. His brother did die (but no how you say) her mother did die (but not how you say)…that’s all I’m saying. Hee!!

            Trust me, you will LOVE it and will BAWL!!!!

          • Thanks sassysmart! Don’t want to be responsible for spreading false rumors!

            I’m excited – tears in November for New Moon and more in February for Remember Me!

        • wtf is Remember Me?

          • TS – RU serious? It’s the movie Rob shot post-Twilight/pre-New Moon that had all the fan girl frenzy in New York. It’s supposed to be released in February 2010. Or was in post-New Moon? Anyway, filmed earlier this year!

          • @ TS: the movie that Rob filmed between Twi & NM.


            p.s. in case i don’t get to say it later have a lovely evening TS! thanks for the comments! [i always go to the previous day’s post and read the posts you (and a few others) do after i go home.] night-night!

          • 😦 I was serious about Remember Me. But then, we must remember, I don’t really have any interest in Rob. Me and Illegal are happy to just let you girls fight over Rob…she’s looking into the woods waiting for her wolves and I’m hanging out watching the Timbers play the Sounders on the flat screen with Billy Burke.

    • true love waits!! for remember me that is. and this way its so much more fun!!

  10. The music for New Moon is just so much better than the Twilight soundtrack! Obviously music is totaly subjective and with the Twilight soundtrack I only enjoyed a few songs, and I know I only like them really because they are in the movie (except Muse and Iron & Wine). I love the fact that Chris put so much effort into the New Moon soundtrack, and it’s a great compilation that I can enjoy as something totally seperate from the movie, which, in my opinion, is the perfect movie soundtrack!

    DILF wins again! But with me, he always wins 😉

  11. Oooh, I can’t wait for the Buttcrack Santa tribute montage scene. After that scene, I’m going to have to pour out a tiny bottle on a curb outside the movie theater.

    • Those little bottles are just the right size for sticking in the side of your bra to avoid the security pat-down. Just sayin’.

  12. LOL

    am i the only one that just now realized Patsavas and Desplat are two different people/Alexandr-s?

    nice writeup..

    the most uplifting piece of news I’ve heard on the music front is that Lykke Li wrote that song *after* seeing a screening. She clearly got it.

  13. thanks for the additionalt info – you know i can’t get enough of my bb Chris and his murse (seriously, what would you give for the chance to rifle through that thing!?) that picture of Desplat is goofily adorable, and makes me want to plant a gentle kiss on his enormous gallic nose….or maybe that’s just gratitude for the beauty of “the meadow” and the general awesomeness of the new moon soundtrack.
    i’m a hussy and not allowed in your purity club because i already “lost it”, but i’m not going to spoil you girls because i respect your (no fun goody-two-shoes) decision (kidding), but i will say that from what i’ve seen so far, i’m really happy with the choice of music to fit with the scenes. bring xtra kleenex, that’s all i’m saying. and don’t judge me for my whorish ways, cuz i ❤ you.

    • Dude, I’m a whore too. They still love whores around here…I think. We’re all Normal.

    • Whores-R-Us. Love all around.

    • Hmph. *sticks nose in air*

      [secretly thinking] I wonder what’s it’s like? What does it LOOK like? They talk about it like they really enjoy it – am I missing out? Won’t that make people talk about me if I . . you know . . go ALL the WAY? My friends all say that the the girls who . . . you know . . . are the ones that you DATE, and that we are the ones you MARRY. But what if I watch just PART of one? That doesn’t count, right?

      • *high-five*!!!

      • no no! Don’t think about it, StotheP! Us purity ringers are here for you! I don’t think about it, because i have a hunch i’d be right on task…esp. since I’m working with C-Dubs on the BD script.

      • Just the tip! Just for a second. Just to see how it feels.

        • mamma always said “why buy the milk when u can get the cow for free”

          why am i mentioning this and how does it apply to my twi-prudeness?

          am i the cow? or the milk? should i go into dairy farming? have i gotten over my mild morning lactose intolerance? hmmmm

          • jus realised that should read “why buy the cow…when you can get the milk for free” *blush*

            sorry just woke up….

  14. You know, being from Nashville originally I have always thought of myself as a bit of a music snob. I have come to realize from being involved in this blog and around this cultural phenom, I don’t know shit.

    I got confused cause there is an Alexandra and an Alexandre…I thought you mistyped. Then realized it really was two seperate people.

    Snob I am not, but would love to take the Moon/UC music appreciation class at the LTT University.

  15. Moon, i apologise, I started to read everything you wrote, (honestly, more out of appreciation for all your hard work than interest) because in fact I can’t follow it today..(is it possible to suffer from a hangover w/o drinking?) My conclusion: I want to be Moon…there I have said it! I want your life not mine, (if for only a little while) I want to be where it is warm and sunny, I want to see California and the Hollywood sign, I want to be interesting and creative and sacastic and funny! I want to be friends IRL w/UC cause I know we would have a blast. Yes Moon, I want to be you. You get to go to events that I only dream about, meet and actually talk to interesting and creative people! You get to go to the New Moon premiere and for that alone I fake hate you…oh and yes I wouldn’t mind looking like you minus the red ribbon… I’m just sayin…..

    • I second that. I want Moon’s life…for the next (and past) few weeks, anyway.

    • Psst! She also went to Comic Con. She’s been in the same room as Rob. Twice. Or is it three times now? And Johnny Depp!

      • ARUGH! that RIGHT! OMG! Moon! did you get a hair clipping for your scrapbook yet?!

        • [yeah, i know… “creepy”… that was on purpose]

          • creepy? No. Totally normal. Making a hair doll…now that’s creepy.

          • hahaha, cute!
            right scrapbook = okay
            hair doll = creepster

            check. i will never make that mistake… i’m not over the edge(yet)!

            Hee-hee 😉


        OME…I JUST PICS ON T.V. of the Vanity Fair Robert!!! They should have renamed the Mag for this one issue to: VANITY (damn can’t remember the word I am looking for) any way FAIR JUST DOESN”T COVER IT!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THAT ISSUE….THERE IT IS AGAIN…THUD…

    • *puts away hair doll made from rob’s strays*

      awwww cyndi thats really one of the nicest things anyones ever said to me!! and i do would want to be me if only to meet UC and maybe to breathe the same rarefied air as rob.

      LOVE you tons. and you gals who seconded the feelings


      • OH “swoon” ” at the rarefied air as rob” How absurd that those few words have the power to literally make my heart skip a beat…..again I so xo you Moon for sharing that with me…I bow to all that greatness!!

  16. I’m so happy they said 4th movie cuz I was starting to get a little worried. They wrapped eclipse and we still haven’t heard about a breaking dawn director.

    Anyway so glad they found artists who wanted to be a part of it and would talk about the movie, and I really hope Rob let’s them use his music in the next movies!

  17. Chris Weitz. I love you.

  18. “Christ” Weitz???!!!!

  19. Please don’t compare Alexandre to Adrien Brody! I love Adrien Brody and don’t see the resemblance. But I do think Alexandre would be great as a member of the Volturi.

    I love the NM soundtrack-Seawolf and Lykke Li are my favorites. I thought the Twilight soundtrack was lame except for Rob’s contribution-they’ve done an amazing job this time around.

  20. It’s funny that you say this: “a festival of wrist slashing music! my favorite! bandaids not included”

    I was on amazon the other day and noticed that the New Moon soundtrack was discounted when purchased with Twilight-themed bandages. Someone over there has a sense of humor…

    Also, that picture of Alexandre Desplat is creeping me the frig out!

    • HAHAHA! that’s the most awesome/warped thing i’ve haerd in a LONG time!

      ❤ you for sharing it! – wink-

      • I’m pretty sure that marketing tactic was thought up by a married man who has been Robblocked sometime recently.

    • I feel that composers shouldn’t be seen except right before and right after they conduct (if they’re conducting that is). And at that point you’re probably so far back it wouldn’t matter. Is this really rude of me to think?

    • alexandre is SEXY SEXY, non? he calls to you with his scarf and pepe le pu style accent.


      (sorry to any french folks!)

  21. The Buttcrack Santa Tribute Montage is the only reason I am going to see New Moon.

  22. “A festival of wrist slashing music” Seriously! It makes me feel instantly transported to my teen angst, wearing black, could slash my wrists at any moment just for the drama days. I was thinking that the desolate feel of some of the songs reminds me of The Smiths, The Cure, etc. Then I thought back to that “Just Like Heaven” video and how I thought Robert Smith was soooo brooding and angst-ridden and sexy. Then I thought dark, crazy hair, pale skin, red lips…perhaps this is a trend 20+ years in the making. *I think I’m having an epiphany here*

    • ahh.. i love that song “just like heaven” *sigh* thank you for reminding me of it! (*humming to myself now*)

      you know what they say, “what goes around comes around”… applies to all kinds of trends, music, clothes, etc….

      oh, here’s something funny! i was listening to the NM sndtrk at work the other week and when i got to #8 (sound traveled down the hall) my boss sent me a laughing e-mail asking if i was listening to the mating of humpback whales!?! (ROTFL) i thought that was funny so i thought i’d share the giggles!

      • I’m listening to it now and all I can think of is whales!!!

      • I thought the NM soundtrack was *shields face* meh. I like the Death Cab. I love The Meadow.

        But the rest of it, was well, dark. I KNOW the movie is dark, I’m not stupid, just unimpressed.

        It just all sounded the same to me.

        And I totally think they should be targeting the 20-35 year old range.
        Cause we are old enough to work for and have money!

  23. Moon, I love when you talk music!!! I may or may not have given my right arm to have been in that room. ‘A festival of wrist slashing music’….it’s like the ultimate Pros3 dirty talk!!!!!!!! Gah!

    • me too. i was having to keep myself from humping the chair next to me.

      i needed a safeword after 2 days it was getting to be too much awesome for me to comprehend.


  24. *sigh* i guess i’m alone in having actually liked the Twilight Sndtrk…

    there were several songs that i thought were pretty cool. i just wish they had added the Radiohead song “15 steps” to the actual sndtrk (the song from the end of the movie where Victoria is walking down the steps at the prom)

    plus I thought Paramore was cool and i like that cutesy “flightless bird” by iron & wine, plus i already was a fan of Mutemath and Muse. *sigh*

    (half of what i say on this post is black-walled or ignored anyway… so hate away)

    we can see that the NM sndtrk is like a polar opposite, and i LOVE that b/c the music matches the feel of the movie. (in their own way both sndtrks do their job well, to me) and like it has been said, Twilight (movie) was targeted to 17- yr.olds so, ehh, the music fit [okay, so i’m more than a decade past the “target”, but i still liked it].

    so Moon (i.e. fake “Noreen” -hee, hee), that’s AWEsome that you got to soak up all that info in such a cool experience. Congrats! “Bunny” said that this sorta thing is right up your alley so you musta been in “hog-heaven”! [where does that expression come from anyway?!]

    Cool beans to “Noreen”! -wink-

    • I have to agree with you too ambushed. I like the Twilight soundtrack (somewhat) because of Mutemath and Muse and Paramore and possibly that Black Ghosts song (I’ve listened to it a lot and it’s kinda catchy). My jury is still out about the NM soundtrack. I get that it needs to fit the angst and despair of the book/movie, but there are a few songs I can’t get into. Maybe I’m just like that with all music…there is rarely a cd that I love all the songs on. I guess I’m also such as old school music kinda gal (a la Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, etc.), it’s hard for me to get away from that.

      • i’m really eclectic… adore the old school too ( i’ve even got some neat 50’s collections). i know that i am slightly affected by the fact that this music is on a movie that i am already convinced i’ll really like… plus i enjoy how it catches the “feel” that was intended. [basied on Romeo & Juliet] and i look forward to Eclipse and finding out what they’ll use for the Wuthering Heights feel… but now that i’ve exposed myself to this music ( that i mostly wouldn’t’ve probably caught onto otherwise) i can really get into it… i must be musically masochistic to love all this angsty stuff… reminds me of being a teenager…

        • I like all kinds of music as well. I mean, Frank Sinatra and Muse in the same paragraph?? I’m such a weirdo when it comes to music. I guess I can’t get into some of the songs because I haven’t seen where they go in the movie yet. Same thing happened with the Twilight soundtrack and then I fell in love with Iron & Wine, which I didn’t quite understand before. I guess I just wasn’t angsty enough in my teen years to appreciate some songs without the movie. 🙂

          • I think I need to see the movie first, too. I’ll use the purity ring for the soundtrack, since it’s not good for anything else now.

      • Sarah – don’t give up yet! Keep listening. I’m with you on the old school music and I really couldn’t stand the soundtrack when I first listened to it. It has really grown on me, though, and I listen to it all the time!

        • Thanks sassy! I’m not giving up on it…I’m probably just used to my music that’s a bit more “literal” as opposed to “free-thinking”? I don’t know if that’s the right way to describe it. I just have a hard time “getting” music if I’m unfamiliar at first. My mom played big band swing for me to sleep to as a child, so I guess that’s why I “get” it best. I’m definitely going to keep listening because I want to “get” the soundtrack as well. It’s always good to be broad in your music tastes, I think. If it wasn’t for the Twi soundtrack I wouldn’t be into Iron & Wine or the Black Ghosts, not to mention turning my like into love for Muse and Paramore.

    • Ambushed YOU ARE NOT ALONE..I loved alot of the Twilight soundtrack!

      “(half of what i say on this post is black-walled or ignored anyway… so hate away)”

      NEVER…why would you say that..??? Although, I too feel that way sometimes and believe me people have the right to ignore me…I don’t make much sense most of the time!! LOL…but NO ONE HERE WOULD EVER HATE ON YOU!!
      I SO ❤ YOU!!!

      • aww shucks… *blush* Cyn, that was too sweet. [there have been several times that i have thought i’d be better off as a observer than contributor]

        ❤ back. thanks. (i never have a problem "pickin' up what you're puttin' down"!) I don't ignore, i always look for you and TS and illegal… i was following you and TS before i ever wrote my 1st post.

        (glad to see your computer is better, hope your mouth is too)

        • You’re so sweet, ambushed! And on email too :0)

          Did you get my apology comment from yesterday? Hopefully so. I didn’t mean it rude, but I went back to reread and was aghast. That happens to me sometimes (even when it’s RL and I can speak in inflection…oops.)

          • yup-yup-yup. i did, i did, i did. no worries… i lack the proper niflection in my posts all the time… *sigh*

            hahahaha- “(even when it’s RL and I can speak in inflection…oops.)” that was CUTE! yeah, i’ve the whole “open mouth insert foot” thing happen to me plenty!

            ❤ x 1,000,000

        • Right back at ya! My mouth is wunderful..yeah I spelled that wrong on purpose for once…I just want to scream…YES I CAN MOVE MY FACE INTO A SMILE AGAIN!! I no longer look like a chipmunk and the pain is actually tolerable!!! YEAH for the lil things in life!! The puter on the other hand is a definate fail…hanging on by a chip..or two…but I am currently searching for a washing machine and since I and the rest of the family are almost out of clothes, I guess I am going to have to go with my “needs” instead of my “wants” and buy the damn washer…OK the real reason is Blanket Rob is starting to look like the real Rob and I must have him fresh and clean …I am a clean kind of a girl….and I have worn all of my Twi-tee’s and Lord knows it just doesn’t feel right when I am not in proper attire..I have such a social calendar and all…so in will be the washer over the puter 😦 so if I disapear it is cause that final chip hit the floor or I did whichever occurs first….

          • “Blanket Rob is starting to look like the real Rob and I must have him fresh and clean ” – oh, the horror.

          • Cyn, I might be able to scrounge up a computer I’m not using if you would like to borrow it until you can get something else. It might not be a great computer, but it might work better than what you’ve got going now.

          • Wunnreful, wunnerful! 🙂 re: the status of your mouth! YEAH! (but chipmunks ARE cute, thought, just not when you “feel” like one… i understand)

            “now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!” (did anyone watch Perfect Strangers besides me?)

            but i’m sorry for the $ issues re: washer vs computer… been there… heck, still there. i commiserate whole heartedly.

            and i actually felt your potential thud when i read “so if I disapear it is cause that final chip hit the floor or I did whichever occurs first”… *flinched*

          • JODIEO I SO TOTES LOVE YOU!! Thank you for being you…your offer is so generous and kind as always!!! I am hoping that this will hold out for just a little longer..I run only one thing at a time and ….sorry….had to laugh cause as I was writing that I immediately thought OME my computer IS me! I can only do 1 thing at a time without major fail…again sorry…off track….will truly be devasted when it goes for good cause it is my link to LTT and the outside world but keeping fingers X’d …

            OT: How BAD that I almost bought a washing machine ONLY because it was a Kenmore TWILIGHT model!! NOW THAT IS NOT NORMAL….
            Back to reality, I have to find a washer today…I hate reality….damn that washer was fine…………………..

          • @MidCyn – love your Twilight washer model story! I recently noticed that a package of disposable razors in my cabinet were labeled “twilight” on the package. I have no idea why they are named that. Also, they are purple. And you know, purple’s cool.

          • @ANG….LOL..Bet Eddie snuck in your window during the night and put those razors there??? I mean YOU would have noticed that in the store right,?? (pics you standing in Walmart yelling “OME they finally have purple Twilight razors!! then grabbed them all and ran ..yes faced, approached the counter muttering “damn neice and her Twilight crazy) what other explanation is worth contemplating??

          • @MidCyn – haha! I’m thinking I bought these razors before I was Twi-obsessed. But I have to admit upon noticing the name that I like them more.

            What’s really funny is that I would totes react to them in a store. But hopefully I’d be able to contain myself before I had to evoke the fake niece excuse.

          • @MidCyn Hee. Don’t thank me too much yet. I can’t remember if I fried the old computer when I got the new one. I’d have to plug it in to see if it works. But my old sucky one might be better than nothing if yours goes kerpslodey. I’ll DM you my phone number on Twitter Just In Case.

          • @MidCyn We have washing powder called “Twilight sensations” and its purple…and therefore according to my difficult mental calculations it must be cool….

            yes i bought it…yes it smelled good….no fiance was not amused….yes he liked the smell…lol

            i can send over a packet….

          • @Illegalwolflover, YOU HAVE TO EVEN ASK??? I WANT SOME!!! Is it something just sold there?? Where can I find it?? Ummm BTW…what the hale is Washing Powder??? Not that I really care, if its called Twilight Sensations AND is purple AND smells good…its a no brainer…couldn’t stop myself from that one! THANKS!

          • The brand is called SURF…im not sure if u guys have it there….we have the Twilight razors though…

            washing powder is detergent (which i’m assuming is liquid)…in powder form….oh u kids with ur new-fangled names….lol

            this is what it looks like…

          • @illegalwolflover, thanks for the pic!! I have got to get me some of that for sure….now that my washer is fixed happy! I am going to look on line and see if they sell it here…singing “OH happy day..oh happy day” way off key I might add…Just think Blanket Rob washed in purple Twilight deg.,smelling oh so good wrapped around me…..ok gotta stop now….for everyone’s well being!!! luv ya illegal!!!

          • I hope u find it *fingers and toes crossed*….Blanket Rob deserves the best…thats why he’s got u to wrap himself around (duh!) 🙂

            luv ya too…!!!

            p.s. Hubs is a sweetie…sitcom audience “aaawwww” just for him…..

          • @illegalwolf, needed an Edward tissue…your so sweet… I couldn’t find the deg. here but remind me to keep an eye out for it ok….cause we do have the Surf brand just not the Twilight (sigh) I guess I am going to have to come visit you and get some… 🙂

          • awww shucks ur gonna make me go into the ugly cry *wipes tear with Jacob tissue*

            Fiddlesticks! on the deg….ill definietly remind you….if not drastic shipping action must be taken….
            We WILL find a way…. 🙂

        • And I agree as well. Liked the Twi-soundtrack. Not a big fan of the NM soundtrack. I am hoping it grows on me.

        • @ ambushed believe me u are not alone on the soundtrack-lovin’
          the’yve started to play it at work and i sing along…and have people look at me like…”ur not 17…*shake head disapprovingly*”
          u look for me? im seriously crying right now….i look for you too…..*hug* and of course TS and MC

          @ MC u dont make sense? pfffftttt. ur comments on Rob are HILARIOUS….i will promise to comment more…but i cant promise to be funny….thats ur area 🙂

          • 😀 My boyfriend calls you guys my LTT clique. “Did your little blog clique have good comments today?” he thinks that my LTT obsession is super adorable.

          • am i a part of the clique? or are u guys just leading me on so u can embarass me in front of Taycob by sending him my suggestive LTT comments right before he asks me out for the winter ball?

            *please say yes, please say yes* LOL

          • Fine, you got me. Yes.

            (I’m just saying that because since you’re part of the clique I want to make sure you’re as happy as possible. That’s what friends are for! Plus you know I don’t give a crapner 😉 )

    • I love the Twi soundtrack. You aren’t alone!

      I also love the NM soundtrack. I have no idea what that says about me considering they are so different.

      • i know what it says about you. repeat after me : “i’m eclectic. love me or leave me.”

        i love being eclectic, it means i’m so diverse in my tastes i can enjoy something for ANY mood swing!

    • “Hog Heaven” is the final resting place for actresses who squeal like pigs.

      BTW, folks, everytime you talk about KStew sounding like a pig in the NM clips, I think of Deliverance.

      “Dueling/Feuding Banjos” on the NM soundtrack, anyone?

      • StotheP, you just cracked me up… for real… 🙂

        Deliverance?!!! oh dear lord! i wish i had NEVER watched that movie…
        *racked w/ unabeited shuddering*

        that “pig sceen” is burned onto my brain. geeze-louise… that was, seriously, one of the MOST messed up things i have ever exposed myself to. bleck!

        but i love hearing “Dueling/Feuding Banjos”… i liked it before i saw that movie… i try to keep it separate… *shudder*

        why, oh, why did you remind me of that….

        oh, btw, (to all readers) i happen to like KStew. and even if i didn’t, mentally, i couldn’t deal w/ comparing her to a pig (now that you mentioned Deliverance, esp.)…i know, i know… haters will hate.

        • Hear, hear! Practicing member of Team Robsten or no, I can’t board the “KStew Sux” express. I happen to agree with a certain British phenom that she is a great actress. And I’m not even trying to get into her skinny jeans.

          OH, and before you mention anything about blinking, let me tell you that I have watched multiple episodes of “Days of Our Lives” that featured another British actor named James Scott in the role of Elvis Junior, Dimera and that man KNOWS from blinking! Trust.

        • “Boy, you shore got a purty mouth”

      • I ❤ you.

  25. Call me crazy, but the soundtrack makes me happy. Not as happy as Rob’s giggle/voice crack on that track of “I’ll be Your Lover Too” (which never fails to make me break out in uncontrolled elated giggles), but happy nonetheless.

    Nickelback, Katy Perry and the High School Musical soundtrack are my slit my wrists music.

    • I’m happy to know someone else enjoys that giggle/voice crack as much as I do. It brings me great joy!

      • I have not heard any of the soundtrack from NM but hearing ” Rob’s giggle/voice crack on that track of “I’ll be Your Lover Too” makes me love it unheard…wait thats not normal…

        • MidCyn, we’re talking about Rob – so love without hearing is completely normal! Actually the I’ll Be Your Lover song we are talking about is a cover of a Van Morrison song. Not on a soundtrack. It’s all over You Tube though. You should listen – I KNOW you’ll love it!

          • Shitz, I am such a loser 😦 and here I was thinking I was on a roll today…NOT…

          • You are sooooo NOT a loser! Perhaps the loser would be the one who admited the giggle/voice crack gives them great joy. Yeah, that would be me. 🙂

          • Ang…”admited the giggle/voice crack gives them great joy. Yeah, that would be me” LOSER??? ARE YOU SERIOUS…I would have to seriously reevaluate our friendship if ROB’S giggle/crack did NOT give you JOY!!! 🙂

          • Awww, thanks MidCyn! Where would I be without you to remind me how ‘normal’ I am?

      • The Giggle/Crack is the world’s greatest good. It lights up the dark corners of the world with its wonderfulness.

  26. I have said/felt since I first hear the Lykke Li track that it must in some way represent Bella’s anguish. I read somewhere that CW described the infamous “passing of time” scene as one where Bella appears to be spinning out of control. I’d be willing to bet $$ that this track will accompany that scene.

    • That would be WIN. Perfect emotion in that song for that period.

    • I’m no purity ring holder when it comes to watching NM clips, but I haven’t seen any with the music – hitting YouTube soon to rectify that!

      Satellite Heart by Anya Marina has the lyric “I’m a satellite heart/ lost in the dark
      I’m spun out so far/ you stop I start.”

      Too literal for the passing of time scene??

    • I have been listening to the soundtrack (and specifically Possibility) so often that my 6 year old said, “this song, again.” It’s bad when children get annoyed by repetition! Seems like Possiblity or Hearing Damage could represent the time when Bella is sinking deeper and deeper. I cannot wait to see this movie! I am constantly trying to figure out where each song will go.

  27. Has anyone been listening to the iTunes bonus tracks? It’s not really my type of music but I’ve been surprised how much I like the Lupe Fiasco track.

  28. “Chris at one point says the story is about “a girl torn between her love for her vampire boyfriend and her friendship with a werewolf””

    Um, no it’s not. That’s what Eclipse is about. Siiiigh.

  29. Okay, will read all the comments later. Now I have to go get a drug test done for my contract job. Siiigh. Good thing I don’t do drugs! 🙂 But, I get to listen to the New Moon soundtrack the whole way there (yes, I do listen to it all day everyday. In fact when I was reading Cyn’s long post yesterday I was like, “Oh, shit this is gonna be sad/empowering. I need to put on The Meadow.” Really, I needed a stronger tune, like Liz On Top of the World from P&P score, but whatever, I did what I could.

    I LOVE ALEXANDRE DESPLAT. I remember last Christmas when we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, walking out of the theater I told my sister that I really thought the score was the strongest part of the film. I had no idea who Alexandre Desplat was then. (But quickly found out) I also dig on Yann Tiersen and Dario Marianelli. AND, for my friend’s bday last year I took her to the beach and to see the LSO. It was phenomenal. They are absolutely phenomenal. This score is going to be so good. ::breathes:: I’ve actually come to decide, when I watched Golden Compass the other day, that movie scores are my absolute favorite thing ever musically. I love violin and piano combined. I love the energy they have. And I love that they inspire to me to write my novel. Le sigh. Maybe when my book’s turned into a movie Alexandre will do my score 🙂

    • Mmmmm. I agree. My earlier confession about my music issues notwithstanding, I will allow that Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major on the soundtrack of Master and Commander MOVED ME. Epic. Beautimous. PHENOMENAL accompaniment to a sweeping tale.

      • It’s hard for Bach to fail. And even if he does, you feel guilty for just “not getting it”, since he’s Bach and all. In 9th grade we had to do a project that focused on the time period surrounding Bach. I was in charge of the magazine (don’t ask), and so I put an ad for a Bach concert. I drew him up to look like Kiss.

      • Also, I’ll bashfully admit that I went out and bought Debussy’s greatest hits after reading the bit about Clair de Lune in Twilight.

        • Was I sad and depressing yesterday??? I don’t remember…I thought I was happy?? Oh hell what does it matter today is another day…btw you are such a tease with flaunting your NM soundtrack in my face!! LOL..have a good day!! 🙂

          • No, you were depressing. You just wrote a LONG post about how you were tired of people telling you what you can’t do. So…I was like, “Oh god, I need to put some appropriate mood music on with this while I read it.” You know, just to intensify your emotions. There’s only so much excitement I get in a day, I gotta take full advantage when I can!

          • @Team Seth…I just went back and read my comments from yesterday…I beg to differ…I WAS NOT DEPRESSING especially in my “LONG” post..I was happy and excited, optomistic about the prospect of seeing NM. .The comment your referring to was a response to JodieO…and BTW that one was SHORT…

          • darn. I was hoping you wouldn’t go check. Okay, Imma be honest. I started reading the long one, then stopped and clicked on the music (it was actually No Sound But the Wind and not The Meadow…but it flowed into that! Oh god, you don’t have either song. pout), then went back to reading. Read the reply comments, read YOUR reply comment to JodieO. I cried estatically to my boyfriend, “Cyndi’s gonna do it!” and he was super confused. Then I went back and replied to both your posts (long and short). So, technically, it was all a long thread/comment to me. Make sense?

          • @TeamSeth…makes sense but I was DEFINATELY not DEPRESSING as you said I was…I am trying really hard to stay positive so I was kinda pissed..

          • @Ang, hehe! I tell him that everyday 😉 But really, he calls everything about me “little” (not that I’m all David Slade size or anything). I’m not sure why, maybe ‘cuz my RL name doesn’t lend to a cute nickname. Now sometimes he’ll call me Team Seth. ::face palm:: I’m starting to get anxious he’s going to read the blog.

          • @Ang again, ARGH! That was supposed to go under the other post. Darn these 5th tiered areas when you can’t reply directly.

        • I’ll go all out first hand embarrassing and admit that I already owned a recording of Debussy’s Clair de Lune prior to my Twi-fetish.

          • Don’t be embarrassed! That’s like admitting you read Austen BEFORE Meyer! Not a bad thing!

          • True. Actually, whenever non-Twi people talk trash about SM and how Twilight isn’t great literature (which I admit is true) I remind them how she mentions so many classics (Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights,etc) in the saga. For me reading the saga, I was reminded of when I read those works in the past and it made me want to revisit them. But for people who might not have read those, it could spark interest. I like that.

          • Um, owning Debussy beforehand is the opposite of embarrassing. It’s bloody awesome!

            Also, whenever people mention how Twi’s not great literature I’m like “Obviously you’re missing the point.” (or I just do the KStew glare or SOMETIMES I say, “I know, right!” and pretend I haven’t read it, while making a direct reference to the book.)

            But what’s even considered “great literature” or “classic” anymore? I mean, most “great literature” that’s taught is considered such for its historical significance (whether it be for introducing a technique, genre or just covering an event really poignantly). What defines great literature now? Or great art in general. J.K. Rowling in 2003 was the richest woman in entertainment and richer than the queen of England. Did she write great literature?

          • TS – I should say that I admit the Twilight saga doesn’t fall into most individual’s stereotype of what “great literature” is. However, I won’t get into arguments over what is “great” or a “classic” when it comes to art – books, music, etc. It’s all subjective. If I am moved by a story or a lyric or a melody and I believe it to be great – then it is…to me. That’s why I get so annoyed when people speak badly about the writing, etc. of Twilight. It means something to me, and that’s all that matters to me. I see a trend developing in this comment – it’s all about me! Ha!

            And I like your comment about “you are obviously missing the point.” So true!

          • @Ang, precisely my point! What is great? Great is an adjective that is defined by the user.

            If I am moved by a story or a lyric or a melody and I believe it to be great – then it is…to me.

            What a wonderful way to sum it up! I’m going to tell people that from now on!

          • @TS – Cool! Now you can tell your boyfriend that your “little blog clique” provided good comments today. 🙂

    • drug test… remember Elaine from Seinfeld “no poppy seed muffins!”

      -wink- 🙂

      • *ner ner*

        I couldn’t pee enough!!!!!!! It was soooo awful. I had to sit for another 25 minutes drinking water. Thankfully I brought in all these forms I had to fill out today, so I got that done while waiting for my bladder to refill. Ugh, I was so annoyed/embarrassed. The Newtons never made Bella take a drug test! It’s just so unfair.

  30. I *adore* the NM soundtrack. It is on 24-7 loop at my house at full volume. Bring on the band-aids! I refused to buy the Twilight soundtrack, mostly to maintain my hipster music cred and to not let Twi completely take over my life, though I decided that it was okay to download Iron and Wine and Mutemath separately. ::wink:: And also to sing along every 42 minutes that the Paramore song is on the radio, and to watch that video multiple times. ::wink wink:: The Twi music is not “cool” enough for my hipster tastes, but it is appropriate to the movie. Agree with the commenter who likes the Radiohead song at the end, too.

    Anyhoo, the NM soundtrack is a music snob’s dream (and, yes, I proudly cop to my music snobbery). Death Cab is one of my all-time favorite bands, and I love Meet Me on the Equinox (BTW when did Ben Gibbard get HAWT? Go Zooey for cleaning him up just the right amount!), but it’s nowhere NEAR as good as Anya Marina, Sea Wolf, Bon Iver & St. Vincent (whales!!) or AlexandrE’s The Meadow. The Thom Yorke song is just okay (considering he’s a genius I expected better) and the Killers are growing on me.

    Also, the two arias (iTunes bonus tracks): I’m surprised AlexandrA didn’t pick from Italian operas, but I love these nonetheless and I imagine they are playing in the background while Aro is breaking that poor guy’s neck back in the 16th century and for the Edward ass-kicking.

    OME only 16 more days!!

    • Radiohead… that was me! 15 Steps rocks!

    • “whales!” that was me too! hee-hee 😉

      ahh, the Killers… love Hot Fuss… sweet…

      • Love the whales comment! I immediately tuned to song 8. Maybe that song is while they’re at La Push?!

        Also forgot to say that i am obsessed with the Editors song – track 14 – no sound but the wind. edward running somewhere with bella? it’s a melancholy song, but could be used when they are back together. “help me to carry the fire together. we will keep the light together. help me to carry the fire together. it will light our way forever.”

        • I super heart the Editors tune. I also went to their Myspace and was like, “YAY!” I am asking for all their albums for xmas.

  31. Scratching head…wondering why EVERY song on my TV today I have some how related to Twilight..EX: Cher’s “If I could turn back time”…..Picture it..I”m laying on the on comes on…Edward pops into my head, cause now this song has a whole different meaning to me…so without warning upper half of the body starts dancing….like a loon…songs over…back to looking at washers…next song comes on….this time its “Secret” by Madonna and once again it of course is ALL ABOUT TWILIGHT…Someone help me PLZ……THIS IS WAY OUT OF CONTROL….Frig the washer…I just can’t do two things at once and I do have priorities…

    • Dont worry Mid Cyn i did that last night….here are the songs that played while i was at work at God-awful hours…..

      Lost in emotion – lisa lisa and the cult jam…
      “lost in emotion..telling you things that you really shouldnt know..oh baby im lost in emotion…am i a fool atleast my friends thinks so que sera que sera”

      totes pictured that for Jacob’s visit to Bella and then “gimme gimme a man after midnight” by Abba played so now im confused…

      then it was “hung up” by maddonna which is a total B&E song….”a little too not over you” by david archuleta for B&E etc etc….

      my entire work time is obsessed with finding songs that fit in the saga…whether they want to or not….lol

      • We are such Twi-sisters!! I just couldn’t believe that like every song that I have ever heard now takes on a whole new meaning without even realizing it…I just automatically find some way to associate it with a scene or thought regarding Twilight….that really isn’t normal…I mean..seriously, I am thinking of redoing my guest room in purple…granted its more a lilac but still…its like once your sucked in, there is nothing too do but drown in all that is Twilight…..see I was gonna hit “submit comment” but I immediately thought “drown… like Bella”…OME.. there is no hope….

        • its normal…thats what i keep telling myself anyway…
          keep strong twi-sis….its only gonna get worse after the 20th…..


  32. Sorry to post off topic, but I don’t know my way around the forum. I need fanfic recomendations, please. Mr. Fursploded is out of town and I’m bored. I have already read Wide Awake, The Office, Clipped Wings, The List, LYLS and A Life Less Ordinary, and It’s Better if I Bleed for You. I need help. What are your faves?

    • Hope you get this today while the SO is not around. Sounds like your fanfic tastes run a little lemony, a little tart? If so, then I recommend: My Yes, My No is almost finished (10 chapters plus forthcoming epilogue) and it’s by same author as LYLS and ALE. I Love LA: it’s about Rob dating an older woman!!! no longer available on but i think it is on twilighted–hilarious and srsly smexy. The Submissive, The Dominant and (incomplete) The Training–must be read in that order–also major sexy times–about S&M so can be uncomfortable but the Edward and Bella characters (and supporting Cullens) are great. It will take you several days to get through the Sub and Dom (these are each novel length). Last night I read the 10 chapters completed to date for The University of Edward Masen — no lemons yet but fantastic story. Also started the Hills of Twilight a few days ago and am hooked there, as well. There was a cool one-shot competition about uncircumcised Edwards; I read 2 or 3 of them, but the one that I loved was called A Little Crazy (I think)–really bittersweet story. OK, clearly I have a fanfic addiction!

    • Hmmm. Mr. Horrible (algonquinrt), Age of Consent (mylittlesecret84), Poughkeepsie (Mrs. The King), Art After 5 (sleepyvalentina), and Hydraulic Level 5 (Gondolier). All excellent works that prove it doesn’t have to be published to be worth reading.

      • I forgot about Art After 5 and its Edward POV, Counterpoint! AA5 could be published as its own novel. I agree–some fanfic can stand on itsown. I haven’t read the others StotheP mentions, so I think I need to bookmark those. 😉

        • ok, last fanfic comment (for today), i hope

          fursploded, whenever you need a new fanfic fix, check out JAG at RAoR (randomactsof rob.wordpress). every sunday she reviews TwiSmut. she also keeps a running library with links to fanfics she or we fellow bloggers have read. JAG rec’d University of Edward Masen and she was so right on.

    • Thanks, girls! These should keep me busy ’till Mr. Fursploded gets home! Hugs!

  33. OMBurke. This girl just sat down across from me at the coffeeshop I’m in (where I’m supposed to be doing work) and she’s wearing a plaid shirt…main color? PURPLE!!!!!!!!

    Plaid is so cool up here in the PacNW. How odd.

    Anyway, being on this blog in public, that’s the closest I’ve come to “coming out Twi-style”. Who knows, maybe this girl is into Twi….

    • @TS – Compliment her shirt by saying “purple’s cool.” You’ll know immediately if she’s one of us!

      • Ang! I couldn’t! I mean, I’m obviously thinking about how to phrase it right now. But every time I think about it I giggle a little. She probably already thinks I’m a freak. Plus I delivered the line “Purple’s cool” on Saturday with a straight face, doesn’t that count for something?! I’m not sure I can do it again.

        The more I think about doing it, the more scared/embarrassed I’m getting. It’s as if I’m going to ask a cute guy for his number or something.

        Maybe she’s on this blog commenting. That would make it easier.

        • TS – That’s hilarious! I’m laughing right now because I would feel exactly the same way. I don’t think I could deliver “purple’s cool” in public with a straight face!

  34. @MCyn: Okay, I have NO idea where your comment is…I just use my email updater to get the new comments…anyway, about the whole depressing thing.

    I didn’t think you were depressing! Quite the opposite. I wanted music that went from sad to empowering…like the feeling of your hubs saying, “I’m not sure if you can go.” and you saying “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!!!” then wrapping yourself in blanket rob. THEN you stand up and say with confidence and fervor, “DON’T tell me what I can’t do!” (probably throw in a hand gesture with that line). That’s what I meant!!! I meant I needed the music to follow that so I could really get into your comments.

    I was the depressing one yesterday, what with my Billy Burke nightmare.

    • TS you wrote: “No, you were depressing.” That is why I responded the way I did…just a mix up…all good…

      UPDATE: HUBS IS THE BESTEST in RL..(.ROB is BESTEST in all other realities.).Hubs spent the night pulling apart the washing machine and ….wait for it…HE FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!! I SO LOVE HIM (I say smiling as I snuggle into my soon to be CLEAN Blanket Rob..we are both so content right now…oh and hubs is happy too..) I AM TRULY BLESSED!!! 🙂

      • MidCyn – That’s fab! Clean Blanket Rob AND you’ll not have to buy the Twilight Washing Machine, allowing you to keep the computer reserve cash! Win!

        • Ang…I am so happy right now that I totes just told the hubs by accident that I posted about him on LTT…he looked at me like what? SHITZ…couldn’t think fast enough to come up with an plausable (is that a word) answer…so I am like…”I was so loving you for fixing the washer and all you do I had to tell some one and and and well its a website and and.and” .by that time he was like..”relax try and think what you want to say” (cause I have trouble talking in RL) so after a few mins. he just said “you can tell me later, I’m glad your happy that I fixed the washer” OH see how easy it is to stay married for 32 yrs to this man!! **Reminder** I was married at age 5!!!

          • AWWH! YAAAAAAAY! Yay for clean Robward and for Hubs! All the single ladies are jealous! =)

          • I agree with JodieO – single ladies are jealous of the hubs! Me raising my hand here!

            He should be very honored that you talked about him on LTT – in the land where we usually talk about Robward!

          • ANG & JodieO…He DIDN”T know about LTT tho…that was mine all mine!!!! Hopefully he won’t ask and by tomorrow he will know enough not to ask cause he knows I won’t remember what the hell he is talking about…phew…too close….

          • oh, i didn’t realize he doesn’t know about us! yeah, hopefully that will be forgotten by him too tomorrow!

        • he just thinks I am working on brain/memory stuff…writing/emailing looking stuff up etc., lil does he know…..tee hee…he would actually be happy for me cause he knows how hard it is for me to be like this..he knows how much I miss work/friends going out etc., but I like it to be my lil special place with very special friends…and actually this all happened by accident..when Moon/UC asked me if they could post the letter I was kinda afraid to let them but I said ok..never expecting it to get the response that I did…I really was overwhelmed by everyone’s comments and kindness…and having never writen on a blog or gone to a single chat room..being here two mons later was never even a thought..who knew???

          • @MidCyn- well technically you are working on your brain/memory/writing/looking stuff up, etc. You are just doing it on LTT! We’ll keep it our little secret from the hubs. 🙂 It’s an honor to be among your special friends!

      • @MidCyn: Oh my god. I just reread what I wrote in the original comment. I MEANT to write “No, you weren’t depressing” but I forgot the “n’t” and didn’t realize that until RIGHT NOW. Wow. Sorry about that. You apparently already figured it out. So, you know, you can feel good about not being the one with a brain fart today 😉

        Also, that’s so great about the Hubs and the washer. To put your hubs’ awesomeness in perspective: My boyfriend went to change laundry once and when he came back up he said all nonchalant, “Hey, there’s some water from the washer on the floor in the basement.” I went down there to check it out and called up, “Um, did you mean that there’s some water FLOODING the basement?” It was ridiculous. THEN he asked if he’d be able to get another load in. I asked him if he wanted to water log all of his boxes of crap in our basement. Yeah. So, your hubs is super awesome. Virtual high five to him.

  35. Dear Moonie,
    I miss our late night chats.

    You also have a pretty amazing life.

    ❤ Brookie

  36. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by M_BellaCullen: The rest of the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference and my thoughts!: Dear LTT-ers and music nerds, I shared..

  37. I was actually a little sad when I saw the soundtrack line-up this time around, primarily because it featured about 7 of my all-time favorite bands, and being the snarky little music snob that I am, I was disheartened about the tween/twihards that would love the songs just because they were on the soundtrack and totally miss out on the amazing talent that established these artists and their loyal following. For instance, Bon Iver and Lykke Li are to die for. Their albums are heavy, and rife with meaningful lyrics and interesting ideas. I just don’t know if a youngin’ will grasp that when all they’re thinking about is “OME, BELLA AND EDWARD DAAAANCE DURING THIS SCEEEENE!@!! XX”

    But, I will say, mad props to the woman who pieced it all together, as it’s rare someone packs a soundtrack with so many lesser-known talents!

    -end auditory snobbishness-

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