Peter Facinelli Appreciation Day!


Fat man in a little tie! (yea yea you're not fat!)

Dear Peter,

So a few weeks ago we started this whole “Appreciation Sunday” thing quite by accident but has turned out to be a fun way to spend a few minutes on a Sunday. Another happy accident is that we’ve been featuring the “dads” of Twilight for the last couple Sundays and by popular request YOU’VE been chosen to complete the hat trick of dads! So we’re here this Sunday to appreciate YOU, Peter Facinelli!

What we appreciate about YOU:

You are Mike Dexter!

As most of the folks here know Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my most favorite movies ever and when I found out last year that you would be playing Carlisle Cullen I couldn’t contain myself. I mean you played Mike Dexter the high school jock jerk who dumps AmanDUH and befriends William Licther (spoiler alert!) only to show his true jerk feelings the next day. For someone who seems like a nice dude you play a great d-bag! Mike Dexter you are a GOD!

Bonus Mike Dexter clip (cause I can’t help myself):

You’re one of our favorite DILF’s


The family that wears Crocs together stays together! (I'm just gonna assume this wasn't your idea)

You, much like Chris and Billy our one of our favorite DILF’s! You’re the dad to a gaggle of girls and that probably gives you a special understanding of this whole Twilight thing. You live with all ladies so you “get it” and we love ya for that! Oh an Jennie Garth is one lucky chickadee!

Follow the cut to keep appreciating Peter

Tweets about Paper Towels
You’re a smart guy, you realize the power of the interwebs and have been taught how to harness them for good, AKA using Twitter as your own personal marketing tool and link to the fans. Mostly you tweet pretty interesting shiz but I think the one that stands out most to us is your rousing tweet about buying paper towels! I think we might have to put that one up there next to Ashley Greene’s tweets about dog food. Thanks for that look into the mundane life of celebrities! They’re just like US!

You delivered one of my favorite lines in Twilight: Animal Attack!

Carlisle knows how to deflect suspicion about the Cullens with a well placed diversion, my favorite being “Animal Attack” and then a “Sounds like you were lucky.” Oh Carlisle how you kill us with your subtleties!

You’re a Unicorn who “Gets It”
Seriously? This still makes us laugh. We love you both for getting photographed while “reading” New Moon. Thanks for being a “fun celebrity!”


Fat Peter in a little hat! PEACE!

There’s about a billion other things to appreciate about you, Peter and personally I could have started and ended with the fact that you played Mike Dexter, but I guess these other reasons are good to post too. We love you as Carlisle and appreciate your ability to connect with the fans and keep it real. Keep on keepin’ on and no more bikini dances on Hollywood Blvd, next time bet your friend something else!

Yo, Trip McNeeley!

PS I’ll kick everyone’s ass  in this room!!! (ok, ok… I’m done with the Can’t Hardly Wait quotes)

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Someone loves Rob on LTR

85 Responses

  1. Peter is fucking gorgeous.
    I loooooove watching Nurse Jackie every Monday night.
    The thing that makes me laugh the most is that Peter looks sooooo much older with the bleach blonde hair than with his gorgeous dark hair which makes him look more like he’s in his 20s than his 30s.
    Oh you should watch these vids, too.
    They make me laff.

    Skip the others.
    None of them are terribly funny/adorable except for Peter’s bits.


    • I agree, the blonde hair makes him look so much older, which is somewhat ironic in regards to his character.

  2. No such thing as too many Can’t Hardly Wait quotes.

    Loving the PFach!

    • My fav Can’t Hardly Wait quote:

      “Why you gotsta be wastin’ my flav-ah!?”

      Love Seth Green

      • How 1980s teen movie was that bit where they’re locked in the bathroom together! And those goggles…to die for! 🙂

      • Haha, I said “why you gotsta be wastin’ my flav-ah” the other day, but I couldn’t remember where I got it from! Whoever I was talking to looked at me like I was crazy, but now I can set them straight…

  3. Can you believe that I’ve never seen “Can’t Hardly Wait”? *hides*
    Shall definitely be watching it once the holidays arrive (in a week).

    Loving PFach, especially for the reasons you listed Moon. Can’t wait to watch him in Nurse Jackie tomorrow night. Definitely the best part of that show.
    Thanks for another Appreciation Sunday.

    • I haven’t seen Can’t Hardly Wait either. I looked it up and it came out when I was 11 so that is probably the main reason.

      Also, haven’t seen Nurse Jackie.

      I do ❤ PFach as Carlisle though!

      • rent. that. movie. NOW!

        it is awesome awesomeness.

        my fav? “Take me out to the Paradise City!!”

      • I thumbs downed you both to piss you off enough into watching Can’t Hardly Wait. It’s something that cannot be missed.

        • I’ll ask the little bro to rent it for me sometime. He rented me Adventureland with the KStew about a month ago and I still haven’t watched it (or taken it back). I fail at watching movies sometimes…

          • Good call. See your lil bro is cool! I just got done watching The Golden Compass on HBO On Demand. I’d never seen it before. It was sooooo good! I’m so excited that Chris and Alexandre are rockin’ the Twi.

            I couldn’t get over the excitement of seeing Salomon as a member of the Magistrate. Sigh.

          • The Golden Compass is another movie that I want to see but have failed. I remember when it came out people were standing in front of the movie theater in my tiny town holding signs that said it was “of the devil”

            Way to make it more appealing!

            Little bro works at a movie store so he has the goods… 😉

  4. LOVE me some Peter!

    Chris or Peter…..can’t decide which is my favorite DILF.

    Can I have both?

  5. PFach is incredibly sexy via many of the reasons you stated in your post, but the number one for me is the relationship with his wife and daughters. All the flying back and forth (cripes he has his passport number memorized) just to spend a small of amount of quality time says it all to me and makes me love him even more!

  6. He’s my favorite DILF. I love how strong his devotion is to his family, but at the same time he has a devotion to his fans. That’s multitasking. Plus I love his tweets.

  7. Funny how the blonde wig makes a handsome man look plain!

    yet gentlemen prefer blondes – go figure!

  8. PF Appreciation Day!! YEAH! He is awesome…I want him to be my “foster dad” ! Definately deserves this day as he makes the movie…hate the fake yellow hair tho..and it truly bugs me that he has all these lil peices of hair that are too long in the back especially during the scene in the dance studio…yes I did just finish watching Twilight…fell asleep watching it last night so it is only normal that I completed the “task” this a.m…especialy since I was up so freakin better way to start the day!! Hipe everyone had fun last night…
    Sorry to ask…DILF? DON’T want to know what I came up!

    • Hi MidnightCyn!!!

      DILF = Dad I’d like to F*ck. Slightly disturbing. I am fine with MILF but DILF creeeeps me out.

      Did you see my glampire pic on Twitter? It was a phone pic so it kinda sucks but as soon as I get the film developed, I’ll put up a better one!

      Hope your Halloween was happy!

      • Thanks I didn’t see your pic….was on Twitter a few minutes ago and no one was around…will go back..gotta see THAT pic!! Hope you had a blast! Boring as hale around here last ngiht…our “friend” didn’t even act up last night…thought for sure she would do something! Nope, no perfume smell, no water on and off ..not even flickering lights…such a let down..
        Thanks for explaining DILF (I I thought it was Dad’s in loving Family….I know…but that is what I thought…personally I am with you..MILF is much better… 🙂

        • Haha! Dad’s in loving Family…that’s a really sweet outlook though! 🙂

          I hadn’t thought about it, but DILF does sound a bit awkward.

          Can I please twi-secret from last night (besides my awesome ones i posted below…this one is actually 2nd hand embarrassing). I went out with my friend whose name starts with a J, but isn’t Jake (don’t want to share his real name) and we had a great night and were silly…and you might not get this Cyn ‘cuz it’s from New Moon, but whatever

          So he put his arm around me, or something like that, and I said, “Aw, Jake!” ::face-palm:: He didn’t notice, thank goodness, but I was SO embarrassed. I mean, it was like direct situational quote from the book (except neither of us is remotely in love with the other) and not even HIS name!

          I’m such a loser.

          • oops, forgot to say that I shrugged off his arm when I said “Aw, jake!” That’s sort of crucial to the story I think.

          • awwwwww….dont worry, i would have done the same thing…
            twi-secret for the day.was playfighting with fiance and he flinched when i punched him….i was shocked and when he asked why, i said im so used to men (characters) not feeling any pain….*face palm*

            then i said (wait for it)
            “next time use a baseball bat..that might sting a little”
            face palm x 1000

            Twilight is taking over my life….. 😦

          • @Team Seth and illegal..wasn’t going to share this cause like it was a two handed face palms…(ok didn’t do that right but you get the point) but since you two did (which in itself is wierd) so I I was kinda, actually really really pissed about something today and that doesn’t happen too often but that was the case…so… I was on a rant and out of nowhere I blurt out …” What do you expect from me? I am only A HUMAN, I can’t read your mind like Edward can ya know”…Yup…and worse yet didn’t even realize what I said and kept on going like I hadn’t said anything that would result in the look I got and then the response…”Who the hell is Edward??” Oh so embarrassed….

          • Its normal Midnight…sometimes Twilight is the only way to express how one is feeling…

            I know the “WHO? WHAT?” looks really well….I feel like i spend 90% of my day explaining Twilight references to people….and my cat… 🙂

        • true..What was even funnier was that when he asked who Edward was, instead of answering him, I pointed to Blanket Rob cause the word Edward is at the bottom…and he gave me this crazy look and said “Are you kidding me? and then “I thought that was that Rob guy?” as he started to walk out of the room I heard him say something like, “I used to think it was a good thing you were reading again, not so sure anymore” IF he only knew the extent of my new obsession! He has never even watched Twilight!! I don’t know why I haven’t divorced him for that alone!
          My daughter came home a few mins. ago and I was telling her what happened and she started laughing which only irked me more and then she preceded to tell me that earlier in the day she had heard me say to the hubs “Your mood swings are giving me whiplash” but she didn’t say anything at the time although she admitted to laughing quietly in the kitchen…lil shitz..I have no memory of saying that to him but that should give you some idea of what kind of a day I’ve had…its my own fault tho..I watched Twilight this morning which I never do…always watch at night after everyone goes to bed, last night I was watching and fell asleep, so when I woke up so early this a.m. I finished watching it before everyone got up cause its like a sin or something if I don’t watch the WHOLE movie..and its Sunday…no sinning….so probably why it was so fresh on the ole brain…looking back on the was the only bright spot!!!! 🙂

  9. I’m weird and can’t get in on the graphic comments of guys who are married, so I have to sort of distance myself on the DILF thing in regards to Peter.

    I love his work – I mean Mike Dexter, Van on “Fastlane,” even a little stint on “Six Feet Under,” and now Dr. Cooper the booby scooper. I love it!

    But I really wish I could get in one of the Facinelli’s poker games. I hear they are a riot.

  10. “I could kick everyone’s ass in this room!” and “Animal Attack” are two of the most brilliantly delivered lines in the history of film!!!!! And the Twilight ER entrance scene, I could watch on repeat over and over. Best. Entrance. Ever.

    Oh PFach, you kill me. And I used to want to BE Jennie Garth, circa 90210, (hello, she got to kiss Luke Perry!!!), and now I still want to be her!!! Lucky chickadee is right.

    If you haven’t seen their joint appearance on Chelsea Lately, you should look it up. They are SO adorable and when the kleenexes start falling out of her sleeves cracks me up every time….

    Yeah, he might just be my favorite DILF of the bunch of them.

    Great Sunday post, Moon! We haven’t had Can’t Hardly Wait clips up in here in a while! Love.

    • @LPB you’re comment on wanting to be jennie got Peaches’ Boys Wanna Be Her in my head.

      Also, I love PFach’s acting in the Animal attack line. I imagine that (if the scene actually existed in the book) it would be written somewhat like this:
      “Animal attack.” Carlisle said, his eyes serious. That wasn’t good, if Carlisle was worried then something pretty bad must be out there. I looked at Edward, he and Carlisle were exchanging a meaningful look. His mouth set into a hard line. I realized Edward must be reading Carlisle’s thoughts. That was going to take some getting used to.
      “Bella,” Carlisle said looking back at me, “You should get inside. Buttcrack Santa was your father’s friend.”
      I nodded and looked back at Edward, “See you at school.”
      He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

      • I am SURE it went just like that. I bet that exact excerpt is somewhere in SM’s shredder

      • ❤ you, TS!

        "Buttcrack Santa was your father's friend." Hahahahaha!

        Can I vote for you to be in charge of writing the BD screenplay??

        • TS that was great! I love it! Could I add a couple of lines tho…??
          Bella: Edward, I left my bag in your car. Would you mind tossing it into my dad’s cruiser before you leave? I wouldn’t ask but I bought a book all about vampire’s and I want to make sure I read it tonight before we talk tomorrow. Thanks for the dinner. Goodnight!

          • Oh my god, Cyn…I just laughed so hard, still laughing. Oh my god. That was BEYOND amazing. BEYOND. I want to like a million times thumbs up you for that. ::Pauses to breathe::

            Wow, wow, wow. You are so right! She totes leaves the book. I never noticed that before (ok, I’ve only seen it like 8 times or something, but still). Hilarious.

          • @Team Seth…glad I made someone laugh today other than my daughter (see comment above) I am watching Twilight now and that part was on just a few moments ago as I was reading your comments and laughing out loud cause I was watching the movie and adding your lines…hysterical!!

          • haha! 🙂 but seriously, you saying “Your mood swings are giving me whiplash” is pretty epic. I would’ve laughed too if I were your daughter. And then high fived you.

          • @Team high fives for this daughter…she WON”T read the books and she has only watched Twilight ONCE…I am so ashamed…I tried to raise her right an everything….now my Twi-daughter as I call her would have high fived me and made sure that I KNEW that I had said it in the first place!!

        • Um, yes please. I wouldn’t mind the IMDB writing credit or the fat paycheck. You know, or working with C-dubs to really get the feel of the story into the filming. Stephenie and I would meet for some tea (they have tea houses all over Canada. I love Canada) and after 10 minutes she’d say, “Girl, you got this! Imma fly back to Phoenix now and hang with my fam. In fact, you’ve completely inspired me to finish up Midnight Sun.” And I’d flash her favorite crooked smile and she’d be even more dazzled.

          Also, we should let R-berg get back to writing dexter, no?

          I could definitely handle the birthing scene. I actually feel like it’s a really touching scene…but you just have to get the right emotion into it and ignore that there’s a bloody mess everywhere. One thing I LOVED in BD was that Bella can smell her own blood faintly when she wakes up after being changed. It’s like a floral scent that is really pleasing to her, but it’s covered with stringent smell of ammonia. Love that.

          And the whole Volturi non-confrontation…I think I could handle that too. Make sure that there’s a huge amount of tension, but then allow it to be let out. Wish fulfillment is important! How great is that moment when Bella flashes a wide grin at Jane? So smug. Okay, now I actually seriously wanna write this… damn.

          • OK no fair!!! 🙂

          • Oh! The opening scene will go something like this:
            Focus on Missing poster of Jacob then blur to focus on Bella pumping her gas in the background. Bella goes to grab the pump and the sunlight reflects off her engagement ring.
            Bella: Snorts and shakes her head
            Enter Hyundai to the gas station. Two men get out of the car dressed like they are about to go hiking.
            Man #1: Hey, wow, is that a Protector?
            Bella: Glares like KStew would
            Man #1: I didn’t think those were released here yet.
            Man #2: They’re not, only in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
            Bella: Continues to glare.
            Man #2: Um, would you mind if I got a picture of your car?
            Bella: Waves her hand Be my guest.

          • @Team Seth…again no fair…The protector??? Sounds very interesting…your such a tease!

            OBTW..Really pisses me that Bella is SO RUDE at the Cullens…missing lines:
            Alice: It’s ok, Bella and I are going to be good friends”
            Bella: “Great, it will be nice to have friends for a change”
            Edward:”I’m gonna show Bella the rest of the house”
            Bella: “Ok, it was really nice meeting you all. Thanks for going to all the trouble to cook dinner for me.” “Maybe next time I could bring you a deer or something”

          • ::on the floor laughing again:: This calls for one of the better lines from the Twilight book:

            “Bears?!” I squeaked. Edward shot a worried glance around. “You know that bears aren’t in season.”

            Sorry for my future referencing. But take heart that in 3 years you can come back and read this post’s comments and pee your pants laughing.

          • You’re so funny tonight, Cyn. Maybe you are funniest when you have annoying husband days? 😉

          • @TeamSeth…no only cause everyone has gone to bed and left me alone…phew…emotionally charged last 2 days and I finally get to “let loose” at LTT….and with you of always make me laugh!! I ❤ you!
            It is so funny to me that no one here (at home) knows that I come here every day all day….tee hee…its my own special place!!! I am actually in the process of writing an email to LTT because for the past few days I have been pondering HOW much my life has changed since "coming out" two mons. ago when UC & Moon printed my letter for all to read…

          • weird..I have never watched Twilight and talked about it with anyone at the same time…HEY WAIT..I am multi-tasking!! Its been forever since I have done that! Anyway my heart just flip flopped…I SOOOO love that part when Edward reaches ever so gently over to Bella while telling her “You don’t know how long I have waited for you” (Yes I hit rewind) he is saying that I am thinking…”Yeah about as long as I have been waiting for you to say that to me”…Heavy Heavy sigh….

  11. I LOVE Peter.

    I actually can’t decide who my favorite Twi-DAD is…Carlisle, Billy Black, or Charlie Swan?

    Peter is a wonderful Dad…

    A great GREAT actor…


    and amazingly wonderful and kind to all of us crazy crazy Twilight fans.


  12. PFach is awesome. There’s something so endearing about him… Plus he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

    It has been wayyyyy too long since I’ve seen Can’t Hardly Wait. It was definitely my favorite movie back in the day. Methinks I’ll be ordering it on amazon while laying around enjoying my lazy Sunday.

  13. Oh, goody, goody, goody!!

    I got all excited last week when you said PFach Appreciation Day. I have a little appreciation for this man almost everyday.

    I love Carlisle, and PFach knows how to bring the vampness to embrace our beloved Daddy Cullen.

    And totes hot on Nurse Jackie, LOVE,LOVE, LOVE PFach!!

    Yay Sundays!!


  14. Oh how I love PFach.. I love his tweets, I love how he is one of the people.. I love that he is so down to earth… the fact that he is easy on the eyes is pure bonus!

    Yeah PFACH SUNDAY… 11/1/09 a day to celebrate indeed!

  15. YAY! I love Peetah! And I need to rent “Can’t Hardly Wait” because I’ve never seen it. I know, blashphemy!

  16. PEEE-TAAAH (see how your name sounds like a sigh?)
    why is loving u so easy u ask?

    loving u is easy cause fiance ❤ Kelly and I ❤ you…

    cause u have ruined all health care professionals for me….Mc steamy who?

    cause u have the best amost slo-mo-windy-blurred around-the-edges entrances of all time…OF ALL TIME
    (u kicked bella's entrance out of the park)

    and finally loving u is easy..(cause ur beautiful…do do do do dooo) cause even my little brother thinks ur the bee's knees….(and he hates picking teams)….

    • McSteamy who? bwahaha! awesome. I was watching Marley and Me the other day and it took me the entire length of the movie to realize owen wilson’s friend was the hot asshole doctor from Grey’s Anatomy.

      Also, now all i can think of is the sunlight glitter glue scene from Twilight with the mystery science theater guys singing, “You’re beautiful!”

  17. Can’t Hardly Wait was for sure my favorite movie for quite a while. I had a huge crush on Ethan Embry…still dig him actually (old habits die hard). He’s so good at not playing main roles haha. Anyway, back in the day (6th grade?) when I read my sister’s Seventeen mags and cut out cute guys’ photo spreads and hung them inside of my closet door (this is a vast improvement from 5th grade when I read Bop and hung the photos on the OUTSIDE of my closet door. And I HATED JTT, but love, love, loved Jonathan Jackson from General Hospital…who knew that my future SO used to watch General Hospital everyday with his mom during his youth?) the “10 Hotties To Watch” (or whatever) article featured Ethan Embry and the movie Can’t Hardly Wait….except it was in pre-pro at the time and was entitled The Party. How glad are we that someone was smart enough to change the title to something so much more memorable and so much less grammatical?

    • @TS – “He’s so good at not playing main roles” – I agree! I love Ethan Embry. I always like him in any role. Though I don’t think I’ve seen him since Sweet Home Alabama.

  18. So, PFach is cool, but I just can’t get into him.

    That crocs photo is hilarious…like martha stewart hilarious. I especially love how his eldest daughter is just like, “Seriously? We’re really doing this?” She was 1st and 2nd hand embarrassed to the maximum level.

  19. Also, one last comment before I do my read through and reply comments.

    Last night at the Halloween party I went to, someone was dressed up as the one eyed, one horned purple people eater.

    Yes, I did you proud ladies and unicorns. I said to her, straight faced with a huge inner giggle, “Great costume! Purple’s cool.”

    Also, there was a cute guy name Josh who was wearing, no joke, a unicorn head as his costume. I squeed (probably out loud, I think I was a bit sauced by then) and desperately tried to find a camera so I could post his photo here. To no avail. But I resigned myself to knowing that I could still share that amazingness with you guys.

    And yes, someone went as a vampire, and I completely ignored him.

    Highlight costume was however a guy dressed as Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter character in that upcoming movie. He was spot on great. He even looked quite a bit like Johnny Depp (minus to cool nature I assume Johnny Depp to have, this guy was more “I’m a pretentious hipster who is kind of odd.”).

    • “Purple’s cool!”

      Love it!

    • A unicorn head costume! I would have squeed too.

    • *High five* on the “purple’s cool.” I don’t think I could have said it with a straight face, haha!

    • @TeamSeth
      “And yes, someone went as a vampire, and I completely ignored him!”
      You have done us all proud!!! xo

      • hehe. His costume was totes lame. He had only a black shirt on that said (in white puffy paint, which maybe gives him so props) “I am a vampire.”


        • ANYTIME you HAVE to write I AM A VAMPIRE while in costume…total FAIL!!

          • TS I just noticed that for the 1st time and probably only time until spring our posting time is the same…the site hasn’t adjusted yet so even tho it says I am posting at like 1:22 its really only 12:22 and yours says the right time which may be the wrong time in reality and now I have totally confused myself and don’t have any idea why I even brought this up… 🙂

  20. This has absolutely nothing to do w/ Twilight or Peter or even this blog, but I’m sitting here reminiscing, and laughing hysterically, over these videos and had to share:

    • Actually, I do think I can relate this to New Moon. Jimmy and Ben are definitely sporting major jorts in the 2nd vid.

    • OHMYGOD. That video was hilarious. I love Matt Damon.
      My boyfriend met him once on his 30th birthday while they were riding in an elevator together. He was producing a press junket for Legend of Bagger Vance. My boyfriend’s awesome. But I hate him for meeting Matt Damon and not making out with him, because I would’ve.

  21. He’s handsome and seems like an awesome dad….gotta be having to deal with all the estrogen in that house! Haha.

  22. Yay! Love Love Love PFach!!! My friend and I were so lucky to meet him a couple of weeks ago at a meet/greet in AZ. He was sooo nice and gorgeous, obviously!! He took several pictures with us and signed everything we brought. I was a little embarrassed about all the stuff we had but he was so generous and didn’t seem to mind at all! Best.Day.Ever


    • Ooops! Sorry, links don’t work I see! Haha! I should have figured as much. I need to work on that. 🙂

  23. I’m a day late, but I can’t not comment!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! PFach appreciation day was much overdue. I cannot wait to embarrass my friends again on Nov. 20 when his presence graces the screen. 🙂

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