Last minute Twilight Halloween Costume Ideas

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s Halloween today! Did you forget like me and need a costume for that party you’re going to? Do you want to pay tribute to your love of Twilight in a subtle, non-fangirl, non bouffant and bella’s jacket sorta way? Well have no fear we’ve come up with some last minute costume ideas for the Twilight/LTT gal (and maybe their unsuspecting boy).

Forks police officer

All you need is a stick on mustache, a can of Vitamin R and grab that Sheriff badge from your kids toy box. Instant Charlie Swan! Bonus points: bring your friends: Waylon Forge, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater. Extra bonus points for a bag of fish fry and lugging your flat screen TV around

Fake Lesbians

This is a costume where you’ll need a close gal pal who is in on the Twilight gossip.  Wear big nikes and tight denim. Sport a very surly attitude. Chair smoke ALL night. Never leave each other the entire night. Hold hands. Kiss if the mood is right. Bonus: bring along a third wheel boyfriend (feel free to call him an Italian spice), walk in holding hands as a threesome. Don’t pay attention to him all night.

100 monkeys

Wearing the bananagers banana costume, sneak into a zoo after it closed but right before the party. Find the monkey/chimp/gorilla cages. Let them all loose, befriend them, invite them to the party. Load them in your car and take them to the party. Give the primates instruments and play bad music all night. Write impromptu songs about Halloween candy and trick or treating or how much you love the girls on “slut-lo-ween.”

Want some more last minute costume ideas? Follow the cut!

Taylor & His Dad
Big Daddy

Raid your man or your dad’s closet for a size XXL Polo shirt. Combine it with some khaki colored Dockers. Swing by McDonald’s on your way to the party and grab a couple Filet O Fish sammy’s to eat throughout the party. If possible find an underage, well developed boy to tag along with you. Call him Taylor.
Jacob Black or random Wolfpack Member
Boyfriend need a costume? Take off his shirt throw him in some jorts and presto he’s Jacob Black. Insane Abs sold separately. No really they are!

Want something with more of a Rob vibe?

Man bangs
Buy cheap sandy blond wig and cut the bangs off. Clip them to your hair in the front and let them hang in your eyes.  Throw on an old plaid shirt, grab a guitar and viola you are Bobby Long!

Robert Pattinson
Rob circa late summer, early fall 2009

Don’t shower! Wear a plaid shirt. Show up to the party late. Eat a cupcake, smear most of it on your pants. Disappear into the guest bedroom and don’t come out for the next 26 days! Don’t worry the hosts will think you’re dead.

SO pals those are your last minute ideas! What are you being for Halloween? Do you dress up anymore? I’ve had three costumes in the month of October: Jennifer from Back to the Future, Victoria from New Moon and “Betty Rage” my Derby Girl/Whip it character. Yea, I’m tapped out on costumes for a while! Hope your festivities are fun and please “be safe” as Edward would say!

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet (Ok, don’t do that!)

Trick or Treat in The Forum
Celebrate Halloween with Rob at LTR

112 Responses

  1. YAY for Halloween! I haven’t dressed up in forever but this year I am going to be a “glampire” and Mr. Fang is going to be my meal. Pretty awesome.

    Love the costume ideas! I wanted to be KStew but I didn’t want to have to explain 342234 times…

    • Aww would have loved to have seen you as Kstew! I was thinking that if I were to go out..I would be perfect as her…sloppy kinda drunk lookin tee would say…”Yah I don’t deserve him and I know it….but I got him so just deal”….

    • I was watch Pride&Prejudice director’s cut today before I had to return the dvd (it’s horrible, joe is so boring and awkward) and I kept seeing myself reflected back from the screen when the shot was really dark. My hair was all frazzled against the couch and I was slouching…and I did a quick hand run through my hair gesture and let my mouth fall open slightly and just sort of stared. Then I thought, “Oh my god. I look just like KStew.” So, maybe I will go as her…

      • watching*

        Also, I used to have a plaid flannel shirt when I was ten that was PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sad that I no longer have it.

  2. LOL.
    We don’t celebrate Halloween here.
    The whole trick-or-treat thing doesn’t bother me at all but I would LOVE to do the whole costume thing!
    I love dress up parties.


    • Yeah, once we hit a certain age here and before we hit the next certain age when our kids turn 2, we go to dress up parties and not trick or treating… something about alcohol is just so alluring 😉

  3. I WAS a random wolf pack member…..i wore jorts, a home made cut off tee that said “recreational cliff diving association-cause la push doesnt have a mall” and sneakers…ears and tail and everything….

    *hangs head in shame*

    needless to say ppl werent surprised…..

    • HA! I would have loved to see that costume. Sounds cute!

      Part of me wants to see how many folks dress in Twilight inspired gear in the NY’s Village Halloween Parade but it’s suppose to rain and regardless of what others think I’m made of sugar and spice and everything nice and I will melt in the rain.

    • Hold that head up high girl!!! That costume was perfect…YOU did us all proud!!! 🙂

    • that sounds adorable. like, swiftner cute. for reals.

    • That’s so unbelievably awesome.

      Please, please, please post/send photos.

      • awww thanks guys…u know how the pack is supposed to be all fit and buff……me?…not so much…i was the couch potato wolf of the pack…the one who had to guard the house from the inside with a full fridge…and cable…

        how do i post/send? thats IF u still want to see them after the description above….lol

        • Of course we do! Please post!! In any “pack” there has to be the one on guard! Again, you did us all proud!

  4. I gave all my skanky (prudish) costume stuff from college circa 2004 to goodwill this year. Perhaps I will see KStew rocking my cat in the hat and pirate outfit this weekend.

  5. I am just going to look mournfully and intently at everyone I encounter today and when they ask me wtf? I will tell them I am Bella Swan for Halloween.

    • dont forget to make out with two different hot guys and tell them BOTH that you love them….lol

      u need authenticity right? 😉

  6. Moon – I think your feet probably smell like roses.

    • Ok…fess up, Moon. You were my one “thumbs up” in what-I-thought-was-a-witty-comment-but-was-obviously-not-so-much.

  7. i am going as a tin of SPAM. yep, the blue tin of unknown meat byproducts. why? cuz its what i ate for a year when i was deployed and its blue. oh -and am also sporting a bright pink cast from my car wreck two weeks ago.

    what can i say? i like color (plus i have lots of blue face paint left over from my family reunion – damn those family skits).

    **not hanging head low in shame cuz i’m cool like that**

  8. We don’t celebrate Halloween but I would love to dress up though. 🙂

    I’ll dress up as a maid, pretend I am and raid Rob’s hotel room :-). While at it I’ll bring him a months supply of Heineken and Hotpockets. 🙂

    • Why don’t you just dress up as a Hot Pocket? Then, he can eat you. I just hope for your sake he isn’t being too kind. I don’t know if you’d want to be shared with Kristen.

  9. I was going to go as a fangirl. But as I am going to a screening of Twilight I might look like an actual fangirl so I’ve just painted my nails black instead…

    In the UK they have promised us exclusive New Moon footage at the screenings…You can bet your Buttcrack Santa it will be the same stuff thats been on T’interent for months.

    Anyhoo,,,, MWAHHH Happy Halloween to all…

    • Yeah, I’m not going anywhere for Halloween (I’m in college and I don’t really do the party scene) so finding a costume kind of fell by the wayside. I had the same idea as you though, and I might end up dragging out my hot topic tee’s, carrying around the books, and showing off my People Magazine New Moon edition. Now, if only I could find a red ribbon for my hair…

  10. “Slut-lo-ween” – essentially that’s what my costume is. Slutty dress + fake blood.

  11. Been a fan of LTT/LTR forever….never commented. Had to for halloween costumes!
    My husband, our two boys (2 and 6) and I are all going as vampires….yeah I have that much pull in my family I have forced them all to dress as a vampire family!
    A little embarrassed about that but tryin to own it! Let’s just say it’s not a big surprise to anyone who knows me! 🙂

  12. I LOVE halloween. Yesterday I pulled out the Hermione Granger costume I wore a couple years ago for a party we went to. Tonight however I’m breaking out the real costume. Definitely going as KStew. Got my secondhand plaid from the thrift store and will be sporting my skinny jeans and fake ray bans. It will be awesome.

  13. Last year I was a rebel fairy. Basically, I couldn’t find a fairy dress that I liked so I just bought wings and a cool face tattoo/paint set. For the rebel part, I wore blue jeans, a white tee with cigs rolled up in the sleeve, and boots. Think if James Dean and Tinkerbell had a baby. That was me!

  14. I am not dressing up tonight, taking my little batman out trick or treating, but last weekend for a halloween party, my friend and I dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess. Wild blue hair is always a win.

    Happy Halloween LTT-ers!!

  15. Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂 I hope everyone has lots of fun! ALL of you better take LOTS OF PICS!!! 🙂

    • Picture is up on my twitter, Cyn. =) How are you feeling? How is your computer behaving? Hope both are better!

  16. I love your kind of crazy.

  17. Even tho, as Jayde pointed out, we don’t celebrate Halloween, I went to a hen’s night tonight and it was dress up – sort of in honour of halloween I guess.

    I went as a japanese festival girl, in my navy blue yukata with red obi and pre-made bow (sort of the japanese version of a clip-on bow tie) and little sandals and bag. I looked super cute, and got hit on a lot which was nice. the other girls who came out into town were a devil and a cat in a cape (yeah, we didn’t get it either) and the hen was a pumpkin.

    I’m still drunk. And at the pub there was a bunch of people dressed as what I assume were car crash victims, surgeons and nurses. It was gorey awesomeness.

  18. I really wanted to be mullet-Stew, but Walmart ran out of mullets (not kidding). Plus I’d have to find one of those underage boys to tag along with me–I live in Georgia after all. :]

  19. OH HAPPY DAY!!! They are now showing New Moon previews on T.V.!!! Could this day get ANY better!!!

    • I must be the only person who hasn’t seen them yet! *pout*

      • I am watching Lifetime.(hangs head in shame) ..that is the only place I have seen it and only once, but hey its a start..

        • I’ve seen it several times while watching the cw (hangs head in shame much heavier than MidnightCyn).

          • Oh no Ang..hold head up high..I KNOW your only watching the CW BECAUSE they are running the NM previews!! wink wink…(switching channels now!!!) 🙂

          • The CW! ::fondly remembers back when it was the WB and they had the campaign with the cute little animated frog in a tux. I miss you Dawson’s Creek and Felicity!::

          • Ah, WB. Loved the Creek and Felicity! A friend of mind moved to Louisiana and they did not have a WB affiliate there! So I used to e-mail her every Monday morning and tell her what happened the night before on Felicity. We were both Team Noel.

          • Ang! I was SO Team Noel! I had a Scott Foley fanpage that I made when I first was learning HTML in 7th grade! (Who knew fangirling would lead to freelance web design work?)

            Sigh. I love JJ Abrams. Maybe I will go as Kate and then my boyfriend can go as JJ Abrams. Is that weird?

          • Not weird at all! You would make a great Kate. How far have you gotten in Lost? Are you Team Sawyer or Team Jack yet?

            And when exactly did I start referring to myself as Team Someone in relation to all tv shows and movies I like?

          • I’m on episode 16 of season 1. However I’ve seen quite a few random episodes from seasons 1-4, so I know about things that I shouldn’t know about yet. Oh well.

            Anyway, I’ve decided to go as padme, even though my friend i’m going with is going as A FARMER! He said (and I quote), “Yeah, I just got one of my plaid shirts and am gonna smudge some dirt on my face.” and I was like, “Well then we’ll just go as Robsten! Solved!” But I didn’t say it aloud.

            I’m Team Sawyer mostly…but I don’t mind being Team Jack. I don’t really see it as necessary to choose sides in this show 😉

          • Funny how “Farmer” and “Rob” are such similar costumes!

    • Yeah the previews are cool!!! :-). Rob looks hot!

    • yay. i saw the preview two days ago during the world series. thank god my hubby was asleep when i walked into the room cause i gasped then rewound the dvr so i could watch it again.

  20. No one wants to play with me, so still not sure if I’ll be dressing up, but if I DO decide to go out by myself like a big loser I may or may not dress as a pale redheaded chick in a furry white coat and green irish shirt.. And I might possibly have red eyes..

    • Oh Jodie I wish I could go out with you…oops that doesn’t sound right….Iol…I would so go to a Halloween party with you…I would love to dress up and just have FUN for a change…I think everybody “here” has a stick up their butts..cause they are all crabby! I have thought about stealing my own car and running away…tee hee..

      • “I wish I could go out with you…” AS FAKE LESBIANS!!!!

        • Your so fresh T.S…. 🙂 mind is always in the gutter…lol

          • ::rolls eyes:: that was in the post today as a costume idea!

            I love that you used the word fresh 😉 That should be used so much more often.

      • Awwh, Thanks, Cyndi! That’s because you are made of awesome. =) I tried to go out by myself, but it was totally boring and it was rainy, so I just came home. But as I was walking to my car someone shouted out their window “I love Twilight”, so I guess (eventhough I chickened out on the red contacts) I was recognizeable to the cool kids. And to some of the little girls I handed candy to since they looked terrified of me. Woot!

  21. I got my “I am the treat” tee, “Drag me to Hell” (cuz thatswhatshesaid) dvd, my fake IV bag of candy blood, and my homemade cemetary in my front yard (it looks awesome!!!). Happy Halloween!

  22. No costume for me. Though, this morning I was wearing my plaid flannel pants around the house. Does that count for Rob? I probably would need to add a hoodie.

    • Oh that counts Ang…plaid ALWAYS counts for something!!! I am wearing my Rob 108 shirt…shorts..and of course Blanket Rob!! Yeah I know that is what I kinda wear everyday…but today I am wearing my hair like Bella…turned it up a notch cause its Halloween! 🙂

  23. Totally of Topic..yup that’s me…but take pity..I am bored stiff…anyone have any upc’s from any M&M product…yes I have lowered myself to playing the trick or treat game at M&M’s…but hey I can’t eat any candy…can’t go trick or treating and I have to DO something fun…its Halloween!!!

    • I don’t have any m&m upc’s to share. But here is some eye candy for you. It’s an old interview (from April) but fun to watch!

  24. Friends and I are going as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m Michelangelo (cause I love pizza, nunchucks and saying “cowabunga,” duh). We even have a Splinter, Shredder, etc. Should be fun. Thinking I’ll need quite a bit of liquid courage to get my butt out to the bars like this though… Have fun everyone!

    • wow. and i thought your costume was cool all by itself, but having the whole gang really makes it! i’m being boring this year and being a zombie, but i’m going to a zombie prom party so it felt right. besides, every year i dress up as something i have to spend the whole night explaining, and i’m over it. apparently puns do not make the best halloween costumes (think: the truth fairy, or a “nice package”).

    • Who is playing April O’Neil?

  25. I would have LOVED to have dressed up as KStew and had fiance dress up as Robert. But there’s NO WAY he would do that! He wanted to be a viking instead (yawn) and even though everyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t touch flannel on an ordinary day, thus it would be a costume for me, KStew seems too difficult to explain to the non-Normal people.

  26. Halloween’s so fun. I’m going as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. But I might as well have gone as the Stew, I’ll have just as much explaining to do with my actual costume anyways!

  27. good ideas for last minute costumes. The fake lesbians my favorite.

  28. “and please “be safe” as Edward would say!”

    Haha! I never realized that before. My friend says that to me every time I leave him. a-w-k-w-a-r-d.

  29. I have no money, so i think I’m just going to go as Padme again, which was such a rad costume last year…I even did my make up to look like natalie portman.

    BUT, I have just gotten really into Lost, so I’m thinking about going as Kate… I have freckles and her color hair, so it could work (and I rock the cargo pants w/ the tank pretty damn well). It’s not as “costume-y” though. Thoughts?

    • I was a huge Lost fan but its been off the T.V for so long I can’t remember any of it ..I just checked my tivo and there were still two on there from what must have been the first couple of shows….If your going as Kate add handcuffs and be kinda bloody/ the plane just crashed??? Just a thought…have fun!! Take pics….Happy Halloween!

  30. I have been thinking about this all day…what I would have done PRE-accident and it finally came to me… I would have taken the pic at the top of this page and blown it way up and pasted it on foam board…cutting out KStew’s face and sticking mine in there instead…then worn black leggings and gone as LTT…..No one would have had to ask what I was for sure!!!

  31. What the hale?? Everyone here has gone to bed and left me..It’s Halloween for crying out loud!! What’s up with that??? 😦

    • @Ang oh you sure did…then laughed out loud at myself…

      • I’m not really a pervert…just when it comes to Rob. 🙂 We need to find a way to e-mail so don’t have to make you blush in “public.” ha!

        • LOL…I can’t remember are you on Twitter? We could exchange emails there in a direct msg…I think they are called that? You are not only a Rob-vert but a hilarious one at that! 🙂

        • MidCyn- glad I can entertain you! I’m actually not on twitter…i know, i’m slow. I have TeamSeth’s e-mail. If she doesn’t mind feeling a pimp for a day, I can ask her to send mine to you! 🙂

          • I am sure she won’t mind being a pimp for the not sure if I ever told you…I love love love your Avatar!!!

          • HAHA! How awesome, I was reading this thread and before I got to your comment about pimping me out I actually was about to write and suggest that very idea 😉

            Apparently you guys know me too well…

          • awwww – TS will be our pimp. Seriously, we need help. And by we, I mean me!

          • Shoot me an email Ang. I can’t remember if I have yours…

  32. Footnote to my LTT costume idea..(It would have been perfect to wear that here tonight as it was just like Folks weather…windy and rainy.)…ooohh we have to get to the people in Rob’s FACE and Victoria’s face to hold a small tree so we would really look authentic!! Ok..I know, too much…but I was going for the whole effect thing..oh and like having the person in the middle wear a wire head peice that held up a moon…ok I am stopping now…close to the edge..I know!!!

  33. Well all its been fun…time for Twilight!! Hope Halloween has been great for all….see you in the a.m.

    • NOOOOOO!!!! Right when I come back you leave!

    • I have been watching the live post-game show that my boyfriend is directing. It’s his first show ever for the season, so I want to be supportive. Plus I’m killing time before the Ducks game ends and I can go out to the Halloween party tonight.

  34. I am a mama so I had to go about the whole obsession in a different way…I kept it simple and wore some skinny jeans a black shirt and some body glitter. I sparkled 🙂

  35. I went to a Halloween party as Edward last night….I had a pea coat and I printed out the mask that was floating around the interwebz….well I had two masks, I put sparkles on one…


  36. You’re just soo funny!! This one: ‘If possible find an underage, well developed boy to tag along with you. Call him Taylor.’ Just made me laugh – and spit water all over my keyboard:-)

    You girls – and all of you who comment just keep making my day – every day! I’ve becomming more and more addicted to LTT – like a special brand of heroin;-)

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