Breaking Down Swiftner aka we heart Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift HARD!


How ridiculously perfect is this picture?! Seriously!

Dear LTT-ers and Robsteners,

We so get it now! After the pictures of the Taylors (aka Swiftner) came out this week and the ensuing letters I wrote to them UC and I fangirled out (it was mostly a lot of high pitched “oh-em-geeing) half the day about Swiftner and how much we loved them. I started watching the clips commenters posted in the letters to the Taylors post and I knew I had a new addiction. Here’s UC and I breaking it down…

The one where I “come out”
I officially sound like the Swiftner version of a robsten fan*
UC hahahahahahha and i like it SO much more!
Moon Yes, it’s not nearly as annoying or annoying at ALL
UC RIGHT! just cute!
Moon dude ive SO watched like 2 videos of him at her concert in Chicago. Stop me
UC: hahahahahhahaha love it!
Moon: people are posting them in the comments. She sings 15 in the audience in front of Taylor and then comes to hug the folks where he’s sitting and when she hugs him and the crowd goes nuts. its SOOO embarrassing. im embarrassed for them. and then they do that lingering hand holding thing as she walks away. Swiftner lives folks! hahahaha
UC: awwwww!!!! sooo cute!!!!
Moon its super cute
UC dude.. that’s amazing. Send me the link to the video

Moon: OMG!!! HAHAHA its even more embarrassing from this other angle
UC: Watching! Awwww!
UC he’s like “i love you” SOO cute! what if he sang? i’d die if he started singing along with her!
Moon: HAHAHAH they need to do a duet. I hope taylor has seen taylors crappy student video

Follow the cut to see us have an epiphany and plot our Swiftner love blog

The one where Taylor Swift “speaks to us”
i bet i’d cry at her show b/c i get sappy at stuff that reminds me of when i’m a teenager. even though SHE doesn’t, she’s just SO that girl!
Moon: SHE IS!! i so would get sappy too! She speaks to my inner high schooler for realz

The one where she uses her feminine wiles to lure him in and UC remembers an embarrassing story about me!
her doing the hair flip is so getting to him
UC: hahahah hair flip. she’s showing off
Moon: totally!!! right in front of him and he laughs!
UC: probably dared her to
Moon: we totally robstening out right now, fyi!
UC: i just tweeted i’m a tay/tay shipper on my personal twitter
Moon: I tweeted on LTT: uc and i may or may not be breaking down this SWIFTNER chicago concert clip like we’re robsten fans
UC: omg is she SINGING to him? or just to that side?
Moon: other angle:

UC: he can SOO see her hoo ha!
Moon: she has her legs crossed cause she’s a lady!
UC he won’t even look at her. he’s too embarrassed
Moon: hes in ❤
UC: SOO in love!
Moon: you know when you like someone a lot and its hard to look at them?! SO this moment
UC: YES SOOO this moment. Like you in the garage with that boy you liked
Moon: HAHHA yes
UC: my fav story ever. Next to my drunk bread story
Moon: its better to look away than to risk total embarrassment. that was SOOO embarrassing

The one where we’re in love and we GET IT
UC: i’m in love. with their love. is this how it feels to be a robsten fan?
Moon: I think so! It’s kind of addictive! We SOOO get it now!!
Moon: DANGIT! i’m addicted! I totally started following her on twitter last night and she tweeted about listening to “paparazzi” while being chased by the paparazzi and i was like DUDE shes SOOO with him! why else would she be chased?
UC: yess!


This tank top shows off this 30lbs of muscles nicely! Thanks for helping a brother out, wardrobe!

The one were we SQUEE about hand holding
i haven’t finshed the vid yet!
Moon: look at the hands when they part and she walks away
UC: awww big hug. awwwwwww
UC: OMG! ahhh! I see it! it’s love! I bet they have the same arm band on
Moon: of course, It’s probably a shoestring with pop tops on it. Taylor made it on the tour bus between shows.
UC just SQUEED when i saw the hand hold!
Moon: SEE!!!
UC: i get it! i get it now! i get how robsteners feel (the crazy ones at least*). I still think they’re absolutely fucking crazy b/c kristen is the WORST for rob. I mean uh, did I say that out loud? 😉
Moon: oh 100% i think this is actually GOOD!! like theyre a good match. robsten? not so much

The one where Selena Gomez better watch her back!
Moon let’s write a Swiftner fanfic
UC: yes! it can take place in Nashville
Moon: yes and the taylors will have matching white horses
UC: and matching rainbow sweaters and glitter will rain down from the heavens
Moon: So after writing a Swiftner FanFic the next step in this shipping is for me to create a Swiftner fanvid, right?!
UC: hahaha
Moon: then we’ll change our avatars to black and white pictures of them cause their love is timeless and beautiful!
UC: okay, what about a Swiftner love blog?
Moon: YESSS!!! It’s so ours!
Moon: then we’ll go on Selena Gomez fan sites and start bashing her and the commenters with stuff like: you’re DELUSIONAL if you don’t think they’re together!! and we’ll call all the 14yr old fans fat and ugly
UC: they are so ugly if they don’t believe
Moon: DUH and have NO life and wish it was THEM!


I love all these marching band pics, anyone see "The Other Sister?" I'm thinking 76 trombones right now!

The one where we debunk a common Robsten argument
Moon: OKKK sooo this brings up the HUGE argument the robstens bring up for robsten not being public
UC: what is that?
Moon: that SUMMIT wont let them be together in public because it ruins “the allure.” So if that was true it would most defs be true for TAYLOR since he’s the cats pajamas in New Moon
Moon: if that whole nonsense was true than theyd want lil tay tay free and single
UC: right!!
Moon: Robsten rumor DEBUNKED!

Dude, you guys loving Swiftner is SO fun! I hope we see them prancing in “the meadow” on a pair of matching unicorns soon. Get to work paparazzi!

So what do you think of all this Swiftner love? Now People’s talking about it, and I saw it on the cover of OK mag yesterday right under a Robsten article which I bypassed for the Swiftner news. TRUE STORY!


*Robsten fans – when we say Robsten fans we’re mostly refering to the crazy cuss you out, call you names, it’s their way or the highway, Robsten is tru fax and there’s no other way it could be, kind of people! We’re not talking about the COOL Robsteners like our gal Calli and others who love them some Robsten but also are psycho freaks and “GET IT.” It’s kinda like when we make fun of Twimoms, we’re not making fun of every mom who likes twilight, just the crazy ones! Kapishe?

Discuss your love or hate of Swiftner over at The Forum
UC gives Rob a REAL interview! LTR

Wanna hear Taylor call Taylor Tay-Tay?! Listen here!

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  1. le sigh… yeah they are totally adorable…

    hopefully there’s more to than the effects of doing the movie together… maybe it’ll last a while…

    (but i’m still in favor of “Lauft”)

    • “Lauft” makes me think of 99 Luft Balloons

      Has du etwast Zeit fur mich…

    • hahaha I read this post yesterday and woke up this morning having had a dream where I was best friends with Taylor 1 and Taylor 2 and they were a couple. I am 22.
      How embarrassment.

  2. I LOVE them! So freakin adorable.
    Plus you guys must seriously love them to do TWO POSTS on them in one week!
    Tis awesome.


  3. They really are so freakin cute! They remind me of all those corny high school movies where they guy and the girl totally love each other, and I definitely squealed at their cuteness like 5 times while reading this post (which is bad cuz im at work…).

  4. “prancing in “the meadow” on a pair of matching unicorns”

    The image of this in my head just made my day. Photoshop, anyone?

  5. They are cute. Barbie & Ken cute.

    They really just make me want to throw up with their cuteness…

    PS I just said “cute” three times, now four. That should be illegal.

  6. Taylor S on Ellen being asked about Taylor L. and kissing him. I thinhk she’s being coy

    • she was so cute and “aww, shucks” in that clip!

      Ellen: “is he a good kisser?”
      Taylor S.: *giggle-giggle* (deep breath) “huh-what?!”
      “i just REALLY like hockey and it turns out so does he”.

      Uh-huh. coy indeed…

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! SWIFNER LIVES!!!

    we were both young when i first saw you, tudu du du du… du du du du du du du… du du du duuuu.

    it’s spring down here, i’m in loooooooooooove!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ll never look at my swifter mop the same way again 🙂


  9. You guys just summed up every single feeling i have about them…..i read an article about them at work today and i couldnt stop squeee-ing and clapping my hands like a trained seal…<3 love love love

    They are so cute my teeth hurt….

    let me know when u guys decide to crash a Selena Gomez fansite, i love making 14 year olds feel "fat and ugly" lol (im so mean) buhahahahahha

    I wish we had prom….I'd snog that boy till that crown falls off….and other items like those fly jeans…

    finally THANK YOU WARDROBE!!!! I think i hear angels….

  10. They are alive with cuteness.
    It is perfect for little Taytor Tot. She is a girl next door type with the hawt, shy jocky type. It just goes together, peanut butter and jelly if you will.
    I would have a tough time with the Swiftner fan fic tho, it’s hard for me to imagine them gettn all hot and nasty a la The Office style.
    I am don’tgiveacrapsten, so I am happy to finally feel what all of you Robsten’s feel. I am part of the in crowd now.

  11. The Swiftner adorableness is hard not to love – and since I don’t have a huge crush on Tay Tay, (either of them), I’m cool with him banging her every day of the week and twice on Sunday (for the lord). But the Swiftner nickname just makes me think of that weird mop thing.

    So, Moon, I had not read your drunken bread story the other day and I nearly wet my pants when I read it this morning. You hugged the bread! That is fabulous! Thank god for you that you don’t remember that night – I’m sure those would not be pleasant memories. Just brings back my super wonderful memory of vomiting in a bathroom in New York’s Port Authority Bus Station from drinking too much tequila at a place in Chelsea. Good times, good times.

    Loved your tweets from Bobby Long Bangs’ concert! I wanted to go in NYC on Sunday night, but hubby ixnayed to watch the Giants play football. And they lost. Karma?

    Oh yeah – GO PHILLIES!!!! Yankees Suck!!! (mets fan sour grapes and all that)

  12. “Moon: yes and the taylors will have matching white horses
    UC: and matching rainbow sweaters and glitter will rain down from the heavens”

    I’m so watching my little pony tonight!
    Their innocence is contagious.

    • Bet it’s not that innocent, Taytor Tot has mad skills.
      Ok, I can’t even buy all of that.

      But bring the My Little Pony and Care Bears sweetness. We need a break from all the sour puss angst.

      Settle down Robsten’s, Imjustsayin’

      • after watching his “i’m 12 and doing a boy band dance routine” video, I can’t ever think of him sexually. just…wrong… almost like thinking of booboo radley!

        • oh i KNOW! but Booboo is adorable… Taycob & Booboo are the “aww he’s my litle brother” type, to me. (even thoughTaycob’s bod is truely impressive)

  13. See this is how you use a relationship to promote a movie. Take note Robsten! You’re doing it wrong. LoL

    • except that nm is all brooding and angsty. maybe when we’re waiting for eclipse to come out, robsten will be all rpatz gloating and calm and kstew always looking scared she’s going to get one of her immortal friends killed (btw, look up immortal, bella.)

  14. I adore Taylor Swift and think she can do no wrong…and she hasn’t let me down…I am loving the Swiftner love story…

  15. “UC: and matching rainbow sweaters and glitter will rain down from the heavens” <— BEST LINE EVER.

    I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but even I think this is adorable.

  16. I like the marching band pic. this is great. A shoe string with pop parts is cool. Phillies won. I love it.

  17. They are totes adorable! She is such a lady and so fair and sweet. He is an absolute gentleman with a lot of the dark and handsome thing going on. He is super hawt in bed, me thinks!!! I hope their love is a lifetime because they are perfect for each other. They would both understand the hollywood nonsense and still be able to be a normal couple with kids and the American dream. Go for it!!!

  18. “a shoestring with pop tops on it”

    What is this? I thought is said “a shoestring with pop tarts on it” and that made more sense to me somehow…

    Is that like the tabs from soda cans?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    • Yeah, it’s the soda can tabs. LOL. When I was in high school, just a FEW years ago, we would wear them on a necklace sometimes.

      Le Sigh, good times. Ugly jewelry

      • KStew loves ’em.

      • When I was in middle school, the skanky girls wore pop tab necklaces and called them “sex tabs.”

        I guess when they had sex with dudes, they would get a pop tab out of the deal? No idea.

        I couldn’t imagine Little Miss Priss (tswift) going for such a thing so that is why I wanted clarification. 🙂

        • ew. middle school sluts were the worst. it’s like you don’t even WANT to intercept kids notes in class these days because then you’ll have to read about who gave who head in the handicap bathroom (it usually locks and is bigger…duh) between life science and social studies (yeah, it’s not history when you’re 11, it’s social studies!). DISGUSTING.

          • Ahh… that’s why i’m glad i did my later schooling through home-school… no pervs

  19. I’m a fan fic virgin but I would defs consider losing it for some Swiftner action…..but not until after Feb! 🙂

    “the cats pajamas” I heart that HARD!

    • WIN, WIN, WIN
      I ❤ you for this.

    • This is EPIC! I may or may not have set this as my desktop background. I love you.

    • OMG!!!! its everything i imagined and more….im printing it out, sprinkling it with glitter and putting it in a fluffy pink picture frame….

      and then whenever a Tay S. song plays im gonna sing to it…

      U r a million diffferent types of AWESOME!!! 🙂

      • no seriously…except i dont have a fluffy frame…instead will sing to desktop instead…fiance has oficially declared insanity and is doubting going ahead with wedding…
        U have made my day though…. 🙂

        • wedding blues, huh? or maybe not… do you want to go ahead w/ it? i’ve been married for 6 years, quite happily… but you’d both have to be committed for it to work. better to find out before hand… (a wedding can cost a bundle too). LTT provides some fun distraction but i hope it works out for your happiness.

          • awwww….ur so sweet….Mere Male and i have been together for 7 years (almost one year engaged) now so i think hes well and truly trapped…hes used to my bursts of insanity and we both randomly call off the wedding, or pretend that either Rob or Tay will disrupt it…movie style….lolz

            I ❤ u

          • ahhh, i see. well then ya’ll should go ahead and make it official! no backsies…

            – unrelated point: do you know why your avatar pic shows up on LTR and not here? [fangbanger06’s pic does the same thing…]

        • do they have Claire’s stores in NZ? They’ll sell fluffy frames there

          • eww… flufy frames… makes me think of the one made by kindergardeners… popcicle sticks and cotton balls… ahh, now a feather boa, that’s a whole different story! (JOKE)

          • No….me so sad….im gonna have to skin a carebear…

            I love carebears….they have such fluffy fur…somehow it seems wrong to massacre something cute to make something cuter for the cutest pic ever…. 😦

          • ROTFL!!! x3 @ “im gonna have to skin a carebear…
            ” WHOO! that was too cute…

            speaking of care bears, i have a giant “grumpy” the one that’s blue w/ a cloud raining lil’ hearts… my hubby bought it for my back when we were dating… love it.

    • This is perfect! Hahaha, thank you for this!

    • Hahahahaha! You’re amazing.

    • This is so incredible. Thank you for making my day because a second before I clicked your link someone was pissing me off. Love <3!

    • Perfection!

      You deserve a Cupcakes
      or a Sparkle Sticker with a lil happy face

    • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  20. The Burger King crown makes me crazy 😀

    • This is random, but….all the seniors in my high school always wore Burger King Crowns to the pep rallies, so this pic brings back fond memories. I actually remember kissing my high school boyfriend while we were both wearing bk crowns. Good times. Tay Tay’s cute little thing they have going on reminds me of high school in the sweetest way. Can’t help but to sqee. It’s nice to feel 17 again in this 29+1 year old body.

  21. Aww, cute! Every time those two hug or hold hands, I bet there is angelic chorus from heaven, which little birds and butterflies float to, as they circle about Swiftner’s heads.

    • Awwww…You just made me think of Cinderella…the birds, the mice, maybe a fawn or two….and of course the unicorns…always the Unicorns….

    • Awwwww….You made me think of Cinderella….with the mice and the birds….maybe a fawn or two…and Unicorns….always the Unicorns….

      Tay S would make a Perfect Cinderella…especially in “Love Story”…she needs to re-shoot that with Tay Laut….le sigh….
      sorry i go off on a tangent sometimes…

  22. Taytor-Tot will be accompanying Lady Swift to the AMA’s or whatever this upcoming awards is. She is being nominated for Entertainer of the Year…youngest nominee EVER and she’s the only female. She is going up against Brad Paisley, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.

    Yeah, she’ a total hotass she-pimp.

    PS. I don’t think Summit could threaten against Big Daddy Laut like they can Nick Frenkel.

    • Where did you find this out? Oh to see them together for real would be my sugar overdose!

    • Hopefully Kayne will cut her off again and T-Laut will fursplode on his ass!

      • HA! if he does fursplode i hope he thinks to tie an extra pair of jorts to his ankle under his tux.

        • or not…not complaining either way….
          (did i say that out loud?)

          • gir-r-r-r-r-r-r-rl… you so ba-a-a-a-a-a-ad. now you know we cannot have another wardrobe malfunction on the telly!

          • wait! there was another wardrobe malfunction? where?

            *frantically googles “Tay-porn” and FAILS!!!*
            le sigh

            hahahahhahahahaha 🙂

            sorry for being bad….ill try and be better
            *hangs head in shame*

          • i was refering to the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson… he wouldn’t be “allowed” to fursplode… or we wouldn’t see it! tv delay..

            hee-hee… yup, you ARE bad….

          • i swear i didnt (read in edward voice) “google it”.

            Janet Jackson nip slip *urgh*

            i still hope he calls out Kanye and gives him a roundhouse kick to the head…from stationary position…and then smirk
            “i told u not to get me upset”
            shudder…clench fists….lock jaw….compose…aaaaaand scene…

        • I hope he doesn’t! Just sayin’

      • Oooo, now that would make for must-see t.v.! And then BoyTay grabs the mike:

        Hey, Kanye, I know how you like to interrupt and Imma let you finish, but Edward Cullen is the best BLOCKER of all time! OF ALL TIME!

  23. I’m sorry Robsten but you are just too boring and mysterious these days. I’m switching to Team Swiftner all the way!

  24. How come everytime I see these two and try to do the name thing I think of a swifter mop? That’s not good.

    Little random tidbit:
    Go here to see a complete list of tv alerts for the cast. And feel free to add to it if there’s something missing or something new.

  25. “The Other Sister” LOL LOL LOL!
    Awwww, he’s her “Daniel”!

  26. Good god they are cute. I think my head just exploded from cuteness.

    Could you please add a few more paragraphs to your disclaimer at the end? I still don’t get it.

    • haha.. i almost deleted it. I miss the days of no disclaimers where people would say hateful things that we could laugh about.

      “Moon- she called you the fattest hater on earth and dissed your choice of ice cream flavor”

      sigh.. the good ol’ days…

      • If you want, I can verbally abuse you. I’m having a terrible day/week, and I need to kick a puppy. I’ll just take it out on you instead. I’m sure something I say would make you laugh…eventually.

        And of course they diss your choice of ice cream. The crazy Robsteners only like Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked…it’s the definition of R and K.

      • yeah, but then you had to go and call D-Slade a little person GEEZ LOUISE, UC! But you know it makes me want to meet him all that much more for an interview about his involvement with the anti-human trafficking effort. I ❤ D-Slade. Wow, I talk about that too much.

        ps-In typical 25th style, Billy Burke's bday is arriving on Nov 25th. Just saying.

  27. Ok maybe I am just grumpy because my computer keeps crashing..or maybe its becauset Summit is hateful and took away my kissing clip…(Yes I was sooo pissed I made a post it regarding this issue so I wouldn’t waste time looking for it again) So take the rainbows and shove them up the unicorns ass..OMG did I really say that?? I don’t want the cutey couple in my face…I mean really….who cares…ok maybe I shouldn’t comment anymore until I am in a better mood….

    • Do you mean this one?

      The only clip I’m aware of that they’re pulling is the breakup scene.

    • Don’t worry. Once scenes are leaked on the internet they can never truly be erased. I’m sure we’ll be able to find another link for you soon!

      Been crazy at work. Miss your face! Hope my emails are coming through and your computer isn’t rejecting them!

      • I cannot stay online long enough to check emails…keep getting the blue screen…trying to find out what is wrong by running scans but then it crashes..
        sorry about my rant this a.m…trying to get in a better mood..but my computer is my link to the outside world and if it goes then I am back to being cut off from everything and everyone…especially LTT.. 🙂

        • That would be terrible for everyone involved! I’d be ranting, too! Sorry about the email problems. =( That blows. I answered your twitter questions via email because I thought it would be easier. My bad! Sounds like your computer might have blown a gasket. Any way of batting your eyelashes at the husband and getting him to take in to be looked at?

        • Try to open it in safe mode to run your scans for virus etc. Miss you and your emails 😉

          • Ok back on for probably a min…Have tried to open in safe mode..won’t seem to allow me to run virus scan..and now the friggin washing machine just shit the bed….I GIVE UP…anywho…Ellen has on Taylor Swift.. don’t have time to read all the comments to see if anyone else has posted that (cause the puter will probably go) so sorry if it is already here. ..going to try and run another virus scan or throw the computer out the window…one of the two..

          • No worries. out the window works the best I think. Or just hit it. It doesn’t help always, but it at least makes you feel better.

            ps-dry root is probably dry socket. Not fun.

    • is your mood lifting? i hope so… (don’t hate on “Lauft”, they’re too cute)

      how the mouth/jaw? i hope you are feeling better… still need frozen peas?

      • LMAO..definately still using peas. thanks so much for that tip..mouth not better 😦 doctor says probably the infection has spread because they pulled it while it was abscessed and something about dry root or something….I can’t remember…helped with the diet tho…lost 5lbs since last week! 🙂 has to be one bright spot right!!

  28. So I think I want to officially change my sn to Swiftner4Life.

    They are too freaking cute, I also love this pic of them at the VMA’s

    • How tall is she?

      WAIT!!! Could they be the new Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Remember when they were the toast of Hollywood? She was the tall glamorous beauty and he was the hot action movie star (Top Gun, anyone?)…I can totally see it!

    • Awwww! I love that Taylor was able to give her her award…..then Kanye came and mucked it all up. 😦

    • You should! Robsten is a dying breed! OK Magazine told me so. ;P

      • You are so right, Robsten who???

        This is better, no?

        • Definately. Thumbs up!

        • I still don’t give a crapsten. thank god I never jumped on that band wagon…now it’s more like the wagon from Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail… BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! Robsten’s all, “I’m not dead!” “They say they’re not dead.” “Yes they are.” “I’m not dead.” “I can’t take them like that, it’s against regulation.” “They’ll be stone cold in a moment.” “I feel happy! I think I’ll go for a walk” “Look, isn’t there something you can do?” THUMP.

          • ❤ your face for that reference… that part was super funny ( i also like the prince in the castle part of that flic)

          • “we are the knights who say “ni”
            bring us a shrubbery!”

            The castle bit is hilarious….

            “your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries”

            bahahahhaha….i ❤ monty python fans….

          • An Africa swallow or a European swallow?

          • I fart in your general direction…

  29. Oh Moon,

    I loved “The Other Sister”!!! I could watch the last 15 minutes of that movie, over and over. I cry every time the marching band comes down the street…

    Love you…

    I agree that KStew is not good for Rob, but Taylor and Taylor seem perfect for each other. So Sweet.

  30. I’m kind of indifferent to these two, although I can’t deny they are both cute. Like kittens.

    • I agree. I tried, and yes, I kind of want to pinch their cheeks and tell them to make sure they remember, “no glove, no love.” But, I just can’t really get into this phenomenon. What’s the I-don’t-give-a-crap-sten equivalent of Swiftner?

  31. I am a bit concerned with Taylor’s habit of picking up the JoBros sloppy seconds. If I see him with Miley next, I might cut somebody. That being said, Swiftner is pretty darn cute.

  32. Love it, love it, love it!!! Mr. Fursploded doesn’t live in the world of pop culture, so when he gets home and sees that I actually made egregiousgirl’s photoshop pic as our desktop (seriously, I did it…at least for today), I’m sure to get a big W. T. F. He’ll get over it, cause this is too cute not to celebrate. In a world with Paris Hiltons and Miley Cyrus’ showing their twats and dancing on poles to anyone who will look, the Taylors are a breath of fresh air. YAY SWIFTNER!

  33. “Robsten rumor DEBUNKED!” – made my whole week!

  34. Speaking of Taylor Swift, she’s going to be on Ellen today.

  35. Who saw the Jay Leno show the other night when Martha was on? I’m printing out egregiousgirl’s Photoshop masterpiece and glittering all over it right now! Swiftner is so precious; they are teetering on the verge of making me gag, but I’m still on their love boat for now. I’m guessing this “wardrobe” was not for a twilight-related event because it’s actually good and so is the hair and we all know the wig dept. at Summit sucks.

  36. I LOVE THIS. You 2 breaking it down. So good.

    My totally absurd giggly schoolgirl feelings toward Swiftner remind me of the feelings I had when reading Twilight. All that young, pure, shiny, innocent love…

    They’re freaking adorable.

  37. They are going to be huge in terms of “it couple” status. I don’t think they could be a more perfect young hollywood couple. And without the grody-ness of Efron and Hudgens! YAH!

  38. UC: they are so ugly if they don’t believe
    Moon: DUH and have NO life and wish it was THEM!

    I love it when you subtly do what ever you are doing with the above back and forth. I GET THAT.

    Swiftner is adorable. It’s like puppies and can you not love it?

  39. You lost me at the end of the post. Do we believe in Robsten or is it not true? My brow is furrowed in confusion. I think…well I don’t have a clue. The Taylors are very cute and kid friendly so I am happy for them and hopefully it won’t end badly.

  40. i’m so excited for the youtube videos that are to come of them holding hands and hopping around to “breathe me” hahaha

  41. Awwee.. the eend of the video is my absolute fav.. they’re so cute

    • Oh, and in the second vid.. the guys between the camera and taylor lautner, they keep staring at the camera.. what the eff.. little awkward..

  42. Cutie, cutie, cuteness! I think I may write a song to celebrate their love!

    Crazy Twimom signing out!

  43. I love them….I’m hoping for a Swiftner appearance at the NM premiere! soooo cute.

  44. I love this entire post. Especially the disclaimer (although it still shocks me every single time that you have to spell this stuff out for people).

    I like Swiftner…really I do. Taylor L. looks like he gives really good hugs and smells like fresh laundry and soap when you bury your head into his beefy neck…um yeah..what?

    • “Taylor L. looks like he gives really good hugs and smells like fresh laundry and soap…”

      You nailed it…that’s just how he looks to me, too!

    • TOTES!!! its like u can read my dirty dirty mind….

      fresh laundry and soap….and a hint of sexy cologne…just a smidge….

      and nice bear hugs…with those big arms….mmmm

      *stop it! stop it! its Swiftner now!!!*

  45. [random tid-bit] i was just on my way back from the post office and i saw this guy in a sand colored Nissian truck at the stop-light… it hit me that he looked so familiar to me. Who? he looked just like Cam. JUST like him, ripped arms and all.

  46. I ❤ Swiftner all the way go Taylor/Taylor go……..

    I "accept" that Robsten is "probably" happenning but don't like it at all {sorry Robsteners}……it is nice to have gooey feelings for these two and when Rob gets the right girl {ie Ashley or someone as nice as her} I'll be gooey about that too…..

  47. Random fact – They just announced on NZ radio that Robsten is OVAH! cause he wanted to marry her and she didnt…. 🙂

    Im a dont-give-a-crapsten but that made me laugh so hard….just thinking of the NZ Robstners screaming at their radios…..

    Bring on the baskets of kittens, sunflowers and of course….Swiftner love….

    • W-W-WH-what! so it’s “over” before it was even “official”? he asked her to MARRY him?!

      that sounds like a ru-u-u-u-u-umor-r-r-r-r… at least it had better be a rumor until they finish BD… we gotta keep that heat on the screen… jus’ gotta.

      • Yeah! the DJ’s called them “the couple that never was”….rumour or no rumour…i find it hilarious….its just as bad as the love nest…lolz

        we are sooooo two thousand and late…. :p

        • “the couple that never was” Sounds like a bad murder mystery.

          • bahahahahahaha!!!! *wipes away tears* oh god…

            i feel like holding a murder mystery party now…guess who gets killed?

            I’ll have a “sparkle peen” as a clue….

            Oh god…i need sleep….

          • I’ll have a sparkle peen as a clue. A thousand times thumbs up.

          • okay since you mentioned “sparkle peen” i hafta share: i have used that phrase several times w/ my husband and when i said it while we were in bed last night i told him i wanted one that poof glitter… so now he makes a *poof* sound effect whenever i mention it… it’s funny as all get-out!

            okay… i just hadda share that… end of rant.

          • I would rather die than ever say “sparkle peen” to anyone, especially Mr. Fang…

          • i made people type “sparkle peen” lol

            isnt it liberating?

            my work here…is done….


          • fangbanger, i thumbs downed you. saying sparkle peen is almost as good as playing the penis game.

  48. I heart tay tay!

  49. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by VanessaRae1: I am a total Swiftner shipper. *hangs head*

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