Billy Burke Appreciation Day!

I want YOU to appreciate ME!

I want YOU to appreciate ME!

Dear Billy,

Your fans have spoken!

I took to the twitter-webs (one of your favorite places) to ask our lovely followers who we should appreciate this Sunday and we got the message loud and clear. They wanted to appreciate YOU, Billy Burke! Can we blame them really? You are the man who plays Bella’s pops Charlie AND you were Jack on My Boys, one of our personal faves. There really is too much to appreciate here but how about we give it a whirl this Sunday…

We appreciate:

Your Tweeting skills
What other celeb uses Twitter to call out journalists, lame-o tweeters and to just plain #drunktweet? You, that’s who! Never let your agent/manager cramp your twitter style! Keep on tweeting country songs and bitching out dumb folks who @reply you and we’ll keep following!

Your Copstache
I’m gonna have to let the other girls wax poetic about your stache because I, like Bella, grew up with a dad who rocked a stache so I in no way think it’s sexy but apparently the other ladies about these think your copstache is the best thing since sliced bread and I’m gonna let them talk about it in the comments, but just know your stache is one of the best “props” Charlie has and might just give a bunch of gals naughty thoughts.

Your gun cleaning, Vitamin R and lil Halo-

I can’t lie you had some of the best lines and actions in Twilight. But we all know the humans rocked Twilight the hardest. But how you play Charlie is so spot-on… in fact dare I say your version of Charlie might even be better than Stephenie’s version of Charlie. SHHH!!! Don’t tell!

Follow the cut to see what else we appreciate about Billy and add your favorite things

You were Jack on My Boys

Missing from this picture: one coptache lovin' man named Billy

Missing from this picture: one coptache lovin' man named Billy

My Boys, also known as: one of the best “guilty pleasure” shows no one knows about that comes on randomly during the summer and strangely mirrored my own life for about a year. You were in it and you were PJ’s boyfriend for a hot second!

Your love for a good hat!
I’m beginning to think it might be your ONLY hat! I’ve seen you in this at like every Twicon, at Comic Con and apparently at the Playboy mansion. Why the crap you wore THAT at the Playboy mansion I’ll never know but rock on wit yo’self.

Owner of the only flat screen in Forks
Clearly you’re the only person in Forks who owns a flat screen TV and thus you must entertain mooches like the Blacks who bring crap like Fish Fry, that they didn’t even make, just so they can watch the first Mariner’s game of the season and since you don’t say much and you’re nice, you let them take up your couch space. Maybe you should get Forks “Neighbor of the Year” Award. And yes, I know you’re NOT Charlie! But what fun is this without a few Charlie shout outs?

Participant in the worst/awesomest group chat in the history of the interwebs
Mashable hosted a chat with You, Peter Facinelli and that dude who danced in a bikini on TINY CHAT. It turned out to be the most crazy, unorganized, under prepared for, awesomest 10 minutes of my life I’ve ever spent in a chat room. Mashable is probably used to have 10 social media nerds show up for their online chats and didn’t expect THOUSANDS of Twihards to show up to ask you guys questions. There were so many people asking questions you couldn’t read them and Peter Facinelli couldn’t hear or see anything so I spent the chat “yelling” in all caps “COPSTACHE IS HOT!” and “MIKE DEXTER!” Please do a chat again. Only not with Mashable OR on Tiny Chat!

RPattz WHO?! Where's my Vitamin R? Ef That Heinken shiz!

RPattz WHO?! Where's my Vitamin R? Ef That Heinken shiz!

So dear Billy, I hope you know how much we appreciate you and all the little things you being to not only your portrayal of Charlie but all the little things you bring to the fandom! From your hats to the coptaches we love you so and your fans are loud and pround! Oh and we beg of you PLEASE live #drunktweet from the New Moon Premiere!

I’ve heard that one before!

Ok now you may commence with the totally appropriate/inappropriate DILF comments! You know Billy loves ’em! What did we miss? What do you appreciate about Billy Burke?

PS This is the 2nd week we’ve featured a “dad” on Appreciation Day… should we go for a hat trick and appreciate the crap out of Carlisle/Peter next week?

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164 Responses

  1. Billy Burke is awesome.
    They could not have picked a better Charlie.
    And I kinda agree – BB’s Charlie is better than Steph’s Charlie …
    Plus he’s effin hilar.
    Oh and PLEASE do appreciate PFach.
    He is so EFFING gorgeous.
    Nurse Jackie screens here Monday nights at 10.30.
    I love Monday nights.

  2. what a wonderful way to see my birthday through. I am in New Zealand so it’s currently 1.23am and am lovin’ the appreciation day shizz. I may be a few Jack’s down but can still appreciate appreciation day even in my drunken state! I have always thought Billy was the one of the only characters who played his part well, the rest were rubbish. Long live the ‘stache.

  3. Agree to all the above…I ❤ BILLY….

    Oh and yeah let's DO Petah next week something GOOOOD to look forward to…….

  4. Wow, I feel like a total douche. I watched “My Boys” religiously and didn’t remember Billy was Jack.

    Regardless of my douchery I do enjoy Billy’s protrayal of Charlie. I love that he didn’t read the books and will never read them. I wonder if he even read the whole script outside of the table reads. He has a I don’t give a eff attitude that I want, but only think white men like him can truly pull off and people still adore you.

    Now that I’m typing this I’m beginning to wondered if Billy was in that thriller with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling (sp. ?). Ah, too lazy to look it up.

    But happy you are appreciating BB, next week bring on Mike Dexter and 1/2 of greaseball team on “Fastlane,” Mr. PFach himself.

  5. Billy’s Charlie is awesome sauce, he’s a cool single dad with priceless comedic shotgun loading timing. That is my absolute fave scene in the entire movie, it’s classic.

    Steph’s Charlie is cool too, I think that it’s just that we see him thru Bella’s POV all the time that he seems to be a bit lamer. Teenagers never appreciate their parents til later. I wish that SM had let Edward talk a bit more about Charlie’s thoughts in the books, get to know him a little better.

    Bring on PFach next week!

    • Sigh, the shotgun scene is my favorite, too… and the halo scene is a close second.

      Movie Bella didn’t dote on Movie Charlie the way Book Bella doted on Book Charlie. I think you’re right, having a third-person perspective really helped increase his appeal.

      • The halo scene is the best.

        I think in NM charlie rocks as a character. He’s all “Bella!” and bangs his fist on the table. I don’t know, he’s just such a good dad in that book, through such difficult times with his beyond depressed daughter. He feels so helpless and he has little support (since Billy’s happy the leech is gone).
        In the scene when Alice returns he and her are talking in the kitchen and he says such a great line, “I’ve never seen anything like it. It wasn’t as if someone had left, it was as if someone died.”

    • I love Billy Burke!!!! His tweets are probably my favorite from the Twicast. He’s got this whole plan going on right now to boost his IMDB ranking. So, if you have time, visit his page often. His ‘star meter’ has increased over 200% in the last week. lol.

      I agree about adoring movie Charlie more than book Charlie. But agree it’s most likely because we’re seeing Charlie through Bella’s eyes in the book. He kinda scared me a bit in books…he kept to himself so much and punished Bella over the motorcycle nonsense. So basically, Billy as Charlie is a PERFECT casting job. He rocks it 🙂

      • I go visit his IMDB, let’s just call it my little form of fanfic 😉

        Anyway, I sent him a tweet to let him know it’d be easier to keep going if he put new photos up hehe. No luck yet…

      • I love Burke! I was tempted to tweet him that I would hit his IMDB page all night long if he promises to get it on with Sue Clearwater in BD and show Edward how to break a headboard!

  6. Billy is hot without the copstache-I’m not really a fan of the stache. He reminds me of Rick Springfield, only hotter.

  7. I may or may not have squealed when I saw this post. (Note: I did.) I’m 100% Team Copstache, and I almost want to start using my Twitter account just so I can follow Mr. Burke.

    It’s no secret that I didn’t think Twilight was the greatest movie of all time. I may have started out that first viewing doing some Rob ogling. I may have been impressed with Jackson’s bat-handling skills. I may have even had a “Hello Dr. Fuck Me” moment with the former Mike Dexter. But, when I went back to the theater a third time (in 24 hours), it was all for Billy.

    He wasn’t at all how I pictured Charlie in the books, nay, he was better. He provided the (intentional) comic relief that Twilight so needed. Not to mention, he was 100% believable as the not-very-affectionate, quiet, but over-protective and loving father. He was the perfect Charlie, and the only character from the movie I picture when I re-read the books.

    I never intended on finding Charlie attractive when I entered that theater last November. I never thought I would find the copstache so darned appealing (*cough* moustache ride *cough*). I never thought I would have a collection of Billy porn on my computer that far exceeds the number of pictures of that Rob what’s-his-name fellow.

    But I do.

    So, thank you Billy. And thank you girls of LTT, you’ve made this fangirl’s day.

    Billy is so worthy of any fan’s love. How can you NOT love him? PFach would make me slightly nervous to hang with(read **sexually harrass**) but Billy??? Yep, I’d completely do him in a car, on a plane, in the men’s room….who cares where!!!
    And that copstache???? Loving it more every day – it’s so freaky retro looking that I am having flashbacks to when my mom used to lust after Magnum PI.
    Billy is truly a real man and that just sends chills down my spine.
    So bring your non-BSing, call ’em like you see ’em, F**K you attitude, Billy. I think I really am in love.

  9. Billy Burke stole every scene he was in. I loved him as Charlie. I totally agree that he made Charlie better, than Stephanie’s version.
    The scene where Bella asks him to be nice to Edward, because he’s important, and Charlie draws a halo around his head. Priceless!!!

    Please. Please. Please do Peter, next week. That’s what she said.

    Can I make another request? Now that the New Moon soundtrack is out, please “Break it down vanity fair” style!!! I love your thoughts about music.

    Kisses to Moon and UC

  10. Oh Billy Burke, have to appreciate him. He portrays Charlie so well. Don’t know what everyone sees in the Copstache though.

    Please appreciate Carlisle/Peter next week! Love him!!

  11. The twits spoke and they were heard! 😀

    So this is all lovely. I am still distracted by the possibility of Rob in a library and cannot focus.

    Copstache is cool. I, personally, don’t like mustaches but to each his (or her) own.

    • I agree…Billy sans Copstache…WIN

      Appreciating Petah tom *ahem* double WIN!

      Gonna be humming “Doctor doctor…cant u see im burning burning…” aaaaaall day….

  12. I saw a re-run of Gilmore Gorls last week and Billy was Lorelai “new man”… he was really good.
    And then there’s Billy on the 1th season of Fringe… making out with Olivia… nice Billy… 😉
    I like Billy. That’s all.

    • I also appreciate that Billy was Alex on Gilmore Girls and was a coffee entrepenuer and then took Lorelai fishing! 🙂

      • I always hearted Gilmore Girls…and then they threw in Burke and I was like, “Major high five!” That show had such a fun bantering script.

      • Love GG, and BB on GG. He was great with Lorelai.

        • Love GG, love My Boys but I don’t remember seeing BB in any of them. But I’ ll never forget Charlie! And I’ll notice him in EVERYTHING from now on.

          • BB was on GG a long time ago – maybe in season 2. And he was only there for a couple of episodes. He was a friend/business partner of someone Sookie knew, and he met Lorelai at some kind of business seminar.

            OK – it seems weird that I know so much about this, but I just watched the episode where she met him last week!

          • Haha, and I thought I knew everything about GG! Do you remember what his character’s name was?

          • Alex Lesman

          • It’s not such a stretch that I’d know all things Gilmore Girls – I happen to own the whole series on dvd! Oh, is it first hand embarrassing to admit that?

            His name was Alex, but I only know that because someone said it in another post. 🙂

          • Oh, I remember! He was in the episode where Jess got the black eye from the swan!

          • OMG – a swan! As in Charlie Swan. We eventually came full circle!

  13. I’m not big on the stache, either, in general, and my dad had no facial hair…I like it because it is kind of goofy. And makes him look-a like a MAN. ahem.

    The first time I saw Twilight I about fell out of my chair when he said ‘Vitamin R’. I only know a few people who say that, and I happen to own a Vitamin R t-shirt I have had for YEARS. I wear it running, and always get a thumbs-up from dudes in muscle cars.

    I read some where he is from Bellingham, a PNW boy and he said he threw that line in, because a cop from forks would totally say that. LOVE THAT. I knew there was no way the screenwriter or CH came up with it.

    • Definitely wasn’t in the script. He is from Bellingham. In the commentary CH, though cougary, actually gives some valuable information about the production (unlike the 2 other people in the commentary).
      She mentions that Billy knew about Vitamin R since he’s from Washington and she also mentioned that Billy was so happy to shave off his copstache when he wrapped, even though it was his idea to grow it.

  14. Let me also state, for the record, that I also find Mr. Burke quite appealing sans copstache… though I do like him a little scruffy… like in that last picture. Sigh… okay, done fangirling… for now.

  15. Billy won my heart when…once upon a time an interviewer asked what he wanted to say to his fans and he said, “Where are you?” haha I hope he sees this article!


    What do I say about a man so great?

    One of the reasons that I love the Twilight Saga so much is that the actors ARE on Twitter and they DO connect with fans. Billy Burke is one of these great people.

    Let me just summarize the greatness that is Charlie Swan in a few words:———



    Being totally understanding.


    Charlie doesn’t “Hover”.

    Kung-fu fighting with Billy Black, who I might add, is in a WHEELCHAIR. That takes balls.

    The greatness of Billy Burke:———


    LOVIN his fans!

    Being a badass in general.

    Hats. Lots and lots of fedoras.

    Cursing out journalists.

    Playing the BEST Charlie Swan that there could and would ever be!!!

    We LOVE you, Billy.
    This day belongs to you!!!

    xoxoxox Ash

    • Love it! Ash knows all about my Charlie love, so does Moonie-Pie! I think I was the first one to respond to her tweet asking who to “appreciate” this Sunday.

      Am I the only one who feels left out because there isn’t a Charlie stand up cut out? Edward, Jacob, psh! I want me a Charlie!!!!!

      xoxo Chels

  17. i’m totally with you on the copstache thing. my dad was a cop…with a mustache. i think it’s part of the uniform?

    • It’s definitely part of the uniform. My dad was a cop also, totally rocked the copstache. Couple of friends in high school also had cop dads (we called ourselves the three little pigs, lol) who had them. I think you have to have one in order to receive your badge.

      And oh, Billy… he makes Charlie the way he should have been in the books. I have had conversations with friends while watching the movie about being so glad they didn’t cast someone who looked the way he was described in the book, cuz Billy is fuckhawt. And I bet he’s the kind of guy that you could run into at a bar, and wind up doing shots and telling funny stories with.

  18. Although I can appreciate the copstache, I think he looks WAY hotter without it. I loved him as Charlie! Every single one of his scenes was perfection. It was one of the few things about the movie we could actually be proud of.

    Billy will always have a special place in my heart because not only did he steal every scene in Twilight, but he also comes from the Northwest and is a big Seahawks fan. GO HAWKS!!

    Speaking of Twitter, he’s doing an experiment of sorts, trying to get his IMDB ratings up, so help him out and click here:

    • Wow…he’s got some hawtness going on there in his IMDB photos. I just about peed my pants laughing over the one where he’s holding a bag from SPANX.

  19. When I think of Billy I always think of those Budwiser real men of genius commercials.

    So today, we appreciate you Mr. I rock beer and drunktweet and make women swoon with a fake mustache.

    Rock on, Billy.

  20. Billy Burke as Charlie made Twilight bearable for me for all the reasons you stated. I am from Seattle and when he threw in the Vitamin R reference my friends and I nearly peed ourselves in the theater laughing. Too freaking awesome and so spot on for a place like Forks or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest for that matter. Thanks to Billy my Twi-online name was born. Yay!

    Love the pornstache, love everything about him. He is the much more age appropriate choice for me and I could definitely go there. I would really just love to go shot for shot with him and smoke ourselves into a frenzy together.

    I am right there with you all loving Billy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there will be lots more fabulous Charlie lines, facial expressions, and Vitamin R references in the upcoming movies.

  21. Don’t forget Billy was in the amazzzzing Gilmore Girls as that guy Lorelai dated for like 2 episodes!!! Sans mustache, sadly.

    TOTALLY go for a hat trick and appreciate Peter next week! He’s pretty DILF-y when his hair isn’t dyed that creepy white-blonde.

    • I’m so glad someone else agrees with the creepy Carlisle hair-do. He was so not what I pictured as Carlisle.

      • Hi TS…definantely HATE THE CARLISLE FAKE HAIR COLOR…drove me crazy during the movie…love Carlisle tho….

        • Yes, his bleach blond/brown roots hair was creepy and definitely annoying. Actually none of the Cullens, except Esme had good hair. I hope they fix it in New Moon!

          • Hopefully they’ll fire the wig dept, find a better one, and just give everyone wigs.

          • I have to admit that based on the trailers, I’m skeptical, but so long as no one shaved Charlie, I’ll try to overlook it.

        • I do love Carlisle too. He’s such a great character, and I think PFach plays him well.

    • *ahem* I have to say Peter just DOES IT for me (thatswhatshesaid) with the blonde slicked-back look. Much more than brunette Peter, who is also still very YUM.

      That is all. *bows*

  22. I LOVE Billy Burke. What’s not to love about the copstache, the scene-stealing, the late night no-holds-barred and drunktweets? I had no expectations for Charlie in the movie, but Billy completely nailed the performance. Loved him on My Boys, too.

    Praise Jeebus there are some age-appropriate hot menz in this franchise, y’all.

  23. Billy Burke=Win…reminds me so much of my own Dad..he would so have done the shotgun thing…actually my Dad told my hubs he would pay him to marry story…I was 14 at the time!!! (He somehow knew we were perfect for each other) So wished he had lived to see us tie the knot…(don’t like the stache tho” but used to love BB tweets..I just may have to reopen my twitter..hmm…we’ll see how the puter holds out….

    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!

    • awww. that’s cute. i wish my dad was like BB’s Charlie. you should get back on twitter. i always enjoy reading your comments here, anyway!
      p.s. i ❤ the copstache, but ONLY on him. i don't think i could handle it if my hubs tried to rock one!

  24. OMBilly OMBilly!!!! I can’t comment/read just yet ‘cuz I promised to watch the Manchester United game with my boyfriend, and then my parents called and I had to talk to them for like 45 min so he’s been patiently waiting…but, I’m sooooo excited that today is the day tuesdaymidnight and I have been waiting for 🙂

    I will be back.

    • I was getting worried, TS! It would be catastrophic if you missed Billy Burke Day!

    • TS..was worried about you it being BB day and all…plus you didn’t answer me yesterday (did you?) did you get my email? I am thinking of you… ❤

  25. Billy Burke made me love Charlie. Definitely one of my favorite characters from the movie.


  26. Consider Mr Burke appreciated ❤

    I hope someone has attempted to get him over here to LTT – he'd love it here.

    And I might fangirl squeal and die if he revealed that he *had* beed here…and liked it…

  27. billy’s charlie is def better then stephanie’s charlie. i felt that every scene (except when bella’s leaving) he steals the scene.
    I first remember billy from the episode or two he did on gilmore girls.

  28. My dad sported the 70s stache. But he didn’t look like BB! I can absolutely separate the two and give the stache some lovin’. I am so not a fan of them (unless they come with a beard or some other form of chin facial hair) but Billy makes it work, somehow. He’s the ONLY one who can do that.

  29. Do a tribute to Peter/Carlisle for sure! He’s the hottest DILF of all the TwiDILFs.

    • ITA! I didn’t care for PFach in “Can’t Hardly Wait” (because we weren’t supposed to like him) and I didn’t care for the blond version of him as Carlisle (not because of PF’s performance, but because another lame effort to make a dark lovely into a fair haired vamp = FAIL)…except that I also love him as Carlisle. He seems like such a great person (and he is married to and had 3 daughters with Kelly Taylor…where is the wrong in that?). Love him. Appreciate him, please!! 😀

  30. I need “Charlie” right now….with the shotgun..cause panic has settled in full force..never gonna get through tomorrow morning…seriously… 🙂 I could also use “Jasper” to come with me cause I can just picture hurling myself out of the car on the way to the oral surgeon…oh such first hand embarassement!!

    • Wouldn’t Jasper’s ability come in handy when you wanted to be calm?

      I know you are nervous about tomorrow. We’ll all be sending happy Edward thoughts your way!

    • aw! you’re gonna be great MS! Maybe they’ll let you bring blanket rob with you? Um…wait…there goes normal…

      • THE HELL WITH NORMAL….LOL…Don’t think the hubs will go for has been watching me all day like a hawk.. me thinks he has an idea I might do something radical…(I am thinking about it tho)but he has to go to bed sometime…tee hee..

        • Well, maybe Blanket Rob could at least ride in the car with you. That way he’d be waiting for you to take the return trip home!

          This is sad…I don’t even know Blanket Rob and yet I’m planning his day tomorrow.

          • Actually Ang..I love it….Blanket Rob has his own personality…like that’s normal….he gets all twisted up when I am stressed..he wraps himself around me tighter when I am feeling down…ok gotta stop now…sounding even too weird for me….although I will say that he would want to come with me tomorrow if he could….I just KNOW this….lol…

          • OF COURSE he would want to come. Teehee.

        • hahaha! You’re hubs is acting like Charlie in the NM book! 🙂

  31. Ok…since we’re going OT here…some insight, please!

    I’m going to a midnight screening (my second midnight screening – after Revenge of the Sith…both POST-kids, go figure).

    So I’m going with a friend who is also the mother of a young child (hers is 2…mine are 7 and 5). Neither of us can even imagine how we’ll stay awake that long…despite the fact that there’s a Starbucks in the lot where the theatre is (UC – figure that one out! lol).

    We need major tips for moms of young children staying awake. We’re not concerned with during the movie, as we believe it will completely keep our focus. But we’re planning to get in line around 10pm. How do we survive…esp. w/ the teenyboppers? Any advice is welcomed!

    • Go easy on the caffeinated beverages. You definitely will NOT want to need a bathroom break during the movie!

      • WORD! I’ll hold it. NO BATHROOM BREAKS. Good advice.

        Do you think I could convince a nurse to install a catheter for the movie?

        • Hey – if that’s what it takes to keep you in the theater, I don’t think that’s too extreme. 🙂

          • Yep, I don’t think that’s too extreme, either. I’m looking into it.

            I’m also plotting my revenge on my husband, who is conveniently going to a conference in Atlanta on 11/20. I’m plotting all the ways I can make him see the movie upon his return. I want to make it as painful as possible. Also open for suggestions.

    • Are the kids coming with you to the theater? I’m assuming not, as a 2-year-old I’d be pretty pissed off about that.

      Anyway, if you need the caffeine, then you just take some caffeine pills…or possibly some adderall (shh). Really it’s a question of preparation. As we get closer to the date, start going to bed later each night, just like 15 minutes so it’s a gradual effort. Then you’ll be able to do the 12:30 go to bed, which will more than get you into the theater. They usually open the doors at 11:30 so people can buy candy and get situated. As long as you can stay up until 11:30, the adrenaline will keep you going (just like it does for Bella!).
      As for the teeny boppers…if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s all I’m saying.

  32. So, for everyone who missed my first tribute to Billy Burke a week or 2 back (I know tuesday didn’t), here is a link to the amazing interview (referenced by Kate earlier in today’s comments): When Billy Burke and Way-Hotter-Than-That-Vanity-Fair-Photoshoot Collide. Seriously, brace yourself for the panty creaming. It’s 10 pages of heaven. Beauty and wit, just charming our pants off.

    Also, during our appreciation day, we should also remember his excessively hot wife, the lovely Londoner, Pollyanna Rose (sit down, have some plaid!).

    Okay, I’m swooning over the interview with Burke. I might go watch the NM trailer [again] in order to see that clip which made UC squeal “Charlie!” (yeah, we totes heard you).

    • Okay, I had to pull this specific Q&A out, just in case someone doesn’t go visit the link, it’s too good to miss.

      Where are you originally from? Can you tell us about your childhood?

      I grew up in Bellingham, Washington. Industrial/college town just south of the Canadian border. Pretty good place to ride motorbikes in the woods and build skateboard ramps, but the day I graduated high school I hitch-hiked to Seattle to get the fuck out. Most of my youth was spent dreaming of being David Bowie and waiting for ski season to start.

      My mentality and value system continue to be colored by what I consider to be the best elements of a borderline white trash upbringing.

  33. Mmmmmmmm.
    BB=sexy manly man.
    He’s hot even with the stache, but in more of a fun, campy way. I’d probably prefer my everyday BB with hairless upper lip. With a dash of scruff.
    So good to see him being appreciated. Y’all have good taste!

  34. Anyone hoping for a Sue/Charlie scene in the BD movie?

    is it even NORMAL to kinda want that???

    • Yes and YES! Totally normal. 🙂

    • I hope it’s normal. I was thinking the same thing!

    • Oh wow! I hadn’t even thought about that opportunity! Fantastic. Hopefully Sue will be smoking hot. Is she already casted? I can’t find her listed on IMDB. Also, what are we gonna do about Seth being Bella’s little step-brother? Or Leah?! Leah doesn’t like Bella! Sigh. What tangled webs Stephenie weaves.

      Also, I figured out my suggestion for an upcoming appreciation day….the beautiful British newcomer, Mr. Charlie Bewley aka Demetri swoon.

      Here’s an interview. He sort of, only a little, sort of reminds me of David Anders from his Alias days. But maybe that’s because I think David Anders is really hot and I think Charlie is pretty hot too…

      • oh she better be hot….only the best for our Charlie….

        step-siblings!!! i didnt even think of that….*smacks head*

        aaaawww Seth becomes Edward’s step bro-in-law…
        *hugs a pillow*

        Sha-wiiiing!!! for Demetri….
        Alec and Felix too….

        isnt Felix the guy who has a bit of an “acute fondness” for Bella?

    • Only if I’m Sue.

  35. Ok, really though…would Renee have EVER left Charlie (If Charlie was Billy Burke ) for Phil IRL?

    • NEVER!!! Ok maybe if he drank too many beers and was in front of the big screen all night…and remember the stache…

  36. Anyone still up? I have a feeling its going to be a very long night…just took my shower as I am not mobile enough at 5am to do so…and we have to be at the OS at 7am…GOOD LAWD…I don’t usually even sleep until 5am..never mind being up and have all body parts in motion..should be very interesting to say the I have to take mega loads of antibiotics throughout the night….arghhh…if only Edward would have turned me…..

    • I’m still up for a while. We can chat if you want! 😀

    • yup….only cause of the time difference….its 5 pm here in NZ….
      good luck at the OS tom….
      i love the smell but hate the pain….
      think happy edward thoughts…him holding your hand ala ghostward with bella on the bike…

      btw i think ur awesome…

      • Ok…I SO want to join you in NZ. Jealous!!!

        • believe me…u dont….its like this is where twilight came to die….no NORMAL appreciative adult fandom…no cheesy merchandise…no friends….


          if u still wanna come over….mi casa su casa…

          • We’ll come!! Right Beth…we’ll bring lots of Twilight stuff…I’ll even bring Blanket Rob!! Oh wait…its warm there right?? I don’t care I will bring him anyway to keep me warm on the it as beautiful as they say???

      • Hey thanks! Made me smile..didn’t think that was possible tonight..your pretty awesome yourself you know…I am so jealous your in NZ..I heard its beautiful there!! Its on my bucket list… Hey Beth lets go to NZ for the premiere…no one will know me there and won’t know I am braindamaged..they will just think I am drunk and happy..whatch think ilegalwolflover???Want some company???
        Umm you like the “smell but hate the pain”…what…
        Oh such happy thoughts of ghostward…my favorite scene is Bella in the water holding out her hand (I think) and Ghostward disapearing.. ahhhh

  37. Oh Moon I know what you mean by the mustache. My dad has one too and in no way do I find that sexy. A mustache can only be hot if it’s paired with a goatee like hmm…JOHNNY DEPP. Yum. Now that’s some sexy facial hair.

  38. Hey, the internet can suffice for those needs, right! I just want to live where you live. No wrong in that, right?

    “mi casa su casa” I’ll be counting on that if I ever overcome my fear of planes to take a long-ass trip to your area. The most I’ve done so far is Hawaii from Philly (14 hours, give or take) and I had to be sedated. But I love your area of the world so much that it might be worth it.

    • why does flying scare u? i hate the taking off part cause it makes my internal organs come up to my throat….
      14 hours??? thats nuts….
      im just afraid of getting bored….im so ADD sometimes…fiance hates flying with me….

  39. oh right….the smell of hospitals and dentists…(im so wierd)

    u guys are welcome anytime!!!!! id love to go for the movie with some REAL fans….

    if anyone even thinks of anything bad about u…i will so totes phase on them….(sorry i get protective of people)

    i love that scene…!!!! its just unimaginably perfect….oh to be in that water….with real edward of course….lolz

    NZ is beooootiful (dont get me wrong) but when ur a college student with no money and a crappy job it sucks the beauty out of it….

  40. Is that why your over there? Is it warm? Its 32 here right now and I am freezing my ……well yah know….off…
    Beth I hate flying too, only since 911 but hey if we can get knocked out and wake up in NZ AND go to the movie with ilegalwolflover, it will be well worth it…oh..but don’t wake me up until we are in the theater…deal?

  41. Ok Hubs went to bed (he waited til I took my shower, gotta love him) so now contemplating ways of getting the blasted tooth out myself…I think he hid all tools that could possibly be used for that purpose though…any thoughts??

  42. Its getting warmer..we’re in spring and summer’s right around the corner…but please bring blankie along…:)

    yeah im here for college…im originally from Sri Lanka…tiny little island with perfect beaches to represent isle esme….

    u guys will have to get here early cause we see New Moon on the 18th of Nov at midnight(no idea how that happens)…and ill keep u guys knocked out till then….pinky swear…lol

  43. You are soooo lucky to have lived in such beautiful places…the beach is my favorite place…I used to live on an island too but it was cold and the water never warmed up enough to swim in..brrr…I am already dreading the winter and the snow…yuck…
    You get to see the movie on the 18th….ome…beautiful place/warm/early showing of the movie…paradise!!!

    • i have exams before that and i pray to god that i can concentrate enough to pass….maybe imagine ghostward sitting next to me…..mmmm
      on second thoughts….maybe no Twilight thoughts…..

      • Oh you definately need some assistance from Edward..I think you should wear a Tee shirt..under another shirt if you want to be inconspicious (sp?)…cause Edward has over 100 years of education and it can only help!!! Something really cool like a picture of him from Twilight in Biology leaning on the desk looking oh so gorgeous is bound to make you feel more confident!!

        • hahahhahahaha SO TRUE!!!!

          but then i dont want to end up stammering, blinking and biting my lip like sourpuss…the supervisors might think im either having a fit or that im posessed….

          • Hey maybe if the supervisors think your posessed they will pass you cause they’ll be afraid NOT too…just a thought…it could work to your advantage…having Edward so close to your heart can only help too!!

  44. Beth, what part of the country are you in?? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to…just wondering if your in warm or cold weather..

    • Half and half. PA…we get all seasons. I would much prefer all summer. 🙂

      • My groomer just moved there..she loves it…oops meant to say my puppies groomer moved there…lol…
        I totes agree with you…I HATE the winter and we had NO summer this year…the whole garden rotted away even my beautiful rose its already like winter and we have had some snow already…one of my daughters works at the ski resort and they had their earliest opening ever…YUCK! Do you like PA?
        I still think we ought to go to NZ and keep ilegalwolflover company…lol

  45. I like PA in that it has at least a half year of nice weather. I’m thinking now that NC would be the ideal place. Lots of warm weather and really no extremes (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). But we’re stuck here in PA. My inlaws are a huge support system for our boys and my mom is in NJ which is also really close. I guess we’ll have to deal with the occasional sucky weather. There are way worse places than PA. My hub wanted to move to Maine. No thank you. (no offense to those in ME). PA has enough winter for me.

  46. hmmm now to psyche myself up to buy an Edward tee…If i dont come back it means the tweenies managed to overpower me and buy the last one….

    i wont be able to keep a straight face at finals MS….all the suggestions…..

    “im sorry sir this pic of edward is NOT a study aid…it really isnt, it’s like carrying a religous icon…i sweaaaaar”

    • LMAO..I can just picture you saying that!!! Hey how about some Edward notepaper??? Then you can look/doodle all over him while you think of the correct answer! I figure with the tee shirt/notepaper and Twilight number 2 pencil you should ace your exams and if not at least you’ll have made a bad situation alot more comfy and enjoyable!!! I’m just thinkin…it couldn’t hurt…

  47. LOL…I live in Maine and it SUCKS.. the winter is soooo long….what’s funny is that I have been trying to get the hubs to move to PA!!! I want to go back to the farm life..we used to own a huge farm in NH when all the kids were little and that is where the hubs is from but I couldn’t handle the winter there so we moved to Florida…I fell in love with Florida. the hubs loved it at first then for some reason hates it even when the word Florida is mentioned, I really don’t know why. The only thing I can think of is that it is where I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in my early 30’s and its just a bad memory for him..we didn’t have insurance so we lost our home/business etc..cause we had to pay $250,000 for my surgery treatments etc., that is the only thing that comes to mind and he won’t tell me why he hates it so much..(cause I keep asking to move back there ) sister lives in NC and she doesn’t really like it there…BTW they do have hurricanes in NC

  48. Well ladies I have kept you up long enough..I should try and get a little sleep before its time to get up and of course I must watch Twilight first . Thank you for the laughs and for keeping me company…..hopefully I will be able to check in with you tomorrow…if not take notes! Hearts and hugs to both of you…xoxox

  49. Good luck for tom…ill send a little prayer upto the big guy for u…it’ll all go well….i know it…

    • Thanks so much…I’ll be prayin too..believe me..thanks for keeping me company! Hey and you let me know when its your exam time and I will return the prayers your way! Not that you’ll need it, but it can’t hurt… hugs.


    sorry. super excited for you girls!

    • Um, he did! And he said he’d give us a follow up! So glad I sent him a tweet 🙂 Billy Burke, you rock. Please follow up w/ a drunk tweet (drunk off some McCallans 18 year would be best…) and tell your wife I think she’s absolutely stunning.

      Also, if I could do an interview with David Slade about human trafficking, that would be really great for my career and social/political interests. I’m willing to go to Vancouver to do it, or just call him, no big deal.

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