That’s it! No more New Moon spoilers!

Twilight New Moon teaser movie posterDear Twilight,

That’s it! I’ve officially drawn the line in the sand. I will watch no more trailers, no more clips on entertainment shows, no more leaked footage on the interwebs. This entire week has been a spoiler lovers dream. And while I love a good trailer, that’s ALL I want is a trailer! Twilight (Summit) You have to make us WANT IT! Make us BEG for it… like a good junky.

Last Saturday I saw the special footage from the Scream Awards (all previously unseen footage), Monday, I watched Bella punch Paul on Access Hollywood, Tuesday I watched the ITunes special clip with the Taylor Lautner intro, Wednesday night I watched the “event” clip and about peed my pants, and then Thursday it was as if the gates to spoiler heaven broke loose with both a Volturi clip AND the much anticipated “break up” scene. I sat in the chair at the salon getting my hairs did watching all the tweets fly by, with people giving our links to the vids, and I was torn. Of course I want to watch it but I also don’t. YET. I called UC because I needed to know I wasn’t alone. And just like usual our heads were in the same place. She didn’t want to see it either. We asked each other at what point do you draw the line? We both want to have “that moment” in the theater on opening night. And we also have have the to remember we blog about Twilight so we have to remain on top of all the news and the new stuff that comes out but what will be left for us to see on November 20th if you keep releasing this stuff?

Savin' me some Jorts for November 20th

Savin' me some Jorts for November 20th

It feels kinda like opening your Christmas presents before the big day. I’ve always been one of those freaks who enjoys delayed gratification. Much to my parents delight I never went snooping, looking for Christmas or birthday gifts when I was younger or even now. What’s the point in knowing weeks in advance what you’re going to get? There’s something to be said for enjoying the anticipation leading up to the big reveal. After all what will be left if they keep releasing clips at this rate? The closing credits or Buttcrack Santa rising from the dead to seek revenge on the Nomadic Vampires (please, God let it be so!!)? Which by the way would be the best gift you could EVER give me and UC. Just sayin’.

So just stop it already!! No more clips, no more spoilers, no more nuttin’. Laugh in my face a week from now when I’m begging for it. That’s what she said! But I’ll thank you come midnight on November 20th.

Now if only I can find some sort of “Twilight Nicorette” to hold me off till the big day… Hmmm maybe I’ll reread the book!

A reformed junky,

So am I crazy? Does anyone else feel that way? Who’s decided to wait and can we be accountability partners? Kellan will supervise.

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265 Responses

  1. Agreed!

    I drew the line at the breakup scene. I can’t beleive they released the entire scene. That was one of, if not the most, memorably parts of the entire book. Grrrr Summit!

    I’ve also been waiting to re-read new moon. Trying to calculate when I should start reading it so it’s still “fresh” in my mind at midnight nov. 19. Conclusion: start re-reading New Moon Nov. 18th.

  2. I drew the line at the break-up scene. That is one of the most pivotal points of the movie. If I see it now how will I be able to cry at the theater? It will just ruin the whole experience. Now someone please poke my eyes out so that when I loose my willpower I don’t slip and go watch it.

  3. The Volturi scene is worth a watch, IMHO. I haven’t watched the break up scene, and won’t because … COME ON … that’s going to be super emotional, almost more so than the reunion in Italy, and I don’t want to ruin that.

    I have stock in Kleenex for a reason.

  4. Off topic (yup I am back) I am having a computer meltdown…woke up to a blue screen…yup the dreaded blue screen…so if I disapear (oohh just made me think of Ghostward…if I am headed there…its all GOOD) anyway if I am gone it is due to computer fail…(I am still alitlle scared of Lapushbaby..truth) so wanted to make that clear!

    On topic: I for one want to see EVERY and I mean EVERY spoiler..just tell me where to find them…you girls all get to go see the movie while I grow older waiting for the I figure if I gather all the spoilers..peice them over and over..I might just get to see some of NM before Eclipse comes out…so feel free to tell me where the spoilers are…anyone know if I HAVE watched any?? If not I am going on a spoiler hunt while I have a computer..I still say we start a campaign for Twi-Tissues specially made for the NM opening WOULD YOU CHOOSE EDWARD OR JACOB TO CRY ON???..
    Is there really a break up spoiler??PLZ tell..I so wanna see that oh yeah I do…SORRY MOON…gotta get it where I can..yup thatswhatshesaid!!!

  5. I watched the Twilight clip.

    But I’m not watching the breakup scene!

    So I am right there with you.

  6. Duh I meant I watched the VOLTURI scene. I have Twilexia.

  7. I made my comments after everyone elses. I am staying away from all further leaks. the end

  8. I’m not watching anymore either – Haven’t watched the break-up scene, because I know it will make me cry, and I’m saving that for the cinema!

  9. OME..I FOUND IT…the breakup vid…YES I WATCHED IT…and I am BEGGING SOMEONE ANYONE (Rob?) PLEASE TAKE ME TO SEE THIS MOVIE…I can never make it to the DVD..NEVER!! I AM STILL CRYING…HOW/WHY would my beloved Edward do this to Bella??? Ok I am better..not really…alittle maybe..nope…I AM GOING TO FIND A WAY TO BE IN THAT THEATER TO SEE THIS… 🙂 Gotta go watch it again…such a loser…so sorry Moon..I know I am not helping!

    • No matter how many times you have watched it I bet there are still folks out there that have watched it more!!

      Not me cause I don’t want to spoil.

      OH! And we’ll get you a pirated copy before the actual DVD comes out so you can keep up!!

      That’s cause we love you!

      • HAHA! I was thinking of that, too, Sassy. I keep contemplating which of my NYC friends could find the best bootleg without getting chucked in jail.

        We’ll hook you up, Cyn!

        • You guys rock my world!!! But I don’t want to get anyone in trouble! OK how NOT NORMAL is it that for someone who is afraid to leave the house has entered EVERY CONTEST TO WIN TIX TO THE PREMIERE IN LA???

      • see MS? i told you yesterday that you’d get the hook-up on NM! but it’d be great if someone could smuggle you to the opening!

        • OH be still my heart!!! That is why I entered all the contests..I figured if by some miracle I win..I would HAVE to get get over my terror..cause that would be a wish come true and I would so go….

          I was just thinking that I am really not that bad for watching the spoiler cause I won’t remember it anyway. (That is why I was asking you guys if I had mentioned watching any of the others, cause if I did they are history)…so maybe Moon won’t be mad at me now!

          • oh you just HAVE to go. take a Valum, drink Chamomile Tea, take deep breaths. once you’re sitting in the darkened theater it’ll ALLLLLLLLL be worth it!

        • I am pretty small..stuff me in a purse or something….(after knocking me out of course!) Just a thought..

          • I think that would work…the valium and all 😉 And some cushions to keep your spine comfy in the theater chair.

    • Maybe it will come out on dvd in record time like Twilight did. Literally it was still playing at the 2nd run theater in my town when it came out on dvd!

      BTW – I loved the scene too! I didn’t want to watch, but like the Twi-addict I am I couldn’t help myself. Totes lived up to my expectations.

      • Go Ang…glad you looked too…lol…I am in love all over again…with Robward!!! Can’t watch it anymore cause my computer is broke…OME what if I can’t watch Twilight tonight…….PANIC!!! Can I have that Valium now plz!!

        • And MidSin – remember you are free to ask ANY questions you want about New Moon! Or anything Twi-related for that matter. hehe

          The other day a friend of mine sent me a text about her neighbor’s bumper sticker – Twilight! I responded OME. I thought of you. But she didn’t know what I meant. So sad! But now she knows.

  10. i totally agree, the spoilers need to stop. i don’t want to know the whole movie before i see it! but i don’t mind a good still or rob picture every now and then, those are okay to keep on coming.

  11. Yep, I’ve decided to wait. I’ve seen that Access Hollywood video and the one on iTunes, but I ain’t watchin anymore. I want to have that moment in the theatre where everything is fresh and new to me.

    I am so darn excited!

  12. Just hopping on real quick to say I hate days when I’m swamped at work and can’t read all the comments!

    I cheated, I’ll admit. I watched the break up scene last night. I’m not watching it again until the movie, though. I’m drawing the line there. The Volturi scene was awesome, though…loved Edward’s Bella flip SO much. I’ll be watching that one a few times.

    And I’m not one to peek at my Christmas presents. I like to be surprised. But I couldn’t resist that carrot being dangled in front of my face.

  13. Still no clip watching today…..1:42 pm! Stay strong!
    I’m so happy I didn’t spoil myself with the Break-up scene. I can’t believe Summit released it truthfully.

  14. i drew the line a long time ago

    think about it, you can pretty much put the whole movie
    together already!!


    its only 4 weeks away!

  15. I fought with myself for a good 35 seconds last night before I caved and watched it. I have to admit, I don’t regret it, I loved all 4 minutes and 11 seconds of it! Damn you Summit!! The break-up scene?!?! Really?!? Why would you do that to us?!?

    I’m taking the vow right now, no more spoilers!!

  16. My RL & Twi-‘ho alter egos have done a total 180. The Twi-‘ho says “Wait until you’re married!”. RL says “I’m already effing married! Me love it long time”. Well, RL won out and I’ve got the self-control of a whore in a seaport and the carrier just came in. I watched the break-up scene. I feel so dirty.

  17. hm…

    I didn’t read the whole article. I hope you will understand, I am a complete vegan. I do find this rash of sudden “Twi-purity” interesting. I haven’t seen a single trailer, interview, still, read anything related to the movie and more. (I am a Twilight blogger and I have manage to stay pure and involved. It can be done. *fist pumps* =) )

    I think it’s great everyone is trying to limit what they are view and am totally supportive of it. I figured things would get crazy. I’m just curious as to what the straw that broke the camels back was? hm… I’ll have to look into this after the movie comes out.

    Purity rings for everyone! Good luck with staying pure. =)

  18. Moon- we are the same person. You’re just the taller west coast version me. And I’m the shorter, constantly freezing, version of you.

    I never went snooping either. i LOVE surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to confess.. i ACCIDENTALLY saw the volturi scene.. I dind’t mean to… It just started playing and then.. well, it’s like when it slips in a little bit.. you KNOW you’re not gonna end up taking it out…


  19. I’m a reformed TwiPrude. I bought the soundtrack, which I LOVE. But after checking out the wolf phasing spoiler I decided what I really need to do is wait for 11/20. It’s enough to know what happens in the story and how it will end. No breakup scene, no Volturi fight scene for me.

    Sex can wait, masturbate. Etc.

  20. you are both smart to wait…i watched the break up scene because i have no will power whatsoever and then had to watch it 5 more times and now wish i didn’t…i want my new moon break up scene virginity back…and you can’t get it back! so don’t watch – look away!

    they really have to stop showing so many trailers and spoilers…soon we’ll have seen the whole movie!

  21. One of my best friends always reads the last page of a book first and it drives me crazy!!! I started to feel like I was reading the last page with all the spoilers even though I have read the book several times. I want to be suprised…dazzled if you may….so I quit reading/watching a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m happy to be Team TwiPrude! 🙂

  22. computer failure….only stays running a few mins…OME what am I going to do???

  23. yes we are going to sit together… but that is so the other gals in the ‘hood won’t bother US!!! (-: We are the normal ones!!!
    Isn’t it awesome when your Twi-BFF is your RL BFF too??? Win!!!

    • Love you RL BFF! Can’t wait to hold your hand and scream at 1st sight of EC & JB. Getting all excited just thinking of it!

  24. I totally feel the same way, and hmmm Kellan supervising sounds real good 🙂
    I watched the spoilers up till the one with Bella punching Paul, then I heard about the fight scene and I almost went to look but I didn’t want it to be a let down when I actually see the movie.
    I also was trying to decide how I was going to keep from watching these clips when I read so many twilight blogs but I also decided that maybe its time to re-read the books again or actually study for my classes but reading the books seem more likely 😉
    You’re definitely not alone on this!

  25. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: THAT’S IT! We’re over the @Twilight spoilers. Who wants to join the #twiprude club with us?

  26. I am soooooo with you on this. I have not watched the break-up scene nor will I. I have been a total spoiler whore up until yesterday and I, too, have had enough. I have chosen to re-generate my Twymen for Nov. 20th. I can feel it, there is definitely something going on down there and I have to say I am feeling pretty damn good about it. #twiprude all the way.

  27. TRUE LOVE WAITS!! But it’s sooooo hard. (That’s what she said!)

  28. #truelovewaits for #twiprudes! im jumping on your bandwagon!! I have drawn the line and will not watch any more spoilers!! Bring on the #twiprude purity rings lol

  29. I’m having a hard time with this too. I AM the type of person who LOVES surprises. I don’t want to open my presents early (well, i like to beg, but I don’t actually want you to give in), and every year I secretly hope I’ll get a surprise Bday party thrown for me.

    So here’s my problem. I work for a RPattz website! My job is to catch all new videos with him in them and upload them! argh! I can’t get away from it, and I can’t not watch them, and my heart is slowly breaking. Because I feel like I’ve seen most the movie already, and I honestly have been looking forward to seeing New Moon more than CHRISTMAS this year people.

    Please Summit. NO MORE TRAILERS!!!! We might beg, but we don’t want you to give in!

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  32. […] *I’m anti-spoilers so if you want to be a Remember Me virgin in 2010 then go read LTTor an old LTR post today cause while I WILL NOT give it away, I’ll mention some stuff that you may not want to hear. So come back another day if you don’t want spoilers, trust me I TOTES understand!* […]

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