That’s it! No more New Moon spoilers!

Twilight New Moon teaser movie posterDear Twilight,

That’s it! I’ve officially drawn the line in the sand. I will watch no more trailers, no more clips on entertainment shows, no more leaked footage on the interwebs. This entire week has been a spoiler lovers dream. And while I love a good trailer, that’s ALL I want is a trailer! Twilight (Summit) You have to make us WANT IT! Make us BEG for it… like a good junky.

Last Saturday I saw the special footage from the Scream Awards (all previously unseen footage), Monday, I watched Bella punch Paul on Access Hollywood, Tuesday I watched the ITunes special clip with the Taylor Lautner intro, Wednesday night I watched the “event” clip and about peed my pants, and then Thursday it was as if the gates to spoiler heaven broke loose with both a Volturi clip AND the much anticipated “break up” scene. I sat in the chair at the salon getting my hairs did watching all the tweets fly by, with people giving our links to the vids, and I was torn. Of course I want to watch it but I also don’t. YET. I called UC because I needed to know I wasn’t alone. And just like usual our heads were in the same place. She didn’t want to see it either. We asked each other at what point do you draw the line? We both want to have “that moment” in the theater on opening night. And we also have have the to remember we blog about Twilight so we have to remain on top of all the news and the new stuff that comes out but what will be left for us to see on November 20th if you keep releasing this stuff?

Savin' me some Jorts for November 20th

Savin' me some Jorts for November 20th

It feels kinda like opening your Christmas presents before the big day. I’ve always been one of those freaks who enjoys delayed gratification. Much to my parents delight I never went snooping, looking for Christmas or birthday gifts when I was younger or even now. What’s the point in knowing weeks in advance what you’re going to get? There’s something to be said for enjoying the anticipation leading up to the big reveal. After all what will be left if they keep releasing clips at this rate? The closing credits or Buttcrack Santa rising from the dead to seek revenge on the Nomadic Vampires (please, God let it be so!!)? Which by the way would be the best gift you could EVER give me and UC. Just sayin’.

So just stop it already!! No more clips, no more spoilers, no more nuttin’. Laugh in my face a week from now when I’m begging for it. That’s what she said! But I’ll thank you come midnight on November 20th.

Now if only I can find some sort of “Twilight Nicorette” to hold me off till the big day… Hmmm maybe I’ll reread the book!

A reformed junky,

So am I crazy? Does anyone else feel that way? Who’s decided to wait and can we be accountability partners? Kellan will supervise.

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  1. I decided last night on twitter that #truelovewaits. I am not watching another effing spoiler.

    How dare they post the break up scene? I was all over watching their crap before they did. I, too, decided to draw the line.

    So yes, I am willing to be an accountability partner. I will not budge on this one, dammit!

    Dear Summit,

    A little mystery goes a long way.


    • #truelovewaits …. bahaha!! Maybe you all who are choosing abstinence should get some New Moon purity rings like the JoBros. Then you could know who’s saved their NM virginity for November 20th and who hasn’t. =]


      • #truelovewaits – I like that. I called myself a #TwiPrude. I’ll totally rock a New Moon purity ring right along side my fan fic purity ring. God, I really am a TwiPrude…

        • YOU HAVEN’T READ ANY FANFIC?! omg. are you and Janetrigs incahoots?? That’s just … I have no words.


          • Nope. Not a word! Janetrigs was indeed the one who graciously bestowed my purity ring upon me, but she didn’t pressure me into it. Before I just marked it up to wanting to keep the characters pure, but last night I realized that I didn’t want anything to do with the spoilers either – hence my invention of the #TwiPrude thing. If Twilight was a boy, he would totally hate me and I think I’d rightfully earn the title of cocktease.

          • i havent read any fanfic either!!!! i thought i was all alone in this world !!!!! oh though i did watch every single clip/trailer/stills and every single thing that was out there i think is too late for me and the #twiprude campain!!! *crys a river*

          • I read one recomended fan fic about the office and ruined my day. is there actually some good stuff out there? recommendations please xx

        • i’ve never read any FF either, so you’ve got company there! “Twi-Prude”‘s Rule! (that should be on a pin so we could wear it w/ pride) i’m sticking to the original… unadulterated non-NC17 version.

        • @HeyyyBrother

          I like #twiprudes. #truelovewaits for #twiprudes.

          I do read fanfic, though. If it exists, I will read it. 😉

          I do need a JoBro purity ring. That would be sweetsauce.

        • WHOOT WHOOT!!!! None FanFic sistas UNITE!!!


        • #truelovewaits for #twiprudes! im jumping on your bandwagon so we can be fully sullied on the big night!

        • I was a fanfic prude up until about a month ago. I refused to read any because like many of you, I didn’t want to screw up my perception of the characters. Well, after much harrassing from pals over at – I read Wide Awake. Holy shit – was it good. Now I’m onto my 3rd FF and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I turned FF prude to FF slut in mere days. If you read just one fanfic, please try Wide Awake. 🙂 It doesn’t screw up the Twi saga for you – rather it takes it to a different level…somewhere you never imagine it.

          • I avoided FF for the longest time then fell in head first. I knew I hit bottom when I finished “The Red Line” which was a great read but left me with very sullied images of Bella and Edward. I didn’t realize how badly it had affected me until I watched the Break Scene (yesiwatchedit, iwatchedit) and the words sub and dom popped in my head. I am reading NM tomorrow to reacquaint myself with the REAL B/E… Kind of like shaking an etch and sketch.

    • Agreed! I drew my line at the breakup scene…and didn’t watch it. That’s pretty much the biggest scene in the movie….that and the Italy reuniting scene. Wtf Summit? Are you going to spoiler Breaking Dawn down the road by showing Renesmee’s birth scene before the premiere???

      What we have left to see on November 20th:

      Aerial shots of the Pacific Northwest & Italy….wait we’ve kinda seen those.

      Charlie being all ‘wtf is wrong with my daughter? She went on like 2 dates with this m-fer. One involved baseball…that led to her taking off in her Chevy truck and eventually landing her in the hospital with a broken leg and the other was a bday party which resulted in her coming home with stiches up her arm….abusive boyfriend? Obviously.

      So basically we have transitions yet to see, Charlie…and oh Harry Clearwater dying…

  2. I can totally understand you/people feeling this way. In fact, I’m kind of shocking myself by NOT feeling like that – usually I am a sucker for the delayed gratification, but I’m loving all these new clips!

    • I am with you on this. Something about having most of the important dialogue committed to memory from reading NM 3xs makes me not feel like I am spoiling much. I’ll still enjoy it at the movies and  my eyeballs out. Hell, I am still enjoying Twilight… (mostly with laughter) but still, THAT’s a problem. Come on !

  3. i have already stopped looking. i want to DESIRE the movie… i want to FILLED with expectation. i’ve just enought still pictures to be peaked and i’m good…. my tickets have been on the fridge for a month… i am wearing a flannel shirt to the midnight opening. i’m good. i agree.. they need to let the anticipation BUILD for goodness sakes!

    • I also stopped looking at the clips. I was not Twilight aware when the first one came out, so I’m going whole hog this time, midnight premiere, soundtrack, all interviews with the cast, BUT NO spoilers. I already know what’s going to happen, the point of the freakin’ movie is to see how they put it on the big screen…not on the little one for 45 seconds at a time. NM spoiler clip virgin til 20 NOV!

      • hear-hear! i don’t want my NW experience to be completely violated! now i agree w/ the post from Holly (further in this thread) “it’s not going to stop me from seeing the movie 5 times, ” yeah i’m totally there on that, but i love the thrill of the initial impact… when my breath will catch in my throat ( i know it will) i have been greedily feeding my Tri-crack habbit up to this point b/c i couldn’t STAND it, but at this point, w/ 28 days left. i’m holding out… crossing my proverbial legs, as it were… i’m not Rosalie, i won’t get voilated… i don’t want the thrill of expectation to die in me.

        but 28 DAYS! WHOO-HOO! ( how early should i get to the theater???!!!???)

        • WHOA on the Rosalie diss there ambushed! It’s not like she was asking for it. That right there is almost like saying pretty women bring rape upon themselves. I know you didn’t intend it cuz I know you, but oh man.

          Also, on a lighter note, you’re really wearing flannel?! Totes jealous. I still have to buy my wolf skin headdress.

          • GOSH NO! that’s not what i meant at all! i know she didn’t bring it on herself! i wasn’t joking about her rape… i was just refering to the violation itself. as in not wanting it to happen. NO-NO-NO-NO!

            okay… so typing quickies at work don’t allow me to fully express my thought completely apparently..


    • you want to be FILLED huh, ambushed?! this is a Thats what she said moment!! 😉

  4. I’m quite the opposite of you. I’m a spoiler whore! I’m like a junkie waiting for my next hit.

    Since you haven’t watched the latest clips, I certainly won’t spoil it for you. I’ll just say that NM is going to blow Twilight away. We love Chris!!

    (BTW – I did try to peek at my Christmas presents early when I was a child. I’ve always been this way.)

    • OK, so if you watched the ‘Behind the Scenes’ in Italy – did you think Chris was looking TOTALLY FRICKING HAWT in that?! Like, “take me to a dumpster NOW” hot? Anyone??

    • Yes! Chris is . He was hot in Italy and he was hot at Comic Con. He is hot and funn with the special ability to order Kstew to blink and stammer less to make Rob into a hotter Edward ( which I didn’t think was possible) the hooores who watched the spoiler break up scene know what am talking about. My apologies to the non-spoiler hooores.

    • I got into my husband’s email to find out all of my Christmas presents one year. It was 4 years ago and he’s still pissed at me. lol


    • I feel the same. I want it all and I want it now. I never thought I would agree with Queen someday. Maybe it’s because I’m a very impatient person and don’t like surpises AT ALL. But anyway, there will still be enough material left to keep me excited about the movie.

    • oh lawd im missing chris goodness?! AHHHHHH *being strong*

  5. I’ve watched NOTHING this week. Didn’t listen to the leaked soundtrack. (I listened legally–last Friday night. When I owned it!) Have watched no Access Hollywood stuff. No “behind the scenes in Italy” crap. And if I see, “HIS FACE CRACKS” on Twitter one more time, I’m gonna scream.

    Be cool, people. Not everyone wants to be spoiled.

    I’m a purist. Maybe that’s because I read these books long before they were the shiz. Yeah, I’m gonna keep bringing that one up, because it seems to be the battle cry of We Who Were There Before All This Stuff Went Viral And Changed The Topography of The Fandom, Nay, The World.

    Besides…what would Rob do? We all know he’s not gonna watch any of it. Until he’s forced to do the commentary. IF he does the commentary. After all, this is Taylor’s film…or so we’ve been told.

    Yes, I will take Kellan as an accountability partner. Remember, sex can wait–masturbate. (Or, better translated, New Moon the movie can wait–READ THE BOOK!)

    • I would bet commentary is done by just Kristen, Taylor and Chris on NM. Then they’ll bring Rob back for Eclipse. That’s what I would do. And since I get to decide… :p

      • NOooooooOOOOOooo! Must.Have.Rob.Eating.Whilst.Commentating.

        I will accept nothing less.


      • Chris, Taylor and maybe even Rob may want it that way, but Summit ain’t havin’ it. They know we would each pay cash to listen to Rob speak and they are not taking any chances with the DVD sales.

      • Ouch! I love me some Rob but what all would he comment on? He’s not supposed to be in most of the movie!

        • Yes and no. The book is actually like 1/8 Edward at the beginning, then like 3/8 Edward at the end. So, he’s actually in half the book. It just doesn’t seem that way because Bella is actually happy when she’s with Jake and not brooding/drooling/freaking out the whole time. Okay, she does start to freak out a lot when the Victoria threat comes into play.

      • You’re right – I didn’t think of this. It will totally be Chris, KStew and Taytay. Bah.

        Taylor will be all professional and observational – won’t be the same as Rob’s random little musings on his bouffant, gardenburgers/cheeseburgers etc.

    • Wait-Whose face cracks?? Is it going to spoil something for me if you answer that??

    • ❤ you. Wish I hadn't watched, but I got sucked in. But I am drawing a line. I want the splendid joy, like a virgin on her wedding night.

  6. Totally agree. I can not watch the break up scene.

    I can’t wait to see it in the theater on the big screen in its full, heartbreaking glory. I am looking forward to crying into my popcorn and junior mints like the fangirl I am! The scene just wouldn’t be the same on my mac.

    Instead of releasing scenes from the movie bit by bit, why doesn’t Summit just release Rob from his hotel? I’d much rather see new pics of Rob to tide me over til Nov.!

  7. I watched the fight scene like a bajillion times. I won’t lie. However, I am drawing the line with that clip. I did NOT know the break up scene was available and now that I do I’ve got the shakes, so thanks for that Moon. I want to preserve something for opening night. I will try super hard to not watch it. Maybe every time I almost slip, I’ll get some chocolate. Oy. It’s gonna be a long 27 days!

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t want to see the movie before I see the movie. We already know how it’s gonna play out thanks to the book. Don’t give away the farm!

      However purist that I desire to be though, KNOWING there is new footage out there makes me, well, Twi-horny, if you will. I. WILL. RESIST.

      I am officially locking my New Moon chasity belt and unlocking my old faithful 2nd hand copy of the bible itself, New Moon. ‘Cause after all is said and done NOTHING is better than the original written word.

      • Oh and I need to make confession.

        Forgive me Stephenie, for I have sinned. I am currently reading Midnight Sun. I have resisted for months now, hoping… well, you know.

        But I couldn’t stand it any longer. AMEN.

        • that’s nothing to ask forgivness over girl! read on! Steph posted Midnight Sun on website… she’s ok w/ people reading it now… since she, ahem.. -cough,cough- isn’t gonna FINish it… le sigh.

    • Im having trouble not watching the break up scene too!! I havent watched any of the new clips because i dont want to ruin the experience when i see the movie for the first time…

      BUT the breakup scene!!! I just know its going to be amazingly heartbreaking and beautiful and ahhh..
      And i also want to watch it to make sure they didnt cut out any of the original dialogue. But ill be strong ! I will not watch!

      • Is it sad and pathetic that I won’t watch the breakup footage because I WANT to cry at the theater… in FRONT of my husband…. and 300+ other strangers?

        Either way, I simply do not care. 🙂

      • Is it just me, having really recently read the break up scene, or is it actually pretty short? He’s all “We, as in me, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice. I don’t want you to come.” and she works it out in her head then whispers (barely audible, as always), “You don’t want me?” He says, “You’re no good for me.” and she thinks Well, I can’t argue with that. I mean, I did cry when I read it again and my boyfriend totally laughed at me, well, he went “Aww…” and turned away. I could see his mouth pull up into a smirk.

    • Long 27 days and a huge weight gain! Try eating carrots and celery instead 😉

  8. I blame Summit.

  9. I watched B punch Paul and the other one.
    Something with B and Jake and a wolf-y eye.
    But that is it.
    20 minutes of footage being released??
    That is effing ridonkulous.
    I will not watch.
    I love spoilers.
    I read to read up on the spoilers for my favey fave shows.
    But this has gone beyond any spoiler.
    What’s that saying, something about why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free??
    This reminds me of that.

    • “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”

      I love that saying! It used to really piss me off when my mom said it but I think I should start saying that now. Thanks for reminding me of its existence! 😀

      • haha-I hath that saying.The saying used by mothers everywhere to make their daughters feel like slutty cows.

      • Whatevs, Mr. Fang totally wants to buy the cow. You confessed that already. You’re the one diggin’ on the free milk.

        • Also, when my SO and me told my rents we were moving in together, they’re pretty conservative about specifically this type of thing, he was all prepared for my dad to use that line. And he had a preformed response of, “Wait, are you saying Lorena is a cow?”

          • Wow, totally just put my name in there haha. of course you all know it because I posted the link to my personal website on here which of course has my name because my name is my brand 😉

          • Hi Lorena!

            I happen to LOVE free milk. 😉

          • Don’t do that, Angel! Don’t call me that!

  10. I, for one, love spoilers. But I also totally understand where you are coming from. To be fair, though, the break up scene was labeled “NEW MOON BREAKUP SCENE – FULL” so you know not to clicky if you don’t want spoilers. I’m happy they are out there for junkies like me. It’s not going to stop me from seeing the movie 5 times, either. If anything, it made me want it more. I won’t spoil anything for you guys, but the breakup scene KILLED. I cried. Watched it 4 times. That’s all I’ll say. Stay pure, girls. I’ll watch all the spoilers for you.

  11. I won’t lie. I have watched every clip I can get my hands on. And re-watched. And re-watched. But I find that it doesn’t ruin the movie for me. It just makes me more excited for the big day when I can see all the clips smooshed together on the big screen.

  12. Amen sisters! I could only watch the punch I don’t wanna see the movie via YouTube in pieces!
    (im)patiently waiting for nov. 20

  13. WORD! Till now I have only watched 3 trailers. No punching Bella, no Volturi, no behind the scenes. Oh and I watched that nice musicvideoclip too.

    I DON”T want to see any more Nem Moon leak. Yesterday I had to log off of my tweetdeck so I couldn’t read spoilers.

    Like you wrote Moon, one has to crave for that shit…
    It’s like building your own “New Moon- orgasm” and let it go in November. I want a good long lasting NMO in november.
    I hate quick orgasms or losing “it”.

    Great post Moon!

  14. Oh you guys. Well, this is no fun.. I mean, I was really hoping we can share the joy today because yesterday’s clip had the best dialogue released yet.. I mean, I’m grinning like an idiot all day because of this..

    KStew: I’m coming!
    Rob: I.Don’t.Want.You.To.Come.

  15. I just saw the new Volturi clip but didn’t know there was a break up scene clip. How dare they!?!? I’m drawing the line right now. I don’t want to see the whole movie before I see the movie!!

    • Dude, it’s not a clip. It is the WHOLE breakup scene. It’s 4 and half minutes long. If you don’t want spoilers, this is the worst thing you can click on. Don’t do it. I, on the other hand, LOVE spoilers…I’ll watch it once for you, kay?

  16. long time lurker first time poster…i do not watch spoilers i have only seen the trailers and one clip. i havent seen anything in like months. i do not want to watch the whole damn movie before nov. 20th. btw if you have amc theater near you they are doing a double feature of twilight and new moon for the midnight showing…just thought you should know. btw lol @ twilight nicorette!

  17. I saw that all the clips were at TwiCrack last night. So now I also have drawn the line! NO more clips!! In my opinion we’ve pretty much seen the entire movie!! The trailer are way toooo revealing! The second trailer was pretty much the entire movie!!! I will NOT be watching the clips! I need to have that excitement in the theater. Even tho you know what’s going to happen you still need to have that since of adventure in finding out how CW filmed it. I might even go further to say that I’m tempted to not watch Eclipse trailers/clips when they start rolling out. Enough is enough already!!!
    Less is more Summit!!

  18. Summit is totally being dirty h00rs, their mama musn’t of taught them anything, you don’t give the goods away for free.

    I watched the trailers and the behind the scenes stuff. I can’t wait for all of the interviews but I’m done with watching the clips. NO MORE!!!

    And what’s the use of watching all these things on your couch by yourself? I want my first time to be with someone I love.

  19. I’ve only seen the trailers. So far, I’ve liked what I’ve seen, but I’m still planning on laughing my ass off through New Moon in the theater, because I know there’s no way CDub was able to curb all the ridiculousness. Case in point: jorts!

    I don’t want all the opportunities to mock to be spoiled before hand.

    I’m going to have a harder time staying away from LTT between Nov. 20th and 27th, because I can’t see NM until then. I HAVE to see it with my best RL Twi-friend, because she gave me the first two books to read in the first place. We don’t live in the same city and can’t get together until the second weekend.

    Oh, who am I kidding, I love you all too much to stay away for a week.

  20. Me and my work galpal declared yesterday that we would not watch any more clips, spoilers, etc. until the movie is realeased. Ugh, then E! had to post the one where Edward punches Jake and he phases – it was so effing awesome I squeeled! Alas, today I am REALLY REALLY not going to watch any more. I felt that with Twilight it ruined my first time watching it, and I know I’ve already seen too much of NM for that to be possible again. Today I am a reformed woman and will not “peek” anymore! (Re-reading New Moon in place of that so at least I have something for my fix!) It’ll be a long couple of weeks ladies.

  21. I have so far remained pure. No spoilers, only trailers. My finger waverd over the button when the links were posted and reposted and re-reposted on twitter, but I have resisted.

    I have a feeling someone might spike the punch this weekend, though, and then that prom dress is OFF.

  22. i was blissfully unaware that all these clips were out. thanks, guys. how will i resist? something tells me i’m going to have an even harder time hanging on to my NM virginity than i did in RL. i won’t go looking for it, but if some link should (ahem) fall in my lap, say….via twitter….i’ll probably do it with them. just sayin’.

  23. Who is butt crack Santa. Trailers are made to entice folks to watch the film. Many times they don’t have anything to do with the film. They are made separate. Who knows? Trailers are better than most movies.

  24. I saw it this morning, Im a dirty h00r.

    I liked it and I would do it again! Every little bit feeds my insane lust for the movie. (and honestly “all things twilight”)

    I have been a good fangirl too. I will be at the midnight movie (tix in my wallet), I bought the soundtrack though it compelles me to want to slit my wrists. —–
    Edward LEFT isnt THAT enough. **weeping in the woods in a fetal position**

    The only saving grace for me right now are you ladies (and unicorns) here at LTT/LTR

  25. I’ll admit it, I’ve watched everything up to the Volturi scene they released. I didn’t know there was the break-up out there. I am NOT going to ruin that now. I want TEARS in the theater so if I get it over with now, I’m not going to need those tissues. Here’s to no more spoilers!! Hold strong girls I’m with you!

  26. I’m torn about this…I do like to be surprised on Christmas (still), and I do want to be surprised in the theater-but it’s like my hand moves of its own volition, clicking on those clips. I haven’t seen the breakup one, though.

    I figure I’ve already read the book so nothing wil be a HUGE surprise. I couldn’t help myself from nosing around and finding the script too, once I heard it’d been leaked. Has anyone heard if the Eclipse script is floating around?…

    • I think the script is legit, because often times the director decides to digress from the script, or chunks of it is cut because the film comes out too heavy (or, in the coug’s case, she wants to put stupid things like the nomads at the paper mill instead of including more banter between Edward and Bella whose relationship development needs major lengthening..and, gasp, is actually in the book. /end rant)

      • *legit to read without spoiling the film that is.

      • I totally agree about their relationship needing more development in Twilight. There wasn’t really a sense of how very difficult it was for Edward to be with Bella-and how strong their bond was for them to try to overcome the difficulties. No “I love you”, no long getting to know each other talk-that was one of the best parts of the book, for crying out loud.
        And the meadow scene-a travesty. That was SO pivotal in the book. Ah well, can’t cry over spilled milk . Hopefully the rest of the movies will be more true to the books.

  27. “It feels kinda like opening your Christmas presents before the big day.”

    That’s how I felt. I saw the breakup last night and it made me cry! I felt like I’ve seen most of the movie from all the clips I’ve seen! I say no more clips either. It’s hard though you know. Like at Christmas, I have a hard time not peeking at the presents. I would shake and rattle it to guess what’s in inside. That’s how I feel like right now.

  28. I so badly want to stop watching the released clips but I’m like a junkie and can’t stop! I don’t go looking for them but when they are on my regular sites I can’t help but watch! I want them to stop being released so I can fake that I have some semblance of self control!! I don’t think it will ruin the movie for me though, because I’m really good a forgetting everything I’ve seen before a movie starts… Lets just hope this holds true!

  29. There’s a breakup clip??? They might as well just show the movie now with all the ‘little footage’ they’re showing. I definitely draw the line in watching that clip.
    I wasn’t around last year for Twilight so I had the chance to read the books and then watch the movie. So no spoilers for me. Now, it like, clips everywhere you go.
    Summit, keep the mystery alive. I mean, you’re such a tightass (am I allowed to say that) about schedules and ‘leaked’ pictures, why not be a tightass for the number of clips you show. Just an idea.
    But I totally did watch the volturi fight and the bella punches paul clip. But, since they’re others who will not watch any more clips, I shall join them, just like I had thought back a couple of weeks ago. I just didn’t do it b/c there was no one to form a support group with.

  30. I will be your accountability partner.

    I haven’t watched a new trailer since the Taylor one where he basically talks the whole time. I think it was the second one released. I have been trying to avoid all pictures (unless just to see the make-up/costumes) as well.

    I read the script that was leaked and was so excited about getting to see it on the screen that I decided at that point to just wait.

    I look at it like I did with Titanic. I knew the boat sank, I knew that Jack and Rose were going to fall in love and one of them would die. I knew all of that…but I STILL cried from the second they met. Because of performance, cinematic beauty and that hand on the steamy window.

    I hope Chris can make me cry. That’s what I am holding out for!

    • Ooh. Steamy window hand…

      Dear Melissa Rosenberg:

      PUH-LEEZE write a ‘steamy window hand’ scene into Breaking Dawn. I know there’s plenty of fanfic for you to pull from. Call tby789. No seriously. DO IT.

    • I like your analogy. I was at a bar yesterday with a speedy waitress who moved away before taking my drink order. I quietly said “Come back, come back” and due to my dry throat it came out a little croaky. I said – hmm, I sound like Rose in Titanic. No one was very amused.

    • sassy! I really think that watching trailers isn’t a violation. They’re meant to be watched. Often times clips from them are cut from the final production because they create the promo before they finish the film. For instance, in the first one with the birthday scene, you can totally tell that all the audio isn’t laid down and balanced.

  31. I can’t wait. Mostly cause the movie is gonna be release almost 2 weeks later here, so, no, I can’t wait. All the spoilers help me to bear the sadness of a 2 week late premiere.

    oh! and moon: “I’ve always been one of those freaks who enjoys delayed gratification” (that’s what she said) jajajajajajaja

    • 2 weeks?! Where are you? Spain? South America? Laughing with “j” instead of “h” Oh my. So sorry for you!!!

  32. One more thought.. You gotta check this site out. it is really cool. Great music. Go Phillies. The Bums made it to the World Series. Oh happy days. Go Trailers.
    Here is the link. Check out extreme..

    • What are “The Bums”?

      Is that Rob’s baseball team?

      I’m confuzzled.

      • Oh boy. BobbyGee is giving props to the Phillies (you know, the team UC should have been routing for?). Locally, we (lovingly) call the Phillies, Bums. Why? Well, the philies have the record for the most losses in baseball. Since I am a true fan, I still loved my team through it all. I was born the year they won their first World Series! How can I not love this team?!

        Okay, back to Twilight lovin.

        OH, wordpress must have changed something within their coding. Now when I look from my Black Berry, the format is all different and I can’t reply specfically to anyone’s comments. REALLY ANNOYING. sigh

  33. I’m totally with you. I haven’t watched anything since that 3rd trailer was released and have vowed to abstain until movie day. I’ve dubbed myself a TwiPrude as a result…

    But seriously, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing. I want to see the break-up scene on the big screen, not some shitty grainy youtube video. That’s a pivotal part of the story and I want to see it where it belongs – after some romance and the tension of the birthday party. Otherwise, it’s out of context and I don’t think it’ll pull at my heart as much as it should.

    Anyway… Go Team TwiPrude!

  34. I am with you…..I am holding onto my New Moon Virginity like it ain’t no body’s bidness!! My hubby just said last night…..”we aren’t even going to need to see this movie on Nov. 20th… that point they will have released the whole thing through award shows and youtube!”….truth.

    Maybe the drug company that created “Robert Pattinson” can create a patch called “Trailer-Off”…..**place “Trailer-Off” patch on arm BID to help with the cravings to scour the internet for new clips of New Moon….just discontinue use 24 hours before November 20th…..side effects may include excessive desire to build forts and create Pattinson Pants….contact your healthcare provider if you have an uncontrollable urge to hole up in a hotel for weeks at a time eating hot pockets. “Trailer-Off” is approved by the FDA.

    From one Junkie to another,

    obird 🙂

  35. Wow – It’s barely 10am and already so many comments! I did watch the Volturi clip and was okay with seeing those 46 seconds. However, I did my best to stay away from the break-up scene, but I hate being out of the loop and most people were watching it. I caved.

    Hope we can still be friends moonie (ding)

    Actually, I decided to boycott all future sneak peaks from here on out.

    I also ask for people on twitter not to give away what’s in the clips. (you know who you are)

    ❤ me

  36. Weeeeelll, I watched that break up scene on a teeny tiny computer and the one I watched was really crappy quality. I still plan on having my socks knocked off when I see it for reals. And crying my face off. didn’t watch the volturrri one, and haven’t seen Bella deck Paul. I think I’m done with them. I can wait, I NEVER snooped for presents, either.

    I did send the link to a friend who was like WHAT THE EFF are you doing? I DON’T want to see this!!! Which surprised me, because she was a TOTAL snooper.

    THEN she blew my mind by saying she wants to go see it midnight on the 20th!!!!!! So not ONLY do I get to see it on the 20th, I don’t have to go alone, like I thought I would!!!!

    Oh, happy day! Happy Friday Y’All!!!


  37. I haven’t seen any of the spoilers. I want to save my NewMoonMovie!Virginity.
    Because I’m a special snowflake.

  38. I’m torn. On one hand I want to stop watching the clips because it feels as though I’ve already seen most of the movie. (I love it by the way) But, on the other hand I’m so excited everytime a new clip shows up that I can’t stop myself from taking a peek. (like rubbernecking at an accident)

    So, today I’m pledging my fidelity to Moon and will not watch another clip, or purchase the soundtrack until the movies comes out. It’s going to be hard and I know there will be temptation along the way. But with determination and encouragement from LTR I know I can do it!

    Seriously, I’ll give it as try and see what happens.

    • OOOPs, a try. Not as try. Damn, I need a proof reader.

    • Christa! you don’t have the soundtrack?! Wh-wh-wh-what a-ar-are you th-th-th-thinking?! there’s no infidelity in music. nope. nuh-uh. i give you my whole-hearted approval and emphatic recommendation. Soundtrack = good. it’ll get you in the mood for the movie but won’t spoid anything. i’ve been listening to it here at work. love.

      • “spoid”? what the frack? i meant s-p-o-i-l….

      • I have been listening to the soundtrack so much that I have to turn it off and listen to my Depeche Mode Violator cassette tape or my Yelle Pop-Up cd (depending on my mood)

  39. I have to admit I watch all the clips…umm…multiple times. I maybe would have advised Summit to not show the whole break up clip , but they did so I watched it as I am an addict and just can’t help myself…and then had to read that part of the book (all Twi books are always available at my bedside for quick hits of my favorite parts) last night just for comparison. I feel for those who want to be (almost) New Moon movie virgins until Nov. 20th. Anticipation is always part of fun and it must be so hard to resist the temptation to watch…I applaud you for holding out.

    • *listening to the applause*

      thank you, your support helps keep me strong.


    • I haven’t watched the three new clips (watched the Bella punching Paul clip…um, is that really when she learns Jake’s a wolf? Lame.), but I think that the book’s dialogue for the break up scene should be the exact dialogue they use in the movie. It’s really spot on and the word choice is important for the decisions Bella makes later on in the Cheater chapter and what Edward says once they’re reunited.

  40. Just this week, I decided to become a born-again New Moon virgin.
    Yes, I’ve watched a few of the clips and spoilers. But, like mom told me in high school, just because I did it a few times doesn’t mean I have to do it over and over again.
    I really want Nov. 20th to be special…and while I won’t be totally surprised…I did watch that 6 minute mash-up on Youtube (but only once)…I’m hoping that New Moon delivers a few shockers. Until then , my mantra is:
    New Moon can wait…fan fic is great!

  41. I am on board with going cold turkey from NOW ON. I have been a trailer/clip whore and it needs to stop. I really don’t want to spoil the big night. This is going to be hard – I can tell already in the first 2 mins of my declaration.

  42. Holy crap I think the entire Twidom woke up yesterday and said “ENOUGH ALREADY!” – lol! Definitely in the same boat – and a looooot of other people are, too. Don’t know what it was about yesterday’s footage in particular that pushed people to the limit, but here we are: Twibloggers who aren’t going to watch NM stuff for a month. And it’ll totally be worth it! Or at least, it had BETTER be totally worth it, or Chris Weitz is gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

  43. I have managed to keep my spoiler virginity entact thus far and will continue to hold out. I have waited an entire year for this movie and I’m not going to cheapen it with crappy spoilers. Plus, I want the white I wear to the movie to mean something.

  44. omg i was just telling bffs that i had had enough. i want SOMETHING to be new on november 20th! i figure if it gets any worse im gonna go on a twiblog hiatus. this will lead to me going insane, we are talking foaming at the mouth, rocking back and forth in the corner whimpering while my knuckles turn white from the bone crushing grip i have on my laptop. the twi withdrawl will be horrible. anyways i havent watched any new spoilers except for the paul slap. not even the commercial from yesterday. im actually gonna wait to see that one on tv. hopefully during gossip girls or one of the other begillion shows i dvr. also, im so glad you guys got a mobile version of the site!! i dont know when you got it but i love it. so much faster to load on the cell.

  45. I watched the break up scene. There I said it! I’ve watched everything this week… and now I hate myself.
    I can’t help it, I can’t say no, I’m an addict. And now that I’m coming down off my high, I am Pissed! At myself and especially Summit!
    I’ve seen the whole movie pretty much…
    What I’ve seen is good, damn good, but I don’t want to see it.

    Please, Summit. Stop. For the love of ButtcrackSanta, stop forcing the Twicrack on me.

    • -sigh- i’n sorry you let yourself get violated by the media-rapists in the Twilight/Summit P/R department… it’s a shame… i hope it was wor-r-r-r-r-r-rth i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it! instant gratification is over-rated.

    • weeehhheh I completely hate myself too. i regret watching the Break up scene. when i came across that vid, my addication over powered me, i didn’t think it over, so i watched it, nothing was in my mind, and as the vid ends i was starting to feel a wave of regret. and after that i never watched it again (like i usually do when there are clips, like i replay it over and over again) but this time, no. i only watched it once, and hioping to forget everything i just saw. i hope i would forget the scene oh lord please. and i agree with Moon, NO MORE clips and trailers, because everything that has just been released this week was too much. then Summit is gonna release more clips. so no more until November 20! NO MORE

  46. I watched the break up scene yesterday. I didn’t cry. I cry over everything. I cried when the little snippit of her lying on the ground was in the very first trailer. I didn’t cry when it was the whole scene. I’m thinking I’m desensitized because there have been so many leaks. It just seemed really drawn out and not like I was thinking it would go. I dunno.

    Also, I’m the complete opposite of you. I NEED to know my Christmas presents. So, since New Moon is much like a present to me I can’t resist ripping into any hint that I’m given. I read the script that was floating around way back in March or April or whenever. I said I wouldn’t and I did.

    What I’m saying is… I shouldn’t have let my “need to know” personality take over with this. I hope that I haven’t ruined the entire movie for myself.


  47. I have watched SOME of the spoilers. The behind-the-scenes-in-Italy, the fursplosion. I wanna wait on the rest, though, so the movie will be super-special. At this point, I feel like I’m playing “just the tip” with the interweb.

    Although I will say that, even though I intend to watch the movie at least three times opening weekend, I am afraid that the Twitweens will ruin the midnight experience for me with their wailing and gnashing. If so, it could have potentially been beneficial to see all the spoilers beforehand.

    In the end, though, I’m with Gangbanker – #truelovewaits.

    • fursplosion hehe. Last night I was reading the chapter in NM when Paul turns into a werewolf and goes to attack Bella and it’s described as an explosion and I just read it as fursplosion without even trying to do so. hehehe

  48. “Savin’ me some Jorts for November 20th”

    OMG!!! I totally forgot! I sent Chaske Spencer a message on Facebook that I liked him in the new clip (the one where Bella slaps Paul and Sam’s being all deep voiced Alpha wolf and stuff). Well, I did a little “PS – You’re totally rockin’ those jorts!” and he replied “thanks love :)”



  49. The spoilers make me more addicted. True story.

    I see spoiler and the Twi-obsessed part of me craves and needs it! Just like a junkie, I keep thinking “just a quick hit, just a peek!”

    But I do know what it’s like to not get excited over something you’ve been waiting for for a long-ass time. Good job telling Summit to EFF OFF!

  50. Girls, just want to encourage you that you’re on the right track. An-tic-i-pa-tion… I took a 90 day hiatus from all things Twilight, except running to SM’s great playlist and talking with my TwiBFF. I’m here to tell you it was hard! Harder than waiting until the wedding night, harder than bearing a 9 lb baby with no meds, harder than giving up chocolate or wine while dieting. Hard (that’s what she said) but worth it. I feel like a Twi virgin again. I just finished Twilight and moved on to NM last night. Oh, the love, the heart ache, October to January, knowing tha Edward was going to leave Bella but hoping that it would change anyway, having a whole new perspective on Jacob ifyaknowwhatimean. I haven’t looked at any footage and don’t plan to. I love trying to figure out the soundtrack. Which song belongs to Jacob & which belongs to Edward. Where does “Friends” fit in? I will stay strong. I will abstain. I will have the best NMO at midnight on the 20th with 8 of my ‘hood girls squeeing like teenagers. *super heavy sigh*

    • I am totally jealous of you with your plans and your 8 ‘hood girls. I am completely in the Twilight closet. None of my friends now. My husband has started to notice that I have been reading the same 4 books in rotation for the last 6 months.

      I’m starting to think about booking a “meeting” on Monday 23rd and just going to the movie theatre in the middle of the day alone. How sad. I might have to clutch my arms around my chest to stop the huge gaping hole in my heart.

      If anyone would be interested in joining me – I’m thinking Lowes in Methuen, MA or I could drive further for an New England LTT meet up – let me know. I’m 33 and completely normal. Honestly.

      • lol – hubs wondered how many books were in the series – *ahem* just 4, over & over again! Sorry you don’t have a twibff. We should all start fasting & praying for movie partners now. If I knew if any of my RI roots were Twihards I would send them your way. Start dropping hints like wearing your Team Edward shoelaces or talking a lot about sparkly things, maybe one of your friends will come out of the closet. If it’s any consolation, 6 are just going so we can all be together. The 2 of us that are normal Twifans plan to sit alone so our gushing won’t bother them!

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