Twilight bloggers: Assuming the alter ego

bunnynorrenDear LTTers,

I’m going to escort you into the private conversations of the real UC & Moon. Yes! Today you can listen in on the girls behind UnintendedChoice and theMoonisDown. But you need to know our real names. That’s right. We’re going to tell you our actual, in real-life, what our parents gave us, what our birth certificates say, names: theMoonisDown is Noreen. And I, UnintendedChoice, am really called Bunny (It’s a nickname. My real name is much more embarrassing) Okay, onto eavesdropping on the REAL UC & Moon:

Moon: So I have this blogger retreat idea where we can get together with our blogger friends and bitch and complain about the hard life of a blogger and then not blog for a whole weekend. We can watch some twi crap, get happy, read some books and play Twilight FanFiction “Scene-It” It will take place in the back room of Sprinkles Cupcakes.
UC: yes! An amazing idea. OMG! I just saw your latest tweet. You’re ON IT today!
Moon: I feel like I have to “BE ON” at all times if you’re away. I feel that way when I’m at an “event” with commenters. Do you feel that?! I feel this pressure to “BE FUNNY”
UC: yes! I feel like a character though, ya know? Do you feel that way? Like Moon is an alter-ego?
Moon: Yea, of course
UC: just totally crazy version of yourself
Moon: I just turn on Moon
UC: right. I have my UC self… (ps I know what else can turn on Moon (ahem))
Moon: Moon is just a way amped version of myself (you mean like running into the father’s of attractive under-age actors in the drive thru line at Mickey-D’s?)
UC: and I feel like when I come out the week of the premiere, we’ll need to be Moon & UC for an entire week. Can we handle it? Bunny doesn’t read fan fic, but UC does. UC dresses hotter than Bunny. She wears Marc Jacobs. She’s richer
Moon: MOON knows EVERYTHING all the videos, all the pics, whats hot. Noreen has not seen HALF the news in weeks
UC: UC would totes do Rob behind a dumpster. Bunny would get too embarrassed to say hi
Moon: AMEN Moon would hump him AT an event WHILE Sam Bradley was singing. Noreen would probably cry in the bathroom stall
UC: UC talks twi & rob all the time with her friends. Bunny’s friends don’t know she runs a mildly successful blog
Moon: Noreen really does talk about it in her ‘real’ life.
UC: I turn UC off on the weekends. She’s gone
Moon: Half of Noreen’s friends now ask HER about Twilight because word got out
UC: Bunny is not funny.. not creative.. and also doesn’t care about the Twilight saga or a 23 year old boy!
Moon: My friends approach me like I’m a drug dealer and use super cryptic terms
UC: UGH- they just asked (no FORCED) me to come into work on Saturday. How effed up is that? (that was UC saying ‘eff” Bunny would’ve said “Fuck”)
Moon: I just a sickening sweet email to someone I can’t stand. Just because she could potentially donate something for a give away. But that was Moon. Moon just uses people for the benefit of the blog.
UC: Moon is mean. Noreen would never do that. UC is a bitch too.

Read more after the hop (I called it a “hop” since now you know my name is Bunny)

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

I know, I know. You feel cheated. You feel like we’re scams. UC & Moon aren’t really who we are, and we are a bigger hoax than the BalloonBoy and the contest I entered last week to win “ONE NIGHT ONLY” with Taylor Lautner combined (I’m still not ready to talk about how that contest was fake. But Chris Hansen will probably tell you about it soon. On his new TV special…) Over the past few months you’ve felt like we’ve become friends. Don’t worry. We feel the same way! And Noreen & Bunny really aren’t that different. We just keep our snarky comments inside (mostly), never talk Twi or Rob (except when Noreen is approached with friends with cryptic messages), discuss politics, listen to NPR and have rad fucking shoes (oops, that was Bunny coming out, remember UC never says f*ck (she just does it, often, with random boys in a Marc Jacobs dress she doesn’t even have to remove. Yeah. She’s that good))

There really is a point to sharing this today, and that’s to discuss our alter-egos because I think most of us have them. I say most because I know some of you don’t really. I’ve seen your facebook pages- either through our LTT account or because you’ve been allowed into the world of Bunny and I’ve befriended you from my REAL facebook account. You talk about Rob. You post news items and, heck, you even link to us from time to time! UC talks of nothing but Rob or Twi on her facebook page, Bunny doesn’t ever utter a word. Besides my flair. Which rules (currently I have  button that says “Wait, there’s no such thing as Unicorns?”) However, I run a Twilight blog, so I’m uber-sensitive that in my real life people will think I’m too obsessed. If I’m honest, if it weren’t for being saturated in the Twi-world because of this blog, Bunny would probably dress up as a Twi-character with all the tweens on opening night of New Moon. And she wouldn’t care. UC would take pictures of Bunny & post them on her blog to make fun of her. Which is kinda awkward. Cuz we’re the same person….

Moon will kill you with her bitch face

Noreen will kill you with her bitch face

Some people have hardcore alter egos (like the girls of  the League at Twilight-headed) and many of you change your names when you comment to stay anonymous. Then there are those of you who don’t. Let’s talk this out. How willing are you to “out” yourself and admit that when you utter the phrase “Twilight’s cool” after someone asks if you’ve seen that vampire movie everyone is talking about, what you REALLY mean is, “I read the books in 4 hours, spend every waking moment living, breathing Twilight, hating Robsten/Loving Robsten/not giving a crapsten but still kinda giving a crapsten and commenting on blogs- heck I’ve even have had letters to celebrities PUBLISHED on a blog. Oh, and I’d get it on with Rob behind a dumpster. Or in a fort.” How far will you go? Are you okay to “out” yourself fully in real life? Or are you more comfortable with only being full-out Twi-obsessed via your alter ego online?

Twilosophy class now in session,
Bunny & UnintendedChoice (who are currently in a fight because UC told Bunny she’d make fun of her if she dressed up for New Moon)

I also wanna know, if you have an alter ego,  how YOU differ from HER or HIM!

No. Those aren’t our real, real names. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they were? Or when you heard them did you judge as are lame because our names aren’t the hip like you assume our real selves to be?

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  1. I guess that’s the beauty of the internet. The fact you can be UC and Bunny simultaneously; choosing which persona you want to showcase at any given time. We all have alter egos; one for work, one for family, and one for friends.

    Thanks for sharing your real name with us, UC. 🙂
    BTW, mine is Marcela. I’m sharing this because Marz is the fan-girl version of me. She’s too embarrassed to admit to having read Twilight, let alone to visiting several amazing Twilight blogs.


  2. I am so in the closet, and I have seen Moon and UC there! I’m a high school teacher, and if I admitted my love for all things Twi, I would be inundated with teen girls wanting to talk about how DREAMY Edward is, and how they got their period for the first time and was afraid Jasper would bite them. I much prefer talking about how I would do Rob behind a dumpster and how Buttcrack Santa and I knocked back a few of those little bottles in my dreams last night.

    UC and Moon, when we meet (because we will–Eclipse 2010!) don’t feel any pressure to be “on”. Actually, I would like to be funnier than you. Make sure that happens. (Although I doubt it will, because your real life personas crack me up. Damn you.)

    Now I’m going to go friend you on Facebook. See if I don’t.

    • Freya–girl, you know I am with you. Working in a school, I also just like to keep most of my crazy under wraps. I work in a K-8 school and was in the middle school wing and said “Nice Shirt” to a girl who was wearing a “forks high school” shirt, and she just looked at me blankly. Later it occured to me that I don’t live far from Forks -in the wide world scheme of things- so it was possible that she actually knew someone there.

      • lapush! You live near Forks? You live near me? Whaaaaat?! So much excitement just happened.

        And that girl totally was wearing a cafepress tshirt, don’t kid yourself.

        My sister taught hs and borrowed the books from one of her students!

        • Dude, we are totally in the same Time Zone!!! I actually live in Seattle. So, the ‘near Forks’ is all relative…..I’m guessing I’m nearer than most, but it’s still a ferry and some driving away.

          • Oh my. Seriously, next time I go visit my friend up there…or maybe just next time I go up there…if you’re not too, um, weirded out by it, we should totally meet up! Okay, maybe we can PM first (which is emailing for me since I don’t do the forum). I can’t believe there’s another Pac NW gal! ::squee::

          • Yeeee! I am on the forum, and Twitter @itslapushbaby

            You can Direct msg me there, too…..I think you have twitter now, I’ll go find you….

  3. I wish that I had friends that liked Twilight. My sister did read it, and liked it, but doesn’t seem to obsess about it. She didn’t even tell me about it, after she read it. I tried to get one of my friends to read the books, but she just couldn’t get into it. She said that she doesn’t like books about vampires. My response was, of course, that vampires are just part of the story, that there is so much more to it. She was just never an emo person, not even in highschool. I work with only 3 people, and none of them would read or could care less about Twilight. They do actually know that I like Rob, but are not aware of my “acute fondness” of him. They also don’t know that I read fan fiction on my iphone at lunch.
    My hubbie does know about my affection for Twilight and about some of the fan fiction. I am starting to wonder if he’s noticed my attachment for Rob. He has teased me about it in front of his family, and some friends. I always cringe. I really don’t like to talk about it with anyone, unless I know that they are on the same page with me about it.

    This is the only place that I can really express my feelings about all things Twilight. As for the name that I use on LTT/LTR, the forum, and fan fiction accounts, that is Rob’s nickname for me. Seems appropriate. I am definitely a different person when I am with him in my dreams.

    Thanks Moon and UC for letting me “hang” here with you. I bet some days you feel more therapists than bloggers.

    Now that the New Moon soundtrack is out, when are you going to Break it down Vanity Fair style? I love hearing your thoughts on music. Please? Please? Please? with a Sprinkle cupcake on top?!?!


  4. Love this post! I was kind of bummed when I realized your names weren’t really Bunny and Noreen, but I guess you have to do what you can to stay one step ahead of Chris Hanson.

    I am a 32 year-old black woman, married in name only, single Mom that works in the heart of a city that is infamously noted for it’s illegal drug distribution and high murder rate. Needless to say, I don’t walk around spouting sonnets about underage wolfboys and sparklepeen. I have to maintain my street cred at all times.

    My family is only vaguely aware of my Twilight-appreciation. Everyone pretends that they don’t see the Twilight/New Moon shrine on my dresser.

    • “I guess you have to do what you can to stay one step ahead of Chris Hanson.”

      That was so awesome. WIN.

  5. Full of hate today! I hate you Noreen and Bunny. I also hate Moon, because that is what I do…

    Most people know of my crazy, but I tell the #truth including the fact that I only recently bought my first Twi book, I don’t read Fan Fiction (then I have to explain what Fan Fiction is), that I love stories about Vampires, including HotEric (HotAlex), that I’ve cussed out a Brit Pack member, that I have a law school buddies Book Club that reads only books involving mythical creatures, and that I have met some bad ass bitches that I will love for life, because they share my love of snark and appreciation for Twi snarkiness and have an ability to make fun of themselves.

  6. I am mostly in the closet. My husband knows and I had 3 guilty confessions to my closest girlfriends. Funny story actually. I felt like I had a brand that everyone could see after I read all the books and when asked “what I’d been up to lately” my guilt made me out myself. I follow blogs religiously, but don’t comment often. I’m a Twilight sniper. Just hiding and waiting (for what, I have no idea).

    I do have an alter-ego, however. Her name is Lucille and she comes out after a long day at work and at cocktail time or just about whenever vodka is present. She doesn’t take shit, is funny as hell, and puts everyone in their place with her quick wit.

    I’m feeling brave today so I’ll out myself here. I’m 31, married with a 2 year old, I love Twilight, I love Rob and I don’t care who knows it. (Just don’t tell anyone, k?)

    • Umm Yeah. If you are doing it then I will too. I love Rob and Twilight and this effing blog. I am also 31, semi married (long story) , with a 2yr old AND I live in Colorado…I feel weird and better at the same time.

      • I wish we lived closer. I’m in Florida. Glad you could join me in outing yourself.

        • Thanks…me too. It’s odd not knowing anyone who can share this awesome shizz with me. Maybe one day there would be a LTT “retreat” and everyone can meet up!
          I feel a lot of team building going on in the comments’s funny.

      • Is your name a reference to Almost Famous?

        • Yeppers – I love that movie..and music so it seemed to work.

          • Love that movie too! 🙂 Twi-secret moment 2nd hand embarrassed moment: When I first saw who KStew was dating whenever she made Twilight, I thought it was the guy who plays the kid in Almost Famous (like the actual kid, 11-year old version of him). But it was someone else.

  7. Not me…..I’m totally out to everyone about my Twi/Robsession. That’s practically all I ever talk about on Facebook and I’m sure the people on my Facebook page that aren’t into it or have no clue are getting really tired of me and think I need an intervention, but I’m okay with that, LOL! At least I have passion and they don’t! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Psh. Whatever. This is definitely an assumed name. [takes hit]

    So I’ve been lurking on here for a while. I’ve been stuck in a hotel room for weeks while, uh, while I, uh, I mean, uh, it’s work-related, okay? I just can’t talk about this right now . . .

    [runs hand through hair. wipes hand on jeans. reminds self to buy more Spray-n-wash]

    So, anyway, I’m totally bored out of my mind and the fort-building is getting old. All my boyfriend’s books are boring and long and frankly I don’t even think he’s read them.

    I decided to delurk because I’ve been reading how some of you guys really hate this KStew girl, and I think you’re being really unfair. I mean, c’mon people, she had that hair for a MOVIE! It was WORK! She’s COMMITTED! Don’t you see it? If you don’t understand, you just can’t appreciate the art . . .

    [hears microwave ding]

    “Hey, your Hot Pocket is ready!”

    [watches bf walk into kitchenette, scratching head and wiping eyeboogers from eyes]

    “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

    [watches as he takes a bite and burns his mouth, spitting it out into his hand. watches sauce and cheese drip onto HER flannel shirt]

    BF: Fuck me. That’s hot. I’m going to put it down right here to cool. Don’t eat it, okay?


    BF: So I’ve got some time to kill. Wanna screw?

    “Whatever. Just not by the window again. I think that guy’s gonna sue about his camera getting broken.”

    [gets up. walks away from laptop. returns in three minutes. hits “submit.”]

  9. I’m also so into the vampire craze that I now refer to Thursday’s as “Paul Wesley Day”. I ♥ Thursdays!

  10. I am in my late 20’s and I work in a professional field. I have a Master’s Degree and people look to me for advice on financial decisions. If my clients only knew how much time I have spent reading twilight news and blogs, I think I would lose some of their respect.

    I think I’ll stay in the closet for now. By the way, I love your blog. I’ve been reading daily for a few months but haven’t commented for fear of someone figuring out my secret 🙂

    • i’m glad you decided to comment! I googled your email address & only found two entries.. that probably aren’t you.. or maybe they are.. I don’t judge 🙂 (google your email address to see what i’m talking about!)

      I need some advice. How do I become really rich by being lazy? XO

      • Nope…not me. I did enjoy the gross article about intestinal issues though, or not since I didn’t really read it.

        I forgot to mention that I’m married and totally hide my Twilight issues. I even live in San Diego and didn’t even think about outing myself at Comic Con. I am soooo far in the closet. Only my sister knows because she is as obsessed as I am and she was the one to force me to read the books. I’m a bit of a book snob so it took some prodding but now I hate her for ruining my life, or love her, I’m not sure which sometimes:)

      • Holy Shite!

        I never thought about how one could look up your email address and search for you. Yikes!! Good thing I’ve been using my secondary one for this sort of thing. I searched my other one and it brought up my first and last name and Facebook picture.
        NOT COOL.
        I also Googled my name on here and so far, I’ve only found one thing that was actually me. And my real name appears to be safe as well, except for one very obscure entry.

        Wow, I was freaking out there for a minute.

  11. Having spent the latter half of 2008 railing (behind their backs of course) on my FB “friends” who had Twilight flair and Face-in-Hole profile pics of Edward with them as Bella, I cannot safely come out to the real world without fear of retribution. So alas, my real life friends remain unaware of my guilty pleasure. Guilty is right, btw. I didn’t feel this dirty about my Laguna Beach/Hills marathon party (of two).

    I have a Twilight alter ego as well. A separate twitter account and email address, etc. I even have a different handle for this fandom than I do for my other online addiction. In other words, I didn’t even want my FAKE ONLINE friends from another fandom to know about my involvement in the twilight one … to say nothing of my real life friends. Now that’s shame.

    I’ve been across the country twice to meet online friends from another fandom. I have no problem posting about that or making it known in real life. For some reason, Twilight makes me ashamed of myself, very very ashamed.

    Ok, not really ashamed, I just really want to keep up appearances that I am an astute and erudite connoisseur of good literature and acceptably mature pop culture. Instead of you know, young adult vampire love and it’s subsequent smut fiction.

    In real life: Husband and BFF know I read the books and liked them, and want to see the movie. A few others know I read the books and find them, “Tolerably entertaining.” NO ONE knows of the blogs, forums, comments, twitter, robporn or fanfiction obsessions. Must.Save.Some.Face.

    That being said, I am exactly the same here as in real life. My alter TwiEgo is just like me, although since she’s without accountability, she embraces porn and her inner potty mouth without reservation.

  12. Hi ya’ll!

    I’m Victoria

    -Nanny by day
    -Full Time student at night
    -No one would ever think i have a tattoo
    -Visually, I’m Team Jacob
    -Rob doesnt really tickle my fancy
    [Sorry to say]

    -Anyone who knows me is some what
    aware of my Twi-obsession

    -I’m a ‘not going to bring it up
    unless someone else already
    started a Twi-related topic” kinda girl

    but really, no alter ego


    • I’ve tried the “not going to bring it up unless someone else already started a Twi-related topic” thing…

      but sometimes I can’t help myself.

      I have such little self control.

      • i’ve had a few slips… not gonna to lie

        but i have like a 86.34% self control success rate
        I must say, I’m proud of myself…

        I’m also known to “correct”
        people when they are wrong
        It’s kinda a pet peeve when ppl think
        they know what they are talking about

  13. Dudes…if I officially came out…I’d be taking about 500+ ppl down the rabbit hole with me. Not gonna happen. Besides, I think this whole dual persona, bi-polar thing appeals to me. That, and I’m fairly certain I was a crazy beech before I read Twi. So, good times.

  14. I would say I’m partially outed, my friends and family know I LOVE Twilight, my sister knows I’m perplexed by Robsten. But, I won’t lie and say I don’t minimize the browser when someone walks in and I should be doing something else besides reading something about Twilight. This place is healthy for me because you guys are so into it, but make fun of it and keep it real. I’m no good at sarcasm, but glad I totally get yours! See I’m not even that creative, my altar ego is just my first initial. Please send me to the school of funny! Meanwhile, I’ll just take my daily UC and Moon funny! It’s totes good for my Twi-Loving Soul!

  15. As much as I profess how I’d love to be “out” and proclaim my love, only my dear, oppressed husband and my twi-obsessed sisters know. There’s something a little (translate: A LOT) exciting about having an alter ego. You can be just a little bit dirtier, a little bit funnier. Although, I’m pretty hardcore “out” to my husband. Which I find HI-larious. I just got my Pocket Edward in the mail the other day and introduced him to my hubbie by video chatting Robward and me in a passionate moment. He just shook his head but I know he loved it. And I’m totally making him take off work on the 20th to go see NM with me. I can’t go to a midnight showing, I will punch a squealing twelve year old in the face – I promise.

    Oh, and UC, thank D Choice for me – ever since I made the mistake of sharing his “interview” with Mr Finneyfrock I’ve had to endure multiple references to my love as “Paddleston” and “Mumbles”. Although that song totes made me laugh til I cried – twice.

  16. I’m in the closet. But with maybe one foot out the door. (Perhaps the Queen Latifah of Twi??? ;)) My RL folks know I liked the books and movies — one even got me a Cullen poster as a “joke” for Christmas last year. (I laughed and rolled my eyes — then promptly hung it over my bed). But no one knows about all the news checking and obsessive blogging! I live in fear that someone will dig through my bookmarks – I live with a roomie without a computer, and friends that come and go often, so you never know who’s going to be using my laptop while I’m at work. Which is why I have everything hidden in folders under boring names like “Thesis literature review” to discourage snoopers 🙂
    But no, I try to keep my online self separate. “Lindelle”, which is also my twitter, is the name of my lovely cockatiel who flew away a couple years ago.

    … and even though I’m dying to go to a NM LTT/LTR movie meet-up (What up Philly-ites!) it’s also a little freaky to think about revealing the real Lindelle!

  17. After reading today’s comments, I can’t not post now. I too have been reading this blog daily for months now and have been too chicken to comment. This post is a sign that it’s time for me to come out of the Twilight closet!

    Many people around me know that I have read and am in the process of re-reading the books and that I’ve seen the movie a “few” times (Of course I haven’t said exact numbers!) I even admitted to a co-worker that I bought my tickets for New Moon the second Fandango sent me a reminder email that they were on sale. But no one really knows the extent of my Twilight obsession. They don’t know about the hours that I spend reading about anything and everything that is Twilight!

    I love your blog! Even if I don’t have enough time to get online I still find time for LTT/LTR! I’m glad I finally got enough guts to comment! 🙂

  18. Pretty much everyone knows I’m a twi-hard. I can’t hold in my excitement, I guess…

    I get extreme reactions – people either think “I’m One of those” or they get just as excited to hear I am in fact “one of those”.

    I just thought it was normal to spend 7 & 1/2 hours out of an 8 hour work day, reading fanfic, searching for pics of Robward or anything Twi-related….

    • I love when you discover a new Twilight fan that’s been hiding in the midst of everyday…. instant bonding.

  19. Usually, I lurk but lately I’ve worked up the nerve to post. That probably tells you everything right there. I’m totally undercover in RL but not cool enough for an alter-ego. My screen name is based on my actual name, but it’s hopefully obscure enough that you wouldn’t guess it. None of my friends even have Twilight on their radar. The one time I mentioned the book, I got the “aren’t you a little old for that” comment and a shut my mouth in a hurry. Sites like LTT have been my saving grace and my life line through this obsession. As an added bonus,b I’ve learned more vocab here than I have since SAT prep. I just told someone “I puffy heart you” the other day. I haven’t managed to work panty-sweats into everyday convos yet, but I still snicker over it. Thank you all for being you and being here!

  20. Good topic! I’ve actually thought about my “outness” on Twilight quite a bit here lately. About how I can be so open with my other loves, like Harry Potter, but so reserved with my Twilight love. I only let certain people into my Twilight love. And still, even they don’t really know how much I love it. I minimize my screen when they walk by and I’m reading Twilight websites, but not when I’m reading Mugglenet…

    And then I go and do things that out myself in front of people I didn’t really want to out myself in front of. In one of my classes last week, a girl was giving a presentation over her trip to Seattle. She showed pictures of a beach she went to, but she couldn’t remember the name. When she said it was mentioned in “that Twilight book”, my reflexes kicked in and I automatically responded with La Push. Now the whole class knows……..

    Alter egos are fun. I think mine has a British accent. Sorry to say, but cedvanhalen is not my real name….

  21. I only tell other Twi-hards of the fact that I read a Twilight Blog, though the fact that I am a Twi-hard is slowly becoming common knowledge to the “regular” people around me. I decided shortly after starting Breaking Dawn, which was three days after starting Twilight, that I couldn’t really have Twilight Shame if I was going to be toting around these abnormaly large books and reading them during every spare second I had whether it be in public or at my desk at work… And, if you have shame, how will you ever share the love? In Twilight I found a kind of love that makes me feel like a total freak… in a good way! So I say, share the knowledge! I’m glad someone convinced me to read the Twilight Saga… and the friends I’ve converted are all on there way to finding the fun in the love and hate it can bring out of people.

    So “Bunny”, are your REAL friends missing out on Twilight because you’re afraid to be “that” girl?
    And it’s okay, even if Bunny can’t come out of the closet, we’ll always accept you for the funny, amazing, sarcastic Twilight lover you are!:)

  22. MoonMommy is not my real name – so no, I’m not Moon’s Mommy….I’m actually Lily’s Mommy, but that’s besides the point.

    I hide my twi-obsession from the real world as I haven’t found anyone to share it with in my RL except for you ladies/unicorns here. My hubby and friends know that I read all 4 books in like 3 weeks which is super unusual for me. But what they don’t know is that I own the DVD which I watch when the hubs is out of town….and that I own the soundtracks to Twilight and now New Moon (which I purchased on Tuesday – asking for gift receipt to try and disguise it was for me as I did when I got the Twilight soundtrack and movie). Although my daughter actually kind of out-ed me to the hubs in the car one day when she asked for me to play Super Massive Black Hole in the car….to which my husband asked what CD I had gotten and looked at me like I was crazy when I told him what it was. But that is the extent of outside knowledge.

    I have to admit finding this site was like finding a sister-hood (and unicorn-hood) with which to share our Twi-obssessions in either an anonymous or real way, which I thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes I stalk and sometimes I share – but either way I love to come her daily if I can and to have this universe to make me feel “normal”.

    • that was soooo cute… and sweet. you should consider yourself hugged, now. did you? well being someone w/ 3 decades under my belt… feel free to well lurk on MoonMommy, lurk til you hearts content… i did for months before i ever posted.. and this is the ONLY Blog i follow… (compliments to Moon & UC, even though you didn’t REALLY “out” yourselves… heh heh heh… sneeky-pants-gals!) But feel free to post TOO! this is ever so amusing!

      • Thank you for the hug ambushed – back at ‘cha!

        • -wink- thanks… imma “hugger”… yup. and i really enjoy this blog. my hubby is the only one aware of my postings… he just smirks, shakes his head and “tut-tut”‘s me… ahh well… i continue to indulge!

  23. I feel so out of the loop from never commenting. It doesn’t pay to be a lurker. How many of you have met? Have any of you been to BlogHer?

    • I’ve only recently come out of lurkdom myself. Partly because I need ways to release the Twi-obsession for fear of consequences, and partly because I hate my job and like to procrastinate. I’ve never met anyone in RL. I live in the Memphis area, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there aren’t Twi-fans in Memphis. 😦

      • *shoulder-pat* you don’t hafta feel alone anymore.

      • I’ve yet to meet anyone with the same kind of Twilight-psycho-babble abilities as me in Ohio. The midnight showing isn’t even HALF way sold out yet at our theater. More seats for me and my kleenex for the break up scene. I can possibly squee and have room to do a jig when Jake changes.

  24. I’m pretty clandestine about my Twilight obsession. Well, I guess I admit to Mr. Sassy about liking Robward and the books, but not even he knows I read this blog (and several others), let alone comment! I can unleash my inner ‘ho here and let go of the the prim & proper china, silver & crystal gal that I am in RL. I do love me some sparkle…so that might be the connecting theme!

  25. I think all the people who have never commented should now get together. I’m really feeling the love today. I feel confident to say I do feel “normal” which is such a different experience for me…

  26. I’m about 65% out at this point, which is to say totally out to a number of friends and very mildly out to others. I figured I was one step closer to completely being out when I friended Wealova Rob on Facebook, which is fine by me. Everyone has their thing that they dork out over, and Twilight/Rob are mine. That’s NORMAL.

    My job search has forced me to use this moniker in Rob/Twilight venues instead of my regular one, which kinda sucks, but that’s how it has to be for now. A little caution doesn’t hurt and this way I don’t have to dial down my enthusiasm for HHH.

  27. Altho I’m a daily reader I hardly ever comment. I have a couple of times but usually don’t b/c everyone on here is wicked funny and I’m just not that funny all the time!! 😦
    I have an alter ego on here I guess you could say. Katie is not my real name, even tho a lot of people call me that in RL. KatieDid is a name I got growing up and it just worked for me on here.
    I’ve got one leg in and one leg out of the Twi closet. Most of my family and friends know I’ve read the books and watched the movie and “enjoyed” them. They just don’t know how many times I “enjoyed” them. 🙂 The only people who know I’ve read and watched several times would be my mother and sister. I dragged my sister to see the movie and she really loved it. She even wanted to go back the next day to see it with me!! She borrowed my books and loved them but she got over it after a month or so. Now I don’t really have anyone to share this with! 😦
    I’ve got one RL friend who is obsessed like me but she doesn’t know about my fanfiction obsession and I plan on keeping it that way. My other RL friends just don’t get it *sigh*
    Even tho I don’t comment often I love reading both sites b/c it makes me feel normal about my obsession!! For now I will stay in the closet and try to comment more. I feel it’s time to make some Twi friends!!
    Thanks to UC/Bunny and Moon/Noreen along with all the awesome peeps who comment. You ALL make my day!! 🙂

    • I agree that sometimes the comments are the funniest part of the day’s post! It’s pretty intimidating to comment sometimes for that reason. Plus the little thumbs down thingy is fairly scary!

  28. Um, my SO knows that I like Twilight. But, I didn’t actually really like Twilight all that much until this blog. I mean, my sister got me into it by taking me to the movie and lending me her books, but that was only a quick ordeal.

    I love this blog, especially on Twilosophy days, even though I can get a little too intense. My life is sort of dismal right now, so I like to come here and get a dose of relief. I was really hoping today would be funny because I got rejected from another job yesterday, alas, it was not the usual funny.

    Apparently my fun witty comments (which seem to be dwindling sadly) are seeping more into real life because my friend asked me the other day if I’d eaten a Wit Sandwich for lunch. I didn’t even realize I was being witty, so I suppose I’m just naturally witty. Plus last night I used a line from the novel I’m writing and my boyfriend laughed, which was reassuring. At least that line is funny to someone!

    I don’t read about Twilight except on here. I don’t watch any interviews. I only watch the movie clips if they’re posted here (and the music video that Gil was in). I only just discovered that Billy Burke is smoking hot and don’t think he is as Charlie (sorry tuesday). I don’t have a crush on Rob or Taylor or anyone in the movie. I want to see Little Ashes because I studied Dali while I was living in Spain. I don’t think Rob is hot. I never did. I never discuss that on here, but I really just don’t. Thumbs down me if you want. I don’t do LTR for that reason. I didn’t realize that Twilight was filmed mostly around Portland until I’d already been living there for a few months. I just don’t really care about Twilight that much except for the actual books and the movies. But I love photoshopping ridiculous things together and trying to make UC and Moon laugh.

    So I guess I’m outing myself to you guys here. I’m not actually a Twihard. That doesn’t mean I don’t memorize too many details about the books, but that’s because I always read for detail. Ugh. I need to go make some grilled cheese and tomato soup and cry.

    • Job hunting is the shits for sure – don’t let it get you down. Right when you are not looking the right thing will come around.
      ps. I am making grilled cheese and tomato soup for my fam tonight because I have spent most of the day not going to the grocery store
      pss. The less Rob you take the more we get – holla!

    • A pox on the employers who overlooked you! Boo.

    • I love your posts TS!! You are definitely witty, with or without the wit sandwich. I’m sorry the job search isn’t going well! I’ll give you a virtual *hug*. I am afraid to quit my job/profession because the job market is so dismal and I have virtually no work/life skills. So, I come here multiple times a day because it cheers me up sharing this silly obsession with others. (Though, admittedly, I’m at least a partial Twihard.)

      I’ll take my Billy both ways, but I’m willing to take him on copstache days, so you can have him on normal scruffy days. 😉

      Oh, and there’s no such thing as writing too much!

      P.S.- What’s the novel about?

      • The inspiration for the novel came from fantasizing about one of my coworkers on my commutes home while listening to a specific track on the Amelie soundtrack. I had worked up this idea of two people that had to flee a country because of a war, and it was cold, really cold, and dreary and warlike and they just had each other and their love.
        So, fast forward to Nov/Dec 2008 when I was just starting to read Twilight and had just seen the movie. The cold weather of the movie and book just solidified my need to write out my fantasy into a novel. I wrote the scene that I always imagined and then started to outline the rest of the novel. It is still evolving. I got serious about it and joined a novel writing group etc.
        So, now I run a novel writing group, and for our first meet-up I required everyone to do a one-page synopsis of their novels. Mine obviously included. So here’s to quick teaser synopsis in two sentences (and it’s so 2nd hand embarrassing, but I couldn’t think of any other way to phrase it!!!!):

        Emma Biehl (29), an American engineer who recently developed the most advanced weapons technology to date, is forced to face her dark past after forming an irrevocable relationship of unconditional love with her coworker Ruel Alexander (43). While they are on a business trip together to Russia, war breaks out between Russia and the United States forcing the couple to flee the country while being tracked by Interpol.

        ps-my name isn’t Emma, I pulled that out of the whole awesomeness of Austen plus it means “universal, whole”. Biehl is a German surname that is also American, and I used it to draw upon the idea that Emma was the maiden of the German god Ermen. Ruel is a Hebrew name that means “friend of God” and Alexander (which isn’t his actual surname da da duuuum!) means “man’s defender”. Anyway, I like names and putting effort into naming my characters.

        More than you bargained for, Tuesday!

        • Wow, that definitely sounds like something I’d like to read! Not only does it contain “forbidden” love (sigh), but it has elements of war and strife and guilt. I love Russian literature, in the summary alone you’ve kind of captured the feel of a Russian novel. The cold and dreary also helps give that Russian feel. (I once dated a Russian… one of my friends who had not met him asked me if he was dour… incidentally, he was.) Does it take place in the future? Or in an present-day alternate universe?

          I’m participating in National Novel Writing month next month in the hopes that I can actually get one of my ideas out and complete. The odds of me meeting the 50,000 word goal, though, are slim. A novel writing group seems like a better idea, with other people to push you and/or shame you.

          I want to read it when it’s done!

          Also, LOVE Amelie. Which track?

  29. Oh, and I write way too much. Obviously.

    • First of all – mmmmm. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

      Second . . . of all, I think the spirit, if not the exact message, of “We are the Rob” is very applicable here. I would never thrust Rob upon you (that’s what she . . . daydreamed about). Especially since at least your Robapathy is balanced by an equal disinterest in all things only legal in Georgia.

      Bring the wit. Bring the intensity. Bring the tendency to write to much (obvs, I, too am infected). Just bring it.


      P.S. The less Rob pie you eat, the more there is to go around.

      P.S.S. Jobhunting sucks soul and my best wishes are with you, my friend. Ergo my reluctance to leave my high-school-degree-only-requiring job after getting my master’s last year.

    • @ Team Seth – AWWW! i appreciate the emotional purge you just made. i agree w/ all that you said, and feel much the same way… not a LTR gal, i mean, as “Edward” i think he’s really interesting looking (i’m drawn to his character in some way), but you’ll notice, i never comment on Rob-hottness… not quite my thing. Taylor, well, jail-bait that he is… his abs are incredible, so i can appreciate that… i really like your loooooooong posts and i’m sorry (again) that i haven’t replied to your e-mail. i will… (promise) time gets away from me. your posts are actually the reason i really started to actively post. Twilight is not my life… i am a super busy woman w/ a lot of responsibility at work and w/ family and am living in one house while trying to get another one ready to sell (stress!!!) i am not “out”ing myself here… b/c well… there’s no need. i’ll stay annon and i hope i’m not ignored for it.

      it has taken me 40 mins to type this… phone calls, customer accounts corrections, faxes, people coming to my desk… at least this blog is fun and a bit of an escape into a realm of Twi-dom that i enjoy…

      guilty pleasure?
      “mommy, is this my happy-place?” ha-ha…

      okay… enough outta me for now… gotta wrap up for the day.

      summery: TS, i love your post.

      • p.s. love soup… but don’t cry too much. *hug*

      • @ambushed Well, I’m glad that I was inspiration for you to start posting because I love your posts and our emails too.

        I’m glad you got a mini-vacation this past weekend since you’re so busy. Don’t worry about rushing the reply to the email…it was soooooo long (I got way too excited about the Acts pilot, hopefully that gave you a laugh)

  30. I am totally “out of the closet” when it comes to Twilight…I wear my twi-related shirts with pride…I send my friends ridiculous pics and videos almost daily..i even send them to the friends that cant stand it…I read the saga continuously…ending one and immediately starting with another (its sad)…I also eat cookies with Chris Hansen occasionally when im looking for pics of Robward and stumble upon a pic of Taycob instead…I have fish and they are all named after the kids also love twilight like it is an everyday part of life…I have made comments about hot guys at wal mart, being cute because they are wearing “Edward shoes”..In the fictional world I would have immediately settled for Mike Newton just to sit with the Cullens at lunch 🙂

  31. My alter ego-Dixie- is very Twilight/Rob friendly; wears flannel, plays guitar, eats hot pockets and has sex in forts…

    In RL…not nearly as exciting.

    I’ll keep living the dream in private I think.

    My obsession is so secret I had heart palpitations when you said you check people’s emails…. gulp.

  32. I’m in Portland, as you all know, and everyone here wears flannel. Plus at Guess they are selling these tight flannel shirts. Is flannel cool again? I mean, I almost bought these plaid shorts at guess becuase they were only $6, but they had that whole back of the pants hanging out thing on the waist. You know what I’m talking about… Only my $12 LEI jeans from WalMart don’t do that.

    • Oh, so I keep reading and you are in Portland!! I was just in Portland a few weeks ago! And I am also in the land of flannel. Fairly certain it never left here.

  33. UC, if your real name was actually Bunny, I would be so mortified for you because it reminds me of Trey’s mother in Sex and the City.


    No one should be ashamed of their Twilight obsession. Guys have really REALLY nerdy obsessions…Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica. WHY CANT WE? I don’t like to feel supressed.

    Everyone knows I love the Twilight Series (as Moonie will tell you). Heck, we even dressed up as the characters and went out to In and Out after the Scream Awards!
    When I meet a new guy, though, I always wait a few dates before I show him my TWILIGHT lined walls. The other night I even had to put my cardboard Edward away because I had a *ehem* visitor. I’m sending my family wishlists for my bday and Christmas for the Nordstrom line and other merch. The cardboard Edward seems to scare people 🙂

    Be proud of your vampire family.

    *end crazy rant*
    ❤ Ash

    p.s. I also really like Hanson, which is supressive enough…because when people hear "HANSON" the first reaction is, "Really? They're still around?" haha.

  35. Um yeah, I have 4 kids and an almost kid husband, so keeping track of an alter ego seems a bit much. I just try and not make too many sparklepeen jokes in polite company. My main problem is that I am a twi-pusher. Meaning, I try and get anyone and everyone I know to read the books, so I can have someone to obsess with me. It has not worked yet. I have tried most of my friends and no takers and I have even tried my mother -in-law. Sad, very sad. Great post, Noreen and hunny Bunny, you guys make my day. I may not have any RL twi friends, but I can pretend you guys are!!

  36. Yea I finally picked a name for my alter ego… I mentioned earlier that my friends/family know I love all things twilight and Rob but they don’t know the extent of my obsession. Thus far, i’ve been too nervous/shy to post anything but seeing how awesome people are here I’ve decided to start! My alter is going to be more outgoing with her twi love then I am in real life and maybe i’ll stop getting those are you crazy looks from my friends when I let slip how much I love the series lol.

  37. I’m not sure how to classify my alter ego…

    I am a high school teacher. (a way cool one, obviously) I read the Twilight Saga at the request of one of my Harry Potter Club members (yes, we have one and I love HP). I read the entire saga in a week and half.

    But, I have a cover. It’s so easy to talk Twilight when you are surrounded by teenage girls. I use the cover of their silly infatuation for Edward and Jacob, to have discussions on Twilight. I have the Edward cut-out in my classroom. I have teenage girls who bring me magazine posters to hang in my classroom. I get birthday presents that include calendars, bracelets, and chocolate. My desktop changes regularly with a background of Edward. I show the trailers via my projector for bellwork at the start of class. I justify it by saying…”it’s a dysfunctional family issue”. I teach Family Relations. I could go on and on. My students know I love Robert Pattinson. They think I’m just cool.

    But, really, I’m a crazy, obsessed, reading LTT and LTR during my planning period, Robert-loving, Kristen-hating, 49 year old, happily married for 26 years, high school teacher. But I have a cover. Don’t tell my principal.

  38. I’m out and not out, all at the same time. My fellow Twilight-obsessed friends know about my obsession for the most part, but I’m pretty sure I’m a lot more obsessed than they are. I’m the only one that sends them random Twilight videos and articles, etc. And the only one that can name the order in which the pack became wolves. And which ones imprinted. And what the first injury Edward saw Bella sustain was. And what the first blonde joke Jake told Rose in BD was. (That’s Normal!) But they love me anyway. Buuuuuuuut….my friends don’t know I have a Twilight blog ( I do plan to tell them one day…
    But no one else knows – people I know who have just heard of Twilight come up and ask “have you read those vampire books?” and I just look at them incredulously because it’s so much a part of me that I cannot imagine someone NOT knowing that about me. But apparently they don’t, so I must hide it well.

  39. Redfox816. I use it all the time. EVERYTHING. Google it. I AM EVERYWHERE. I hide behind it, I pretend with it. I love having an alter ego. But I suppose it would be hard to be forced to turn into it everyday.

    Hey! You guys are like spider-man! Sometimes you don’t want to be someone else, but danger (and crazy twi-hards) call!

    Just remember, Moon and UC:
    “With great power comes great responsibility.”
    Don’t ever forget it.

  40. I would like to continue to stay anonymous and in hiding! I admit to friends and strangers how I love Twilight but that’s the most they know about me. They know nothing about the FF writing and reading blogs and everything else that has to do with the fandom!

  41. I use a version of my name. Family knows I like Twilight but they have no idea about the extent. They don’t know about the Rob poster. To be honest, I don’t think any of them read blogs even though they are online. I have not enlightened them as to the fact that all my favorite blogs are Twi-related. Don’t curse in real life (much) but get pretty trash-mouthed on some blogs when I comment (just like the other commenters mostly do – depends on the blog).

  42. “I’ve seen your facebook pages- either through our LTT account or because you’ve been allowed into the world of Bunny and I’ve befriended you from my REAL facebook account. You talk about Rob. You post news items and, heck, you even link to us from time to time!”

    I would like to chat about this for one moment. I am fine with befriending you as “We Lova Rob” and you seeing my Twi-ness there… I am /that/ Twilight girl to my Facebook friends, my sorority, at church and at work… People who meet me generally find out within 2hrs or 2 day depending on how we meet… I am okay with being my friends Twi-scapegoat, the girl they talk about when other people make fun of their Twi-love: “Oh you think I am obsessed with Twilight, well you should meet my friend, Kat…” [Which Kat is my real, real name BTW, no shame left here…]

    BUT, so far I have been selfish and only shared your blog with one only other Twi person and my roommate because I do not want to share you… I might talk about you sometimes as “that blog I read everyday” but I am greedy… My Twi-friends and followers will have to find you themselves… [Twitter not included.]

  43. I do have an alter ego, but it has nothing to do with Twilight. I’m open with my twiobsession.

  44. I meant to comment on this yesterday, but watching the break up scene and crying and Volturi fight scene and cheering got in my way.

    So, yesterday morning I was jogging with my sister in law, doing my best to suck her into the full Robsession. And I admitted that I read this blog, and LTR, and comment all the time. And that in my mind, you guys are my friends even though I don’t even know your real names. (yes, I’m ashamed to have fake online friends whose names I don’t know). And then I told her that even though I don’t technically know you or your names, I knew some stuff about each of you: Moon lives in LA & UC lives in Philly; Moon is single, UC is married; both went to music school, both are about 27 or 28, UC works in a hot tub store (I think. that always makes me think of Desperately Seeking Susan).

    So she asks, “what do their names mean”? and said, “uh, I don’t know.” I mean, obviously, I know that Moon is short for theMoonisdown, and UC is short for Unintended Choice. But I don’t even know what your nicknames mean. So she laughed at me (for like the 40th time during this conversation, only the laughing sounded funny because we were jogging, so it came out all pant-like) and I hung my head in shame (also for like the 40th time during the conversation). I don’t even understand my fake friends’ nicknames. What kind of internet loser am I?

    So imagine my shock when I come home and find that you’ve “revealed” yourselves on the blog today! Of course, it turned out you didn’t actually reveal yourselves, but for that minute till I caught on, I was freaked out! I felt like I had an Alice premonition.

    In the end, I’m just really glad that your names are not Noreen and Bunny. I would be even more embarrassed if my fake internet friends had such lame real names.

    aka Mildred Goldstein
    (yeah, that’s not my real name either)

  45. The differences between me and Dani…

    well, Dani would do Taylor anytime, anyplace
    and I would make him ‘put a ring on it’ first xD

  46. […] (which is a great name as my first name and married name also rhyme (yep- you caught me. It’s Bunny Hunny)) wrote to tell us about the boyfriend pillow. It advertises, Do you hate sleeping on your […]

  47. […] Sam. And their interview rules! GO READ NOW! Ps: you might see something special that “Noreen” drew for […]

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