Twilight bloggers: Assuming the alter ego

bunnynorrenDear LTTers,

I’m going to escort you into the private conversations of the real UC & Moon. Yes! Today you can listen in on the girls behind UnintendedChoice and theMoonisDown. But you need to know our real names. That’s right. We’re going to tell you our actual, in real-life, what our parents gave us, what our birth certificates say, names: theMoonisDown is Noreen. And I, UnintendedChoice, am really called Bunny (It’s a nickname. My real name is much more embarrassing) Okay, onto eavesdropping on the REAL UC & Moon:

Moon: So I have this blogger retreat idea where we can get together with our blogger friends and bitch and complain about the hard life of a blogger and then not blog for a whole weekend. We can watch some twi crap, get happy, read some books and play Twilight FanFiction “Scene-It” It will take place in the back room of Sprinkles Cupcakes.
UC: yes! An amazing idea. OMG! I just saw your latest tweet. You’re ON IT today!
Moon: I feel like I have to “BE ON” at all times if you’re away. I feel that way when I’m at an “event” with commenters. Do you feel that?! I feel this pressure to “BE FUNNY”
UC: yes! I feel like a character though, ya know? Do you feel that way? Like Moon is an alter-ego?
Moon: Yea, of course
UC: just totally crazy version of yourself
Moon: I just turn on Moon
UC: right. I have my UC self… (ps I know what else can turn on Moon (ahem))
Moon: Moon is just a way amped version of myself (you mean like running into the father’s of attractive under-age actors in the drive thru line at Mickey-D’s?)
UC: and I feel like when I come out the week of the premiere, we’ll need to be Moon & UC for an entire week. Can we handle it? Bunny doesn’t read fan fic, but UC does. UC dresses hotter than Bunny. She wears Marc Jacobs. She’s richer
Moon: MOON knows EVERYTHING all the videos, all the pics, whats hot. Noreen has not seen HALF the news in weeks
UC: UC would totes do Rob behind a dumpster. Bunny would get too embarrassed to say hi
Moon: AMEN Moon would hump him AT an event WHILE Sam Bradley was singing. Noreen would probably cry in the bathroom stall
UC: UC talks twi & rob all the time with her friends. Bunny’s friends don’t know she runs a mildly successful blog
Moon: Noreen really does talk about it in her ‘real’ life.
UC: I turn UC off on the weekends. She’s gone
Moon: Half of Noreen’s friends now ask HER about Twilight because word got out
UC: Bunny is not funny.. not creative.. and also doesn’t care about the Twilight saga or a 23 year old boy!
Moon: My friends approach me like I’m a drug dealer and use super cryptic terms
UC: UGH- they just asked (no FORCED) me to come into work on Saturday. How effed up is that? (that was UC saying ‘eff” Bunny would’ve said “Fuck”)
Moon: I just a sickening sweet email to someone I can’t stand. Just because she could potentially donate something for a give away. But that was Moon. Moon just uses people for the benefit of the blog.
UC: Moon is mean. Noreen would never do that. UC is a bitch too.

Read more after the hop (I called it a “hop” since now you know my name is Bunny)

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

I know, I know. You feel cheated. You feel like we’re scams. UC & Moon aren’t really who we are, and we are a bigger hoax than the BalloonBoy and the contest I entered last week to win “ONE NIGHT ONLY” with Taylor Lautner combined (I’m still not ready to talk about how that contest was fake. But Chris Hansen will probably tell you about it soon. On his new TV special…) Over the past few months you’ve felt like we’ve become friends. Don’t worry. We feel the same way! And Noreen & Bunny really aren’t that different. We just keep our snarky comments inside (mostly), never talk Twi or Rob (except when Noreen is approached with friends with cryptic messages), discuss politics, listen to NPR and have rad fucking shoes (oops, that was Bunny coming out, remember UC never says f*ck (she just does it, often, with random boys in a Marc Jacobs dress she doesn’t even have to remove. Yeah. She’s that good))

There really is a point to sharing this today, and that’s to discuss our alter-egos because I think most of us have them. I say most because I know some of you don’t really. I’ve seen your facebook pages- either through our LTT account or because you’ve been allowed into the world of Bunny and I’ve befriended you from my REAL facebook account. You talk about Rob. You post news items and, heck, you even link to us from time to time! UC talks of nothing but Rob or Twi on her facebook page, Bunny doesn’t ever utter a word. Besides my flair. Which rules (currently I have  button that says “Wait, there’s no such thing as Unicorns?”) However, I run a Twilight blog, so I’m uber-sensitive that in my real life people will think I’m too obsessed. If I’m honest, if it weren’t for being saturated in the Twi-world because of this blog, Bunny would probably dress up as a Twi-character with all the tweens on opening night of New Moon. And she wouldn’t care. UC would take pictures of Bunny & post them on her blog to make fun of her. Which is kinda awkward. Cuz we’re the same person….

Moon will kill you with her bitch face

Noreen will kill you with her bitch face

Some people have hardcore alter egos (like the girls of  the League at Twilight-headed) and many of you change your names when you comment to stay anonymous. Then there are those of you who don’t. Let’s talk this out. How willing are you to “out” yourself and admit that when you utter the phrase “Twilight’s cool” after someone asks if you’ve seen that vampire movie everyone is talking about, what you REALLY mean is, “I read the books in 4 hours, spend every waking moment living, breathing Twilight, hating Robsten/Loving Robsten/not giving a crapsten but still kinda giving a crapsten and commenting on blogs- heck I’ve even have had letters to celebrities PUBLISHED on a blog. Oh, and I’d get it on with Rob behind a dumpster. Or in a fort.” How far will you go? Are you okay to “out” yourself fully in real life? Or are you more comfortable with only being full-out Twi-obsessed via your alter ego online?

Twilosophy class now in session,
Bunny & UnintendedChoice (who are currently in a fight because UC told Bunny she’d make fun of her if she dressed up for New Moon)

I also wanna know, if you have an alter ego,  how YOU differ from HER or HIM!

No. Those aren’t our real, real names. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they were? Or when you heard them did you judge as are lame because our names aren’t the hip like you assume our real selves to be?

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  1. Nope! Everyone knows I’m crazy. I’ve got my friends reading my stolen fan fiction (with special fonts that I downloaded) and I’m going to a Sam Bradley concert in November…and I ran over to my friends apt to show her the new wolf clip that came out today…where I stayed for two hours to talk about Angstgoddess’ many talents. Shame? What’s that?

    • Same! Out and proud!

    • I’m totally outed. I used to be considered a serious journalist who covers the comics, television and movie industry…. and I pretty much blew it when I started tweeting about how dreamy Edward is. But I look at it this way – Rob didn’t stop wearing the Stoli shirt when he became a star… he just sewed up the holes and stayed the course. And Kristen didn’t fix the mullet. They are what they are and I am what I am. FREE TO BE ME!!!!

  2. Erm, I’m pretty happy to “out” myself.
    That said, I don’t get all full Twi-d out on my friends as much as I do ’round my internat hangouts.
    I have learned from experiences (*cough*HarryPotter*cough*) that it is best that I don’t say too much or I will get weird looks and raised eyebrows.
    I still remember when I first called Kristen KStew in front of my friends, back at the beginning of April when I had them all over to watch Twilight and getting funny looks and having to explain who the eff KStew was.
    I have revealed to them my blog, however, where I have many-a-time mentioned this-y here site as well as TwiCrack and other rad sites.
    So I guess they know.
    Although when I saw I “revealed” my blog to them, I post about it on Twitter where I only have like, 10 RL friends, only 3 of which use it regularly . . . yeah.
    The only other times I tend to really out myself majorly is when I get my drink on a wee bit too much and decide to tell my friends things like why I love Rob, that I wanna “jump” Jacksper and how I wanna sleep on the cement floor cos it’s cold and hard like Ed.

    Oh and you totally had me going with the names 😉

  3. So if Bunny and Noreen aren’t you real names, do you each have two alter egos? So what does REAL UC think of Bunny? What does REAL UC think of UC and Bunny being in a fight? Is REAL MOON scared of Noreen/Victoria’s bitch face, but does Moon think it’s cool?

    My name’s Ashleigh and I’m a twi-hard. I couldn’t BE more out with everyone I know. In fact, I squeed at work today when I got here today and saw the new ‘Event’ TV spot up, and one of my colleagues simply said “New Twilight Film?” Yep.

  4. Nope, not a chance. I’m never outing myself. ever, ever, ever.
    “Vi” is a twilight/rob slut, “Real-Life-Vi” is all like “hmm? twilight? rob who?”
    Real Life Vi is such a twilight/rob cockblocker. I may flirt with it and see the movie with real life friends, but I will never ever fully put out and admit.

  5. I’m a hider, obviously… I work in a mostly male company, and way at the beginning when I and Alice were reading Twilight, we would enthusiastically discuss it in the cafeteria, with weird stares as a result. So we decided to go ‘underground’ (read: create alter egos on the internets) so we could live the Twi-experience without getting weird stares and snarky comments from our male colleagues.

    Alice ended up calling me Bella because in several ways I am just like her. I’m kinda clumsy, I don’t really care much about what I’m wearing (not in comparison to Alice, at least) and I have no problem with wandering around alone in forests (cough…). Bella mostly has an entirely different vocabulary than my real self. Occassionally, the vocabs mix up and people are like ‘What the ef do you mean by ‘totes’/’crapsten’/’hilar’?’.

    • You have more self control than me. I’m a total word vomiter. I tried to keep quiet about the fan fiction but I confessed (with absolutely no prodding on anyone’s part). I even told my teacher tonight that I didn’t do my homework! What is wrong with me?? (I also ended up just waving at her whenever I got called on- I should be kicked out).

    • Hider! *raises hand*. People know I love twilight. But I tone myself down a lot. Vampires and hot Brittish guys don’t really fit in at our working place, but then again, where do they? I’d say my work-self is my main alter ego. I feel the most uncomfortable when working and pretending to be career driven, serious and trying to sound interested when meeting new people. I actually only want to ask them, have you read twilight? Do you like shopping? And when the answer is ‘no’ twice, I just want to hide in my hotel room, read ff and go shopping the next day, after punching them in the face and calling them fat and ugly that is. But instead I put on my work-face, try to work really fast so there is enough time to read/write twi-blogs and hide in my happy place. To conclude: my life sucks, but the shoes I wear do not.

  6. I’m in deep cover. My real name is Chris H. and I’m taking notes on all of you. ALL OF YOU. Why don’t you have a seat?

    I’m pretty much me all the time, but now I want an alter ego. Maybe since I really am the obsessed, loud, slightly inebriated person who makes these comments, my alter ego should be a calm, sweet, pearl-clutching housewife. Her name is Irene. She wears sweater vests and calf-length (khaki?) skirts, orthopedic shoes, and doesn’t even own a wine glass. Actually, I don’t own any wine glasses either. Mine were all broken in incidents I don’t remember. Now I just drink my chardonnay straight from the box tap, or out of a sippy cup.

    • Please tell me Irene has those glasses on a chain that get tangled in the wine tap. That’s the third khaki skirt she ruined this morning.

      • No, I wasn’t clear. Irene didn’t break her wine glasses; she wouldn’t even dream of owning one, lest the women’s missionary union see it when they come over and think she’s a lush. However, I like the idea of a glasses chain. I always lose my specs when I’m drunk and it would be helpful to have them tethered to my neck, though I will have to take care not to get tangled in the tap.

        • My Irene dreams are shattered. I want that glasses chains now, too. I’ll get them stuck in the car door, I’m sure.

    • Hahahaha! That’s why I have cheap plastic wine glasses… we’re so classy.

    • Box wine…ALMOST as good as Boone’s.

      PS…wine is what Solo cups were made for.

    • i love you. the end

    • You can be like me on the Friday night chats…drink the Bandit wine straight from the twist top carton…or when I’m really lazy and can’t wait for my white wine to chill, I just throw it in a pint glass with some ice cubes. CLASSY!

      Your comment was win!

    • That’s right! Wine from the box bitches! From Target!! Whoot whoot

      • My first box wine experience was a Rose on a train from Florence to Rome. My friend drank the box and passed out. I was too worried about getting robbed to drink much, so I didn’t. On the plane ride back to Spain where we were living on this crappy cheap-o airline, Ryanair, we drank box wine. People glared at us in disgust. Glared. It was just awful. But we met these nice Italian guys on the plane and this running joke with myself began because they had on designer sunglasses indoors, so now I always say that someone must be Italian if they wear sunglasses indoors. It’s really only funny with myself, sorry to mention it.

        Then I dated a French guy. Now I’m a wine snob.

        • hahaha, i would have to agree on the “someone must be Italian if they wear sunglasses indoors” line… i have noticed that myself on occasion… -wink-

  7. I think everyone in my life knows I’m sort of obsessed. I really only go all crazy when I find another person who loves it as much as I do. my close friends aren’t really into it except for one of them. she’s my midnight showing buddy, we’re making tshirts and I’m bringing a box of tissues haha. I don’t show my love all over my blog or my facebook but if you look at who I’m following on twitter it is very apparent.

    • I am right there with you, except only a few people (read: husband and three, maybe four friends) know of my addiction.

      I will definitely be outed by my Twitter account someday!

  8. I’ve always used my real name here. I could say that it’s just that there are enough Beths in the world that I don’t have to worry too much about anonymity (aside from the fact that UC and moon have just about everything besides my SSN) but closer to the truth is that I’m just not creative enough to think of a Twi-related nickname.

    Only two IRL friends know the extent of my obsession and they’re only in on it because they’re as crazy into it (or even more so) than I am. Well, and my husband knows, but I don’t talk about it in front of him anymore. I do an alt-tab if he comes close to the laptop while I’m reading anything Twi and I’ve stopped pasting Twi-news on FB. I’ve had enough of feeling like he is my older brother teasing me for reading Tiger Beat. It’s now just the elephant in the room.

  9. I like the name Bunny. Noreen? Not too sure about that one. 😉 I can’t imagine having to pretend to be hard core all the time. Major suckage.

    Hi, I’m Angel! Everybody in RL thinks I am weird. It is true. They know that I occasionally post Twi stuff on FB but I also post pictures of dead birds w/ lighters in their gut (disgusting), celebrate B. Obama like nobody’s business, and talk about my daughter constantly. I had her when I was 17. No, I am not an uneducated whore. I was just a hopeless romantic who thought that it wouldn’t happen to me. I’ve been w/ Mr. Fang since I was 16 (now 22). We are still not married. I just don’t think it is important. He kinda does. Ooopppsss…

    I don’t speak to anyone at my college. Except for the teacher. I am a totally shy. I want to be a librarian so I can hang out with books all day. I give people dirty looks but rarely say anything. If someone in RL hears me raise my voice, they come to check on me because a major freakout is well on its way.

    I would never talk to Rob or any celebrity. Too shy. I wouldn’t do anybody behind any dumpster. I am just sickened by the thought.

    Hmmm… TMI much? Naww…

    • I’d love to be a librarian as well, after having read a certain ff that is…

    • Not TMI! Everyone in RL thinks I’m weird, too… and mostly not for Twilight-related reasons. Haha.

      I’d really like to be a librarian, too. I’m still considering getting an MLS. I worked in a university library archive a few summers ago. Best. Job. Ever. Everyone just left me alone.

    • “No, I am not an uneducated whore.”

      I would never have thought that about you. My mom had me at 17 and she is one the single most brillant women I have ever met. Even if she does make me crazy.

      And being a Librarian sounds like a career I should have pursued!

    • pictures of dead birds!? ewwwwwww

      and i love that HE wants marriage and you don’t’ really care… i like when roles are reversed!

    • Awwww Angel! 🙂 I think you’re pre-tay awesome! Granted I have only communicated with you through the comments section of LTT and LTR, but still, you SEEM to be pretty rad! The funny thing is, commenting on here, whether it be anonymously or not, gives everybody the opportunity to be the snarky, witty, not shy person that they more than likely are not in RL. I know that I can totally relate to “Noreen” and “Bunny” and maybe not feeling oh-so-funny in our RL, everyday occurances, but on here I can be as sarcastic as I want to be and not be judged, and people actually GET IT. It’s a nice outlet to have. In all honesty, not too many people in my life know that I absolutely heart Rob and Twilight goodness, but those that are close to me do know that I think Rob is hot, and have a countdown to see New Moon, and I even wrangled in a few friends into this twisted little club of things that are Twi. But unless they are a person who knows that I really, truly am a little bit whacky (I consider it “charm”), they more or less are faced with a Sharpie that is quiet, reserved, and would never EVER talk about wanting to do Rob, or that I visit LTT and LTR on a daily basis, because I think they would just label me as a loon. And if I’m being completely honest, I don’t even share with my besties that I visit this site because I just don’t think they would understand (although they just might). Coming on here as “Sharpie” gives me the chance to act like a tween, laugh at the silliness and sarcasm, and be a part of a “club” of peeps that just get it. Sorry for rambling 🙂 But I guess it’s kind of neat to have an alter-ego, even if it’s just to be my silly self in the internet world (sorry if that sounds kind of creepy… :D)

    • I love books! Yeaaahhh Books!!

    • I just had to say, anyone who would make the ass-umption that you are an uneducated whore is a closed minded bigot with a karmic two-flusher headed his or her way. As a lurker who reads everything here, I love your posts and you are far too funny and articulate to be anything less than cool in RL.

      • Thank you! I do live in the bible belt so I get those big ass-umptions every day.

        I just give the KStew bitch stare and they all go away. 🙂

        Lurkers rule! I should know, I used to be one.

    • You have to deal with a lot of people as a librarian. Plus you have to deal with the politics of the library, which are really intense. My aunt’s a librarian. Sometimes she just cries because work is so overwhelming and people stab you inthe back. It’s kind of like Wall Street with a measly budget of taxpayers dollars.

      • Of course Wall St is kind of taxpayers dollars now what with all the bailouts.

        Whoops, did we just go into politics?

        • Yes, and I believe fangbanger (whom I can’t help but think of as “gangbanker”) brought up religion, so I think I am contractually obligated to say, oh, I don’t know . . . stem-cell research? Abortion? Pick your poison.

          • Hahaha. Forgot to change my screen name back after leaving a lameass KStew impression earlier. Mea culpa.

          • GANGBANKER!

            Do I know you from somewhere? Twitter, perhaps?

            Or am I crazy?

            I like stem-cell research. Go ahead, argue. 😀

      • I gave you a thumbs down because I like to optimistic.

        Yes, I am aware people suck and are bitches. But I am sure that, at the end of the day, the fact that I am working around my favorite things will balance the scale on the LOVE IT end rather than the EFF THIS end as so many other careers I have considered would do.

        😀 Now I will give you a thumbs up because I feel bad.

        • You never gave the thumbs up… sometimes I give a thumbs up to myself to encourage other people to give me thumbs up. It’s like putting a few dollars in the tip jar when you’re a barista.

  10. Shakespeare said whats in a name I told my agent. he said are you going to listen to me or your friends. Phillies kicked major butt. Way to garoto. My wife loves cookies and cakes. Chocolate is her favorite. My wife could chocolate 24/7.

  11. If ANYONE knew just how Twitarded I’ve become, there would be no living it down. I hide behind my love for Shakespeare at night when my husband asks me what I’m so busy reading on my iTouch. He’d freak if he knew I was actually reading fanfic and cruising the sites for my next fix. I don’t do that stuff. Sparklecakes totally does though. Sparklecakes also owns a pocket Edward and squees like an idiot anytime new material pops up on the movie. Sparklecakes doesn’t care and embraces her craziness. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything remotely fangirl.

  12. *picking my jaw off the floor* UC, you said Fuck and then you said it again!

    Brooke is shocked by this!

    • So yeah, Brooke is not my name. I like using a real name for my alter ego because people assume it is really my name. People pry less when they think you’re full disclosure. I used to go by a different name on this site, but when I realized how easy it is to google anything said on here, twitter, or the forum, I decided to go under the radar. I like being balls out as Brooke. I am this way in real life, but have to subdue my ballsout nature at work. I work in a pretty conservative industry and I don’t need someone coming across me talking about rubbing one out, needing batteries for my VAMP, or slick wet centers.

      Some of my friends know that I’m really into Twilight, have made friends through this site, but I don’t think any of them understand the degree of my obsession. Okay, maybe the one who went to forks with me, but all the rest have no idea!

    • did i say it twice? wow… Bunny has a potty mouth

      • I swear, there was once a time when you guys said “fuck” on this blog b/c I used to feel free and easy about typing it (don’t get me wrong, I still do). What happened? Where did all the “fuck” go? Did I just imagine it? I know I sound like a disgusting uneducated pottymouth, but I really don’t use this word in RL. I have two small children who repeat EVERYTHING, so “fuck” is off limits to me. This is where I come to let that part of me breathe and that is a part of my alter ego, I guess.

        I have been trying lately to come up with a new, twi-related name for myself since I have told RL friends about LTT. I have always used my real name, b/c I thought I had nothing to hide….until you guys sucked me into fanfic. Now I need to go undercover for obvious reasons. I don’t need my neighbor or husband to know that I fantisize about a dude called Beautiful Bastard. Or how much time I actually spend online searching for Twi- material. They all know I love Twilight, but nobody but you all knows exactly how much.

        Any suggestions for a new name, ya’ll? Holly’s ready to make the switch.

        • I say Fuckery Fuck all the time. true story

          • I started saying Fuckity after “Juno”. It’s evolved though. Now I say Fuckity fuck fuck to the tune of Frosty the Snowman.

        • Your new name should be “fuckgirl” HA!

          And I said “Shit” the other day (out loud). My daughter proceeded to sing “Shit” to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. She is talented!

          • Our kids would get along. I let the f word slip when she was 3 and she screamed it at strangers in the mall.

        • yeah.. you were thinking of janet:)

          no.. moon/noreen says it from time to time. i rarely do. but i DO in real life:)

  13. I have so many ulter ego’s its not even funny!

    My fave one is a girl my friend and I like to call “Barbara Jean” – the busty and ditsy blond from Kentucky!

    Then theres like Whitney, the like bitchy fashionista thats like part of the ‘plastics’ (mean girls) and like says “like” waaaaaaay to like MUCH! oh my Gosh LIKE yeah!!!

    But on this blog, while im posting these msgs, im mostly just me. The part of me that loves Twilight. This is the only place I can go wild about Twilight without feeling guilty, cause guess what, THATS NORMAL here!

    So, Hi my name (REAL name) is Chanel, and I’m a Twiaddict! 😀

  14. Most of my friends and DH know that I love the books and post some things about Twilight. I don’t talk about it so much.

    Thank God for Twitter and LTT/LTR forum that I can go ALL FANGIRL. None of my friends knows that I have twitter (where I only follow like 200+ (and counting) Twilight related fans like me)
    I have a RL facebook where I post my pictures with the kids and play Cafe world (ehem) You know the normal things. But shhhhhhh a week ago I opened a new account on FB so I can be fan of all Twilight related blogs/forums.

    So in a nutshell: yes they know that I like that Twilight book and movie and that I have a pic of Rob as my screen on my mobile phone.
    And NO they don’t know that:
    1. Every night I read Twilight fanfic on my cellphone in bed
    3. That I have 3 Heineken bottles that says: UC& moon on it
    4. That I soooo want an Edward action figure

    PLEASE tell me I am normal?!

    • Definitely normal! I’m not sure what I’d do without LTT as an outlet for my inner fangirl. And, I totally want an EC action figure, too…

      • me too! i wanna take mine to the premier…hopefully he’ll have jacob to take along as a date….

    • A FB account for just Twi stuff?!

    • the most normal part of that is the Heineken Bottle part:):):)

      (which i haven’t FORGOTTEN to take a pic w/ Little E of for you! I just have been having camera issues.. boooooo)

    • @Natasha – I used to read fanfic on my cellphone in bed too. But then all those long hours reading on a tiny screen, gave me a major eye twitch that lasted two weeks. That is NOT normal.

      • ARGH!

        I thought the cell phone fanfic reading sounded promising but I changed my mind after reading about the eye twitch. Thanks for the warning!

      • Strange… I don’t have any problems reading FF via cellphone. I am doing this for more than (ehem) 3 months. Mmmm I guess I am not normal after all (hides in a corner) 🙂

    • You are totally normal!
      I keep hinting at my friend how funny I think pocet Edward is in hopes that she’ll get it for me for Christmas/bday (no luck & I’m too chicken to get it myself) and I’m just getting into fanfic but I definitely lost an entire day at work & school reading Blood and Lust lol. I’m like half out (my friends/family know I love it just not how much) and am looking for an alterego name so I can start posting more… Oh and Rob is my wallpaper too and I totally show it off when I get drunk.

      • I want to read all your Rob #drunk textfromlastnight LMAO.

        • HAHA! I try to restrain the written proof (plausible deniability) but if I did it would be something like “OME Check this pic out! Crap I’m getting drool all over my phone!” Maybe sparkle peen thrown in there for some giggles…

  15. I used an alternate name to protect my anonymity but I picked it b/c of the hair similarity so if anyone sees me in RL I might get outed. My RL friends and fam know I read all the Twilight books and own Twilight on DVD. And a select few know I already have New Moon tickets and am going to the midnight show (with another RL friend) but my obsession is totes on the DL. And my boss and coworkers must be completely clueless that I spend anywhere from 1-3 hours when I first arrive reading LTT and LTR and checking other Twi-sites and links since I’m still employed. But I got a weird look earlier when I had a huge grin on my face just thinking about the new clip that’s on Fandango today. 🙂

  16. My alter ego blogger fights to hide in the real world, but with the premier coming up its getting hard. Explaining to a friend that I was booked on the 20th earned my awkward silence when she realized I was blowing her off for a movie! I did invite her, but that just got more silence. Then a lecture about Twilight addicts that made me forget why I called her in the first place. Oh well . . . we’ll see if the shirtless wonders (AKA, Wolf Pack) can convert a few more the dark side in the weeks ahead!

  17. I have separate Twi-friends and non-Twi-friends. My Twi-friends know how crazy obsessed I am (I mean, normal obsessed). My non-Twi-friends have no clue that I even know what Twilight is. They think that I’m some normal, intelligent adult, or something. If only they knew that I turn into a 15 year old girl who wants to jump Rob and buy Tiger Beat magazine when I’m not around them.

  18. I’m only partially out. I find this a good cover. People ask if I like Twilight and I shrug and say ‘it’s ok’. That way if I accidentally slip and correct someone who thinks Rob’s birthday is in June I can still talk my way out of it. Only my bestie knows I’m a mod on a Twi-Forum, only my mom knows I learned a funky method of knitting so I could replicate Bella’s mittens, and I *never* tell my boss that I’m late for work because I was too busy playing on LTT.

    In RL I would probably never sit in a room full of strangers and discuss blowjob techniques, or shout “DO ME ROB” just in case he was the lurking guest, and given the opportunity to give Bobby Long a big smooch I too would probably freak out and go cry in the bathroom.

    My internet alter ego is way more fun than RL me.

  19. Well, tuesdaymidnight is my general internet alter ego, not just for all things Twilight, so I don’t have a separate Twi-persona. Pretty much everyone I know knows that I loved the books. Only a couple of my friends know about the fanfic obsession. No one knows about my Billy Burke and Rob porn collections.

    So, I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

    I’m sort of a quiet person in RL so it’s not that I’m hiding it on purpose, per se. I just don’t reveal a lot about myself to most people anyway. Though UC/Bunny and a few of the ladies at FFN know my real first name.

  20. lol hilarious…My alte-ego is well hidden..people in Real Life have no idea I read twi-blogs before I read CNN…it’s try…although I thikn I am just as funny in real life as I am online..

    • I actually think I am funnier in RL!

      • Brad Paisley said it best

        “I’m so much cooler online”


        • Aww – hugs for the Brad Paisley ref!

          My man’s family thinks he looks like Brad Paisley. I can kinda see it. They call him “Ty Paisley.”

          Note: I’ve been burned by Internet stalking before, have henceforth lurked around under this and one other screenname. I was even too afraid of being googled to sign my real OR fake name to my “How I Fell for Robert Pattinson” letter!

          2nd Note: My husband would totes have a fit if he knew I used HIS real name online! Even if it was just his first name. I know this because he has clearly stated “You better not be talking about ME with the rest of the crazies.” I apologize on his behalf for the name-calling. You are my people, and you are NORMAL.

  21. So, SaritaPagita is not my real name (obs) and I have a separate Twitter, email, etc for my Twilight self (SashaFierce, oops, I mean SaritaPagita) than for my RL. My facebook has ZERO mentions of Twilight and really besides people knowing I like it (i.e. have read the books, seen the movie, will see New Moon), no one knows the level of obsession I have. Or that I read fanfic 24/7. Or that I fantisize about Rob. Sometimes. All the time. Or that I SQUEE inside when a new trailor, more VF pics, or any info that is Rob related comes out. In RL, I’m a mom and wife with a high pressure corporate job, responsibilities, etc. But Twi is my pressure reliever/alternative world. It’s like Calgon taking me away.
    xoxo, SP

  22. “the contest I entered last week to win “ONE NIGHT ONLY” with Taylor Lautner combined (I’m still not ready to talk about how that contest was fake. But Chris Hansen will probably tell you about it soon. On his new TV special….” ROFLMAO

    Hi my name is Dils (its shortened from a stupid name) and i think i entered the same contest…they told me that im gonna be on the NZ version of 60 minutes for a segment called “Illegal Wolf lover exposed!”

    im happy to out myself cause no one listens to me anyway…i love spouting random facts about twilight at anyone who will pretend to listen,call my cat Edward or Jacob depending on his mood (his real name is chucky) and i would gladly take Rob, Taylor, Alex…heck even Gil behind a dumpster any day…hence the 60 minutes segment….

    I think im more comfortable in my alter-ego to say stuff like “sparklepeen”…thanks girls for that freedom.Lifetime of servitude coming your way… 🙂

    • I said sparklepeen (out. loud.) for the first time in RL the other day. It felt weird. Thank goodness for LTT!

      • The sad thing is noone knows really what it means…so they just stare and roll thir eyes as i fall off the chair laughing at my own lonely wit…pathetic really

        • Even though I have never used, sparklepeen, in a conversation – YET. I did use the word, “spunk,” when talking to my husband. Don’t ask – it had to do with our puppy and a pillow. The conversation stopped, and he said, “What’s spunk?” Ooohh, I was caught. I am a thirty-something with four children – I should not be using the word, “spunk,” in any conversation;oP

          • ive let my fiance think its a brand of designer water…..i said it by accident when discussing Edwards unveiling…..i think i yammered something about “furpeen” too…..he didnt hear that, thank Jebus….(homer rocks)

            Awww BG no one is EVER too old to use it in a sentence….and thirty something def is NOT old….

          • Furpeen!! I love it! Also love the Homer reference. Save me Jebus!!

            And BG, I love that you used “spunk” in a conversation! I can think of a lot more circumstances to use that than I can “sparklepeen.”

      • I laughed for like a week the first time I heard sparklepeen (It still makes me giggle) and I ended up having to tell my mom what it means (awkward cuz she didn’t find it as funny). I’m 21 and I giggle like I’m 13 when I hear/say/read it and when I see tweed jackets I can’t stop myself from saying “tweed is so serious”.

        • Sparklepeen is my new favorite word. I am going to try to use it in conversation every week for a month – like you might try with the word quixotic but way cooler. Now that I have said that it is going to be tricky referencing sparklepeen but I will do my best.

          • Lol I’m gonna take up that challenge too… though it will mostly consist of me just randomly saying it then laughing and refusing to explain!

          • I’m in, too! I’m going to try to find legit uses, but it will probably devolve into random sparklepeen insertions (heh) followed by giggling, as well.

  23. I out myself if a situation presents itself. Like last week at a high school football game. My buddy in Twi-Crime is my brother’s girlfriend. She was back from UT for fall break and brought her cousin to the game. I was chatting away with said cousin and as we were leaving I whispered “Do you Twilight?” Her eyes widened and she said “Of course I Twilight!” Then we lamented about how we could’ve spent our time at the relatively uninteresting game discussing more important things.

    But otherwise, I’m a what you see is what you get person. The only major difference between online me and RL me is that I swear like a sailor (since I was raised by one). I haven’t seen too much swearing in the post and comments, so I edit. And I don’t care if you know my real name. But it’s not oink, I promise.

    • Read my comment above. There used to be swearing in the comments. I say we bring it back. I need more swearing in my online life. I’m just the opposite of you. I can’t swear in my real life, but I do it on here.

  24. I hide. But only outside of work. 2 of my work friends are Twihards (mildly) so I feel free to let my flag wave at work and especially online. My RL friends still just don’t get it, so I don’t torture them.

    Un-Twi-related: I have always felt like I have an alter ego online. I am so much more witty and risque and fun online. (Sing: “I’m so much cooler online.”) Don’t know what it is. Me in RL is painfully boring and blah.

    Good thing I spend so much time online. 🙂

  25. Yeah, I’m undercover. Deep deep cover. That’s why you can find pics of the real me on my Twitpic and Facebook pages. Some even have my real name. I know. I’m stealth.

  26. Let me just say, thank god for LTT/LTR. You are my daily fix. I always use my real name, I have no secrets online.

    I have 2 friends who are also Twi-fans, but neither of them know the extent of my obsession. I’m so bad that when someone commented on Tuesday about having her brother take her to Walmart for the People special edition New Moon mag, I conveniently had to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work and pick it up!

    The only person who knows my true obsession is my 7 year old. We were buying supplies for her birthday party and she tried to convince me – talk about peer pressure! – to buy all the twilight plates, napkins, stickers and party favors and have my own party. :o) I love my little girl…but I resisted…or maybe I should have bought it and people would have thought it was for her?!

    Keep up the great work ladies…you keep me going.

  27. There are definitely two sides to me too….at first I was all “I LOVES me some Twilight” and then my hubbs and I got into it when he thought I was e-stalking Rob (he may or may not have had a point…) So in order to “save” my marriage from future fights, I’ve lead hubby to believe that I am “so over” Twilight. Little does he know…..

    Every morning while eating breakfast (and he’s fast asleep) I check out LTR, LTT, and Robsessed to see what’s new in the Twi-world (and then clear the browser history). Then at work all of the other Twi-teachers eat lunch together and chat Twilight and email pics back and forth…all day, on a good day.

    When hubbs told me he downloaded the New Moon soundtrack I had to say “Oh, cool. Is it any good?” instead of the truth which was “Oh, Suzy got it for me a week ago and it’s on repeat in the car.”

    I am such a liar……

  28. I feel the need to comment today. I haven’t commented in forever. 🙂 …it might get sappy & too sugary sweet to handle – you have been warned.

    There is no need for you two to be “UC” & “Moon” during epic premiere week. I will not be JBell. I will be Jess… the quiet, subdued & totally 1st hand embarassed chick that flew across the country to go to the NM premiere. But you know what!? I’m not flying out there because of that – I’m flying out there because I want to meet these 10/15+ amazing girls that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last 10 months thanks to these two blogs. I want to go to the midnight showing with said girls and have the best time possible while secretly taking pictures of Pattinson Pants & crying 14yo fangirls for the sake of the blog.

    That said – no on in my real life knows how bad I’ve got it. My parents know, obviously and my two best friends, but even they don’t know how deep it runs. I try to explain to them that I don’t want the whole world knowing about my “acute fondness” and they tell me that’s a sign of an addiction. They tell me it’s like being addicted to drugs – doing everything in secret and not wanting people to know about it for fear of judgement. Well, that was a valid point BUT… around here – I’m normal.

    I just blabbed on and on for about 20 mins and really didn’t say anything so… I’m done. lol

    • I love you Jess!

      I totally agree that going to see Sam and Bobby and even the movies has nothing REALLY to do with the franchise. It has to do with the amazing women that have touched my life. Have inspired me to do things that I normally wouldn’t. Helped me find appreciation in things and people I probably would have denied. This community of sarcasm and snark all wrapped up in love is one I am truly proud to be a part of.

    • :):):) how about 1 night I’m Bunny.. the next night I’m UC…. etc. etc.

      (what if i was totally bi-polar or like the girl on United states of Tara and really had different personalities? Maybe i DO… you wouldn’t know.. but you’ll find out…!!!)

      27 days! I think.. 26? I dunno… who’s counting!?

    • I love BOTH of the Jess’…and all the others I’ve yet to meet. I wish I was going to the premier too. And it IS because of all the awesome ladies…the movie, a possible glimpse of The Rob, just a bonus.

      • I’m so jealous of y’all. My jealousy runs deep, as deep as it does for KStew knowing she gets to share Hot Pockets and Heine with Rob. Seriously, though, It’s true, the movie would just be a bonus. It’s the little community of LTT/LTR that makes it so special. Y’all have a wonderful time…can’t wait to read Moon and UC’s recaps of the shenanigans.

    • Pshhhaaa! What do THOSE people know?
      Drug addiction, Twi-addiction. NOT the same thing. No one has been harmed in the making of your Twi addiction. Sure, you lie, and cover things up, delete computer histories and maybe place secret orders from Hot Topic, but EVERYONE does that. Don’t let them keep a good woman down.

      Damn straight you are normal! And round these parts, we don’t judge (‘cept for TammieO).

      Anywhoo, I say Twi on people, Twi on.

      Author’s note:
      Ok, so I play it cool. I convince my friends to lose their Twi virginity, then loan them one of my copies of the movie, then when they are good and obsessed for about a month, I let them into the secrecy of my real world, Bwwaaahahaha…
      True story on that part

      But again, NORMAL. Totes.

    • ❤ your face, "subdued" one. Wish I could be an LALadies 2009. But will settle for LALadies 2010.

      • I love Jess! She’s amazeballs too! Can’t wait to see you again. This is our second date and we get to sleep together. ;p
        I think that’s the only reason “my Edward” is ok with me going. He’s figured out that it’s really all about friends. BTW he think JBell is a cutey patooty. His words swear to Rob.

  29. I am slightly out. I have an alter ego screen name here, because I once thought it was funny, and when I made it up, I did not expect to be still commenting 9 months later….also I think my real name is unusual enough that if someone knew where I lived, they could out me. However, it probably isn’t…..

    My friends and family know I loved Twilight last winter when I read it, but they do not know that I still love it. I don’t think about it as much as I used to, and the obsession has for sure changed over the months.

    Weird stuff still reminds me of it though, but now, thanks to your blogs, every time I make copies at school, I think of you two when I have to choose on the copier between LGL and LTR sized paper! Truth.

  30. I do have an online twi-persona. My friends know that I’m obsessed with Twilight (the books), but they think I’m just mildly attracted to Rob because he’s British and he’s charming.
    They have NO idea that I spent practically every hour of the day reading either Rob-blogs or FF. They have NO idea that I basically wanna marry Rob and have lots of sex and babies (the real me would, like Bunny, be afraid to say hi). They have NO idea that I secretly have my favourite Rob pic hidden on my phone, just so that I can get a Rob fix at any time. They have NO idea that I have seen the Twilight commentary more than I have seen the actual movie, just so that I can listen to Rob’s self-depreciation.
    They have NO idea that I have two Twitter accounts – One for my real name which follows cool musicians like Sia and comedians like Stephen Fry, and the other one under my Twi-name where I follow my favourite blogs (this one included) and FF-writers.
    My friends have NO idea that my hot list actually is 1. ROB, 2. Johnny Depp, 3. Jim Sturgess and not 1. Johnny Depp, 2. Jim Sturgess, 3. James McAvoy.
    The list goes on and on!

  31. Hi, my real name is Angela Martin. I work in the accounting department at a small paper company in PA. I ❤ Cats!

    I just outed myself to a friend last evening. I actually felt comfortable telling her that I had purchased New Moon tickets a month ago, for like 12:20 a.m. on 11/20. "That's Normal, right???" Well, apparently not. The long silence following my confession = WTF is wrong with this grown woman? I am now running back into my secret Twi-cave with my books, Edward doll and LTT/LTR blogs.

  32. Ok MidnightSin won’t comment anymore cause she is a loser…but Cyndi can and today’s topic was way too good so Cyndi HAD to comment…. 🙂

    • Ok so Cyndi is a loser because she FORGOT to comment…so much for alter ego’s!! Just wanted to say that this post was EPIC!! I love Moon/Noreen & UC/Bunny (perfect btw) sharing themselves with us and would love for them (Noreen and Bunny) to do a breakdown of Twi-stuff that would be WIN/WIN..

    • MidnightSin AND Cyndi bette continue commenting. We love you and won’t stand for less!!

      You are one of us now. Deal with it.

      • This is Cyndi speaking for MidSin: She misses commenting VERY MUCH and loves everyone here more than they will ever know, but she doesn’t want to comment anymore and be embarrassed when she makes really stupid mistakes! She knows she won’t be able to keep up as you all move forward into NM, Eclipse and BD..cause she can’t read/see the books/ she feels its better that she goes back to just reading/laughing but not commenting, although she admits its one of the hardest things she has had to do…

        • I didn’t see you make any stupid mistakes. You are one of my favorite commenters and I always scroll down through looking for your icon. True story!

          And FYI last Friday my mind went to the same place yours did. And I’ve read Breaking Dawn. Twice.

          • MidSin & Cyndi LOVE YOU JODIEO!

          • Me too – I love me some Midnight Sin comment!

            We are all non-judgemental people – just the fact we are HERE speaks volumes right?! Midnight Sin, whatever you do, mistakes or not – THAT’S NORMAL.

        • Cyndi, tell MidSin that we miss her, and we don’t care if she makes a mistake.

          Dude, I once posted the lyrics to “Island’s in the stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton cuz it reminded me of Edward and Bella.

          Totes serious. We miss you. And look at it this way, of MidSin says something adorkable, then Cyndi is technically second hand embarrassed.

          And we all get second hand embarrassed for the fandom all the time.

          So technically, you cannot really be embarrassed for an alter ego, who only exists on line. Only second hand embarrassed for us as a group.

          So, duh, post away honey. I still want to buy that shirt you were talking about with “It’s my civic duty to care for the elderly”

          • I would be happy to make you a shirt. ..forgot to take pic of mine…actually wearing it today….Robward is resting comfortably on my ..umm…well ya know…I will write to UC to see if I can send it to her to send it to you.. 🙂
            BTW..After reading your comment (several times) lol..I think I get what your saying…I am just not sure its right that MidSin gets back into action….I know it must get frustrating for a lot of you with my constant questions etc., and like I you move forward with the rest of the movies(HEAVY SIGH)/books…I am not going to keep up…

          • Answering a few questions is a small price to pay for having you around. =)

            Besides, even those of us who have read all the books and who do not have brain damage are always asking questions.

            If you are going to quit us I want it to be because you are bored with us, not because you feel like a burden. Because you are awesome. And like Sassy said, you’re one of us now. =)

          • @JodieO…”If you are going to quit us I want it to be because you are bored with us, not because you feel like a burden”….you have to be kidding right?? BORED..HERE!!!.NEVER!!..I have learned so much…who knew I could go my whole life not knowing what “cockblock” meant??? (Although I admit I have forgotten what it does mean..but I remember the word that should count for something right?) Anyway for almost 3 yrs I have been alone except for my family. I pushed away all my friends and wouldn’t use the phone because of my speech issues. Then 2 very special women took a letter that I wrote to them and posted it on LTT. Suddenly, I had friends again, and a place “to go” everyday! I had my smile back along with my laughter! I have come to adore everyone here but I know it has to be frustrating for you all to constantly be filling in the blanks and repeating answers to questions I ask. My family loves me and I see it in there faces sometimes how hard it is on them. It is also very embarrassing to make mistakes and not even realize it. until its too late. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone ever….so I just thought that I should go back to reading/laughing but not commenting…I honestly thought that was for the best..but to be honest I have never been so I don’t know what to do…

            P.S. I especially missed posting the other day when I could only have shared HERE that Blanket Rob and I must have gotten carried away cause somehow during the night I scratched my cornea…it was well worth it..believe me… 🙂

            P.S.S. I heart all of u more than you will ever know!!!

          • As our friend and sister Cyndi you will never be a burden. Your questions (not mistakes) and comments keep us fresh with excitement. Remember you get to be a Twilight Virgin over and over…something a lot of us wish we could do again.

            “I honestly thought that was for the best..but to be honest I have never been so I don’t know what to do…”

            As for this…I will tell you what you are going to do. You are going to continue commenting as you like. And continue to join us in our insanity. You deserve this little bit of happiness.

          • @sassysmart…you made me cry….and just so you know…LTT has given me a huge amount of happiness because of people like you! ❤

        • Anyway Cyndi, since you’re outed all over again, what we are saying is (DRUM ROLL)
          Welcome Back!!!

          You are not a burden!! You are a blessing.

          We are sisters in Twi. We are that soriety Wanna Tappa Vampa, we are the “in” crowd.
          And an absence like that will not be tolerated again!

          Lots of people have speech issues. So what? You are obviously totes awesome, cause your posts are well written and witty. So, stick around. Hell, we are on this site all the time, and we love you. You asking questions just gives us an excuse to keep checking in!


          • ROFLMAO…Ok you got me with the offer of membership to the only sorority I would ever want to actually want to belong to: Wanna Tappa Vampa !
            (And to be honest ya kinda scared me with “And an absence like that will not be tolerated again!” )
            Thanks everyone and I promise to really try and not screw things up….as long as YOU ALL PROMISE to let me know when I do… DEAL???

          • @MS: I have never seen you screw anything up, but if it happens I’ll be sure to let you know. =) I am truly glad you are back. It’s just not as much fun here without you. You’re our friend, too, and we miss you when you hide.

            I dare say we outnumber your family members, so no matter how many times you ask the same question it probably is not the same person answering it each time, so we aren’t getting frustrated with you. Besides, very time you have to ask a Twi-question it gives us the chance to show off how much we know. ;P

            Cockblock=something annoying that blocks sexual activity.
            “My boyfriend came over tonight, but then my sister unexpectedly dropped off my 3-year-old nephew and cockblocked me.”

        • Good Lord, this is no place for restraint, woman! We totes love you. Besides, we’re all embarrassed in one way or another or else we wouldn’t be doing this ONLINE and with FAKE names!

          • DEAL!!!!

            Welcome Back!!!

            If I knew rednecking you into submission was all it was going to take, I would have done that days ago!!

      • YEAH!

    • ok, MidSin/Cyndi. umm, why would you actually stop posting when you don’t really want to??? there’s nothing wrong with your posts and if you wanna ask the same question a dozen times i know you will get answers a dozen times too. no worries. having problems is no reason to stop doing something you enjoy. you’ve abviously been missed (notice the thread) and THAT says something important right there. nobody is perfect and until someone takes away your keyboard, i think you should keep on posting whenever you want to. indulge your obsession and we’ll help you keep up or fill in the blanks as needed!


      • Ambushed, I only decided to stop commenting last week after I once again misunderstood a post and responded to it totally wrong, then it was brought to my attention that some of my posts don’t make sense. I was embarrassed. ( I will admit that my self esteem has not been great since my accident) Then the closer we get to NM (chills) and then Eclipse etc., I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep I thought rather than become a pain in the ass, I would just go back to reading and not commenting. It seems kinda selfish to continue just because I am enjoying myself.

        • My momma used to tell me, “if you have a question, speak up and ask because if you are wondering then there are 10 other people who are wondering the same thing but are too afraid to ask.”
          More than once, you have asked a question and gotten an answer that I was dying to know but too afraid to ask myself. I’ve only lately worked up the courage to post and a lot of that is due to your bravery and the wonderful response from other readers here. You are not selfish, you are brave and funny. I don’t really know you, but I love you. Don’t go away.

        • For the record, I have never had any trouble understanding any of your comments. There are people on my facebook who can’t even write one coherent sentence for their updates and they can’t even claim brain damage. I’d like you to put a post-it near your computer for me. Write upon it:


          • I am once again overwhelmed…how is that you all can be so accepting of me when people that know me in RL have withdrawn because they can’t get used to the way I am now?? Hell I can’t get used to me!
            THANK YOU… ALL OF YOU…Midsin is back for better or worse!…

          • Hey, we Twi-weirdos gotta stick together. =)

            Glad you’re back. =)

        • well i wouldn’t worry about it anymore…. w/ so many posts, and some are SOOOOOO random (i don’t mean yours), i’ve been a bit baffled before. the past is in the past. don’t let it bother you anymore. we all enjoy you postings so don’t feel bad. i wish you could get to see NW, but if not it’ll be ripped on the web somewhere and you can get caught up visually… the books are on cd at the library… you could listen and rest and post while you listen. (just a suggestion)

          but please stay…

          i you feel “behind” in a story we will all be happy to keep you filled in! *hug*

          • i wrote this before and it disappeared… huh?

            but i meant NM, not NW… typing too quickly at work… duhh…

          • i put “i” you feel… i meant “if”… sheesh… typo-city!

    • Cyndi/MidnightSin

      I miss you!

      And you are so hilarious. You should never feel bad for asking questions. There are no stupid questions. (That’s the teacher coming out in me.)

      But anyway, your comments crack me up! & when you kicked me on twitter that one time. I actually listened and did my HW. True story.


    • This whole thread nearly had me crying for happiness for all the love that was pouring out everywhere. LTT/LTR girls (and unicorns) are the BESTEST!!

      And we want you back MidnightSin/Cyndi!!!

      • YES I am proof that they are the bestest ever!! I think we need to write to kleenex now and put in a request for them to make Twi-Tissues…especially before NM…..I will never get over Edward leaving Bella…sniff…

        • That idea is brilliant Cyndi! They could make ones w/ Edward on them and with Jacob, then you can choose your box.

    • Hey MS! You know how I feel about you being here. I know you’re going to get all antsy pantsy about this, but I want to say that I’ve noticed my comments becoming lamer whilst you’ve been away. Less people give me thumbs up or even reply to me. I think your posts help me to be all that I can be.

      • Also, if you’ve forgotten how I feel about you being here, I really really really really really like it when you post.

      • Yeah ok TS nice try…I may be braindamaged but I am not blind…I HAVE been here everyday reading all the comments and none of your comments are EVER lame! Ok maybe perverted/hilarious/thoughtinspiring but never lame….again nice try…. 🙂

    • MidSin/Cyndi! I almost missed your long awaited return today! Work – the thing my alter ego must do in RL – has been a problem for me and kept me away from LTT the last couple of days.

      But I am so glad you are back!

      • You were missed….I was reading everyday!! Sorry your RL is getting in the way of LTT…time for a job change if you ask me…there HAS to be priorities!! LOL…as you probably noticed, I was kinda warned that I better come back by lovemesomecullens with her comment “And an absence like that will not be tolerated again!” (kinda scared me) 🙂 AND I am a member of a sorority now….Wanna Tappa Vampa!! Actually with all the love today…how could I not….

        • Seriously, now that you are back here I’ll have to visit no matter what is going on at work! My 2-person PR department suddenly became a 1-person department (just me!) AND my company made a HUGE annoucement that has turned into a media frenzy. I soooo need a Twilight break!

          Luv u!

          • You must be very good at your job, so much so they had to let the other person go….me thinks you do not spend enough time on LTT and way too much time working..please make the proper adjustments!! WE NEED YOU HERE AT LTT!!! ❤

        • See Cyndi AKA MS, I was worried about you! Now you’re back, I’ll try to come often. I usually come here at the end of the day. I’m totally missing out!

          Anyway, I’ve been busy this week. Please do disappear again dear!

          • MS! I meant to say please don’t dissapear again!!! Stupid keyboard I got, letters missing. LOL

          • THANK YOU for the support and love from all my Twi-Friends! Its good to be back….I missed you all so much plus there are only so many ways you can make a smiley face!!!
            See ya tomorrow!! xoxoxxoxooooooooooooooooooooox

          • “there are only so many ways you can make a smiley face”



  33. well, obvs i have an alter-ego! she runs my twitter. but it’s nice to see you guys owning it, and i’m inspired. besides, i already got outed a little a couple of weeks ago, so i guess it’s no big. my real name is alasha. part of the problem, of course, it’s so unusual…but i don’t think there are too many bunnys and noreens running around either, so you made me feel better! i mostly keep my twi-love on the down low because my bestie judges me HARD and i get tired of having to defend my obsessive nature and a teenage vampire movie that i know logically is not really that good. but i don’t really care what most people think, and i have no shame over the books. only the number of times i have read them. (not sure anymore – lost count!)

  34. Funny this should be your topic today as earlier this week, I was “discovered” on twitter by RL folks and almost had myself unintentionally outted! *shudders*

    While my RL peep know that I love Twilight, they don’t know that I eat, sleep, breath and dream about it. And they have NO idea how much fan fiction I consume!!

    I can’t say my alter ego is very different than the RL me, but I love having this outlet where I can say exactly what I am thinking and get involved in conversations that could really only had with a 14 yo in RL, and obsess about every little detail (like the rips in robs shirt) without having it affect your RL creditability as an adult deserving the right to actively contribute to society …LMAO

    …if they only knew

  35. I keep the level of my interest in Twi pretty secret. Friends know I liked it. They know the books made me swoon. They know I have a love/hate relationship with the movie. I’m not afraid to tell others that I did enjoy it, but I’m always delivering that news with disclaimers – “it’s kiiiind of poorly written and the characters can be annoying but it’s just SO GOOD. I don’t know why.”

    Things I don’t do? Talk about Twi on facebook (though I have one friend who posts Twi stuff on my wall in an attempt to embarrass me because she’s a jerk), tell people I read Twi blogs (sorry UC & Moon – I’ve only told one person about you guys, but it was a UNICORN so it’s ok…maybe?), or let people know that I think Rob is a hottie. I keep it pretty toned down on Twitter too. But my Twi obsession isn’t as severe as some – never got into fanfic, etc, so it’s not that hard for me to keep things close to the chest.

    That said – me in the comments is me. I’m kinda weird. I would totally make sparkly cameltoe jokes in the real world, too.

  36. Though sassysmart is a screen name…I’m kinda too lazy to actually hide.

    My name is Shane. I talk about Twilight but am not an obsessed fan. My closest friends and family know that I have driven three hours with a virtual stranger to go see some dude (Sam Bradley) that no one has ever heard of (and I grabbed his ass). I plan to meet a group of amazing, funny and truly awesome women in less than two weeks to see that dude aboves buddy (BLong).

    The screen name is used because if I put my real one, everyone would think I am a Unicorn. But I’m not. My mom just wanted a boy and got me.

  37. I use my real name because the first time that I comment I used that name, so I decided to keep using it.

    However, only a couple of my friends really know I read LTR / LTT every day and that I comment whenever I can.
    Those 2 friends were responsible for giving me a Robpillow for my birthday thanks to the Etsy post, and although is was weird to explain why I have a Robpillow in my bed, the “he’s a really handsome actor an the pillow is really fluffy” explanation was really fun and believable.

    It’s not strange to see me reading stuff about vampires so nobody seemed strange to see me reading twilight…

    anyway, I guess I’m an anonymous known. jijiji

  38. I never admit exactly how obsessed I am. I kind of talk about naturally with a few of my friends who are healthily obsessed, but they don’t know how many blogs and sites and stuff I visit every day…. They would laugh… 😛

  39. Not many people know about my acute fondness for Rob and Twilight. And I like it that way. I’m partially out to my mother-I made her watch Twilight, and to my surprise, she liked it. So she’s going to NM with me. My sister knows I think Rob is hot, and any time his name comes up, she rolls her eyes and says”Eww. He looks like a girl. He’s gay.” So she doesn’t need to know more about it.

    My darling husband is the only person who REALLY knows my dirty little secret.He knows about fanfic, the blogs, the whole obsession. He feeds it too-last night he came home and threw Another Man magazine on the bed. I wasn’t even planning on buying it-$14 for three pictures I’ve already seen?- but I didn’t complain. I don’t want to discourage his enabling.

    I feel like my alter ego is here, on LTT/LTR. This is the first (and only, pretty much) blog that I’ve read regularly and comment on. I don’t use my real name or pic, even though I’m pretty sure no one who knows me would ever come here.I’m pretty shy in RL-if I met a a fellow LTR/LTTer (recognizable by the as yet unknown Secret Sign) it’d take a little while before I’d be comfortable saying the kind of things I have no problem saying here, haha. I love being able to come here and “talk” with others who who feel the same way about Rob/Twi. I’m happy being “out” here and having my little secret in RL.
    p.s.-anybody in So.CT/NYC area? It would be nice to have somebody to come out to in RL besides my husband.

    • OMG, I totally need to have a secret sign. I will find out someone I know likes twilight and then I begin kinda/sorta asking them if they have read any of the blogs. If they answer yes, I need to have something to confirm if they are reading LTT/LTR or just the lexicon or some other ‘news-ish’ blog. Becasue there is a big diff between someone who reads only those blogs and those who delve into LTT/LTR. Who knows they could be a fellow FF fan, too!

      Suggestions – Waggling the eyebrows while shrugging the shoulders? hmm, no, too kristen wiigish as gilly
      How about mumbling doyoultt/ltr? when they say what (becuase they don’t know the secret handshake/aren’t in the club) you can come up with some generic response…or you could reply ‘have you ever noticed how much that actor that plays edward mumbles’.

      • Ok, I don’t have a sign, but for whatever reason, I have a theme song…Ever since I read your comment, I’ve had “you down with LTT? Yeah you know me” running through my head. Yeah, Naughty by Nature. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

  40. Uh, no, I do not talk about Twi much in real life. The other day some girl had Breaking Dawn at lunch, and see was like “oh the movie’s coming out November 20th!” and I was all, “oh really, *charming smile* that’s wonderful.” I didn’t even crack a giggle.

    I have been known to gush about Rob a little. My IRL BFF knows that I heart him big time, and she makes fun of me for it. But I have plenty of dirt on her, so the chances of blackmail are slim.

  41. My co-workers and friends all know I like Twilight, and some of my friends like it as well. But that is where the difference lies – they enjoyed the books/movie, operative word “enjoyed”. I on the other hand, became obsessed and have inhaled anything Twi-related. I do not have an alter ego – I have enough crap in my life to keep track of; an alter ego would just make it more difficult, plus my RL friends do not read Twi blogs, websites, etc. – they are not obsessed like me – at least that I know of, and if any of them are then, “Hey y’all, it’s Kendall. Let’s get together tonight for drinks, discuss LTT, and everything Cullen!” =)

    Recently, though, it has been more difficult to keep my excessive appreciation of Twilight under wraps. My best gay male friend found my GQ Rob and People New Moon mags lying around my house last week and before I could make up an excuse, I blurted out “I LOVE Twilight and everything Rob!” And as I have just started Twittering, last night a co-worker was showing me the ins-and-outs, and she went to my page and saw that I follow LTT…uh, yeah, it was kinda embarrassing. I guess it’s true, all your dirty little secrets will eventually come out or perhaps I’m just tired of trying to hide.

  42. I’m SO “out”. I have no shame and probably the thickest skin in the world so I’m not worried about any embarassment that others are concerned with. Plus, I’m a mean bitch so no one dares make fun of me (at least to my face, but my friends are all similar to me so I’m SURE they’re lighting me up behind my back…same as I’d do to them)
    The newest game my friends play now is to try to find pics/videos etc. that I haven’t seen yet. No one has succeeded. I keep trying to tell them how much of a Twilight/Rob Bubble I live in. It’s like I’m trying to be even more “out” and they won’t let me.

    • Thick skin? Mean Bitch? You might be my best friend…

      • We do have a tendency to be on the same page LPB…I think we may be soulmates.

        • IKH, it’s true, and I didn’t even mention the no shame!!! I like to think I have no shame, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO not out of the Twi Closet in RL. I have my reasons, not good, but they are my reasons. One is that I work in a school and am fairly certain that most parents prefer that not-crazy people are working with their children. (just a working theory I have) Also, I have been enjoying all this as my little secret, and it is sort of fun that way. So I’m keeping it only mine.

          Although I think my husband saw my Twitter page once, and hopefully did not figure out that I am ILPB that he saw….

  43. Dear UC and Moon,
    I have to say that I do have an alter ego. Since I have become hooked on Twilight like it is my crack, I have developed a coping mechanism if you will. On one hand I am a Mom, I make sure my son’s homework is done, he’s fed, he’s clean, his clothes are clean and that he gets to bed etc. Other than that, I have become all Twilight all the time! I haven’t been able to hide it from anyone cause I feel so effused with love for this series, movies, actors (robsten). I actually told my one sane friend last night that they were such good books, but she should not read them because of what they have done to me! She laughed at me, which is normal for us. Then I told her she really really really needs to help me find a man, and she laughed again. She probably won’t get as into as me since she is happily married and can get laid whenever she wishes. Me not so much…I use fanfic as my porn. Is this normal? I am beginning to think spending 2 hours reading about Bella and Edward’s honeymoon is not normal. Tell me if I am wrong? I gotta go do some real work and find a speed dating event to meet some men!!!!

  44. I’m not really an alias, and I don’t care if people know that I’m a Twifan. I mean, the first step of recovery is acceptance, right? Not like I want to recover from this addiction! Hells no!

    And, even though I’m not a blogger, I would love to come to your Twiretreat. I’ll make AMAZING baked goods… please, please invite me!!!!! Please!

    I’m actually having a Twilight viewing party on 11/14 that I’m turning into a drinking game… All are invited! (it’s in Vermont though – come on up! Bring your pink sleeping bags and Rob pillows. My husband won’t mind. Not much, anyway).

    • i would love to do a real Twi-retreat. it would be so amazing. I would take you up on your baked goods.

    • I would totally go to a Twi retreat with this group. My contribution would be excellent mixed drinks.

    • I’m all about the Twi-retreat. Maybe we can do it at View Point Inn and all dress up in prom attire to take photos under the Monte Carlo Casino archway next to a cardboard Edward. (UC/Moon, when are you gonna post those photos I sent you! ;)) Can we play a Twi-themed version of Never-Have-I-Ever? We’ll have to video tape the whole thing to send to MidnightSin.

  45. ive recently realized im “out” alot more in real life than i thought i was. i basically just keep it in check around total strangers. apparently once i meet you i will not hesitate to start a convo about rob or twilight if you bring it up first.

    and just this past weekend i got wasted at a party (half a bottle of captain what what?!) and outed myself and my roommates as avid readers of fanfiction after i announced to everyone that edward (poster edward) was upstairs on the wall between my and my bffs bedrooms. i also let some informatiion fly about the supposed size of my best friends boyfriends junk and info about their sex life, so i KNOW this was alcohol induced. however the fact stands that i told that to people i just met like 45 minutes prior. my online alter ego is like my drunk ego. we both answer to kt…. real life just has a few more letters and a slightly longer hesitation time.

  46. I keep it ninja style with my love for Twilight. My alter ego tells people about the books and gives them the soft sell..”yeah I read all the books..they are great, you should totally ready them” but no one knows how much I love them. No one knows I read blogs about Twilight..all day. No one knows I have a Twitter account so I can follow Twi news..all day. No one knows that some of the musicians I make them go see with me were all discovered based on my online obsession…I mean acute fondness
    I have sort of become the master at the art of masked fandom. Why do I keep it on the DL? I guess cause I am a tiny bit embarrassed but mostly I don’t really know how to explain it to people so they GET IT. And I don’t want to have to work that hard at it…cause I don’t have a ton of patience for people. And I can come here and everyone gets it and that is great for me. Fuck everyone who does not get it..that is what Itsallhappenning would say. The real me would say “I understand the author repeats the same words 300 times and uses the same idioms to explain Edward over and over but you need to look past that “. However, apart from the diehard mentality I have online, my alter ego and the real me are the same, which is great cause I would probs fight with myself a lot if we were different.

  47. I am definitely two-sided as well. I feel I have been forced undercover. The thing is, I first read the books before they were known at all by anyone, because I am a nerd and read just about every book there is. I started recommending it to a few friends who I thought might enjoy them. They thanked me profusely and are waiting for me to tell them what the next big thing to read will be. (No pressure there.. but I digress.)

    But about a year and a half after I first read them, thanks to the movie, the whole Twilight universe just exploded and now I feel like I have to hide the fact that I love the books. I feel I need to cultivate this image that I am fashionable, have a great career, and am extremely academic – I love politics, art, wine, Tolstoy, etc. – for the sake of my career and reputation amongst friends. I feel like admitting that I love Twilight would totally shatter that image thanks to the stereotype that Twilight is the Teenybopper/YummyMummy It Thing of The Late 00’s. (Thanks, Hot Topic, TwiMoms and silly action figures!) I mean, even my boss, after I admitted I went to see the movie on opening night last November, said, “I can’t imagine ‘Someone Like You’ would go to see Twilight! I thought that was for teenage girls with screwed up love lives or older women with no love lives!” (Nice, eh?). I pretty much stopped talking about it anywhere – at work, home, with friends, etc. – at that point.

    I hate to admit that I’m undercover, because I’d love nothing more than to show up at work wearing a big TEAM JACOB tshirt, Bella’s jacket from Fred Flare, a couple of Bella’s bracelets from etsy, and a bag with Rob and KStew’s faces captioned “Don’t Give a Crapsten” plastered all over it. But I can’t because I am an intellectual professional … right?! 😦

    P.S. I think the solution is to force everyone in the world to read Twilight. Especially middle aged bosses. Then no one would have to go undercover.

  48. The name Raven is associated with my name. It happens to be a name I’ve used for a long time in some form or another. I wouldn’t really call her an alter ego. She would need to be much cooler for that! She is me, although maybe a little bit more forward than real life.

    I’m not outed, although my neighbor gave it a good try at a party this week. Actually, I did a pretty good job of it myself after a couple glasses of wine. A few people know, but no one knows the extent of it. I’m quite content, locked in my little closet. Reading my ff and borrowing magazines because I’m too embarassed to buy such things myself.

    I love coming on these sites and reading about people like myself (only far more awesome). You are all lovely and funny and really don’t need alter egos at all.

  49. I don’t hide my obsession. Not everyone knows the extent of it, but most of my friends and family know that I love Twilight and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. I don’t openly discuss my fanfiction reading though. If they ask what I’m reading I just say “oh this story about…” and I’ll tell them what the story is about, but not the characters or that it’s actually fanfiction. It’s really none of their business. lol

    Myria is my real name (pronounced like Mariah Carey’s). myria101 is my real twitter. I have 8 different Twitter accts. Six of them are alter egos. Some of my friends know who/what they are and play along, but some are completely clueless that it’s me. It’s fun to play the alters when I have time to.

    Noreen & Bunny, I love you to bits. =]


    • I’m having an overly emotional day, so I’m finally going to tell you my biggest LTT-secret, Myria. A secret that involves you.
      I was reading and commenting on the blog for a little bit before I really had my Midnight Sun “Edward. Stay. Don’t go. Please…don’t go.” moment here and realized how in love I was with LTT.
      Someone posted talking about Angela and Ben dating using these words in her comment: “Angela and Ben…I don’t remember his last name”. You replied to her, “Don’t act like you didn’t know his last name is Cheney. You’re among friends here. ;)” I’d struggled to find words to name the feelings that were flooding through me, but I had no words strong enough to hold them. For a long moment I’d drowned in them. When I resurfaced, I was not the same woman I had been. So, thanks Myria, for giving me your voice in my head saying, “You’re among friends here. ;)”

      • That was my comment!! I think I may have changed in that moment, too… baptized as I was in the LTT love.

        • You made the comment about Angela Weber and Ben Cheney?! (ps-I totes quoted that bit at the bottom out of Midnight Sun…that’s normal)

          • Haha, I noticed that was from Midnight Sun… because that’s normal, too. 😉

  50. oh i am totally in the closet, so much that i’ve been wanting to comment for a while but been too scared! this post has pushed me over the edge though. I’m so in the closet its unbelieveable, i think literally 3 people know i have read the books and this Rob is “kinda ok” (I often betray that this is a total lie by going bright red and changing the subject frantically).

    I love this site though and i totally want to develop a much more active alter ego to participate more. both real me and alter ego me are english and i think alter ego me is totally a “ambush rob behind a dumpster” type of gal and try and dazzle him in a sea of americans with her witty updates on uk culture that he’s missing. so anyone up for the challenge of giving my alter ego a name?

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