Chris Weitz “Gets It” with New Moon

Weird ass illustration of Chris Weitz doing "tune in Tokyo" on the Hollywood Reporter

Weird ass illustration of Chris Weitz doing "tune in Tokyo" on the Hollywood Reporter

Dear Chris Weitz,

I’ve always thought you were a great choice to direct New Moon ever since you wrote a letter to the fans back in December and promised that you would remain true to the spirit of the book. I’ve loved you since we saw the very first mini trailer on the MTV Movie Awards and we all screamed with delight seeing Jacob phase for the first time. And you wormed your way into my heart at the New Moon Comic Con panel in July when you spoke candidly about how making this film restored your love of movie making. But today you cemented your place in my cold, dead heart after I read your interview with the Hollywood Reporter by speaking so eloquently and intelligently about the making of New Moon, it’s story line, your relationship with Stephenie Meyer and really just “getting” the storyline and how it’s different from Twilight.

When asked about your relationship with Stephenie Meyer you said “We got along like a house on fire.” Now you’re speaking my language! I love a good idiom and anything involving information about our goddess divine the lovely Stephenie. I loved reading that you collaborated on ideas and deferred to her when you weren’t sure how a visual should play out on screen. It shows your humility and desire to bring the fans and the author herself the best and most true to form version of Stephenie’s story.

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Seriously tune it in yall!

Seriously tune it in yall!

You also illustrate how well you know the material and its fandom by answering THR’s inane question about not having enough of the “heartthrob Robert Pattinson” by explaining that there are in fact TWO “heartthrobs” and that this story is about loss and absence and how “Part of the point was that Edward was away. Readers of the book know this and appreciate it. The story is about loss and heartache; he is present as an absence.” I don’t think we could have said it better in one of our own Twilosophy sessions.

I also have to give you MAJOR props for acknowledging that even on a smallish budget you can make an incredible movie! It’s all in the way you budget and how you shoot it. There were certain “effects” (I use the term lightly) in Twilight that I could have done in my garage and were played off as products of a “small budget” um, no they were actually products of a lazy or uneducated production team.

Oh myello there!

Oh myello there!

Your comment about the blogs and sites being delightful and non-competitive was quite funny to me. Chris, if you ever want a behind-the-scenes look into the world of running a Twilight blog/site let us know we’ll gladly trade a tour! And you won’t be using words like “delightful” of “non-competitive” after! Trust. Oh, and I really hope you’ve read our blog in your search for fan thoughts on the movies and books.

Oh and kudos for giving the PC answer in reference to the question of why Rachelle was really let go. If there’s any hope for you returning to direct Breaking Dawn (and by you even referring to it I think we can count on that as a confirmation!) you did a great job in towing the company line of “scheduling conflicts” because we all know what an unforgiving mistress those studio folks can be.

I think he really has this pillow at home along with a matching Taylor one

I think he really has this pillow at home along with a matching Taylor one

I always wondered if fans loved you like they loved Cathy Hardwicke, just because you were apart of the Twilight franchise and not really based on any merit outside of that. But now I think they love you like I do, because they can see how invested you are in New Moon and in making the  film adaptation of a beloved novel that needs no additions; no “spider monkeys” or “Buttcrack Santas” but rather just needs a person who is able to bring the novel to the screen in a honest and reverent way.

And you sir are that man.

You “get it.”

Only time will tell if you can make my mean mean heart beat again on November 20th.

Until then,

PS Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say we also think you’re a DILF. Carry on.

What do YOU think of Chris Weitz? Are you happy with the clips from NM you’ve seen thus far? Can we tell a differnce between Twilight/Catherine Hardwicke yet?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

190 Responses

  1. Chris Weitz = DILF I would jump on with a running start

    Even though I loved what CW said about his approach to the movie, I was uncertain about how New Moon would turn out until we saw those teaser clips from Comic Con. So many signs since then are pointing to CW hitting a total home run with NM, I am getting more and more psyched as 11/20 gets closer.

  2. One thing bugged me about Twilight hardcore was that it was blue. I live here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s gray and green. No blue. Some blue fir to be sure, even have a chain called the Blue Mountains, but um, they’re all down near Idaho and Pendleton, not near Forks or Olympic Peninsula.

    Another reason this bugged me was that when they go back to Phoenix in the end, it’s dark. She arrives at the ballet studio at night. What?! She’s supposed to be running on the sidewalk, blinded by the sun reflecting off the white and missing the protection of the green forest. The protection of home. Hello Cathy, that’s the defining moment of Bella’s character arc RIGHT THERE!

    I digress, C-dubs seems to have brought in a new element with the earth tones. And it’s right. The werewolves are less mystical and more aggressive than the vampires, and all are broody like a deep brown. Even Bella’s jacket is a mustard yellow instead of that sexy blue denim 😉 But, if you really watch the trailer, the werewolf scenes are earth tone, the vampire scenes are hinting at cool colors, the human scenes are normal everyday lighting, and the Volturi scenes are really red with the breathtaking marble look of Florence or the Vatican.

    • i have thought the same thing SOOOOOO many times… the color sets the mood… NM is gonna hit-the-nail-on-the-head… i just hope that Eclipse follows the same undercurrents…

    • I have adjusted the Hell out of my TV when I watch the DVD because I think it is crazy blue, and I just make Edward’s lips ridiculously red….Fail.

      ….and crappy TV.

  3. Im just stuck on the fact that he made his answer about Breaking Dawn sound like the studio was already talking bout it and possibly…maybe…HOPEFULLY making it !!!! He must not be aware that we are hanging on his every word in hopes that he might slip 🙂

  4. Amazing post Moon!
    Loved the whole thing!

    I heart Chris Weitz,
    New Moon is going to be awesome!

  5. well i think they should only attempt BD if, i say IF, they are able to get RL graffics for Nessie… like a one-up on LOTR. to me it’s like how there’ve been rumors for YEARS on the making of Ender’s Game (if any of you have read it) and the whole hold-up is the fact that the characters are all super advanced but incredibly young. we don’t want a “who Framed Roger Rabbit” effect… Nessie couldn’t be “acted” but it’ll make a kickin film, with the right handling.

    • I agree, they should hold off on BD for a while. I *shudder* to think what they will do with that after seeing they couldn’t even get the sparkles right in Twilight.

      • I’m hoping that what James Cameron has managed to do with Avatar hints at the possibility that BD is do-able.

        The opening parts of the trailer look like a real film unless you look really closely – you can see every bit of rugged sexiness on Sam Worthington’s face, yummy!

  6. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lizelleb: RT @KStew411: C-Dub gets some luv from @letter2twilight:×7

  7. I, probably like most of you, am stuck between wanting to be stupidly, insanely excited about seeing this movie, and holding back as much hope as possible in case it sucks or doesn’t live up to expectations.

    It’s like when you first start dating someone, and they seem really nice, and funny, and like they’d be good for you – but you don’t want to invest too much in case they turn out to be a jerk, or like watching Real World Road Rules Challenge in a non-ironic fashion. I can’t help it, I’m protecting my heart a little CW – Nov 19th (in Aus) will be like the time we first get freaky, then have a D&M – I’ll know if it’s love, or whether you’ll be met with a post-it note in the morning!

  8. Christ, on a scale of 1 to hot, Chris Weitz is pretty steaming. Shame David Slade looks like Terry Pratchett’s bastard child.

    Love this site, you are both brilliant. Oh, and I am 26 today. I’m worried I’m getting towards cougar-dom.

    • Happy birthday!

      Your name is like my name.

      And haven’t you heard – 30 is the new 15.
      So no cougar-dom until 70 I say!

  9. Chris Weitz… what can I say, I adore you, your character, your vision, your humility, your humor all of it.

    I cant wait to see the whole of the parts you have granted us a peek of and I look forward to adding this to my DVD/BluRay collection as a movie I will watch over and over.

    Chris Weitz.. welcome to our lives.. and well.. to our fantasies as well.. Any man this in-touch with a story that has touched millions of women.. well we are going to want to touch you back….Just saying 🙂

  10. A Chris W letter is perfect for today because today is Cathy Cougar’s real life birthday! And no, I’m not ashamed that I know that………LOL

  11. I would say color is one of the big differences. And I am thrilled that the wolves are the right size. The wolf pack seems to be right on and if he can get me to like Kstew as Bella I would think he deserves an oscar!!

  12. Oh Moon…
    “PS Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say we also think you’re a DILF. Carry on.”

    I’m like DAYS behind on Twi-blogs.. the Twitards freaked me out so bad with the whole Summit/Zazzle kerfuffle that I couldn’t look at a twi-anything for a while there, and now I’m back, and you bring tears to my eyes – tears of hysterical laughter.

  13. […] friends, that was my big meeting (all 2 minutes of it) with Chris Weitz and if I wasn’t already a total smitten kitten with him before I am like the president of his fan clu…. For serious, he was super down to earth, spoke thoughtfully, had the best dry sense of humor and […]

  14. […] used his “house on fire” metaphor again to describe him and Alexandre. Hmmm, time for a new idiom Chris? (maybe we’re slicker than […]

  15. […] few weeks back Moon had her chance to gush over you and THEN got to meet you and shake your hand at the Billboard music event. We’ve […]

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