Chris Weitz “Gets It” with New Moon

Weird ass illustration of Chris Weitz doing "tune in Tokyo" on the Hollywood Reporter

Weird ass illustration of Chris Weitz doing "tune in Tokyo" on the Hollywood Reporter

Dear Chris Weitz,

I’ve always thought you were a great choice to direct New Moon ever since you wrote a letter to the fans back in December and promised that you would remain true to the spirit of the book. I’ve loved you since we saw the very first mini trailer on the MTV Movie Awards and we all screamed with delight seeing Jacob phase for the first time. And you wormed your way into my heart at the New Moon Comic Con panel in July when you spoke candidly about how making this film restored your love of movie making. But today you cemented your place in my cold, dead heart after I read your interview with the Hollywood Reporter by speaking so eloquently and intelligently about the making of New Moon, it’s story line, your relationship with Stephenie Meyer and really just “getting” the storyline and how it’s different from Twilight.

When asked about your relationship with Stephenie Meyer you said “We got along like a house on fire.” Now you’re speaking my language! I love a good idiom and anything involving information about our goddess divine the lovely Stephenie. I loved reading that you collaborated on ideas and deferred to her when you weren’t sure how a visual should play out on screen. It shows your humility and desire to bring the fans and the author herself the best and most true to form version of Stephenie’s story.

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Seriously tune it in yall!

Seriously tune it in yall!

You also illustrate how well you know the material and its fandom by answering THR’s inane question about not having enough of the “heartthrob Robert Pattinson” by explaining that there are in fact TWO “heartthrobs” and that this story is about loss and absence and how “Part of the point was that Edward was away. Readers of the book know this and appreciate it. The story is about loss and heartache; he is present as an absence.” I don’t think we could have said it better in one of our own Twilosophy sessions.

I also have to give you MAJOR props for acknowledging that even on a smallish budget you can make an incredible movie! It’s all in the way you budget and how you shoot it. There were certain “effects” (I use the term lightly) in Twilight that I could have done in my garage and were played off as products of a “small budget” um, no they were actually products of a lazy or uneducated production team.

Oh myello there!

Oh myello there!

Your comment about the blogs and sites being delightful and non-competitive was quite funny to me. Chris, if you ever want a behind-the-scenes look into the world of running a Twilight blog/site let us know we’ll gladly trade a tour! And you won’t be using words like “delightful” of “non-competitive” after! Trust. Oh, and I really hope you’ve read our blog in your search for fan thoughts on the movies and books.

Oh and kudos for giving the PC answer in reference to the question of why Rachelle was really let go. If there’s any hope for you returning to direct Breaking Dawn (and by you even referring to it I think we can count on that as a confirmation!) you did a great job in towing the company line of “scheduling conflicts” because we all know what an unforgiving mistress those studio folks can be.

I think he really has this pillow at home along with a matching Taylor one

I think he really has this pillow at home along with a matching Taylor one

I always wondered if fans loved you like they loved Cathy Hardwicke, just because you were apart of the Twilight franchise and not really based on any merit outside of that. But now I think they love you like I do, because they can see how invested you are in New Moon and in making the  film adaptation of a beloved novel that needs no additions; no “spider monkeys” or “Buttcrack Santas” but rather just needs a person who is able to bring the novel to the screen in a honest and reverent way.

And you sir are that man.

You “get it.”

Only time will tell if you can make my mean mean heart beat again on November 20th.

Until then,

PS Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say we also think you’re a DILF. Carry on.

What do YOU think of Chris Weitz? Are you happy with the clips from NM you’ve seen thus far? Can we tell a differnce between Twilight/Catherine Hardwicke yet?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Chris Weitz is total DILF. FACT.

  2. From what I’ve seen so far, he does “get it”. I just don’t have enough good things to say about him. And he is hilarious. He had me at “When I first met with him, I took off my shirt and I said, “You’ve got two months to look this good.”

  3. I. Love. Chris Weitz.
    I wasn’t a Twilighter pre-TwiMovie so I wasn’t involved in the hype and excitement around it; but I am totally loving it for New Moon!
    From what we’ve seen of all the little sneak peak clips and the trailers I think it’s safe to say that this movie will be the shit.
    As in: totally f*cking awesome.
    And I totally agree, Moon, I just love how Chris just seems to “get” all of us and the whole series.
    Plus he directed About A Boy which is one of my all-time fave movies.


  4. One very obvious difference b/w the two movies is that Twilight was blue. New Moon is all brown.

    I wasn’t around to freak out over Twilight. I was blissfully unaware of it until I went to the theater last year to see something else the same day that Twilight opened. There where people in sleeping bags! I had to ask what the eff was going on. When they told me, I was like “Oh well, I am too cool/mature/non-idiotic to like that crap.” Psh. I’m an idiot sometimes.

    But anyway, I have just accepted Twilight for what is because I had no expectations. It’s just low budgety. Now I have very high expectations of New Moon because I actually care. I bought tickets over a month in advance. I went to the theater over a month early to by tickets to a movie about werewolves and vampires.

    Please, for my sanity, do not let me down, Chris Weitz!

    PS I don’t view Mr. Weitz as a DILF. He looks a little too much like that crazy ass, balloon boys dad. In fact, I thought it was him when I just glanced at the pics.

    • True, Twilight was way blue! It really showed when they made that vid of Edward vs. Buffy.

    • Umm… Why the down thumbs? Rude.

      *stares at you all angry bitch like ala KStew*

      You guys better watch it or I might cut my hair into the mullet!

      • hahaha! I can see you starin’ like she was in the photo where she’s pumping her gas.

      • Maybe the balloon boy’s dad didn’t like the comparison?? Though I don’t know why, any publicity is good publicity.

        I gave you thumbs up to help balance it out… I’m afraid of the KStew bitch stare.

    • balloon boys DAD?! YUCK! thumbs down just for that! richard henne is a total creepster. chris weitz is not. but thumbs up for not letting down my sanity!

    • No DILFiness for me either.
      Jus’ not feelin it.

      HOWEVER, I feel like dude has totes broughten it for NM. He better, anyway, or he’ll end up takin a Twi-asswhippin’

  5. Only a brave soul would even attempt to take on The Golden Compass (which I DID enjoy!) so I had respect for Mr. Weitz prior to New Moon. But knowing that he is aware of not just HIS vision of the movie- but the fans’ and Stephanie’s too… what more could you ask for in a director? Can’t wait to see it.

  6. I like what Chris Weitz has done so far for New Moon, but I’m a wait-and-seer. I was really excited for the Golden Compass too, and that movie was kinda disappointing… Although I never got off my lazy ass to find out whether that was his fault or someone else’s.

    • i was really upset at the ending fail of the golden compass, too. a while back it came out that the studio forced him to change it because it was “too much of a downer” and that having to compromise the story (and his vision) “broke his heart”.

      not real quotes, just my best approximation of what i remember reading. no clue what article it was.

      total DILF. loved him since Chuck & Buck. if you guys haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look to see our boy IN FRONT OF the camera!

      • That was a sincerely disturbing movie. Seriously- I was all, “What just happened?” at the end. But- he was a good actor in it.

    • i was looking at his IMDB and saw his acting credits and i may or may not have adding them to my netflix queue! 😉

  7. Tune in Tokyo! I thought my husband was the only need that still did that. Lmao! Love you and Chris W.

  8. the clips i’ve seen so far have this sort of energy that i cant explain….maybe the richer colour or the dynamics of the new characters….i have honestly never been this psyched over a movie before…so excited, that im watching the double feature midnight screening on the 18th(which i promised myself i wouldnt do)….and its all because of u Chris…..

    fingers crossed….

  9. So, as no one in RL would even begin to know what I was talking about, I must share this here. Sorry. I know it has nothing to do w/ Chris Weitz (which always reminds me of Janet Weiss) but I learned that Mr. Fang is a Robstener.

    Here’s how it went down:

    Last night, I jumped in the car and set the “Our home” version of OK or US, I can’t remember what it is called, on the dash board. He promptly floors it, knocking the magazine into the floor boards. I said (mostly to myself), “Rob & KStew get off the floor! You’re dirty enough.” Mr. Fang looked at me, looked at the magazine and said, “They finally live together?” I said, “Who?” He sighed, “Your lover and that mullety Bella chick.” I then explained the whole lies and tabloid crap to him.

    He replied, “That’s too bad. They are cute together.”

    ARGH! As a firm member of idontgiveaCRAPsten, I can’t even believe this. He never comments on this celebrity dating crap.

    And you crazy Robsteners & Nonsteners can give me as many thumbs down as you want today. I am feeling KStew badass. So watch it!

    PS I figured out that if I we were a celeb couple our name would be “Angler” That is all sorts of awesome! 😉

    • hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! “They are cute together.” LOVEIT. Sorry that he chose a side that wasn’t your side…but at least he’s showin interest?

      ps-why do you have a tabloids magazine if you don’tgiveacrapsten?

      pps-ANGLER=AMAZING … me and my SO would be Lorob or Robena. Weird. Lorob is fun…Robena sounds too much like this soccer player Robinho.

      • He is a nerd sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. 😉

        Answer to ps. The only mag I like to read is People. I only read that pos OK (or is it, US?) when it has Twilight peeps on the cover. Loser that I am. Whoever lived in my house before me is apparently getting charged to have it shipped to there. Oh wells. 🙂

        Answer to pps. I love our coupley name. Lorab is cool but it reminds me of prescription pills. Not sure why…

    • I gave you a thumbs up to balance out my following statement: stop buying those crappy magazines, woman! 🙂

      • I didn’t buy it! It is mailed to the previous occupant of my residence. Not my name on the mailing label. I am poor and have to be picky about the mags I buy. So I just Cosmo and my boss gives me People. 🙂

        • Good girl. I’m always getting onto my mom for buying every gossip mag out there and then believing all the stories.

          I love that your husband said ‘they are cute together.”

  10. Q. What was your reaction when you were first offered the job?

    A. I was surprised because it happened very suddenly, and I had a week and a half to decide whether I was gong to do it or not. Then I saw the first film, I saw the case and I thought, ‘This is going to be great, actually. Kristen, Rob and Taylor were great’ – that’s what convinced me to do it. And I read the book and I thought I saw my way of making a good version of the book. It’s really a question of whether I can do justice to the book and to please the readers. That’s my job. It’s not to run away with it and just do my version of things. It’s to be faithful to their experience of reading it.

    -Chris Weitz on directing New Moon (in

    That answer there made every single doubt I had toward him disappear.
    I sincerely wish all book to movie-directors thought this way.

    Chris, you’re the man.

    • “That’s my job. It’s not to run away with it and just do my version of things [like someone else we know]. It’s to be faithful to their experience of reading it [unlike someone else we know.”

      “Then I saw the first film, I saw the case and I thought, ‘This is going to be great, [I can fix everything by not using a blue filter on the lens]’”

      I also LOVE that he read the book within a week and a half. That makes me confident that he can indeed “do justice to the book and to please the readers.” Since you know, we all read the book[s] in a week and half too.

  11. Chris Weitz appears to be a cool cat. Although that picture up top kinda looks like he’s running at me to grab my ta tas. And that makes me nervous.

  12. I’ve been really wary about New Moon, even after seeing the trailers, but this made me feel not only that I might actually like it, but that I won’t be embarrassed at liking it.

    I love the way he describes how much he interacted with Stephenie Meyer. “…when I felt I was on the edge of getting a detail wrong, everything from the powers of a given vampire to the look of a particular scene.” So, we (finally) get Jasper’s power in this one! Plus, some of the Volturi’s powers were a little confusing to keep straight; it’s really nice to see that he felt it was important to get them right.

    I also like how diplomatic he was about not picking a favorite Twilight blog. Although it’s not necessary, Mr. Weitz, we know LTT is the best.

    • He was diplomatic about not picking a fave blog, but since he consults Stephenie on most things, and she gave LTT a direct shout out, we know that he prefers LTT the most. In fact, I bet he votes for them everyday like I do on Top Twilight Blogs and Top Twilight Sites.

  13. I like the house on fire commment. This comment could be taken at least ten different ways. Books are always hard to translate onto screen. Basically the screenwrtiter has 120 pages to tell the story. That’s it. Great freaky pic of the director. This reminds me of my sixth grade science teacher.
    Flamengo rules.

    • Morning Robbygee!

      Your comment just solidified my delusions even more. Except when you said “Flamengo rules” and I thought you were referring to the Flamenco. I always thought of Rob as more of a cha-cha slide kind of guy. But then this crazy voice in my head said “You can google it.”

      I did and learned that Flamengo is the nickname of a soccer team! Way to keep up the pretext, ROBbygee.


    • Go BobbyGee with the opinions!! I didn’t think you had it in you!

    • I was wondering if he meant flamingo or flamenco. I Googled it-Flamengo is a neighborhood in Rio de Janiero.

      I learn something every day here.

    • you’re so great bobbygee! I will hurry over to comment on Brazilian Futbol in 1 sec!

      • Flamengo rules!

        Yes, i’m brazilian… and yes i support Flamengo just like Bobbygee =)

      • So for the first time ever I decided to follow BobbyGee’s link and what do you know, he’s talking about the soccer team from my home town (I grew up in the UK). That’s the wonders of the internet – from the best sparkly vampire blog that gets me through the day to a little commercial break of soccer and then back

  14. I fell in love with Chris during the comic con Q&A and the subsequent interviews. Man has a great sense of humor.

    Chris, you really want to have UC and Moon at the premiere. Get them press passes. The interviews would be pure gold. #truth

  15. This movie just LOOKS beautiful! Especially the meadow clip that was tucked into the DCFC video. I think he said he wanted it to look like a renaissance painting-hense the lack of blue everything. Also the Meadow song on the soundtrack is what I expected in the first one. I have such high hopes for this movie! I hope he was able to get better performances and let poor Rob off the hook with some of the cheesier lines!

  16. I was planning on holding out on declaring myself over Chris Weitz until Nov. 20 but I have been leaning heavily on hearting him already. I’ve been super impressed with his interviews and his attitude about bringing *Stephanie’s* New Moon to screen (not his own New Moon like Cathy brought most of her own Twilight). And total agreement on the PS Moon. Carry on indeed.

    • total judgment is reserved for nov 20 but for now…. swoooon

      here’s to hoping there’s no disappointment!

  17. I have high hopes for Chris. He has a sense of humor that can only benefit the series and I am totally crossing my fingers that he will be back for BD. That book needs someone who won’t take it too seriously. Any man who can deadpan to Rob that his skin is like cold marble and he sparkles in the sunlight is ok by me.

    (unless the movie sucks)

  18. Premature maybe, but filmaking wise, if you put together the NM clips we’ve seen (inotherwords the whole movie sans humans) NM is ALREADY a better movie than the twinklingbuttcrackspidermonkeypurpleiscool Twilight fiasco thatiwatchedforthetwentiethtimethisweek. Plus, he looks like Chris Reeves to me. Love him!

    • He’s TOTALLY Superman!!

    • HAHAHA Chris Reeves twin FTW.

      And as I am currently reading NM, besides the Charlie and Billy (if we count him as human) involvement, the humans spend about .05 seconds in the book… I know, right?

    • Haha, you are so right! Actually, you’ve convinced me not to be worried. The previews are already an improvement over CH’s 90s music video filming style.

  19. I was worried for a minute… One of the most important win factors of C-Dubs was nearly overlooked. And then I saw your P.S. Word. Total DILF. Also, he’s HILARIOUS.

    Anyway, I don’t want to get tooooo ahead of myself… but New Moon is shaping up to be the best movie in the Twilight franchise yet. Ha. I’m so hilarious.

    I’m really proud of him and everything I’ve seen so far. He’s done a fantastic job from what I can tell and I’m seriously excited. Less than a month away!


      Mostly b/c Cathy Hardi was where she belonged during filming- at a TGIFridays in the outskirts of LA, hitting on younger men

      • Well it sure won’t be Breaking Dawn. I don’t even want them to attempt making that into a movie – am I alone?

        • No, no! I don’t think they should make BD into a movie either. The first three books make a nice trilogy on their own. Plus, there’s no way NOT to totally screw up BD in a movie version.

        • You are not alone! I will stand by you Shleeeigh! (That sounds like a sappy song.)

      • Fridays makes those fried green beans now…I don’t think they’re that good. Hopefully Cathougar gobbles ’em down in attempts to restore her dignity. I always heard Thirteen was a good film…I can’t imagine anything by her being good though.

    • i could NEVER forget the DILF factor!!! i just didnt think it would help my credibility to start it:

      Dear CEEDUB,

      You are a dilf


      PS oh and thanks for whatever youre doing with NM.

  20. I think the biggest hurdle in New Moon was the phasing of the wolves, and I think he did a great job with it. Also with Bella’s hallucinations-the one where she’s in the water and sees Edward float by gives me goose bumps. So I have faith and am so freakin’ excited to see the finished product!!

    Ad yes, Chris Weitz is hot. Never hurts.

    • I really like that she’s hears him and doesn’t see him in NM. So, I’m still a little weirded out w/ ghostward. It also gives me this whole “Bring my body back.” flashback from HP4.

  21. I liked Chris ever since the fan letter. But now after all of the New Moon stuff that has been released, I LOVE him.
    I’m worried that by admitting it I’ll jinx the movie, but from what i’ve seen so far, I think New Moon could possibly turn out to be one of my favorite movies ever. And I’m pretty positive that once I’ve seen New Moon I’ll never waist my time watching Twilight again.
    I wish Chris could have made all 4 movies
    After saying all of that, I really hope this movie lives up to what we all expect. I hate when movies look really good and then when you see it you realize that the publicity clips were the only good parts of the film.
    So fingers crossed!

    • “I hate when movies look really good and then when you see it you realize that the publicity clips were the only good parts of the film.”

      HUGE pet peeve of mine…and more and more common these days. PRAYING that isn’t the case with NM. I really doubt it is, though.

  22. Chris is totes a DILF. Keep the beanie on!

  23. Moon, I kind of feel like I was intruding on a bit of a love letter. One spoken so pure and honest. And written in a way to make anyone fall in love with you. I actually think I did. (well, more than I already did)

    I personally have tried to avoid as much New Moon coverage as possible. Only seeing pictures that are posted here or on the forum, and only having watched two trailers…the first two. So I will have to reserve my opinion until November.

    I am hopeful.

    • i love how you said you intruded on a love letter. i tweeted that:)

    • sassy, I can’t believe you haven’t seen the third trailer. In my opinion, even if the movie ends up majorly sucking, I will be happy to go rewatch the trailer over and over again. I’m so glad Dakota Fanning was casted as Jane…she has the perfect Jane smile. Like sweet faced uber bitch, LOVE IT!

    • it totally felt like that when i wrote it and reread it! i was like uh wow im totes gushing… and uh kinda blushing right now.

      CARRY ON! 😉

    • ❤ !!

  24. Yep. He won me over with the comments about his relationship with Stephenie and then seeing/hearing about her on set for the filming. I know that happens a lot for other movies, but somehow it seemed more genuine this time around. Like she was actually having some input on things instead of observing.

    And then all the clips/stills/info for New Moon only cemented my feelings. Did everyone catch the latest footage? I think I saw it on Taylor intros it and says its courtesty of iTunes. Anyway, it shows Paul getting mad and phasing in front of Bella.

  25. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the NM footage.
    I can’t hold back the squeals everytime Jacob morphs, climbs that tree or Edward takes a beating. Everything looks great.
    I think Chris really did his homework and made a movie that was not only true to the book but one that would appeal to a wider audience. Let’s face it Twilight was a chick flick. With NM I’ve got male co-workers checking in with me daily for new footage.

    I’m crossing my fingers that he gets a shot at BD. If NM is as good as it looks, he’s the guy to drive this train into the station.

  26. admit, I was sceptical. I pegged Chris for being one of those “never was producers” that knew the biz enough to fake it, but was cheap enough to satisfy Summit.

    While I still think my original assessment of him isn’t too far off, I think he recognized this as his opportunity to change things around for himself and really pulled out all the stops.

    I am SO impressed with what I have seen so far of the movie …and not even in comparison to the Cougar hack job. What I’ve seen is almost how would have visualized it myself. Having said that, I can’t even create a proper visual in my head for the vampire sparkle …so I am pretty sure I’d laugh with embarrassment regardless of how they pull that one off.

    I love that Chris “gets it’ and not even seeing NM yet, I would be very happy trusting him with BD and the dreaded half child.

  27. You said it all so well, there is nothing I can add! I’ll say it, I think that this movie is going to totally rule!! And even if it doesn’t, I will love it ANYWAY. It’s true.

    Like a house on fire, yes, I will love it.

  28. I agree, the thought of the wolves phasing made me very nervous (I’m thinking of the running here, of course) but I think from seeing the previews it looks pretty legit. Also, I’m loving the new warm tones of everything. The greens and golds look so rich, I love it! I know I am going to get so angry with the absence of Edward, just like I did with the book, but I’m so relieved to hear that he’s staying in line with Stephenie’s vision.

  29. I love Chris Weitz . Is it november already?

  30. Chris Weitz is the man. Of course it’s easy to tell already that he has done a wonderful job. Here’s to November!

  31. Reading todays post makes me wish there was a FAVORITE button on LTT like there is on YouTube or a LIKE button on Facebook…

    I completely agree, Moon! It is like you listened to what my soul was saying and you posted it to the internet… and I am not just talking about the DILF statement. ^.^

    Yours as a fellow creeper, er what?

  32. How could anyone not like Chris Weitz? I love how he interacted with the actors at Comic Con and so far what has been shown for New Moon is nothing short of “Wow!” I also agree that with a relatively low budget, if you have the know how and background you can do pretty great special effects – like the transformation of the wolves which looks amazing and not cheesy at all.

    Although I love Twilight and all it’s peculiarities, I think New Moon with a be a movie in which we won’t be able to poke quite as much fun at.

    • Oh I think our gals here will find some good material to poke with. Otherwise they will have to shut the blog down. And they already have the JortPack and I, for example, for the life of me can’t wrap my head around Demetri’s hairdo.

  33. You said “Tune in Tokyo” for the crazy ass pic and I died….now back to reading.

  34. I am so thrilled you wrote a letter to Captain New Moon! I tried not to get my hopes up for New Moon, he’s made it impossible. Although… I did giggle a lot during the newest wolfy clip, but let’s pretend it was nervous energy.

  35. “The story is about loss and heartache; he is present as an absence.”

    That line gave me chills. Chris Weitz definitely has a way with words. Let’s see if he has a way with those magic hands as well. He can practice tuning in Tokyo with me any day.


  36. Oh he’s totally a DILF! Every time I hear him speak in an interview I get an inexplicable urge to flash him.. Yeah, I just said that.. He so needs his own team and his team groupies. Remember at Comic Con when someone screamed ‘You’re gorgeous!’ (to Rob) and he said ‘Thanks!’? Well, I think we should show the man some Team Chris love and something tells me he would very much appreciate it.

  37. Who put the smiley in the right hand grey bar? was it always there?

  38. LOVE, and definitely a DILF

    • please tell me that url is from YOUR radio station and you are SUPER VIXEN and you talk about twilight and rob and dilfs on your show!!

  39. I can not wait to see Chris’ interpretation of New Moon brought to life. From everything I’ve seen so far, I expect to be squeeing and sobbing throughout the movie.

  40. I sure as heck so the Phillies win. But I know these bums like I know the back of hand. If the Phillies can find a way to screw it up they will. My wife and I will be watching the game. I will on the phone with my best friend Harry Chalmers(Santa Fe, New Mexico). I have been watching this stuff I was knee high to a grasshopper.

  41. Chris Weitz is HOT!!!

    • Yep.

    • I am the only person in the whole world who thinks Chris Weitz is not hott.

      That makes me sad. 😦

      I am going to do a FB survey later on his hottness. I hope that doesn’t out me as a total freak.

      • fang, you are not alone (sorry to everybody else who thinks he is…) i don’t think he’s hot at all… interesting, but not “hot”. a gripping director, but not sexy… nope. not all.

      • I don’t think he is hot. Billy Burke=hot. C-Dubs=not amazingly hot, no. David Slade=unbelievably awesome, but not anywhere close to being hot.

        • Sigh… Billy Burke=hot, indeed. I’m on the fence about Chris being a DILF… if he is, it’s not based on hotness, for me anyway.

          • Intelligent = check
            eloquent/articulate = check/check
            quietly confident = check
            sense of humor = check
            smart dresser = check
            talented director = check
            sensitive = check

            Chris Weitz is definitely hot!!! 🙂

          • Intelligent = check
            eloquent/articulate = check/check
            quietly confident = check
            sense of humor = check
            smart dresser = check
            talented director = check
            sensitive = check

            agreed! its more than just looks.

            “quietly confident” ALWAYS a winner in my book!

  42. Is it strange that LAST NIGHT (notajoke) i stayed up on youtube till the crack of dawn looking for interviews with you because just last night i realized how incredible you are. It was similar to my discovery of Rob. Just sayin, this is the a good post, and incredibly true.

  43. I have approached New Moon with skepticism. What if it’s like Twilight, part deux? Kind of cheesy, but still something I love like a bad habit? Maybe New Moon will miss the heart of the book, the sadness that clubs me down every time I read it. I’ve kept my heart locked up, unwilling to give it away cheaply.

    But dammit, Chris Weitz, you’ve made me BELIEVE, even before I’ve set foot into the theater, that I am going to LOVE this movie. I remember the epic first glimpse at the MTV awards, where I called my Twi-friend right after and stuttered like KStew over its awesomeness. My only criticism? I didn’t like Jacob wolf. And now I see the new wolf clip, and Jacob wolf looks INCREDIBLE. Everything I’ve seen, from Rob’s abs to Bella’s near-drowning to the jorts pack makes me excited to see this movie.

    Chris Weitz, don’t break my heart.

    Oh, and yes, he’s a total DILF.

    • i was like you freya! worried and having a hard time just letting go… how could they ever convey the sadness that IS new moon?

      “But dammit, Chris Weitz, you’ve made me BELIEVE”

      you said it girl. im letting him have it!! i will love it no matter what, just like twilight the movie cause well, it’s twilight!

  44. I am reserving judgement until November 20. I love that you reference “tune in Tokyo” in a totally serious letter.

  45. I was not a cdub fan, he is balancing precariously on the line of unibrow. Then…I saw interviews with him and he is totally that guy whose personality is so awesome, he SLAMS it in the sack. You know what I’m sayin’ (that’s what she said).

  46. I’m much more looking forward to the commentary on the New Moon DVD because of Chris. Hardwicke annoyed the shit out of me on Twilight. If I could mute her out and listen to ROB by himself (I guess Kristen wasn’t that bad), it would make my day. 🙂

    • You’re so right about the commentary! Rob and Kristen had a fun joking going on, but Kristen didn’t add too much. The only good thing about Catherine was that she mentioned the actual places shots were filmed…which makes it easier for me to go and visit them. But, they’re all listed on the web now, so…

  47. DID YOU QUOTE THE MOVIE? I mean…THE movie? THE greatest movie of the 80’s?

    Oh my stars. You did. I will now virtually French you, full on the mouth. For this.

    “Tune in Tokyo, tune in Tokyo!”
    Oh, Jonathan Silverman…your best role yet.

    (Of course I have the soundtrack to THE movie. “Dancing in Heaven” has long been a favorite…)

    p.s. Weitz is rad. He needs to direct Breaking Dawn. Or maybe distance himself from it. Either way, he wins.

  48. All I can about this is TRU. FAX!

  49. He Gets it alright!
    Wish i could say the same about Cathy the Cougar
    she missed it…

    DiLF indeed


  50. There were certain “effects” (I use the term lightly) in Twilight that I could have done in my garage and were played off as products of a “small budget” um, no they were actually products of a lazy or uneducated production team.


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