Kristen Stewart: Love her? or Hate her?

Someone sent us an email yesterday with some “suggestions” and one of them was “be nicer to KStew.” We took it to heart. Kinda. We have two different fan letters offering some KStew love and some KStew, uh, not love. PS this is long. But worth it. Trust

Kristen Stewart – Stop Making Me Feel Bad For You.

Dear Kristen,

Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? Did the long break between New Moon and Eclipse make you go a little crazy? Because I do not see any other case why you would be haunting my dreams trying to make me feel bad for you. Yes, I call you a possum behind or your back, and tell anyone who will listen about your “keen acting style,” which I describe as a combination of blinking and the stuttering random incoherent sentences. And honestly, you get to kiss one of the hottest pieces of ass out there right now, so maybe i’m just slightly jealous of you so I talk shit about you. GET OVER IT. Its not cool to come into my dreams, also known as my Rob Fantasy Time, and be all awkward and pathetic. I know you are like that in person too, but for some strange reason my dream self feels bad for you instead of just annoyed like I am. Right now. With you. Do you not have better things to do then to bug me? Are Michael Oregano’s texts becoming far and fewer in between? You know, maybe if you don’t want him to know your secretly banging Rob on set you could try to not look so DAMN SATISFIED every time your around him. Its downright nauseating. But anyways, since you seem to have all this extra time to PESTER me with, I have come up with some ideas on how to kill some time.

  • Rotten Stew

    Rotten Stew

    Shower Daily. I know this one seems like a hassle and Rob likes you dirty, but damn girl. I could deep fry some french fries with the grease coming out of your hair. And maybe while you’re in there you can sing little melodies to yourself like the one you sing in Into The Wild – because HOT DAMN that was shit was B.O.M.B., right?

  • Grease Is The Word.

    Grease Is The Word.

    Find Shirts That Fit You Correctly. This I think will help you kill time the most. You seem to think that if you just knot your shirt on the side then its good to go – its not. INSTEAD, why don’t you just buy clothes in your size? Judging by the recent picture I saw of you, I’d say you’re about a 2 days from anorexic, or maybe 3. I can’t be sure, but that’s what dressing rooms are there for. (I KNOW!! Who’s of thought people would want to try stuff on before they bought it!!? Crazy!!)

  • Get Back Together With Michael. Now you are not the President so I’m pretty sure you don’t give a shit about your approval rating, but I am telling you it will SKYROCKET if you get back with Michael and let everyone think Rob is available again. Plus, Michael seems like a pretty good guy, and I’m sure after a bong and a half old memories will come rushing back to you – and you’ll wonder what you ever saw in the smelly unclean British boy.
  • Go Be A Guest Star On a Crappy TV Show Trying To Be Like Twilight. Have you heard of all the ones they’ve made? Its almost ridiculous – I can’t keep up. But if you’re wanting to kill some time and feel like showing off those acting chops, I’m sure any show would be ECSTATIC to have you. It’d be like a visit from the mother ship, the creator, their very reason for being – Or at least that is how your agent could pitch it so you get mega $$ for doing like 10 minutes of some blinking and sighing. I wouldn’t want to burden you with having to learn actual lines that you’ll probably just change anyway to something more artistic. You know add a couple um’s, you know’s, like’s, uh’s and mMm’s – signature KStew Style.
  • "Are You Seeing Those Bright Lights Too, Michael?"

    "Are You Seeing Those Bright Lights Too, Michael?"

    Try To NOT Get Photographed Doing Illegal Things. In case you forgot, you are not invisible. So every time you go outside to light up a little MaryJane, we can all see you. And those of us with cameras are going to take advantage of it. You might have noticed that one time when you and Michael were smoking on what looks like your front porch some bright flashes. NO, those were not hallucinations from some DOPE SHIT, those were camera flashes snapping away as you slowly get stoned. Then this summer I saw leaked pictures of you sipping on some Heinkien. Honey, we’re in America and in case you didn’t get around to noticing – the drinking age here is 21.

*Sigh* I’m hoping you’ll put my suggestions to good use. I know you’re a busy girl, but these things could really help your image too. You’ll be cleaner and well-liked, and I’ll sleep better and stop being angry for feeling bad for you. Its a WIN WIN. Now, listen up closely Stewart if I see your face again after I post this I’m going to take that as a F*CK YOU, JanuaryMorning. Which, in which case means all out war – and you will lose. K, great – well I’m glad we got this all cleared up and I confessed all the things I say about you so when we meet you’re not surprised or anything.

Hoping To NEVER See You (in my dreams) Again,
January Morning

That was the KStew love letter. Read the hate after the jump. Haha, I’m so funny. That was the anti-KStew letter, this is KStew love:

Dear LTT,

I’ve noticed a shift in your readership. Sure, there are still some Kstew haters among our masses, but it seems that the people of the LTT/LTR world are starting to appreciate the Stew a little more these days. I’m not saying they love her. I’m not saying they understand her. But i am saying that i remember a time when her name brought about pure hatred and it seems that the times they are a changing and people are starting to open their minds up to accepting her. As someone who, in the beginning, had a sort of ambivalence to the Stew, i’m seriously content to see this. Nowadays, if there was a card to carry, i’d be a card-carrying Kristen Stewart fan. I get her. I appreciate her. And, I honestly think she is exactly what this franchise needed. Her presence helped to make Twilight not just some other teen movie. If she had been some play by the books, smile and nod, sugar coated Hollywood tween princess, the Twilight train wouldn’t be trucking like it is in so many different demographic brackets. Because, regardless of what people want to think, Twilight is more than just the books and the movies. It’s the actors and the directors and everything else that plays into it that makes it what it is. Kristen’s got spunk (pun intended) and she makes no apologies. She’s leading the pack, along with her other not so run-of-the-mill castmates, in keeping things interesting. That’s why some people love her and that’s why some people hate her. But there’s so much more to the girl than first meets the eye. She’s been said to be sweet, caring, intelligent, and kind. But if you need cold, concrete evidence to convince you of why you shouldn’t write her off just yet, i’d like to take a “lesson in listing” approach to help some of your readers maybe find something about the Stew that they can love. Therefore, without further adieu, I give you…

The 13.5 not so apparent reasons why a person could grow to love Kristen Stewart as developed by Calli while sloshing back some vodka:000avrilvskstew

1. She is not Avril “i give the finger so as to make myself appear edgy and cool but really I’m just insecure and need to be relevant” Lavigne. When Kristen Stewart gives the finger she actually means it. She, in not so many words, wants you to Eff off because you are effing annoying her. Make no mistakes.

secret000MileyvsKstew012. She is not Miley“i go for ‘jogs’ in cut off jeans and a string bikini top because that makes sense” Cyrus. Kristen Stewart doesn’t want you to know she can run. Hell, for all we know, she doesn’t even like to do it. Self proclaimed “skinny fat” she isn’t going around running the second she spots a camera to allude to caring about her physical health. KStew running is all about survival.

000MILEYVSKRISTEN022 and a 1/2. Nor is she Miley “i’m gonna pretend to wear a band shirt of a band whose name i probably can’t even pronounce so that i can seem cool and in the know while the only thing i really know about music is how to lip sync to it while scandalously gyrating my hips on a pole while it plays in the background” Cyrus. If Kristen Stewart is wearing a band shirt, you can pretty much guarantee she can name actual songs the band plays and actual members of the band. This is why you don’t see her in any Nsync or Backstreet Boy band shirts… because, let’s be honest, she’s got no effing clue who they are.

000MARKYKATEVSKSTEW3. She’s not MaryKate “i hear plaid is cool so i’m gonna wear it but in this really sloppy way so that it only looks like the outfit cost a few bucks when the reality is that my salary from the first season of full house just barely covered the price of this shirt and hence why i’m pantless” Olsen. I mean, say what you will about Kristen and her love for plaid, but at least she remembers to put on bottoms with her plaid. Because, since i’m on an honesty kick here, we all know plaid is nothing if it doesn’t have a complementary jean fabric to go along with it. KStew, the true fan of plaid that she is, knows this.

000ANNALYNNEVSKSTEW4. She is not AnnaLynne “i only eat phallic looking items in sexual ways to create buzz because i’m trying to garner attention so that i can do more than play a skinny betch on a remake show” McCord. Kristen Stewart eats like a normal person. Even worse, she eats crap and drinks coke. But not just any coke, girlfriend drinks REGULAR effing COKE. Based off of the fact that she’s eating something resembling a dessert version of a hot pocket, she probably eats hot pockets too. she eats things that are bad for you and doesn’t apologize.

000TISDALEVSKSTEW5. She is not Ashley “i’m gonna wear a hat to pretend to be evasive but really i spent $100+++ on this hat and made sure it was appropriately cute and trendy and still let you see all of my face” Tisdale. No way Jose. When Kristen Stewart wears a baseball hat she wants you to NOT see her face. She’s using that hat to her full advantage to block you the eff out. She went into that thrift store and said “give me the cheapest, best face blocking hat you’ve got” and that’s what she rocks.

000HAYDENVSKSTEW6. She is not Hayden “what do you mean you aren’t supposed to see my butt cheeks when i bend over in my shorts” Panitiere. Unlike some starlets, Kristen Stewart seems to realize that sometimes less is not more and the occasional modesty goes a long way. She learned from those New Moon boys that jorts are tricky and they frey with wash. so start em long and toss em when the breeze to the crotchal area is going way to strong. A tad bit of knowledge the chic she replaced in Panic Room could have used.

000HILLSVSKSTEW7. She is not Heidi/Lauren/Audrina/Whitney “i make magazine covers because …. well i’m not really sure why but i do” Montage/Conrad/Partdrige/Port. Kristen Stewart makes magazine covers because she is an actress and can… oh i don’t know… what’s the word? oh yeah. ACT.

000PARISVSKSTEW8. She is not Paris “watch me parade around my dog because i love him and that’s the popular thing to do but don’t ask me what his name is because i can’t remember and i can’t read it off the tag either because that would require me to actually be able to read” Hilton. Kristen Stewart genuinely loves her animals. She only brings them out when its time to visit the vet because she’s not one of those people who parades around animals to create a nurturing persona. She could give a flying F if you think she’s nurturing. Hell no. She brings her pets to the vet so they don’t die. Robert “bubble bursting” Pattinson clued her in and she isn’t about to start effing around.

000KRISTINVSKSTEW9. She is not Kristin “i’m even less relevant than those other Hills girls so, sure paparazzi, i would love to turn me pumping gas into a photoshoot, get my good side, make sure i’m smiling pretty” Cavallari. Kristen Stewart does not pretend it is okay that you’ve stalked her down at a gas station. She won’t smile for you there. She will, however, try to kill you with her glare. one day it will work. i have faith. So does she. hence the glare.

000CAMILLAKSTEW10. She is not Camilla “of course i’ll pose for pictures like a bordello whore but claim to date joe jonas: vagina virgin” Belle. Kristin Stewart owns “it” (don’t lie, you all know what “it” is) and doesn’t beard around for people. If she wants to hit it… SHE. HITS. IT. She isn’t pretending to be a sex-kitten and then claiming innocence. make no qualms about it… nothing remains unconsummated with Kristen Stewart.

000LOHANFAIL_edited-111. She is not Lindsay Lohan. this reason should be self explanatory.









000VANESSAVSKSTEW12. She is not Vanessa “I’m gonna pretend to be modest while constantly wearing clothes that show off my crack” Hudgens. Make no mistake, it is possible to bend in low rise jeans and not show the cheeks. It is possible to gallop up a flight of stairs and not show the cheeks. It is possible to remove your shoes at airport security and not show the cheeks (although RPattz hasn’t yet mastered that skill). Kstew’s got cheeks, but she knows how to cover them.

000kissingkstew13. And last but certainly not least, unlike almost all of these other betches in Hollywood, she has not yet rubbed it in our faces that she is (let’s be serious people) tapping one of the most tappable asses in all of Hollywood right now. While everyone else is throwing tongues and claiming stakes, Kristen Stewart is keeping the all important dream alive but not shoving it in our faces. You’ve got to love her just the slightest bit for that.

In all seriousness though, when you google Kristen Stewart the worse thing you’re going to find on her is a picture of Kstew engaging in recreational usage of the herb almost a year ago. Google any of these other starlets and you find nudie “you aren’t gonna show these to anyone right sweets?” pics, white powder scandals, va-jay-jay flashes, evidence of drunken debauchery, countless nip-slips, general whoring, apologies for extremely un-pc jabs at peeps and all other kinds of ridiculousness. I’m not saying Kristen’s perfect. I’m not saying she’s an angel. What i am saying is that in a Hollywood world where everyone is glitter and sunshine and constant happiness her realness is a breath of fresh air. Whether they wear pink juicy sweatpants or jet-black mullets, they’ve ALL got attitudes, they ALL make rude comments, they all drink and smoke, they ALL judge and they ALL get a little slutty here and there, but at least Kristen isn’t trying to sugar coat it, she isn’t trying to hide it and she isn’t trying to make you believe in something she isn’t. She acts when she’s on the clock. the rest of the time, she’s just being Kristen.

Love it or Hate it but don’t deny it’s commendability,


p.s. I am not hating on these girls. I get what they are. hell, i’m a heel teetering, vodka on the rocks sloshing, artificially sorta-blond 20-something who sometimes smiles when i really wanna punch you in the face while i wear oversized sunglasses and designer items i probably can’t actually afford (ask UC and/or Brookelockart for verification). If i were to ever become famous and you google imaged me, you’d find some pretty incriminating crap. A senator’s wife i will never be. so you know, i’m a pot looking around at the other pots saying “hey… you are black too! fabulous! let’s drink together”! Don’t flame me if i ragged on your girl.

p.p.s I do not apologize for miley bashing. i may bop my head to that song of hers, but i do it with a grimace on my face.

Well, there you have it! A lover.. and a hater….Where do YOU fit in on the love/hate KStew scale!?

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177 Responses

  1. ROFL!
    I totally loved Calli’s letter and names for all the other chicas.
    And I have to say, I love Kristen.
    I think she f*cking rocks.
    I love that she doesn’t take shit from anybody and doesn’t give a flying eff what anybody thinks of her.
    Which I think is a really great thing to be able to do, especially considering all the blatant BS that gets tabloided about her.
    Plus she’s one helluva actress.
    Oh and she has awesome hair (only when un-mullety!) and she rocks the smoky eye make-up like nobody’s bidness.
    Kudos to the girl.


    • Agree! Calli’s letter sums it up for me. My fave thing about KStew is the Coke drinking too (“But not just any coke, girlfriend drinks REGULAR effing COKE.”) Damn, it’s been so long that I could be in the regular Coke drinking club. Okay, so that’s not really my fave thing, it’s her whole persona, that she is trying to stay true to herself in glossy, sunny Hollywood. I respect that more than anything about KStew right now. And Calli, you summed it up perfectly!

      • I would give my right nipple to have that girls’ hair!!!!!! Not the mullet, the Twilight hair.

        • And the Vanity Fair shoot hair!! So gorgeous.

          Rob said during that French quiz show that Kristen’s hair is his favorite thing about her. Poor thing, a small part of him must be pissed that he finally landed the girl, then she goes and chops the hair and he’s left with the mullet to run his hands through LOL!!

      • I prefer Pepsi, but I always figured, we put so much other shit in our body, why not some extra sugar?

    • Came across this vid yesterday & it’s totally spot on with today’s post….

      • LOVE the Video and I love KStew. I find her both real and refreshing. So many actresses, models, reality show stars set the bar SO high for young girls, i.e. perfect hair, body, clothes, etc. . . I LOVE that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what she has on when running her cat to the vet (I don’t either). WHY do I LOVE her, because I don’t want my daughter to base beauty and/or talent on outside appearances only. Kstew doesn’t provide the “fake,” I am on for the cameras and/or paps. I felt sorry for her when she mentioned all the negativity associated with her during her recent interview with Allure magazine. Rob doesn’t give a crap what he looks like when he goes out, but we still love him. . .

        • I agree with you completely! It’s so refreshing to have a role model for girls like Kstew….a girl completely true to herself! If people don’t like her, go pay attention to one of the millions of fake, overdressed, overstyled Hwood ‘celebrities’ out there. I loved Kristen for awhile – I always found her very authentic and interesting. I’m so happy she was cast as Bella…I can’t imagine anyone else pulling off the role.

      • Kristen fucking rocks. I have been a fan ever since I saw ‘Speak.’ I agree with Rob: “Kristen is the best actress of her generation.” He said it all. I love that she’s not cookie cutter. She’s gorgeous, but self assured enough to not take 3 hours to get ready to take a walk down the street. She could also be rubbing it in everyone’s face that she’s attached to Rob but she’s not. She is not a famewhore and not using any relationship with Rob to make herself more popular. Love the video.

        • Being mature, i think that Kristen Stewart is a great actress i mean it wouldnt kill her if she smiled a little more in twilight but maybe she is just a shy person… thing that i have noticed is that she is not like other celebreties she doesnt turn into a total bitch just cause she’s famous all of a sudden..she looks like a really down to earth girl and the fame hasnt gotten to her head:) either way even though some people say she wasnt right for the role of Bella the world will never come to an agreegment on the subject and i could not picture another actress playing Bella swan though i shall admit i am so jelous of Kristen………i mean what girl wouldnt be she gets to make out with Robert!!!! TEAM EDWARD

    • I agree with you :-).

  2. Fucking amazing.

  3. O M G….is that a peacepipe in Kstew face? hahahahahahahahahahahah

  4. you make an lnteresting and perfectly valid case…..darn it….i guess now i just HAVE to like her…..

    Calli.. ur powers of persuasion are remarkable…..any relation to Jasper perchance???

  5. When I first watched Twilight in July and become obsessed with Rob, I hated Kristen in the first place. I was watching every single video of Rob on Youtube and some of them were interviews of Rob and Kristen together. On all of these videos, it was so obvious that she was jealous of him and the attention he was getting. She was so bitter at every chance she could comment on Rob. I hated her being so aggressive with Rob. And poor Rob was already making fun of himself, didn’t even care or even had the opportunity to make more fun of himself. However, her behaviour started to change totally with May-June-July??? (It was hard to keep track of that order as everything was past already by the time I started to care..) Now, I can see she actually enjoys Rob and even became the girl version of him. Dressing, behaviour, life-style… Where did that pretty-feminine-dressed-high-heel aggressive girl trying to overlook Rob all the time disappear??? I don’t know… Actually, I don’t care. I like the last version much better… She seems to lose that agression, at least against Rob. What might have happened to lose that tension? I have an idea but you never know… 😛

    • Must say you are the first one to mention the fact that Kstew looked at Rob like he was just an ‘Effing thing’ and I second what you’ve said word for word.

      Calli has given me a laugh, the comparisons are so spot on! But I still don’t like Kstew not because her chosen outfits or down-playing attitude.

      What bothers me is that natural ‘real’ honest self is what I dislike. She seems just unhappy with everything around her, so unsatisfied, so needful – like she can suck life out of anyone trying to please her. She looks like someone who could drain all secrets from a friend without having to give a bit about herself. Not that she would be mean but she would use all your secrets to her advantage. Surprisingly enough most men would chose her kind of character for life partners – b’cause you can spend a life time trying to figure out who she really is – and that’s intriguing.

      If she was a girlfriend you’d serve and follow her lead even though you loath her – b’cause you think she is always sensible
      If she was a relation you’d probably love her for protecting your family virtue and carry the emblem with pride.

      And if you were married to her – you better not divorce her against her will – b’cause she’d have learnt you and kept a secret that would effing finish you. If Kstew is finished with you, you are EXTINCT!

      She’s got some intense circuit going on that one is either out or within it.
      And as for her relationship with Rob, she seems to have decided on the motto ‘If you can’t fight them join them’ I don’t even think she likes the Brit pack – Like I said she carries the emblem proudly and no Effing person would come between her and her ‘relations’ not even a Brit pack –

      Ahrgggg! END of RANT
      If all that I have watched and seen is the real Kristen, then am sorry but I still dislike her. She is not a light influence, she is an intensive influence ( don’t know whether that is good or bad)
      I loved her at the beginning until I watched all the interviews and seen some of her films, some of her photo shoots……….

  6. LOVE HER! and i love the fact that all the things said in the anti-kstew letter, Kstew already knows and doesnt give a fuck!
    And Calli’s letter was AMAZING – fave part
    “She won’t smile for you there. She will, however, try to kill you with her glare. one day it will work. i have faith. ” LOL

  7. Wow… Calli’s letter was a real eye opener… I never thought of Kstew as being slutty or a druggie type person, but just sometimes when you see pictures of her it makes you wonder.
    But NOW, comparing it to things that other celeb’s do, you can see Kstew is just TRYING to live her life while being in this crazy, twiaddict world full of girls with raging hormones, freaky (R)obsessed fans and all kinds of foolishness.
    Snaps for KStew ****

    p.s. please, and I say this with all the respect in the world cause you brought Bella to life, just work on the stuttering…

    • were/are you in a sorority… bc i was in a sorority and we always used to say “snaps to you” and i freakin love the phrase but rarely get to use it…. hehe.

      she really is just a person who happens to actt who doesn’t want to play into all the famewhoreing and is just trying to live her life.

  8. Thank you for this:

    “Honey, we’re in America and in case you didn’t get around to noticing – the drinking age here is 21. ”


    It is complete BS that kids think they can drink just because they are famous. It is also BS that kids who are not famous think they can drink before reaching this hallowed age.

    If there is one thing that annoys the eff out of me, it is underage drinkers who come into the law office and then act all stupid about why they got a DUI.

    Please don’t drive drunk you effing alcoholics. I am on the road w/ my child in the car. Stay home and slobber on the people there or get a DD (not Dear Daughter but Designated Driver).

    And that is my 9:07 rant. Sorry just hit a soft spot.

    Now do I like KStew or not? I don’t know. She is gorgeous when she washes her hair but she does look pissy ALL the time. At least throw a fake smile on your face every once in awhile like I have to when some idiot comes waltzing into my work.

    • ooh.. good point… i can’t have a bitch face when i work either.
      I do.. but i’m not allowed

      i am also not allowed to run a blog full-time when I’m at work.. but that doesn’t stop me either

      • It takes real acting skill to be nice to a client when they start yelling “bloody (*insert disgusting body part name here*)” at you on the phone. I have little to no known acting skills and that is exactly why the boss came and took the phone away from me yesterday. 😀

        Maybe that is why KStew never smiles.

        No acting skills.

        Don’t burn me at the stake, I am kidding (sort of).

        Oh and I am not allowed to look up any Twilight crap at work but damn internet explorer keeps outing me with that new favorites crap.

    • The underage drinking thing bugged me as well. Not so much because she’s drinking underage – that’s a part of our culture that I’m guilty of as well – but because she’s a role model to young girls. I don’t care if she didn’t explicitly ASK to be a role model, but in agreeing to be a part of this franchise, it’s more or less implied and a burden that she needs to accept. Especially considering the rabid fanaticism typical of fans of the franchise.

      Far worse than the drinking thing is the weed. There are little girls everywhere that look up to you, and you’re just going to sit out on a porch and smoke weed in public? That’s not legal at any age, so that’s never appropriate. I’m not trying to sound like some prudish “ZOMG DRUGS ARE BAD KIDDIES!” tightwad, but if I were a mother, I wouldn’t want my daughter looking up to “Bella” pounding brews and smoking j’s.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done my fair share of unsavory things. I’m by no means a total angel. But I’m also not a public figure and no ones role model. I don’t have people trying to take pictures of me to sell to the world. That pic of me drinking Parrot Bay out of the bottle when I was just 19 isn’t going to have any affect on anyone other than making me feel total embarrassment for my own stupid self.

      • Well, I was looking up to you, but now that I know you drink rum…

        In all serious-ness though, I’ve always felt that if we had better public transportation and if people learned to drink at an earlier age in a sheltered environment (that is, the home), and if the driving age was older than the drinking age, we’d have waaaaay fewer accidents. And one of the only logical reasons the drinking age is 21 is because the chance of an accident due to being under the influence drops significantly at 21. Part of the 21 year old law also isn’t to stop people from drinking when they’re 18-20, but to try and stop kids who are 13-17 from having easier access to alcohol (due to lack of 21-year-old friends as opposed to 18, or 19, year old friends).

        What’s missing is responsibility. It’s an all over cultural issue in the US.

        I love the Heineken commercial where they’re singin’ “And you say he’s just friend” while riding home in the cab. It says, you can be drunk and have fun, but be responsible. And more importantly it says that being responsible makes you cool…”Give yourself a good name.” I think it’s a brilliant commercial. Do I drink Heineken? Only when nothing else I like is available. But that doesn’t undermine its message.

    • Just an FYI, drinking age in Vancouver Canada is 19. Kristen is legal drinking age over there.

    • but then again you have to think that many of the photos are taken by the paparazzi and you don’t always feel like smiling when they’re on your back often…or? :S
      and she does smile at premieres and on set and stuff but hey the pap. can be pretty agressive…..

      p.s everyone doesn’t follow the law to an exact and people think that just because they are celebrities and does stuff they’re maybe not supposed to do they can get away with it…it’s not true (youth today do stupid things ALLL the time! and if the young celebs does something it gets blown up…and that happens everyday for those who are not celebs, it just happens that it does not go in the newpapaer…) ….and shes not stupid enough to drink and drive she’s even said that herself…and i do agree with you that it’s not smart to drink underage…

    • What like people under 21 dont drink?
      people do!
      i hate her anyway but not for that reason!

  9. When I first got hooked on Twilight, I’ll admit that I openly despised her. I bashed her every chance I got and loved making fun of her stuttering and lip-biting. Then, one day I finally accepted that perhaps I was just jealous of her. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t wish they had Rob to themselves?
    I think KStew deserves a bit of love. In a world of fake Hollywood starlets, she makes no apologies for who she is and what she does. And she can rock the minidress like no one else! If I’m honest, I wish I could be more like her.
    Minus the stuttering and dirty mullet, of course.

    • i want her legs. bad

      i mean wrapped around me..

      • I totally have her legs…and I wear jeans to cover them up!

        • Me too! I kept wondering why her legs bugged me so bad, and I realized that mine look exactly like them. Which is why I don’t own shorts, and always wear jeans. And tights. Etc.

          • Haha. I think she has hot legs…esp. in that makeout scene when Robward throws himself back against the wall and she’s all “I wish I could say the same.” HOT.

            Anyway, I always wear jeans, not sure why, except when I dress all sultry on martini nights out with my SO.

            Obviously you have hot legs too, since they’re exactly like KStew’s. 🙂 You should rock the minidress every once in a while. It’s best if you cover ’em up and then BAM expose ’em. No one will realize how hot they are and then you just make them all sweat when they see you…

  10. HAHA! Hilarious!! I decided a while ago that I really only hate KStew because I wish I were able to get paid to make out with Rob and “run lines” in his hotel room after hours….I guess because I don’t get it. I mean, I shower, so that’s something – right?! But hey, she is who she is and you can’t blame her for that….

    • I read this and thought you said “Do lines” and I was all, “What? Didn’t we establish she doesn’t do cocaine?”

      • I thought the same thing but I didn’t want to say it as I wasn’t sure that cocaine was the proper drug to associate with “doing lines.”

        • Oh, you should watch Boogie Nights then. The camera work is UNBELIEVABLE. (And they do cocaine throughout the whole movie, which is why I said this.) I mean, you should watch it, but you can’t because you have a 4-year-old. It’s a movie based on the 1970s porn industry and how video tape became its demise from attempts at “art” to the disgusting smut we have today. So, yeah, you’re kid is too young and too old for you to ever watch it. Full frontal nudity, lots of language etc.

          But, the camera work is phenomenal!

          • So I can’t watch it because of the child?

            Sad face.

            She doesn’t watch every movie that I do. She may have watched Twilight but I drew the line at True Blood. Vampires getting their freak on is a bit much.

            Maybe I will watch it. Doubt it as I am not concerned with camera work in movies or the history of pornography or cocaine. But I might just to prove you wrong! 😉

            It does sound interesting.

          • I mean, you do what you gotta do. Mark Wahlberg (sp?) is in it. He’s like 23 in the filming playing a 17 year old. HOT. He’s supposed to have a 13″ dick, but you don’t ever see his penis until his face is out of the shot…

          • Well. Okay.

            That just sealed the deal.

            Nothing as hott as seeing a phallus on the tv.

            Maybe I am just lamesauce which I probably am. But I am okay with it.

            It’s all part of the charm. 😉

          • Fang, you’re awesome.

  11. “Hell no. She brings her pets to the vet so they don’t die.”

    i loved that…i also loved that you specified joe jonas as a “vagina” virgin because well, you know. And pointing out the fact that nothing remains unconsummated with KStew…you should guest write for kstew wants it.

    Love kstew, in fact had a kstew moment yesterday while driving around with hair unwashed in my sister’s mini (in plaid no less)…maybe i could dupe rpattz into thinking i was her with some hot pockets.

    Oh and isn’t tge drinking age 19 in vancouver?

    • we got that letter this summer… when she was still doing runaways… so i think that’s what january morning meant.

      however, yes i think everywhere but the US the drinking age is a more normal age (3 yrs old in Britain?)

      • Good lord!

      • You are not kidding about the three year old thing… Went drinking with some brits this week, i got cirrhosis just watching them. Fun, but i don’t think rob would be hot jaundiced. Maybe, but probably not.

      • Haha! 3 years old! Nah, it’s 16 if you’re out with your parents and 18 if you’re not.

        But, it’s really a parental discretion thing. If you’re in a restaurant and look like you could maybe be 15 and you’re w/ your rents, you can drink. As long as you drink responsibly. Despite how founded in republican (the original republican, vs. federalist, not the current form of republican) values we are, the parental figures seem to not take enough responsibility for their children here in the US. Such a shame. Not saying everyone, but many people.

  12. I have to say Calli I think you actually changed my mind about KStew! I never really liked her cause I really don’t like people with attitudes, but after putting her against all those Hollywood fame whores I think i’m jumping on the KStew train!

    Nicely done, nicely done! 🙂

  13. Sorry to all Kstew fans – don’t attribute what I wrote to jealousy, its just my view of things, she must have some love within her am sure – just wonder where its channelled.
    and Calli great observation

  14. Yeah.. Pretty much everything about Calli’s letter is true.. BUT..
    I still get that “I’m too cool for school” vibe from KStew that annoys the shit out of me. Especially when I read somewhere that she dared to declare that she doesn’t go to school because she has issues with authorities. Well.. no shit Sherlock. It made me want to track her down and tell her to sit her ass down. That right there was the most ridiculous thing that could come out of her mouth and it reminded me that she is indeed a 18-19 yr old girl even though she’s trying to act all wise and shit. I’m not saying she’s not a smart girl but a statement like that in public is just ignorant. Although I’m sure she’s well read and everything, that what she said in that sentence is interpreted to me like: I don’t think those teachers are worth my time and can teach me something. Maybe it’s just me ’cause I try to surround myself with people smarter than me ’cause that’s what my mama used to tell me growing up. She told me to always associate with people who know more than me so I learn things on a daily basis. And that’s why I always respected my teachers because even though some of them sucked, they always had at least one piece of information for me that I didn’t know.
    So it’s not that I hate her.. But she doesn’t exactly have my undying respect either.

    • I also get the feeling sometimes that she says things in interviews because she’s trying to sound “deep.” I try to chalk it up to the fact that she’s just a teenager wanting to sound older and wiser than her age and life experience likely can allow.
      But, it definitely irritates me… it’s probably why I don’t read/watch interviews with her anymore.

      • I agree. Even though life experience is the best thing to learn from, school is not just about learning facts. It’s the social education that is a big part of it. It’s where you get to perfect your social skills. So it’s not a surprise that she lacks them. And she’s way too young to know that so a statement like that from her was really effing unnecessary.

        • Definitely. I’m what I like to call “over-educated,” but I’ve learned a lot of social skills from my years of schooling (useful, since the world just is one big high school). Of course, I’m a big fan of questioning authority as well, but you have to go about it intelligently and in an appropriate way, or else you end up just looking like a fool or an asshole or an ungrateful, over-privileged actress. 😉

        • How can she develop social education when she’s going to school/tutoring on set? I mean, I think we should cut her some slack there. Being a actor at her age is a hard line to walk. She’s been working since she was pretty young, and acting work can be really grueling, even with child labor law enforced breaks. She wants to be taken seriously, despite starring in a teenage romance about vampires (saying this from the Conan O’Brien, non-twilight point-of-view), but it’s hard to do that and cash in on what might be fleeting fame by doing glamor shoots and interviews. Plus, she’s already making more money than most of us will make in a lifetime and she has to make adult decisions every day. I think it’s natural for her to feel like she’s more mature than she might actually be.

          I’m not saying it’s cool for her to have made that statement, it totally wasn’t, but what was the context of the statement anyway?

    • Is she well read? what is she well read in?

  15. Great pics. She looks like crap without make up. I feel sorry for the guy who wakes up next to her. my wife looks great with or without make up. She is scarey without it. Great banana pic.

  16. I didn’t think I could love you guys more! I’m a Kstew lover but the “hate” letter made me see where it comes from. But, I love how Calli pointed out how nobody in HW is perfect and really K is just herself at the end of the day. I think that is why I love her b/c the whole world would like her to at least try to pretend to be perfect but she really is just an experimental 19 yo that gets chased with cameras and is linked with The Rob. She’s more interesting to me b/c she doesn’t fit the mold, she fricking breaks it.

  17. I have major issues with Kristen. I actually do like her. I don’t like everything she’s done but who am I to judge her.

    • Shoot, that was some massive typo. I meant to say “I have NO major issues with Kristen.”

      Okay, whew, glad I came back here to check! 🙂

  18. i love ltt bt uc n moon..u finally gave us k-stew fans somethin positive.i admit i was not her biggest fan before but after into the wild,she was high on my radar.sure the girl aint sunshine and sprinkles all the time but ya gotta love her 4 that.she seems like an honest person and i’d prefer her stutters to miley c’s gabble.i like that she dresses so normal n not sprint in stilettoes all the time, so she likes the weed abit,n drinks…its the same thing any other teenager does during those years.i mean college girls r drinking more alcohol before the sun actually sets.n thank G.O.D that she is not a press ho like lindsay lohan.she may not be the most gifted of actors but at least she chooses projects that r cringe worthy,she’s either smart enough to realize that or she has a good agent.

  19. If you start being too nice to Kristen, you will destroy my world view. I don’t come here for warm fuzzies, I come here for snarky commentary. It’s not your fault Kristen gives you so much material. It’s like being roasted; it’s an honor. Kristen would get that, because she’s a badass bitch and we love her for it.

  20. I like Kristen. And I like that she doesn’t play the game, but I would be lying if that girl didn’t make me green with envy sometimes. She makes major dollars, gets to travel, wear fabulous clothes, drinks real coke, and hangs with other beautiful people (::cough, cough:: Rob). She could totally be some other crazy and generic teen starlet in Hollywood, but she isn’t. She knows who she is and rocks it. I would love to sit down with her, have a few drinks and shoot the crap. Don’t worry I’d give her the drinks in my house and take her keys so she couldn’t drive.

    • Thank you. 🙂 & that is why you are my twitter friend (at least, I think you are. I could be confusing you w/ someone else).


  21. I don’t really know if I like KStew or not. She certainly does seem to have a lot of redeeming qualities as a human being, as Calli’s letter points out. On the other hand, I’ve been known to take a swipe at her and will probably continue to do so, and if I’m perfectly honest, it’s really only because of this:

    The way she played Bella just wasn’t the Bella I had in my mind.

    At the end of the movie I wasn’t at all convinced that Bella was in love with Edward. Which isn’t entirely Kristen’s fault, she’s young, she’s probably never really been in love, but the way she interpreted Bella just butted heads too much with my version of Bella for me to be fully endeared to her.

    (I fake lesbian loved her in Into the Wild, though.)

    • Hope I’m doing this right… I was actually wondering if some of the blame for Bella’s sighing and stuttering should fall on MR and CH. We know that there was a lot of dialogue cut from the book, we know that Kristen was surprised by the few lines written for the hospital scene, and we know that CH loves to do “crazy cool” things. I’ve liked Kstew in almost everything else of hers I’ve seen (especially Speak), so I’ve decided to withhold judgement until New Moon. As far as the personal stuff, at 17-19 my conversation was probably punctuated by more sighs, eyerolls and foot stamps than I’d ever admit. I’m just lucky enough not to have a print record!

      • Yeah, I’ve also wondered how much of an influence CH had on the actors’ subsequent interpretations of some of the scenes. I’ve never made a movie, so I’m coming from a place of complete ignorance about how that all works. But, I do remember in interviews before Twilight came out that Catherine would take the actors’ opinions into consideration and Rob and Kristen both played with the lines a lot. I do try to remember that she’s just a teenager and doesn’t have a ton of life experience backing her acting (which seems like would help an actor), but still, she just wasn’t my Bella.

  22. I have always liked Kristen. She is far more interesting and infinitely less ridiculous/annoying than those dime-a-dozen Hollywood sluts.

    The only thing that kind of grates on me is her constantly trying so hard to maintain some sort of cool, counterculture/alternative image. The whole “God no, I NEVER knew anything about Twilight before auditioning because I only read books I find in the rare book room at the coolest used book store that all the rest of you un-cool losers would never know about” thing. The whole “I’m cooler than thou with my old school punk/ska band tees” thing.

    But I guess I have to remember that I was like that once. It’s youth. We all play that image game. I disagree that she doesn’t give a f*ck what people think of her. People her age care a great deal, and belabor their image, whether it’s a “I’m the sluttiest coke-whore Hollywood hottie out there!” image or a “I’m so much more alternative than the other multitude of alternative people out there” image.

    So I’ll stop being crotchety about it. I’ll take her carefully crafted alternative image over those other options. She reminds me of myself at that age, before the realities of adulthood and concerns outside of my “image” took over.

    • Yes! Hipsters and hipster wannabes and pseudo-intellectuals always care about their image. There’s no reason to think she’s not just as insecure as every other 19 year-old girl. She’ll grow out of it.

  23. I don´t care how she is in reality, in her free time and private life, I don´t mind how she dresses or how she talks or what she smokes and I have to admit one good thing she has is that she is not showing herself out there like more HW starlets; but I don´t like her because of her acting and mostly because she doesn´t even try it, she is herself over and over again in each role but when she speaks of her skills in interviews, it sounds like she really thinks she is the best; not too many actors are good in that Twilight saga either, but at least they try, sometimes they nail it and sometimes they don´t , but they try and they are humble; Kristen doesn´t try and is far from humble.

    Oh and just in case to make a point just because I think I could give my opinion; I don´t think it is a given that Rob and her are together, since they are far from confirming themselves and there are various recent interviews “denying” (which people like Gozde at Robsessed got slammed by it and accusing of being a hater for publishing one of those); I do think they are close and I hope some of the humbleness that Rob has would get to Kristen. Hehehee now I will go sit in the corner and wait for the slaps of people calling me in denial or that “I want Rob for my self” *rolls eyes*

    • I agree! I don’t know her in real life, so I can’t really say whether or not I like her. Sometimes she reminds of a type of person I generally don’t like, but that’s neither here nor there, and I try to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      However, I think as an actress she is at least open for us to evaluate her performances, and I just didn’t love her portrayal of Bella in Twilight. I didn’t really love any of the main character portrayals in Twilight. Well, except Billy Burke’s… sigh…

      Wait, what was I talking about again?

      • I agree, we don´t know her personally, so I wan´t judge her what she does or doesn´t, but I think I can give my opinion in what I do see, those are her performances and her comments on interviews.
        And I agree also on the acting in the movie, with most of the leads, there were parts they nailed the characters, some they didn´t, but I could see an effort. And yes, Billy Burk so nailed is role as Charly Swan.
        I will have to wait to judge acting in NM, but so far with the trailer I was cringing with Kristen and Ashley delivery of lines; the rest seems to have uploaded a step on their skills, but who knows.

  24. Look everyone! We can discuss a divisive topic like ADULTS and not like TammyO! Wow.. I’m so proud.

    For me: I have never liked Kristen.. before Twilight even… I just didn’t care because.. well, how did Kristin Stewart effect my life? Now… I run a Twilight blog.. and so she effects my “Life” (wow that’s sad)

    Calli’s my bff at work.. and by “bff at work” I mean we work on the same road, 4 miles apart. BUt I like her more than I like anyone at work, so that counts. So we talk about this lots. And Calli LOVES Kristen and has some great points about Kristen. Obviously it’s awesome and amazing she’s not like all 13.5 girls she mentioned above. But should we just celebrate someone because she’s NOT a slutty whore who shows her vajay-jay when she gets in cabs & leaks a sex tape every other week? Shouldn’t we have higher standards?

    Kristen is different than those girls mentioned. plus she’s hot as crap when she’s not in a mullet & showered. but she’s not the only young hollywood starlet like that.

    Twilight put Kristen into the mainstream spotlight- before she was just an actress on the indie scene. When you compare her to the other mainstream actresses her age (like above) she’s the shining star. But looking at other young indie actresses ? They’re not slutting it out (some aren’t) and showing off their ass cheeks either. And many of them come off as more likeable to more people than Kristen does.

    I can’t think of a SINGLE one right now.. seriously….. but that’s mostly b/c I have The Notebook out in front of me because I saw Ryan Gosling’s band last night and need to see him in a movie right now.

    but when i think of them.. i’ll let you know 🙂

    • They’re a little older, but Jena Malone and Zooey Deschanel I think fit that bill, and Ellen Page definitely as well.

      But, I can’t think of any more either, because I’m seething with jealousy that you were in the proximity of Ryan Gosling.

    • Ellen Page.

    • “But should we just celebrate someone because she’s NOT a slutty whore who shows her vajay-jay when she gets in cabs & leaks a sex tape every other week? Shouldn’t we have higher standards?”


      &&&&& that is why I read this blog. Honesty.

    • Quite honestly, anyone with half-way decent looks to start with would look gorgeous if they were made up (and retouched-all magazines do it) to be in a major magazine photo shoot. So that doesn’t impress me.To me she’s very hard looking- at her best she looks like a twelve-year-old boy.

      And the stuttering and blinking routine makes me crazy.

  25. “p.p.s I do not apologize for miley bashing. i may bop my head to that song of hers, but i do it with a grimace on my face.”

    haha, sorry but this is my favorite line from Calli’s letter!
    its like she knows my soul!

  26. haha. It’s true. UC is also my most favorite coworker. Which is interesting… because… like she said, we don’t actually work together. Sometimes i want to suggest that maybe we just start wrking from ur satellite office aka panera/starbucks/jul’s on a regular basis… but am not quite sure how that would pan out in productivity. Seriously though, could you imagine if we actually DID work in the same office? We’d be on the streets. true story.

    totally get what you are saying in terms of her being an “indie” actress in the spotlight and how the the other indie’s aren’t as dislikable. Other “indie” actresses or actresses who were once as indie as Kristen – such as Ellen Page, Rachel Evan Woods, Kat Dennings, etc – have all gotten their fair share of slack. They’ve also all managed to remain relatively out of the paparazzi eye (except for REW who’s stint with Manson garnered her a sig. amt. of attention) For the most part though, the attention on them was fleeting, quickly forgotten. If these other indie actresses were under the microscopic lens that Stewart finds herself under nowadays – having been under it for over a year and knowing that the end of that scrutiny isn’t really going anywhere – i can’t imagine that they might not react in a similar way.

    I think at the end of the day, her biggest struggle is trying to cope with having to deal with the fame side of her career. Because for so long, she didn’t have to deal with that and i don’t think the possibility of becoming a pap target to the extent that she has become ever crossed her mind.

    i also don’t really think she’s trying to act a certain way to be a hipster/”i don’t care what you think” kinda person. I think she’s a direct product of her environment – i mean, hello have you seen the Stewarts? They aren’t your “normal” family. She isn’t some teenaged girl rebelling against mom’s need to have her wear grandmother’s pearls by not washing her hair.

    oh and UC lovie, romour has it that Kat Dennings and The Gos have a thing going on between them… don’t be sadface. haha.

  27. I like KStew, I’ve always liked her – I like her for all the reasons Calli pointed out above, and I like her because despite the incessive blinking and stuttering, I think she’s dedicated to her craft above everything else.

    On a side note – I’ve just dyed my hair, I was blonde and I got a dye that was LIGHT BROWN, but obviously when they put LIGHT BROWN on the packaging what they meant was DARK BROWN. So I’ve gone from sunkissed blonde to darkest brunette in the space of an hour. BUT do you know why this is OK and I’m not freaking out? Because EDWARD PREFERS BRUNNETTES!

    OK…. maybe I’m freaking out just a tiny bit…

    • That is exactly why I go and drop $100 to get my hair did. I once wanted a subtle shade of dark red and ended up looking like… Well I don’t know what it looked like but it sure wasn’t pretty.

  28. I seriously can’t decide if I love or hate KStew! I’m so effing jealous that she gets to hit THAT, and I ain’t talking about the bong! I admire her kutzpa, but yeah, why the bitchface all the time? GIRLFRIEND IS HITTING IT WITH HHH! Who in their right mind WOULDNT be smiling? You damned sure wouldn’t be able to slap the sh!t eating grin off MY face if it were me! So yeah, can’t make up my mind!

    • Maybe Robby sucks in the sack. He doesn’t exactly seem intuitive.

      I chant this like a mantra if I catch myself staring at his face for too long..I’ll believe one day.

      • LOL! Well – I swear just looking at his gorgeous face up close and personal would SO do it for me (hell – I’m half way there already with the posters!) that he could totally suck in the sack and I probably, no, make that DEFINATELY wouldn’t even care! He can just look at me, smile, say “litrally”, sing, breathe, um, yeah – wouldn’t take a whole lot!

  29. Good lord, I can’t stop commenting today. I actually have free time and my football game I’m watching is making me nervous so I’m distracting myself with LTT.

    We should have higher standards and someone shouldn’t be celebrated b/c they don’t whore it up, but unfortunately in H-wood, it is kind of a big deal. The majority of young female stars do not behave appropriately, at least in my standards, so when you find some young starlets who behave differently, they at least deserve to be noticed for that. KStew isn’t the only actress and certainly won’t be the last. The only thing that should be “celebrated” IMHO is the reason we are all here, our love for this little saga
    and what it means to each of us.

    Sorry, I’m a total dweeb and way too serious today.

    • Are you wearing Tweed?

      And definitely let us celebrate the “little saga.”

      What other blogs (other than this one) do I look at daily? None. Well except for Bobbygee’s now because he e-mails to remind me. 😉

      What made me get a stupid Twitter account that I now actually look at? This blog.

      I honestly don’t think I would be worried about this Twi-mania if it wasn’t for this blog. I never look up Twi or Rob videos or pics unless they are mentioned here.

      Of course, I would go see New Moon in November but I would wait a couple of weeks. Now I am willing to go to the first showing Friday afternoon and am taking nine (9!) people with me.

      Thank you, LTT/LTR for this now unhealthy obsession of mine and my new bloggy/twitter friends.

  30. Calli makes some excellent points. I will give KStew props for not being a Lindsay Lohan. But… I still don’t care for her. I don’t really dislike her either. But I can’t bring myself to really LIKE her.

    I think it’s the fact that she has so much going for her – so much that people would literally KILL for – but she just constantly seems like a miserable twat about the whole thing. Oh I’m soo sorry that you’re young, and successful, and wealthy, and making out with hot guys, and doing something that you’ve always wanted your whole life. Do you know how few people get to live their dreams? I’m not doing any of that, but I’m still happy with me and with my life at this point. If I had all of that? I’d be uncontrollably giddy at all points. Sure, the paparazzi sucks… but it’s part of the package. Plenty of celebs have found ways to deal with them and not let them completely ruin their lives.

    I don’t know. I don’t know if anything will ever really win me over when it comes to KStew. But Calli’s letter was ridiculously funny. So I’ll consider myself a fan of Calli and just call it a day.

    • AMEN!!!! to that

    • I agree, I’m very…eh. She had her super high point for me right before Twilight came out and she told an interview how damn NICE all the fans were when they approached her and it didn’t bother her at all. I was able to ride that out until Comic Con this year…when she all bouncy and sneery and answered all of his questiong with an “I don’t care.” I think she just needs to take Interview Lessons from Taylor and she’ll be good to go.

  31. I wouldn’t go as far as saying i love KStew (I don’t know her personally) but from what I can see, I “get” her. I think she is serous about her job and the last thing she wants – and she makes this very clear – is to become some sugar-coated, slutty starlet that Hollywood is infested with these days. I completely respect that. She seems halfway intelligent (I at least feel like I could have a halfway decent conversation with her about literature and postmodern art…maybe…imagine trying to discuss that with the Hills girls…um, no.) So she has a certain amount of respectability. The fact that she takes her job seriously – even for a movie that has, quite frankly (sorry) begun to be known to the general public as the teen and yummy mummy phenomenon of the late 2000’s – it’s nice that she’s resisted (quite plainly) the urge to exploit her role at the center of that. I also totally respect her very professional wish to keep her personal life personal. (And face it… it’s more fun to speculate about Robsten than it would be if we just outright knew every sordid detail of their life.) FInally, doing a fairly tame recreational drug in public once a year ago is certainly forgivable and does not make her a despicable person in my mind… when’s the last time you heard her drinking her brains out and driving drunk down the highway like our friend Paris? Never, and that’s far worse I think. Now, all of this doesn’t mean that she couldn’t put a little more effort into acting a bit more pleasant… but we all have a crappy day and I have a feeling the times she’s flipped off the paps or scowled with chagrin at the camera have probably been very few compared to the times she’s just quietly tried to ignore the obnoxious paps. Overall… I think she’s handling her fame admirably and I respect the reasonably professional way she seems to treat her crazy life and career.

  32. I’m not a KS lover or a hater either. And I would trade several years off my life for her Twilight hair…..I’ve said it before, and I still think that rather than the drama of the running, hiding and complaining about phototgraphers following her all the time, she should stop and give them a few beautiful smiles, and then carry on. I think it would make them bug her less, and make her look more grateful for the huge gift that being in Twilight has given her. A million brunettes with actual brown eyes that would give anything to be in her place, it would be nice to see her enjoy it.

    Then again, at 19, I may have flipped off the cameras and meant it, too. Who am I to say? I’ve never walked a mile in her converse.

  33. wow. Favorite. Post. Ever!

    That was fucking epic. Gotta love KStew!

  34. well, that’s sorta funny

  35. Word Calli word!! I am definitely a proud Kristen Stewart card holder fan.

    First of all, Ive been a fan of her acting forever. Her work in Speak, The Cake Eaters, and Into the Wild were amazing. Its not hard to understand why the critics love her and why so many big-time respected actors and directors praise her and want to work wit her.

    Second of all, she is who she is and doesn’t feel like she has to change just so people will like her more. Good for her! Why should she change the way she dresses, the way she styles her hair because the public want her all polished and pretty. Heck, Rob walks around with dirty hair, dirty clothes, and mismatched all the time yet he doesnt get any slack. Double standard!

    And honestly, who are we to judge how she is dealing the insane insane paparrazi attention she is getting. Your right, she is not the first celebrity to get the attention, but she is also not the first one to openly detest it. There are tons of celebrities who have reacted worse (aka violently) . And just because she’s an actress she should put on a smile when people paparazzi corner her in parking lots, bombard her with questions in public if shes fu@Xing Rob, follow her into elevators….Um no! Read her interviews, she is grateful for Twilight,and what its given her, shes mentioned it a lot. But she refuses to smile and be happy and be grateful for the invasion of her privacy when loads of paparrazi are stalking her every move (BTW, Rob makes the same comments about hating the paparazzi and how because of them he cant stay anywhere more than 15 minutes-so why do people jump all over Kristen and not him).

    And UC, I cant think of any other indie actress, that has had to put up with half of them tabloid/paparazzi stalking that Kristen has. The mainstream Hollywood starlets yes, but actresses like Ellen Page and Zoey D, never have. I wouldnt be surprised if someone like Ellen Page (who I also love) would react very similarly to Kristen if put under the same situation.

    Keep doing you Kristen! You have your haters, sure, but you have just as many people who are hardcore fans!

  36. I agree with Calli here! I like KStew. I’d seen her in several movies pre-Twilight and thought she was a good actress. And I really like her as Bella. Personally, yeah she’s a little rough around the edges. But I like that she’s more “real” than most actresses her age.

    But I also agree with one point in the first letter…her approval rating would go up she weren’t tapping the vamp-boy we all wish we were tapping!

  37. I laughed at myself when reading this because I realized that I couldn’t remember Oregano’s real last name anymore after referring to him as Oregano for so long. Sad. For him.

  38. “i wear oversized sunglasses and designer items i probably can’t actually afford”

    I love you for admitting being a (part-time) designer whore. Yay to credit cards, the best invention since money!

    P.S. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure buys nice clothes.

  39. “I get her. I appreciate her. And, I honestly think she is exactly what this franchise needed. Her presence helped to make Twilight not just some other teen movie. If she had been some play by the books, smile and nod, sugar coated Hollywood tween princess, the Twilight train wouldn’t be trucking like it is in so many different demographic brackets.”
    This is pretty much how I feel about Kristen. She is gorgeous, that’s for sure. She is genuine. And while I may not fully appreciate her acting skills in Twilight, I certainly can’t picture anyone else as Bella.

    • I agree. The Bella of the books doesn’t look a thing like KStew to me, but movie Bella is totally KStew. Plus I think that she nailed that soft yet slender look perfectly.

  40. That Lindsay Lohan picture reminds me of 96% of the photos that people in my sorority took in college (and occasionally now) and put on facebook. I always did the duck pout when drunk, and sometimes sober, just so you wouldn’t know. And there ismight be a pic of me smoking a hookah, but I don’t do any drugs (besides alcohol and caffeine..and that 3 month stint of cigs when Billy Burke made it look so cool), so you won’t find me lighting up a pipe (I tried it once, failed, and burnt my finger. I handed it back to the owner and said, “No thanks, I’m just gonna go home.” True story!).
    Do you think people put pics on facebook because they wish they were famous enough to have the paparazzi follow them around?

  41. Man, I’m in a mood today. I’m blaming it on sinus pressure headache. And on the fact that I just don’t like KStew’s acting. And no offense to Hollywood and all that, but I just don’t give a crap about who you are as a real person unless you’re using your fame/unnecessarily high salary to do something positive in the world. For instance, if KStew put like 5% of her moola towards helping kids with speech impediments, I’d be way more into her. But I can’t judge her on her, just on her acting. Because really, none of us actually know who she is in RL.
    Argh. Signing off. I miss Cyndi. Hi Cyndi! 😥

  42. As an actress, I liked Kristen in Speak and Into the wild. In Twilight, not so much and it’s not even because of the stuttering. I just don’t see her as Bella.

    As a celeb, she gets on my nerves most of the time. It’s true she isn’t like all the Paris/Lindsay/Britney.. but as many have said before, she could show she enjoys what she’s doing sometimes. I’m not asking her to become a happy, smiling person ’cause it would be weird. Once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt that’s all.

    About her being Rob’s eff buddy, I’m a struggling member of “I don’t give a crapsten’ (a former Nonrobstener you understand..) but it’s the same problem. Why can’t she be f*cking glowing? I know I would..
    As Calli said it “she is tapping one of the most tappable asses in all of Hollywood right now. ”
    Well, show it!

  43. Not gonna lie. That last letter actually made me respect KStew a litte bit. I didn’t know it was possible. Snaps to you, Calli!

  44. Also, did anyone highlight the letter and notice the hidden message beside the Lohan pic? Smooooth. lol.

  45. love her -she’s got guts

  46. I think we are overlooking the one important point that requires at least respecting the KStew:

    Rob certainly likes her. And if I can all of a sudden find the plaid flannels my husband wears to work outside in cold weather EXTREMELY hot when I have heretofore always hated them, then I can definitely appreciate that KStew has to be doing something right to garner his affection, if not infatuation. Lest we forget, he auditioned BECAUSE OF HER.

    That is all.

    • Hrmmm people forget the rest of the sentence where CH explains that Rob auditioned because of the money; true story is that he say no to it months before, CH convinced his manager to bring him in (CH even spoke to him on the phone trying to convince him), and his agent told Rob to come to LA, because he had several auditions: True Blood, Twilight and who knows what other stuff. Latter in interviews he said that he got interested to do Twilight because he liked how it all went there, and he liked Kristen in “Into the wild” and other CH works; fans remember only his line “I wanted to do it because Kristen was in it…” forgetting the rest of his comments and make it sound as if he went to that audition because he was a fan of Kristen… well… yeah …. yeah.. I bet he had his poster on one of the walls of his flat in London. ;P

      • If only he had been cast in True Blood, then I may have something to look forward to on a weekly basis rather than a 2 hour movie a year with a girl I can’t like because she gets to have him and I am all alone staring mournfully at there pictures at the grocery store while they deny they are totally fucking on a regular basis and yes I am very J right now but at least I admit it. Wow, sorry about that guys, I had to get that all out there. I think Twilight is ruining my grasp on reality!

    • “Rob certainly likes her”

      I think that’s what freaks some people out. It makes some question their devotion to Rob. There is that nagging thought in the back of their minds that if Rob likes THAT than something must be wrong with him.

      • Yeah, that’s always puzzled me too. I get that Rob might be a bit of a “method actor” and he’s been on video explaining that his focus was all “this girl, this girl” for months on end during Twilight and that it took two months to come down off that afterwards.

        Yet it’s clear he must like the real Kristen or he wouldn’t spend social time with her – look how happy he was with her at the KOL concert – the one where they may or may not have kissed.

        Although I do not know either of them, looking at vids of them, they seem fundamentally unsuited to each other. He is quietly spoken and shy with a streak of the extrovert and a witty sense of humour. She seems brash, impatient, humourless and with little to say for herself. I don’t think those particular opposites would attract well in real life. And in the vid of them in the elevator in Vancouver recently, frankly Rob seemed totally pussy-whipped by Kristen. It made him seem like a total wimp.

        So yeah, if he’s really with her – and it survives the “this girl, this girl” obsession needed to get through Eclipse & Breaking Dawn – then I too would wonder what the Hell is wrong with his head – she does clean up well and is very fanciable, with beautiful eyes, in the Vanity Fair pix but that’s not enough for a real, lasting relationship.

        Neverleless, the whole chemistry thing is keeping the Twilight saga in the news, which is probably just what the Studio wants.

        And if Kristen really hated the publicitiy, the paps and being followed around by fans, there is a really easy answer – stop hanging around with Rob, Kristen. I think you’ll find peace and quiet that way since the fans and paps appear primarily to be interested in HIM, not you.

        • thats exactly what i thought Emma C, u hit the points sure enough. hello guys this is my first comment. i usually only lurk LTR but i adore UC and Moon’s job so i thought it would be fun as well. i’m sorry for my english, it is not my first language so forgive me if i do some mistakes

          first, i like Calli’s opinion. But why did u bring Camilla Belle here, Calli? I love her, hehe. But i know u just gave us some insights. In the other hand, i don’t like the comparisons between celebrities. I mean, they’re what they’re, slutty or not, it’s our choice to like or not.

          second, do i hate or love Stewie? Well, i know i respect her but i don’t like her with Rob. Why? Actually, i’ve never read or seen her interviews or stories or whatever. I know her only because of ROB. So, this is the first time i share thought: Kristen Stewart, forgive me but i have to say, i know ure young, and smart, and strong and non-typical hollywood star and beautiful and other compliments which im sure there are valid reasons why people say so. BUT, every time i see ur photo with ure (ex) boyfriend smoking pot (in front of ur house), im like NOOOO WAYYYY !!!!!!!!!
          I couldn’t imagine if it was Rob’s face instead of Arangano’s face, i would die immediately!

  47. One more thing. Kristen has good taste in men. She told Catherine “it has to be Rob”. She could have instead insisted upon some cheesedick with chiseled abs and waxed chest, but chose Rob in all his adorkableness. For that, I am so grateful to her. She knows how to pick an Edward (ie, not the smarmy guy who stares at his pecks in the mirror all day). And in an interview, she revealed that she is attracted to “nerdy” guys. Gotta love her for that. (Of course, I’m talking about SEXY nerds….)

    Apologize if someone else has already pointed this out–didn’t read all the comments.

  48. First time poster, longtime lurker here. I am involved in another site (a Robsten one ::ducks flying tomatoes::), so I probably won’t be a regular commenter here, but I did want to reply to something January Morning said in her “Hate” letter:

    “Judging by the recent picture I saw of you, I’d say you’re about a 2 days from anorexic, or maybe 3.”

    I’m not sure what picture you’re referring to, but I think Kristen has just always been on the thin side. This was obvious from “Speak,” when she was only 13. But you know how some actresses are a “thin-spiration” for girls? (Those wacky Olsen twins come to mind.) Well, being the super-obsessive gal that I am, I’ve done massive Googling on “Kristen Stewart + anorexia,” and it doesn’t appear to be a popular topic. Indeed, Mary Kate and/or Ashley, apparently, she is not.

    So why am I getting all riled up about this? Okay, I’m usually wary of putting too much of myself on the Interwebs, but here goes: because of Ms. Stewart, I now have an eating disorder (yeah, yeah, yeah, plus family stuff, but she was the catalyst). I’ll make headway into not letting her affect me (regarding Calli’s love note—“Kristen Stewart eats like a normal person. Even worse, she eats crap and drinks coke. But not just any coke, girlfriend drinks REGULAR effing COKE.”—thank you.) But then I’ll go and read something about how she looks anorexic, and it’ll just send me back to square one.

    You’re probably going to say, “Hun, just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” But I just wanted to put all that out there. I think this site is wicked hilarious, and I swear no one could have a more aberrant sense of humor than me. And with that, imma let you finish.

    • I’m very impressed by your honesty, and I really hope that you are able to get your ED under control…a best friend of mine almost died of anorexia when I was in HS….my heart hurts to hear you say that someone else affects you that way, no matter who it is. Not knowing your situation, I have no words, just try and remember to look inward, not outward for your self view. It it the one that matters.

      • Hey, thanks. I had no idea what kind of reaction I was going to get, but I really felt compelled to respond to January Morning’s letter. Your words make a lot of sense. I appreciate it.

    • Wow. Honesty at its best.

      I have no experience w/ eating disorders. But I hope you figure out some solution.

      I do love your user name. Nothing makes me smile (except for GQ Rob, perhaps) like the mention of a librarian. 😀

      • Thank you. As I said above, I had no idea how people were going to react, so I really appreciate your positive and encouraging response. And I really am a librarian, so I’m glad I made you smile 🙂

  49. i love KStew. I don’t care what other people think of her, for some reason I like her a lot.

  50. like others, i also have mixed feelings for kstew. as far as twilight goes, she just is not the right bella to me (although after the movie, i said that i thought she gave the best performance. sorry kstew, but that is actually not a compliment. just sayin). this has been proven by my ever-increasing addiction to fanfiction. while rob fits so easily into all the edwards i read, i just can’t visualize her as any of these bellas. i dunno why, and i try to see her as bella, but it just never ever works for me.

    as far as real life goes, i’m pretty much just chugging the haterade and choking on my acrid jealousy because she is so obviously hitting that. and she doesn’t even seem to care about it. which i think is partly why people hate: because we worship him and think that since she doesn’t get all fancied up for him all the time and doesn’t kiss his ass (i know i would) she is being ungrateful and doesn’t truly appreciate the fact that she actually gets to wake up in the morning and look into those eyes. but…i’m sure that’s exactly why he likes her. and regardless, the fact remains that he does like her and definitely enjoys her company. and this is the guy that most of us supposedly respect so much and think is so awesome, so if he likes her then she must be okay, right?

    i don’t know. i’m still conflicted. i want to like her. but i don’t. and not for valid reasons, but there it is anyways!

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