IMMA WINNER!! Contest winners announced!

*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

Dear Imma Contest participants and LTT-ers,

UC: Remember last week when we announced that we’d be hosting a contest for our readers with awesome prizes from Bella Bejeweled?
Moon: Totes, I almost entered under my pseudonym: TheButtcrackisDown cause I wanted to be just like Alice and Bella and wear jewelery like theirs, but I figured you’d know it was me when that email came through. And I don’t lie so well- my non-poker face gives it away.
UC: Yea, you never did know how to make a kitty meow, but you love those little bottles.
Moon: Truth.
UC: ANYWAY all week we received a TON of entries on Twitter and to our email address from you funny gals making us both laugh till we cried and making it SO hard (that’s what she said) to pick only TWO winners so-
Moon: *grabs the mic keyboard out of UC’s hand* Hey, Sorry I gotta interrupt here! UC you’re a great blogger and winner announcer and all and imma let you finish but our readers are the best in the whole blogosphere and we need to reveal the winners right now!
UC: Ok, Ok… and the winners are:

Submitted via Twitter

Winner: @Chelseaheptig !!!!!
You slayed us with your use of the 100 Monkeys and the worst band in the world: Creed! You deserve a medal for bravery in laughs and some earplugs!

Submitted via Email

Winner: Beth!!!
You interrupted Martha Stewart to let her know she had nothing on Rob’s sewing skills. I mean after all he did resurrect both the old stoli shirt AND those heinous pants with probably nothing more than a hotel sewing kit. He should get a girlscout badge or something!

Congratulations Chelsea and Beth you gals are the winners of some beautiful jewelry courtesy of Bella Bejeweled!

Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to our winners and to ALL (there were a ton) the participants! And because there were SO many good entries we simply couldn’t NOT show you some of the best so this weekend we’ll be showcasing all our favorite entries… starting with the runner’s up. Follow the cut to see the one who ALMOST won

You know what’s convenient? We had ALL these categories in mind for runners-up and it just so happens that someone fits EACH category. WOW! If that’s not fate then I dunno what is.  We don’t have real prizes for all these dolls, but we do have a TON of fake ones. Enjoy!

via Twitter

Best Entry featuring an adult balding man in jorts AND an underage boy in jorts

@alashawright  wins a get out of jail free card! You gonna need it girl!
Tobias Funke + Jorts = UC and Moon girly boner

Best entry featuring two Barbizon boy models with body hair issues

lissashoff & robsten4life wins a gallon of brain bleach. Please share!

Best entry that reminded us to have our cholesterol checked

Alice & Bella from Notanaddikt – you win, what else? Some of Harry Clearwater’s homemade fish fry! In that nasty greasy paper bag, of course!

via Email

Best non-Twilight entry featuring a Canadian housewife with a video camera and too much spare time

Alice from NotanAddikt – You win your own camcorder from 1997 and a makeup lesson with AmanDUH herself! Maybe she’ll teach you the prison tear drop makeup trick!

Best entry featuring a past Presidential indiscretion and urban slang

Amy, Cheryl and Ben – You win a lifetimes supple of Tide Sticks and one month’s free dry cleaning service from Vancouver Celebrity Dry Cleaning: We don’t “clean and tell!”

So folks you can see it was a hard choice. Now I know how Big Daddy feels in the drive through at McDee’s! So many great choices, all so good, but you can only choose one TWO.

UC and I spent hours debating back n forth trying to decide which ones were the best and funniest and deserved the bling the most but it was SOOO difficult. We wish there could have been 10 winners, at least! We cried, we laughed, we gagged… but in the end it was Chelsea and Beth. Congrats ladies! You will now be bejeweled in the finest jewelry the world has to offer!

Where everyone’s a winner!
Moon and UC

PS Didn’t win but still wanna get those Alice earrings or that Bella bracelet? Head over to our sponsor Bella Bejeweled and get your order in!
PPS Check back here ALL weekend for more of the best runners up in the Imma Contest!

Talk about your favs on The Forum
See what runners up we had over on LTR

*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

184 Responses

  1. UC… Moon… you are right. LTT has readers w/ major humor… awesome!

    (love the “Martha” one, esp.!

    i wanted to add that even though i didn’t really get to blog yesterday (went to a funeral out of town) i laughed SO hard! OMG! WIN!

    • well would ya look at that? I WAS 1ST!!! that’s a first for me… sweet!


      *if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

    • I love the Martha one too cuz’ I actually own that very sewing machine!

  2. ROFL!!!!
    These are soooooo good!
    LOVE the 100 Monkeys one, that is hilar.
    And the Daddy Lautner one from the NotAnAddikt chicas, too!
    Good job guys, they all look brills!! 😀


  3. LMFAO!!! Congrats to all the ladies! Effing hilarious!

  4. Creative & clever.

    I do need to share some of that brain bleach. Kellan & Rob zygote on same page? *shivers*

  5. OH! OH! OH! “Tobias Funke + Jorts” WIN! OMG!

    Can’t there be 3 winners?!!!

    • thanks! i should TOTES get a consolation prize – you guys used my real name (even after i changed my twitter name so i would remain incognito!) i love youse, but you’re killing me here!

      p.s. i love the fish fry one!

      • we’re all about outting people … so you’re welcome.

        no seriously.. sorry. i can change it. lemme know!
        i made a big ass spreadsheet with everyone’s names and what they want to be known as. i must’ve missed yours 😦

        • it’s cool. i didn’t think to do it until after the fact. not like it’s a huge secret anyway. everyone that knows me at all knows i like twilight, just not how MUCH. so i was just a little first-hand embarrassed. no bigs. thanks, though!

          • Oh, no, don’t be 1st-hand embarassed! The Imma Jorts is chock full o’ win!

          • With an avatar image like yours, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want us to know your real name, find your house, and follow you around with a camcorder all day.

  6. Oh, Amanduh, you will never get old. How we miss you.

    And the Wolfpack boys are Nevernudes! Who knew?!?

  7. this is a P.S. for Team Seth (when she signs on)

    sorry i didn’t get to reply to your Wednesday msg up here, but i was going to a funeral visitation and then a funeral out of town (3 hrs of driving) yesterday… thanks for the beer tip! SWEET! love it… there aren’t many girls that are into dark beers.

    P.S.S. i love your wit!

    • hey! I almost was like, “Where’s ambushed at?” but it was already 1am your time, so I figured it was just “one of those days” But actually it was “one of those awful days” I’m really sorry about funeral/loss. 😦

      Um, let me know what you think of the beer. I can’t find it out here yet, but I haven’t been looking too hard because I’m broke and slightly depressed. Drinking has to be saved for weekends only with friends and SO.

      • i will! …when i find it…

        but girl, you don’t hafta tell me about being broke… we just moved from a house in town to a house in the country and we’re waiting to sell the 1st one… i’m nearly “tapped out”.

        but i will def look for it.

        i’m in NC and a few town away a new brewery opened up recently.


        i’m wearing one of their shirt today. it says “” and it has a cool emblem of a girls profile w/ swirling hair… it’s neat, but i haven’t tried all their types yet.

        we have a restaurant arround here called Hamm’s and they make their own, in the winter they a lot of dark ones. the best i ever had was called “Poo-poo Porter”, i know, nasty name, but it was super-dark and delish!

        • i seriously need to proof-read my writing better… sorry for a-l-l the m-i-s-t-a-k-e-s… duh…

  8. HA! Love the Jackson and 100 monkeys “Imma”! Some of their music is alright, and after watching a clip of Jackson playing a guitar solo, I decided I would like to be his guitar…the way he works those fingers ; )

    Happy Friday!

  9. OMG we almost won! Whiiiii (the odds were kinda on our side, with 17 entries…)

    Yo winners, I love your entries! and Imma let you finish,
    but the make-up lesson with AmanDUH is the best prize of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    • Holy crap…17 ENTRIES…shitz I spent all last week on Paint and on the phone w/the daughter on just one entry…and then had to leave it on my computer til this Tues..cause I couldn’t see well enough to save and send…lol….(didn’t want anyone in the house to see embarrassed) I am bowing to all of you for being so creative/funny/talented………I am in Twi-awe….Hope you post more of them…I am in need of much laughing!!!!
      P.S. I decided to buy the Bella ring for my girl who I am awarding Twi-daughter of the year! Thanks for the free shipping LTT!!!

  10. Alice and I were gonna have champagne if we won and a double whisky if we lost, but now we’re kinda confused… maybe we could have some of our runner-up fish fry. Happy times! 🙂

    What would go well with fish fry, champagne or whisky? (Of course we stocked up on both…)

  11. Hahahah! Those are amazing. I LOVED the Creed one. TRUTH!

    And the zygote one? *shudder*

  12. Congrats to all the winners! Chels, u rule. 🙂

    Tho, I’m a bit surprised Frey Frey didn’t get an honorable mention. I saw her entries via Twitter and thought they were quite good!

    P.S. The zygote one kinda freaked me out. Ain’t gonna lie.

    • oh we’re still posting on LTT all weekend!

      the ones today are the ones we COULDN’T pick from.. for the life of us…

      • YAY! I was gonna see if you guys could link to them all!!!!!!! And totes give out my blog email so people could send me theirs. Esp. Midnight Sin.

        • LOL…I don’t think u should see mine..not very good…plus I just found out that the slide show I made is like in slo-mode!!! I was told I can speed it if u really want to see it..I’ll fix it and send it to u..but I warn u its not too good!!!

  13. “Harry Clearwater’s homemade fish fry!” that goes in the bank with “you can Google it,” “purple’s cool” and “Carliiiiiisle” as words that I ALWAYS read in the style of how they are delivered in Twilight.

    I know you all know what I’m talking about 😉

  14. Holy crap! Alice and Bella are freaking KILLING me! I can’t wait to see what else in store for us…so great!

    Way to kick off the weekend!!

  15. yessss! thank you for making my lousy morning. too funny.

  16. Um Moon?

    “So folks you can see it was a hard choice. Now I know how Big Daddy feels in the drive through at McDee’s! So many great choices, all so good, but you can only choose one TWO.”

    I love you

  17. Bringing out the NeverNudes?!?!?! Omg. That is so much win.

    Seriously, I’m not sure I will be able to think anything other than, “Do these effectively hide my thunder?” whenever the wolf pack is onscreen.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thunder.

    • Hi, let’s be bff’s so that we can go to the movie together and just quote Arrested Development every time the jorts make an appearance. Thanks.

      • Um, I just realized that your name is potentially an Arrested Development reference. My husband and I totally go around saying “brooother” to each other all the time, in that peculiar little tone Buster used. Which, you know, is totally what married people should call each other.

        • I love married people. Seriously. My sister and her hubby say things like:
          (he owned a miata for a time)
          Hub: Let’s ride topless on the drive home.
          Sis and Hubs at same time: Woo! Topless!

          • my SO and I have been doing the tweed-like marriage talks lately, and the other night he asked me why I valued marriage/why i thought marriage was a good idea. I didn’t have an answer, but maybe this will be my answer.

          • “Tweed-like marriage talks” Love it.

            I’m confused – you don’t know why marriage is a good idea? DUH! Because you have murdered and coveted and committed every other sin, all you have left is your virtue, and you might want to protect that in case you re-die one of these days and find out you really do have a soul and St. Peter asks you what you have to offer besides sexhair and an assortment of tweed accoutrements.

            In all seriousness – good luck with the plighting of the troth. That stuff is really tweed.

          • And you think I’m going to heaven. Psssh.

            Plus, I threw out my virtue a long time when I did that photo shoot.

        • It isn’t potentially an AD reference… It most definitely is. It’s a shrine to the best canceled show of all time. Well, as impressive a “shrine” can be when it’s just a name you comment under…

          • @TeamSeth “And you think I’m going to heaven. Psssh” Of course you are…its called Twi-heaven….WE ARE ALL GOING THERE…where we can all hang out together along with Rob…Taylor etc….guilt free……..THERE IS A GOD yah know!!! Psssh!!

      • Let’s do it, HeyyyBrother.

        “Those are balls.”

        • “I’ll never understand? That you can never be nude? I’ll understand more than you’ll… never know”

    • Me, either! Except maybe how they would all look in blue body paint!

      • okay.. i’m at work, but “on the inside” i just nearly died laughing! Arrested Development Rules!

    • Hahahahahaha! I’m totally going to get angry 13-year-olds glaring at me in the theater now, because I don’t have the self-control not to say that (out. loud.) when the jorts make their appearance.

  18. Alice and Bella – all of y’alls entries were hysterical! And the attention to detail – I especially loved the little hamburger clogging the artery on the McD’s one – that was brilliant!

    Awesome job everyone – thanks for the funny! Thank goodness my cubemates had a meeting this morning. I was able to open up all of these and not look over my shoulder the entire time, good thing for that because if they saw that Zygote Kellen and Rob one – I would probably get a call from HR.

  19. Fantastically Funny Friday!!! Congrats ladies…..except I DON’T EVER WANNA SEE ZYGOTES…EVER..TRUTH!

    • P.S…First hand embarrassed….I have no idea what the word Zygote means…but definately know I DON”T want to see those pics again….

      • Zygote = Unborn baby. I think it is before the “fetus” stage but as I slept through most science classes, I can’t be sure


    Arrested Development + Twilight = WIN

    I’m right there with that person. I even made a comment about Tobias the other day. Great minds…

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t judging this contest because I wouldn’t have been able to look at anything else after seeing that. I’m so biased. Love.

    • full disclosure: the convo about tobias in the comments the other day inspired it. heyyybrother, you are officially invited to share my prize – wanna hit the beach? after uc and moonie bail us out, we can go have an AD marathon!

      • This sounds like maybe the best day ever. I’ll bring the wine.

        p.s. is @alashawright your twitter? Because if there’s a Twi/AD lover out there, I need to follow them. And obsessively quote AD with them.

        • Oooo! OOO! Pick me.


          • Done and done.

            P.S. I’m @_dharv. So when you get the notification I’m following you, I promise not to offer you teeth whitening or Britney Spears porn.

          • Damn. I lurve the BritneyPorn.

        • it was/sortof still is because for some reason my twitpic didn’t change. it is now officially egregiousgirl just like here! and please follow me! i don’t tweet much because i didn’t have anyone to talk to on there but if i have friends on there i will use it more! (this goes for all you ladies too. just send me a message so i know who you are! )

          now i wish this was really happening. the wine was the cherry on my sundae.

  21. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Zygote Kellan… *shudders*

    As if Rob weren’t enough! haha!

  22. @Alice and Bella: I went to you blog to check out your other entries, and they were AWESOME! The Borat/Tuck one sent me over the edge! They were all hilarious, but I have to ask, where do you guys get the time to do all this stuff?

    • I guess I could have commented on your blog instead. Damn hangover.

    • I don’t have a life and I have no friends. (and I’m also fat and ugly) :p
      No kids, a messy house and a bf who works abroad help. We brainstormed during our working hours (you should see our inboxes). And we each did photoshop-stuff one evening, which enabled us to bring some funnies, once.

      Which leads me to the next question:
      UC and Moon, how are you able to do it EVERY DAY? (thatswhatshesaid)

  23. All hilarious – but Zygote Kellan has left me scarred. It’s like witnessing a car accident. I don’t want to see it, but I also can’t look away.

  24. I love it. How about Kanya west digging and singing some Hank Sr or Hank Jr songs or better yet a Willie Nelson song My heros have always been cowboys. What is a Buttcrackis down. Maybe Kanya Wests mouth.

  25. “Moon: Totes, I almost entered under my pseudonym: TheButtcrackisDown ” that’s what she said =WIN!!

  26. Ok..having a really strange day. very stressed so plz excuse….IS IT NORMAL that I want to MAKE someone take me to MC D’s and get a Filet of Fish??? What is happening to me???

  27. OMG! TOBIAS FUNKE… Im going to wet myself. that and the big daddy/ harry clearwater one! out of control ladies, you guys are friggin hilarious!

  28. OME…just saw on Access Hollywood a quick pic of ghoslty Robward/Bella in the meadow from NM…and yes hit rewind ummm several times….

    • I think I’ve seen that Ghostward meadow shot – maybe in the Death Cab for Cutie music video like that. I am in love with ghostly Edward, which I didn’t think would be. I was afraid it would look cheesy for him to just be just floating out there. But the clips I’ve seen are pretty good. Love him peaking out from the trees in the meadow…and in the water too. Very moving on the movie preview.

  29. I am loving these! The zygote one is extremely creepy. I am loving the Aman Duh one. that is awesomeness.

  30. These were all sorts of hilariousness!!!! Props to you all! I have to agree – Zygote Rob/Kellan *cringe* I don’t think I can endure that one again.

  31. OK TRUE STORY….Just finished writing about the Access Hollywood thing….the phone rings…strange number comes up….I answer….obviously cell phone..and I can barely hear the guy…so I repeat who is this?….He kinda yells…Its Rob….I drop the phone….

    • WHAT?!

    • Did he have a hot British accent? I’m so jealous! You are getting personal phone calls from Rob and you didn’t even tell us he has your number! hahaha

    • Um…WHAT???!!!!

      That’s almost like when the Vampire wine guy offered to send me another bottle of wine to make up for the failed effort of the first one. Except much better.

      • huh???

        • In some comment I told a girl not to buy Vampire wine cuz it was awful. Then someone from the Vampire winery message me to apologize for the bad wine I got and offered me a new bottle on them. I was so creeped out that I didn’t respond. But now I’m rethinking that…

    • MS-You should totes call it back (*69) and say, “Okay, Rob, can you arrange a meet-up with you, me, and Stephenie.” and then quietly promise yourself not to pull a Celine Dion cryfest. And then video tape the whole thing so you never forget.

      • ROFLMAO….seriously…I am SO NOT NORMAL….I dropped the phone…my heart was pounding and I felt like I couldn’t breathe…. I literally had just replayed the AH thing and the phone rang…so I was in the Twi-zone…and whenever the guy said Rob…I just dropped the phone….I was so shook up that when he called back I prayed my hubs would answer in the shop…he did….must be a new customer…but for the life of me for that one sec….oh never mind…you get the picture!!!

      • Hey I had a REALLY good reason for crying… 🙂 Met alot of celebs in my old age and never cried once except for that time…and I had a REALLY good reason!!!

        • Which your totes not telling. You tease! (J/K, no need to tell)

        • I’d probably bawl my eyes out if I ever met Cyndi Lauper. She is still my hero. First time I saw her in concert I was in like the last row and she was a tiny dot on the stage and I still burst into tears when she walked on.

          • ‘cuz us girls just wanna have fun, right?

            i used to jump on my bed and lesten to her record!


          • My fave part of that video is that Captain Lou Albano plays her dad.

          • cindi rules!

          • See….other people would cry too!!! Ok spillin the beans here…In 2002, my Sister and Mom both passed away within a couple of months of each other of Cancer, I had already had a bout with Breast Cancer and it just didn’t seem fair that I pulled through and they didn’t …then Celine ran a contest called..Notes on Motherhood..It was an essay contest..I wrote about the loss of my Mom and got into the final 50 then had to write 2 more essays and do a phone interview. Anyway, I won. The prize was a 3 day trip to Las Vegas and a meeting with Celine…When she walked into the room she said something about how my essay’s made her cry..and all the emotion just let loose..I started crying and couldn’t stop…so that is the story!

          • @MS – OMG. Now I am crying. You’re so inspirational!

          • @Team Seth…see why I wasn’t saying WHY I was crying…I am not at all inspirational…I am just a person that wrote what was in my heart….

            So how about back to laughing now..I fixed my slideshow…(can’t believe I sent it in that way…but I couldn’t really see the finished result and didn’t know it was that way) I will send it to you if you want a really good laugh…?? For me it was just to prove that I could do it…even tho it sucked…LMAO!!!

          • I definitely want to see this slideshow!

        • Oh Cyndi, that’s why meeting Celine was so meaningful to you! 😦

          How’s your eyes? Are they much better? I’ve been AWOL again all day, now I’m sick again. I think I caught this cold from my nephew. I swear I’m never babysitting sick children again but my sister pleaded with me. Oh and there’s this kid in our playgroup who just came down with H1N1. Anyway sorry for the ramble. No one’s here now 😦

          • I am here..I am always here..sorry your sick…:( my eyes are much better thank you…how is everything else???

  32. So, I just gotta say, I’m down with these entries.

    I also wanna see more and share mine! So, send me yours if you want and didn’t win at: (yeah, i totally made an email address for this blog, and this blog alone…and so I could sign up for my twitter acct which is GoTeamSeth as well.) Or, if you don’t want me to know who you are, which is cool, send me the link on twitter. I’m just keepin’ it real.

    Anyway, wherever Kristen is, I got an entry specific to you, so please show your face and lemme send you the link. Okay, I’ll just put it here.

  33. Argh. I so just posted and it didn’t show.

  34. I love all the pics…great job, everyone! (although I need brain floss for the zygote one…*brrrr*). I can’t wait to see more over the weekend. Talented people here!

    I miss Amanduh and Baldward 😦

    • Speaking of…does anyone (not) have the video saved (because it belongs to someone who removed it for a reason)? I would love to get a hold of it (even though I can’t because that wouldn’t be right). I would love to share it with a friend (but that’s clearly violating something…but I’m not sure what) so I’m just curious.

      But forget I asked, because that’s just all sorts of wrong.

  35. Okay, so here I go again [on my own]!

    Just wanna say, I’m down with these entries.

    But I wanna see more entries! So email me or send me the link on Twitter at GoTeamSeth. Yeah, I made up an email acct just for this blog and for my twitter acct for this blog. Totes normal.

    Also, @Kristen: I made this entry just for you. So enjoy!

  36. I have to be honest, at first I was kinda bummed that we didnt win and I sent Amy an email telling her so, and then 5 mins. later I got an “urgent” phone call from Amy telling telling me to come over to LTT cause our spunk picture made it on here.. I believe my exact response was “OMG, youre kiding” and then I giggled till I snorted and then realized I was still at work and everyone was looking at me wanting to know what was so funny (should have waited to look till after work) well i put my head on my desk and in the process almost stabbed myself in the eye with a pencil, thank goodness for my ninja like reflexes-ok thats a lie, im about as coordinated as a baby trying to learn how to walk, anywho truth is I wear glasses and the pencil bounced off them.. By embarrasing myself this way I hoped I wouldn’t have to show the picture-no such luck.. So in the span of 10 mins. I’ve made a fool of myself 2, well I decided to go all out and do my “im so not cool” dance at my desk, Elaine from Seinfeld aint got nothin on me, im not sure my coworkers will ever recover.. So thanks for the laughs, cause all these are freakin hilarious, although I may have nightmares about the zygotes…

  37. FAIL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it’s the link I’m posting. Also, my mom sent me Starburst for Halloween, and I love her, but it’s PMSing time and I can’t stop eating them.

    I fear there all gonna post one after another and I’m going to be *that person*, but I’m so requoting it again minus the link, which I’ll just post the url to in the next comment.

    Here I go again [on my own]!

    I just gotta say, I’m down with these entries.

    But I wanna see more! I know there’s more to come over the weekend, but if you wanna do an exchange in the meantime, my email is and my Twitter is GoTeamSeth. Yeah, I did make an email acct just for this blog and the Twitter acct. Totes normal.

    @Kristen on her Oct 1st comment: I made an entry specifically for you. I will post the url in the next comment so that you (and whoever else) can go see it.

  38. Um, so the link is not at all posting. Awkward. I’ll try to just upload it to wordpress and see how that works out.

  39. See! See! It triple posted! So, now you can see how it got watered down over time (I kept forgetting to just copy the message…you know, just in case)

  40. Sorry i posted mine moon! 😥

    For shame.

  41. me too! plz to forgive us!

  42. Okay, because of the title of this post I have M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” in my head. That line “Everyone’s a winner, we’re makin’ our fame. Bonafide hustler, makin’ my name.”

  43. ok ladies… ya’ll have a lovely weekend!

    I’m off… gotta swing by the store for some drinkie-drinks b/c one of my BFFs and her hubby are comin’ over for dinner!

    *ambushed is out* …more on Monday… i’ll miss this!

  44. I AM DYING! I am in LOVE with the filet o fish one…hahaha!

  45. Congratulations to all the winners! They all look great!

  46. You all have some mad photoshopping skills!!! Bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills…

  47. @Team Seth..sent you the shitzty slideshow!

  48. LOVED the “spunk stain” one! LOL!

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