The music Stephenie Meyer REALLY listened to when writing Twilight

You know when you’re PMSing and everything is going wrong? Your thighs feel huge (might be the Ben & Jerry’s you finished off in 2 nights), your face breaks out like you’re in 7th grade, you cry when you can’t get your spreadsheet to look right at work and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that your life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would back when you were growing up. And all you want to do is listen to music that reminds you of a simpler time? And cry? And eat more Ben & Jerry’s? Well, this explains posting the following fan letter* PS: I had no intention of finding Twilight-related videos to go along with it, I was going to post the original videos, but turns out Twilight fans have put Bella & Edward images & video to EVERY SONG ON THE PLANET:

Dear Stephenie,

Hi. I wanna just talk a little bit about your playlists on your website. They are filled with this awesome, rock-out music. (well…except for that Right Said Fred you have thrown in. That was a nice addition.) But, you see, I think you’re just trying to trick us. Because I think of totally other songs when I think about Twilight. I now present you with what I think you were actually listening to when you wrote this lovely series:

1) “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney Spears.

This is obviously the song you were listening to when you wrote that drama between Jacob and Bella. Bella was playing with his heart the whole time. She got lost in the game. She made them believe they’re more than just friends. Oops, he thinks she’s in love. That she’s sent from aboooooooooove. Well, she’s not that innocent. (ok, I might have went too far there..)

2) “The Hardest Thing” by 98 Degrees.

This goes where Ed makes that bad call and leaves in New Moon. Because the WHOLE refrain of this song is about how the dude has to leave the chick and how he has to lie and tell her he doesn’t love her. Well, hello, that dude is Edward Cullen. And the chick is Bella Swan. Plus, he really is “the hardest thing” (that’s what she said…)

3) “The One” by The Backstreet Boys.

This one is for Jake. Because, while Bella may be playin with his heart and all, Jake was still willing to be the one who will make all her sorrows undone. The light when she feels like there’s nowhere to run.

4) “As Long As You Love Me” by The Backstreet Boys.

This song is for Bella’s craziness. She didn’t care who he was, what he did, where he’s from, as long as he loved her.

Last, but not least,

5) “All I Have to Give” by The Backstreet Boys.

I feel like if Twilight was a musical, this would be the song Jake sings to try to win Bella’s heart. Because he doesn’t know what Ed did to break her heart, but he’ll be there to make her smile. And he might not have a fancy car (like someone else we know…) but to get to her, he’d walk a thousand miles.

So there you go Stephenie. There’s what I really think you were jamming out to when you were writing. Don’t lie.

BSB still “rox my sox”,

After the jump, hear the song I danced to the night of my first open-mouthed, wet tongue, nasty kiss on the steps in front of my school IN PUBLIC:

Okay we talk a TON about great music cuz Moon & I are WAY into killer tunes, but everyone likes to kick back to a lil’ 98 degrees & LFO once in awhile, don’t they? So what totally not cool, but radically awesome song reminds YOU of Twilight?

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The CONTEST is OVER! Winners will be announced tomorrow!

*NOOOO….I’m of course not talking about myself here.. I’m talking about… a friend

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  1. ROFL!!
    Hahah that is fab!
    The songs the remind me of Twilight that I can think of off the top of my head are mostly New Moon-related.
    Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
    We Are Broken by Paramore
    Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
    My Immortal by Evanescence

    That’s all I got for now!


    • I LOVE Evanescence! I wish they record something for eclipse =)

    • oh i LOVE we are broken….. i sing it on sundays in the shower since basically it’s a worship song.

      i don’t do that really but i will start this sunday

    • OMG I think the Evenesence are right on point and I must say ** but dont tell anyone** that all of those songs are on rotation on the ipod playlist 😉

    • I I don’t know why but when I read New moon and eclipse Cool Rider from Grease 2 plays in my head. Maybe a little Pat Benatar “Love is a Battle Field” To get a little emo how about “lovesong” By the cure. “how eveeeeer faaaaar awaayayaya.”

  2. We’re being uncool today right?

    “Somebody call 911. Shawty fire burning on the dance floor”
    I always have to think of Bella when I hear this on the radio.

    And in the cheese department:
    Gary Barlow- Forever Love.

  3. Wow, I honestly can’t remember which songs I associated Twilight to in my head… I only remember that I was into Katy Perry and Lily Allen at the time, but that can’t have beenTwilight-related. “I kissed a girl and I liked iiii-iit!” Myeah… no.

  4. Sarah McLachlan – Do What You Have to Do.

    I don’t care if it’s cool or not. It’s the song I most relate to Twilight and New Moon. Seriously, ya’ll, go to You Tube right now. “every moment marked with apparitions of your soul… I’m ever swiftly moving, trying to escape this desire…” every word of that song sounds like it was written for the Twilight Saga.

    I liked Evanescence – My Immortal for New Moon, too.

  5. Umm just relived my childhood musically. The songs she mentioned would have taken up all the space on my ipod if ipods existed when I was 12.

    Anyway, I made a Twilight playlist with songs that I related to Twilight before I got the soundtrack last year. Some of the songs include:
    The Veronicas-All I have
    Jason Mraz-I’m Yours
    Ferras-Soul Rock
    Katy Perry-Thinking of You

    I went literal with the lyrics. They all have something that jumps out at me to have some sort of relation to Twilight.

  6. I think Death Cab’s “I Will Follow You into the Dark” reminds me most of Twilight, for many reasons. Though, it also reminds me of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

    Maybe “Night Time is the Right Time” too, for obvious vampire lovin’ reasons – the Big Bill Broonzy version, though I like Ray Charles version as well.

    • I gotta go with the exiled then allowed back in Georgia boy on that one! Ray Charles makes my soul move!!

    • “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” is a masterpiece. After reading Breaking Dawn and thinking about Bella and Edward holding hands and facing the Vulturi, I cried every time I heard that song for months.

      And that is my most embarrassing Twi confession to date.

  7. I absolutely love that you called him Ed! Total win!

  8. I always think of Twilight when I hear “No More I Love Yous” by Annie Lennox. Though, that’s sort of cheating, since it was written for a vampire movie. Oddly enough “Twilight” by Squirrel Nut Zippers also reminds me of The Saga, and not just off the title. It’s just a lovely song.

    • I just have to say, I feel really old, or something. Would someone mind telling me wtf a Squirell Nut Zipper is?

      • It’s a band. They’ve actually been around for quite a while. They do old timey swing/ragtimey type music. About 10 years ago they had a semi-big hit with “Hell” which is an awesome song.

    • Oh! “Twilight” from the Squirrel Nut Zippers IS a lovely song! I love you for even knowing that song.

      • Thumbs up to you for knowing Squirrel Nut Zippers!

        • I am now just going to go around referring to silly people as “oh those wacky squirrel nut zippers”, cause I have never heard of this band before, but I am so happy now to be in a loop.

          Maybe not the loop, but a loop

    • Ahhhh I love the Squirrel Nut Zippers! god, now THAT takes me back to high school – I was a total ska nut in the late 90s.

      And of course my favourite song of theirs is ‘Hell’ – which kinda reminds me of Twilight now because that’s where Edward thinks he’s going.

      Iiiiiiin the afterlife, you could be headed for the serious strife…

  9. Ben and Jerrys are great. How about Hagan Das. My friends and I did hagan das runs at three am. Those were the fun days.

  10. OME!!!!!! r you an BsB fan too???? (yes i am 1 and im proud to admit it!!!!!) XD
    now to what made me write this coment, the songs that i cant listen to without immediately think in the Twilightworld XD

    1. Halo by Beyonce – a Bella to Jake Song

    2. My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne – Bella to Edward(post break up)

    3. More Than That by BsB – Jake to Bella

    4.I’ll Never Break Your Heart by BsB – Jake to Bella

    5.Drowning by BsB – Edward to Bella

    …..ok i’ll stop now or this list can continue forever cuz lets face it all that i listen to mades me think of Twilight XD

  11. my ears are bleeding! jk – i’m not that hip on corny 90’s pop because at the time i was growing up on the corny 70’s and 80’s pop that my parents listened to (think streisand and neil diamond – i had a strange, sheltered childhood.) so my song picks are all pretty recent.

    BELLA – live to tell the tale (Passion Pit)

    not TOO literal, just enough. plus any excuse to rep them…
    i heart this band so much!

    JACOB – i will possess your heart (Death Cab for Cutie)

    not sure if it’s pasee to use DC since they’re already on the soundtrack, but i don’t care. i think of jake every time i hear it.

    sheez. i had an Edward one too, and now i can’t think of it! stupid hangover…will post later if remember.

  12. This was blasphemous! I was thinking that I can’t believe anyone actually took the time to make these videos, but… Yes. Yes, I can.

    I always listened to Nine Inch Nails when I read the books. The level of angst seemed to parallel nicely. And someone made this:

    Oh, and then there’s this one:

    Or I’d listen to Carter Burwell’s soundtrack… with the movie playing on mute… Totally Normal.

    • That NIN song is sex in musical form.

      I put the Twilight score on and then read the book – totally normal too.

      • I’m so glad you’re normal too.

        And yes, that song = sex. Add Edward though? I.Am.Died.

      • Love it. All during Twilosophy Tuesday I had that song from the movie when Charlie is driving Bella to Forks and they’re going over that bridge.

    • That NIN song also works very well for ‘The Office.’ Mmmmmm. BB could sing this song to me anytime.

    • Holy crap! That’s quite the tune!!! That song matched with those scenes actually makes them look like they want each other instead of being freaked and creeped like they do in the movie.

    • I’d say agree w/ NIN…althought it probably has more to do with having seem them in concert while I was midway through the saga.

  13. Ok, it came on the radio yesterday and since I was at the end of New Moon (after Italy and before Jake brings back the bike)…I found this to be the PERFECT song…

    Rick Springfield “Jessie’s Girl”

    Just change the words to “Eddie’s Girl”:

    Eddie is a friend,
    Yeah, I know he’s been
    A good friend of mine
    But lately something’s changed
    That ain’t hard to define
    Eddie’s got himself a girl
    And I want to make her mine
    And she’s watching him with those eyes
    And she’s lovin’ him with that body,
    I just know it
    Yeah ‘n’ he’s holding her in his arms late,
    Late at night

    You know, I wish that I had Eddie’s girl,
    I wish that I had Eddie’s girl
    Where can I find a woman like that
    I play along with the charade,
    there doesn’t seem to be a reason to change
    You know, I feel so dirty
    When they start talking cute
    I wanna tell her that I love her,
    But the point is probably moot
    ‘Cos she’s watching him with those eyes
    And she’s lovin’ him with that body,
    I just know it
    And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night

    Like Eddie’s girl,
    I wish that I had Eddie’s girl
    Where can I find a woman,
    Where can I find a woman like that
    And I’m lookin’ in the mirror all the time,
    Wondering what she don’t see in me
    I’ve been funny,
    I’ve been cool with the lines
    Ain’t that the way
    Love supposed to be
    Tell me, where can I find a woman like that


    You know, I wish that I had Eddie’s girl,
    I wish that I had Eddie’s girl
    I want Eddie’s girl,
    Where can I find a woman like that, like
    Eddie’s girl,
    I wish that I had Eddie’s girl,
    I want,
    I want Eddie’s girl

    Yep…that’s what I think.

  14. There aren’t any particular songs that remind me of Twilight, except for the ones on the soundtrack. Fan Fail right? I tend to listen to music I can either sing along really loudly to or shake my ass to. So I guess I could say when I hear “Salt Shaker” I totally think of the prom scene. =)

    And I am so wicked offended that there is no *NSYNC on that playlist. It really tears up my heart!


    • Moon will be heart-broken too. she’s a JT girl all the way

      (ex: I texted her the other day. “star mag says JT & rihanna are together. for some reason I believe it.” Moon “Yes. Me too. I think they’d make a great couple. Believe me, I’ve thought about it. I approve” Me: “I hate Jessica Biel”)

      • Speaking of Rhianna and Justin:

        Bella to Edward- Rehab- Rhianna

      • I may or may not have squeed when I heard JT and JB were breaking up. Evidently I’m a horrible person. But then their “people” were all no they’re still together.

      • I had the same text conversation with my best friend who lives on the opposite side of the state… I was angry that I had to find out about JT and JB’s breakup from a co worker.. Im usually on top of my game when it comes to celeb goss..her response to their breakup was simple “GLORY!”

    • Edward to Bella- Drive Myself Crazy- *Nsync
      Jacob to Bella- Gone-*Nsync

      Fun times!

    • I just had an epiphany! For Jacob from Bella in Eclipse, before she gets all stupid and relaizes she’s “in love” with him:

    • I put some songs on my playlist. “This I promise you” and “I’ll Be Good For You”

  15. Well I’m an NSYNC girl myself

    God must have spent a little more time on you – Edward to Bella

    It’s gonna be me – Jake to Bella

    And of course NKOTB – I’ll be loving you forever – Edward to Bella at the end of New Moon

    On a serious note, I love Kelly Clarkson’s Save You for New Moon, when Jake can’t tell Bella his secret.

  16. I don’t really associate any songs to Twilight but I do associate the song, “Angels on the Moon,” by Thriving Ivory to New Moon. Every time I hear that song I think of Bella laying in the woods, crying hysterically for Edward….I also associate, “Devour,” by Shinedown, to the scene at the end of New Moon where the tourists are getting eaten while Bella, Edward, and Alice are waiting for it to turn dark so they can leave.
    I love how you called him “Ed.” That’s so funny!

  17. Morning everyone! Ok so really weird…I have had to listen only to Twilight since Saturday…you don’t really think that I would miss a night of Twilight even if I couldn’t see it.??? NO WAY…but it has been a totally different experience…just last night I was thinking about music that is with the movie…”UC I TOLD YOU TO GET OUT OF MY HEAD” (believe me you don’t wanna stay there for too long”) and then today you have this post…unfortunately I cannot remember what I was thinking last night when I was listening…ok I am rambling…but its hard to “get back on the wagon after you’ve fallen off”….so give me a break…I am gonna try and remember the songs I was imaging would have been good …but don’t count on it….LOL…aren’t you glad I’m back…. 🙂

    • I am! I missed you around here!

      • MISSED ALL OF YOU….You have NO idea how much!!! Doing much better…right eye almost perfect…left eye still funky…oops almost wrote the other f…word…lol…tried looking at past topics..holy guys have been busy…not even going to try and catch up….Jodie…sending you an email….got to tell you some funny stories.!!!

    • I haven’t had a chance to read this much (damn work getting in the way) and was wondering how you were doing. So glad to catch up and realize that your screen name changed and that you’re back in action!!!

      • Sassy…Opedial helped me change my name a long time ago.. and then a couple of weeks ago I learned how to change my avatar..the other looked too much like me…lol…
        I’m thinking if the job is taking you away from LTT….time to find a new one….LOL..we need you here full time!! xo

        • Seriously! Living the dream…but how else can I afford to splurge on my Twilight obsession?!?!

          • I hear ya Sassy… I miss work soooo much….but love being able to hang out here…so glad you all let me..(.I know I am a pain in the butt..) but I realized these last few days just HOW MUCH I have come to love everything/everyone at LTT…I was so miserable without you all…luckily everyone at home assumed it was cause I couldn’t see to do anything and that I was uncomfortable cause my eyes were all swollen…little did they know that it was cause I was missing all of you!!! xoxox

          • I so much missed you MidnightSin! I was getting so antsy.

          • @Team Seth ….I missed you too!!! xoxo….so glad to be back!!!

  18. So when I read Twilight some songs that came to mind were:

    She – Elvis Costello (Edward any time he’s with or thinking of Bella)

    To Where You Are – Josh Groban (Bella when Edward leaves…wanting to be with him at all cost)

    Kiss the Rain – Billie Myers (when Edward and Bella are separted)

    Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between

    Sarah MacLachlan – Sweet Surrender

    Sarah MacLachlan – Building A Mystery (maybe just because she mentions vampires *lol*)

    My Immortal – Evanescence

    • I am listening to “To Where You Are” right now for the first time. Oh. My. God.

      I liked “Building a Mystery” while reading Twilight, too. I like where she says “You’re a beautiful, beautiful, fucked up man.” Perfect for Edward.


  19. My list is infinite. If we are sticking with late 90’s pop and/or boy bands, I will go with: Britney Spears. She has this song..I think its called Everytime. Oh lets just see if there is a video for it…please hold.

    well of course there is one:

    There really is a Twi vid for every song. Just so I can regain some of my street cred I will say that I love the piano in this. The Brit singing could go bye-bye at anytime.

    • I’m not a huge Brit fan, but I love this song.

      I’m going to start searching some of my fave songs and see if there is a Twilight video to go along with them. I’ll probably be surprised at the number of them that do. Or not.

  20. Closer by Kings of Leon. Totally reminds me of Twilight.

    “She took my heart, I think she took my soul”, from Edward’s point of view.


    “2000 years of chasing taking it’s toll… and it’s coming closer” When James is chasing Bella.

    • Hmmm. How about “Crawl” for Bella from Edward after the second Jacob kiss?

      I’m so sorry, I just can’t let it go after UC’s thought-provoking, rage-inciting, sputter-inducing post of 2 or 3 days ago.

      Anyhoodle, I know I’m a total worker bee for this and all, but in my defense I am stuck in BFE with little in the way of alternative music stations: Since Twilight, I have become the biggest (HUGEST, MOST TWITTERPATED, MOST OUTSPOKEN) Muse fan. I heart them hard. HEAVY HEAVY rotation in my Jeep. AND, as if that isn’t enough with the “where you go, I will follow,” after all the “did-they-or-didn’t-they-kiss” concert pic drama, I was really curious about these Kings of Leon people. OME LOVE THEM. After I’ve had my Muse moments, I slip in a little KOL. I’m driving the sigoth crazy. We may or may not have had a few tense moments wherein I’ve had to fight for my right to party.

      Speaking of KOL, did anyone catch the very uncool video of one of them commenting on how famous people shouldn’t come to their shows because all the people at the show will watch the famous people and not the performers? Hello? I totally just admitted buying KOL cds BECAUSE of the attention they received from Concertgate 2009! They should write Robsten a thank-you note!

      I think I need to go now. Too much coffee. Too soon.

      • Yeah, “Crawl” totally fits. I never thought about before you mentioned it, but I see it now 😀

        Me too!!! Muse is teh most awesome band in the history! And for christmas all the KOL albums are an my wishlist. Yes, I have a wishlist ;p

    • “Closer” totally fits. I don’t know what it is about that song, but I find it super sexy. I think it might be the slightly creepy feel to it… Maybe that makes me weird? Who knows.

      • Yes! I love “Closer.” And it is very sexy. It’s on my schmexy times playlist. Yes, I have a schemexy times playlist.

        • I have a schmexy times playlist with “Closer” on it too! I don’t know if I should be announcing that or not…

          • I’m no expert but I believe I read that “closer” is about a love sick vampire stuck in some desert town.

          • O, you guys are killing me with the sharing of the schmexy times playlists! PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you’re talking about the Richard Cheese version!

    • I so had “Closer” on my playlist at the time I was reading the books…everything from the haunting opening chords to Caleb’s rough voice blended so well with what I was reading. I also had “Use Somebody” on that playlist before I started hearing on every radio station I scanned through…sucks…I used to love that song. 😦

  21. JT all the way! I really do heart his dancing, his voice, his style…but I’m digressing. His song off of the Justified album “(And She said) Take Me Now”…Bella’s theme throughout the books.

  22. When I read, I don’t imagine any music. Maybe I am boring, no idea. But I have to say that I loved only 1 BSB song when I was in middle school (Yes, that is when they were popular). It was The Call. I still can sing it.


  23. OMG! This is why I love this site. I totally made a Twilight Saga Theme Song list at work the other day instead of cussing out my boss/looking for another job.

    Edward – Bad Reputation – Freedy Johnston (or Death Cab cover of same)

    New Moon
    Edward – I Will Follow You – Death Cab
    Bella – I Want You Back – Jackson 5 (or Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths)
    Jacob – Bad – U2 (or Superman – REM)
    Alice – Punk Rock Girl – Dead Milkmen

    Bella – Two Princes – Spin Doctors
    Edward – You Say He’s Just a Friend – Biz Markie
    Jacob – Add it Up – Violent Femmes

    Breaking Dawn
    Edward – Laid – James (or Sixty Minute Man – The Dominoes)
    Bella – Up the Junction – Squeeze
    Jacob – Should I Stay or Should Go – The Clash
    Emmet – Peaches – Presidents of the USA
    Rosalie – Vindicated – Dashboard Confessional
    Jasper – Country Boy Can Survive – Bocephus (aka Hank Jr.)
    Alice – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

    • Ann Marie! Where were you on the forum when I was doing all kinds of daily chats about music for the Saga!?

      I’d like to hear the reasoning behind “Peaches” for Emmett. =)

      • If only I had the time for the forums! I’m too busy plotting the demise of my evil boss.

        Peaches is a silly song about nothing, but I love it and it always makes me laugh. Emmet to the core!

        • Ok, if you are absent due to plotting, I can accept that excuse. =)

          “Peaches” however.. gah. That song was popular waaaay back when I was in college and it boggles my mind that they are still playing it on college radio. Frequently. I think it’s hilarious that song reminds you of Emmett

    • i love you for the biz markie inclusion. WIN

      • Bless Edward and his blue balls!

        Just a Friend –
        Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date
        But a year to make love she wanted you to wait
        Let me tell ya a story of my situation
        I was talkin to this girl from the u.s. nation
        So I came to her room and opened the door
        Oh, snap! guess what I saw?
        A fella tongue-kissin my girl in the mouth,
        I was so in shock my heart went down south
        So please listen to the message that I say
        Dont ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend

        Oh baby, you….

    • LOVING the Violent Femmes mention. I LOVES me some Violent Femmes.

      • This one is so Jacob, I can’t stand it……

        Why can’t I get just one kiss?
        Why can’t I get just one kiss?
        Believe me,
        Some things I wouldn’t miss
        But I look at you pants and, I need a kiss.

        Why can’t I get just one screw?
        Why can’t I get just one screw?
        Believe me,
        I’d know what to do.
        But something won’t let me make love to you.

        Why can’t I get just one fuck?
        Why can’t I get just one fuck?
        I guess it’s got something to do with luck
        But I’ve waited my whole life for just one


      • The Violent Femmes are awesome! They came to Springfest here (Pensacola, FL.) and my friend and I got on stage while they were performing and we went backstage afterwards and ended up hanging out with them all weekend! They were super cool guys and not the usual “trying to get laid by groupies band pervs”!! LOL!

    • see everybody has all this songs for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn but cant all the songs that i hear immediately releate them to NEW MOON or Twilight , i know i weird like that XD

      • btw sorry for all the misstyping im one of those working and read twilight blogs (wish i dont really do to well as u can see) at the same time kind of person so…….

    • And you say he’s jus’ a frien’,
      and you say he’s jus’ a frien’,
      Oh, baby, youuuu,
      you got what I need….


    • Okay, besides the Journey, I love you.

      THE SMITHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • OMG! Two princes. That is a revelation. I haven’t thought about that song in years. Awesomeness.

  24. Good morning ladies – completely off-topic, but I knew you all would understand. Last night, my Kindergartener got a hold of a pair of scissors and despite the clumps of brunette hair on the floor, I remained calm and thought…this could be worse, at least she cut it on both sides and not all they way through the thickness of her hair. This morning, I look at her across the breakfast table and after a night of sleeping, it looks like the KStew crack whore mullet. Being the completely reasonable adult that I am, I burst into tears. I can’t even think of something pithy to say about it. :o(

    • OH SASSY…I SO TOTES UNDERSTAND! When my youngest cut her hair and I mean cut it….(I had not ever cut her hair since the day she was born) then at 6 somehow she got ahold of kiddie scissors and well you can imagine what she looked really you can’t….I SO CRIED!!! I still can’t look at the pictures…I so heart you…hats help..not really…it will grow back…I had to take mine to the hair dresser for repair…and even she took pity as I cried right there in the salon!! xoxo

    • hehe. Aw, so sorry. Please take her to the salon and somehow fix that. Thank God I have boys.

    • It’s ok. Hair grows back. Until then you can take her to have a nice Alice cut done. =)

    • I know exactly how you feel! My daughter cut half a forehead of bangs when she was in kindergarten, (really short!!)and then didn’t want to go to the salon to get the rest done. Took a couple days of convincing, then we went and got the rest cleaned up, layered into a stacked bob, and it looked SO cute. We still grew out the bangs, though and in about 3rd grade, she pointed out that she could finally get all her hair in her ponytail without clips, and that she was never ever cutting bangs again! Now she is in 5th, and her hair is down to her lower back. I cried too, but it does grow. Take her to a kid’s salon where they can make it really cute. Sorry, though, I really do sympathize, it’s a big bummer.

    • Oh. I wouldn’t have been able to keep calm for as long as you did.

      The other day I had a serious discussion w/ my four year old about her cutting her own hair, others hair, and anyone but a licensed beauty salon person to cut her hair.

      Mr. Fang looked at my like I was nuts but I think I may have diverted a crisis!

      • Emergency hair appointment tomorrow at 2:30pm. This definitely merits taking her out of school early! Ms. Fang – very smart to get ahead of the crisis! It’s soooo bad. Even Mr. Sassy who shaves his head every week because “hair is too much trouble” was cringing.

      • When I was 6 I totally cut my bangs and blamed it on my dog saying he bit them off. My dad still makes fun of me for it.

    • Okay, this is so first-hand embarrassing, but I thought you were talking about your Bella doll. That your daughter cut your Bella doll’s hair.

      • LMAO….I so luv you for this TS….THAT is something I WOULD SO DO!!

      • Have you been to my house? What makes you think I have a Bella doll?

        My daughter’s excuse was, “my ears were hot”. I like the dog bit them off much better!!!

        • Have I been to your house? Only the past couple of months… ::blushes::

          Seriously, I just assumed everyone on this site had a Bella doll…and you said “Brown hair everywhere”

          Ha! Love her excuse. I hate haircuts when I was a kid because I liked to tuck my hair behind my ears.

  25. Though it’s totally unoriginal of me, I have to admit I love Stephenie’s personal playlists on her site. When I heard Coldplay’s “Fix You” (Jacob) and “The Scientist” (Edward) for the first time, I so cried. (Normal, right?)

    If you haven’t checked out these playlists, you should. They are kick@ss. I wish they could’ve somehow gotten those songs on the soundtracks. Rest assured they are SO on MY playlists.

    • I think it is on Stephenie’s Twilight playlist, but every time I listen to Radiohead’s “Creep” I think of Midnight Sun and how Edward views himself in regards to Bella. Get’s me everytime I hear it-

      • ME TOO! I always loved that song, but now when I hear it I get a little sad when I associate Edward with it. 😦 I just want to hug him and kiss him and rip his clothes off and make him feel all better. ;D

    • yes, ‘Fix You’…oh I love that song for Jacob. I bought that album (Xand Y) at the same time I bought Eclipse (which was about 5 minutes after reading New Moon).

  26. Is it just me or does the still of “Edward and Bella – The One” look like Edward has a Poncho on his head?
    This song reminds me of the series- though to be honest, MANY of their songs remind me of Twilight.

    • You mean a sombrero? Yeah, I saw that too. And he looks like he wiped his butt with his face.

      • LMAO- yes! Thank you for clarifying. I re-read it before I submitted it but I was like, “That looks funny… but I can’t determine why…” Eff it.
        Wiped his butt with his face! Hahahah!

    • I’m so happy that you referenced Portishead. Super heart her voice.

  27. Ugggghhh….. BSB…. wasn’t that much of a fan back in the day because I’m a major fan of N*Sync (yes, I’m still a fan and I’m waiting for the reunion tour…. if NKOTB can do it so can JT and the gang) … anywhoozle, Gone by N*Sync is the song that I think of when there’s talk of Edward pining away and wanting to off himself with the Volturi. I know the lyrics are like if she left him, but just read/listen to them because they could go either way. I know it’s a sad song, but that’s my favorite N*Sync song. Go. Listen. Report back with your sadness… and if there’s a video of Edward and Bella to Gone then I’d love to see it.


    • Ask and you shall receive. You had to know there was one:

    • SAMESIES! I heart N’SYNC. Truth: I’ve loved JC since I was seven and he was on the MMC. le sigh. He was my first love (after Ricky Martin, that is… What?… I was FOUR!)

      I think “For the Girl Who Has Everything” is a total Bella/Edward song. Except, it’d be Bella singing “To the Boy Who Has Everything”.

    • I’m there with you on the reunion tour! I’m cool enough to admit that I saw *NSYNC four times in concert in four years.

      And also that my Spanish teacher caught me listening to them in class and tried to bust me for it. But I was no Senor! The song is in Spanish! So the entire class got the pleasure of learning “Gone” in Spanish.

  28. OMG!! And another song even though it’s a Christian song is Wrapped In Your Arms by Fireflight. SUCH a good song! Go. Listen. Report back.


    • I don’t know this group, but just read the lyrics. Very cool. I’m speaker-challenged while at work, so I’ll have to check the music out at home!

  29. Ohmygosh, UC!!! I never realized that there were so many parallels between the world of pop music and Twilight. Seeing as you’re a (former?) BSB fan, I thought I’d share this with you and the LTT ladies.

    I can’t embed it, but here is the link. Enjoy. 🙂

  30. Lately I’ve been listening to Florence + The Machine nonstop, and her song “Howl” makes me think of E&B. Sort of an obsessive love song…

    A few lyrics:
    If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
    I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free
    Screaming in the dark, I howl when we’re apart
    Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

    Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers
    Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters

    I dunno? It may just be because it’s all I’m listening to lately… but I think it fits. “Cosmic Love” makes me think of them too… but that could also be because the word “twilight” is in the lyrics themselves =)

  31. There’s a praise song we sing at church that includes the line “the lion and the lamb” and it’s repeated! Everytime I hear that I get a big grin on my face because of course I’m thinking of E&B. Then I feel slightly guilty for thinking of E&B in church. But that’s normal, right?

  32. yay! my letter! I’m so happy!

    I’m gonna have these songs stuck in my head all day now. Oh well, it will be fun.

    I definitely had a longer list, I just chose to narrow it down a little. Although it does consist of mainly Backstreet Boys songs…what can I say, they were my boy band of choice.

    Alright…..NSYNC’s “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You”

  33. It makes me so sad that those songs actually fit so well…I think I’ll stick with Steph’s playlist because she has pretty freakin’ awesome taste. I die of laughter everytime I hear Right Said Fred.

    • I loved Steph’s playlists, too. A lot of her songs for the books became my songs for the books, too. And she introduced me to a ton of music. Most of the music I’ve bought since reading the Saga are bands or songs that have been on her playlists. Thanks, Stephenie!

  34. BSB still “rox my sox”,
    cedvanhalen <—-HUH??

    PS You know you love Britney & BSB for reals…wasn't that your wedding song?

    PPS 48 hours until Bacon Vodka madness

    • the name is from a joke between my sister and i. its a long story. don’t worry about it.

      Britney or BSB as a wedding song would be the funniest thing ever. awesome.

      • My SO and I are going to use “There Is a Light and It Never Goes Out” as our wedding song.

        Most romantic song ever (lyrics sampler):
        And if a double decker bus
        Crashes into us
        To die by your side
        Is such a heavenly way to die!

        And if a 10 ton truck
        Kills the both of us
        To die by your side
        Well, the pleasure and privilege is mine.

  35. I never leave a comment, but this is my most favorite post…ever!!! I’m not going to lie..I probably love these songs more than any 21 year old girl should! lol

  36. OH. MY. GOD.

    This will be a first, but yes, HALE yes, I am going to go there.

    Ladies, prepare to be dazzled.

    This is the perfect Edward and Bella song. EVA!

    *Clears throat*
    *Feels the Beat*

    Baby, when I met you, there was peace on earth
    I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb
    I was soft inside, there was something going on

    You do something that I can’t explain
    Hold me closer, and I’ll feel no pain
    Every beat of my heart, we got something going on

    Tender love is bling, it requires a dedication

    • This is continued, below, I had a work place incident and was almost busted, with my Kenny and Dolly love, I didnt see the boss coming, please continue below

  37. Rusted from the Rain by Billy Talent—I know that it’s not Twilight, but it is soooooo perfect for New Moon where Bella is curled up on the ground and the rain is falling. I was hoping that this was somehow going to be on the soundtrack, it is so perfect, but no.
    Otherwise, I love Stephanie’s picks, I have them all and I consider that playlist to be the soundtrack to any of the books.

  38. Ok I can’t help myself…everytime I here this song..I think of Edward deciding to leave Bella. (which I still don’t get, I know I haven’t read the book, just the video, BUT it makes NO sense to me why he would leave her after Jasper attacks her…doesn’t hurt her…Edward does, shoving her…but come on….James just about kills/turns her and Edward promises never to leave and then he does cause of Jasper…is it me?? Or does this not make sense) Anyway… here are the lyrics from Kelly Clarksons Already Gone:

    Remember all the things we wanted
    Now all our memories, they’re haunted
    We were always meant to say goodbye
    Even with our fists held high
    It never would have worked out right, yeah
    We were never meant for do or die…

    I didn’t want us to burn out
    I didn’t come here to hurt you now I can’t stop…

    I want you to know
    It doesn’t matter where we take this road
    Someone’s gotta go
    And I want you to know
    You couldn’t have loved me better
    But I want you to move on
    So I’m already gone

    Looking at you makes it harder
    But I know that you’ll find another
    That doesn’t always make you wanna cry
    It started with the perfect kiss then
    We could feel the poison set in
    “Perfect” couldn’t keep this love alive
    You know that I love you so
    I love you enough to let you go

    I want you to know
    It doesn’t matter where we take this road
    Someone’s gotta go
    And I want you to know
    You couldn’t have loved me better
    But I want you to move on
    So I’m already gone

    I’m already gone, already gone
    You can’t make it feel right
    When you know that it’s wrong
    I’m already gone, already gone
    There’s no moving on
    So I’m already gone

    Ahhhh already gone, already gone, already gone
    Ahhhh already gone, already gone, already gone

    Remember all the things we wanted
    Now all our memories, they’re haunted
    We were always meant to say goodbye…

    I want you to know
    It doesn’t matter where we take this road
    Someone’s gotta go
    And I want you to know
    You couldn’t have loved me better
    But I want you to move on
    So I’m already gone

    I’m already gone, already gone
    You can’t make it feel right
    When you know that it’s wrong
    I’m already gone, already gone
    There’s no moving on,
    So I’m already gone

    Tear drop…I know LAME!!

    • MidnightSin – I have my own issues with Edward deciding to leave, but I forgave him (like Bella). Wanted you to know that that when Edward shoves Bella into the table with all the glass that ends up hurting her, he’s actually doing so in an effort to protect her from Jasper. I think that comes across clearer in the book than in the movie clips we’ve seen. And actually, Edward feels really guilty about how that went down too.

      BTW – awesome song, thanks for posting!

      • You HAVE to read the books! HAVE TO!!!!! You WON”T regret it.
        Trust me:)

        • BELIEVE ME…I SOOOO WISH I COULD…but I do have to say…last week…I think it was last week…anyway my daughter was on the phone with me for hours..bless her BIG heart…I was working on my entry for the contest …and needed info..she has read the books over and over…so she gave me some of the details…WOW you guys have been sooo holding out on me…!!! Damn tho…almost all gone now…but I have my entry thing saved so I can at least look at it! I do remember feathers…..but not why….oh I am hopeless!!

          • OME – the feathers are awesome! They wake up the morning after they do the deed for the first time on the honeymoon and are covered in feathers. In his “excitement” Edward bit into and ripped feather pillows. Ah, almost makes me want to read Breaking Dawn again.

          • @Ang THANKS THATS IT!!! I think my daughter told me that BD is kinda gross…is this true?? I am not sure exactly how she put it, but something like she thought that someone else wrote that book, but I can’t remember why…I’ll call her tonight…I honestly don’t know how she puts up with me… the same questions over and over…can I nominate her for the TWI- FAN/Daughter of the Year award!!! 🙂

          • TWI-Daughter of the Year! I love it! It’s funny because my mom had back surgery recently and I went to her house while she was recuperating. I joked that I’d be happy to entertain her by reading Twilight to her. She didn’t take me up on that offer!

            Yes, Breaking Dawn did have it’s gross moments, which were really odd. To me, it’s like 3 books in 1. The beginning all about Edward and Bella’s wedding and honeymoon. What’s not to like there? And the end section to me is good because gives you a confrontation scene (as all the books do at the end). But the middle – yeah, it’s gross. That all deals with the pregnancy, which I still can’t quite accept, and the birth. It is kind of like someone else wrote it!

      • Hey Cyn,
        Just a thought, maybe you have already done this, i’m not sure if you have to have a visual, but you could maybe try the books on audio? Would that be an option?

        • I had thought about that..but it seems that things I hear don’t stay at all.(just ask my Its kinda like I don’t get what they are saying..probably am not explaining it right… The way I did Twilight was watch/read at the same time…I would pause the some..etc., but even that took a whole year…and if you were to ask me questions about it…I would still have to look at my journals…Its so frustrating cause I want to KNOW what is going on with the other books, and its confusing reading stuff here & seeing lil bits of what is to come and trying to keep it straight…urghh..but I WILL find a way…thanks for the suggestion…I might just try one audio book ..will keep you posted…xox

          • Well you know you can ALWAYS ask questions here and they will be answered!

          • You can def. ask questions…and I promise I’m hard at work with your New Moon reference book!

          • @Ang and TS…See why I love ya all so much!!! I really DON’T know how you put up with me…but I can never tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate all of you!!! I so heart and hug each of you!!!

          • Seriously – I could talk TWI 24 hours a day if my pesky job didn’t get in the way. So I love to pass on the facts I know. Always happy to share. Mwah!

    • MidSin, you are correct, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense even after you’ve read the whole book. I find it best to toss logic out the window when reading the Twi Saga. =)

  39. Crap, sorry, boss came around corner, went to minimize and hit submit

    lemme get started back

    And it’s Tender love is blind, not bling. LOL. I’ll pick up there

    Tender love is blind, it requires a dedication

    Honest love we feel, needs no conversation
    and we ride it together, uh huh
    Making love with each other, uh huh

    Islands in the stream, that is what we are,
    No one in between, how can we be wrong?
    Sail away with me, to another world
    where we rely on each other, uh huh
    making love with each other, uh huh

    I can’t live without you if the love was gone,
    everything is nothing, if you’ve got no one
    and you just walk into the night,
    slowly losing sight of the real thing

    But that won’t happen to us, and we got no doubt
    too deep in love, and we got no way out
    and the message is clear, this could be the year for the real thing

    No more will you cry, baby I will hurt you never

    We start and end as one, in love with forever
    and we can ride it together, uh huh
    Making love with each other, uh, huh

    Islands in the stream, that is what we are
    No one inbetween, how can we be wrong
    sail away with me, to another world,
    where we can ride it together, uh huh
    Making love with each other, uh huh

    And, that, I feel sums it up.
    Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton
    Edward Cullen, Bella Swan

    • It’s all for the Love of Kenny Rogers!

    • I watched “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” the other night. Just thought you should know.

    • You did NOT just post “Islands in the Stream”! YOU DID NOT!

      Pardon the excessive capping. You just made me sparkle a li’l bit on myself.

      I don’t know where you are, or who you are, or what you might be doing this very second, but please wrap your arms around yourself right now. That is a mushy, “I-love-you-man-you-really-f’ing-get-me-type” hug from me to you, and I don’t normally do such things but I kind of want to cry right now.

      I heart you Dolly and Kenny and lovemesomecullens.

      • AAAWWWWW!! Thanks so much for the love. I hadn’t thought of it before, but when I asked myself “Hey, so what song makes you think of Edward and Bella?”
        Well, I’ll be damned.


        Rock on Kenny and Dolly, Rock on

  40. I always listen to Regina Spektor when PMSing…

  41. All My Life! lol… I forgot about that song..

    The other day I was shopping for cds and I came across “The Best of The Backstreet Boys” or smth like that.. and I almost bought it, except my bf looked at me in total disgust and walked away.. so, i didn’t get it.. but part of me wishes I did! BSB was so awesome.. in 4th grade ❤

    • I had a few BSB cds back in the day. Reading this today is making me wonder if I still have any of them! Note to self – must go through my “cds I can’t let go of because I think I will care about them again” stash at home!

    • Go back and get it!

      My only BSB cd was on that I saw lying in the median of a major road in Orlando. It was music side up, so a big mystery, but I had once found another CD this way and it was this phenomenal collection of drrrty rap, so I just had to. I grabbed it and squeed when I turned it over. Then immediately put it in my CD player and rocked out for the first 5 songs (I didn’t know the others)

  42. I keep thanking you gals for making me feel normal…and I’m about to do it again!
    Because of you, I now know that I’m not the only about-to-be-30 something minivan mom in love with the sparkly undead and their real-life counterparts. And TODAY I learned that I’m not the only one who still listens to the music that I used to rock out to in my Geo Storm!!!
    My guilty-pleasure Twi-songs?
    When I’m Gone – 3 Doors Down
    Let Me Let Go – Fatih Hill
    Have You Ever? – Brandy (Oh no I didn’t!)
    Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here – somebody I can’t remember
    Everything you want – vertical horizon

    Wow…I’m having an epiphany….

  43. I’ve been lurking on this site for a quite some time; thought I’d finally chime in! I’d like to say I am so bummed that Rob is not singing on the New Moon soundtrack. I love his sexy, grumbly singing voice!

    Everytime I hear the the song “You Found Me” by The Fray, I totally think of New Moon! I think of Edward leaving, the search party looking for Bella, then the months going by and Bella trying to survive without Edward. Oh, it breaks my heart each time I reread New Moon. Here are some lyrics from the song…

    Where were you
    When everything was falling apart?
    All my days
    Were spent by the telephone
    That never rang
    And all I needed was a call
    That never came
    To the corner of First and Amistad

    Lost and insecure
    You found me, you found me
    Lyin’ on the floor
    Surrounded, surrounded
    Why’d you have to wait?
    Where were you? Where were you?
    Just a little late
    You found me, you found me

    In the end
    Everyone ends up alone
    Losing her
    The only one who’s ever known
    Who I am
    Who I’m not, who I wanna be
    No way to know
    How long she will be next to me

    Lost and insecure
    You found me, you found me
    Lyin’ on the floor
    Surrounded, surrounded
    Why’d you have to wait?
    Where were you? Where were you?
    Just a little late
    You found me, you found me

  44. OMG i totally love the BSB, Nick was my first crush ^^

  45. Everyone is posting halarity, but I have on TWEED today, so it’s time to get serious. And angsty.

    I have to post this one because the whole song makes me think of Bella after she jumps off the cliff and decides she won’t make it out alive. It’s more NIN. My favorite. Even though it’s depressing. I know, right? (Thanks, Jessica)

    “The Great Below”

    Staring at the sea,
    Will she come?
    Is there hope for me
    After all is said and done.
    Anything at any price
    All of this for you
    All the spoils of a wasted life
    All of this for you.

    All the world has closed her eyes
    Tired faith all worn and thin
    For all we could have done
    And all that could have been.

    Ocean pulls me close
    And whispers in my ear
    The destiny I’ve chose
    All becoming clear.
    The currents have their say
    The time is drawing near
    Washes me away, make me disapear

    I can still feel you, even so far away.

    Anyone crying yet? Yeah… Someone hold me.

    • Ok..I am…….hugging you…love the song…thanks for the post….I think…thought I was done with the Kleenex brigade I have been on for a week… 🙂

      • Aww, sorry Cyndi! I’m so happy to see you back here and commenting again though! 🙂

        • No problem…need to keep rinsing out the eyes…

          Can you tell me what you meant NIN??? And Ghostward??

          Now are you still sure your glad to have me back?? 🙂

          • Of course, I’m still glad!

            NIN = Nine Inch Nails. Great band who wrote that song and they’ve been around forever.

            Ghostward = what some of the girls have been calling Edward when he is in “halucination form” in New Moon. He’s sexy when he’s translucent. Mmmm. 😉

          • NIN=Nine Inch Nails which is a big angsty band from the 90s. No idea if they are still around or not…

            Ghostward, I’m guessing, refers to when Bella sees visions of Edward after he’s left. If you watch the trailer there’s a good Ghostward in the water when Jacob pulls her out of the ocean. =)

          • @Katie S and Jodie O…thanks… sorry I have to keep asking…BTW that scene in the water with Jacob pulling Bella out and the vision of Edward disapearing is so far MY FAVORITE!!! I just watched it again..and again…lol…

    • Dang, I thought my Islands in the Stream post was deep.

      You go Katie, I was seeing Ghostward in parts of this.
      And I could FEEL it , I could feel their love.


  46. Unintended – by Muse of course reminds me of Twlight. It’s the inspiration for UC’s name ( I think !!) and is the most amazing heartbreaking song ever – *Sigh* makes grown women weep

  47. The only song that is super New Moon to me is Unintended, which is so obvious, but I was like OMG, this is where she got the idea./Oh good, now I can use this in my novel.

    Sadly, and let’s try to pretend I didn’t block out that part of my life, but I don’t remember any songs from my Atticus CD or the 3 months I was into boy bands (my BFF was in a boy band called Exact, anyone hear of it?!) or BritSpears (except for “Lucky”…once I DLed that from Napster before the Metallica=FAIL incident and in the middle of the song was this like devil chanting. I was home alone and had a serious freak out.). OH! But in middle school I listened to Blaque, TLC, and Splackaville. Anyone remember him? And once I translated What’s Your Fantasy by Ludacris into Spanish during C++ class.

    So moving forward in time to the song I’m going to try out for American Idol to*: Fergi’s Big Girl’s Don’t Cry. How Jake/Bella is that song? Cuz they all made mud pies together and now Bella’s leaving him to put her big girl panties on (‘cuz Edward won’t let her take them off!)
    Okay, so inspiration just hit:

    Blondie’s “A Shark in Jet’s Clothing” (Eclipse when the wolves and vamps are running the borders and Bella’s flippin’ out that someone’s gonna die and it’s her fault)
    Blondie’s “Don’t Leave Me Hanging on the Telephone” (Beginning of Eclipse when Jake won’t talk to Bella; and a foreshadow of their makeout session; Love the line “Why can’t you run to me” ‘cuz he’s all wolf and runs not drives; and just substitute “mom” with “Billy”)

    And takin’ it to the embarrassing level:
    Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Time” (Can we say NM?)
    N*Sync’s “This I Promise You” (So the first verse is all Jake, but then it’s all Edward’s return)
    N*Sync’s “I’ll Be Good For You” (All Jacob, all the time)
    Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want” (it’s like Bella, Jacob, Bella, Jacob…just read the lyrics.)
    Weezer’s “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” (omg, gonna cry! I heart Weezer, and I heart Bella’s super depression in New Moon; and I would totally talk to Edward’s wallet photo.)
    Tonic’s “Lemon Parade” (Edward’s general feelings towards Bella, including the psycho fatherly overprotectiveness)
    GooGoo Dolls’ “Iris” (OMG. Would be crying, but the window installation guy is here.)

    And this one, embedded for your pleasure viewing, is my tribute to all of our fake lesbian tendencies towards Ashlice:

    *Um, not really.

    • Just read the lyrics for Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want” …it totally gave me chills and made me so much more anxious for the movie to come out. Good choice.

    • Weezer’s not embarrassing!! Such a good choice!

      I want to say that the Goo Goo Dolls aren’t embarrassing either, but then, I tend not to tell people that A Boy Named Goo was one of my favorite albums growing up…

      Crap, I just did.

      • Weezer isn’t embarrassing that’s true. My pathetic obsession with this guy who was in love with someone else but still lead me on the whole time I was 17 (and then on and on and on, but I grew smart to it, thank goodness) and I used to drive home from hanging out with him and listen to Weezer’s Blue album and specifically the song “Only In Dreams” and be all sad and want him to love me. Oh yeah, he totally married that girl, too.

        • Oh, the things I would tell 17-year-old me about the stupidity of boys… Though, your story kind of feels like a John Cusack moment: “Alison married Kevin! I am fine now!”

      • Why have the Goo Goo Dolls come up around here so much lately? I’m partially responsible for part of that the other day… Anyway, A Boy Named Goo was definitely one of my favorite albums, but Superstar Carwash was always my #1. I may have played it to death and had to buy a new one. Yes, I am that lame.

    • GooGoo Dolls “Iris” …an old emo favorite I totally forgot about. 100% agree with that one! And the VH “Everything you want”…yes!

  48. I just bought Ray Lamontagne “Trouble” album and I totes thought of Twilight, specifically post New Moon when I heard the title track. LOVE this song!

    Been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born
    Just will not seem to leave my mind alone
    Well I’ve been saved by a woman
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    She won’t let me go
    She won’t let me go now
    She won’t let me go
    She won’t let me go now

    Feels like every time I get back on my feet
    She come around and knock me down again
    Sometimes I swear it feels like this worry is my only friend
    Well I’ve been saved by a woman
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    She won’t let me go
    She won’t let me go now
    She won’t let me go
    She won’t let me go now

    She good to me now
    She gave me love and affection
    She good to me now
    She gave me love and affection
    I said I love her
    She’s good to me
    She’s good to me

    • Just trying to teach myself how to embed youtube video…see if this works

      • Totally agree w/ you on the entire Trouble album. I love Ray though and can probably relate his music to anything if I tried… 🙂

  49. The Duet by Nevershoutnever! Oh, it is amazing! I think this song is perfect for when Bella sees Jake for the first time after Edward leaves. Jake’s POV of course:

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