Do you see (UC) what I see?

Dear LTTers,

Picture 5

Why yes that is “Bella’s house” in Vancouver, Canada as seen by Google Street view released today for Vancouver. Looks like the google car captured images during New Moon filming!

Picture 3

Picture 1

Picture 2

Peek-a-boo! Knock Knock! Rob are you in there?

Seriously? Zooming around “Bella’s House” is all kinds of awesome and I feel like I’m there, buttttttt it’s a little creepy. Speaking of creepy, no I’m not going to give out the address to this location so you can street view it on Google yourself. That’s a litttttttle too creepy for my liking! This is actually on someone’s property and I’m gonna throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to bikechick for sharing her secret so that I could be a creeper and look in Bella’s windows (I was looking for Jacob, obvvviously I know Robward isn’t there)

Seriously. We posted twice today. WHOA! But hey- nothing like a little spontaneous post to get us excited for- how many days now? FORTY THREE! WHOO HOO!

Also a perfect opportunity to remind you that you have less than 3 hours from the time this is posted to get your entries into us for the “Imma win a Twilight Contest contest” to win AWESOME prizes from Bella BeJeweled. YOU HAVE UNTIL 11:59 PM ET TONIGHT WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7TH!

Okay… two posts in one day? I’m feeling weird. I’m gonna go drink or something.



50 Responses

  1. Hey that’s great you’re posting twice a day! Makes me feel like I’m not so behind. I haven’t even seen the other post from today and haven’t commented yet :-(.

    This is great! Gotta love googleview. So neat and creepy at the same time. So I’m assuming the front window is the window to Bella’s room? That’s where Edward goes through, awww. I’m totally imagining it now.

  2. I love two posts in one day! And omgosh that is the creepiest, greatest thing ever! That’s so weird that they took the pictures during New Moon filming!!

    • Two posts a day, is just so great!! but girl, dont say u start feeling wierd, coz it only scares us tht u might not be doing this from tomorrow.
      we all love ya so much!!!

  3. Holy eff!
    That is awesome!!
    Oh and it’s only 42 days for me in Australia.
    Y’know cos we get New Moon on November 19.


  4. Oooooo this is like Christmas where you think you have opened all your presents but find one more for yourself tucked behind the tree! Another LTT posting in the same day – supercallifrag is what I say.


  5. Two posts in one day?! I had a postgasm.

    Thanks for the google view!

  6. Tee Hee! I knew this was coming out and rushed here to be the first to comment – DAMN! 3 followers beat me to it!
    Glad you like!

    p.s. check out the 3 trees in front of house – real trees but uprooted from somewhere else and planted deep in the ground, will be re-planted somewhere else when all the dust settles.

    • BTW, we just got our tix for the 10pm screening on Thurs. Nov. 19 (PST). Are we lucky to see it 2 hours early, because we’ve had to put up with Twi-hards descending on our city for the last year?
      We would have left the 10pm screening and gone straight into the midniter, but we would have had to line up for a good seat, at the same time we’d be squeeing in the 10pm show, so the logistics didn’t work. So we bought tickets for the next night too!

      • @Bikechick: How do you get 10pm tickets? My SO and I are going to Victoria/Vancouver for a weekend getaway that weekend (so I could see NM in Port Angeles, yeah, lame, I know). But if we can see the 10pm, that’d be super awesome. Esp. since my American dollars go like 7 cents further. And esp. since Vancouver is my SO’s favorite city IN THE WORLD. If we could be Canadian, we would live there in a hot second (even though I heart Portland). Maybe you can find us jobs? 😉

  7. Feliz Christmakus!

    Awesome. Who decided to look this up?

    43 days! WHOOT!

    And now for shameless self-whoring:

    Follow me on Twitter! angel51_r

    Sorry. *Runs & hides in embarrassement.

    • Haha, nothing wrong with self-whoring! I’ll follow you on twitter, if you can tell me how to use it! I signed up for an account awhile back, but decided that I couldn’t be bothered to learn one more interface…

    • Hey I would follow you but I can’t get the hang of Twitter. I signed up earlier this year and I’m barely on there. Between LTT and LTR, Facebook, checking email, other forums, reading fanfics, babysitting, being a mom and a housewife, I just can’t add any more to my plate :-).

      I love your screen name though! 🙂

      • Thanks! I love your screen name too. I dressed up as a “southern belle” for Halloween in 5th grade or so. : )

  8. HAHAHA I started this post thinking “awww that house is just too cute” and then ended slightly creeped out at the zoomed in window shot. Not that I’m judging… I would’ve done the same thing.

  9. That is a teensy bit creepy – but not really any creepier than seeing your own house and car on Google street view. This reminds me of none other than….

    • Ok. Creepy song.

      Especially w/ the money eyes.

      Reminds me of the “imaginary audience” that teens are sooo prone to believing in.

    • Ugh, I hate those Geico ads. They used to have such good commercials, too.

  10. Two posts in ONE day. My dreams have come true. Seriously, this is AWESOME! 43 days, BABY!

  11. I’m going to post a comment because for the first time it won’t be down in the 150 comment mark area (stupid time zones).


    And 42 days! Hah! 41.5 if you consider it’s lunchtime here now, and I’m going to the midnight screening (yes, I see it’s a wound, have some salt – heeheehee)

    • Evil, Cledbo. Seriously evil. If this is what your comments would be like, then I’m glad you’re living halfway across the world. SO THERE.

      (disclaimer: for those who don’t understand sarcasm, I’m kidding)

      • I’ll have to take the vodka watermelon back if you won’t play nice, HB!



        ahhh I can’t do it, you’re too funny. It would be a crime not to reward hilarious stalker tendencies. Just as it would have been a crime not to call me out on being a beeotch because I get to see NM a WHOLE DAY before the rest of youse. We have to get some consolation prizes for living down here, don’t we?

  12. Hmm… Why do I feel like more of a voyeur looking at pictures of a house from a movie set than I do looking at pictures of Rob, et al., getting in and out of cabs?

  13. You can be *just like Edward*!! Gasp!

  14. Speaking of creepy, I had to go and see the house when I was in VC in september and all I could see was this:

  15. Two posts in one day! You guys are so productive. Of course we’ve all been neglecting our own blogs (and lives) frantically thinking of entries for the imma-contest this last week. When are you guys announcing the winner? Not that I’m not patient or anything…

  16. Yes, very creepy UC. I half expected to see a vampire face in that last close up. Wonder how much they’ll sell that house for after filming. Or maybe they’ll just make it a permanent Twilight museum. Hmm… they’ll need a curator…

  17. i c u uc. you crack me up.

  18. Whoa! A two-fer! I panicked and thought daylight savings had come, or I passed out and missed a bunch of hours. This is way better…even though I feel a bit like a creeperson, looking for vampires, Native jailbait hotties, and mullet-bearers in some dude’s house…

    Thanks ladies for the double!

  19. Love the dual posts! Zooming around is creepy, but I think its partially FANTASTIC!

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  22. I so missed this post until today. It was like finding $20 instead of a moth ball in my coat pocket when I finally pull it out of the closet for winter. (‘cuz I do that now, ‘cuz I don’t live in Florida anymore…squeee!)

  23. The house looks nothing like the house layout I imagine when I read the books. Still. Just like my Bella and Edward don’t actually look anything like Robsten. Esp. not my Bella. My Bella’s actually kind of cool and not as ridiculously Tom Boyish and she doesn’t have that awful voice.

  24. It’s funny how you say that it would be creepy to give out the address to us – but yet and then you go say how you will be looking in the windows – 2 times a day – It’s creepy that you feel like your intitled but we are not! Glad you feel that you are intitled and we are not – I guess you wouldn’t feel like a peeping tom looking in their windows – but we would – whatever!

  25. […] The Google Streetview car was making its rounds while New Moon was filming, Letters to Twilight has discovered. […]

  26. […] The Google Streetview car was making its rounds while New Moon was filming, Letters to Twilight has discovered. […]

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