Tuesday Twilosophy: My confession

twilosophygreenDear Twilosophy 101 Classmates,

Sometimes we like to put aside the funny & have real talk about the deep, meaningful issues of Twilight- because there are so many. Twilight is serious. Just like Tweed. So Twilosophy must be taken seriously. In fact I made an image to accurately reflect the seriousness of Twilosophy.

Moving on, I was recently chatting with The Quad:

EastFriend: You know what I think, “Don’t have sex till you’re married, kids!” But… I wanted Edward and Bella to do it. I was literally breathless during those parts of the book…dying…

And then I threw my copy of Eclipse across the beach when she kissed Jacob. And admitted to Edward that she loved Jacob–“but I know whom I love more.” I kid you not, like a 3 year old having a tantrum, I flung that book across the sand, in disgust…going, “STUPID BEOTCH!” I then sat there for a good minute before picking it up and beginning to read again. Love me through it. (And yes, that copy of Eclipse–I have 3–still has sand in it. No lie.)

UC:  I wanted her to get it on with Jacob for a quick second.

WestFriend: UC……I could kick you for that remark.
I am with EastFriend…I literally threw my book across the floor too. I did. I yelled in agony too. I said, “Oh no she did NOT!” and then told my family I wasn’t crazy. And then kept reading.

EastFriend: Ewwwww. You did not! I  mean, yeah he’s cute and warm and cuddly and semi-sexy. But not for one minute did I want her to even put her lips near his. Nope. Not at all.

UC: I didn’t want it. until he DID it. until he kissed her. Then i wanted it. Then i was mad. And felt ashamed. Just like Bella. I AM Bella, clearly. Minus the bad cover-up mullet-wig.

I’ll confess, and this is hard for me knowing the ridicule and scorn I’ll receive from my beloved readers (it’ll be like any time KStew makes a fashion decision without the help of a stylist or how TammyO is treated in her real life that causes her to be so cruel on LTT), but I wanted Bella to kiss Jacob back!

My kind of shirt

My kind of shirt

I did. I wanted the kiss to happen. I wanted it to be hot. I wanted there to be tongue. I wanted there to be grinding up against each other (Clearly I needed to get laid that day) And I wasn’t disappointed. Until I remembered Edward. And how I had been thinking about how I wanted HIM to grind up against me Bella a chapter earlier. And I felt torn. And confused. And unsure of what to do. So I re-read the kiss part and tried to ignore those feelings for a few more seconds.

I’m not alone right!? There are other Team Edward members who think it would be fun to dabble in a little Team Jacob action from time to time, right? RIGHT!?I mean, I know Bella agrees. She liked that kiss- she CRIED over that kiss. And she’s the biggest Team Edward fan around!

Well, I did a little asking around in hopes that I would find an underground community of avid Team Edward members who occasionally had a little daytime fantasy about Jacob:

TooFarGone: I didn’t want Bella to kiss Jacob, in fact it kind of makes me sick when I think back to that part of the book. Mostly I just was super annoyed with Bella for being such a hussy, leg-hitching with Edward in one scene and then making out with Jacob in another… MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND WOMAN. I’ll probably love the kiss in Eclipse for just what it is – someone making out with super-smoking-hot-and-finally-legal-in-all-states-including-Georgia Taylor Lautner.

Forget TooFarGone! Who needs her?

Brooke: Perfect timing since I just reread Eclipse. I HATE BELLA in this book. I really felt for her in New Moon, and I understood the friendship with Jake. HOWEVER, once she accepted Edward back into her life, she needed to see let go of Jake. He had stronger feelings for her than she him. It wasn’t right for her to lead him on.

When Bella kisses Jake in the woods, she is cheating on Edward. She committed her life to Edward and accepted his proposal. She CHEATED on her fiance. She is a selfish bitch in this story and I wished that Edward would have been more upset. What made me feel even more sick was Bella being hysterical with Edward after she sees Jake to tell him she’s made her choice. How could she make Edward doubt that she made the right choice? I do not accept that she was in love with Jake. When you are going to spend FOREVER with a person and you are willing to give up everything for that person (or in normal people terms, get married) you shouldn’t be feeling those types of strong feelings for another person. If you are, you shouldn’t be getting married or becoming an immortal. Her feelings of hating herself are completely justified at the end of the book, but yet she brought that totally on herself. Edward shouldn’t have been so accommodating to her.

Can you tell that I’m a scorn woman? I need a hug.

Remind me to stay out of Brookie’s way. NEXT

Moon: No way in HALE do I want Bella to kiss Jacob in Eclipse (the book) cause she has the face Edward in the tent after and that pretty much breaks both of their hearts! AND MINE!! I want to slap some sense into her stupid head in that book because she acts like a lunatic without a brain. She’s made a decision to be committed to Edward but then “all of a sudden” is kissing Jacob. She makes it seem as if it was unavoidable and she had no choice but to kiss him. Yes you have a choice Bella and you chose wrong!

(the end)



NOW if we’re talking the movie version of Eclipse…. HALE YES there better be a kiss in the movie version of Eclipse if not that will be the biggest box tease in the history of film. If I’m being honest I want them to kiss in New Moon but will settle if we get a hot one in eclipse. I mean hello you can’t not have them kiss in the movie.

Don’t you love double standards!?

Sigh….am I really alone? Kristin? Please!?

Kristin: Oh yes, I wanted them to kiss.

YAY! I KNEW I could find someone!

Kristin: (Not done yet) because I wanted her to completely feel icky about it afterward and them not feel the spark…sigh. I was pissed however that Edward was all but saying that Bella should just go with him because he didn’t deserve her…whatever. EDWARD, you are..uh..EDWARD, stop with all the insecurities. I digress. I will say that something wasn’t right, and I called it during New Moon when they told about imprinting (Or was that in Eclipse? they all run together sometimes) and I noticed that even though he loved her, wanted to be with her, they never said that he imprinted. I was all: something is fishy here….

Something IS fishy here!! I am …. ALONE!? I don’t do well alone guys… First of all I sing to myself. Secondly I’m a little paranoid. Picture this: Buttcrack Santa in a boat at a fishing wharf singing to himself. Now replace Buttcrack Santa with a slightly more attractive female (only slightly more attractive though- he’s a pretty good looking guy, you gotta admit) Now picture that girl singing “Mama said you gonna have to make a kitty meowww” alone. Paranoid. That’s how I feel right now.

Please tell me I’m not alone! PLEASE!

Who’s there?,

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  1. I still need a hug.

    I think that I pretty much said it all above, but I really wish there were more consequences to Bella’s actions.

    Sigh. Stupid Bella.

    • All I have to say about your commentary is AMEN! This book killed me. And I wanted to smack the hell out of Bella.

      I still do.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE! and the more i read eclipse (Which is my fave book, so its hard not to) the more and more mad i get that edward doesnt freak out on her and get all mad. she DESERVES IT. she totally cheated on him! and with a DOG, no less!! and later she even says that she wished edward had been mad…ugh. SM. you get me so worked up sometimes (DAMN U JACOB! (and bella for kissing him!))

    • I am SO right there with you, Brooke! When Bella asked Jacob to kiss her, and then realized she really DID love him? In the words of Sue Sylvester, ” ‘I was AROUSED . . . and then FURIOUS.’ ” Except, minus the aroused part. Continuing with the wit and wisdom of Sue, what did I want to do to Jacob/Bella/Stephenie Meyer at that point? ” ‘YES, WE CANE!’ ”

      I just think that if Bella had loved Edward ENOUGH, there would have been NO ROOM in her heart left for Jacob. And that shiz about her heart splitting in two and never being totally whole again? So lamespice.

      Wow, I think I’m starting to hyperventilate, and that will NOT be conducive to finishing these TPS reports. Must . . stop . . . the . . . hate . . .

      • I just can’t leave it alone.

        Addendum: For me, whatever (lesser) attraction I felt for Jacob completely disappeared when he manipulated Bella by threatening to commit suicide/not try to not die. I mean, c’mon, how is that not childish and stupid? Pissypants Jacob is total buzzkill.

        • Just a comment not a criticism…. it was childish and stupid cause both Jacob and Bella are young, 17 and 18 respectively.
          Edward acted differently cause he has more perspective and was playing the long game, by not acting all pissy and jealous he got what he wanted……

          • I agree. I always think of Edward as more mature because he has so much more life experience – or in his case, post-life experience!

          • True, true. I guess I always expect more than teenage reactions because the characters are dealing with much more mature issues, and have been for awhile. Accelerated maturity, no?

          • I have to stop myself sometimes when I’m reading and remember that they are teenagers. I get annoyed because I think how I would react to the things that are happening…but then I have to remind myself how different my thoughts where when I was 17!

          • Ahhh. I was 17 when I met Mr. P. And I don’t know how I would have reacted to having a vamphot and a wolfhot, but I have to say I would NOT have let Mr. P/vamphot stop after the leg hitch!

            Does that make me sound slutty? ‘Cause I wasn’t, but c’mon . . .

          • If not wanting to stop at the leg hitch makes you slutty, then I am right there with ya!

          • I totes agree with Rubytuesday. That being said, it still pissed me offfff! I hate Eclipse for that kiss and what sometimes feels like the character assassination of all three of them. I found it hard to believe that Bella wouldn’t know better than to play along with Jacob, knowing full well that what she was doing was really just hurting him more & Jacob knowing that the imprint didn’t require a kiss to happen, so why waste anymore time on Bella? The description of E & B’s love for each other in the prior 2 books didn’t lend itself well to that kiss! I really hated that kiss!!!

          • I hear your point about them being teenagers, but if your love is all consuming and you are willing to give your entire life to that person, how in the world can you be in love with someone else?

            SM also made it seem like Bella had no choice in her love for Edward it was more Cosmic and maybe something she wouldn’t want. I understand that you can’t help who you love, but in rereading Eclipse, it made it seem like the love was forced beyond her control.

            PS I love this discussion topic. I’d love to have a sit down with SM to hear her thoughts…

          • Brooke – I just went back and reread your thoughts from the original post. I agree…even though I realize my thoughts/actions might have been different as a teenager than now, Bella’s actions were flat out wrong. She did CHEAT! I’m re-reading Eclipse now and am so angry with her all the time. It’s painful to me the way she treats Edward as a result of her actions with Jacob. Edward seems at times like the combination of a saint and doormat in Eclipse!
            But I always think my opinion is coming from my deep Edward love. But really, Bella’s Edward love should be deeper than mine! Don’t ya think?

            Geez – I could so get fired for all the time I’m spending on LTT today!

          • no, not that love was forced ON her, beyond control, but that love is a FORCE beyond control. she was compelled, torn and drawn between to guys that, by anyone estimation, she had major connections with.

            plus there’s a scripture in the Bible that says ” the heart is treacherous, who can know it”, so there you go.

          • ambushed: I love that you closed the argument by quoting the Bible. That was so hilarious. (Not in an anti-religious way, but in a contextual way, and how you were all “So there ya go!” So friggin’ cute)

          • thank you Team Seth! that was sweet! yeah… i am quite a religous gal… it’s focal point in my life. but that just popped into my head and i thought it really applied!

            Steph is a Mormon, i am not, but there is a theme of definite morality in her books that i understand…

        • totally agree!!!! I hate him for the rest of the story…until Edward said: “Goodbye my brother, goodbye my son”…then I realized I’d forgiven him and that I loved him again as a friend…

      • haha.. Sue Sylvester.

        I WAS aroused.. but I already confessed that..

      • Sue Sylvester … FTMFW! Cuz that’s how Sue C’s it.

      • I love you for bringing Glee into this conversation.

    • I love your rants!

    • i think the same thing brooke. even at 17 i think i would have known “stick with edward” you are not in LOVE with jacob, he is your VERY close friend. ugh.

      • oh i also meant to say i agree there should have been more consequences, edward lets her off WAY too easliy

        • themoonisdown! there you are! i was wondering where you were… must’ve had a busy day! (i inquired as to your where-abouts on the other page of posts…)

          type on…

        • I may have discovered a Fan Fic where there are some consequences to her actions, going to check out the first chapter tonight!
          …will keep you posted, as in when I harass you over chat at all hours.

          • There is a one-shot on twilighted.net involving a very angry (and sexy) Edward after the kiss in the woods. I’m looking for it.

    • Amen Brooke! *hugs*

    • I hated Bella for kissing Jacob in Eclipse. But, after the initial distress, I realized that it means more for her to have chosen Edward knowing what she was giving up. She could have been reasonably happy with Jacob and their two kids. The sacrifice of her human life is more significant because of that kiss. Also, Bella used Jacob in New Moon. Not intentionally. But, she let him make her feel better knowing that he loved her and that she didn’t feel the same way in return. Kissing Jacob and recognizing that she’s hurt him helps Bella grow up enough to make the important decisions she has to in order to join Edward’s world.

  2. OMG ! I just wanted to say somemthing ..yesterday my teacher was wearing a jacket and the fabric (I’m not a fabrics expert) but it seemed tweed to me and I almost fell off my chair .. seriously I had a “Tweed is serious”flash back .. which could have been the end of me .because this teacher ..much like her jacket .. is very ..VERY serious .. she doesn’t take crap from anyone …LOL

    • I might have a tweed pencil skirt in earthy tones.

    • i had tweed slip-on shoes…pink

    • you know what? i have a black & white tweed (which is probably fake tweed, i dunno) skirt that I wear on serious days with a serious pair of tights, a serious white shirt and my glasses.

      • that sounds seriously hot.

        • I heard Goo Goo Dolls the other day and thought of you. =]


          Oh, and UC… that seriously does sound hot.

          • HAHAHA YESS!! That’s awesome. I don’t know why I love that so much, but I do ❤ Funny thing is I can't even remember the last time I listened to them. Should totally rock out to "Dizzy Up The Girl" when driving home today. Yessss.

      • I’m thinking the Lindsay Price character on Eastwick. I’m very much hoping you let your hair down and try some witchy/Jedi eye tricks on D. Choice. Maybe get him to do a follow-up interview with Paddleston? A “Never Think” polka?

        • I’m diggin’ the Star Wars shout-outs today! last night in bed, while UC was twilosophizing, I was thinking about what George Lucas would’ve made his sets look like in episodes 4-6 if he’d had access to CGI then. That’s normal.

          And ps-your paddleston comment was super amazing.

          • Ahhhh. 4-6 would have been uhmazing if made w/today’s tech. Although, I believe quite a bit o’ that tech is responsible for the Binks fail. Boo.

            Everytime I watch the forest scenes in Twilight, I wish some Ewoks would pop up.

          • Nah, I think that George is responsible for that fail. The techs were just doin’ their jobs 😉

            Anyway, I just moved up here to PacNW and every time I walk around I’m waiting for ewoks to pop out. They’re so friggin’ cute. I keep looking for Endor, ‘cuz I know I’m on the Endor Moon!

          • LUCKY! I feel like I was born to live in the Pacific NW! Except for my prone-to-frizziness hair . . . and the driver’s license that reads “Texas.”

            Please, next time you’re on one of those mossy, misty walks, think of me. Hugging an Ewok. Making out with Edward. In the forest.

            And to think that R2 and 3PO came AFTER Binks? Guess Lucas perfected his sidekick formula! Let the Wookie win!

          • Actually R2 was there on Naboo with Anakin in episode 1 and Anakin created 3PO to help out his mom on Tatooine. So, I’m not sure how the timeline is decided since they exist, but aren’t really playing roles as minor characters yet. (If you think I know too much about Twilight, omg, you have no idea how into Star Wars I am).
            ps-StotheP, up until like 4 response comments ago I thought your avatar was SlotheP. ‘Cuz I’m soooo stupid 😉

          • Also, there’s not really a lot of humidity here. Not like in Texas.

          • Mmmhmm, the Force is strong with you. I was just referring to when R2 and 3PO really became integral to the storyline.

            Don’t be ruining my PacNW fantasies. Texas is HOT, alternately muggy and marrow-sucking dry, HOT, HOT, and ohdidimention HOT? To me, the grass will always be greener in your neck of the woods. Probably because it actually IS greener.

            So maybe you should check again. It’s MISTY and MOSSY and ALWAYS COMFORTABLY COOL and there are HIDDEN EWOKS and ANGSTY VAMPIRES and shouldn’t these all be worked into the state flag or something?

          • Well yesterday it was gorgeous blue cloudless sky, 60 degrees, and I went to the really nice park on the hill. I thought of you actually, and ewoks, and of course Twilight (but when am I not thinking about that?)

            I used to live in FL, so I know heat and muggy all too well. I knew I was made for the PacNW too, that’s why I moved out here w/out a job in a recession. Yeah, stupid, stupid, stupid.

            But in 3 months when it’s still grey, 35 degrees, with 6 hrs of daytime a day, you should ask me, “How you likin’ the rain, girl?”

          • StotheP and TeamSeth – don’t mean to highjack your conversation, but I had to jump in on the PacNW/Texas weather thoughts! I’m in the South with heat and humidity – the worst of both your worlds! I’m with StotheP and the PacNW fantasies! About a year ago, before I got engrossed in the Twilight world, I read a bood called Good Grief (which I loved, btw) and the main character moved from California to Oregon. The descriptions of the climate (and her new life) in that book started my PacNW fantasies…but Forks solidified them!

          • Oops – I can’t type. I meant I read a “book” not a “bood” called Good Grief!

      • Serious, like James Spader Secretary serious? Um, because, that’s smoking hot in a sadomasochistic kind of way.

        • in “THE OFFICE” kind of way!!! whoohoooo!

          • I’m so fighting the urge to start reading The Office. I mean soooooo hard. Esp. after the author made her comments today and I know that it’s gonna be that good.

            Oh man. Oh man.

          • Talking of THE OFFICE and all things twilight related, My local tabloid reported a doctor who tried to poison his pregnant mistress to cause her to miscarry after a month long affair. She was his secretary. Guess their names? Dr Edward Erin and Bella Prowse!! thats just THE OFFICE gone wrong – Twilight inspiration….

          • Oh TeamSeth, go there. Go there, to The Office. Smut in every chapter, sometimes more than once, but a good story. Or maybe that’s why it’s good.

  3. oh no, my passionate friend. you are NOT alone. i was comPLETEly torn… i could completely see why she was willing to kiss Jacob that 2nd time… and then to cry over it… feeling all torn. after all, she does love him, too… just not the same way… and she thought he was, like, suicidal! i’d’ve had to’ve kissed him too (sorry hubby). i mean i LOVE the tee you pictured above. that’s the one i want. i mean don’t get me wrong! I LOVE EDWARD! but sheesh… that’s what makes it all angsty… which, com’on ladies, you know that “drama-trama” is what we love!

    • oh by-the-way, my hubby just started BD, but when Jacob (as my husband put it) “wouldn’t step off”, he was SO mad. “she should’ve kicked him in the ‘nads the 1st time”… i was laughing so hard at how angry he was. he was all “God, she is so stupid! if i wa Edward i’d’ve had to kill him right there.” my hubby is an endless source of delight for me these days! the Twilight Saga is what we discuss over dinner every night…

      • now i absolutely do NOT approve of the 1st “rape-kiss” from Jacob. “No” means no. he was just being a horney bugger, but, after all he is only 16-17… he still has a lot of growing up to do for his brain/”member”/hormones to catch up to his hot grown bod. but the 2nd kiss was not about lust. at least not at 1st. ok… she got a bit too “into it” but she does love him and feels an established connection to him. hence the BD imprinting on her offspring. they had already admitted that they belonged in each other’s lives.

      • you are so lucky! i’ve been trying to get my husband to read them for a while, but to no avail. i have however, gotten him hooked on anne rice, and i’m hoping she will act as a gateway drug….

        uc you are so not alone. maybe my opinion doesn’t count because i’m on the other team, but hey, i love edward too! the kiss was hot though. and i wanted it. i totally empathized with bella in eclipse –
        she thought she knew what she wanted, but she wasn’t very self-aware. i think sometimes we forget how young she is. not arguing, she def made mistakes, but i know i did at that age too….i probably would have done the same. *pleasedonothateonmetoohard*

        • ha-ha-HA! “*pleasedonothateonmetoohard*”
          cute. no, it’s understandable. you’re right, and we must remember that this written for… uhh… “teens”… they(we all did) do stupid things. she’s being rushed into permanent life choices! Yikes! she has hormones too!

          and seeing my hubby reading these books in bed til the wee hrs of the night, well as i told him yesterday, “that is so hott”. i love it. he said he can see why i was all caught up in it when i read it for the 1st time b/c he’s exactly the same way. he takes the book to work w/ him! he got throught the 1st and 2nd parts of BD in one day! heh-heh-heh… tell your hubby that even from a guys point of view, he’ll be enthrawled…

      • That’s so funny because my husband is reading BD too and he’s finding Edward really obnoxious at this point (Bella’s PG back in Forks). He’s on the side that Edward is the master manipulator.

        • hmmm… your hubby must need “more time”… hee-hee… Edward will grow on him… my hubby stared REALLY liking Jake, then when he got to BD he was like “WHAT AN A**HOLE! HE’S ACTING LIKE A FRIGGIN’ IDIOT!”

          When that comes out of his mouth i ROFL!!!

  4. It’s been a while since I read Eclipse, but I always thought the book should have been named “I Need to be Smacked” because Bella, Edward, and Jacob all needed a good smacking, though all for different reasons. Most of them revolving around that kissing scene. Which makes me roll my eyes when I read it, but which I’m dying to see in the movie.

  5. He had been there for her when Edward wasn’t (regardless of what E’s motives had been), he was safe, he was a genuine friend, obviously hot… I mean, how could you not be at least a little turned on by someone fighting THAT hard for you?

    I’m Team Edward and I was so glad when he finally grew a pair and decided to not fight fair. 🙂 But I didn’t hate Bella for testing the waters.

    • Amen Sista! SING IT!
      I sang the praises of Jacob Black when I was WAY more turned on by the kiss between the two of them than I was between any shared by Edward and Bella. I’m team Edward- but it was a different type of passion. Not a slow burning out of complete adoration one like the Eddy ones- but a desperate, life or death, knowing-it’s-wrong-but-not-being-able-to-stop-yourself, intense type of passion. And I was thankful once it happened because she got it out of the way. It would have always been just sitting there between them if they didn’t experience it at least once.

  6. You are NOT alone. In the books and in fanfic, I am ALWAYS Team Edward.

    However, in NM and Eclipse, my heart was torn and I wanted to jump on the Team Jacob bandwagon.

    I think in fantasyland, where Edward isn’t REALLY an emotionally abusive boyfriend, being Team Eduardo is A-ok.

    However, if this were real life and E+J+B were all fleshy and real and stuff, I would have to vote for Jake hands down. He would be the best choice for flesh and blood reality and I, personally, think every girl should have a Jacob in her life with a splash of Edward intensity.

    P.S. 90% of the time, guys like Jacob have a teensy bit of Edward intensity, you just have to find it and help them to bring it out.

    P.P.S. Sex toys help.

    • Brianne,

      I am SO with you on this!

      I’m Team Jacob with an occasional TE lapse, but you’re so right about the IRL thing. Edward usually just depresses me, but he is very romantic. Jacob is just so much fun – I couldn’t resist that, but he can be a real ahole.

      *ah* so glad to have someone in my head. Was worried I was nuts or something…

      • OH THANK GOD someone agrees with me. I was beginning to hear crickets in my corner.

        Jacob can definitely be a real asshole but you always know what he’s thinking and he’s extremely passionate. Of course, nothing really compares to the romantic passion that Bella shares with Edward…but that’s not RL for the most part. Oh, how I wish it was!!

        Not nuts, bb…although…if you’re on my side, maybe ;o)

        • I always feel so alone in my Team Jacob shirt! You’d think I just accounced that I wished Germany won WWII! Although Edward started to win me back in Midnight Sun..I just need the meadow scene to know for sure!

          Back to Jacob: I would take a tall beefy stud muffin mouth raping me outside a tent with hair pulling and waist grabbing WAY BEFORE a cold peck and a leg hitch with no follow through…you gotta follow throught.

    • “Sex toys helps.”
      ROTF LMAO!!!

    • Edward has just waited soooo long, and he is torn. Is this the best for Bella? I mean, dang, when was the last time a man (teen boy) actually placed a woman’s (teen girl), safety, virtue, and soul in the forefront of his thoughts. I could have done with out the whole lookin out for her virtue thing and totes voted for them to get it on when they reunited in new moon! But alas, even tho Jake is a hawt wolfy ball of hormones, we all know she wanted to take a sample. And I can’t say I can blame her, What with Edward leaving her with female blue balls, I’d want a sample of something!!


      Long live Team Edward with just a sample of Team Jacob on the side, just for experimental purposes

      • This is so damn funny.

      • Female blue balls! a sample of something! bwha ha ha ha! tots brill.
        I’m sooo with you on this. Team Edward with a Team Jacob on the side, just for experimental purposes -dirrrty experimental purposes-.

        • Right, I mean, Bella has to break those virginal ties that bind her. Get a little experience other than dry humping a vampire and tear that S*%t up!! Then she can totes rock Edward’s world!!

      • This totes reminded me of “Just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels…” from Wedding Crashers.

    • Your post postscript was unbelievably awesome. I’m so happy you exist and wrote that.

  7. which kiss are you taking about? The Mouth Rape or the Kiss where he manipulated her into doing?
    How can you want Bella to kiss Jacob?? Jacob pisses me off more than Bella in Eclipse which is saying something.. He acts like such an asshole and completely messes with her head, so theres no way I want her to kiss Jacob!

    • THANK YOU. The only thing that made me madder than the forced kiss was the way Charlie was all proud of Jacob for doing it. He went back and told Bella later that no one had the right to kiss her without her permission, but damage was done. One has to ignore one’s feminist switch when reading these books.

      • I liked when Bella called Edward and told him about the kiss.

        I want to see the scene where Edward gets angry at Jacob and tells him that Jacob will run on 3 legs if he hurts Bella again mwahahahahahahaha

      • Yes. This. He kissed her twice and both times completely manipulated the situation. Telling her he was going to basically go kill himself because she wouldn’t choose him? He’s a complete DOUCHE. He is the anti-Edward. Edward was willing to live simply near her if she chose Jacob, so that he could see she was happy, but Jacob was willing to pretend to kill himself if she chose Edward. He’s an ASShole.

        I found Bella’s reaction to that first kiss very satisfying. I was proud of her for smacking him, and completely HOT that Edward threatened him. As it should be. Well done, yous. Her reaction to the second kiss (thinking she was in love with him as well) pissed me right the hell off, and I agree with Jodes, I wanted to smack the hell out of her, but I understand it …. a little.

        She’d never been with anyone but Edward, never kissed anyone else, and apparently had never been attracted to anyone else … somehow. She was attracted to Jacob, had strong feelings for him, friendship or otherwise, and he manipulated her into kissing him fully. I’m sure her body had a physiological response she only experienced or expected with Edward, so that confused her some. She should have recognized hormones for what they were, but with Edward twatblocking her for months, maybe she just couldn’t see past the horny haze.

        • HA-HA-HA-HA! insightful observation compiled there! go on…

        • lol completely agree he is a douche!!

        • I totally see your side, and this is how I felt reading Eclipse for the first time. But upon a few (ahem, 10) rereads, I feel like I get where Jacob is coming from, mouth rape and all…did I just say that? He was acting like a complete asshole, but he loved her so much that he wouldn’t give up. He also knew that she loved him, too – he just had to make her see it. Being a 17 year old boy, this is the only way he knew how. He was also totally right about a few other things: she could have children and keep Charlie and Renee if she chose him (Jacob). He felt justified in his actions because he thought he was the healthier choice for her and felt like he had to save her from becoming immortal. Even Edward agreed with that ( though he didn’t agree with the way he went about trying to do it). And Charlie’s response (“atta boy”) was because he had a predjudice against Edward for leaving her and breaking her heart. He saw that Jacob brought her out of her zombie state, so for a while, he was rooting for Jake. I also like the way that Stephenie describes it:

          “Does this love [for Jacob] devaluate her love for Edward? Not for me. For me, it makes that perfect true love stronger. Bella has another option. She has a really good one. An option that’s easier in many ways, that takes nothing—like her family, present or future—away from her. She would have love, and friendship, and family—an enviable human future. But she chooses Edward over all of this. This makes it real for me.”

          The first time I read Eclipse, I didn’t really like the kiss, but now, it’s right up there with the leg hitch for me. I’m Team Edward all the way, but I would have wanted a taste of hot wolfy goodness before I commited to forever with Edwardian perfection.

          • that was beautiful.

          • “An option that’s easier in many ways, that takes nothing—like her family, present or future—away from her. She would have love, and friendship, and family—an enviable human future. But she chooses Edward over all of this.”

            And then Stephenie goes on to reward her with still having all of these things and Edward. UC, whenever we chatted about how there’s zero conflict in BD, I totes agree with you on that now! You are so right, Stephenie loves her characters too much to make them suffer or die in the end.

          • Ugh TeamSeth I totally agree with you there – it’s actually, more than any other niggling thing, the part of the series that irritates me the most – she just won’t kill anyone! It’s a book about vampires!! Yeah, sure, Irina buys the farm, but that’s OK because she kinda deserved it for being a bitch and hooking up with Laurent in the first place, but come ON! I was so jonesing for that fight and it just….fizzled. She could have given *something* up – even a Mid-Summer Nights Dream didn’t have this many happy tied-up-in-a-ribbon endings!

            *end rant*

      • I JUST read this part of the book this week. I was so mad at Jacob and Charlie for their behavior in this part! And I loved how Edward handled the situation – taking care of Bella, being forceful with Jacob, and at the same time not letting his anger get the best of him. I love with when he makes a comment about not killing Jacob because it was upset Bella, and he smiles and says at least it would upset her “in the morning.” Love it!

      • Yep of the whole ‘mouth rape’ incident Charlie’s reaction was the one that REALLY REALLY PIS*ED ME OFF!!!!
        If my father or my husband had responded like that I would seriously do them some damage. In my experience father’s are protective of their children’s sexuality and do not encourage willing interaction let alone the more or less ‘well done boy’ attitude Charlie shown Jacob……

        • well i think the point was that he was clearly taking sides… he always said, “you need to give him a chance” so… a guy is a guy is a guy.

  8. the only way i can justify bellas stupid cathy from wuthering heights behavior is that she couldnt help feel a pull toward jacob because she eventually would have a kid that he imprinted on. like when i read eclipse i was hating bella for doing that shit to edward, but when i read breaking dawn it made sense and i didn’t think she was such a bitch anymore haha. but the kiss was hot not gonna lie. i mean shit how could it not be with a 6’7″ muscled up tan woodsy beefcake?

  9. Sorry UC You’re alonein this .. I really hated Bella .. She broke my heart and I DID throw the book away and Said ..WHAT?! like a lunatic (thankfully it was in the middle of the night and everyone at home was fast asleep in their own room away from me) And in Eclipse it was the very first time I ever fely sorry for Jacob ,. before that I hated his guts because to me he was “the home-wrecker” but then when Bella did what she did ..I realized the REAL villian .. I didn’t even want her to end up with Edward after that .. because she’s the one who doesn’t deserve him (Like she said all along) and not the other way around !
    OK now I’m gonna stop ranting 😛

  10. I’m ashamed to admit that Eclipse turned me Team Jacob. The scene where she chooses after the battle breaks my heart in about a million different ways. It (along with the kiss scene) threw me straight into Jacob’s corner.

    I guess it all worked out in the end, though. 😀

  11. I had to throw on my glasses and tweed jacket before I could comment.

    Now that I’m serious, let me say that I’ve been all over the map with my thoughts on the Jacob/Bella kiss. I hated it, I loved it, I hated again. I landed on “hated it” when I realized that Edward and Jacob were in some dick-banging contest over Bella like she was property, and while Bella was agonizing over the kiss, Jacob and Edward were having a good chuckle over how manipulative they could both be. Then I decided that if I wanted to enjoy the Twilight saga at all, I was going to have to keep my feminist theories out of it, and now I just skip the kiss when I read Eclipse. Just like I skip the entire section of New Moon where Edward is gone. Sorry, Team Edward to the freaking core over here.

  12. I did not want Bella to kiss Jacob until Breaking Dawn when she was pregnant with the “nudger” (Nudger is a sickening word for a fetus, btw).

    I then wanted her to get rid of the life sucker and have beautiful indian babies w/ Jacob.

    Completely irrational but it was Edward’s idea!

    • Or puppies, or whatever. Edward’s own words!

    • i thought “little nudger” was a cute nic-name (since they couldn’t determine the sex)… that’s the way it feels, after all…

      • Been there, done that (pregnancy). But nudger?? No.

        Maybe I am just fussy. lol

        • Not a mother myself, but I totally agree. I get the “perfectness” of the Renesmee issue for completing the storyline, but I guess I just got turned off by Bella being pregnant with a nudger/Jacob imprinting Bella’s baby/Bella & Edward being parents. Sigh. I know I may be in the minority here.

          I think I could more adequately express my feelings here by relating a Twitter I received from my Twilight kindred spirit, after she finished Breaking Dawn:

          ‘Did I read that wrong? Did the baby EAT HER WAY out of Bella’s stomach?’

          I did set her straight, but still, her tone was not far off from my perception. Sicknast.

          • Truth to the sicknast. Imprinting on Renesmee after his relationship with her mother, it was like finding out Luke and Leia were brother and sister and that formerly fabulous kiss before the Death Star core shaft swing was…incestuous. Ugh, extreme sicknast.

        • Yep, I never knew the sex of any of mine {3 boys by the way} but they we always just “my baby” sigh….soft old thing with no imagination I suppose….

    • Thumbs down to Indian babies? Seriously? Have you ever seen one?

      Unlike some other races babies, they are absolutely adorable, even when newborns.

      Trust me. I like in Oklahoma.

  13. I agree with Brooke. You don’t go kissing “the friend” when you’re getting married to EDWARD! *Emphasizing EDWARD some more*. I can understand that she felt a bit “neglected”, but she should have turned to her effin’ purple pillow some more, instead of leading on her best friend.

    If she was secretly getting back at Edward for leaving her in New Moon, then disregard the above and way to go Bella! You teach that bastard!

    • Ooh, good point about the revenge kiss. I mean, Edward absolutely broke the poor girl. She could have done the *mature* thing and made him slowly suffer an existence of little guilt trips, but we need to remember, she IS only 18.

    • I had never looked at it from that perspective before… so really, contrary to popular belief, Bella is totally feminist, because she keeps Edward under control by leading on Jacob. Complicated, but the more I think about it, the more genius it becomes.

      • Yeah, until we remember that the book is first person POV, so the reader would know that’s what she was doing, because she would know.

  14. Are we forgetting that Ed broke her heart !!!!! srly he left her broken & crying in the forest. OMEJ I have no love for Ed’s feelings when they kissed. Jake had to try at least. For the record i am team switzerland lol

  15. Ok, I too threw the book at the wall when Edward left in NM. I didn’t pick the book up for 3 days. However, does no one understand that Edward’s and Bella’s relationship was unhealthy?

    She completely ditched friends AND family to be with him and his stalker tendencies. She was completely ready to end all ties with EVERY PERSON IN HER LIFE to be with Edward in the afterlife.

    Speaking with a human heart, Jacob would be the better choice.

    Ok…now that that’s out, I can say that immortality must be painful but cool as hell and I’d love to give it a whirl ;o)

    • Yeah, have to agree with you there too. When I was reading the series for the 3rd time, I was like, “Hmm… maybe the overprotective thing isn’t as endearing as I thought it was. It’s more stalkerish.”

  16. Now picture that girl singing “Mama said you gonna have to make a kitty meowww” alone. Paranoid

    My face is hurting cause I am trying not to laugh out loud (my boss has a meeting next door and the walls are paperhin!)
    Damn you UC if I am going to get fired!!! giggles

  17. No, no! You’re not alone at all. I, too, was torn when I was reading Eclipse. When Bella had the moment where she pictured what her life could be like with Jacob, with their family, it just about killed me. I mean, I wanted her to become a vampire even before I started reading the books, and OF COURSE she should end up with Edward, but I felt more than a twinge of “what if.”

    Plus, it still sort of bothers me the way that Bella gave up her human family in the books. I know that she was able to reconnect with Charlie after she was turned. But the explanation that she just drifted away from her mother, or that it was time for them to be out of each other’s life just felt so wrong to me. In Twilight she calls her mother her best friend. Even though her mother is hair-brained and flighty and childlike, doesn’t mean that Bella doesn’t have a mother-daughter bond with her. If some guy, even Edward Cullen, put me in a situation where I had to choose him or cut off all contact from my mother, I’m pretty sure wouldn’t hesitate to kick that man to the curb. On the other hand, I’ve never been presented with the option of being turned into a sparkly vampire.

    And if that’s not enough justification, I have two other theories:
    1) Even though I KNOW it’s just a fictional book, I still wanted Edward for myself.
    2) Maybe Jacob was already starting to get imprinty feelings for Bella’s ovaries.

    Sorry for the novel here, but I’m finally getting a chance to put my philosophy degree to good use!

    • If some guy, even Edward Cullen, put me in a situation where I had to choose him or cut off all contact from my mother, I’m pretty sure wouldn’t hesitate to kick that man to the curb.

      Edward is trying to get her to kick him to the curb and she just won’t do it.

  18. UC, you´re not alone! I liked that Edward had some competition, I liked the kiss and hoped for more. A bit more at least… I might be a hussy as Brook described it but come on, its Edward and Jacob, I would kiss both. Yes, I´m a hussy but I blame the Swedish sin (you can´t help your hertitage…) Maybe Bella´s part Swedish 😉

  19. UC – love the Twilosophy banner!

    Oh East Friend..if I waited for marriage, i’d still be holding my V-card. 🙂

  20. I think I was/am Team Edward and Jacob too. I didn’t get too upset with Bella for kissing Jacob but I did feel bad for Edward. I was really hoping Jacob would imprint on wolf girl Leah in BD, but instead he imprinted on Renesmee which was a bit weird! Nonetheless I hope Tacob can pull off the sexyin Eclipse and BD, at least by BD he’ll be legal right?

  21. Didn’t have time to read ALL the comments (YET) but wanted to say…I freaking YELLED (at work it was a slow day) and WANTED to throw the book (but it wasn’t mine) when she kissed Jacob. I mean seriously? Jacob?

    When you have EDWARD?

    Idiot Bella – idiot.

    But then again…I’m pulling for the sexy kiss in Eclipse – yes, with Jacob.

    Team Double Standards

  22. Definitely not alone. I’m just about as Team Edward as they come, but I was dying for just a little Bella-Jake action. David Slade better not disappoint!

  23. Gag me. The kissing was gross. First mouth rape then masterful guilt-inducing manipulation. Hated the stupid wolf for that.

    And what was up with the engaged ho? Huh? Kissing the kid! There is not enough guilt worthy of her. Ho!

    I repeat…. gag me.

    And how dare the NM snaps make it look like there’s a B and J kiss in that movie? There was no kiss in NM! No way. I’ll be screaming at the screen at about 1am on Nov 19 if that’s the tragic case.

    • Sounds to me someone is a little repressed 🙂 Kissing is healthy and good for the soul…come on, live a little. She’s a teenager not a nun.

  24. i HATED bella (tent) cuz i was kinda feeling what she was feeling thru the book and so it made me feel like I cheated on Edward. i cried tears of anger and rage then screamed at Edward, saying that it was all his fault. this is what he gets for leaving her in the first place. i hope he was happy. back to reading in five minutes. in BD, didn’t like how she was always hanging onto jacob still, even at her wedding! i think i resisted reading book 2 (jacob’s pov) for about a day, then quickly read thru it, tho i LOVED claire and quil. way weird, but too cute, the dialoge. hated Edward again for even suggesting “puppies”…i’ve gotten over some parts after the first reading, but there are some parts i avoid (too fresh), then some parts i re-read over and over, like the leg-hitch (not enough)…this is ‘normal’ right?

  25. I’m sorry, I’m team Edward all the way… I thought Jacob should’ve just been a man about it and let Bella go. (But of course, if he did the story wouldn’t be so juicy.) I was mostly angry at Jacob for manipulating Bella into kissing him. OF COURSE she kissed him when she thought he was going to commit suicide over her. On the other hand… how could she fall for that trick? Sheesh…

    • I think subconsciously she wanted the kiss and letting herself believe that he was in danger was the perfect opportunity to “test the waters”. At least I hope she was that savy.

    • But Jake’s not a man, he’s sixteen. I’m sure we all did stupid things for “love” at that age. And seriously, the manipulation thing is so overused. Jake may have manipulated Bella then, which he admitted to but Edward manipulated Bella throughout the series. I like how people conveniently forget that.

  26. No,no,no,..I HATED that Bella thought for one minute that she should be with Jacob. Obviously she was madly, crazy in love with Edward-how could she even consider it?? I thought she was a tease, flipflopping between them.

    And what the hell was wrong with Edward? He came off like such a p*ssy. And Jacob was such a chauvinistic ass. That “love triangle” was like something you’d see on some crappy daytime TV talk show where everyone ends up brawling onstage.

    • EXACTLY! Or a freaking soap opera! Now if only Meyer had thrown in some other old chestnuts:

      “Is Renesmee really Bella’s baby? Or did she switch her at birth with Alice’s hidden pregnancy baby? Will Carlisle finally tell Esme the truth about his relationship with Laurent? Will Jasper be able to help Alice overcome her amnesia, or will she continue to believe that she is in love with Charlie?”

  27. “I didn’t want it. until he DID it. until he kissed her. Then i wanted it. Then i was mad. And felt ashamed. Just like Bella.”

    Oh god… It’s true… I HATED Bella in Eclipse and I hated Jacob for interfering in the love to end all loves, but in that moment, Steph describes Jacob’s hands being EVERYWHERE and the HEAT of him, I lost myself. Just like Bella lost herself. And then the GUILT! I suddenly felt the creeping shame of kissing another man, when my only true love was off preparing to fight for me.

    Um…….. Normal?

  28. I don’t have time to read the comments but HELL YES, I wanted them to kiss!!!!! YES YES YES.

    I’m TOTALLY team Jacward. Have always been and will always be.

  29. I hated that Bella was so gullible and fell for Jacob’s ploy (and then had the nerve to enjoy the kiss!), but I have to admit that it kept me reading. I read the fire and ice chapter (which I thought was brilliant), and then the chapter that included the kiss with Jacob, right before bedtime. Needless to say, I was not going to sleep after that because I couldn’t put the book down. I stayed up and finished Eclipse that night. I HAD to know that she chose Edward.

  30. You are not alone on this one! First, let me say that I am more of a fan of Edward that Jacobs. BUT, how could you not be cheering on the underdog? He was willing to make a complete fool of himself to try to win over Bella’s heart AND to save her life. He knew that if she chose Edward that she would die, and he was willing to do anything to stop that, even being a manipulative little bastard to do it. How could that kind of adoration go unnoticed by Bella?

    That said, I think they all were being completely ridiculous throughout the entire series. Edward was such an ass for leaving in the first place, Bella was all drama queen, Jacob didn’t know what the Hale he was getting himself into and they collectively were making severely poor choices throughout. But what kind of drama would it have been if Bella falls for Edward and Edward falls for Bella and they all lived happily ever after? No, conflict is the heart of any good story.

    Also, what kind of great choices did any of us make at 17?

  31. I think Bella was just mentally messed up. Human emotions are irrational, especially when it comes to love and I think that is why it doesn’t make sense that Bella should be kissing Jacob and dreaming about wolf babies – oh yeah they are teenagers too which means at times there is no reasoning. She intensely loves Edward and wanted to be with him forever, but I also think she couldn’t let go of her love for Jacob – and she didn’t want him to get hurt, even though he really did manipulate her into that kiss. I think her kissing him that way was leading him on, but he knew that and wanted it anyway… Ah, the analyzing of twilosophy, will it ever end.

    Btw, I am mostly for Edward, but really didn’t mind the Jacob kiss.

  32. Wow. Nothing like a little friendly Team Edward and Team Jacob banter early in the morning.

    UC, I typically find myself agreeing with you during Twilosophy class but not today. I hated Bella in Eclipse and I was so pissed when she went sneaking around to La Push and then even ends up kissing Jacob. Seriously?! News flash, Bella. You can’t have the best of both worlds…you made your choice. You chose Edward and his life – not Jacob. Now put your big girl panties on and live with your decision.

    And another thing that pissed me off about B., she had been trying nonstop to get E. to have sex with her and finally when he says okay at the end of Eclipse, she ends up saying “no, never mind, let’s wait till we’re married.” NOW that’s when I threw my book.

    • Wait? What? WHEN does he say okay?! What?!!

      • At the end of the book, they go back to the meadow. They are talking about getting married, etc. and then things get hot and heavy (well, in a PG kind of way) and then that’s when Edward says they don’t have to get married to have sex and then she says that she wants to wait.

        • I so much don’t remember this. I really hated Eclipse though. It took me 1 week to read Twilight, 1 day to read NM, a month off for Christmas break and salvaging my relationships that I’d been ignoring, 2.5 months to read Eclipse, and then more time off to be annoyed before finally picking up BD which took about 2 weeks to finish (but I was pretty busy at that point in time).

          I’m rereading NM now, for the second time. And then I am going to reread Eclipse. And I think I’m going to try to read it from the “darker” frame of mind that some other commenter was saying she read it from. That seemed like the way to go.

          • Oh yeah, and I read MS before I read NM.

            I think I’m going to just try and embrace the angst of Eclipse. Otherwise, god knows how I’ll manage.

          • I need to read them again, too. I have only read the series through once and it was a blurry haze. I was an addict for two weeks…when I was done with Twilight and read the NM sneak peek at the end. I was a mess because I couldn’t start NM right away – I didn’t have the book yet. After that, I went out and bought all three so I could just pick up the next book when I was done with the previous one. I’m sure I missed so much the first time around. Especially hearing everyone’s great comments – I must read them again.

  33. Very timely post for me – I am rereading Eclipse now. When I read it the first time (and the second) I remember being annoyed a lot with Bella because I felt like she was taking advantage of Edward’s patience with her feelings for Jacob. I was also annoyed with Jacob for being a pushy twit. But I think it took me awhile to get there in the first couple of readings. This time (3rd time) I am realizing how annoyed I am early on and surprised by it. Even though I am Team Edward all the way, I was a little annoyed with him in New Moon because of his overreacting nature and how he didn’t think through any consequences of his leaving. But in Eclipse, I think Edward is amazing and it’s hard for me to imagine anyone being Team Jacob in that book!

  34. I wanted them to kiss… just to see what it was like *blushes*

    But im still Team Edward all the way! Im just so happy that Jacob is forever part of their lives after Breaking Dawn (not gonna spoil it for those who havent read it so gonna stop there)

  35. Can I also add how angry I was at Edward after Jacob kissed her in the woods? How turned off I was when he tells her, basically, “It’s fine. You were manipulated. You’re just a dumb girl who fell for his wolfy charms.” But seriously. HE was comforting HER! I’m sure Edward’s own guilt was a factor, but COME ON! Be a MAN!

    I read a fanfic once where Edward went into the tent to see Bella after she kissed Jacob and she was blubbering on about it. So, Edward got angry and they had angry let-me-show-you-how-a-REAL-man-does-it sex.

    Hot. Sorry, this is a subject I could go on and on about for days. 😉

    • I agree that Edward didn’t react like I thought he should have post-Jacob kiss that Bella participated in. He should have been angry. And I HATE when she sobs repeatedly over Jacob when she’s got Edward right there in front of her. Silly girl.

    • That sounds like a fic that I need to read.

      • I can’t remember who wrote it now… Which is making me crazy. I do remember that it was on Twilighted.net as a one-shot. I’ll try to find it later.

    • Ok. I’ll be the horndog and ask:
      What’s the name of that fanfic? 😉

    • “let-me-show-you-how-a-REAL-man-does-it sex” with Edward – YES PLEASE. That is basically all I wanted to happen after that whole kiss debacle.

  36. You’re definitely not alone. I’m all for playing the field. Especially when you’re only 18 years old, desired by apparently the entire male populuation in the Olympic Peninsula, and on the verge of making a decision about whether or not to join the undead. forever.

    I also happen to love me a sexy, warm man. I am Team Edward definitely. But there is something about him feeling like ice cold, rock-hard marble that kinda sucks when you’re still human yourself. And especially if your hot vampire boyfriend keeps refusing you sex and refuses to turn you into one of his kind so sex won’t hurt you and give you frost bite.

    Edward was right–she should get a taste of what she would be missing in human life. I mean, seriously, the girl never ever ever had a human boyfriend. Come on!

    Sorry to be such a floozy. I am weak, horny and indecisive. Just like Bella I guess.

    • Yeah! What’s with the wanting to have cold sex? Wouldn’t that make her vag tense up and the sex would suck anyway?



        you know what they say about “brilliant minds”!

        • They think for themselves!

          (Sat. morning cartoons reference from the genie in Aladdin, but not the movie itself. Man, I’m all about the Aladdin references today)

  37. I was Team Edward after Twilight & hated Bella for even hanging out with Jacob in NM. Then I hated Jacob with a passion in Eclipse… until that kiss. I didn’t know I wanted it until it was forced on me. And that kiss is what made me sign my name on the Team Jacob recruiting list.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Edward & I wanted Bella & Edward to ened up together. I became Team Jacob simply for moral support. Once upon a time I had a guy best friend, we were friends for a looong time, & I cared more for him than he did for me, so I could relate with Jacob… So, what I’m saying is: I was totally ok with Bella wanting to ‘test the waters’ because I knew she would never choose him in the end : )

  38. New Here or I must say ….new on posting a message but I just couldn’t resist I just finished reading Eclipse (again…. for the 4th time) and this is a susceptible topic for me ….. I heart you unintendedchoice… you and Moon are brilliant!!!! BUT NO YOU DIDN’T !!! I HATE that scene I can’t read it I just… want to get myself inside of the book and slap everybody in the face. Edward, Jacob and especially Bella are so STUPID……. But I definitely want to see all of this on the movie… yes I’m sadomasochist =)

  39. I didn’t know I wanted them to kiss until they did. And once they did I was like HALE YES! So UC, you are not alone. I loved that they kissed. The only way it could have been better was if Edward joined in.

  40. Here’s my feeling on the Bella/Jacob kiss thing.

    I am HARD CORE (that’s what she said) team Edward, but I like Jacob. I didn’t like him in Eclipse, at all. I thought he was a dick. But I started to like him in BD. But I NEVER wanted him and Bella together. (Sorry, UC. The cheese stands alone.)

    See, I interperet that kiss a little differently. They are young, and they are mistaking a very close connection for being IN love. We find that out in BD – “we went wrong somewhere, Jacob.” (Or whatever she says.) So she does love Jacob, she is very connected to him, but she’s not IN love with him.
    (I just wish Meyer had pointed that out more bluntly.)

    I, too, wanted Bella to kiss him but picture Edward the whole time. Because clearly, the REAL reason she got so into that kiss is bc she is always restrained by Edward. (Mmm… restrained by Edward….) Jacob was pulling her in and letting it all escalate, and she didn’t feel any resistance from him. So really she was unknowingly using him as “sub-Edward.” Poor girl had so much tension built up, that she released it (ahem) with Jacob. And that feeling of freedom and abandon (along with her platonic love for Jake) was misunderstood.

    So she was never actually “in love” with Jacob, she just confused what her feelings meant.

    I guess it’s good, in a way, bc one big gripe is that she never even had a boyfriend before Edward, and she was instantly willing to be with him forever. So her “entertaining” the idea of Jacob at least helps that a bit.

    Not to over-analyze the teen book series or anything….

    • ditto.

    • that’s EXACTLY what i was getting at.


      and “friend-love” is not the same as “romantic-love”.

      oh, le sigh… but i absolutely adore the whole gammit of torn emotions the the books. it’s all angsty. and i have been there. and in the heat of the moment you do stupid things.
      there are so many types of love that it can get mi-i-i-i-ighty confusing so no one should honestly get too upset w/ any of the 3 of them. it’s the way it had to be… or there would have been 2 books.

    • Exactly. Again, the horny haze Edward kept putting her in had her all hot and bothered. Can’t blame the girl her girly bits’ response. Jacob was giving it to her, after all, and Edward was all … not.

    • Disagree.

  41. I never wanted her to kiss Jacob. I was like NOOOOO when it did happen, twice.

    The 1st time ok, it was all him, she broke her hand for god sakes but the 2nd time. I was majorly pissed with Bella. Yeah she wanted to give him something to make him come back but she didn’t have to be so into it and torn up about it later. She should not have had such strong feelings for Jacob when she pledged herself to Edward.

  42. First off, I’m lazy and there are a lot of replies to go through to see if this point has already been made but I get why she kissed Jacob even if he did manipulate her a little bit. Manipulation and hotness goes a long way and can make the Pope think about kissing Satan if done properly.

    But I so get it her kissing him and being in love with Jacob as well. Edward left her and broke her heart in a million pieces and Jake was there – he was always there. Bella goes saves Edward they get back together and essentially it flowed like nothing, no major screaming matches, no I can’t stand you and let me stay away for a bit so I can reevaluate this situation, just sorry, no, I’m sorry more, no you can’t be sorry more, because I’m the sorriest, leg-hitch. At this crazy point this was Bella’s time to think, to re-evaluate and hence that kiss. So I’m glad she did – I’m glad it happened even if it was cheating, Bella needed to be sure.

    So I’m Team Edward and Team Jacob – whatever floats her boat.

  43. Stupid Bella.

    I totally got the whole “he’s my sun” thing in NM. She was a needy mess and he helped her through it. But…I’m not a huge fan of book Bella to begin with, probably why I wrote my own, and I grew to hate her more with each book. When Edward came back and she accepted him, it was time to cut the pup’s leash and say, bye bye.

    I still get mad remembering her kissing Jacob and then the major meltdown that follows. grrrr.

    • I feel a level of loyalty to the “original” Bella, but your Bella? She owns me. I’m a total fake lesbian for her.

    • tby789 – Love The Office. Chapter 19 soon???

      Totally agree w/hating the kissing scene. Every time I (re-)read Eclipse I just skip it. Glad I’m not alone – makes me feel normal (?).

      p.s. currently on vacation in the Seattle area and thinking of doing my own Twilight tour of Forks and Port Angeles … suggestions, anyone?

      • Oh oh! I’m in Portland, and do you want to do a book or a movie Twi tour? ‘Cuz unfortunately none of the movie was shot in the northern Washington region.

      • Gah, so don’t ask for fan fic updates on here. They’ll never come back. Actually, never ask for updates. They get enough of that!

  44. UC, I heart you. Love today’s dose of Twilosophy. I also struggled with the love triangle in New Moon and Eclipse (I refuse to count what happened in BD because it’s a clusterf*@k of crap). Personally, I think ALL three of them need some time with a therapist, but taking this strictly at face value, with what Stephenie gave us, I think we’re all SUPPOSED to waver in our “team” stances, just as Bella does. She loves Edward; we get that and never question it. But she loved Jacob too in a different way. And let’s face it – Edward messed with her REALLY bad, but then, so did Jacob. So it’s a tough choice I think. I think the love she has for Jacob was forged through her grief and self-destruction. It’s like when two people are thrown together in tragedy, it tends to cement your bond like nothing else. It’s a different kind of love, although Jacob doesn’t see it that way (he’s a bit immature, obviously). He’s a boy and she’s a girl; end of story.
    A few folks smartly pointed out that Jacob never imprints on Bella – though he wants to – and if he were a big boy wolf he probably would’ve realized that was “nature’s way” of telling him to let Bella go. But he’s a little boy wolf and damnit, he wants the girl! Hilarity and highjinks ensue.
    If I were her, I’d tell them both to eff off and go find myself a nice normal Mike Newton-type guy *hides under the desk from all the produce being thrown at her.* But luckily our gal isn’t that smart. What would we have to discuss if she had been? *sigh*

  45. P.S. And by the way, I was like NOOOOO when Jacob trick-kissed Bella in the book, but I too will be SO looking forward to movie Jacob kiss movie Bella. Definitely.

  46. It seems like everyone on all sides of the fence (cuz there are obviously more than two sides to this issue) can agree on some level that Bella is a damn idiot in Eclipse. And the fact that everyone’s opinions run the gamut here makes me wonder … perhaps SMeyer actually wrote something *gasp* compelling?

    • high-five!

    • exactly. and we all seem quite compelled today! i know i was compelled for all 4 books…

      and that’s why we all have on our invisible tweed today. and i put on my (figurative) serious frames.

      Have you read the Host?

      talk about compelling. the thought process is from more of a “big-girl” perspective…

      • I haven’t read The Host, and don’t really intend to unless all of you guys insist. Should I?

        • WHAT! “you don’t indend to”?!?! *faint*

          unless reading is “torture” to you, you absolutely should. it was awesome. a guy friend of mine (that also read the twilight sage) read it and loved it.

          if you ask me, i insist. you will not regret it. and the movie is in the works. the confict between Melanie and Wanda is intense and there’s a suprise “hook” at the end. go for it. you won’t regret it. you will clammor for a sequal.

          • I actually gave the Host a C+ my first reading but it honestly gets better each time. I think the story is much more conflicted and the heroine is way less annoying (though the very typical selfless-to-a-fault heroine). It also reads a lot faster the second time though, make no mistake, there aren’t any juicy scenes. It’s a self discovery story not a love story like it’s presented on the sleeve.

  47. I haven’t read all the comments yet so sorry if someone covered this……
    I loved the kiss…..mainly because it showed Bella something she hadn’t had before ever… not even with Edward….PASSION…..yes as full grown women we know and appreciate a man with control and restraint, but as an inexperienced teenager with a boyfriend that keeps it all under a tight reign { no tongues, hardly no touching} well …..what’s a girl to do when her ‘second’ hot boyfriend puts it all in that kiss {you just KNOW Jacob was excited like really excited}, she lost her head a little bit and Edward was mature enough to understand and forgive it after all it was a kiss that actually worked in his favour as it made Bella aware that she had to let Jacob go and let them all move on.

    Sorry I got a bit carried away there all I’ll finish up saying is when they put it in the movie it had better be HOT and HEAVY I’m sure ‘legal in Georgia’ will give it his all just hope eyebrow twitching aside Kstew can pull it off….if she needs coaching I’m not afraid of flying I’ll stand in her place and she can watch and learn…….

    • as of now… after that post… i heart you!

    • Yes, good point!! In BD, she was willing to put off being turned in exchange for sex, so we know she’s got some vixen in her. Edward wasn’t letting her (or may not have had the self-control to at that point) experience that side of herself.

      As you say, she’s only a teenager! Who didn’t kiss someone they probably shouldn’t have when they were a teenager?

      And thank heavens “Legal in Georgia” will be “Legal Everywhere” when Eclipse comes out…

  48. Whoa tons of comments already!

    I can’t even remember if I wanted them to kiss to be quite honest. I did want them to kiss in New Moon. But Eclipse? Eh… I wasn’t as upset as some of the Quad members, but I also wasn’t jumping for joy.

    Also: “EDWARD, you are..uh..EDWARD, stop with all the insecurities.”

    AMEN, Kristin. Amen. Seriously – that whole thing drove me crazy. You’re a gorgeous friggin vampire and CLEARLY she loves you so stop being a whiny little bitch. That is not a turn-on.

    • “You’re a gorgeous friggin vampire and CLEARLY she loves you so stop being a whiny little bitch. That is not a turn-on. ”


      And allt he comments? I love it when everyone gets fired up on Twilosophy. Makes me work day so much better. 😉

    • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! Edward is soooooooo annoying in that way.

      • Edward really loses a lot of his appeal to me with how he handled things in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It’s like start lifting cars and showing your dominance, we love that! Don’t let your GF kiss other men and offer up her uterus for rental.

  49. Ok so I’ve been reading both LTT and LTR for months now but this is the first time I’m commenting. I have to say I’m with UC all the way! I know, I know how can that be? But let me explain. I know the kiss was wrong and all that junk and that in the end there is ABSOLUTELY NO other choice but Edward and honestly I do kinda wish he’d been all screw you with Bella over the kiss, but I have to confess that there is a part of me that was squealing like a little girl when that kiss happened. I want to make it clear though that I wanted this kiss for Jacob. I mean talk about give a dog a bone. Bella has done nothing but mess with his feelings from day one. (Hello fake flirting on the beach to get a story) Anyways I was happy for Jake that he finally got his moment, I mean I’m team Edward all the way but you can’t help but feel for the Wolfboy wonder. I mean this guy lives for Bella and she just jerks him around and leads him on. To be honest Bella just plain P@!*$d me off in a lot of Eclipse. But in the end the whole thing just made me love Edward more. I mean he sits and comforts her all night while she cries over another guy. He’s a better man than…well…..ummm….well lets just go with the the good ol’ no one can measure up to Edward.

  50. I think I need to re-read Eclipse and go buy a tweed suit before I can have a SERIOUS opinion about this, because I can’t remember if I was mad enough to throw a book, but I think I remember is that I was ready for SOMEONE to get some action, so I was just glad there was more kissin’!! Of course I read it before I knew about FF……Maybe my opinion will be different, now.

    UC, I sing to myself, too. I had to take a 4 hour drive by myself recently, and I actually had a sore throat at the end, because I sang the whole way…

    • LPB…I don’t remember being as upset with Bella during my initial two readings. This third time sent me over the edge. I was complaining to whomever would listen. I suggest rereading New Moon and then go into Eclipse. Gives you a bit more perspective.


      • BL…I’m for sure going to read NM before the movie, It will be my 4th time, and then I think I have only read Eclipse about twice (except maybe re-read that leg-hitch scene 100 times) So MAYbe the third time will send me over the edge, too, LOL. I kind of want to reread now to have more to contribute to Twilosophy discussions, they are one of my favorite days on LTT!


    • I need to reread but I’m saving myself until after all the films come out so I feel like when I see the film everything is ‘new’ again – but it’s damn hard not to just bust them out again so I can get really stuck into these twilosophy posts!!

      • That’s so funny, I’m the opposite!! I am going to read NM before the movie so the story is all fresh in my head!! I do the same thing with the Harry Potter movies, too. You have more restraint than I, I can’t keep my hands off them!

        • I didn’t reread HP6 in time for the movie because my S.O. had to read it for the first time before the movie and he’s a super slow reader, and I was majorly regretting it. The whole time it was, “Wait, what did they not put in here?” and certain details that of course my SO couldn’t recall.

          Definitely NOT making that same mistake with New Moon. I’ve already started in on it and got past the hardest part. Now I’m about to “wake up” to January 🙂

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