Twilight cast member endorsements!

Dear Twilight Stars-

I’ve been thinking about you lately (shocking, I know) and I’ve thought about some ways you can parlay this popularity into cash money in your pockets! You’re seen daily with a variety of products and all without an endorsement deal! And it struck me, you guys need to be spokeswhores for your favorite products! Talk about making a little mad money on the side and all for doing what you normally do!

I’m sure you’re skeptical of attaching your name and likeness to any product so I’ve drafted up a couple proofs to show you the possibilities!

Now Wolves, you guys are a little less known that the main characters currently but together as a group you have more star power, so when I saw these pics…

Hot men in UGG-ly boots!

Hot men in UGG-ly boots!

I knew you’d be the perfect spokesmen for UGG boots! Over the last few years the boots have gone from must have to must only wear at home but with you guys sporting them you can boost the demand for not only the women’s line but the mens! And you’re already doing it, all you have to do is walk around on set, flash a little chest, look whimsical and presto, instant spokeswhores!

I vant yo suck yo blood

I vant yo suck yo blood

I just saw these pictures of you in dracula/goth/vampire shiz for some MTV show and thought, wow you would be the perfect spokeswhore for America’s favorite psuedo parent scaring (except Moon Mom) store in the mall.  Goth kids everywhere would weep black smudged tears of relief to see someone who really “gets it.” Cure and Joy Division albums not included.

Follow the cut to see more Twilight spokesperson opportunities
You know how the last few weeks we’ve been talking about how Tweed makes Edward VERY serious? Well after this picture from the movie companion was released I knew the deal was sealed…



Edward Cullen (yes, the fictional character) needs to be the official spokesperson for TWEED!!! His people demand it!

keeps all your "herbs" fresh... yea, that's it!

keeps all your "herbs" fresh... yea, that's it!

Everyone just thought you were being artsy when you did this shot for Interview magazine, Kristin but little did they know this shoot also could double as your Glad Cling Wrap shoot! You know for keeping all those perishable items fresh…

do you think this is Gil's "O" face?

do you think this is Gil's "O" face?

Fender, if you’ve been wondering what demographic you’ve been missing it’s the illusive TWI MOM demo! These ladies coming to Twicons around the country just might be in the market for a new guitar and Gil’s the perfect man to be your spokeswhore! He’ll tote that thing all over creation as he travels from convention to convention picking up chicks playing his heart out!

So Twilight cast and brands these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential endorsement deals! I hope you’ll think long and hard about which star and which brand would best suit each other. Good luck folks!

Your faithful marketer,

PS so what other cast member and brand would make a fab endorsement partnership?

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Discuss it in the forums!
Don’t forget the Imma contest!

*obviously this is all a product of my over active imagination and these folks don’t endorse any of this shiz! Capish?*

51 Responses

  1. I hope Im not the only one, but I think “Edward” looks so hot in that tweed coat! Theres just something so sexy about a man that wears a coat well! Just dont like tha two tone collar…

    Cling wrap isnt really a good look for you Kstew… Try Bubble wrap next time!
    Why pay for therapy, when bubble wrap is FREE!!!!!

    • Tweed is hott!!

      Robward in tweed is doubly hott.

      • Yeah, I agree.

        The tweed is growing on me. As much as I try to deny it, Edward was a tweed kinda guy in my head. That picture makes me smile all goofy like.

        It’s very “I was walking in the grove some time in hope of meeting you. Will you do me the honour of reading that letter.” Much more Mr. Darcy than James Dean.


        • It’s very “I was walking in the grove some time in hope of meeting you. Will you do me the honour of reading that letter.”

          Love it! So much better in the book then that awkward scene in the Kiera Knightly movie version.

  2. Oh my God.
    This shiz is brills!!!!!
    Bahahahahaha I love it.
    I totally see it.


  3. These are brilliant. Love the idea of KStew endorsing Clip Wrap.

    The most obvious endorsement would be the majority of the Twi-Cast (though mainly Rob) for Ray Bans. lol

  4. After *almost* ten months, you’d think I’d learn not to eat or drink while reading LTT, but when I scrolled down that goofy picture of Alex Meraz and saw “Alex Meraz for Hot Topic” I nearly choked!

    I love it.

    He’s one Robert Smith wig away from being Azrael Abyss, Prince of Sorrows.

  5. I cringed so hard at the idea of that being Gil’s “O” face! hahha

    But they boys for UGG-ly boots…totally can see that :0)

  6. Oh God Robward looks totally sexy in that coat! It’s the whole Mr Darcy/Rochester romance of it!

    For some reason I find guys in Ugg boots really attractive, especially when it’s Alex Meraz. Is that normal?

    PS: I was reading fashion magazine that said that tweed is VERY in for guys at the moment, so really Edward’s just down with the trends… as well as being super serious.

    • Did i miss something? I thought that tweed was always in? And that jacket looks more straight up wool to me. Regardless, it’s smoking hot. I’m a sucker for any well cut coat.

    • Normal. Totes Normal

  7. “Hot men in UGG-ly boots!”
    So true, those men are hot and those UGGs are uggly!

    Every time I see Nikki Reed I think of porcelain veneers, she could tottally endorse them (even if her teeth are natural).

    And this: make up:

  8. CAPISH !
    I still don’t get the “herbs” reference in K-Stew Ad? Anyone ?

  9. So I think I’ve watched too much CSI when my reaction to KStew’s Cling Wrap photo is that she looks a bit like a murder victim: dressed up in rather whorish makeup, hair chopped and dyed courtesy her psychopathic serial killer, and then suffocated by plastic wrap.
    My second reaction: while I’m hugely anti-mullet, she actually looks alright there. A curious contradiction.

    All the endorsements are killer, particularly Edward’s tweed, seriously. I wanted to make jokes, something about the weird collar or the double breasted front (ahem), or the sort of feminine length of the coat, but I couldn’t…he made me feel so serious.

    • OOOhhh. Definetly serial killer victim. She just needs mirrors in her eyes. That would complete the look.

  10. ha! glad wrap! (’cause GLAD is exactly how she looks…)

  11. Danskin…just another excuse to see Ashley in the unitard.

  12. Joy Division! Finally a music reference I know!

    Also, it seems like whenever I see a photo of Ashley she is wearing the smallest unerwear ever manufactured. Maybe she could be the new face of Frederick’s of Hollywood? Or just some kind of bronzey skin lotion since she does always sort of look like someone dipped her in gold makeup.

  13. LMAO – this rocked. I totes thought you were going to make Rob the spokeswhore for Werthers!!!!! 🙂 Who did his wardrobe for NM?? I think they were leaning more towards the 108 yr-old versus the 17 yr-old.

  14. I was thinking we could use Carlise as a campaign supporter for the American Red Cross. For a blood drive. I mean, he IS a doctor and all…

    And I would agree this is totes cheesy, but how hot would that be? I would give pint after pint to be part of that!

    Or Billy Burke for mustache ads. Beard trimmers, mustache dye, any of that would work…

  15. Although I can’t deny KStew looks like a moron with plastic pulled across her face.. she still looks very striking, really liking the makeup

  16. HeHe. . . . you said “just the tip”!

  17. Something about all this plastic wrap and serial killer talk keeps reminding me of that Shotime series Dexter. LOL

    And I could see KStew in an add for carrots. Not very nice, I know, but her two front teeth remind me of rabbit teeth.

    There is just something rodent-like about that girl.
    Just sayin’

  18. This post might be the first time I’ve ever groaned (out of discomfort) while reading… Dudes in UGGs? Gil’s O face? Need brain bleach immediately.

  19. These are hilarious!

    Tweed on Rob/Edward is fine, I just didn’t like the black collar! Otherwise it would have been perfect. He kind of reminded me of Javert in Les Miserables.

    LMAO on Kristen’s picture!

  20. omg why did i just read this NOW!? tweed is seriously serious.

    and cling wrap!? BRILLIANT!

  21. Yay! UGG boots! I’m wearing mine right now.
    And I may have worn them in the car to go get McDonald’s drive-thru – that doesn’t count as ‘public’ right?

    I can’t think about tweed without thinking ‘serious tweed’ now, and then thinking about wurther’s originals.

    it’s a cop out but rob could endorse anything and i’d probably buy it.

    dakota fanning should do eye drops, cos those red eyes sure look painful!

  22. […] washed. Steal some of Edward’s wardrobe from set, I bet NO ONE would find you while wearing THIS Tweed coat out in public. Or even just in a semi new get up. They’d look you over because […]

  23. hope kris suffocates herself with the clingwrap. or scratch that, maybe if she did ads for clingwrap they’d straighten her “indie” ass out n make her get a new hairstyle that DIDN’T die in 1974.

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