Stuff we like other than Twilight: Paper Route


why yes this self-portrait is in my bathroom at work...

Dear LTTers,

So Moon & I talk about this all the time, but that one day, back in December ’08 when we randomly decided to turn our instant messaging conversations into a blog? Yeah, we had no idea that we’d end up where we are (almost) TEN months later! Ya know- we’ve “made it.” I mean, a PR person from Toys R’ Us contacted us the other day, y’all. What else can you want from life? I can now die happy.

Every day Moon & I attempt to make you laugh or make you think Twilosophically and for some reason thousands of you read us and email us and follow us on twitter and make US laugh. But.. you don’t really know us. And that’s a shame. A CRYING shame. (And also it’s really good for us. Because I’m pretty sure you’d be so underwhelmed by our “normal-ness” that you’d stop reading LTT/LTR altogether. And we don’t want that.) A dear LTT/LTR friend turned real-life friend, Brookelockart, was kind enough to to force out this sentence when I talked to her about the difference between cyber-UC and real-life UC:

I’ve heard you say funny things… once or twice…

Thanks Brookie. Anyway, we like to share with you, from time to time, stuff we like other than Twilight so that we can prove to you we know how to live our mantra of “That’s Normal” and so you get to know us better. Since we’re awesome n’ stuff. (See our first post about this here, so you don’t miss learning about UC & Moon)

At press time (aka 1:42 am this morning when I’m 4 drinks in) Moon has not told me what she likes, so today just stars me, which is another thing to add to the list of things I like- stuff about me. Without further ado, UC likes:

  • Music: but good music. You might call me a music snob. And I’m fine with that!
  • California: I declared when I was 13 that I’m moving there. I’m still working on that, but it will happen.
  • The Internet: I’m kinda obsessed with the internet. I blog personally (actually I apologize to my personal blog profusely since I don’t have time to blog there anymore!), I download and use EVERYTHING google and I love geeky new things that pop up online.
  • Wearing big things in my hair- Flowers. Check. Feathers. Check. Bows. Check.
  • Self-portraits. I’m the queen of self-portraits. I take them anywhere and everywhere. Usually I make a silly face. Sometimes I attempt to look sexy which people assume is my silly face. Sexy UC= Fail.:

So in the spirit of telling you about Moon & UC and sharing “Stuff we like other than Twilight,” I bring you something not exactly Twilight-related but also kinda still Twilight-related since, obviously, we do run a Twilight blog.

Paper Route is a band I LOVE! They are my husband’s college friends and have recently gotten a ton of really good press & I’m so happy because they deserve it. (PS they’re currently touring with Paramore which is not exactly Twilight-related but kinda is since they were on the soundtrack and we bow to Queen Hayley for partaking in one of our most favoritest interviews of Rob ever)

I happened across this New Moon trailer, which we’ve all seen, set to two amazing Paper Route songs:

Love them? They’re amazing, seriously. You can stream their whole album on Imeem. Clicky below for good times music finds!


Thus concludes today’s lesson on learning more about UC & stuff she likes.


Wanna question why in the world someone would take pictures in the bathroom at work? Do it on The Forum
then head on over to LTR

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61 Responses

  1. It’s nice to learn more about you girls! Will be listening to the music after finishing my to do list for this weekend:
    – working *original Cullen smile*
    – watching downloaded tv-series
    – not working-out or cleaning up
    – plundering my future mother-in-law’s pantry
    – making some Imma’s

  2. I just saw Paper Route 2 weeks ago. They were here with She Wants Revenge and Kill Hannah. How can you not love a band in which a beefy hot guitar player also rocks an acordian???

  3. Paper Route sounds pretty awesome. I don’t know about new bands until they hit the Top 40 or whatever so thanks for sharing!

    Things I love other than Twilight:

    My four year old & her activities (dance & soccer).

    School (I’m a Senior in college, YO!)

    Reading YA books (Harry Potter!)

    The Internet

    & going to HS football games and completely ignoring them to talk to my old buddies.

  4. Hey-thanks for the link to Paper Route! Going to check them out now!

    And kudos for excluding the wastebasket in your bathroom portrait! 😉

  5. great idea, UC, to share pieces of your RL with us—we don’t know who you really are & vice versa—SO—
    1) love good music & am a music snob in spades—haven’t the foggiest what’s really in tho’ will check out Paper Route at leisure—have already found some current sounds that i like thanks to you & Moon—
    2) hate California since my days at UC Berkeley (love San Francisco & the Bay area & wish there were some way to sink the rest of the state into the deep blue without losing it)—do love Hilton Head, however, where we used to spend part of our summers—
    3) am fascinated by all things internet without really understanding any of it—brings me Rob at will & i can spend hours on YouTube checking out the most wonderful things (like Miss Julie London singing ‘When I Fall in Love’ after reading a Rob interview on another site this morning)—
    4) paint in words & photograph my cat (Pussykind) & my dogs (Fiona, Jesse) since my children are far away & have to be photographed by others—
    5) this one’s all mine—believe that an opinion worth having is worth stating, that an opinion worth stating is worth defending without apology—otherwise, silence should prevail—
    love your site & have done from that first encounter so many moons ago—wish you a serene Sunday—you can pray for my Robsessed soul while throwing tampons at middle-aged tithers—<3

  6. I only like Twilight. Nothing else.

  7. I’m listening to Paper Route right now – the thing I love after Twilight is SPOTIFY! It’s possibly the best thing on the internet after LTT/LTR and the video of the Dramatic Chipmunk.

  8. Great pic. If you like some hot music check out Hillsong or better yet Toby Mac or T-Bone. These cats rock. Or on the softer side Jars of Clay. This sit rocks.

  9. […] stay. Just walking ot the street and every corna you find you’ll find crack everywhere, get cracked one time you’ll never stop. So whe have done a t-shirt, you know, a very t-shirt that got the all […]

  10. sooo…. you realize now that you’ve “made it” on the back of this franchise that you’re officially Twi-Whores???

    Just thought I’d point it out 😀

  11. The best thing about being a fan of Paper Route is not having to hide it from the outside world. 🙂

  12. God bless the Interwebs. Seriously. I waste so much time on stupid sites just because they make me laugh… Sometimes I wonder if I’m not mentally 7 yrs old.

    And yessss new music! On Imeem now and this band sounds most excellent. I never listen to the radio anymore, so I only find stuff through others’ suggestions. I’ve found some good new stuff through you and Moon. Thanks for having good taste in music.

    And finally, things I like other than Twilight: puppies, kittens, movies, laughing, the beach, weekends, traveling, my little ponies, care bears, conan o’brian, arrested development (duh!), wine, and sososo much more.

    • Ah, AD. The first time I saw you comment I said something about your name. I was pleasantly surprised with Jason Bateman AND Jeffrey Tambor in The Invention of Lying last night. It was almost as good as seeing Buster in The Informant. Arrested Development could take over the world, and I would gladly give them my firstborn.

  13. Goodness, so happy there weren’t pitch forks and angry mobs waiting for me in the comment section.

    here’s a little something about me:
    I love earrings. Like… I feel naked without them. I get pissed off if i forget to put them on in the morning. I believe earrings complete an outfit.

    At one point I had 5 holes in one ear and 4 in the other. Only the first two still function in each ear, but I only wear one in each ear 99% of the time.

    For the record, i used to obsess over Florida as a child… well Florida and California. Moved to Florida and it was hell.

    • Why would we be angry? You were just speaking the truth.

      Yeah, Florida was hell. Ah well, that chapter in my life is over.

    • Here’s my random comment of the month. I was earring obsessed, too. Then I got my nose pierced and I stopped wearing earrings. Also, I like dogs a lot. All kinds of dogs. Oh, and unicorns. So that’s what I like besides Twilight–nose jewelry, dogs and unicorns. And Cheez-its. xo
      PS: Miss you all…no time to myself anymore for fun stuff like LTT/LTR. Pity me.

  14. i heart all those things about you especially #2 and when we’ll be neighbors someday… so you didnt like the three things i sent you? disco dancing didn’t make you jump for joy?

    • hahaha… i was a little inebriated when i finished the post and couldn’t remember how to spell disco.. YOU need to do one of these posts soon so we can learn all about moon

  15. what do you mean “stuff other than twilight”? is that possible?!

  16. I like how this turned into people talking about stuff THEY like other than Twilight (Except for Janetrigs & newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER *which is a bitch to type out, by the way) I should’ve suggested that. But alas, it was 2am and I had a lot of gin 🙂


    After you check out Paper Route. Seriously. They’re amazing

    • Oh! I like gin, too. Gin and tonic is my going out dancing staple! 🙂 Last night we went to a bar that serves a Sapphire tonic for $5.50! Such goodness.

  17. Stuff I liked to do before I moved and no longer have a job or disposable income:
    -Buy cassette tapes
    -Go out dancing at the indie-pop club (yea, Portland, believe it or not, doesn’t have one single indie-pop club or night or anything. Ridiculous.)
    -Drink beer that isn’t ridiculously hoppy (who knew every single microbrewery in Oregon doesn’t understand that not everyone likes hoppy beer? Some of us like porters and stouts…that, gasp, aren’t hoppy.)
    -Go to work
    -Get paid every week (Oh, I really miss that one!)
    -See my family
    -Borrow my sister’s Twilight books to read so I didn’t have to buy them

    Things I still do even though I have no job or disposable income:
    -Drink Yorkshire tea (best cup of tea in Britain!)
    -Drink SwissMiss with marshmallows
    -Roll up salami slices and dip them into spicy mustard to eat for my lunch
    -Watch The Muppet Show on DVD with my SO
    -Go to independent coffeeshops (Portland knows how to do coffeeshops)
    -Play water polo

    Things I can do now that I don’t live in Florida:
    -Wear sweaters, coats, stockings, and boots
    -Have a fire
    -Go camping and not get eaten alive by mosquitos
    -See mountains everyday
    -Go to Barnes and Noble to read Twilight books so I don’t have to buy them

    I’m not sure this really was the point of the exercise.

    • Oh, and add snowboarding to that “not in FL” list, and maybe add “Meet Marz in Vancouver on Oct 25 to watch Canucks vs. Oilers”…if she’s down for that 😉

    • TeamSeth, I hear ya. Sometimes it is a big drag not to have a job especially when I get a hankering to go out to a nice dinner or just party. However, if there was an Oscar category for best faker at enjoying one’s job, I would have swept for the past three years. Except for the money I was completely miserable (and spending like crazy to make myself feel better) so being liberated from that place was a huge blessing.

      Stuff I like:
      Pens (I am a collector of sorts, but $100 is the limit)
      Absolutely Fabulous (the inspiration for my moniker)
      Sports (football, basketball, baseball; if my teams aren’t doing well, I will still watch to check out the menz)
      Music (LTT has been a source of many great suggestions, so thank you so much for that)
      Amateur photography (very very amateur)
      Working out
      Drinking good reds
      Reconnecting with old friends and coworkers (thanks Facebook)
      Finding the humor in everything

    • Yorkshire tea! Yes! My favourite beverage after JD and coke, obviously.

  18. I taught my SO the term “secondhand embarrassed” last night while we were at Barnes and Noble. The cafe’s espresso machine was broken, and I had already decided to treat myself to a caramel macchiato, so I had to walk all the way to the Starbucks (our BnN is in a mall) to go get it.
    On the way was Hot Topic. Mind you this is right after the tshirts post day. I wanted to stop, but I was sooo secondhand embarrassed that I just kept on walking. I swear my face was as red as Bella’s!

    • You should have stopped and looked out of the corner of your eye. Don’t be stupid & try to blame your browsing on a 4 year old like I did.

      Blame a neice (real or imagined).

      : )

  19. *Sings* THESE are a few of my favorite things…*doo doo*

    Shopping with Nikki and drinking mimosas…
    Talking about dinosaurs and faux leather jackets…
    Cold rainy days and watching falling leaves…
    These are a a few of my favorite things!

    Rob, LTT/LTR, The Office, 30 Rock, going to see Hanson in concert, Incubus, movies other than Twilight: Jurassic Park, Knocked Up, anything pumpkin, pumpkin spice lattes, comfy pajamas, and reading…books…from the Twilight Series…DAMN. thought I could get through it. <———–life involves mostly Twilight.


    • I also love cold rainy days! (when being inside in front of the fireplace that is).
      Other than that:
      Ballet, working out, hanging out with friends, city trips (esp. London), driving, music, dogs, youtube, my blanket, fashion, food, my alone time, the giant rabbit I saw on tv the other night! I want one!

  20. thanks for that info. i do have to say that yo are funny in real life though. when i met you anyway.

  21. I joined Twitter. You can follow me at GoTeamSeth 🙂

    Yes, I joined so that I could enter the Imma contest via Twitter too.

    And so i could tweet MidnightSin every day.

    • I have a Twitter too!
      Find me, follow me. I am boring, but boring is fun. And I need cyber friends (thatswhatshesaid)!


      — Will not, cannot use fangbanger06 due to the large probability that my mother may decide to look me up on there at some point.

      Never want to have that conversation. Ever.

  22. “and we bow to Queen Hayley for partaking in one of our most favoritest interviews of Rob ever”

    Please, pretty please can someone point me in the direction of this vid?? Thanks!!!!

  23. I’m rockin’ the avatar now! 🙂

  24. Anthropologie, Veuve Clicquot, vintage, boots and scarves…that’s what makes me happy these days. Thanks for sharing UC.

    PS- went shopping with my best gay boyfriend today. The main thing on his list-a tweed jacket. I almost choked on my lunch when he told me that was the main item he wanted. He has no idea of my secret Twi-life and LTT/LTR, so I could only politely smile. Thanks for making even the most mundane things funny!

  25. FanTAStic dress UC!! And remembering back to your last post about things you like other than Twilight… I finally saw (500) Days of Summer a month ago and I LOOOOOOVED IT! I’ve had the soundtrack in my car every day since (except for the two days this week we had hella rainstorms and I listened to my Twilight soundtrack – I thought it was appropriate).

  26. Love it when you reveal personal stuff so we can get to know you a little more.
    I LOVE music. I associate it with everything. I have ‘theme songs’. Anyway, thanks for posting about Paper Route, because after listening to their songs… I AM IN LOVE! They are so awesome! I’m listening to ‘carousel’ right now.

    oh, and I also love California. Grew up there and some how found myself in stinking desert Arizona after I got married. I so need to get back!

  27. Love your dress UC, its gorgeous.
    I will check out Paper Route, thanks for the suggestion.

    Ok, things I like other than Twilight:
    Music (kinda like a bit of everything), a good wine, hanging out with my friends, going to the beach (which I don’t get to do often), reading, coffee, food, movies, travelling, listening to the rain, fashion, and jewellery.

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