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Dear Secret Keepers,

Sometimes we laugh on Mondays, sometimes we get twilosophical and other times we share secrets. If you’re new, check out the first time we shared Twilight Secrets.

I’ve been thinking a lot about MY Twilight Secrets lately (I didn’t submit any last time or this week) and I know I do share them quite often in the form of a letter, but here’s one that I’ll openly share: I’m re-reading Twilight for the 4th time right now and I’m bored. And disappointed. And I don’t know why….

Here are some of the secrets we collected from you all in the past few weeks:




It turns out we’re not the first ones to think of this “Twilight Secrets” idea- there is a group on facebook. It looks to be filled with lots of young Twilight fans and there’s a lot of ‘junk’ mixed in with the secrets, but here are a few good ones:



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Is this the kiss you mean? sigh…





Twilight Post Secret



What are YOUR Twilight secrets? Share some in the comments and e-mail us the best (with or without graphics- we can make them pretty for you!) for a future post!


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  1. Having a baby and hoping it’s a boy just to name him Edward = epic win! 🙂

    If I squint a little and unfocus my gaze, I can convince myself that my boyfriend looks like Edward. Sorta.

    • “If I squint a little and unfocus my gaze, I can convince myself that my boyfriend looks like Edward. Sorta. ”

      I can do that too! WIN!

  2. I never really got why people like the prom kiss so much. Rob looks like he’s in physical pain! A joke there is too easy…I’ll let it slide cuz it’s Monday.

    And a Twilight website is totally a real job!!!!


    • Call me wierd, but I like that ‘kissing so intense it hurts’ face. I’ve studied Rob’s kissing and he makes that face in almost all kissing scenes. Some are worse than others.

    • Rob always looks like in pain when he’s kissing. 🙂 Even in Bad Mother’s Handbook.

      Sigh…what a way to start my morning.

    • it IS a real (fake) job!

    • My fav kiss scene too, as I thought Edward (not Robward) WAS supposed to be in physical pain whenever he kissed Bella…you remember…the whole “fire burning” kind of pain? One of the rare details the movie got right…

    • i think the thing that makes it so hot IS because he’s in pain. emotionally AND physically its against his nature to be with her but he’d rather endure the pain he’s causing himself, than to rather not be with her because he loves her so much. now that’s love.
      i think its amazing that he can even pull the face off so well in order to convey those torn emotions.

      • I was waiting for these words, which pretty convincingly explain the reason behind rob’s facial features while kissing. good job carr!!
        The day isnt too far when every guy would try to emulate rob, to show simulatenously the love n pain towards his gf..

  3. ROFL!! Love them.
    I have a few but I may save them for email.
    You know, so people won’t know it’s me . . .


  4. Sigh…I love that kiss. Melts me every time. Actually – the name Edward IS on my list of boy names. Ummm…but…so is Jacob. Inspired, of course, by Twilight.

  5. I may or may not purposely hook my students into reading Twilight and get them so excited that that’s all they wanna talk about after! SHHH don’t tell my principal! 😉 (sorry parents if your kids make you buy them all 4 books)

    • Twilight saga should be added to the school reading list! I come from Finland and we had to read a collection of freaky Finnish folk tales called Kalevala. Monstrous fish, rape, murder and wicked Northern witches aside those tales were boring as hell! The other compulsory reading was a Finnish tale about the lives of seven illiterate brothers. Shudder… I hope times have changed!

      • As a future librarian, I want kids to love reading!

        But Twilight as a required reading? No way.

        Find something a little better written please.

      • in terms of required reading i’m with fangbanger06, but i am curious—if ‘monstrous fish, rape, murder and wicked Northern witches’ weren’t enough to keep the tales from being boring as hell, how could bloody vampires, werewolves & no sex measure up [tho i concede that seven illiterate brothers might indeed be hard to swallow unless they had ‘gifts’]—<3

    • Eclipse was on my brother’s summer reading list. He’s a Junior in high school. I couldn’t convince him to read it unfortunately.

    • I LOVE that you got your kids addicted to Twilight. You get Twilight pressies from them too so that’s a double WIN!!


    • As a high school teacher I would never ASSIGN Twilight, because I don’t think it has enough literary value for that, but I do enjoy when my kids read it and fall in love with it. I even have two unicorns in my classes!

  6. My child’s nursery room has both Edward and Bella 🙂

  7. “I’m re-reading Twilight for the 4th time right now and I’m bored. And disappointed. And I don’t know why….”

    I feel you on this, I’m worried that movies are going to ruin the books for me. I was re-reading Breaking Dawn the other day (don’t ask), and I almost threw it across the room out of irritation at plot-holes that the first few times around I had warily accepted.

    But I didn’t… because I couldn’t risk ruining the dust jacket… 😉

    • I feel the same way.

      I read all of the Twilight books for the millionth time and then read my HP books for the gazillionth time.

      Not even close.

      Makes me so sad sometimes.

    • perhaps we will have to explore this further in a twilosophy. b/c I just don’t get it… why is it such a let down this time!?

      • I’m afraid to re-read. I’ve been stalling, but I know I have to at least re-read New Moon before THE DAY. Now you’ve made me even more nervous!

        • I didn’t like New Moon the first time around because I was mad at Edward for leaving and disgusted that Jacob took up such a huge chunk of the book. I recently reread New Moon, and I loved it. I’m even leaning towards Team Jacob right now. I’m sure Taylor Lautner has a bit to do with that!

      • I started to re-read Twilight for the third time THREE weeks ago…I am not even to the ballet studio.


        Maybe because I drank the first two times and this time I’m doing it sober.

      • I told my sister when she was reading it for the first time…..”when you lose your Twilight virginity really enjoy it….you can never get that first time back.” triste. 🙂 Love that topic!

      • See I think this is weird. I’m reading it again right now and I’m still in love with it. It’s true I can’t stop relating it back to the movie, but it’s making me think more and more about how much the movie missed. Like the meadow chapter, umm i forgot how wonderful it was in the book.

        Maybe it’s just me.

      • Maybe because you’ve read it so many times and you know what’s going to happen that it’s lost the “ooh, what’s going to happen next” effect? I’m like that with the movie. I’m one of the few that LOVES the movie (flaws, low budget, and all), but I’ve seen it so many times that I don’t even watch it any more. I just have it on in the background while I’m reading fanfic (that’s normal) and look up and watch the parts that I love. That sounds bad, but it’s true.


        • Just this once for just one moment I can say that having so little memory can sometimes come in handy….honestly…reading Twilight every day is like reading it for the first time and its always wonderful!

        • Yes, that’s why I “save” movies that meant a lot to me the first time, and watch them sparingly, so as to keep the experience exciting. Told people I love to not watch Lord of the RIngs a million times, but they did, and now they are bored with it, but I still love it, and look forward to seeing the extended versions again – once a year or so.

          I am trying to do the same with the Twilight movie, but it is hard…I miss Edward.
          Rereading the books means finding the flaws, so you get bored once in a while, yes, but revisiting your favourite moments make it worthwhile. Knee hitch! Yes!

      • I read 2 times each book, except BD, only read it once and it was enough, I’m not a fan of BD.
        However, after reading 2 times the first 3 I think my mind was in such a state of happiness that I dont want it to disappear or break by reading them again.
        Sometimes if I feel nostalgic I take any of the books and only read the chapter that I liked or something …
        I do not want to lose the happy Twilight effect.

      • I’ve ONLY ever read Twilight twice and all the others once. I have no intention of reading any of them again until all the movies are out.

        For me it means I won’t be constantly comparing the movies to the books and I think I’ll enjoy them way more that way. I read the books and lost my twi-ginity and loved every second of it, now I remember all the major things that happen in each book but I get to remember any little things through the movies, and if they leave any details out I won’t remember them to be annoyed.

        Also, since it’s been so long since my ‘first time,’ when I do eventually get round to rereading the whole saga I’ll enjoy it all again.

        Hmmm, not sure that actually makes any sense…

      • When I first read Twilight (and other books of the series) it was in Russian and the worst translation ever! (translated by fans via some mechanical translator) I had to re-translate some sentences into English in my mind to even understand the meaning of them, and some chapters were missing 🙂 but still I was so hooked by the plot, that I broke through all of the books, reading them from the screen of my i-phone (my eyesight is not that good anymore).
        Then I ordered the set from the US and enjoyed the books so much that I still refuse to notice any plot or language failures 🙂 (read all the books 3 times in English)

        And here is my twilight secret: as I’m learning Turkish (don’t ask!), I needed some reading for practice, guess which book I bought? Yep, Turkish variant of Twilight monstrously named “Alacakaranlik” :-)) did you know it’s a bestseller there too? It took me a couple of days and trips to bookstores to even find a copy 🙂

      • I know if I read too much FF, then I get all out of whack and disappointed with the books, it’s like, dang, SM missed an opportunity for some realistic teenage behavior here, or a good lemony session on Bella’s computer desk, or what have you.

        • Yup – I’m just getting into FF right now. Reading Wide Awake – LOVING IT. Kinda worried that when I read Twilight again, I’m going to be missing some serious sex scenes. 🙂 haha.

      • I think it’s because the first few times, you get so caught
        up in the emotion and the intimate, first person environment that you overlook the grammar and sentence structure and other weaknesses of the book. But once that rush fades, and you look beyond the heart, its flaws are too readily apparent. I wish someone had gotten Stephenie a good editor. Things could have so easily been tightened up, corrected (unloosened anyone), and just polished.

        • I have a question: do people actually “tighten” their eyes in American English? I thought the expression was “narrowed” your eyes. Edward does that. A lot. Made me think he has flabby eyes or something..?

          • As an American English speaker and writer, I would say that you could use the term “tightened” but not to mean “narrowed.” I think it hopes to show that someone is focusing or perhaps in emotional turmoil/afflicted. Whereas “narrowed” has a negative/sinister connotation (like “glower”). Examples:

            His eyes tightened and he leaned closer to her once he realized the story of the abusive father was actually her real life.

            She looked at him and asked in a soft voice, “How are you feeling?”
            He tightened his eyes and stroked her waist, then whispered, “Conflicted.”

            ps-what is your first language? If it’s Spanish can be language partners…not that you really need it for English, but I am pretty advanced in Spanish and am just trying to learn proper connotations/usage of words. Thoughts? (no pressure)

          • Thanks TeamSeth, but actually Spanish is one of the languages I definitely don’t speak! How about Italian?Though I am Scandinavian, so that’s not my native language either… 🙂

      • I tried to read them again…and I couldn’t do it. Even though it was months later. I did skim around to my fav parts, but I don’t think I’ll ever read them again.

      • It may be just like trying to rekindle “new love” You know how when you first meet someone you really really like.. everything is shiney and wonderful… well it’s the same with a good book… you read it so many times in what, a year, and eventually it will become boring.. ya gotta spice things up. I say.. step away from the Twi Saga for a while… give it a year. .trust me.. then go back.. you’ll love it again.

      • When I re-read, I skip the parts that annoy me! I just re-read, I skipped the entire part from when he leaves her in the forest till she jumps of the cliff!
        In Eclipse I usually skip a lot of Bella’s wedding-angst and Jacob-angst (except, of course, the hitched leg part…Grrrrr *hyperventilating*).

    • i read all 4 nonstop after seeing the film because i wanted to know what was going to happen next; i read all 4 nonstop a 2nd time because i couldn’t remember things Twifans were referring to—there won’t be a third time because they do not wear well as lifetime companions—<3 ,

    • I’ve only read the series twice and I took my time the 2nd go round. But when I got to the last third of Breaking Dawn, I pretty much stopped reading it……I don’t know if it’s because I know what’s going to happen…..all the build up and stress of the Volturi coming and all those f-ing out of towner vampires coming in…..I can’t seem to finish the damn book.

      But, I have to say, re-reading the first three and majority of Breaking Dawn was stil awesome – it was a different experience than the 1st read. I could definitely tolerate Jacob more in New Moon and even enjoy that hot kiss in Eclipse between Bella and Jake.

      I really wnat to finish BD so I can re-read Twilight & New Moon before the premiere. 🙂

      • WHAT???? WHAT’S THAT YOU SAID..TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE!! BELLA KISSES JACOB IN ECLIPSE!!! THAT TWO TIMING @%&p( !!!! OH I am so upset now!!! Why oh why I ask did I have to read that now…at this time of night…..(scratches head and wonders if I read it earlier?)….NO…couldn’t have, would have self combusted and been unable to read it now…..
        OH PLZ LET ME FORGET THAT I SAW THAT…time to go to sleep…must go to sleep…forget what I saw……

  8. I may or may not be thinking about buying my 10 year old an Edward and Jacob action figure for Christmas. Of course mommy would need to keep them in her room, for safe keeping of course.

    • I definitely have considered buying the dolls for my four year old daughter. She luuuurves her Edward (almost as much as her mommy does!).

      She would probably want Edward & Bella rather than Jacob. She doesn’t understand love triangles yet.

      Mr. Fang & I will surely be buying them for Christmas and I will have to explain to him why she needs these rather than some dumb blonde (Barbie).

  9. I don’t have a Twilight site or blog, but I probably spend more time in cyberspace than in my real job. It’ like having 2 jobs, only the second one is much more important than the real one.
    And girlfriends who said Rob is not pretty after I emailed them tons of photos of him – they are not real friends, that is worst than insulting my RL boyfriend!

    • I did that too! I kept looking for the perfect picture that would ‘turn’ my friend but she just kept saying he looked like ‘the neighbor’s good looking son would.’ Rather than letting her make me feel like a perv, I gave up and we have much less to talk about now. Pffft.

  10. I just discovered fan fiction.

    My parents-in-law are visiting. I told them I have a a big workload with a deadline so would need to work over the weekend. The workload – Wide Awake, Let your Light Shine, The List.

    I am a bad daughter-in-law

    • You’re not a bad daughter-in-law! That’s just time well-spent!

    • I hate to distract you more but the ff “If Love Could Light a Candle” is better than Twilight, seriously.

      I read it on Saturday and was very impressed.

      There is a little smutiness but definetly not to the level of The Office.

      Which is okay, I guess, but I need a real story!

    • That’s Normal!

      • Phew! Thanks.

        I started at but the weird background with the red sating didn’t look very work-like. So then I found and claimed I had to get through a 1000 page market research report.

        I can see fanfiction being a downward slope. Some of it is remarkably well written.

        UC & Moon – seeing as nothing is really TMI on LTT/LTR (thinking back to the comments about circumcision rates in the UK a few weeks back 🙂 – what about a post/poll on the Twilight effect in the bedroom……

    • Good one! I’m gonna have to think of something like that the next time my inlaws want to visit. Let’s just say I don’t enjoy spending time with them.

    • My most recent Twilight secret:

      I was on vacation in Chicago just this past weekend, and was reading Wide Awake on my iphone, in my hotel room. The hotel charged $14 a day to use the internet, so I didn’t want to use my laptop, and have my husband question the charges on the room. I am so addicted to the story, that I resorted to reading it on my iphone, while my husband was at an urban planning conference during the day, instead of shopping. I think that I would still love this story even if the characters weren’t based on Twilight.

      The List was the first FanFiction story I read, and LOVED it. I think that I will have trouble keeping a straight face during the movie, though. I really want to see Edward push Bella against the tree, when they show them in the meadow scene, at the end of Eclipse. Do you think the David will let us have both the “leg hook” scene and the Compromise scene?? PLEASE DAVID, LET US HAVE BOTH!!

      Started reading Let Your Light Shine, right when I was starting WA. Should have known that WA would have taken presidence. Will get right back to it, when I finish WA. I wish that I could afford to stay up all night, like Bella and Edward, just so I could read FanFiction.

      This is all normal right??

  11. Gretat pics. I love them. She good be really bad..

  12. The one about identifying with New Moon gave me a lump in my throat..good for her, that her second choice turned out to be the best.
    I checked out the real site last time and some of the things people write are just so raw, it’s heartbreaking.

  13. My 24 month’s daughter’s bedroom has a huge poster of Robert Pattinson (from the Oscars)!!!

    • Oooops I meant to say my 24 month old daughter’s….Sorry!

    • Ha! That’s amazing. What does you man think?

      • My husband usually goes along with it. He’s cool as long as you don’t talk about Rob with him :-). He says that Rob is my boyfriend.

        I have a Rob pillow too, actually DD and I both have one! DH doesn’t mind that either!

        • Sounds like you’ve got a real man! Mine will see the movies, and he likes that I dig this blog, but he refuses to read the books. I don’t have any major celeb crushes though, so I think that helps things.

          • Thanks. Yep, he’s a keeper!

            He’s been saying he would read Twilight but it’s been 6 months and he is yet to open the 1st page, haha.

            I’ve had another celebrity crush since him and I met so I guess he’s used to it. 🙂

  14. Oh my Jeebus, I do the same thing with The RobQ magazine cover except I pick it up, rub the face and say “Hi Darlin, How’s your day?” I say every time I walk past it. True Story. I was thinking about having my medication adjusted but now I see that I am not alone in my crazy.

  15. That is the ONLY thing keeping me from reading Twilight a third time.
    I’m genuinely scared that my reaction to the stories will be absent. Yes, this is normal. So I keep putting it off. Well, that and fanfic! 😉

    • I’ve read Twilight 4x, but that was months ago. I just recently picked up New moon and Eclipse and absolutely loved it. I mean I really enjoyed New Moon. I didn’t hate Jacob. However, my hatred of cunty Bella in Eclipse grew exponentially. She’s a BITCH in that book. ok, back to fasting…

      Yes, i just used the word Cunt on the highest holiday. I’m so wrong.

      • LOL! I ❤ you Brookie! You are such a maverick!

        Wait. You are just reading the other books for the first time now??? That's restraint!

        Yes, Bella in Eclipse needs a good, hard slap.

      • Nothing compares to my abject hatred of Bella in Eclipse.

        Here is what I have found upon re-reads:
        Edward gets better and better with every read.
        Bella gets more annoying. Painfully so.
        The writing gets worse.
        But again, Edward gets better and better, so win-win-win.

      • It’s okay…it doesn’t start until sundown, right?

        There’s no other way to describe her either. You were just being honest, which I think is worth merit.

    • Seriously, I read MS a second time, then I saw the movie again and was like, “Whoa?! Where’s the Tyler asking her to the prom scene?” And then when I read Twi again, I was like, “Whoa?! Why doesn’t she get what Edward’s doing keeping her there so Tyler can ask her to prom? Chill out, Bells.”

  16. That last one makes me feel all mushy inside. I’m not team Jacob and so it really hurts admitting this, but I actually agree with her. Bella should have chosen Jacob. I would have hated Stephenie for it and burned the books, but it would have made a lot of lives less illusional.

    And Edward in the window frame is creeptastic! I would probably scream and push him out. But then he would just jump up again and call me a mischievous mynx and I would grab his collar and kiss him. *sigh*.

    • i like that ‘ Bella should have chosen Jacob. I would have hated Stephenie for it and burned the books, but it would have made a lot of lives less illusional.’ (i think you mean delusional, but i’ll let it slide since english is your 2nd language. if you really meant ‘illusional’ then i have english fail today and you’re welcome to make fun of me for it)

      i agree- we would’ve hated steph (most would have) but it WOULD have been more believable…

      • Haha You’re right. I’m afraid I’m the only nominee for the English fail of the year award. Nevertheless, I’m just gonna show up, wearing an overpriced dress, thank you in an incomprehensible speech and accept it with dignity. I might even place it in my Robward shrine.

        (you might be nominated for the capital letters fail award though)

      • Isn’t it funny how we talk about how to make the story of Edward, Bella and Jacob more belivable? As if the entire fact that she is practically the only actual mortal in the story is any less far-fetched than the way any of the rest of it turned out. Yet, here we are…

        • yeah but that’s the same as people nit-picking at SMeyer about the mechanics of vampire sex – if the contact lenses melt in their eyes, then why doesn’t his fun-juice melt her from the inside? *Because it’s a book about vampires, you idiots!!*

          I’m a huge sci-fi nerd, and trust me, people who talk like this are ubiquitous and sometimes you can’t help but be all like “that’s so not what would have happened” to a story about intergalactic space travel, giant bugs invading Earth, or a love triangle between a vampire, a werewolf, and a wet lettuce.

    • “But then he would just jump up again and call me a mischievous mynx and I would grab his collar and kiss him.”

      OMG!!! I love that so much!!

    • Hell yes. Stephanie Meyer, Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë have a WHOLE LOT to answer for when it comes to the state of my love life.

    • I think you mean “minx” – or maybe “lynx”?
      English is my second language too, so I’m out on a limb here…together with that charming cat or similar animal you are referring to… 😉
      Edward, come be my fireman and save me!

  17. I’ve only ever read the book series once. I keep telling myself that I’ll read them again, but as much as I LOVE the story the writing leaves alot to be desired. When I first began reading Twilight it took me about a week just to get through the first chapter, when it usually only takes me one day to read an entire book.

  18. “I would go to jail for this guy”

    LMAO. I just might go to jail for Taylor. Seriously.

  19. I have an 11×17 of just the New Moon tulip hanging in my office at work.

  20. omg, gift receipts! That’s genius. Totally stealing that in the future if necessary…

    My secret? I’m not a very good Twilight fangirl. The only book of the series I’ve read more than once is Twilight. I read all 4 books, then watched the movie, then read Midnight Sun… and then it hit me that there was NOTHING LEFT (and fan fic wasn’t an option). And the first time I watched the movie I was seriously disappointed (I still am, but I love it anyway… duh), so I felt lost. So clearly my only choice was to read Twilight for a second time. But I do plan on reading New Moon again before the movie…

    • Gift receipt. Brilliant. Wish I had thought of that when I went to the record store to buy the soundtrack….

      • I got it on iTunes…no one had to know!

        • Me too. And my copy of the dvd I bought used from blockbuster – made some excuse about it being so cheap I may as well buy it instead of paying to rent it. I don’t think they believed me…

      • I was prepared to say “Umm, it’s for my cousin”, but the guy behind the counter of the record store was utterly bored and couldn’t have cared less what I was buying. (Got a Coldplay record at the same time. Might as well.) Will remember this idea for the next time I make an embarrassing Twilight purchase! (Shopping on the Internet is a relief, though!)

    • I actually had to buy the Soundtrack TWICE because the first disc was cracked when I got it home. I had the same checker, and I just mumbled something about ‘my daughter’.

      Same daughter I had with me when I bought the DVD in Target, she was 9 so I could sort of pretend it was for her, even though in reality I won’t let her read the books or watch the movie…..

      Amazon, I know, but I was having an instant gratification need at the time….


      • AMEN. I am allllll about instant gratification. Amazon was cheaper and more discrete, but it didn’t get me the books immediately. I was foaming at the mouth for them and wasn’t about to wait a week to get them…

  21. Eff I’ll spill here:
    I have a mental list of kids’ names that I love and would like to call my future children. Now, these names have changed a bit over the years and my new fave for a girl is Sophia Alice, which means wisdom and truth. See, I delusion myself to thinking that the Alice bit is a nod to my Aunty Allison who sometimes gets called Alice (and by sometimes I mean rarely and only by my nan) and that Alice has a nicer meaning than Alice . . . but who are we kidding here??

    Also there’s the vey minor thing that I have never been in a relationship (srsly) so I wonder (read: slightly worry) that I will compare possible “suitors” to Edward.


  22. I’m re-reading New Moon before the movie comes out. It might take me until November. I’ve read and re-read all the books like an addict from January through March of this year, but now it’s taking me longer. I know the story now. It lacks the freshness of the first read. Like others, I, too, wish I could lose my “Twilight virginity” again–there’s nothing like that first time. Doesn’t mean it’s not still special to me, though.

    Not the clothes, though. I could go through eternity without ever having to picture Bella in a long khaki skirt and Edward in a sleeveless white button-down. *shudder*

    • I LOVE that…the losing the “Twilight virginity”! If only I could become a vampire and read them with my new perfect eyes and comprehension.

    • When was EC in a sleeveless white button down? I must have completely written that out and seen it as “white button down.”

  23. I have stacks of printed out fanfiction under my bed (my eyes hurt from reading it on the computer!). It looks like skeezey teenaged boy collection of porn. It’s quite embarassing.

  24. Still a great idea. Love it!

  25. I might actually love the fact I live in a state that I wouldn’t get arrested for schooling TaytorTot in the ways of the world.

    Whatcha got Chris??



  26. I probably don’t have any secrets from any of you…have to think about this for a minute/hour/hours…..

    Threw out my notes once/twice? mid way through reading/watching Twilight for like the 1000th time…just so I could start from scratch….and “have” Edward brand new all over again (forgot I did that and accused everyone of stealing them)

    i got “stuck” on the pic of Edward kissing at the top of the page for at least an hour this a.m. seriously…stuck there…

    My puppy who’s name I could never remember started out as Annie…went to Annabelle…then Annabelle May..don’t ask..I just coudln’t remember her name…then someone pointed out I was calling her Bella and of course the poor dog came to me cause she was used to answering to anything by this point…been Bella ever since!

    NO one knows I am on this site EVERYDAY/ALLDAY

    I cried when my dog threw up on blanket Rob…stood by the washer and checked on him throughout cycle ready to “save him” if needed…truth

    I ONLY watch Twilight after everyone goes to bed and I use a headset..whole other experience with Edward “whispering” in my ears (yes I close my eyes cause IT’S and I’M TIRED)

    I don’t dream…so I just pretend…..

    My screensaver is all pics of Edward….never shut the computer down and sometimes at night when I wake up and see his face in the dark….well……nevermind….

    Worst secret ever: I own Bella’s engagement ring and I wear it!! (Hey don’t judge…I am stuck in this friggin house and have no memory…) Only mistake.. thanking my husband several times for “the ring I thought he must have bought me” oops!

    I am sure there are many more..luckily I can’t remember them….

    • meant to say IT’S LATE and I’M TIRED…sorry… 🙂

    • “Worst secret ever: I own Bella’s engagement ring and I wear it!! (Hey don’t judge…I am stuck in this friggin house and have no memory…) Only mistake.. thanking my husband several times for “the ring I thought he must have bought me” oops!”

      Hee! Your poor husb! Does he hate Edward yet? And what’s Edward doing giving you Bella’s ring anyway? Sheesh! You’re a married woman!

      • ROFLMAO….you kill me ….hubs just came in and he was like “Are you ok? What are you laughing at?” (Note: I had been crying the last time he was in the room, thus his confusion) So I tell him it has something to do with the ring that I keep thanking him for….hubs keeps walking and says “Ya..spent wayyyy too much money on that…but its cause I love you!!” LOL….see how he has adapted to “the new me”….TRUTH….don’t know how I would get each day w/o him (even after 32 yrs) and of course LTT!

    • “NO one knows I am on this site EVERYDAY/ALLDAY”

      Oh no, Cyndi, I know that you are, because I am too.

      Um, and the dog throwing up on your blanket, priceless.

      I super heart you.

      • Right back at ya…TS…Good thing I love that pup!!

        If I may….just a huge thanks to EVERYONE here…kinda tough day for me….but because of the friends I have found here, because you continue to give me a reason to laugh a place to come every day , I am feeling blessed.. so a heartfelt thank you!

        BTW…I don’t even remember where or when I found or bought that ring….shhhh our secret…!

  27. The Taycob secret creeps the hell out of me! Poor Taylor. I mean, it’s one thing to lust after Rob, but then again, he’s 23! Taylor’s what…? 17? I don’t envy his job…

    Also, what’s the facebook group called? Some of these secrets are too good to be true! I love them! hahaha!

  28. I’m bright red and laughing my ass off that my secret is up there.


  29. I have 3 secrets –

    1. I recently googled Van-city to see where my guy was and realized how close it was – actually considered flying there and becoming a stalkerazzi for a few moments.

    2. I saw an episode of Reelz Channel Twilight Spotlight (I know, first hand embarrassing, right?) that featured all the places they filmed at around Portland. What did I do on the way home from my P-town shopping trip the other day? Yes, I stopped by myself and took pictures of the place the prom was filmed at – with my cell phone. There were waiters staring at me from inside, I’m sure I wasn’t the first. I’m actually surprised they didn’t have a little sign warning crazy Twilight fans to stay the frak off their lawn.

    3. I’m flying the the east coast in 2 days to go camping with my sisters – who are also Twi-hards. I forgot to order my Pocket Edward from Amazon in time for my trip. I want to take pictures of him covorting around the campfire with us – maybe I can give him a piggyback through the woods. So I’m making my husband stop at Borders on the way (20 mins out of the way actually) to the airport. No gift receipts, that shit is MINE.

    • Okay, but seriously, you went by Multnomah Falls on your way to/from the View Point Inn? And you totally scoured the Columbia River Gorge for that spot where they shot the scene when Edward tells her how Carlisle changed him? That’s in Washington on the other side of the river! But be careful while driving, ‘cuz you know there’s all that wind. And while in P-town you went to Madison HS to see the parking lot, right? And next time you’re gonna head southeast to Carver to check out the diner there. And just grab I-5S to US26E to the coast to check out Cannon Beach aka “La Push.” And go NE to St Helens to take a little visit to “Port Angeles”. Yeah, I know you’re going to. I know you are. I’ll go with you. You can pick me up on the way…I’m in P-town.

      Oh, and for next time’s in-case-of-emergency: there’s a B&N off of I-84 in the Lloyd Center. Easy off, easy on, then just go back east to the 205N to the airport. Hopefully they carry it and not just Border’s.

    • huh we are going on vacation in a few weeks to jamaica maybe pe would like to go along for the trip…..

  30. I love the receipt one….and the leaving the window open one, LOL!

  31. Hey I live near Phoenix, anyone want to go to Target?

    My goal in life is to get SM to finish Midnight Sun! I guess it is not a secret now!

    • I share that goal – Well, it’s at least among my many goals, which also feature Rob and Ashley… but I digress.

      How about getting her to finish MS and dedicated it to the hard-working girls of LTT/LTR?? Now THAT’S a worthy goal!

  32. Let’s see, secrets….

    I have Vancouver listed as one of my cities for weather updates on my iPhone.

    I’m 5 months behind at work because I would rather play at Twilight/Rob websites.

    I record all the media shows nightly, if something Rob or Twilight related is on, I transfer it to a dvd.

    I’m 30 and I buy Bop, Tiger Beat, J-14 and M a lot if there’s a good article on Rob.

  33. my sole twilight secret is that i found Rob & became Robsessed without any assistance from twilight—<3

  34. Okay… after much deliberation (I have been back on LTT repeatedly this morning), I have decided to share my Twilight secret with you. Please be gentle…

    Here goes….

    I read all four books, and am DYING for SM to publish Midnight Sun, but in truth, I find so much fault in this “saga”. I can’t stand it! And the only reason I even read the books was because I had heard that SM based Edward on Darcy, Gilbert Blythe and Rochester (all of whom I loved from their prospective books!) After I read this interview, I still didn’t want to read the books, but dragged my friend to watch Twilight, instead. I instantly fell in lust with Rob, which led to an insatiable curiosity for the books.

    Still, I saw no similarities between Edward and Darcy, or Edward and Gilbert, or Edward and Rochester (minus his first name).

    I feel like such a sham! Still, I love these two sites–LTT and LTR make my day! Please don’t ban me *smiles sheepishly*

    • Well, I’m into Twilight the movie franchise, just not the books… Just wanted to clear that up… haha!

    • You get Thumbs Up! from me for being honest.

      I really did not like the movie at all. I feel like they put the first book in a blender, added some crappy visuals, not so nice acting, and lame one-liners, and mixed it all up! New Moon looks so promising though… as long as I don’t get my hopes too high (yeah, right). I did adore the books, even with their faults!

    • i LOVE when ppl admit they’re not really into rob or twi but still read. you’re not banned! you’re promoted.. to.. ugh.. Fan of the day!

      • Awwwwwwwww, thanks, guys! *hugs*

        Hahaha, the irony of being “Fan of the Day” is very enjoyable! I don’t know what I would have done had you all shunned me … I am much too addicted to your blogs!

    • I feel you…Edward and Darcy are the same only that they both are assholes at first…oh wait, that’s because Darcy’s hubris is his pride and Edward is trying to protect Bella from being killed by him. Er, no similarities.

      LTT makes my day too. Hence I’m always, always, always here. And I send them like 5 million letters a day. LTT is kind of like church or Disney, everyone is nice to you… ::wipes away a single tear:: I guess that’s my Twi secret?

  35. I want to hold my receptionist’s hand.

    Because she shook Rob’s hand.

    At Hot Topic. At the mall next to our office.

    Last year.

    She didn’t know who he was, or why her friend introduced her to him and Kristen, or why girls were screaming.

    She said his hand\ felt “a little rough”. And that he was smiling and said “It’s nice to meet you.”

    He was a walking distance from my office and I didn’t even know enough yet to know I would care. And now I do. And I want to cry.

  36. I am reading Twilight for the fourth time too and I just can’t seem to get through it.

  37. […] Monday Twilight Secrets Dear Secret Keepers, Sometimes we laugh on Mondays, sometimes we get twilosophical and other times we share secrets. If […] […]

  38. Uh… my own little secret: I fantasize about Kellan Lutz during staff meetings at work.

  39. I want to be in love for real!
    I want to feel tha same way she feel for edward.
    I want that somebody love me the way Edward love Bella… I pray at night. Pathetic isn’t it?

  40. My Twilight Secret:

    I have in-depth discussions with my English professor friend about the symbolism and writing techniques that Stephenie does (whether intentionally or not).
    Swan=person noted for purity or excellence; white bird with very long, pale neck
    Edward=Wealthy Guard
    Cullen=good looking, handsome

    Then there’s the whole part where she hates the greenery of Forks and the lack of sun at the beginning of Twilight. Then at the end in Phoenix she’s running on the pavement and the sun’s reflecting and blinding her and she misses the protection of the forest, the protection of home. Such a great way to do the character arc for Bella. Made me tear up.

    Then there’s the whole listing the months while she’s depressed instead of writing about them. Because it’s first person POV, so she doesn’t even know what happened those months. SO FREAKING CLEVER.

    Yeah, I could go on… I even see meaning in the cars that she chose for each character!

    • While not openly discussing with anyone, I found myself thinking the same things about some of the symbolism in the books. Especially since I have started writing more myself. The quality and grammar is sometimes lacking in certain spots, but the plot and character development is what makes these books so addictive, IMHO.

      • You can discuss with me 🙂 When I said the part about in depth discussion with my professor friend, it’s just me talking in depth about it to him while he sits there with a bemused look on his face. Sigh. Then he tries to talk to me in depth about Renaissance drama and poetry. Yawn.

  41. When I meet people I asked those exact same 2 questions…I had to lol in front of my mom when I read that, and she gave me the “get over Twilight” look… :$
    And about re-reading the books, I have read them 8 times each, but I think I have to really get them out of me for a while, and get to the point where I really, really want to read them again. It can be months, or weeks. It depends. Not watching the movie daily helps too. When I watch it after weeks (or months), i usually want to read the book again.
    Just a thought… ❤

  42. one of my boy baby names from 3 years ago is kellen. now i don’t know if i want to even consider that anymore. i don’t want people to think that i got the name from kellen lutz.

  43. My favorite Cullen is Emmett and my husband had no clue…so I convinced him to have our second childs middle name to Emmett. He’s two now and has the same personality and goofiness that Emmett has. I chose wisely!

  44. i’m pinning all my hopes on my edward..

    my unborn, unconceived edward.. *wink*

  45. I just started reading the series for the second time… and I’m loving it! I’m just started a couple of days ago and I’m still on Twilight. I’m taking my time this time. The first time was so rushed. I had to know what happened on the next page. I couldn’t wait to get to the next page/chapter/book. I had to know everything and feel satisfied!!! Now, I’m taking my time, enjoying every word, every look every sigh. The first time was like out of breath can’t stop reading even for food or sleep… have to have it now!!! Now it’s like savoring a fine wine. It’s still heady but the pleasure is lasting longer… =) I’m just saying. Plus after having read Midnight Sun, little things in Twilight make more sense or I feel like I’m in on some secret. Like when she opens her bedroom window for the first time and expected it to be noisy but it opened right up… that’s because Edward had oiled it up so it wouldn’t wake her when he “visited” her. Uh-huh.

  46. In desperate need of support or an intervention! I read all 4 books in 3 weeks and felt so unbelievably sad when I was done, I started over. My Twilight secret is that and I can’t think of anything else and I feel like a loser for feeling so connected to this story in the first place. It’s disturbing at times, I am obsessed! Also, I thought Rob was cute at Cedric in Harry Potter and I never had any intention of watching the movie or reading the books. Another secret….last night I watched the kissing scene in Bella’s bedroom in slow motion at least 4 times! I think I need help???

  47. […] What are YOUR Twilight secrets!? And if you have some you don’t want to share publically, e-mail them to us! And check out our Past Twilight Secret Posts. Post #1 and Post #2 […]

  48. remember this look at charlie reads twilight on youtube it is an insolt but i like charlie on youtube. it is carlie

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