Wolfpack Appreciation – Jorts Club!

Dear Wolfpack,

Looks like Sunday might be our unofficial Appreciation Day here at LTT! Since last week I have been thinking about who we should feature next and it struck me that we don’t talk about you guys enough! I mean sure, we talk about Taylor but he’s in the trinity, that doesn’t count! And mostly this is just an excuse for us to post gratuitous amounts of shirtless pictures of healthy looking boys with all their OWN hair and feature one of your lovely ladies! And also, the Wolf just happened to be my high school mascot, so I hold a special place in my heart for Los Lobos and take any chance I can to yell crap like “Wolfpack Pride!” and hold up the wolf hand signal which also just happens to be the Sundevil sign. So if you see me doing this while watching New Moon, you’ll know why.  Ok, enough Arizona nerdery.

So here we go again with another Appreciation Day, Wolfpack style. All the stuff I appreciate…


Either a diabetic or wears a kickin' dad phone on his belt

BooBoo- Freakin cutie Seth Clearwater. You’re the newest addition to this gang of good hoodlums and if I’m honest the first pics I saw of you with the long hair, I was super underwhelmed but as with all other casting choices I should just learn to trust those casting folks because after that haircut you transformed into Seth! You’re not exactly what I pictured when I read Seth’s character in the book originally but just like Taylor before you, you ARE Seth now. And this is all based on a couple pictures! I can’t wait to see you actually on screen!

Weapon of mass hottness!

Weapon of mass hottness!

Alex – Model with a message. Always looks like a model even while wearing my favorite Native American tshirt and proving that wolves don’t need protection from the elements like rain in Vancouver.

Follow the cut to appreciate the rest of the pack!

(starts at 1:50)
Chaske – The Voice.
I’d never really heard much from Chaske until this week when E! News featured a little clip of this dude’s hella deep voice. Made me burn the dinner I was making because I had to run to the living room to see who’s Barry White-eaque voice was talking about New Moon. DAYUM. You can talk alpha to me any time! Can we get Chaske singing THIS on the New Moon soundtrack? PLEASE!

Why, yes I did just wash this hoodie and apply some lip gloss, why do you ask?

Why, yes I did just wash this hoodie and apply some lip gloss, and used the muscles in my face to form a smile, why do you ask?

(not TECHINICALLY wolfpack, but hey I don’t follow the rules)
Tinsel Korey – Know’s how to rock the plaid
, no/light makeup and not look homeless WHILE smiling! OH EM GEE. It IS possible. Someone better be taking notes.

Oh you ladies like black v necks? This shirt just happens to be black AND a vneck. Coincidence?

Oh you ladies like black v necks? This shirt just happens to be black AND a vneck. Coincidence?

Bronson – The dark horse. You previously kinda flew under the radar but now you’re bringing the hottness. I’m a bad fan and had to get my books out because I was about to call you the creepo who imprints on Claire the little girl, but oops that’s Quil in Eclipse. JUST KIDDING! Um whoever KIM ends up being, well, she’s a lucky lady.

Quil, nerdy wolf at your service: babysitting is my specialty!

Quil, nerdy wolf at your service: babysitting is my specialty!

Tyler – The nerd! UC and I have long talked about how we love the nerd the best. And like I just said it’s too bad you’re one of those creepsters who imprints on a kid so you’ll never have any on screen girlfriend. Sucks for you and the female population aka us and our nerd loving tendencies. *sigh*

Why yes, I do look like Gayfron's native twin seperated at birth

Why yes, I do look like Gayfron's native twin separated at birth

Kiowa- Wolf with a conscious! Rocked an Invisible Children hat while at the airport where he probably knew he’d get photographed. GOOD ON HIM!! Want to learn more about Invisible Children, the story of child soldiers in Uganda? Check it out!

And ALL together they make…


This picture alone deserves it’s own Appreciation Day!

And now for a letter WITHIN a letter…

Dear Powers That Be/Jesus/Summit Marketing Dept-
Can we please get an official wolfpack/jorts picture?! It’s all I’ll ever ask for, EVER again. Well besides that whole Rob marriage thing.

So dear Wolfpack, I’m loving you more and more these days… it’s too bad I couldn’t find an awesome video to post for everyone, but I have a feeling once New Moon premieres we’ll be having tons of Team jumpers and tons of new material to work with! Vampire’s are so last movie anyway!

Wolfpack Pride!

Why we fall in love is a mystery… examin it over at LTR
Appreciate some more in the Forum!

59 Responses

  1. Chaske’s voice is HELLA deep, riiight?! Lordy – the things that boy could say to me *melts*

  2. DAYUM. You can talk alpha to me any time! WORD!

    OMG can you imagine that voice on the phone late at night calling you “hi baby, I just got off from work….I missed you…” Thud DIED…. I LOVE his voice. awhoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeeoe (that was the alpha call btw)

  3. Indeed! The Alpha will be channelling Barry alright. Brilliant casting. I can totally picture the alpha timbre now.

    And BooBoo is so my Seth. Happy little bugger!

  4. I don’t really find Chaske all that attractive (gasp), but his voice is panty destroying….

    • I agree. Not at all attractive.

    • @Katrina…LMAO….I read your comment this morning right after you posted…..I JUST NOW realized you said PANTY….NOT …..PANTRY…..had been trying to figure out why you would destroy your pantry over this guy….
      Don’t know why I am sharing….but I was laughing so hard at myself…I thought I would let you know how this brain does/doesn’t always work the way it should….thanks for my BIG morning chuckle!!! 🙂

    • same! not my cup of tea but wow he can destroy a PANTRY!

  5. Still sick as a dog…actually …sick as a wolf so plz cut me some slack….
    1: Explain to Twil-less “Jorts”?? I am sure its simple but so am I…
    2. “but I have a feeling once New Moon premieres we’ll be having tons of Team jumpers and tons of new material to work with! Vampire’s are so last movie anyway!” SO CRUEL FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!
    Yes they ARE gorgeous….but REALLY Moon…jump ship from one team to the other for a a nice chest…..NEVER….especially with this fever…I could sure use that nice cool Edward to bring the temp. down……ohhh..feeling woozy (is that a word? I don’t even care..that’s how I feel at the mere thought ok?) Do you honestly think that seeing those bare chested hunks could ever pull me away from my love of the pale ones….I think NOT!!! FOR SHAME!
    .Sheepishly admit to enjoying the pics tho! So thanks for that…but TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY……….

    • Yes, woozy is a word. You’ve been sick forever! It’s time to get you healthy! I’ll send Edward over with some orange juice and chicken soup!

      • “I’ll send Edward over with some orange juice and chicken soup”
        OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS, but don’t trouble him with the soup or orange juice….I can handle him straight up!! AND YES, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

        JodieO did I use that right?? LOL…

        • Haha!! YES! So could I!

        • You totally used that right! (I realize I’m not JodieO, but whatever).

          And, I’m not positive, but I pretty sure that jorts=jean shorts

          • Hey TS…thanks…been working really hard on getting these sayings right….Gawd knows I miss the meaning of most of them…but I WAS proud that I realized right after I wrote the straight up thing that this might be what JodieO was talking about…(that’s what she said) so I just went for it!! So thanks!

        • You sure did use it right! I’m so proud! =)

          I talked to my ex the other day who is a doctor. He said that if you were his patient and you added words to your vocabulary he would be pleased even if they were words like jizz or cockblock and he wouldn’t think you were weird at all. So now we can teach you all sorts of stuff without any embarrassment on your part!

          • OMG you are too funny but a good teacher….!!!
            (Still don’t know what Jizz is tho..and not sure I want to..maybe you did tell me but I just don’t remember, will check previous posts)!
            As far as the doctor thing…well your husband tho he is your ex probably has the same sense of humor you do….BUT I am sure that the doctor I am going to see, will find NOT any humor if he gives me a vocab test and I put down any words such as cockblock, jizz or a quarter of the language I have learned here…Like I said…if this happens you all better be prepared to come to the hearing…AND IF they lock me up..daily reports from LTT and cigs are expected and I better be able to bring Blanket Edward..oh that could make things worse.!!!.. 🙂 I AM IN BIG TROUBLE!!!

          • @MidSin Eh, if my ex was any kind of awesome he wouldn’t be my ex. ;P

            Jizz is slang for ejaculate

            If your doctor can’t appreciate that you are learning new words, then have him give me a call and I’ll have words with him.

            If there’s a hearing I will totally print up the LTT posts and bring them to court!

          • @JodieO: I think your hubs missed out on a real good thing when he let you slip away…. oh well now there is room for Robward….but you can’t have him till he makes me all better…and after I spend some time with him he is all yours cause I would have died and gone to heaven shortly thereafter….
            As far as the Dr. the problem is going to be that it won’t be so much that I have learned these new words..it will be that I won’t use them correctly…big problem..my brain will just let them slip out in a sentence where they don’t belong etc…or he will ask me a question and one will come out w/o me realizing that I even used it…U would not believe how some stuff comes out when I am trying to say something completely different and I don’t intend it.to…very embarrassing!

    • I’m sorry you’re still sick! Do you have the flu? Hope you feel better soon. You may need Dr. Carslisle Cullen. You sure you got your Rob blankie and t-shirt?

      Get well soon. Oh and FTR I’m team Edward all the way too…well more like Team Robert, haha!

      • SB hope your feeling better too….I don’t know what is wrong…going to call the dr. tomorrow…I think its two things..still have an abcessed tooth and then this cold/flu…watch I will be the only one in the world that ends up with the swine flu and hasn’t left the house!!! LMAO..
        JodieO was sending Edward…been waiting up but he hasn’t shown yet….getting desperate and willing to get cured by Dr. Carlisle Cullen…then wouldn’t have to worry about EVER getting sick again….HEY I wonder if it would fix my brain or would I just be a very forgetful vamp?? Hmmm something to ponder.. BTW what is FTR???……..and with you all the way with TEAM ROB/EDWARD…(blanket is in the wash.). 😦

        • FTR = For the record

        • Hey girl! FTR means for the record, sorry about that!

          I’m actually feeling much better, mine’s not the flu but I have a chronic health problem and it flared up so that’s what it was. I’m okay now :-).

          God bless ya 🙂

          • JodieO & SB…many thanks..I will never get all of these down….

            SB..glad to hear your feeling better…hope it is nothing serious…bless ya right back… 🙂

            JodieO..thanks for always being there …… 🙂

            We should start the insomnia LTT group…whatch think?

  6. ms moon-

    i just bought tix to the fantasy twilight tour. besides the hotel ballroon loving kellan, chaske and paul are suppose to show (fantasytwilighttour.com). it will be 3 days of bliss.
    would you like me to have them sign something for you?
    send it and i will take it – and no double dog daring required.


  7. BTW UC & Moon: Congrats on moving up to #15 in Top Twilight SItes! Everyone keep voting to make them # 1 !!! (Don’t worry I have lots of time on my hands…and I am an American so I love to vote!!)

    • “and I am an American so I love to vote!!”

      Thank you for that. It made my morning!

      Oh and pretty sure that “Jorts” are jeans cut into shorts.

      You know, like the bottom cut off? I am coming across clearly? I am really tired at the moment.

      • “Oh and pretty sure that “Jorts” are jeans cut into shorts”… So I was right….pretty simple for most folks!
        So glad I made SOMEONE’S morning!! 🙂 I have served a purpose for today…so off the hook until tomorrow!!!

    • “and I am an American so I love to vote!!”

      THAT made me LOL!! hahaha! and thanks for voting!!

  8. Ok shamelessly admit to NOT watching the Video before posting…..LOVE that voice…..BUT the Replay button wore out already BECAUSE OF the footage of ROB! OME..HA!! Remembered what that meant…(not really looked at older post) anyway…GAWD is he just…just…PERFECT in his inperfections…shy….needs valium (only 1/2) to meet director, NOT full of himself…couldn’t stand to watch himself on the big screen..(panic attack?) Clothing challenged….WAIT we are a Match made in HEAVEN!!! I AM IN LOVE ONCE AGAIN!! (STILL) ahhhh….

  9. *thud* That is a hot bunch of guys. Yum!

  10. The Jorts Pack – bahahaha! You’ve coined a new term, ladies. There’s so many by now you should start your very own LTT-dictionary.

  11. well hi there pretty boys

  12. I forget what it says in the book, but Leah must have to carry around more clothing with her than just jorts/or cut off sweats. Do you think she just skips the bra all together?

    • I don’t think it says in the book…it just mentions that it’s a little awkward at first until she gets the hang of things.

  13. Whoa. Chaske was my favorite wolf just by pictures alone, but thanks to that video, that voice… well, hot damn! And he’s 34! It’s nice to have a Twilight crush on someone OLDER for once. I’m 28, and all these thoughts I’ve been having about these younger boys has been making me feel a little guilty! Plus, now I finally now how to pronounce his name! This has been a good morning!

  14. That Bronson, now he is a cutie too! I am defs diggin on the wolf pack on a sunday. Loving the appreciation days! We need a volturi appreciation day, too I think. I mean, they are the oldest, they are the LAW! We should be good citizens and appreciate the volturi. I mean, no one wants this to end badly…

  15. I like this Wolf appreciation thing. I’m digging both Chaske and Alex, the two of them each have a quality I much appreciate in a man. Chaske’s got the Voice, sexy as hell, and Alex has perfect broad shoulders. I have a thing for large shoulders. The others.. meh.. cubs. Although I can’t figure out this Kiowa guy. I’ve seen him in a couple of interviews and every time I’d get the impression that either this guy is very smart but shy, or he’s a bit…well…slow.

    Anyway, BrookeLockart’s comment above is very interesting. I was thinking about that the other day. Leah must be carrying around a lot more than just jorts. Although it would be a blast if she just ran around like the guys. Now that would be true to her I-don’t-give-a-shit-I’m-gonna-make-their-lives-miserable attitude. I’m all for that. Go Leah!

  16. Alex = Weapon of Mass Hottness.


  17. I love the wolf pack they are all so hot!! Seriously all of them!

  18. mmm, a very pretty post!!

    I suppose if I had to pick one, I’d go with Alex–his jorts are at least of an acceptable length. Anything above the knee (I’m looking at you, Chaske) and I start wincing, hoping that you aren’t going to ask me to hand you a fanny pack or *shudder* a NASCAR t-shirt. I know you’re hot-blooded, honey, but it hurts my heart when you cut up perfectly acceptable jeans…

    please don’t be offended if I keep my eyes above the waist. =)

  19. You didn’t even mention how he’d disappeared for like 6 months…I think we need to still…find out where he was! Poor Tyler Houseman…:)

    He needs an appreciation all on his own!

  20. Boo Boo is Seth all over! He is totally what I had in mind and there is the added cuteness that he looks a lot like, and is the same age, as my little brother so I can’t help but love him.

    Alex is DEFINITELY the hottest one as far as I’m concerned, I could definitely spend some Wolf induced fever-ed nights with him!

  21. Chaske Spencer is 34? While I’m relieved to finally ogle someone I’m not old enough to have given birth to, isn’t Sam supposed to be like 19 or 20? Of course, Edward is supposed to be 17 and Rob is going to be like 28 when the series is done, so I most likely will shut up now.

    • Yeah, Sam is supposed to be 20 I think, but Jacob explains to Bella that when they turn into a werewolf (er, shape shifter) they undergo a growth spurt to their full size. So, they’re all supposed to look like full grown men.

      Rob being 28 though…hmm…of course, they’re shooting Eclipse now, and there’s slotted 2 BD films. I think he’ll be under 28 still.

  22. Alex – Weapon of mass hottness!

    SO TRUE!

  23. DAYUM @ Chaske! Wow. Out of the pack, I was crushing on Alex the most until hearing that voice.

  24. My goodness, Chaske’s voice is so sexy!!!! 🙂

    Tinsel Korey is so gorgeous, a natural beauty! She doesn’t even need makeup and she wore plaid very well.

    • I agree but “Tinsel”…… like on a tree?….is that for real…who does that to a kid?? And some of these celebs name their kiddo’s such aweful names….I feel so bad for them! I do agree xmas girl wears RED plaid very well…ok I serioulsy need to get some sleep or something…

      • Yeah her name is different but that’s okay, I like unique names :-). If you ever found out my real name you’ll probably feel the same way!

        Maybe Tinsel’s parents love Christmas :-).

        • I like unique names too..and I bet I would like yours…its just sometimes you hear these names that alot of celebs give their kids and they are just sooo out there….I always think how the kids must feel when they get to school and they have to say then spell these weird things…Tinsel is not bad…if your a puppy or something…but really can u imagine the teasing she got?
          BTW I think my Mom was trying to pay me back for her labor pains with my middle name…thats maybe why I noticie names so much….lmao

  25. YES I’VE GOT DIBS ON KIOWA – I don’t think anyone’s mentionned him yet, he kinda flies under the radar. Well he’s mine – he’s ADORABLE. lol. RAWR!

    And that Bronson Pelletier guy, well…….. he’s the one lowering the average hotness of the wolfpack. I mean, he might actually be quite cute, but I wouldn’t know, I can’t seem to see past his horrible, HORRIBLE sense of “style”. *shudders*

    and I can’t get over Sam/Chaske’s jorts in that still. They make me really uncomfortable. lol. At least Alex’s are a little bit longer.

  26. your prayers have been answered! there is a new poster released with the wolves

    too bad they have shirts on …

  27. Chaske and Alex. Yum. I love manly men and Chaske certainly fits the bill.

    • Just an addition to my comment above: During a video from Twicon, Chaske said my name, Stacyyyyyyyyy, all drawn out in his sexy deep voice. I died. Like, I’m actually dead, right now while typing this.

  28. […] just the other day when I wrote a letter within a letter asking for an official Wolfpack Jorts picture?! Well ask and ye shall receieve because not a day later we were graced with this… Coming to […]

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